Muck (2015) Movie Script

Ew, ew!
Where are you?
- Billy!
- Fuck, Mia, just chill out.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Get this stick out of my fucking dick.
Oh, that...
- oh, my god.
- Oh, careful, careful.
My fucking hero.
Just anywhere,
Noah, that's fucking great.
- Are you all right?
- No.
- Ah, fuck. My knee.
- It's going to be all right, bro.
- We're going to get you fixed up.
- Fuck.
- Noah?
- Kylie?
Noah. Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
- Jesus.
- Billy.
Just leave it.
Jesus. Fuck. Ew.
Oh, my god.
- And?
- Do you see yourself?
Oh, I'm sorry. Do you see
a fucking gap around here, Kylie?
I don't care if your boyfriend
can see my ass.
I'm covered in shit
and Ava and Tyler are fucking dead.
- We don't know Ava's dead, okay?
- Well, Tyler is dead.
Yeah, Tyler's real dead
and it wasn't fucking pretty.
Look at me. Look at us.
What the fuck was that?!
I don't know.
Whatever it is, it's nothing
that's supposed to be real.
It definitely wasn't in the brochure.
Can we please get away from this place?
Why are we stopping?
Guys, I lost my phone.
Does anyone have theirs?
No, I don't have
a fucking phone, Noah.
I don't have my wallet.
I don't have my keys, all right?
I got a fucked-up knee
and I got a bunch of internal bleeding.
- You're bleeding everywhere.
- All right, so it's not so internal.
We need to get Mia inside
before she freezes.
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
I need a warm shower
and a really strong drink.
Oh, that sounds lovely.
Let's do that. I like that plan.
No. Drinking will thin your blood.
Oh, thank you.
That's a wonderful fact.
Noah, please tell your girlfriend
she's not my fucking doctor.
- Or even a doctor.
- Yet.
Billy, I don't want to be
your priest, either.
- Touch. Okay.
- Guys, can you just come over here
and help pick Billy up
so we can get into the house?
Careful, careful.
- Lift.
- Des, come on.
- Fuck.
- Do you think there's booze in there?
Yeah, there's got to be.
There's nothing else to do out here.
We can get Mia and Billy inside,
but then we need to go find Ava.
Okay, just fucking...
you can't go back out there, Kylie.
Let's just be clear...
we're breaking in, right?
- Yeah.
- Awesome.
Mia, we can't leave Ava
out there all alone.
- I don't think she's doing so hot.
- You don't know that.
Look, you guys, we just need to get safe
and warm so we can figure this out.
- We can't just leave her.
- She's dead!
We all saw it.
Going back out there
and getting yourself killed
isn't going to
fucking change anything.
- How can you say that?
- Look at me. Look at us.
- Look at Billy.
- I don't know what...
- shut up!
- Just shut up!
We can't do anything about Ava.
We need to find someone to help us
or get us the fuck
out of here, all right?
- Des, that's not doing shit...
- Please, just call someone.
- You can't go out there...
- We don't have a fucking phone!
- Please, can you call...
- We don't have a phone.
- She's not a nobel laureate.
- Okay, okay.
Fine. Let's just get inside.
Ah, shit.
It doesn't look like
anyone's in there to help us.
Great, right out of the frying pan.
Cool, so fire's still to come.
At least we'll be warm.
Easy, easy.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
Movers sulk like gravediggers
While you hug at the door
Starting 1st may,
no bus will go here anymore
Pack your sun,
freeze your sun
It'll stay longer
Lock your sun
Pack your sun,
freeze your sun
Lock your sun
Urnful of summer
Urnful of summer
Pack your sun,
freeze your sun...
Locked away with her hair
In a memory rack
It was one Nick cave album
And three coens films back
A bottled look at the sun
Through the shimmering potion
Some want a private beach
You, your own private ocean
Urnful of summer
Urnful of summer...
Urnful of summer
Urnful of summer
Urnful of summer
Urnful of summer
Urnful of summer.
What is this horseshit?
Come on.
Just down.
The ground's fine, the ground's fine.
Ah, shit!
I'm twisted.
What the fuck?
Nobody's here.
- Ah, it's fucked up.
- Nobody's home.
- Ah, jeez.
- They aren't coming back anytime soon.
How is it that there's
no other houses around?
All these houses
are people's vacation homes.
- Yeah, but it says number seven.
- So?
It's the only fucking house
on the street.
Maybe it's someone's
lucky number, huh?
- I don't think it's ours.
- Mm-mm.
- Well, I should go get some help.
- And leave us here?
I'm not fucking staying here
if you're going.
- I'm coming with you.
- It's freezing out here, Noah.
Mia, I'll make sure
I get you in the house first.
