Mudhugauv (2016) Movie Script

Has Thambi Sir arrived?
- Yes.
Come, Sir.
He's waiting foryou.
- He's in his room, right?
Thambi Sir,
Thambi Sir?
lt's me, Chandran.
l've brought that special
item you had asked for.
Thambi Sir?
Thambi is no more.
On that day, an ordinay criminal
called Ramakrishnan Bonakkad,
transformed into
Rambo, the famous Don.
And Rambo believed firmly that,
no one or no weapon in this
world could defeat him!
But to kill Rambo,
someone was born on the same day!
On that day when Ramakrishnan
Bonakkad became Rambo.
Any relatives of Lakshmi here?
l asked if any relatives
of Lakshmi are here?
ls there anyone?
l didn't see anyone outside.
You have to enter the child's
name in the register.
Have you thought of a name?
Even though this little child was sent
by God as Rambo's killer,
the weapon he needs to kill him,
was given to him by his mother!
(THE KIss)
Hey fatso!
l heard this external
examinor is one terror!
ls it?
A guy from the last
batch didn't survive!
She murdered eveyone
with herVIVA questions.
ls it?
Only emotional blackmail
will work out now.
ls it?
Shut up you fool!
Hey Bharath!
ls this correct?
Not there. It's over there.
- There!!
ls it ok now?
Thanks dude!
Shall we start the VIVA, teacher?
- Yes, we can!
Dude, diagram!
- Get lost!
Show me the diagram and then go!
Dude, help me!
- It's the other diagram!
You know all the experiments, is it?
l mean..
l heard you helping out others.
You don't even know that?
What are you studying for?
He might be tensed. Ifyou ask
him soly, he will answer.
Are you tensed, Bharath?
when you are tensed, what
do you do to overcome it?
My mom..
Why are you talking about your
mom like little children?
lf l see my mom..
Forthe time being,
imagine l'm your mom.
You won't be tensed then, right?
Not really..
Tell me, Bharath!
('The Kiss')
So now we know what our VIVA
results are gonna be like!
Why the hell did l
feel like doing that!!
You feel like doing it all the time!
You don't even need a reason!
Don't make me hit you!
You screwed up even my experiment
which l was doing properly!
Shall we go meet the principal?
Yea right!
You're lucky you
didn't get suspension!
What do l do now?
There's nothing to do.
We have exactly one
month for the exams!
lfyou study properly, you can limit
the number of back papers (supplys).
- But how did my experiment flop?
Yea dude!!
l think they're talking about us.
Hey, she's coming here!!
Do you already know he
Tell me the truth. Is she coming to
take revenge for kissing her sometime?
Shut up you fool!
ls she coming here?
Don't turn back
even if she calls.
They're here!
l wanted to talkto this guy!
They want you!
Yourface has that special
quality l was looking for!
lf you don't mind,
can you help me?
lt's the main road to the
airport that has been blocked!
When is this going to get done?
Their bloody procession!
Are they iobless orwhat?
- Has the m inister arrived?
No, Sir. Got a message
that he's on the way.
Didn't l tell you that the
road has been blocked!
- Sir must go this way!!
- Who is this 'Sir' ofyours?
You better move your car away from here.
- l can't.
What is it, Soman?
His 'Sir' must go there urgently it seems!
- Whom?
Just go to the car
behind this one.
Who is in such a hury?
lt's me.
Get out, you!!
Are you in a rush to get
your mom married or what?
Sir, no! No, Sir.
Sir, please!
Leave him, Sir.
He is a powemul man!
l don't care! Don't you
understand what l'm saying?
You get into the car, Sir.
Look at his bloody hair, goggles
and silver chain!!
What are you staring at?
Start the car!!
Go! Go!
l won't spare anyone who breaks
the law, whoever he may be!
Eveyone move that side!!
Sir, one minute!
What is it?
Sir, this will be a big problem!
You tell me the matter!
Sir, that's Rambo! He
is a big shot here!
He is vey influential among
the police and politicians!
Stop kidding man!
Sir, ifthis comes out in the media
as news, things will get messy!
Yes, Sir!
You do one thing!
Get all the material from
them and delete eveything!
- Will it be a problem?
l couldn't sleep last night!
- Why?
Aer watching
'Chandanamazha' serial.
Oh! l didn't watch. What happened?
They sentAmritha to the forest!
To the forest?
- Yea. Sheethal!
And the other one?
She is behind all this, right?
- Vanha! - Yea!
She didn't even give a glass
ofwaterto her own grandma!
Last week right?
- Yea! - Phew!
Now it can't be said if she'll be attacked
by tigen or elephants in the forest.
They'll show it only next week.
Good that l didn't see it. Or
else, l would've died of grief.
