Ms. Christmas Comes to Town (2023) Movie Script

Come in.
Hey, we need Ms. Christmas
camera ready in 20.
Hey, are you all right?
Yeah, absolutely. Just
reminiscing a little bit.
Well, let me know if you need
anything, okay?
I am perfectly fine, darling.
Go. Do your thing.
I will.
Welcome back, Ms. Christmas.
Thank you, my dear.
The bumper scripts are loaded
onto the prompter,
and we won't roll until
you're happy with them.
Sounds perfect.
It's magic time.
It's the most wonderful time
of year once again.
Ms. Christmas is coming,
and I've got lots of surprises
in store for you
this holiday season.
Tune in on December 1st
and spend
24 days of Christmas with us on
the holiday shopping channel.
Great. First day back.
Yes, it was.
So Mayor Bailey wants
you to be the guest of honor
at the tree lighting ceremony.
Tell the mayor I'd be delighted.
Will do. And the station manager
at WSU Radio has asked
if you want to be part
of the live reading
of "A Christmas Carol".
Which part?
They're doing a gender flip.
Well, that covers it.
So if you don't need me
for anything else today,
-I have a thing.
-Like a date thing.
What? No, I'm just meeting
someone for coffee.
What about you? Have anything
else exciting planned
for the rest of the day?
Nothing exciting.
Just an errand
on the way home.
Anything I can take care of?
No, I can manage
on my own.
Have a nice date.
Lucky man.
Why are you so dead set
on this being a blind date?
I am a romantic absolutist,
and the first in-person
impression is everything.
There's either a spark
or there's not.
All the profile pics in the
world can't make up for it.
I must have been crazy to have
ever agreed to this.
You need to have someone
special in your life.
Need is too strong a word.
We can use the word like
as in, I would like to have
someone special in my life.
You deserve to have someone
special in your life.
You're crazy.
I'm in.
He's tall, dark
and handsome.
Define, tall.
And he's wearing
a navy blue peacoat.
I see him.
Here goes nothing.
Call me after.
I'm Amanda.
It's nice to meet you.
Normally, I don't go
for set-ups,
but Emily spoke
so highly of you,
and she's managed to stay
married to the same man
for over a decade.
And his mother to a daughter
I absolutely adore.
So I figure maybe she knows
something the rest of us don't.
Yeah, sure.
Things that you need
to know about me.
I am currently single.
Obviously. I'm on a blind date,
never married,
and I'm looking
for someone special.
This is a very hectic time
of year for me, job wise,
and from my perspective,
the worst time,
not just for me,
but for anyone to enter
into any new relationship.
But having said that,
I do believe that Christmas
is a time of magic
where even the impossible
becomes possible.
I actually believe
that at times, too.
Do you always put yourself out
there like this on a first date?
You must bring out
the best in me.
I'm Michael.
Wait. What?
You're not Michael.
I'm Travis.
Why didn't you say anything,
Well, it's not every day
such an enchanting woman
such as yourself shows
any interest in me...
accidentally or on purpose.
I want to hold you two up.
So what time?
Whoa. Got to go.
Yeah. Here, Michael.
This seat has your name
written all over it.
Hope you are as charmed
by Amanda as I was.
So how does it feel being back
in the saddle?
It's my 24th year and it still
feels like a gift.
It truly is for the folks
who watch you.
Ms. Christmas inspires so much
joy during the holidays.
I hope I can keep doing it
for as long as I can.
You know, you and I have
an anniversary coming up.
That is true. Five years
coming up next month.
So how have you been feeling?
Maybe a little tired,
but I think I'm doing okay.
We need to discuss
the MRI results.
Not my favorite topic.
Me neither.
I do wish I had better news
to share with you.
How much time do I have?
A year or two.
Maybe a little more.
But there are always new trials.
Then I better make that year
or two count.
I am sure you will.
Usually I'd suggest focusing
on the things
that truly make you happy.
But I got a feeling you are
a step ahead of me
in that department.
It's okay.
That is my job.
Thank you for everything.
It goes without saying.
I trust you'll keep
this between us.
Gail, of course.
But I am so sorry for this news.
I want to enjoy the time I have
left doing exactly what I love.
Well, I suppose that's the best
any of us can ever hope for
in life.
Oh, honey.
I want to give this Christmas
everything I've got
by doing something
extra special.
Well, the sky's the limit.
Anything you want, Gail.
And I will spare no expense.
I'm going to hold you to that.
That's exactly what
I hoped you'd say.
Oh, it is, is it?
Thank you
for coming in early.
Of course.
What's going on?
Well, I have some news, and
I want you to hear it first.
Directly from me.
I plan to announce
my retirement.
This will be my last Christmas
on HSC.
I don't understand.
Why now?
As much as I would love
to believe otherwise.
Nothing lasts forever, honey.
I want to go out while I'm still
at the top of my game.
This seems so sudden.
Is this coming from the network?
Oh, no, not at all.
This is all my decision.
Wrapping it up now lets me do it
on my own terms.
I want us to go on tour,
visit communities
that could use just a little
extra Ms. Christmas magic
this year.
I love the idea of taking
the show on the road,
but this is very last-minute.
We leave
in two weeks.
I know I'm asking a lot
from you, but...
It's important to me
to mark my retirement
with a celebration.
With your blessing,
I am ready to give it everything
I've got if you are.
Whatever you need.
Ms. Christmas deserves the best
send off that we can give her.
And so do you.
I've got so many exciting ideas
for the tour,
but the most exciting of all
is my contract allows me
to name my successor.
You are the only person
in the world
that I would ever want
to take my place, honey.
Wow. I am... Wow.
Are you sure? Like, are you
really sure about this?
I am.
And to ease the transition,
I want to introduce you as
my apprentice, Ms. Holiday.
You know, I've always
considered myself
the magic behind the magic.
You are.
But you're going to be magic
in front of the camera, too,
I know you will.
Yes. My answer is yes.
I am going to give it everything
I've got.
That's exactly what
I'd hoped you'd say.
-Come with me.
-Oh, boy.
