Mumbai's King (2012) Movie Script

You were the one who hit me there, right?
There. When I was selling balloons.
You hit me and ran away, right?
No, I didn't.
I saw you. And your vest was the same.
I was with Salman, buddy.
Don't drive me crazy.
It wasn't Salman, it was you.
Had you lent your T-shirt to someone?
-This one?
Get lost.
No, it was you.
Where are you going?
Back from selling balloons.
-From where?
-There. Where I ran into you.
-How much did you sell the balloons for?
Eat this.
-Forty rupees gone.
-Forty rupees?
How much did you buy them for?
-How much did you buy them for?
-Sixty rupees.
We'll sell them for seven rupees each
and keep the commission.
I just took a vada.
-From where?
-From the shopkeeper.
Put half in your pocket,
come we'll sell balloons
and keep the commission.
If it rains?
Won't you shut it?
As though water will go inside.
We'll put it in a bag and hide it.
-Yeah, come.
It's about the TV.
Yes, come in.
Oh, boy!
I will not be able to fix this.
It's not this one. It's inside.
Come. Come on.
All right.
Here you go.
-Can you switch that off?
Did you find out what was wrong?
-It's done.
-What was it?
A wire was broken.
I fixed that, it's done.
One could only see lines on this.
You couldn't see the picture.
It will be fine now. A wire had come out.
I have fixed it.
Oh, my God!
What is this?
There must be a short circuit.
-It will be okay. Don't worry.
-How will it be okay?
It will be. I'll do it.
Do have any idea? My mother-in-law
gave it to my wife in the dowry.
Now it will lead to a world war. Get out!
Why do you do it when you don't know how?
Pick up your things and get out.
I'll fix it.
You won't be able to. Pick up your things.
What are you saying?
We'll get food and drink at the masjid.
That we'd be able to eat
and drink what we want.
Oh, man.
Get up.
Keep standing.
This will look nice.
Here, take the balloon. Take!
No one is buying the balloons.
Aunty, do you want a balloon? No?
-What will you eat?
-Food and tea.
We're going to have food on top.
-Did you get hurt?
-Let's go.
-We're going to have food.
-We're going to have food.
-Will you also eat?
-I will also eat.
-Open the latch.
Babu is hungry.
Sit down. Sit, all right?
Sit down!
You want to eat papad?
You want to each chocolate? Which one?
-The big one.
-Big one?
Which one?
-This small.
-This small?
What are you picking up from the garbage?
Keep quiet.
Why are you rooting through the garbage?
Can't you find a soft box elsewhere?
-At a shop--
You, garbage rat, what are you doing?
Tell me.
I will use this.
For what? Tell me, garbage rat.
You keep quiet, Hyderabadi.
Why are you calling me Hyderabadi,
Are you from Hyderabad, huh?
What are you doing?
It'll tear, it's wet at the bottom.
Shut up, buddy.
Now close it.
Are you going to fill it
and give it to someone?
As a gift?
Why are you keeping it here?
Do you want to hurt someone?
Just come with me and watch the fun.
-Did you get hurt?
-Move aside.
-Hey, you.
-What is it?
-Come on, give it.
-Give what?
-Orange, come on.
Orange? Does this look like
an orange market?
Just get it, don't play act.
-You have money?
-I'll give you a kiss, let's go.
You wait. Wait outside.
Like he's got treasure inside.
Here, take this.
What lousy stuff you're giving!
What is this color?
Where did you get it from?
I peed in it. Do you want it?
Yeah, that's why your alcohol
looks like donkey pee.
-Give it back.
There are two. There are two.
Keep it, buddy.
Yapping at me!
Brother, the wheel's spinning.
Shall I knot it? Huh?
Shall I knot it?
Shall I knot it?
You know how?
Don't do it.
It's the season to blow balloons
Otherwise it was so different
Sit there.
Turn your head there. I'll kick you
so that even your body will not be found.
-Come here.
-Yep. Coming.
You're right in front of me. Speak.
You mother...
Arbaaz, how much business did you do?
Sixty rupees.
Then let's go eat something,
I'm very hungry.
No, milk, sugar, tea have to be bought
for the house. Plus oil and wheat flour.
Why? Oil?
-Yes, oil.
-There'll be money left, come.
-Let's eat something.
Won't you keep it at home for the morning?
Not for the morning.
I've been out of the house, buddy.
I am helpless, too. I need money for home.
Don't you run a tab with someone?
No one gives. They say balloon sellers
don't return the money.
All right. Then what do we do?
-What do we do?
-Come, that one.
