Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway (2023) Movie Script

Come. Fast.
Hey, stop!
- Suchi!
- What are you...
- What's happening? What's going on?
- Suchi! Stop!
Stop! Where are you taking her?
Where are you taking Suchi?
Matilda! Stop!
Open! Suchi!
Suchi! Suchi!
Open! Matilda!
Open! Suchi!
Suchi! Open! Suchi!
Let me sleep.
Calm down.
Stop crying.
Calm down, love.
Calm down.
Want some rice in a box?
I have been all over the world
At last, I stepped on this new land
Oh maiden!
I know you, I do
Oh stranger from the distant land
Oh maiden!
Oh maiden!
- Only for you, Matilda and Sia.
- Thank you.
Piping hot tea.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Why does my daughter cry so much?
Why do you cry so much?
Should I grab something
from the gas station?
No. Have tea.
I'll get you some breakfast.
Sia and Matilda, come here.
I have prepared puri and
potato curry breakfast.
- Oh!
- Come, quick.
Come, join us.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You didn't pack his school bag.
I forgot.
I forgot to pack the reading book!
Could you please do it?
- Please have a seat.
- Thank you.
What is that?
That is "the tree of life."
Shubh's school project!
They told to make tree of life.
We made rice crop.
- Right, Shubh?
- Yes!
- Very nice, Shubh!
- Come here, kiddo.
- How is it?
- It's very good.
Use a spoon.
He doesn't like to eat with a spoon.
Try feeding him with a spoon.
Let him eat peacefully.
He won't eat otherwise.
Oh. Can you feed Shubh?
Come, baby.
Here, have it.
Please! Shubh, don't behave like that.
Okay, I am getting late.
- Later.
- Anirudh.
Hey, listen
Don't forget your lunch.
- Take your lunch along. Listen.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye-bye.
- Listen.
Keep an eye on Shubh.
I'll just come. I am very busy.
I have told you so many times.
It's bad luck to call someone from behind!
Okay, sorry.
They have been visiting
for four months now.
- When will this stop?
- I don't know.
Velfred checks every household.
If we want to stay in Norway,
we'll have to follow their system.
"Staring at someone" cannot be a system.
Be happy in whatever you have.
Hey! Listen!
Bad Papa.
He is a really bad papa.
You're leaving?
- Yeah, we'll leave now.
- Why?
We will see you tomorrow
for the final review.
No, Sia.
Suchi, vaccination.
- We haven't slept since last two nights.
- Yes.
Please! Can I request?
Meeting next week?
But the senior officer
from Oslo is coming.
Trust me, tomorrow will be the last day.
I promise!
- Promise?
- I promise!
Then I'll give fresh sondesh.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye, Shubh.
- I know.
Bye, Matilda.
Let's go.
We need to move faster.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hello, Debika.
- Meher!
Where's your tree?
I forgot about it.
I forget at home.
There is a problem.
Debika Chatterjee
hasn't brought the tree.
Hi, Shubh.
Shubh, say hello.
Shy like always.
Bye, darling.
What's the dot?
Hello, Mrs. Chatterjee.
I see no tree.
Sorry, madam.
I forgot it at home.
I'll bring it tomorrow.
How will your son
learn the parts of tree?
First time mistake.
Please! Sorry.
All right.
Good morning. All good?
- All good.
- Okay.
Salt shipment is running late.
Prepare this crane for offloading.
Please check the updated
hack-attack prevention guidelines.
Make sure we don't repeat
the manual offloading like
the way we had to last year.
I hope you remember that.
It took us ten days
to do a "one day job"?
The entire salt shipment should reach
the warehouse before it starts snowing.
Excuse me.
Hello, a senior officer
from Oslo is coming.
So, take the day off tomorrow.
Okay, fine.
- Okay?
- Okay!
Oh, God!
Why does Dad shout so much?
You want some milk?
We are done with the water purification.
But there is some
problem with the machines.
Okay. The local crew engineers will come
tomorrow to review all the machines.
But tomorrow I will be coming in late.
Okay. Are the officers coming?
Debika had told Nandini about it.
Debika said she would be
relieved after the final review.
You handle the work tomorrow.
Good afternoon.
How are you, Dr. Magnus?
This is Ms. Allis Ramfjord.
She is our Senior Officer from Oslo.
Please come in, madam.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Come in.
Say hello.
Hello, madam.
- Please come in.
- Come.
- Hello, Debika.
- Sia! Please come.
- Come, sit.
- Please come.
- Hello!
- Matilda!
- How are you?
- Good.
Is Suchi okay now?
She is better.
I gave Arnica.
Indian homeopathy medicine.
- Okay.
- But it will take time.
- Come, Matilda.
- But you sit.
- Yeah.
- Sit.
- Sit.
- Please sit.
- Ma'am, after you.
- Please sit.
- Tea? Masala tea?
- No.
No, she is good at it.
- Two minutes.
- Okay.
Should we start?
We want your children to have
the best opportunities in Norway.
Of course! Me too.
I have some questions about you.
- May I?
- Yes, ma'am.
you don't contribute
to taking care of the house,
like cooking food, cleaning,
running chores and things like that.
Isn't that correct?
Actually ma'am, I earn
and she takes care of the house.
You know us! Is there a problem?
But is your wife okay
with this arrangement?
Of course, she is.
Did Debika say something to you?
Did you complain to them about me?
Me? No.
You said your husband doesn't help you.
No, I didn't say that.
Don't you know who they are?
But I didn't say anything.
Is there a problem?
- No, not at all.
- No.
Look, Mr. Chatterjee
Matilda, I have an urgent call.
So, I have to leave.
I'll be back in two minutes.
Have the sondesh.
My hometown.
Very famous.
- Your favorite.
- Thanks.
Oh, love.
What is wrong, my baby?
No, my darling.
What is it, sweetheart?
What is it, baby?
Calm down.
Anirudh is very busy.
Always on call.
- Calm down, my baby.
- Please call Mr. Chatterjee.
We have to stop by the kindergarten,
and then officer will leave for Oslo.
He is just coming.
Hey, just call him.
I will hold Suchi for you.
- Come here, baby.
- My dear.
Don't cry, my baby.
I'll be right back.
I'll go and get Dad.
What happened?
You want me to cook?
But I didn't say that.
I just told her that you go out to work,
and I take care of the house.
- Let's go.
- You said I don't help around the house.
Did you say that or not?
They misinterpreted it.
I said that you go out to work,
take care of the family
and I handle the house.
Do you want me to dress
like a woman as well?
What are you saying?
What is the problem in helping out?
Why are we fighting over it?
Biswa helps Nandini as well.
Why are you in touch with Nandini?
- Debika, how many times have
- It's hurting!
- I requested you not to meet Nandini?
- It's hurting!
Where are they taking Suchi?
Who is taking her?
Oh, no!
Let's go!
Stop! Stop car.
Suchi. Matilda.
Suchi! Open!
Open! Suchi!
Open! Suchi!
- Debika, hurry up! Come fast, please.
- Suchi!
Move fast.
- Shubh!
- Please back off.
- Shubh!
- Please, back off.
My son, Shubh.
- You cannot come in.
- Shubh!
- You cannot come in.
- You know Shubh.
Please open the door.
Dr. Larsen, what is happening?
Tell me, please! Dr. Magnus!
- You cannot come in.
- No, don't!
You cannot come in.
Please, back off.
Sia! Matilda!
- You cannot come in.
- Meher! Stop!
- You don't understand!
- Stop!
- You cannot come in.
- Shubh!
- Stop the car! Stop! Stop!
- Where are you taking him?
- You cannot come in. Back off, please.
- Shubh! Shubh!
My baby has been taken
- away from my house.
- You cannot come in.
Now they are taking
away my child, my boy.
- You cannot come in.
- Try to understand!
- That is my boy!
- Shubh!
You cannot come in.
Can't you see it, man?
You cannot come in.
Please, back off.
Shit! Debika?
Mr. Chatterjee, please come inside.
