Ms. Matched (2016) Movie Script

Okay, I need you
to come in with the bride,
and make sure that
you get her entrance,
and, Vinny, I need
a good close-up of the "I do's".
That's what it's all about.
Back light on the bride?
She's the star.
Code Blue, Libs.
Hey. Is it something
you can minimize
until I get there?
I'm trying.
Okay, I'll be right there.
All right, I'm sorry, guys,
I gotta go.
Bridezilla's on the loose.
Hey, how bad is it?
I had to wrestle
the hairspray away from her.
they have months to get this
out of their system.
But it always happens
right before
they walk down the aisle.
Will you do me a favor?
Will you check all the mics?
The sound guy is new.
- I'm on it.
- Thank you.
Good luck.
Why would a hair stylist
say she could do a French twist
if she can't?
Where are the scissors?
Come here.
Look at yourself.
You look like a princess.
And your hair is perfect.
You look stunning.
Okay, close your eyes,
we're gonna take a deep breath,
and listen.
Do you hear the music?
They're playing Bach.
I love that.
That's your music.
You picked that.
Do you know what that means?
That means it's time, Samantha.
You're going to have
the best wedding
you have ever dreamed of.
And you are
the most beautiful bride
I have ever seen.
Now, are you ready
for the best day of your life?
I am.
Thank you.
That is impressive.
That is romance.
Okay, cue the dad, pronto.
Okay, now.
Hold the music, hold it...
Cue the music.
And we are on our way
to another perfectly
planned wedding by Libby.
Lots of cute single guys here.
My gosh, Michelle.
Good luck with that,
I'm still working.
So are you.
We can look, can't we?
Here we go.
Keep it rolling.
All right, ladies,
ready to catch the bouquet?
Okay, who's ready?
Don't look now,
but a super handsome groomsman
is checking you out.
No, I do not
think so, 'Chelle.
I think
he's gonna ask you to dance.
Right? Really?
Yeah. Okay.
I'd put
money on it.
I just want to say,
this was the most beautiful,
Spectacular wedding...
...That I have ever been to.
...We have ever been to.
Thank you, guys.
We're really glad
that you're enjoying it.
I don't know how you do it.
I mean, you gave
Samantha, like...
It's like a total
dream come true.
Aw, well, that's what
we do, so we're glad.
We actually just
got engaged last month.
You caught the bouquet.
that's great.
Thank you.
You know, we'd be thrilled
if you'd consider
planning our wedding.
We would love to, yes.
This is our card,
give us a call.
But don't wait too long,
Libby's schedule
fills up quickly.
Thank you.
It was nice meeting
you guys, thank you.
Thank you.
Nice to meet you. Thanks.
Talk to you soon.
Hey. Good job.
I'll toast to that.
Man, if I had a boyfriend,
this is exactly
the wedding I'd want.
You and me both.
Excuse me.
Would you like to dance?
I promise I won't
step on your toes.
And it's okay
if you step on mine.
Told you.
She would love to.
She'd love to.
Yes, thank you.
I am so sorry to interrupt.
I need you. The caterers
are having a meltdown.
I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry, I'm still working.
It was nice
meeting you. Thank you.
Thank you.
But I don't even...
know your name.
Did you pay the vendor fee
for the wedding expo?
Not yet.
So, I was going through
the books last night.
Okay, and?
Our cash is down to a trickle.
This couple
is heaven sent.
The timing couldn't be
more perfect.
I sincerely doubt we'll get
to do what we just did
for the Jenkins wedding,
but you never know.
Well, these two
seem so meant for each other.
What approach are you thinking?
What I always do,
find out what their dream is
and make it happen.
I just hope I can give them
everything they want.
I just hope
they give us a check.
All I know is whatever happens...
...we can't afford
to lose this job.
- Hi, guys!
- Hi, guys.
Come on in.
You guys are right on time.
I like that.
It's so nice to see you.
Okay, let's start
at the beginning.
Where did you two meet?
At work.
We work for
the same start-up company.
Alex is a computer programmer,
I do the graphics.
Sometimes, I like
to tie the venue
to where the couple met,
but I don't really
think an office
is the wedding vibe
we're going for.
Well, where did you go
on your first date?
We went on a harbor cruise.
We had our first kiss
on the bow...
just like in "Titanic".
That's so romantic.
Well, let's talk food.
What kind of cuisine do you like?
Pretty much anything.
We're gonna have to
narrow that down.
How about D.J. or band?
Okay, great.
Which one?
I thought you just meant
do we want a D.J. or a band,
and yes, we want one of those.
Yes, I... I agree.
Okay, I know there are
a lot of decisions
that you have to make,
and in the beginning,
it can be really stressful.
Which is why we're here,
to help you make those decisions.
When you work with
"Weddings by Libby,"
we vow to give you
the perfect wedding.
That... that's a joke.
A wedding vow?
Look, I have to be honest.
We are totally overwhelmed.
Yeah, sometimes, we think
we should just skip the stress
and go down to City Hall.
Look, my mom and dad
did just that.
They never had a real wedding,
and that's something
they've always regretted.
I don't want that
to happen to you.
I wish the Bridal Expo
happened more than once a year.
Yeah, me too.
At this point,
we could use it monthly.
Check that, weekly.
Well, I'm excited
to see Alex and Annie.
They were so close
to signing a contract.
Do you think they'll be here?
They promised.
Look at this craziness.
How am I supposed to compete?
You can compete 'cause you're
not selling dresses or cakes.
You're selling your book,
a future bestseller.
You don't need
a fancy set-up.
If you say so.
Okay, lift it...
'Chelle, I need you to lift.
Here, let me help you.
A little higher.
Got it.
Wow. Thank you
for that.
You're a life saver...
Hey, it's you.
I thought I'd never
going to see you again.
I know, me too.
I'm actually glad
you're around.
We needed some muscle.
Well, Ben Reynolds
at your service.
Your booth is really impressive.
Thanks, but,
that's all Michelle.
She's a tech genius.
But she's the people person
who makes it all go.
Anything that speaks
to the heart is all Libby.
You're not getting a raise
for that.
I would never.
Well, besides saving the day,
what do you do?
Well, I'm a writer.
Well, I just wrote
my first book,
"Wedding Day Do's and Don'ts".
That sounds like a really
good read, right up my alley.
So, tell me something,
I know you're a good dancer,
but I don't even know your name.
Libby Boland.
As in "Weddings by Libby".
Nice to officially meet you,
"Weddings by Libby".
Nice to meet you, too,
"Book by Ben".
You know where my booth is,
so if you ever need anything...
come on by.
