Mukhosh (2021) Movie Script

-Excuse me, ma'am?
Dr. Paul?
Are you his student?
I wish.
I'm a student of psychiatry
from Calcutta University.
We study books by Dr. Paul
in our syllabus.
When I heard he's delivering a lecture here
I had to come.
But you'll have to wait for a bit.
Dr. Paul loves to make us wait.
-Excuse me.
Can I wait here for some time?
-Yes, of course. Please sit.
-Thank you.
I'll be hanged tomorrow.
I want to murder one more time
before I'm hanged.
Do you want to die?
Just kidding.
Ask me whatever you want, doc.
You won't hear anything
after tomorrow.
You like silence and quiet, right?
What do you think?
I killed eight strangers
for silence and quiet?
You're good.
Very good.
Clink, clank, clatter...
Just for a little peace...
There's no other way
but to kill people, doc.
When everything is quiet...
you can hear the sound
of a sweet breeze.
Have you ever heard it?
Hey, Rai.
Can you stop pretending to be asleep
and wake up, please?
I'm not acting
but ignoring you on purpose.
This happened in 1984.
A man in Gujarat used to kill his victims
by drowning them in hot water.
Can you imagine?
Call me once you reach Gujarat.
Make some hot water for me. Please...
I can't make coffee right now.
For your information,
the man had killed 22 people.
First, some coffee.
Hey, listen.
Make me some coffee.
Wake up, please...
One person is killing another person
for no logical reason.
It's not like he kills them
in a fit of rage.
He enjoys the murder.
He savours the torture.
At least,
four lakh people get murdered, Rai.
Every year.
Oh God!
I'm sure all of them
aren't psychologically disturbed.
May be one of them
is mentally healthy.
Tell me, who would you
be more afraid of?
A psychologically disturbed murderer
or a mentally stable one?
Tough question?
Four lakh people, every year.
That means, even tonight,
in this city someone is getting murdered.
-Stop right here.
Sir, over here?
That's it.
Sir... Sir, why here?
I'll drop you till your bedroom.
-Please come, sir.
-Okay, got it.
That's why I ask you
not to drink so much.
It's very close.
I'll walk it down.
The doctor has asked me to walk to
lose some weight.
That's why I was wondering
why you just had two drinks.
-So you're dieting.
-Nothing like that.
-Okay. Good night. See you later.
-Good night.
Damn it!
Perfect moment for a power cut.
How dare you park
in the middle of the road?
Who's there?
Hey! Who is in there?
Parked here randomly--
Hey, come here.
Look at this.
What is it?
What happened?
What is this?
I'm guessing you don't have
fried bread at home.
I live alone.
Who'll make it for me?
The combination of ginger and asafoetida
is perfect in the lentils.
-Do you want some?
-Is this why you summoned me here?
Not at all, Doc.
I thought...
How can I eat in your honour
without you?
That is why I summoned you.
That's why it's fun
to talk to an intelligent person.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you so much, Adrish sir.
Wouldn't be possible
without your reference.
I've been trying for the last two years.
This is my dream job.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Now tell me,
how are you feeling?
Resident criminologist!
Do you now want some fried bread?
-Wait a moment.
Senior Inspector, Gopal Ghosh.
His wife couldn't get through to him
on the phone.
The phone kept ringing.
Who gave the news?
The milkman.
He found the phone in the morning
in the neighbourhood.
He called and informed.
His body was found at Dhapa,
the dump yard.
These guys, I tell you...
They called after sending the body
for autopsy. Useless!
Was Inspector Ghosh's home
close to Dhapa?
Don't know.
Drive faster.
That's what we need to find out first.
Time of death...
Around six a.m.
He was conscious
at the time of death.
What are you saying?
Someone cut out Gopal's heart
while he was still alive?
Clinically, yes.
And sir, there's benzodiazepine
in the body.
Basically, traces of sleeping pills.
Have you seen the bruises
on the wrists and ankles?
He was tied up with some rope or belt.
What's this smell?
A very strong perfume has been used
on the body.
We can test it
and tell you the composition.
One minute.
Yes, ma'am.
Orders from the learned Commissioner
this case will be handled
by a special investigating team.
I'll be leading it.
From the Special Branch, Adrish, you.
-Nandini from Homicide.
-Indranil from Special Unit.
And Dr. Roy, Resident Criminologist.
Am I right?
Yes, ma'am.
You asked me to confirm if Officer Ghosh
took any sleeping pills.
His wife, Mrs. Ghosh, confirmed
that he didn't take any sleeping pills.
Oh, then it must have been injected.
Adrish, make a list of people
Ghosh met yesterday.
Indro, what's the condition
of the CCTV footage?
The CCTVs weren't working
on that route, ma'am.
For almost a month now.
Please inform the traffic department
so that they can repair the cameras.
Ma'am, should we check the cases
Ghosh had solved?
It looks like revenge.
Adrish sir...
I don't think
this murderer has personal reasons.
Why do you say that, Dr. Roy?
No one will take so much effort
to kill someone for personal reasons.
Would just kill the person.
It is more like a public statement.
Message is clear.
Police is garbage.
That's why...
Gopal Ghosh's body has been dumped
far away from his home in Dhapa
where garbage is dumped.
The killer is targeting the police, ma'am.
Never seen a Bengali so unhappy
after having Chinese food.
I saw a dead body in the autopsy room
for the first time.
First time.
Never thought my first case will be
about serial killing.
How are you sure that this is
serial killing?
Officer Ghosh's heart is missing, Rai.
This is the beginning of a pattern.
Just the beginning.
-Hey, stop! Stop!
Stop right there.
What's going on?
Why the rush?
What is it?
Are you smuggling something illegal?
There's jaggery, sir.