- Jesus, des.
- Oh.
Holy crap.
She... you couldn't...
she made you look like a tool.
Des. Des.
- Des.
- Yes.
Baby, you're my hero.
Let's have sex.
Sorry, dude.
You probably don't have
enough blood left in you
to fill that big dick of yours.
How sad is it that I'm going to die
wishing I had a smaller dick?
No man should die wishing that.
That's sick.
Well, if we make it out of here,
you can chop some of it off.
I'd rather die.
- Can you guys be serious for once?
- I'm sorry, okay?
But look at me.
I'm trying to keep my spirits up.
There's no phone.
Whiskey and vodka, but no phone.
- Which did you look for first?
- Lick my clit.
- Cute.
- Oh, that's right.
We already played that game.
Keep talking. I need as many
reasons to live as I can get.
Anyway, if there's no phone,
I'm going to go get some help.
I want to go with you.
Babe, I need you to stay here
so you can fix Billy up
- and make sure Mia's all right.
- I'm fine.
No, you're not fine.
But you will be.
Oh, god. Maybe not. Fuck.
Babe, I don't like it here.
I'm gonna second that, too.
This trip has been
a total bust so far, bud.
- Okay, well, I'm sorry.
- Lynchburg, Tennessee.
That's where I wanted to go.
Should have gone.
Gone to the Jack Daniel's distillery,
had a cocktail.
Lynchburg lemonade
at the Jack Daniel's distillery.
Maybe a fucking novelty item,
a t-shirt that says
"I had lemonade
in lynchburg, Tennessee."
That's what I wanted to do. I would have
been happy with a fucking bottle opener.
Instead, I'm in fucking Cape Cod.
Walking through the fucking marsh.
I hate fish and chips.
Yeah, um... yeah, you know
lynchburg, Tennessee, is a dry county?
Thank you, Noah.
You're right.
That would have been lame.
This has been much better.
I'll make sure I pencil it in
next time, Princess.
Yeah. Just pencil that in.
Seriously, babe,
we're still stuck in this empty house
with no phone in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
- With god knows what out there.
- Billy, you're going to be fine.
You've got half-naked hot chicks
and apparently booze.
Exactly, huh?
This is a fucking horror movie.
There are five...
way too many of us left.
Des is going to get it first.
She's fucking hot.
I want to disrespect that ass,
but I got to do it quick
'cause she's a fucking goner.
I'm fucking hurt, so I'm next.
And, you, fucking han solo over here,
you're going off for help.
You're not coming back, boss.
Textbook, dude.
- You're a goner.
- You done?
No, I'm not.
Mia... Mia, she's beautiful.
She's fucking annoying
when she's freaked out.
- She's going to get offed pretty quick.
- Shut up, Billy.
And then there's you, Kylie.
She's sweet.
She's a little sassy, a little bitchy.
She's the girlfriend.
She's moderately dressed.
That means she's a little more classy
than everybody else.
Which means you know
you're not going to see your tits.
- It's in your fucking contract.
- Shut up, Billy.
This doesn't feel good.
Noah, we're like robbers.
We just broke into this house.
What if the police come?
Babe, I hope the police come,
but unfortunately,
I don't think
we're gonna get that lucky.
I don't even think there's anyone
around here that would call the police.
- Babe.
- No, babe, let's get in the house.
- Come on, Billy.
- Fucking...
- here we go.
- Oh, god.
Slow, slow,
slow, slow, slow, slow.
Shit. Slow down.
Just... fucking hold on.
All right. Ahh.
- Yeah.
- You all right, man?
Oh, no. Fuck me.
Oh, that hurts.
All right, guys, I'm going to go
get some help, okay?
- Yeah.
- Noah.
God, you guys suck face a lot.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Can you guys find someone
to pick us up besides the cops?
We're breaking and entering
and drinking.
Then stop drinking.
Who cares?
Let's just get out of here.
No. Hey, I got to agree
with Barbie on this one.
All right, I'd rather call
some real cops from home
than deal with some fucking
hick sheriff coming out here.
Fuck, you know, you guys
watch too many movies.
You know what?
I'll go find a phone and call troit
while he's still on the cape, okay?
Be careful.
Careful's my middle name.
Yeah, no, it's Oliver.
Just hurry up. Vmonos.
Come on.
I need to put alcohol in my skull.
And a new leg.
Oh, my knee.
We'll try to find you something
for your wounds.
Great, I'll just...
I'm going to stay right here.
- I'll make you a drink.
- Don't.
No, no, no, no.
If I'm dying,
I'm not dying fucking sober, okay?
Hell, yeah. Words to live by.
- Or maybe not.
- Just make a whiskey, all right?