We're going to use
the latest bumper scripts
since you're familiar with them,
just to dip your toe
in the water.
Just a dip.
Okay. Roll camera.
It's the most wonderful
time of Christmas once again.
Wait... shoot.
That's not right.
Don't worry about it.
Keep rolling, honey.
Just take a deep breath.
Find your calm.
Start over when you're ready.
It's the most Christmas time
of wonderful.
Again, tune in to
the December 1st.
Spend 24 days of the holidays
with us
on the Christmas Shopping
Ow! I'm fine! I'm fine!
I'm so sorry!
No, don't worry.
That was a disaster.
Sometimes you
just got to laugh.
Believe me, I was no better
the first time that I stepped
in front of the camera.
It's not too late to change
your mind.
Oh, no. I am all in on you,
I think that you have a tendency
to overestimate my abilities.
Well, you know what?
I think that you have a tendency
to underestimate your abilities.
Sometimes you got to do things
the wrong way
before you learn how to do them
the right way.
Don't worry. You're going to get
a lot of practice on the tour.
Think of it as a Ms. Christmas
holiday Boot camp on wheels.
Sounds so great.
Gail, I apologize to you
for bringing this up
at the absolute last moment,
but I knew you'd never agree
to it any other way.
I need you to travel with a
nurse to monitor your health.
Liz, come on.
We're leaving to start the tour
in less than two hours.
Gail, it is for your health
and well-being
as well as, you know,
my peace of mind.
Look, don't worry about it.
Everything's been arranged.
Someone's on the way from W.P.
Health Services ready to travel.
Someone is right here.
Ms. Christmas, hi, I'm Travis.
Travis Van Winters.
I am... it's such a pleasure
to meet you.
I'm just a huge fan.
I used to watch you when
I was a kid with my mom.
Thank you for those kind words.
All right. On one condition.
No one can know what's wrong.
And no one can know
why you are really here.
Gail, I have been thinking
about that.
How would it be if you,
Travis, just, you know,
tell people that you're
my godson
and that I'm sending you along
to be my eyes and ears
on the tour and to learn
about the business
from the best in the business.
Ladies, I really and genuinely
want to be helpful here,
but I really don't think
I'm the... the... the right guy
for this cloak and dagger
We need Ms. Christmas ready
in five.
Hello there.
You two know each other?
Yeah. I mean...
No. No, we absolutely
do not know each other.
I don't follow.
I'll tell you later.
What are you doing here?
I was about to ask you
the same question.
Well, I asked you first.
Amanda is my director
of operations,
and she's also my newly
appointed apprentice.
Color me impressed.
Now your turn.
What are you doing here?
I'm Elizabeth's godson.
Yeah. She asked me if I could be
her eyes and ears on this tour
and learn a little bit
about the business
from the best
in the business.
I think Travis is going to be an
excellent addition to the team.
I'm sure that he will be.
Well, welcome, Travis.
The more, the merrier.
I guarantee this is going to be
a very fun tour.
So fun.
Let's get you on set.
Yes. Yes. Off we go.
Welcome to the first day
of Ms. Christmas
on the Holiday
Shopping Channel.
I'll start with the sad news.
This will be my last season on
HSC, but although I am retiring,
I have no intention
of going silently
into that good night
before Christmas.
I will be taking
to the road today
to visit some communities
that could use
a little Ms. Christmas cheer.
Our trip will be filled
with appearances,
giveaways, special guests,
and other festive fun that you
will all get to be a part of.
And then we end up right back
here in Westport
to celebrate Christmas Eve
with our farewell broadcast,
wrapping it all up
with a pretty bow
just in time for Christmas.
So I hope you'll join us.
I can't wait to meet you all.
And now that that's out
of the way,
let's start the show,
shall we?
All aboard.
We can't get too far behind the work trucks.
- Okay.
- Let's hit the road, people.
All right.
Thank you.
And that, ladies and gentlemen,
is why they call him Murray
in a hurry.
Murray, meet Travis.
Hey, Travis, come on up.
Yep. Coming.
Safe travel, everyone.
- Bye!
- Thanks Liv.
And the adventure begins.
So listen, what exactly is this
whole tour about, anyway?
Well, we will be visiting
my favorite small towns
and spreading a little
holiday cheer
And introducing
our HSC audiences
to local artisans,
places to visit.
Then we go on
to the next town.
That sounds fantastic.
What... what inspired it?
The letters mostly.
See, small children write
letters to Santa Claus,
but everyone writes letters
to Ms. Christmas.
There was something different
about the litters this year.
It just felt like everyone
was missing connection
more so than ever.
Christmas should be worry-free
and filled with joy
for everyone.
So how did you two
first meet?
On a blind date.
Details, please.
Not a blind date with him.
A blind date with Michael.
Who's Michael?
Michael is Emily's friend.
Who's Emily?
Emily is my sister.
Look, I accidentally mistook him
for Michael.
End of story.
Oh, that sounds like
a genuine meet cute.
Keep your ears on the road,
So, I mean, how did things
turn out with Michael?
That is absolutely
none of your business.
Look, I'm Just saying,
I feel like I have a bit of
a vested interest here.
I mean, come on.
I was there when you two
first met, you know,
and like they say,
when in doubt,
it's better to err on the side
of romance.
Wow. On that note, I am going
to set up my bunk.
You have the pull out.
Still handsome even
after all these years.
Brought our tea.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Who is that?
James Andrews.
The man I almost married.
What? I didn't know
you were engaged.
I'm glad I still have a few
surprises left in me.
He started writing me
a few years back.
Have you written back?
Maybe it would be good
to reconnect.
Oh, sorry.
Am I intruding?
I just want to know
if you guys need any help
with anything.
I think we've got
everything covered.
I'm very handy.
I'm sure you are.
No, seriously, I would like
to pull my weight around here.
I mean, I'm good at packing,
unpacking, cooking, cleaning.
I'm really good at telling
bad jokes.
Duly noted. But we're fine
for now, Travis.
Okay. All right.
How about I start dinner?
It's obvious that boy likes you.
He's not a boy.
He's a man.
I thought you hadn't noticed.