'Sheddi' finance. They could've
kept so many other names!
He must've kept this name
because he doesn't have one.
lt's so dark here!
We should buy a nice car like this one.
Aer doing some good wo.
We'll have a blast aerthat!
That's true!
What's that sound?
What's happening here?
Oh! It was you?
Did he pinch you again?
On her hand?
- Just a pinch?
ls Sir inside?
Did you do what you
were sent to do?
lt's done! It was so much fun!
You told him that you broke
his arm for me, right?
Yes! Yes! We told him mice!!
Well done!
What did he say?
'Oh my God! Don't hit me!
Don't hit me!'
Did he cy like that?
Yea! Exactly!!
He asked us how much we
charged for our services.
And what did you say?
l said it was 10,OOO rupees!
Then what did he say?
He said he'll give us 20,OOO
ifwe broke both your arms!
Such fun, right?
And we told him we'll do
it, if he paid an advance!
- Come on, laugh!!
You didn't take the
advance from him, right?
Hey! How can we do that!
Isn't that wrong?
We took the full amount!
Shall we start then?
What is this?
l'll show you right away!
Don't hit me!!
You son ofa gun!!
Do you know who does the most
number of car deals in South India?
Who is it?
- Hyundai!
- Hyundai!
lt is me, Disney!!
So don't ty to fool me!!
Get lost!
Who's this Hyundai?
- This is Ramesh.
This car..
- This is my car!
Your car?
- Yes! - Come!
until this car reached here,
it was yours.
But now, it is mine!
Sir, but...
So ifyou want this car
in this same form,
you'll have to buy it from me!
Aer giving you an owner's discount,
it will be around Rs.10 lakhs!
So ifyou don't bring the
cash immediately,
you'll have to buy dierent
parts ofthis car
from Tamil Nadu 8
Karnataka and elsewhere..
So.. See you then!
And yea,
if you go to the police, l
won't pay their commission.
Tell me!
What happened?
- Live? Switch on the TV!
The incident occured during
the traic regulation by the Police,
to facilitate the ministefs
'People Welfare March!'
The problems began when the famous
businessman Rambo was stopped on his way.
Cl Padmanabhan 8 co from Samudrakani
station were the ones who stopped Rambo.
Rambo, who has influence in
the police 8 the government,
was stopped forcefully
by Cl Padmanabhan.
Forthe next few days, all the
meetings should be fixed here.
Even you'd have forgotten
your original name now!
But there's a name you
would never forget.
My elder brother!
l was waiting patiently,
For your downfall to begin.
And l saw it today..
Whoever you threatened and
built up this empire ofyours,
they would all laugh at you!
You will lose eveything,
and this Rambo will go back to being
the old Ramakrishnan Bonakkad.
On that day, l
shall come.
To settle our scores!
'Cl Padmanabhan tried to assault Rambo by
pulling him forcefully out ofthe car#
He said that no one can
influence the police;
and that he had to take this action
because they were disrupting his duty.
l want him!
Thambi, right?
That policeman!
l enquired about him.
His nickname is Padayappa.
Long back, when the movie
'Padayappa' released,
a bunch ofyoung kids beat
him up badly in the theater.
That's how he got the name
- Padayappa.
lt's better that we don't
do anything directly now.
The incident is still
a hot topic, right?
Let these channel guys cool down.
He will fall right into our trap.
And then we can use a
frontman, and finish him!
One tight slap!
What's this mess on your face?
So it was you who
was shown on TV?
On TV?
Didn't you see?
The first priM went to Ganga
- Bharath team.
How was your VIVA?
Vey nice!!
Full marks for sure!
You said the same thing
Iast time as well.
There's just one month
Ieft for the final exams.
Do remember that!
lfyou roam around
doing such paintjobs,
Don't wory, my dear mom!!
Go wash your face!
Who's that girl?
Does she study with you?
Found her on the road!
Anyway, she looks
really graceful.
That graceful girl's name is
- Ganga.
Don't tell me you ended
up kissing her also!
Huh? Did that come on TV too?
l stopped kissing people
whom l don't know.
That'll be good for you!
You don't have to get to know
people you don't know now!
Brother! Bro!!
What do you want?
Then move!
Let me complete this.
Why is eveyone doing
the same penon's face?
Why don't you sculpt
my face, Ganga?
Didn't you say that the face you
were searching for, was mine?
This is our assignment!
And he is our model.
You please move!
After this, can you
sculpt my face like this?
Stop disturbing me and leave!
l won't disturb you.
l'll just say one
thing and leave.
l liked you instantly
when l saw you that day!
Even my mom likes you.
Mom saw us on TV.
And since you already like
me, shall we fix this?