No O.J.
- There's no ice.
- I don't give a fuck.
Just give me the bottle.
- This bottle?
- Yes, please, Desiree.
- That bottle.
- This one?
I don't give a shit.
Just give me the fucking bottle.
Do that again.
No. Maybe if they knight you.
I got to get this filth off me.
There's got to be a shower upstairs.
Mia, do you want to come
get cleaned with me?
No, I want to stay under the blanket.
- Mia, are you sure about that, babe?
- I'm sure.
'Kay, 'cause I'd climb up those fucking
stairs with my teeth to see that naked.
Poor Billy. I know you're
just dying to see me naked.
Yeah. Given my situation here,
that's real fucking funny.
Great. There's no first aid
in the bathroom.
- Convenient.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna just see if there's anything
useful in the basement.
You should try to
put something else on.
Fuck off, cunt.
- Ohh.
- Classy.
No, she's not.
I try.
Oh, fuck it.
Do not go in the basement,
go find a nice, big-ass fucking knife
and sit your fine ass down
right here next to me
and we'll wait for prince charming
to come back, huh?
Yeah, that's a great line.
Ls that how you get all the ladies?
No, no. That's...
- yeah, that's my big cock, yeah.
- Gross.
No, but seriously,
you're going to go downstairs,
you're going to see a mouse
or see a fucking rat...
- Mm-mm.
- ...You're going to scream,
and given my situation,
I can't go down there and save the day.
I appreciate that,
but I'm not afraid of spiders or rats.
I'll be fine.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
Hey. You cold?
- What do you think?
- It's 'cause you're naked.
In fucking rain boots.
It's just the wind.
Don't be a pussy.
What's the point
of having a boyfriend
when I'm down here
tripping over spiders?
You all right?
- Sorry.
- You're not wearing green.
- That's not your boyfriend.
- Where is he anyway?
- He's around here somewhere.
- Well, I hope he's wearing green.
I am wearing green.
Cheers for her birthday.
Lookie, lookie what just walked in
through the door.
- Dibs.
- Dibs.
Well, her husband didn't even bother
to show up today,
so she should have dibs.
Oh, hi.
Hello, boobs.
Yes, I changed my mind.
- It's my birthday.
- Oh.
Missy, strip.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Okay.
Look at you not wanting to dress up
to celebrate with the girls.
And as soon as
a hot guy waltzes in,
it's like, "oh, take off your dress.
Get naked in the bathroom."
Get a fucking phone, call troit.
I can't believe
you're making me do this.
It's a crazy birthday.
It's about to get crazier...
I guess I'm going to
go drink more
because god knows
I won't find a guy dressed like this.
Fuck me.
Hey, sailor.
Want to buy me a drink?
It's my birthday.
Happy birthday.
- It's St. Patty's day.
- And my birthday.
Happy birthday.
- Can I borrow your phone?
- Aren't you rude.
Mm. If you take a picture with me
and buy me a drink, you can.
Yeah, sure.
Excuse me, sir.
What'll it be, kid?
Look, just so you know,
got no rocks glasses, ice, or olive.
I just want something quick.
I'm in kind of a rush.
- Shots are quick.
- And something strong.
Tequila's strong.
Um, yeah, two shots of Tequila.
For 10 bucks.
I don't want a shot of Tequila.
- Do I, girls?
- No!
- You want every other goddamn thing.
- What do I want?
Sex on the beach.
Sex on the beach.
It's your funeral, kid.
So cool.
- Cheers.
- Yes.
- Keep the change.
- Change?
- I need to change jobs.
- Dance with me.
Okay, yeah.
I just need to make a phone call.
But if you try to run off with it,
my husband will kick your ass.
He is a farmer.
Okay. Thanks.
Fuck. Jesus.
Thanks for the tip, shits.
Crazy married broads.
- "Yello"?
- Davidson, thank god. my new black boots
'Cause, darling, you know
The best trees
show their roots
And when I showed up
At that dance hall on 65
I was a-looking
For something like you
And I'll give one
Kiss to show your heart
And I'll give you two
Little moments in the dark
And I'll give you three,
but no more
Turns across the floor
But then it's your turn
And, boy, you better learn
to be a gentleman
To be a gentleman...
Please, help!
Get up!
'Cause, baby, you know
The best sound is the blues
But when I reckon
Just like that dance hall on 65
I was a-looking
For something as true
And I'll give you one
Kiss to show your heart...
Yo, troit. Lover boy.
Your phone's ringing.
Eh, I don't recognize the number.
It could be a girl you gave
your number to in a drunken stupor.
I don't stupor when I'm drunk.
- Could be important.
- I've seen you stupor.
And I've seen you puke
in your purse when you're drunk.
