Mucha sangre (2002) Movie Script

This helicopter, with the Minister of
information and tourism on board,
is landing in Almeria
omids much expectation
on the part of reporters and
photgraphers from around the world,
precisely because of the
purpose for his trip:
A visit to the Palomares area.
The picturesque village extends
a warm welcome to the Minister.
Next, he heads to the Wilson Camp.
Set up on the Palomares beach
where, as a result
of an airplane accident,
four nuclear artifacts fell to the
ground without exploding.
To show first hand, that there is no
dangerous radioactivity,
the minister is taking a swim in the
sea on this mild winter day.
The minister waves goodbye to us
as he emerges from the water.
Max Security Prison Torre Bruno
in Almeria
Day After Tomorrow
Crap Gouger! You had to
get me in this shit!
I had only six months left in the can.
I'm such a looser!
I had ten years to go.
But now a part of that 50 million
Euros is mine.
Hope this is all worth it.
Don't worry.
I'm generous with my friends,
but with my enemies...
You gouge out their eyes.
I can't stand injustice,
...power games.
If anyone offends or cheats
me, they'll pay the price!
The way out! The way out!
My lucky photos never
let me down.
There's a real woman.
Come on, lets go!
Shall we rape her?
She can drive us to the
junkyard, right?
You gonna be good?
Such Idiots!
Will he pay us in cash?
Of course!
In cash?
- He'll pay me.
It's a long way off,
we'll have to fill her up.
i have to go to the bathroom.
No funny stuff or I'll
gouge your eyes out.
Or maybe I'll rape you.
No, don't do that!
If you cut them out she won't
see you raping her.
I'm dying for a pee,
it's no trick.
I don't like insults!
I was just kidding, pal.
A gas station!
Nice and easy, okay?
We don't wanna fuck up!
There here!
Watch your asses!
Watch your Asses!
What did he say?
Forget it, he is a junkie!
Keep driving!
Super or unleaded?
- Fill her up!
All right, all right!
I can't stand it.
I'm bursting.
I'll go with her so she doesn't
moke or run for it.
Hold it there!
No one's going anywhere!
You're a nice piece of work.
If you're a good girl
I won't hurt you.
Stop drooling down my ear.
- Christ, leave her alone!
What's the problem?
Wanna be the first to fuck her?
I don't want us to
attract attention, okay?
Well, then cut your hair!
Check it out, check it out.
Hey, deal with it.
Afternoon, Miss.
- Hello.
One of your blinkers
is broken.
I didn't realize.
Needs to be fixed.
Okay, thank you officer.
- Have a good afternoon.
Start her up, that jerk
asks to many questions.
That was a lucky escape.
I'll have to give up smoking.
Let's see if we're
on the radio.
Yeah, turn it up.
The cop at the gas-station...
...didn't seem to know
about our jailbreak
They till haven't figured out
we're not there.
Radio Armeria.
News Flash.
The number of cases of young
girls disappearing is increasing.
Are all of these cases related or is it
just an unfortunate coincidence?
The police continue...
Has this got something to do
with you two?
Stupid dumb girl.
I wanna talk to
Mr. Vicuna!
Mr. Vicuna, you promised
that nothing will happen to us.
A promise is a fucking promise, right?
What are you gonna do
to him? Sergio!
Take your pants down!
Take them down, you bastard!
What are you gonna do?
And your underpants!
If I don't see your bare ass
before I count to three...
...I'll kill her first
and than you.
Bring her over here.
- Sergio!
Nuria Rendueles is
the 123rd girl to be missing.
How could 123 young girls
suddenly vanish? Let's see.
In this country people are really crazy.
Am I gonna be in TV?
As we can see, there are more
and more idiots around.
Let's hear a truly
heartrending testimony.
The mother of one of
the missing girls.
Oh, my little girl!
Oh my little poor girl!
It was the Nazis!
- No, the Skinheads!
No, it was the Nazis!
The news has shocked Spain.
These were the headlines.
The horny news item of the day... brought to you by
TV Turn-On, Call me!
Damn controption!
Official reports have revealed
that the Palomare accident...
...could have been a UFO
that crashed into the sea.
