Much Loved (2015) Movie Script

What do you know about men?
They're much like cars...
Fancy, average and junk...
the only thing that matters is money, dollars, cash... got it?
For you, they're all the same except the blacks.
--Why is that?
It's a long story.
--Tell it, I wanna laugh.
She begged me to take her to the birthday party
of this American rapper, very famous here in Marrakesh.
Impossible to get in, bouncers on all doors
and people everywhere.
I saw a group of Americans and I tagged along,
I was all like "Hello, how are you?"
I saw the atmosphere
and immediately put on a mini-skirt.
She walked around the pool a bit, pulled up the skirt
and got herself fucked good.
Look who's talking, she got fucked everywhere...
in the kitchen, even in the bathrooms...
What a pro!
--You can say that... she passed 'em all.
Until that black guy just blew her up.
--So your pussy is ripped?
My pussy's flipping you off.
--We had to run to the hospital!
I couldn't do it for 6 months,
we would've starved without my savings.
Eat before it gets cold.
--Sit down, don't eat standing up.
Pass me that.
--It's good.
Who's that? --Her bum.
--What a pain in the ass.
How are you? I missed you.
--I'm fine...
Get lost, we're busy.
--Let me talk to him...
We're eating now, finish up.
We're already late.
Said, I got my period...
get me a bottle of coke to stop it a bit.
Don't you eat, Noha?
--No... here, for you.
Get ready, we're going.
Randa, I want you to shake it like never before...
there'll be tons of whores there tonight.
Stay glued to me...
if I dance, you dance... if I fuck, you fuck.
What... am I not poetic enough?
Randa, can you do the "8" move with your ass?
I'm talking to you...
--I'm not deaf.
You gotta play it right tonight,
show your legs, your lips and your pretty asses.
You know me, don't worry.
I know you're a first class whore...
--Never on your level.
Thanks, honey... learn from your teacher.
Turn it up a bit.
Here's some salt, against bad luck.
You brought that along?
I pray God to send me a nice Saudi,
gentle, with a small dick and a lot of money
to spend a pleasant night.
Come on, girls... put on your best smile.
Wish us good luck.
Leave your cell phones.
--I wanna keep it.
They're not allowed inside,
leave it to him.
We'll only keep mine,
you wait 2 hours then leave.
What if they take it?
--I'll leave it to the keeper.
Here's mine, how do I look?
--Give me three.
I want one.
--You keep two.
Everything ok?
So, who's got a phone give it to me.
If you have drugs, take 'em out.
I know your tricks... don't try to fool me.
Fares: 3K to dance, 6K to fuck.
For every 1K, 200 are for me.
Enjoy your meal
and make sure to be at your best.
Come on, dance.
--I'm not good...
I told you to dance, move.
Come on... turn...
What the hell, I said "dance"!
Move your ass!
I don't wanna!
Don't touch me!
You're a jerk! An animal!
Let me go!
Who he thinks he is?
You idiot, just go back home with Said!
It's always the same bullshit with you!
You'll do something good
when I'll return a virgin!
I say...
Salt is white... her skin is whiter!
You're a wild cat!
Here I come...
...getting drunk with the Saudis...
...makes me all slippery... like a snake.
Great words!
Another tequila!
Ride, horsy!
Do the cat!
Do the cat!
Are you in heat, pussycat?
--Come here!
He loves milk!
--I own a dairy!
She's got plenty of milk,
look at her!
She's so cute!
I'll throw this jewel in the pool!
Whoever finds it, keeps it!
Come on! You gotta go down to find it,
you damn whores!
Oh my beloved...
Fill my heart with your love.
Free me from the two worlds.
If I'll ever give my heart to another one but you,
let the flames consume me.
Oh, love sublime...
Take everything I wish for...
Everything I know...
Everything I need...
Take away everything that might keep me from you.
I like your poem.
--You do?
Stop it...
I think I had too much to drink.
I had too much myself...
Yes, but maybe you hold it better than me.
You're making me laugh.