-Hmm. Pure jaggery. Do you want some?
Save it for your father, you bastard!
Give us cash.
Come on.
Are you donating to charity?
Nandi sir is coming this way.
-Get lost.
-Go. Go. Go.
-Did you check all the papers?
-Yes, sir.
Stopped the van, checked the papers
then let him go.
Good. Be alert.
Check all the cars properly
then let them pass.
See you later.
You can leave without worry, sir.
We'll check the papers
before letting them go.
One moment, dear.
I'm not leaving.
I'll be right back.
Okay, sir.
Have you eaten, dear?
What the hell!
Why is he after our lives?
Hey, did someone report against us?
No, no. Everyone is under pressure
because of the Dhapa case.
I see.
No, no, my dear.
Don't stop your antibiotics
because your fever has gone down.
If you don't take all the medicines
the fever might be back.
I'm going to hang up now.
Hey, who's inside the car?
Why have you parked
in the no parking zone?
Hey, who's in there?
Who's inside?
Yes, Adrish.
Which officer?
Immediately inform everyone.
Urgent meeting.
I think Dr. Roy was right.
Someone is targeting us.
Special Commissioner, Kaveri Bose,
from Headquarters.
All check-posts on high alert.
For those managing the check-posts,
detailed checking is mandatory.
If you notice any suspicious person or
vehicle inform the head office immediately.
I repeat.
All check-posts on high alert.
And make sure all traffic CCTV cameras
are working.
This is a direct order.
Let's see the papers.
What's the case, sir?
Haven't seen a circular like this
from the Headquarters ever.
There you have it.
So far, it's been two officers.
Did this happen in the '70s?
Will someone kill him, sir?
Someone will kill him?
How do you know
he hasn't been killed yet?
Damn it!
We are the police
but we don't have any security.
How will we provide security
to the public?
Sinha, why did the car stop there?
Quickly note down the number.
Control P 10 to HQ.
Control P 10 to HQ.
A Rashbehari bound car
has suddenly stopped in front of us. Over.
No one has got out of the car.
Hold the post.
Sending back up. Over.
-Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
Back it up.
Sir! The car is getting away.
-Hey, halt!
-Asking you stop right now.
-Stop right there.
Stop the car!
-Sir, please sir. I didn't do anything.
-Where were you going? Shut up.
-Where were you taking these?
-Nowhere, sir. Please.
It's full of mouth fresheners, sir.
Control P 10 to HQ.
Found a lot of mouth fresheners
in the van.
They were trying to smuggle it.
Damn it!
The spring onions are very dry
and didn't find the fish you like.
Why is he targeting only the police?
Attention diversion technique?
You think he has a bigger plan?
He's only using these murders
as a decoy?
Won't it be more risky?
Might be. Then again...
if the police are busy trying
to keep themselves safe
criminal activities will be much easier.
Why are you so worried?
Think. Practise thinking, Dr. Roy.
Rai, try to understand.
A lot can be deduced based on a person's
look, body language, mannerisms.
But how can I know what's going on with
a person I haven't met?
Mind palace, Sherlock.
Mind palace...
-Good morning, ma'am.
-Are you going on the rounds? Good.
-Yes, ma'am.
Hello, you're watching...
TV9 Bangla's latest news.
The crowd at the Police Headquarters
is gradually increasing.
Today morning, in the compound
behind the Police Headquarters
missing Sergeant Nandi's dead body
was found.
What was the condition
in which the dead body was found?
How bad was it?
Police has not issued any statement
in this regard.
This is the first time a killer has left
the body of a cop in the police HQ.
Question is
if the police can't protect themselves
then how will they protect the citizens?
We'll keep updating you about the case.
Stay tuned to TV9 Bangla.
"Always first."
No one saw anything?
The body didn't just appear here, Adrish.
-I'm looking into it, ma'am.
-When will you start?
Immediately check all the CCTV footage.
Yes, ma'am.
Ma'am, I don't think this footage
is authentic.
Why do you say that?
I think Kingshuk is right.
I have checked.
I think the same CCTV footage
is being repeated.
In fact, we were just discussing it.
Why didn't you tell me
about this before?
An important piece of information...
-Show me right now.
-Yes, ma'am.
This is the footage from the 6th.
Check the time.
This is from the 7th.
Same time. Same place.
The same footage is running on loop.
Nandini, have you checked
the footage properly?
I hope we're not wrong.
No, sir.
I've checked several times.
We're not making any mistakes.
Disarming the CCTV.
Stopping the footage.
That's understandable but...
Changing the footage.
Playing it on loop.
-That is dangerous.
It's not a simple problem, ma'am.
We've been hacked.
We didn't find any fingerprint or DNA
on the cross.
But, ma'am, the murder pattern is the same.
In fact, the perfume is the same too.
But it might not have any connection
with the cross.
It's possible that a construction worker
could have left it behind.
No, Adrish.
This definitely means something.
The way the cross was placed like...
Like an identity tag.
But no cross was found around
Ghosh's body.
I still think...
I mean...
-Someone is planting evidence to--
-One minute. One minute.
Sorry, sir. Sorry, I...
I think
I have seen this cross somewhere.
-Show me photo no. 5 of Ghosh's body.
-Sure, sir.
-This one, sir.
-Okay. Zoom.
Slightly left. Left.
That's it.
More zoom. Zoom.
Okay. Got it.
That's it. Ma'am!
I think it's the same cross.
Isn't it?
We missed it probably
because it's Dhapa.
"He Himself bore our sins
in his body on the cross."
Peter 2:24.
A Bible verse.
These messages are very important.
We must find the cross from Dhapa, sir.
I'm sure there's a pattern there too.
Hey, pass me the ball.
Oh f--k! Kingshuk!