Okay. Let me think.
He was someone else.
And then I went on and on
and on about myself.
And it was beyond humiliating.
I just... What?
Why would you want to do that?
I felt like there was a spark
between us.
Was there a spark
with the other guy?
No, but I think it was just
because it was awkward, and I...
Anyway, that's beside the point.
I think that Elizabeth
has sent him to spy on us.
He is not a network spy.
I know Elizabeth just knows
that we can use
the extra help this tour.
Something about him
doesn't add up.
I like to call this
Christmas Cacciatore.
My mom said, hold on...
All right.
My mom used to say that you had
the word Christmas to anything.
It makes it feel more festive.
I like your mother.
All right. Taste test.
Bon appetite.
The sauce is so good.
-You like it?
Thank you.
Yeah, not bad.
So Elizabeth never mentioned
she had a godson.
Why this sudden interest in HSC?
Well, my late mother
was a huge Ms. Christmas fan.
When I had the opportunity
to join this tour,
I couldn't pass it up.
What did you do
for work before?
Well, I trained as a nurse,
and then I served as a medic
in the Army.
In the last few years,
I've been a medical consultant,
but I've decided
for a career change.
What kind of change?
I'm not sure yet.
I'm still figuring that out.
It'll come.
Career changes
don't happen overnight.
I have it on good authority
that Christmas is a magical time
where the impossible
becomes possible.
Not only have I never heard of
this place,
I can't even say it.
It's Gail's hometown.
The first stop of the tour.
The mayor wants to name a day
in honor of Ms. Christmas.
Did you know my last name
is Christmas?
Murray Christmas.
Oh, thank you, Amanda.
Merry Christmas to you, too.
Come in.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
It's time for our daily
health check.
You look healthy to me.
Gail, come on.
The better patient you can be,
the better nurse I can be.
Thank you for keeping
my secret.
I'm sorry. It's just a bit
of an adjustment.
I understand. It's a big
adjustment for me, too.
I've never been an undercover
nurse before.
We're here.
I'm going to go set up.
We're going to have to do
this later.
I've got to get ready.
We're going to visit
Ms. Christmas Past.
Can you go help Amanda, please?
Yeah. Absolutely.
Love to.
For the last decade,
Ms. Christmas'
annual arrival has become
a holiday television staple
in honor of this hometown girl
who made good.
We named today, December 14th,
Ms. Christmas Day.
Oh, thank you.
It means the world and such
an honor and a pleasure
to be welcomed home like this
with such open arms.
-Thank you, Mayor Bailey.
Why did you pretend
to be my date?
Well, I could get a word
in edgewise at first,
but as I listened,
I, uh, I wanted to be the guy
you were there to meet.
Because it was clear to me
that you wear your heart
on your sleeve.
Well, in my experience,
most men find that to be
a character flaw.
I'm not most men.
And for the record,
Ms. Christmas never visits
anywhere empty-handed.
Oh, that's us.
Excuse me, everyone.
Now we are going to play
a little Ms. Christmas trivia.
-Thank you.
Now, the rules are simple.
If you know the answer,
just shout it out.
First person to answer correctly
wins a prize.
Are you ready?
"Here comes Santa Claus"
is a popular Christmas song
written and originally performed
by this singing cowboy.
Gene Autry!
Oh, she got it right.
Correct. Yay.
There you go. Congratulations.
Well done.
All right. You ready?
Next question.
Which one of Santa's reindeer
has the same name
as another holiday mascot?
-You got it.
She's correct.
And Merry Christmas.
All right. Next question.
Ms. Christmas, aka Gail Storm
is credited as playing
the role of Helen in this
1993 holiday film.
Anyone? Going once,
going twice.
It was entitled,
"For all of Christmas."
Merry Christmas, Gail.
Merry Christmas to you,
too, James.
-Thank you.
Now, I have something
that I'd like to give you,
if that would be okay.
Thank you. Lovely.
Yes, of course.
Why don't we catch up
after the trivia, okay?
I would like that.
All right. Next question.
What are you doing here?
Well, you didn't answer
any of my letters,
so when I heard you were
coming to town,
I decided to come out
and see you in person.
You moved back.
You know how they say
you can never go back
home again?
And yet here we are.
Here we are.
Gail, I was hoping to take you
out to dinner tonight.
You know, for old times sake.
We have to leave right
after this.
For the next stop
on the tour.
I could catch up with you
the next stop.
You never were one to be easily
discouraged, were you?
We always did have that
in common.
I can't do this.
But thank you for stopping by
and for those gorgeous flowers.
It was really great
to see you again.
You too.
Is that who I think it is?
James Andrews himself.
Did you know he was coming by?
Complete surprise.
Generally, I like surprises.
Do you want to talk about it?
Maybe later.
Right now, we got to get this
show on the road, girlie.
Yeah, we do.
Let's get ready to rock out
in Rockwell.
This brings back memories.
I started on HSC selling
handmade Christmas ornaments.
Amanda's mom and I used
to make them in my garage.
That was a long time ago.
How old was I?
What are you two ladies do
in the off-season?
Oh, there is no off-season
when you're working
with Ms. Christmas.
It's Christmas
all the time.
And when it's not actually
we're busy planning
for Christmas.
Doesn't that seem like way
too much Christmas?
You can never have
too much Christmas.
You kind of can.
Hey, hey, Gail...
I have a bit of a problem
with my cover story.
What sort of a problem?
It's about wardrobe.
Now I have a few
civilian outfits,
but most of my clothes
are scrubs.
Then you are in
for a special treat.
What kind of treat?
I'll have Amanda see
if Megan's available.
Amanda... Travis
is getting a makeover.
Welcome to the hair
and makeup trailer.
You know, I really don't think
I need a trim.
Yeah, well, it isn't up
to you.
Nope. Off you go.
You're right. He does
need a trim.
No, no. I think my hair
looks perfectly fine.
It is a little unruly.
Mainly in the back.
I like unruly.
There's nothing wrong
with unruly.
It's just not part of
the Ms. Christmas brand.
Ooh, that would look good
on him.
Yeah, we like this.