I am Lars Kristainsen from Velfred.
This is Harman Mehta,
our official Hindi translator.
I am Harman Mehta.
I am Velfred's official translator.
We are here to tell you that
your children are in our custody.
What custody?
- But don't worry.
- Why?
What have my children done?
Post our ten-week evaluation and
today's meeting with the psychologist,
Welfare has concluded that you are
unable to take good care of your children.
How is that possible?
- What are you saying?
- Hey!
I am still breastfeeding my daughter.
And Shubh eats only when I feed him!
Why would you take an
infant away from her mother?
Why don't you say something, Anirudh?
No, you don't understand.
There's got to be a misunderstanding.
You are an Indian.
I am sure you understand.
We are an Indian family. So we are
We will discuss this
during the committee hearing.
Until then, the children will be
under our custody.
Come with me.
Mr. Chatterjee, everything will be
discussed during the committee hearing.
Until then, your children will be provided
the best professional treatment.
Professional treatment?!
What are you saying?
- I am speaking to them.
- We will do everything that you say.
Please give me my children back.
I am speaking to them.
- Please come outside.
- Please.
I am handling it.
Such a strange country!
Sunil Kapoor.
That's Mr. Sunil Kapoor's visiting card.
- Okay.
- He is your officially appointed lawyer.
The government will sponsor his services.
Please contact him.
We're closed, ma'am.
We're closed, I'm sorry.
Sir, please.
My my children are inside, sir.
I go inside, sir.
Please, sir.
My baby is five months old, sir.
She hasn't had milk, sir.
I understand.
The office is closed, ma'am.
Children are not kept here.
They are kept in care.
- So
- Where, sir? Where?
I don't know. It's confidential.
Please call this number.
- It's very urgent.
- No.
I am sorry.
Sitting here will
only make our case worse.
Get in.
We will get our children back.
They have appointed a lawyer for us.
We don't want a lawyer.
I just want our
Shubh and Suchi back!
This is not India, Debika.
We need to follow
the rules and the system.
They have explained everything to me.
It's a prerequisite
that we have a lawyer.
Our lawyer will argue
the case on our behalf,
only then we will get our children back.
The lawyer they give us
will eventually support them.
Therefore we need
to hire a private lawyer.
We are getting free legal help.
Can you stop doubting everything?
You know how expensive lawyers are?
I don't care!
I don't care how expensive they are.
I just want my children back.
My children?
They are my children as well.
You had just one job!
To look after the kids.
You couldn't even do that right.
Our house looks as if it has
never been cleaned!
I couldn't clean the house!
So what? Is that an excuse
to take my children away?
It's never your fault, is it?
Do you have any idea how this is going
to affect my citizenship application?
Do you have any bloody idea how
will it affect my image in the office?
I want to wait for Shubh
and Suchi outside that office.
I don't wanna hear anything else.
- Turn the wheel!
- What are you doing?
I will go to jail because of you.
Sorry, sir.
Extremely sorry.
My leg slipped from the accelerator.
I am so sorry.
Bloody foreigner!
Hello, Velfred office?
My two children
Shubh Chatterjee and Suchi Chatterjee.
Indian face.
If you find them, call Debika Chatterjee
at +4-7-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.
Don't worry. I'll grab
something from the gas station.
As suggested in their list,
will they return Shubh and Suchi
if we go for marriage counseling?
We will get our children back.
There is some kind of misunderstanding.
They cannot just take our
children away from us for no reason.
What if we resolve all the issues
they listed while observing us
for ten weeks?
Can you change yourself?
None of this is my fault, Debika.
Yes! Tell me.
How are you, dear?
What what happened?
they took Shubh and Suchi.
What do you mean?
The Child Welfare Services
they say
that our house is not
conducive for children.
They took them.
How can they just come
in and pick up the kids?
What is wrong?
What does Anirudh have
to say about all this?
What can he say?
He is blaming me.
All he cares about is his citizenship.
The local authorities
have appointed a lawyer for us.
Can't you hire a private lawyer?
Can you not?
You know how this family is.
They want everything for free.
Except for a free wife.
- Let us know if you need money, okay?
- Yes.
Or anything else. Don't hesitate.
Okay, Dad I am hanging up.
I'll speak to you later.
With prosperity in tow
Life knocks at your door
New friends say
Open the windows, pray
And welcome the little joys of life
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
With new blessings in tow
Life invites you
To embrace change
Open your arms
And welcome the little joys of life
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
No one knows what tomorrow will bring
No one knows what mistakes we'll make
Grab what life brings you
For today is a gift
All will go well
All will go well
With new desires in tow
Life brings you wealth
Find them, hide them
And welcome the little joys of life
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
- All will go well
If you smile even when you are sad
The vermilion will color you
If there is peace in the heart
Then all will go well
If you are by my side
If you have my back
If there is peace in the heart
Then all will go well
Then all will go well
Then all will go well
I am Sunil Kapoor.
Hello, sir.
I am Anirudh.
- She is my wife, Debika Chatterjee.
- Please have a seat.
Thank you.
All well?
What happened?
- It...
- Nothing serious.
How are you?
Not good.
According to everyone else!
I know what's going
on in your minds right now,
but it would be in your best
interest to consider me a friend.
13th May, session one, 11:00 a.m.
So, how long did the evaluation last?
Ten weeks.
- Relax! It can hear you from anywhere.
- Okay.
Ten weeks.
Started right after
I returned from India with Suchi.
They started coming home every day.
Did anyone tell you the
reason behind the evaluation?
I don't know.
For the first two weeks
they taught me how to breastfeed.
- At first, I felt uncomfortable.
- You look over
But gradually I got comfortable
with their presence as they were women
and they were here to help me.
I had started treating them like family.
I didn't know that they
would turn out to be kidnappers.
Debika, please.
They kidnapped our children!
We didn't hand our
children over to them.
This is not the way to
speak in front of a lawyer.
Let her speak.
We need to see what charges
they have made against you.
They have made a list.
You will need to make quite a few
lifestyle changes, Mrs. Chatterjee.
I will handle the rest of the issues
of cultural differences
like feeding with hand,
co-sleeping, and applying kohl.
Are they crazy?
A mother hand-feeds her child
because her hand is blessed by God.
- Everyone knows that.
- I am sorry, Mr. Kapoor.
I told her many times not to hand-feed
the children but she didn't listen to me.
Do you want me to feed
them fish curry with a knife?
Don't they break bread with their hands?
- Does it fly into their mouths?
- What are you saying?
They have filed some
charges against you as well.
That you don't help her out
with the household chores.
No, things are not like that, Mr. Kapoor.
They have already declared
you as an unfit mother.
And I am sure they will also try
to prove you "mentally unfit".
Don't worry.
We will win the case.
Will I get Shubh and Suchi back?
But I suggest that after that
you either return to India
or move to another European country.
- Because if you stay here,
- Okay.
Velfred will watch you like a hawk.
Can we meet Shubh and Suchi?
Do you say such things on purpose?
They have permitted us
to meet them the day after tomorrow.
We cannot take any risks.
Please let's just follow the rules, Debi.
Okay, fine.
Excuse me,
should I sign all the copies here?
- This copy and this one.
- Okay, thank you.
Shubh! My baby!
My baby!
- My baby!
- Who is this cutie?
Look at this. Reindeer.
Take this.
Suchi, my darling.
Come here, my darling.
How are you?
How are you?
Come here, Shubh.
How are you?
- Sit down.
- Calm down.
A very cute bird has eaten up our harvest
How will we pay our taxes now?
I want to go home, Mom!
- Yes, we will.
- Oh, my sweetie.
- I want to go home!
- I know, my darling!
You know what? The kids who stay
with them, get to go to Disneyland!
And you know who lives at Disneyland?
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Peppa Pig!
Excuse me, ma'am?
Ma'am, please don't cry
in front of the kids.
It is not good for them.
And you should avoid
making a family bond
otherwise, children miss their parents
and it causes a lot of problems.