Liked you?
What do you mean, when?
You were ogling at me
that day, right?
And then you met me and
said that my face is good;
and that you liked me! Didn't you?
l didn't mean it in that way!
What's the other meaning
for 'l like you'?
Do you know only one
meaning for 'l like you'?
Then tell me the other meaning!
What's that?
Pick one ofthese.
l don't want to!
Then l won't leave from here.
Pick one!
So you like me!
'Remember this face?'
Evey good looking girl
will have one such friend!
And she'll be the one who
screws up eveything!
We'll meet herwhen
this one's not there!
Ganga, look at me!
Yea! Tell me!
Look at me!
Did you see that couple?
Don't look quickly.
Saw them?
That couple is not that great, right?
Not as great as?
l mean.. as much as us!
we are not a couple, right?
But still, we aren't that bad either!
None ofyourtricks are going
to workwith me, dear!
Then why don't you think this way?
What are the chances of a guy
like me getting a girl like you?
Actually, this is an
interesting question.
So what are the chances?
Tell me!
1 out of 1 lakh?
1 in ten million?
So there is a chance, right?
Son, can you li this for me?
Come! Please help me!
- Yes!
Don't follow me again
saying the same thing!
Give me a good reason
for not liking me?
My dad won't allow!
All that's later, right?
l'll take care of it!
That's not for later..
That is my primay reason!
We don't have to get married
without your dad's permission!
But is that a reason
not to fall in love?
No! But what if my dad objects
ae we fall in love?
l will convince him!
Or else, we can wait
till he's convinced!
There are many other reasons as well!
Then tell me what they are!
Err.. You have many more
suppli exams to pass!
What good is an engineer
without 'supply's?
Give me another reason!
You're a fatso!
But my mom says that
l've lost weight!
All moms say that!
So will your problem be
over if l become slim?
There are many more reasons.
Then tell me, Ganga!
l don't remember any right now!
Until you say that you love me, l
will come and stand here daily!
l don't care if it's
10 days or 10 years!
Then l'll be 32 yean
old and you will be 30!
Son, can you please
put this down for me?
Such a big hotel and
such a small door?
Talk loudly man!
For mo.
Be careful.
They hold our bags for
us in this hotel!
Don't press it too hard.
It'll break!
lt's a breakable laptop.
lsn't it?
On which floor is it?
- 1 6th.
So how many would be there?
- Huh?
Have you reached?
When it's time, you'll get
a message on your mobile.
Don't move!
That's not a toy gun!
There're bullets in it!
ls it?
Did he say who the guy was?
- No!
Then will the person who
has to be shot come to us,
and say 'Shoot me! Shoot me'?
Didn't l tell you that this is an
actual gun? He said he will text us.
Oh. Okay.
We don't have a name,
photo or address!
Where will we go shoot him?
lnternational deals are like this, man!
Eveything is conveyed through messages.
Since we are lucky,
the guy to be killed landed here
from Bombay and we got this job!
That's why we got
such a big job!
Shouldn't we live like this?
lf so, we should've
asked 50k extra.
That's true. But l
didn't think of it then.
The message has come!
lt's ringing in your pocket!
Not my pocket!
- Then?
lt's in your pocket!
- Oh yea!
Sory! It was in my pocket!
l can't see anything!
David's friend is calling.
lt's not a toy gun!
ln the li?
He has reached!
l feel so tempted to shoot him!
l'll go back today itself.
- Why?
Okay. See you in Bombay then.
lt's Rambo!
How are you?
- Long time, right?
What do you have in your hand?
- Huh?
There's iust one bullet.
aren't you going to finish me?
Who sent you?
Tell him the truth!
ls it him?
l'm asking you.
Is it him?
ls it this bloody brd?
- Who got shot?
Are you leaving, Rambo?
Bro? The gun?
Who will give us the
rest ofthe money?
What are your names?
He's Kumari and l am Putthari.
l swear, we didn't
know who were going to kill,
until we got into the lift and
realized it was you, Sir.
Please let us go!
He's coming here!
Don't stub that
cigarrette on us, please!
Okay. l'll let you go!
You will?
Let Kutthari be here.
Chaakkari, you go...
and bring this person l want.
North C.l.
Name - Padayappa.
Sir, we work together.
We've never woed alone.
lsn't it?
- Yes.
Okay. You both can go.
Will he come, ifwe call him?
He should come!
Phew! We got our lives back!
Shall we escape without
going to the station?
lfwe don't do what he said,
he will find us 8 kill us!
He won't show such mercy then!
Don't scare me, man!!
This is a big trap we're in!
Why does he have to make us call him?
Can't he call him directly?
No man! This is a plan, to kill that man!