-The classic cut.
Classic never goes
out of style.
Do I get a vote?
Sure. But you will be
outvoted two to one.
So while you're getting chopped,
we will be
in the production tent
picking out your new wardrobe.
Okay. Great.
Can't wait.
You won't be offended if I close
my eyes for this process.
-I prefer you did.
-Oh, yes.
So... what do you think?
Try these on
and then I'll know.
All right.
-Yeah. Over there.
-Quick change.
Stop it.
You ladies ready?
Okay. Ready or not,
here I come.
Wow. I mean.
No. Wow is the appropriate
And now it is
Ms. Holiday's turn.
Okay, Here I go.
-You like this?
-You look snazzy...
Thank you.
If I do say so.
You just did.
I had it made especially
for you.
Turn around. It looks
even better than I hoped.
Do you like it?
I love it.
Thank you, Gail.
All right, now that you two are
all dressed up, let me go change
and we will find us
someplace festive to go.
You. You look.
You look-
-Yeah. So do you.
-Yeah. Okay.
So did you know from a
mathematical standpoint,
a coffee cup and a doughnut
are identical?
Really? How so?
They both have holes
in them.
That's very good.
That's very good.
I've always intended for Amanda
to take over.
I'm doing everything in
my power to prepare her.
It does seem you two are more
like mother and daughter
than co-workers.
Oh. I've known her for so long
and I just love her so much.
I've come to realize that
the family that you come from
isn't always as important
as the family that you find.
Hmm. Interesting.
We're good to go.
Thanks. Good job.
It's magic time.
Are we rolling?
Every year, starting
on the 1st of December.
Hogan's doughnuts offers
Christmas doughnut decorating
to kids and adults right here
in their very own kitchen.
What a scrumptious way
to personalize a gift.
We like to sprinkle a little
Christmas magic
on our gourmet doughnuts with
dozens of delicious toppings.
Mm. So we're going to show you
right now how to create
the ultimate Christmas doughnut.
Take it away.
Dough-nut mind if we do?
Sorry. Hey, dough-nut,
judge me.
I'm just a sucker
for bad puns.
My apprentice Ms. Holiday is
suiting up to create a special
Ms. Christmas inspired doughnut
completely from scratch.
And she will be joined by
our associate, Mr. Winters.
He's a little shy.
I'm coming.
Give them a round of applause.
All right?
All right. Now, may
the best doughnut win.
Well done.
Give him a hand.
Wow. Look at these.
What is that one supposed
to be?
Oh, this? Oh, obviously
a polar bear.
-Looks just like you.
-Looks just like me?
You're glazing me crazy.
See? Bad doughnut pun.
They're infectious.
Okay. They are all
very beautiful.
But I do believe
it's between...
all right, this one.
That's mine.
And this one.
Good choice.
All right. And now for the taste
test. My favorite part.
I love my job.
She's gonna pick mine.
Dream on Christmas rookie.
-It's really good.
Not quite as good.
This is the winner.
Oh, this little reindeer
is now the official
Ms. Christmas doughnut.
And you can buy these
normally only here in Rockwell.
But now they're going
to be available on HSC
as part of my gourmet
gift collection.
- So place your orders now and...
- Merry Christmas.
And cut.
You got it.
Great. That was fun.
You were both so good.
You were pitch perfect,
I think that your talent has
rubbed off on me over the years.
And thank you for the assist,
Mr. Winters.
My pleasure.
I'm taking those with me.
I think Ms. Holiday
is ready
to go live on stage
with me tonight.
Ms. Christmas knows best.
Are you feeling okay?
Too many doughnuts?
No, I didn't eat
too many doughnuts.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Nervous, right?
Shh. We need to listen
for our cue.
Okay. All right.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, today we brought
the Ms. Christmas tour
to Rockwell, Washington.
And I have brought a very
special gift along with me.
But I think I might need a
little help unwrapping it.
Is there a Ms. Avery Peters
somewhere in the audience?
-That's me.
-Hello, Avery.
Will you please join me here
on stage?
High five.
Give her a hand, please.
Thank you.
Oh, hello, Avery.
So I got your letter, and I am
very pleased to meet you.
Likewise, Ms. Christmas.
See, I receive letters every
year around Christmas time
from people asking for my help.
But you know what impressed me
the most about you, Avery?
You didn't ask for something
for yourself.
She asked me for something
to help lift the spirits
of the people in her town
in the hopes of spreading
some Christmas cheer.
Avery, would you like to help me
unwrap this gift back here?
We're going to need
your help, too.
Let's count down.
Three, two, one.
Now we have put a little virtual
Ms. Christmas magic
inside each gift.
A special candy cane code
that will allow everyone
to order one gift
from the Ms. Christmas
collection free of charge,
guaranteed to be delivered
in time for Christmas.
And Ms. Avery, the very
first one is for you.
Thank you.
You're such a blessing.
Thank you.
Good job, Avery.
Good job, Avery!
And now I would like
to introduce you to-
You are going to do
so well up there.
-my apprentice, Ms. Holiday.
Give her a big round
of applause.
Isn't she beautiful?
I also want to introduce you
to our associate, Mr. Winters.
Please join us.
Ms. Holiday, I spared
no expense getting you
a very special Christmas gift
this Christmas.
Thank you, Mr. Winters.
It's what I've always wanted.
But I'm oh, so embarrassed
to admit that I...
got you the same gift.
That's not the thought.
It's the gift that counts,
No, no, no. Mr. Winters. I think
you have it jumbled.
No, I think I got it
exactly right.
Don't you?
Perhaps Ms. Christmas could set
the record straight for us.
Thank you, darling.
She's right. It is the thought
that counts, Mr. Winters.
Which is what makes this
the perfect Christmas gift.
It can be anything to anyone
curated to their own
personal style and taste.
And now I'm going to hand
the broadcast back to Shannon
at HSC Headquarters, where
she'll explain how you can send
your very own candy cane code
as a gift to someone special
just in time for Christmas.
Over to you, Shannon.
Are you alright?
-Are you okay?
You did great.
I am so proud of you.
I was like a deer
in the headlights.
