Mumbaikar (2023) Movie Script

Good morning, Mumbai.
I am Mumbaikar Aanchal and my address is Aapka FM.
It's 9 am...
...and I have a question on my mind.
If someone in Mumbai asks Mumbai's address,
...what would Mumbai say?
Cacophony of the fish market, doors of locals,...
...queues for taxi or rickshaw rides?
Just like you're running to work right now...
...Mumbai too keeps running.
And those who run have no permanent address.
But, our next song has!
Uncle, please buy this.
- What's your name? - Iqra.
Iqra. Want some ice-cream?
- Which one? - The pink one.
Pink one?
Ishita, look there. How cute!
- Did you call him? - Oh no!
One strawberry ice cream.
I didn't get you here to feast your eyes. Do what you're
Here. Is it nice?
You've paid us, right? Your job is done.
We'll do the rest.
Bro, don't mess up. I work here.
Keep quiet.
- What happened? - Are you that item's friend?
Why? Are you, her brother?
Stay away from her.
You see...
...I can't change his features...
...but I can change her's for sure.
As for as...
...I remember...
As far back...
As far back as I remember,...
...I always wanted to be a gangster.
I'm talking to you.
You're listening to me.
Thank you.
- All the best. - Thank you.
- Good morning, ma'am. - Good morning.
You've scored good marks consistently.
You know you'll have to work in night shifts, right?
So, are you okay with it?
I mean working in a new city....
Yes, I know but...
Actually, if I had it my way, I'd never leave my city.
It pays less but is more peaceful.
This city is new...
...but I have the confidence that if I embrace Mumbai... will be embrace me back.
Okay, one last question.
Why BPO? Is this your aim...
...or you're here because you didn't get another job?
If you earn Rs 25,000 in an AC office in Mumbai,....
...your respect increases 25 times in your own city!
That makes my family happy so, I want to take up this job.
Such honesty in a job interview?
- I like it. - Thank you.
- Are your documents ready? - Yes.
If you're selected, you'll have to submit the certificates
by 11am tomorrow.
Okay, ma'am.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
- Thank you. - All the best.
- Bro, please have. - No, I don't drink.
Did you speak to your friend?
No, not yet.
He was to pick you up after the interview, right?
He's neither answering your calls nor calling you back.
Bro, he's clearly avoiding you.
It's a sin to snatch your friend's drink! Sinner!
Tell me,
What was so important?
What are you doing here?
Please don't be a stalker.
This is no Bollywood film from the 80s....
....where you roam around a girl's office and she'll give
I'll say this again...
You are not my type.
And you! Stop encouraging him.
Yes, you do nothing but pretend to become a police officer
...and loiter around all day.
Do something for yourself.
Why are you acting pricey?
I act pricey because I'm independent.
I'm responsible.
Besides, entertaining an aimless, unemployed...
..doesn't interest me.
I'm unemployed by choice not by chance.
- I can get a job anytime I like. - Is it?
You're special!
You can get a job any day you like, right?
If that's so, I challenge you,...
...if you get a job tomorrow,
...I'll forgive you and accept your proposal.
Well, your girl works in HR, right?
If she loved you,...
...she'd easily get you a job in her company.
She wouldn't bother challenging you.
- Yes.. - Oh no!
That's what girls do.
Just keep boys waiting!
They can never help anybody.
She won't do that.
That's why I love her so much.
Bro, I just don't get you.
You're beyond my understanding like the Maths teacher.
You both don't make sense to me.
This is why I stay away from love.
That reminds me, I have something to tell you.
Do you see this?
Somebody used to like her.
She refused.
Understood? She will meet the same fate.
Get lost.
Are they here?
Speak softly lest they hear us.
Why don't you deal with them?
Did anyone help when he beat us this morning?
Bro, it's like trying to kiss...
...the camel from the back.
Leave it, Her matter, let her solve.
Oh dear! That hurt.
A little heat and you shout.
What about that girl whose face he burned with acid?
This is a serious matter. What now?
Don't worry about that matter.
I know where I'll find him.
Sure to fail...
Will you just hold it or cook it and serve?
What about the fish fry and three pegs?
What's holding you up?
- Sorry, brother. Join us! - It's okay.
- Listen up, fool... - Let him go.
Foolish boys mistook me for a waiter.
- So? - Sit.
- Mumbai. - Finally.
What's this you got?
This is for my child.
My son is very young.
He's ailing from asthma.
Okay, show me navigation app. I'll explain.
I have this phone.
- What happened? - Who uses this mobile these days?
You do! This won't help.
To survive in Mumbai you need good fate...
....and a mobile too.
Get a smartphone soon.
Have you heard of PKP?
Yes, I saw the name on the board outside.
He owns this place.
- PKP! - I see.
Prabal Kant Patil.
How are you, buddy?
Mumbaikars love vada pav.
He used to sell fish at one point in time.
Soon he transformed into the Tiger of South Mumbai.
Police, politicians, system...
Everyone fears him.
You'll be driving his car.
If that car gets even a scratch...
...his goons will set all your dents...
..and paints right for good.
Look, I don't care.
If at all there's a scratch, I'll get it mended.
Do that but I'm telling you this because...
...they'll come after me if anything goes wrong.
I introduced you to them after all.
Bear that in mind.
They'll handle everything.
That acid attack really happened, right?
Or were you bluffing?
Boss, get the bill.
Yes, brother. All ready?
All right,...
....go home, okay?
He will come out soon. Wait till his friends leave.
Then thrash him nicely.
Bro, he mustn't know. I'm leaving.
Finish up and call me.
Come here.
How will I recognise him?
He's in a red shirt,looks like a hero.
Let's go. He'll be here soon.
Yes, I know about the school. He's in the 4th grade.
He's the one.
No, bro. That's orange not red. That fish is red.
Red, orange, maroon are shades of red.
...I want to go to Kandivali east.
- Kandivali east... - Does he look like a hero to you?
- Mister, Kandivali east? - Yes.
- I told you do. - Should I sit?
He's taking an auto.
Boss,... friend has arrived in Mumbai.
I told you about him.
He's a great guy. He wants to join our gang.
If you permit, should I call him for an interview tomorrow?
Am I running a software company... interview people?
Call him and check his work.
If he's good, keep him or kick him out.
That's our interview and outerview.
Thank you, boss.
- Auto! - Bye, good night.
- Sure? - Done.
Just text the address and I'll come.
Brother, I'm looking for this address.
This address...
Why are you beating me?
He drank too much. Drop him and leave.
What's going on here?
- Let's check. - Stop!
They're drunk. They'll handle it themselves.
You already have so many issues.
- Come. - This is the problem with you guys.
Rascal, you think you're too smart?
Let's go.
Sir, I want to make a call....
Mister, please lend me your phone.
Begging from a beggar?
- Please give me... - Okay.
Where are you?
Can't you hear?
I've been calling you since long.
Listen, the Mahalaxmi store's owner called.
He's kept the groceries ready. Go quickly.
And get things on this list too.
You may keep the change. Go now.
Where are you headed early morning all dressed up?
I told you there's an interview.
Which interview?
You wanted to be police inspector like your uncle, right?