More information about this from...
Or you a dead man!
What's this all about?
- Who the hell are you?
Don't you recognise me?
Before your very eyes!
Weren't you in the can?
I escaped with a buddy.
Have we been on the news?
All they talk about lately
are those missing girls.
Crap, Crap!
Who's that?
A bimbo we kidnapped
so she could drive us here.
You'll never change.
Come on, i'll treat you
to a couple of beers.
Move it!
Vicuna is a dangerous guy.
He ignores his old acquaintances.
He runs a bar in town.
I think he organized a sect.
A sect?
- Don't know, something like that.
All the kids are drugged.
So forget about that money.
It's mine!
He owes it to me!
Gonna take a leak.
On my mother's honour,
I'll get that money!
Besides, i have a plan.
A plan?
- Yes!
We go in, get the money
and then leave!
Think you will get the booty
that way?
Okay, then we'll go in
Bang, Bang, Bang! And get out!
But he's got a lot of bodyguards.
Think I'm gonna go in by myself?
I can't stand injustice...
insults or power games!
Whoever cheats on me
will pay the price.
He is really dangerous.
- I need weapons.
What do I get out of it?
A good cut.
I don't know, Gouger.
I have some business to see to.
It's a real good deal!
Shut it!
We're doing some business.
How much are we talking?
Ten per cent.
Of how much?
A million Euros.
That makes...
357.000,27 Euros!
I'm with you.
See what you think of this.
These horns belonged to
the last bull killed by Espartaco
...before his knee injury.
Shit, Johnnyboy!
You've really made good.
More than half are toys.
We're not gonna do a Rambo?
They'll serve as a precaution.
Choose what you want.
What a nice gun...
Let's go!
Tell us where the club is.
No, i'll come with you.
When it's about money
you don't even trust your own mother.
How right you are.
What do we do with her?
- Who?
The bitch there... SHIT!
That's just Philomena.
Come on love, play somewhere else.
Long live Betis Football Club!
Long live Betis Football Club!
You okay?
Hey, how come you know the
name of the bitch?
She said it before,
don't get paranoid, okay?
You can leave her here.
Good Idea!
Right, then we'll celebrate
by screwing her.
Hope there's something
to celebrate.
I won't leave that club
without my money.
That's what worries me.
- Take it easy, Johnnyboy.
It's here.
"La Esquina"
How can I help you, fellas?
What do you mean "fellas"?
It's me, Gouger.
Thanks to you
I was in the can ten years.
You still owe me a million Euros!
I want it now!
Sorry, I don't remember you.
Or the debt.
You bastard!
You come in here, demanding money,
insulting me,
...threatening me...
...and I don't even know
who you are!
Pull down your pants!
Fuck you!
You're the one that's gonna
get fucked, jerk!
No friggin way!
Hold it there...
...or I'll splatter the wall
with his brain!
My money!
That's my Gouger!
The toughest guy in the Can!
Where'd you get the tattoo?
- Shut up!
My brother did it to me
after I got plastered.
He laughed at me.
That was the first
time I gouged a guys eye out!
What happens to those
who cheat me?
They pay the price.
You're to impulsive.
I'll will deal with that one day.
How you gonna get your money...
if you've killed them all?
You jerk! He wasn't dead!
- This one either!
What the hell's going on here?
Come on! Let's go!
The Keys!
- Johnnyboy!
Point the gun at them!
Hurry, they're coming!
I'm going as fast as I can!
What are you doing?
- A hot-wire, and you?!
Shit, the're getting closer!
This isn't it either!
Let me do it!
Step on the goddam accelerator!
Don't fire!
Let's go!
Hang on in there!
- Just what I fucking needed!
Cut the crap!
You've been shot, but you'll be okay.
It hurts! It hurts!
It's a bullet wound.
You're not gonna die!
Poor Johnnyboy's dead!
If you're beating the shit out of me...
so I tell you something
I'd appreciate it
if you asked me the question.
If not, however much you hit me.
Beat him to a pulp.
I confess, I confess.
I did whatever it was
that piss you off.
Will you kill me
once and for all?