You persevered with a little
assist from Mr. Winters.
You're a natural character,
Mr. Winters.
Well, you know, I did a little
theater in high school.
I owe you one.
You really kept me from being
a train wreck out there.
Come on. You're not
a train wreck at all.
You did great.
There's really something special
about all this, isn't there?
A little magic in it.
By the way, I'm having a lot
of fun working with you.
I'm having a lot of fun working
with you, too.
We probably should help her
with the fans.
Yeah. Yes, right. Absolutely.
Fans wish I had one.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
I just wanted to check in
on you.
You seemed a little tired
last night.
Oh, well we're just pulling
some long hours, honey.
Okay, good.
You just let me know
if you need a break.
I will.
Mr. Winters, is he going to be a
permanent addition to the show?
Time will tell.
You know, the best moments
on air happen
when you just roll with
the unexpected.
Something between you two,
sort of a will they
or won't they vibe?
Why do you say that?
Well, you have an undeniable
and it's always about
what's best for the show.
Well, your what's best
for the show.
Gail put off retiring.
One more Christmas
on the air together.
I honestly don't know if I
have another year left in me.
You know what they say.
You can retire, but you can't
retire from being incredible.
It's so cheesy.
Just go. I'll throw you
out of here.
How is your sofa bed?
I didn't use it that much,
I spent most of the night
hanging out with Murray.
Are you an early riser?
No. No, but you're
a very noisy sleeper.
Am absolutely not
a noisy sleeper.
-Yes, you are.
-No, I am not.
No, you are.
And we're up front.
I can actually hear.
Your snoring is like a buzz saw.
-Oh, really?
You talk in your sleep
and loudly.
No, I don't.
Yeah, you do.
And it's really crazy stuff.
Like, you make bad puns and then
you laugh at your own jokes.
Well, it just proves
I'm naturally funny.
Okay, All joking aside, you are
definitely proving yourself
on this trip.
Well, thank you.
I'm happy to be here.
So, listen, when did
you start working for Gail?
Let's see. It was right
after my mom passed
around around the time I was
getting my marketing degree.
They had been friends for years
and Gail was taking off
like a rocket at HSC.
She needed an assistant. So...
She seems a little more
than a boss, huh?
She is. We're family.
How close are you
with Elizabeth?
Why do you ask?
I just wondered if
she gave you any insight
as to why Gail is retiring.
No, I mean, she didn't
mention anything to me.
I can't help but feel that she's
not telling me something.
We're here!
I have to get going.
We have a busy day.
It's time for another
daily health check.
You know, I know this is none
of my business, but...
Why are you not telling
Amanda now?
I will tell her.
After Christmas.
Okay, listen, I respect
your decision.
I do. It's just...
If I may.
It's going to be really hard
on Amanda
if she finds it on her own.
And I'm only telling you that
because you two
are so close. Okay?
Right. Shall we?
So, Gail, anything special on
your Christmas list this year?
I don't make a list.
I just like to be surprised.
Oh. What about you, Amanda?
Anything special on
your Christmas list?
Honestly, I haven't had the time
to give it much thought.
You do realize you only have
10 shopping days left
till Christmas, right?
Well, I guess I'm with Gail.
I do love a good surprise.
What is your favorite
Christmas gift ever?
-My favorite Christmas gift.
I remember one year my mom
sent away for a personalized
storybook where my sister
and I were the main characters,
and we went on this epic
Christmas Eve adventure
with Santa Claus.
It was so much fun.
It was like we had
our own version
of "A Night Before Christmas".
It's beautiful.
And look at you now.
You're an apprentice to a real
life version of Santa Claus.
I think you're
on to something.
Merry Christmas.
Hello there.
You said it yourself.
I was never one to be
easily discouraged.
Everyone. James Andrews.
James. Everyone.
That's right. James, I recognize
you from TV.
Yeah. My mom loved her soaps.
You, my friend,
were her favorite.
Thank you.
It's always nice to hear.
Well it's deserved.
James, why don't we go
for a walk?
I never thought you'd ask.
So are they like?
They were.
Once upon a time,
James and Gail were engaged.
Not to be indelicate,
but why are you here?
Maybe because with age
comes wisdom.
I've always regretted
what happened with us.
Can't help but wonder what
if we had stayed together?
As much as I love my life,
I've wondered what-if sometimes.
What if we try it again?
It's too late to start over.
Well, we wouldn't.
We'd pick up where we left off.
You're not proposing to me
again, are you?
No, no. I just want to show you
that I kept it.
You always held a place
in my heart, Gail.
You're the one that got away.
I am sorry that you came all
the way out here for nothing.
I... I just don't have time
right now, James.
I can reach out
after the tour is over?
I'm sorry.
Goodbye handsome.
You know, I've worked alongside
Gail for the past decade.
For what it's worth,
I don't think you should
give up.
Not yet.
These are the rest of
our tour dates,
along with my cell number.
Thank you.
What makes you think
she'll change your mind.
If nothing else?
She's a firm believer in giving
people second chances.
What is your judging criteria,
-First presentation.
Second taste.
I will give each category
a score between 1 and 10.
I'm in.
I present to you peanut butter
Christmas mice.
And I present to you
Ms. Christmas, Ms. Holiday
and Mr. Winters.
Gingerbread cookies.
That's impressive.
I need a comeback.
From what?
From when you chose
my Ms. Christmas doughnut.
And I totally destroyed him.
Children. That wasn't
a competition.
This is.
Game on.
It looks dry.
-Brace yourself.
-Good choice.
Get ready for another
It's a tie.
Oh, come... What?!
A tie!
Each are equally exceptional.
Hey, if you need a tie-breaker
on those cookies,
you know where to find me.
All right. I'm going to try
one of yours. Okay?
They do look adorable.
Mr. Winters.
Ms. Holiday.
What is the absolute best
Christmas present there is?
Oh, I don't know. Ms. Holiday.
What is the absolute
best Christmas present?
A broken drum.
Because you just can't beat it.
Oh! Here all evening, folks.
Right here.
Ho, ho, ho!
That was funny, a little.
