Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee (2022) Movie Script

Hey buddy,
Checkout all the names of the new
admissions in our commerce group!
Soniya, Hemapriya, Lydia, Catherine...
Hey! Seems like names
of hot girls for sure.
Hey, how do you know that they are
hot girls just by looking at their names?
If you know that much you won't
be the way you are. You'll never get that.
22, 23, 24... 25! Hey Vinoth,
totally we have 25 girls in our class,
with 15 new admissions.
Okay guys, listen,
we all have quite a lot of options.
Let's not fight over
girls like bloody kids,
let's do the decent thing and reserve
each one's girl right away. Yeah?
I say dibs on Catherine!
That's it. I've said it.
Which one for you?
- For me? Get lost...
I have my Rekha, forever.
3 years of sincere relationship mate.
Hey! Didn't you hear what our
English Miss told us the other day?
All this relationship business
in 7th and 8th grade is not love,
it's just infatuation it seems.
But look at us now, we are all matured,
we've seen public exams in 10th grade,
now we know what life is all about.
The love that happens
now will be true love.
For example,
the love I have now for Catherine,
that's what I call true love.
Hey come on, you don't
even know how she looks...
You see?
That's why it is true love
She's going to look ugly, then you'll know.
Your girl will be the ugly one.
I'm not the one in love
Don't try to act too big now
Hey, stop hitting on my head.
Hey look, Anu and Rekha are coming
back after getting their books.
Is that Rekha's mom?
Oh yeah, she is a teacher
at Vivekananda school.
She's super strict it seems.
Oh yeah, she's terrible. I did maths tuition
with her in 10th standard for two months.
Oh. Which girl did you actually go there for?
- Shut up. I sincerely went there to learn ma
- Who? You?
- Hey... Both of you shut it for a while
What Surendar?
You got your books already?
Which group have you all picked?
All of them are commerce group Ma,
except Naushad.
Oh... So you've picked science group too?
What's your future plan?
To study medicine?
I'm going to try aunty, it's not that easy.
You all have to focus more on studies now,
12th standard decides your life.
What? Up until now you all kept saying
that 10th standard decides your life?
You're absolutely right aunty.
12th standard decides your life.
Anu and all these guys are in class 'B' Ma,
Naushad and me are in class 'A'
Oh yes aunty,
I thought I could finally get rid
of these guys after 10th standard.
But now, again these guys are back
on to torture me for another two years.
Oh yeah... as if you are from the Royal
family and we all can't take our eyes off you.
Look at you and your clown specs.
Look aunty, this guy keeps calling
me names and bullies me all the time.
No... This is not the way to behave, okay?
You're not supposed to make fun of a person
by pointing out their physical features.
Huh? How else can we
make fun of people then?
Oh my God! Ma! Please don't
start your lecture. Come, let's go.
- Who is this guy?
Is he in your class?
Hey, come on
- You and your stupid face
Do us a favour and change
your mother-in-law
Hey! Don't even say that. I just finally managed
to get things moving properly with Rekha.
You saw how he was blushing
in front of her mother?
Look at all that signalling from there now
Well well... already you owe 60 bucks for
Anandh's shop for all your previous chit-chats.
He will literally chop your hand up if
you touch his telephone ever again
What do you know? I've already
settled around 20 bucks yesterday.
So he won't bother me for at least a week.
So he says! Try going near
his shop, he'll kick you out.
You first pay him up for yourself.
Hey! Who is that girl?
She's super hot.
Hey, am I just hallucinating or
is she really walking towards us?
You're not hallucinating.
I think she's really walking towards us.
Guys, don't worry.
I got this one.
You please don't even think of opening
your mouth for the next five minutes. Okay?
Hi, are you guys from this school?
Yes Yes.
Which class?
Finished tenth.
Now going to plus one. Promoted!
Oh. I'm Victoria, new admission.
Commerce group.
Oh! We are all from commerce group too!
But I don't remember seeing your
name on the new admission list.
Oh no, I just got my admission yesterday.
So I guess they are yet to
update my name on the list.
Oh... I'll add it to the list
- Oh yeah. He'll do it
Sorry, I didn't get your names.
Chinese... uh no no My real name is...
- Vinoth...
- Naushad...
- Hi
- Hello
So where exactly should
I get my books from?
Oh yeah, you just go straight,
you'll reach the Headmistress room,
you might experience a tinge of
bad smell at that exact point
because that's where the
primary student's toilet is.
Just ignore the smell and walk towards
your left, you'll find the sports room.
Bang opposite to that is the office room.
That's where you can get your books.
Oh... It sounds a bit confusing.
Can someone come with me? Vinoth?
Oh, why not. Let's all go together.
What do you say guys?
Yeah, let's all go!
You guys carry on
- Hey, just come with us
So Victoria, which school did
you study last year?
Vicky, you can call me Vicky...
Actually I was studying at
St. Aloysius in Ooty.
Have you guys been to Ooty?
Oh yeah, we've seen it on TV
Hehe... Okay... what sort of a
name is that? Chinese?
Oh this one is funny, when we were in class 9
he was going out with a Chinese girl for Q
He was acting too big and proud to all
of us saying that he's dating a foreigner.
Naturally, we were also intrigued
to see who the foreign girl was.
So one fine day we all went to see the girl,
only to find out that she's not Chinese but a
She's the daughter of that area's watchman.
Our man was dating her thinking
she was Chinese all that time.
Hah aha... Then?
Then what?
He dumped her that girl very same
day and we gave him the name 'Chinese'
Oh... So cute
Hehe... thanks
Oh not you...
That chain... really cute.
Where did you buy that one?
Oh I didn't buy it.
It was a gift from a friend.
Hmm, nice.
Okay, thank you so much for the help.
So I guess we'll meet when school re-opens.
Bye Vinoth... see you guys...
Guys, I think she has a thing for Vinoth.
What? Don't say something
just for the heck of it.
He's right.
I got that vibe too.
Did you guys note what
she said before she left?
Bye Vinoth. See you guys
He is 'Vinoth' and we are all
supposed to be some 'guys'.
Oh yeah. So what is it now?
He's the lead guy and
we are all his sidekicks, is it?
Listen guys, in our group we don't deal with
that kind of rubbish. All of us are equal,
Hey, I'll tell you all something because
I'm more experienced than you all
when it comes to women and their ways.
I got this whole situation
dissected and analysed.
You know how we all might have
looked from her point-of-view? Hmm?
Chinese... uh no no My real name is...
- Vinoth...
- Naushad...
- Su...
- Durai.
This is how it would have been?
Hey, what's wrong with this guy?
Actually I feel the same way too.
Why wasn't my yesterday
Just like today?
Why am I not like myself
At this very moment?
I wonder if I opened
my heart just today?
I wonder if I forgot all my lessons?
I wonder if I shed
all of my inhibitions?
Is this me?
Is this really me?
The direction I travel towards
The music that I listen to
Are all born anew when I walk with you!
Like the dreams I'm yet to have
Like the food that I'm yet to taste
Everything is new when I'm with you!
The song that hasn't been refined
The love that falls like drizzle
Your shoulders like a cradle
And my sleep so far away
The day the whole country
listens to your song
Isn't so far away
Play as if tomorrow is today
Just for my ears
Time is your rhythm
Keep playing your tune
I am your first fan
Play your tune for me
Is this some other world?
Is everything here just so beautiful?
I see all this beauty
just because of you!
Just like a long street
You walk along with me
My whole life seems so new,
just because of you!
Hey, you've been telling me about joining
guitar classes right? What happened to that?
Yeah, I still want to join. But there is
nothing of that sort in our area. Also,
the situation at home is not quite okay.
I can't ask for any money for
music classes at this point.
You know what? If I've a guitar I can just
play around with it and learn it myself.
I don't even need a class that way.
Not exactly a new one, even a used
old guitar is fine. But right now,
I can't even afford that.
I've completely lost interest in the whole
idea of studying, and then going for a job.
Just imagine how nice it would be if we start
doing something that we are really intereste
right from our school days.
I think schools abroad
might be like that...
I don't know why we have to study this stupid
commerce and this wretched business maths...
Sheer waste of time.
But, only if we study all this we can
get through class twelve
and then join college and
get a degree at least.
I don't want a degree and all that.
I just want to do music full-time.
And travel all over the world to perform.
Listen, now it's just a
matter of a little time.
After school, I'll finish college
quickly and get a proper job.
So you don't have to worry
about a degree or a job or money.
You can just make music
happily all the way.
I'll take care of the rest till you settle
down properly with your music. Yeah?
Oh my God, it's super late!
Did you even watch the film properly?
They'll die in the end.
Hey idiot, I think you didn't get it
- No you didn't
Why don't you spit on your deck instead?
Hey mate, How have you been?
What happened? You said you'll be back in
a week. And you come back after a month,
you didn't even show
up to get your books.
Hehe... nothing much. I just happened to
hook up with an aunty when I was there.
An Aunty??
What? How do you manage
to get Aunties all the time?
Tsk... Hey... He's just fooling us.
Yeah, right.
Will you shut up?
You tell me mate.
What did you do with her?
Crossed third base?
Hey! How did you?
What do you mean how?
Things just fell in place. So yeah.
Hey come on, this is not done.
You have to narrate the whole
thing the way it happened,
like a proper story,
without missing any detail.
Tsk... I'll tell you later
when I'm in the mood.
Now I have to go to the tailor shop.
Oh, I have to go too.
Fine, then let's all go.
You can tell us the story on our way there.
Hey, what about me then?
Excuse me. Behave. Please act your age...
Guys, let's go.
Hey Chinese, I know how to give
this back to you. I'll catch you later.
Go on now... Do some work.
Take care of your business.
Oh, look at this big man
telling me what to do.
See you then... we'll come
later to pick up our cycles.
Hey! Get lost.
I don't care about your cycles.
I know you'll be back
when you need me again,
then you'll see how I deal with you all
Hey, what's that noise?
Damn with this useless piece of junk!!
Vinoth... Get up...
You're late for school...
You can't be late on your first day.
mmm... What's the time like?
It's already 8.25...
MA! Why didn't you wake me up earlier?
What? I've been trying to wake
you up since seven in the morning.
Oh damn!
I'm super late for school!
Hey! Hey! It's urgent for me.
- No way, I'm late for school.
Aren't you having a shower?
No Ma, I'm already late.
I don't want breakfast either.
Oh no, if you don't eat now,
you'll feel hungry at class.
Just have a quick bite.
- Tsk... Ma! I said I don't want to.
Just leave it.
Ma! What's this?!
On the collar?
It's holy ash.
This is a new dress right?
So I did some prayers for you and
smeared a bit of ash on the collar.
Come on, you can't even spot it,
it's so small.
You're saying you can't spot this?
It makes my shirt look horrible.
Don't use that tone when it comes to
matters of God... Come on, have some food.
Ma! Don't irritate...
I'm already running late.
Bye Vinoth, take care
- Present miss.
Hey mate. Please let me in!
- Present miss.
Victoria Fernandes.
- Present miss.
B. Vinoth Kumar
- Present Miss
What man? Showing up late
on the very first day?
Sorry Miss,
my cycle Tyre was flat.
Go sit.
Vincent Raj.
- Present Miss
Let me guess. You overslept?
- Yeah mate, woke up super late.
Is Juliet Miss our Business Maths
teacher for this year?
Hehe... Not for just Maths,
she is our class teacher.
