Mulberry Street (2006) Movie Script

Looks like another hot one today.
The temperatures are gonna
rise to 82 degrees,
with 90 percent humidity.
Make sure you bring your umbrella.
There's a 30% chance of rain today.
Clear skies tonight with a low near 70.
Increasing cloudiness
tomorrow, sticky and humid.
Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling
in favor of the city council's bid
to enact eminent domain laws
was met with last-minute protests
at City Hall yesterday.
Supporters of the Tenants' Alliance
clashed with police.
Thirty-two protesters were arrested.
Say things, Rocky.
I miss the pills, amigo.
Getting slow, bro.
I'm getting old.
Look it, look it.
What's a four-letter word for, um,
Gershwin and Levin?
Four words... four letters.
You can't put Jews
in a crossword puzzle, man.
- Why not?
- It's not correct.
That's bullshit.
Hold your head up.
You still got the moves, man.
Got the footwork, too, baby.
- Hey.
- Here you go, baby.
- Another scorcher, huh?
- Oh, yeah, another hot one.
Take it easy, man.
Hey, Clutch.
Hey, Ross.
Well, looks like the bad guys
win again, huh?
Yep. What else is new?
How long you think we got?
I don't know. They posted a notice.
Read for yourself.
Clutch, you seen Ross?
Hey, Charlie. Uh, he's in the basement.
Tell him the power's out
and my toilet is broke again.
All right, if I see him,
I'll tell him, Charlie.
Frank says Ross thinks
they're gonna let him stay.
But you know what? His ass is out of here
just like the rest of us.
- I'll see you.
- All right, Charlie, you take it slow, huh?
- Hi.
- Hey, Kay.
Oh, hey, you been shopping, huh?
I got it, I got it.
I'll see you. Hey, you kids,
you be good, yeah?
All right, Charlie. Let me.
I'll get that.
Okay? Thank you.
You're a boxer, huh?
I used to be.
Is that how you got that scar
by your eye there?
No, a kid named Bobby Schwartz
head-butted me.
You miss it?
Getting head-butted? No.
l... Well, you wanna
come in for a coffee?
- I can't. I gotta feed the cat.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- I'll see you later, all right?
- Yeah, sure.
Hey, Dad, it's Casey.
I'm coming home today.
So... well, God, I hope you're home.
Um, I've been waiting for a train for a while,
but I guess I'll call you when I'm closer.
I can't wait to see you.
...from Washington Heights
to Tribeca.
Prompted by criticism
from community boards,
the mayor and the health commissioner have
created an emergency subcommittee...
Can you see
Any better...
If you do
Take a few
'Cause they're red, white, and blue
Excuse me, ma'am.
It's not a good idea, leaving
an unattended bag on the platform.
Oh, yeah, thanks.
People are a little jumpy
about that these days.
Got it. Thanks.
So you were up at Bushkills, huh?
Veterans wing, yeah.
They say it's a good hospital.
Hey, I just wanna say I really appreciate
what you guys are doing over there.
I really mean it.
Well, best of luck to you.
What? Go away.
It's time for you to get up.
I don't feel well. I have a fever.
Turn around.
Do you want to stay at home?
- Okay.
- You smell like beer and cigarettes.
I love you, too.
You brought so much joy
Into my life
You're the one
You took away the stress
And the stri...
What the fuck?
Ross? Where's my water?
If it's not the toilets, it's the sink.
If it's not the sink, it's the roof.
This needs a whole new washer.
What the fuck?
God damn. Where the fuck
did you come from?
Fuck! Fuck!
Goddamn motherfucker!
How come you ain't in school?
Mom let me stay home.
- I had a fever.
- Oh, yeah?
Ah. Yeah.
Come on. What are you doing?
Shadow boxing.
I used to do karate.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, a little.
You gonna show me some stuff?
I thought you were sick.
Well, I got better.
What kinda karate you take?
You know, like, Mr. Miyagi shit.
- Chop suey bullshit?
- Yeah, you know.
Come on, I'll show you some shit.
Let's see what you got.
Let me put my camera down.
And now for some late-breaking news.
During this morning's rush hour,
emergency units were dispatched
to the Second Avenue subway station
in response to 911 calls
reporting a bizarre attack.
Several commuters were reportedly
taken to Beth Israel Hospital.
Further details...
Cable's out again.
Oh, great. This building is falling apart.
Ain't we all, honey. Ain't we all.
...subway crisis update.
This morning's evacuation
of the Second Avenue subway station
at Houston Street
was the result of rat attacks.
Witnesses report the rats
emerged from a collapsed wall
where construction crews
were working.