What did you say?
-"Oh, f--k! Kingshuk!"
-Oh s--t!
Slip of tongue.
Please slap me and let me go.
What are you doing here?
College project.
Sitting under a tree?
Yes, it's about nature.
-In front of the ATM?
No! Umm...
Umm... Machine versus nature.
That's the essay's topic.
So that's why I'm sitting between the tree
and ATM--
What did I tell you
during the last counseling session?
I should hack to help people.
I should do no harm to others.
I haven't harmed anyone.
I'm just practising.
-Yes, just practising.
Let's see what an expert you've become.
Hey, Kingshuk! Wait up!
There, ma'am is coming.
-Ma'am! Ma'am!
-Ma'am! Ma'am!
(indistinct chatter)
Ma'am, we've found a hacker outside
our system, like you asked.
Kingshuk, please introduce them.
-This is Taranga Rakshit. Brilliant--
-Please don't call me Taranga Rakshit.
-Call me Tab.
So, Taranga Rakshit, you have
exactly two minutes to explain everything.
You only need three things to hack CCTV.
Model number of the camera,
user ID and password.
But the entire system needs to be hacked
to change the footage.
He's created remote access
by malware attack.
Genius, ma'am!
Plus he was tracking the whole system
for quite some time.
Now the problem is
you can't shut down the system.
It's impossible to shut down
the entire Police system.
If we could, it'd been faster and safe.
But since that's not possible...
it'll take time.
-How much do you think he knows?
-Everything, ma'am. It's a software hack.
He has access to all your computers.
Probably, your cellphones are hacked too.
There are speakers and cameras
on phones and computers.
So, he can hear everything you say
and see everything too.
-Tab, secure our cellphones first.
-Already done, ma'am.
Now, your team's phones are secured.
-Dr. Roy?
-Yes, ma'am.
Tab will stay here
as long as this case is on.
Okay, ma'am.
"Truly I tell you,
today you will be with me in paradise."
Luke 23:43.
The crosses found next to the bodies
of Gopal Ghosh and Officer Nandi
look exactly the same.
But the inscriptions are different.
There's definitely something
that I'm missing.
There's nothing, Kingshuk.
You're over-thinking.
Didn't you find
any reference for the crosses, sir?
Umm... Nothing.
No one in Kolkata have been able
to trace anything.
Couldn't find anything online either.
I'm telling you again.
Someone is doing all this to distract us
from the investigation.
Don't waste time on this.
The funeral is taking place
on the other side of the cemetery, my son.
Oh, I'm sorry, Father.
I'm not attending the funeral.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I must have bothered you.
-No, no, Father.
-You please carry on.
Can you help me with something?
-Well, I can try.
Is this cross used
for a particular reason?
Who is using this cross?
That's who I'm looking for.
Actually, the red mark you can see here...
It indicates loss and pain.
Many call it the Bleeding Cross.
In fact, I've never seen such a beautiful
Bleeding Cross before.
Does it have any religious significance?
Oh no!
It's God's symbol.
A sign of God.
Anyone can use it to express his feelings.
Otherwise, it's a fine piece of art
indicating an emotion.
Well, I have to go and attend a funeral.
-You carry on. Take care.
-Oh yes. Thank you, Father.
Mark of blood.
Officer Ghosh and Sergeant...
Nandi's murder is absolutely intolerable.
If someone thinks they can target us
and we'll not do anything about it
we can't let them think like that.
So, with the Learned Commissioner sir's
the department has come up with a plan.
And that plan will be executed tonight.
We're not going to wait around anymore.
We'll move in.
Two of you will team up
on your duty tonight.
I'll be on the field myself.
Indranil will be with me.
And Adrish, Kingshuk will be with you.
Keep a strict eye on your teammate.
Don't go farther than 100 mtrs so that
you can be immediately helped but...
It should look like
we are on regular patrol duty.
It would have been best
not to execute this plan, Kingshuk.
But there was no other option, sir.
We need to send a clear message to the one
who is always watching us.
What do you mean?
Is he still watching us?
Hundred percent.
-I know.
-Should we stop it?
-No. Stay alert.
Yes, ma'am.
What's up, babe?
Didn't get the bus?
-Hey! Drive!
-Get out of here.
False alarm.
What's your position?
Come in, Indranil.
Update me on your position.
Pause it.
Lamb mask?
Lamb of God, ma'am.
Behold the Lamb of God
who takes away the sin of the world.
St. John's famous quote
when he saw crucified Jesus.
I still feel that...
This is a ploy to divert our attention.
Nothing more.
Sometimes a mask,
or the Bible or a cross.
It's all theatrics.
They just want to confuse us.
That's all.
I don't think so, Adrish sir.
I'm sorry but I think the killer showed us
his face on purpose.
He wants to tell us
that he is our monster.
I firmly believe that
he is on a holy mission.
-He's working for God.
-If that was the case...
One minute.
Yes, sir.
The situation is
completely out of control, Kaveri.
What will I tell the Chief Minister?
How will I manage the media?
Three police officers.
-Sir, I--
-Look, Kaveri...
Either find Indranil.
Or I'll have to remove you
from this case.
I have an observation.
Please go ahead.
Officer Ghosh's neighbours didn't hear
any screams.
There were two sub-inspectors
with Officer Nandi.
They didn't hear anything.
You were within 100 meters from
Officer Indranil but he didn't call you.
You're right.
Indranil was so close to me.
Why didn't he call for me?
What are you hinting at, Dr. Roy?
This is only possible, ma'am,
even during danger...
If it's a person we know.
We don't ask for help
if it's someone we know.
Rather we don't think about
asking for help.
Officer Ghosh, Officer Nandi,
Officer Indranil...
All three knew the killer.