-Oh, that?
-Come on!
-Come, let's go then.
-How much for potatoes?
-Twelve rupees per kilogram.
-Sixteen rupees for a kilogram.
What else do you want?
Besides potatoes and onions,
do you have anything else?
I just asked since you may need
something else too.
I also have to buy from other stores.
But you have only potatoes and onions.
I don't have it, I know, brother.
Give a kilogram of each.
Give the money.
-Take the money tomorrow.
Take the money tomorrow.
Now, not tomorrow.
Give me the money or move on.
I'll give it tomorrow, buddy.
Who's seen tomorrow.
Do you have money today?
If I don't have it today
does it mean I won't have it tomorrow?
How do I know I'll see you tomorrow?
-Shall I show you my house?
-Come see where I stay.
-No needed. Just get money.
I'll come here and give it to you.
No. If you have it now, we can talk.
I'll give it in some time.
-Then return in some time.
-After one hour or so.
And the food will be ready, then
I would have done some selling and pay.
Have I taken your contract
that you will cook and eat
and I will give you credit?
If I give you the money--
No. Go on. If you have money, get it.
I'll pay you in some time.
I don't have a farm, buddy.
You give it, loaning is bad work.
-Okay, I'll get the money.
-Yes, go get it.
There are ants, buddy!
There are ants there, buddy!
Now you search, jerk.
Look for matches.
Otherwise I can't roast them.
We forgot to get the matches, buddy.
What is this, you twit?
What is the gang doing?
Salman, you came at just the right time.
-Gimme a match.
-But what are you doing?
Roasting potatoes. Gimme a match.
Roasting potatoes.
Just one will do for me.
Come on, we'll share.
-It's a blessing. Roast the potatoes...
-Light it slowly.
-Light it at the bottom.
-I'm lighting it.
-Do it right.
-It went out.
-Light the fire properly.
-Light one at a time.
First light the paper, buddy.
Yes, light the paper. You do it.
Take this.
-Give me.
-Give, I'll do it.
Come on.
If it doesn't get lit,
I'll beat you a lot.
Here, let me light it.
-Do you know how to light?
One potato less for him.
One potato less for you.
One potato less for you.
He used so many matches,
why haven't you cut one from his share?
My potato, doesn't matter how many,
it will be my feast.
Light it.
It won't light like this.
It will--
Unfold the paper entirely.
Why, you mother...
Unfold the paper entirely.
-You guys don't know--
-Where did you get wet paper?
-Go, Hyderabadi, get better paper.
-Get lost.
-Give, give it to me.
-It's dry paper.
We'll try again with this paper.
Hold this,
we'll try with this till he returns.
I got this. Stop, stop.
Don't ruin the tinder.
This is good.
Wait, keep this on top as well.
Jerks, who will get salt
and chilly powder?
Oh, boy!
We forgot that.
Go, get it from your house.
You must have it at home.
My house it too far away.
Rahul, get it from your house.
Okay, now I'll have to go.
We'll light the fire,
till then you go and come back. Go.
-Okay, cool.
-Hurry back.
-It's lit.
-Put it in quickly.
Don't you know how to light a fire?
-What are you doing, Rahul?
-Nothing, Mom.
Get Babu dressed.
The minute I come home,
you give me a chore.
Such a tiny chore.
I've made red lentils for you, eat. Okay?
It's what we have everyday.
Rahul, give Dad water.
Wear this. Here you go.
Oh, Babu.
-One minute. Help him with the shirt.
What is this?
Is that how you serve it?
When does one serve it like that?
-Is that how you serve it?
-I don't know.
-When does one serve it like that?
-I don't know.
-You don't know?
-When one shits.
-What did you say?
-When one shits.
-Am I here to shit?
-How many times have I explained, huh?
Is that how you serve water?
Where do you roam all day?
Nowhere. No.
-You smoke cigarettes with Salman, right?
-No-- when?
-You smoke cigarettes. Tell me the truth!
Why did they throw you out of the school?
Don't go to school,
roam around the whole day.
Don't look at me. I'll break your legs
if you leave the house again.
You won't even make it as a TV mechanic.
Go, sit there. Ruining my peace of mind.
Leave it, he's a child.
Here, have a chocolate.
Done? Today's job? Did you get paid?
How is that possible?
You nagged me first thing in the morning.
Why are you laughing? Show me your teeth.
-Show me your teeth.
Show me your teeth. Leave it?
-I've stopped it.
-Have you applied masheri?
Leave it? You smell really bad.
-Leave it?
-Even I smell something bad.
