Mundasupatti (2014) Movie Script

'At the end of
the British rule in 1947...'
'...I was in India for
astronomical research'
'I went to a small village in South India
which was tilled with superstition'
'The people in the village thought,
I was a British officer'
Everyone greet the officer
'I was the first person to
capture them in a camera...'
'...the people possessed a lot of fear'
'They saw the camera
as a strange object'
'During that time, there had
been an outbreak of disease'
'Which had taken
the lives of many people'
'Due to the lack of awareness...'
'...they couldn't understand why
so many people are dying'
'Being superstitious, they
blamed the photograph'
'During that time...'
Oh My God! There is
an epidemic outbreak in our village
Please do protect us
'A bandit group had come to rob
the statue in there temple'
This idol is the only
hope for our village
Guys, just move away and give us space to
pick up the idol without any damages
Please don't take it away, we will
give you everything we have got
I will kneel down and request
Why do you have to
kneel and request?
Please tell them not to hurt
Please do tell
Please tell them
not to take away our hope
I will give you anything you ask for,
Please don't take the idol
Until I am alive,
You can never take it away
Oh God, please save us
You saved us all, My Lord
"You rose for us from the sun
You're our sole companion"
'Just as I how calculated,
Meteorite from space hit the village'
'Immediately after this happened,
the people were cured'
'They began to worship the meteorite'
"You rose for us from the sun
You're our sole companion"
"You're our saviour
You're our utmost wealth"
"You're the healer, worries are
farther when you are with us"
"You're the healer, worries are
farther when you are with us"
"Bless the village,
to enthral the folk"
"And shower us Your grace"
"You brought us rain
You brought us wealth and peace"
"You'll be an eternal soul
You're the light of our lives"
"You rose for us from the sun
You're our sole companion"
"You're the healer, worries are
farther when you are with us"
'The villagers forced me
out of the village'
'But I was able to take some samples
of the meteorite for my research'
'Of my research, I found that meteorite
contains many priceless materials'
'But I didn't want to
break up people's belief'
'So I didn't tell anything
about this to the government'
The village name - 'Mundasupatti'
Sathyamangalam, 1982
'Sri Hollywood Studio'
Owner: Mr Gopi
Experience: 10 years
- Is it Gopi?
- Yes speaking
- Immediately have to take a photograph
- Sorry, our office won't work today
Please don't say that,
I can even pay you more
No way, our hero's movie
is releasing today
Without even brushing the teeth,
Guys have gone to buy tickets
I heard you're the best
photographer in this district
Since morning, I've been waiting
in front of your shop
Okay, you'll find the keys
above the studio door
Open the door
and wait inside
- Do order for a tea in the nearby shop
- Sure! Thanks for coming
Senseless idiot,
want me to wait in this dark
Where will I find the switch?
I will switch it on,
You just come in
Brother, what are you doing here?
You spoke to me on the shop number,
So where do you expect me to be?
- Just come
- Okay, brother
Would you like to have a tea?
Good! You go and have it
I'll bath and come
Okay, sir
It's a family photo
Stay there
You guys ready?
Move to your right
Still move
Bit to your left
Yeah now come front
Dad, I wanna pee
Spread your legs and stand,
you won't pee
Fix your position
- I am the King of the world
- Super dude
Look there, most of
them went inside
If we had waited for the bike to start,
movie would have been over
Just because its our stars movie we
shouldn't have gone for all the shows
Tomorrow we are repeating the same
Your cousins, bro?
But their physique
doesn't relate to you
You said it's a minute
break and went
Is this a studio or a bathroom?
Urinated here
Master, your cousin-
Sir, we have reached the studio
As said by the fortune teller,
lam stepping into Hollywood today
Owner: Mr Gopi
lam coming
Take your tips
Hey, first give me
the rickshaw fare
Excuse Mr Rickshaw driver, why don't
you get my autographed cheque leaf?
Hey useless, your wallet
doesn't have 50 paise
But you sign autographs
What will you do for today's lunch?
I am going in for that
Don't be silly
Mr Gopi
How are you?
Welcome Eshwaran,
How are you?
- Please sit down
- I am seated already
I saw the board outside
It's very nice
Only if we can think big,
we can achieve our goal
Even I have thought
about changing my name
Then how about your
search for movie roles?
Brother, switch on that tan
Don't look at me, switch it on
Gopi, I only get double
hero subject scripts
Else I get a mini budget script
If not the story is very poor
So have decided to act only
in a heavy budget script
Thought you had a quarrel
outside for 50 paise
0h you heard that
I gave him the money
Let this be within us
Hey, switch off the fan
Please don't switch off
the fan, Gopi
I'll tell the truth
I have to live in front of
the AVM gates, if I wish to be a hero
If I go for auditions,
they bully me
It's been really difficult
How to become a hero
within 30 days?
That too the trouble from assistants
Too much nowadays
- Okay, what's the name of your village?
- Gopi, don't talk about my village
They are the ones who buried
my interest in movies
At least there you can do farming
and live with respect
Until my movie runs
successfully for 100 days
Will never step back
That's why I have come to you
Please do shoot a few
good photographs of me
That's alright! Have you got
money to pay for the photos?
- Definitely, how much?
- 5 copies cost you 5 rupees
What will you give for one rupee?
Will give you the film negative
Is that, okay?
That's okay! They can see me
in that negative right
Even a handsome guy would look
like a devil in his negative
You look like a devil already,
think about your negative
Go and get 5 rupees
Have come without
money to the studio
Gopi, just for 5 rupees your
assistant has insulted me
I'll come back within
a week with 50 rupees
Let me see what you
will do at that time
All the best
Switch off your fan
Take the camera
Hey Alagumani, it's a girls school
Just come and do you work alone
Don't doubt my character master
Girls, we won't
get back our school life
It's good to have a photo
to cherish our memories
So we are gonna have
a photo session today
They are the photographers
- it will take at least 2 weeks
- It's okay, let me inform HM
Okay, I'll do my best
When you are gonna
open your studio?
What will be your studio name?
- What's your name?
- Subbulakshmi
Let's keep it as
Subbulakshmi studio
Do add her mom's name as well
Hey Subbulakshmi, your mom's...
Still you don't know
how to put your underwear
You wanna start a studio?
Go and carry the bench
Never allow us to grow
I forgot the stand
Are you not coming
to take a photo?
I am asking you
- What did you say?
- I am not feeling well
Nothing will happen
if you take a photo, do come
No, I don't want
You've got a photogenic face
I don't want it
Please leave me
lam having headache
Very funny
It's me, right?
You didn't have a headache
when you drew this
Why it's a protruded nose?
Let's show this to your professor
and see what he comments about this
- Come, let's go to the HM
- No...please no
Then do come for
the photo shoot
"With expectations mounting
All I face is disappointment"
"I am uncomfortable
I burn within...l fall...l cry"
"You've taken my heart away"
Be ready, don't move
and don't close your eyes
All should look at the camera
Why don't you sell this bike
and let's go by walk?
All vehicles will drain petrol
when they move
But this one drains petrol
even when it's parked
This bike is drunkard master
- Hey Alagu
- What?