- What interview? - Don't bother me.
That man is sitting idle. Ask him get the groceries.
Shut up! Don't talk rubbish.
Who will let him enter the office with that overgrown beard?
He's lying.
Ask him to get the groceries.
Good morning, brother.
Ask him to shave and accompany me... the interview and we'll see who gets hired.
Both of you do as you please.
Tell me who will get the goods for me.
Mom, go in. I'll get it.
I'll get the stuff and the job too!
- Take this. - Bye, brother.
He always does this.
Hail lord Shiva.
- Key. - Come here.
- Will he bite? - He won't. Don't get scared.
- Car... - Tell me.
Don't be scared. Come here.
Write your name and number.
Write in the register.
Phone number, car number, ID number and sign here.
That's your car.
- Saw it. 1737. - Go.
It's said even a huge pack of dogs...
...can't poop as much as an elephant.
Will you sign or not?
You people didn't eat!
At least you got thrashed well.
Do try the fish here.
They fry it alive.
And I think the life doesn't go away.
Hence, it's tasty.
And, What's for me?
Look, one's mind should be cool and vada should be hot.
You signed up real quick.
Good. You and I are in agreement, matter solved.
See you.
But do finish your food.
Victor, don't let the fish go waste.
Feed them well.
You see, I don't want an addition in the long list...
...of my enemies.
Am I right, Mr Patel?
Mumbai my love, I'm here.
- How are you? - I'm fine.
- Great. - I'll introduce you to my boss.
- Yes, where is he? - Come.
Boss, I spoke of my friend last night.
He's the one, from Tirunelveli.
My bio-data.. from Tirunelveli.
- Did you tell him about our work? - Yes, I did.
Mannu just wants to be a world famous don.
That's my one and only wish.
I wrote that in my bio-data.
You threw it without a glance.
What is this?
Take him away and train him.
Get him sorted.
- You come here. - What's this?
Listen to me.
Bishop, pawn,...
...and this is the king, best in killing.
Say that again.
This is the king, Best in killing.
Wow! Once more.
This is the king, Best in killing.
- Very nice. - Should I kill you both?
When you like something...
...what's the harm in praising it?
- Say it again. - Is this some poetry contest?
Forget that and listen to me.
If the police chase us, Our name is Mukesh.
- If enemies chase us, it's Anil. Got it? - Yes.
If the police chase us Our name is Mukesh.
If enemies chase us, it's Anil.
But why will they chase us?
We're offering our service to them.
How else will they get paid?
Actually, they should tell us...
- something, our salaries are at stake... - Don't ask
questions in this business.
What are you doing?
Abdul Kalam once said, asking questions...
...helps minds and the country progress.
But you people say don't ask questions. What's this?
Don't you understand things at once?
The one you'll be working under,
...doesn't want you your mind to progress.
So don't ask questions, just listen.
- Understood? - Tell me.
What's going on?
- Do you think he can handle it? - What are you doing?
He's the boss.
He looks innocent, bro. He can enter easily.
In case he messes up, he's the one who'll get into trouble.
Good riddance for Mumbai!
Is it? He'll get into trouble!
I'll let my work speak for me!
Sir, is this your wallet?
There are very smart people around,
And one is in front of you.
If the police chase us,
...Our name will be Mukesh.
If enemies chase us, our name will be Anil.
Is there some connection with Mukesh and Anil?
What an amazing idea!
Great idea! Happy to work with you.
Happy to work with you.
What an idea! Mukesh and Anil, too good.
What is this?
The bigger the city, the smaller the 'samosa'.
- What did you do? - I didn't come home all night.
And you're not even bothered!
Bro, why are you hassled?
I looked for you from Virar to Churchgate all alone last
I couldn't even catch a wink!
I can see how tired you look.
You're all fresh and nicely dressed!
- Forget all that. - What forget?
What about this?
- Not yet. - Just speak.
She's been calling me all night.
I don't want to lie to her nor get her worried by telling
the truth.
Try to understand.
Okay, come.
Let's go to our place.
Freshen up and go to office.
Office? What will I do there?
I've to submit the documents which were in that bag.
Let's lodge a police complaint.
Have you lost it?
The police won't do anything.
Instead go to office and tell them what happened.
We'll see what they say.
Besides your documents are of no use to anyone else.
The one who finds them will return them.
Hey! What's he doing here?
- Stop! - Let's ask.
Hey, bro.
- Where to? - Where are you going all dressed up?
- I told you there's an interview. - In these clothes?
What happened?
- I was in a hurry. - Juice?
- No, I had it. - Okay.
- Bro, bus. - Here comes your bus.
No, that's not my bus.
That's not your bus?
That means he's waiting for someone.
- He's going on a date. - No...
- True love! - Nothing like that.
Please go, three people can't ride a bike.
- We'll have to pay a fine to the police. - We'll take the
by-lanes, come.
He will pay!
Oh no, it's okay. Carry on.
This is tip-top.
Look at this seat!
What's this at the back? Take that off.
We'll write Sonu there.
And put Sai Baba in the front.
I've prayed to Lord Shankar so he will sit right here.
- Do as you please. - Son,...
- ...first temple or food? - Temple.
- Very good. - What is this?
- What? - This.
- Where did you find it? - Under the seat.
Whose is it?
How would I know?
Did someone spit on it?
Wonder what that stain is! Throw it.
...this is like mark sheet from school...
That's what it looks like.
But how did it land in the car?
What is it?
Doesn't matter. Keep it.
We'll check later.
- Hello, tell me. - I found an old bag in the car.
What do I do?
- Does it have money. - No, there's no money.
- Then throw it. - There are some certificates inside.
Could be important for someone.
That person might need this. How can I throw it?
I told you about those people last night, didn't I?
Have you come to Mumbai for social work?
Just throw it and focus on your work.
My passenger is here. I'll call later.
The boy's name is Rahul, father is Jhunjhunwala.
Hansal Jhunjhunwala. Say it.
I got that.
That's not important for us.
This chit has all the details.
This is the ID card to enter the school.
I got this with great difficulty.
- What? - Photo.
The boy's photo? I couldn't get one.
- There must be a group photo at least. - Group?
School kids are better than you at homework!
What about you guys? You did no home work.
And you call yourselves gangsters!
I'm not satisfied.
I am missing you too, love.
Here. Keep it.
- Hey! - Who are you?
- You.. - I'll be back.
Give me 10 lollipops worth 1 rupee each.
Take from here.
Bro, he looks smart.
He'll swing it.
He's very confident.
He travelled without ticket in first class!
- Who told you? - He only told.
How much?
10 lollipops worth 1 rupee each. How much?
Give 15 bucks.
What the hell! Idiot!
Are you in a hurry?
Are you blind? Can't you see?
Can't you see, you fool?
Are you new to Mumbai?
Rahul 4A.
There's not even a single decent school in our village.
And this looks like a shopping complex!
Rahul 4 A.
- Where to? - What?
Happy birthday.
My bus is here.
- Are you praying? - We are given punishment for no home
How will the home work get done by punishment?
Okay, sir. On the way, sir. 5 minutes.
