Muhammad: The Last Prophet (2002) Movie Script

Slow down Siham. | -If they want Bashu's wool...
...I will get all the money, right? | -Oh honey, you raised him.
What do I buy? I never | had money before.
Oh no, he doesn't | look well.
They told me, I'd find help here in Mecca. | -And you have.
Siham. | -Papa, where are you going?
We can't just leave. We have to | take care of this man first.
But what about Bashu? | -Remember what the Quran teaches...
...about charity Siham. For those who | give in charity men and women...
...and loan to Allah, a beautiful loan, | it shall be increased manifold.
If we don't live by that, well then we | are all not better than the people...
...who used to | rule this city.
You know Siham, Mecca | was a different place then.
Hundreds of idol gods | surrounded the Kaaba.
And for people who were poor like | myself, life was very difficult.
I thank you sir.
I'll take that.
When I loan money, I | expect to repaid back.
Please, I need it. | My family is hungry.
You should have | thought about before.
Get him!
Welcome to Mecca. You've | all travelled so far.
Remember, be generous in | your offerings. Very generous...
...and the gods | will bless you.
What? | - Oh great and holly lshizar... l'm giving you | everything i owe.
You are pay to polish | not to pray Sumayya.
It is the pilgrimage season, | I want these gods to shine.
O Mecca! They lean his kindness | and our virtue is like...
...a flower in blue.
I paid you, now give | me the answer.
Patience Suhayl. The prophesy of | the divine arrows can not be rushed.
Well chosen Suhayl. Go ahead with | your scheme to cheat the sword maker.
For the arrow say, you won't get caught. | - Indeed.
Ah, you have good | eye for slaves Umayya.
Please set me free, please.
I'll take him. | Bilal.
Remember this. They can whip | your body, but your soul is free.
It belongs to noone.
You, out of the way!
Throw them again boy. But remember, | loose, and you become my slave.
No! | -Come on.
Thank you.
Get up and | get out of here!
Look at all these people. The most | successful pilgrimage in years.
Good thing that gods | are here in Mecca.
Some of these pilgrims | are'nt too bright.
They are paying twice | what the goods are worth.
No, no. It's true. We have been stupid | not to raise the price on everything.
What has become | of our charity?
These pilgrims are on a | sacred journey to a holly place.
We use to take pride in supplying | water and shelter for the people.
Now it seems we pride ourselves in | taking advantage of their devotion.
I won't listen to this! -Ease Abu Jahl. | Abu Taalib is our leader.
Yes. And he is my brother. But that | doesn't mean I have to sit here...
...and listen to | false accusations.
The pilgrims are dry up and | glow away if it were not for us.
We were ten times | what we take.
He thinks he can lecture us just because | his clan takes care of the Kaaba.
We must change our ways.
Carefull Abu Taalib, change | can be dangerous.
Little did Abu Taalib know that the | nephew he raised, Muhammad (peace...
...and blessings be upon him ) was | about to change the world forever.
For at that time, at the age | of 40 he was climbing...
...toward a cave | outside the city.
To be alone, | to pray and ponder.
He was troubled by all | the injustice of Mecca.
Slavery, the mistreating of | women, greed, gambling...
...the sacrificing of babies...
...and the reliance on idol gods | made of wood and stone...
...proper one god of Abraham, | Moses and Jesus.
So as he did every year, | he came to the cave. Suddenly.
He was surrounded by light. | When he looked up...
...he saw the Archangel Gabriel | standing before him.
He was speechless. | ''Read'' said the angel.
''I don't know how'' | was the reply.
Gabriel repeated his command | three times. And each time...
...the reply was the same. And | then Gabriel taught him.
''Read in the name of your Lord the | creator. He created men...
...from a clotted blood. Read, your | Lord is the most bountiest...
...who taught to use of a pen. He has | taught men what he did not know.''
And then Gabriel vanished.
Muhammad, (piece and blessings | be upon him ) shocked with...
...fear and confusion. He stumbled out | of the cave and ran for home.
He doubted what he had seen. But | on his way down the mountain...
...Gabriel appeared again and said: | ''Muhammad, you are the...
...Gabriel appeared again and said: | ''Muhammad, you are the...
...Messenger of God | and I am Gabriel.''
He tried to turn away but no matter | where he look, Gabriel is there...
...repeating his message: ''Muhammad, | you are the Messenger of God...
