Mumbai Delhi Mumbai (2014) Movie Script

Delhi flight!
Sorry, Ma'am.
Boarding is closed.
Listen, I know!
I am so sorry, I got delayed.
Just do something.
Please help me.
Sorry, Ma'am.
You should have been on time.
I know, I am so sorry!
I got stuck in traffic.
You know how it is.
Just, please! Can you do this?
Okay, hold on.
Thank you.
Window seat, please.
Excuse me.
"Oh you!"
"Oh you!"
"Entry to Delhi."
"Oh you! Entry to Delhi."
"Oh you! Entry to Delhi. Oh welcome."
"Delhi is fantastic.
Delhi is wonderful."
"Delhi is jovial.
Delhi is fun loving."
"It is filled with dreams.
It is filled with kin."
"It is in my heart.
Delhi is my life."
"Friends, it belongs to everyone.
It will mesmerize you."
"It will mesmerize you."
- It is really wonderful.
"Oh you! Entry to Delhi."
"Oh you!"
"Oh you! Entry to Delhi."
"Oh you! Entry to Delhi."
"Oh you!"
Ma'am! Excuse me.
Ma'am! We have arrived in Delhi.
Oh, yes, thanks.
Hello, Twinkle.
I have arrived in Delhi.
Listen to me, was my wallet
in the house?
God! All my cards are
at home, too.
All the extra cash mom
gave me is in that, too.
No, I have about six or seven
hundred rupees with me.
I will manage.
But, don't tell mom.
Anyway, I have to get back
on the evening flight.
Are you crazy?
I don't have any money.
Don't we have Haldiram's in Mumbai?
O Kay; bye'
Excuse me, Uncle.
- Yes?
Any idea, what's the fare
to get to Vasant Kunj?
It should be about two hundred
and fifty rupees, dear.
Two hundred and fifty?
Oh, no.
- Nothing, I mean, thanks.
Give me a hundred and twenty rupees.
Excuse me?
What? Don't get me into trouble!
I ride a three wheeler.
Look, my uniform is under this.
Rickshaws aren't allowed
at the airport.
That's why, I sneaked in.
Anyway, this is for your benefit.
How come?
- Yes.
How much to get to Vasant Kunj?
Two hundred and fifty rupees
without an AC.
Three hundred and thirty in
an AC car. - I see.
Listen, Ma'am, this is my bread
and butter.
Let me drop you.
Come on, buddy!
Get a move on.
What's wrong with you?
Get your hand off the horn.
Why don't you take it easy, Bhaiyya
(brother)? - What?
I could do that, ma'am.
But, I have to request you
not to call me Bhaiyya.
Jolly Bijnori is my name,
from Bijnor!
You can call me Jolly!
You are pretty awesome!
- What?
I mean, from the heart!
You have it.
It's totally full!
It's all about heart.
Ma'am, you're from Mumbai, right?
I used to drive in Andheri,
in Mumbai. For two years.
But, you know, things are more
expensive there.
Are you a leading lady?
- No!
You could be one, if you tried.
Jolly Bijnor can tell
the future, accurately.
Why don't you keep your eyes
on the road? - What?
I'm boring you?
- What?
I failed the seventh grade, Ma'am!
I scored twenty in my English exam.
But, I failed all because of
these parks.
I used to sit with my girlfriend
there, all the time.
I didn't study, one little bit.
Ma'am, the parks are slightly safer.
You pay a little money
and no one hassles you.
I mean,
you can easily kiss and pet.
How much longer will it take?
You are almost here.
It's on the other side of that turn.
I am sure, you have one.
- A BF. A boy to kiss and pet.
Pull over.
- What?
Pull over to the side of the road.
- Sure, I'll stop. What is it?
I'll tell you. Pull over.
Stop the rickshaw. - What?
I'm doing it, why are you
shouting at me?
Do you want to get slapped?
Don't act too smart!
Or I'll slap you so hard...
Ma'am, what is the matter?
What are you getting so upset about?
Just you wait,
I'll teach you a lesson.
Help! Help!
Look, this auto driver
is troubling me since long time.
Hey, you!
Where are you going you rascal?
Hey, rickshaw! My phone!
Just stop it.
Darn it!
He)'. sto I
- Oh! p'
Are you crazy?
Follow that rickshaw!
Please! - What?
I left my cell phone in the rickshaw.
- What should I do, then?
He will leave! Please, let's go.
Are you insane?
Don't you Delhi folks
have any kind of decency?
Hello, forget about courtesy
and decency!
If you cared so much,
you should take care of your phone.
What a lousy man! You won't help me!
In fact, you're dispensing wisdom!
I beg you! Don't you know how
it is to lose a phone? Please!
Okay, s!
Hurry up
Let's go!
- Hurry up! He's going to get away.
Hurry up! - What are you going
on about? Get off!
- Get off!
What is it, now?
- Push the bike.
- You have to push the bike.
The bike has a mind of its own.
If you want to follow the rickshaw,
you have to push.
Oh God!
Come on, let's go.
Yes, push faster.
Put some more elbow into it!
Well done!
Come on!
There he is!
There he is!
Yes, I'm stopping.
What the...
Why did he stop us? - He had to,
since ljumped a red light.
Oh, God! But, my cell phone!
Okay, listen, is he coming?
He's coming here.
Does he have the parking
ticket book with him?
Yes, he has it!
But, why don't you move?
Hail the Divine Mother!
Hey, wait!
Which way?
Who would I know?
He got away!
It's all your fault!
I would have saved my cell phone
if your bike was working properly.
And if you were sane,
I would be saved.
You've driven me crazy
within a moment.
Ijumped a red light, all
because of you!
It's the first time
I ran from a cop.
Shame on you!
At least admit you are wrong. Fool!
What the heck!
It's a crime to help someone, now.
Can I use your phone?
- Give me your phone.
What is with all this attitude?
I mean, I will give you my phone,
which will help you. Right?
I mean, you should help you
and you still give me attitude.
Listen, don't abuse me.
Alright. Fine!
Can I please, use your phone?
Make it fast.
Hello, Mom.
It's me.
Listen, I lost my cell phone.
I left it in the rickshaw.
It's someone's cell phone.
Yes, I am irresponsible!
Why are you getting me married?
You are forcing me to
meet the boy.
I don't want to meet the boy.
- Excuse me!
- I didn't lose the phone on purpose.
The rickshaw driver misbehaved
so we got into a fight.
Oh, God! How would I know
why everyone misbehaves with me?
I am not shouting!
Okay. Send me the number
and address of the boy...
...from Twinkle's cell phone
to this phone.
It belongs to someone else.
O Kay; bye'
You can't make such a long
call on someone else's cell phone.
I'll pay you for it.
Your parents didn't teach
you any manners, right?
Be quiet, if you can't thank me.
I am already hassled as it is.
Don't bug me anymore.