Don't be upset.
--I'm not.
Next time bring your sister and your mother too!
Get it on you two!
What a great ass!
Who's there?
--Open up, it's me.
One second!
You took your time!
--Calm down!
I got me a psycho!
he turned me upside down... again and again and again...
Needless to say I started back bleeding.
Haven't you finished?
--I don't know if that beast is done yet.
I'm thinking of giving him sleeping pills.
See ya.
You should have seen him cum,
he sounded like a donkey hee-haw!
He wanted my mother and sister too,
maybe also my 90 yrs old grandma!
--Thanks, Said.
Still warm.
How was your night?
Great, I made some money,
he read me his poems and then he fell asleep!
Money, poems and no fucking?
He's gotta be a homo!
He was just tired.
Next morning, the keeper gave me 6K dirham,
but you know me, I like little extras...
How much did you snag?
--Not much, but better than nothing.
That's nothing..
look what a real whore can do....
Let's see.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Noah, the queen of whores!
Here, Said... cash to be purified.
Hide it good, it's over 15K.
Weren't you afraid of getting caught?
--Afraid what? There was cash everywhere!
Bye, Said... call when you wake up,
or come directly here.
Even in the morning you're here?!
--Go ahead... --Bum!.
Where have you been?
--At work.
Your "job" is getting on my nerves,
I been waiting all night.
I want you...
--Not now, Katib.
I said not now...
And I said I want you.
You been embarrassing me since I've known you,
I wish you'd think a little!
Wish you'd make me proud just once.
Stop worrying about me,
it's not your damn business!
Who do you think is paying your rent?
You gotta stop behaving like that!
Will you calm down?!
--Go to hell, I'm sick of your ways!
Mind your own business!
--Yes, hello...
Hi, Jean Louis...
honey, I told you I'm too tired, I can't...
No, no...
I'll try, in two or three days...
I promise I'll see you,
I don't know when but I will...
It's a problem for me to leave home right now...
--I was watching that!
I get to watch TV in the morning!
...don't worry, I'll call you back...
ok, bye.
Here's the number of your Saudi poet.
It's still morning...
--So what? Am I the only one realizing
we need money?!
I just woke up...
Hi, sweetie! How are you?
Of course I can,
do you remember Randa?
I got things to do today!
We'll be at your place tomorrow night,
we gonna have so much fun...
Tell me what present you brought me...
No, money is one thing...
presents are another...
Only a shirt and a perfume?
Yes... and the Chinese balls...
Ah, that's better...
if that's the present, I love you madly.
How are you? --Fine.
--Don't you ask me? --What for?
What's that tone?
--You'd like a different one?
Yes... I pay for your clothes and cigarettes
so you can spend your day doing nothing!
Baby boy...
How you doing, mom?
What good smell, I miss your kitchen.
--You're welcome to stay.
I called you many times,
you never called back.
I got no money for the phone.
You already spent everything I gave you last time?
--All gone.
I got you some grocery.
Your son has been sick...
I took him to the hospital and spent a fortune
on medicines, but you don't care.
I knew nothing...
--Now you know.
What's with Sarah?
Nothing... she's just tired
from too much studying.
Have a seat with her,
see if she needs something.
How are you?
--Good enough.
Something happened?
Kiss mom.
All good at school?
Are you staying away from bad companies?
That's not your business.
You need money?
If there's something you'd like to buy yourself...
I want nothing.
What's he doing??
They're all over the place...
This town is insane!
It's the same old story,
a story about money...
It's all bullshit, I don't buy it...
if they really wanted a solution, Saudi Arabia would find it.
But they don't want it...
--All they want is keep begging for money....
Don't talk like that of the Palestinians,
they've been kicked out of their land...
We gotta help them,
not make fun of them.
They take advantage of the whole world...
--What is she talking politics now?
How dare you?
--You keep insulting them!
Let it go...
You know what''s the solution? Bajbouji!
--The great Bajbouji!
The tinier he is, the more I love him.
Where's your crazy friend?