Oh, well, I do think that
we can do a little better
than a broken drum.
The best present
that I can think of.
It's just being here
with all of you.
Thank you for coming.
Oh, this is extraordinary.
Thank you so much.
Letters for Santa, yay!
Thank you.
This looks just like me.
-That's a keeper.
-Oh, it's heavy.
Merry Christmas.
He sprang to his sleigh,
to his team, gave a whistle.
And away they all flew
like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim
as he drove out of sight.
Happy Christmas to all.
And to all a good night.
I heard someone reading
my favorite story
and I couldn't help stopping by
to say Merry Christmas.
It's so good to see you, Santa.
Hello, Ms. Christmas.
It's lovely to see you again.
Now there's a secret
I want you all to know.
When the elves at the North Pole
are running behind,
we sometimes catch up with a
little help from Ms. Christmas.
She is almost as important
to the Christmas holiday
as Santa himself.
Thank you for those
kind words, Santa.
A professional courtesy.
You boys and girls are all
on the nice list.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
Did you arrange for
the visit from Santa?
I thought maybe you did.
I have always wanted to try
one of these things.
Oh, it looks like fun.
-These fun Carnival Games?
I'm going to land on
one of these three.
Are you ready?
All right.
Three, two, one.
Oh. Overshot it.
All right.
I'll try one and we'll see
if we have.
I got to get you a prize.
-I'm going to do this.
Win you a prize
and not even look.
Oh, you know,
I have an idea.
All right? Okay.
Just roll with me here.
I'll be a backdrop.
Hit me with it, I swear.
Yeah. Just bounce it off me.
Oh, you did it.
Yay! Good job.
Oh, there you go.
So. Oh, it's cute.
Hey, let's take a photo
for posterity.
-Okay? Yeah, whereabouts?
-Right there.
Okay. After you.
Right here. Okay.
How are you doing?
Thank you.
Can we take like four pictures
or five or something?
Okay. This is like the day
after Christmas.
Right there.
You know, my mom had
this marvelous theory
about missed kisses.
All the chances for romance
that you never pursue
or they never work out.
But just so many things had to
happen that are right or wrong
for us to end up right here
in this moment together.
With every mistake
I've ever made.
I didn't want to miss
another kiss
I forgot that you live here.
So did I. Yeah.
You know, listen,
I'm going to... I'm going to
grab a snack, I think.
-Yeah. Good idea.
I'll be in a bit.
Hey, you stay away
from the pastries.
Okay. All right.
I guess now would be the time to
tell me what's really going on.
Could we have some privacy,
Yeah, of course.
I'm sorry.
Um... let's sit.
Honey, I... uh...
I have a brain tumor.
Travis was hired
to be my nurse.
Elizabeth insisted on it
as a condition of the tour.
I know. This is not how I
intended for you to find out.
I knew something was off.
I just...
that you've been
so exhausted.
Your sudden decision
to retire.
You wanted me to take over
the show.
I have always intended for
you to take over the show.
Now I just has to happen
a little sooner
than I originally planned.
You should have told me.
Travis wanted me to.
I... wanted to wait till
after Christmas.
After Christmas?
Why? Why not now?
'Cause telling you
makes it real, I guess.
Telling you
makes it inevitable.
I don't want to be treated
any differently, Amanda.
I just want to enjoy the time
I have left
doing exactly what I love,
surrounded by the people
that I love.
I was the one that was supposed
to be there for you.
You have always been there
for me, sweetheart.
And gifting you this show,
means that I get to take
care of you, too,
even after I'm gone.
Are you sure that
you have pursued
every treatment possibility?
You know me.
I never give up
without a fight.
But this is...
one battle I just might
not win.
This isn't fair.
I am not ready to lose you.
They say I have another year,
maybe two.
Well, that is too soon for me.
Listen to me.
I have had the most
wonderful life
and knowing you has been
the best part of it.
You are the daughter
I always wished I had.
Oh, honey.
You may have thought it
was the right thing to do
to not tell me.
But it feels selfish.
And I have never once
known you to be selfish...
about anything.
I don't know what to say.
I just...
I think I need to talk to you
about it in the morning.
You know that if I could have
told you, I would have. Right?
I understand. I just...
I hate being deceived.
And this is worse
because you both lied to me,
and I know that I'm in it.
And that is why I am
truly, truly sorry.
Thank you.
I can't imagine my life
without Gail.
She's been like a mother
to me.
And you would do anything
for her, wouldn't you?
You know.
Nursing is not really
my dream job.
I just did it
because I wanted to help
my mom when she got sick.
I was lucky.
I got a chance to be with her
all the way to the end.
There's going to be a lot of
hard days up ahead.
But there's also going
to be days
you're going to have
to cherish. Okay?
I'll be there for Gail
every step of the way.
I'm sorry about your mom.
Oh, thanks.
But, you know, she's probably
up there right now
staring down at me
and she's happy
because I finally decided
to do something for myself.
Like finding your dream job?
Yes. Like finding
my dream job.
As a matter of fact,
I think playing Mr. Winters
is my dream job.
And I owe it all to you
and Gail for supporting me.
Yeah, you're a natural at it.
So are you.
I'm not quite there yet.
I have a lot to learn.
I think I'm ready to tell her
how I feel.
That's a great idea.
Come on.
Thank you for giving me time
to process.
I'm not facing
what you're facing,
and I don't know
how I would handle it,
but I do know that you are
trying to protect me,
and that's what matters
the most.
Now, for the rest of the tour,
you're going to have to tell me
how you're doing
on a daily basis.
Today I am feeling good
despite the extra work.
The tours made me feel like
I'm ten years younger.
I'm glad to hear it.
What is your
professional opinion?
Well, it is true that being
active and productive
is beneficial health wise.
With this specific diagnosis,
things can remain good
until, unfortunately,
they aren't.
It can take a turn
very suddenly.
I'm going to need you
to be honest.
I will. I promise.
And Travis, if you become
concerned about Gail's health
at any moment,
just tell me, okay?
I will. I promise.
Well, all right.
I think it's important that
we embrace the silver lining
in this not so great situation.