Thank you very much.
You may leave now.
Hey, I live in this city!
I won't leave.
Forgive me, Mr. Delhi.
You won't get a rickshaw here.
You're hounding me, buddy!
Go on, leave.
You've received a message.
Do you want it? Or do I delete it?
Oh, thanks.
One moment, I'll write it down.
Why? Now the boys in
Delhi are good enough, are they?
Did I say they aren't good?
Where is Vasant Kunj?
Get on the bike.
I'm going that way, I'll drop you.
There you go again.
Just because I spoke nicely... are flirting with me.
What? Flirt?
I am flirting with you?
Please, get over yourself.
Thanks to boys like you, boys in the
city are infamous the world over.
Hail the Divine Mother!
Who do you think you are?
Hey, hello!
Buddy, what is wrong with you?
I knew it, you are a girl
from Mumbai!
- What about it?
I didn't tell you to stop me
and ask for a lift.
You're really piling on!
If you were a boy, I'd slap some
sense into you! - What?
You're trying to hook up with me,
using the phone as an excuse.
Hook up with you?
You need a reality check.
Well, it's way better
than your reality.
Why don't you just leave?
What would that take?
You don't have anything
to offer me, anyway!
God knows, what she is made of!
Bitter gourd!
- It's evident!
Wretched Delhi boy!
- Hey, you!
And I don't care about your
opinion about Delhi boys!
Hey, you! Listen to me!
Don't abuse me, okay?
Helping is a verb.
- Listen... -You listen, okay?
It's not as if Delhi is short of
girls. I won't fall for you.
I am really going there.
Since you were hassled...
...the human in me said,
I should help you.
I swear, this is what we call
as values.
These days, it's very difficult
to arouse the inner human.
Another thing, if anyone finds out
you're new to Delhi...
...they will have you running
around in circles, all day.
And you won't even know it!
Get that?
What is it?
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Get off the bike.
What is it, now?
Push the bike. Again.
Oh God!
What is it?
- The light broke!
What? You've cost me one hundred
and eighty rupees!
Can't you push right?
- Excuse me!
I didn't pursue a course,
that teaches you to push a bike!
Get it? - You did learn how
to say sorry, right? Or didn't you?
Let's go.
Come on, push.
Go on, that's it.
Come on, come on!
Push, yes!
Don't you wear a helmet?
A helmet?
It's an attitude, girl!
It's what makes the man!
You'll know, when the police
slap you with a fine.
The policemen here salute me,
they don't slap fines on me.
Your silencer is on the blink, too.
It's not on the blink it.
I got it removed.
It's too noisy.
People can tell I'm coming
from a kilometer away.
Tiger Goli Kohli is in the locality!
This is attitude.
Goli (bullet).
- That's my name.
So funny.
It's my attitude, alright.
Hey, wait. Stop right there.
- What is it?
Take it to the right, please.
- What is this?
Vasant Kunj police station.
- So what?
I will file a complaint
about my phone.
As if the Delhi police has
nothing better to do!
You never get back time that
is past and a lost cell phone.
So be it!
But, you have to file a complaint.
Someone may misuse it.
There are certain rules, you know.
You have loads of rules, right?
There should be.
- Well, I don't have any.
Then, you should have some!
Listen to me.
Come on.
Where are you going?
To the police station to help you.
I didn't ask for your help.
Delhi folks can help,
without being asked.
Thank you so much, but
I will manage.
Then, manage it!
Should I stay or leave?
Don't you have anything else to do?
Alright, what do I care?
'She's acting smart.'
'But nobody could escape
from my style.'
'She will surely
turn back and look at you.'
Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around.
You turn around.
- Hey!
Which model did you say it was?
- Blackberry Curve.
With the bill, or without the bill?
- With the bill.
Sir, my girlfriend's cell phone
was stolen.
I was chasing a thief and
you thought, I am running from you.
Still, let me say sorry, Sir.
Tell me, Sir. Do you want me
to seek your blessings?
Your silencer isn't working.
That got messed up on the way!
The fact is that, Sir...
- Hey!
Stand straight.
- Sorry.
Sir, I was going to repair
my silencer. The phone was stolen.
I see. So, the cell phone was
stolen. - I'm sorry.
Tell me your name.
- Forgive me. - Hey.
Mr. Attitude,
what kind of attitude is this?
Sir, what's the matter?
He's a very decent man.
Who are you?
Sir! She's the one,
whose cell phone was stolen.
I was helping her out.
Ask her.
Is she your girlfriend?
Is he your boyfriend?
Not at all.
- Hey!
You lie about everything.
- Sir, it's not a lie.
He did help me.
- Yes.
He's a very helpful guy.
- Yes.
But, the fact, if you wear a helmet
on a bike, it's safe for you.
What? - And, I asked you.
What did you say?
The cops salute you.
Yes, something to that effect.
When I asked you, about your silencer
what did you say?
Attitude! That's right.
- Attitude, is it?
You pay the fine.
Sir, let him go, if you can.
Please let me go.
But you have to fine him, too.
Otherwise, others will get spoilt
by seeing him.
Who knows what kind
of attitude he has?
Okay, then.
Thank you for your help.
Have a good day, Sir.
Hey, you!
- Come on. Tell me your dad's name.
Mr. G. S. Kohli.
G. S. Kohli.
At least write mister,
before his name.
Pay me seven hundred rupees.
- Seven hundred rupees?
Ma'am, this is Vasant Kunj.
Where do you have to go?
- Yes, give me a moment.
- What is it, Ma'am?
Nothing, really.
Do one thing, turn right here.
- Yes.
Wait, stop!
Four nine six zero.
Sir, please go further.
There must be a phone booth here.
You can check. - Okay.
Hello? Yes, it's me, mom.
Yes, give me
the address again please.
I lost the address!
Don't give it, if you don't want to.
I don't want it either.
I am coming back home, okay?
Hey, excuse me!
Hey you!
Hey, excuse me, Mr. Goli!
Hey, you! Just you wait!
I was looking for you.
I was thinking about you, too.
By the grace of the Divine Mother,
the boy is saved. Thank God!
Which boy?
- The one you came to marry.
I didn't come here to marry him.
lam here, just to meet him.
Yes, it's the same. - So, if I'm
here to meet him, I must marry him?
That may be the case in Delhi.
We don't do that in Mumbai.
I know what they do out there.
What do they do out there?
Just forget it. - No!
What do you mean by that? Tell me.
I am sorry, Ma'am!
lam sorry that I helped you!
I have lost seven hundred rupees.
The cop fined me. What did you gain?
You would get fined for not wearing
the helmet. Better follow the rules.
I don't follow the rules, okay?
My wish, whether I wear the helmet
or not. Why did you create a scene?
Why did you tell him
lam your girlfriend?
I am not insane enough to say
you are my girlfriend.
Really? Didn't you say it to the
officer? - It's the line, okay?
