Mubarakan (2017) Movie Script

'That's life...'
'One moment they were cruising
through the beautiful valleys.'
'And now...'
'They are hanging on the Will.'
m-m what will you
Ci" these identical twins?'
'Lucky...or Unlucky?'
'Unlucky because their
parents are no more.'
'And lucky, because these tun-wins...'
'...didn't fall apart
like the 'Twin Towers.'
'Presenting their bachelor
uncle Kartar Singh.'
'It took him a day and a half...'
-...m realize um raising
m". is not m; (up of m.
'And so...he estranged the children,
like himself.'
'He gave the child on his left...'
'...lo his sister Jeeto
who lived in London.'
'And. the kid on his right...'
' his brother Baldev.'
'Vvho in the world gives
children like this?'
'Thing': got complicated.'
'They were brother's...'
'...but now, they became (Quin-s.-
Jeeto was their aunt...'
...but now,
she's a mother to one of the kids.'
'Baldev was their uncle...'
'...but now he's the
father of the other.'
1mm is mu their uncle.
but it's complicated.'
'A single accident
changed everything.'
'But there's one thing
that hasn't changed.'
'These two were identical twins...'
...and they still look...identical.'
"o Lord... Almighty."
"We begin every task with thy name."
"We wield your sacred bracelet."
"We never hear no
Wu... speak no evil."
"We m examples n others."
"There's none like us..."
"Our gait's like a lion!"
"Our gait's like a lion!"
"Our swag': trend-setting."
"We're perfect I" every field."
"Our swag': trend-setting."
"We're perfect I" every field."
"We look handsome in suit and shoes."
"And wet tresses."
"Collars straight..."
"...but we're rustic at heart."
"Collars straight..."
"...but we're rustic at heart."
"Don't try to mess with us."
"Jill arrives riding a layman."
"...with gorgeous girls in tow."
"Jill arrives riding a layman."
"...with gorgeous girls in tow."
"We're Sardars after all..."
"...we spend our lives having m..."
"We're Sardars after all..."
"...we spend our lives having m..."
"We get high and party I" night."
"And "m morning wakeup late."
"Girls my babe."
"And m my heart."
"Our car flies...ill the air."
"Our car flies in the air."
"We always say m the world."
"Jill arrives riding a layman."
"...with gorgeous girls in tow."
"Jill arrives riding a layman."
"...with gorgeous girls in tow."
"...with gorgeous girls in tow."
"We respect one and in."
"We love everyone, big and small."
"We belong m a brave community."
"Never stab anyone I" the back."
"n; quite simple..."
"...don't waste your time."
"n; quite simple..."
"...don't waste your
time in useless things."
"We're Sardars after all..."
"...we spend our lives having m..."
"We're Sardars after all..."
"...we spend our lives having m..."
"Jill arrives riding a layman."
"...with gorgeous girls in tow."
"Jill arrives riding a layman."
"...with gorgeous girls in tow."
What? Are you I" the same mall?
Yeah...what to do.
I came here shopping with my morn.
Who a; shopping with m; mom?
Mama's boy!
Are you okay?
Hey...what are you giggling about?
- Excuse me!
Excuse you? Why?
- Here's your bag.
- They just flock here from India.
Hello... you're not
exactly Chinese either.
Sweefy. who are you arguing with now?
M; old lady slipped on her own...
...and now she's yelling at me.
Old...! Von called me 'old'.
Wan else should 1 Ci" you? Baby?
Oh, my...lil' sweet baby...
did you fall down?
Ma you get hurl, baby?
Which old lady are
you sng with now?
Wait... Wait and
watch what I do to you.
Wan (an you do?
My son's I" ma; mall too.
- So is my boyfriend.
So Ci" him... and we'll
m m". fight it out.
She's my mom!
Mom! Mom! Mom!
Right... 1 gel it... Mom!
Now Ci" your boyfriend.
And Wild! Karin beat
the mp out of him.
How can I beat the crap out of myself?
- Huh?
1 mean... where's your boyfriend?
I'll beat the crap out of him!
Where is he? Where is he?
No-no-no-no-no, aunty...
lam very sorry.
N was completely my mu...
my mistake. Please forgive me.
She's genuinely apologizing mom,
let her go.
M: even if she apologizes
a thousand limes.
After all, lam 'Old'.
- Oh, my...lil' sweetynudid you fall down?
She called me 'Old'.
- No...
What now? What now?
I'll get coffee for you.
- Yeah...
without sugar.
- No-no-no...
She will slip poison into n.
N ever.
Her boyfriend must be blind...
that's why he's still with her.
She will treat him like a servant.
I pity her father-in-law.
- And no mp: n her mother-in-law.
Who is this Binkle?
I had no clue that mom...
I knew that 'old'...
lmeall, your mom was definitely
going m cause trouble.
And how did ma; Binkle
suddenly come I" the picture.
No, actually, we already knew...
So, you were already planning this.
Sweaty. Binkh is Mriandhu': daughter.
Sandlnl sir helped dad
in setting up business.
He's our Godfather.
- I see...
And now you're planning
on making him your ma"...
...and repay that favor.
I was only time-pass n you.
- Time-pass?
Sweety, as soon as
you finished your course...
...1 followed you I" the way here.
I've been stirring ladies all day...
Von think I like
this restaurant and all.
Who am [doing it m: v0 of course.
But what's the point?
You've been saying n the last six
months um you'll mm m your uncle.
Then. your uncle will
talk to your mother.
Everything will be rocking.
s: what actually happened?
You should talk to your morn directly.
Ma you leave me a choice?
[told you 1 will introduce you m
my mom when the m is right.
But, no. You went and
introduced yourself to her.
"That om lady slipped.
That om lady slipped."
All moms are old.
But you don't call them 'Old'.
Fine. but what do we do next?
Sandhu's are interested in our family.
- Yeah, so?
So Binkle will get married...
...and in our family.
You promised you'll talk.
Father was I" a bad mood yesterday.
The fritters were burnt.
The fritters were burnt.
Now our future depends on fritters.
Look Nafisa.
papa': flying m London tomorrow...
mm discuss Karin'; wedding.
So. in his absence
I'll talk with aunt Jeeto.
So you're not angry anymore?
- No...
Von said 'absence'.
It's the effect of your company.
Charan, you'll have to
talk to your father someday.
So aunt Jeeto will talk to him.
Father revere: her like God.
He can never say no m her.
And anyway. aunt Jeelo doesn't
have a problem with you guys.
W" guys'?
V0 mean Muslim angle.
Doesn't matter if m Muslim.
Christian or Gujarati.
They are all outsiders for father.
He wants a proper,
Sikh, daughter-in-law.
[can't do ma; anymore.
- Hello.
Keep stirring the lentil.
S: only 1 will temper n.
Hello. uncle.
- Hello. son.
An, you...
Have you finished packing?
- Uncle, do I have to go?
Of course not, I'll go marry her.
"Uncle, do 1 have m go."
We're talking about
your marriage, stupid!
But uncle.
[don't want to gel married right now.
I still have m learn
so much from you.
And. 1 in have m open a chain
of 'Purani Haveli' (Restaurants)!
- Yeah...
New York, London, Paris, Switzerland.
- Uncle...
Uncle! We haven't opened up yet...
It's mu work in progress.
S: how are you going m do m
You hardly come to the restaurant.
Maybe once I" a couple of weeks.
S: 1 always finish my work.
Right, Tittu?
- Yes.
It's a talent, uncle. God gift.
You see, even in my
school and college days...
...1 would study a day or two
before the exams and lop my (lass.
A guy should be smart-working.
not hard-working.
Fine, son, but...
- Von know, uncle.
I love you the most.
- I do. son.
Bill sister JQQIO illSiSIS
we cannot miss ma; proposal.
Binkle is a great girl.
Even our boy is nothing
short than best.
- Charan.
I know his name starts with C...
...but he's the best.
- Charan'.!
What happened, Dad?
Why did you mike so many calls?
My shift is over.
I'm coming back m home.
Hello. mom.
- an, you, son.
Ready? - It's all coincidence, sister.
- That's true.
And Chitin a; a hunky boy.
- Yes.
Hello, aunty.
Bless you! Are you happy?
Why wouldn't he be happy?
- Charan, where's your black sweater?
Nly black sweater?
- It's cold out there.
Baldev, did you speak with Charan?
What's to ask?
Whatever I saw is final.
Brother, which one should I pack?
- Fine... see you tomorrow.
I'll pack all three.
- Kartar will receive you at the airport.
Okay. sister. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Why are you packing my mm
Now your going m see the girl.
But Karin was supposed to see the girl...
- Now. irs going to be you.
He's going m open a chain.
- Aunty, Charan's black sweater.
[don't want to gel married.
Why don't you want to gel married?
Any girlfriend angle?
No... no...
- So what's the problem?
Why are you saying no?
- 1 never said no.
Congratulations, uncle.
He said 'yes'.
1 never said 'yes'.
Are you stupid?
You're neither saying yes nor no.
Uncle, I think he's embarrassed.
I'm sure his heart's
jumping with glee.
We've to wake up
early morning tomorrow.
So get some sleep.
Minto... is dinner ready?
[always heard um
brother m brother.
But now I've seen it.
Wan are you saying?
I'm your elder brother.
And you know, 1 love you the most.
And listen,
I planned everything carefully.
Binkle is a very good girl.
U she's such a good girl,
why don't you marry her?
She's not my type,
she's too simple and well-behaved.
What do you mean by well-behaved?
Do you want a naughty wife?
M. [want Sweaty... 1 Illeall,
someone sweet, sexy and happening.
And what's all this
talk about a 'chain'?
Fine. I'll take it off.
Can't seem to open in.
And anyway.
no one gels any peace aner marriage.
I am not going to London.
Brother Baldev has landed.
Where do 1 park?
I am coming. brother.
No Smoking': n...
...but, I don't see a
'No Parking' board anywhere.
Let's park here.
Good old 'No Parking'.
Papa. Uncle Kanar-s here.
- Brother.
He's here?
Greetings, brother.
Feels so nice.
How are you, Kartar?
It's the grace of God.
Greetings, uncle. - Oh, no-no-no,
don't touch my feet, my lad.
Turban looks good on you.
Come on, my boy.
Where's your car, Kartar?
- There it is, brother.'re being fined.
Hello. sir... you under the car.
The London Police isn't smart enough
to get money out of Kartar.
Come on.
Sir. lam talking m you.
- Excuse me, mam.
Any problem? - You know you have
parked in n No Parking zone.
What to do?
The car broke down, sir.
And why isn't your
mechanic talking m me?
Oh, he's deaf and dumb I see.
- Yes officer.
Right... Get your car
fixed as soon as possible.
Thanks, officer.
- And be on your way
Come on, boy...come out!
You've grown heavy.
- What the...
What's this, Kartar?
- Indian style, brother.
Let's move, shall we?
Get in the truck.
So young mall,
you're finally taking the mp.
Von must be really happy.
Why not?
M: m you...