Laughing a lot? You're laughing a lot?
Shall I hit you?
Grabbed my hand? You grab my hand!
You come here.
Talking a lot, using your hands a lot.
He used to do the same to my mother.
Son of a bitch!
Hey! Don't interfere, understood?
Hey, Rahul!
Stop, Rahul, stop!
-It's been so long and Rahul has not come.
-He'll come.
Forget it. I'll take my share and go.
-He'll come with the salt--
-No, it's been too long.
I'll eat it there.
But it's so late. Why hasn't he come?
I'll eat there, I'm taking my share.
Yes, buddy--
I'm taking the matches as well. Okay?
Hey, Rahul!
Hey, Rahul, what happened,man?
Rahul, what happened, man?
What happened, man?
Hey, Rahul.
Hey, Rahul. I've untied the ropes.
What the hell happened, Rahul?
Hey, Rahul.
What happened, Rahul? Hey, Rahul.
Everything was alright till now.
Rahul, Rahul!
Rahul? Hey, Rahul!
What's going on, buddy?
You're sleeping like it is nighttime.
Who tied you up?
You're sleeping like it is nighttime.
It's evening and the mosquitoes
are biting. Why and who tied you up?
My father.
Why did he hit you? Your father is a jerk.
You go home saying, "I'll be right back.
I'll get salt and pepper."
You come and are almost unconscious.
Mosquitoes are biting
and I have to wave my hands about.
Come on, I've roasted
the potatoes. We'll eat.
-I don't want to eat.
-You won't eat?
There is a movie on about Ganapati,
let's go see it.
We'll go see the movie.
Come on, buddy, get up.
-What are you looking at?
I swear I'm going to beat
the shit out of your father.
You will beat my father?
-You're laughing?
-Shut up.
What if I do?
And what if I really beat your father?
Don't waste your life on that bastard.
Come. The dogs in my neighborhood
are taller than you. Understood?
I'll make your father
run among the dogs and beat him.
Apply here as well.
Just a little bit. Enough, enough,
just a little bit.
Hey, get lost!
Sister-in-law, Pappu has come down here.
-Pappu has come.
-What, buddy?
Oh, my God! Look.
Easy does it.
Bhabhi, he fell asleep there
after drinking booze.
Thank you, brother.
Who is it?
Your wife.
-Take the slippers off.
-Slippers, no.
Slippers, no. Slippers.
Hello, hello, hello! That boy has sent it.
At least wait for me,
running for no reason.
Why did you give her a balloon in my name?
You are the one who told me.
-I'll slap you below the ear!
-Come on, buddy.
When did I say it?
-You said you like her--
-Yes, I like her, so you--
What else to do other than give a balloon?
I thought you'd see, so I thought--
Get lost.
"Hello, have some chocolate,"
is that how you'd call?
You said that boy gave the balloon,
what was written on it?
You were standing near the tank,
so I pointed at you.
So then you--
You follow her, so I thought it was love.
And she turns to stare, too. So--
Don't do such crazy things.
They'll throw me in jail.
She felt shy when I gave her the balloon.
And you felt shy
and slipped off into the lane like a girl.
Slipped away?
You wanted me to stand there?
...will you have chocolate
and she'd slap twice.
Why did you run with me?
Once you ran, why should I stay?
You should have gone with her.
She is not my girlfriend.
As if she's mine. If her mother
comes after me, I'll tell her you--
-Yeah, we'll see about that.
-What shit.
We should get you married.
Get married? You should come.
I'll come in between to beat
and to eat a little...
-Come, dude.
Have you seen Rahul anywhere?
Have you seen Rahul anywhere?
I saw him at the festival spot.
He's been missing from home
for three or four days.
I don't know if he'll return...
I saw him at the festival spot...
Don't know if he's still there.
Rahul, it's really late, buddy.
Let's go home and eat well.
You go and eat, I don't feel like it.
Come, let's eat together.
Aren't you hungry?
What is your mom making? What will it be?
She said in the morning
that it will be mutton gravy.
Yes, mutton. Come, let's go eat together.
-Salaam Walaikum, Aunt.
-Walaikum as salaam.
Mummy, get the food out. Sit, we'll eat.
We should wash out hands.
-Give the glass.
-Take the glass and wash hands.
I'll have rice. What will you have?
-Vegetables and flat bread.
-Vegetables and flat bread?
Give him vegetable fritters and flat bread
and give me lentils and rice.
Take one bread.
No, I don't want.
Give some onion too.
-Don't you want rice?
-Just a little. Little.
Give him a little rice.
Enough. This is all right.