- My boss is the worst man on earth. - I'm getting late.
I have to go.
- How are you? - Fine.
- How are the kids? - Fine.
How's the school doing?
All good.
How's God?
- Where is 4A? - This way.
See you.
Now, read this.
To live a life, we must lose the fear of being wrong.
Who are you?
Who do you think I am?
I am Rahul's driver.
His Mom is unwell. I've to take him home.
Rahul, stand up.
- 2,3... - Which Rahul?
He's a carrier of a dreaded virus from China!
If I leave him, all of you will catch it. Should I?
- No! - Give him a mask.
I have an extra mask. Wear it.
Hurry up.
Hello, which Rahul?
Which Rahul?
Miss, ... mom is unwell since morning.
- Is he your driver? - Yes, ma'am.
- Okay, everybody. - Give me the bottle.
- Are you mad? - Sorry, brother.
Get off.
Sorry, there's an emergency.
- I'll call you. - What are you doing?
Sorry, brother.
Your dad is Jhunjhunwala, right?
Yes, he is.
Do you know who I am?
Yes, we'll find out later. First let's leave.
Pass this.
Please pass it. It's medicine.
Give it.
No.... Leave me.
You love playing with acid, scoundrel!
You'll know when your rear is on fire... the acid burns!
Get lost.
Oh my! Stop!
Are you mad?
Driver, take the bus to the police station.
What is he doing?
Wonder if he'll make it out.
I want to tell you something.
Cooperate with me. Don't shout, okay?
You're not my driver, right?
How did you know?
I'd obviously know my driver!
By the way, what brings you here?
Bro, he seems crazy.
But he pulled it off.
I told you he's good.
Shut up.
I only care about the task.
I'm here to be a don.
Don? Which don?
Like Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan?
Which don?
I've watched those.
I want to be like me.
Why a don?
Because I don't want to be a policeman.
Why not?
Hey! Is your dad's name Jhunjhunwala?
Yes, what's your name?
Why ask so many questions?
- Why not? - You're a child.
You should ask questions.
But uncle has no answers. Can't help it.
Okay, uncle. Bye.
Come with me till there.
Or they'll expel me from the gang.
Why is he wasting time?
I'll come for you, not for the lollipop.
You're great!
- Idiot... - Bring him.
Quick, put him inside.
Are you here for a stroll?
- Bye, uncle. - Stand here.
Let me go.
Sir, this happened at 9.30 am.
There were around 40 people on the bus.
One boy passed him something and he passed it on to a third
The others fled. To keep him from fleeing...
...I got the bus here. - Sir,...
Good job, patriot.
Sir, he's accusing me for nothing.
I don't know those guys.
Are you from another city?
Sir, why interrogate me?
Aware citizen.
Answer me or I'll break your bones.
Yes, sir, I'm from another city.
Why do you come to cause blasts in Mumbai?
The city is already crowded.
Take him away.
- Take him. Get out. - I didn't...
- Just go. - You're questioning sir...
That boy's aides were wearing blue masks.
Blue masks?
- Hello, where are you? - Outside a medical shop.
Are you mad? I told you not to leave the house.
What do I do? I'm in great pain.
- Nobody's giving me medicines. - Listen...
...just have two strong pegs and go to sleep.
The pain will go away.
Don't step out until I say so.
- Okay. - Let's go.
- Shakeel! - Yes, bro.
Are you deaf?
You... Lower the volume.
Shakeel, call his father....
...and tell him to return Harshad's money.
Return Harshad's money and take his son back.
Call him.
Give the phone of the boy from last night.
Which boy?
The one outside the bar.
He's always lost.
- Hello. - Yes.
Hansal Jhunjhunwala?
- Speaking. - Listen carefully.
We've kidnapped your son.
Hang up.
He hung up!
Call again.
How dare you hang up?
Cat got your tongue?
Just hang up, scoundrel.
What did he say?
Call again.
Put it on speaker and make him speak.
- Speak. - Is your father crazy?
I'll show him.
Tell your dad he should repay the loan as promised.
Understood? Speak.
Hello, dad?
Look son, I'm not your father.
Give the phone to that donkey.
- Tell me. - What were you blabbering?
Don't talk rubbish.
Or I'll come there and shoot you.
I'll chop your son into pieces and send them to you.
My son is with me.
I'm talking about your other son.
My other child is a daughter.
Okay? Now hang up.
And listen, if you call again,...
...I'll find you and thrash you.
Idiot, find out whose son he is.
And drop him back.
He called you a donkey, bro?
What did he say? Smart man?
He's an idiot.
Wait till he gets back.
He'll get thrashed...
...and drop him back too!
No... no I have just reached.
Yes, I'll call you.
Sir, I joined today.
Car number?
- 1737 - Yes.
Listen, the night duty ends at midnight, okay?
So be here at 11 at any cost.
Here, sign in and write the call time.
What is this? Where are you parking?
That's not the place. Move it.
I've signed.
- Okay. - Sir, I have something to ask.
Which is the closest police station?
Police station?
Happy? I'm here because of you.
- Listen... - Shut up.
One would assume you did something big with that built.
But what were you caught doing?
Pick pocketing!
Couldn't you do something big?
You, come.
- Come. - Listen Champa,...'ve been caught for the 5th time from a hotel.
C'mon, sir.
- Hero! - Keep quiet.
He has no ID.
He has bruises on his face.
He doesn't even have an Aadhar card.
Do you have Aadhar card?
- Sir, I have two! - Heard that?
How do I just let him go?
No, sir, actually you're mistaken.
I vouch for him, sir.
I work in BKC.
I'm an Associate but I'll be a Manager next year.
It's a big company.
Sir, I'm an IT professional.
No wonder you seem suspicious.
Go to his office and verify his details.
- No, sir. Not office... - Come.
Please, sir, I'll lose my job.
Sir, I won't get married if I don't become a Manager.
- Sir, please... - If that job means so much to you,...
...why save your friend's skin?
...had your parents given you a good upbringing,... wouldn't be standing in a police station.
This is what happens to an illicit child!
- Experience speaks. - Sir, don't talk about my parents.
First find my lost documents.
At least show some respect, sir.
My ideal son, you...
You'll know once an FIR is filed.
Take him away.
Yes, baby, tell me.
Madam, I found these certificates.
I want to give it to the owner.
I will need to make the entry in the register. Sit there.
Sit there.
I'm here.
What is this?
Couldn't you wait?
Listen, I won't bring food hereafter.
They touched my Don look jacket.
Who does he think he is?
...I came to Mumbai to be a Don.
But I didn't tell them that.
What's this? That...
Someone was abducted from PKP's family...
...and they questioned me!
One should speak with respect.
But one thing is sure.
If they find that kidnapper,
...he's gone for sure.
What was that you'd said?
He's like the king.... in the killing.
The end.
What's your father's name?
Prabal Kant Patil.
Oh my!
I was scared for a second.
I thought he'll say PKP.
Oh man!
Rahul! Thanks, Rahul.
Why did you tie the child's hands?
Sir, someone spat on it. I tried cleaning it.
These marks don't deserve to be spat upon!
Give me three teas.
You're educated.