...and I am Gabriel.''
Once the angel was gone, Muhammad | (peace and blessings be upon him )...
...struggled for home.
When he finally arrived, | he was shivering.
He asked Khadija to cover him. He told | her everything he had seen and heard.
He told her he feared for his sanity or | that he had become possessed.
But Khadija assured him that God | would not allow evil spirit... overtake a man like him.
Who had always told the truth, | cared for the poor and needy.
Soon after, Khadija went to | her cousin religious scholar...
...and told him | what it happened.
Your husband is a | Prophet of God.
The people will accuse him of | lying and many other evils...
...and he will be cast out.
Despite her cousin's warning, Khadija | believed all her husband had told her.
And she never hesitated in | becoming Islam's first believer.
And soon, others followed.
I keep hearing rumors about | Muhammad's secret meetings.
Please Abu Jahl. | - But he is teaching something. I don't...
...know what it is yet, but his adopted | son Zeyd has joined him and... has his cousin Ali. | - So what? The rest are beggars...
...and slaves. | -But he must be punished!
For what? | - For teaching something different.
Look, if his followers were men of | power, if his teachings...
...were dangerous, I'd fall on him like an | ocean. But this is Muhammad...
...Abu Jahl, El-Emin, | the honest one.
For three years the Prophet (peace | and blessings be upon him )...
...preached in secret.
It was during this time Siham, | that i first heard his teachings.
I am not sure we should be doing this. | - You have to hear him mother.
We'll be allright Celile.
Insight, quickly. There is more tonight | than ever before. - Thank you Cafer.
Where do you go every night? | - To hear a Prophet of God.
What a feeling to learn | the way of Islam from...
...God's Messenger (peace and | blessings be upon him ).
His revelations, the Quran, offer the | most beautiful words we had ever heard.
He taught us all the gods of Mecca are | powerless. There is only one god.
The god of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. | You have to surrender everything to him.
There is no such thing as rich or slave | in the eyes of God. All are equal.
And the poor aren't to be put down | and despised, there to be cared for.
The Quran says, in the name of God | the merciful, the compassionate.
The most honored of you in the sight of | Allah, is the most dratious of you.
Woman are'nt possessions. They are | God's creations and just as important... any man. | Respect them.
The earth is a gift from God. | Treat it gently.
You are it's caretaker. And | remember you will all be judged...
...according to your deeds.
Many became | muslims that night.
We showed our faith | with a simple pledge.
There is no god but God and | Muhammad is his Prophet.
There is no god but God...
...and Muhammad | is his Prophet.
No god but Allah...
...and Muhammad | is his Prophet.
You won't believe it Amal. He | says all man are created equal... the sight of God. | - You have to take me to him.
I knew you would see the danger | of Muhammad's preaching.
Of course i see it. | He must be stopped.
You can not stop Muhammad. | -What?
Bilal come back you will be whipped. | - They can whip my body...
...but not my soul. | -Fine than leave your soul there...
...but get your body back here. | -What do you know about Muhammad?
I know he is a prophet. -Prophet? | You see, it spreads like a disease.
The gods will punish for | those words Bilal.
Muhammad says the idol gods | are powerless. -Powerless?
Powerless he says. A slave | says all the gods are powerless.
Now, what do all of you say about | Muhammad's harmless teachings?
Our nephew preaches | against us Abu Taalib?
We also believe in an allmighty God. | -Well yes. But we don't say all the rest...
...are worthless. | - What harm can be done by it?
Those who listen to him | are te poor and weak.
Not all. They have been | joined by Abu Bakr.
Oh yes! Muhammad's mighty | friend has also deserted us.
He is only one man. | - No! He is the first spark of a flame...
...that must be extinguished. | - Yes.
If Muhammad's preaching becomes | popular and our gods are abolished...
...there will be no pilgrims. | And if there are no pilgrims...
There will be no more us.
The Messenger of God has | sounded a warning call.
What? Is Mecca under attack? | -I don't know, come on.
Sumayya come to the Kaaba, hurry. | -Yasir quickly, come.
What's going on? | -I don't know.
There he is. | -Up you go.
You see the Messenger of God Huda? | -There!
He's about to speak.
And then The Prophet (peace and | blessings be upon him ) said:
'' O people of Mecca. If I told you there | is an army behind the hill come to...
...invade us, would you believe me? | -We would believe anything from... Muhammad. | - You've always spoken the truth.