We'll sleep.
Rice and lentils are good, right?
Rahul, sleep in here.
-No, I'll sleep in the rickshaw.
-Sleep here.
Go in the morning.
When he goes to work, you go with him.
Also, it's gotten really late.
The dogs will come after you and bit you.
I'm telling you.
There is a dog here. Sleep here tonight.
Sleep here tonight.
Give me her bottle.
Hey, what are you doing here?
Is this a place to sleep?
Come on, get up. Come on, get up.
Get out of here, get out of here. Go.
What are you doing? What?
-What is yoga?
You won't understand, son.
Selling balloons early in the morning?
Children go to school
at this time and can buy.
If I have them, the children--
Kids will go to school or buy balloons?
They can play with them
on their way to school.
You think very far. What is your name?
-How long have you been selling balloons?
Since I was nine. For three years now.
I've been selling balloons.
How many siblings? How many siblings?
One sister, five brothers.
-Oh, my God!
You should have given one balloon
to your father.
Why? So that you didn't have to
sell balloons today.
Pick him up. Don't make him do this.
He doesn't listen.
Will you send him to school
or will you make him do this stuff?
-Leave it.
-He's left it.
Sir, please give money today.
You want money? How many days
did you take off this month?
-Only four.
-Only four?
There is no one in my house
to do the cleaning.
Shall I dock your pay?
-Whatever you think is right.
This is the last time. From now on,
I will dock your pay.
It's your festival, I know you need it.
How much do I give? How much is it?
-Seven hundred? Huh?
Money doesn't come out of my pocket.
Here, take it. Count it. Okay?
Come on, Arbaaz, hit it.
-I had some business with you.
-With me? What?
There is something.
-I won't help you.
-Just listen to me.
Why should I listen to you?
At Kohiba Double you were talking a lot,
saying I cry, I do this, I do that.
Why should I listen to you?
You were also at fault.
It was your fault too, let the past go.
Because of you none of the friends
are playing with me.
I'm sorry, buddy. Just listen to me.
Tell me your problem.
You know what happened
in my house earlier, with my mother.
Yes. Tell me.
I want to get my father beaten.
Okay, we'll beat him.
Plan something.
I'll need to think. Need to plan
and then beat him.
You'll have to play with me for money
for this.
-Kohiba Double.
-Call it.
-Hit the last one.
-Brother, double, okay?
-Yes, come.
-I'm asking for 50.
Betting 50?
-Remember it. Don't forget.
Damn. Here.
-It's double.
-Yes, go on. 100.
I'm asking for 100 rupees. First give it.
-I'll give, play.
-What is this?
-This is why I didn't want to play.
-Okay, I'll give it.
Not me. I will not raise it beyond 150.
I'll give it when I get it. Go.
-Oh no. Give me money.
-I'll give it when I get it.
No, give my money now.
I don't have it, go.
-Show me your pocket.
-Don't check my pocket.
-Why not?
-Don't check my pocket.
Then why do you play?
-I'll give it when I get it.
-No, give the money.
Give it.
-Give the money.
-I'll give it when I get it.
-I'll give it when I get it.
-I'll give it when I get it.
I'll give it when I get it.
See? He ran away.
Where will he go? He will not be able
to escape us, this Salman.
I know he won't escape.
But we should see him at least.
I'm here to beat your father, too.
We'll beat him together.
-Who? My father?
-You child!
-I'm serious, I want to beat him, too.
-Be quiet and come.
Don't cry, don't cry.
Give it, give it here.
Don't take it all.
I need for Babu's medicine and his milk.
He cheats, he did not give me
the 100 rupees.
I was returning from selling balloons,
and he said we'll play for money.
I said, "Yes, we'll play."
I told him to wait at the playground,
and I would get 20 rupees.
So I brought 20 rupees.
First he won 10 rupees
then I won the 10 back.
And then I won 10 more rupees from him.
Then he said--
Deal for me, too.
Deal for me well. Jerk.
-Hey, you.
-What is it now?
-Where is he?
Where is my eldest son?
-Where did you leave him?
I didn't leave him anywhere. Don't hit me.
-You smoke tobacco?
-I don't smoke tobacco.
You smoke tobacco, you jerk.
I don't take him to smoke tobacco.
-Don't play act. Where is he?
-I don't know. You go look.
Why are you hitting me?
Why should I get him?
Get him now.
Your kid doesn't hang with me,
why should I?
-Get him now.
-He's not with me.
-Go now and get him.
-He's not with me.
-Don't play act.
-I'm telling you.