If there is a reason for killing me
get it over and I won't say a word.
We're here! We're here!
Wait, you're a tough guy!
You okay?
- What happened to you?
Tell you later.
You shouldn't have left me!
- What did you want me to do?
I hate Snakes!
- Help me with Gouger.
The Junkyard-Guy set you up?
- Poor Johnnyboy.
One more time.
Put a little more into it.
That's it.
That's it.
That's enough.
The pool table.
I'm in no state to play.
No, he'll mess up
the pool table.
So now what?
- On the table.
Pull down his pants.
No, man, no!
What are you going to do?
- Cauterize the wound.
That's it.
- Really quick!
Did you miss me?
You guys!
I managed to escape!
Bad timing.
Wasn't he dead?
Now he is.
No need to overkill!
- I have my reasons.
I can't believe it!
- They're Zombies!
I don't understand why Juan
is one of them.
Zombies? Don't talk bullshit,
Zombies don't exist.
So tell me what the hell
that is?
We need special
made-to-measure pants!
We didn't get them.
Keep looking!
In the town, the junkyard, everywhere!
I want them to knee before me.
When you find them,
bring them to the villa.
I'll be there preparing
the ceremony.
What are you still doing here?
Move it!
Only a few hours to go
before the big Banquet.
Anything I can do.
- Bye.
Just what we needed, a Cop!
Is there a problem, Miss?
- No.
But drive carefully.
Okay, thank you.
At least close your eyes.
- Yes?
You have a broken blinker.
I'll get it fixed.
- Okay.
He doesn't miss a thing.
What did the Cop want?
Told me to drive carefully.
It smells delicious.
I can smell it out here.
Shame all this raw material is
gonna got to loss... the hands of a clod like me.
Give me the permission and i'll
hire a cook from town.
I'll give him a little one-two
and he'll be one of ours...
...but with live cook-skills.
Than I can be a thug
with a gun and a suit.
Like to take a look?
After you.
Don't drool over the meet!
Whatever you say. But you need
a professional for the job.
Shut your big mouth!
Gas them for the second time.
Care for some tapas?
Won't take me a minute.
Cook them right.
I want just the right amount
of putrefaction, juicy but quick.
No delay for the
big Banquet.
Who was it?
It was him!
Maybe his farts are
a chemical weapon!
It's a fart, Scamp.
It's stinks!
And it was your little friend
who let off, not the Zombie.
Is he a Mutant, a Zombie
or from Murcia?
He could be all three.
What do you think about
this place?
What are we doing here?
And what's with her?
We have to hide from the baddies...
...and make Johnnyboy, the Zombie,
spill the beans.
What about her?
Iciar? I'm pointing the gun at her.
You two are up to something.
Gonna cheat on me?
Something like that.
- Shut it!
Tell him.
The Vicuna thing got out of hand.
It's like this...
You see...
Iciar and me...
I'don't know how to tell you.
You see, she an I...
Christ, we're Cops!
Your escape was planned trap Vicuna when he was just
a drug-trafficker.
What's she talking about?
She's my boss in Narcotics.
And I've been wearing this
for six months.
Now I get it!
That's why we weren't on TV!
- Goddam traitor!
If anyone cheats on me
or insults me i'll gouge their eyes out!
Just shoot me, shoot me!
I said shoot me!
Don't move a muscle,
We brought a whole arsenal.
- Half are toys!
Not this one!
We only took the real stuff.
I hate you, you bastard!
Take it easy.
We have to work together.
We have to find out what Juan is
and if he can be killed.
A little break for some grub?
Yeah, i'm hungry.
- Okay, pass it out, Scamp.
A chickpea omelette sub with pepper
and artichoke for you.
One with peas, blood sausage and
mayonaise for you.
And the ham for me.
I want the ham sub!
- Actually, they're all ham.
Dumb queer!
- Look whos talking!
Arguing won't help.
We have to work in a team
if we want to get out alive.
No sandwich for me?
We could starve him to death.
Too slow.
We need something quick.
Music from the '70s.
He must have a weak spot.
- The Eyes?
We could gouge his eyes out.
Might be a waste of time.
I don't like doing this
to Johnnyboy.