Oh damn.
We're dead then.
Gayathri, today is the last date to collect
notebooks. Inform everybody
Yes Miss. I've done that.
Hey Bomboy you let one rip again?
Hey! It wasn't me!
Vinoth! What's happening there?
Stand up!
What mate?
- You also.
What mate?
It's just the first day and both of you
have started your shenanigans already?
Enough of all your monkeyshines
all these years,
now you both better get serious.
Look at how you can study well this year and
score something decent in your final exams.
If not, that's it,
your life is over, understand?
Excuse me Miss?
Oh, please come in Miss...
Have you met Father already?
Oh yes, just a while ago. Sorry Miss,
I got a bit held up with some formalities.
Oh... no problem at all.
I've already finished the attendance part.
You can carry on with your class.
Hey who's that?
New admission?
All the best...
- Thanks
All of them are actually nice kids,
but some of them are too playful.
So make sure you enforce
yourself as a strict teacher
right from the beginning and keep
them under your control.
She's wearing a saree?
- I think she's a teacher
Okay students, This is Priya Miss,
she'll be teaching Computer Science
and Commerce for you all.
'Good morning miss'
She has just joined our school this year.
So behave yourselves... Okay?
Okay Miss, I'll let you take it from here.
- Okay Miss
Miss... Strict... mmm?
Okay. Sit down...
Okay students, My name is Priya.
I'll get to know all your
names as we go along.
I'm not sure how other
teachers operate here,
but I don't believe in an
authoritarian approach.
I also don't believe in hitting
or yelling at students.
I think if you enjoy your time in class then
you'll also enjoy the lessons you learn.
That's pretty much my philosophy.
Why are you all sitting like
posing for a picture?
Did you all get me?
'Yes miss'
That's better. And, one more thing.
It's absurd to have girls and boys
sitting separately in a Co-Ed school.
Shuffle up so that we
can start some lessons.
I said mix up so that
we can start the class.
Mix up? Hmm...
Lavanya! I'm coming to you.
I'm next to Catherine
So that's the law of motion understood?
Rekha, You get it right?
Yes miss
- What? You're dreaming huh?
Hey Catherine, It's the last day
to collect the notebooks.
Make sure you get it, okay?
- I know that, mind your own business
It's my duty as the class
leader to inform you.
I don't give a damn.
Listen, are you going to give
it to me right now or should
I tell everyone about that time in sixth
standard when you pooped in your pants.
Hey, you just can't keep blackmailing
me with that same old story.
I think everybody knows
about it now. Get lost!
Oh, like that?
I don't think the new admissions girls know
about it. I'll tell them then. Don't bother.
Hey no, wait.
Hey it's absolutely fine.
You can have it. I'll just go
tell them and then see you.
Here. At least leave half
of the egg for me.
That's more like it
Guys, come on. Dig in.
Hey whose is this? Dumb Su's?
- Hmm
You guys are absolutely jobless!
All these years we've been eating
his lunch almost every single day,
but this guy doesn't seem
to lose any weight at all.
I think he has a back-up lunch box that he
hides from us and eats that during lunch.
I'll find that one too.
Hey Chinese, Catherine is here.
Try and talk to her and make a
nice impression. This is your chance.
Oh damn! What will I say?
I'm blanking out all of a sudden.
You're all gabby with us all the time right?
Go, do the same thing to her. Go on!
No way... I'm a bit nervous.
- Go!
Do you want to eat an egg?
- Egg Catherine... Egg! Egg!
Yuck! Disgusting
Hey, what's disgusting?
I think she's impressed.
What do you think guys?
Absolute waste
Hey, why did you offer her?
I gave the egg only for you to eat
So what now?
Hey! You know we have a new Miss.
She seems super cool.
Yeah I know... Priya Miss right?
Anu just told me.
Hey you know what? Physics this
year seems to be super complicated,
I have no clue what's happening. You guys
are all lucky, with all easy subjects.
Says who? Business Maths
is super tough for us.
Hey Vinoth, I feel a bit weird, both
of us being in different classes.
After all these years of studying
in the same class together,
this somehow doesn't feel right for me...
don't you feel that way too?
Who is that?
Oh her. That's Vicky... uh...
Oh, so that's the new
Anglo-Indian girl? Anyway,
what was I saying?
Remind me?
Uh... What were you saying...
hmm... ah,
you were saying about buying some new jeans
instead of the usual traditional clothes that
So, where are you going to buy it?
Hey... okay... okay...
I was just pulling your leg.
You were saying that Physics is tough,
you feel weird about sitting in
a different class. Right?
I'll take care of you later
Oh yeah? I think jeans
won't work for you.
Just stick to your traditional
clothes... hah aha
You're going to get whacked from me later
Bye Rekha
Why are you waving as
if you're leaving town.
Silence! I said silence!
Okay listen, Tomorrow we don't
have our usual classes.
Instead, we have a health
check-up scheduled, followed by a seminar.
But attendance is compulsory. Okay?
What seminar Miss?
- Hmm... You'll know that tomorrow.
What's this all about?
Health check-up and all that. I don't get it.
Listen, it's only for humans.
Don't try to bring your cows over
for a free health check up.
Hey! I've already told you a million
times not to talk about my cows.
Hey idiot! I've told you a million
times not to point the compass at me.
Tap it three times on the floor.
Come on, do it.
- No way
Listen guys, we have half-a-day
leave tomorrow.
It's been a while since we saw some porn.
I'll bring my VCR deck from home,
we'll rent a video cassette from Lakshmi videos.
What do you guys say?
Hey! Super!
But they don't lend us porn cassettes.
Do you remember the last time? The guy at the
shop threatened us that he'll inform our par
Hey, why are you freaking out now.
If you're over fifteen
you can rent porn cassettes.
Do you know that?
I'll take care of this
Actually it will be nice to watch porn here
Good morning Father.
Good morning boys, sit down...
Do you all have any idea why we are here?
For a prayer meeting father?
Hah aha... no.
We have gathered here for
a Sex education seminar.
Yay! Guys, they're going
to show us some porn.
Now, I'm going to explain about some
really important things for your life. Okay?
Damn, why are they showing their backs?
What is this?
Father! Main point father!
What? Main point?
So I believe you have understood
everything I said.
Remember these points students.
These're really important facts in your life.
Okay father
Okay, if you have any questions
or doubts you are free to ask now.
Hey, ask him about that.
Hey Chinese, ask him about that.
Father. I have a doubt Father.
Yes, go on...
One drop of blood equal to hundred...
Tsk... One drop of sperm is equal
to hundred drops of blood.
Is this true?
What?! Not at all.
Hey, you won't die then
That Father was just brilliant.
He told us some amazing things.
We'll tell you later about that,
we have to leave now.
Have some important work to take care of.
What work? Begging for cassettes
from that Lakshmi videos guy.
Get lost!
If there is one person who knows us well,
then that's you. Guys, let's go.
Go on... I'm sure the power
will be off in your place.
No way. I think the power is going
to be off in your shop now.
Get lost.
Hey idiot, get lost.
See you later
These guys are just spoiled to the core.
Bloody porn addicts.
But whatever happens,
we both will always be mates.
Oh I'm your mate now?
I'm sure you have a scheme.
What do you want?
Nothing much...
Just a couple of batteries...
Hehe... Show me the money
So it's all about money then.
- Yes, it is
What about our friendship then?
Hey! When did we even become friends?
You guys keep taking everything
you want on credit.
That's it, from here on,
if you want something
you better pay up and get it.
Listen, Rekha is already here,
please don't ruin everything.
Just two batteries please.
This will be the last time.
You guys are such a pain in the damn neck.
Let this be the last time. Here...
Get lost now!
Thanks mate. I know,
you were just trying to pull my leg.
What? Pulling your leg? Next time you
ask me something for credit I'll kill you!
Hey, it looked like he was
yelling at you. Was he?
Hehe... Not at all. He was just
playing around with me.
Hey! Thanks da.
Did you bring your Walk-man?
Not just the Walkman,
but also two new batteries.
So we can hear songs for quite a long time.
Hey super! Let's hear our song first then.
- Hmm.
Hey, why don't you just put it in the
Walkman and rewind it?
Oh no...
That will eat up too much battery.
If you want to listen for a longer
time then this is the best way.
Hmmm... You know I just can't wait to
finish school and get into college.
Oh yeah? Why?
Because college won't be as strict as
our school, we can bunk classes,
we can meet anytime we want to.
But look at us now...
too many rules, too many conditions.
It's such a task
for us to even hangout for a while.
Yeah... that's true. But all our
friends might join different colleges.
I wonder if it will be as much fun as now.
Tsk... I'm pretty sure we'll always
have fun. Just like now,
sharing our headphones and
listening to our favourite songs.
The only difference is that now we
are listening to AR Rahman's songs,
but in a few years we will be
listening to your song. Yeah?
The first song that
I write will be for you.
Hey! Is that it?
Come on Rekha.
One more time please?
You saw how they kissed in Titanic right?
Please, just one more time?
All that only after we finish school.
Now I realise it's better to
finish school soon then.
You've been doing random dirty
things with the boys and getting spoiled.
I don't hangout with them that much.
Don't tell me stories.
Once we're done you'll be off
to meet them straight. I know.
Hey idiot!
What are you doing sitting here?
Oh no... I was watching it all this while.
- Bloody idiot
Oh damn! It's my mom. Quickly switch
it off and pull the cassette out.
Hey, open all the windows and doors.
What are you doing?
Open the door...
Yeah yeah... coming mom!
Hey, the cassette is stuck inside.
Just unplug the power cable then.
- Okay
All good?
- Yeah
What happened?
You're back early today?
Actually our General Manager retired from
service today, we had a small send off party for
But I left halfway through.
Move out of the way now. I'm super tired.
Oh... Everyone's here. You all seem
to be surprisingly quiet today.
Hehe... we were just talking softly.
Okay aunty, we'll get going then.
It's late. Bye Su.
Okay boys. Bye
Hey Surendar, did someone come
for the electricity bill estimate?
Yeah, they came round this aternoon.
Oh okay, how much is it this month?
Tsk... that's so irresponsible, you didn't even
check how much it is? Bring the card now, l
I don't know when you're going to
learn to take up some responsibility.
I'm sure the bill will be high this month
because of the new washing machine.
Here Ma
What the hell is this?
What rubbish you're up to?
So this is what you do at home everyday?
It's nothing Ma, it's just a science project!
It's just science Ma!
Hey, you can't even pass the ball properly?
Hey listen mate, this is the right time.
Catherine is alone.
Just walk up to her and say it.
Oh damn... I'm scared.
I think I'll practice my lines properly
and then propose to her tomorrow.
Look mate, the more you delay,
the more dangerous it is for you.
Someone else is going to take
advantage of that and get her.
You and your foul mouth!
Why did you jinx it?
Better take back whatever you said now.
Okay okay, I'm sorry.
I take back whatever I said.
Okay, don't think I'm jinxing it again.
I have a feeling Richard
has an eye on Catherine.
Richard? Did he tell you?
Yeah... sort of...
Oh damn...
then it's a clear danger then.
I'll propose to her right away.
Hey Catherine,
I have to tell you something.
Yeah, go on.
How did you even get
interested in basketball?
I love you.
You started playing as a kid or what?
Everyone plays the game in my family,
so I was interested too.
Hey... Nice goal.
I also clearly heard the
other thing you said.
So... you love me?