And so he continued: '' O people of | Mecca I beg you, abandon your gods...
...and worship the one and only God. | Save your self from the fire of hell...
...for I can not keep you from God's | punishments. I am only like the man...
...who sees the enemy coming and goes | to warn his people of the approaching...
...danger in order | to save them. ''
Our nephew is making a fool of us. | Stop him Abu Taalib.
Boo to you Muhammad! | Have you assembled us for this?
We believe Muhammad!
Is'nt it wonderfull? | - Do you believe this man?
Oh yes, every word.
He is leaving the hill. | Let's go join him.
How dare you betray Mecca? | -The gods are'nt good enough for you?
We will protect you | Messsenger of God.
How dare, insult the gods! | -Prophet?
Block arms, don't let | them hurt the Prophet.
Stay together. | Don't let them through.
You can not do this Bilal. | -If the Messenger of God no longer...
...preaches in secret, | I will not follow in secret.
What is this?
No, don't tell me. My slave | has become a muslim.
You may own my body, but my soul... | -Let me guess. You think your soul... free. | - No my soul is also a slave, but...
...not to you. To God. | -That's where your wrong Bilal!
It all belongs to me. Everything you are, | everything you think, everything!
Say it! Deny Muhammad's words and | say your soul belongs to me!
Say it Bilal | say it.
There is only one God and | Muhammad is his Prophet.
Let's see what you'll | say under the lash.
They desevre it. | - Yes he does!
Deny Muhammad's words.
One God.
One God.
Say I am the owner of your soul | and I remove the stone.
Say it.
Punish him!
One God... | - Say it!
Umaya. I come on behalf of Abu Bakr. | He wants to buy this man from you.
Name your price. | - Allright. 10 gold pieces.
You think you've won | something don't you?
You tell Abu Bakr I would have taken 3 | pieces of gold for that worthless soul.
He would have pay 100.
Despite the beatings Muhammad | continues to preach and make...
...convertes of our pilgrims. How? | - The answer is simple.
It lies on the Quran. | - What? His, so called revelations.
They are nothing more | than idle babblings.
All due respect Abu Cahal Muhammad's | revelations are neither idle nor bablings.
They are powerfull, simple. Not | of this world. - Magic?
lt's the only | reasonable explanation.
Well than, we must stop him from | using his magic poetry against us.
Abu Taalib we have the | greatest respect for you.
But time and again we have pleaded with | you to stop your nephew's preaching.
You have done nothing. | - He is threatening the peace in Mecca.
A few years ago he brought peace in | Mecca. You praised his wisdom then...
...Abu Cahal. Remember when the | Kaaba was being rebuilt. We were...
...about to kill each other for the right to | place the black stone.
But Muhammad came and... | -The point is this!
Abu Jahl. | - Stop him or someone else will.
Out! Do you want bloodshed and | fighting among Quraysh? Out now!
You can see my situation Abu Taalib. lt's | getting more and more difficult to keep...
...the peace. Please | talk with your nephew.
For the peace of Mecca, | l will talk to him.
Muhammad, close the | door and come in.
Please sit.
Son of my brother, Quraysh demand that | you stop your preaching. lf you don't...
...l fear l can not protect you. | l am an old man Muhammad.
l can not fright these people. My | own neighbours, my own tribe.
People, we have | known all our lives.
ls what you preach so | important Muhammad...
...that you and l | must die for it?
That there must be | bloodshed in this city?
For the peace of Mecca, | stop your preaching.
This made Muhammad (peace and | blessings be upon him ) very sad.
But he answered saying: '' lf they put the | sun in my right hand and the moon... my left, l will not stop what l am | doing. l will continue until either...
the word of God prevails, | or l perish in the process.
Muhammad. Say and do what you | please, this uncle will never...
...abandon you. Not now, | not as long as l live.
l say we are Muhammad's clan and we | will stand by him and protect him.
No matter what the cost. | - Why?
Why must we become the enemy | of Mecca for one man?
Because he is our nephew and | because he has done nothing wrong.
The great Hamza speaks. Good thing | you are swift with the sword brother.
Because Muhammad is | forcing you to use it.
l am not dying for him just because | he says he saw an angel!
Muhammad continues to preach despite | all we do to him and his followers.
Please stop him before | he ruines everything.
He is coming.
He is praying.
l won't let you | overthrow our gods!