Thanks, yeah, I'll do that.
"Weddings by Libby"...
this booth isn't gonna
set itself up.
Thank you, again.
That was so nice of you.
I'm gonna go.
My pleasure.
I'm just gonna be over here.
If you need me.
Little help over here?
you wanna help.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Here you are.
How's it going?
I've been so busy,
I haven't even had a chance
to have lunch.
I know, I always forget
to eat at these things.
Actually, I was kidding.
I haven't even sold a book,
and I'm starting to think
coming here was a terrible idea.
I'm sure you're just
off to a slow start.
It'll get better.
Come on, I'll introduce you
to some people.
Are people going to remember
your bridesmaid dresses?
Your invitations?
No way.
But your guests
will remember your cake
it is a Cake Kyng wedding cake.
There you go.
It certainly looks amazing.
His cakes are like
little slices of melted heaven.
Please, be my guests.
You know better
than that, Libby.
Wedding style, please.
My God...
That's got to be the best
cake I've ever tasted.
And always remember,
the proof is in the pudding,
and the pudding...
"... Is in the cake!"
That's my girl.
We are "Body by Bobby".
I'm Bobby D,
and this is Bobby G.
And we want you to look
your best for your wedding!
when your big day rolls around,
do you wanna be fat
or do you wanna be fit?
They scare me.
Yeah. Me too.
Come on!
Okay, let's go.
There's no way that this is
that guy's first rodeo.
It's not hers, either.
I'd say this is about
her third go-around.
You think?
I know.
I planned her second wedding.
So, you've been
to this thing before?
It's my third year.
It's kind of the best way
to drum up new business,
since there aren't really
a lot of repeat customers
in the wedding game.
It's your first year?
Yeah, yeah.
My publisher signed me up,
thought it was a good way
to create more buzz.
To be honest,
I've actually never seen
an author here before,
but I think that actually
makes you a trailblazer, so...
Right, yeah.
No, I certainly feel like
I'm in the wilderness.
It's a lot bigger
than I expected.
So what's this book of yours all
Weddings, of course.
I had a theory,
the do's and the don'ts,
and went with it,
and here I am.
Okay, and what is
this theory of yours?
Well, I believe...
what you do or don't do
on your wedding day...
will affect
the rest of your marriage.
I completely agree.
So, what do you do when
you're not planning weddings?
Actually, "Weddings by Libby"
is pretty much a 24-7 job.
But I feed my goldfish.
And once a month,
I go ballroom dancing.
Get out of here, no way.
I dance, too.
Every Thursday night
at Monty's Ballroom.
Perhaps there's more
dancing in our future.
We'll see.
Come and see one of my favorite
dresses of the season.
You are going to love it.
Isn't it exquisite?
It's gorgeous.
It's absolutely beautiful.
Careful, honey.
It's bad luck to show the groom
the dress before the big day.
No, it's okay,
we're just friends.
Because you're
such a lovely couple.
Welcome, everybody, welcome!
Is everybody ready and excited
to kick off the first panel
of this year's Bridal Expo?
Give me a kiss.
Well, I've gotta tell you,
we have got the best
vendors around,
and they are all here...
I met those two
at the Jenkinsons' wedding.
They are so in love.
Believe me, I know.
Alex was my roommate in college.
Shut up, that's crazy.
Scout's honor.
They're not
the only ones in love.
Look around...
endorphins firing
everywhere I look.
Now, our first speaker today,
she is an absolute gem.
She's our favorite wedding planner,
the one, the only, Miss Libby Boland.
Brides and grooms-to-be,
everything starts with the wedding.
That day should be
perfectly romantic,
and exactly what you want.
I don't want you
to look back and say,
it was nearly perfect".
Every detail, from the venue,
to the caterer, to the cake,
should be exactly what you want.
Expecting perfection
is not expecting too much.
You only get married once.
Well, most of you.
I insist only on one thing...
...let your wedding day... the wedding
you've always dreamed of.
No expense should be spared.
I promise you... dream is too big.
Thank you.
Isn't she something.
Thank you, Libby Boland.
Well, now,
let's get ready to welcome
a newcomer to the wedding game,
long-time and successful
financial planner,
he's just written
his very first book,
the soon to be bestseller
"Wedding Do's and Don'ts",
please welcome Mr. Ben Reynolds.
As I look across this room,
I see a lot of smiling faces.
Faces filled with love,
maybe even fear.
"Will the food
be good enough?"
"Will everyone
have fun?"
"Will my wedding be
as good as my sister's?"
The decisions you make today
and in the weeks leading up to
your big event,
well, they'll determine
how you live for years to come.
And my question is...
...are you willing to sacrifice
your financial future...
...for one day?
"Wedding Day Do's and Don'ts"...
it's a guide to help with
all the hard choices.
I know right it seems like
everything has to be perfect,
and it's easy to get
caught up in the hype
and all the shiny objects.
But marriage,
it's about a life together,
so let's get realistic
here, folks,
and if I may be
completely honest,
it's time to dump the big event.
Thank you.
Well, you can't have a wedding
without a delicious cake,
am I right?
If there's one person that
can deliver on that promise,
it's our very own Cake Kyng.
Come on up here.
Yeah, thank you.
What's that?
Real-life experience, yeah.
You've got to do it to learn, right?
- Excuse me.
- Thank you.
Ben, can I see you for a second?
Pardon me. Pardon me.
Hey, that was spectacular.
It was better than
I ever expected.
Spectacular? Really?
Are you kidding?
You really got people
talking around here.
You know what I think,
I think you're going to blow up
this whole wedding game.
That seems like an exaggeration.
Ben, I was in the audience.
You didn't see all
the people nodding along?
You are the alternative choice,
and that, my friend, sells books.
I'm the alternative choice?
The alternative choice you are.
Come on, we gotta get you
back in the booth,
you've got autographs to sign.
All right, sweet.
Yeah. Let's do that.
So, Libby, I...
I really don't feel like talking
right now.
Why are you following me?
I'm not following you.
Obviously you're upset,
and I'm sorry,
I don't know
what I said exactly.
"Dump the big event?"
Is that really what you said?
Because I'm pretty sure
I heard it.
I was actually a little
worried about that line,
but it did seem
to resonate, right?
You do realize that
we're at a "Bridal Expo"?
We sell the big event.
It's all about the big event.
We don't dump said big event.
Bridal Expo, right,
that would explain all
the white dresses downstairs.
Yeah, that would
explain the dresses,
and the florists,
and the caterers,
and the venue representatives,
and you know,
and wedding planners.