Hmm... Seriously?
Very seriously, I swear on my mom.
That's nice to know.
But I have a certain taste.
I don't fancy these kinds
of normal proposals.
Oh... So what do you fancy?
You have to propose like Superman.
Like Superman? How?
Hey look at this guy.
He's gone nuts!
What's wrong with him?
Look at the colour of it.
Hey Catherine
Finally! His underwear gets a wash!
To start the program, we have to press...
I think in a few years we'll be
able to watch porn on these.
Hey, what is this?
You've typed in something
else instead of the program.
Oh no, Chinese was trying
to show us something.
Oh God...
How will you get the answer this way?
You have to type it in a BASIC Language format.
- oh...
Excuse me miss
- Come
Hey Vinoth, what do you
put for your hair? Any hair gel?
Did Juliet Miss go through the circular?
It's really soft...
I like it
- Ah, yes miss?
I asked you if Juliet Miss
had a look at the circular.
Yes Miss. She did...
Okay, tell her that
I'll see her after this class.
Okay Miss
Don't even try to touch Srivats' head
like you're doing now, he'll freak out.
Oh is it?
I'll try it sometime.
Hey Rekha?
Hey, come out!
Hold on. We're coming.
Hey Vinoth!
Hey, you said there was some issue
in the area and we had to meet someone?
I don't see anyone here.
Tsk... I'll tell you mate.
What's up with you?
You're acting strange.
Tsk... This is the thing. Housing Board
Kumar asked us to come here,
but on the way I bumped into Saara Sasi.
And he said it's better
to meet somewhere else.
At the ground.
So I went there...
Hey! What's all this?
I'll explain later.
You first cut the cake.
Hold this
Here Anu.
It's quite nice.
- Here mate
Here you go Vinoth
Hey what's this? A Guitar?
Yeah, my gift. Go on, open it.
The exact same guitar we saw at the shop!
This is awesome.
I know right
Hey! Why did you play it first?
- So what?
That's it, everything is ruined.
It must've been expensive...
how did you even get it?
Why do you worry about that?
Just tell me if you like it or not?
What are you saying?
This is my dream guitar.
Okay, play something for me now.
Oh, I'm not that fluent yet.
Hey, the other day you played
John's guitar at his house right?
That, I was just messing around.
Come on don't make a huge fuss now.
Play whatever you know.
Okay okay fine, I'll play something.
Let me tune the guitar first.
Tune it?
So it's like a radio then.
Tuning seems pretty easy for me.
Okay, what should I play?
Hey, play the song 'Ilaya Nila' for us.
Oh yeah, that's a great
song for guitar. Go for it.
'Ilaya Nila'... C... E... G
Why is he singing alphabets?
I can't play the whole thing.
I'll play as much as I know. Yeah?
Hey, is it the same song?
Hang on, he'll get there.
This is a proper guitar right?
Shut up
Hey! How was it?
It was brilliant
- What do you think Anu?
Oh yeah. Super
All that's fine mate, but you
said you'll play 'Ilaya Nila' right?
When are you planning to play that?
Hold this for a minute.
I told you I can't play properly, didn't I?
Hey! Who is there?
Oh damn! It's the watchman. Run!
Get the Guitar Cover.
Run! Run!
All of you stop right there!
- Hey what about the cake...
Hey idiot, leave that and run.
Hey Richard, let's get
Chinese to play as striker today
No way, I'll play as striker
Richie. Look.
Hey Wuss.
What are you thinking about?
Go on, change.
No it's okay, I'll change after
you all change and leave.
Huh? After we leave? Why?
Are we girls or what? Change now.
Oh not like that,
I'll change after you all leave.
Hey mate, leave him alone.
He'll change and come. Let's go.
Hey, hold on.
What's all this fuss?
He won't take off his shirt in front of us,
is it?
Hey, come on take it off.
I said take it off!
Richard, please let go of my shirt.
Let him go
- You stay out of this
If you don't, I'll rip it part.
Please Richard,
I'll change and come. I swear.
Hey! Give me back my bus pass... Richard!
- Come, let's go.
Hey give it back, please.
Mate, just give it to him.
Poor guy, how will he get back home today?
Huh? Let him buy a ticket.
I didn't bring any money today.
Please Richard.
Now he won't join us for the game.
So what? Hey fraudster! Come on. You play in
defence instead of Francis for this match.
It's okay if I'm not in the game but
please give me back my bus pass.
Sorry wuss... Sorry
Please tell him Durai.
Richard! Please Richard!
Pass it to me Richard!
Here. Get in!
Hey Vinoth!
You fluffed your lines again!
Here Vinoth. Make a run!
Hey Vinoth blew it again
One-Two it seems. My foot!
Sorry mate
Get back!
Get back!
Clear the ball
That was just shambolic.
We couldn't even score a goal.
I think all you guys played well,
but you lost it because of Vinoth.
From now on stop all the wandering about
and just focus on practicing.
If not, I'll kill you all.
I didn't get one proper
pass in the whole game.
Oh look who's talking... You kept calling for a
one-two pass and missed every single one of
That's what happens if you don't show up for
training and spend all your time romancing.
Let's watch Titanic Rekha?
Let's have Ice cream Rekha?
Why are you getting all worked up now?
You bloody dog!
Hey... hey... you missed it again.
Now run run... get it.
Go and get the ball now.
I'm going to rip you apart now!
Oh yeah right. Let's see that.
Next time show all this
force in the game mate!
Doesn't lift a finger during the match
but now he's all pumped up with us.
Hey mate, you don't fret on it.
Just drop it.
Hi Vinoth
- Hey Vicky, why are you practicing alone?
Oh these girls are absolutely useless.
They play for five minutes and get tired.
Then they just sit and gossip all the way.
But you can improve your game
only if you play with someone right?
So you come on then, let's play.
Me? With you?
Why? Are you the sort of guy who
thinks it's a disgrace to play with a girl?
Hey, no way!
Then you might be scared
of losing to a girl.
Huh? Scared?
Hey guys! Here!
Come on
- Here
Hey Su, where is Vinoth?
Oh he's bored of playing with us,
so he's gone to play with Vicky now.
Look at it.
Hey! You're an absolute idiot!
Hey mate, I was just joking.
I'll kick you now.
Hey Rekha, what's up?
What the hell are you doing with her?
Rekha, keep it down,
all the teachers are around.
Why is she overreacting?
Hey Rekha, what happened to you?
I said I'm sorry.
Leave me alone
Your bus pass.
Richard asked me to give it to you
It's over there...
Come with me. I'll show you.
Oh look at him. This is too funny.
There's your photo.
Richard put it up there.
Actually his photo works
well for this poster.
Richard got it right this time.
Hey Richard, why do you torture
that poor guy all the time?
Listen... I was just pulling his leg.
All of you lost your sense of humour or what?
You guys are creating this whole sympathy
wave and making me feel like the bad guy.
He doesn't want to be a part of the
Football team from now on.
Hey, he'll come.
If not we'll ask someone else
to step in for him. Simple.
Hey Vinoth, I heard you had
a fallout with your lover?
Can you just mind your own business?
What did I say?
- Just drop it.
Richard, can I borrow
your motorbike for a bit please?
I'm about to leave now mate.
It will just be ten minutes,
I'll be back quickly. Please mate.
I'll come along?
No it's fine.
Go easy on the bike mate
- Okay
Rekha, I'm sorry.
How many more times should I say it?
She kept saying things like 'I'm scared of
losing to her' and she was acting too smart.
That's why I played with her to prove a point.
I truly have no other intentions otherwise.
But I clearly know what
her intentions are with you.
Catherine told me all about her.
What can I do if she has other intentions?
Is that my fault too?
You act in a way that encourages her.
That's your fault.
Can you please stop moving and talk for a bit?
I can't push the bike anymore.
Listen Vinoth. There is no right
or wrong in this whole thing.
If I really like someone then I'll make sure
I don't behave in a way that hurts them.
That's me. If I was doing the
same thing with Richard or Durai,
will you be cool with it?
- Huh? Tell me...
You feel weird right?
Now you get it?
Okay, I was just being insensitive and
did a stupid thing. From now on,
I won't do anything that might hurt you.
I swear, I swear on my music.
Oh... So you think I'll believe you if
you just swear on your music?
You will. I know you.
Okay fine, can we please get back
to normal mode? Give me a smile at least.
Hey mate, why are you fighting with a nice girl?
Better compromise.
Hey! I know how nice she is!
Can you drive fast like that?
Not exactly, but I can try.
When are you taking me for a ride?
Let's go now!
What will I do with my cycle?
Just leave it somewhere here for now.
No one will be interested to nick your cycle.
When did you learn to drive a gear bike?
Just recently. I thought I'll surprise you with
the bike on valentines day and take you fo
But I've blown all those plans now.
Hey don't do any of those wheeling stunts, okay?
Yeah right, as if I know all that.
Oh they were overdoing the warm-ups
Hey Chinese, come let's buy some biscuits.
Oh yeah.
I need to buy some toffees too.
Look at this dumbo, the first thing
he buys on a zonals day is toffees.
How can we ever win something
with this guy around?
Toffees are rich in vitamin-C.
What do you know?
Two butter biscuits please.
- And I'll take some tofees
What's up with all that crowd there?
Oh that one... This film actress Kushpu is
coming today to inaugurate that hotel it seems.
What? Kushpu?
Oh, it's just Kushpu...
Simran would've been great...
Excuse me, What's so great about Simran?
She has just acted in a couple of movies.
Kushpu is the all-time favourite.
For me it's Simran
Hey, move it
What rubbish is he talking about?
Kushpu debuted in '88.
It's been ten years now and
she's still on top of her game.
What time is she coming?
That I don't have a clue
Oh okay. Thanks mate.
Hey, you anyway have nothing to do right?
Just keep an eye on this hotel.
Let us know when Kushpu is here. Yeah?
Sure mate
Here mate, want some?
Just get away from me
Boys, do your warm-ups well.
You guys have to win this one somehow.
Here you go Chinese.
- What's this?
Glucon-C, for energy.
Save some for me too mate.
- Also for me.
Hey, you've been eating
bloody junk since morning,
why the hell do you need Glucon-C for?
I feel like all the food is
blocking my food pipe.
This should help digest it better right?
You better get lost before
I beat you to death...
Just get out of my sight...
run away...
I said get lost...
Mind your own business
- Go! Leave now! Idiot.
Alright break it up.
Start warming up.
I am going to spit on your
face one of these days
Start warming up.
Mates, we can do this right?
Hey! We will win this hundred metres.
- Okay, go on now
We'll win this.
The guy standing next to
you is last year's winner,
Don't let him get past you.
Mate!!! Kushpu is here! Come on!
- Yay!
Come on mates,
let's make it before she leaves.
I just saw her for a bit.
She looks absolutely gorgeous.
And you trusted these guys?
Sir... Kushpu has arrived!
Look at that fool
He's acting too smart
He'll get kicked this evening for sure.
I'm going to kill him
Hey... Hi!
You and your stupid face!
Anyway... What's the
plan for Valentine's day?
I've asked Richard to lend
me his bike for a day.
He said he will. If that works out
then I can absolutely rock it.
Hey, one more thing.
Does your tape recorder work properly?
Yes it does. Why?
I need it for something.
Can you bring it home this evening?
Yeah, sure.
Oh damn...
Hey, what are you doing?
Hold on, I'll tell you.