You should know to speak to an inspector?
Why were you arguing with him?
He's crazy, okay?
He'll ruin your future.
And you...Do you belong to this city?
No, sir, I too come from another place but I'm in Mumbai for
5 years.
What are you looking at?
Brought bad omen...
I never visited any police station in Mumbai ...
And you messed up on your very first day!
- Why are you yelling at me? - Who do I yell at then?
Is it a crime to travel on a bus?
Sir, somebody asked me to pass something and I did.
That's all I did.
I don't know those people.
While in a big city, you must be alert.
Dealing with strangers... risky.
Don't get involved. Understood?
Hey, what's this?
Do you think I'm diabetic?
Add some sugar.
Sir, my driving license is with sir.
If you get it....
You'd do me a great favour.
Please, sir.
- Wait, I'll be back. - Finish your tea.
The pain is terrible. I took a painkiller.
If I can't bear the pain,
...imagine what would happen to the one whose rear is burnt!
Okay, bye.
Hello, boss. Remember me?
We met on the bus this morning.
Pass it. It's medicine.
No. Which bus?
You don't remember asking me to pass the bottle?
Who are you? Move away.
What is he doing?
- Leave him. - Sir, ask him.
- He's the one. - Stand quietly.
- Sir, I'll come along. He's the one. - Keep quiet.
I told you to stay away.
Take him away.
Stay away from him. Don't you understand?
Get going. Let's go
My friend's uncle is the inspector here.
''My beloved, my heart looks for you everywhere''
'''What do I do?''
''My beloved, everything seems listless without you. What do
I do?''
''Your memories lead me to you secretly''
''You're on my mind always, what do I do?''
''My beloved''...
..'' my heart looks for you everywhere, what do I do?''
''I fly like the winds feeling your presence''
Sorry, buddy. Can't help it.
Let's eat.
Look what I got for you.
There's Biryani for you.
And Vada Pav for me.
But I like Vada Pav.
Okay, Vada Pav for you...
...and I'll have Biryani.
I like both these things.
Shall we eat?
Will you help me escape from here?
Escape? You?
Me? Sorry, dear.
I'm under training now.
I can't help.
Don't worry.
They'll leave you.
What will you say after you go back home?
4 people kidnapped me and you're one of them.
Hey! Kidnap? You were equally involved.
Your father's not Jhunjhunwala.
Why did you come with me?
I wanted to bunk the Math test.
You don't like Math?
Me neither.
Shall we eat. Vada Pav for you.
And This is my Biryani.
Your shift ends at midnight...
...and discuss the rest with the HR.
Hello! Are you listening?
I don't want this job.
- What? - I don't want to.
The formalities are done, your ID card is ready and you're
What's wrong?
I didn't like this city. I'm leaving.
Why did you come for the interview then?
I made a huge mistake. Forgive me and let me go.
You can't leave without an explanation. What will I tell the
I haven't signed any contract.
I don't even have the right to quit?
Is that how you speak to a woman?
This is between us, okay?
If this is between you two,...
...discuss inside the cabin.
And who is he? Why are you putting up with him?
How does that concern you?
You're here for an interview, so, do that.
Why are you so concerned about him?
There are many candidates. Pick someone else.
He's right. Choose him in my place.
Is this some charity?
Be thankful you're in an office...
...or I'll whack you hard.
Hey! What's going on here?
- Security! - Sir, I'll handle this.
- What? - Are you mad?
Why are you creating a scene?
I'm not creating any scene.
I came here at your behest, okay?
- I don't want this job. - And you...
- Hey! - Leave me.
- Take him away. - Scandal on the bus in the morning...
...quarreling here now. Let's go.
Excuse me, sir. What's the matter?
He's the main accused in the acid attack this morning.
- Let's go. - You're here too.
You'd said you couldn't see his face.
Take a good look now.
- Look. - Come.
- Move. - Leave my collar. People are watching.
- Where to? Bandra station? - Yes.
Go ahead, I'll join. My uncle is the inspector there.
Your uncle only sent us here.
He sent this chariot for you. Get in.
He's a new guy, Harshad Sir.
I didn't know he's a fool.
But don't worry, I'll do something.
- Yes. - Where to?
Nothing, just like that.
I asked him...
...his dad's name is Jhunjhunwala.
- He told me. - It's confirmed news.
He's PKP's son.
You abducted PKP's son.
Now you won't become anything.
You'll just die, understood?
I'm under training.
I did as you said.
Bro, as long as that boy is here, we're in danger.
I have an idea.
My aunty is a goon in Andaman.
We'll go there.
She's not like you. She's brave.
No need to do that.
Bro, we'll do this.
We'll return the child.
We'll apologise.
We'll tell him our target was someone else.
And you think he'll forgive us, right?
We're left with just one option now.
One way.
Your phone...
What's this? When you get cigarettes,...
...put a smiley sticker on it.
These pictures bring illness.
Yeah! Smoking is bad.
Boss, we checked with everyone on our list.
Doesn't look like people from our circle did this.
Beat him.
- We caught some people. - Speak up.
I'm bringing them to the factory.
See you there.
Ishita, please calm down.
- Excuse me. - This is our office.
- We'll go home and... - Ma'am...
What now? You're quitting, right?
I need a minute.
You go.
Actually, last night some goons snatched my bag which had
the documents.
How can I join without documents?
- Did you tell anyone here about it? - No.
Now listen to me carefully.
I can manage things for one day without the documents.
Do your best to find the documents.
And inform me as soon as you get them.
- Okay? - Yes.
Now attend the training.
Thank you.
Bro, you're taking a chance with this idiot again.
- He's not answering. - Keep calling.
Bro, hunt him out.
When you hunt a tiger,...
...use a goat as prey.
Goat calling Tiger.
- Hello. - Hello, sir.
Sir, there's a story.
- What? - But profit is entirely yours.
Shall I tell you?
Once a monkey and crocodile became friends.
They used to play hide-n-seek.
One day the crocodile hid under the water.
The monkey looked all over the jungle but couldn't find him.
Finally he jumped in the river.
The monkey's father had asked him to learn swimming in
...but he didn't learn.
That monkey died.
Not just animals, even humans make such mistakes.
Such a person is talking to you right now Sir.
We were to abduct someone else's child.
We got your son by mistake.
It's out fault but not entirely.
Rahul will tell you the rest, sir.
I'm speaking to your dad. Yes, sir.
We kidnapped him.
So we should ask for ransom, sir.
Give us 10 million and take him back.
One more thing, I kidnapped him...
...but he's thinking only about his homework.
Such is our system.
Die if you will but finish your homework.
Please look into it, sir.
Okay, sir, see you later.
Tell him we'll kill the boy.
Tell him I said so.
I'm sure you've watched Hindi movies.
What do kidnappers say in films?
If you go to the police,...
...if we don't get the money....
Repeat what you just said.
A monkey and crocodile became friends....
They used to play hide-n-seek, one day...
Not that.
The last thing you said. Say it again.
Yes, if you don't pay up and go to the police,..
That thing, sir?
Did you like it, sir?
All are laughing.
Your son's corpse will be sent to you in 10 minutes...
