Munger Road (2011) Movie Script

- Man: Joe.
- (Country music playing)
- Joe?
- What?
Are you all right?
Yeah, I think I just
might have had too much coffee.
I'll be back.
(Man singing)
- (Water runs)
- (Crying)
Damn it.
You're where?
All right,
then I will see you soon.
What's going on?
They're here.
(Mug clatters)
- Waitress: Here you go.
- Thanks.
(Liquid sloshes)
- Do you need more coffee?
- No, I'm good.
Are you okay?
Are you worried
about that test?
Doesn't Woodrow have
a test tomorrow?
Oh. Yeah.
I just- I'm fine.
See, I'm smiling.
- Girl: Hey.
- Hey, there's our fearless leader.
- Scottie.
- What'd we miss?
- Did you bring it?
- Yeah yeah, yes.
Should be good too-
H.D., zoom,
whatever, L.E.D.
Yeah, and if my dad finds
out you took it, you're dead.
We're all going
to die tonight anyway.
Well, that's encouraging.
Joe, what about you?
You ready to die tonight?
I could only be so lucky
to die in such company.
Mm, yeah right.
Um, how exactly did
we get talked into this?
I have no idea.
Come on.
How often are women
allowed to partake
in scientific discovery?
Screw yourself, okay?
I could think of about
- a hundred better things to be
doing tonight. - Hostile.
Hey, I thought
we agreed to this, right?
We're gonna sell the footage
to ghost shows.
Uh, actually I think that her
and I agreed to a double date.
Now I know that you two think
that a night of "Mario Kart"
is romantic, but you've really
outdone yourselves this time.
Speaking of romance,
did you-
Girl: Ah...
What is this?
This is all you brought?
Do you need more?
This is three teaspoons.
Of course we need more.
Girl: Wait, what do we need more for?
We just need more.
Well, is Grimm's
still open?
Let's do it.
All right.
I mean, we need more powder.
- Actually just me and you do.
- Yeah.
Hey, Judy.
- Evening, Chief.
- Judy.
Well, I smelled the popcorn
popping, and there it is.
- So-
- Let me get you a bag.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
You aren't going to be using Motorola
for butter this year, are you?
I think you'd better
come in and see this.
What have we got?
I put it on your desk.
A fax just came in.
(Distant police radio)
Why would they
send it to you?
Did you tell anybody
about this?
Uh, call the mayor.
Oh, this thing works great.
What is this?
Scott: I don't know. Let me check that-
- Ooh yeah.
- Ugh.
I feel dirty.
All right, baby powder,
where are you?
Um, Neosporin,
Oh, you think Rachael
will wear these?
- Yes.
- (Laughing)
You seem a little more
distraught than usual tonight.
Need to bum one?
No, I'm good.
I just- I just started
getting college stuff.
Yeah, me too.
Scary stuff.
(Distant train whistling)
How are you
and Corey doing?
Oh, here they come.
You girls miss us?
Did you find
everything you need?
Yeah, sorry,
we had a little trouble.
Thank you.
And here we go.
That's a big file.
Yeah, I always thought I wouldn't
have to open this one again.
Shay Gunther.
(Police radio chatter)
I'm gonna be up all night.
These carnival workers
are taking
their sweet-ass time.
Any progress?
Didn't you hear?
We're projecting at least
6,000 people this weekend-
At least 6,000.
Is something wrong?
Yeah, Shay Gunther escaped.
Just got this fax.
I thought he was dead.
Yeah, well, his transport bus
careened off the road.
The guards are dead.
Gunther escaped.
Where was the bus?
What do you think?
I don't know.
Do you think
he could come back here?
Well, he may
be here already.
What about
the festival tomorrow?
We can't have
a panic on our hands.
Yeah, well, we may have
something worth panicking about.
We need to keep
this man in the past.
(Radio chatter continues)
This Shay Gunther?
that's him.
I remember.
All those kids,
Yeah, six-
Five boys and a girl.
Scott: Okay, so this is
our trip to Munger Road.
Say hi to the girls
in the back.
All right,
clearly they are jazzed.
Corey, you want to introduce
yourself to our audience at home?
- Corey La-
- Laasshole!
Scott: Rachael, this is for TV.
Yeah, take two-
Corey Lafayve.