And I hope it's not someone
from the department.
(indistinct chatter)
(indistinct chatter)
-Kingshuk, you...
-Yes, sir.
Sir, it's all fake.
I mean...
It's not our anniversary
and I didn't plan any surprise.
Rai said the delivery boys
had their faces covered.
That's why she couldn't see them.
She thought
they were trying to avoid dust.
-And she didn't--
-Stay with Rai.
Yes, sir.
-I've posted two cops outside.
-Yes, sir.
-Don't worry.
-Thank you, sir.
-Make sure media can't come in.
-Yes, sir.
He has invaded our homes.
I can do something if we find a clue.
I'm coming up empty.
Indranil's daughter's wedding
is next week.
What will I tell them?
Is the autopsy report the same?
Exactly same.
He's taking out their heart.
What is he doing with the heart?
We're not following him.
He's making us follow him.
We're losing, Adrish.
We can't even protect our own people.
We need something.
Even if it is...
just bloody luck.
Are you feeling unwell, Rai?
"They will be punished
with everlasting destruction."
Thessalonians 1:9.
You said
the other crosses had Bible verses too.
They were all different verses.
The first one was Luke 23:43.
Second one is Peter 2:24.
The last one is Thessalonians 1:9.
Doesn't it sound like military timing?
You're absolutely right, Rai.
It's matching the pattern.
It's matching.
The timings are matching.
Officer Ghosh, Sergeant Nandi,
Indranil sir.
They were abducted at the time
mentioned in their cross.
You are right.
You are right.
Then the quotes must have
some hidden meaning.
Father said
there's no religious meaning.
But something...
Can be a personal message.
He's killing so ruthlessly.
He's taking out the heart
and hanging a cross.
Don't think about it any more.
The cross looked like
it was handmade.
A little too unique.
Can't find any reference.
You can't find reference
even with the artist's signature?
There's no signature, Rai.
Are you sure, Kingshuk?
A piece like that without a signature?
No initial, motif or symbol?
You didn't find anything?
We should look at it again more carefully.
Yes, Dr. Roy?
Ma'am, sorry for calling you so late.
I want to take a look
at the crosses myself.
Please, ma'am.
Why suddenly?
I think...
The crosses have the artist's signature.
We have missed it.
You mean to say
the entire police department missed it.
No, ma'am. I didn't mean that.
It came out wrong.
I just wanted to try my luck.
Sandip has the crosses
in the evidence room.
Thank you so much, ma'am.
He sent the dead body to Rai?
This is making me furious.
-I swear I won't spare him. When I find--
-Will you stop?
I can't focus.
You've left Rai alone
to check the crosses?
Tea is ready.
Will you have some tea?
I'm feeling very sleepy, you know.
My head isn't working either.
Everyone's brain is functioning
except for mine.
Haven't slept in the last three days.
Can't work without minimum eight hours
of sleep.
Your tea.
The evidence is damaged.
I'll fix it, Kingshuk.
Just wait. I'll fix it.
K... R... C...
-Dr. Roy?
-I'm very sorry for being here so late.
-That's okay. Come--
-Ma'am, we have a lead.
-Yes, ma'am.
I was checking the evidence...
The cross...
It accidentally fell from my hand.
-And then...
-How could you be so careless?
-That's the thing, ma'am. Stroke of luck.
-Go on.
-Actually, after I dropped it...
a stone came out of the cross.
And that's where
the artist's signature was hidden.
Tab has already traced the signature
to the artist's name and location.
-Are you sure?
-Hundred percent.
Artist's name is
Kalyan Roychoudhury.
He lives in a small hilly village
in North Bengal.
And he has cases of domestic violence
against him.
Fantastic! I--
-I'm so sorry. Please come in.
-No, no, no, ma'am.
We don't have any time to lose.
Please give us the permission to arrest.
I can't give you permission
like this, Dr. Roy.
I have to inform the Commissioner.
-Have to form a team and then only I can--
-Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am...
He's always been a step ahead of us.
If this information gets leaked
we'll lose him, ma'am.
My humble suggestion is...
that you avoid protocol
and send a small team immediately, please.
Okay, then.
Take Adrish
and two special officers and go.
I'll deal with the protocols.
Let's go.
Let's go, Kingshuk.
Are you feeling nervous?
A little.
That's a good thing.
Don't do anything stupid.
This is your first operation.
This is not the time to be a hero.
The person we're about to meet
is a dangerous murderer.
Don't do anything that will put you
or your team in danger.
Are you sure
you want to be in this operation?
I'm not turning back from here.
I'm very sure.
Let's go.
What... What are you doing?
I'm creating a database for the cars
that were seen at the crime scene.
If I find one car
that was there at all the crime scenes...
then we'll get a lead.
And once I get the license plate...
Psycho's time out.
What's happening, Tab?
F--k! F--k, man!
He's hacking us now.
Did you know
we were going to come here?
No, but I'm not surprised
that you're here.
Who let you know?
He'll answer all our questions in custody.
Get up!
Get up!
Do you think
I killed those people in this condition?
I'm asking you again, Mr. Roychoudhury,
who told you we're coming?
I can't watch the news
but I can hear it.
Police officers are getting murdered
in Kolkata.
There's a cross found next to the body.
I heard that.
If you knew everything,
why didn't you inform the police?
-No point talking to him? He's a murderer.
-See, this is the reason!
This is the reason I don't trust...
you people.
I'm scared of you.
You think I've blinded myself
and then committed the murders?
Adrish sir, please.
He has an alibi.
Please continue, Mr. Roychoudhury.
It was a cloudy day.
And quite chilly.
That man came.
Trench coat...
His face was covered with a scarf.
He asked me to make four bleeding crosses
with Bible verses.