Everyone here, myself included,
we make a living
because of "the big event,"
so thank you very much.
I'm just offering
a different perspective.
A "small event" perspective.
Well, that's not gonna work.
Last year's theme was
"Go big or go home".
So, please, go home.
Let's think outside of the box.
Have you guys considered
Franklin Gardens?
Where's that?
Place looks incredible.
Here is the tropical garden,
where you could say your vows.
This resort offers everything,
specialty shops,
multiple restaurants.
They even a heart-shaped pool.
This is a one-of-a-kind experience
for you and your guests,
a romantic weekend wedding
that you will never forget.
You will absolutely love
Franklin Gardens.
I swear, it's like they've trained
their birds to chirp on cue.
And Cassandra,
the spa is to die for.
It's how every bride should be
pampered before her wedding day.
That does sound amazing.
Alex, Annie!
Hey, Michelle has
the contract for you to sign.
Actually, we're just heading to
an event, but we'll come by after.
Of course. Have fun.
All right.
- See you.
- See you.
Sorry about that.
So, if this is something
that interests you,
I would suggest
picking a date now,
because they get
completely booked.
It's a lovely place,
We saw Ben Reynolds
speak, and...
afterwards, we bought his book.
It's like he says
in the first chapter,
"I don't see what
all the big fuss is about".
Well, Daniel,
the "fuss" is the fact
that this is your one
and only wedding day.
Something you'll cherish
for the rest of your life.
She does have a point.
But, Honey, I...
just don't think we're ready
to make that decision.
Can we talk to you tomorrow?
Of course.
Thanks again.
Thank you.
Talk to you soon.
What just happened?
I'll tell you
what just happened.
We lost a client, and they lost
the wedding of their dreams.
...You can spend thousands of
dollars for a resort near the water,
or you could get married
on the beach
with a permit that costs
a few hundred bucks.
Thank you.
In other words, the resort is
a "Don't" and the beach is a "Do".
Hey, everyone, have you met
"Weddings by Libby"?
Thank you, "Book by Ben".
Hi, everyone.
"Weddings by Libby"
is down on your left.
The place
where dreams come true.
No hard feelings?
Not one.
On the house.
Please, I insist.
Would you like me to sign it?
No, thank you.
Can I take you to dinner?
I'll take a rain check.
Everybody's got to eat.
I think we did pretty well
for our first day.
We've got at least
six interested couples, and...
you want to... focus here
for a few minutes?
"Consider the bang
for your buck.
Does a limo get you there
any better than... "
Seriously, who pays
$16.95 for this?
Except for me,
'cause I'm doing research.
So it's one of those,
"Know your competition" things?
My gosh, he's not
our competition.
He has a little book he's selling.
So what?
So you do care what he thinks?
I don't.
Clearly, you do.
No, everybody's
talking about it,
and I figured
it can't hurt to read it.
Give me a break.
Listen to this.
"When shopping for
the bridesmaids' dresses,
"consider something
elegant but versatile.
"Let's face it,
"you pick some crazy color
to match your place settings,
and those dresses
will never be worn again".
He can't be serious.
There's a reason that
you pick a color scheme.
Well, he is kind of right
about never wearing it again.
I've got three dresses
that will forever remain
in the back of my closet.
We are...
"Body... by Bobby".
Are you ready!
Let's go, on my count!
One! Two!
And punch.
One, two, three...
He's suggesting
that the bride and groom
have a friend go down
to the flower mart
the night before the wedding
and purchase flowers.
So the flowers are a "Do,"
but the florist is a 'Don't"?
Yeah, and then
he expects these amateurs
to actually arrange the flowers.
He says it will get more people
involved in the ceremony.
What a joke.
"Music", the more you
add, the more it costs.
"You start with a soloist and
a string quartet at the ceremony,
"then a band or a D.J.
for the reception.
Instead, create a song list...
I'm sorry, is he actually
suggesting pulling out an iPod...
...and hitting shuffle?
- Yes!
- Ooh...
"If you control the music,
you never have to worry about
the chicken dance again".
Well, the chicken dance
is awkward.
Are you agreeing with him?
See? It's a little awkward.
Don't do that.
Do not do that.
It's awkward!
Wow, your twitter feed
is really blowing up.
What are they saying?
Cindy B tweeted,
"Blown away by the panel,
loved Libby's speech".
Purplesky says, "Weddings
By Libby" had the best booth.
It's where creativity meets
wedding awesome-ness".
Well, Purplesky is brilliant.
I'll say so.
There are also a lot of tweets
linked to the Bridal Expo page.
All pretty good.
"Libby rocks".
"Libby is still
the queen of the ball".
It's nothing.
It's just...
Well, they can't all be good.
I can take it.
From PattyCakes,
"The big wedding is old school.
"The trend at the Expo
is to dump the big event".
"Old School?"
How is it old school?
She wrote that on our page?
Actually, it was retweeted.
From guess who?
Yeah, no, I know who it is.
He's got a ton of hits
on his twitter following, too...
You know, good for him.
Good for him,
let's just start fresh.
Facebook page.
I posted a lot of new pictures.
We got 132 likes.
Including Ben Reynolds.
He liked our page?
Why does that surprise you?
He likes you.
My gosh...
And you like him.
I do not like him.
Okay, Libs,
if you say so.
I should go.
We have another
early start tomorrow morning.
Okay, even if I did like him,
it couldn't ever work.
I mean, we're
complete opposites.
Well, opposites attract.
It's impossible.
Everything I stand for,
everything I love, he hates.
please listen to me.
You spend all of your energy making
your clients' dreams come true.
You live through the romance
of other people.
When are you going to stop
running the show
and let yourself fall in love?
You like this guy.
So, for once,
why not follow your heart?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I saw that you liked
our Facebook page.
I did.
That was nice.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I read your book last night.
I don't agree with much of the
content, but you write well.
Thank you.
I think.
Did you major in English?
I majored in economics
and philosophy.
Is that where you formulated your
theories on love and marriage?
No, that came later.
Going my way?
If it isn't the happy couple.
Still not getting married?
Well, that's too bad.
You make such a lovely pair.
Thank you.
So, what made you decide
to be "Weddings by Libby"?
Yeah, I want to know.
When I was six years old,
I was a flower girl
in my aunt's wedding.
I was so excited,
I got to wear a dressy dress,
and get my hair done,
and carry a bouquet.
I bet you made
a really cute flower girl.
I was adorable.
So, you're six years old,
you're a flower girl,
and you found your calling?
I didn't finish my story.
Please, go on.