Wasting your whole
life n one person?
Forget it, brother. Forget it...
Only old whiskey tastes nice.
not old memories.
Where are we going?
I built a second home in London.
My very own Mini Punjab.
Wow... ma; is amazing.
Mini Punjab in London.
Here guys, have some buttermilk.
Bring it ohm.
You've turned Jolly
into a complete Punjabi.
He's still learning, brother.
When he mm swearing...
...that's when he'll
be a complete Punjabi.
I've been calling for so long, Charan.
Why weren't you answering my calls?
- I've planted vegetables.
I was with Papa and Kartar uncle.
- Potatoes...
Kartar uncle? Where are you?
- London?
Wan the hell are you doing I" London?
Oh yes, Kartar.
Here's your mu you asked m.
On. my. my. my... the soil of Punjab.
Jolly. my bro, come here.
- Yeah.
Sprinkle ma; soil of
Punjab I" over the farm.
It should smell like home.
Go on, scatter it around.
But Nafisfl.
[don't want to marry her either.
Good! So no need to
go over to the Sandhus. - Yes.
And. m me know if
you're mu going over.
So 1 (an My mu ma"... find a real man for me
You've been glued m the phone.
Come here.
- Brother, you're a grown up now...
...but, still no
change in your temper.
Shoots up like BP suddenly.
Charan, we're gelling late.
Jolly. my bro...
- Yeah.
Sprinkle some of the soil in the backyard.
- Okay.
Mom-Dad, uncle's here.
- They are.
- Greetings, uncle. - Bless you...
Hello, brother-in-law.
Wan took you so long?
- Come here, my Sunshine.
Hello. sister.
- an, you.
My brother.
Don't you miss your sister?
- You're crying. sister.
Of course,
we're meeting after 5 years.
We just had a video-chat yesterday
Isn't there a difference between chatting
on video and meeting face-to-face?
Can 1 slap you on screen?
Look at him.
- Hello. sister.
An, you.
He's I" grown up now.
Just like Kflfill.
Feels just m yesterday.
You used to prance around
in the courtyard naked.
"A-mry. Karin m me.
Aunty, lam hungry."
And look at him now.
The young mall's off m get married.
The lad': grown up. huh!
If only brother and
sister-in-law were alive.
They would've been so happy
m see their son gel married.
No. sister.
Don't cry. Let's go.
One must not shed tears
on joyous occasions.
Yes.. - Let's go inside.
Come on. - Come inside.
Go easy on the drink 1mm.
There's no such thing as 'Easy'
or 'Gentle' in Kartar's dictionary.
He's right.
- He'll never learn.
Mr. Singh.
- Yes.
It's 1 am.
- s: my brother's here from India.
So n the "m three days...
"Do not Disturb"!
Yes... go sleep, my lovely neighbor.
Look at them.
- They love there family so much.
M Jolly.
Nu me something, mm...
ls Mr. Sandhu happy
with ma; alliance?
Why wouldn't he be happy?
He's more interested in
a relationship with our family.
Doesn't matter if its Kflrill or Charan.
N. mm he was saying um... wedding he'll have an excuse
to visit Punjab more frequently.
But Ballll, are you happy?
For us, it's God up there
and down here it's you.
You said it... end of story.
So is brother-in-law': bottle.
Come, Charan, let's get another
bottle for bro th er-in-law.
Come, my boy. Come.
Yes, uncle. - Charan, go. - Brother-in-law,
don't you think you're drinking too much.
Yeah... All thanks to Kartar.
What's the matter?
- And now Charan's going with Kartar.
God save um boy.
- What's the problem?
- Uncle...
Then why come here?
Why didn't you mu your ma":
Von know him...
Is your girlfriend
from a decent family?
She's from a great family.
Her father's a doctor, mother is CA.
And Nafisa is a lawyer herself.
Then what's the problem?
Wan did you say her name was?
Nafisa. And...
- Yes.
- Qureshi!
Ma Qureshi!
Your father doesn't even
allow Nlughlai dishes on his menu.
And you nu n a Mllghlai girl?
You make 'R sound k:
she's Akbar': nine.
She has no association or connection
with the Nlughals, uncle.
Association'... 'Connection'...
Such big words.
1 hope you've not forgotten Punjabi.
My. Km.
- High...
Bloody drug addict.
Look, Charan.
- Yes.
We could've handled anyone else.
But we cannot say no m Sandlul sir.
- Correct.
Only he (an reject you.
S: why will he reject me? don't have
any bad habits or vices.
Wan happened, uncle?
I found a vice.
- Von did.
I know one of your bad habits.
- Von do.
U Sandhu ma; out um
you're a drug mum then...
s: who will believe
um 1 am a drug addict?
You just landed from Punjab.
Haven't you seen we Punjab.'
If has a small doubt...
...then this wedding
will get cancelled.
Let's think of another idea, uncle.
Von think I am Bernard Shaw.
I came up with this
idea after watching hirn.
Another idea?
M; one': good.
Come... Come, my ha.
Good morning, Ma'am.
Ma you see their house?
- Welcome.
Come on, let's m". um Punjab.
How is it?
Are you okay. my h"?
Are you okay?
What's wrong with him?
- wan happened?
Wan happened?
- He was feeling sick I" the car.
He's going to see the girl,
so he's just scared.
Be brave my boy.
- Sandlul sir. Sandlul sir.
Hello. Sandhu sir.
- Welcome. Greetings. - Hello.
Sister-in-law was telling me...
...that, you own a
big restaurant in Punjab
It's the grace of God.
Enough m mike a living.
Is I: a vegetarian restaurant?
No. son. We make meat and fish too.
Except n Mllghlai.
- It's called 'Purani Haveli'.
Purani Haveli.
- It's a really nice name, very nice.
Yes, very nice name.
Charan, do you work
at the restaurant...
...or do you do something else?
He's a car dealer.
- Yes.
He's a got a big showroom.
Is he dumb?
- Why?
M him speak. Come on, b.
1 have a car dealership.
Renault. Renault Showroom.
Is everything okay. Charan?
Yes, uncle.
Go get Binkle.
- Yeah...that's good.
Yes... go get her.
M; face turned red
m a monkey's bum...
...on hearing Binkle's name.
He's always been a shy kid.
Stays away from girls.
- I see...
- 1 mean... he's got more guy friends.
Take Facebook for instance.
He has 609 friends.
All boys.
No females, only male.
He's a very friendly guy.
Dad. could he be one of those?
You know, loo-friendly.
- Like you know everything.
Aah... that's Binkle.
- Hello. dear. Bless you.
- Hello.
Binkle dear, won't you
show Charan around the house?
Go on, son.
- Go. son.
Go. boy. It's your day.
Wan happened?
- Careful, son.
Charan, are you feeling okay?
Be careful.
What are you saying, Kartar?
He's feeling okay. Looks absolutely fine.
- 1 don't think so, brother.
He was puking I" the way.
- I see...
He was sweating.
shaking. his hands were shivering.
No-no-nommaybe it's jet lag.
Since when did 'Jatts'
start getting jetlag?
I think there is a problem.
Very worrying-
Well, you (an ask anything you Wm.
What can I ask?
n'; my first time.
Mine loo...
Well, ru ask then...
Do you have i...
wan happened?
- Nothing.
[was asking...
Do you have a girlfriend?
- You can take it if it's important.
N is important.
Hello... Hello...
n got disconnected.
Strange... we don't
have a network issue.
So... why can'! you get a connection?
'Don't worry. I'll break this allience.'
Are you okay?
My throat... Water...
- Yeah. sure...
Thank you.
Wait Uncle, let me first
decide what I want in life.
you had a friend called Happy.
His hands would shiver,
he would sweat...
wan was m; problem?
No problem...
He used m do drugs.
Have some more, uncle.
- You're right.
So drugs ma m these problems?
He really respects m; elders.
Does Charan...
No-no-no, he's a good boy.
- It's hard m m": kids m him.
IN fact he's old school.
Excuse me.
So is Binkle...
- Hello.
Hello. uncle.
- Hello.
[think they mike a good pair.
There's definitely
a network problem here.
- Can't hear anything.
Hello. Hello...
Good Lord, someone has fallen.
Oh no.
- Who is it?
Who fell down? Charan fell down!
How did he fall down?
How did he fall down?
- Gel same water.
Son, (all the doctor.
- Get some water.
He's breathing. He's still breathing.
- Get some water.
Get some water. - Sandhu sir,
does this house have some water?
Someone get water.
- He's in breathing.
He's breathing.
- Someone get water.
V.- okay. my boy.
An up. Tiger. an up.
Cu up.
He's okay.
- cu up. did ma; happen?
- Everything':'s I" okay.
Everything': okay...
it's I" okay.
Sandlul sir,
now let's fix a wedding date.
Come on, let's go inside.
Come. - Come on.
- One minute!
Nu me honestly...
you do drugs, don't you?
He's my son... My son!
He will never do anything wrong.
Uncle, mi; is a question
of Binkle': life.
My question is absolutely justified.
And yes, please don't shout.
I'm showing respect to your age...
Otherwise, 1 (an yell louder than you.
Mani... behave yourself,
he's my father okay.
Hey... won't take me a
minute to set you straight.
Lower your eyes.
Nlani, this is no way
to talk to the groom's family.
He's your future brother-in-law.
- wan brother-in-law?
We haven't said yes...
Mani, you children are taking
this ill the wrong tliretlilill.
You want me to In my sister marry
a drug idditl. - Hold on... please...
Uncle wants m say something.
Please go ahead, uncle.
- Yes.
Forgive me.
We don't want any kind
of relationship with such people.
Sandhu sir... what are you saying?
Hey... wan do you
mean by 'such people'?
- Brother-in-law.
So... what did you
mean by 'such people'?
People m you...
...who don't have any manners?
1 see... and your son's
very well behaved, isn't he?
Bin", enough... mp n.
- What are you?
What are you?
Are you going to leach us manners?
People like you...
wait over a month...
mm an appointment with me.
Customers wait outside
my restaurant for over an hour.
Purani Haveli is famous
I" over Chandigarh.
Purabi Have...
Sounds like the name
of some old horror film.
Beware... don't you dare
insult my business! Understand!
Do you know what we
(all businessmen like you?
- Sandlul.
Someone shut up that dog.
Sandhu sir, what are you saying?
Dog and all... it's appalling.
I would've left.
He's talking about shutting
up um dog. - Yeah!
Have you lost your mind, Kartar?
- Sorry. sister...
I thought...
- What did you think?
Who (an dare m Ci" men dog?
Anyone who (HHS me a dog is a dog himself.
- mam
Sister-in-law... take him away.
Sandlul sir.
Or there's no telling
what will happen here.
Wan will happen?
Will you seize our passports...
...or have us thrown behind bars.
Baldev, be quiet.
Ma you come out here m build
a relationship or create a scene?
Blurting nonsense...
No respect for your
brother-in-law or your mm.
Sister. you want me m apologize.
apologize to Sandhu sir.