-Sorry, he asked you to make four crosses?
That means there's one more person left.
He insisted that I don't sign them.
But you know artists.
Our works are like our children.
So, I left a secret signature.
-Thank you for the lead.
-Yeah, right.
And you didn't see him
the day he picked up the cross?
Uh hmm...
He had covered his face
with the scarf again.
He came.
Paid me in full.
Took the crosses.
Thanked me.
Then before leaving he shook my hand...
Then he sprayed something in my eyes.
And then there was terrible pain.
it was dark.
Everything was dark.
There was nothing left.
It was all...
What is left of an artist
after he loses his sight?
I'm telling you.
Can you hear me?
Talking to you.
You can count me as one of the victims.
I'm as good as dead.
As good as...
Tab you have to do something.
Our entire system is crashing.
Ma'am, he has complete control,
right now. Damn!
These are the four Bible verses that
the man had written down himself.
See, if it helps in any way.
You've helped us a lot,
Mr. Roychoudhury.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
I wish I could be of more help
but believe me
I really didn't see the man.
-I'm not lying.
-No, we believe you.
-I'm sorry about the way I--
-No, no. It's okay.
We'll get going.
That man will be caught, right?
Of course.
You'll hear about his death
on the news.
Yes, ma'am?
Please tell me you've got a lead.
Because we're just helpless here.
"If we live...
we live for the Lord;
and if we die, we die for the Lord."
Romans 14:8.
Exactly what we needed to know.
Time, 14:08.
Two p.m., ma'am.
The next kidnapping was planned
for the day time.
Adrish, officers should establish a chain
of communication every 30 minutes.
Let's get rolling.
Your team doesn't have to
roll anymore, Kaveri.
I've given you enough time.
Now take a break.
This is the final operation.
This is the first time
we're ahead of him, sir.
Your team is not ahead of anyone.
If it was, we wouldn't have been here.
Can't show my face to the media.
The entire police department
looks like a circus.
You didn't even feel the need
to inform me.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-You should be.
You sent a special operation team
without informing me.
-I didn't because Kalyan Roychoudhury--
-Enough, Kaveri!
You know I can suspend you.
You or your team are not going to be
involved in this case anymore.
This case from now on...
-DCP Debaditya Sanyal, Crime Branch...
-Yes, sir.
...will be leading.
Please hand over all the paperwork.
From this team only DD Nandini Sen
will join the new team.
Nandini, you'll give the complete brief
to Debaditya.
And bring him up to speed.
And make sure you don't keep
any information secure from us.
Sure, sir.
-So, Officer Sen.
-Yes, sir.
Let's get to work.
We're the No. 1 news network
of the country.
And you're watching TV9 Bangla.
Always first.
ALWAYS FIRS The biggest news right now
regarding the police murder case.
According to our sources,
a new investigative team has been formed.
And leading this team is DCP Crime...
...Debaditya Sanyal.
This team will be directly reporting
to the Commissioner.
With a lot of faith on this new team,
the Commissioner has said...
not a single other officer
will lose his life.
Our sources also tell us about
another secret operation.
The police have found important information
after raiding a village in North Bengal
that can be pivotal to the case.
Police also have new information about
the method of abduction by the killer.
But does the police really
have any more time?
If the previous team didn't hire
an inexperienced criminologist and hacker
then would the case be solved
by now?
This is what we'll discuss now.
We have MLA...
Why are you getting angry?
Listening to abuses
is part of the government job.
They were saying whatever they want.
I'm not bothered about that.
They can say whatever
they want about me but...
Don't know if it was a good idea to share
the information about the raid on TV.
For the first time,
we were this close, Rai.
We would have caught him.
Believe me.
Suddenly they changed the team.
I'm feeling helpless.
If they can't appreciate you,
they don't deserve you.
We understand his pattern, Rai.
We know him.
The new team doesn't know him.
I'm afraid something will go wrong.
(call for prayer)
Let's go, Manikchand.
Come out of hiding.
Come on.
He won't come out today, ma'am.
The news of the raid
has put the case in trouble.
No, he'll definitely come out.
Otherwise how will DCP Sanyal
show that he is a hero.
We'll give him all the information.
He'll just walk in, make the arrest
and get the medal.
From what I know of this murderer...
it won't be this easy, Adrish sir.
It's time.
Turn it on.
All posts, update your status.
Check-post one, clear.
Check-post two, clear.
Show that one.
Check-post three, clear.
Check-post four, update your status.
Check-post four, update your status
right now.
Come in, come in.
-Yes, sir.
Send reinforcements to check-post four.
-Right now, fast!
-Yes, sir.
Check-post four, clear.
An operation like this hasn't happened in
the history of police or traffic control.
We halted the entire city's traffic
at the time of the murder.
The entire city came to a standstill.
Our team was alert
in all the check-posts...
for any kind of activity from the murderer.
And that's the only reason
that the murderer was unsuccessful.
We heard gunshot
near check-post four.
The police team there...
...traced it to
a North Calcutta house.
Jai Kishan.
We all know about Jai Kishan.
He has served time for the rape and murder
of 30 children in Bihar and Jharkhand.
We know that he had escaped from prison
a few months back.
Jai Kishan's body has been...
recovered from the North Calcutta house.
Our planning scared him.
And he eventually committed suicide.
This cop killer aka Jai Kishan.
We've recovered another cross from
the crime scene along with a suicide note.
Where he has mentioned that...
the reason for taking revenge on cops
is that he was tortured in jail.
We have found the victim's missing hearts,
blood samples and DNA samples.
I'm letting you know
with pride and relief...
that we have successfully
closed the case of the cop killer.
Now you may ask questions please.
(indistinct chatter)
He is not someone to die by suicide.
But he was really helpless.
He could have.