Here it is!
How dare you walk away!
Oh Hamza you're back. | - What is it?
Abu Jahl insulted your nephew. He said | a horrible thing in front of the whole city.
What did my nephew do? | - Nothing, he just walked away.
He tried pray here just this morning. | But l thrown him away.
If you want to fight someone | fight me you coward.
How dare you insult Muhammad when | l too am of his religion. - No.
l did'nt know you followed Muhammad. | - l do now.
Do what you must.
l know what you teach is true nephew. | l feel it in every word you've spoken.
That's why l can say this. | There is no god but Allah...
...and you are his Prophet.
Punish them. | - This way.
Where are you taking her?
Stop! Let her go.
Where is my husband? | - Nevermind that.
Deny Muhammad and confess | the gods or die! Do it.
No, no. | - Do it!
Say it mother. Tell them | what they want to hear.
Listen to your | son Sumayya.
Tell me truthfully would you deny | God and his Prophet just to live?
And neither will l.
There is only one God, | and Muhammad is his Prophet.
Do you mug me? Than those | words shall be your last!
The first martrys of Islam.
Poor Sumayya, poor Yoosuf. | - Thank God Ammar lives.
How is he? | - The prophet is doing all he can... ease his pain. But he fears for our | lives. And says that those who can...
...should go to Abyssinia. | - Abyssinia?
lt's ruled by a christian king, a kind man | who might allow us to live there.
And l've been asked to lead the group. l | need some strong man to help me.
Go Malik, we'll be fine.
We better keep going. We have got | a lot of ground to cover before...
...they find out we're gone.
They could be in Abyssinia by now. | - Tell Halit to take some man and...
...go after them. They must be brought | back and punished so all will know...
...that rebellion will not | be tolerated in Mecca.
Here lies my most precious | neckless, it is yours.
Now bless me | for my generosity.
Well, excellent work. - l understand | you know the Abyssinian king.
l do, quite well as a matter of fact. | - Good. This is for him.
You will get your share if you can | convince him to turn the muslims...
...over to us. | - If anyone can do it, it is l.
lt's good to see you again Amr. | - All these gifts are for you.
Your generosity is overwhelming. | - You deserve much more.
l understand you are concerned about | this few who have emigrated...
...from your city. | - Rebels sir. They started up trouble... our city and they will do the same | in yours. Let us do the favour of...
...taking them from you. | - They seem peacable enough to me.
They have created a new religion | which means to destroy all others.
How you answer? | - Dear king...
Bow to the king! | - We bow to no man sir, only to our God.
You see dear king, | anarchy allready.
l let it pass. l am | more concerned...
...about their attitude before God | than before me. Continue.
Not very long ago, dear king, we | were people living in ignorance.
Than God has sent us a Prophet. | He called us to worship one God...
...and to always tell the truth. He asked | us to love and care for our parents.
To help our neighbours and give to the | needy. He taught us that our time... is brief. And everything | around us is a trust from God.
The earth, our bodies, we must take | care of them and we will stand...
...before God in a coming day | and answer for our deeds.
What they teach Amr is | the Gospel of Jesus.
No dear king. They do not respect | your religion. They say that...
...Jesus is not the son | of God but merely a man.
Of Jesus, we say what our Prophet said | to us that he is the servant of God...
...his messenger, his | word and his spirit...
...which he cast upon | Mary the Blessed Virgin.
What we believe | and what you believe...
...are like these | two beams of light.
Separate, yet coming | from the same source.
l would not give you up | for a mountain of gold.
You may live here | as long as you like.
As for you Amr, take your | gifts and return to Mecca.
Abu Jahl.
Abu Jahl.
Couple of reach pilgrims thought that | they can out gamble Abu Lahab...
...won everything they had.
lt was'nt you two | l beat was it?
Abu Jahl's nephew Omar lbn | El Hattar has joined the muslims.
Omar? My...the Omar?
Yes, Omar yes! | - No, not Omar.
lt seems he heard the Quran. The | beauty of it cleaned his heart he said.
l know just what to do.
Hear me holly gods!
We can't do anything to stop the | muslims, maybe you can help.
Oh shut up you drunken fool. | - Spread them with plague.
Would you ple... That's it. | You've solved it. - l did?
We'll threat them like outcasts. | Cut them off from everything.
Great. Then they'll leave here and | spread their lies throuhg all of Arabia.