I said apologize.
Come, Cllirill. Come on.
- Don't g0, ma.
1 said don't go, ma.
- Uncle...
u you humiliate me...
- Baldev, win"
wiim brother, lam coming too.
- Bihlev...
m me il0Ilg too... I'm coming too.
- Sandlul sir.
- Hello, brother-in-law.
Yeah, Kuldeep.
Ma you go see the girl?
Did Charan like her?
Hello... Brother-in-law?
Hello. Hello, sister-in-law.
Did you get the soil?
- Yes, I did.
S: you didn't send
any pickles ma; time.
I will bring it along when I (Ollie
n the wedding. - Great...
Uncle, what you are doing?
Hello. wan happened?
Yes, morn.
- Hello, son.
How's the girl? ma you m her?
Hello... Charan?
Hello. - What's wrong?
Why isn't anyone talking?
Kuldeep, I'll call you later.
Why m": nu her now.
How you humiliated us.
Ma 1 humiliate you?
And you didn't see what they did?
You were asking rne to apologize...
...and you didn't say
a word to them, sister.
We would if it had been their fault.
No...why would it be their fault?
They are big people after all.
I am the hawker!
Ma you buy a mu out there?
Karin'; planning m
open a ma" of restaurants...
m why did papa buy a mu:
- Quiet.
Forget it, brother.
He'll gel married to
whoever is destined for him.
You shut up.
First go m": your destiny.
Let I: be.
Sandhu Sir was right.
What was Sandlul sir right about?
- Shut up
Brother-in-law, tell me...
...what was Sandhu sir right about?
A pauper (an never become a prince.
Bro th er-in-law!
- Lower your voice.
I said to lower your voice.
M; isn't Punjab, it's my home.
1 know it's your home.
And I also know you built it...
"because of Sandlul sir's favors.
You're indebted to him,
so you go lick his feet.
- Bahia'.!
Brother's (an do anything
n their sister's husband.
And you're taunting him...
insulting him.
Trying m intimidate
him... aren't you ashamed?
Aunty, please...
wan please?
He was just a kid, when our parents...
He never had m ask
n anything ma.
I raised your a mother.
And he says please...
Sistermwhat was my mm
No-no...if's entirely our mu.
You didn't do anything.
Now let's see how you get him married.
Wan do you mean?
I mean...
You (an never find anyone
who (an malclnlp m Binkle.
Enough! Enough, sister!
Wan do you think?
My son won't gel married without you.
What's the date today?
What's the date today?
Here, or in India?
- Here.
It's the 25th.
- What?
- 25th".
Next month on the 25th...
...1 will get Charan married!
I swear to God!
Oh, God!
Did this get out of hand?
[told you...let's think
of a different idea.
lam Mr. Lonely...
I've no body...
For my own.
Follow me if you want a drink.
ma: 1 can'! believe
you have a girlfriend.
Why? Am 1 only m m be a brother?
Good joke. Good joke.
Things got really messy here.
And you're laughing...
you think it's funny.
You know, dad and aunty...
- Chill, man.
With a temper m um
he's bound m blow m; top.
Wan did happen?
Everyone spoke loudly
I" the heat of the moment.
And now...
Uncle will go meet
aunty while flying back.
And they will be back to normal.
The usual "My sister...rny brother..."
You don't get it.
Papa has challenged aunt...
mum he'll get
me married I" a month.
M bro, nothing is going m happen.
You don't gel in.
Looking at papa': mood...
...he-ll gel me married m the
rim girl he sees when he hlldi.
Even better.
The first girl he sees will be Nafisa.
M: mu uncle about her, okay.
When are you going
m mu him about us?
Sweaty. let me handle this first.
- Kflrill...
Then I'll bring Uncle straight to your
house to discuss our marriage. - Hello.
Where are you? Hello.
Hello. Slop biting your nails.
How did you know?
Because 1 am your elder brother.
And you know...
I love you the most.
- I know...l know.
You love me the most.
- So chill.
I'll bring Nafisa to the airport.
Just mu me her number.
- Hello... um"...
Nafisa at the airport?
S you...
Where are my glasses, dear?
It's alright, you sit. I'll go get it.
Forgive me, aunty.
Your father should be apologizing.
Wan happened?
Uncle and aunty are very upset.
It as unfair for poor Binkle as well.
What did we do to poor Binkle?
In fact
we're in trouble because of her.
What's her fault...
what's her mistake in all this, uncle?
Are you coming or not?
Len without meeting me!
Who's um girl with Karin?
Don't know.
Papa. 1 think 1 forgot
my handkerchief I" the airplane.
I'll go get it.
- Handkerchief... come along!
Hello. uncle.
- an, you.
She is Nafisa.
- Greetings.
Uncle, she's your daughter-in-law...
ma Chitin u you'!
I forgot my handkerchief...
I'll go get it.
Is it studded with diamonds?
Uncle, Nafisa is from Punjab.
She's a lawyer.
Let's talk later.
Did you gel the car or
did you leave it ill Malerkotla?
I did.
Let's go.
- Come.
So. you didn't come
m London because of ma:
m. uncle...
- The entire family thinks 1 am stupid!
I don't say 'chochi' for 'bread'!
No one says um n bread...
You fool, I meant I didn't
grow old under the sun.
Your mother will be really happy... know that her son
is playing love games out here.
Uncle, l...
- Love her.
Von should learn from Charan.
One holler...and he can't dare to
say anything instead of 'Yes Father'.
Uncle, Nafisa and l...
[don't (are how old
your relationship is with her.
- Quiet if you say another word, 1...
I will jump out of this moving car.
- Uncle... - Papa...Papa...
Shut up!
Your papa thought 1 was m; girlfriend,
and yet you didn't say anything.
You're never going
m mu your did about me...
...and I can give that
to you in writing.
That's hot true, Nafisa, l...
- Then what is it cllirill.
Will you please explain me I" emu.
[want to tell...
- Von know what I think.
You don't want us to gel married.
This is disgusting.
- You just forget me now.
Nafisfl, at least listen to me.
Bid her goodbye.
Andmwhy didn't you mu uncle?
Father would've made
the aircraft land in midair.
I am thinking about
running away from home.
End of my troubles.
M; is life, not some
Olympic race where you've m m...
Have you ever thought about uncle?
Cu up.
Why? - You should've
asked 'why' before getting up.
Chm. you're a Jan.
M God's name and
mu uncle everything.
When men dare, God helps.
I treated sister like God.
She even said...
...that I can never find
anyone who'll match up to Binkle.
Isn't Charan her son loo?
That's the way she is.
Remember, she once give us
an empty envelope on Baby's birthday.
The money nu out
of the open envelope.
You're loo much.
Hawker... they called me a hawker.
Why um...
- Listen...
Hey. ice-cream!
People don't buy anything
from hawker: here.
If I ever catch you here again...
...I'll teach you a lesson
you'll never forget.
- Now gel lost!
Didn't you hear? Keep moving.
- Listen...
I've heard um Binkle
is a really cute girl.
Even I like her, but...
Father, I've something m say.
She's a "I" girl, father.
[was just saying um.
She's a nice girl, but her father...
When did you meet him?
Hey... Do you remember
that we went to London?
Yes, I do.
Then how could you
forget meeting her ma":
m. I was talking
about a different ma"...
That father was abusing me.
This father was getting abused.
Which other father
are you talking about?
No. l...
- Son, be honest with me.
Do you do drugs?
- I don't, father.
Then why did the Sandhus
Ci" you a druggie?
They must have noticed something!
Okay. mu me how you nu down.
Oh, God! Did you fall down?
Did you get hurt?
- He fell down two days ago.
Can I talk to him now?
But how did he fall down?
- Ask him.
Ask him... ask him.
Wan happened?
[wasn't gelling any signal on
n phone, so... - 1 don't either...
What should I do?
Should I fall down? Tell me...
Should I fall down too?
No signal.
- What a mess.
He's definitely a druggie.
He's definitely doing drugs.
- No.
Charan can never do such a thing.
- Don't know.
I've already challenged
them for Charan's marriage.
But fixing him is a challenge as well.
Yo u kn ow,
druggies look normal on the outside.
But they are completely
abnormal on the inside.
Lordmhave mercy.
0 Benevolent One...
I've everything one (an ask m.
Fame, fortune, respect...
4000 trucks.
All 1 seek now is a decent
mm n my dawn-m.
Praise the Lord.
Lord. lam grim-n.
Help me.
Where did he go?
- Sir...
Yes, d ea r.
- Hello.
Papa. please mu
us who are these people.
They are really great people.
[already made it very clear.
The wedding must happen ma; month.
And what a sweet girl. Proper Siklmi.
And not from a different community.
- Yes.
Jwar Nagar. Do you know?
- No. I don't.
I do. uncle. m a right.
'I can't find anyone
who will matchup to Binkle.'
she's a really beautiful girl.
You'll see n yourself.
Ask someone for directions
m New Market, Mama's Temple.
Take a left. Take the next left.
- Yes.
Von seem to know a lot in six months.
Does Nafisa live here?
No, papa, Nafisa lives in Sector 17.
Karin was telling me.
Karin, m: or right? Left or right?
- Right!
18... 17...
we're here... no. 16.
We've arrived.
M it ill... yeah, iii...
We've arrived.
Is it this one with the tractor?
- why?
Don't you m the trader's color?
- m. it's a great color. Red.
- Huh!
Nothing. let's go.
Pick it lip! Pick it lip! Pick it lip!
Sweefy. pick up your phone.
"My beloved': come home, o Lord."
"My beloved': come home, o Lord."
He's here! He's here! He's here!
1 hope you didn't have
trouble finding my place.
NOR I! I".
He brought us straight m your home.
He's from London but knows
Chandigarh bum than us.
I the boy's from London.
M. Karin is from London. My nephew.
My boy's a homegrown ha. Charan.
I see... Cllirill-Karill.
They have similar names,
like their face.
N. mm you two look
m identical twins.
They are identical twins.
1 see... very good.
I don't see sister-in-law.
- And you never will.
- It's God's will after all.
Baldev, 1 can'! remember
when 1 got independence.
on the 15th of August, she...
You see,
now I am Sweety's morn and dad.
But she doesn't listen to anyone.
there's nothing m hide from you.
She has already rejected
12 marriage proposals.
Yours is the unlucky no. 13.
Sweaty dear.
She's really "m.
Von think she's nice.
Von even liked Binkle.
Do you love ma il I"?
Is he feeling okay?
- That's what I arn trying to find out?
Lord. have Mercy on us.
She's my sweet
loveable, the apple of my eye...
- Hello. dear.
Bless you, dear.
I am sure your papa must
have mm you everything.
Dear, if you would
m m speak with the boy...
I mean, if there's something
you want to ask... - No.
M. please do.
Let them talk.
It's a yes from my side, papa.
After all, your choice can'! be wrong.
Did you hear? This is unbelievable.
She said yes.
She has never even bought
shampoo of my choice.
And today, she said yes m my choice.