Hey Ezhumalai, do come
and get your photograph
It doesn't matter if the photo
is with you or me
Just keep it safe,
will get it later
Senseless idiot, will stick your
photo in the men's restroom
- Hey Alagu
- What?
I have to tell you something,
don't mistake me
Tell me
We took a photo in the school
In that one girl didn't turn up
for the photo shoot
IS it?
She said she was not feeling good
But the moment I saw her,
I was completely blank
Her eyes were speaking something
Won't she speak with her mouth?
When I looked at her, I felt
a butterfly effect down my stomach
Where you hearing
a rumbling noise?
Then what, you asked me to do
work and you did the rest
Hey not like that
We can even give away our
Hollywood Studio for her eyes
Look at the consequences
Don't think yourselves to
be the MD of AVM studio
Let me tell you something
Don't get into trouble
in the name of love
Photo has come out well
Girls, do give a big hand of
applause for the photographers
Master, are we showing
some circus stunts here?
Sir, distribute the photos to everyone
Let me show this to our HM
Hey Alagumani,
that girl is absent today
Could you please wait?
Haven't you brought
an another photo
- For whom?
- For Kalaivani
0h for her, but she wasn't
in the photo shoot
So what?
Won't you give?
She was waiting for the photo
She will have it to
cherish our memories
Don't worry, I will hand
it over to her tomorrow
No, she quit the school
Coming Friday is her wedding
- Wedding?
- Yes
She wants to study
but her parents forced her
She was eager to see the photo
If you've brought it yesterday,
you can give it to her
Teacher has come
Master, let's go
"Like the sweetness of water
that springs through the well"
"The ecstatic feel of love
for you passes through me"
"Every sip of it takes
my breath away"
'A few days later...'
Sir, lord has
come to meet you
Ask him to wait
Hey...hey, do your work guys
Your look makes
half the bottle empty
They are looking at the bottle
- Sir, photographer has come
- Ask them to be seated, I 'll come
- Okay
- Go
Master, look there
Yet to find one,
He has got four
Is that four?
I don't see any woman here
All of them eloped with somebody
- Welcome
- Greetings to you
Hey bring it
Why do you walk slow?
Have it
How is it?
Soup is very good,
Is it chicken?
- No, it's kittens
- Kitten?
Our Chinese guests told, drinking
kitten's soup increase your potent
From that day it's only kitten's soup
That's what you drink now
Initially it'll have a vomiting sensation,
But you'll get used to it
He will also vomit
It's carrot soup
Looks like he'll ask
for an another cup
I just had only 2 sips...
Hey Alagumani,
get me a cup of tea
Only 2 spoons soup
irritates my stomach much
I wonder what will happen
if I have a cup full
Is this a photo studio?
Come, sir
Do come inside
Go inside
Sit down
- Greetings!
- Tell me
Need to take a photo
Stamp, passport, group, family
single, double, master, full...which photo?
Don't want those
Just need to take a photo
Go inside
and comb your hair
O Kay
Where are you going?
- Come inside
- Why photograph me?
- Then whom should I?
- Our village leader
Village Leader?
- Where is the village leader?
- He is in the village
Won't he come?
He passed away
What are you speaking?
You want me to take
a dead body photo
Which village are you from?
Camera has its own respect
This week alone, we have 4
marriages, 3 shop openings
Have got lot of work to do
But, it's alright!
- Which village are you from?
- Mundasupatti
It's the next stop from
our Landlord's place
A little far away,
But I'll come for your sake
O Kay
What is he saying master?
Village leader has passed away
So we need to take a photo of him
Do you know his experience
and reputation?
I took the advance amount
Have some tea, sir
Good, in your village
you take photos even after death
We only take
photos after death
Why is it so?
If we take photo when we are alive,
We'll die because of some disease
Englishmen satellites are taking
photographs of the entire earth
Ohh! That's why we are not getting
adequate rain in our village
If you want rain,
Grow some trees
What is the connection
between rain and tree?
- 'French Connection'
- What is he saying?
He says connection
in such an accent
They won't listen even
if MGR comes and advice
- Are we going very slow?
- We are going really slow
Photographers have come
Why the village looks deserted?
Has everyone gone to the funeral?
Keep that photo box inside
Otherwise it's a trouble
No need to fear,
the photo box is inside only
- Why there was a delay?
- Bike was bit slow
For that you could
have come by walk
Being sarcastic
Bend and come
He is the leader of
Mundasupatti village
- Greetings
- Greetings to you
There is a small issue
Sir, is not dead yet
Can die anytime from now
- Then why did you call us
- We thought he would be dead by now
What's wrong with you?
Don't get angry his time is over,
he should die in a few minutes from now
Is he an Indian Airways flight
to take off in a few minutes?
Let's take a photo now,
At least we'll save time
You are trying to take
a photo and kill him
Hey don't frustrate me
He is half dead already,
why should we kill him?
- You...?
- Calm down
Are you threatening us?
Master give back
the advance and let's leave
Don't irritate us
Do you think we don't have
any other work to do?
"Like the sweetness of water
that springs through the well"
"The ecstatic feel of love
for you passes through me"
"Every sip of it takes
my breath away"
Even if it takes a decade,
we'll take the photo and leave
"With expectations mounting
All I face is disappointment"
"I wonder why a good sleep
Has become a far friend"
"I am uncomfortable
I burn within...l fall...l cry"
"You've taken my heart away"
Look here boys, this is
my great great grandfather
Great grandfather
My mother
At last grandfather
This is the last photo
captured in our village
All of them in the photo
died because of a disease
From then we never take
a photo when we are alive
All because of Englishman
During my father's days, Englishman
had come and took photographs
All who posed for the photo
died because of some diseases
It doesn't stop there
During my great grandfather days,
thieves have come to snatch our idol
Because of spirit of the sky only our
villagers lead a peaceful and contented lite
In fact India got independence
because of spirit of the sky
Hey Sudamani, come here
He is my son Sudamani
Should have seen
him in the path
Yeah we saw him,
producing manures
This is my daughter Kalaivani
She is the only girl from
Mundasupatti, who went to school
Looking at her horoscope...
...fortune teller said
she needs to go to school
For that reason
I sent her to school
Now it's her marriage,
so she quit the school
- When is the marriage?
- We have postponed it for a while
Postponed it!
Postponed it?
Don't ask about it
Last week a thunder struck our spirit
of the sky temple and did few damages
Without rectifying that, we wouldn't
do any functions in our village
That's why we have
postponed the marriage
We should do the amends
that's why the temple being locked
Sudamani, stop this,
they are scared
Crazy brother-in-law you've got
- Greetings uncle
- Welcome groom
He is my to be Son-in-law
He is Shanmugam
Greet you
Have bought a saree
for Kalaivani
IS it?
Kalaivani, come get the saree
Go, collect the saree
Don't you hear
them calling you?
Uncle, workers have come
Wait for a minute
I'll come
O Kay
Still angry with groom?