--Crazy friend?
Yes, where is she?
She's not into Arabs,
she likes Europeans best.
Of course, Europeans...
AIDS, pork, penny-pinching...
They keep the money in their pockets,
the cheapest people I ever saw...
They buy one fruit at a time,
half banana, half apple... they gotta learn generosity...
Generosity is in your blood...
wait, I'll feed you...
Here's generosity and love...
look how these sweet Moroccan ladies spoil us.
They're not like our women.
Our women are like this meat... dead.
And that's why the men I love the most
are the Saudis.
That's talking!
--We rule the world!
The rulers of the world have found their masters...
Moroccan women!
You don't have oil,
that's why we rule.
We have oil!
--What oil?
We are our oil! Yours is black and smelly
while ours is soft, silky and scented.
If this is Moroccan oil I'll move in
and invest everything I have tomorrow morning!
Stock market!
"You smell horrible, nobody wants you...
even the black crow is disgusted by you!"
"You're savage, raised in a garage,
everyone says 'savage'!"
Savage and proud to be.
Listen to her, Ahmed!
"God save me from a savage like you!"
The bitch wants to eat this Saudi
but he's mine... mine... mine...
So good!
Take your whore, Abu Jassim!
She's everywhere, we can't work anymore!
That's how it is... Shengen goes everywhere...
--She belongs to humanity!
Saudis... I really love your money...
Saudi... you're really good at fucking...
She still remembers about Viagra...
Your Saudi will become a puppet...
--He already is, without your witchcraft.
You dream... without this, you'll get nothing.
Give me the hankie with his sperm on.
--We havan't done it yet!
Oh right... you're just into poetry.
I'll fix mine, don't come begging later.
Don't worry, I won't.
--Too bad for you.
There's a ghost behind you!
She's out of her mind.
--It's working already?!
Look, girls...
Said... why that long face, Said?
Said... will you marry me?
Look at that queer, girls!
Wanna ride with us, Miss?
--What a great whore you'd make!
Wait here, Said.
I smell cops here tonight.
Papers... check their papers.
Am I invisible?
--I didn't see you...
What did you say?
What do you want?
--What have you got?
Do I look like a mugger?
What you got?
What's up?
--Nothing, you know them...
Tonight... excuse me, tonight...
Excuse me... tonight we fuck!
Soukaina. --"Suck" what?
Hey, guys... "Suckaina"!
What's your name?
Randa-da! Randa-da!
Move, move...
How about continuing in our hotel?
Great! It's gonna be your night!
Bring another one!
We rule tonight!
Rivers of booze!
I wanna see you all drink!
How I love this girl!
Nobody's as classy as me!
Won't you drink with us?
--Leave us alone! --I do what I want.
Hi there!
--Beautiful Noah!
The usual for me.
Right away.
Where have you been, in jail?
No, in hell.
--I heard you were in jail.
Who's that fat guy over there?
--A big cocaine dealer.
From Rif?? Wow!
You lost that one.
--Who screwed him?
A bunch of girls he trained
with purses, jewels, cell phones...
How about that group over there?
--Auto dealers.
European cars?
--If you want a Range Rover it's the right time to move.
A Range Rover!
How about the guys with us?
--They're bums!
No way!
--With them, you'll only eat soup.
You always wreck my plans!
I been looking for you everywhere!
I can't live without you!
Well? What a slice of paradise!
Guys, watch and learn!
Wait, I'm not done yet...
Some more.
--As much as you want.
It's been a great night
but now I need to go to sleep...
Go to sleep? Is that a joke?
Where are you going?
--Hey, stop touching!
You gotta stay!
--Calm down!
I wanna fuck now!
Fuck what? What idea is that?
We've been going on all night...
I spent 1.5oo euros for you...
Shove your money up you ass!
I'll shove it up YOUR ass!
Go fuck yourself!
You and your ragged friends!
Son of a bitch!
Get lost!
You know who I am?
I know everyone! I know the minister!
Suck it!