Have some sweets.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
This is unbelievable, Baldev.
Congratulations to you too.
11m realized...
how much you love me, brother.
Since my marriage got fixed.
you're more worried than 1 am.
Yeah... I am really tensed.
You know away.
Rim away?
But you were saying
um 1 shouldn't m. away.
Run away now.
- What are you saying?
What else (an 1 say?
Uncle': never going m say yes...
...and, you're never
going to tell him.
There's no other choice.
- No, I won't run away.
You were right yesterday.
Then go...tell uncle about Nafisa.
I will when the time is right.
Nu him on your wedding day.
"Uncle, I like a girl... Nafisa!"
"I love her a lot."
"With your permission..."
" we head to her home instead."
Mu fiat here Sweaty.
Don't hit me. Let's talk first...
Sweaty. um u: me.
Sweaty. um u: me.
Sweety... listen m me.
- Have you lost your mind?
M hurts... Sweaty. um hurts.
Sweefy. listen m me...
- What are you?
You came over to
my house with your uncle...
...with a marriage proposal
for your brother.
I didn't know that was your house.
I only realized when
I saw the red tractor.
[even tried calling you...
but you don't even answer my (all.
- No, please...don't...
am him... give him a few
blows on my behalf too, Sweety.
He's so shameless.
Now I gel the entire story.
Listen to him first.
Now I know what he's been
doing here for the last six months.
"When men dare, even God helps."
Now you m, son.
Sweefy. 1 think you
should go mu your did...
My father!
First m I" my life
1 have listened m him.
He's so that
srnile's stuck to his face.
And you want me to
take that away from him.
Karin, 1 think you
should do something.
Hey. keep your opinion
to yourself, okay.
Please, help us, Sweety.
- 1 can'! do anything.
Now you must do something.
Otherwise what?
Charan is m good.
- Whit?
What are you saying?
You're his sister-in-law.
I'll be your sister-in-law
once I'm married to him.
Wan rubbish? wan are you saying?
Angry young man!
Now you rnust handle this
situation with the same zest.
And until this problem isn't solved...
mmarriage is not on the cards.
I am not your girlfriend.
and you're not my boyfriend.
You're in big trouble.
- Sweety!
-- | a... your king..."
"1 brought you a ring..."
" my queen today."
"I am gonna propose today."
"Praise you every day."
"Can't say how beautiful you are."
"Get lost...don't lock horns in love."
"Bury your feelings I" your heart."
"o breeze... sweep me away."
"Corne...and steal my heart."
"Write my namemon your heart."
"I'm stuck in the middle...
come closer dear."
"Make me your boyfriend."
"Go woo someone else?
- "Make me your boyfriend."
"Take your eyes off me."
"mp me I" your love.
"Go woo someone else?
- "Make me your boyfriend."
"Take your eyes off me."
"I am're mine."
"1 am're
minemthifs for sure."
"Your hand in minemthafs for sure."
"Don't stare in my eyes..."
"...but I am sure to
come in your dreams."
"Day dreaming I" day..."
"...why are you still stuck on me."
"Better m": someone
else to lose your heart."
"o breeze... sweep me away."
"Corne...and steal my heart."
"Write my name...
on the card of love."
"I'm stuck in the middle...
come closer dear."
"Make me your boyfriend."
"Go woo someone else?
- "Make me your boyfriend."
"Take your eyes off me."
"mp me I" your love.
"Go woo someone else?
- "Make me your boyfriend."
"Take your eyes off me."
"My eyes always dreamt about you."
"1 cooked up new ideas m woo you."
"You're the most beautiful...
1 keep hitting on you."
"If you talk to me...
I'll be fine again."
"One more time..."
"Love's sweeter than honey...
taste I: my sweetheart."
"Your youth's getting wasted slowly."
"1 am your king,
baby. why don't you understand."
"If you say yes...
I'll get the wedding band."
"Get lost...
don't lock horns in love."
"Bury your feelings I" your heart."
"o breeze... sweep me away."
"Corne...and steal my heart."
"Write my name...
on the card of love."
"1 haven't locked eyes
yet... come closer dear."
"Make me your boyfriend."
"Go woo someone else?
- "Make me your boyfriend."
"Take your eyes off me."
"Make me your boyfriend."
"Go woo someone else?
"Make me your boyfriend."
"Take your eyes off me."
"mp me I" your love.
"Go woo someone else?
"Make me your boyfriend."
"Take your eyes off me."
Enjoy your meal.
So Sandhu sir, what is your opinion?
Paramjeel, 1 haven't...
- Look brother...
u you don't agree m ma; alliance...
...then we'll be forced to think
that you haven't forgiven us yet.
Don't embarrass me, sister-in-law.
We always wanted
Binkle m marry Karin.
You brought that Charan instead.
Forget the pan...
just say the word...
...when should we call Karan?
- Yeah...
What do you say, Binkle dear?
- Papa, I...
What will Binkle say?
Kflrill is better.
And. he's also 5 minutes
older than Charan.
So. on which date should we fix it?
Well. Christmas is OII the 25th, so...
Is Christmas on the 25th this year?
You gel drunk on the 21st-22nd.
How would you know when is Christmas?
As I was saying,
let's set the wedding on the 25th.
It's Christmas as well.
Double the celebrations.
- Yes.
Cheers. Cheers.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Who is it?
Brother Baldev.
Answer it.
Hello. Hello.
There's definitely a
network issue in this house.
Hello, brother.
- Kartar. Start packing.
Charan is getting married.
Charan': marriage? So you agreed?
Wan do you mean?
I don't like them.
Are you crazy?
They are such great people.
I am really proud of you, brother.
Really proud.
Leave that.
You must get here by 20th-22nd.
The Wedding's on the 25th.
25th is such a lame date, brother.
Fix another dale...
like 26th, 27th, 28th.
Kartar, ma; is about my promise.
I challenged her for the 25th." the wedding will
take place on the 25th.
But it's Christmas
in England on the 25th.
The day of the Lord, brother.
Are you planning on dressing up like
Santa Clause and give out sweets?
Karin': wedding on the 25th as well.
Karat's wedding is also on the 25th.
- Yes, brother.
But I challenged her for the 25th.
But Sandhu sir has already
fixed 25th for the wedding.
Isee... so Karin';
marriage has been fixed...
...with Sandhu's daughter Binkle.
Your mother's doing
this to torment me!
Listen, Kartar,
you have a brother as well.
You're coming here... that's m
And if you don't show up...
...then our relationship
is over for good, understand!
Sister, l...
- Don't even think about it.
Is Baldev now more
important to you than me?
Poor boy's got only one uncle now.
And even he won't attend the wedding.
You must stay here, end of discussion.
And if you don't... then
that's the end of ma; relation.
Why did you Ci" Sweety here, Charan?
- Don't get mad at me.
Von were in the bathroom...
...and Sweety was calling you.
I just picked up her
call and gave her an update.
She's a smart girl, she will mp us.
She won't mp us...
she'll beat me m a plllp.
Everyone's conspiring against me.
The Sandhus threw us mm
uncle give challenge...
...and morn-dad fixed my wedding.
And all this because of you.
If only you had said yes for Binkle...
- And what about Nafisa.
Make her my mm.
Don't you have a better example?
Von coulcfve told me about Nafisa.
Mum. - v awn u me
abnul Sweaty, sum.
Von look so restless.
Here's your chain.
And anywaymyoll can': open
a chain of Purani Haveli anymore.
Wail... sorry. man.
Forget it, don't worry.
What else should I do?
- Take advice?
From who?
- Kartar uncle.
Kartar uncle?
He'll m everything.
Like he fixed things n you.
He made everyone believe
you're a drug addict.
S: he solved my problem.
God, I am in a mess.
- He's a genius.
That man (an cook
up an idea from anything.
Any other option?
My life's become hell.
Sister's pulling my legs
while brother's pulling my hair.
They are making new relations...
...and ending their old ties with me.
What to do, Jolly. What should I do?
First finish your drink dude.
- That's right.
Karin'; calling on Skype.
He will definitely mp me.
- or course, he will.
Today's youth, Jolly.
Smart and intelligent.
Karan-Charan...what's up my boys?
Karin uncle, we're I" big trouble.
Please mp us.
Uncle...please come up
with an idea... find a solution.
M: get my wedding canceled.
You fool...I came up
with an idea for Charan...
...and our entire family broke up.
If I come up with another idea...
...then the Sandhus will sc me.
Binkle is his daughter...
...not a tennis ball, which you can toss
over to first Charan and then Karan.
Charan had a reason, Nafisa.
What is your reason? Najma?
- I was only joking.
Kartar uncle is on Skype...
- He m: offended.
- 1' dose this matter once and for a.
- Just meet my uncle Kartar.
Call Kflfill, he felt bad.
- Hello.
Uncle, she's...
- I got in.
Greetings, dear.
Kartar uncle, lam not who you think.
I mean I am not Nafisa, I am Supreet.
- Sweaty'!?
My girlfriend?
- m... Charan': future wife.
Ma ma go on a pilgrimage?
What (an 1 say, uncle Kartar?
He lliilfl mm uncle
ma about ma yet.
And of I" the people I" Chandigarh...
...uncle had to choose
her for Charan, Sweety.
Sweaty is mm u: miss.
what kind of a family is this?
No one has any kind of
communication with anyone.
Their families are
fixing their wedding...
...and these guys have girlfriends.
While we're getting tensed.
Are you tensed?
- of course.
Wan is this?
- Whiskey?
Brother Baldev.
Wan is this?
- Definitely not soda.
Correct answer.
Sister Jeeto.
And this is me... Ice.
VVhiskey wants the ice in his glass...
...and soda wants
the ice in his glass.
How can I be in two
places at the same time?
Jolly...what an idea.
- Me?
Of course...
I know what you want to say.
If we mix whiskey with soda...
...then the ice can
be with both of them.
Isn't it?
- See... genius.
Like I said...he can come
up with an idea anywhere.
He's so humble too.
It's his idea but giving
the credit to Jolly.
He's not humble, he's a big jumble.
He's only giving
credit m Jolly because...
...if things go sideways tomorrow,
he (an blame Jolly n n.
I didn't say a word,
and you understood the idea.
Dude, that's my quality.
And when 1 keep telling
you m increase my salary...
...don't you understand that?
There are something':
[don't understand.
Problem solved... no more worrying.
Call brother Baldev.
Uncle Baldev is at my home,
drinking with papa.
Kartar, did you book a ticket.
Why did you (nine-me her...
...if you wanted m secretly
get Charan married?
What rubbish?
Why will it be a secret wedding?
Charan': going m have
a grand wedding here.
But who's going to see I: there?
Neither sister Jeetfl,
nor brother-in-law, nor Sandlul sir.
- So what?
Opt for a destination wedding instead.
In London.
Where did you get humiliated?
- In London.
Where were you called a hawker?
- In London.
So where should you
show your grandeur?
- So where should the wedding be?
- In London.
Gill Sir is right there...
ask him.
How do you know can sir's right here?