They make a real racket...
This isn't Johnnyboy. It's
a goddam Zombie from hell, okay?
Shall i gouge them out?
Go ahead.
Wait, wait.
- What's wrong?
Before we kill him,
let's get the information.
If you wanna keep your eyes
start talking!
I will sing you a song...
- What's up?
They must have found us.
- Get moving!
Roll a joint, man!
- Always me that has to bust ass.
I've already rolled five.
Shit, man.
Check out the wheels.
Think they left it open?
Let's see.
I left the trunk open.
- Full of weapons.
Relax, they're a couple
of bumpkins.
I go...
and gounge out their eyes!
He's crazy.
We should lock him up again.
I owe him a lot.
He saved my life more than once.
Fuck you, bumpkin!
Didn't get time to gouge out his eyes.
You're a different matter.
I cant see!
I'm blind! I'm blind!
Get yourself a guide dog.
You're an animal!
They were just a pair of dumb slobs!
So why didnt't you fire a warning shot?
How about if I shoot you?
You wouldn't dare.
Close the trunk and come here.
So what's the story,
I'm talking to you!
Are your eyes your weak spot,
mutant trash?
Start talking
or you'll lose them.
Talk, talk, talk. About what?
Always the same.
We wanna know who
or what you are.
Well, that's a secret.
A secret.
- Go ahead.
Some sort of
ultra-fast healing property.
It's because we still
haven't found his real weak spot.
What if he doesn't have one?
Maybe there's no way to kill him.
All living things, however strong,
have an Achilles heel.
But this isn't a living thing.
It doesn't matter. All living things
have an Achilles heel.
We have to find his
before his buddies track us down.
Who said all beings,
dead or alive, have an Achilles heel?
You've got a scientific proof,
or what?
Was it in Trivial Pursuit?
Shut the fuck up and let's cut out
his fucking weak spot!
Fuck, goddam...
Cut out his what?
- Fucking weak spot.
- His heel!
What's that?
First the bad guys, than the good guys.
Everone's beating me!
Oh my god!
This bug's limb grow back.
Leave this to me!
You've free me idiot!
Iciar! Get something to tie him down!
Did you miss me?
- Do it again!
Cut it off, damn it!
Be cutting off his heads
while we tape him down!
Shit, looks like a melon patch.
Take a look at us.
Come on, let's cleaning up.
One for you.
What about a cleenex for me?
- No!
This guy hasn't got a weak spot.
Maybe it's kryptonite.
- Who?
A man's weak spot is his balls.
- Yeah, so what?
Must be the same for him.
Okay, you nasty piece of work.
Talk, or I'll blow them off!
It's no good.
All right! All right! I talk!
- Why did I get hit in the balls?
It's called gratuitious violence.
Pull down his pants!
No way! Especially not
on a mutant Zombie from Murcia!
Don't look at me.
Then take aim, Gouger.
The name's Gouger.
Toughest guy in Torre Bruno.
Let's see what he's got.
Doesn't exactly look
like his weak spot.
Shit, it's huge!
I saw a picture of a wrestler
with one like this.
Must be touched up.
- Not this one.
It's moving!
Talk or I'll blow your dick off!
We are a race of
parasitic Aliens that reproduce...
using larvae desposited by the
Area Father... males living in the area
we wish to colonize.
We only have an Area Father.
Area Father?
What about girls?
So you're the ones responsible!
Females are kept in a place...
...for putrefaction and are eaten later.
Tonights a big Banquet
being held.
We love rotten female flesh.
Fucking sexiest Aliens!
Let's look.
What is this?
- Run!
Iciar! Shoot it!
Kill this thing!
Let's shoot it!
- Not us, goddamit!
Smallow this!
Good shot, Iciar!
Well, now we know
how to kill them.
Now we can go back to
the Bar, blow off their Dicks...
...and get my money.
Forget your fucking cash!
There are a bunch of girls
about to become alien nosh.
That's police business.
We'll try and get you pardoned...
I don't need a partner!
- A pardon, man, a pardon.
And what have we got for the police?
We need evidence. Without it,
the boss will think we're nuts.
So now what?