When you get caught,
and you have to make an excuse... has to have a hint of emotion.
Get that, Ms. Selfish?
I don't need a push,
I'll manage.
No, I need the message
which has the address. - What?
The message with the address in it.
- I deleted it.
What? How dare you?
I paid Rs. 7690 cash
to buy the cell phone.
You don't have to dare me!
It's mine!
Listen, I am really tense.
If I hadn't lost my cell phone,
I wouldn't even talk to you.
Forget about talking!
Use your mind.
It's rare for the inner human
to get aroused, in this day and age.
If people encounter someone
like you, no would care to help...
...anybody, specially girls,
specially girls from Mumbai!
And they certainly
should not help!
So, won't you give me
that message?
I deleted it!
D, 4069. Go ahead and turn left.
It's the last house.
I'm not selfish like you.
Thank you.
- Do you understand that?
I will manage.
Yes, as if she has managed
a lot, since morning!
What is this?
- Give it here...
Uncle, you can't park
the scooter here.
- Because, it is a no parking zone.
Be quiet! No parking, it seems.
Grandpa, come out, quickly!
Grandpa! Grandpa!
What is it?
- G rand pa!
Whose scooter is this?
He went there.
Pull the wire out.
- Yay!
Excuse me!
- Yes, please?
- Is this your scooter?
Is this my house,
or a parking lot?
Yes. Right.
Uncle, I need to ask about
an address. - Yes, go ahead.
Where can I find 4069?
Go to the building on the corner,
ring the bell on the second floor.
Oh, okay.
Thanks, Uncle.
Good day to you.
Pull out the wires at
the back, too.
Hey, we have already done that.
Yes? - Where are the people
from the second floor?
I don't know. We are not
on talking terms with them.
Are you from Mumbai?
- Yes
Hello, Sister.
- Hi!
Actually, Aunt told me
you were going to come over.
- Yes, Siddhanh's mom.
She had to go out somewhere.
So, she told me...
...if you come over, I should
give you Siddhanh's phone number.
Oh, how sweet!
Write it down quickly
or mom will scold me.
Oh, yes, right.
Just a moment.
Actually, Siddhanh is my cousin.
- Oh!
Dad and Uncle are fighting,
these days. - Oh.
But, don't worry. Everything
will be fine by the wedding.
Yes, what's the number, dear?
- Ayesha!
Oh, God! Okay, bye.
- Just give me the number...
What was that number again?
Yes. 90155...
Have you lost your mind?
- Keep quiet!
Why are you talking to yourself
like a lunatic? - Be quiet!
What? What did you say?
95... - I heard you speak.
Did you say be quiet?
Hey, excuse me! I could say
a lot, too!
Listen, I am talking to you!
Yes, you! - Oh, no!
Oh, no! What a fool! - You can't say
anything just because you are a girl.
What? What does this mean?
- Oh, God! Fool!
That's no way to talk!
Oh, yes! Right.
What's your problem?
I forgot the number!
Oh, no! Were you memorizing
the number?
You don't memorize numbers like that.
I can memorize a number
the instant someone telIs it to me.
Oh God! Give these Mumbai girls
some nutritious supplements.
So that they can start thinking
a little faster.
They mess things up, since
they try to wrap them up in a hurry.
Yes? Yes?
What are you thinking about?
Are you daydreaming, now?
I wish, some dreams would
come true. - What?
Alright, anyway.
You want the number, right?
How do you know?
- Oh, now, this is just too much!
Here, take this!
You can check.
It's your message, that
came today morning.
I didn't delete it.
Folks from Delhi are
really generous.
...95889.. 90..
Listen to me. Make the call
from my cell phone.
You did that before, right?
Or you will forget the number,
I got it recharged.
Oh, God!
Here you are.
- Don't mention it.
You will always remember
what a fine guy you met.
Oh, no!
It's okay.
Try once more.
Take the call, you fool!
Forget about it! Ditch the loser!
You are going to say no, anyway.
How do you know,
lam going to say no?
Come on! The entire city heard it
when you shouted it out to your mom.
You eavesdrop on others'
How disgusting you are!
- Excuse me!
I won't improve my general
knowledge, by listening to you.
My ears are fully functional,
Your powers of speech are good,
and so are my powers of hearing!
Oh, gosh!
Why don't you just pipe down?
Don't you get tired?
Made in Delhi!
- Listen...
...I left the house this morning.
I haven't eaten a bite.
Oh no! I haven't eaten anything
either, thanks to you! Let's go.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go.
What is it? - Listen, I am not
some girl you can take for granted.
What is it, now?
- Why should I come with you?
Alright, don't come
with me. Go straight ahead.
Take the last left turn, and
take the second right turn.
Then, cross the T-junction that
comes up. Once you do that...
...there is a yellow building next to
a green one, with a coffee shop.
Go ahead.
By the way, you know something?
It's not as if, girls are in
short supply in Delhi.
I won't chase after you.
I swear by the Divine Mother.
In this day and age, the inner human
is aroused with great difficulty.
That's enough!
Stop it. Let's go.
What is it?
Get off the bike.
- What is it, now?
You'll have to push the bike.
Oh, God!
Yes, let's go.
Put some elbow into it! Speed! Yes!
Here you are.
Thank you.
If you're hungry in Delhi, eating at
a coffee shop is a cardinal sin.
When you have piping hot
Bhatura (fried flatbreads)...
...coupled with the Pindi Chole
(white chickpeas).
A chutney with julienned ginger,
coriander and pomegranate seeds.
And a single dry green chili.
When that combination
makes its way to your stomach...
...yes, it is wow!
Come on, eat up!
Not like that! There is a way
to eat every single thing.
From the heart to the stomach.
That's when you are truly content.
the bliss is confined to the heart.
The cholesterol levels get higher,
the arteries get blocked.
And then, you have a
heart attack.
Please don't say that!
lam my mom's only son!
God made you so pretty!
Why can't you be nice, too?
In a few days, both of you
will look the same.
Both of you, as in?
- As in, you and the Bhatura.
Hey, concentrate and eat!
This taste is going
to change your point of view.
Really? How is that going to happen?
You will fall in love.
- What?
Not with me!
You'll fall in love with Delhi.
So? Are you here, alone
to meet the boy?
Can't I come to meet him, alone?
Oh no! You've drawn
your sword out, again!
Why don't you just relax, my
Rani of Jhansi (militant queen)?
So, did you like the boy?
I didn't meet him.
He wasn't at home. Anything else?
I wonder how long I will have
to wait.
Just forget about it! Anyways,
you are going to say no.
You can always send a message,
or something, later.
you are a girl from Mumbai.
Listen, you are in a city
like Delhi...
...with a boy whom you don't know
and you're roaming around on my bike.
You can sit here and shovel
Bhaturas... - Hold it right there!
Please, keep your ideas to yourself.