Brolhermwho else would
you be sitting with?
Don't think loo much, brother.
You must show sister Jeeto...
...that an honorable man
never forgets his humiliation.
But in a foreign country...
- Foreign.
With the grace of God...
you have a home...
...your Kartar...
your Jolly...your Mini Punjab.
Bring everyone along.
Bring entire Punjab.
It's your London.
- Yeah...
But so many people...
so much work.
London will be very expensive.
N will be expensive,
bill people will talk loo.
Von were insulted in London..., the wedding should
take place there too.
Don't worry... with the grace of God.
I'm blessed with quite a lot.
S: the Sandhus have everything.
Doesn't miller...
we'll deal with it.
I've 400 tractors,
when will they come in handy?
I've only one dawn-m.
Don't worry...we'll manage.
So Kartar, it's final.
Destination Wedding. in London.
That's more like it.
Goodbye. problem is solved.
Wan about our problem?
You fools...what does the
air-hostess tell us in the flight?
Wear your oxygen mask
before helping others.
U I'm out of breath myself...
...who's going to mp
you wear the oxygen mask?
When are you going m help
us wear the mask? After we're dead?
If we come over to London for
the wedding. then she will kill me.
And Nafisa will strangle me.
And you'll lose...
- Both your nephews.
On. man...l thought
my problem was large.
S: your problem is larger than life.
We'll see what to do.
Just come to London.
The flight has landed.
but Karan hasn't come out yet.
Isn't this unbelievable, sister?
- It's landed.
The entire family
is here m welcome Karin.
S: only 1 am here m welcome the
entire family coming from Punjab.
That's what 1 am asking you?
Why is ma getting
Charan married I" London?
Destination Wedding. sister!
You know, like the snooty white people.
It was his idea.
They are here.
- son hi5 arrived.
Where's Kartar?
[don't see anyone.
Hi. my boy...
Your joys will be
pretty short-lived...
...if you don't sort out all this son.
Looking good, "m. Kartar.
Fresh... Fit!
Kartar. Give me a hug.
- Welcome m London, brother.
How are you, Binkle?
- Mimi, how are you?
Bro, how are you?
- Yeah, let's go.
Come om...
- Come on.
Uncle Kartar.
Is Charan getting married m her?
You have a great memory, morn.
Yes -Yes... Yes!
Oh. my...
Sweefy. greet your uncle too.
- Greetings.
She is characterless.
- Hmmmm
She has a boyfriend too.
Poor Charan is trapped.
Sister Jeeto...
Can I go meet her?
- Yes...
Come, let's go meet your aunt.
- Go on...
Came, Sweaty.
- v.5...
Mr. Gill,
at least someone stay with me.
Am [going m stay alone?
[gel in...
Is it them we're not speaking with?
- Indeed... Indeed, brother.
Kuldeep. All okay?
- Bless you, son.
And she's your new
daughter-in-law... Sweety.
Let's go now?
Are you planning
on settling down here?
Let's go.
Come, dear.
- Bye. see you hm.
- We were just talking.
Are you still angry, aunty?
Aunt)!' who,
I'm an old lady.
- No-no-no...
On. yes, little baby.
On. did you fall down?
She even remembers the dialogue.
Yeah... did wanted m come,
but he was busy.
Really, man, he as busy.
N was my mistake.
Wan is Sweety doing there?
Call her.
- Charan'.!
Yeah... Ves...
- Where are you mm
Jet lag.
Brother's saying Ci" Sweety here.
Call her.
Sweaty. aw.
Sweaty. aw.
Everyone makes mistakes.
- sweery. come on, let's go.
N was jun a mistake.
- Sweaty...
They are calling you, please go.
I heard it.
What an ill-mannered girl.
It's a really grand hotel.
The rooms are even better.
And we've booked
a penthouse for Sweety
I see...
Very good...
Von see, we must show our enemies...
...that Mr.
Gill is not some ordinary guy.
Absolutely right.
- Any problem, Mr. Gill?
Not at all. I must book tickets for
my relatives coming from Punjab.
Don't worry...I'll get
it done on Make My mp.
I see...
- Please give me your card?
The card is the real problem.
We-u have m gel new ones made
because of ma; destination wedding.
Papa. he's asking n your credit card.
- Credit card?
I need to pay them as well.
- Oh...I see.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
It's too grand even for my taste.
- Jolly, don't just stand there.
Take everyone inside.
Shall we?
- Let's go. Come on...
Come, brother.
Come, my Lad,
Kartar Villa welcomes you.
"1 am not good. No one is bad."
"1 am not good. No one is bad."
"Prays Nanak He alone saves us!"
"Prays Nanak He alone saves us!"
"Prays Nanak He alone saves us!"
Bro...both the parties
are giving pretty angry looks.
Jolly. take anything you get
in the House of Lord as His blessings.
"No one is bad."
25th." 25th."...
The hall's been already
booked for the 25th.
Please do something.
I can give you a booking
for 24th or the 26th.
- wan are you saying?
How can the 25th be booked?
[already spoke with the priest.
- Yeah...
Words just don't m it, Mr. am.
I think we should go
and book a music band as well.
The deal': sealed only
when you have a receipt.
Kartar, tell him... book a different Gurdwara.
Brother, gel your booking
done I" a different Gurdwara.
Reason? We're older...
he's younger m us.
Sister is older...than you.
No one's big or small
in the Lord's House.
But one must always
respect their elders.
Look Baldev...
Just a minute, mister...
Please don't break the
sanctity of the Gurdwara.
With your permission...
...we can have both the weddings
on the same day, on the 25th.
11 o'clock is fine.
What an incredible idea?
Same date...sarne place...
and the same family.
That solves the problem.
You'll get us I" trouble, uncle.
Is that fine?
You and your ideas?
It's all settled now...thank you.
- Goodbye.
I'll have to cajole her again.
N was the same dale...
Now. nude um has fixed
u same phi! and time.
And we're depending on him?
[don't think your so called 'talented.
Kartar uncle (an do anything.
Now, he can... he can...
You can, can'! you?
Uncle, only you (an
save their love now.
Why don't you talk to aunt now?
- Baby dear...
...sister Jeeto severed
ties with her own brother...
"because of Sandlul sir.
With his father.
If I tell her about
Karan and Sweety...
Then she will shoot Sweety.
Loose character...
Uncle, why don't you mm m did?
Then your secret
will be out of the bag.
Then ma will get
involved... Akbar, Mllghlai...
Swords will be drawn...
there will be bloodshed.
You know what...
shoot these old folks.
Let's keep ma; between us.
The youth.
- Then think of something.
Think what?
1 got an idea.
Come, boys and girls, come...
Why is he taking us
to the vegetable market now?
Come on...
- Hurry up.
What is this?
Radish? - It's a radish...
but, not an ordinary one.
Because...this is Binkle.
And this one?
- Potatoes.
M; is you.
And this is sweet potatoes...
which is you.
My favorite vegetable...
what is this?
Is that me?
No... this is a cauliflower.
The potato will try
m convince radish... tell her dad she doesn't
want to marry sweet puma.
Reason... because sweet-potato
is seeing cauliflower.
Then the cauliflower
will tell her dear watermelon...
I mean, she will tell Gill sir...
...that I don't want to marry potato.
Reason... because the
potato is a drug addict.
Sweet pecan was already free...
Now cauliflower will be free too.
They will get busy
with d. other. Simple.
Unclemmind-blowing idea.
And 1 am sure you've m thought...
...where I will meet radish...
I mean Binkle.
Or course my boy, of course.
After I", lam i... Punjabi!
- That's the one.
Hey look, it's beautiful.
- Look at that.
Isn't I: nice?
And look at this one.
- Yes...
What do you say?
- Yes...
Binkle, have a look.
What do you say to that one?
- It's really nice.
May be...
Anyway, let's go have a look...
- What about that?
Let's go inside...
- I... I'll be back from the washroom.
N'; that way.
Why did you bring me here?
- Why?
This is where I had that
argument with your... mother.
I've some bitter
memories with this mall.
Forget 'm Sweaty.
um: m mm m you.
Tell me...
- Nomnot here.
Let's go the coffee shop?
- Sure.
Are you crazy?
Are you blind?
Have patience.
- Hello.
I'll be right back.
I am terribly sorry formeverything
um happened at your home um day.
Even I arn sorry.
Nlanpreet actually said too much.
I see... so that's why
I get this 'Coffee with Charan'.
No, actually...
I wanted to show you this.
Is this what you wanted to show me?
Run! Run! Run! Run!
Where is Binkle?
Call her.
- That way! That way.
I don't know where she is.
That way! Come on.
Kartar, ma; looks like the
most expensive section of the mall.
Yeah...but there's a sale everywhere.
That shop looks perfet-L
give me your card.
- Sweety...
Von left me alone.
- What?
Come on...
- What Sweaty?
M; is what 1 wanted m show you.
Kara, your future husband.
and Sweaty, my mu! m...
It's all a mess, Binkle.
Please, say no m ma; wedding.
Maybe something': wrong with me.
Don't say um.
You're really very "m.
No... I mean,
you'll get many more proposals.
After getting rejected Mice...
from the same family?
1 know you'll handle...
If Kflrill doesn't want to gel married,
let him say no.
I wish we could say no...
...then things wouldn't
have been the way they are.
S: Charan, it's their problem...
...why are we getting involved?
Now I've pill my ma. I" God's hand.
Whatever the Lord decides for me...
...will be good enough n me.
He's the One who
makes matches in Heaven.
I am sure...
He's chosen someone for me too.
Charan, 1 can't explain it, b...
...1 thought maybe you m
here m say something else.
"We were holding hands but
"...our destinies were m away."
"was I: our fate that separated us..."
"...or is this the fate of love?
"I haven't lost you
yet... nor are you with me."
"So why do 1 mu miss you?"
"Without you...
it's even hard to breathe."
"Becauseml can': slop
thinking about you."
"Your memories keep tormenting me."
"Becauseml can': slop
thinking about you."
"Your memories keep tormenting me."
"You're right I" m": of me..."
"...yet we're miles apart."
"The heart has lots to say..."
"...but unfortunately
my lips are sealed."
"Whether you were
akin or a stranger..."
"...the heart couldn't discriminate."
"Why a; my heart
keep skipping a pm."
"Without you...
it's even hard to breathe."
"Becauseml can': slop
thinking about you."
"Your memories keep tormenting me."
"Becauseml can': slop
thinking about you."
"Your memories keep tormenting me."
Are your radish.
carrots, and potatoes cooked yet?
There was no carrot I" the pm. ever!
UnclemCharan (him; you're a genius.
That I am.
So think of a new idea, please.
[got in...
This is Binkle...and
she's going to melt.
This isn't Binklemand
never should be!
Oh, God...fine...
this is Binkle.
Now! - What now?
Let's target her.
- Why?
M; is our problem... why are
you dragging um poor soul I" this?
Poor? She's Sandhu sir's dawn-m. got my wedding
canceled with her...
