Mughal-E-Azam (1960) Movie Script

l am lndia
The Himalayas guard my boundaries
The Ganges is the witness
to my chastity
Since the beginning of time...
l have been a friend
of darkness and light
These marble edifices
tell the world:
Tyrants robbed and ravaged me...
well-wishers adorned me
Fools chained me...
my lovers broke those chains
Among those who loved me there was...
one named Jal Al-u-Din Mohammed Akbar
Akbar loved me
Standing high above the divisions
of religion and tradition...
he taught people to love one another
And he held me in his embrace
for ever
This is the palace
of the Emperor Akbar
Now its every nook and cranny...
can tell stories of bygone days
Far from the comforts...
of his splendid palace...
in this scorching desert...
walking barefoot
on the burning sand...
is Akbar the Great
The despair in his eyes is because...
he had yet to see
the smiling face of an offspring
Akbar's pilgrimage is
to a hermitage...
of the Saint
Sheikh Salim-u-din Chisti...
in the hope that through
his prayers...
God might bless Akbar with a son
ln the entire royal caravan...
Akbar the Great alone had vowed
to walk on foot
At last he reached his destination
The Emperor, before whom
the world bowed...
bowed his head before a fakir
God never refuses the entreaty
of his devotees
Lift your hands in prayer...
l shall join you
O Emperor of Emperors
You have bestowed
on this insignificant man...
boundless wealth from your treasury
l have been called Protector
of the world, and Shadow of God
Let me now hear a voice
that calls me father
O Master of the Two Worlds...
let me not die without a trace
He shall bless Queen Jodha
with a child
Congratulations, Your Majesty
God has blessed you with a son...
and an heir to the Mughal Empire
Praise be to Allah!
You have brought a message of joy
to the dispirited life of Akbar
Take this ring as a token
l swear by these sacred scales
of justice
that whatever you may request of me...
shall be granted
ln the passage of time...
the Prince revealed
his mischievous nature
These scales are not your playthings
Are they the Emperor's playthings?
- No
Emperor Babar's sacred scales...
are an emblem of
Mughal emperors' justice
Prince, please learn these words
you will say in the Court
lt is a command?
- No, a request
Then l shall try
The Prince's insubordination
and he overstepped the bounds
of respect
Take this and let it float
on the currents of Jamuna
The grandeur of Mughals
began to waver...
and the intoxicated Prince Salim
started staggering
To Akbar the Great...
the future of lndia seemed bleak
l shall not see that evil day...
when Mughal greatness becomes the toy
of a profligate Prince
Divest him of his
mother's tender love...
and clad him in armour
Nurture him in the scorching
of the battlefield
l entrust you with the future
of the Mughals
Salim has performed his duty
as we would have wished
My darling, my child!
ls this the magnificent
Queen of lndia?
No, Your Majesty. Merely a mother
l was not aware...
that a mother's weakness
would make...
Queen Jodha forget her dignity
Your Majesty, does Mughal rule...
not allow a mother to pine and weep...
when her son's blood
is pitilessly shed?
She may pine, but not weep
lf all the mothers of other sons...
on the battlefield were to weep...
then lndia would drown in tears
Distribute gems among the poor
equal to the weight of this armour
For fourteen years, Prince Salim...
was nurtured on the battlefields
He became a victorious general
Have the Prince's wounds
not been cleansed?
We are not allowed in
The surgeon is waiting. Prince,
do you not want your wounds cleansed?
They are not wounds, but flowers
For flowers to die
is an insult to spring
lt is not only an assassin
but also a beloved;...
lt is rose-bough and also a sword
After fourteen years of bloodshed
you are still soaked in poetry
There is nothing astonishing
Would an Omar Khayyam verse change
if it were written on stone...
instead of gold?
Then whatever your ruler
has thought about me...
is wrong
Why send the story of my
blood-drenched youth page by page?
Send this saga of my life, in blood
and dust, to His Majesty
And none best-fitted to deliver it
than my faithful son, Durjan
May His majesty's good fortune remain!
The Prince has emerged victorious again
How many wounds did your Prince
Countless. Many blows fell,
but the swords were blunted
They could but not salute the
prince's courage and Akbar's blood
We shall inspect his armour
lnstead of armour, the Prince has
sent this message
Let it be read aloud
The Emperor of lndia,
Jal Al-u-Din Mohammed Akbar
Sire, here is the account of every
morsel of the land...
soaked with the blood of your heir
For fourteen years, this land
engulfed in the flames of war...
has sucked your blood
which flows in my veins
The flames are extinguished...
but there is still blood
in Salim's body
Command me, and l shall stain the
valleys of the south with my blood
Sire, your humble servant, Salim
All praise to Allah!
Today Salim has become our heir
Chief Scribe
Send a command to the Prince
to return to the Court
on the Prince's return
O Lord, you are silent.