I am meeting my children
after three days.
Don't mothers get emotional?
- In that case, we won't let you meet them.
- What are you doing?
- Suchi! Shubh!
- You cannot cry in front of them.
I am sorry.
- Shubh!
- They are foster parents.
- Shubh!
- Wait, Debika.
- I am sorry. Make them understand.
- Disneyland!
- Indian women generally get emotional.
- Disneyland!
Don't cry. Let's go.
Look, your parents have arrived.
Bless me, Mom.
Don't worry about anything.
It's all going to be okay.
- It's okay.
- Let's go.
- I'll manage.
- Let me.
Let's go, Mom.
My heart speaks a language of its own
It doesn't understand any other
He told me You told him
I told you no tell her
I told her no tell you
I told him no tell her
I told you she tell me
He told her to tell her...
Don't return the children.
Not until you are absolutely convinced
that what you just saw in the video
is a normal, happy family
like any other that you have seen.
Have these people broken any laws?
In his 12 years over here
Mr. Chatterjee doesn't even
have a traffic ticket to his name!
Different cultures, different practices.
It is tradition to
hand-feed children in India.
Mothers like to apply kohl
on their children's faces to
ward off the evil away.
Please have a look.
It is not a crime.
Just a cultural difference.
Diversity doesn't break up our society.
It enriches it.
So, let's embrace it.
And I'm afraid, Velfred,
in the name of child welfare,
is breaking up families.
Is separating infants
from their parents and putting them
in foster care
going to be beneficial?
It will just end up in maladjusted,
restless children and livid parents.
Section 4(6) is just
not applicable here.
I, therefore, implore you,
ladies and gentlemen
to restore the children
to their natural parents.
That's all.
Some allegations against
the mother are serious
and need to be addressed.
However, the conciliation board agrees
that there was no
emergency for an interim order
as the mother is allowed to share
her cultural beliefs with her children.
We are issuing a plea
to Mr. and Mrs. Chatterjee
to be more integrated
with the Norwegian system
vis--vis their children's upbringing.
- Therefore this conciliation board
- Yes.
Has collectively decided
to declare Velfred's order
null and void.
Velfred should ensure
that the children
should be united with their
parents within next 24 hours.
Thank God!
Thank God!
Hurry up, everyone.
Let's get there before the
kids refuse to recognize us.
Yes! Let's go, Mom.
Let's go quickly.
- Let's go, Dad.
- Let's go.
I am going to get Shubh and Suchi.
Where are they? Quick!
Come, Mom.
- Hello Mr. and Mrs. Chatterjee.
- There they are.
Hello, Dr. Magnus.
So, there is a stay order
on the judgment
and the children will not
be released today. I am sorry.
- What? What is going on?
- What? But why?
- One second. Let me talk.
- Where is our lawyer?
Where our lawyer? Sunil Kapoor?
Let me talk, Debika.
- Please let me talk.
- Where is Sunil Kapoor?
Let me talk.
We have just received a new testimony
from one of the co-mothers from the school
that your house is
not conducive for children
- and your wife is unstable right now.
- What!
- I don't understand.
- Which friend?
- One second, Debika!
- The matter will now be
- taken up by the District Court.
- Mom, hold this.
- On the date mentioned in that notice.
- Sia!
- Where is Shubh and Suchi?
- Thank you.
Dad. Ask them!
- One second! Excuse me!
- Where's Shubh and Suchi?
- Wait.
- Matilda, where are my children?
- Where? Where?
- Debika! Please calm down.
Excuse me, date is tomorrow.
- Yes.
- Okay?
Don't just keep saying okay!
Where are our children?
- What else do I say? It's a legal notice.
- Shubh! Suchi!
Some people have testified against us.
Shubh! Shubh, boy, small.
Small baby, Suchi.
Five month only.
Hey, nursery teacher!
Stop! Where are my children?
My Shubh?
Where is Shubh?
- She knows where Shubh is!
- Don't create a scene here.
- Don't create a scene here.
- She knows!
- Debi!
- Let me go! Where is Shubh?
She knows where Shubh is!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go.
- Hello, Mr. Kapoor?
- Hello? Hello, Mr. Kapoor?
Why didn't you come there?
They didn't let us meet Shubh and Suchi.
- They have taken your case away from me.
- Shit!
They said I got too emotionally
attached to your case.
There you go!
Government lawyer!
They aren't even allowed
to get emotional.
This case will now go to the High Court
and then to the Supreme Court.
And if the treaty is
violated there as well,
then it will go all
the way to Strasbourg.
- Meaning?
- European Court of Human Rights.
- Mrs. Chatterjee, take my advice and...
- Hey!
Why did you hang up?
- Shut up! Just shut up.
- Call him.
Don't touch. Just shut up.
Sit quietly.
Stop it.
You guys are fighting like kids.
Sit quiet, both of you.
Why do you always have
to create a scene? Every time!
Hi, Mom. Bye.
Mom, did you get
the flowers I sent?
One moment, please.
Mr. Chatterjee?
- Yes?
- Mrs. Chatterjee?
Daniel Ciupek.
- Hello.
- Do you speak Norwegian?
Yes, I do!
But my wife doesn't.
- Will stick to English.
- Yes.
- I will see you inside. I'm on a call.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Who is he?
Our new lawyer.
- This guy?
- Yes. Let's go.
They replaced
Mr. Kapoor with this English prude?
Debika, please just calm down.
Just relax, okay?
The mere mention of the
word "relax" gives me more stress.
- Daniel.
- Your team is tall.
- No, this time you're going to lose.
- No chance.
Honored Court, according to the
Child Welfare Act dated 20 of July 1992,
number 100, relating to the
Child Welfare Services,
this couple here, is incapable
of providing a secure
environment to their children.
They have been investigated
for ten weeks on 24 parameters
according to the 4(3)
of the above-mentioned act.
Through their investigation,
our team concluded
that Mrs. Chatterjee
has an unstable mind
and her behavior is unpredictable.
Honored Court, I would like
to submit statement
of Mrs. Chatterjee's friend,
- co-parents from the son's kindergarten.
- What's going on?
Please, on the screens.
Debika Chatterjee
is not active with Shubh.
Shubh Chatterjee is on
the autistic spectrum
but is not getting
proper attention at home.
Mrs. Debika Chatterjee is a good mother,
but she doesn't get
involved in Shubh's studies.
His project submissions
are always delayed.
Honored Court, there is also a report
of domestic violence in the house.
Is there any official comment
of domestic violence?
Yes, there is, Your Honor.
By Biswa and Nandani Sarkar.
Defense represented by Mr. Ciupek,
how do you plead?
Honored Court
these assessments are full of
personal remarks such as "I think" and
"in my opinion", without any
concrete proof or documentation.
In addition, I would also like
to draw the court's attention
to the statement made by the
Municipal Head Administrator
of Velfred, three weeks ago,
stating Velfred does
not have the resources
for long term child care.
Therefore, they are in no way a better
alternative than the biological parents.
We plead "not guilty."
What concrete documents do
you have to support your argument?
About 30 cases concerning
Velfred are pending
before the European Court of Human Rights.
- Tell him to focus on our case.
- I will tell him.
Excuse me, Honored Court.
Mrs. Chatterjee, I know Hindi.
My name is Daniel Singh Ciupek.
And you are not allowed
to speak out of turn in this court!
Then focus on our case!
- Keep quiet.
- My kids are waiting for me.
I apologize on behalf of my client.
has picked up the children
without informing the parents
which is a clear violation of Section 4(6)
of the interim orders
of the Child Welfare Act.
Honored Court,
part of the Velfred strategy...
"Strategy" to frighten the
children and the family?
Because there was fear that these
parents might harm their children,
hence the same Section 4(6)
allows us to take the children,
- Objection! Objection!
- Without the consent
- There is no evidence.
- Of the parents.
Thank you, Honored Court.
I would like to submit another
statement to the court
of Sia Larson and Matilda Magnus
that says that on one occasion,
Mrs. Chatterjee had shut the door
on the son, while he was crying for her.