...=ml now, we're canceling
Karin': wedding with her loo.
Have you ever wondered
what she's going through?
Are you her uncle? Huh, Charan.
Do you have a bum idea?
Speak up...
Now I've pill my ma. I" God's hand.
Whatever the Lord decides
n me...will be good enough n me.
He's the One who makes
matches in Heaven.
So be it.
U h ch55! Sweaty m me.
then x am fine.
What's he saying, Karan?
- I want to know that too.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you driveling?
I am just saying that
one must fight his own battle.
If Sweety and you
really love each other...
...then fight your own battle.
He took my ice-cream.
Hello. sister?
Kartar. the crack of dawn?
Wedding card.
The rim card goes m the uncle.
Uncle? I see...
And this too... sweets,
gold chain, diamond ring...
...suit piece and cash too.
- 11,000 Pounds.
11.000 Pounds?
But sister...these gifts
are given on the wedding day.
Yes... this is just
the invitation gift.
From Sandlul sir.
Only n our close relatives.
Just wail and watch...
...all the gifts that Sandhu
sir will give on the wedding day.
Sandhu sir is a really great guy.
He's so wealthymbul doesn't
have an ounce of arrogance.
Otherwise, people these days...
...forget their place after
acquiring little wealth.
manners, all of it.
Sister... greetings.
- Bless you.
Kuldeep. ma; is your invitation card.
Be there...
- You don't have to say I: twice.
We're family after all.
But you must come first...
You seemflharan': engagement
is before Kararfs.
Shall we?
- Yes.
Al least have a (up of ma.
- Yes, bro...
No. let it be.
he'll get another one of his ideas.
And anyway...we've to
go invite certain people...
...we don't want to.
What to do...
that's courtesy after all.
We must go.
We'll make it clear...
Come only if you're really
happy...otherwise stay at home.
And slop asking us n m...
Instead, you should be asking
whether you can lend a hand.
You're my brother after all.
Come home and mp me through.
Von see sister, lam divided myself.
Let's go.
- Yes, come.
Come, sister.
"My cute Charan...
My naive Charan..."
"My love': stuck I" a cyclone..."
"minke I: across."
"Take it across now."
- Sorry. are you okay?
Everyone must fight their own battle.
But how can a brother
fight with his own brother?
But my brother has this habit...of
inviting trouble for himself. comes the trouble.
Hi, Nafisa.
Where is Charan?
How about some coffee?
I'm thirsty for his blood!
Wellmlhafs only possible
at his engagement.
Come on.
"O Nafism. fiery..."
"The black thread gets
stuck in the latch."
"Fights with the sister-in-law.
little brother-in-law is a brat."
"The black thread gets
stuck in the latch."
"It's an auspicious night.
With henna did hands..."
"You look beautiful tonight."
"Music plays loud..."
- Card uncle.
"It's time to dance and shout."
Sorry. cm uncle, card.
For making payment?
- Yes.
"Twelve years..."
"He'd gone out for 12 years."
"He brought back powder."
"When you dance,
my heart beats louder!"
"When you dance,
my heart beats louder!"
Darling, shall we dance?
- Dance?
"Maternal uncle dances with wife."
"Paternal aunt dances with her husband."
Sister Jeeto': here.
- "Grandma dances with grandpa."
"Holding a glass in the hand."
Listen, sister Jeeto's here.
But not brother-in-law.
At least our sister's here.
- " Twelve years... "
"He'd gone out for 12 years."
"He brought back stuff."
"It will be hm when rocking the
dance floor with uncle."
Coming. can sir.
- Hi...
[thought 1 should congratulate you.
Congrats for what...
Von know this is just a charade.
"It's an auspicious night.
With henna did hands..."
"You look beautiful tonight."
"Music plays loud."
"It's time to dance and shout."
"m; is a joyous occasion..."
"We've all be been
so eagerly wailing m."
"He'd gone out for 12 years."
"He'd gone out for 12 years."
"He brought back a Harley."
"It will be hm when rocking the
dance floor is the whole family."
"It will be hm when rocking the
dance floor is the whole family."
"It will be hm when rocking the
dance floor is the whole family."
Everyone has to fight
their own battle, don't they?
Go fight...
"Twelve years..."
Is she Qureshi?
Um Qllreshi. Karin': friend.
She's from Punjab...
and staying with us.
I see...
Come, sister...
and bless the children.
Ma Qureshi.
You're looking so handsome, son.
You just
sc your own brother. know
how much I love music.
[can see that my boy.
[can see um.
Give the engagement gift.
5")'. tiger. easy.
My poor boy.
Thanks n coming, aunty...
- Thank you.
May God save you...
Come, let's take a picture together.
Come on.
Unbelievable Charall.
1 never imagined um...
...I'll be a guest in your engagement.
"He'd gone out for 12 years."
"He brought back a Harley."
Smile, please. - "It will be hm when
rocking the dance floor is the whole family."
"It will be hm when rocking the
dance floor is the whole family."
"It will be hm when rocking the
dance floor is the whole family."
- Yes.
Hello. - Greetings.
"Rn mm to my I-mm
introduce you to my mother."
"Everything will be fine."
"Is this what you (all fine?"
"Didn't you feel ashamed?"
You didn't even think about me...
...before going ahead and
doing something like this.
Thanks m Karin n
informing me of time.
Otherwise, you would've gone
ahead with the wedding as well.
It's impossible m understand.
Getting engaged to
Sweety was just a plan...
I didn't make any plans this time.
[swear on the queen.
Wan was your pm:
- Well, 1 thought...
...if I an casual, then these two
will feel the pressure and run away.
And that would solve the problem.
That would've solved your problem.
IIOI ours.
- You're not the winner too.
You haven't told your parents either.
Oh hello...
At least he didn't gel
engaged m m; sister-in-law.
Please ham. quiet.
U you guys fight amongst yourselves
m. you'll definitely lose.
Have team spirit.
Von see in situations like these...
wan is this?
- Uncle, why don't you just mu us?
But I am...
These are shoes...
you're a Singh.
Wear these...
and run like Milkha Singh.
Run away?
- rum...
You'll be happymand even
your families will m". down.
Your parents will curse you...
...saying that you were
a bunch of selfish fools.
They humiliated their
families and ran away.
They will cry and wail
n few days... that's i...
Look guys.
you're out of time and options.
If you don't run...then Karan
will get engaged to Binkle.
Yeah... Yes...
Are you ready, my boy?
Yes... Ready!
Are you sure?
- Sure.
You must leave early
morningmal 10:25 sharp!
10:25? What's the plan?
There's no plan.
I wake up at 1O am...
And takes me around
20-25 minutes m gel ready.
Al least I can see you guys run away.
Nafisa... keep my stuff
in your bag as well.
Don't you have your own bag?
If I take my bag,
what am I going to tell morn and dad?
"Bye, morn...Bye dad,
I am running away."
"Take care."
Kartar uncle's getting to everyone.
Thank you so much,
Aunty, for everything.
No need to thank me.
You must attend the wedding.
- Definitely.
She's here for the wedding...
of course, she will come.
And Self ridges...
That's the place to go.
- Sandlul sir?
Sandlul sir?
- Sandlul sir...
Why are they here?
- Sandhu sir.
I Ind m meet Karin.
Hello, Uncle.
Dad. 1 think they are going somewhere.
Uncle, ma; is ma.
- m.
Manpreel, she's ma.
- m.
From India.
She's my friend.
Uncle. gel "P!
Wan happened?
- Look...
wan happened my ha.
- m a look.
Good Lord, who invited Sandhu Sir?
Is he and Minpreel
eloping with you guys too?
They are here on their own.
We're here for Kflfill.
- Me? Where?
For the wedding suit, son.
- Oh no, Uncle...I've plenty of them.
Son... it's a tradition.
The father-in-law takes
his son-in-law personally...
mm buy the wedding suit.
I'm tattered here...
and she's worried about the suit.
Is everything alright, son?
Yes, uncle. It's great.
You know what uncle,
our choices are quite similar.
So why don't you gel one for me?
I am a bit busy today.
- Busy with what?
You don't work bro...
ActuallyuJ had to take Nafisa for
sight-seeing around Central London.
- Yeah!
[was thinking um he (an take
me shopping around cmm London...
...=ml mp me with
the hotel check-in too.
We have a big house out there, dear.
Doesn't look "I" if you
check-in into a hotel.
Oh. no uncle...
- Doesn't look nice. Ask them.
You're right, dad.
She will stay with me.
1 mean she will stay with us.
And anyway, lam n...
...I'll show her
around Central London.
Dad, I'll pick her up.
Excuse me.
Great lllell.
- Okay.
Come, Karin. Let's go.
- Go on.
You mo, dear.
- Go. dear.
Oh, God! What now?
You were supposed to gel up at 10 am.
1 did m an alarm,
but why didn't it ring?
On. it's not working.
How could you m an alarm
I" a Wild! that's not working?
The watch is fine...
but the alarm': turned off.
- Coming.
Yes, bro ...
an n fixed?
- Okay.
Careful, you (m...
um one': m.
Everything': fine...
except for my time.
Come here!
And you...
Who stares at a girl like this?
Funny... you're loo funny.
What's wrong. Charan?
Ma isn't answering my calls!
Ma ma come here m elope
with Charan, or n sight-seeing?
Mm. Sweaty.
- Hahn'.!
You're going to get
engaged m Binkle...
mam! you want me
m m and rejoice.
Even you got engaged to Charan.
Doesn't miller...
You only have to pour the
drink into the glass, not drink it.
[don't (are if Nafisa
shows up or not...
...but we are eloping, and that's it.
Stand up!
- Let them finish...
lmean...l can't leave Charan alone.
He's such a duffer...
I mean, he's not smart like me.
So when are we going m run away?
After your engagement?
What's your problem in
eloping after the engagement?
Silly. girl...
Fine...go wear it...
Sandhu': wedding in
Binkle': ring...
Sweefy. don't worry...
We're already married.
You're my wife.
V0 scold me, curse me, abuse me...
beat me so lovingly.
That's what wives do.
not girlfriends.
" SweetymSweety...
[want your love."
" SweetymSweety...
[want your love."
Crazy boy...
Who is it?
It's Binkle... not Nafisa.
Binkle': calling him?
Hi. Binkle. How are you?
- How could 1 be...
...when I don't know what's
going to happen at my wedding.
- Yes, papa.
We're leaving.
Get ready and come with your aunty.
Okay. papa.
- Bye, dear.
Is Karan coming?
- Yes...he has to.
Imeanmhe is coming.
But Binkle...
Karin and Sweety are planning
m m away after the engagement.
getting their love.
Bul...I'm feeling really bad n you.
And what hm; me is um
you're hiding something from me.
What is it? Tell me...
Can we meet...
Sister-in-law, hurry up.
Or I'll start dancing right here.
- Corning.
Luwish you would come along too.
Ma brother-in-law
attend Charan': wedding?
He didn't...
He sent his wife and children.
Salim sending my
wife and (hildren too.