I mean, it is true,
that I sat with you, on your bike.
And it is also true, I am here
at this Chole Bhature joint with you.
But, that doesn't make me easy,
You helped me.
I thought, you were alright.
So, I thought, instead of trusting
a stranger, it would be better... trust a stranger
I have met a couple of times.
That's what I am saying!
By the way, what does the boy do?
- I don't know.
Then, he'll get married
and run his dad's shop.
Anyway, boys in Delhi have
it pretty set it terms of a career.
Their Dad's shop!
- So, what's wrong with that?
Taking care of it, and taking it
to the top is an an.
It's not a small thing to make sure
your shop is a cut above the rest.
That's what marketing is all about.
Yes, you do have a point.
I agree.
Agreed? Then, that's taken care of.
You can have a happy married life!
Come on!
God save me from that fool!
I don't even want to get married.
Is he a fool, too?
That's amazing.
If a boy likes me after
seeing a photo of me...
...isn't he the biggest fool of all?
I mean, which world do you live in?
Let's meet and talk.
Try to understand the other
person and then say yes or no.
Oh, this is way too much!
I mean, you haven't even met him.
Come on! How can he like
you just be seeing a photo?
Where did you meet this fool?
- He's my mom's best friend's son.
The loser will regret it.
He said yes, after seeing your photo!
He's taking a major risk!
Later, he is going to moan
about being deceived.
It won't come to that.
I don't want to marry him,
since I know he is from Delhi.
What do you mean?
- I mean, he's from Delhi! Delhi?
Delhi? - What are you harping
about Delhi for?
The boys in Delhi are way smarter
than the boys from Mumbai.
It's just the boys from Delhi
who think so.
What do you have to think about?
It's a fact!
The boys from Delhi go to Mumbai
and become very important people.
They rule the world!
Shahrukh Khan?
Delhi boy.
Akshay Kumar, Delhi boy!
Really? So, why don't they
make it big, in Delhi itself?
They have to come to Mumbai,
That's right!
Because, it's not just Mumbai,
the entire country... no, no...
...the entire world needs to have
boys from Delhi.
And that is advantage Delhi!
What is this?
That's why your mom chose
a Delhi boy, for you.
Are you done?
Or is there anything else?
Can we leave, now?
- Yes!
Sir, the bill!
Hey, stop it! That's not done!
What am I here for?
Excuse me, are we on a date?
We'll go Dutch.
You pay for your share,
I will pay mine.
You have a lot of rules.
- You should have them.
Sir, your bill.
- I don't have any.
Then, you should have them!
Here is my share.
I will be back.
Oh, no! The cop took all
the money!
One hundred and twenty?
Goli, you're in trouble, now.
- Shall we go?
Yes! Listen to me.
- What?
Can you pay for me, too?
- Pay for me, too.
My money is over.
- What?
What do you mean?
The cop fined me, this morning!
Did you forget that?
Seven hundred rupees!
I had no idea all this would
Go on, pay it.
It's only sixty rupees.
Buddy, pay your own bill, okay?
What are you doing?
- I know boys like you, really well.
You want a free treat, right?
Hey, why are you ruining
my reputation?
Go on, pay it. It's just sixty rupees.
I'll repay you later.
Really? How?
- What do you mean, how?
I'll withdraw it from the ATM.
- Do you have money in the ATM?
I am not crazy?
- Who knows? You may run away.
Run... run...
Oh God! Here, keep my bike.
What am I going to do
with your broken down bike?
Oh, no!
Here, you are.
Keep my watch.
Take it! Go on!
Take it.
This is too much!
Why are you making such
a scene about sixty rupees?
I mean, girls from Mumbai
just don't trust anyone, do they?
- You're giving me the watch, right?
- Yes.
The watch?
Now, you have to pay me
forty rupees.
I've seen so much drama for
Rs. 60 for the first time in my life.
Money is money, buddy.
You are pretty rigid when
it comes to accounts.
Okay, where is Delhi
Haat (Delhi Market)?
- Where is Delhi Haat?
It's near the AIIMS campus.
There is a ring road, out here.
Get onto that.
It's right opposite
the INA market.
If you can't figure it out,
ask someone.
There will be a lot of traffic,
right now.
I will manage. Thanks.
How dare you?
- Are you crazy?
Just watch your hands, okay?
I didn't touch you on purpose.
You didn't watch where you're going.
Do you want another slap?
- Hey you... - Oh, no!
Control yourself!
- Just try and touch me. - Hush!
What are you doing?
- Be quiet! - Control her. - Yes.
I will not consider that she is
a girl. You know me. - Yes!
Go and tease your mom!
- Be quiet.
- What? - Forget it, just leave.
I am sorry. I...
- Just try and touch... - Hey!
I am saying sorry.
I am sorry. - Let's see you do it.
Get going, all of you!
There's nothing to see, here.
The drama is over.
Okay, bye. - Go on, get lost you...
Are you crazy?
This is Delhi, okay?
So what? Do the girls
become public property?
Just control yourself,
this is not done in Delhi.
Then, it should be done!
It should be done, now. Get it?
Behave yourself, okay? - Women
from your families are molested...
...and you become infamous
for that, in the entire country.
It's out in all the newspapers,
every day.
You molest girls and you don't
even say anything to the molester!
If you want to stop anyone,
stop people like him.
Then, you will be a hero in your
view and in ours.
And now, get lost!
Just relax.
- Get lost!
"My misguided steps,
wander day and night."
"It looks for unknown
alleys and streets."
"Every new ambience is
settled in my eyes."
"Small desires of small heart."
"This world is a stranger."
"I will know that
little by little every day."
"O traveler, listen to my story."
"I'm reaching the destination
that is in the sky."
"O traveler, listen to my story."
"A little confused and little crazy."
"Every turn is different.
There's secret behind every move."
"Sunshine is different, shade is
different, a different ambience."
"Every tune is different,
every color has a new song."
"The land is different,
sky is different."
"This world is a puzzle."
"Let me solve it a little every day."
"O traveler, listen to my story."
"I'm reaching the destination
that is in the sky."
"O traveler, listen to my story."
"A little confused and little crazy."
You? What are you doing here?
I was looking for you?
- Really? What is this?
This? Nothing much.
What are you going to do with this?
- Beat someone up.
Whom will you beat up?
- All those who molest girls.
How come, all of a sudden?
- Because of you.
We should not ignore all these
things, the way we have been.
They grow bolder.
It doesn't call for courage,
it's misbehavior. - Whatever!
Today, I realize!
One slap would just set them right.
I swear by the Divine Mother,
if someone teases you...
...I will thrash the life out of him.
- Why?
I mean, if anybody is teased!
It's okay.
Everyone is not the same.
But, still! I am sorry.
Why are you sorry? You're alright.
- I'm sorry on behalf of Delhi.
Emotional son of Delhi, are you
going to set the city right in a day?