Have not!
- Yello?
- Davidson, thank god.
You guys are so cute. Like a little
married couple or something.
- Are you there?
- I'm going to go powder my nose.
- Hello?
- Bye.
Davidson, are you there?
Oh, shut up.
You always see the worst in people.
Only you and the people
you try to bang.
Quiet, wench.
I'm on the phone.
If she's not doing coke, she's probably
puking up those French fries.
Those fries sucked.
I'd puke 'em up, too,
if my gag reflex still worked.
Noah, what's up, man?
Dude, it's pretty late.
Shouldn't you be fucking
that little pop-tart of yours?
No, man.
Nobody's fucking right now.
Listen, man, I'm in west craven
and I really need a ride.
West craven?
What the hell are you doing out there?
You know, that place used to be
pretty cool, but now, ehh.
Yeah, well, there's definitely
something going on now, okay?
- I'm in some trouble, I really...
- All right. I'll be there.
But, dude, if it's some boring
west craven bullshit,
- I'm gonna be pissed.
- Yeah, no. It's not.
- Do you have room for five?
- Five?
- Five? Five people?
- Ahh...
Try and ditch the deadweight
if you can.
If not, the more the merrier.
- Just hurry, okay?
- All right.
- Who was that?
- My cousin Noah.
He wants me to pick him up
in west craven.
- Now?
- Mm-hmm.
Troit, that's in the middle of the cape.
Yup. You wanna come?
I guess.
When do I say no to you?
- Every time I tell you...
- Shut up.
Well, you asked.
Did I hear we need to pick up
five people?
How are we all going to fit?
Well, you could sit on my lap.
Take a ride on my lap.
- It'll be fun.
- Shit.
Then I might be sitting on
little-miss-local-nosebleed's face.
Oh, nice.
I don't think she'd like that.
Uh, I think she might.
Such a pig.
I hate you.
Hey, just because your religion
doesn't like pork
or they're against it
or whatever,
it doesn't mean I can't
fantasize about you.
Shut up, troit.
And I'm not Muslim, I'm hind...
And you know that.
I know you know that.
Shh. Hey, hey, no.
It's okay.
You're a terrorist
and you hate Christmas
and you want to steal
my 40 virgins,
but, Chandi, I support you
and your crazy beliefs.
I do not know why
I hang out with you.
Yes, you do.
Besides, I make you laugh.
Well, yes.
But that's not enough.
You're an idiot.
And you kind of want to bang me.
- No.
- It's cool.
- No, I do not.
- Really, it's cool.
I kind of want to bang you, too.
You're drunk.
Drunk is not an excuse
for being right, baby.
Who was I named for?
Your grandmother.
- On what side?
- Your mother's.
- How many times have I been arrested?
- Five, you criminal.
All dismissed, though.
Bet your sweet ass.
Henry, we need shots.
Shots for the road.
He's really hot.
Which one?
Mirror, mirror, on my wall...
- Too much.
- Who's the fairest of them all?
You're never going to
get this off of me.
She can bring you to your knees
But she's hard to please
"Oh, my god,
so surprised to see you
I'm so glad to finally meet you"...
It's not enough.
This might come off
if you play your cards right.
I see you staring in your mirror
What will it take for you to see?
Almost, but it's a little too...
And your beauty is empty
I'm a sure thing.
If you could see
what you could be, girl
You wouldn't be
dishonest to me...
Henry, we need shots.
- Shots for the road.
- Do you think that's a good idea, t?
No, no, I do not.
- What'll it be, then?
- That was fast.
Uh, two shots of...
fuck is the name of that drink?
Jack. two shots of Jack for me
- and a fuzzy ball.
- Navel.
A fuzzy navel for this
pretty little thing next to me.
Oh, and do you have
any curry back there?
Jameson, asshole.
I stand corrected.
The lady wants
"Jameson asshole."
Anyone named Jameson in here?
I'm going to kill you all.
Fucking terrorist.
Name on my uncle's back.
Spider monkey from India.
Oh, shots.
Put me down.
What the fuck are we drinking to?
- World peace.
- Nope.
This ain't a beauty pageant, honey.
Then to good times
and good friends.
- Nope.
- This ain't a mormon dance.
Then what?
- To pinky the Saint.
- To pinky the Saint.
- On to west craven.
- Ooh, on to west craven.
Ah, like horse urine.
Troit, do you think going to
west craven now is such a good idea?
- I mean...
- I know what you mean.
- Just put it on my tab.
- That's not what I meant.
You don't even have a tab.
No tab, you say? Oh.
Well, I will be back tomorrow.
But in the meantime,
on to west craven.
Scott, you don't think...