Go on.
Give my love m Karin.
Are you okay?
- Yeah...
- Hi.
You're looking really "m.
Thank you.
U you don't mind.
(an 1 ask you a question?
Please do...
How long have you been taking drugs?
Binkle, I swear to God...
...I've never even touched
drugs I" my whole life.
Then, how did you fall down that day?
Actuallyuuback then,
I didn't want to get in this relation.
Because of my girlfriend NifiSi.
The so-called 'drugs'
was uncle's idea... that you guys reject me.
But when 1 saw you...
we were standing right here...
...when I got a text on my mobile.
It was from Uncle.
I sent you out to get water...
I wanted to (all uncle and stop him...
And tell him that l...
But I wasn't getting
any network and...
...1 was trying m Ci" uncle.
I was trying to call him and wasn't
getting any signal on my phone...
I tried getting some network...
Then, I was finally started
getting some network, when...
Watch it. You'll fall down.
There was no one m slop me n: day.
and 1 nu.
And it things turned south after that.
After that,
when I saw you at the airport...
And then at the mall...
The truth is Binkle, I don't
love fact, I love you.
The other day.
when you bowed before the Lord...
...1 thought um Lord's telling me...
"Binkle...I've chosen
a mm n you."
1 love you, Charan.
I love you.
Sandlnl sir.
the arrangements are really amazing.
Paramjeel': done everything...
How are you?
- Thank you.
Hurry "P-
Father-in-law. Sandhu sir...
I mean Sandhu uncle.
Kartar uncle.
Thank you.
"I'm I" love with your eyes..."
"minke your lovely goggles m."
"I'm I" love with your eyes..."
"minke your lovely goggles m."
"You're so beautifulmlike the moon."
"Shining bright...are
your up-to-date jewels."
"You're so beautifulmlike the moon."
"Shining bright...are
your up-to-date jewels."
"You chase me for no reason..."
"...keep raising the matter of love."
"Don't think too much, sweetheart..."
"...sway to the beat with me."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can't...".
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
" attitude's
sweeter than honey."
"u 1 take my goggles off..."
"...there's chaos around."
"Baby. your sway to
the beat is I" wrong..."
"...but when you repeat,
it makes my heart skip a beat."
"Don't try to feel..."
"Don't let your heart loose..."
"Don't think too much, sweetheart..."
"...sway to the beat with me."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can't...".
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"1 don't need m praise you..."
you have an average face."
"But I must say..."
"...your grace is mind-blowing."
"Why are you jealous of my beauty..."
" beauty is what gels you high."
"I'll read your eyes..."
"...make your heart beat fiiler."
"Don't think too much, sweetheart..."
"...sway to the beat with me."
"When I dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can't...".
"When I dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can't...".
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"...boys can't...".
"...boys can't...".
"...boys can'! take their eyes m."
"When you dance wearing goggles..."
"...boys can't...take their eyes off."
Who could that be?
What's the matter, Kartar?
You've been dancing
a m wearing goggles?
Brother, you?
I had to...because of your stupidity.
You idiot...what are you doing?
Letting the children elope.
And what about my reputation?
Your reputation?
Don't dead guys get humiliated?
Brother, lim only doing ma;
n n happiness of our children.
Which (hildren are you talking about?
Children these days...
...think it's cool
to hurt their parents.
Even you're looking cool, brother.
No change at all.
You look like my younger brother.
- Curse you.
Once you're stop aging.
You'll m": out hm.
- Don't say that, brother.
I don't want to know.
- But you must know one thing.
Jeeto and Baldev raised
my children as their own.
They never treated them as an orphan.
If these children hurt them...
...then, I swear to God,
I'll never forgive you Kartar.
The trader's here too.
So is n mannequin.
Good morning.
It's so cold outside.
What's wrong?
Nothing. mm.
- Bless you.
What brings you to the
farm at this early hour?
Yes, I came here for a horseshoe.
I'll put it on my door.
God save me from anymore evil-eye...
[don't want any more mess-ups.
Give it.
This is the first time
Your 'Ideas-man' did a job right.
Get lost.
Sister...l have a request.
Please cancel this wedding.
Have you been drinking in the morning?
I'll make coffee for
you... pass me the sugar.
Karan and Sweety...
- Sweaty?
What did that
'loose-character' do now?
Forget Sweet.
Charan and Nafisa love each other.
Wan are you driveling?
- 1 swear, mm.
How did you know?
- [always knew.
So why didn't you say something?
You know brother's tern per.
Charan is my boy.
I won't let his life get ruined.
Fine... I'll do something.
Hurry up.
- Let's go.
Kul. tell her Kartar isn't at home.
I'm here m see you.
We must talk...
it's about Charan.
Imdolfl love ma anymore.
- What?
L... Sweaty"
What Sweaty?
Karin, 1... - Why don't you
clearly say um you love Sweety?
Are you crazy?
I'm in love with Binkle.
My Fiance.
- Fiance?
I n1ean...we did get engaged?
- Yes, even I got engaged to him.
Should I (all him my fianc?
You two finish fighting first,
then we'll talk. - Shut up.
Fine, tell me.
U we're running away.
rm running away with ail-m.
Outstanding...end of all troubles.
Your fiance with me,
and my fiance with you.
N'; not that simple.
How am 1 going m mu ma:
It will be really harsh on her.
She will be heartbroken.
Wow Nafisa.
you're going to live a thousand years.
Charan was just talking about you.
Nafisa, actually...
Charanml don't think
we're made for each other.
After coming here, 1 realized...
...that Nlanpreet is my true love, not you.
- What?
How (an Manpreet be your true love?
Von didn't think about me?
About my feelings?
- Listen...
u... you broke my heart...
'(nu ma my hurl...
You can': do this to me.
Mid! He's completely mad.
How (an you be so stupid...
m: a minute ago, you and Nafisa...
Forget what I was saying
and um m what she is saying.
Wan are you saying?
How (an you do ma; m me?
Everything under control.
[fixed everything.
Wan did you do now?
No need m elope now...
I've mm mm Jeeto everything.
That Charan and Nafisa
love each other.
And she must have mm
brother ma by now.
Father knows...
What do I do?
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Have you lost your mind?
What's wrong with him?
Is he actually doing drugs now?
This is brother Charall.
this is Nafisa.
- Kflrill.
M. Manpreet.
And this is Binkle.
So's Charan and Binkle...
mum and Millpreel!
He's here...
come, Kartar...
- Come...
You guys called me.
- Yes.
Tell him...
- What?
That Charan loves Nafisa.
Isn't that what you said?
Yes, sister, I did.
My Charan rants m marry Nafisa.
No. not at all.
Are you satisfied now?
- wan are you saying?
Why are you lying?
Sister...n1y information was wrong.
- What?
Then give us the right information.
Nu her...that ma
is Karin'; girlfriend.
What's this new twist now?
Nafisa is Karin': girlfriend?
Not yet...
but let me confirm first.
S: one thing's confirmed, brother.
Chitin mm m marry Binkh.
- X see...
Why don't you m say...
that Karan wants to marry Sweety?
How did you know?
Binkle is my would-be daughter-in-law.
That hurts, brother.
- Sweety is my would-be daughter-in-law.
Kids. you know...
they can'! mike up their mind.
This is too much...
All that alcohol has
messed up your brain.
You never did understand
what marriage is all about...
...and, you never will.
We're looking forward
m two wedding...
...and he's creating
rifts between families.
- That's the limit.
Listen to me...
- I don't want to hear anything.
Honestly. brother...
you m' ask the kids.
Let it be...there's no need.
- Brother, 1.". telling m. mm.
Brother... - All that alcohol
has messed up your mind.
Listen to me, sister-in-law.
We've been through a lot already.
All these years I've been sending
you pickles, jams. and snacks.
And ma; is how you repay me.
- Sister-in-law.
Someone believe me.
I am scared to think that...
maker you guys run away.
father mightjust get me married.
Wan are you doing here?
I brought her here.
- I saw that...
That's why 1 followed you guys.
Wan are you doing here?
Binkle and I love each other.
Since when?
Because 1 dumped you ma; morning...
...and if you're already
in love with her, then...
...isn't that too soon?
And, if this has been
going on for a while now...
Minpreel m: him!
Hit him!
What is that?
I don't know... I don't
know any judo or karate.
I don't...
- I don't either.
Can't guys fight even
if they don't know judo?
Are you running away too?
Why will they run, uncle?
We're running away.
M one': going anywhere now.
- Why?
Ma you come up with a new idea now?
[don't need any more ideas.
M things proceed the way they are.
Take whatever you are getting.
Take what? Radish?
Potato... no, sweet-potato.
Radish, carrot...
Take what?
Father had 4000 tractors.
Now he's got only 2800.
From Gill uncle,
he's turned into 'Card uncle.'
The wedding is tomorrow.
Wan else (an we do
other than running away?
You couldn't do anything, and now...
Karall, tell her about
all that I did...
Will you please mu me what you did?
Wan did you do?
Whose idea was it to target Binkle?
So what?
This duffer fell in
love with her instead.
And what about running away?
Milkha Singh?
U only we had m. away on time...
...we wouldn't have
ran into Sandlul sir.
And what about my idea of having
both the wedding at the same place?
So that you can attend
both n weddings.
And this... ma; is
no way m handover kids.
U only you had done
things properly um day...
...then, we wouldn't
be in this trouble, uncle.
[would've bee" I" Punjab.
he would've bee" I" London.
He would be getting
married m Binkle...
"m": [would be getting
married to Sweety.
And our love...
- What love?
The current generation
treats love more like a game.
It's either on that side...or on this.
Ma. m. my Singh Bajwa.
Karin and 1 have been on the
same side n the past two years.
Von should be taunting him.
That duffer. - That one.
- How is it my mm now?
Love cannot be planned.
It just happened...
I fell in love...with Binkle.
Excuse me, huh...
You two started this game, remember?
Yeah, so I only did a good thing.
Othenuisefluyou wouldn't
be with Binkle today.
What kind of a brother is he?
Are you going to take
credit for that too?
Karin, you (an only him. schemes.
You can fool people, lie to them.
And open 'chains'!
You're selfish. Selfish.
And why do you keep
calling me a duffer?
Could you muster the courage
to tell aunty about Sweaty?
Bravo. Charan.
You really showed
him the mirror today.
Uncle...what is this?
M; is Binkle, my boy.
M... ma; is a phone.
and that's what it should be.
You turn living people into phones,
vegetables or shoes.
And your so-called
'Bernard Shaw' ideas...
Anyone who believes
in it...cannot be saved.
"Charm: my boy, '1 have an idea."
"High... drugs..."
"We'll put a doubt in their mind."
Father's doubts have
turned into reality.
You know... he keeps
spying on me all day.
He keeps tasting powder...
talcum powder.
And my mom...
Just don't ask.
She's ma: her hands
I" m": of God so many limes...
...that she can't fold them
anymore even to greet someone!
Yes, Kartar uncle.