Buddy, you're a firecracker.
What is that?
The way you slapped him!
I'm sure, he'll never forget it.
I am sure, your boyfriend gets
slapped around a bit, too.
How do you know,
that I have a boyfriend?
I can figure it out.
You're a girl from Mumbai.
People hook up easily, there.
How come?
- There's more freedom.
I mean, go to college after
school, go to discotheques...
...with boys, and dress up
without any taboos. - Really?
Yes! It's pretty
modern out there, right?
Everything is done
way before time.
There's lots of freedom.
Anything goes.
Lots of freedom.
- Yes.
Your research is pretty detailed.
- Thank you!
I don't think you have a girlfriend.
- Why?
It's evident from your face.
Sir, stop right here.
What is evident?
How much is it?
- Ten rupees.
What is evident?
What is evident?
Come on! Tell me!
What's evident?
Hello, I am talking to you...
It's evident, you didn't get
any freedom in the college.
You didn't go to discos with girls.
You can't wear what you want.
It's not as if you are at liberty
like we are in Mumbai.
It's clearly evident that...
...Delhi folks get frustrated.
And frustrated people,
don't get hooked up. Right?
I have an innumerable
amount of settings. Get it?
Goli is the king of hook ups!
I can't even tell you myself,
how many girlfriends I have!
Have you taken a look in the mirror?
Do you think, I am lying?
No. Not at all!
What did you say?
You have innumerable hook ups?
- You bet.
You don't even know how many
girlfriends you have.
That's right.
Have you had any experience?
Are you crazy?
Why? What is it, now?
You can ask just about anything!
What is it, now?
You're acting all coy, now.
You aren't even blushing!
- Why should I?
I'm a Mumbai girl, right?
You said, we are a bit
ultra modern, right?
Everything happens before time.
Full freedom.
You tell me,
have you been with a girl?
What if I ask you the
same question?
I asked you, first.
There was one encounter.
L...l tried.
Then, what?
- What then?
Then what?
What then?
She got scared and...
...she ran away.
She got scared and ran away?
She didn't get scared of me
and run away.
She got scared, that she might...
She might...
...get pregnant.
Then what?
- What then?
If she didn't agree,
I wasn't going to force myself on her!
We are decent.
Yes, right. You are really decent.
Really? You are laughing as if...'ve earned a diploma
in these matters.
Okay, tell me something.
What if the girl hadn't gotten
scared about getting pregnant?
Be honest, now.
- Then?
Then, then...
- Really?
What about your
homegrown values in that case?
What do you mean?
- Consider, how to reach the point.
Don't label your lack of confidence
as your values!
It doesn't mean you have values,
it means you are a hypocrite. Get it?
You seem to be an old hand
at all this.
Have you kissed a girl?
Have I kissed a girl?
Yes, sure!
Let's just forget about it.
I'm not being a hypocrite.
I really am held back by my values.
By the way, they are towing
away that bike. Isn't it yours?
No, it's not.
Hey, you! No!
Hey, excuse me, Sir!
What are you doing? What...
- Talk to sir.
Sir! Officer, what are you
doing, Sir?
Sir, I went there, forjust a moment.
You parked in a no parking
Come to the police station.
- Sir, please listen to me. - Hey.
Sir, you listen to me.
Sir, a child was lost, and he
was crying in the street.
We went to the police station
to drop him.
Yes. - Who knows?
He may find his parents. - Yes!
But, when we went ahead a bit,
we did find his parents.
So, we had to park the bike
anywhere, since we were in a hurry.
Sir, it's so rare for the inner human
to get aroused in this day and age.
Yes! - Sir, if you fine us for this,
no one will help anybody!
He is not at fault.
Please sir, please.
Get their bike off the van!
Thank you, Sir.
- Thank you, Sir.
Slowly, careful!
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
So, how much do they fine
you for that?
It would be
a thousand rupees at least.
So, give me three hundred rupees.
- Three...
Three... what for?
1000 minus 700 you paid
in the morning is 300.
Okay, fine. I will spare you.
At least say thank you.
Thank you.
Why do you keep taking pictures?
Heritage and historically
important stuff. - Oh.
Which people seem to have
forgotten about. It's just a hobby.
That's why I have come to Delhi.
Mom tagged on the
'meet the boy' thing, later.
Would you like to see a place?
Please don't think I am
flirting with you.
This is so beautiful!
If you hadn't brought me here,
I may have never seen this place.
It's okay! Come on,
I should thank you.
You acted so well
when the cop was around!
That was awesome!
It's so peaceful, here!
It doesn't feel like that...'s so crowded and noisy
outside there.
There will be people,
who keep honking their horns!
But, you used all my dialogues,
That one about the inner human!
It's my copyright.
Remember that!
One could forget about all
of one's worries, out here.
Just settle down.
Take a deep breath and all
the tension just flows out of you.
You know, you do carry off that
hint of emotion, nicely.
Why don't you zip it,
Mr. Motor mouth?
Don't you get tired of talking?
Give me your cell phone.
- What?
Come on!
Your cell phone.
- It's okay. You can pay me later.
Hello! Mom, it's me.
Nothing much.
lam spending some time.
I am taking some pictures.
I didn't get through.
His phone is busy.
Mom, I am really trying!
He's the one I am waiting for.
Okay, listen to me.
lam sorry for this morning.
Mom, it's not what you think...
Mom, why are you dragging Arnav
into this?
Mom, what do you mean
by do what you want? Listen to me.
So? You're hassled again, aren't you?
It's okay, buddy!
Just settle down somewhere.
Draw in a deep, long breath.
All the tension will
flow out of you. Right?
You need to do that more
than me. - I don't get tense.
Why? Are you Superman?
No, I really don't go for
red innerwear.
Very funny!
Tension takes the nearest exit,
when it comes up against me.
Oh, God!
What is it?
Why are you sniggering?
You are such a liar!
- Now, what did I do?
Really? If you don't get tense,
what happened at Delhi Haat?
What happened?
You were looking for me and you
didn't find me. Didn't you get tense?
Tense? Nothing doing.
I have a picture.
Do you want to see it?
Oh, that?
That was...
- Yes, that is it.
What was all that about?
- That was...
Admit it. When you didn't find me,
what you felt was tense.
Why should I admit to something
that didn't happen? - Really?
Of course. - Okay, can
I tell you something? - Yes.
You are not what you seem to be.
What do you mean?
I mean, you calculate
your feelings so much!
What do I calculate?
You don't want the other person
to know that you are emotional.
Don't try to pretend you can
see it all!
What happened outside
the ATM, was really bad.
I really felt bad, and I thought
I should say sorry to you.
You said, you're
going to Delhi Haat.
So, I came there, to say sorry
on behalf of the city.
That's not such a big deal!
Alright, then! At least you admit,
something did happen.
If that's being tense, I was tense.