Let me see Salim's face
His Majesty has ordered Durjan to
bring the prince back to the Court
Bahaar, you have come with a
message of joy to dry our tears
l shall reward you
with plentiful pearls
lt is not enough. l want the prince to
walk on pearls, when he returns
And more than that, Bahaar.
l allow you everything for Salim
My son is returning after many years
l shall ask the Emperor to
let me have him
He has seen his father's
manner of rule...
but not the love of his mother
Tell the Court Dancer to prepare
an elegant dance...
to erase the fiery images of war
from Salim's eyes
And tell Tansen to compose such
melodies for Salim's welcome
that he will forget the bellow
of cannons
Bahaar, encircle Salim with
everlasting spring
Make a thousand moons glow
for my son
Where his steps fall, let there be
an astral carpet
And wherever he glances,
let there be heaven
All that my heart yearns for
but cannot express
O Lord, let that auspicious moment
come soon
when my son shall be before
my eyes
Then l shall even forget you
for a while
The Spring (Bahaar) of the palace
in my deserted workshop?
l have come for a statue
for the Prince
The princes and emperors do not like
my statues
Why not?
- Because they speak the truth
This is the Royal Court, every word
of the Emperor is justice
None can appeal against it
And here is a battlefield
The blood of millions shed for
the triumph of one man
And this is for speaking the truth
That is not true, it is
an artist's complaint
The mind accepts the beauty of
your art, the heart does not
What good is that statue if
a proud head does not bow before it?
Then l will make a statue at whose
feet a warrior will lay his sword...
a king his crown...
and a person his heart
One is crowned by another's hands
But with one's own courage
l hope no one comes.
Have you no fear?
Fear? The crown does not rest upon
fearful heads
You wish to become queen of
this glorious country
So many others dream the same
Let them dream
Look into my eyes
Like the eyes of a drunkard who has
picked up a sword instead of a goblet
Do you plan to pluck stars
from the sky?
Sometimes the stars fall to earth
For a haughty Prince, my one
submissive glance is enough
Only three more hours before
break of day
Here is the last pearl of time-keeping
Let the price of this pearl be paid
Will the Emperor wear armour
to welcome his son?
We are not welcoming our son,
but a brave soldier of lndia
Your Majesty, l have not seen Salim
grow from child to man
Do not bring him to me at once
News of the prince!
The Prince has entered the Fort
Charity, to save the Prince
from the evil eye
His Majesty welcomed the Prince
and embraced him
The Prince is passing through
The Great Hall
There are carpets of flowers to welcome
him but he cares naught for the pomp...
He is firm
in his steps as he walks in here
His Majesty has given the prince
permission to come here
The Prince is coming
ls the world swaying with joy,
or am l swooning?
Bahaar, help me
Who knows in what voice
he will call me mother?
How can l hear this new voice?
The word mother will echo in the
realm of motherhood
l hope that echo will not
stop my heart
Mother, look at me. l am here
Salim, you have grown so big
l used to see your face close to mine
Bow down a little, Salim
So you have become a great warrior
How cruelly you have shed my blood
Did you not think how these wounds
would alarm your mother?
lf you had but once called out
to me on the battlefield...
lullabies would have flowed
from the clash of swords
The battlefield would have become
a mother's lap
But you never cried out to me
Salim, My child
Bahar, take him away, or l shall
cast an evil eye on him
Eyes long to glimpse you...
paths await your steps
On an auspicious day
the Prince has returned
Who is hiding from me, Bahar?
Not hiding, but hidden, Prince
The sculptor claims that when
this statue is unveiled...
Speak. Sometimes such claims
are interesting
On seeing this statue a warrior
will lay his sword at its feet...
a king his crown and
a person his heart
The claim is too interesting
to resist
l shall view his arrogance
lt is His Majesty's order that the
prince should not see the statue now
The Royal Astrologer says it will be
a bad omen...
if the Prince looks at any statue
before this moon has set
His Majesty will attend the
unveiling tomorrow morning
On one hand, the sculptor's claim;
on the other hand, the prediction
And the statue is shrouded
How can l wait until morning, Durjan?
The Sculptor's claim is justified
Only stone can endure the power
of infinite beauty
l am tempted to accept the
divinity of idols
The Prince would be accused
of idolatory
But also praised for showing faith
l could not complete the statue. You
must again stand in its place tomorrow
The Prince has seen me;
he praised your art
Within that praise is also a
secret love for you
Love for whom?
- For you
l beg to make a suggestion
ln the legends, unveiling was done
with an arrow
We like your suggestion
Legends can also be made
into reality
Your Majesty, it shall be done
Praise be to Allah! lt seems an angel
has descended from heaven...
and taken form in marble
l am no angel, but a human being
Then who forced you to
become a statue?
A wilful sculptor of your realm
who prefers anonymity
His art is indeed praiseworthy
But why did you remain silent
when the arrow was shot?
l wanted to see how a legend
becomes a realty
Splendid! We admire your courage
Let her be one of your maids
We bestow the title of Anarkali
on her
Tomorrow, when we celebrate
Lord Krishna's birthday, Anarkali...
will be a suitable Radha
You have taken the words
out of my mouth
Krishna teased me at the well
He twisted my delicate wrist
He cast a pebble at my pitcher
and broke it
My garment was dripping wet
He cast a magic glance...
and won my heart
With his glance, he pierced my veil
What happened Suraiya?