I'll hit you again. If you argue,
I'll hit more and you'll become wiser.
Don't hit me, go and look for him.
Hey, come on, come on.
Will you bathe?
Hey, come along.
Look inside that pink flower,
there's a black fly. Look.
-Get a stone.
-Show me.
Give me one more.
Wait, wait.
It's not coming out, I think it's stuck.
All right. Fly!
Uncle, how much is the tea?
Tea, three rupees.
-And Parle?
-Five rupees.
Give two teas.
We can come in the morning, too.
We're hungry in the morning.
It's very nice.
Will I get it tomorrow as well?
Why should I buy always?
Tomorrow you do it.
Okay. All right.
We'll have two teas tomorrow.
-Two biscuits and snacks tomorrow.
Yours is coming. See.
-She is coming.
I don't know. Her. Can't you see her?
-Ah, look at that!
-Come on, come on!
-How much is it?
-Twelve rupees.
Salman, give me my money.
Hey, Salman!
-Salman, give me the money...
Rahul, stop. Babu, I'll be right back.
Stop, Rahul!
Salman, give me my money.
Salman, give me my money. Hey, Salman!
Stop! Rahul!
Salman, give me my money.
-Give the money.
-I don't have it.
When I had it, I looked
and you weren't there. What can I do now?
You had it and looked for me? Give me
my money, I want my money.
How can I give it? I don't have it.
How can you give it?
One, you took the money and ran and
now are being difficult. Give the money.
What does this mean? Your money--
I have information, if you waive
the money, I'll tell you.
Yes, tell me.
I'll tell you where your father is.
-My father?
Where is he?
He's dancing to the DJ music
there. Coming?
You will have to help.
If you forgo the money, I will help you.
I'll forgo the money. But if you don't,
it will be double.
Look, he's gone to the hut to drink.
-I'll give it to him.
-When we get the right moment.
Hit him.
Hit him.
-Keep hitting him.
Let him go! You?
Where is Babu?
I left him at the shop.
You don't have any sense, do you?
Hurry up and get him!
Hey, baba!
Why are you crying, Babu?
Why are you crying, Babu? What happened?
Where is your mother?
Now don't cry!
Why did you let go of his hand?
He must he around here somewhere,
he'll return. Go, make me tea.
Go on!
Let's go look for him.
Have you eaten it all?
Now say, Lord Ganapati, come soon!
Lord Ganapati. Fold your hands like this.
Fold your hands. Yes, like this.
-Now say, Lord Ganapati...
-Come soon!
-Aunty, have you seen Babu?
-No, I haven't.
Don't cry. Why are you crying?
What's the use of crying now?
You are the one who let of of his hand.
This is happening because of you,
and you are the one who is crying?
-Because of me?
-Of course!
Rahul ran away because of you.
I was running after him.
It's all happening because of you.
It's happening because of me?
Because of me?
I'll do what the first one did.
Go and die!
Hitting a woman. Drunk jerk!
Go, take her home.
I'll go search for the kid. Go on!
Does it look like Ganapati, or not?
It's done really well.
-This is your younger brother.
-Who is this?
-My younger brother.
Your brother? He's been crying there
since morning. Do you know?
No, sir, I just...
Can't take care of a child?
-In the future, take care of him.
-Yes, sir.
He was roaming around.
He is cute.
Hit them!
Look, how jealous they are. Hit them.
Hit him as well. Hit him as well.
-Where have I had booze?
-Drink it peacefully.
I'm drinking.
Hey, Pappu. It's foreign booze today!
-Come on.
-Drink one and go.
-Drink one.
-It's foreign and not domestic.
Sit, sit, sit.
Nectar, it's nectar. Foreign nectar.
It'll relax you.
It'll take you to foreign lands
without a passport.
Let's go look for wood in the sea.
-Come on, let's look.
-Take a laddoo.
Here, have a laddoo. Come, have a laddoo.
Take it.
What happened?
Look, a lion!
I don't know. Looks like gold,
but no one's looted it.
Wait, come here.
You bastard.
Hey, crazy!
-What are you doing?
-Hey, what are you doing?
Let it go. Come along, buddy. Let it go.
Look, Babu, a Babu like you.
Come along.
-Lord Ganapati...
-Come soon!
Bye! Bye!
The water will go back up...
Salman, take Babu home.
-You won't come?
-I won't come.
-Why not?
-I'll sleep somewhere here.
-Come along.
-Try and understand.
Come on, come on.
-Come on.
-Understand, understand.
Go. Babu, Babu. Hey, bye.
Babu! Babu, my son.