No, Adrish sir.
He's a genius.
He will find some way or the other.
And why would he feel helpless
because traffic was stopped?
And a person who rapes children...
Is he trying to make a statement
on humanity through bleeding hearts?
There's something called luck, Kingshuk.
And for Debaditya, that's always been...
very strong.
Then we have to give the benefit of luck
to the killer too.
He's also very lucky.
He's not dead, ma'am.
You're finding it difficult to accept
because this is your first case.
But fact is fact.
We couldn't solve this case
but the the other team could.
But sir...
You're not dead.
Because we haven't met yet.
You can't die.
Mr. Roychoudhury?
I want to meet you. Urgent.
I'll be right there.
He had come again.
Threatened me.
He's possibly going to kill me now.
But I had to tell you.
Isn't it?
Didn't I ask you not to?
The greed for recognition
is worth more than your life, right?
Everyone knows that you keep a sample
of all your creations for yourself.
The cross that you have kept
for yourself...
give that to me.
Yes, I had made another cross.
The fifth one.
I had given it to the man.
I had no choice.
Didn't he ask you to inscribe anything
on this cross?
"The last enemy to be destroyed is death."
Corinthians 15:26.
It's 15:26.
You've shown extraordinary courage,
Mr. Roychoudhury.
This information is going to help us a lot.
I think I can offer more help.
I mean...
Kamli can.
She is my finest student.
She is great at painting portraits.
She'll be more famous than me
because she has more courage than me.
Incidentally she had come
to pay me a visit that day.
No one knew.
She saw him from a distance
and made a quick portrait of him.
Show it to him.
Go on.
Are you waiting for me?
No...Yes... I mean...
Oh I'm sorry.
I mean yes, obviously.
Actually, I've come for you...
I'm very sorry.
I actually can't believe
that I'm talking to you.
It's like I'm meeting "Feluda",
the fictional detective.
But personally I'm a big fan of Byomkesh,
the fictional detective.
He's quite the hero.
-I'm sure this is your copy.
-Yes, sir.
This is one of my bad habits.
-I have dropped all the formalities.
-No, no, no... Please, you...
Please don't be formal with with me.
-What's your name?
-My name is Kingshuk. Kingshuk Roy.
I'm from Kolkata.
Please call me Kingshuk.
Sir, it's because of you that
I'm studying psychiatric medicine.
I want to be a criminologist.
I see.
You can't imagine...
I am huge fan of yours.
Now, you're making me awkward, Kingshuk.
Sir, since I'm at it,
I can push it a little farther.
Sir, your thesis on dementia preacox
is just unmatched.
Such detailed study and revelation...
I think even Kraepelin wasn't close.
Oh no!
-You're going to get me beaten up.
-No, sir.
Are you comparing me to Kraepelin?
No, sir. I'm seriously telling you.
I've read both.
A psychologist like you hasn't been there
for the last 200 years.
To understand the human psyche
like this is just...
If the mind can be read with heart,
then anyone can do it.
This thing we have called the intuition...
We need to trust that.
It knows more than we think it does.
If you bring your education, observation
and intuition to the same point...
You'll see...
That you understand everything too.
The time was late '90s.
I had just started teaching.
Who can answer this?
That's when I first met David in class.
-David, right?
-Yes, sir.
Come on.
What an extraordinarily brilliant guy!
I've never seen a more talented guy.
Not just in studies.
David had many talents.
He was great at sports.
He was equally good
at playing the harmonica.
And he was so well behaved.
He always had a smile on his face.
Their home was a very peaceful place too.
Hebrew baba!
-Take it.
I don't know, it's yours.
How will I give you a job in my restaurant
if you work like this?
His family didn't have much money...
But I had never seen so much love before.
Peter's kids were his life.
Hard work should pay off.
At this age...
-Sit properly.
-Dad, where are you going?
-Going for some work.
-Aren't you coming home?
-Yes. You guys go ahead.
-Suzy, get off.
-Getting back from school?
Must be very hungry.
Here have some cake.
Uncle got some fresh cake.
Thank you.
Are you eating up all the cake?
-Give it to me.
-I'll give you.
Have you thought about Suzy's wedding?
-She's supposed to study now.
-Shut up.
Will my daughter work
in the tea garden too?
She'll become an astronaut.
She'll go to the moon.
Then she'll marry an alien.
Isn't that the plan?
But suddenly one day...
I saw the entire family getting destroyed
in front of my eyes.
Those were really dark days.
Suzy is not unwell.
She's pregnant.
How-- How did it happen?
What are you saying, sister?
Suzy is 14 years old.
She's still a kid.
How can she--
How can I tell you?
But she is pregnant.
I am sorry.
Dad, see what I've made.
Hey, what happened?
What did the doctor say?
Is it something serious?
What's going on?
Why are you crying?
Suzy? Hey!
Their entire family...
...was taken over by worries.
But Suzy refused to name the man who...
was responsible for her condition.
Suzy, please...
Please, baby, please...
I am requesting you...
Just once...
Just tell me who hurt you like this.
Tell me.
Please tell me.
Have some mercy on your father.
Please tell us...
Just tell me.
Please control yourself.
Sit here.
Thank you.
People used to worship Father Benjamin
in this village.
No one could imagine
that Father could do something like this.
And Suzy probably...
...was scared of that blind faith.
Father Benjamin?
-Do you really want to file this report?
But Peter this will become a very big case.
I can fight with anyone for my daughter.
I've never harmed anyone in my life.
I know God is with me.
All I need right now
is some help from you.
Please help me, sir.
I think we should help Peter.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
No, Father.
This time it has crossed all limits.
"The who one loves living beings
serves God."
Tell me, is it a crime to love someone?
I'm serving God!