- Plan?
lf we call him, we'll be the
ones who'll get caught!
Remember David?
His same plan!
lf so, what ifwejoin the police's side
like we tricked David 8joined Rambo?
Rambo is much more influential
than the police here.
Even ifwe join the police's side, we
can't trust them! They are frauds!
Then what do we do?
We'll see.
l've lost my peace of mind!
Ask for a li!
Hey, please stop!
- What is it, bro?
Can you give us a lift?
Only mo people can go, right?
- Only mo are going!
Dude, what was his name?
lt's Padayappa!
Oh yea, Padayappa!
Where's the stand?
By the way, we don't
have to go in together. - Then?
l'll go.
Why should you go?
lf you go, you'll screw it up. l'll go,
call him nicely 8 come. You stay here!
What is this?
Sleeping centre?
Eveyone's sleeping, huh?
Hey, Sir!
lt's saying something!
lt's saying something!
Don't you want it?
l'm keeping it here!
Oh! He's sleeping!
Padayappa is your dad!!
What happened?
- Something blew up inside!
You got what you
asked for, right?
Hey Kumaari. Padayappa
is his nickname.
His original name
is Padmanabhan.
Couldn't you tell me this earlier?
l could've avoided a slap.
Padmanabhan Sir?
Padmanabhan Sir is at West Fort!
- Where's that, Sir?
Hey, what's the matte
What's the matter?
l was asked to take
that Sirto someone.
Take him to someone?
- Yes.
To whom?
- Rambo!
- Haven't you heard about him?
Long, white hair and all..
No, Sir.
l'll wait outside.
But l'll leave from
here only with him.
Did you get scared?
Can 3 people go on this?
That's ok. He's a policeman.
We can go triples!
There's someone else
outside, along with him.
Sir, didn't l tell you that day
itselfthat it'll be a big problem?
They are Rambo's men!
You do one thing.
Go home right away, Sir.
l will handle them.
Yea right! And then l will
be the one to get screwed!
Where's he going?
- Start the bike!
Who are you?
Are you here to bribe Padayappa?
lfyou're here to bribe
Padayappa, then give it to me.
Are you here to beat him?
Then do that directly!
Looks like he has set
his eyes on my bottle!
Dude, Padayappa has escaped.
You come through the other side.
give him a couple of
extra poundings from me!
Hey Kumaari,
what the hell
happened over there?
This started off like
a Shaji Kailas film,
but now its like a
Priyadarshan film.
l don't understand anything!
ls he dead?
Shall l go enquire?
Yea right! We don't know anything.
Let it be like that.
lf he isn't dead, will he
come searching for us?
Both him and the Police will come.
That's for sure!
ls he out of his mind?
Let it be. But where is he now?
There's no report of him
checking into any hospital.
can someone be
attacked by kissing?
What C.l. Sir said is true.
There are eye-witnesses!
Where are those eye-witnesses?
Notiust that.
Many such cases have been
reported in foreign countries.
And that boy?
We don't know who he is, Sir.
l'll tell you, Sir.
l don't know who that boy is, Sir.
There you go!
What the hell were you doing?
Do you at least have any idea
about the guys who followed you?
No, Sir.
You don't know that too?
But if l see them again,
l can recogniM them!
lfyou see, you can recognize!
As ifthey're going to come in
front ofyou evey morning,
and do a fashion parade
saying 'please recogniM us!'
We don't even know if
Rambo is dead or alive.
ln case he's alive,
it's sure that he'll come
searching forthat boy.
lf we can track that boy,
we can nab Rambo with
all the evidence!
lt's not that easy
to get rid of Rambo.
Find those 'quotation'
guys and that boy immediately!
Anyway, you go ahead with this.
Get some new guys from the
Police training camp as well.
But still, how can someone
attack anyone by kissing?
The urine bladder has been
destroyed by the bullet.
So he cannot control his urine!
lt'll keep on flowing out.
l've attached a urine bag.
That means?
Wherever he goes, he'll have to
cary the urine bag with him.
How can he go around
carying a urine bag?
When will his
condition get better?
A complete cure in this case
is not possible immediately.
Apart from urinating,
nothing is else is
possible with this organ!
Don't move or shake rapidly.
Don't strain yourself
under any circumstance!
There will be bleeding!
There are high chances
of it being infected.
Then the only option
would be to chop it o!
But in this condition, he
cannot travel by flight.
There will be bleeding
if there's air pressure.
And it can't be said how the body
would react during climate change.
Sir, Thambi...
He is tired both
mentally and physically!
So, ifthere's strain, he
can even lose his mind!
Then he will start doing
really weird things.
Even otherwise, he is
a little eccentric.
Then we have to be vey careful.
l want him!!