We won't let them go anywhere. We'll | keep them right here and watch them...
...starve. - Starve? How? | - We will sign an agreement and...
...hang it in the Kaaba. lt will say that | noone shall sell or buy anything...
...from Muhammad's followers or those | who protect him. No one shall mary...
...them, no one shall assist them in | anyway. They will be as outcasts... all of Mecca until Muhammad | sees the error of his ways.
Thank you Muhammad.
The muslims were cut off. Most were | afraid to stay in their own homes.
ln order to survive, they | fled to a nearby hill.
Thank you. | - l am sorry there could'nt be more.
l am still hungry mama. | - l know darling l know.
Papa can we go find Malik in Abyssinia. | - They won't let us go my son.
Do you think Malik knows | what's happening to us?
l sent a message | but l don't know Hadi.
You can't leave now Malik, not alone. - l | can't stay here while my family suffers.
That's all day's Ammar. | - Prophet's wife Khadija has sold...
...everything she has for these few | provisions. Still it won't last for long.
Who would have tought this | would go on for three years?
You are weak Messenger of God. | l know lslam teaches patience and...
...perseverance but you can't keep | giving up your food for others.
What is it?
Tell Muhammad...
...l will deliver his message to Quraysh. | - You are not well.
l am well enough.
l am sorry to see you are | not feeling well Abu Taalib.
l doubt that. lf l die the rule | of this council falls to you.
And than it would be easier to deal | with Muhammad, would'nt it?
Yes it would. | - Well than, what l have to say may...
...please you. Muhammad has | reviewed something to me.
lf it is false, he is yours to | do with as you please.
lf it is true, you will end your | boycott on him and all muslims.
What is it? | - lt is this; the boycott that you signed...
...and hang in the Kaaba | has been eaten by insects...
...except for the | following words...
...''In the name of God''.
You have come. | - Mother.
Just in time to go home.
lt was a better time and | little season of peace.
Oh it looks wonderfull. | - Thank you Celile. Malik.
Celile come quickly. The | Prophet's wife is sick.
Khadija, oh no.
Go Celile.
She's gone.
25 years they shared. She was | the mother of his children.
The first believer, his friend.
We called this time the year of sadness. | Because Abu Taalib was dying too.
Come here Muhammad.
Quraysh asked one | thing before l die...
...that l will get your word... leave their | religion alone.
We will not attack or preach against you | if you agree not to preach against us.
Than the Prophet peace and (peace | and lessings be upon him ) said:...
'' l will. '' | - Did you here? lt's over.
And quickly added: "All I ask is one word | of assurance from you. If you give it...
...all of Arabia and Persia will be yours. | - Speak then.
Witness with me that there is one | God and deny all the others. ''
Oh nephew l knew | when they brought... to me | as a boy that... were | something special.
And you are. | You are.
My day has finally arrived. | l am now your leader.
Yes. Well at name at least. | Call your self king if you want.
But don't ever | get in my way.
Good. Now let's solve | problem number one shall we.
The muslims. | - No, Muhammad.
The muslims. | - No, Muhammad.
l can't stand to see them pray | and walking around so free.
Peace Abu Jahl, where swords have | failed us, words shall cut deep.
Ah, our poets. | - They are turning the people against...
...Muhammad as we speak. | Even Abu Lahab is doing well.
Beware friends.
My nephew, over there has revolution | in his heart. - Revolution?
He says he is a Prophet. But what he | really wants is to make himself king...
...over us all! | - Make him suffer.
When Muhammad says our ways are | wicked, when he says our gods are...
...nothing more than silent stone, | he's not only attacking you...
...he's attacking your fathers.
He's saying they are all | wicked and stupids.
Shall we endure such dishonor? | - No!
lt won't be long before | the beatings begin.
Now there is no Abu Taalib to | protect us. And nowhere to go.
Bilal, right. | - Yes do l...
l am Barrah. l came last year with | twelve others to hear the Prophet.
Oh from Yathrib, yes. | - We follow lslam, with all our hearts.
You hear that, twelve | believers in Yathrib.
No, hundreds. The Prophet must | come to Yathrib, we need...
We can't talk now.
Messenger of God will meet | you on hill El Akaba, tonight.
Messenger of God, please say you'll | come to Yathrib. Our city is filled with...
...bloodshed, brother fighting brother. | Only you and your message can bring...