So, after the wedding
came the reception,
and, it was like
this enchanted world,
of music, and dancing, and food.
They even had this
special kids' table,
and it had hot dogs, pineapple
pizza, and fruity drinks.
I found my happy place.
So, like I said,
you're six years old,
you're a flower girl,
and you found your calling.
Well, yeah, but I had to
talk about the reception,
It makes the story pop.
It does make it pop...
Thank you.
And it's nice to know that
you're impressed by hot dogs,
pineapple pizza,
and fruity drinks.
I was six.
Hi! Libby...
I loved you on the panel.
Thank you.
Mind if I ask you a question?
Of course not.
Well, my fiance and I...
...were thinking about
having a wedding on a train.
Do you think that would be
a romantic way to get married?
One of the most romantic
weddings I ever planned
was at a train station.
And if you guys want to travel
to a new destination,
you could rent a whole car
or several cars.
So, how much does it cost
to rent one of those cars?
I mean, it depends.
You have to factor in the time
of year, and the amount of people,
and how many hours you'd want.
what's your take?
Well, I... I don't know much
about the cost
of renting a train,
but if you've read my book,
you'll see
that I'm a big proponent
of combining activities
and function.
So, if trains are your thing,
then you could have the ceremony
on the way to the honeymoon.
Ben, do you think that same
idea would work in Vegas?
I don't see why not.
Trains run 24/7
to the downtown heart of Vegas.
It's Vegas, baby. Why not
just get married by Elvis?
Why not? I like Elvis.
And it could make for
some fun wedding photos.
I'm sorry, but Elvis
is not romantic at all.
You do believe in romance,
don't you?
Well, big budget
doesn't mean romance.
You can make
any situation romantic.
I am sorry, Ben, but you do not know
the first thing about romance.
Pardon me, folks,
I will be right back.
Hey, wait.
There's no reason
to get personal.
You intentionally undermined me.
I did not.
When you sit there and say,
"Why spend money...
"... on an event that
you're gonna remember forever...
...when you can have
a quickie wedding in Sin City?"
That is undermining
my expertise.
I was asked my opinion.
All I offered
was an alternative answer.
Well, congratulations, you had
a theory, and you wrote a book.
Weddings are my life,
and I for one am not interested
in your alternative choices.
So please, take your boyish smile
and your charming personality,
and go find a woman who
enjoys being married by Elvis.
Boyish smile
and charming personality?
Thank you?
I think.
This is new,
a magician at the reception?
Alex, your brother would just
love that, don't you think?
Probably. Luckily it's
our wedding, not his.
Everybody loves magic.
Want to see a demo, folks?
All right.
And you guys
are getting married?
Wedding rings.
Free of charge.
Want to see another trick?
I could watch this all day.
Not unless
you can make people disappear.
Is this where you got your
inspiration for David and Samantha?
Well, some of it, but mostly
from learning about them.
Just like I'm getting
to know the two of you.
See, the idea is to customize
the wedding to your dream.
So, if you want fireworks,
fireworks it is.
If you want
big, beautiful centerpieces,
then you should have that.
The important thing to think
about is what makes you happy?
No regrets.
Well, happy is knowing that
I'm marrying my best friend.
You guys are so sweet.
I loved what
you did for Samantha.
The way she arrived in that beautiful
Bentley, it was like a fairy tale.
Why don't you guys go down
to Cake Kyng's booth,
get started with some samples?
I'll meet you there
in a few minutes.
Yesterday, we met with
"Weddings by Libby".
but expensive.
I understand.
And you said you want to have
kids, and kids are expensive,
so let's plan
an affordable wedding.
Sounds great.
So glad we found you.
Me too.
I'll just be a moment.
Excuse me, folks.
What is this?
Wedding consultant?
"Wedding Consultant",
what exactly is it?
Well, a lot of people
were asking for my advice,
so I thought
I'd branch out.
Do you know what you're doing?
You are stealing my clients!
Sir, I owe you
a debt of gratitude.
Okay. Why would that be?
Well, I own the best,
and only,
Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel
in all of Nevada,
and since your Vegas
shout-out at the panel,
I actually had people
stopping by my booth.
I've been coming to this expo
for 10 years
and I have never had
so much foot traffic.
No, wait a minute, it's a
drive-thru wedding chapel?
Like, a fast food drive-thru?
It used to be a bank,
I converted it.
You don't even have to
get out of your car.
This is classic.
If it's even possible, you have
reached the absolute bottom.
Wait, okay, so a drive-thru
wedding isn't for everybody...
Well, good
enough for you?
If I was in a rush, yes.
You know what, I do not want
you to like my Facebook page.
I'm not even sure
we should be friends.
Facebook friends
or real friends?
Take your pick.
I hope we haven't
caused you a problem.
No worries.
Every problem has a solution.
I hope.
And this one is called
"The Fairy Princess"...
...and here she comes now.
I need chocolate.
My gosh...
Are you okay?
You look like you've seen
Frankenstein's bride.
I'm fine.
This is delicious.
And you know it's delicious
because "The proof
is in the pudding, and... "
"The pudding
is in the cake".
Wedding dress shopping
is always my favorite part.
More than anything else, the dress
makes a woman feel like a bride.
- They're all so beautiful.
- I know, right?
In my opinion, this is
the hardest decision
you're going to have to make,
because they have
so many options.
You have classic, A-line,
long, short, elegant, sassy...
I notice there's,
no prices on these dresses.
You have marvelous taste.
That is an haute couture Nena
Lang with a pleated bodice.
You would look absolutely
radiant in that dress.
In fact, we're doing
a Bridal fashion show today,
and I would love to see you on the
runway modeling that very dress.
Me? A model?
Come back at 4:00,
we'll get you ready.
We'll do your hair and makeup.
That's fantastic.
Then you get to see
what you look like first-hand
as a beautiful bride.
What do you think?
It's amazing.
Thank you.
Thank you all for coming.
You are about to see the newest
and most exquisite
wedding dresses available
in the market today.
So, here we go,
the hottest trends
in dream dresses.
First up
is an ivory strapless
princess-style dress
with a Chantilly lace bodice.
Isn't she lovely?
the groom-to-be?
I got problems, my brother.
What do you mean?
You're in love.
Yeah, exactly.
This wedding is going
to break the bank.
...high-low gown
with a removable skirt.
And those of you who like
the sweetheart neckline,
this one comes with a lovely
antique lace overlay.
I mean, Annie wants the biggest
and best of everything,
and I don't want
to disappoint her.
And now for my favorite.
This dress is a Nena Lang.
This has a pleated bodice
and a spectacular mermaid skirt.