Happy now?
Come on!
Why? Did I hurt your ego?
My ego? What am I egotistic
Okay, let me tell you...
- I'll tell you something.
I just don't like girls like you.
Really? What kind of girls
do you like?
The kind who are timid?
The kind who burst into tears?
Just a moment!
That's in the past.
And... everyone is scared,
the first time.
Really? So, does the second
time get any better?
Excuse me, the second time
around, the girl was...
What do you mean?
Was it a different girl,
the second time around?
This is awesome, buddy!
- Listen, I am not a flirt!
Come on, tell me her name.
- Whose name?
The second girl.
Come on tell me.
Forget about it.
Tell me!
- Just forget about it.
See? You grilled me about my life.
When it comes to you...
I was right, you are not what
you seem to be.
Do you know what that is called?
It's called being a hypocrite!
You're a first class hypocrite!
- What?
- What's that?
It's a name.
Whose name is it?
The second girl.
My first true love.
What is it?
Why are you laughing?
Tell me!
Speak up! Why are you laughing?
What is it?
Why are you laughing?
Excuse me, why are you laughing?
Were you born with a name tag
on your face?
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
I didn't expect it to be Sunchi.
- Look, this is a bit too much.
I'm very sorry!
Where did you meet Sunchi?
At my friend's place. It was a
housewarming party. - Really?
What's she like?
She's nice.
I think, she's beautiful.
- Yes.
Straight, silky hair.
Twinkling eyes.
Dimpled cheeks.
She's slightly dark.
She's quite goofy.
She has a pert nose
and perfect teeth.
And you know what?
Her lips always had a smile on them.
Like this.
- That is so amazing!
Silky, straight hair,
twinkling eyes.
Something... what was that?
Dimpled cheeks.
- Yes!
She liked my poems a lot.
- Really?
In fact, she liked it
even more than me.
Now, that enough.
Just tone it down a bit.
- You have a Japanese girlfriend!
I just can't digest that.
Now, you're a poet, too?
That's a bit too much to believe.
Can't Delhi folks compose poems?
You can do a lot. But, there is a
bit of a technical problem.
What kind of a technical problem?
How did she understand
your poems?
Poetry is all about the feel.
Language is not needed
to feel the feel of poetry.
Language is not needed
to feel the feel of poetry!
That is so awesome, Goli!
That is such an amazing line!
- Okay, let's hear it. - What?
A poem or two! Come on, let's
enjoy ourselves.
Enjoy ourselves?
- Yes! Go on!
It's not done this way.
- Then, how is it done?
Everything has a certain mood.
It has a feel!
Okay, fine, now don't act pricey.
Let's hear it, Goli.
- Come on, Goli!
- Goli, please!
He's so arrogant!
"This ambience has stood still
since you've come close."
"You've made me yours
in first sight."
"Your feeling is touching my heart."
"Is this a dream or
I'm falling in love?"
"I had never known what love is."
"When I saw you,
I felt that you are my life."
"By coming in your arms I felt.. I got a new morning
to my nights."
Wow! This is amazing, buddy.
You may look silly, foolish,
and dim-witted... - What?
...but, you're not!
You're really not. - Okay.
Have you always composed poetry?
Or Sunchi inspired you to do it?
I think, I am a born poet.
I just started expressing it,
since she arrived.
You sing pretty well, too.
It's just something I like
to do...
I didn't say you are
a fantastic singer.
Come on! You don't even let
me enjoy the praise.
Why are you like this?
This is what I am like.
Okay, forget about it.
Tell me more. What is she like?
It's a weighty issue.
Is she fat?
That doesn't matter.
We'll get her into a slimming center.
After all, love is love.
Excuse me! I mean, there is
something about her. She's solid!
Solid! Weighty?
But, seriously...
...very few boys can compose
That too for their girlfriends.
You don't find boys who
really fall in love these days.
Yes, girls aren't like that, either,
If you meet one, that's it.
If not, you don't.
I guess, it has something
to do with luck, too.
Yes, but girls are very calculative
these days. - What do you mean?
I mean, they want to know what
you do, how much you earn.
How much money do you have
in your wallet?
That's what engages their
attention more, these days.
Why? I mean, isn't it practical?
Think about it. If I didn't have
extra money, this morning...
...what would have happened?
We would be washing the dishes.
You really do compose
very nice poems.
But, you can't eat poetry, right?
But, what do you do?
- My dad runs his own business.
Spa Parts?
" No! I
It's a transport business.
Okay, what does it feel like,
looking at me? - What do you mean?
I mean, who am I?
What do I do?
How educated am I?
No, no, you... no.
Don't say anything. You'll ruin
my self image in no time.
Just wait! Hey, listen to me.
Listen to me.
At least give me a hand.
Tell me, what do you do?
I am studying to be
a CA (chartered accountant).
You're still studying, right?
It's not over yet.
Just doing the work is bad enough.
There is a one percent result.
That's amazing! You've got
an attitude, without the degree!
With the degree, you will conquer
the world.
I could do that, even without
the degree.
But, what will you do,
after you get the degree?
You just have to run
your dad's business.
- Attitude?
You're going to do the degree
just to have some attitude!
What an inspiration, buddy!
I make the trends,
and set the standard.
I gather all these trivial
degrees just like that.
- Yes. - Wow!
What a word!
That's part of my attitude, too!
Is there anyone who doesn't
have an attitude in life?
Yes, there is someone.
- Who is it?
You are!
Go ahead and laugh.
Why did you stop? Laugh!
No, I've laughed as much
as I wanted to.
May I give you
my frank opinion?
The principle of a joke is, that when
you joke, the other should laugh.
You don't crack a joke and laugh
at it, okay?
Okay, Aunt.
I will remember that.
Aunt? I'm going to hit you, now.
Come on.
Where is Sunchi?
- In my heart.
I mean, did you marry her?
Just like that.
It didn't work out.
You made her cry, too?
No! It's not like that.
Buddy, what do you do to
the girls?
I told you, it's not like that.
I know, I'm just kidding.
Okay. Better.
I bet, you didn't like anyone
besides Sunchi.
I think, you are too loyal
to your emotions, right?
I don't know. I didn't
find anyone else.
I bet you didn't look.
Can you find all this,
if you look for it?
They say, you could find
God, if you looked.
Love, passion and romance... something that happens
all of a sudden.
It just happens.
You don't look at all emotional!
Do the ones who are emotional
carry a placard that announces it?
What's Arnav like?
Sorry, sorry!
You were talking to your mom.
I heard you.
I have very good hearing.
Shall we go?
Can we leave?
Listen to me!
Why are you running away?
- I am getting late.
I mean, about Arnav.
- I don't want to talk about that.
This isn't fair.
I told you, everything. And you
won't talk about yourself.
We broke up.
Oh. I am sorry.
Why are you sorry?
You're supposed to say that.
What happened?