You stopped my education,
just because he asked you to
By this time my friends
would have wrote the exams
At last I didn't get
to meet them too
Just for rituals,
we sent you to the school
Groom said it's not required,
Then what's your problem
Guruji is coming,
Guruji is coming
Live a long-life
Just stop whining,
give this milk to grandpa
Master, just go and propose
your love for her
Her grandpa is in death bed,
Now you want me to propose
- Then he'll get up and slap me
- Just go, master
Hey don't push me,
lam nervous
Just go
If your grandpa dies...
...hope he'll be seated here
for a photo, right?
Propose her
Hope he doesn't like milk
Because it just
comes out of his mouth
You don't know
how to give it
Give it, I'll teach you
Just give it
- No
- Give it
Just look now
Have to hold tight,
open the mouth...
...and pour it down
Like this
How is it?
Grandpa wants to say something
Speak out grandpa
Seeing the way you proposed her
even the grandpa spat on you face
Do you want to have a soda?
Hey move and sit down
Is this an age to eat this snack?
Everyone in this
village looks like a fool
Why is that in every door
it's written 'Go back'?
Is that to notify
the relatives to leave
Don't mean that
In the midnight vampires come
and stand in front of our homes
Reading this, they
won't enter our homes
Even vampires know to read but
these buggers didn't go to school
What happened?
At last the thief
is caught red handed
- Come all of you
- Is the thief get caught?
Wait guys, I'll come back
Sir, early morning he was
roaming near the temple
He started running
the moment he saw me
He is not opening his mouth
how much ever we beat him
These guys need a good beating
Just Beating?
Wait and see
what is gonna happen
Guruji is coming
He has come
Why is he staring at us?
Uncle, let's punish him
as per our village rules
Only then others will fear
to do anything like this
Punishments for theft?
Lord, shall we seek permission
from Spirit of the sky?
Oh God!
Hey, bring the temple bell
The guru has hung the bell
When the lord
is there to feed us...
...why suffer by doing wrong?
The lord punishes
the wrong with a nose break...
...the infidel by
stopping the breath
For those who refuse to listen to the lord,
change the very nature of the being
...for that infidel creature,
give us your orders
Oh lord Spirit of the sky
All women and children
leave immediately
Leave...leave soon
Are they gonna undress?
Break his bones like that,
will he do any wrong again?
They broke the hand because
a bell tolled due to the wind
Master, we are rushing back home
We will finalise the horoscope
we got from Udumalaipet
You scared?
Once you fall in love... shouldn't fear even if your
hand breaks or your leg breaks
Don't worry, I shall
save you at all cost
Hey photographer
Master, no
Please tell me
Tell me
- Master
- Wait
That is...
I want to take a photo
Surprising, you have changed suddenly
She has gone to school right,
she would have become open minded
Close up shot or full size?
- Not me
- Then?
- This one
- This?
In your town, anything that is
photographed will die right?
Even this will die tomorrow
because, tomorrow this will be
served as a feast
Biriyani, is it?
This is my favourite goat
That's why I want it photographed
You know it's name?
- Subramani
- Subramani?
Okay, tie it to the tree
Hey, where is that girl?
Subramani, don't move
Smile once for the last time
- Have you taken the photo?
- Yes, please come
Okay, please put the camera inside
Please don't tell this to anyone
If my father knows, he'll kill me
I'll try
Then I don't have money for the photo
That's alright!
Don't worry
Okay, I'll take leave
Master, in the name of 'Hollywood Studio',
is it fair to take photos of goats?
I saw such a passion in your eyes
That's why I asked
You, come here
- Is he calling us?
- It seems like a graveyard
Are you the people who came to
photograph the old man?
The localities don't come this side or
they never speak to me
Since I saw new faces, I felt
like talking to you, hence I called
Sir, will anybody come to
the graveyard to talk?
It's not just because of graveyard
You see the old building there
20 years ago, that was the village school
In this village?
Yes, hearing the foolishness
of this village people...
...Kamarajar built
a school for them
But, not even a soul came
once to this school
Why so?
2 guys from the village
drank spurious liquor
from somewhere and went
to sleep in the school
Next morning, they were lying dead
coughing a lot of blood
Isn't this sufficient
for the village elders?
They spread rumors saying
it was act of satan
From that day, fearing the satan
no one comes this side at all
Wonder when they'll come good
- Hey Ganesa
- Yes, sir
Somehow you got the stone
You are very smart
Yes sir, this is child's play
Which this for your child's play?
What is that Ganesa, you have kept
your hand in the cradle?
That I had to fight 4 people
when getting the stone
You...4 people
you beat them?
That's why your hand is like that?
Why is the color fading?
Sir forgive me
In my fear I lied
Hey Ganesa, you are just a stone villain,
I'm a strong and long villain tell me
Sir, you are asking and
he is just blabbering
Shoot him in his mouth, sir
When there is a gun in the mouth,
you speak let's see
Go get me a hot soup!
Sir, we can't take the stone
that easily as you think
The lock of temple is like that
I've never seen such a lock in my service
Very old look looks like
Very strong lock, sir
Let my hand heal sir,
I'll take the stone definitely
The stone should not be
lifted Ganesa, you should be lifted
Come this side
- What did you do?
- I placed the soup
Will you keep like that?
Ask them to get stone,
they get some nonsense
They've got something
Cardboard, is it?
You cunny fellow!
They don't know it's a meteor
and they pray it as God
Meteor or washing stone, they are
going to pray at something as God
Long live
Will they research it otherwise?
Shut up and come
- What kids? Have you prayed?
- Yes, yes
What sir, everyone is sitting?
Are they serving food?
Food? No, for long life,
they are waiting to put flowers
If you want, I'll get
a seat for you
- Are you not putting flowers?
- I did it last year itself
In our village, fire walk is called
flower walk, similarly here too
No son, we never do such,
the legs will hurt right
It will affect our work
Your village people are very good
- Please sit! Okay sit there
- This side, is it?
Photographer is coming with a flower
- Keep quiet
- Please give me pongal
This is only for people who put flowers
Else we won't give anyone
- You put the flowers and give me pongal
- No, please put the flowers and come
Why are you not answering anything?
Are they going to cut my hair?
Pray well!
The coconut hit not only my skull,
my brain too
That's okay come
- Master, then okay
- They are serving pongal there
Now give please
For me?
Please see the head,
The damage is huge
Can't you give one more pongal free?
No, it will become a blasphemy,
put flowers and come, I'll give
These flowers are sufficient,
we can make a garland
- I've put flowers 6 times you?
- I've put 10 times
Seems like kid has a soft skull,
that's why he's bleeding
Please don't tell anyone about
photographing the goat
Sir, since your daughter asked,
I got it
Kalaivani, come here
Is it true what he's saying?
How many times to say
If anything happens
it is not good for God
That since it was my favourite
When I say don't grace near
the well, won't you listen
Since he was there, he saved the goat
from jumping into the well
If we feast on a hurt goat,
it is not good for God
Don't you know this?
Okay, go
Is this our Subramani?
Can't recognize him?