Shubh, stand outside.
- Mom! Mom!
- No, dear. Wait outside.
Come here.
It's okay, Shubh.
Matilda and Sia, tell them
that you are lying.
Judge sir, my son, Shubh
the glass broke the other day,
so I shut the door.
So, my son doesn't...
Ma'am, you cannot speak
like that in this court.
Sorry, judge sir.
Unstable mind and unpredictable
behavior, Honored Court.
Tell him. Explain it to
him in good English.
- Honored Court.
- Mr. Ciupek.
Please say something in my defense.
are Indian parents,
and Indian parents have their own
way of dealing with their children.
General health, discipline, food
it's all slightly different.
Honored Court, children are
children and this is Norway, not India!
We cannot force them to raise their
- children the way that we like to live.
- Yes, we can.
If the children are in danger
- because mother is totally unstable,
- They are happy to comply
- with changes but their children were
- What we can do!
- The Norwegian Government
- Before they even got a chance!
The reports and
testimonials presented
by the plaintiff make it evident
why an interim order was passed.
This court rejects Mrs. Chatterjee's
claim against
- the stay order.
- No, !
- The children, Shubh Chatterjee and
- No!
Suchi Chatterjee will remain
the ward of the Kingdom of Norway.
Case dismissed.
Judge sir! I have a request, sir!
Listen to me.
Sir, my children
I love my children, sir.
My Shubh and Suchi,
they need their mother, sir.
I am their mother, sir.
I am not a bad mother, sir.
Matilda, sir
Say something to sir.
I treat them as family, sir.
They come, I treat.
Family, sir.
Promise, sir.
I, today, zip.
I don't say a word, sir.
Sorry, sir.
But sir, my children
Please. I need my children, sir.
I will die without my children, sir.
Sir, I listen.
Sir, list
I listen to full list, sir.
I will feed them using knife and fork.
No hand, sir.
I love my husband, sir.
No fight, sir.
No fight.
Tell him!
I will take care of my family,
my Shubh and Suchi, sir.
Suchi is five months old, sir.
I breastfeed her, sir.
Please, my child, sir
Say something, Matilda.
Please! I'll die.
Calm down. They will come back.
I want Shubh and Suchi back!
- Calm down. They will come back.
- How can I live without them!
They will come back. Relax.
They will come back.
- I can't bear it.
- They will come back. I promise you.
- I want Shubh and Suchi back!
- Let's go home.
Let's go. Come on.
Life sustains the soul
Or the soul sustains life?
Whom do I ask?
Life sustains the soul
Or the soul sustains life?
Whom do I ask?
You exist because of me
Or I exist because of you?
How do I ask a mother that?
How do I ask a mother that?
Life sustains the soul
Or the soul sustains life?
Whom do I ask?
Do I give you an identity?
Or are you my identity?
Do I give you an identity?
Or are you my identity?
I recall every time you cried
I remember every time you laughed
You are my life
You are the reason of my being
You are my ground and you are my sky
You alone know
How to make me walk
Do you exist because of me
Or do I exist because of you?
How do I ask a mother that?
How do I ask a mother that?
Life sustains the soul
Or the soul sustains life?
Whom do I ask?
Do I give you an identity
- Or are you my identity?
- Whom do I ask?
Do I give you an identity?
- Or are you my identity?
- Whom do I ask?
Do I give you an identity?
Or are you my identity?
Do I give you an identity?
Or are you my identity?
Oh, my God!
How did this happen?
It's unbelievable.
I have been trying hard
to contact you. And finally now
Come with me.
Did Anirudh forbid you from meeting me?
Come with me.
There's someone I'd like you to meet.
Give me your hand.
Please come.
Rabia Hussain?
I am Nandini.
- We spoke over the phone?
- Yes, I remember,
And this is Debika Chatterjee.
Of course.
I know you.
I read about your case.
I am so sorry you
lost the last appeal.
Rabia is a lawyer,
but runs a shop here because her
degree is not recognized in Norway.
The day Velfred put my son into
the foster system
since then
Here, have a look.
Velfred is a very dangerous agency.
They are running a business,
under the pretext of fostering kids.
Norway first lures in immigrants
from poor countries with its money.
After the families come here,
they take their children away.
It's demand and supply.
This is an organized crime.
Everyone is involved in this, Debika.
Judges, teachers, foster families,
and especially the lawyers.
The more the children they put into the
foster system, the more money they make.
You know Berit Hansen, right?
Berit was teaching
Shubh in the foster house.
Shubh is not happy there.
Your children are scared.
Shubh has completely stopped speaking.
Debika, they are not giving
your milk pouches to Suchi.
Berit secretly recorded this clip.
I don't want to go to Disneyland!
I want to go home.
I don't want to go to Disneyland!
I don't want to go to Disneyland!
Do you really think it is true?
That they are doing this for money?
How did you learn about this group?
You don't know what is going on, Anirudh!
We are being framed!
We made no mistakes in
taking care of Shubh and Suchi.
Please meet Rabia once.
Shubh and Suchi are not safe.
They are not happy.
And Mr. Ciupek,
is hand in glove with
the Velfred guys as well.
I am about to get my citizenship.
Once that happens, our children
will become citizens,
and they will come home.
Debi, I can understand.
You are angry.
I am worried as well.
But we cannot go by gossip!
I have seen the video
with my own eyes.
Shubh was crying for me.
All children cry!
Please go home.
And henceforth, don't go anywhere without
taking my permission, okay? Please.
All this can affect my
Please, Anirudh.
We need to hire a private lawyer.
I will find one.
It will cost money!
You wait here. I will be back.
Where's Suchi?
Come with me.
Get in, get in.
Go, go, Shubh.
Get in, get in.
Go, go, go. Quick!
Go, go, go!
Hey, sweetheart!
What does my baby want?
Welcome to Sweden.
All foreign nationals
holding non-ePassports
will have to show passports
- at the border passport control.
- Here you go.
- And are requested to keep
- Tickets?
- Required documents ready.
- Tickets, ma'am?
One, two, three.
It's okay. Thank you, ma'am.
Welcome to Sweden.
Next station, Gothenburg.
Sit here.
Lady in Green Jacket! Stop!
Thank you.
Passport, please.
Mrs. Chatterjee
please follow us.
- What? Why?
- Please follow us.
- Please follow us.
- No.
Please follow us.
- Please
- Where take my baby away! My baby!
Suchi! Suchi!
Suchi! Shubh!
Suchi! Shubh!
Shubh! Where are you taking my child?
- Suchi! Shubh!
- Stop.
- Stop, please.
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Suchi!
- Stop, please.
- Stop!
My baby!
- Stop! Stop!
- Mom!
- Shubh!
- Mom!
They are issuing deportation orders.
Please tell them
she is not in the right frame of mind.
Our children are still
Do you have any idea
what your wife has done?
I know, but
These are very serious charges,
Mr. Chatterjee.
It's either that
or Mrs. Chatterjee goes to jail.
No, please do something.
- I am trying my best.
- Yes. Please.
But nothing is above the law.
I understand that. Please.
- Officer, I request...
- Hey, listen.
You cannot kidnap the ward of the state!
- Yes I...
- It's simple!
- I understand.
- Sir, one more thing
She is having some
depression issues these days.
She doesn't realize what she is...
Mr. Chatterjee,
I suspect we all have issues.
- Yes.
- Can you please just give me a second?
- Just
- Yes. Fine. I am sorry.
- Can you please
- Thank you.
Officer, all I am requesting
is that you don't press charges.
That's all.
It could complicate an already
extremely complicated case.
Officer, I am her father.
She is going through a lot right now.
With both of her children
being taken away from her,
she's just got away with her emotions.
I I promise you she won't do it again.
I have taken all of her details.
And I'll present it to the committee.
We will be issuing an official notice.
Deportation orders will be sent.
But no jail.
- Thank you.
- No. Please
- Please tell him that
- Thank you, Officer.