Wait, Said... Sarah!
What happened?
--Nothing... we can go, Said.
How are you, Oussama?
--Don't call me Oussama...
on the street I'm Cherine.
Still searching at 4 in the morning?
No, dear... I already had 6.
Now I'm on break, I need rest.
Missie needs rest!
--So? You think my clients are like yours?
You'll never be at my level,
you little shit...
Little shit? I don't think so...
I'm a cream pie with black chocolate on...
I missed you, bitch.
--I'm hungry, can we grab something to eat?
At Ba Omar's?
Ok for "Mac Omar"...
--Are you paying?
Of course, get in.
--I have no cash, wasn't expecting to dine out.
6 clients and still no cash?
--I'm not wasting money on food.
I wanna become a singer.
What's so funny about it?
You better become a geisha...
--Me a geisha? With this face?
Just kidding, you're too pretty for that...
--You better have your eyesight checked.
He'll become a regular female whore.
No, I'm a faggot and proud of it.
There's plenty of those...
--Not enough to force you to retirement though.
However, it seems all Moroccan whores
end up here in Marrakech.
If only they could take advantage of that,
they leave more miserable than when they've come.
You know that cop?
--Just eat and mind your business.
Yes, sir... I had that coming.
Where are your European clients?
What clients?
It's all hit-and-run, nobody serious.
The only thing they're after
are young fresh kids.
--You bet... there's one of those kids right there.
How do you know?
--I know what I say.
Have you seen him?
--A thousand times, around bars, clubs, cabarets...
Have you hit that yourself?
--Don't say such bullshit, for God's sake!
You never know..
--I mean what I said!
Wanna buy something?
How much for a lollypop? --1 Dirham.
--Let me see.
I'll have this... here.
Did you eat?
Put that down and sit.
--Here, Said.
Come on, eat up.
Sit properly and eat.
You go with Europeans?
Tell the truth.
You go with Europeans? --Yes.
Look at me, how much do they pay you?
--100 Dirham.
Assholes... we should put 'em in jail for 70 years
and burn 'em alive when they get out.
Just eat, we'll talk about that later.
Just leave him alone!
You're always looking to poke us.
--There's nothing to poke.
We gotta find him an European, he's broke!
The wheel will spin...
--I'm just kidding.
I'll give you a number.
Should I laugh?
--I'll show you how to do it.
What do you see?
--I see a plane.
A plane?
A plane... with us three on it.
We laugh... we are happy...
Where is the plane going?
To an island far away...
Where we'll be beautiful,
without make-up or fancy dresses...
We'll be respectable there
and all men will treat us like true ladies.
We'll take nothing with us...
Just a few bottles maybe...
--And hashish...
Some cocaine too.
We'll have everything we want,
like real princesses.
We'll ask nobody for nothing.
I wish the plane would take me to my father,
I'd like to see him.
Have you ever seen him?
Yes, when I was 4.
What if your mother lied to you?
Mind you own business!
It was my father and I'll go see him!
There's something I really wanna ask you...
You really don't know?
--I don't.
Come on, tell me.
--I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you a lesbian?
--Your mother!
You can tell us,
because that island...
...will be filled with pretty girls!
Go fuck yourselves!
--Come on, tell us the truth...
Who's the bitch that touched my blender?
You whores never saw a blender in your entire life!
I should keep my stuff locked up!
Fuck off both of you!
What the hell was that?
--She's nuts.
Nothing's safe in this house!
I'm sick of it!
--Good morning, dear.
Hi, love.
--I thought about you all night.
I too always think about you.
--Give me some news about you... good news...
I'm great, and you?
--Soukaina, I can't live without you...
Me neither, I love you so much.
--I'm crazy about you...
I am too... wait just a second...
You out of your mind!
You gotta be in therapy!
She peed in my smoothie!
I peed in your smoothie 'cause it was
in my blender!
Next time you'll think twice!
--You're nuts!
Have you gone mad?
--She keeps touching other people's stuff!
Go fuck yourself!