Son, need a small help
Need to take a photo,
don't tell our chief
I'll show a woman,
please take a photo of her
I'm not able to bear her torture
If she opens her mouth,
it'll be unbearable to listen to her
Only you should help
to close this
But in your village, if you
take photo they will die, right?
That's why I am asking you to help
If she dies of any disease,
nobody will doubt me, right?
- Why should anybody doubt you?
- She is my wife, son
Please keep this as an advance,
I'll give you the balance after the photo
Son, need a help
What? Do you need a photo?
Of whom?
My husband only, he is
always beating me
He'll be here somewhere,
please take a photo of him
Keep this
The guy who is standing there
It's him
That rose shirt, is it?
That is Palanisamy, don't
do anything to him please
The big moustache guy
next to him is my husband
Please ensure he dies in a week
You will be blessed
Hey these guys are
making me a mercenary
This is a good business master
You'll get from me
- Thanks
- Why?
I was afraid
you'll tell my father
That was for fun
Just a minute
Please take this
You still have this?
She too...such an idiot
I love you
- Sir! Sir!
- Oh my god
Good omen, man
"You are our king of kings"
"Where has your kingdom vanished?"
"You lived through our eyes
Where have you left us"
"Oh king of kings!"
"You are our Queen of queens"
"The one who took the breath away"
"I've whispered our desires
through your ears"
'I love you'
"You are the queen of nectars"
"The words that you uttered"
"The struggle you went through"
"You're my life
Rise up"
"My king of kings"
"Come for me"
"Give me a space in your heart"
"A word with you
A life with you"
"You and I are a destiny"
Take his photo, sir
Our chief should look like a lion
in the photo
For a lion, you should go to the forest
Chief, here is your weapon
Our chief will always be
with the weapon
You take the photo
Give me the camera man
Hey, where have all of them gone?
You take son,
we'll keep talking outside
Our village people are very clever, right?
You saw how they managed it?
"Time flies when I wait for you"
"I fly in happiness when I wait for you
To be with you always!"
"History will speak of us, Our relationship
is beyond conditions and reasons"
"Worries farther from me
when I am with you"
"Our Love is contagious"
"Never will it leave us"
"it will bind our bodies
It will rock our world"
"Love is not an easy-go-feel"
"I came to sing love duet ever"
Master, photo ready
They have brought the photo!
Great! You have done a good job
- Hey, ask everyone to come and see
- Okay sir
"You have to come for me"
"Let me into your heart"
"I am living this life
Just for your love"
"So we can live this life happily"
Please ask someone to bring water
What son, was the food okay?
It seems he ate too much vada(snacks)
Very happy son, I can give
whatever you ask
That is...
I want to marry your daughter
Why are you feeling shy about it?
I thought it was something very big
To give my daughter to an educated,
photographer like you will I refuse?
Kalaivani, do you like the groom?
Then what you wondering I agreed so
easily I know everything, son
Come, let's ask permission from
spirit of the sky and come back
- Master, all the best
- Go man
Kalaivani, come here
Sit down
- Brother, everything is spoilt
- Brother?
Brother, photo did
not expose correctly
"My sib is sleeping like a bud"
Boss, come here soon
Everything's spoilt, film didn't
expose well, the old man's face is not clear
Just now we took consent
from Kalaivani's father, right?
Hey! See what happened
Just now I washed the film,
he took consent it seems
Hey, my love is dependent on this
Our hands and legs are
dependent on this
they'll break our bones
if we don't give the photo
We'll dig out the body and
take the photo again
What son?
Did you forget anything?
What did you do to the chief?
- As per our tradition, we usually bury him
- Then we can take the photo
- But this time, we burned the body
- You burned him, is it?
Yes son, only then we can throw
his ashes all over the village
As per his wish see, we are
throwing the ashes everywhere
Only little is left, I'll throw these ashes
and come back
As if these guys are the Nehru family
If their ashes are spread across India,
as if there'll be so much harvest
Son, the village is waiting for
the chief's photo
Has it come well?
Yes, it has come out very well
Shall we give 'Missing' notice for
both of us in the local newspaper
Looks like we got to burn the roof
and go back to our native
Master! An idea
Shall we burn the studio and say
even the photograph got burned
Don't give stupid ideas!
Can we burn the studio fearing them?
If the studio burns, we can say the photos
got burned and get their sympathy
Saying this, we can
meet Kalaivani also
All that is going to burn
is few papers and films
Leave it to me!
I'll handle this
See in the morning,
now just sleep
As the candle burns and
comes near this string
it will fall on the paper below
and will burn entirely
Hey, when did you learn all this?
When I'm alone in the studio,
I've thought a lot like this
I have written in a notebook,
I'll share if need be
We'll switch off the main board,
only then fire won't spread
Hey tea shop, saloon,
we are going for a movie
If anyone comes, ask
them to come tomorrow
Hey Saravana,
Ravi, did you hear?
Why do you resort to violence?
Brother, the shop has
burnt, come fast
Success Alagu
We should drink tea on the way
Master, keep your face sad
as if there is a big loss
Get down
Oh my shop, my studio is burning
We set fire to our shop, right?
What this guy is coming from inside?
I came to get my photo
A fire started from the tea shop
I broke the lock and
extinguished the fire
Good thing, the main was switched off
Else my photo too would
have burnt down in the fire
He is the root cause for this
He is not Ezhumalai
He is Yeman
Sir, where is your notebook?
I have another idea also
Your idea is not required, shut up
Brother, my photo?
Thank God!
What Gopi?
Are you fine?
- Say one - Tea?
Here's the money you asked for
You insulted me for this, right?
Come and take my photo
- You have not changed is it?
- Never
I've earned this money
cleaning cow dung
Not only that, there's
another important thing
After the month of Thai, there'll be
3 guys on top in Tamil cinema
One is Rajinikanth,
other is Kamal Hassan...
...and the third is Munishkanth
- Who is that Munishkanth?
- It's me!
The astrologer has told me
What is the use banging
on the radio now?
Please come
and take photo fast
How many hurdles
before one comes to top?
Take his snap
and send him out
You insulted me
for five rupees-
You will take photos of school girls,
I should take photos of this joker, is it?
- Master,
- What?
Come here soon
Hey, what man?
Watch him closely
As if he is a glamour queen,
to watch him close
Can't you see the face cut
of the dead body?
Yes Alagumani, he looks just like
the dead body we took a photo of
Do you want tea or juice?
What Gopi, suddenly so much care?
- Munishkanth
- Yes
Acting is a penance
That penance is seen
on your face clearly
What man, you are
calling my face a frog?
Is it look like that?
See and say again, Gopi
Just a minute
Master, Alagumani speaking
Please tell me
The dead body has come
to us, don't leave it
IS it?
Hope you remember
what we spoke in dark room
- For that role?
- You got it
- Just talk about Bharathiraja
- For his movie?
That's a great opportunity
He would look at you agape
- I'll hang the phone
- Will let you know soon
Do come home
when you come here
My friend works as an
assistant for Bharathiraja
Oh Bharathiraja!
- Sir, tea
- Did you have?