Hundreds of rats
stormed the platform
and then began attacking riders
as they waited to board an uptown train.
Officials are crediting the warm weather
and recent renovations
for the rats' strange behavior
and awaiting results...
Whoa, Frank!
What you tryin' to do, kill me?
What're yous doin' in my toilet here?
Charlie said the toilet was busted.
I found these.
That's where they were. Wow.
I missed them.
Now I can bite something good.
I'm very happy for you, Frank.
Tell Charlie that the toilet's fixed.
the power's on for now.
Come on, let me help you back to bed.
Gimme the hammer.
How you holding up?
Everything all right?
Gettin' old ain't for sissies, you know.
Yeah, well, look at it this way.
You still got your hair.
Come on, get in bed.
I'll give you my hair,
you give me your lungs.
Oh, that's better.
Thank you.
Tell Charlie toilet's fixed,
everything's back to normal.
Are you okay?
You seem a bit clammy.
I'm fine. Just hot in here.
Take it light, Frank.
Try to hold onto your teeth.
Hey, Huck Finn.
Where you want me to put this?
Just set it on the counter.
Oh, yeah.
Ooh, you getting kinky on me.
Fuck you. It's the girl upstairs.
She dropped it.
Oh. Miss Poland 1982?
Her name is Kay.
A girl throws her underwear
in your window,
she's sayin' something.
Trust me, I'm a connoisseur of eros.
Oh, yeah?
You gonna ask her out?
I'm too old.
She ain't no spring chicken.
I got ten of my own teeth.
And she got a teenage son
with no daddy.
That supposed to be a plus?
Come on, man,
look at my face.
You got a lash.
Thanks. I gotta go.
It's a nice cake.
Be good to have our little girl home.
Otto, I gotta get going.
But I should be back
by midnight, okay?
You feeling any better?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You don't leave this apartment today,
do you hear me?
And that means no TV,
no radio, no nothing.
And you better clean this place up.
I want it spotless
when I come back home.
I bust my ass to keep us going,
I buy you things and everything, for this?
Don't you lie to me, Otto.
I won't allow it.
Yeah, sorry.
Aren't you gonna kiss
your mama good-bye?
Oh, it's you.
Hi. Have you seen Clutch?
He's up at Frank's.
Today is shaving day.
You and Clutch are friends, right?
We're close.
You knew his wife?
Yes. I did.
What was she like?
And Clutch is a handsome man.
And don't act like you
haven't noticed, blondie.
Thanks, Larry.
What happened to Ray the painter?
Did he fall off another ladder?
He got bit by some crackhead
at the flophouse,
you know, over there by Bowery Street.
No shit.
He ought to watch that.
Could get a nasty infection.
I'll be more worried about
the guy that bit him.
Hey, Ray.
You okay?
...despite today's emergency?
People get bit by rats
every day in this city.
This is an isolated incident.
That was the mayor, live from City Hall.
This is Melissa Moore
reporting for New York 2 News.
Your mom, she left me a message.
She said your bathroom
sink is leaking.
How'd you get in?
I'm the super.
I got a key.
Morning, Vic.
How you doin'?
Do you want another one?
No, thanks.
We got a rat.
I set a few traps. Nasty bastard.
Barked at me.
Well, I'm used to the two-legged kind.
You know, they howl at me.
...this time in Harlem,
at the 145th Street station.
Emergency services are at the scene.
The number of victims
is not known yet.
This is the third attack
in the last four hours.
Two of the victims
from this morning's attack
have died at St. Vincent's Hospital.
And this just in. We are now learning
that the mayor and the MTA
are suspending all subway service
in Manhattan until further notice.
This is an emergency broadcast.
All service is canceled.
You are being advised
to exit the station immediately.
I repeat, this is
an emergency situation.
Leave the station at the closest exit.
All service has been canceled.
Thank you for using mass transit.
Smooth as a baby's ass.
That feels a lot better.
So how you doin', Frank?
Can't breathe, but otherwise
I feel great, yeah.
I'm goin' out. You want anything
when I get back?
Bring me back a broad, will you?
I'm serious. You want anything?
Get me a cigar. Don't tell Charlie.
I won't. You gonna be
okay here by yourself?
Hey, I fought my way from Anzio to Normandy.
What the hell do you think?
All right, I'll see you.
Hey, maybe you can get me a beer.
- Don't...
- I know, I know. Don't tell Charlie.
I'll be back.
Oh, Clutch, you scared me.
I saw you drop these.
I was on my roof.
I found 'em in my tree.
Oh, yeah. Thanks, Clutch.