Okay, just hit record on your
set when I tell you. Yeah?
I have no clue what you're up to?
You'll get it if you
just shut up and watch.
Hi Rekha... This one's for you
Happy Valentines day
Ilaya nila...
Is this your gift?
Yeah, what do you think?
Nice one.
Okay listen, it will burn a bit initially,
but it will be alright after a while.
Hey, hold his hand.
Just a second mate, make
sure the 'C' is clearly visible, yeah?
Okay I got that, you just stay still now.
Ah! Catherine! Catherine! Catherine!
Hey Vinoth, how did this whole thing of
wearing green shirt on Valentine's Day start?
That trend must've
started somewhere abroad.
So our boys are wandering
about wearing green shirts too.
Hehe... Total crackpots...
Anyway, can we sit here?
- Yeah, sure
Hey, what is my gift?
I'm too curious now.
Oh yeah
Hey! Thanks da!
This is just a starter.
Main gift is something else.
What's it?
Close your eyes, I'll tell you.
Come on, close your eyes.
I'll tell you.
Listen... Don't take advantage
of this and try to kiss me or something.
I'll kick you.
Oh, that sounds like a nice idea too...
Hey... what are you doing?
Hey! Did you play it?
Hey! It sounds brilliant!
It almost sounds like two guys playing.
How did you do this?
That's the technique...
How long did it take to practice this?
I've just been practicing this ever
since you got me the guitar.
Ilaya Nila!
Haha... Where is that idiot?
Hey Catherine...
What's this?
Did you get hurt or what?
'C' for Catherine.
I got it done with acid.
You have no idea how painful it was.
Then why did you do it?
Just to show you how serious
I am with this whole thing.
I love you.
Fine... You've already told
me this a million times.
So what do you want to do?
I want you to love me too.
Okay, give me ten reasons
why you love me.
Your eyes, Your eyebrows
Stop, are you going to name ten body parts?
What about your shoes?
Does it count?
I don't understand how your
mind works, you creep me out
Creep is not all that bad.
Just somehow try and love me please
Okay... Give me ten reasons
why I should love you?
Oh that's easy.
There's Umm...
Oh no. Umm...
Catherine, please consider me.
I've already told my friends
that you're in love with me too.
So try and love me please
Your face just irritates me.
Take a look at the mirror and
you'll know what I'm talking about.
You absolutely disgust me.
Hey mate, so she said yes?
She said that my face irritates her
What? ...That's too bad mate.
After all the acid and the pain,
everything is a huge waste now.
Hey, where is Naushad?
Hey, don't just pretend,
I haven't even started...
No idiot! You are holding
the place where you put it last time.
Oh... sorry sorry...
Okay, so you want me to make
this 'C' into an 'S' right?
Yeah, but just make it look natural
Listen mate, this is not my profession.
- Okay, Okay
I'll do as much as I can.
- Okay alright
Hey hey! One second, hold on!
- Hey idiot!
What happened?
Mate... just give it a nice thought
if you are sure about Soniya?
I've thought about it, why?
Look, Soniya is a Marwari girl,
so they don't cook meat in their house.
In the future it might be
hard for you to cope.
Oh... I did not think of that angle.
So they don't even cook eggs, is it?
Nope... Nothing, just bread and
vegetable curry everyday.
Mate... Then make the 'C' into a 'G'
Why 'G'?
Hey Gayatri
Hm? What?
'G' for Gayatri.
I love you.
What's this...?
Did you get hurt or what...?
Oh... Catherine told you?
Not just to me, but to all the
girls in Section 'A', seniors, juniors,
Even the cleaning lady knows about it.
Just to clarify, Catherine's cycle is
that red colour Ladybird right?
Yeah... Why?
What arrogance!
Can't even bear to look
at my face it seems.
That's not even a valid
excuse for not loving me.
Hmm... Yeah mate.
I hate to see your face too,
but I still hangout with you right?
Hmm... Mate, stuff some inside the bell.
Let's see how you ring the bell from now on
- hehe
Phew... This smell is unbearable
Mate... I can't hold it anymore,
let's do our spray painting.
But all the acid and the
pain is still a waste mate.
No it's not.
I've decided to propose to
Gowri in the tuition this evening.
I heard even Gowri rejected you?
Yeah mate, I've literally proposed
to every single girl that I know of.
You could have just
dated that Chinese girl.
Mate, she's not Chinese...
she's Nepali.
Hehe... Oh yeah Nepali
For what? You'll keep pulling
my leg all my life with that.
That's a given no matter what.
Okay, we're already late.
Let's leave then?
Where are you guys off to?
Wedding Reception
Guys... You both just got caught eating
in some random reception last week right?
You still haven't stopped this racket?
That was a different area mate,
we've changed our zone now.
Hey, that's enough, let's go.
You both are just shameless to the core.
Bye mate
- Please leave and never come back
So the solution is X1 is
equal to determinant
A1 by determinant A.
X2 is equal to determinant A2...
Anu said we should think
about joining her tution.
I heard they teach really well.
We'll join there?
If I join an evening tution then
I won't be able to meet Rekha...
I don't think I can join.
But you go ahead if you want to.
I'll see if I can join you
next month maybe...
Vinoth! Idiot!
I'm teaching a very important theorem
here and you're happily chatting away?
You just have a few months left now and you'll
be sitting in your final exams in a blink-o
When are you planning to
come to your senses?
Your parents work their socks
off to pay your fees and
you sit here and fool around
like a useless piece of junk!
Anyway, what are you planning to
do after twelfth Sir? Music?
Yes Miss, I'm fully interested in music.
Hmmm... I'm quite confident that you are
capable enough to become a great musician.
But, in middle class families like ours,
parents just freak out when they
hear these sort of things from kids.
So just get a degree just for their sake.
Hm... Thanks Miss
Anyway... Is there a
farewell party this year?
Juliet Miss told us that she'll
speak to our Headmistress about it.
Hmmm... Okay
So I spoke to our HM
about a farewell party.
But she said that in our school we don't
have this tradition of farewell parties,
plus, there is only a small gap between the
second revision exams and the final exams.
So she felt this farewell party might be an
unnecessary distraction and said 'no' for it.
Damn! I curse her to get diarrhea!
- We all hate HM!
Hey, she can't hear me in this noise.
- Watchout mate, she might hear it.
Okay okay!
I said silence
--HM is a...
So she said no, but Priya Miss and me tried
really hard and convinced her to finally say y
So we are having a
farewell party this year.
Yay! Hey! I'm going to
kick everyone's arse!
Hey! PT Master is a jerky jerk!
Surendar! Get up!
Get out and kneel down!
Hey what man?
How do you all manage to
become silent only when I speak?
Sorry miss.
I can't stand this nonsense!
Get out and kneel down I say!
Get out now!
Get out mate.
You didn't hear it?
What is this Su?
Okay listen,
we had to convince her
hard to get this permission.
So you all have to promise me two things.
One, that you will all do well in the
upcoming second revision exams.
That we can't.
Two, you should all make sure you are in
your best behaviour on our farewell day...
Okay miss.
I too promise Miss
As time gently flies away with the wind
As we go on, our wishes
lay clumped together
The sky will open up just for us
To bring unfathomable dreams to life...
As the crescent of our lives grow
Fill the heart to
its brim with friendship
Call me when you stumble
I'll always be there
As we fall when we play,
some experiences become scars
Our dear friendship rushes to
embrace and heal the wounds
I feel the sweetness at the bottom
of my heart whenever we come together
Even if we part ways, the love in
our hearts will never diminish
In the time of dreams
The friends that gave a shoulder
The light of the stars that
shine through time
Are little fireflies like us
Hey Catherine, What's up?
Why aren't you wearing a saree?
Hey she doesn't know how to tie a saree...
Madam Jayalakshmi...
Are we all grandmothers,
to wear a damn saree?
All of you look absolutely
funny and stupid in this.
Hey Thirumal, come on
click a picture for us.
Yeah sure
Come on guys
- Right here
How do I look in this Saree?
- Super!
Just the top looks a bit funny right?
Oh no... Looks fine for me.
Welcome to our farewell party for
our outgoing students of this year.
Now our father will inaugurate the event
by lighting the lamp followed by a prayer.
Almighty heavenly father,
as we say farewell to our beloved
students of this 1999 batch...
Thank God...
Finally, I have some company.
Our class girls look like they just came straight
out of an old age home or something.
Exactly my point, Isn't it super funny?
I can't believe it...
...and truth to be behind them,
Pushing them onwards into your goodness,
we know that you will...
Hey, should we just
go and set-up our stuff?
Yeah makes sense, let's go.
Hey, let's go.
Where to?
...and happiness throughout their
life and all their endeavours.
You bless them abundantly to
all students, Amen.
Now, we'll start our program with a
welcome dance by Gayathri.
Oh damn...
Not this song again!
Hey mate,
I'm hungry. Should we check
out the snacks counter?
Yeah, let's go
Where are you off to?
- Just come.
Hey, don't overdo it and
make me look like a ghost.
You'll always need a little extra
make-up for the stage. Leave this to me.
Okay then.
Mate... can I have one more please?
Hey... hold on.
Each one gets one. That's it.
Actually Master, Chinese is down
with a stomach upset,
so he asked me to have his share too.
Oh I see...
Give him another one then.
But from here on, each
one gets one. Got it?
Okay Sir
- Okay, clear now
You're dead
What's rum like?
Oh that's way too strong.
Beer is always better for beginners.
Oh okay then
Hey, how many have we got?
- There's twelve in here.
Isn't it a bit much?
Sorry mate,
Damn! Why is it so bitter?
Oh yeah
Look at his stupid face...
bloody annoying.
Hey suck up! Get lost!
Hey, what are you doing?
Shut it.
Hey, go bring Francis
Hang on.
Go now!
So I hope you're all enjoying the party,
next we have a fashion show.
Hey!! Srivats!! There he comes.
Come on mate!!
Hey. Look at him!
Wow, he knows how to turn on stage!
Can you even see us with those shades on?
Hey Srivats, your fly is open!
Shut that first!
Why did you guys call me?
I asked him to bring you.
Sit down, I'll tell you.
Listen mate, I know that over the
years I've tortured you a lot.
But now, our time in school is almost over.
I'm not sure when we'll meet next.
So I thought I should apologise to you.
Sorry mate.
Hey come on, it's fine.
I didn't take it personally.
Thanks mate
That's okay
Hey Durai.
Hey... no thanks.
I'm not used to it.
What do you think?
We've been drinking all our lives or what?
This is just for some fun. Here.
No, no, I don't want it.
See mate, after all this time we've
become proper friends only now.
We'll be friends, that's fine.
But not this.
This is just for some fun mate.
Hmmm... here...
I'm having it just for a taste too.
Let him be.
Drink it.
Don't force him to drink it.
Here, At least hold the bottle.
Now he'll drink it
Hey! We need Vats back on stage. Vats!!
Oh look at this loser on stage.
Hey! get lost now!
Somebody please chase this guy out!
Get lost and don't ever come back.
Hey! Why are you wasting it?
Give it to me if you don't want it.
Let them perform in peace, leave them.
One, Two, Three, Four...
Hey Anu, is this right?
Boys and girls,
is everyone ready to go?
We're right next after the fashion show.
So, before you go on stage just revise
your steps with your partners.
And listen,
just enjoy your performance.
All the best guys.
Thank you Miss
- Yes Miss
It's all good right?