You are in love, sister
Who can l be in love with?
He who is in love with you
- The Prince
Be silent Suraiya
Don't order me to be quiet,
until you are Queen
For God's sake, as a maid l dare not
entertain such dreams
He is the Prince,
the future King of lndia
So What?
No doubt kings come from God, but
their Queens can come from anywhere
What possible relation can exist
between heaven and earth?
Then what do you want to be?
A maid.
- But of the Prince
lt will be a calamity if someone hears
you mention his name
People will hear of it,
as always with love.
l know
Then why be afraid of getting
a bad name?
l am not afraid of getting
a bad name?
l don't want him to get a bad name.
- Then say farewell to love
lf you have courage, come with me
To where someone's eyes are longing
to see you
Now l cannot bear those eyes
Let me stay here
Stay, then. But l have the courage
to face him
Have you lost your senses?
That's it: l'll ask the Prince why
people who see him lose their senses
Even yearnings do not become
insolent in his presence
That might be true only if he has no
yearnings himself
Now, love has put him in a state
where he cannot perceive insolence
Why have you come here?
- l have come here
With whose permission?
- My heart's
Go away
Allow her, Durjan
What do you want?
- To find out...
why those who look at you
lose their senses
Who said that?
- My sister, who has lost her senses
lnsolent girl
My name is Suraiya
And your sister calls you Suraiya?
She used to.
- And now?
Now she has forgotten all names
but one
The Prince
Take this message to your sister
Such a letter will be dangerous
Fall in love, and you will lose fear
Sister, why so dreamy?
Take this letter
What letter?
From the Prince.
- Allah?
Call upon Allah and you'll get
another letter
lt quivers: perhaps the Prince's heart
is in it
Take it
You gave your heart so quickly.
To take another's, why do you tarry?
Beautiful Anarkali, dearest Anarkali
Accept my salutations
My heart is restless, because
of the sorrow of separation
Day and night, l remember you. l die
God forbid
l die with longing
This night l shall await you in the
Western Garden
Place your reply in a lotus and
float it soon on the stream
Forget not, O love,
l await your reply
She refuses?
Yes, she refuses
Because she is only a maid
and unfortunately, l am a prince
And both positions are irrevocable
And we are human being;
that, too, is irrevocable
The heart sought sustenance from
the song and went beyond its limits
Prince, the sun illuminates
every corner of the universe
Why, then did the sun trouble
to step in here?
To become one with the moon
Do not invite ignominy to
your princehood
You are the master,
l am only a servant
Today l shall break down this wall
of high and low
Sit down, Anarkali
Anarkali, look at me
l want to see the confession of
my love reflected in your eyes
Do not look into my eyes
You will see nothing
but the fearful longing of a maid
Forget you are a maid. Let Salim read
in your eyes what you fear to say
Do not rob my dreams, from my eyes
lt would kill me
l shall change those dreams
into reality
Daughter, where are you?
- Let her, see
l can suffer separation from you,
but not your disgrace
Oracle, tell me what will happen?
What does that augury mean, sister?
lt means:
My heart has escaped me
May the world never know the pain
hidden in it
What has happened to you?
Aren't you afraid of loneliness?
Everyone asks for you. Come with me
No, l fear the world...
might read my secret thoughts
from my face
Why do you seem so lost daughter?
lf you avoid other people...
they will say that the honour of
Anarkali has made you proud
Who can call a helpless person proud?
Enemies cannot be stopped
from talking
What do you know of the tales
of the palaces?
Come, Bahaar
Take her with you sometimes.
- Do not worry
l have come to take her with me.
- Bless you!
Take care of her
Anarkali, how beautiful
is your new name
Like Shama, the name of the candle
Since you have become
Shama (flame), why fear moths?
What moths?
Me, for instance. Why not join
our company sometimes
l have arranged a melodic debate.
How nice if you took one side
- And l the other
- The prince will be the judge...
of our performance
ln your company, we want to see
What fate has in store for us
We shall see what happens if we come
closer to you for a moment
We shall see
ln your company, we want to see
what fate has in store for us
We shall see what happens
when we supplicate before you
We shall see
Today, spring has brought
the message of love
The buds of hope have blossomed
after a long duration
We shall see what happens by evading
the pain of love
How can one relish life
without pain?
Without vitality...
how can one relish
the taste of tears?
We shall see, by shedding tears for
love of some one
The one story of lovers...
is to pine...
heave sighs and choke to death
We shall see, some day, this
spectacle - with a smile
We agree that...
love devastates life
Yet is it not fulfilling...
that after death the world
remembers you?
We shall see, by staking our world
for someone's love
The only story for lovers is to pine,
Heave sighs, and choke to death
We shall see, some day, this
spectacle - With a smile
Your opinion of love deserves
this flower
Anarkali, your opinion is:
We agree that love devastates life
Yet is it not fulfilling that after
death the world remembers you?