...then I'll see how you laugh.
Won't you laugh anymore?
You see, my man was to abduct someone else's son...
....but got your son instead.
What's done is done.
10 million! Keep it ready.
And wait for my call.
You knew who you're talking to, Even then you said all this.
That's the only reason I'll come there.
I'll bring 10 million too.
But until I give you the money and take my son back,...
...stay alive. Understood?
You see,...
...If we have the boy, we're safe.
If PKP acts smart,...
...we'll kill the child.
There's only one way out.
- What's this? - I'm thinking.
Who wrote the complaint of this file?
Sir, a taxi driver had come.
He seemed little off.
Where's the file?
- The file is on the inspector's table. - Okay.
Do you know where these scoundrels poured acid?
Didn't you find a better place?
What's this?
That boy on the bus...
The one who identified them...
This is his file.
I'll hand this over to him.
Wow, benevolent you!
Have you solved all cases of Mumbai?
Only this is left to do?
I'll tell you when to return this file.
Come inside.
Be thankful this matter came to me.
Had it been under someone else,... wouldn't be standing here.
You'd be in the lock up.
You don't realise what you've done.
We did what the police should've done.
Shut up. The one lying on his stomach on the bed...
..hasn't filed a case yet.
You'll know once an FIR is lodged.
They are dangerous people.
You and your friend beware.
How long will I keep saving you?
Is this why I joined the police force?
Do one thing, for one month....
...leave Mumbai.
Neither you nor your friends should be in Mumbai.
Make an entry and leave.
You wait here.
Don't take advantage because you're my nephew.
I know for whom you did this.
If you don't obey, I'll get your girl embroiled in this.
The day the media shatters her reputation,'ll understand.
Go away.
I'm sorry. That boy was sharp.
Do you remember the one who passed the bottle?
I couldn't see his face in the bus but I saw him in the
We won't spare him.
Reach Holy church in Byculla and wait for my call.
This is the last warning.
Don't approach the police.
And one more thing.
I'll call you from different numbers.
Just receive the calls, okay?
Found anything?
Let him call once more.
We'll know who it is.
Wrap the child in a bed sheet and put him in the van.
Get going.
Get the file of the boy from this morning.
Yes, sir.
Bloody outsiders lecturing us on manners!
Let's teach him now.
- Get the file. - Yes.
- Sir! - Boss!
- Sir. - Yes?
Sir, the file is missing.
I'd kept it here.
What is it?
- The boy escaped. - Rahul!
Oh dear!
- Yes, mom? - Where are you?
I told you I have something to do.
I've been calling you since long.
Listen, my battery's dipping. I'll call you later.
- Hi. - Hi.
- You haven't left yet? - No, they asked me to check
- ...for cabs. - Oh.
He joined today.
- Please show him his cab. - Okay.
Please wait at the corner.
- I'll.. - Where?
- That way? - Towards the end. I'll call the cab.
Okay, thank you.
Where's my cab?
Calling so late?
What's the matter?
I'm waiting at the bust stop outside the hostel. Where's
Ishita hasn't returned yet. What's the matter?
Once she comes, tell her I won't go without meeting her.
Listen, I don't think she'll heed me but I'll try anyway.
If she doesn't agree, I'll come upstairs. Will that do?
Listen bro, if you continue being a snob...
... she'll never accept you.
Anyway, I'll try to send her downstairs.
- Okay? I'll hang up now. - Fine.
Thank you.
Sir, that's your cab.
- Hello, sir. - This is the address.
Vivek Nagar, Vasai.
- I'm sure you know. - Meaning?
- I'm new to the city. - You too?
I'm new here too. It'll be great fun when...
...two strangers in a new city go about find an address.
I'll take you there in a matter of minutes.
What are you saying?
- Sir, no! - Mister...
Don't do that, sir.
It's my first day on duty.
If you get off, he'll make some girl sit.
Please sit, sir. I'll take you there.
Look, I don't want to ride a cab...
....with a driver who doesn't know the route.
Try to understand.
- Please. - Sir, put on your belt.
- Put on your belt. - Okay.
- You'll take me, right? - I will, sir.
Thank you, sir.
- I'll drop you in 2 minutes. - Fine.
Look there, He's knocking.
Madam is coming. First drop her then sir, okay?
- Madam? - Hello.
- Oh! You're on the same route? - Yes.
- Shall we? - Yes.
Shinde, where are you?
I'm right here at the station, sir.
PKP's son has been kidnapped.
- Have you heard of it? - Yes, sir.
Gather your entire team...
...and cover the entire route from his home to factory.
Keep an eye on his activities.
And inform me as soon you learn something.
But, sir, he hasn't filed an FIR.
- Why should we bother? - Will PKP lodge a complaint?
He's killing everyone he's suspicious of.
So do as I say.
Yes, sir.
Get the car. We've to set up blockades.
Who do you think will carry this bag of phones?
- What now? - What if the child reaches his dad?
Get the phone.
- Hurry up. - Boss.
- Hello. - Where are you?
I'm reaching Byculla. Tell me.
Did I say Byculla?
Forget that and reach JP Road.
Reach there and I'll call you.
- Hey, listen, hello. - Hang up.
The child hasn't reached his dad.
Even if he does, he won't say anything because of the
The injection will have its effect.
The child must be around. Get in the car.
Boss, the van isn't starting.
What are you saying?
Where's Mannu?
He's gone to bring the mechanic.
Silly, why did you send him?
There was nobody around. He offered to fetch the mechanic.
- And you sent him! - What could I do?
How could you send him?
- There he is. - Come quick.
You have my number, right?
Then why send someone to bring me?
You should've just called.
- That rascal chewed my brains. - Where is that rascal?
He left from there.
- Left? - He asked me to give this to you.
I'll start the car in no time.
I am not leaving the gang...
...but resigning, Don.
Idiot, I've told you....
...not to do anything without asking me.
Shakeel! Tell me.
What do I tell you? I looked all over but didn't find the
Shakeel, keep looking till you find him.
I want the child at any cost.
And listen,...
- ...Mannu slipped away. - What?
- Mannu.. - If you spot him, just kill him.
I told you he's crazy.
- Shakeel. - Yes, bro.
- Find the child. - Okay.
Bro, there's a child near the park.
- He's in school uniform. - Come sit.
Bro, look this was stuffed in the silencer.
That belongs to Mannu.
The call made from the first number is an outstation number.
30 calls were made from that number to some number...
I got the details...
...and got to know he works in some IT company.
Madam, should I take a right ahead?
Yes, take a right. You know the route from there?
Finally, what have you decided?
I'll wait for a couple of days.
If I don't find the documents, I'll go back.
How will going back help?
Can you get a job without documents there?
I don't care. I just want to leave this city.
What will you tell her?
I don't have a job so marry someone else.
What I tell her is my...
I know Bhoomi.
Hope you remember the promise you made to her.
She's waiting for you to get a job there.
Hey! I'm going to fulfil our dreams.
Please give me a smile.
Some more.
- Bhoomi? - She's my friend.
She asked me not to mention Otherwise, you might think.... were selected at her behest.