Hey Alagumani, Bharathiraja is
gonna shoot a movie in our place
They need someone
to act as a dead body
Do we someone who can act?
- Brother
- Wait
Our meat shop brother
He has got a crooked face,
he won't fit this role
- Guys?
- Wait
How about soda shop Saravanan?
- He can never cover his teeth
- Sir, one minute
How about petty
shop Murugaesan?
Why do you bother when I'm here?
You didn't even consider me
I thought you wanna be a hero
I don't mind to be a dead body
in Bharathiraja's film
- Sure?
- Yes, I am
He should be fine then
Is he okay?
It's okay
Now we have to take a photo
shoot like a dead body
If Bharathiraja sees this,
You are the one to act
So Munishkanth
is gonna rock in the film
Don't praise me
You have given light
in my life Gopi
That's alright
But you turned out to be
the character during the photo shoot
That's the big stuff
- Enough praising
- Excellent
Photo looks extremely good
He poses like Mundasupatti lion
Why don't you call
everyone to see this?
Kalaivani, come and see
your grandpa's photo
Hmmm, call her
Photographer has done
a wonderful job
Go and show it to everyone
Kalaivani still mourns
for her grandpa
I know
They only killed him
by giving milk
Hereafter he is the photographer
for any death in Mundasupatti
Give it to me
This photo doesn't resemble as our Sir
After death
face becomes bleak
He is correct
Even if you die tomorrow,
you won't look the same
Can you both come inside?
Go inside
Sir, please leave us
I didn't take that photo,
only he does
Keep quiet
Were you scared?
Eat well guys
Can you ask
someone to bring water?
Before you leave, please do
take a photo of Mr Moustache
Don't forget it
Guys, one who got
water for you is my wife
Do photograph her silently
Don't be shy
Eat well
- Have we seen him somewhere?
- You should have seen him around here
Oh God, uncle...?
Just because I had interest in cinema,
You kept me away from the village
For that won't you inform me
about his death, you sinister?
You were like
a Lion in the forest
Now you look
like a chicken in the photo
You closed your eyes without seeing
my role in Bharathiraja's film
I exactly resembles his face
Why are you here, guys?
'You have given
light in my life Gopi'
Catch them now
They took my photo
and made me a dead person
Let's run away from here
Start the bike, master
Hell with this bike
Don't leave me, master
They have cheated me
Master, go fast
Come fast
Catch him
Don't leave
Wait! Wait!
They are chasing us
for taking your wife's photo
Is it? Go by this way
They took my photo
and made me a dead person
What happened?
They cheated Munish
They tricked us all and escaped
Got so many of us
but still couldn't catch them
I can run
and catch them
Watch me
Check, are they chasing us?
Idiots, they thought we are
moving fast and stood there
But I know about this bike
Hey, they fell down
Come fast
let's catch them
My dear boy!!
Uncle, still I am not
wash my butt
It doesn't matter
Move away, guys
I'm not worried
about their hitting
But can't imagine what
they'll do to us tomorrow
Today Kalaivani was
wearing a red saree, right?
Please run away from here
The Villagers are furious
They will do anything tomorrow
Leave before anyone sees
Here, your bike keys
Didn't I say it was
red color saree?
Master, let's leave
We have no other option to escape
Where are you going?
The bike is on the other side
Whatever it is, we will
deal with it later
Don't shake it
Don't push it towards the wall
Push it from the back
Can someone fool us
here in Mundasupatti
Whom do you think
you are dealing with?
We should break both their hands
Not just Munis,
You have deceived everyone
And ridiculed our sir too
These are unpardonable mistakes
Bring the temple bell
When the lord
is there to feed us...
...why suffer by doing wrong?
The lord punishes
the wrong
For those who refuse to listen to the lord,
change the very nature of the being
...for that infidel creature,
give us your orders
Oh lord Spirit of the sky
Save them, God
Spirit of the sky isn't
giving us permission
Saying something,
don't let them free
Let's wait for sometime
I think the Spirit of the sky,
doesn't like us punishing them
So let the Panchayat decide on this
I think today is your lucky day
We have always got an approval for our
punishment, this is the first time
Let's take this as the order oi
the Spirit of the sky and forgive them
- Let them clean the cow sheds
- Yeah, or else people will go fearless
Let them dig a well
as a punishment
Only after that you'll get back
your bike and the camera
Munis! You've to
supervise their work
If you give us permission, we'll
pack our dress for our stay here
With that ii you bring some money you
could go on a trip around the village
I don't care if I am naked
You can use my dresses
Do you remember what was
said in the Panchayat, right?
Kalaivani, give
the shovel to them
From today you are my slaves
What's with the stare?
You can't do anything
Wait here I'll take care
After me advising,
Why do you keep coming back?
Please leave
If I thought so, I
would have left then
The villagers didn't catch me
I fell on purpose
When I leave from here,
I'll have you by my side
- Have you given it?
- Given it, dad
This is where you got to dig
It should be finished
by the end of the month
"I am the smart one in eternal search"
"I am the side-kick that faces the brunt"
"I stood in front for all the blow
that the world gave me"
"I wonder where this will end"
"Oh the Lord of the world"
"Show us the light
at the end of the tunnel"
"Show us your surprises
Give us without hurdles"
The pose is not good
"Like the 300 spartans
He is ready for the kill"
Now, it's okay
"He'll fall
He'll rise"
God bless you, my dear
"it's not an easy world"
We got water already
"You cannot scale heights
without learning"
- Get lost
- If you come, will bury you
"The love his making him blind"
"He went crazy
He became fragile"
"The responsibility is mounting"
"There is no time to relax"
"To be aware, to be happy,
I became the puppet,"
They have witch-crafted
the Post box
He dug it for 5 years
water didn't come but he died
He buried him in the same place
You don't worry
Go and check your moustache
Won't Kalaivani, ever come down to me?
Is she on a roof top to come down?
It's not that, you got to do something
so that she has a compassion for you
We living here itself is pitiful
That's right
Nice song!
Only after wearing my dress
you look like humans
He has started
You don't need to go dig well today,
Come clean the cow shed
If we dig a little we might finish
Just finished to the size of a pit
and you say you are finished
Come and pick the cow's dung
Look, how I make her
feel compassionate to me
- Did you call me?
- Yes, you fool
Here I come
What do you think of yourself?
You slaves
I will...
Did you hurt?
Advise him or you'll
get beaten too
She isn't looking
Hit him
How dare you beat me?
Save my master!
Save him
ls there no one here?
They are hitting my master,
Save him!
I will rip your back off
She isn't looking
lam gonna bury you both
in the pit you dug
Hitting me, wearing my cloths
He is hitting again,
Please save my master!
Stop hitting
Kalaivani, how long will it take
to finish the Rangoli?
I'm coming, mom
Trying to blow off my light
ls there no one to
question this injustice?
- Uncle! Don't hit
- He's still hitting my master
Leave them uncle,
Why are you hitting them?
You don't know about him
He did it all
and now has an innocent look
Leave him
Mom called you for Tea? With cow's milk?
After tea I am gonna kill you both
Go man
Why do you have to get these beatings?