Because of you,
this decent boy became a druggy...
mind his father, into a hawker.
Wow, Kartar uncle, fantastic.
1 know your nephews.
But now I know you pretty well too.
Your family's filled with lunatics.
Thank God I am saved.
I am going back.
Marrpreem let me know whenever
you want m get married.
Wan are we wailing m:
We should leave too.
Manpreel, will you take Binkle home...
...or should I (all Sandlul sir?
And I've brother ma and
mm Jeelo': number on speed-dial.
No one': going anywhere.
Everyone': going home.
What's wrong with you uncle?
I finally see the reality...
thanks to a dream.
U your love is true.
then He will mp you?
He who doesn't let sleeping
birds fall from trees... never leave
his devotees stranded.
Come on...let's go home.
Girls. you have m dance...
You'll be the star of the event.
- Of course...
Mom. my necklace.
- Must be somewhere around here.
- Yes.
Where's Charan?
He's over at sister Jeelo': home...
...lo lie Karin': turban.
Found it.
- 1 see... Okay.
Karan...look at our turbans.
- It's fine.
Look at it again... look closely.
Can anyone say who's
Karin and who's Charan?
Let's exchange our clothes.
'(nu tan many Sweaty
and ru marry sham.
Charan, why didn't
[think of ma; idea?
Von never wore a turban before this.
You just proved that we're
not cousins, but brothers.
Come on, take off your suit.
I'll give Sweety this good news.
Why doesn't she answer her phone?
I'll text her instead.
Karin, are we doing the right thing?
Absolutely right.
This way we'll be happy,
and also our families.
My Charan hanks m happy today.
Look at him. He is dance like Kflfill.
He is excited.
What happened, Karin?
Why n long face?
Smile. That's more like it.'re the omniscient One.
The happiness of my family
lies at Your threshold.
Have mercy...
Congratulations! Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
Kartar. Come here...
greet everyone.
M; way, Km.
Aren't you going to greet Charan?
Come here...
- Just a minute.
Kartanncome here.
Greet Sandlul sir.
- Sandlul sir...
Congratulations! Congratulations!
- Kartar...
Who's going m welcome can sir?
Gill sir...
Kartanncome here.
- Here.
Come here first.
Sister... Brother,
let's not make a scene here.
I'll meet everyone once we're inside.
Don't waste time...
please, let's go inside.
Let's go inside, please.
- Yes...he's right.
Come on.
- Come on.
Everyone': let's go inside.
- Come on.
Sweaty. mm are you doing dawn have'!?
Papa, I can't go
ahead with this wedding.
Wan did she say?
God answered my prayers.
Finally. it will all be over.
N; she know about
m; drugs... - Be quiet.
Sweefy. what are you doing?
- Be quiet, Charan.
Papaml love Karin.
- Oh. God! - Aunty...
And even he...
- Are you okay, Jeelo?
[think her blood
pressure': low again.
Someone get some
sugared water n her.
Rll gel n. - Where are you going?
You're the groom.
But she's my mom.
I didn't know that,
that my son's wedding day...
...would be my h.
Wan are you saying?
- About ma; being her m: day.
You fool, not me...l meant her.
Wan is she saying?
Do you want to marry her?
- No-no-no...
Why would I?
[don't want m marry her?
Just a minute...
It will be 11 o'clock soon.
- Yes.
Is everything alright?
N; everything look okay m you?
Didn't I tell you before...
she has a loose character?
First she wooed Charan...
...=ml now, she's eyeing my Karin.
Hello, mom...
- What?
Your Karin'; been I" a relationship
with me n two years now.
My boyfriend a u ma...
um'; him.
Your son, Karan...
- Tell your morn.
Sweety, be quiet.
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Why are you telling me?
Why don't you mu your ma":
Uncle. your son Charan...
...wants to marry Binkle, and not me.
Nu w!
Oh. God. - Sandlul uncle.
you (an ask Binkle yourself.
Wan is she saying, dear?
Is I: true?
It's a lie...lie...lies...
I will only marry the girl
my mom and did WilllS me m.
Yes... see?
Have you two um your minds?
Kartar uncle, you know everything.
Why don't you say something?
What (an 1 say, Sweety?
I've already mm m". everything.
but they don't believe me.
Sislermthese two are lying.
Sweety isn't crazy
m refuse getting married... front of the entire community.
And. can': you understand
Binkle': silence, Sandhu sir.
She loves Charan.
Kartar. Don't try to be a judge...
Stay if you m. or else...
Or else?
Or else what?
You'll break ties with me, won't you?
Or course, you (an do um.
You two are an expert
in breaking relationships.
And these children
are not telling the truth...
"because they fear um you
might break m; with m". too.
Kartar! Gel lost from here...
gel lost.
M; is our family matter...
you don't have m interfere.
Our family matter?
Aren't they my children too?
Don't I have any right to them?
Forget it, uncle.
- Forget it, uncle.
Absolutely quiet.
It's close to 11 o'clock.
When will this end?
N'; just getting started.
Have you um your mind, brother?
Always yelling at me!
You did the right thing, sister... severing all ties with him!
A brother who can humiliate
his sister, challenge her...
...= cheap man m um
isn't worthy... - Shut up!
Kartarmif you say another
word about Bihlev... - Enough!
He (an say anything...
you (an do anything...
Do you have any idea...
how arrogant you are?
How stubborn are you?
And you've such a
small heart and thinking.
I wish God doesn't bless
anyone with a mm m you.
How dare you misbehave
with our mm...
...who raised us like her children.
See Sandlul sir...
Yell at the sister,
and the brother slaps you.
Yell at the brother,
and the sister hits back.
Because they are d. other': m...
...but they are not
ready to accept it.
Because they have erected
a WI" of ego between them.
We used to fight when we were kids.
For books, toys...
It was either for this or for that.
S: we never went separated like this.
It's better to be a kid
for the rest of our lives...
...then growing up like this.
Brother, you revered sister like God.
But you turned your back
on your God over a trivial thing.
And sister...
...yoll raised brother
ma m a mother.
So how (an any mother
severe lies with her children?
Life is too short.
Too short.
And we develop such
big egos in this small life.
You (an slap me 10o limes more...
You're my elders, you (an.
- No.
S: forsake ma; stubbornness,
ma; ego...
End ma; war... or it will
be the end of your Kartar.
Forgive me, mm.
- am...
Forgive me.
V0 forgive me. You're my brother...
Come here, Kartar.
Forgive me...
Fantastic, uncle...
You're doing such a great time...
s: your liming is so bad!
Sandlul sir...
Charan doesn't do drugs.
1 made everyone believe he did drugs.
Daddy. he's right.
Charan doesn't take drugs.
He's not like Happy.
I rnisbehaved due to
all this misconception.
Forgive me.
1 called you a hawker.
Sandlul sir...l forgive you...
let's not gel into details.
Everything': n...
Charan. Come stand next
to your Binkle. - Come on.
Come, my boy.
Karin, Sweaty': wailing. Come on.
Go on...
Now what's the problem?
It's almost 11 o' clock.
They have patched up.
How can we patch up?
How can Papa just patch up like this?
There's been no patch up.
You idiom
they have patched up for good...
...and you're making a mess again.
There's been no patch up.
he called... my father a hawker.
Hey...don't keep repeating um.
Why are you going I" flashback?
Um u: marry Sweaty. m a.
What do you say, Karin?
- YeahmKaran...
lam Karin.
And 1 want m marry Binkle.
Why are you creating
a new problem now?
We've patched up now, so why...
- Son. please.
It's almost 11 o'clock.
Who's booking is it first?
These are the only two weddings today.
Then what's the hurry?
-lam n...
m: settle ma; quickly and be there.
Uncle...we need m mm m you.
- Then say n.
- Alone?
- I'll be right back. - Go...
Come on...
Follow me...follow me.
Give way. give way. move-move-move.
Sister, what is it now?
Speak up, what's the problem?
Kiri"? You were dressed as Charan.
What were you two going to do?
Such a big deceit.
Are you mad, Karin?
Uncle, aren't you tired yet?
You give such a big speech out there.
And anyway...this isn't my idea... was your beloved Charan': idea.
M your clothes m.
Exchange your suits.
- Yes.
And don't ever mu
your wife's about this.
A wife...even doubts her own husband.
You fools...if you had
gone ahead with this lie...
Then n the rest of your lives...
...she will never
believe a word you say.
Come on, change your dresses.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
The children are ready to get married.
- Are they ready...Thank God.
Give way m my boy, move-move-move.
Is the wedding still on?
- Yes.
S: who's marrying whom?
Karin': marrying Sweety. and
Charan': marrying Binkle. - 1 see...
Von all asked Sandhu sir,
but no one asked me.
We will after the wedding.
Give me your card.
- m n...
If the children are happy. lam happy.
Crazy boy. couldn't you
mu us before um you m her?
Come on...
m n the wedding.
Why did you say no?
- m. 1 didn't...
A guy who can sacrifice
his love for his family...
He must be really special.
Sweet...l love you...
1 love you, 1 love you, 1 love you.
- can sir.
Let's get married rim.
Start cameras.
Clap. It's dip.
- So much energy.
So much energy we'll collapse on site.
"It's Party night... cheers..."
"Drop the beat..."
Everybody is very happy
and work is doing great.
Sweaty is an pm. Hut.
Take sir. Take sir.
No. no. He is salesman.
"Let's go."
Von love me so much, dude.
He knows everything.
' this great evening..."
"Cheers...for this joy."
"Cheers m my friends..."
"Cheers... Cheers to them all..."
' this great evening..."
"Cheers...for this joy."
"Cheers m my friends..."
"Cheers... Cheers to them all..."
He is not even told about Charan...
No that's not right.
Man. u we have u: many characters.
"We're going m celebrate tonight."
"We're not going to wail."
"We're going m dance
the old-fashioned way..."
"...and create a new step."
Slop asking.
"Come and dance with me..."
"Come and I am..."
"Dance and sway with me..."
"...with my hands around your waist."
It's called 'Purani Haveli'.
Sorry. You have done good job.
"It's Party night... cheers..."
"It's Party night... cheers..."
"It's Party night... cheers..."
Recognise the man.
Do you know me?
"1 don't know how m...
dance and sway."
"I don't touch alcohol either."
"But after two pegs down...
and no one can dance like me.
"1 am Bidihilhuby my queen."
"Your very mean, baby."
"Do you understand...what
I mean baby..."
"Let me mike your night awesome."
"Increase the speed of your sway."
"Because the beat is fantastic."
"Witching me sway my hips..."
"...blows their minds away."
"Your gait's...enthralling."
"I'm getting some bad...inlenlions."
"1 want m spend I" night with you."
"Don't mindmsweetheart."
"It's Party night... Cheers..."
My did...
"It's Party night... Cheers..."
"It's Party night... Cheers..."
"It's Party night... Cheers..."
"It's Party night..."
"Let's go."
"Let's go."
"VVhoever utters shall be happy,
shall be fulfilled,"
"Great Timeless Lord"