Did you have a fight?
Let's about something else.
Listen, say sorry to him.
You can patch up with him.
- Thanks, but it's okay.
Hey, tell him you're here
to meet a boy. He'll get scared.
Sorry. Boys get insecure
because of all this.
Should I talk to him?
I'm good at hook ups.
Will you keep quiet?
I am just trying to help you!
Did I ask you for help?
Did I?
Why are you just...
You lose your temper over
any little thing. Are you insane?
Yes, I am insane.
Happy now?
That's good. Both of them are
saved the trouble.
Who do you mean? - The boy
in Mumbai and the one here.
Who are you going to marry now?
Will you keep quiet?
You joke about everything!
Hey! Hey you!
You've been mocking me
since morning. Did I say aword?
Now that I have mocked you,
you want me to be quiet!
This is okay, between friends.
Not always.
There is a time, a place
and a mood for a joke.
You can't crack
jokes about every little thing.
Think, before you open your mouth
to chatter.
Someone may feel hurt.
If a person doesn't want to talk
about something, just understand.
Try to understand what kind of
problem he is facing.
How would I know what's the problem?
How well do we know each other?
You crack a joke and it's fun.
If I do that, it bothers you.
Please keep this Mumbai style
practicality to yourself, okay?
Just be quiet.
- You keep quiet, okay?
What a major piece of attitude!
Who do you think you are?
You can go and dominate
over your precious Arnav.
We don't listen to anyone here.
What are you glaring at?
I feel like going to their
house and telling their parents...
...that they should lots
of charity...
...since their sons have been spared
the trouble of being married to you.
You've been cramping my style
since the morning!
Just tone down your attitude
a bit, okay?
What? What do you know
about me?
I would know, if you told me!
Why should I tell you?
Don't tell me!
I don't care!
She's just chattering all the time.
Let's go, now.
Oh, no!
She's crying!
Goli, do something.
What will you do, now?
Do something!
Do something...
Listen! Look here.
Turn towards me.
Turn towards me!
Why are you crying?
You're crying?
I was just joking!
I'm a funny guy!
Okay, wipe your tissue with
your tears.
I mean, wipe your tears
with your tissue.
Please stop crying.
Listen, I won't talk to you,
if you don't stop crying.
Please stop crying!
My parents don't take me seriously!
Why are you doing that?
That's the problem with boys.
- What is it?
You blurt out the first
thing that comes to your mind.
Then, you'll say, I was joking!
Nothing is ever right.
All of you are the same.
You have hot tempers,
you have fragile egos!
You don't believe the other
person is worth anything.
But, things will get sorted out
if we talk.
Sorry, there are some things
to which I can't react.
Can I say something?
Share it.
Arnav and I were in love.
We had minor fights, during
a three year relationship.
At first we used to say
sorry to each other.
Then, after some time, I said sorry
more often than him.
Then, I was the only one
who said sorry.
Whether it was my fault or not.
One day, we argued about some movie.
It got out of hand.
He got upset and, he took a rickshaw
and he left.
I was not expecting this.
I waited for him to come back.
But, he didn't come back.
I don't know why...
...I wasn't able to say sorry to him.
I guess, he didn't know how to get
angry or cajole someone.
Perhaps, he was waiting
to go away from me.
When he found a chance, he ran
Listen to me.
Don't worry.
I am alright.
Yes. But, listen to me.
I don't need your sympathy.
No, I am...
Anyway, boys are like that.
- Like what?
Offer your shoulder,
if the girl is in tears.
Give her some sympathy.
I don't want that.
- I...
I can manage myself.
Shall we go?
We're getting late.
Goli, if you don't mind,
can I use your phone again.
Actually, I need to make a call
if you don't mind.
Yes, go ahead.
Go ahead and do it,
I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
So, did you speak?
He's so busy...
I know what you were
going to say!
What was I going to say?
Yes, alright, I know!
It happens. Sometimes.
- Of course.
Do you remember the last
time you were serious?
I was a bit serious in the seventh
grade, when lfailed in math.
Even then, you were just a bit
Shame on you! Didn't your
dad thrash you?
My mom used to thrash me.
Dad still protects me.
But, how could you fail?
I couldn't help it. The boy
sitting in front of me, didn't study.
Can I say something?
You look very good when you
Listen to me!
Tell me something.
Why didn't things work
out with Sunchi?
I mean, that's if you want
to tell me.
My family wasn't ready.
Everything changes, you know.
The culture, the lifestyle,
everything. - So what?
So, I explained it to them.
I convinced them.
They did agree, for my sake.
- Then what?
Then, Sunchi created a problem.
- What?
She began to say, she won't live
with my parents. - Then what?
I said no. That's not done.
- Why?
- That's normal, these days.
And it is right, too?
- How is it right?
Separate out, before you have
fights after the wedding.
That preserves
the honor of both families.
Technically, it's just
one separate house.
Your own space.
The relationships don't change.
Did you and Arnav
fight about this, too?
No. We were very clear
about those issues.
Then what happened?
I guess, we weren't clear about
other things.
It's very easy for you to
say all that.
No, it's really very difficult.
But, this is life.
It's better to separate in time,
so you don't regret it later.
Perhaps, that's why most marriages
work out, these days.
If someone tells you how
a suspense film ends, first...
...would you ever watch the entire
No, that would be so boring!
Exactly! That's what it is!
I mean, just think.
The boy and girl meet each other.
Then, they talk to each other.
Then, they meet more and more.
Then, they roam around together.
Then, that first touch
which happens by chance.
How romantic is that?
Then, the love that comes
because of that touch.
Blushing, smiling.
Then, to know what it feels like
to touch after the wedding.
These days, people don't even
wait to get acquainted.
In fact, they even ask the name
It's all high speed!
That's the end of the story.
If the boy and girl
really love each other...
...they have to have something
to look forward to.
You could live an entire life, trying
to figure things out, gradually.
If you figure it all out,
beforehand... one waits
to hear the whole story.
There is no excitement
these days. Thus, there's no story.
You have to have chemistry.
If the physics and biology follows
later, things could get better.
I knew, you'd laugh at me.
You'll find me old fashioned,
But, it's a fact, you know?
Perhaps, that's why our
parents' marriages are still strong.
And some friends already
have broken marriages.
Can I say something?
- Sure.
Whenever you get married... won't let it break up.
You will be a great husband.
Every mom would like her
daughter to have a husband like you.
Now, can I say something?
- Go ahead.
Forget it.
- No, tell me!
What's the use?
You said, you don't want to marry.
I didn't say that.
What? Didn't you say so
at the Chole Bhature joint?
I don't believe in this institution?
Yes, that's my opinion,
not my decision.
That's amazing!
One can't be sure, when it comes
to you.
I find it really difficult to
understand myself, too.
The day I do, I will call up
and tell you.
Shall we go?
Listen to me!