Initially I told you that it was slightly
bitter right?
But now it tastes good mate.
Tastes good is it?
Initially it was a bit bitter,
but it's nice.
Hehehe... So you like it.
That's alright... take off your shirt.
- I said take off your shirt.
- Just for fun...
Okay, he's thinking too much.
Guys, just hold him... let's take it off.
Richard... please... let me go. Please
Please Richard!
So, you won't take off your
shirt in front of us right?
Hehe... How's it?
I've never ever lost a bet in my life.
See, I finally made him remove his shirt.
Richard please give me back my shirt.
Oh great, this is the perfect song.
Why are you crying now?
Just do a catwalk now. Come on.
Hey! Who is that there?
Hey it's PT master!
Run! Run!
Stop right there!
Don't run!
Hey Francis!
What are you doing here?
What's all this?
I don't know anything about this master,
it's Richard...
You first wear your shirt.
Let's go to Juliet Miss.
Please Sir. It wasn't my fault.
It was them...
Now, we have a western dance performance.
Mate play that 'Daeli
Huh? What?
The first song on side A.
Hey! Come on Chinese! Rock it!
Hey Anu!
Come on guys let's whistle!
Anu! Come on Anu!
Hey Bomboy! Get lost!
Look at his face.
Hey Anu! It was brilliant!
Hey Chinese, you absolutely rocked it.
Hey, I have no clue what I just did.
The moment I got on stage,
I just forgot all the steps,
then I just did something
that came to my head.
No seriously, it was brilliant guys.
You both were actually the highlight,
you know? You both always used
to fight like cat and dog.
It's unbelievable how you even managed
to pull this off. I don't even get it.
Rekha... I have to tell you something.
For quite some time both
of us have been... Hey, you tell her.
Have been...?
Tell her...
We both have been seeing
each other for a while now.
Hey! What are you saying!
Really? How long?
Yeah. Ever since the time
he joined my tuition.
Oh my God! You've kept it a secret
all this while? Very smart!
Hey, not really, we didn't
mean to keep it a secret.
But we thought you all will pull our leg and
make fun of us if you get to know of this.
You didn't even tell me...
Hey, I need to pee. You're coming?
Mate, if we leave this here and
go now, someone will nick it.
Oh yeah...
Then keep an eye on mine too. I'll be back.
I had a feeling this might happen...
Hey, even Vinoth doesn't know yet.
Oh, he will be the happiest
person if he gets to know this.
You know what, I'm going to find him now,
I can't wait to tell him this.
Hey, wait hold on
Next we have an English play
written by William Shakespeare
Hey Vinoth, just a small favour.
Can you come inside please?
Hey Su, where is Vinoth?
Gone for a pee.
Oh... Okay.
Hey, Don't touch that!
I've been searching for
this box for quite a while.
oh... it's super dusty...
- Hey, I am sorry
Tsk... I got some on my eyes.
Oh... I'm sorry...
Can you please see if it's gone?
Hey Rekha, wait a second,
just listen to me
You have no clue what happened over there.
It's not what it looked like.
I'm not a kid Vinoth,
I saw what happened there.
Oh damn... I didn't do anything...
It was her...
Stop it Vinoth,
don't say another word.
I feel so cheap to even talk about it.
I could totally see this coming.
That's why I kept telling you
over and over again that
she's a bit of a loose girl and
you have to stay away from her.
Listen, ever since I promised you,
I even stopped talking to her.
Oh damn,
I don't know how to
even start explaining this...
She wanted me to help her bring
the box down from the cupboard.
I didn't expect her to misbehave
like that all of a sudden.
Please try to understand,
don't act like one of those regular girls.
Oh yeah, I'm a regular girl.
I don't know how to
dress up stylish like her,
I can't speak English like her,
I can't kiss like her...
If you only fancy a girl like her...
then go on.
I won't be in your way.
Hey! What are you even talking about?
You think that's what I'm after?
Yeah, I'm an idiot.
For making you my world and my everything,
I'm the biggest idiot around.
Go on,
go around kissing her
however you feel like.
That's what you fancy right?
What? You don't believe me right?
So that's how much you know me right?
I don't need this...
I don't need a relationship without trust.
In the future, you won't
believe me for any damn thing.
I can't live like that.
Oh... very good.
You made a terrible mistake,
and instead of apologising,
you are dumping me?
Oh damn... It wasn't my mistake.
I'll explain the whole thing again clearly,
please be patient and listen to me.
Why should I listen to you Vinoth?
You've already said that you
don't need this relationship right?
So it's all over then. Bye...
Don't crumble, my heart
Don't leave me at this moment
You brought me to this height
As I flew in the sky
Living like a cloud
Only to break like a teardrop...
Don't crumble, my heart
Don't crumble, my heart
Don't make a mistake, my heart
Questions that burn upside down
I see thousands of them
I ask for answers
But you break into pieces
Don't crumble, my heart
Is it my mistake or yours?
My heart stands still without an answer
All over the wall of my heart
You drew lines as you smiled and adored
Then you told me it's not
art but just a scribble
As the scribble cracked
And your paint brush burnt
The smoke filled the sky
And turned my dreams into ashes
Hold for me - my dear time
You seem to be in a rush to abandon me
I'll start all over again
with the prologue
Or I'll try to write the epilogue...
Just go and apologise Vinoth.
Ooww! Ghost! ...Ma!
Ma! Ghost Ma!
Vinoth, just chill, I'm not a ghost.
Ma! Ghost! ...Ma!
Now your BP is close to 220,
if shoots a little bit more
you might faint.
So don't stress, cool down.
Excuse me... You just show up
like this and scare the hell
out of me and you ask me to cool down?
Who are you?
How did you get in first of all?
In Tamil I think they call me 'Manmadhan.
But in English they call me 'Cupid',
Huh? I don't get it?
Hmmm... You know there are millions
of people who are in love right?
So I'm the one who is responsible for giving
them all these feelings like attraction,
affection, love, etc.,
So in short, I am in-charge of love.
What a load of rubbish,
don't tell me stories.
This is not even remotely believable.
Fair enough
Sir Sir! I believe you sir!
Hey Vino! Vino! What happened?
What's all that noise?
What happened?
Nothing Ma,
my sound system was in full volume,
I just switched it on without realizing it.
That's why it just blasted.
Oh... But it sounded a bit different?-
- No Ma... It's nothing.
I just woke up from my sleep
in complete shock you know?
Okay Ma, you go and sleep now.
Hmmm... You don't lock your door, okay?
How many times should I tell you?
Okay Ma... I won't... go now. Go!
Anyway, I'm getting late.
Let's get to business.
Hm? What business?
Listen, I'll tell you what you do.
Tomorrow at school, just fall flat
on Rekha's feet and tell her
that it was completely your
mistake and just apologise to her.
Initially she'll be a bit mad at you,
she might not listen to you and may
be even yell at you... It's quite natural.
If you were in her position you would do
the same thing. So, don't argue with her,
just get through a bit of yelling and
try to compromise with her. Okay?
Excuse me, wait a second.
What's up with all the instructions?
You might be in-charge of everyone's love.
But I'm in-charge of my love.
I know how to take care of my life.
So no thanks.
Oh... So because of this
little blip in your relationship,
you've decided you don't need
Rekha anymore in your life, is it?
You're making a big mistake Vinoth,
you'll regret it in the future.
I don't think I'll regret it.
I have a lot more in life,
I might meet a lot of girls...
who knows, there is a chance I might even
meet someone better for me than Rekha.
I'm telling you again Vinoth.
Just apologise to her.
It's useless if you realise
and regret this late in life.
I don't think so...
Hundred percent?
Hundred percent.
hmm... Okay...
Hey! I've called you some
hundred times since morning.
You've put your phone on
silent mode and sleeping as usual?
Hey no mate,
It was super late last night
by the time I finished work.
I actually went to bed only
around early morning.
Okay fine, you tell me the
same story all the time...
Just get ready quickly and come.
We're already late.
Hey, can you come over to my house instead,
we'll go from here?
I knew this was coming.
Okay, I'll see you in half an hour.
Be ready.
- You went back to sleep right?
Oh no, I'm getting ready. Bye.
Okay bye.
Oh you infinite lines...
Why do you rush?
When I see you...
Why do you vanish?
Oh you're up already?
Your Mom asked me to tell you
that she has reached Tirupathi safely.
I'll have a word with him
yeah okay.
Who was that?
Uh... Magic light productions.
The Director doesn't like
that voice it seems.
He feels it would be
great if you can sing it.
Oh, that's why he's been
trying to call me all night is it?
some five missed calls.
They're going to shoot the
day after tomorrow it seems,
so they want the scratch a bit before that.
Tell them no chance.
And then, we have that
TV interview this afternoon.
I don't think I can do it today,
please push it.
What do you think?
Yeah. Kick and bass sound much better now.
Electric guitar can be a bit better.
Oh What do you reckon?
Just bring down the high
mids and mids on the guitar.
Make it a bit warmer.
Hmmm Should be fine.
Let's hear it.
Is it okay?
- Yeah. Much better, yeah.
Oh yeah, the strings section
will be here only by 2' o'clock,
but they said we can go on till 9pm.
Oh, I completely forgot to tell you.
I have some other work today.
I don't think I can make
it for that session.
But I checked the complete score.
It's fine.
Oh... okay
Moorthy Sir will be here right?
- Yeah, he will be.
Then he'll take care of it.
Just make sure the mic'ing...
I'll take care of it
Excuse me...
- Yeah, Yeah...
I'll be there in two minutes.
Two minutes means
just two minutes. Right?
Just make sure the mic'ing
positions are fine.
Yeah sure.
He hung up.
Working all through the night
and sleeping all through the day...
Is there a logic behind why you have
to make music only in the night?
That's not the thing aunty.
AR Rahman started this trend
here of working during night.
So everyone started following that trend.
But now, he's shifted to
daytime and all these guys are
still stuck to working in the night...
What are you doing now?
I'm a plumbing contracter.
I take care of laying
plumbing lines for houses.
Now I have some orders for some
flats and apartment buildings too.
But I'm still looking for more
manpower for those projects.
Here comes your friend
Hey, can't you get up on
time just for this one day?
I'm ready mate
So? Everything is settled?
Don't ruin my mood now...
Do you have any Rahman's songs?
Just look in the second folder
Wow, this song just takes
me back to those times...
I think it will be brilliant tonight.
Everyone will be there.
The years just flew by...
So everyone's coming?
Yeah. Almost... except one or two.
Oh... Who isn't?
Hm, Vicky is not coming.
She never responded for
the invitation it seems.
Soniya told me
Soniya... How many times did
you propose to her?
Tsk... I was just jobless back then.
Hey! Hi! Come in...
Hi, How are you Sharon?
I'm good. Work's been a bit hectic...
Please sit, how are you both doing?
Yeah fine.
Where is Richard?
Sir is busy... Richard.
Chinese and Vinoth are here.
Why didn't your wife come?
Oh, she had to be someplace else
Oh okay
Chinese is still the same crackpot, right?
Hehe... absolute crackpot...
Where's the ball?
Then Sir, are you seeing someone?
Tsk... No.
Hey, come on, tell me now.
I swear I'm not.
You must be meeting so
many girls in your industry.
Not even one interesting girl?
That's the thing,
I usually don't go out.
But when I do, it's all industry people.
With them it's all purely work.
I don't socialise with them.