What's the point
of having a boyfriend
when I'm down here
tripping over spiders?
No, wait. Nobody's fucking right now.
Listen to me.
I'm in west craven
and we really need a ride.
Do you have room for five?
The car went that way.
Thanks, man.
I swallow his beasts
I absorb his demons
Like shock therapy
Flypaper in the evening
I'm cold alone
Then he brings me home
- In an alley...
- Get off!
The old gods
and the new game
We happen to meet
Came alive on a Sunday
I'm told of Rome
And all its roads...
Please, don't.
Get off!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Get off of me!
Get off of me!
I should probably get on.
Oh, my god.
He did not.
He called you?
Yes, you should totally
go out with him.
Get off of me! Please! Help!
You're drunk, Chandi.
Why is this gravel?
My car...
- Where's your car?
- Are you okay to drive?
- I, uh...
- Oh, my gosh. Guys.
- Look at this boat.
- Wow.
Chandi, we should
totally buy a boat.
- What about me?
- Yes.
Yes, we should all buy a boat.
Really, troit?
You want to buy this boat?
No, not this boat.
Yeah, Chandi.
Not this boat.
This will never play.
Okay, troit.
Tomorrow, we'll all buy a boat.
But for now,
your car's over there.
- Let's go.
- Oh.
All right.
Let's go find this cuz.
- This your car?
- Yup.
- Where are we going?
- Do you even know how to get there?
- Where are we going?
- Enough.
No more questions.
Or put them in writing.
Now either get in,
get out, or go away.
- It's a good thing he's hot.
- Really hot.
You really like red bull,
don't you?
It gives me wings.
Come on, Betty.
- Your car's name is Betty?
- No.
- What is he doing?
- Just wait.
Let's go make some music.
Billy! Billy!
- Jesus Christ. Mia!
- Kylie!
What do you want?
Fuck you, man.
- Let go of me!
- Leave us alone!
- Let me go!
- Oh, my god!
Help! Help! Leave us alone!
' Mb'. '
- Fuck you! What do you want?!
- Billy!
Stop it! Let me go!
Help us!
Billy, help me!
- Billy.
- Man, what the fuck did we do?!
Get the fuck away from us!
- Get the fuck away from us.
- Back off, you fuck!
Leave me alone!
- Billy.
- Fucking...
I can't leave you here.
Get up!
- Get up, get up, get up!
- Back off.
- Come on, Billy, get up. Gotta get up.
- Fuck off! Back the fuck off!
No! No!
- Billy, come on. Come on, Billy.
- Back up.
Billy, come on.
Come on, Billy, come on!
Ah, shit.
- Back up.
- You gotta get up.
Come on, Billy.
Come on, Billy, come on.
Come on, Billy.
Get up. Billy, get up.
Ah, fuck! Mia!
Back up.
What do you want?!
What the fuck do you want?
Billy! Billy!
Get up!
I can't leave you here.
Get up!
I'm fucking trying, all right?
Fuck you! Leave her alone!
Please, no! Get up!
Billy. No! Billy!
Just fucking run.
- Run. Just go.
- I'm sorry, Billy.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm gonna be fine.
You piece of shit.
Famous last words.
Fuck you.
Don't want your religion, no
I got problems of my own
Don't want your misgivings...
I'll give you one...
Oh, fuck.
You gotta be shitting me.
Oh, that's good.
Oh, my god, Kylie.
Oh, fuck.
- Noah?
- You're okay.
I don't know.
Everyone is dead.
- God, everyone?
- I think.
Fuck. Billy?
So sorry.
Oh, fuck.
I'll kill you!
Who did it?
Billy! Mia!
We used to be so close before
We'd watch the days go by...
Billy, you're going to be fine.
You're going off for help,
you're not coming back, boss.
I should go get some help.
I want to go with you.
I love you.
Be careful.
All right, guys,
I'm going to go get some help.
Die, motherfucker.
You ran away
Without a reason why
Now I divide the time
So unevenly it seems
Some days are bad
Some days are good
- But they're few and far between.
- Kylie.
Oh, my god.
Get off of me!
- Fucking lost.
- Chill out, Chandi, all right?
We're not lost.
We're almost there.
Where's "there"?
Hey, slow down.
There's something... people.
What are you talking about?
- Oh, shit.
- I don't like this.
Yeah, that's probably not good.
- They're not moving.
- Fuck, you didn't drink enough.
- I wish they would stop spinning.
- I'm scared.
They're creeping me the fuck out.
- Troit, do something.
- Should I hit 'em?
No, don't hit them.
Honk at them.
We should try and see
what they want.
No, don't. Please, don't.
Let's turn around.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I know what they want.
- Run them over.
- You can't fucking run them over.