- Yes, tell me.
Why don't you wait?
- Why don't you tell me what it is?
Divine Mother, grant this
girl some sense, please.
Wow! Which Sikh temple is this?
Bangla Sahib. It's the biggest
Sikh temple in Delhi.
Shall we go in?
Let's go, girl. You can eat
some offerings today.
I'll make sure all your bitterness
turns sweet, today.
You don't seem to be all that
Really? Do those who are religious,
carry a placard to announce it?
Can I tell you something?
They say if you worship
at Bangla Sahib...
...all your wishes will come true.
You must have wished
for something.
Alright, I'll get the bike.
Let's have a cup of coffee.
But, decide up front who
is going to pay the bill.
Give us an extra packet of
sugar, please. Thank you.
So? Who is your favorite leading man?
You are.
What are you saying?
Is that true?
Don't you understand a joke?
Delhi folks are all naive.
Delhi folks are cannonballs!
What about Bombay folks?
- It's Mumbai.
It's the same thing.
No! Bombay was the brother.
And is Mumbai the sister?
It's Aai.
That means, the mother.
For example, if you ask the
mother for something, you get it.
It's just like that.
The city of dreams, Mumbai.
Tell me something.
What is it?
- Buddy!
Are you alright?
I mean, you are actually asking?
I'm going to pass out.
No, I just thought, it's personal.
So, I should ask first.
Go ahead and ask.
I'm in a generous mood.
This guy of yours...
...the one you came to meet
so you can marry him...
...I mean, you have come to say
no to marry him.
Is that because of Arnav?
You were with me, all day long.
Did you miss Arnav in that 'missing'
kind of way?
"The moment changed
and the season changed."
"Yesterday it was colorful,
why is it quiet today?"
"O traveler, it is your wish."
"You write your destiny."
"This life is for a moment.
Let me live it every day."
"O traveler, listen to my story."
"I'm reaching the destination
which is in the sky."
"O traveler, listen to my story."
"A little confused
and little crazy."
"O traveler."
See? You still have an hour
and a half to go.
So? Your trip to Delhi was wasted.
Not exactly. I did meet you.
You bet.
Did you believe that?
Okay, I'm sorry!
I know you've been really hassled
because of me. Right?
It's okay. Hassles come
and go.
Hey, you!
You should lie and say, it's okay.
Lie? Excuse me, Delhi folks
never lie.
So, tell me the truth, then!
I am telling the truth.
I have been hassled a lot
all through the day.
It was nice meeting you, buddy.
So, should I leave?
- Okay, then. See you.
Be quiet.
- Okay, bye.
See you.
Hello? Who's this?
I got a call from this number.
May I know who is this?
Actually, I am sorry.
This is Goli's phone.
It got left behind with me.
I thought, it must be for him.
Who's Goli?
He's my friend.
May I know who is on the line?
- This is Siddhanh.
Oh, hi, Siddhanh! This is Piya.
Neelam Singh's daughter.
I was in Delhi.
Actually, I came to meet you.
Sorry, I was really caught up.
My phone was out of coverage.
Where are you right now?
I'm at the airport.
Well, I just spoke to your mom.
She said the flight is at 6:45 PM.
Yes. - I will call you in ten minutes.
Let's meet if you have the time.
Okay, I'll meet you outside
Terminal 1-D.
But, I have only ten minutes.
Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes.
But, if you pass me I'll stop at once.
- Hey!
I'm glad I met you!
You have my phone.
I'm glad I met you.
Here is your phone.
It got left behind by mistake.
I thought, I'd lost my phone.
I am sorry! It was a mistake.
Okay, you know what?
- What?
He is coming here, too.
- Who do you mean?
What? That fool?
How come?
I called from your phone, right?
- Yes.
So, he called me.
He sounded really nice.
It seems, you are going to get
hitched today!
Oh come on! Give me a break.
What's the big deal?
Fate can change in ajiffy these days.
What if the other guy
is decent? Will you still say no?
Yes, I would still say no.
Oh, no! Why?
You can't decide who to
marry at the airport.
It's about the heart. it can happen
anywhere! What's wrong with that?
Buddy, I think we are heading
for another fight.
So, we should be quiet.
What do you think?
Alright, fine!
I don't care.
Where is this guy?
It's already over ten minutes.
Call him and ask him!
Call him from my phone.
Now we are friends.
I won't charge you for it.
What is it?
His phone is always busy!
How silly!
You are silly.
You can't dial the same number
from the same instrument.
You're dialing my phone
from my number.
It is bound to be busy.
Hi, I'm Siddhanh.
Also known as Goli Kohli.
Son of G.S and Sunita Kohli.
The boy who said yes, just
by looking at your photo.
And, now that I have met you...
...after talking to you...
...and now that I understand
the other person well...
...I swear by the Divine Mother... inner human
is telling me...
...that you are just as I thought
you would be, from the picture.
Why are you hitting me?
People are looking at us!
- Goli! - What are you doing?
Why did you have to do all that?
Why didn't you tell me, before?
What are you doing?
People are looking at us!
You've wasted my entire day!
Swear to me, that I wasted
your entire day!
Tell me!
Did I really waste your time?
P iya.
Will you marry me?
Goli! What are you doing?
People are looking at us! Get up!
It's okay, we'll invite them
to our wedding.
Are you insane?
I said, get up.
Tell me, will you marry me?
You want a rickshaw?
I'm a rickshaw driver.
You've ruined my entire day!
- What?
You rascal! Thief!
Delhi is infamous because
of people like you.
What are you saying?
lam not that bad.
GO", my phone!
- Are you an actress?
That rickshaw driver has my phone.
You could be, if you tried,
I promise.
Look behind you.
Get a hold of him!
Goli! Get a hold of him!
- Hey.
What is it?
- Who do you think you are?
You rascal!
You thief!
Give me my phone!
- Hey!
You are the reason why
Delhi is infamous!
Give me my phone!
Come on, out with her phone.
I'm giving it to her.
Here you are.
Hey, where are you going
- I didn't do anything!
Be quiet. If you hadn't
misbehaved with me...
...I wouldn't have left
my phone in the rickshaw.
And I wouldn't have spent the...
- Just forget about it.
Thanks to him, we had
a very interesting meeting!
Go on, get going.
- Thank you, Sir. - You...
...where are you going?
- Let him go! -Why should I?
We are going to do something
good. It would be bad luck.
Listen, you got your cell phone, back.
You met the man you came
to meet.
That means, Delhi didn't
really harm you.
Can I consider this a good deal?
Hey! You were chattering all day!
Say something, now.
Hello, I am talking to you.
What? At least say yes!
Or say no!
Say something!
Come on!
Can I consider this a good deal?
'Delhi didn't really harm me'.
'I got my cell phone back,
and I met the man I came to meet.'
'And I swear by the Divine Mother,
this is really a good deal.'
'See you soon.'