Sir, Thambi?
l want that son of a
bh who kissed me!
lfyou can't do it, tell me!!
l'll find him!
Bring eveyone you have a doubt on!
Get lost!!
Where were you all this while?
l was tying to
jump over a wall.
- Ganga,
Yes, mom!
- Take your clothes inside.
Mom is calling.
l'll be right back.
Don't leave now, Ganga!
l said don't leave!!
You're in form today, huh?
l need a kiss.
l don't want it overthe phone.
l want it directly!
Okay. You come here.
l'll give you!
l'm already here!
Open the door!
Where are you?
- Outside?
- On top of the wall!
Top ofthe wall?
Come to the other side ofthe balcony.
- Where?
First come to the balcony.
Saw me now?
Where's my kiss?
- Here?
Go!! Somebody will see you!
Whateveryou say, l won't
go unless l get a kiss!
- Someone broke it!
What's that?
Come here!
- Hold my hand!
ls it a thieR
No way! Which thiefwould
dare to break into my house!
Who's that?
Clicking photos?
Walk!! Go inside!!
Don't push me!!
l'll shut up ifyou kiss me!
Wake up!!
What are you doing here?
- In my house!
You idiot!! This is my house!
Oh my God!
Why am l here?
So you don't remember anything?
- Ganga?
Yes! Coming, mom!
- Have you woken up?
Go!! Go fast!
Open the door.
- Shut up 8 come fast!
Dad is there downstairs.
How'll you go?
You come with me.
Let's see.
What are you going to do?
They will see us!
What's that fo
- Go down.
Oh! How come you're early today?
Stay here.
- We're trapped!
We can't go back inside.
Mom will come out any minute!
See! These are our children!
What good is such children!!
Who is it?
l came to give this
book to Ganga, uncle!
ls it?
- Yes, dad!
Then take it!
What's that?
Nothing, dad!
l should be slapped for
giving you this job!
They are the only
evidence against Rambo!
You have to find that boy
and those guys immediately!
Did you get any details
about Rambo at least?
No, Sir.
What the hell were you investigating
for all these days then?
Even though l couldn't get
any details on Rambo,
l've got some other details
related to this case.
What details?
There are reports of boys
bemeen the age of 18-22
going missing from various
parts ofthe city, Sir.
There are chances that Rambo
might be behind this.
l don't understand!
Even he wouldn't have
traced that boy.
That must be why he's kidnapping
boys ofthat age group,
and tying to identify him!
What did he do to those
boys who were kidnapped?
From what l heard,
he is a psycho!
No one can predict what he does,
and how or when he does it!
Come forward.
Do you know how to hug?
H.. h.. hug?
Do you know how to hug?
l know!
Do you know how to hug?
- Yes.
l know.
Do you know how to kiss?
Do you know how to kiss?
l know!
Stop cying!
lfyou cy, l'll
kill you, you dog!
Hug me!!
Not him as well!
One silly kid who's not even
old enough as my career...
lfyou can't even find him,
what's the use of having you all?
l think l know the guy
whom you're searching for!
l mean..
l know someone who kisses vey well!
Dude, l have an idea!
- What?
What ifwe catch
that boy for Rambo?
And then?
Rambo will leave us
alone then, right?
He will leave us alone. But
what about that Padayappa?
He will kill us. l'm sure!
l have another idea!
- That's enough!
Let me say it.
What if it's good?
Then say!
What ifwe show Rambo's
Iocation to Padayappa?
And then?
Then they'll settle their
scores themselves, right?
What ifthey don't?
They will settle their score with us!
Shall l say an idea?
Yea. Tell me.
Shall we search for that boy?
lsn't this what l told you earlier?
- That was earlier, right?
What l'm saying is that we'll
go in different directions.
There's no point in
sticking together.
So as soon as you find him, call me.
l can't walk too much! Sure?
l'll call you.
You should also call me.
Find him, okay?
- Yes.
Okay then..
Such torture this is.
Dude, stop!!
Come here!
Any change in plans?
-A small change.
You go this way.
l'll go that way.
- There's a lot to walk this way.
Call me immediately when
you find him, okay?
You iust got lucky!
ls this dude the one
l have to kiss?
He would require at least
a double dose of kisses!
Hey dude!
What happened to you?
What happened to him?
He's been sitting there stunned
from the time he came!
You ask him younelf
what happened.
lf you won't tell
anyone, l'll tell you.
Yea. Tell me!
A rich gay man kidnapped me,
threatened me and made me kiss him!
You kissed him?
And then?
He didn't like my kiss!
l felt sad for him and
called Komalan for him.
l got this in return for that!
What's the important
thing you wanted to say?
Usually, this is supposed
to be a good news.
For us..
this is a bad news!