Please go away
Whatever problem we face
Even if we die,
I will never leave from here
Why should I die?
Won't your parents search for you?
I have no one for me
I only have you in my life
Sister! Who is that in the photo?
That's Munis uncle,
But for us it's Sire
How is that?
That's it
Here it's your turn
I've won!
You have lost the game
"The seeds of love sown one day"
"I see the leaves of growth today"
"She grows within my heart
and stays forever"
Are they celebrating for
catching those slave?
What is this?
- Munis uncle?
- What's it sweety?
They said that's you in the photo
- Yes
- Will you die?
Is it your work?
It's my mistake, Give me that
hand, now keep it in your mouth
All aims to kill me
Do you want a pair at this age?
Malar stop!
Don't come here again
Ganesa, waiting for
the food to be served?
I didn't get a rose garland
could only get a Marigold one
Why are you praying with my photo?
Munis this isn't you
It's our Sir
What sir?
This is the only
photo resembling him
Today's is the 16th day prayer,
We needed a photo
Why, you could have prayed with me there
The village people
should accept this
They only took a photo of me
But you guys are doing
the funeral rites for my photo
It's just for today, From tomorrow
we will only light the lamps
How many will light a lamp for me?
Get off my sight
0k finish your prayers,
You are always playful
Why do I have to play with you?
You all should've decorated my Cut-outs
but I've ended up with this
I too have feeling
- What's that in black?
- That's tried meat
They'll never believe me
This is our Sir!
This is our Sir!
I'll take some fried meat
That's for our Sir
That's me in the Photo, but
the fried meat is for Sir
Where is the lunch happening?
At least tell that
Slaves, have a candy
Take it
You take one
Is it your birthday?
The day a star is born
- I don't get it
- That's why you are in the pit
Today, my debut film is releasing
That film is releasing?
What's the name of that film?
The Movies name is
"Breaking Dawn"
"Breaking Dawn"?
Who is the director?
Director Steven Spiel Kumar
Steven Spiel Kumar?
He is both the hero, the heroine
and as well directed the movie
I just come for a scene,
But a powerful performance
What's that scene?
Here, I go
In a Panchayat, one fellow
pinches the hip of the heroine
You mean the hip of Steven Spiel Kumar
You are right
After pinching,
the fellow escapes from there
And you are the one
who catches that culprit
That's where you are wrong
I'm the one who pinches the hip
Feeling jealous?
Never dream that I will
take you both for this film
Because you both are my slaves
Going to your film
itself is a punishment
I will meet you
after the film
Till then look at this piece of art
List is too long!
Which is the hip here?
Where would he have pinched?
He would have pinched some place
Get to work!
Don't miss the first ten minutes
I would be a Cameraman by now, if
I had gone with Balu Mahendra then
Greetings sir!
- Sir tell has some regards for us
- Those guys are waiting for dinner
He made us beggars
- When we fall in love...
- Also don't forget the Dog
Hey! Muniskanth
- Dinner?
- Yes
Come join us
Am I, slaves like you
I'll have my dinner inside
I'll kill you
Did you watch my movie, brother?
How dare you didn't follow the village
rules and now showing me this paper
No dinner for you
get out of here
If you bring that paper here
I will burn your head down
Is it a paper?
It's an art
You have missed dinner for a Star
You could've come and joined us
How many times will you see it?
Eat well
I am leaving
- Going out to beg?
- Yeah, want to join
Show your plate
She is looking
Believe me
She did see
We could have just earned
with our photography
You falling in love
has got us into this pit
Kalaivani is thinking of me
Only you are saying so,
But she shows no sign
We are here digging pits
She is going to marry that Shanmugam and
we are going to be guest at her marriage
What I said might me wrong, For that
should you bring me to this roof top
Have we dressed up at night to
be an audience to see her sleep
She looks like a calf
But snores like a bear
See carefully
He's snoring like a rhinoceros
In this sound she will never
wake even if a thunder strikes
And how will she think of you
I know from my heart that
she is thinking of me
Few slaps will bring
you out of this dream
Wait a minute
At midnight only you will get such Ideas
Oh God! Master
- This girl is in love with Rajinikanth
- It's me!!
The end of the Photo Studio
Look, there is someone
on that roof top
- That's Mr Moustache's house
- Let that go
He too should have got an hiccup
He looks like a robber
Come, let's go and see
What were you doing in
Mr Moustache's house?
Aren't you a thief?
Alagu, go call the villagers
Let's deal it ourselves, master
You're dumb
Get up
He looks pitiful
If he gets into the hands of the villagers
they will break his bones
I should never see you
You thief!
Have a long-life
Have a long-life
I will...beat him
Don't hurt my mouth
I'll never lie again
How did you become a Guruji?
Nothing big
15 years ago
when I escaped from prison
I took a cloth from
the beggar by the street
You even robbed a beggar
Okay, continue
I fell asleep on
the hill near the village
The next morning,
The whole village was around me
Everyone was requesting me
to exorcist this village
I was being chased then
I was surprised
why they were asking me so
Then I noticed the cloth
I robbed was a Guru's dress
Then I decided this was
the right place to settle down
That's it
What's with you
and Mrs. Moustache
It's nothing wrong
We've a rightful friendship between us
We know about your friendship
Mrs. Moustache's pointed to Palanisamy
that day, then how did you come in?
Nothing like that
She is not of that kind
Palanisamy! Stop there!
What work do you have at my house?
He is chasing someone
Won't you ever listen to what I say?
Palanisamy, you'll be
caught red-handed
Move aside
Ganesa, Rathinasamy
When did you all come in?
- Only this evening
- Stop! Stop!
Tea shop guy too
She has cheated me too
Watch now
The village is at my feet
But these fellows
Long live, my dear
Give me the papad
- Take it
- Eat it
Greetings, sir!
Mr Moustache seemed like you had
many guests yesterday night
Are you not ashamed to eat
what was served for the guru?
They asked out of desire
I gave it myself to them
Learn to live disciplined
life from Guruji
Will Guru have time to teach us?
Why not? He is the reason
my wife is a disciplined woman
Mr Moustache is talking
as none listens to him
I ask forgiveness for them
Please forgive them
- Why should you ask for their forgiveness?
- I have no other option
Be generous like Guruji
Have a long-life
I've seen this guy somewhere
But can't remember rightly
Alagu, what would you
do when you sleep?
I'll sleep
- What about you Guruji?
- Does he have time for that?
He goes around
the village at night
But few draw their loved
ones and sleep cuddling it
"Like the sweetness of water
that springs through the well"
"The ecstatic feel of love
for you passes through me"
"Every sip of it takes my breath away"
Did you hear the news?
Guruji has left the village
What do you mean?
He has gone on
a pilgrim to the Himalayas
He should be at some roof top
Mr Moustache, what's
with all these loads?
I am expanding my petty shop
So went out for a purchase
There is no one to buy
but he keeps expanding
Where is my Petty shop?
Hey. Karpagam...
Where is my wife?
My wife is missing!
Mr Moustache, what happened?
Stop crying and tell
My wife is missing!