You got this job on the basis of your technical knowledge
and talent, okay?
- Okay. - Speak to her once.
And don't worry, things will be fine.
Hope so.
- Wait a minute. - Yes?
The guy the police arrested in the office...
I told the police about him.
I'm sorry...
Is he your...?
- I saw you crying for him so I asked. - No...
No.... It was just a ...
Nothing like that.
See you. Bye.
Let's go.
Hey! You took the back route?
Yes, look at the time. It's late.
- I've been waiting for you. - Why?
Hello, yes, bro?
Yes, he's fine...
...the pain is unbearable.
Listen, I heard from the police station.
The boy's uncle is sending him away from the city.
We have to nab him today at any cost.
Yes, meet me there.
We won't spare him.
Don't leave any vehicle unchecked.
Check everyone's license and the boot.
- Yes, sir. - Shut it.
Close it.
He's waiting for you at the bus stop.
He's sorry and wants to meet you.
I saw his real face today.
Don't bug me talking about him. Just ask him to leave.
What real face?
Do you know why he did that?
There was this freaky mad fellow who was after you.
He threatened to burn your face with acid.
He has done that to other girls too.
Hence he did that.
Ishita, he did that for you.
He's a nice guy.
And see, he's a rebel...
...but he's not irresponsible.
At least he has the guts to stand against injustice.
You're still not bothered?
Fine, leave it. Don't go.
He's anyway leaving the city tonight.
Sir, do you have that mobile that shows the address?
- Hello. The cab driver is confused. - What?
Please explain the route to the cab driver.
- What are you saying? The signal's weak. - Hello?
I told you I'm in an important meeting. Hang up.
Mister, stop the car. We'll ask for directions.
- Okay, we'll do that. - Let's ask.
Where have you reached?
- J P Road. - Turn towards Kishan Wadi.
Reach there and I'll call you, okay?
I've been waiting here since a long time.
Tell me where to come finally.
Don't you want your child?
You do, right?
Then do as you're told.
Okay? Reach there and I'll call you.
Here? This side?
Where do we go now? What now?
Mister! What?
Main road... We lost our way. Which way is the main road?
Here? Or there?
Isn't this the main road?
No, ...
Highway.... I don't know.
Do you know the way to the Andaman?
That one?
- There's only one. - Pull that down.
Be happy. All the best. Bye.
We lost the way and he lost his mind.
Who is it?
- Your father! - One second.
- Who are you? - I didn't do anything.
- How can you take him away? - I said move.
How can you... Leave him.
- Move... - Please.
- What's the matter? - Keep moving.
What is it, bro?
Tell me.
Sir, I really don't know.
- I'm an IT professional, sir. - IT professional!
Sir, I don't know where he is.
And the number you're talking about...
That phone was stolen last night.
Sir, I have another number.
Call him.
He's not answering, sir.
Where does he work?
I'm just going to tell him not to follow me.
I know.
"You're on my mind every moment."
"It's the heart to be blamed."
You needn't say sorry.
I'm glad you felt bad.
Sorry? What for?
I'm not here to say sorry.
So, you didn't feel bad for me?
Then why did you cry when the police arrested me from the
Why do you ask?
You're anyway leaving the city.
Then why ask me?
Yes, I better leave.
You anyway don't care about the ones queuing up in an
You only favour....
...those who don't entertain anyone.
Excuse me, I don't do favours for anybody.
He's my friend's boyfriend and the job is important for both
of them.
The poor guy came to Mumbai yesterday and joined...
...lost all his documents.
Oh dear!
Son! What happened?
Sorry, sir.
I caused you inconvenience.
It's not your fault.
Such is this city!
Don't blame the city because of a few people.
Look, this happened to me after I came here.
- You were beaten. - Yes.
There's something special about this city, sir.
Ignoring someone facing injustice...
...and not raising your voice.... a specialty of this city.
We too don't raise our voices.
We don't. We expect others to do it. Why?
Why do we wait for someone else, to raise the voice?
- Jackass. - What?
- That's a swear word? - Yes, it is.
Be it a child or an adult, everyone uses it.
For some that may seem common...
- ...but a swear word is offensive. - Right.
Should we adjust with getting abused?
- Tell me. - It's all about adjustment.
- What comes after 6? - Don't you remember?
Do you remember any other number?
What was he doing in a tempo at this hour?
- Are you hurt, child? - I'm sorry about this morning.
Just shaking your head won't help.
If that's all you'll do, I'll leave.
Say something. Should I wait or leave?
Let's drop the child first. Then we'll talk.
I think it's the same boy.
Yes, bro, I found the boy.
Bro, don't make PKP drive in circles.
Come to KV Nagar under-bridge. I'll get the boy there.
Hurry up.
Where were you, son? I've been looking for you.
All are worried at home. Come.
You came at the right time.
- Take him away. Go, child. - Who are you?
We'll drop him.
He said he knows the child. He'll take him.
C'mon, madam. Don't bother.
Hand me the child and mind your own business.
I said we'll drop him.
Don't you understand things told nicely?
Mind your manners.
You're soliciting a customer here and speak of manners!
- Hand me the child. - Come, son.
When I fight such hooliganism,... preach at me. Handle this yourself.
- Come, child. - Leave him.
One whack and you'll fall flat.
Don't bug me.
- Come. - What are you doing?
Leave him.
Take the child.
Give her a whack!
- Hello. - Where are you?
Supreme Mall.
Come to KV Nagar area...
...and turn right.
Then come 5 kms ahead...
...and I'll guide you from there.
But you...
Bloody hell!
- then? - 1
- 3 - Done?
Hello, your son is with us but you needn't worry.
Where are you?
I told you Supreme Mall.
Sir, the take a left from there...
...and come ahead. We're outside Prime Mall.
You fool! Am I Mumbai local?
Stop playing games about directions or you'll be game...
...and you won't play ever again.
Is your dad crazy?
Listen bro, your son was wandering in the middle of the
We took care of him and you're giving me dialogues!
Don't you love him?
My phone got switched off!
Let's go drop him.
I'll get Ritu's scooty.
We'll drop him, okay?
- Victor! - Yes, boss.
They're playing hide-n-seek with me.
I've been roaming around the city.
I don't know what they're up to.
I don't think they're doing this for money.
I didn't work all my life for money...
...but to instill fear.
Listen to me.
Kill all the men from all gangs.
Okay, boss.
- Sir, one minute. - Where are you?
What happened?
Sonu isn't able to breathe properly since evening.
I think he has to be hospitalised.
Listen, don't get scared. Take him to the hospital.
I'll finish my shift and come over.
Okay, come soon.
- Hospital? - Yes.
What happened? All well?
My little son.. He... unable to breathe properly.
Then go to him. Drop me here.
No, sir. I'll drop your first and then go.
Don't worry about me. Do one thing.
Let's go to the hospital. I'll ask my friend to pick me up
from there.
Let's go, you're wasting time.
Let's go.
- There's a blockade. - Stop.
Stop here.
Where are you going?
- Uncle, I'll explain. - I warned you...
...yet you're here with her! What if someone sees you?
- Actually, this child... - Uncle, I'll explain.