We shall see, by staking our world
for someone's love
For that you get these thorns
l am fortunate
Thorns need not fear of fading
What is that Mansingh?
Papers concerning Ajmer province
For our consideration?
- Yes Sir
Do you not know that we have given
Ajmer to the Prince?
l know, sire.
- Then these papers?
Strife may break out in the province;
circumstances oblige me to inform you
Why have you not reminded the Prince
of his responsibilities?
The papers were presented to him
many times, but...
But what Mansingh?
l am unable to find that reason
behind his negligence
l shall find out
Durjan, convey my message to the
Prince, the Governor of Ajmer...
to issue the instructions in
these papers forthwith...
and also tell him
l wish to know...
the reason for his negligence
And tell her that without her
Salim's Life is a dark night
Salim is losing himself in her
One more message
His Majesty's message...
is that the instructions in
these papers be issued forthwith
Durjan, are you an enemy of love,
to appear at this moment?
Prince, l am your friend
Seek another friend, then you may also
Receive message
Quiet, girl!
- My name is Suraiya; you are forgetful
Prince, l have seen fire in
the Emperor's eyes
Stop this dangerous game, otherwise
people will begin to talk about you
What has happened to me, Suraiya?
Why don't you ask where
l have come from?
You know that your sister is always
lost in her thoughts
Remain so, then. l've no time to
carry messages hither and thither
Did you meet him? What did he say?
What sort of madness is yours
l shall not tell you
Tell me, or you shall see my funeral
The Prince met me in the garden.
- Then?
He had the look of one
who had not slept
He asked: How is your sister?
Then he took my hand and said,
She must be in the same state as l am?
What did you say?
l told him
And he kissed my forehead
Then what happened?
- He said:...
Tonight, when Tansen
starts to sing his raga...
tell your sister to meet me
in the Western Garden
Why feel embarrassed
to kiss my forehead?
Because the Prince also...?
- l had forgotten that
Sweet forgetfulness. But the Prince
kissed my forehead twice
Being a devotee of love...
l got in search of my handsome love
When our eyes meet...
my thirst will be quenched
Perhaps someone is watching us
The impudent person who has dared
to come here must come to my palace
Your servant is here
The disobedience of the dagger
surprises me
And l lament my wretched life
Prince, give one more chance of
victory to the insolent dagger
There is much blood left in my body
What does a candle - flame know?
Murmurs of the night, and secrets
For that reason every candle - flame
is extinguished at break of day
You tried to know a secret
You, too, could be extinguished
Go now
Anarkali (pomegranate buds)
They are in full bloom in
the Palace Garden
Yet your Majesty has not seen them
And l have not seen our Anarkali
of late, either
Her charming dance would soothe
our weary mind
Present her
She cannot come
Why not?
With Salim, Anarkali shall reign
as Queen of lndia
Do not raise the paw-dust
to the stature of a crown
That has already happened, Anarkali
l can see that Akbar the Great's
lndia shall be your domain
For God's sake... please
The destiny of the people of lndia
shall be within a lock of your hair
And wherever you glance...
thousands will tremble and
the future will shake
His Majesty!
Prince, do not be so bold before
the Emperor. Let me go
The Emperor is coming
lf the Emperor sees me here,
my grave will be dug before your eyes
Love that fears is not love,
it is lust and sin
- No!
Where is he?
Akbar the Great, at whose command
God-given breath is chocked
Speak respectfully
Salim's Anarkali shall not die. l want
His seal on this order to free her
Anarkali shall not be freed
Why not?
A Prince should not forget his duty
What duty is that which dares
to crush love?
Your duty is to obey the Emperor
No, it is a punishment for being born
in a king's palace
A punishment that you
shall have to suffer
Then let Anarkali share my
punishment with me
You have no right to meddle
But l have a right to my life
lf Anarkali is not freed, this night
she spends in the prison
will ruin the plans of
Akbar the Great
Let me lament
the false story of love
l suffered countless hurts
Let me lament my youth
l lost all my senses
Your longing has reduced me to this
Let me lament the generosity
of your love
Who knew l had to keep silent?
l had to live and conceal my love
l live, but l lament my life
Anarkali shall be presented
in the Great Hall
We are certain that the darkness
of the dungeons...
has dimmed the glare
of your longings
The dungeon darkness
was not dark enough
Darkness shall be made darker
My longings shall become brighter
Those longings shall be crushed
And the Emperor's justice?
Silence! Akbar's command
is his justice
You will have to forget Salim
- Certainly
Further, you will convince him
that you never loved him
How could l, when l lacked the
courage to confess my love to him?