...peace. Say you will come.
lf you do, we promise to | protect and defend you.
God has opened a door | O Messenger of God.
The Prophet (peace and blessings | be upon him ) accepted.
And he instucted all of | us to leave for Yathrib.
l am too scared to leave at night. | -The Messenger of God does'nt want...
...anyone to know we are leaving. | - Why could'nt we leave with...
...everyone else? | - We could'nt all leave at the same time.
That would be too dangerous. | - lt's time.
Muslims have all gone. But Muhammad | stayed to protect those who...
...were left behind. Now it's time for us to | decide what to do with Muhammad.
Throw him in prison. | - No, exile the man.
Yes, yes. Take him to the edge | of the desert and drop him off.
Let him go. lt's out of Mecca | is'nt that what we wanted?
Not if he's going to build | an empire in Yathrib.
Well, what if we... | -Kill him.
But whoever kills him will be attacked by | Muhammad's clan and others.
Who will be the one? | - Who said it must be just one?
Take one strong man from | each clan and kill him together.
That way the blood of Muhammad | would be on everyone's hands.
Then, there can | be no revenge.
Good idea.
Muhammad (peace and blessings be | upon him ) knew what they planned.
And on that night he asked his cousin Ali | ( God's blessings be upon him ) to sleep... the Prophet's bed. Knowing | no harm will come to him.
He's there. | - When do we go in?
We don't. We will wait until he leaves | the house for his morning prayers.
As the night through on, the Prophet | (peace and blessings be upon him )...
...prayed. And one by | one the assassins fell asleep.
He went to Abu Bakr and | together they left Mecca...
...and hid in a nearby | mountain cave.
Are you all waiting here for Muhammad? | l passed him hours ago on his way out...
...of town. | - That's impossible.
Where is he?
One hundred camels to the | man who finds him. Go!
What are you doing?
Get out of my | tent!
Take this!
This way.
lnto the mountains, are you sure? | - l am sure. ln a few hours your 100...
...camels will be mine.
ls he in there?
l don't see any foot prints. | - He is in there.
There is no way he could have got in | here without braking off this web.
Or this nest. | You fool!
Later that night before leaving for | Yathrib, the Prophet (peace and...
...blessings be upon him ) | looked down the Mecca.
lt was a city build | with memories for him.
Where his children were born, | where his wife had died.
He said: '' Of all God's earth, | that are the dearest place underneath...
...and the nearest under God and | have not my people driven me out...
...l would not have left thee.
No man can survive this | warm in the desert.
Maybe the reports are wrong, | maybe he was cought after all.
He was'nt captured | and he will be here.
He is coming! | The Prophet is coming!
For the first time we were | able to worship without fear.
The days were long and | filled with hard work.
But , we were happy.
Now be good with him, mind | your teaching. Come on Hadil.
l am going to stay here and help | papa and Malik build the mosque.
After your lesson. Prophet | says you must learn to read.
Hi papa. | - Hey papa, l am going to stay here...
Lessons first.
and bes...tow | plenty upon...
lncredible. | - Can l go to the mosque now?
You may Hadi.
And be... | - Bestow.
Oh, bestow plenty...
For my children's teacher. | - lt's beautiful.
Messenger of God let me carry | that, you are the Prophet.
lt's time for you | to take a rest.
The Prophet (peace and blessings | be upon him ) taught us that all...
...muslims were brothers and sisters. | One community standing shoulder to...
...shoulder in prayer. And he | wrote document declaring...
...all people in Yathrib would | live as equals in peace...
...regardless of race or religion.
What is it? | - He's calling us to prayer.
Mama, are we the happiest | people who ever lived?
What do you think?
l think....yes...
Yathrib was renamed the city | of the Prophet, El Medina.
That's it.
Everything the muslims left | behind has been accounted for.
Good. We'll take it all in our caravan to | Damascus and trade every last scrap...
...of it. lt belongs | to us now.
They have taken all of our possessions. | And after they sell them in Damascus...
...they'll be on their way back to | Mecca with baskets full of gold.
They continue to cut off trade to us | and we are starving again.
O Messenger of God, l know | you hate violence but...
And then The Prophet (peace and | blessings be upon him ) said:...
'' We will go out and | meet the caravan...
...and take back | what is ours. ''
Muhammad has left Medina with | 300 men to take this caravan.