What the fuck you think you're doing?
I'll cut your face!
Let it go, she's crazy!
This is a nuthouse!
Where's the ID card?
I don't have it but I got
all the other papers.
You have parents?
--My father is in Spain,
that's why I need the passport.
And your mother?
--She's also in Spain.
Job? --Student.
--What about?
I'm a student... please help me out,
there's gotta be a way...
Not without an identity card.
--Finish your studies.
--It's the law, now there's other people waiting.
Here's some models you can choose from.
I told you I have a party the 28th,
I need classy dresses, not these rags.
Some are fancy...
--I don't see it.
Look closer.
What do you say, Raja?
It's the latest trend.
--I'll need three...
One green, one white and one like this.
With pleasure.
--How much?
1K each.
--Are you mad? I'll give you 500 each.
--500 or nothing.
Beat it, we'll talk again later.
900 Dirham... you think money falls from the sky?
You should be ashamed...
--Bye, ladies.
He should see how I sweat for my money...
It's not easy...
And it's getting harder,
I have to deal with more and more teenage girls.
They want teenage girls, you know...
Next party I'll bring milk and diapers.
I'm 28 and I feel like I'm their grandma.
You're still young and pretty.
I pull out their money with my teeth,
like a dog.
You're young, you're pretty,
what else do you want?
I'd like prospects...
an apartment, settling down...
God will help you, be patient.
Look who's talking,
5 years on the street and you got a hair salon.
God help me!
You know what I've been through?
You're doing nothing compared to me!
I sweated in each country of the gulf!
You think that was easy?
God will help you find your way in your own country.
What I want is a rich husband,
insult my chauffeur and slap the housemaid...
Manicure, pedicure, look after my cats
and go North for the summer.
I have clients like that...
they're classy whores, not spoiled food like you.
What? YOU are spoiled food!
--See? I made you laugh...
You're late.
Passport issues.
You're hopeless... always thinking of
passports, Spain, your father...
It's not your business.
--What about the toilet brush on your head?
I'll take care of that,
what about that cut?
They'll spot her a whore from a mile away!
--I like it.
Like she's just come out of the mosque...
I know this little bitch...
a sperm-sniffing bitch...
What took you so long?
--A little make-up retouch.
You're beautiful.
Go ahead and eat.
--No, I'll wait for you.
Tell me... what's going on?
We haven't seen each other for a month...
I told you I have problems, dear...
My brother again...
drugs, no job...
My mother is ill
and it's all on my shoulders.
We'll help your brother.
You need money?
--Why you always talk about money?
Bon appetit.
It's me you should take care of.
Am I not doing that?
When your wife and daughter are here
you forget about me.
It's that my daughter was on vacation.
I need to be with my daughter,
she never sees me.
I don't care about my wife...
It's with you I wanna be.
Let's spend the night together.
Noah, please...
I need you.
I need you by my side... at night...
In the morning... the whole day...
I need you.
I love you.
Do you understand?
To us.
Kiss me.
How are you, mom?
I'm fine.
Something wrong?
Can I come in?
You look strange,
what happened?
You see the misery we live in
and you still ask?
Be patient, I'll get you out of here...
I'll soon have my own house
and we'll all live there... you'll have everything.
Keep an eye on Sarah,
I saw her on the street with some bad company.
You don't need to tell me
how to educate my daughter...
You who are incapable to look after
your own son.
Listen to me...
Stop coming to this house, there's already enough rumors about your lifestyle.
Who's the daughter here,
me or the neighbors?
I need you.
How will I be able to see you?
I think I made myself clear,
stop coming, I don't want any problems because of you.
Come in.
Are you ok?
--Yes, thanks.
First time?
Really? First time ever?
--I've never done it.
Don't be afraid.
I almost forgot...
It's important, isn't it?
Not that important...
I'll see you tomorrow...
--Are you using my perfume?
I'll call you back.
Your stinky perfume? I don't think so...
It smells way better than you
and it's a gift from Ahmed, don't touch it!