- This child is Rahul. - Give his ID.
He's some Patil's son.
He was wandering on the streets so we thought of dropping
him home.
You're Patil's son?
Keep the boy with you.
Take his custody.
- Get off, son. - But...
- Uncle.. - Come, we'll drop you home.
Yes, come.
Very good.
- Come here. - Keep him with you.
Uncle, I'll drop him.
What will we do then? Hatch eggs?
You haven't joined the police yet, okay?
Let us do our work.
Be thankful it was me you met.
Had someone else seen you with that child,...'d get into trouble.
Do you know who he is?
You better flee from this city.
Go right away.
That's the route of 1737.
Stand properly.
The cab is headed on a different route.
Who else is in the car?
The cab driver and a girl.
Boss, that's our company's cab.
Yes, it's a new driver.
Give me the phone number.
No, he'll be alerted if we call.
Keep sending me the cab's location from here.
I'll go there directly.
Tell me quickly.
- Hello. - Where did you reach?
K V Nagar.
Come straight ahead.
You'll spot a bridge.
I'm right under that bridge.
Come there.
Do you really have my son?
Only I ask questions here.
You just dance to my tunes or...'ll weep at your son's funeral.
I'm coming.
PKP has got doubts.
That's for sure.
Do one thing, call Shakeel right away...
...and ask him to bring the child here.
- Okay. - Hurry up.
Boss, I can't get through.
You didn't release that fool yet?
No, sir, you see...
...he wanted to go to Andaman on foot.
Hey Rahul!
- I told him to check Google and take off. - I helped you
- ...and you got me into trouble! - He said he doesn't trust
- What's this? - Hey!
If you get scared,...
...keep an angry face.
Why are you telling me that?
I'm sharing what I know.
Get up and get going.
I thought I'll take him to the station....
...and set him right. Okay?
You won't get anything from that fool.
Get rid of him.
Listen up, clown, get out.
- Get out. - I won't come, sir.
Get out.
- Don't you understand? - You want to kill me, right?
I'm very smart. I won't budge.
Is it? If you don't get out,...
...I swear I'll kill you right here.
I'll shoot you.
Sir, What did you say? I couldn't hear you.
I said, if you don't get out,...
...if you don't leave,
...I swear I'll kill you right here.
I'll shoot you.
- Don't get me mad. - Sir!
I'll confess to my crimes.
I kidnapped PKP's son.
But I resigned from that gang, sir.
- What is this? - Please, sir.
Look at this drama.
Sir, I'm a gangster.
- I mean gangster in making, sir. - Wow.
Gangster in making.
Don't ruin my career, sir.
You'll become one.
- Sir, I know that. - We'll make you one.
Make sure the child is safe. I feel something is amiss.
First tell me if I should leave the city.
Why do you think I will ask you to stay back?
- Thank you. - Don't leave.
I didn't hear you.
You won't get an auto. Take the scooty home.
When will we meet next?
Tomorrow morning in the office.
I've to clear the second round of interview.
Wonder if the child has eaten since morning.
Do one thing. There's a restaurant near the station.
Get food from there for everyone.
But, sir, the station is...
..far. I'll get something from nearby.
What will you eat?
Sir, vada pav for the child.
One chicken biryani for me...
...spicy one and a bottle of water.
Should I call an airplane for you?
Your car's here. I'll take that.
Where are you?
Come here with the kid. We've reached.
What do I tell you now?
A boy came out of nowhere...
....and we got into a scuffle.
He took the child with him.
Shakeel, you know me well.
I want the child here in 10 minutes.
You only have 10 minutes.
If you don't bring the child here, Shakeel,...
...I'll slit you apart.
Boss, guess PKP is here.
We don't even have the child.
Chaman, give me the masks.
Yes, boss.
Do one thing.
- Get the rod from the van. - Yes.
Only one of us will be alive today.
He's sure to get killed tonight.
Hey, come here.
Yes, sir. Stay here.
- Check, everything proper? - Yes, sir.
I was scared for no reason, sir.
You're a good man, sir. Actually, you should be a
- ...not police. - Call PKP.
Tell him to come here with the money.
Change your get up.
- Call him. - Sir.
- Sir.... - Call him.
I'll call him, sir.
- Sir, I'm calling him. - Switch off the engine....
...and throw out the key.
Keep the door open.
The child will get in.
- Hello. - Hi, PKP sir.
How are you? Come to the location that I'm going to tell
Where are you right now?
I have reached the place as you mentioned.
That wasn't me, sir. It must be someone else.
One can't think properly when tense.
Voices are different.
The voice you heard in the morning was mine.
Take some time to think then tell me.
I'll wait.
He's thinking, sir.
Hurry up.
PKP sir, remember?
A monkey befriended a crocodile?
Ring a bell? Should I tell more?
Listen story teller, love narrating stories, right?
You recognised me!
- You get 10 out of 10. - Now listen to me.
Narrate all the stories you want today...
...because your story ends tomorrow.
I will kill you.
Sir, don't scare the child.
Daddy. Speak to him.
How are you?
Sir, I'm petrified.
Sir, why you keep doing that. I didn't refuse!
Why give me that? I won't hold it.
It's empty.
It's for safety.
I said it's empty. There.
He's a child, sir.
Are you deaf?
What's plugged in your ears?
Don't you want your son?
Throw out the bag with money.
- Who is he talking to? - What is he saying?
Don't act smart.
Mumbai's tiger came to me...
...wagging his tail like a dog.
- No... - Someone drunk.
Looks like they're drunk.
- Yes. - Where are you?
I lost my way, I'll reach in some time. How is he?
The doctor is checking. He's better.
Okay? Great.
This is the last warning.
If you don't throw the bag to the count of 5...
...I'll chop of your son's head and hang it in your car.
1, 2,
Why is he counting?
3, 4
- 5. - He's heading this way.
Ask him for directions.
Hey, Tiger Shroff, sir...
Can I go to Max hospital from under the bridge?
Max hospital?
...something is not right. Turn the car around.
Something is amiss.
- P.K.P.? - Boss, PKP.
Sir, a car's approaching.
The lights are blinking.
- That's a signal for sure. - Wait.
Let him get out of the car.
Now do as I say.
I'm doing that, sir.
Ask him to move away from the car.
Move away from the car.
He moved, sir.
Tell him to throw the bag.
Throw the bag this way.
What are you looking at? Nobody's around.
Sir, he's not throwing the bag.
- Hold the child at gunpoint. - Sir!
It's empty. Do it.
Look here. It has 5 bullets.
I'll shoot.
Sir, he threw the bag.
Now go and pick the bag.
- Go. - Okay, sir.
What's this?
You're creating a ruckus
- Don't you respect laws? - Shut up.
- What shut up? - Shut up!
Why did you come here?
We're looking for an address.
- Are you informers? - What do you want?
Are there more people with you?
First you broke the glass and now you ask questions!
Give me the key.
You thought you'll come in PKP's car and I won't know.
- Why taking that key. Give me... - Stop.
- Are you spying on us? - Move back.
Don't speak to this drunkard. Give back the key.
How dare you touch him!
Do you think we're mad?
How dare you touch me!