Hey, that's very sweet of you.
- Thank you.
- Whoa.
Wait, I got some lipstick on you.
- I gotta run.
- Okay.
Are you okay?
The number of rat attacks
has escalated throughout the day.
Attacks are being reported
in every area of Manhattan.
City health officials are advising...
I was just about to dine.
You okay in there?
Look kinda pale.
Just something I ate.
What do you want, Coco?
Cable's out again.
All right, I'll come up and look at it.
Thanks, Ross.
You sure you okay?
What are you wearing?
You wearing something musky?
No, I never wear anything heavy.
My nose must be off.
Had a rough night, Ray?
Oh. We got a rat.
Got him clean, though. That's good.
Glad it didn't die under the floor.
I hate the smell.
Would you might tossing him
in the garbage outside for me, Ray?
Hey, the next one's on me, okay?
Hey, you guys hear the radio?
A train car, loaded with people,
they got bitten by rats.
They're telling everybody
to stay off the streets.
What, you havin' a party?
Casey's comin' home.
Traffic trying to exit the city
has come to a standstill.
FDR Drive has been
closed to all but official traffic.
PATH train service to Jersey City
and Hoboken is still suspended.
Stay tuned for all updates.
Coming up after the break,
four patients go missing
from St. Vincent's critical ward.
Rough night, huh?
I'm Matthew.
Had a few?
Call 911.
Help me! Oh, my God.
Oh, shit!
Stay out!
Fuckin' die! Die! Die!
Die, die, die!
Let me in!
No way, man. How do I know
you're not one of them?
Do I look like one of those fucking things?
Let me in!
No. Tough shit.
You fuckin' scumbag.
Yo, you. Oh!
All circuits are busy. Please remain...
All circuits are busy.
The number of reported cases
has more than tripled in the last hour.
The governor, having just come out of an
emergency meeting with cabinet members,
has declared Manhattan
under official quarantine
until investigators can discover
the source of the outbreak.
Stay tuned for the mayor's press conference,
which will be brought to you live
from Bermuda in just a moment.
He's in Bermuda, that asshole!
They're shutting us in.
Whatever it is,
they don't want it getting out of the city.
I'll bet it's Bin Laden, that rat bastard.
As far as we know, the virus is
spread through saliva
and blood from infected rats
to a human host.
Symptoms are flu-like...
Tie him up.
As far as we know,
the virus is spread
through blood and saliva,
from infected rats to a human host.
What in the hell is wrong with Ross?
Symptoms are flu-like,
including light sensitivity
and itching, followed by dementia,
dry mouth, and vomiting.
It is extremely important
to avoid contact
with anyone who has been bitten.
Once bitten, they are a carrier.
- If you have already been bitten...
- I'm clean.
...please report to the nearest
hospital immediately.
- What about me?
- Yeah, yeah, you're okay.
I gotta go check on Frank.
Get outta the way.
Hold up. I'll go with you, Charlie.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Oh, God. Poor Ross.
- Take his hat.
- Don't need his hat.
Hey, man, it might not be safe out there.
No, we're gonna risk it.
Goddamn yuppies jumping ship.
- Go back to Connecticut!
- Do you have the keys to the Jag?
- I have the keys.
- To the Jag?
Oh, come on.
Gimme that, you wacko.
At least you turned off the oxygen.
I was a demolition expert, you asshole.
You should see the news.
You should see what happened to Ross.
- What happened?
- He turned into a big fucking rat.
We had to lock him in the closet.
- A rat?
- A rat. A big fucking rat.
You should see him. Ugly.
Charlie, you stay here.
I'm gonna check on the kid.
You wouldn't believe...
Otto. Open the door.
You heard from
your mom today?
What's her number at the bar?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
What was all that noise downstairs?
Don't worry about it.
Clutch, you're shaking.
There's nothing going on. Relax.
Tell you what. Get dressed,
come down to my apartment.
I can't. I told my mom
I'd stay here. I'm grounded.
I'm ungrounding you. Get your ass dressed
and come down to my apartment.
- But I told...
- There's no buts about it.
Told the kid to come
down here and stay.
Charlie and Frank are all right.
...confirmed reports now
of the attackers eating their victims.
That's it. That'll work.
You be careful out there, sugar.
You keep this door locked.
...a state of martial law in Manhattan.
National Guard troops
are gathering in parts of New Jersey
and Staten Island.
You bit by one of those things?
- No.
- Good.
Where's Otto?
He's at my place. He's safe.
Here, put this on.
Are they still out there?
Yeah, lots of 'em. Put this on.
You're shivering.
It's solid. We're safe.