Go fuck yourselves,
you and Ahmed...
Who the fuck you think you are??
YOU go fuck yourself
and leave us alone already!
--What a haste!
Is she leaving?
--She just needs a good fuck.
You never come visit.
--You know, work...
This as well... --Hey, have got fat?
--Don't tell her...
I look better this curvy...
Haifaa, darling,
how's your beauty?
Very well, God save her...
I don't think I ever been this pretty...
--To us all... and to my beauty.
I raise a glass to my beauty
and you raise a joint instead?
My beauty deserves a toast, not a joint...
Your beauty deserves a kiss.
--A kiss then.
May God watch over me!
He lives in Spain.
So you've seen Spain.
--Yes, on the internet...
It's a big, beautiful country...
no one tells you what to do, you're free.
Dad said I can go there if I want...
He'd be happy.
--Seriously? You're going there?
I'll take you with me.
Imagine me and you in Spain,
going out together...
Without Arabs insulting you
and pissing you off...
Without having someone constantly
trying to ruin your day...
Go out in the morning and you're in peace.
That's real life... you know, Randa?
Better yet... senorita Randa.
Many of my friends keep telling me
I look more Spanish than Moroccan...
Must be the hair...
--Also the features and the colors...
One day I'll go.
It's easier for you
'cause your dad already lives there.
What's wrong?
--I can't...
I just can't...
How come it never gets hard?
Is there something I can do to help you?
How about a movie? --A movie?
--A porn movie... with sex...
I think that could help...
Anything you want.
That one.
Let's try again.
What are you watching?
Pictures of naked men...
--What pictures?
It's not my laptop...
Whose laptop is then?
Let it go, it doesn't concern you...
It does concern me!
You never get hard and then I find pics of naked men!
It's not your business!
Don't stick your nose in my computer!
You just stay here in the bed!
What... come back here!
Where are you going?
Answer me when I talk to you!
Let me go!
What's got into you?
I have a dignity!
You humiliated me!
I too have a dignity
and you're not leaving this room!
What dignity?
You screw men!
I decide when you can leave, got it?
--You're hurting me!
I decide when you can go!
--You bloody faggot!
Shut up!
You're worth nothing, not one cent...
A real man doesn't spend the night with a woman
without even touching her... faggot!
Shut up, bitch!
Keep your moth shut, understood?
Hi, are you better?
--A bit, thanks.
Hasn't the doctor seen her?
--Nurse said we gotta wait here.
I'll wait outside.
What have you got?
A guard tried to steal my money
and punched me in the stomach... but I'm pregnant, so...
You're not from around here.
--No I come from Tlate... Tlate Sidi Bennour.
What are you doing in Marrakesh?
I work as a housemaid.
Open your mouth.
It hurts like this?
Here, eat up.
--Thank you.
You must be hungry.
--I am.
Have some with me.
--No, go ahead.
You heard...
What did the doctor say?
She's gotta take some medicines
and come back in two days.
Are you eating? --No, thanks.
--I'll get the cab.
How's your stomach?
So, where's the father?
--Vanished into thin air...
I ran from the village before it started showing.
Are you rally a housemaid?
Actually I am not a housemaid...
I go around, try to make a living...
grab whatever I can.
I used to work in a bar.
After the owner got what he wanted
he just kicked me out.
Where do you live?
--Here and there... I sleep wherever I can.
Where are you sleeping tonight?
--I don't know, half of the night I spent it here anyway.
You like this movie?
--It's beautiful.
Look how good they dance.
--I love it.
He loves her.
--Don't touch, they both love each other.
A romantic set without me??
There's that pretty boy.
--She's pretty too.
I'd give him a 50% discount...
I'd like to see that...
I mean it... he's just so handsome.
What's got into her?
A dancing "pice monte"...
A dancing christmas tree... with that robe on.
Is that how you dance in your village?
No, we have our own dances.
How did you learn Indian dancing?
Self-taught... I'm the only one who can do this.
Did you hear that?
What modesty!