Okay, but I promise,
they're crazy fucking killers, Chandi.
- No, they're not.
- I'm just saying.
Chandi, I fucking told you.
- Why don't you hit them?!
- What are you doing?
- Floor it!
- Gun it!
- Do something!
- It fucking stalled!
Come on, come on!
- Damn it! Start!
- Oh, my god!
Do something!
Fucking hell!
Get off my car, you assholes!
God damn it!
You donkey fucking bastard.
Get the fuck off!
You fucking cock smoker!
Son of a whore!
Get off of me!
Oh, my god!
You fucking fuckwads!
Get them off of me!
There's fucks who rape the girls,
but I don't get down that way.
Davidson troit, just shut up
or I'm going to kill you.
Well, you'll have to
take a number on that one.
Fuck you, hillbilly.
Holy shit.
Yeah, you better run, you fucks!
What the fuck was that?!
You'll have to narrow
that question down.
Oh... how...
what the fuck happened
to your car?!
Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my god.
Is she...
Oh, god.
- Are you sure?
- Pretty sure.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
She's not.
And neither is my car.
- Oh, god.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
We have to go.
- We're gonna make it, okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
Lose those heels.
We're gonna have to run
the rest of the way.
- It's not much further.
- I'm not running anywhere.
Apparently my cousin
needs more than a ride.
There are things out there
and something flipped
your piece-of-shit car.
I am fucking freaking out.
I... I need clothes.
We need help and the police.
And that poor girl is dead.
It's okay. It's going to be okay.
- How can you say that?
- Nothing is going to happen to you.
- Not on my watch. Promise.
- Those things...
What were those things?
Well, at least we know
those crazy Hicks can bleed.
I'm more concerned with whatever
the fuck's out there that scared them.
Did you hear that pitchfork land
after you threw it?
All right, now move that ass.
Let's go.
Just because your date
got crushed by a car
doesn't mean you can
smack my ass.
Hey, I just saved it.
I can smack it whenever I want.
I hate when you make sense.
Let's go.
Chandi, that's Noah.
Let's go.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my god.
Jesus, cuz,
is that your girlfriend?
What were you going to do,
rescue us by piggyback?
No, I had a car up until
about 15 minutes ago.
If you didn't drive
that piece of shit,
it probably wouldn't break down
all the time.
Hey, firstly, you didn't tell me
this was a fucking rescue mission, Noah.
- And secondly, it didn't break down.
- Would you have come?
Yeah, I would have come.
But, dude, I would have
grabbed a knife or a gun,
a bow and arrow,
a fucking sharp stick.
- Something!
- Want me to guess, troit?
What the fuck happened
to your car, huh?
Probably the same thing
that happened to her.
Do you think
this is a fucking joke?!
No, I don't think this is
a fucking joke at all!
You could have told me that I was
walking into a fucking nightmare, Noah!
I would have jerked off first!
I'm... I'm sorry, okay?
But it wasn't this bad
when I called you!
Kylie wasn't dead when I left.
This isn't happening.
Is anyone else here?
Besides the creepers.
My friends were...
there's fucking blood everywhere!
Look, cuz, I mean...
hey, if it makes you
feel any better,
my car got tossed onto the hot chick
I was hoping to bang tonight.
No, it doesn't
make me feel any better.
I fucking loved her.
I was gonna marry her.
She was gonna be a doctor.
She was beautiful.
And now she's
under a fucking curtain.
- Well...
- You should never try and help.
Oh, really? I'll remember that
the next time a fucking creeper
is trying to rape you
with a pitchfork, Chandi.
Grow up.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I... I don't know what to do.
We need to get the hell out of here.
That's what we need to do.
- Shut up, Davidson.
- What, you want to stay here?
I hate it when he makes sense,
but he's right.
- Yeah.
- Do any of you guys have a phone?
He left it in the car.
- God.
- For fuck's sake.
I should have called the police.
Yeah, you should have, Noah.
Anybody but fucking me.
- Oh, shit.
- God.
You know, your car
was a piece of shit anyway.
Yes, it was.
You think insurance
covers creepers?
Shit, you think
I had insurance, man?
Of course not.
Ahem. I'm happy to see
the family back together,
but I don't think they're the ones
that flipped your car.
I don't know what happened
to your car, but there is...
there's something in the marsh.
Well, I'm pretty sure
I killed one of them back there
and my car might have a killed
a couple of them.
- Where are your shoes?
- That's your question?
After all this,
her fucking shoes?
Hi. I'm Chandi.
Noah. I'm troit's cousin.
- I've heard a lot about you.
- Really?
Hey, why don't you guys
run and get a coffee?
While you're at it, get me
a triple latte and a fucking shotgun.