I will be in trouble if
he issues deportation orders.
- It's the best we can do.
- I will be...
Mr. Chatterjee,
it's the best we can possibly do.
- Okay, thank you.
- Mr. Chatterjee
Mrs. Chatterjee
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
What do you think of yourself?
Debika, I am talking to you.
What did you go there for?
You didn't think it's necessary
to tell me about it once?
I did come to you,
but you did nothing.
I can't keep sitting without
doing anything.
It's been 90 days!
- I can't take this any longer.
- I can't take this any longer!
So you have gone and screwed up
the case by kidnapping?
Do you even know
what deportation means?
How can someone be accused
of kidnapping their own child?
I brought Shubh and Suchi back!
I have given them birth and not you!
Do you even think about anything
other than your citizenship?!
- Debi!
- What is wrong with you?
- Anirudh! Son-in-law!
- I won't go. Leave my hand! Mom!
- Let her go!
- Anirudh!
- I won't!
- Let her go, please.
- Anirudh!
- Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Let her go!
- Let me go!
- Just come with me!
- Anirudh! She will get hurt.
- Let me go!
- Anirudh!
- Anirudh!
- Let her go!
- What are you doing?
- Let her go!
- She deserves this!
- She deserves this!
- Anirudh, open the door!
Your daughter is mad.
She deserves this!
- What are you saying, Anirudh?
- What are you saying?
Rock-a-bye baby
- Debi!
- Anirudh!
Don't you weep
Hush little baby
Now gently sleep
Momma will take all your tears
So far away
Far away
I know
I understand
Your babbles
And your silences
I know
I understand
What makes you happy
And what makes you sad
I know
I understand
I know it's a dark night
I know the moon won't oblige
But the stars are by your side
I know you don't have me with you
But there is nothing to be scared of
You have my prayers with you
I know
I understand
Your dreams
And your aspirations
I know
When you sigh
I stop breathing
My heart stops
When you cry
I weep
My heart stops
I know
I understand
Your sniffles
And your hiccups
I know
I understand
Your babbles
And your silences
I know
I understand
Nandini told me about your children.
I am shocked!
Why didn't you tell me?
It happened because of you!
You filed the complaint first,
and then they came after me.
- Yes, but
- But what?
You had hit Debika so
hard that her hand broke!
So what?
Is she your wife?
- What are you saying?
- Is she your wife?
Anirudh, you need help.
You are...
Don't you dare interfere
in my life again!
And go tell your wife
to stay away from Debika.
- Do you understand?
- Let go!
- Got it?
- Fine.
It seems I need help.
Honored Court,
taking the children is about
maintaining a billion-dollar industry,
of which they are all a part.
Honored Court, the taking
of the children has been done
keeping in mind
the best interest of the child.
- The best interest of the child!
- The best interest of the child?
Then why is my son's photo
all over the internet?
What effect will
this have on my child?
Last warning, Mrs. Chatterjee.
Not the language of this court.
Honored Court,
I apologize on behalf of my client,
and I request adjournment
until tomorrow.
The hearing will proceed tomorrow.
Mrs. Chatterjee, you are not allowed
to speak out of turn in the court.
How many times will we
have to explain this to you?
How will I cross-examine you
if they order you to exit the court?
I have the list of charges against you.
- One!
- Yes! I know it.
One, mother is mentally unstable.
Hence, she cannot take care
of both her children.
Children sleep with their parents.
Mother feeds her child with her hand!
My child is on the autistic spectrum.
He is not getting the
special care he needs.
Husband doesn't help with the chores.
Husband has been charged
with domestic violence.
Mother locks her child outside the house.
Mother loves her children a lot.
She keeps smothering them!
These are the charges
mentioned in the list, right?
And eight
mother kidnapped the children
from a government facility...
A mother is accused of kidnapping
her own children! Awesome!
She tried to cross the
international border with them.
It is a serious crime.
He has turned the case around.
The Deportation's case is also pending.
Have a look.
What can I do if the case been twisted?
Summons for the case.
I won't continue with the hearing
if you misbehave in the court.
We will lose this case because of you.
I am bound to lose.
Only then will you
get your cut, right?
- Debika, please shut up.
- Your salary?
You will not get anything if I win.
You'll get zilch.
I have literally no idea
what you are talking about.
But don't fuck with my career, lady!
Look at this foreign lawyer!
- He uses bad words like fuck.
- You have lost your mind.
- Please, Mr. Ciupek. Please wait.
- Using bad words like fuck.
Wait, Mr. Ciupek.
He's such a rascal!
India-Norway relations have
become stronger over the years.
Vasudha Kamat,
a politician from India
is arriving in a few days to Norway
for a telecom treaty
between India and Norway.
Norway sees India
as an important partner for...
Had it not been for the Visa issue,
we would stay...
This is the final call
for flight AL-269.
When did you join the
department of child welfare?
Five months ago.
Isn't it the basic right of the
child to have a trusted person to talk to,
someone not connected to Velfred
or the foster parents?
Was this provided?
Objection. Irrelevant.
- Overruled.
- Was it provided?
No. Availability was the issue.
As representatives of the state,
what measures did you
take when the foster parents
vilified and demeaned
Mrs. Chatterjee online?
This violates Article 8,
the basic human right to privacy.
You did not do anything?
- No measures?
- Hey
Perhaps, with the government giving
such hefty sums for fostering
we are attracting the
wrong kinds of parents.
Over the last few years,
child prostitution cases
have tripled in Norway!
Objection. Irrelevant.
I retract my statement.
Do you know what
Mrs. Chatterjee's qualifications are?
Objection. Irrelevant.
- Overruled.
- Do you know what they are?
- No, but
- She has a Bachelor's in Science!
She's not the fool you people
at Velfred are making her out to be.
I am told that the psychologist
didn't even meet Mrs. Chatterjee
before signing the mentally unfit report.
Is this true?
She was provided the reports,
- and therefore didn't need to meet.
- Oh, thank you. You're dismissed.
I would like to call my next witness.
She's a child psychologist.
Someone who is very closely connected
to the case and the children.
I'd like to call Ms. Berit Hansen.
Please use the headphones
for a translation
because the witness
does not speak English.
Ms. Hansen.
My name is Berit Hansen.
My name is Berit Hansen.
I am 32 years old.
I am 32 years old.
I have a Child Psychology
degree from Eastside University.
Please explain what you do.
I was a special teacher from Velfred.
Yes, I have been fired.
Why is that?
Because I tried to contact
Mrs. Chatterjee via the support group.
Why did you feel the
need to contact them?
Why did you feel the
need to contact them?
In the past four years, I have seen many
parents being separated
from their children,
but the Chatterjee Case
was the tipping point for me.
Shubh keeps crying for
his mother all the time
and he is being locked up
in a dark room for not listening.
Why didn't you say anything earlier?
Had I said anything against Velfred then
they would have taken my children.
This is how Velfred controls.
I had evidence of
Shubh crying for his mother!
I had made a video,
but Velfred confiscated my
phone and deleted the evidence.
Honored Court, I would like to object.
Ms. Berit Hansen is
a disgruntled employee!
She has no evidence.
That's all for now, Ms. Hansen.
She does not have the evidence,
Honored Court,
because Velfred took
her phone and deleted the evidence.
Speaking of the videos
I would like to approach
the honorable bench
to permit me to submit a video.
Yes, please.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Shubh! Suchi!
- Stop!
- Shubh!
Stop, please.
Mrs. Chatterjee
attacking a policeman,
taking children across the border
it is a non-bailable offense
and I can send you to jail for this!
Velfred should be pulled up
for not following the rules
Mrs. Chatterjee is mentally unstable.
Therefore this court rejects
Mrs. Chatterjee's petition again.
Both children will be wards of the
state till they are 18 years old.
They are to be placed
for final adoption right away.
Case closed.
We could have won today if
I am sorry, Mrs. Chatterjee.
Why didn't you inform me?
You could have at least informed me.
Hello, Dad.
I have never seen
such an amazing mother!