It's not just my wife
My petty shop too is missing
So Guruji has hit
the Jackpot in one toss
Let's go in and talk about it
Give the shovel to those boys
Even after that night he has eloped
with her, means he is such a loser
I know you love me
Why don't you express it?
I've got to go
Dad is waiting outside
Please tell me and go
Have you given it?
Gave it, dad
Sudamani, where are you?
I can't run anymore
Give my dress back
If I catch you...
Give back my dress
Or I'll not teach you dance
Where are you?
You are here
Now, I'll catch you
Uncle, I fooled you
"Never distant your dream of love"
'Never hide and run away
from your desires"
'Never distant your dream of love"
"Never hide and run away
from your desires"
"I am longing to meet you"
"I am eyeing the way you arrive"
"My heart feels like
the nectar of the honey kingdom"
"And the pleasant smell of a meadow"
"Never distant your dream of love"
Give way
What are you doing?
Click the photo quickly
No, listen to me
Wait, I'll finish the job for sake of you
"Your words are unspoken"
You didn't tell
there was a lamb inside
"it made a lovable reading"
"Like the thread woven of silk
That slithers off from the cloth"
"My heart melts for you"
"I've become the catamaran that
brushes over the night sea"
"I've become your Stallone for the race"
"Let this heart not change
Let this feeling not dwindle"
The dog died watching your dance
"Stayed humble in your teenage
Crossing no limits any moment"
"I got a new energy to go forward"
This job is only left for me to do
"I've begun to be your shadow
I've begun to read my dreams"
"I've begun to love you till death"
"Never distant your dream of love"
"Never hide and run away
from your desires"
"Never distant your dream of love"
"Never hide and run away
from your desires"
"I am longing to meet you"
"I am eyeing the way you arrive"
"My heart feels like
the nectar of the honey kingdom"
"And the pleasant smell of a meadow"
Let's have the marriage on Friday
That's our decision
What you say is right,
But it's sounds too early
The marriage has been postponed
once already, that's why
Why should we delay it?
Let's finish it early
Give it a thought and say
Take this
Call this marriage off
- What do you mean?
- I don't like this groom
I thought you were saying it in anger
that day, will you keep repeating it now
If your father knows this
he'll kill you
Go serve them coffee
Everyone are here
And you make a scene now
- Go serve it
- I won't go
Kalaivani, where is the coffee?
Go, give it
I'll go and tell
I don't like the groom
What happened?
I don't like the groom
I am not interested
in this marriage
Is this a game, at the day of
engagement saying you are not interested?
Shouldn't have pampered you
Don't spoil the pride of our family
If you plan anything, I'll
kill both you and your mother
Bring us coffee
Let's have the marriage on Friday
Make all the arrangements
Very happy
Let's go back, if the villagers know
why we are here they will break our bones
All these days work have gone in vain
Give it to the groom
Marriage is tomorrow,
You got any plans?
Tie 3 knots on that branch
Let's leave
Let's leave it to the spirit of the sky
Cut it in one go
Why shouldn't we take
Spirit of the sky away?
They will stop the marriage
if the Idol goes missing
They Will kill us
Do you mean it?
I've decided, I love her
I should do something for her
How will we open that lock?
Breaking it is impossible
You don't have to break it
I'll get the keys for you
Will you take good care of my sister?
Let's break the temple's lock
Hey Sudamani!
Come here
Why are you not sleeping?
Going for a wee
Don't know what got into you
Always going out for bathroom
O Kay
This is disturbing my sleep
Go keep this in the shelve
Get up! We have lot of work today
What brings you
here at this time?
Why did you rob Spirit of the Sky?
No one saw you, right?
Kalaivani, time is up
Wear silk saree and come
Watch your step
Bring the bride
No one will find it
The vampire is the guard
for the Idol now
Shall I go tell them?
Never before has such thing happened
Don't know what is going to happen?
Spirit of the sky is missing
Oh God, what has happened?
The Spirit of the sky is missing
We've all been stranded
without the Spirit
Should this happen at
the time of Kalaivani's marriage
Uncle, don't worry
Somehow we will find out
We have to search to find it?
What's the use just talking about it?
Shanmugham, take your men
and search in the east
Return only when you find it or after
you get the info that we have found it
Mr. Moustache, you go west
Palanisamy, you go south
Velliyangiri, you go search the North
This is not fair sending your
son-in-law to a safe zone
Sending me to the north,
Knowing it's haunted
If the vampire kills me
who'll care for my family
- Don't raise your voice
- I didn't say anything wrong
Stop your fight
Listen to me
Thought the fight for their
wives only but even for a stone
Hey. keep quiet
One night I wasn't here,
There is no security for the Idol
How much responsibilities shall I have?
Spirit of the sky is missing!
Come with me
Look how he found out
lam talking something serious
and you all keep staring at me
- Come here
- What's it?
- Go and sit there
- Is he called for this?
No other way, I'll go north
I don't care
if I die serving this Village
So they already knew about this
You don't have to go
We'll go north
Do you plan to escape from there?
If we thought so we would
have escaped long back
That would never
happen when I am here
We went for a cinema day before
- Breaking dawn, right?
- Never ending Yawn...
Look at his arrogance
Let them go
They tried to fool the village
let them go
He always give us trouble
Let's not send them alone
Who's going with them?
Send Ganesan
He has nothing to do other than eat
Let him at least do this
Why are you looking at me?
What have I got for
everyone to look at me?
What...what is your problem?
This isn't fair
They've cornered him
They'll sacrifice me to the vampire
I've got a film shoot
I have commitments
Don't you know what it is?
Come, let's go
This village is losing a star
It's enough if you can
feed me porridge
No one from the village has come here
Let's check that school first
School! I won't come
I have seen it in my small age
I won't come with you
Why are you still alive?
If we take this back to the village,
just see the respect they give us
Where is the stone!
We left it here
- Who would've taken it?
- 0k, let's search
- Master
- What?
He has taken the stone
and let off the cloth
Are you haunted,
that's why I said not to go inside
Spirit of the Sky is lost!
That is why we are here
Are you playing with me?
Really, Spirit of
the Sky is lost!
Did they see the Vampire?
Lets keep it cool with them
Only if the Idol is found
his health will recover
There is no information about the idol
Don't worry, in-law
Shanmugam will surely find the Idol
Before Shanmugam
the Photographer will find it
If I laugh a bit you'll come inside
Stand out you slaves
I've searched all over the village
But I couldn't find the God's statue
Sudamani, the Idol is missing
at the place we left it
My father is dying
We searched around
couldn't find it any place
I gave you the keys believing you
Everyone is seeing
We'll find it
No one from the village
would've taken it
Why master?
They would have never entered the school
It should be someone from outside
Apart from us
there is no outsider
The coolie in our house
is from another village
He came here looking for work
Dad gave him work as he was dumb
'I've seen him somewhere'
'Where else would have you
seen a worker of this house?'
We searched the whole village
But couldn't find him
Can't you remember
where you saw him
This cat!
Next time I'll have
you as my soup
- What did you say?