You shall impress on Salim
that your love was false
A maid longed to be Queen of lndia...
and used the wiles of love
God is witness that it is not true
But you shall prove it is the truth
Lord, give me the courage...
to betray the Prince
l shall try to obey
the Emperor's command
You will not try, you will obey
Free her
The Emperor's word was irrevocable
Anarkali's freedom is his defeat
No defeat, but proof that the
Emperor has a sympathetic heart
Now l feel l am not only Prince, but
the son of a compassionate father
By freeing Anarkali, he has
showered favours on my love
Not on your love...
but on someone's betrayal
Ask these chains
l am asking you
Your Anarkali's wrists could not bear
the weight of dungeon chains
ln exchange, she took golden
bracelets from the Emperor
Prove it
Anarkali's freedom: a gift of land...
and tonight she will dance in the
New Year celebrations, before leaving
The Prince is coming
Leave us
You stay here
The fiery eyes of Akbar the Great have
melted the wax of which you were made
The tinsel ornament of love, with
which you strutted in front of me...
has been reduced to ashes
One night in the dungeon
has broken Anarkali
You are not Anarkali, you have stolen
her name and fled from prison
You are not my Anarkali
Prince, l am not your Anarkali
Cowardly slave of Akbar,
you are not Salim's beloved
You are a false promise
that changed my faith
An ignominious blot upon me
has been cleansed
Be still and silent
Behold the Queen of lndia
Behold the heir to the throne
Noor-ud-Din Mohammed Salim
Behold the Emperor
Jal Al-u-Din Mohammed Akbar
One loves but once in this world
One lives and dies
with that anguish
When one has loved,
why should one be afraid?
l was only in love,
l was not a thief
l shall tell the story
of my love...
even if it costs me my life
Death is real when witnessed
by the world
Why die of suppressed desire?
His longing dwells in my heart...
the flame of love lives there
As l live in love,
so l shall die in love
There is nothing else left to do
Our love cannot be concealed,
it is there for all to see
When nothing is veiled
from God...
why wear a veil
before his servants?
This fearless love of yours,
this dance...
this manner of expression - deserve
our reward
l am fortunate. l expected
such favours from the Emperor
Take this insolent woman and confine
her to the darkness of the dungeon
Leave us
Your presence is the proof
of your disobedience
Anarkali was taken to the dungeon
and l did nothing
What could you have done?
what can one do before
a mighty emperor?
But His Majesty must decide the limits
of his tyranny and my patience
lf your yearning is for a maid,
a servant...
you will need life-long patience
Did God grant your prayer for my life
so that you could be master of it?
Master of my heartbeats?
ls my life a debt to your prayer,
to be repaid by my tears?
Anarkali is not worthy of you
Why not?
Hold me in your bosom as a father...
look at me with the affection
of your first look at me...
think of me as your son, then tell
me that Anarkali is unfit for me
l am an affectionate father
of a dear son...
but l cannot overlook
an Emperor's duty
l cannot change the destiny of lndia
for my son's love
Destinies change. Times change
A nation's history changes,
Emperors change
Amidst all this, he who has submitted
to love remains unchanged
You will have to change
Salim, you will have to change
A father who had the ambition to see
his son win many crowns
An Emperor who thought his heir would
bring great kingdoms into submission
Father and Emperor have seen son
and heir bow to a common maid
The Emperor's lofty hopes have been
dashed, the throne has been shaken
Be patient he has regained
l should desist whose world
has been made wildness
Your Emperor rules as a god
Does love also need the
Emperor's permission?
Prince, save my daughter!
She will dash her head against
the prison walls
lf she dies, lndia will become
a vast burial ground...
for the corpse of the Mughal Empire
lf the dungeon gates are not opened then
the walls of dungeon will have to fall
The heavy gates of the dungeon are
not opened with swords, but with guile
Let us go away
- Far away from Akbar's kingdom
Arrest the insolent Salim
You dare confront the Emperor
for a maid?
No, for a woman who in my reign will
be the honour of the haughty Mughals
The honour of the Mughals is too proud
to be weighed against love of a maid
Our lndia is not your heart,
to be ruled by a slave-girl
And my heart is not your lndia,
for you to rule
We have no claim over your heart,
but we have a claim over you
You are our son
Yes, l am your son
But in making me suffer...
have you forgotten that
l am a part of your body?
No, Salim!
You are the blossom of our countless
prayers, the only asset of our life
But do not stir a mother's love in
order to tamper with royal customs
Do not drag us beyond duty
with the chains of your love
Remember our responsibilities
and your status
Do not allow disrepute to eclipse
your greatness
Forget Anarkali
For the sake of my milk
that nourished you
You ask me to pay the price
for your milk
No, Salim!
Your milk became blood
that flows in my veins
lf you command, l will shed it at your
feet, but ask not for interest on it
Son, what you are saying,
you do not understand
l understand fully. Keep your precious
lndia, give me Anarkali l beg of you
l beg charity from Queen Jodha and
from The Kingdom of Emperor Akbar
These tears are the life-blood of
Queen Jodha and the Emperor...
which have trickled down
from your eyes
Stop these tears
Anarkali shall be given to you
lnfamy shall not be forgiven to the
descendent of the Emperor Babar
We command that Salim be dispatched
to fight in the south
A sword is held by a soldier,
not a disappointed lover
Do not expose the Prince's life
to danger
Death in battle is better...
than death pining for a maid
Our Salim shall not go
on this expedition
My command needs no endorsement
by a mother's blind love
But it needs Salim's endorsement
lf you wish to see your command
rejected, try to command Salim
ls that his regard for us?