We have to kidnap one.
Take him to the superintendent
and blow off his balls.
The superintendent's?
- No, the Alien's.
It was sort of confusing.
We haven't got time for this.
We have to find out
where the girls are...
...and save them!
By ourselves?
- Who else?
I can't promise you a pardon, but...
Will you help us?
Got nothing better to do.
Let's go for it, then!
All right, all right!
No need get off on each other!
Wait here, I'll be right back.
I still think it's too risky
for you to go in alone.
They already know you two.
Enough said.
I aim at an Alien's prick
and then bring him outside.
Be careful.
- I'll be back.
That girl has balls.
No, she hasn't.
Bet you've given her a going
over, right?
Go on, tell me.
Whisky on the rocks.
Try one of these.
And then our heaving, sweaty bodies...
grinding in unison...
- go on, go on!
Were interrupted by Johnnieboy,
turned into a alien Zombie.
Shit, what a bummer!
Another. What's it called?
Nevinphos energy drink.
Too many guys with shades.
This is harder than I thought.
Careful, a cop!
Evening all!
- Evening.
Did you know you have...
...a broken blinker? Yes!
Fix it as soon as you can.
All right, officer.
Excuse me... you're not the
bloodthirsty killer Gouger?
I'm not.
Sorry about that.
Whatever you say.
- Bye, then.
This is getting nasty.
And i'm not wearing undies.
Give me another one.
Isn't she taking her time.
She's a professional.
She knows what she's doing.
Hey, gorgeous.
Know how to kidnap
an Alien around here?
Come with me!
- Let me go, Alien!
I'll blow your balls off!
Let me go! Let me go!
Take your hands off me!
Let me go!
Scamp! Scamp!
- Get them!
Your cigarettes!
Your cigarettes!
Fucking sodomite Aliens!
- He's waiting for this.
I'll go with you.
Is this the first consignment?
- Yes...
...the others are being gassed.
Don't know why I get to do this
when I would be a great thug.
Come on, miss, time to go.
The place is really dangerous.
Calm down.
Iciar isn't there.
There's nobody alive.
- Him!
You could have spared him.
Relax, he's not dead.
I'll ask you once more:
Where did they take the girl?
It all looks excellent.
You'll get a special treatment.
If you're tasty raw...
what will you
be like when you rot?
I'm waiting for your pals.
So i can inseminate them.
The're making sandwiches.
What is there?
- Ears and tripe.
No ovaries in breadcrumbs?
Only for dinner guests.
OK, i'll have ear.
But no earring.
These guys are a bunch
of bastards.
It must be there.
Let's go.
Watch where you're going!
- I can't see a thing.
Turn on the flashlight!
What are you doing?
It's really complicated.
- You're useless, give it to me!
Wait! We'll go in on the
count of three, okay?
Fuck that!
Must be there!
- I'll cover you.
What a stink!
She's rotten, I want my money!
Forget your bloody money!
Let's blow up their nest!
Start the projection.
Our most recent results...
...have been truly spectacular.
The Area Father for the Center
has inseminated 8% of men.
The Father of the Northeast...
...has inseminated 17%.
The Father for the South
has inseminated 25%.
Our supreme Fathers of the
Elizioide galaxy are delighted.
You're completely nuts,
you won't get away wih this!
At this rate in three years
we'll rule the country.
And it will be thank to you,
Area Fathers.
Let's inseminate the males!
And eat the females!
Sergio, Sergio...
it's me, Nuria.
"Double damn and shit!"
Grab the girl! Grab her!
Stop or I'll kill her!
Kill her, but give me my money!
Give me my money!
- What?
Listen Vicuna, I don't give a
shit on you!
I don't give a shit if
you're an Alien, queer...
...or maybe both!
But give me a million Euros
now or I'll blow your balls off!
- Yeah!
Fuck that!
We have to save Iciar!
Are you thick or what?
He was gonna screw her!
If anyone offends or cheats me,
they'll pay the price!
I'm dying Scamp, i'm dying.
Will you help me
to wipe them out?
Right till the very end, Scamp.
Till the very end!
They're here!
Watch your asses!
Watch your asses!