Who can't you manage your children?
It's okay.
Did you see how she walked away?
Saw that?
Look at that!
What's this?
Where are you going all dressed up
so early in the morning?
I am going to the temple
to pray for the children.
- I'll be right back.
- My son didn't say anything...
Historically, India and
Norway have been friends
but I feel that this telecom deal will
mark the beginning of a golden phase
between our two nations.
Historically, India and
Norway have been friends
but I feel that this telecom deal will
mark the beginning of the golden phase.
Thank you.
We now open the floor to the press.
Any questions?
Thank you, Mrs. Vasudha.
I am Debika Chatterjee.
We have immigrated
from Kolkata to Norway.
We are victims of injustice.
Both my children have been
confiscated by the Norway Government.
Madam, this is not
the place to discuss this issue.
According to them,
there is a cultural difference.
And you are here all the way from
India to make a deal with such people?
This is a family matter.
No! This is a matter of our country!
- No shooting, please.
- Stop!
- Stop!
- Mrs. Vasudha, tell me,
what would have happened
if an Indian Government
had confiscated a white child?
Think about it! Please, ma'am.
Don't touch!
I just want
to talk to Mrs. Vasudha for two minutes.
Mrs. Vasudha,
who do I approach if not you?
As Indians, we have a right
to approach the Indian Government.
But the embassy here won't help me.
You can talk to the Norway Government
about our situation.
They think they are a rich country.
And that their culture is the best.
And we are from a poor country
with no culture.
You are a mother.
Can you imagine what
I must be going through?
It's been days since
I last saw my children.
Please, Mrs. Vasudha.
I just need two minutes.
Done with your prayers?
Where were you?
No temple stays open this late!
I had some errands to run.
I am watching everything
that is going on here.
My son gives you a lot of freedom.
You can come and go as you please.
I am sure you always
left the kids alone!
The way you abandoned us today!
What is she doing?
My son is starving.
I don't know what
she's feeding my son!
Okay. Be right there. Yes.
Debika! Suchi is not feeling well.
Come in.
Baby has been crying for two hours.
We don't know what is wrong with her!
Yes, I think she needs her mother.
Where is Shubh?
Can I see him once? For once?
- Okay.
- Okay. Thank you.
What is my cutie doing?
Looks very happy.
He love cars.
You give rice?
He love rice.
Rice eater.
Like me. Ditto.
Nice house.
It's big.
Please don't take the children back.
Don't say that.
Maria, right?
Maria, I am telling you,
you will be a very good mother.
But not my Shubh and Suchi.
I I need my
We organize a ceremony
in India for feeding
solids to the baby for the first time.
Start solids now.
Honorable Speaker,
the telecom deal that we are going
to sign with Norway should be canceled.
The children who have been separated
from their parents are Indians!
As a mother,
I ask a question to this Assembly,
how can any other country tell us
how to raise our own children?
The plea given is,
that we feed with our hands!
I request this government
to take comprehensive steps
to reunite these children
with their family immediately.
If Norway doesn't
return these children
then we should sever all
ties with this heartless country.
This is a human rights violation.
This is state interfering
in personal matters.
We, a country with a population
of 1.26 billion are being forced
to implore a country
with a population 4.5 million,
to give our children back!
Norway says that
Mrs. Chatterjee is depressed.
So, what did they do resolve this?
They took her five-month-old
daughter away from her!
Won't that make a mother
even more depressed?
Shame on Velrfred.
Velfred, return the children.
Down with Velfred!
Velfred kidnaps children!
This doesn't look good.
I am a little worried.
Then you should go talk to him.
Velfred Kidnaps children! Wow!
Thank you.
Ticket to
Norway is expensive, right?
Quite expensive.
This is an expensive country, sir.
Do you want to make easy money?
I have a scheme.
Only if you're interested.
Of course, sir.
Ask Debika Chatterjee
to make you the foster parent.
Kids will continue
to stay within the family.
Why on earth would I
agree to look after two kids?
Come on, sir.
- Hello?
- Hey!
There is no way I can do this, sir.
Not even if you
got 50 lakh rupees for it?
50 lakh rupees?
You will get 50 lakh rupees
every year for each child.
Why will I get it?
Because this is the system.
That is how it works here.
You get 50 lakh rupees
and Velfred gets 50 lakh rupees.
- You get one crore rupees every year.
- Yes.
So, in 18 years you make
Go sit over there.
Hello, everyone.
Thank you for coming.
We reopened their files after receiving a
communication from the Indian Government,
but we have decided to not
return the children to them.
Because we still think that,
they are unfit parents.
if both the parents agree,
we can give the custody of their
children to a reliable third party.
Okay, then give the
custody to my parents.
We're sorry,
but we don't give the custody
to people over 50 years.
Then give me their custody.
I stay with my parents.
We will all raise them together.
It will be best
for the kids as well.
- Has he lost his mind?
- Don't talk to her.
Hang on.
Anurag is a bachelor.
He is still a bachelor.
Mr. Chatterjee
Mr. Madhusudhan
the Government of Norway can appoint
Mr. Anurag Chatterjee
as their foster parent.
If you two agree to that
then you can sign these documents.
I cannot do this!
Excuse me.
- What are you saying?
- Come with me once!
Come! To the side.
Mrs. Debika, please wait.
This is a good opportunity.
I cannot leave my
children in their hands.
I'd rather die than make
such a big blunder, sir.
- Mrs. Debika.
- Please.
This matter has escalated exponentially.
Despite that, Mrs. Vasudha Kamat
has insisted to help you.
Who will fight for your children
in Norway if you get deported?
Just sign the documents
and go back to India.
We will make sure that,
the children get there.
Excuse me, sir.
Debika, can I have a word with you?
Just come with me once.
So, what have you decided?
Should we let those
adopted parents keep our children?
You think I am such a bad husband?
I forced you to marry me.
Why did I force you?
Because I love you, Debi.
I still do.
I do.
I have made many
mistakes in the past,
but you have always forgiven me.
Why did you keep forgiving me?
Because we are a family, Debi.
You saw that I didn't
support Anurag in there. Right?
This rift between us
is just because of stress.
It will go away.
You can take the kids from Bardhaman
and go to your parents' house.
No one will stop you.
I promise that.
Do you think I don't miss my children?
That I don't want
to hold them in my arms?
I am not a bad person, Debika.
You don't even need to look
at my mother's face again. Never.
Just let Anurag attend the video calls
made by the Government of Norway.
That's it.
That's all we need to do.
They are our children, Debika
and they are coming back to us
through whatever means necessary.
Rest is just paperwork.
Ignore it.
Let's go.
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
Here's the breaking news for the day!
An update on the
Norway Custody Case.
Both the children,
Shubh Chatterjee and Suchi Chatterjee
will be coming back
to India tomorrow morning.
As you can see,
they are being handed
over at the Oslo airport.
I am very happy today!
First of all, I would like to thank
the Indian Government
and the Indian Prime Minister.
A special thanks to Mrs. Vasudha Kamat.
My children are back.
What else could I ask for?
Shubh will be so happy.
We will take him to Victoria.
Mom? Shubh?
- Suchi?
- Welcome, Sister-in-law!
- How are you?
- Good!
Where is Mom?
Where are Shubh and Suchi?
- Greetings.
- Bless you.
Children can come later.
Talk to me first.
But where are the children?
Sister-in-law, I want the children to
meet their mother as well,
but the Norway Government
is making that difficult.
They said, "Mrs. Debika Chatterjee
can't meet them."
Otherwise, money won't be released.
What money?
We had signed an agreement.
- What is the issue?
- Yes, you did.
Have a look at it.
Where is the agreement?
Where do you keep things?
Look at where you have kept it.
Here it is.
Sorry. It was not an agreement,
but a treaty.
India-Norway Treaty.
This clearly states,
that "Mrs. Debika Chatterjee
can meet her kids
only after the consent
of both the parties."
Norway Government hasn't
given their consent.
So, that makes your presence here illegal.