Ride to Mecca. Tell them to send an | army as fast as they can to protect...
...these riches.
Turn here and take the | sea root back home.
Our army leaves this morning and | you are going to fight in my place.
l won't do it! | - Fight for me and l'll consider your...
...dept paid. Refuse, l will | kill you here on this spot.
What's this?
Abu Jahl is just two days | march from the muslim camp.
Tell them l am out of | danger and turn back.
But he has outnumbered | three to one.
Not good enough! | Not against Muhammad.
Tell him to turn | back to Mecca.
By all the gods l have not | come this far to turn back!
No, not until | Muhammad is dead!
When The Prophet (peace and blessings | be upon him ) found out we were no...
...longer facing 30 armed | escorts, but an entire army...
...he called for sura, a | council of his people.
l guess l am the last to speak. | Whatever you choose, we will do.
Then The Prophet (peace and blessings | be upon him ) said: '' Go forward full...
...of faith. Or God has | promised either the caravan...
...or victory on the battlefield. ''
They met the Meccan army | at the wells of Bedir.
Have my spears ready, stay close to | me. And above all, help me find Bilal.
The battle began | according to tradition.
Hamza took up his sword | and called two to join him.
'' Ubayda, Ali. ''
For Mecca and the gods!
They fight like lions.
Sound the retreat.
They are running!
Abu Lahab. | - You've returned.
l have paid my dept.
One last thing you should know, God | fights on the side of your nephew.
Help me. Noone | will help me?
That fool! ldiot l told him to turn back! | - We'll get another chance.
That's not the point. | We lost our first chance.
Now they think God | fights on their side.
Mark my words, it will be near | impossible to bring him down.
He's only a man. | - No! You're only a man. His kind...
...comes around much once. As the | gods are our witness...
...every scrap of this gold | will be used against him.
We'll buy weapons and horses. | l will show Muhammad...
...who's power is greater.
Mecca has raised an army | of 3000. And they are coming.
Mecca has raised an army | of 3000. And they are coming.
We are only 700.
After consultation with Prophet (peace | and blessings be upon him ) declared:
'' We will meet the approaching | enemy at the mountain of Uhud. ''
We are ready | Messenger of God.
The Prophet says you must not leave | this hill whether we're winning or losing.
You must not let them | attack from the rear.
Hamza! | They killed Hamza.
The Meccans are falling back.
What are you doing? | Fight. Fight!
Stop! Turn back and fight!
They are breaking wings.
We have to retreat. | - No, not yet. Look.
Where are you going? | - To help fight.
No, The Prophet says stay put. | - But they are running away.
To the battlefield!
Turn and fight!
Look out!
Muhammad is dead!
Stay with us O | Messenger of God.
Surround him, take | him to the hill. Retreat!
lt's all gone wrong.
ls Muhammad dead? | - l saw him fall my self.
Hear me!
Today is in return for Bedir. | Today our gods have won.
Our dead are in paradise. | Yours are in hell fire!
Believe what you wish. So long | as Muhammad is dead.
Muhammad lives!
Then let him live to know this. For | everyone of our man who died..., we have | killed 4 of yours.
Muhammad lives?
This is the glory Mecca | was meant to have.
Finish your sacrifices and | come out Abu Sufyan.
You are the one | who got us here.
Muhammad lives. | - So what? He's lost Hamza and so...
...many others. Come, | join the celebration.
How dare anyone accept the glory? | When these two words...
...can still be spoken! | Muhammad lives!
Then it is settled. This is no longer a | battle between the muslims...
...and Mecca alone, no. Every | tribe leader pledges no rest...
...until all of Arabia is against | Muhammad, until the words...
...''Muhammad lives'' become | Muhammad is known over.
Islam is through.
Not will be left alive.
l will give all of l have to | put an end to Muhammad.
We've defeated armies twice our sizes, | four times our sizes. But 10000?
There is no way we can keep them out. | They'll divide and come at us from all...
...directions. | - What do you say Messenger of God?
ln Persia, when we feared | attack led by horseman...
...we dug a trench | around us.
What is this?
Such a thing has never been done. | Not in all of Arabia.
l say we wait. | - Find the narrowest section and...
...lead your men over. | Now!
Keep trying! | - Sir...
Keep trying at one place and fill | in the blasted thing in another.
30 days we've tried. The | troops are loosing heart.
Talk with tem then. You are a man | of words, get them excited.