- Rahul! - Sir, you said PKP will come alone.
A boy's here too.
Ask him to leave. We'll manage it.
You! Just leave.
Or I'll shoot.
Who is he?
- Is he your aide? - Oh no!
He's not my aide.
Sir, I'd handed the child to the police.
Who are you?
How did you get hold of the child?
Sir, I was the one who called you first.
Don't lie.
I called first.
Sir, I narrated the story.
A monkey and crocodile became friends.
I gave you 10 out of 10 too.
Do one thing, shoot at the ground.
How, sir? We'll get caught.
This is empty.
I said shoot.
Your wish.
He's holding my son at gunpoint. You better leave.
Sir, how can I leave the child here?
I said leave.
Sir, PKP also has a gun.
It's time for you to come out.
Sir, the boy is going.
Once he leaves, tell PKP to throw the gun.
Take the bag and check it.
And leave the child.
Sir, it's a nice plan...
...but we'll get into trouble.
What games are you playing?
Don't get scared.
Once PKP gets his son back,...
...he won't bother about the money.
Bring the bag to me.
This remains between you and me.
How so, sir?
This child heard everything.
He'll tell PKP everything.
Do you want to remain alive?
- Do as I say. - Yes.
Shoot PKP.
- Sir? - What's going on?
- Hello! - Sir?
Hello, sir?
Sir! I'm scared.
You got the money, right?
Sir! I'm scared.
I don't have enough balance.
Sir, call me.
Sir, hurry up.
Please hear me out.
We don't know who is PKP, please!
What are you doing?
He doesn't know anything. Don't beat him.
He doesn't know anything.
Two more blows and he'll die.
What are you saying?
Tell PKP to get the money...
...or this guy will die
- ... along with PKP's son. - Call PKP and speak to him.
He doesn't know anything. Let him go.
Call him. Be quick.
Ask him.
Boss, he's not answering.
He isn't?
He was answering my calls 10 minutes ago.
Now he's isn't answering.
Please, try to understand.
I'm telling you he doesn't know anything.
The more you delay, the more I'll beat him.
Enough! Just stop.
We too don't raise our voices.
We just wait for someone else to raise his voice.
I'm right here, sir.
The situation is under control, sir.
Yes, I'm here.
Uncle, you...
You didn't leave the city yet? Go away.
Who are you?
C'mon, sir!
You're pointing a gun at a policeman?
The police will handle everything.
Put the gun down.
Hey, give me the gun.
Gun? Why, sir?
Give me the gun and release the child.
You asked me to do this.
- I won't give the gun, sir. - Wait a minute, uncle.
I handed the child to you. How did he get hold of him?
Why are his hands and mouth tied?
Untie him and he'll tell you.
Can't you see?
This guy hit me with a gun.
I passed out and he threw me in the bushes.
Then he snatched the child.
You... What are you saying, sir?
I did as you said, sir.
Check the last call on my phone.
I was talking to him.
Keep your mouth shut and hand me the gun.
Sir, what is this? You're playing games with me?
I won't give you the gun.
- Give me the gun. - No!
I won't.
Sir, why did you slap me?
Enough of your drama.
If my son doesn't get into my car now...
...I'll shoot all of you.
I won't spare anyone.
Wait a minute.
- Give the gun or.. - Sir...
- No, sir. - Rahul!
- Sir... - Let go.
Oh my!
What have you done?
Sir, I didn't do that.
- You want to be a gangster. - Sir!
- Of course you did it. - Sir!
I told you I'm a gangster in the making. I haven't become
one yet.
I didn't do that, sir.
Yes, ...
...I'm PKP's man.
But he's just a driver.
Until you get the money,...
...I'll be here.
Let him go.
You wasted my time.
Rascal, You think you're too smart?
Rascal, You think you're too smart?
Where is my bag?
Where is my bag?
- Boss, he's the same guy. - What was that?
Where is my bag?
Sir, I have one request.
You shot the boy's father in his presence.
Take him to the hospital, sir.
Enough of your drama!
You spoilt my plan.
I did as you said, sir.
This is also yours.
You gave this to me.
- Enough! - Sir...
You kidnapped the child.
Then you blackmailed PKP.
Then you shot him.
You'll see, attempt to murder...
...kidnapping... You'll be charged for all this.
Sir, I didn't shoot him.
- Did I shoot him then? - Uncle!
Leave him and let that fellow go to the hospital.
Or I'll forget you're my uncle.
You picked up the gun...
...but do you have the courage to pull the trigger?
Nothing happened.
It's not a toy gun, sir.
Speak calmly!
I don't know about your stuff...
- ..but I have your mobile. - Give it.
Sir, why did you do this?
Hey, can you drive?
- Yes. - Go.
Sorry, sir. I'll take him to the hospital.
- Wait, take the bag. - Yes.
Rahul, sit in the front.
Sir, just a minute.
Call the patrolling team.
Hello, control room.
Our sir is at the circle...
Somebody shot Sangram sir.
When I reached...
Nobody was present when I reached here.
Guess they fled.
He's bleeding. Try to understand.
Send an ambulance quickly.
Yes, over.
The criminals are fleeing. Catch them.
Hand me the gun.
I'll handle it.
You want to be a police officer, right?
I respected you more than my father all my life.
You were my role model but today...
I don't care what happens to me in future.
But I won't leave this city.
This is my city, my home.
If a person like you can live here, why should I leave my
Hello, stop!
We've to go to the hospital...
The bullet grazed by.
How come you didn't see who shot you?
Do you have his name or address?
I don't know, sir.
I have no idea.
We're outside the hospital.
Call someone from inside and get your dad admitted.
I'm leaving.
Miss you.
Boss, who was the one who dropped you to the hospital?
I don't know. But Rahul and I are fine.
Listen, they're near KV Nagar bridge.
Bring them to the garage. They're done for.
Hey, Listen!
How are you related to the one you brought here?
You saved his life by risking yours.
I thought you guys are related.
No, I don't even know his name.
- Hello. - So much happened with you...
...and you didn't even tell me!
I don't care. I'll convince dad somehow.
Just come back.
No, I have understood...
It is the courage that matters in Mumbai.
I am worried about you.
I'm telling you, I'll speak to dad.
Please be careful.
You never listen to me. I did warn you...
There's nobody outside.
He must've left.
What was his name?
I don't know his name.
Please hand me the phone when you're done. I've to make a
call please.
Use this phone.
- You're in the hospital, right? - Tell me.
- Visit the doctor again tomorrow. - Don't worry.
Everything's fine.
- Tomorrow. - I'll go.
Is the child safe?
- Yes. - You'll go, right?
- Thank god. - I will.
That new employee in your office is here. I'm handing over
his stuff.
Meaning? Who are you talking about?
Tell me his name at least.
- Call me tomorrow. - Okay.
- Hope you're eating on time. - I'll call you back.
Bro, your...
Which one?
The one in the blue shirt.
- What's his name? - I don't know.
Forget all that and tell me your name.
- My name is... - Hey blue shirt!
You threw acid on the bus, right?
You were acting brave at that time.
Now face him.
Uncle, give me something to eat.
Want more?