Hey, shush.
Access to Manhattan has been restricted
to emergency vehicles only.
All bridges and tunnels
have been shut down.
Citizens are being instructed to stay
in their homes until further notice.
Do not go outside.
The police commissioner
and acting deputy mayor
have declared a state of martial law...
- Oh, my God.
- What's the matter, Charlie?
They got Miss Giorgio.
Federal troops have been given
the authority to shoot to kill.
All air traffic
above Manhattan has been...
Open up. Open up!
Open up! Open up!
We'd like to remind our viewers
that there are still an unknown
number of survivors
trapped on that island and that our thoughts
and prayers go out to them.
And now we take you live...
Big Vic. Big Vic.
Are you bit?
- No. Are you?
- No.
What about upstairs?
The doors are locked,
but I can't be sure.
What are they, Vic?
They're rat-people.
Fucking rat-people.
We gotta get outta here.
The door!
The door, Vic!
Come on.
Let's go. Go.
Come on!
Oh, shit.
Come on, move!
Would you shut the hell up?
Oh, jeez.
Oh, hell no.
Get in.
- Kay!
- Fuck!
Drive. Drive!
Holy shit.
Come on!
Coco, open up, it's Clutch.
Come on, come on.
Good? Good.
Ross got out.
He's worse now. Bigger. Meaner.
He ate a damn cat.
What about Charlie and Frank?
Upstairs. I don't know.
Ross went up the fireplace.
Where's Kay?
Oh, no. No.
It's okay.
You're home. You're home, baby.
Charlie, open the door.
- You guys okay?
- Yeah, yeah, we're fine.
You wanna come down
to my place?
No, I wanna stay with Frank.
We're fine. 52 years
we lived here, right, Frank?
- 53. Shut the door.
- I'll be downstairs.
- Keep the door locked.
- Yeah, yeah.
He can take care of himself.
I know.
We would like to remind our listeners
that there are still an unknown number
of survivors trapped on the island,
and our thoughts and prayers
go out to them.
Citizens are being advised
not to leave their homes.
At this point, the big question coming
from state and local officials is
where is the emergency response,
and why has it taken so long
for information to trickle down?
In a press conference a half-hour ago,
the president announced
a four-phase plan
to restore order in Manhattan,
though he refused to give any details
about the operation.
He did state, however, that no known cases
have been reported outside of the city.
Meanwhile, employees of the Meadowlands
Coliseum in East Rutherford, New Jersey
are preparing for what
could become a worst...
Lost the signal again.
Ah, we blew a fuse.
Power's out.
There's something under the floor.
There's something under the floor.
I hear it.
Uh, something under the floor
right over there.
There. Over there by the radio.
Over on the side.
Can you see it, Charlie?
Wait a minute.
No, I don't see nothing
except this hairy stuff.
It's quiet.
Quiet's good.
They're inside?
Oh, yeah, baby. They're inside.
We got more batteries, Frank?
Look... Look in the cupboard
there, Charlie.
Hey, Charlie, I heard
something in the bathroom.
In the toilet there.
I heard something in the toilet.
I don't know what.
Somebody's calling your name
from the toilet.
I'm telling you, I heard something.
I heard someone.
What? I don't know.
It's downstairs!
Can you hear me? Charlie!
Do you hear me?
Charlie, it's Clutch downstairs!
Come on!
Charlie, get the hell out of here.
You're deaf as shit.
Come on. Get out of here.
Is that you, Clutch?
Frank, Frank, it's Clutch.
Whatever you do, just listen to me.
Stay inside.
He said to stay inside.
I'm going downstairs
and see what he wants.
Don't go in the hallway.
Listen to me. Don't open the door.
Don't open the door.
And don't go...
Hey! Hey. What the...
Holy shit!
Get in the front room, Charlie!
Stay in the front room!
I got to get my oxygen.
I'll get your oxygen.
Oh, fuck. We need water.
Charlie, can you hear me?
Lean on the wall, Frank,
you hear me?
Let's go.
Hey. They're coming through.
Come on! Come on.
Walk. Walk!
Just keep walking.
The door... Come on.
Come on!
What is it, Charlie?
What the hell is it?
Keep breathing.
Stay away from the door, Frank.
What's that, Charlie?
Charlie, what's that?
Frank! Get over here!
Get down! Frank!
That's it. I can't take it no more.
Charlie, I can't hold them!
Who are these rat bastards, Charlie?
I got to get up there.
Uh, we can go up the fire escape.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Come on, move!
Come on, come on, come on, move!
No! Oh, shit!
Hang on!
She's gone, kid.
God! No!