What's that news?
Give it to me!
Just one kiss!
That day?
Yes! That day!
l slept offtoo soon!
l iust remember one kiss!
With that, you
won't be pregnant!
l'm really scared!
Don't be tensed!
Let me think.
Are you thinking of a
name for the child?
One tight slap!
Get lost man!
What's wrong with him?
How did you confirm this?
l've been vomiting
for the past 2 days.
That must be due
to something else!
Not just that, my belly
is also growing!
You're iust imagining things!
It's really growing!
With that you confirmed it?
l checked in Google.
This is it!
l'm sure!
But that day,
nothing like that..
l shouldn't be walking so fast
in this condition.
My dear Ganga,
stop scaring me saying
this again and again!
Who else should l talk
to about our child?
We'll go to some
hospital 8 check!
There's no need for that.
- Then?
Are you going to give
birth to that baby?
That's why l said so.
Let us confirm this fint!
And think about the rest later.
Till then, don't
get so worked up!
For the time being, don't
tell this to anyone.
We'll figure a way out.
That kiss that day is the
reason for all this!
What do we do now?
This is all this guy does orwhat?
l had warned you then only!
You better drop me back home!
Why? Can't you take an auto?
lt's said that travelling by auto should
be avoided during the first 3 months!
Looks like you'll end
up having the baby!
Then? What should l do?
- One kick l'll give you!
Who tells you all this nonsense?
l downloaded a pregnancy
app on the mobile..
Your bloody app!!
- Gosh! My phone!
Where did he go?
- Can you give me your phone?
To make a call. Please!
Don't think that you can
escape leaving me alone.
l didn't do this alone!!
So we will suertogether!
Until you tell me that you'll
mary me, l'll stand here!
Even if it takes 10
days or even 10 yean!
Then you will be 32,
and l'll be 30!
And ourchild will be 9!
Just rememberthat!
Shall l go?
l got his number!!
Where's your gun?
No! No! l give up!!
l'll kick you all day,
you bloody dog!!
l got that Emraan Hashmi's number!
Which police?
Sir, he cut the call.
l think he must have escaped!
Now we'll have to make
this one speak the truth!
Stand up!
Sir, please don't
do anything to him.
Then you come here directly.
We'll talk about the
rest once you are here.
What's the case, Sir?
You'll come here only if
you know what's the case?
Sir, you please give the
phone to Padmanabhan Sir.
Leave me!
Sir, he wants to tell you something!
To me?
- Go!
Sir, it wasn't us who tried to kill you.
It was Rambo!
We'll decide all that once
you reach the station!
Sir, you please leave him alone.
l'll show you where Rambo is!!
You don't have to
do such big things!
Just come here directly!
Hey, he cut the call again!
lf so, we will roll this
guy over the rod, Sir!
lt's all a mess now!
A car is coming!
Get out, l say!
Who are you?
Do you know whom
you're messing with?
l'm the no.1 car dealer in South India...
- Your bloody South India!
Give me the key!
My car!!
This won't stop orwhat?
Good that l didn't hit
the guy on the way.
lsn't this his house?
No one's around orwhat?
Won't even allow me to
punch him properly!
Don't spoil your body by
getting punched so much!
Don't tickle me!
Padayappa Sir,
l'm going to kidnap your son!
lfyou want your son,
fint let Kumari free.
And cancel the case charged on us.
Hey!! My son.. He's really small!
lfyou do anything to him,
l will finish this guy!!
So it's a small kid, huh!
l'll have to buy a feeding bottle.
l'll buy it on the way back!
There's no one here.
There's no one in this world
to beat me in kidnapping!
l will kidnap him for sure!
Padayappa Sirwill
have to bow before me!
Oh my God!!
Whatiust went rolling away??
Son, eat something and go!!
Who are you?
What do you want?
- Hi aunty!
Can you give me some water?
You're asking for water aer breaking
into the house? Get out! - l'll go!
l can't get up! My
head is spinning!
Please give me some water.
- l say get out!
Please give me some water!
What is this? Can't you give some
water for people who come home?
Hey.. What's the situation?
l was checking out my tummy.
This is all you've
been doing or what?
l'm getting scared!
l think my tummy
is growing again!
Yea right! Your tummy won't
grow in just 2 days!
You're iust imagining things!
No, no!
l'm really pregnant!
l didn't say that
to make you cy.
Don't be tensed!
Let me see if there's
some otherway out.
You won't give me?
Hey! Who's this guy to tell me that
he won't give me any more drinks?
Do you know Padayappa?
Do you know C.l. Padayappa?
His name is Padayappa.
l'm his father-in-law.
He is my son-in-law!!
l'll put all of you behind bars!
l'll make him raid this bar!