- I'll have that cat for my soup
'If you drink cat soup...'
Sudamani, bring my bike keys
We are going to Komalapatti
That's where he should've taken the stone
Mokka, you have done a fine job
Master, careful
Master, the stone
Have you come to
catch him or the bottle
Looks like you'll drink
it from there itself
Come and take it
I told you to take the stone
not the bottle
Lift the stone, go
Careful, man
Many are searching for this stone
Shoot them!
Shoot them!
Don't miss your aim
Shoot them!
Don't lose the chance
Munis, you got caught before us?
How caring you are?
It's been 2 hours, I am in here
They would've sold me by now
Do you know him?
He is a film star
He is the Star from the film
Breaking Dawn
Seeing that movie
my dog bled to death
Your dog too died
You are the reason
for my dog's death?
It's not me
- Then who?
- My Guru, Steven spiel Kumar
Steel Kumar?
- Don't believe them
- Whoever it its...
We drank Cat soup
Please forgive us for that soup?
I would have served it today too
But I never give it to my enemy
You should serve
that to your enemy first
Alagu, why does he take Cat soup?
It would increase your potent
Why would a broken gun
need a bullet?
Won't you shut your mouth?
I meant the gun in your hand
Not you
- Shoot there
- I'll come to you after these 2
Don't Shoot!
Don't Shoot!
- Gopi...
- Who is he?
Come fast
All those cat soups have
gone in vain
If India cricket team wins
let's ask our sir for foreign liquor
Master, is this the time
to watch the cats
- Gopi!
- What?
- I forgot the poster
- Come
Only if he gets shot
he will keep quiet
You take this from here
If I touch this they will make a big
issue of me being a schedule caste
It's Idol only if we take it to our village
If it stays here it's just a stone
I've misunderstood you
Shut up and come
Don't leave the rope
You've come back
faster than you went
That's because of
the gun culture up there
Is this a bus for both
of us to travel at once
Don't pull my Leg!
Don't pull my Leg!
Don't leave me and go
You've come back
faster than you went
As you said, that's because
of the gun culture up there
You too
He's shooting everything
other than the target
Come my dear guests...come
- What happened to this?
- Start it now
Give me, a Soda
'Have a long-life'
Are you the guru
that went to Himalayas?
You took away his petty shop
Did you think about Mr. Moustache?
What will we do for our life?
"You rose for us from the sun
You're our sole companion"
"You're our saviour
You're our utmost wealth"
The photographers have bought the idol
"You're the healer, worries are
farther when you are with us"
"Bless the village,
to enthral the folk"
"And shower us Your grace"
I have no words to thank you
You have saved this Mundasupatti
We are all grateful to you
Everyone come to the temple!
I am Spirit of the Sky here
You didn't do
the Pooja properly
He is acting as scripted
We did everything right
You never did anything
I can see it in my palm
The one who saved me
He is my Son! My Son!
I told you to forgive him
that day
You punished him
even after that
You have to satisfy him
Only if you satisfy him I'll cool down
We'll do as you say
Whatever he asks for
give it to him immediately
Don't make a mistake again
Before the Idol punishes us
Take a decision
The Idol has ordered us, ask for what
you want, it's our duty to fulfill it
That is...
Ask for what you want?
Tell me
Tell him, master
I want to marry your girl
How dare him, uncle!
Take Shanmugam out of here
He just wanted to help your
village by marrying that girl
But he is talking over his limits
My master isn't satisfied
Let's leave
Son, don't be in a hurry
We'll talk about it
and take a decision
You acted as a dumb in the village
but your sound tears my ear drums
I knew it when I saw you
overacting at work
Give me the match box
Locking me in a box!
Did you see me how I came from it?
How did you break that
lock and rob the Idol?
When did we break the lock!
Those photographers in your village
- They only opened the locks
- What do you mean?
That photographer to marry the village
chief hid the idol in the school
I robbed it from there
You fooled me then the villagers
and at last even the Idol
So the Photographer is
the mastermind behind all this
I'll see their end
You Photographers!
We have a set of rules
for our village
We never speak against
Spirit of the Skies decision
So you can marry Kalaivani
This doesn't seem right
Don't decide in a haste
This is Idol's decision
We have to go with it
This doesn't seem fair
Whatever it is
come to a conclusion soon
Can't you all see why the marriage was
stopped twice it's all Idols play
- Gopi, is my son-in-law
- Don't make me furious
This is Idol's decision
don't go against it
Mind your words
Get out
So the leader has said it
Get on with the marriage works
Go off before he slaps you
Nothing would be
possible without Guruji
Have a long-life
Distribute to everyone
Guruji, please find my petty shop
Have a happy married life
I have to hand over one thing to you
Bring that camera
Oh camera?
I won't leave you
Good, they didn't bury this
They'll never come good
Come inside, Only if they take
it outside it's dangerous
Nothing like that, we are
here to get some fresh air
You villagers are very funny
My only girl
Please don't photograph her
- Ganesa, what's the crowd about?
- The Photographers wedding just got over
ls the marriage over?
- I am going for the feast?
- Where?
They serve milk pudding also
You were the one spoiling me
The Photographer has deceived us all
Did he marry our girl?
Hey man...!
What do you mean?
Can't understand
What happened to you?
The Photographer is
the one who hid the Idol
You made him your son-in-law?
- Idol
- Yes!
- Spirit of the Sky
- Spirit of the Sky!
Why are you talking to the wall?
They are escaping here
The photographer is
eloping with my girl
It's our girl who's eloping
Our girl
Come everybody
You keep fainting
like a pregnant women
Catch them
I can confront anyone
lam not going to
let you escape this time
Run fast, they're nearing us
Go fast
This way
Follow them
Uncle, come fast
Get on
This Photographer has come
to make us run
Are you riding triples?
I won't leave you
Look how fast
this bike is going now
Agnate, help me out
Come fast!
Come fast!
He's driving it in his legs
- Go fast they are coming
- What happened?
You know about this bike
Get down
Push it!
push it!
Push it man
Can't push anymore
Drop the bike
Come quickly!
They've come close to us
Let's run away, master
What happened to you, master?
You idiot, it is the climax for you now
What's with the style?
They have neared us
Tell me
Take out the Camera
Lets go back
before they photograph us
You aren't photogenic
Come, we'll go catch them
Why are you catching me?
He is taking photographs of all of us
He has lit up Mundasupatti
Ram Kumar
They can't escape
We'll catch them
I'll slap you, idiot
Put that sickle down
You glutton!
Where are you going?
I won't leave alive
that photographer
You can't
They've already escaped
Don't put the sickle on my legs
Oh God! He did it
Bring him along with you
"You are our king of kings"
"Where has your kingdom vanished?"
"You lived through our eyes
Where have you left us"
"Oh king of kings!"
"You are our Queen of queens"
"The one who took the breath away"
"I've whispered our desires
through your ears"
"You are the queen of nectars"
Before 1 hour...
Stop there
- Where are you going?
- I'll catch that photographer
What are you saying?
They are running violently
You might get run over
I'll definitely catch him
We must catch them
Go ahead