Got you, bud.
Um, you want to say hi
back there, Joe?
- Okay.
- Okay, if anybody finds this tape,
I would just like
it to be known on record
that we are being held here
against our will.
Yeah, how did you get out
of those handcuffs, by the way?
- (All laugh)
- Rachael: Ouch.
- Don't tell them that.
- Scott: Okay, so where are we going?
We are, right now,
on a road that's been
haunted for years.
Rachael: Everybody has a
story about Munger Road.
Corey: Yeah? Do you
know which one's true?
What is it?
- The train tracks.
- Scott: Yes.
That's the one I know.
Apparently a bus full of kids
- was hit by a train and they
haunt the tracks. - Rachael: What?
Scott: You don't believe
it? Look it up on your phone.
- Okay.
- Corey: Do it.
That's not
what I heard.
I heard that a little girl
was murdered out here-
Something about, like,
a farm by the train tracks.
Farm shmarm;
Train tracks, whatever.
- It's haunted. - No no, I think that
farm story is bullshit,
because there's no farm out
here. There's nothing out here.
Corey: Yeah, I've never
seen a farm out here.
- I'm sure it's bullshit.
- Scott: Whoa whoa, wait a second.
Did you two
just agree on something?
Oh, we may have.
Oh my god!
- It's a miracle!
- (Corey mock screams) No!
Scott: Wait, I think
we're coming up on it.
- Is this it right here?
- Scott: I don't know.
Rachael: Oh, joy. Yes, it is. Great.
Scott: Okay, hold on.
Zoom in real quick.
- (Camera whirring)
- I gotta get this
for documentary purposes.
Yeah, there we go.
All right, here we go!
Scott: Okay, we got
it, dude. Let's do this.
- Corey: You guys ready?
- Scott: Ghost shows, baby!
I just feel uneasy.
If he is around here,
I know where to find him.
Let's go.
He wasn't known
as Shay Gunther around here.
We all knew him
as Father Shay.
(Radio static)
Swanson, we're switching
over to 10.
He was a priest?
Roger that.
You know
where I'll be.
Dude, we should probably
save that battery.
You can barely
see anything out here.
That's kind of why they call it
"in the middle of nowhere. "
Wait wait wait,
pull over here.
Baby powder.
Do you girls want
to come help us?
We're putting it
on the entire bumper.
I think we'll stay in here,
hold down the fort.
Are these idiots
for real?
I don't know what's scarier-
My boyfriend pouring baby powder
all over his bumper or the
fact that he's filming it.
What time is it?
- It is 11:14.
- (Phone beeps)
And I have a message
from my mom.
- "Where are you?"
- (Rachael laughs)
Would she even believe me?
Are they done
changing the baby yet?
- (Bangs)
- Jesus Christ!
You're so not funny.
And the train tracks await.
Are you sure
they'll be there?
You know, Father Shay
was here a long time
before I came
to St. Charles.
That was
a long time ago.
Yeah, well,
he married Charlotte and I-
Hold it.
Should we go
get the shotguns?
No, you don't bring
a shotgun into church.
- Are you loaded?
- Yeah.
(Door creaking)
(Hendricks whispering)
We got no lights?
I think there's
a switch over there.
Oh yeah,
I'm seriously creeped out.
I said I'm seriously
creeped out.
Why are you whispering?
People whisper
when they're scared.
You scared?
You got a problem with that?
Well, I think
the office is over here.
- (Rustles)
- Hey, wait.
- Shh shh.
- What?
- Right over there.
- What?
I heard something
by the pew.
- Oh Jesus!
- Oh!
No. Chief?
You lookin'
for the lights?
(Laughs) Father. Hi. You're up late.
Well, it's still
an early night for me yet.
You haven't seen anything
unusual tonight?
No, just a couple of cops
scaring the jeepers out of me.
(All laugh)
So you gonna be making
those candy apples this year?
Mixing the caramel
as we speak.
Well, have a good night then.
- We'll see you later.
- God bless you.
Bless- Bless you.
Nice one.
- Whoa!
- Rachael: Listen, tell your story.
- All right?
- Okay. All right.
So here's what
we're gonna do-
We're gonna put
baby powder on the bumper
for physical proof
that paranormal activity exists
right here on Munger Road.
