Mummy's Boys (1936) Movie Script

Mummy's Boys
Screan Play by
Jack Townley, Philip G. Epstein,
Charles E. Roberts
Story by
Jack Townley and Lew Lipton
Professor Edward, sir.
Hallo, Barney. Good evening,
Mari. - Good evening, professor.
Thank you.
It's horrible, isn't it?
But there is no
choise. I'm scientifc.
People seem to die,
without any reason.
Well, in this case, seems
to be there is a reason. not will begin
to believe in this curse.
Curse? I don't know.
Year ago when we...
king's tomb, 14 of us, ... superstition.
... is left, 4 are still gone.
- Are you read the coroner statement?
Dead is of same
causes, same like others.
Yes. Same as the others.
I'm feartfull it wouldn' so.
Heven knows who may be next.
I'm feartful for Mari.
- I know how you feel about Mari,
but what can we do?
I'm going to return everything
we took from that tomb.
It may satisfied whatevery force...
- whatevery force, my hat.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, whatevery force.
(?)... belong to science, you can't
be serious about returning them.
So serious, that I already arranged
expedition to return things in Egypt.
I invite you to
a company with me.
Will you go?
You go to a
new expedition, yes! (?)
But to return all things,
no. Whole idea is childish.
Well, I'm sorry
you feel that way.
Now, look at Barney.
Let's loolk at this sensibly.
A respected intelligent scientist
fell for nothing but superstition
Ho, ho, ho ho. King pharatime's
curse. Ho, ho, ho ho.
Everyone will laugh . (?)
- Aaaaah!!!
Sleep baby, sleep
# close your brown eyes
# angels are watching you
# Avava, vu, avava, vu
holy ...
Are you sleep jet?
Oh, there is no use.
Something lacked.
Maybe is because
my mother always use to
kiss me before I get fall in sleep.
O, yeah? Well, I'll be
God damned if I do that.
Hey, you bamps.
What's idea?
That's nothing boss.
You see, m yang friend
is completely innocent.
See like this.
- O, yeah?
Like what?
It's your fault. Why don't
you look where he's throwing?
- Yeah, you now what?
Stanley, you always forget things.
What's is layng
dawn at job?
Well, if we can only
sleep on mnute or two.
Yeah, then when I wake up I can
remember what I forgot just like that.
In tis case, he
forgot where he put lunch.
Lunch! It isn't
jet lunch time.
Well, it will be after
time when he is sleeping.
I will fire both of you.
Now you go sleep.
# Sleep pretty well sleep
# use your brothers
angels watching you
# Avava, vu, avava, vu
archeologist on expedition to Egypt.
3100 Wanut Drive, Flushing, Long Island.
Hey! Look at ths.
Hey! Wake up!
Wake up! Look at ths!
Wake up!
- Now I reember.
Yeh? Well, forget it.
My boy, from now one,
we're gonna do big dig in Egypt.
Any ... than... is better.
You are about to
lose couple of good man.
We are resigning.
...Never mind.
It's a nice house.
My boy, I'm about to
replace my proper.... (?)
You not saying about sending
in jail, aren't you? - Quiet, quiet!
The first thing you know is giving
me wrong impression of myself.
What a... head.(?)
I see a gay headick?
- Very ard, ser he is Egyptian. (?)
Don't Egyptians have headaches?
- They have headaches and you don't have a brain.
Is he on the job too?
- From the area of Africa,
Egyptians are only one engaged, sir. (?)
Is that so? Well, you just put
on, and tell them
That Browning need a couple
more Egyptians be engaged. (?)
Very well, sir, you
can go inside. - Thank you, wigan.
The name is Cendall, sir.
Well, Mr. Wigan, very nice.
... sir, the name is Cendall.
We'll ... later. In the
meantime, good man,
- Very well, sir.
You call...?
- I supose not, sir.
Two more applications, sir.
Have them come in.
- Very well, sir.
Hi, man. Hiya.
... traying to be egiptyan excavators.
... to small.
This is my asociate Mr. Right,
also ... speak full.
How you do?
- How you do?
This is Dr. Stern.
- You know Egypt?
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Do we know Egypt?
Way, me and Egypt
are just like that.
Yeah, here is... right here.
I know everyone
in old Europe.
But Egypt is in Africa.
A..., ha, ha, ha. How
....ship on you.
Of course you understand
that it will be hard jeeps,
a desert, heat, durst...
- Durst? Hoh! Don't give me that.
You know, before I was born,
my mother was ... by a canon.
And now I can
go seven days without water.
Also salt.
- Also salt.
Very well.
Sign your name right there.
I'm stuck.
- What do you mean?
I can't remember my name.
... Sleep, pritty one, s...
come on, get up from there.
Right up stand right. That's right.
We leave first thing in the morning.
Gentleman... my daughter.
- How you do?
How you do?
A... I'm awfully glad you meet me.
I mean that... you should be
glad too I meet you.
I mean that, a...
What is Phillip?
- I... I can't sleep.
Now, look old man.
You must... opset you.
something's gonna happen.
Ho, ho. Way,
you're just nervous.
Hey! Hey! Hey.
I can't sleep.
What's idea to wake me
in the middle of the night?
I fright to let me.
What you want me to do?
Go out and speak to the...?
Wel, if I can' sleep, I wan't
be able to remember
what I wanna remenber.
What you wanna to remenber?
I forgot. - How you know
you wanna to remember anything?
Well, I know I wanna sleep,
and if I go sleep,
I will rememberr
somehing I forgot.
But now, I can't remember
what I forgot to remember.
Now I can't go to sleep.
I know! - You kow.
You know nothing!
You don't even know what 2 and 2 is.
O, I do know.
2 and 2 is, a...
2 and 2...
Ae we hit?
- I don't know, sir.
Whar happened? What
is hapen? - I don't know
I think we
Or something hit us.
Well, make up your mind,
will you, 'cos ... skiper. (?)
Hey! Wait for me,
will you?! Wait for me!
Boy! Boy.
Wait for a green ligh, will you?!
Miss Mari!
Miss Mari!
- What's wrong?
Boat is gonna sink!
She's gone, sir!
- She must b somewhere.
Come on, we'll find her.
This is serious, sir,
we are in danger.
Go be with passangers.
- I understand, sir.
First time I saw you...
I said to myself...
... I. (?)
I said to myself, a...
what... what I
was said to myself?
But, don't you remember?
- Dont you remember what I said mysef??
Oh, no. - Could you
tell me what we talked about?
Well, it isn't proper
for girl to...
Could you gve
me a little hint?
Well... well, what would
be a boy talkin about,
if he meat a girl
and hope it will long to live?
Insurance. I am a big
player in life insurance.
- Miss Browning...
I should ask you, a...
would you...
Are you..., Mr. Wright?
Now I remember!
2 and 2 is 4.
Now, a...
he, he... good night,
Mss Browning.
Thanks Haven you safe.
- I'm alright, father.
Mr. Wright gve
me a life jacket
he was reddy to save
me, if anything happen.
Boy, I can't tell
you how grateful I am.
Pretty close fall
isn't it, capain?
Of all m 2 years
as ship master
I never see such
luck on a single boy...