Do not judge his love for you
ln his present state
Let the storm pass, then see
what he can become
And how shall this storm pass?
Give him Anarkali; by so doing
he will become ours
To regain our own son, are we
to be obliged to a maid?
What is not done for a child's sake?
You are merely a mother
And you are merely an Emperor
Mansingh, let my command
be obeyed
By Royal Command, our son...
the heir and future Emperor...
shall tomorrow
at the break of dawn...
proceed to Deccan at the
head of the army
Enough! l am not Akbar's heir
Wait for me at the gate
Prince, was that no foolhardy?
- lf he only issues commands...
l shall react with insolence
and disobedience
l won't allow you to act in naivete.
This is no time for obstinacy and anger
The Emperor is being obstinate.
He knows my wounds need balm...
not a sword
His might will not impress me
The Emperor's dignity will not
suffer the insult
Your stubbornness will be the pretext
for Anarkali's death
He cannot do that!
- He will
lf you want Anarkali's life
it stands beyond the battlefield
Go and fight in Deccan
lf Anarkali's life is
a reward of war...
l shall change the course of war
and twist the hands of death
But who will be responsible for
Anarkali's safety?
l. She shall have the protection
of my sword
Your sword is but one against
Akbar's millions
l am a Rajpoot. Millions will
sacrifice themselves for my word
Your Majesty, the sculptor is here
We are glad to know that artists
like you live in our kingdom
The fact is, l am neglected
No longer
We admire the beauty of your art.
We shall honour and reward you
l have many rewards for my art,
but not for the truth within my art
Then what do you want?
To take the truth of my art
to every corner of the kingdom
We grant permission
Your Majesty's generosity has
perfected what was lacking
Not as yet
Your life lacks a certain happiness
As reward, we shall give you
a flourishing beauty...
who once was your model
Tomorrow you shall marry Anarkali
But, Your Majesty
ls the reward insufficient?
More than l dared hope
Today l am convinced of
His Majesty's justice
You may go
How fine is the difference between
an Emperor's justice and tyranny
After such a beautiful reward, that
laughter express your happiness
Happy? Only vile people give
expression to happiness
l am mocking the gifts of a fool
You reject the Royal Command and
the precious reward?
Are you aware of the consequences?
This very masterpiece may
come to life with my blood
By rejecting Akbar's command...
you have shown courage
and devotion to truth
l am most grateful
The Prince's gratitude is not
my reward for truth
Then what do you want?
l want to see Anarkali's destiny
secure in your truth
A message from the Prince
Let it be read aloud
To the Emperor of lndia,
Jal Al-u-Din Mohammed Akbar
Let it be known that the heir to the
throne, Noor-u-Din Mohammed Salim...
through this message...
declares his independence of you
l demand that the Emperor accept
Anarkali as my wife...
and the future Queen of lndia
He should accept that l am a proud
Prince of the Timuride lineage...
whose kings, regardless of custom
or religion, chose their own queens
Therefore, l have the right
to choose my own queen
l am asserting that right
lf the Emperor does not
accept my decision...
This document of the vanity of youth
be read to the end
l cannot
The veil of courtesy is lifted today
lf the Emperor does not
accept my decision...
be it known that rebellion
has commenced
We accept this blind revolt
Tell the Chronicler to add the name
of a paramour to the list of rebels
We shall fight, and l shall lead
the army myself
Has the Queen forgotten that
she always performs this rite?
The Queen says she cannot present
the sword to slay the Prince
Custom cannot be broken; we shall
receive the sword from her hands
The sword that severed the heads of
rebels was received by me from you
You shall perform that rite today
You ask for the sword which will kill
my son, your Majesty
Not your son, but a rebel...
who has vowed to make you a widow
Will you not offer the sword for
my safety and your triumph?
There is no triumph for me.
l shall lose, whatever happens
My husband on one side,
my son on the other
Now you must choose son or husband
Queen of the Rajpoot wives, women
of honour, why do you hesitate?
Daughter of proud warriors,
why do your hands tremble?
How can these hands
lift Akbar's sword...
if they cannot bear bridal bracelets?
You have wiped the bridal symbol
from my forehead...
and you shall replace it
with Salim's blood
lf the price of my bridal loyalty is
Salim's blood...
take the sword and slay my child!
l shall not even sigh
The first beat of the war-drum shall
herald her death
Whose death, Your Majesty?
Her death, in the darkness of
whose love...
Salim cannot recognize us
Destroy that darkness
Destroy that enchanting serpent who
writhes between Salim and me
Lord help me, l'm unfortunate
l am in dire straits...
my ship is in troubled waters
Lord help me, l'm unfortunate
Help me, Lord
Restore what l have lost
You know...
even my secret thoughts
My hands are tied...
and my heart is wounded
Have mercy, Lord
Misery clouds me, my Protector
Lord, save my ship...
it is drowning
There is a sign of a storm...
which makes life even more difficult
Have mercy, Lord
Open the door of the prison,
l have come to take Anarkali
Akbar commands she be given to
death alone
And l have to take her out alive.