Absolutely stunning, isn't it?
All right, look
at that dress. Beautiful.
Do you have any idea
how much that costs?
She does look good.
I'm serious.
I mean...
At first...
it was the dress,
then it was the cake, and
then the flower arrangements.
And now? She wants to have the
wedding at a five-star resort,
with fireworks.
She left out
the horse and carriage?
For now.
If I may offer some advice?
Don't make
the same mistake I did.
Know what, let's go grab a beer
and we'll talk about it.
Actually, there's a great spreadsheet
in my book you might find helpful.
Benny, you're
an absolute lifesaver.
Here he comes again.
Do you still think
he's not the competition?
I don't know what to think.
How can I like someone
so much personally,
but dislike them
so much professionally?
Try to be nice.
And smile.
Hi, Ben.
Hey, Michelle.
I didn't know we were fighting.
In that case, we're not.
Listen, this place is starting
to drive me a little crazy.
Can we get out of here?
Maybe go for a walk?
She would love to.
She'd love to.
Thank you.
Now, I... know that we've
had some misunderstandings
over the past couple days.
My book is a bit controversial.
About that book,
I'm sorry, what makes
a financial planner
write a book called
"Wedding Do's and Don'ts?"
You know what,
I'm going to get to that.
But first, I want
to tell you a story
about someone
who's really close to me,
who got blindsided,
never saw it coming,
Let's call him...
Yeah, Len.
So, Len is madly in love
with this woman.
Let's call her Carolyn.
You know, all Len ever wanted
to do was to make Carolyn happy.
So, when she wanted
this uber-expensive,
impress-everyone wedding
with all the bells and whistles,
he agreed.
Now, this poor,
head-over-heels guy in love
spent a huge pile of dough
on the biggest wedding
you could ever imagine.
How does it end up for Len?
Not... not good. No.
They split up after a year.
Turns out that she was
more interested in the wedding
than in the marriage,
and Len was heartbroken.
And to top it all off, flat broke,
and up to his ears in debt.
That's terrible.
I'm really sorry.
I had no idea.
It's not me.
Were you listening?
You're not Len?
Why? Because "Len"
sounds a lot like "Ben"?
And because my ex-wife, Marilyn,
decided she didn't want
to be married after a year?
Okay, yeah, no,
you're right, it is me.
Yeah, laugh at my pain.
No, I-I'm not laughing at you,
I'm laughing with you.
I'm not laughing.
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
I'm fine.
Yeah, I survived by not
leaving the house for a year,
and eating bad take-out food,
watching way too much
Sports Center,
and that's when I decided
to write the book.
Are you doing better now?
Much better...
You know, if you think about it,
this is kind of like our first date.
I wouldn't really call this
a date, but if you say so.
I do.
I can't wait for
this convention to be over.
I can't believe
you're saying that.
Is it my imagination, or were we
just spinning our wheels today?
Well, today,
we sort of accomplished...
not as much as we could have.
Only a couple potential clients,
no new contracts.
Any good news?
Yes, we added
two new vendors to our roster,
Bodies by Bobby
and Elite Flowers,
which is the best florist
in the city.
Yeah, that's...
what's all this?
My faves.
Since when?
Since I was six.
All right, well,
How's everybody doing
out there?
Havin' a good time?
Well, for those of you
who like Country and Western,
won't you please give it up
for Mr. Wichita!
Your Country DJ.
He's perfect
for your upcoming ceremony.
And now,
it's time to boot scoot!
You heard him, ladies,
time to boot scoot.
I can't help it.
I just, I keep seeing dollar signs
ringing in my eyeballs.
It's like a cartoon,
"Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!"
Why do we have to have
such a big wedding?
we only get to do this once.
You heard what Libby said.
Yeah, I did, but, sweetie,
we're not David and Samantha.
They make way more money
than we do.
But we can afford some things.
Yeah, some things,
but not Nena Lang dresses,
and thousand-dollar
flower arrangements.
And I Googled the Cake Kyng.
He's got four dollar symbols.
That's three more dollar symbols
than Adrays.
We are not getting the cake
from a box store.
This is our wedding,
not my 13th birthday.
The cake is going to be
on display...
Yeah, for, like, 10 minutes,
and then it's gonna be
cut up and eaten.
I can't believe
you just said that.
I know you want
the perfect setting,
and the perfect dress,
and the perfect everything,
but we need to figure out a
budget, and we need to stick to it.
I see what's happening here.
You've been talking
with Ben again.
Do you really think
I'm going to plan my wedding
based on the advice of
your cynical college roommate?
Well, he makes
some valid points.
Okay, you know what,
let's talk about this later.
Come on, let's go dance.
You love this stuff.
Come on.
No thanks. I'm not
really in the mood.
Brian, the party is great.
Even better than last year.
Thank you.
My calf's a little sore,
Libby only kicked me
three times.
- It was twice.
- I think it was more...
Listen, Brian,
We've all been talking, and
we feel we need to do something
about the "dump the event" guy.
Look, I told you,
he's only here to sell his book.
That's the problem,
his book is totally anti-event.
We're all pro-event,
and it's making it difficult
for us to "sell the event".
Stop sugar-coating it,
He's flat-out sabotaging us.
I don't think
he's trying to sabotage us.
Have you read his book?
No, and we don't intend to.
Well, it's a primer on how to get
married quick, dirty, and cheap.
In a panel this morning, he said
my fondant was a "fon-don't".
And, "Why hire a photographer
"when you can just use your iPhone
and share photos
on the Internet?"
Guys, is this really the time
and place to have this discussion?
Every second that guy sticks around,
we lose more clients and money.
Okay, please just listen
to me, everybody...
Just relax, okay?
Okay, now, I'm sorry
that you feel this way,
but when Mr. Reynolds filled out
his application and paid his fee...
Which is not cheap,
as you all know...
Well, he earned his right to sell
his services, the same as any of you.
Now, it's called competition.
No, Brian, it's not competition
when somebody is here
to destroy our businesses
and ruin our livelihoods.
Well, that's a bit much,
isn't it?
Hey, guys!
Great party.
Here's to weddings.
What was going on down there?
Everybody left so quickly.
They were probably tired.
Party poopers.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
I think you were
right about Ben.
I mean, so what, we have
a few philosophical differences.
He's a good guy.
And a terrific dancer.
I mean, do you see how his whole
face lights up when he smiles?
It's like...
Told ya.
I don't know 'Chelle,
My heart just pulses
every time I see him.
Tell me I am not seeing this.
What? They're just
having breakfast.
That is so much more
than breakfast!