There are some really interesting
girls in Sharon's friends circle.
Those artistic types.
I think you might fancy them,
you should come to her party
next time. Yeah?
How are you doing?
I'm doing fine...
on one side it's business,
and then on the other it's
all about Sharon, Bryan and Anna...
Every single day just flies before
I realise it. But no complaints,
I feel like my life has become complete
only after marriage and kids.
Okay you keep playing,
I'll be back in a minute.
Uncle... I lead 4-2...
Hey! 'Boangu!'
Daddy, what's 'boangu'?
'Boangu' means cheating Bryan. You get it?
Yeah, cheating! cheating!
- I'm not cheating...
Hey, how's Anand Anna?
He's doing fine.
I see him sometimes when
I go that side to his shop...
You won't believe how
our area has transformed.
There is a mall and a
Starbucks and all that.
Oh... Let's go for a round then
Yeah let's go.
Richard. Naushad is here.
"A song that stopped a longtime ago"
"Has it started playing again by itself?"
How's Durai?
Tsk... poor guy, he's going
through a terrible phase.
He borrowed and spent a lot
to get both his sisters married.
So he's slogging now to
repay all the debts.
Come in.
Are you coming or what?
No mate, I'm not coming.
It will be weird.
Hey come on mate, it's going to be just us.
It's not some random people.
It will be fun. You'll have Richard around,
and we have drinks.
What else do you need?
I don't even have any decent
clothes ready to wear.
We'll take care of that. Just come.
Sounds that dispersed
in various directions
Have become music in this air
Words that went in different ways
Seems to be blending in like poetry
Hey Chinese! Hey Vinoth! How are you?
- Hey! Idiot!
What's up with this bike racer vibe?
Just for a swag.
Where are the other guys?
They're already inside.
Come on then, let's go.
Okay, I'll park the bike
and see you inside.
Yo! Yo! Yo!
This is the party!
And guess who is in the house.
It's DJ Vats!! Let's have a jolly
good time and
Hey! It's Vats!
let's drop some beats...
Hey! Vats!
Hey, don't shout mate.
Behave yourself.
He looks smart right? Okay, I'm super
hungry, I'll get something to eat.
Let's go over there.
Hey. That's number three now.
What? Are you counting?
Yeah, obviously.
That's Richard and Sharon
- Oh...
- Hi Anu!
Hi Richard!
- Hi.
Meet my husband...
K. Krishnamoorthy... Nice to meet you both.
- Nice to meet you too.
Vinoth is still not here?
Hey mate, Anu is here.
I'll go say hi to her.
Hi Anu...
Hi Vinoth!
Meet my husband...
Hello. Hello... K. Krishnamoorthy...
You can call me KK.
I have listened to each one of your songs.
By the way, I also follow you on Twitter.
Oh yeah?
Of course. Also, when I was in
school I've learnt music too.
Carnatic Classical vocals.
In fact I've been meaning to
tell you this. In your recent song,
that movement from Aaberi scale to
Naataikuruchi scale is sheer class...
Oh thanks, but I don't have an in-depth
knowledge of classical music scales.
I just work with emotions
and sounds, that's it.
Oh come on, Classical music
is nothing but a feeling right?
What do you say Mr Richard?
Is the work done?
So you're too big to even
come up and say hi?
Hey, I'll call you back.
Hey hi Anu, how are you?
I'm fine, how are you?
Where's your wife?
Oh no, she has another family
function that she had to attend.
So she couldn't come.
Oh, okay come on I'll introduce
you to my husband.
Yeah sure... I've just ordered for a drink,
we'll get that and go?
Yeah, Okay
Hello? Excuse me?
Hey Naushad!
Hey! Hi...
Nisa, This is Thirumal.
Tsk... Fraudster...
Oh... hehe... Hi...
Hi, Your husband is a big-time doctor,
what about you?
I'm a housewife.
Oh, that's nice...
Actually I have a great business plan for
housewives to earn money right from home.
Just four hours of work and you make
around ten thousand per month. Plus,
there are added incentives.
Hey, is that Catherine?
Excuse me...
Hi Catherine
This is my wife Nisa
Hi, how are you?
I'm fine, thanks.
Hey Nisa, Is my make-up okay?
Yeah it's fine. Why?
Oh no, I somehow feel like
I'm not on my best look today.
You get what I'm saying right?
Some days you feel that way right?
I get that feeling almost everyday
Haha... that's true.
So, when is it due then?
What is?
Oh, so you're not pregnant?
Hey Catherine, this is too much.
Haha... just kidding...
But you already have a kid right?
Yeah, we have a boy.
I don't get why you go through this torture
of getting married and having kids.
I think marriage and kids are for losers
who have nothing better to do in life
Am I right?
Oh yeah, you're always right.
Hi Catherine
Hey guys! You've already
started your munching work.
Please spare some food for others too.
Want some?
Hey, no way!
I'm on a liquid diet.
I can't eat all this crap
What's up Chinese?
How are you?
Yeah... fine Catherine
Oh my god Nisa,
this guy was too funny in school.
When we were in class eleven,
he proposed to me around five times.
Can you believe it?
You can see how much of a mess he is now.
So imagine how terrible he
would've looked back then... horrible.
Excuse me guys, just one scond huh?
Hey Nirmala,
What a funny dress you're wearing...
Why aren't you on any reality music shows?
Oh I find them extremely boring,
I don't believe in competitions...
Yo! Good evening everybody.
This is DJ Vats and I'll be
your MC for tonight,
I take immense pleasure in welcoming
you all to our first reunion party!
We have planned for quite a lot of
entertainment and fun activities.
We are just waiting for some
more people to land up.
We'll start properly
once they are all here.
Oh! Look who is here...
- Hey...
Hi Anu
Hi Sid, how are you?
Not bad.
Meet my husband...
K. Krishnamoorthy...
We've already met once before.
I think you don't remember.
- Oh...
Sid, this is Chinese.
- Sorry...
No problem.
And that's Vinoth
- Hello.
I'm sure you know him already?
Oh no, I don't You are?
Famous music director in
Tamil film industry.
Oh... I'm sorry.
I don't listen to film music.
Only rock and metal.
That's my taste.
Oh, do you atleast watch movies?
Yeah I do, but again, not Tamil movies.
This whole thing of singing and
dancing around and all that sentiment.
I find them absolutely hideous.
So Rekha, looks like you might have to
give up watching Tamil movies anymore then.
It's better for her if she does.
Okay, you guys carry on.
Rekha, I'll be at the bar if you need me.
Just let me know
Sid, if you don't mind,
can I join you for company?
Yeah okay.
But I don't drink alcohol you know.
They do serve juice here right?
Yeah, yeah.
Where is your wife?
She had a family function to attend.
So she couldn't come.
Oh... that's a shame. I thought finally
I'll get to meet her today.
Oh... I'll bring her some other time.
How's your Mom Vinoth?
She's fine...
By the way, congratulations
on your engagement.
Oh... Thanks
Hey, have you met Naushad's wife?
Oh she is so cute.
Come I'll introduce you.
Hi guys, hope everyone is having
a great time. Almost everyone's here now.
So let's get this party officially started.
First and foremost we have an open bar and
we also have shots and shooters
coming around wherever you are.
We also have karaoke, If someone feels like
singing then please do come
up to the stage and tell me,
I'll get you the karaoke of your song.
We also have a Tattoo artist,
so you can get some tattoos for free.
One more thing,
we have an antique bioscope and
we have loaded it with our old pictures,
so take a look when you find time.
We have some rare surprise
pictures in it. Okay,
so that's it for the announcements,
and the bigger question is...
Who is gonna start the party?
Su! Su! Su!
Hey, hey, hey, No no no...
No Su, We can do better guys.
Hey, I'll kill you.
- You're talking too much.
Who is going to sing the first Karaoke?
Come on
Gayathri... go and sing.
- Oh yeah, go on.
Let's give it up for Gayathri...
Come on, come on girl...
What a voice!
It's all about the texture.
That's why you have to
learn Classical music.
Exactly the reason why
I learnt it too, you know? ...Sid?
Oh okay
Yeah, that is Japanese word.
Do you know what it means?
Do you like to know the meaning?
Yeah please.
Karaoke means 'empty orchestra'.
In simple words, it means
'no orchestra'..... hahaha...
Japanese are Japanese for a reason.
What a smart name.
They're always brilliant.
- Yeah, very smart people.
Hello... I'm Thirumal.
You are Anu's husband,
and you are Rekha's fiance...
Am I right?
Hi Thirumal.
- Hello.
If you have five minutes,
I can tell you about a brilliant
business opportunity...
Jeevan Raksha! Minimum investment,
Maximum returns!
Very good, very good.
Excuse me
Why did he just leave abruptly like that?
That's okay, let him go.
You tell me.
First, take a seat please.
What is this business all about? Tell me.
Rekha, this is absolutely boring,
can we leave in five minutes?
Hey! We just got here,
how can we leave already?
I just can't handle this anymore,
it's too lame.
That's why I told you right from the beginning
that you might not get along with my friend
so I'll go alone.
You did not listen to me.
Hmmm, so you want to
stay here for sometime?
Hey yeah Sid, please? I'm meeting all
of them after a really long time.
Once we leave the country in a few months,
I won't get a chance to meet these
guys properly for quite some time.
Hmmm, then I'll get going.
You let me know once you're done.
I'll come and pick you up. Okay?
Oh... okay...
Hey are pissed off or something?
No problem.
Hey sorry Sid,
just this one time... please.
It's okay, I get it... bye
Excuse me. One whisky
'On the Rocks' please.
Richard... enough.
Hey, I'm steady.
Hey, I'm okay da.
Control yourself mate.
Gayathri, go on. Sing some more.
Hehe, I'm done. Thank you so much.
She sings so well, doesn't she?
- Yeah, really nice.
What material is this?
It looks kind of cheap.
I have no idea what it is...
Even after all these years her
cocky attitude hasn't changed a bit.
Oh... Where did you get it from?
Why don't you go for a designer wear,
like the one I'm wearing.
There's no need to mock us
so badly in front of everyone.
We need to give it back to her somehow.
No no. Just leave it.
I have a great idea.
You just go and get an eye-liner sort
of a thing from Sharon or Nisa.
I'm sure you won't tell me why.
I'll better go and get it.
Uh... People near
my neighbourhood go there,
he's not that great. But he won't stitch
it as badly as the one you're wearing,
I'll give you his number if you want.
Hey Naushad.
Hey Francis!
How are you?
I'm fine mate. How are you?
I am fine too.
This is my boyfriend, Allen.
Hi brother, Nice to meet you
I listen to your radio
shows every now and then.
Is it? Thanks a lot...
Hey! Who the hell invited this guy?
Ask him to leave first.
Richard, what are you doing?
Don't shout.
Why did you call him?
Calm down.
- I told you all not to call him right?
Don't create a scene now.
- Richard!
Ask him to get out!
This is just indecent mate
He's the one who'e behaving indecent!
I'm really sorry about him Francis.
If he drinks a little too much,
he becomes clueless about what he does.
See... this is exactly why I said I didn't
want to come to this party.
I think it's better we leave.
Hey please... please don't.
Please don't go. Please stay.
I'll talk to him.
He'll be alright
Please sit, I'll get you both
something to drink.
Really sorry man.
Please sit.
That's not the way to treat someone.
Richard, what are you doing?
Get away from here now!
Oh... Now I have to leave is it?