You've kept a beer parlour
board and serving liquor here?
Peg! Peg!
Padayappa Sir,
l let your son free.
He's a small child.
But l'm going to kidnap
your father-in-law!
Nowthetime is 12 PM.
At 1 PM, you should drop Kumaari
at a place which l decide.
And within 2 PM,
your father-in-law will
be back home, alive.
Or else.. You don't know me! l'll
finish him o, l'm telling you!
Brother, give one half
bottle to this uncle!
l don't like anyone staying
without drinking in this bar!
lf l had one more daughter, l'd
have gotten her married to you!
Will that be possible in this age?
Will you wait? l'll ty!!
Give it to him!
- Bring it on!
There's much more kick in
getting hit by a beer bottle,
than drinking beer!
l'm still in that hangover!
Stop smoking and tell
me a way out ofthis!
l'll tell you..
But you should tell me the truth.
- What?
Did something happen that day?
- Huh?
You b.
Did some action happen that day?
l don't remember!
l was really drunk!
All l remember is
giving her a kiss!
Yea right!
Just because you gave her a
kiss, this won't happen!
Leave that..
- Get lost you fool!
l should be blamed
for asking you to help!
Bro, one small help!
l broke into her house, dude!
Much more than that!!
Much much more than that!
That's what she's saying!
Please tell me a way out, bro!
Bro, iust ask her to have an i-pill.
That time is over!
Any other option?
l think, Papaya is best for that.
- l've heard palm jaggey is good!
How did you do it, bro?
Tell me! Tell me!
Tell me in detail!
You didn't use protection?
Bro, l'm telling you
from my own experience..
Viagra is the best solution!
Shut up you b!!
What experience!
- Get lost!
You a
Fint you buy a pregnancy kit
and confirm if it's true!
Aer that you can announce
it to eveyone else!
Shall l order one more drink?
- Yes!
We've reached!
Drop him here and leave!
Within one hour, your
father-in-law will be back home!
Give the phone to Kumaari.
Bro, l'm at our usual bar.
You come here.
Aer Padayappa leaves. Okay?
- Ok.
The pickle is good!
Not Padayappa. You are my real son-in-law!
That is Padayappa's father-in-law.
He doesn't know that
we've kidnapped him.
l've got a car outside. We
have to leave immediately!
Jai! Veeru!
Come with me!
Don't turn around.
Someone's coming!
You thought you could escape
aer breaking both my arms?
Jai! Veeru!!
l want their arms!!
Arrey O Samba!!
Sanjeev Kumar has fallen down!
Let's go!
You don't look like
you're so heavy!
Run along with me, children!
- Shut up!
You are to blame for all this!
Get him into the car!!
We'll go to the next bar!
This place isn't good!
Get in fast!!
Let's go!!
Start the car!
Oh my God!
That's him!
Gosh! South India!
You didn't take the key?
Along with the key, get the
rest of the alcohol as well!
What is it?
Don't run!
Where are you o to?
Shall we go?
Let's go!
Get in!
We are on the road behind the bar.
There's a big ruckus in the bar.
But l got away!
The police are getting
complaints that,
boys from the city are being
kidnapped and molested.
ln the past 2 weeks, more than
a 100 complaints were reported!
The prime suspect is a major
underworld don from the city.
You have a courier.
lt's me, Thambi!
l've been wanting to send a
gi to you for a long time!
Only now l could find
something that suits you,
and something that you
need the most right now!
Best quality diaper!
lt's good!
l like it.
To show you my gratitude,
l will be coming to meet you!
Let the beginning of
Rambo's comeback,
start from another Thambi again!
Let's begin!
They kidnapped me fint!
And you did that aer them!
What say?
Aren't you having your tea, brother?
No, brother! It'll be a bad mix!
Bro, what happened to your nose?
You wanna know what
happened to my nose?
lfyou can't say, it's fine!
- Come! l'll tell you.
One minute! Please hold this!
Hold this, brother!
Don't drink it!
Come here!
Now you know what happened?
What's your name?
- Huh?
Are you abusing me?
l was saying my name. Kumaari.
- Oh! Kumaari!
Nice name!
So Kumaari
do you know who's the biggest
car burglar in South India?
No, Sir! l don't know
anyone in Bombay.
Oh! Bombay is in South India?
Are you mocking me?
lt's me! Disney!
And what should l do to
someone who steals MY ca
l don't know, Sir.
You don't?
l know you don't know that.
But you know where the guy
who stole the car is!
Tell me!
- l don't know, Sir.
You will tell me!!
Or l'll make you tell me!
Don't tell him..
Don't cheat him!
He bought me drinks!