While you two stay out here
and get better acquainted,
I'm gonna go inside
and find something to kill things with.
Sorry about that.
We should probably go help him.
- Troit, what were you doing?
- Pissing.
Troit, how can you piss
at a time like this?
Holy fuck.
I guess you can't call this
a living room anymore.
Yeah, we should
just burn this place.
Find me a match.
Hey, put that down.
Oh, come on.
Don't look at me like
I'm some kind of shitty vampire.
There wasn't any...
much blood in the whiskey.
There are no words for you.
- I don't need you drunk.
- I was drunk when you called me.
He actually holds his liquor
quite well.
You see that?
- Jesus.
- Oh, fuck. Mia.
Holy shit. You okay?
It's not just the marsh.
There's something else out there.
- People.
- Mia, what are you talking about?
- They don't like the marsh.
- Mia, what are you talking about?
They don't go into the marsh.
- They don't like the marsh.
- Mia, you're not making any sense.
- I think they're afraid of the marsh.
- Where's Billy?
Where's Billy? Mia?
Mia, where's... where's Billy, Mia?
Come on, Noah.
You know where Billy is.
- Or isn't.
- Fuck.
What... what are we gonna do?
We're not safe in here.
We're not safe out there.
- They're gonna kill us.
- Mia, they're not gonna kill us, okay?
Listen to me.
We're going to get out of here, okay?
We're gonna to make it out of this.
What? Shit's bad enough, dude,
don't fucking jinx us.
Jinx us?
- Troit.
- No, there's fucking crazy
albino rapists
running around outside.
There's something else in the marsh
which is apparently worse.
And we're stuck in this bloody house.
Literally bloody
with no phone, no weapons.
And you know damn well
that as soon as you say,
"everything's fine,"
we're fucked.
All right, we're fucked.
Hey, troit, you're right.
We're fucked.
Do you feel better?
- Surprisingly, yeah.
- Not helping.
do you have any sort of plan?
We should start by...
Shit! don't let the beast in the door!
They're coming for me!
I wouldn't. Ah!
- I killed one.
- Just lock the front door, all right?
The fucking window is smashed.
Well, it's not gonna hurt
to lock the front door.
I don't want to die.
I know they're coming after me.
It's broken.
What the fuck did these people
cut their steak with?
Do something!
- We are doing something.
- Do something else!
I don't want to die.
What the fuck?
Stop it.
- What?
- Get us out of here.
Son of a bitch.
Don't worry about the dude
in the basement.
We're super... fucked.
- No! Troit!
- Let it go.
Shh. Get down.
Okay, who's the cowboy?
You're the cowboy, huh?
I fucking hate you guys!
Which one of you fucks
flipped my car, huh?
God damn it.
Oh, no.
You do not go crushing hot chicks...
...With cars.
Especially not my hot chick...
...With my fucking car.
You fucking fuck.
I like this shovel.
I don't know what kind of hell
you go to, creeper,
but I'm going to fuck you in the head
with this shovel
until I send you there.
I know that.
End of the road, fucker.
Fucking mud.
Fucking noose.
You're gonna pay
for this shirt, creeper.
You can't just buy one either.
I had it made!
- Do you think it's gone?
- Yeah, I do.
Listen, you need to go
get some help.
I'm going to go around back
and get troit.
- No, no. I'm going with you.
- No. Listen to me.
- Just go and get...
- Don't leave me. don't leave me.
The next thing that creeps
or crawls even near me...
Shovel to the fucking face.
- Eat your heart out, Barry bonds.
- Jesus.
What the fuck are you doing, man?
She's naked.
Don't worry.
She's not doing anything for me.
Time to go.
Wait! What the... wait!
- Wait!
- Wait.
Troit, where do you think
you're going?
- The marsh.
- No, you haven't been in there.
Dude, it's our only chance.
Come on.
- What are we doing?
- We're doing it.
We're going to get killed in the marsh.
I'm not going back in there.
Yes, you are.
We all are because they won't.
Look, that was that chick's theory.
I'm going with it.
- We don't know that.
- Damn it, Noah. We don't have time...
- listen to me.
- No, you listen to me!
How many went into the marsh
in the first place?
- Seven.
- Seven. And how many came out?
- Five.
- Five.
So five of you went into that house
and you're all that's left?
- Yes, but...
- It's not hard math, Noah.
We've got better odds in the marsh
than we do with the creepers.
Okay, okay. I'm ready.
I was hoping for a better idea.
I hate it when he makes sense.
Come on, man.
I don't know where the fuck we're going.
- Do I look like I have a fucking map?
- You've at least been in here before.
Come on, lead the way.
Don't be such a pussy.