Imagine her in a movie with Shahrukh Khan...
he looks at her and says:
"Hlima, you're my love, Hlima!"
"Hlima, I love you!"
--Doesn't work well with Hlima...
Let's make it Halouma then.
Wait, I got it!
Ahlame... nice.
From now on you'll be Ahlame.
I prefer Hlima.
--You're no longer in the country, Ahlame is better.
--Let me explain...
You prefer "Hlima, have you milked the cows?"...
..or "Ahlame, call the chauffeur"?
Said is the chauffeur?
Ahlame... and Said.
Ok, let's go with Ahlame then.
Keep watching the movie, Ahlame.
--She changed her mind when you mentioned Said.
--You're pretty too.
Let us watch too!
I can't get those bastards out of my mind.
Who wants to fuck me?
How much?
--Take a good look and name a price.
What's your name?
--Hlima, but the girls call me Ahlame.
I like you.
I wanna see you again.
If you really wanna see me again
you gotta be generous...
Of course.
100 Dirham?
Is it a joke?
I can give you some vegetables too.
100 is too few
but I'll take the vegetables anyway.
5 kilos.
--And what about the other girls?
I want 10 kilos.
Come out if you're a man, you bloody faggot!
You and those bastards friends of yours!
--Either you help me or shut up!
You saw what they did to her,
those bastards! Motherfuckers!
Let me go!
You saw her!
Please help me, God...
You know how I feel...
You stand by me...
Lord, I'm no innocent girl...
Behaving good...
But I'm asking for your forgiveness...
I'm begging you to forgive me.
I've been so lost,
so many things passed me by...
I've been with men,
I sold myself...
You were always here though
and I know you won't forsake me.
Hi, dear.
What you're up to?
I'm going to have a good time...
Let's move on...
--Let me talk to my friends... I'll call you...
Don't pull me! Wait...
Let go of me!
Go to hell, drooling geezer!
What the hell is going on?
Show me your papers.
--I don't have 'em...
Then you come with us.
--Where are you taking her?
I know her...
--You stay out of this.
I didn't do anything!
--Shut up!
They beat my friend half to death.
--Your friend?
I got a complaint here
and it's against you.
Aren't we allowed to defend ourselves?
--Will you shut up??
Give me the statement.
Sign it.
What's to read?
We don't make things up, just sign it!
Lock the door behind you.
Amin, please...
I'm not in the mood to fuck...
What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
Who said I wanted your pussy?
I could change the name of the girl on the complaint.
--Frame an innocent girl?
Your choice.
If you want me to do it,
you gotta give me 1000 Dirham, for the guys.
I had my share already.
Eat up.
The thing with the Saudis is not solved yet.
It's not looking good.
We need to leave for a while.
--What about your cop?
Forget about him.
--Where shall we go?
To Agadir, in a brand new fancy hotel...
...for fancy girls like we are.
I'm ready!
I'm not... I'm broke.
You'll be my guests.
--"Cheap" Noah??
Two guests?
--What are you doing?
We gonna need some hashish.
--Hidden where?
Hlima will carry it, she'll think it's chocolate.
--Give her at least one real.
Hi, Ahlame...
--Where have you two been?
To Jamaa el Fna, we had snails and juice
and he took a picture of me with a monkey.
Plus he got me this.
Look at that!
Wait to see me in that.
--We can't wait!
Look how the belly's growing!
Look at the chub!
Is it good meat or just fat?
Next to her I'm a twig!
--Let me see how sexy you are...
The country rat has become a fancy city mouse...
--All pink...
Have a seat.
You need something?
--Rent us a classy car, like those in the movies...
--And get yourself a fancy chauffeur outfit.
Let's eat.
Let's call Said too.
She no longer takes a step without him...
--I won't eat if he's not with us.
That pink thing got to your head.
--Said likes pink.
You and your Said...
Hey, boobies!
--Leave her alone!
Ok, you can eat.
How classy!
--I love it!
Mr. Said, what a fancy car!
You look great with that on!