You get lost. He isn't
your son-in-law, right?
l can't get beaten anymore!
lf it was my son-in-law, l'd
have shown where he was hiding!
Tell me!
Dial it!
He cut the call.
Oh! He cut the call again?
Dial again!
Keep dialling until he picks up.
Keep hitting him until then!
Kumaari, Putthari..
l need all ofthem!
But before all ofthem,
l need that boy!
Wherever l go in Kerala, this
South India guy is there!
Why did you hit him on his nose?
Even my nose is gone now!
The deal will happen
once Rambo comes.
Ya! Let him also come!
Gold biscuits, smuggling,
pimping, murder, drugs..
An underworld has so many
such nice jobs to do!
But he's le all that and
Iooking for a god-damn kiss!
l'm fed up ofthis life! Can
someone drop me back home?
Oh! He's here!
Send Putthari here.
And you can take your
father-in-law with you!
l'm not going!
You aren't going?
- No!
lt's better to join your gang rather
than staying with him in his house!
At least you have
your own bar, right?
He won't even give me
a drop of alcohol!
l won't consider that you're my
father-in-law! l'll kick you!
Kick me! Come on!
Kill me!!
- Stop it!
lfyou shout again, l'll throw
both ofyou into the sea!
Bloody nuisance!
Before all that,
bring me his phone.
Son-in-law it seems!
Bloody ba$$d!
He won't even give me a drop!
There's a name saved in it as 'Kiss'.
That's his number!
Don't look at me, Sir.
You yourselffinished all the balance
saying deal and no deal, right?
Just recharge it for
me before we all die.
lfyou give Rs.100, l'll
go get it recharged now.
Hey! Shut up!
'l've been waiting foryou,
for many lifetimes.#
'Such is my love for
you, my dear.#
His dialer tone is brilliant!
'The endless shores, and the
silent stars are witnesses#
What song is this?
lt's coming from that phone.
Sheesh! Even he cut the call!
Call again! Keep calling
until he picks up!
He's the one who kissed him!
Which bloody bad
is going on calling! Nuisance!
Hey.. He's asking you to stop!
Ty to understand what l'm saying!
You understand my
situation first, Bharath!
That's why l'm
suggesting this, right?
But l can't do this!
- Why?
l'm scared!
So are you going to give
birth to this child?
That's what l'm saying..
Just go to the toilet
and checkthis.
What's that thing?
lt'sjust a case of a
single drop of urine!
lf it's positive, there'll be 2 lines.
And one line if it's negative.
We don't have to be tensed
if it's negative, right?
lt will be positive. l'm sure!
Don't be so negative!
lt's your result which
should be negative.
Just one drop of urine.
But l don't think l can go now.
Why can't you?
l don't think it'll come now.
That's all!
They don't have a drop
when they need it,
and that guy's urine
never stops flowing!
God's games can be strange!
Look at that!
He must be the first hero to smile
at the villain in the climax!
Maybe the last too!
Did you see that guy?
- Which guy?
Don't look so quickly.
Don't look quickly. Just
glance slowly once l tell you.
Did you see the guy sitting
on your right side?
With long hair... And a blue shirt.
Saw him?
- Yes!
l don't know if you'd believe it.
- What?
He was there next to me
when you said you loved me.
So what?
So what?
He was next to me during one of
the turning points in my life!
And today as well!
l'm sure. This result will be negative!
Just wait 8 watch!
He'll be the fint fool to
call his killer a lucky angel!
The last too!
lfthe result is negative,
l will give another kiss for sure!
To me?
Not you!! l'll kiss him!
You don't wory!
Let's see what happens.
Go, l say!
Checked it?
- Yes!
Tell it out!!
By the way...
l understood one thing!
With iust a kiss,
one can't get pregnant!
What is this? Huh?
You have to stop this
kissing business now!
l can't keep going to a police
station in this age, Bharath!
Ok, mom!
lsn't this what you always say?
l don't believe you!
Come! Swear on your father!
That you will never kiss strangers!
l swear on my father!
l won't kiss strangen from now on!
Sit down!
- Greetings, Sir.
Coast guard stopped searching, Sir!
God! They stopped searching?
This Putthari started by robbing a car
from the No.1 car robber in South India!
So none ofthis is new to me!
l'll finish you! Mind it!!
Who are you?
Sir, 10 lakhs.
Which 10 lakhs?
This is my car!
That Sir is gone! Now l own this car!
You can't touch it
without paying 20 lakhs!
Rs. 20 lakhs!
What is this?
l don't care what W it is. l'll chop all of it and
burn it up! You don't know me! Tell him about me!
Just two kisses,
turned the lives of
many people around.
But still, Rambo kept bothering
them as a nightmare!
Like this..
Vivek Ranjit