I'm gonna kill you.
I'll put your name on the list.
So I go and I call
on my best friends
So we can all laugh
one more time
And I'm looking at the photographs
of my brothers...
Here, let me help you.
Well, it's one last call
with my mother...
This marsh sucks.
Oh, they say it's over
Oh, they say it's over this time
Oh, they say it's over
Oh, they say it's over this time...
Come on, you guys.
And I'll go
and find me a mountain...
- Troit.
- Yeah.
What's my dog's name?
Uh, Australia.
It's a sheltie you've had
since you were 10.
You left it with your cousin,
Lucky number, favorite color?
That's easy. 11.
Same as your birthday.
- Which is?
- November 11th, 1991.
And your favorite color is pink.
- What's mine?
- Trick question.
You don't have one because
you think favorite colors are stupid.
I assured them that my love
was real...
Wow, you guys
are getting good at that.
But we're fucking lost
and this stupid marsh is getting deeper.
See, hon, we're like
a real married couple.
Does that mean you're gonna fuck me
when we get outta here?
At least give you
really good head.
Oh, see, now this marsh
ain't so bad after all.
Fuck off.
What? It doesn't mean I want to buy
a vacation home here,
but the trees are quite lovely.
Shut up.
Even in India, everyone's seen
"the Princess bride."
Oh, shit.
You can get DVDs in caves now.
- I haven't seen it.
- Oh, dude, you should totally get it.
I got it in college,
got me laid so many times.
- How's that?
- Did you woo freshmen sluts
with your Westley impression?
Or fight off R.O.U.S.S
in the cafeteria?
I thought you said
you haven't seen it.
What a dick.
Look, all I know is
if I busted out a quote at a party,
some drunk chick would always
come up to me and be like,
"Oh, my god. I love that movie.
I haven't seen it in, like, forever."
And I'd be like, "oh, my god.
I have it on DVD in my dorm room."
And she'd be like,
"we should totally watch it."
Dude, it was so easy.
It was like stealing pussy from a baby.
You disgust me.
Come on,
you totally would've watched it.
I thought your slut friend
said they come in here.
Ah, damn it.
You're worse than them.
- What, are you writing a book?!
- Help him!
Oh, fuck my life.
Help him!
Noah, I think you got this.
Just fucking hit it!
Chandi, shovel.
Where is it?
Big fucking ugly.
Troit! Troit!
Never call me again.
- I'll hit him high.
- I'll hit him low.
Where is he?
- Troit?
- I can't see him.
- Troit!
- Troit!
Get my shovel.
Shit. Where the fuck is it?
Here. Take it!
Take it.
Whatever the fuck just got Noah,
fucking show yourself!
Fight me!
Fucking fight me!
Fight me!
Come on!
- Troit!
- Who the fuck are you?!
Troit, wait for me.
Please don't leave me.
I don't want to die
in this fucking marsh.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- I'm so sorry.
Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, god.
This can't be good.
Shame, shame, shame
You're such a pretty shame
Shame, shame, shame
We played a dirty game
We hide from the light
when the love is right
Love in the low,
we keep out of sight
Shame, shame, shame
You're such a pretty shame
We got a heart gone cold
We got a heart gone cold
We had a heart of gold
We had our hearts to hold
Shame, shame, shame
You're such a pretty shame
Shame, shame, shame
We played a dirty game
We hide from the light
when the love is right
Love in the low,
we keep outta sight
Shame, shame, shame
You're such a pretty shame
We got a heart gone cold
We got a heart gone cold
We had a heart of gold
We had our hearts to hold
We got a heart gone cold
We got a heart gone cold
We had a heart of gold
We had our hearts to hold
Are we late for our revival
As we watch the casket close?
Have we gone to our redemption
As the body leaves the soul?
We got a heart gone cold
We got a heart gone cold
We had a heart of gold
We had our hearts to hold
We got a heart gone cold
We got a heart gone cold
We had a heart of gold
We had our hearts to hold.
Oh, my god. You have a fucking knife
stabbed in your stomach.
Pocket would have been better.
Born uncertain
Cloudy curtains
Leaves one blinded
To your treasures
Empty pleasures
Caught I'
in a whirlwind
Cursed eternal
War internal
Help it swallows all
Swallows all
I'm lost in the fog
I'm lost in the fog
Oh, can you see me bleeding?
Crumbled slowly
Slipped into
Trapped by mirrors
Locked in cages
Oi my own a'
Left me far behind
Angels dangle
Wings all mangled
Hole in place of heart
Hole for heart
I'm lost in the fog
I'm lost in the fog
I'm lost, I'm gone
I'm lost, I'm gone
Oh, can you see me bleeding?
Can you see?
Can you see?