For better or worse, we are
all in this together now.
So let's make every moment
that we have on the road count
as a family. All right?
You got it.
Sorry to interrupt.
Are you ready for our shoot?
-Oh, yes.
- Family photos.
- Great.
Down here?
-Come on right in here.
-All right.
Let's give your coats
over there. Great.
All right. You look spectacular.
Great. All right.
Give me a little holiday cheer.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Mr. Winters.
Ms. Holiday.
Have you finished your Christmas
shopping yet?
I'm afraid not.
I actually haven't even started.
Wow. Well, you had better
catch up
because there are only four more
Christmas shopping days left.
-That's right.
Four more days.
Do you know why they
call me Ms. Christmas?
Because I pride myself
on being able to pick out
the perfect gift for anyone.
Like. This.
This is a little piece of
jewelry that I absolutely adore.
I first saw them
when I was touring
the local craft shops right here
in Mission. In fact...
Thank you, Mr. Winters.
Jaydene, come here.
In fact, I love them so much
that I asked Jaydene here
if she could possibly find
a way to make enough
so that we could share them
with all of you.
Jaydene, what was the
inspiration for this idea?
Well, in "A Christmas Carol",
Scrooge says,
I will honor Christmas
in my heart
and try to keep it
all the year.
And with this brooch,
you can honor Christmas
by keeping it near your heart.
Oh, that's so beautiful.
Thank you.
Shall we see if the audience
loves it as much as I do?
I think they will.
All right. Are you ready?
This item goes on sale...
right now.
Wow. That sold out fast.
Record time.
Wow. We are all
sold out already.
That was faster than
Santa can shoot down
the chimney, wasn't it?
Congratulations Jaydene.
That's incredible.
You are a reminder that
small towns like Mission
are not only great places
to visit,
but they are great places
to shop, too.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you.
And we'll be right back.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm perfectly fine.
I just...
It's exciting.
Hello, and Merry Christmas,
Thank you. Hello.
Oh, Gail, you are dehydrated,
probably from your medications.
So what I'm going to do is
I'm going to give you
an IV of fluids and hopefully
you'll feel better soon.
Thank you.
I'm grateful you were
on this trip with us.
That's my job.
And my pleasure.
Mr. Winters just is
my side hustle.
When you're ready,
there is someone outside.
And I think you'd be interested
to hear what he has to say.
-Okay. We'll be out soon.
-Oh, thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Oh, it's chilly.
-So nice to see you.
-I'm glad you came.
-Thanks so much.
You, my dear, are a stinker.
Come on, Travis.
I think these two have a lot of
catching up to do.
Oh, no. You both stay.
You are in this with me now.
James, would you like
to have a seat?
Thank you.
-Good to see you.
So why don't you tell us
how you both met?
We were high school sweethearts
with a knack for theater.
And after graduation, we took
a chance at Hollywood.
We're working steady, getting
supporting roles, a few leads.
Plus, we both wanted
to get married.
But I had to take a break.
Move back to Westport
to help out my parents.
And after a while, I had
no desire to move back.
But James, and rightly so,
had no desire to leave.
We kept in touch for a while,
but we just drifted apart.
I concur with most of the facts
of that story.
So what did I get wrong?
Hey, if you just said the word.
I would have left it
all behind for you.
I could never do that to you.
I think we were just following
our heart at the time
and it just didn't lead us back
to each other until now.
Why now?
I'd like to be a sponsor
on the tour.
You can't be serious.
The tour is almost over.
I'm absolutely serious.
I'll have you know, you're
looking at the primary investor.
The Pop-Up Christmas
tree company.
And what is the pop up
Christmas Tree Company?
It's easier to show you.
This is our pocket-sized
travel version.
And it's for people who spend
time on the road at Christmas,
Ain't that cute?
And we have these that range
anywhere from six inches
like this model
on up to six feet.
I've got to say,
I kind of love it.
What do you guys think?
It made me smile.
I side with Gail here.
I think people are going
to love it.
All right, Amanda, do you think
you can find a spot
for a kiosk for James?
I am on it.
In the meantime,
how about you and I take a
little tour around Elmhurst?
-Shall we?
-Yes, we shall.
What made you just start
writing me?
"For All of Christmas"
came on one night
and I got to thinking
how happy we were
and the fact that we never
did have a good reason
for breaking up.
Nope. Love was still there.
But I needed more.
I needed a purpose.
A creative outlet.
I know. Had we stayed together,
none of this would exist.
You managed to make
the world a better place.
Merry Christmas.
So what's the verdict?
People like them.
Festive and convenient.
Those are the key takeaways.
So how would you feel about
coming on air with me tonight?
I would like that.
Back on stage together.
It would be just like old times.
Gail. Gail. Gail.
Gail. Gail.
I gotcha. I gotcha.
-Can you hear me?
Gail, we're here.
Hey, we're here.
Gail. All right, call 911
and put it on speaker, please.
Gail. Honey,
can you hear me?
What is your emergency?
I need an ambulance
to Elmhurst Fairgrounds.
I've got a female here
early 60s, unconscious,
with an erratic pulse.
I think she's having an adverse
reaction to her medication.
What is
the medication for?
Metastatic brain cancer.
Standby on the line.
An ambulance is en route.
Thank you. Gail?
Gail, we're here. Okay?
Can you hear me?
Welcome back.
What happened?
Oh, you're in the hospital.
You just had an allergic
reaction to your medication.
They've adjusted
the prescription.
It shouldn't happen again.
Elizabeth wants us
to cut the tour short.
She would feel better about
you doing our final broadcast
at the studio.
What do you want to do?
It's not my decision to make.
I am making it up to you.
Whatever you decide,
I'll stand by.
I'll check back in a bit.
They're going to keep you here
to monitor you.
Just to be safe.
-Try to rest.
The lack of festiveness in
this room just wouldn't do.
That's very thoughtful of you.
You gave us all quite
a scare.
Yeah. Sorry.
We never did have
great timing, did we?
No. We did not.
You know. I don't know how much
time I have left.
That's why it's important
for us to take the time
that we do have
and make it count.