But Anirudh said that I can
take the kids with me.
I only need to bring them back
when the Norway Government calls.
Oh! Did my brother say so?
Yes! He is not answering the phone.
That's not what these documents say.
Could you please read?
I am not as educated as you are.
He is not answering the phone.
I have told your mother
not to carry pickle in the flight,
- Shubh!
- Because airlines give free food!
- Open it, please!
- Kids are not here.
Open it, please!
- Sister-in-law, kids are not here.
- I heard them.
- Shubh!
- What is happening here?
Get this woman out of here.
The kids are with us
and they will stay with us.
You can come after
18 years to take them back.
You should leave now.
Please don't stress her.
We have to face a lot of
problem when her blood pressure shoots up.
Don't stand in front of the television.
Move aside.
Let me watch it.
Mom, please!
Please give me my children back.
I won't say a word to anyone.
- I won't create a scene. Please!
- Won't you say anything?
- Please give me my children back.
- I have had enough!
Stop creating a scene! You might
post their picture on social media!
You cannot be trusted.
You're a mentally unfit woman!
- Out! Come on! Leave!
- Hey, wait!
- Get out! Leave!
- Let me meet.
- Let's go, Debi.
- My children are inside.
Sign these divorce
papers before leaving.
Sign it and return it.
If not I'll show you.
- Out! Out! Out!
- Let me meet them just once.
- Why are you doing this?
- Please! Please!
No more please!
Mom, please let me
meet my children once.
- Let's go, Debi.
- Get out!
- Get out of here!
- Please!
Mrs. Debika,
you have signed a treaty with them.
Your children are back in India.
There is nothing more we can do.
Mr. Madhusudhan
- I thought
- What?
I thought you have a parallel
understanding with your husband.
My God! How could he cheat you like this?
- Debi, be a little cool-headed today.
- Okay.
We will take Shub and Suchi,
and leave peacefully.
I'll give these chocolates
to children, and leave.
I said get lost! Don't you get it?
- Hey!
- Get lost!
Don't touch the car!
It's new! Can't you see?
What are you being paid for?
Dad, please, I brought
a few things for the kids
Throw them out!
- Get lost!
- Throw them out!
- Let's go, Debi!
- I won't go!
Get out!
- Go!
- Don't hit us.
Go to the police station
and see what happens.
Get lost! Go away!
Suit number 1186,
Mrs. Chatterjee versus
Mr. Anurag Chatterjee.
Next case, please.
How much longer?
Where is the prosecution lawyer?
Oh Lord, please be with me.
Your Honor,
- I request to dismiss this case.
- Your Honor! Sorry!
I missed the tram!
So, I caught a rickshaw,
but its tyre got flat.
Then I had to walk for
20 minutes to get a cab.
I finally made here after
facing two traffic jams.
Stop it.
Stop it, Ms. Pratap.
This is my court,
and you will have some respect.
Can you come to the point?
There you go, your Honor!
You couldn't bear with me
when I spoke about ordeal
I faced in the past hour and a half.
How will you bear the ordeal
Debika Chatterjee has been going through
since the past year and a half?
Okay, I got your point.
What do you want?
Your Honor
my client Mrs. Debika Chatterjee,
has approached this court
with one last hope for justice.
She hasn't been able to find
a solution from Norway to India.
When Child Welfare Association and
Commission for Protection of Child Rights,
visited her in-laws' house,
and that is when they found
the children in a bad state.
I would like to submit
their report on record.
According to the CPCR report,
kids are not safe in
Anurag Chatterjee's custody.
I request the court to treat
this as an open and shut case,
and let Debika Chatterjee, the
biological mother of the children,
have their sole custody as
per the Guardians and Wards Act.
That's all.
Sounds okay.
Is it done?
We'll see.
Sir, there's a letter for you.
Why in the last minute?
A letter from the Norway Government?
- Mr. Daniel Ciup Singh?
- Ciupek.
Your Honor,
may I please approach the bench?
Your Honor, as you may have
been informed already by the letter,
I am here to plead the
case for the Norway Government.
I would appeal to the honorable court to
let me plead the case for Norway in India.
Please, Your Honor.
This courtroom is full of people.
We cannot just let anyone
stand up and "play lawyer" here!
This is unprecedented!
It is against the rules
of the Bar Council.
This shouldn't be allowed.
What right does he have to be here?
This is most unusual.
What is your locus here?
Why should I allow you?
I have three reasons, Your Honor.
the children are here because
of the India-Norway Treaty.
Two, Norway Government has a right to
check if the treaty is being breached.
Three, Norway Government is paying
for the welfare of these children.
Here's the bank statement
of the money transferred.
In the past 14 months,
80 lakh rupees have been transferred
to Mr. Anurag Chatterjee,
PTL Bank, Bardhaman branch.
Because of the above reasons, Your Honor,
I would like to plead the case
that the children must be sent
back to Norway as soon as possible.
I will take this under
special advisement.
The court will be adjourned
till 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
Under special circumstances
- the court will allow Daniel...
- Ciupek.
Chup-Singh to plead the case for Norway.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Your Honor.
Norway's rules have been
protecting children for 100 years,
irrespective of whether
they are Norwegian or Indian.
Norway could have just
deported these children back.
So, why is Norway spending
so much money on her children?
It's because it's Norway's policy
"Children first".
How can Mrs. Chatterjee
claim these children,
when she, herself has already signed those
children over to Mr. Anurag Chatterjee.
Did she ever plan
to honor this treaty?
No, Your Honor.
It is clear that the intention
was to defraud the government of Norway.
Objection, Your Honor.
This is misleading.
He is misleading the case.
Did you come here all the
way from Norway just to lecture us?
Do you have any facts with you?
Or should I go ahead
and reject this letter?
My apologies, Your Honor.
Let's stick to the facts.
I would like to call
Mr. Anurag Chatterjee to the witness box.
As per the CPCR report, your
house is not safe for the children.
So, a legally binding treaty
which was signed by
you isn't being followed.
This is a false report, sir.
Shall we bring out the
pictures of the children?
Shall we show the court the state of your
house and the state that they were in?
Anyway, do you think
Mrs. Chatterjee's claim is right?
No, sir. Not at all.
Kids refuse to go to her.
Shubh starts screaming
as soon as he sees here.
Your Honor,
she barged into my house
without any visitation rights
and tried to meet the children,
thus making me a criminal in
the eyes of the Norway Government.
Look at what I am going
through because of her.
- We did nothing wrong.
- Mr. Anurag, please. Please.
Would you like to continue
being the custodian of the children?
No! I have had enough of this.
- The court, the media
- What is he saying?
Even my parents reached the court.
So, are you withdrawing
all claims to the children?
Yes. Yes, sir.
Thank you, Your Honor.
No further questions.
Ms. Pratap?
Let Mrs. Debika Chatterjee take
the kids if Mr. Anurag Chatterjee
is withdrawing all
claims to the children.
Like I claimed earlier, Your Honor,
this is an open and shut case.
Yes, indeed it is, in the favor
of the Norway Government.
Your Honor, if I may, I would like to
call Mrs. Chatterjee to the witness box.
Mrs. Chatterjee?
What is your monthly income?
Before I got married I used to...
There are five private
schools in Bardhaman,
two CBSE boards and three ICSE boards.
What is the fee in these schools?
An approximate figure?
- 2,000?
- 2,000?
That's 4,000 per month
for two children.
Which you cannot afford
because you are unemployed.
That leaves you with just one option.
A government school.
That's not necessary.
What salary can they expect if
the kids go to a government school?
- Objection, sir. This is irrelevant.
- No, it isn't.
Mrs. Chatterjee,
please answer the question.
I will get a job and
- then send my children to...
- What opportunities does
this city offer to these children?
Do you think they will
get the same opportunities
that they would get in Norway?
Mrs. Chatterjee?
They will get a mother's love here.
And what if their mother dies?
Please control yourself, Mr. Singh.
My apologies, Your Honor.