Whip them into a frenzy.
That won't do!
They think God is | with the muslims.
Very well then. Prepare for | one last all-out attack.
At dawn, from all sides. We'll take | them by sheer numbers.
God willing, only a few of their | soldiers will clear the trench.
And we'll handle them before | they get in the city.
But, if they do | enter the streets...
Would you drop these from the windows. | - Yes.
Oh Cahab, l am so scared. | - Don't be. lf we die, we'll be...
...together in paradise.
Barricade the door after we go.
Now is the time to prove | that thou art mighty.
Muhammad also prayed (peace | and blessings be upon him ).
God, revealer of the Book, | caller to account.
Whatever the power it is the | protects Muhammad, overcome it.
Turn the confederates to flight.
And show these muslims once and | for all thy power reign supreme.
Turn them to flight and | cause them to quake.
Men of Arabia!
Hold your ground, it will pass. | Hold your ground!
Back to Mecca.
God has saved us.
One day, The Prophet (peace and | blessings be upon him ) looked at us...
...and said: '' l dreamed that l enter the | Kaaba with it's key in my hand. ''
We shall journey to Mecca | for the pilgrimage...
...and worship at | the holly Kaaba.
He's coming here? | Without weapons?
He knows we can't crash | our peacefull pilgrimage.
All of Arabia will | rise up against us.
Blast him! | Blast Muhammad!
There is nothing we can do. | Let them in.
What? Bear the shame of | let in Muhammad worship in Mecca.
lt's over. lt's over.
l am sending Suhayl. l will | let him promise the world.
But the muslims | will not enter Mecca.
We suggest a compromise. | A peace treaty.
We promise not to attack any of your | people and you'll promise the same.
For ten years.
We will be allowed to enter Mecca, | worship at the Kaaba?
Most definitely.
Starting next year.
You came back without | even entering Mecca?
But we will next year. | - And every year after that.
For ten years. | - For three days at a a time.
Do have ten years of peace. | Ten years.
Yes. The message of Islam | can travel far in ten years.
Amr? | - Why are you going to Medina?
To see Muhammad.
For what reason? | What reason!
To become a muslim.
l thought you were coming to kill him. | - You ment to defend him?
How can we deny it any longer? | He is God's Prophet.
l bare witness that there | is no god but God...
...and you are | his Messenger.
And l bare witness that there | is no god but Allah...
...and you Muhammad | are his Messenger.
Many muslims | have been killed.
They have broken the treaty.
The Prophet (peace and | blessings be upon him ) decided,...
'' lt's time to return to Mecca.'' | - Yes Messenger of God.
We are ready Messenger of God. | -On to Mecca!
Now they are the army of 10000 with | our greatest leader is at their head.
Hold! Stop where you are! | -l've come to speak with Muhammad.
Show your hands.
No! lt would be foolish of | me to trying hurt him now.
That never stopped you before. | - l come in peace.
You can't blame these men. Naturally | they are concerned. - Yes.
Forgive us. We have | been cruel and unjust...
...we have stolen, | tortured, killed.
We will not, can not | resist you any longer.
The Prophet (peace and | blessings be upon him ) said:
'' There will be no | executions, no purchase.
Mecca will be healed | by the spirit of Islam.
l am certain it will. And | i too must witness...
...that there is | no god but God.
And that you Muhammad, | are his Prophet.
l'll prepare the city.
l am glad that despite | my best efforts l can say...
...''Muhammad lives''.
From rulers to the | simple robes of Islam...
...may it always be so.
You are free forever now my | friend, with body and soul.
Home at last. | - Thanks to God.
l'll never forget | the feeling of that day.
lt was filled with | indescribable joy.
A few years later in Medina | after a short illness...
...The Prophet (peace and | blessings be upon him ) died.
He was 63. He always lived | a simple and humble life... everything | he had to the poor.
l wish l had met The Prophet. | l wish l had heard him speak.
Yes. But the words | of God live on.
Where will you go now? | - l don't know.
l know. Maybe you can stay | here and work in Mecca.
What kind of | working you do?
lt's beautiful. | - l used to have a loom like yours...
...but l lost it, | l lost everything.
lf he had some wool, he could | use our loom don't you think?
Yes, yes he could.
Sir, you could have Bashu's wool. | - No, it belongs to you.
No it belongs to you now.
Come on, we'll take him | to the market together.