There is still something
between us, isn't there?
Always has been.
If you don't have plans,
why don't you come to Westport
and spend Christmas with me?
Spending Christmas
with Ms. Christmas.
What could be possibly
better than that?
Ms. Christmas is going
to be retired by then,
so you'll have to settle
for just me.
That's even better.
I have news.
How's she doing?
She's awake.
As spirited as ever.
Oh, good.
So are we staying on the road
or are we headed home?
To be determined.
I'll let you know as soon
as we figure it out.
Okay. Keep me posted.
I'll be in the bus.
It's my happy place.
I kind of need that right now.
I hate to think of what
would have happened
if you hadn't been there.
Oh, let's just say
I'm happy I was.
She's not just a patient.
She's a friend.
We're in this together, right?
We are.
You know, Elizabeth wants us
to head back to Westport early
to finish the last few episodes.
Gail is leaving it up to me.
It's a big decision to make.
What do you think?
I think you both owe it
to yourselves
to finish what you started.
And not to worry.
I'll be right there with you
the whole way.
I'll be arm's reach away
from Gail
all the way to the end
of the trip.
But you need to finish strong.
Because believe me, you will
be so much more happier
knowing that you spent
that extra time together.
That's exactly what
I'd hoped you'd say.
-Thank you.
-Come here.
Any news?
The doctor wants to keep
her overnight.
Well, we have a show tonight.
In all these years, I
have never missed one.
I'm going to have to have you
fill in for me, honey.
I'll just. I'll give it
my best shot.
Mr. Winters can go on
with you.
Yeah, sure.
No, no. He needs to be here
keeping an eye on you,
because I can't.
Okay. Well, Mr. Winters,
will be with you in spirit.
I'll be here with Gail
watching the show,
and I'll be rooting for you
every step of the way.
I thought you might want to open
your Christmas present
a little early.
You've already given me
so much.
Wearing it will bring you
luck tonight.
It's a keepsake of
our time together.
And you can add little
individual charms
with whatever the future
may bring.
I love it.
Thank you.
What is this?
It's beautiful.
Come here.
All right. One last professional
tip from one pro to another.
When you look into that camera,
just be your authentic self.
Your goal as host is to create
trust and just have
an honest and open dialogue
with your viewer.
From your heart to theirs.
Let them really see you.
Let's see how fabulous
you are.
Wish me luck.
I love you.
So I'm curious.
Do you mind me asking
what the note said?
That's just between us girls.
My sweetest Ms. Holiday.
I am so proud of the wonderful
person you've become.
And I'm so honored to have
you carry on my legacy.
You may not feel ready
for this, honey,
but I know in my heart
that you are.
I have watched you grow into
a confident and fearless woman
with a passion to connect
with people.
Everything you are is all you
ever need to be successful
now and always.
That's not only true
for Ms. Holiday,
but for you too, Amanda.
Thank you for being
part of my journey.
I love you.
I believe in you.
It's your magic time.
Five minute warning,
Ms. Holiday.
So how does this work?
It's a live feed from
our production hub,
separate from the broadcast.
We get to see everything.
I'm nervous for her.
She's going to be great.
But maybe you should
be there.
Are you sure?
I got James. Go.
Okay. All right.
Thank you.
You look absolutely
Are you here?
No. Following doctor's orders.
I have a live feed in my room.
I didn't want you
to go up there alone.
I am so lucky.
I have the voice of Ms.
Christmas herself in my ear.
You're going to be wonderful.
Break a leg.
It's magic time.
Welcome to the Ms. Christmas
tour on HSC.
It is so very important
for you all to know
that Ms. Christmas
was called away
on urgent business this evening
to the North Pole.
She is helping
Santa Claus himself
with last-minute preparations
for his big night.
I also happen to know
for a fact
that Ms. Christmas
is watching right now
So how about some
Christmas cheer
for Ms. Christmas herself.
Thank you. It means
the world to her.
For those of you who don't know,
I am Ms. Holiday,
Ms. Christmases apprentice.
Before I get
to the next thing
from the Ms. Christmas
I wanted to take a moment to
talk about the holiday season.
It is a time of year that
means many different things
to many different people.
For some of us, it is about
connecting with family
and friends over
a festive meal
and exchanging of presents,
baking that favorite
holiday recipe
and decorating
the Christmas tree.
We all have our very
own unique traditions
and we love to celebrate them
each year.
I have worked with Ms. Christmas
for 10 years now,
and if there is one thing I have
learned from her above all else,
it is this.
Christmas is a time of magic
and it is hiding in the most
unexpected places.
But if you don't believe in it,
you're never going to find it.
You need to believe
in the magic.
To make the magic possible.
Now on to the show.
Here's our first item from
the Ms. Christmas collection.
I read every one
of your letters.
Better late than never.
I had no idea you were
such a poet.
Thank you. I'm not giving up
on us.
Come here.
I would like
to propose a toast.
I think that when you're
with someone and time goes on,
you start to forget what brought
you together
in the first place.
My hope for you two is that
together, you can find a balance
between work and having
a life.
Which is something
I could never master.
Love should be something that
you are excited to work for.
Well said.
Here. Here.
Well said, indeed.
To love.
-To love.
-To love.
Oh, I love champagne.
-Come on, girl.
-Yeah, it's very nice.
You know, I do like the idea of
being a couple for Christmas.
A couple for Christmas.
I kind of like that idea, too,
but a couple of what?
Is that your attempt
at a bad joke?
Come here.
Shall we?
We shall.
It has been my absolute pleasure
to come into your homes
every year at Christmas time.
You have allowed me, in a way,
to become a real life version
of Santa Claus.
But the greatest gift
I've ever known
is not when I gave.
It's what you've given me.
This beautiful community
of friends and co-workers.
And you, my dear viewers.
I am so blessed to consider
all of you, my family.
I love you.
It's okay.
Although I may not be here
to celebrate with you next year,
I make this Christmas wish
for all of you.
For this Christmas.
And for every Christmas
yet to come.
May you never be too grown up
to believe in Christmas magic.
All right.
Merry Christmas.