Libs, they're old friends,
probably reliving glory days
over bacon and eggs.
Don't be naive.
That is Benedict Arnold
meeting with the British.
Those are our clients,
and he's trying to steal them!
Libby, no...
Call it instinct,
call it intuition...
Call it crazy.
I'm a little worried that triple-shot
latte might be having ill affects.
How about a decaf?
You know what,
I'm going to walk in there,
and I'm going to tell that Judas
exactly how I feel about him.
Okay, you are overreacting.
I mean, what exactly do you
think they're talking about?
I don't know.
By the time he's done with them,
they're going to be eloping.
In Vegas.
With Elvis.
That's ridiculous.
Come on, let's open the booth.
Crazy lady...
I'm not saying that
you should elope to Vegas
and get married by Elvis,
but I am saying
that you shouldn't spend
all your money on one day.
I mean, you're going to need
every penny of it
for the down payment
on your house.
And we were thinking
about getting a place, right?
Yes, but...
we'll have lots
of time to do that.
But every month paying rent
is money not building equity.
And you're missing tax benefits
and write-offs...
What about our
family and friends?
And I really liked the idea
of arriving in a carriage.
What's more romantic
than butterflies?
I know, sweetie, but the
wedding you're talking about
costs... beaucoup dollars.
Probably more than that.
It's 3:30.
They were supposed to
be here at 3:00.
What did I tell you?
So they're running late.
What's the big deal?
The big deal is that Ben
has stolen our clients!
I'm gonna go find them.
Suit yourself.
Well, good day,
Weddings by Libby.
Where are you hiding them?
Hiding who?
Don't play dumb.
I saw you having breakfast
with my clients.
Alex and Annie?
What, were you spying on me?
I just happened
to be walking by.
I hope you're not filling their heads
with your ill-advised philosophy.
Well, they
invited me to breakfast.
Someone needs to speak
some common sense.
I knew it.
Knew what?
Ben, I think you should know,
some people at the Expo
are saying some
terrible things about you,
and I'm starting to think
they might be right.
So glad I ran into you guys.
Did you forget about
our appointment?
It's okay.
Don't even worry about it.
So over the last couple of days,
you've had a chance to look around
get some information.
We did.
We definitely did.
Coming here has been
extremely eye-opening.
Well, that's great.
Hopefully, you had a chance
to figure out what you like,
what you don't like.
All the information,
all the opinions,
it really forced us
to start talking about...
Fight about.
Guys, you know what,
I know it can be
really stressful,
so why don't we just start
with something easy.
Are we still sticking to
a June wedding?
We don't have to do June.
Nothing's set.
Why don't we look at
something later in the year?
I love October weddings.
It won't be in October.
Okay, well, um,
November's kind of getting
a little late in the season...
We decided we don't
want a wedding at all.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Are you guys thinking
of a Justice of the Peace?
Not exactly.
Look, I'm not here to rush you guys,
so whenever you're ready,
"Weddings by Libby"
will be here to help you
with whatever you need.
We're not getting
married at all.
We're breaking up.
You're breaking up?
We realized
that we can't agree on anything.
It's not just
the venue or the cake.
It's everything.
If we can't compromise
and make one day work,
how can we make
a lifetime together work?
We lost Alex and Annie.
Not surprising, and probably
not a terrible thing.
They had no idea
what they wanted.
We would have been holding
their hand the whole time.
they split up altogether.
That's awful...
and so unexpected.
They seemed so happy,
and in love, and cute together.
Well, now they're unhappy,
split up, and not as cute.
Break-ups are the worst.
You just want to curl up into a ball
and eat tuna casserole for days.
Tuna casserole?
We all have our own way
of mourning.
I make tuna casserole.
Then I eat it.
Don't judge me.
Okay, you're right.
Your tuna casserole
is my pineapple pizza.
- Pineapple pizza?
- It's good.
Give me a hand with this?
My gosh, this is so heavy.
I think it's stuck.
Here, let me help you with that.
To the rescue again.
You are unbelievable.
I'm sure you heard what
happened to Alex and Annie.
Yeah, I heard.
If you would have just
stayed out of my business,
none of this
would have happened,
and they would still be planning
the wedding of their dreams.
Okay, wait a minute.
First off, they came to me,
asking for advice.
You had them walking
down some primrose path
to a wedding
they couldn't afford.
Just because you had
a bad experience
doesn't mean you should
ruin it for everyone else.
And I suppose
your six-year-old's version
of a pie-in-the-sky
fairy-tale wedding
is something
you still believe in,
no matter
what the circumstances.
Well, for some people,
love is real
and romance isn't dead,
so, no matter what you say...
You know what, you're
never going to understand.
So, just take your stupid book
"Do" get out of my life
and "Don't" ever call me again.
what's with the pineapple pizza?
It's an acquired taste.
Have a slice.
I'll pass, I'll pass...
So, we need to keep
the buzz going,
and I propose
that we hit the road.
Here's your itinerary.
I thought you were talking about
a book tour.
These are all bridal expos
and wedding conventions.
Hey, that's our audience.
Yeah, but at expos,
I'm basically
pitching against vendors
that are there promoting
weddings and their services.
And once again, by the end,
I will be hated.
You will be hated,
but you will be
selling books, though.
All the difference in the world.
It's not gonna happen.
I'm gonna do
another bridal expo.
Did he send you that?
No, I ordered it.
You ordered it?
There might be something
I can glean from it.
you got it bad.
What are you doing here?
You're the last person
I expected to see.
I've been thinking a lot
about Alex and Annie.
They're really good together,
and they love each other.
So you're not here to make up?
we can't pretend that we had
nothing to do with that break-up,
so we need to do something.
What do you want to do?
It's their lives, not ours.
I don't know.
But something.
Good one.
That's past the 240 marker.
Keep that up, you can give the
wedding game and go on the tour.
I should quit the wedding game.
Listen, Alex, I want to
apologize for the role I played
in your breakup with Annie.
Forget it.
No. No, I'm serious.
I love you guys,
and that's the last thing
I wanted to see happen.
It's, you know,
because we're friends,
I got so caught up
in the financial aspects,
that I forgot about the love.
I'm the one
who asked you for help, so...
it wasn't you, it was me.
Well, I know that we talked a lot
about the expense of the Big Day,
though we never talked about the
financial benefits of getting hitched.
Like filing a joint tax return.
And insurance is cheaper...
Benny, Benny, stop.
None of those are good reasons
to get married.
I made my choice, and...
now I gotta live with it.
No. You don't.
You can still make things right.
You guys can work
this thing out.