Do whatever you want!
We are meeting everyone after a long time.
Don't create a scene here.
Why does it bother you so much?
Hey what?
All these are a part of marriage right?
Come here.
You know,
I had a friend called Hari Krishnan.
He just spoiled his life because
of excessive drinking...
I hope you don't have those habits?
Just music I hope?
You don't need all those habits.
Just get settled properly in life,
Yeah? Good.
Okay guys,
so let's keep the positive vibes going,
So, let me drop some positive beats.
Don't you even think of
something to your hair?
It's already pretty damaged.
Hey Catherine,
your school photos are awesome.
You look really nice back then.
Of course, I was... Uh...
where did you see?
Over there, on that bioscope.
Excuse me guys.
Actually you have to look
through that viewfinder.
You think I don't know that.
I don't see any of my pictures.
Actually the photos will be rolling.
Just keep looking.
There wasn't a single photo of mine. Idiot!
What's so funny?
Owww!... So beautiful
What's so funny?
There's some dark ring on your face
Mate, did you see Kung fu Panda's
angry face ...hehe
Okay people, so let's keep
this party going hard.
Can I see some more people
on the dance floor now?
I mean right now! You know why?
Because this is a very special track!
La dee da, La dee da
Cause I'm posh in the way I look
Cause I'm posh in the way I walk
and talk and find my way to hook
La dee da, La dee da
Cause I'm posh in the way I look
Cause I'm posh in the way I walk and
talk and find my way to hook
La dee da, La dee da
Cause I'm posh in the way I look
Cause I'm posh in the way I walk and
talk and find my way to hook
I rule my life with jive and joy
Cause I love to dance like
a backstreet boy
You can find that out
by the way I dress
Come dance with me, for God to bless
I've got no mood for money and fame
And all I wanna do is play the game
I've got no care for what they say
And I am, who I am and I love to be
La dee da, La dee da
Cause I'm posh in the way I look
Cause I'm posh in the way I walk
and talk and find my way to hook
La dee da, La dee da
Cause I'm posh in the way I look
Cause I'm posh in the way I walk and
talk and find my way to hook
Posh it up, na na na
That's all I say for now
Posh it up, na na na
That's all I say for now
Get down, get down, get down now
Everybody get down, get down
Get down, get down, get down now
Don't care if you dance and drown
Get down, get down, get down now
Everybody get down, get down
Get down, get down, get down now
Don't care if you dance and drown
That process is not over yet, so...
- Oh...
Hey mate, where's Nisa?
Hey she's not well, so I just
booked a cab and sent her home.
Oh... What happened?
Nothing, nothing... ladies problem.
Oh Okay
Ladies problem? What sort of problem?
Please tell me.
No no... Nothing.
Come on... It's okay even
if men have problems,
But ladies shouldn't. Tell me.
What's the problem? What happened?
We didn't even realise how
all these years flew by right?
it feels like all these
happened a while ago.
Where is your fiance?
Hehe... poor thing,
he was extremely bugged.
He left, he will pick me up
after the party.
So... You've fixed a date
for your marriage?
Yeah... February 12th.
You should definitely come. Will you?
Yeah yeah... sure.
I'll come with Chinese.
Hey! Do you remember this picture?
Oh yeah!
It was Anu's birthday.
Chinese and Anu had a huge fight
just before this picture was clicked.
Hahaha... yeah. They were hardcore
enemies around that time.
Hey Joseph!
Hi Rekha
- Hi...
How are you mate?
It's been a long time.
I am good.
You still play keyboard?
I tried really hard, but never got a
proper chance to play somewhere.
So right now I'm playing as a
second keyboard player in a cover band.
You know, we play your songs
almost in all our gigs.
Hey, why are you being so formal?
Please don't.
Oh okay.
Some of my bandmates don't even believe
me when I tell them that I know you...
Hey mate, can we have a picture together?
Hey sure, come on.
Rekha, can you click one?
- Yeah, sure
Brilliant, I'm sure they'll
be stoked to see this.
Also mate, let me know if there are
some opportunities for me to play keyboard.
I'll surely let you know mate.
Where is Chinese?
They must've gone out for something.
Oh... okay... Bye Rekha.
- Bye.
So, Sir must have quite a
lot of female followers...
Must be getting a
lot of online proposals...
How many girlfriends do you have Vinoth?
Hmm Awkward smile,
then I'm right for sure.
Guys, guys, guys,
I have an announcement to make.
Next I'm going to play a very special song.
You know which pair we should
get on stage for this one,
so make sure you get
them to the dance floor.
Okay? ...So let's drop the beat!
Hey Chinese! Come on!
- Guys! Come on!
Hey Anu! Go on! Get in!
Do you remember the steps by any chance?
What rubbish?
I have no clue. Just freestyle it.
Hey, are you okay da?
Come on guys... Not again,
I need some positive vibes
to keep the party going,
Let me show you some positive vibes.
Can I have one ice tea please?
Hey, you know about Catherine right?
Why don't you just stay away from her?
She started it all by
mocking me unnecessarily.
But it was great fun to see Anu and you
dancing together again after all these years.
You both make a great pair.
Thank you.
But honestly, at that time
I was more shocked to see
Vinoth and you break-up.
I always thought you guys were
made for each other.
Even in my wildest dream I couldn't
imagine you both splitting up.
Please don't think I'm yapping
because I'm high or something...
I have known Vinoth since kindergarten.
And I still know him inside out...
Over the years I know how
many girls he has spent time with.
But he never quite managed to get the comfort
and attachment he got from you with any of t
He has no clue if he will ever
find that again with someone.
I know it's quite inappropriate to
talk to you about this now,
but I just felt like telling you this.
Please don't mistake me.
- Hey,
come on, you think I'll mistake you?
As a friend, you are just like Anu for me.
Okay guys!
This is a swell party.
We've been trying to get a very special
V.I.P to the stage for quite sometime now.
But he is making a huge fuss.
I think you all need to give him a push.
So guys, please make an effort and
make him sing. Come on!
Come on... I've been waiting
to hear you perform live,
please come
- Come on Vinoth!
We're all waiting for this Vinoth.
Just sing one song mate.
Come on.
Oh no... not here please.
What do you mean not here?
You go all around the world
singing for everyone,
Go on, just one song.
Come on guys cheer him up.
Which song mate?
I have Karaoke for all your songs.
Uh... Is there a guitar around?
- Yeah man, I'll get you one.
When he picks up the guitar
it's usually a ruckus!
Oh stop it, don't ruin it.
Yeah mate, don't spoil his mood now.
Give us something in the scale
of 'Sahana' please...
I've performed in huge concerts
for massive crowds all over,
but this makes me more
nervous than all of those.
This is a very special song for me.
Because this is the first song
that I wrote and sang.
Wow, that's nice
Wow, that's nice
You are the beginning...
You are the end
You are all three
manifestations of time
You are the ocean...
You are also the shore
You are even the wind
I was hurt at the side of my heart
There's not a day I don't think of you
I am hardly myself anymore...
I see your beaming images all around
But the ones
without a shoulder to lie on
There's just no one like you...
You are an infinite river
The one that I drown in
without being able to swim
You are the moon in the sky
But I'm the one that wanes
I got lost in one half of a forest
And I eroded without being able
to find my darling's footprints
I carry unfathomable burden in my chest
I am just a non-being without
you by my side
Days go by...
But I am just a body without a soul
You are the beginning...
You are the end
You are all three
manifestations of time
You are the ocean...
You are also the shore
You are even the wind
Did you get lost in some
far-off land my dear?
When I searched and finally found you,
my eyes shone like fireflies
If only time could go backwards,
I would plead your forgiveness
The moment you look me in the eye
I'd undo all my mistakes...
You are the beginning...
You are the end
You are all three
manifestations of time
You are the ocean...
You are also the shore
You are even the wind
Like a watch that stopped ticking
I was at an absolute standstill
Where did you go my dear?
I wore a beautiful mask for
those around me to see
With a fake smile that was
quite enough my dear...
I made this song for you to hear
Tuned to your favourite scale
I gathered all your
lightning gold smiles
I then strung it together and
wove it all around...
You are the beginning...
You are the end...
Oh it was beautiful!
One more Vinoth! Please?
Come on Vinoth, one more please!
Hey one more mate!
Hey... that's enough...
please... Thank you.
Come on Vinoth. Just one.
No, no... I'm done. Thanks
Mama Mia!
Hey yo Catherine! DJ Vats.
I know.
It's written on your t-shirt.
Burn! That's the attitude
I like in a bird... hehe
So, DJ Vats wants to take
you out on a dinner date,
What are you doing on Saturday night?
I am going to commit suicide.
Oh, how about Friday night then?
Don't you dare touch me
if I didn't ask you to. Okay?
Hey... Please please... chill.
DJ Vats, peace out girl.
That was really good.
It was good right?
- Oh yeah.
Mate, he's been trying to
sell a policy the entire evening
but nothing seems to be
working out for him.
Hey Fraudster! Come here...
Come here now!
What's up Richard?
Your tone has changed. Super high is it?
Don't worry about that.
But tell me something. Where are all the
things that you nicked from me during school.
Hehe... you're funny.
What's so funny?
My WWF trump card, my badminton racket,
Michael Jackson cassette...
Hey Durai... do you remember
that super mario videogames?
Oh yeah! He nicked that too.
Give all that back now!
You're asking me all that now?
How can I give it back?
You can't right?
- No mate...
You can't give it back right?
- I can't mate...
So, instead of that, you're going
to have four tequila shots now.
Line-up tequila shots please
Hey I don't drink mate.
I seriously don't.
It's so hard to control him
when he gets high.
He's done some terrible things in college.
Hey I don't drink da.
That's fine da
I'm in the middle of some work mate.
- What work?
Hehe... Let's get high and do it.
Come on mate, tell him to stop... Hey...
Think of it like a syrup and
just gulp it down!
That's enough mate.
Are you high now?
- No.
You're not?
Then have some more.
Tell me now.
Accept that you nicked all my stuff.
No, I didn't. Hey...
Enough of spinning now.
You've been scamming
people with these right?
Come here with me now.
Drinking too much is his only vice,
otherwise he is a really
sweet father and a great husband.
Hummm... Nice
Mr. Thirumal
Huh? ...Is it done?
All done!
Hey what have you done?
It says 'Fraudster'?
Huh? Seriously?
These guys are mental...
Anyway, I will wash it away when
I take a shower tomorrow, it's all good.
Sorry sir, you can't wash this away.
It's a permanent tattoo.
Oh... then should I put some
kerosene to make it go?
It still won't.
You have to go through laser
treatment to remove it.
What laser treatment? How can you
put a tattoo like this? You idiot!
Excuse me! Mind your language!
- Do you know who I am?
Are you sure you don't want to eat?
- No, it's fine, bye.
Mate, Catherine is leaving.
Hey, where's your bike?
- It's parked behind.
What are we going to do now mate?
I have an idea. Go on, I'll tell you.
Everything I do,
I do it for you...
It's adorable
This is so sweet.
Super Richard.
It was brilliant Richard!
Thank you, Thank you guys.
Once more Richard. Go for it.
Hey! Why are you still here?
Oh God
You're bloody shameless
I asked you to get out of the party right?
Stop it Richard!
Hey, leave me...
Listen to me Richard!
Just calm down now.
Hey... come on mate...
I knew Vats was up to something.
No mate.
Just for some positive vibes...