A true chauffeur.
You need your money?
--No, keep it for the expenses.
Here you are!
--What a big car!
You like it?
--Yes, you as well.
You're pretty too.
--Hey, the Saudis' whore has transformed!
Where are your tits?
--In the fridge!
I'll miss you, bitch.
--It won't be long... Soukaina!
--Stop kissing you two!
What's the hurry?!
--Let's go, Randa!
We gotta go.
How sexy...
--The hat...
Said, put this with Hlima's stuff, hide it well.
See ya, Oussama. --Call when you get there.
Hurry up!
--Bye, Said... drive safely.
Call sometime!
"Said, oh my Said, how I love you!"
"I love you"... "I want you"...
what else then?
What are you in heat?
We're only singing...
--Don't sing that song!
Said is mine and mine alone!
Fill up my glass...
--Don't worry, he's all yours!
Stop singing "Said, I love you"!
Who do you take me for?
And next time you boss him around
I'll punch you in the face!
Say to him: "Excuse me"!
Say it now, come on!
Say it!
--I don't know how...
Said... --Said...
--Excuse me...
Forgive me, Said, my friend!
--Excuse me...
Apologies accepted.
--I like you and I forgive you!
Thanks, sister.
You gotta change your hair because
you look like one of those homo... what do you call 'em?
--Faggots... I like you and I care for you...
Got it?
You're used to milk,
you can't have whiskey!
She's more used to tea...
She's not used to cars either!
--She's a country whore, they use barrows!
The country whore is telling you to fuck off!
She keeps talking!
No more alcohol, understood??
I told you to stop drinking!
Let's just go and leave here here!
That's your barrow, Hlima.
--This is better, it's got drawers.
Good for them.
Ahlame... hold that knife properly,
that's no way to eat.
They gave me a dull knife...
It's good, thanks.
To our friendship.
To our friendship!
To United Whores!
To all the whores in the world...
The crazy ones, like us...
The romantic ones...
And the cheap ones as well...
Leave him alone... he's got no money.
So what? I'm on vacation...
Leave him alone...
Don't stick your hands in your mouth!
--My tooth hurts, I need cloves.
I got very bad teeth.
You took your time!
Still in bed at 2 p.m.??
It's a beautiful day,
let's go swimming!
--Look at this!
Wake up, baby girl!
--Are you hibernating?
Are you crazy??
Come back here!
Oooh I'm so scared!
Give me the teddybear!
--Come get it!
I'll kill you!
--Catch me first!
Give back the teddybear!
You gonna break it!
I don't have it, she does...
--Take it!
Not the hair!
Let's dive in!
--With the clothes on!
Don't be sad...
Not having kids is always better
than being a bad mother.
Aren't you a bitch...
you stashed the dope in my bag.
You knew?
What if they'd checked me?
--But they didn't... here, have a drink.
Drinking without us?
This nuts got me all soaked!
Are you smoking?
Then you gotta drink too!
Drink with us, you're on vacation.
--No, thanks.
I'll drink first.
--Go ahead!
I wanna drink from her lips.
It's sweet.
--To the women of my country.
Bottle, cigarette, four girls...
you look just like a Saudi!
Suits me... dance for me!
You want me to dance?
You sing then.
--I can't sing.
You can't??
Learn first, then I'll dance for you!
Ok, go to hell!
--To hell!
Do we really have to go to that party on the 28th?
"Take one of my nights of love..."
"My nights of tenderness..."
"I'm the master of it all..."
"The master of solitude..."
"One of my nights of love..."
"My nights of pleasure..."
"One of my nights of hurt..."
"One of my bitter nights..."
"Take a moment of my tenderness..."
"Of my warm body..."
"Take a piece of my soul..."
"'Cause I belong to you..."
"One of my nights of love..."
"My nights of pleasure..."
"My nights of hurt..."
"One of my bitter nights..."
"Take one of my nights of love..."
"One of my nights of sweetness..."
"I am... master of everything..."
"Master of solitude."