A Rajpoot has given his word
The army awaits His Majesty
Victory is nigh
May the Emperor triumph
That is the will of the Creator
O Emperor of Emperors
You have bestowed on this man
boundless wealth from your treasury
l have been called Protector of the
world, and Shadow of God
Now let me hear a voice
that calls me father
Akbar, are these the same hands
which you lifted in prayer?
Mansingh, before the battle
l shall go and meet Salim
lt is not advisable for the Emperor
to enter the rebel's camp alone
But it is right for a father
His Majesty is coming
Leave us
Has His Majesty come to
pardon a rebel?
An unfortunate father, whom the
world calls an Emperor...
has come to conciliate with his
offended son and seek his love
You destroy your son's love,
and yet you seek his love
An Emperor has come in the
guise of a father
Emperors do not cry
But a father's eye are tearful
Your poor father is rendered helpless
by the principles of Emperor Akbar
And Salim is rendered helpless
by his love
Love can conquer hearts,
but not armies
Your emotions cannot fight
an omnipotent Emperor
The battlefield shall decide
An Emperor's decision need not
wait for battle
The first beat of the war-drum
shall herald Anarkali's death
Did we beseech Allah for you
to show us this day?
lf the son can fulfil his obduracy
by slaying the father then...
here stands the father
Has an Emperor's might overcome
a Rajpoot's word?
One may slight a Rajpoot's life...
but not his word
Where is Anarkali?
Salim is successful without war.
There shall be no war
There shall be war
We pray that on the battlefield
God protects you...
from the wrath of Akbar
That you still live
bodes ill for Salim
Before the long shadow of my sword
falls upon your heads...
before you are wiped
out without trace...
l demand the return of Anarkali
This sword has destroyed the
conceit of many warriors
Today, it shall not only
protect Anarkali...
but also all lovers...
whose heartbeats refuse
to be enslaved by an emperor
Mansingh! Attack!
Bury the abominable life of Anarkali
Anarkali is in danger. Permit me
to take her to a safe place
The Emperor has returned victorious
from the field of battle
ls this bridal sign Salim's blood?
Behold this sword, not a drop
of Salim's blood is on it
You must be the only sword in the
world to be embraced by a mother
l want to see Salim
You cannot
A father's sword was merciful...
but an Emperor's justice will be done
The accused, Noor-u-Din
Mohammed Salim...
son of Jal Al-u-Din Mohammed Akbar...
is presented before this Court
The proceedings may begin
Noor-u-Din Mohammed Salim,
you are accused...
of dishonouring the heirdom for
the sake of a slave-girl
You scorned Royal commands
You compelled Durjan Singh to commit
treason by forcefully freeing Anarkali
You led the imperial army into revolt
These accusations can be withdrawn...
and your foolish disobedience
and our graciousness extended
to you, provided you return Anarkali
So you can put her to death
Then the Emperor
should also punish...
unruly moths which fall in love
with the flame
lmprison the flower-loving bumble bee
that hums sweet melodies of love
Dam the stream that would be
one with the ocean
l do not with to hear demented
arguments of love
l want Anarkali
l shall not give her
We swear by the glory of Taimur...
that you shall forfeit your claim
to this glorious throne
Agreed. l accept no throne which shall
stand upon Anarkali's coffin
l accept no crown which impales
my heart
You wish to melt the Mughal crown
in the fires of your love...
to make anklets for a dancer
You want a beautiful maid to dance
upon the Throne of lndia
You are debasing your future
Be silent
Under the pretext of justice, the
emperor will not get Anarkali
First he must kill his son
Justice is more precious than our son
Noor-u-Din Mohammed Salim...
you have taken advantage
of our magnanimity
You refuse to produce Anarkali to us
Anarkali's sentence of death remains
But in her place...
we pronounce it on you
Mercy, Your Majesty!
None shall appeal to my mercy
What more than death can be
expected of a bigoted Emperor?
When the Chronicler writes in Salim's
blood of his and Anarkali's death...
the previous chapter will describe
Akbar's death
What news have you got?
- Akbar the Great has commanded...
the Prince's execution tomorrow
in place of Anarkali
As long as my hands can
grasp a sword...
death shall not come near the Prince
Where are you going?
- To face Akbar the Great
But you are wounded!
- My body is wounded...
but not my courage!
Do you see fear on your son's face!
No. l have faith in my blood
l have come to congratulate my son
Rajpoot warriors make
even death their bride
May every mother possess a heart
such as Queen Jodha
This historic day...
marks the defeat of Akbar the Great
and the triumph of love
l am grateful to you
l congratulate the mothers
of those martyrs...
who sacrificed their lives
for truth and love
My last request...
is that you join those who have
a heart, not those who have wealth
Long live the Prince!
The lover celebrates...
along the path of love
Be Joyous...
Love attains martyrdom
Long Live Love!