In Norway, there was a claim
that your son, Shubh,
needed to be tested for autism.
What is your plan
if Shubh is autistic?
Norway has the best
facilities and institutes.
These are the brochures of schools
for special needs children in Norway.
What's your plan, Mrs. Chatterjee?
Do you have one?
I don't have any plan as yet.
- But I I'll take care of it.
- Right!
I didn't think so.
No further questions
for this witness, Your Honor.
Thank you, Mrs. Chatterjee.
Anirudh is connected.
Give me a second.
Your Honor,
I'd like to call another witness,
Mr. Anirudh Chatterjee from Norway.
On the laptop.
Mr. Chatterjee, please tell the
court what your views are on this case?
I want to disclose the truth.
Debika is mad.
She is mentally unstable.
She needs help.
I have kept quiet about it, because
I didn't want to embarrass her.
Debika cannot look after our children.
Thank you, Mr. Chatterjee.
Your Honor, Mr. Chatterjee
doesn't want the children.
Mrs. Chatterjee doesn't
have the means to support them.
Transfer of custody to the Chatterjees
will be an absolute disaster for them.
I request the court
to send the children back to Norway,
back to their adopted parents,
at the earliest.
Thank you, Your Honor.
I have no further witnesses.
Your chance to cross, Ms. Pratap.
So Mr. Chatterjee,
I am slightly concerned.
Did you gain weight
in the past two years?
- Did you put on some weight?
- Absolutely not.
Did you lose any weight?
Any headaches? Anxiousness?
- Sleeplessness? Lack of appetite?
- No, not at all.
- Restles...
- Ms. Sunaina? What's your point?
Actually Your Honor,
according to this
Ma'am, it's the Dyadic
biopsychosocial model of marriage.
All these symptoms can be found
in husbands who stay with "mad" wives.
So Mr. Chatterjee,
did you get Debika treated
in a private hospital
or a public hospital?
No, you don't understand.
Sir, here are the results
of two sensory tests.
One was conducted by
Stavanger, Norway's Public Hospital,
and the other by AT Apollo, Kolkata.
Both clearly state that
Mrs. Debika Chatterjee is mentally fit.
So should we assume the doctors
of both countries are "mad"
and you are right?
Tell me, Mr. Chatterjee.
How could you spend so many years
with an unstable woman?
And start a family with her?
I guess we lost the connection
with Mr. Chatterjee, I guess.
Or maybe the internet connection
is weak there.
- Try calling again, Mr. Singh.
- We are trying, Your Honor.
Your Honor, this is the
missed call list of my client,
Mrs. Debika Chatterjee
of the last one and a half years
of the unanswered calls that she
has made to her deserter husband!
Please have a look!
I suggest you don't waste
time trying to contact him.
Ms. Sunaina Pratap,
any more witnesses for you?
Your Honor, I would like
to cross-examine Mr. Daniel Singh.
I represent Norway, Your Honor.
Besides, I am pleading this case as well.
Therefore I am forbidden to be a witness.
I have three reasons, Your Honor.
One, he needs to share some insights
of the case so that
justice can be served.
he knows the rules
and regulations of Norway,
- so he can share them with us as well.
- It's true!
Three only he can tell us whether
the child-benefit he is talking about
benefited the children or him as well.
If we go by the rules, Mr. Singh
cannot plead in Indian court,
but I allowed him.
So, I shall allow this as well.
- But Your Honor...
- It's Quid pro quo, Mr. Singh.
14 months ago, you
pleaded for Mrs. Chatterjee
to get the children back, right?
So, you were in the same
position as I am in today?
Because I believe in the
best interest of the children.
And after 14 months,
you are against Debika.
- But the children are the same, right?
- Yes, the children are the same.
But the best interest of the
children is no longer with the mother.
Oh, please Mr. Singh!
Please just skip saying "best interest".
You made an argument
in Mrs. Chatterjee Versus Norway Case.
You had said and I quote,
"It is a scam!"
"Immigrant families in
Norway are being targeted."
Norway Government is investigating it.
Nothing has been proved so far.
And I would request
the court to please strike out
this last inflammatory statement.
Relax, Mr. Singh.
This is an Indian court.
You are quick to rebuke.
I am afraid this will
be entered into evidence.
Do you think an adopted mother will be
more affectionate towards the children?
Yes, of course.
Why not?
We need to change this mindset.
It is medieval and backward thinking.
It's a completely useless argument.
It holds no water.
I myself am an adopted child.
I too am an adopted child.
Ciupek is the family name
I have from my adopted parents.
I see no difference.
We don't doubt adoptions.
Your question implies otherwise.
None at all, Mr. Singh.
Anyway, let's get back to the case.
So I repeat, do you think adopted parents
will love Shubh and Suchi
more than Mrs. Chatterjee?
There is absolutely no
quantifiable way to answer this question.
So Mr. Singh, what do you think?
You get 50 lakh rupees for a child.
So that's one crore rupees
per year, right?
Do you think Debika can
give away her children for money?
Mr. Singh, do you think Debika
can give up her children for money?
So, after hearing everything,
do you think Mrs. Debika Chatterjee
signed the treaty unknowingly
or under the influence of her husband?
I wasn't there.
I can neither confirm nor deny.
as far as I know Mrs. Chatterjee,
she would never
do this for money.
You have certain "issues" with
Mrs. Debika Chatterjee
that she fought in Sweden.
She fought with the Norway Police.
She got the Indian Government involved.
She approached CWC, CWA, CPCR,
Why did she do all this?
For the children.
For her own children!
To get her own children back!
Mothers have natural instincts
that bind them with
the child, Your Honor.
Some mothers.
So was Debika's reaction when
her children were taken away
a natural reaction?
I have no more questions
for this witness, Your Honor.
Mrs. Debika?
Would you like to say something?
Norway gave me a lot of labels, sir.
Bad mother.
There was another label.
Debika Chatterjee is wrong
and everyone else is right.
I don't know what is right or wrong.
I have always tried
to do the right thing.
My dad my dad said that
Debi, you need to study well.
So, I graduated in Science.
And then my mom asked me to get married.
So, I got married.
My husband Anirudh said,
"Let's get settled in Norway."
That's the right thing to do."
So, that's what I did.
Then Norway Government said,
"Children need to stay in a foster home."
"That's the right thing to do."
But I didn't realize
where I
went wrong while trying
to do right by everyone.
Today, I won't do what others
think is the right thing to do.
I will do what I think is right.
Am I a good mother?
Am I a bad mother? I don't know.
But I am a mother, sir.
And I think the only right thing for me
to do is to fight for both my children.
Be it in this court or the next.
I am ready to fight for justice
in any corner of the world,
because this is the only
right thing for a mother to do.
This is the right thing to do.
Sir, I know that both my
children, Shubh and Suchi
will be happy only with me.
With me.
I I just
want my children
to be happy.
I don't want anything else.
And this is all I have to say.
I have pleading for days
Please return my children, sir.
It's been so long since I met them!
Before passing my judgment,
I would like to meet
both the children
in my chamber.
Hello, baby.
My baby! My love.
Hello, son.
Have it.
- Mom!
- My love!
How are you?
- Good.
- Good?
This is a unique case
for both the countries.
It needs to be viewed
with compassion and empathy,
because two small children have
been separated from their mother.
Mrs. Debika broke the law without
thinking about the consequences.
Some cases compel law
to let justice prevail.
I don't think her
behavior has disrespected
this court or this country in any way.
Children are safest with their mother.
Children need their
mothers' love the most.
This must be the first case in India,
where a mother fought
a country for her children.
Our country has all the facilities
these kids require
to stand on their own feet.
Your country is your home,
and there is no place like home.
Moreover, who can love more than a mother?
That's why I want
these children to be taken away
from their uncle, Mr. Anurag Chatterjee,
and given back to their mother,
Mrs. Debika Chatterjee.
She has got the children.
What can I do?
I'll take care of Mom and Dad.
You are on your own.
I won't return a single penny.
Leave me alone!
Shubh look over here.