I don't know, I mean, she
doesn't even want to talk to me.
I hope you're right,
because I'm lost without her.
I know what you mean.
The right woman is hard to find,
and when you do,
you better hold on tight.
The front desk said
I'd find you out here.
Thank you for taking
the time to meet with me.
Do you want to sit?
I was happy you called,
but surprised.
Nothing's changed.
We're not getting married.
Well, that's why I'm here.
I wanted to apologize.
That's not necessary.
I got so wrapped up
in wanting to give you
the wedding of your dreams,
I forgot about the practical,
the hard costs.
That was not fair to do
to you or Alex.
I'm so sorry.
I was the one
who wanted the big wedding.
That's all I cared about.
Forget about the wedding,
just think about Alex the person.
You two were so good together.
I know.
We were.
Well, you can make it right,
and you should.
I was so mad.
I said some terrible things.
That doesn't even matter.
You two love each other.
I just...
I wish we could start over.
I wish that, too.
It's so good
to see you guys together.
I was not expecting this.
How are you?
What's going on?
What's he doing here?
What's going on?
Why don't you guys
sit down? We'll explain.
We have some news
we want to share.
I hope this is about
what I think it is.
We're back together.
- That is great news.
- That's amazing.
And we're getting married.
- Congratulations!
- That's fantastic.
This is really the best news.
And we want the two of you
to help us plan our wedding.
- I can't work with her.
- I can't work with him.
But I can't get married
without your help.
And I can't get married
without you.
Thank you...
This is a quandary.
It's more of a conundrum.
Well, you don't want us
to break up again, do you?
Then it's settled.
When can we get started?
All right, come on, people,
we're a team.
Everybody, group hug, people!
Okay, maybe not.
Isn't this exiting?
We have our Dream Team here.
So, if we're going to have a June
wedding, we'd better get going.
No, I'm going to let Ben
lead this one.
No, no, you go ahead.
No, please, I insist.
You're the wedding planner.
You should lead the charge.
All right, all right,
I'll start.
Annie and I were thinking
that Calamigos would be
a good venue for us.
Yes. It's very romantic.
I think that's perfect.
It's a great idea
if you want to get married
in your street clothes,
because you're not going to be
able to afford a wedding dress.
That place is so expensive.
Are you sure?
I'm sure. Yes.
How about the beach
at Los Oros, at sunset?
Well, clearly, you need
to get out more,
because Los Oros
is infested with flies.
They bite.
It's a terrible idea.
Biting flies.
Okay, Los Oros
is definitely out.
How about
the Westbrook Country Club?
They book a year in advance, but
sometimes, they have cancellations.
Please, that is your typical,
been-there, done-that venue.
Don't you want to give them
the wedding of their dreams?
Yeah, but you want to scrape two
nickels together to pay for it.
Just something
affordable, Libby.
Well, I hope you don't suggest a
drive-thru in Vegas.
- Would anyone like a coffee?
- No.
Finally, an agreement.
I'm starting to think
this was a bad idea.
Yeah, I mean, maybe
we should just elope.
- No.
- No.
Guys, I know old habits
are hard to break,
but can't you two
please try to get along?
For the sake of our wedding day?
Libby, don't I
remember you saying
that each wedding
should be unique,
and you try and tailor the
ceremony to each individual couple?
I did.
All right, well,
I happen to know
that these two had
their first date on a...
Harbor Cruise.
A boat could be a perfect idea.
And it just so happens
that one of my clients
owns one of the boats,
and I'd be able to negotiate
a fair and affordable price.
I love that idea.
Yeah, yeah, me too.
Now, I know this really
isn't my department,
but I think it would be
really romantic.
I guess we're all
going to the harbor.
Ships ahoy, all hands on deck.
You know, I haven't
been here in so long.
I forgot how beautiful
this place is.
And budget friendly.
I am so rubbing off on you.
We'll see.
Okay, so we need a dance floor.
A place to put the tables
and chairs, a place for the DJ,
and somewhere to serve the food.
You know, if I was
the wedding planner...
But you're not.
Right. I forgot.
All I do is crunch numbers.
Crunch, crunch, crunch,
crunch, crunch.
There we go.
But if I was a wedding planner,
I might consider having the
ceremony on the roof deck.
And we could seal the wedding
with a kiss right at sunset.
What an amazing photo
that would be.
And we could just do the reception
on one of the lower decks.
Which means that we could save
the roof deck for the first dance,
With the mountains behind them?
And there's plenty of
room on the middle deck
for the tables and chairs.
You missed your calling,
"Book By Ben".
Thank you very much,
"Weddings by Libby".
This is going to be a huge amount
of work in not a lot of time.
Are you sure you're up for this?
As ready as a man can be.
Okay, do you want
to go over menus?
So, this is Leone's catering
It's Italian, it's a little
pricey, but really reliable.
RT's Catering.
Here, do you want to look?
Big variety, it's buffet style so
it's a little bit more affordable.
And this, most would say
was the best,
Silverman's Catering.
They're known for their
prime rib and lobster.
The prime rib looks delicious,
and I love lobster.
Libby, we might want to consider
more modest menu options
and instead put the money back
into Annie's wedding dress.
Okay, well, what do you suggest?
We have to feed 150 people.
Please don't mention 150 people.
It makes me nervous.
Why, honey?
Just all those people
watching me say "I do".
that's so cute.
My gosh,
that's really good.
I had no idea.
Alex and I love food trucks.
Yeah, Wok and Roll,
Thrilled Cheese.
Don't forget 50 Shades of Filet.
And my personal favorite,
Tapas the Morning to you.
And the best barbecue places
is Indiana Bones.
Wait, why don't we just have
a food truck cater the wedding?
A food truck?
For a wedding?
It's affordable.
Okay, I like
the way you're thinking.
Thank you.
And you guys could have
the reception
out in the harbor,
then you could come back here,
your guests could go to the
food truck, get their food,
get back on the boat
to dine and dance.
Yeah, that could be great.
What do you guys think?
I love it.
Yeah, me too.
Glad I'm on board
for this cruise.
I would hope so.
You should try this one as well,
It's stunning.
And how is
everything going over here?
Well, we're still looking.
See anything you like?
They're all beautiful...
I think you liked this one.
The lace was nice.
Now, ladies...
You know I loathe
being the bearer of bad news,
but have you seen these prices?
We can't afford these dresses.
I think our best option
is to rent a dress.
Chapter 5.
"Don't Drown in the Gown".
So you did read my book.
Would you like it back?
Yeah, so I can hit you with it.
Ooh, ouch, not again.