You remain free of wealth's fetters
You are in the temple,
the mosque of every creed
You are in Krishna's flute
and the Muezzin's call
Thanks to you, faith is alive
in the world
Walls of hate cannot keep out
love's storm
Love cannot be killed by
blades and swords
Lovers may die, but their
memory lives on
Love's revolt can change the world
Set the citadels ablaze,
reject the throne
Do not stand before death
as a mendicant
He whose religion is royal splendour
is a man without creed
He whose heart is devoid of love
is formed of stone, not flesh
Enemy of love, regain your senses,
or you shall perish
Long Live Love
Long live Mansingh!
May your Majesty order
the Prince's release
After Anarkali's death
He lives
Your Majesty
Congratulations on the Prince's life
And to you, on your death
Take away this bewitching pest...
and wall her up alive
May the sun of the Emperor's glory
shine for ever...
and may my Prince outlive
the moon and the stars
Accept my life, l have been richly
Anarkali, it is the custom to allow
the condemned a last wish
lf you have one, ask His Majesty
My last wish is not within
his Majesty's power
Our grace is not so limited that it
cannot grant a maid's last wish
Before her death, this maid wishes
to become a queen
What lurked in your heart
has come to your lips
Even in the awesome night before
your doom...
you dream of being
the queen of lndia
Do not misconstrue my wish
The Prince had promised...
to make me his Queen
l do not want his promise
proved false
l do not want the future
Emperor of lndia...
to blush for not keeping
his promise to a slave
That shame shall not befall
the future Emperor
Mansingh, release Salim
Before dawn, make Salim smell this
plume drenched in potion of oblivion
Thus he will forget you and remain
oblivious of your death
Guard will take you from
your lover's arms...
and place you in the arms of death
Death draws nearer to love
lt shall be done
lf not, Salim will not let you die...
and l shall not let you live
l died long ago
Permit the coffin to be borne away
You may go
ln return for your Majesty's
magnanimous gifts...
this slave forgives Jal Al-u-Din
Mohammed Akbar for her murder
How can hearts pine less?
How can love diminish?
When the night is so drunken...
what shall dawn be like?
The melodies are intoxicating...
goblets brim with joy
The joy that reigns here...
is the legend of tomorrow
How could the season of love
be more beautiful?
Both lover and beloved are together
Alluring eyes, love pining
within the heart
Within this splendour...
why should she give a thought
to death?
Strange is the state of lovers
What can be said of the end of love?
lf ankle-bells break, then what
shall happen, my companion?
Why have you done this?
Have these beautiful hands
said farewell to love?
Can they betray me?
Do not turn your face from me,
Come close and tell me;
can you abandon me?
Can you?
Never, Prince
Anarkali can abandon her life...
but not you
Abandon your life?
Who wants to deprive you of life?
No one
Was l made insensible only
for you to be taken from me?
Fate willed it so
Fate must change its verdict
Anarkali, the shadows close in
The cowardly slaves of Akbar the Great
are coming to take you away
l can see them
Come out!
Anarkali is mine, no one can
take her away from me
These unclean slaves...
cannot touch your chaste body
Beloved, come to me
You insolent
My very life
From the half-light of dawn...
comes the call of death
lt sounds as if someone has stilled
the song of life
May God always protect you
Accept this message of a true heart
l leave this world of yours behind
Arise, accept my farewell
Tomorrow, when my funeral
procession passes by...
promise that you will not bear
my coffin on your shoulder
Let not our love suffer disgrace
Accept this message of my tears
My child, my daughter
l swear by these sacred scales
of justice...
that whatever you may request
of me shall be granted
Your Majesty!
Where is His Majesty?
Disrespectful woman,
what do you want?
My daughter's life
Perhaps you are too shocked to
comprehend our justice
Remember this token, Your Majesty
You promised me whatever l might ask
l ask for the life of Anarkali
l remember nothing
A just king never goes
back on his word
l said l remember nothing
You can forget your promise...
but the Emperor of Emperors, who
made you Emperor, will never forget
On judgement Day...
l shall seek justice before Him
Take her away
My daughter, Your Majesty!
Ask what you wish
What can a king who has broken
his word give?
Anarkali, my child!
Forgive me, Your Majesty
This tunnel will lead you beyond
the realm of the Mughal empire
The secret that Anarkali is alive...
you shall not reveal
All his life Salim will believe
that Anarkali is dead
So be it. By letting her live, the
emperor has kept his justice alive
Anarkali, make obeisance
As long as the world survives,
you shall remain the eternal
symbol of love
Mughal history shall remember you
for ever...
because you gave new life to the
descendants of Babar and Humayun
But l...
l can give you nothing but
a life of obscurity
l am helpless
l swear by God, l am not an enemy of
love, but a slave of principles
Consider the helplessness
of a slave...
then, perhaps, you can forgive me
Anarkali, His Majesty
is addressing you
Take her
And that is how
my beloved Emperor...
spared Anarkali's life
ln the eyes of the world he appeared
cruel and unjust
l am the living testimony of
that Emperor's justice
He whom the world remembers as
The Great Mughal