The girl is pregnant.
Get it?
This is not enough.
You know what the sad part is, Kingshuk?
It's a crime to be poor in this country.
(indistinct chatter)
Peter was dragged away by the police
in front of his kids.
Brother! No, no!
Go... Follow them.
Listen, Peter.
Listen carefully and try to understand.
You have two options now.
Either you sign the statement.
And accept that
you raped your own daughter.
Have you lost your mind?
Sit down!
I'm not done talking to you yet.
Either you accept it.
Or for defaming a God like person
like Father Benjamin...
and for spreading rumours,
we'll send your daughter to jail.
She'll rot in jail as long as
the case doesn't go to court.
A little girl like her.
Pregnant too.
Will she be able to survive prison?
I really like you.
That's why I've given you two choices.
Is that okay?
May be there are a few situations
one can't come out of.
I've thought about it a lot.
Why didn't Peter run away with his kids?
A father like him could never accept
this injustice.
It's not possible for any father
in the world.
The ones left alive...
were almost like living dead.
Suzy was sent to a nunnery.
And my favourite student's responsibility...
I took upon myself.
Apparently, the police are supposed to
protect the people.
Peter and his family were destroyed
by those three cops.
Didn't they even have a heart?
Since then, David lost faith in the police.
He couldn't tolerate the police.
That's when he started studying
the human mind.
Anyone else
would have completely given up.
Even I would have.
But David put his entire focus
on studies.
Scholarship after scholarship.
Then he studied abroad.
And then he became really famous.
Gradually, we had lost touch
with each other.
But he had sent me a copy
of his first book.
I felt very proud at the moment
I saw his name.
David S Paul.
He had dedicated his name
to his sister.
David Suzy Paul.
If David has really committed these murders
I don't see a fault in that.
I do.
Crime doesn't have an excuse, Subodh.
He could have filed a case.
He has the power and ability to do so.
No one has the right to kill someone.
Not now, not ever.
Or maybe...
at some breaking point,
morality ends.
So were the three police officers
who have been murdered...
involved in Father Benjamin's case?
I can never forget those three names.
Constable Bijoy Nandi.
Officer Indranil Ghosh.
And OC...
Adrish Burman.
Adrish sir.
Pick up the phone, Adrish sir.
You know I know.
The murderer is psychiatrist
David S Paul.
I'll give you the details later.
But right now
Adrish sir is in grave danger.
Please secure him right away.
It's too late, Kingshuk.
Adrish has been kidnapped.
And we need you here, now.
Okay, ma'am.
Driver, to the airport.
Hurry up.
Kaveri, media should not know
about this.
Keep the entire operation covert.
Please save Adrish.
I don't give a damn how. Just do it.
If the news comes out that the cop killer
has not been caught...
All of us will lose our job.
I'll not disappoint you, sir.
I hope so too.
Otherwise, you'll be suspended
like that idiot, Debaditya.
What a fool!
Dr. Paul is a genius, sir.
It's not entirely Debaditya's fault.
We took a lot of time
to track him down.
Wake up, Adrish Burman.
I've been waiting for so long...
to kill you.
Wake up.
Or else how will you see...
all the things I'm going to do to you?
He left home for the office
and was just kidnapped.
No sounds...
No screams...
And why the hell
are they not shouting?
I know DS Paul is a celebrity.
Maybe they didn't say anything at first
but what happened afterward?
When he realised he's getting kidnapped,
he should have shouted at least once.
My head is not working.
Is he even alive?
I can't hand over another body
to the Commissioner.
-I can't afford to do that.
-But maybe that's what you'll have to do.
The cross had 15:26 written on it.
Since he was kidnapped in the morning
we can assume 15:26 is the time of death.
And if so...
Adrish sir is already dead.
Dr. Roy, please don't even say that.
-We don't--
I got him.
Kaveri ma'am, for the safety of our team
you'd asked me to make a device
-to track all the time.
I had put a miniature tracker
on everyone's badge.
-Thankfully Adrish had it, you can see.
-F--k yes!
-Kingshuk, you and I are going to the field.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Nandini and Tab will stay here and monitor.
-Okay, ma'am.
I'm waiting to see you again, Dr. Paul.
David, listen to me.
For that one mistake of mine...
I've suffered all my life.
I've always begged for Peter's forgiveness
in my heart.
Peter was a very good man.
-Beg loudly.
-For what?
Beg for forgiveness more loudly
from my father.
Oh Peter!
Peter! Peter!
Peter! I'm so sorry, Peter.
I know I don't deserve forgiveness for what
I've done to you.
Peter, I'm really sorry, Peter!
Forgive me.
I beg of you.
What about my sister?
Weren't you unjust to her?
-Damn! We lost the signal.
We'll split.
He is here somewhere.
We'll not lose him.
Adrish sir!
-Sir... Adrish sir...
-King-- Kingshuk. Save me.
-Where is Dr. Paul?
-Where is Dr. Paul?
-He heard the cars and went...
Sir! Sir!
Oh s--t!
Oh s--t!
Have you been waiting for me?
I'll take that.
Doctor, please move away.
This is an operation table.
You shouldn't be so close to it.
You know that.
No. Nothing in the chamber.
Here you go.
Oh yes.
Tracker in the police badge.
Cliched but effective.
Kingshuk, please go back today.
I won't be able to talk to you.
You know very well...
I don't leave anything incomplete.
I will kill this man.
Definitely kill him.
For that if I have to kill you, I will.
I mean I don't want to.
But I would.
No, I can't, sir.
I can't.
But you must, doctor.
Stop it, Kingshuk!
Stop it!
I like you and you're innocent.
And I don't kill innocent people.
So, don't fight me, just give up.
Give up.
Drop your weapon, Dr. Paul.