Okay guys, let's keep the party going.
One more large please...
I'll have two of the same...
Hey Sharon, who are you getting it for?
For me.
For you?
You don't drink.
Yeah, I don't drink.
That's why I feel ashamed of all
that you do when you're drunk.
If I get drunk and get high like you,
then I can join you in being shameless
and also enjoy that with you.
Hey! Are you mad?
You can't handle it.
Richard, leave my hand.
Sharon! You are just overreacting!
Oh you call this over-reacting?
Then what do you call the ruckus
you created with Francis a while ago?
You won't get that Sharon.
Don't get into that.
I can't accept him that way.
Why Richard?
You're generally an open-minded person...
Why can't you accept this?
I can't think of reasons,
but the day he became like this,
I decided he doesn't exist in my
life anymore. That's it! Simple!
We have two little kids Richard.
We still don't know what their
sexual orientation might be.
There is a remote chance that
one of them might be like Francis.
What will you do if that happens?
You'll throw them out of your life too?
This is nature Richard,
people don't choose to become this way.
You know that very well.
You are not an uneducated idiot.
The Richard I know, is a loving husband,
caring father and a great friend.
This, is not you...
God, Sharon!
Please stop it.
What do you want me to do now?
Okay then, shall we give
it our final touch?
Mate, I think it's enough.
Let's leave.
Mate, she just slapped me in front
of everyone at the party.
We've got some payback to do for that.
You said that right?
This is enough mate.
Let's just leave now.
No way, Let's do this.
Give me that.
No, listen to me.
Oh damn!
Oh my God!
Who is that...?
Hey Su...
Is that you? I can see your pants clearly,
better come out!
Actually, I came alone.
There's no one else with me.
Hey Chinese... out now.
I thought you guys might've
changed after all these years.
But no.
The same absolute idiots!
No Catherine, Chinese said
we'll just do it for fun.
Just shut up!
Yeah baby, what happened?
Hehe... Why is this girl
calling you mummy...
Come in
I was madly in love with
a professor in college.
An already married professor.
He loved me very much too.
Quite a decent man
As soon as he got to know that I was pregnant
he proposed to marry me and divorce his wife
I said okay to that.
Then, one fine day, his wife
turned up at my house with her kid.
She just fell on my feet crying and
begging me not to ruin their family...
I promised her that I won't
see her husband ever again.
And I never saw him again.
Everyone around me
adviced me to go for an abortion,
but I didn't have the heart to do that.
Sorry Catherine,
we acted like idiots
without knowing all these.
That's okay.
At the reunion I thought I'll be like the same
old Catherine that you know from school tim
So naturally, you reacted just like
the way you used to do back then.
this is the original Catherine.
This is my life now...
and it's a complete mess.
I have to get something out of my head too.
I lied to everyone at the reunion.
My wife didn't have to
attend another function.
Actually, we're getting divorced.
Once we sign our papers in a
couple of days, it's all over.
Why divorce?
She had been in an affair with her
team leader from office for over a year.
I was the last one to know.
The security guy told me.
After that we tried to work it out,
but it became complicated.
We didn't have any other
option than to separate.
Guys, my life is quite a wreck too.
I'm already old now, but I don't have a proper
job and I don't think I'll ever get marrie
I do some small jobs in my friend's
workshop now and then to survive.
Even that bike is not mine.
I just rented it for a day
from a mechanic shop I know.
Was that funny?
Oh no.
That car outside is rented too.
So I don't know what to do now.
Hey, sorry Catherine.
We'll clean all the mess right away.
Okay, I'll bring the hose that side.
Let's do it together.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, but before that...
Is there anything to eat?
I'm starving.
Oh I'm hungry too...
I did not eat properly at the reunion.
Are you okay with some sandwiches?
- Oh yeah.
Hey, If you don't mind
shall I make it? You look tired
Sure, you'll find
everything in the kitchen.
Can I talk to you for a couple of minutes?
Now what?
Francis, should I wait over there...?
It's okay brother, you can be here.
Tell me.
I shouldn't have behaved
like that at the party...
Listen mate,
I'm not homophobic or anything.
But it's just an unexplainable
mental block.
Maybe because we knew each other since
school and I saw you differently back then,
I just couldn't accept
this transformation in you.
But now I know and I need
to work on this. And I will.
I'm really, really, sorry mate.
Not just for today, but also for
everything I did at school too.
It's okay.
At first even I couldn't accept myself.
It took me a lot of time to accept myself,
But now,
I am trying to give a voice to the
whole LGBTQ+ community on radio.
My parents are still not able to accept me.
But I'm glad at least you all
accept me the way I am now.
That means a lot to me.
Sorry brother,
I also owe you an apology.
It's okay.
We've gotten used to these things.
You both should come home
for dinner when you find time.
I'm not saying this just for a formality,
I'm serious...
I want you to meet my kids.
Sure, I'll come sometime soon.
I'm not saying this just
for a formality too.
Let's leave?
Okay then, we'll get going.
We'll catch up soon.
Meeting again after all this time
Looks have changed
but the hearts haven't
The old moustache seems to
be springing up again
I feel the same old fragrance
on me again
Sounds that dispersed
in various directions
Have become music in this air
Words that went in different ways
Seems to be blending in like poetry
Your song was brilliant Vinoth.
I loved your guitar playing.
I remember hearing this song
for the first time on the radio.
I figured out what it was
all about right away.
You've eaten?
Yeah, I did. But I don't mind
giving you some company.
Yeah... please...
So what does Siddarth do?
He is actually an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad.
Right now he works for Standard Chartered.
But he has an exciting offer
from ANZ bank New Zealand.
So we have to pack up
right after our marriage.
Oh. New Zealand is a great
place to settle down.
I've been there for concerts.
Really beautiful place, very nice people...
so what are the films you're
working on now?
I'm working on five films right now...
Three of them are quite rubbish,
one is just about okay.
But one of them is super interesting...
It's a story set in the 90s.
Oh nice...
Do you have any of the songs
you've made for that film?
Yeah, you want to hear it?
Okay, I have the song on my phone,
but my earphones are in my car.
I'll go get it.
Oh, I'll come along then.
I have to leave after that anyway.
Okay guys,
So coming up is the
last track for the night,
DJ Vats, peace out.
It's just a basic version...
Yet to be mixed.
As if I can tell the difference...
I just want to hear the song, that's all.
Is it playing?
I can't hear anything...
You can't?
- No.
Let me try.
Oh sorry...
I played you the wrong format.
Here, you will hear it now...
I'm fine, you can use that one...
Actually the effect might be a little
weak when you hear with a single earphone.
I'm quite happy with this effect.
What do you think?
- Really nice...
Who is singing?
Arjun Madhusoodhan
- Oh
I think it will be brilliant in your voice.
Hey, you have any AR Rahman
songs on your phone?
Oh yeah, loads.
I still listen only to those.
Hey, play me something then please.
It's been a long time.
Uh... okay, which song?
You don't know which song I'd want to hear?
- Hey Rekha...
Hey Sid, tell me.
- Are you done?
Yeah. I think I'm done.
Where are you?
I'm at the gate having a smoke.
Then just wait for me there.
I'll walk down.
Okay, bye.
Okay Vinoth, I think I should leave.
I missed you.
All this time...
I missed you.
Bye Vinoth
Hey, you park the bike and get in.
I'll see you in a bit.
Okay mate.
Rekha is it?
Just saw her walking by...
And crying.
I think the biggest mistake of my
life was breaking up with Rekha.
Come one mate... At that point,
in the heat of that moment
you just did that.
What can we do now?
That's how life is.
Everything doesn't go
the way we want them to.
In my life,
I've accomplished everything
I wanted to do with my music.
I am actually living my dream.
But now, all this music,
all the money and fame and awards
doesn't make any sense for me anymore
Nothing makes sense mate.
My life without Rekha will always
be incomplete and empty.
I'm a lonely loser mate.
Just a lonely loser.
Not like that.
I've lost the most
important thing of my life...
What will I do now?
What do you say now Vinoth?
You said you will never regret this ever?
But look at you there,
weeping like a schoolboy.
Okay, you know how
to take care of your life.
I'll get going then.
Sir... Please don't leave.
I've made a mistake.
A huge mistake.
I'll apologise to Rekha right away.
How will you do that now?
I told you, and you didn't listen to me.
Now it's too late.
Sir sir...
Please don't tell me you can't.
I know you can.
Please Sir.
Rekha sir...
But why are you worried?
You still have a lot more in life. You might
even meet someone better than Rekha.
I don't need anyone else.
I want my Rekha
Please Sir.
I want to be only with her.
Have you given it a proper thought?
Yes sir
Sure sir.
Please Sir.
Hundred percent?
Sir... Please don't torture me like this.
After a few years they
had their first re-union.
But, it was a little different.
Anu and Chinese were the
first ones to marry in their gang.
They have two kids now.
Chinese is a famous family
sitcom director now.
Everyone in the Industry
calls you Chinese Kumar.
Do you mind telling us your real name?
Everyone seems to be super curious.
Haha... Yeah, everyone in the industry
calls me Chinese Kumar.
But my real name is...
you wouldn't believe...
Sir, shot ready.
- Yeah, ready, let's go. Action!
Sorry, I'll be back.
Anu now runs a school for
underprivileged and orphaned kids.
She was even featured on the cover
of a lifestyle magazine recently.
Catherine is a famous
children's book writer.
Her recent book is the best
selling book of the year.
She loves children, and children love her.
Su works as a team leader in a
UK based call-center.
He trains people on
British English accents now.
He just got engaged two months back.
Yeah, that's his fiance.
Naushad is a famous Pediatrician
in the city now.
He even does TV shows.
And that's his wife, Saira
Richard and Margaret got married last year.
They met each other in a computer course.
And they fell in love.
Excessive drinking is her only vice.
Otherwise, she's a really
sweet wife and a great mother.
This is what Richard does
in all the parties.
Durai, runs a famous restaurant
in his area.
He is even planning to open a new branch.
Still single,
But his family is on the lookout
for a nice girl for him to get married to.
Fraudster Thirumal is a
driving License Inspector now.
If you pay up, he will issue
a license even for an infant.
Victoria got married
and settled in Australia.
Francis is a famous YouTuber now,
with millions of followers.
He reviews everything from
fashion to technology.
Srivatsav is an App developer.
The game he developed last year is
still India's third most downloaded app.
He didn't show up to the party fearing that
everyone would have a go on his head.
The biggest V.I.P from
this class is Joseph.
The most sought after
music composer in South India...
I'm yet to tell you about Vinoth right?
Vinoth works as the programming
head in Fever FM.
He has a peaceful job in a super
fun office with great people around.
He just got married a few years ago.
Rekha runs an Urban Gardening company.
And Vinoth really admires her work.
They have a cute two year old girl.
Her name is Akshara.
Hey, Come and speak.
Vinoth will talk next.
I am really glad to meet all of you again.
I think the last time we saw each
other was at Naushad's marriage.
Ever since I was a kid,
my only dream and ambition was
to become a great music composer.
But somehow I couldn't manage to do that.
But till this day, I've never regretted
that fact even for a split second.
Because Rekha is with me.
She's much more important
for me than anything else.
She makes my life complete.
We've seen this person somewhere right?
Yeah? I don't think so.
Actually I've met all these
people at different junctures,
like I did with Vinoth.
But I don't think they remember it.
This is their story...
What's yours?