I'm sorry,
but I really don't want to rent.
I want to have this dress
Of course.
In that case, maybe we
should look over here.
Here are my most
affordable dresses,
and truthfully, most of them
are perfectly lovely.
What about this one?
It has a classic open back.
I don't think so.
This is very popular.
This is a knock-off of Verdiggio's
Mediterranean line, El Greco.
I just don't think it suits me.
Hold on, the dress that
Annie modeled at the expo,
is that still in the shop?
And modeling it at the expo,
wouldn't that have
turned it into a sample?
Well, yes, it would.
And what kind of a the discount
do you offer on samples?
Well, usually, 35 to 40%.
All right, well,
let's call it half price,
and we'll throw in
photos from the wedding
that you can use for marketing.
You know Libby's photographer
is excellent.
I think we can all agree Annie
looked stunning in that dress.
And she is your client...
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I love you for that.
And I think the dress
is right over here.
I think I love you
for that, too.
Okay, time to learn
your wedding dance.
Stand straight.
Your shoulders back.
Nice firm arm.
Now, you can't think.
Just do.
Just let your body do it.
Thinking will only
get in your way.
Let me show you what I mean.
Thank you.
Now, Alex, you have to be
a nice strong lead.
concentrate on
your partner's beautiful eyes
and feel the music...
...and everything else
will take care of itself.
Okay, Alex, give it a shot.
Yeah, this is gonna be trouble.
Alex was always
a terrible dancer.
Well, at least he has
a few days to learn.
Yeah, he's going to need
every minute of it.
Have I ever told you my motto?
You have a motto?
Of course.
And your motto is?
"Never let a good song
go to waste".
Would you like
to dance with me again?
Did I ever tell you my motto?
I'm listening.
"Never refuse
a beautiful woman".
And I promise
I won't step on your toes.
I'll forgive you if you do.
Okay, so, this is where
your reception will be,
with the dance floor
right in the middle.
We'll be doing the cutting
of the cake on the bow,
and you'll say your "I do's"
on the upper deck upstairs.
Isn't it perfect, honey?
Yeah I-I just,
I didn't expect it to be...
so, so big.
And this is where
we'll have the Big Show.
Let me give you a little visual
so you know what
I'm talking about.
We're going to place 12 of
these monitors around the room,
surrounding you and your guests.
They will see a montage
of your lives.
This will all be edited together
with a beautiful piece of music,
and the whole experience will say
"This marriage was meant to be".
That's a great idea.
That's what I call romantic.
Does the show have to
be about us?
Couldn't it be about,
you know, somebody else?
He has to joke about everything.
No, I'm...
I'm serious.
Is there a bathroom on the boat?
Yeah, it's back there.
Is he going to be okay?
Actually, I'm not sure.
I think he might be
having some jitters.
But I'm sure he'll be fine.
Try not to worry about it.
Excuse me.
I gotta to tell you, Libby,
it's been a real treat for me,
seeing you put this thing together,
and this is the icing
on the cake, Really.
This is going to be
a very special wedding.
You should be proud of yourself.
I'm proud of us.
Thank you for helping.
I couldn't have gotten
this far without you.
I guess we make
a pretty good team, then.
Maybe this is the start
of something special.
Would you like it to be?
Good night, Ben Reynolds.
Good night, Libby Boland.
"Dear Libby and Ben,
"I'm so sorry to tell you this,
"but Annie and I have decided
not to get married
"on the Harbor Cruise ship.
"Please know
this is all my fault
and not hers".
Libby, what's wrong?
"The truth is that
the prospect of 150 people
"all coming to watch me
say 'I do'
"is more than I can bear.
"We've decided to elope,
"and by the time you read this,
we'll be gone.
"the money we were going to
spend on the wedding
we'll need for our trip to Fiji".
"I hope you can find it
in your heart to forgive me.
Yours truly, Alex".
Can you believe he did this?
Poor guy.
Poor guy?
What are you talking about?
I feel for him,
he must be scared.
To walk away
from his own wedding?
He must be terrified.
I'm on the hook for everything.
The venue, the catering,
the dress, the cake.
You don't have anything in this.
I'm done.
You can sue him.
Well, unfortunately,
he's one of your best friends,
so I'm not going to sue him.
Besides, you know what that
would do to my reputation?
My business is ruined.
Come on... don't-don't cry.
We'll figure something out.
Everything I've worked for...
Look at me.
Do you trust me?
Then you believe me
when I tell you
that I am not going to
let that happen.
Okay, 'Chelle? Hey.
Will you make sure
the champagne is on ice?
Yeah, and check
the place cards,
make sure they've been
Already done, boss lady.
Also, I want to see
the bride's bouquet.
On the way.
Remember to cue the bride
with the first four bars
of Canon in D Major.
Thank you.
make sure the bride is backlit
as much as possible.
We want her looking her best
on her special day.
I got you covered.
And rest assured, I'll use
nothing but long lenses.
You're the best.
So, I was feeling
especially generous today,
so I added a couple
of extra tiers, no charge.
You are so sweet.
"Sweet" is my middle name.
So it is.
Are you going to be here
for the cutting of the cake?
I wouldn't miss it.
I can't wait to see your face
when you see the filling.
That's because the proof
is in the pudding,
and the pudding...
...Is in the cake"!
Bride's bouquet.
Are you kidding me?
I wanted tulips, not roses.
And what's with the lilies?
That's what you ordered. I...
I'm just kidding.
It's beautiful.
The guests are
starting to show up.
Can you actually
stall them
with a little bubbly
before they get on board.
Got it.
Have you seen Ben?
He said something about
the groom having jitters.
Haven't seen him since.
Is it a Code Blue?
Do I need to talk to him?
I don't think so, Libs.
If I know Ben,
I'm sure he'll handle it.
You're probably right.
'Chelle, I could really learn
to love that guy.
Well, he is pretty lovable.
Who knew?
Okay, I better go
take care of the bride.
Hey, Libs...
Be gentle with her,
we don't need
a bridezilla today.
Roger that.
Did I fix it?
You did.
Do you trust me now?
I do.
Do you promise
to love me forever?
I do.
Okay, okay, you guys,
save it for later.
Hold the kisses.
My apologies,
I've got to take this.
Yeah, I,
I can't really talk right now.
That's great, man.
Enjoy Fiji,
should make for
a great honeymoon.
Sounds like Alex and Annie
got the wedding of their dreams.
Well, so did we.
Dear friends,
we are gathered here today
to celebrate
this very special love
between Elizabeth Boland
and Benjamin Reynolds
and joining them
in holy matrimony...