We want to take you in alive.
Sir, I know, sir.
You would never hurt a woman.
I know you, sir.
Give up.
Sister Nivedita, Mother Teresa, Rai Roy.
Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Rai Roy.
Oh no! What a disaster!
Shut up, idiot.
If you weren't hurt,
I'd have beaten you up.
I can't believe you tried to fight.
-I'm scared just thinking about it.
-It's okay. Now relax.
Sit quietly.
Breathe deeply.
-I swear I will kill you, Kingshuk.
-Okay, okay.
Please forgive me this time.
I promise, you'll be my only enemy
and I'll only fight with you.
I love you.
I love you more.
I'm sorry, Kingshuk.
You had to face a lot danger
because of me.
You have saved my life.
Thank you so much.
You should say sorry
to someone else.
A little girl.
You blamed her father...
How many people have you ruined
for money?
Not for money, Kingshuk.
Sometimes one has to do things
against one's will.
If we arrested Father Benjamin...
The church and its administration
would have collapsed.
We did everything
to save a larger system.
Do you tell yourself this?
Come on, Kingshuk.
Don't be so juvenile.
-You know this is how the system works.
-Quite the opposite, sir.
Exactly the opposite.
No system can work like this.
Subodh told me Father Benjamin
used the same kind of cross.
You knew
since we found the first cross
that you had a direct connection
with the case.
I had noticed a change
in your behaviour too.
You had tried to prove the cross useless
and refute it.
Indranil was part of the department.
If you had helped then,
he could have been saved.
You should be in jail.
Don't forget
who you're talking to, Kingshuk.
I'm talking to a criminal.
Congratulations, Kingshuk.
You're finally a criminologist.
-Now, you're really going to--
-You should have filed a case against them.
I should have done only one thing.
I should have killed Adrish Burman
while he was unconscious.
Why did you kill Gopal Ghosh?
Small sentences. Classic psychology.
I'm impressed.
I knew you'd be very successful.
You're very sharp.
Especially, the way you have worked
on this case.
I was observing you.
That's irrelevant.
Classic ASPD.
Why are you calling it ASPD?
Call me psycho.
I don't like that word.
Why did you kill Gopal Ghosh?
You're not going to like the answer,
Will it be worse than seeing you here
like this?
Gopal Ghosh would have retired
in a few months.
And he would have retired
as a celebrated officer.
That man was a serial molester.
Do you know how many little girls
he had harmed?
Couldn't help but kill him.
What's your next question, Kingshuk?
No, wait.
I'll tell you.
Why didn't the victims make any sound
during the kidnapping?
Education, observation, intuition.
Do you remember?
If you apply education, observation
and intuition properly
you can deduce what the other person
is thinking or going to say.
Now to answer your question.
I used to say only one thing to them.
Loss of voluntary movement.
Can't even move at will.
And hypnosis works faster
when one is scared.
That's why I like talking to you.
But, yes...
I didn't kill Benjamin
in such a sophisticated way.
With him I wanted to be savage.
Father Benjamin.
How are you?
Do you remember me?
Then I buried Benjamin...
in the churchs backyard.
You'll find his body there.
-Jai Kishan?
-Oh him.
He used to wear a mask and help me
kidnap those men.
He was an old patient of mine.
Another dirty pervert.
I helped him escape from jail.
He helped me a lot before dying.
In fact, he helped me a lot
by dying too.
And the best part is...
The cop killer profile had no match
with Jai Kishan.
Motive was weak.
Had no knowledge of IT.
In fact he wasn't even a Christian
and had no reason to use a cross.
He has never removed any organs
from his victims in his earlier murders.
The police department
didn't think about any of this.
They didn't even bother to find out
why his system had sedative in it.
Classic Debaditya.
I was counting on his immense stupidity
and he didn't disappoint me.
There's nothing fun
about any of this, Dr. Paul.
There's just a killer
who has no self realisation.
You're right.
There's a killer who rapes little girls.
There's a killer who frames the father
for raping the daughter.
There's a killer who pushes an innocent man
to suicide for some money.
And yes, none of them
have any self realisation.
I'm very tired, Kingshuk.
I'm going back to the cell.
And yes, I'm very sorry about your arm.
That day I didn't mean to stab you.
It was more of a reflex action.
-It's okay.
-I apologise.
You are a good man, Kingshuk.
But your world is different.
My world...
It's all about justice.
And my world shall live on
far beyond my days.
The hearing of Dr. DS Paul's case
begins today.
In some time, we'll bring you an update
on what's happening in court.
Dr. DS Paul is a celebrated psychiatrist,
professor and writer.
How did a man like him get involved
in these heinous crimes?
Was he suffering from any mental illness?
Or was he under some other pressure?
Or was it a personal reason?
The police has not commented on this yet.
Will today's trial answer these questions?
That's the question everyone is asking.
What are you thinking about?
Dr. Paul will run away?
I don't know but my intuition tells me
something will go wrong. Something.
After the trial today,
everything will be clear and I'm sure...
A case will be opened against Adrish.
I'm not sure.
I'm not sure.
If Dr. Paul says even 10% of what
he told me during interrogation in court...
You can't imagine, it'll be a disaster.
It'll be a disaster for
the police department and the government.
They won't let that happen.
No chance.
I have to speak to Adrish sir right now.
I need to leave.
We have just received breaking news.
The police van bringing Dr. Paul to court
hasn't reached the court yet.
Where did the police van go?
We have no information.
The van should have reached
the court by now.
But it has still not reached.
The situation is getting more volatile
outside the court.
-Are you Adrish Burman?
And you are?
-Sorry... Sorry...
-Sorry, I'm sorry...
It's all about justice, Kingshuk.
And my world shall live far beyond my days.