You're not gonna
see any ghosts, Scott.
That is what
the baby powder is for.
Okay, check it out-
We're gonna pull up
on the train tracks, stop-
- Oh, this sounds brilliant.
- It gets better.
- We're gonna put the car in
neutral- - Rachael: And? Come on.
- Okay, wait.
- Corey: And turn it off.
Yeah, we gotta turn it off,
and then we're gonna wait.
Okay? The kids don't want us to
get hit by the train like they were.
All right? They're going
to push us off the tracks.
Yep, they are
helpful ghosts.
That's right,
like "the sixth sense. "
And this is totally legit, 'cause
people from school have done it.
Rachael: Wait, this
is seriously the story?
you don't believe it?
Rachael: Okay okay, I'll tell you what-
If anything from that story
actually happens,
I will ride home
with my top off
and you can videotape it.
That's like
a bonus, bro!
That's kind of like
the most awesome thing ever.
What about you back there?
- Rachael: Yeah yeah!
- What about me?
I'm gonna leave
that part to Rachael.
- Rachael: What?
- This is it.
- Guys guys guys, this is it.
- Whoa whoa, okay.
Slow and steady.
Okay okay okay.
All right, right here.
(Brakes squeak)
Okay, now what?
Okay, turn the car off.
Neutral, lights.
Turn down lights.
- Rachael: Come on!
- Corey: Come on!
All right.
This is so stupid.
You're stupid.
That's mature.
You're mature.
- (Guys laugh)
- Scott: Nice.
Are you girls
okay back there?
Is that a serious question?
Shh, Rachael, shh.
- Rachael: Uh, how long are we
gonna sit here? - Scott: Honey.
Rachael: Don't "honey" me.
We're sitting on train tracks.
Scott: Okay, but there's
not a train. There's no cars.
Okay, everybody shut up.
God, can we please get out-
- (Loud bang)
- (Car creaking)
Scott: Holy shit. Are you getting this?
Corey: Oh my god. Holy shit, holy shit.
The car is moving.
This is unbelievable.
(All breathing heavily)
This is so fake.
Corey: I swear to god I'm
not doing a single thing.
The car is doing it
completely on its own.
(Creaking stops)
Joe: All right, you've got your footage.
Gravity pushed us off the
train tracks. Start the car.
- Corey: Hold on, are you
still rolling? - Scott: Uh-huh.
We've got to go
check out the baby powder.
You're right.
(Doors open)
- (Crickets chirping)
- (Doors close)
- Corey: Holy shit, dude, get over here.
- Scott: What?
What the-
Look at those.
Where's the button?
Hold on.
I can't- hold on.
- (Both laugh)
- Corey: No!
Dude, this is amazing.
This is actually gonna work.
We're going to be on TV.
Yeah, let's get
the girls out here.
- (Knocks on door)
- (Door opens)
Rachael: Morons, the car is
in the middle of the street.
Scott: Okay, shut up
and just look at this.
- What?
- It's true. The story's true.
You have to take off
your shirt.
Rachael: Joe?
Rachael: Joe, come
out here. Look at this.
- (Both laughing)
- I don't give a shit
if there's a hundred handprints
on the friggin' bumper.
It's after midnight.
Okay, miss negative,
just look at this.
This is incredible. Did
you guys get this on camera?
- Scott: Uh-huh.
- Yeah, everything.
Documented- TV.
They're going
to be blown away.
There's no way any human being
could have actually done this.
I know!
Are you guys for real?
Rachael, it's a set-up. Whose
handprints do you think those are?
You guys drag us out here
in the middle of nowhere
with a camera.
It's all bullshit.
- No, we didn't-
- Corey, please.
(Door closes)
Did you set us up?
Did you set us up?
(Door closes)
Okay, well,
they have a point.
She's not gonna take
her shirt off, is she?
I wouldn't close
the book on that yet.
I can work on that,
All right.
Yep, all right.
Well, we'll keep a lookout.
Thanks for your heads-up, Sergeant.
Take care.
What was that?
That's the state police.
There was a carjacking
just off the interstate.
You think there's
a connection?
Everybody's home, Glenn.
Can't make 'em safer
than they already are.
Yeah, well, you just
don't understand, Hendricks.
Understand what?
We cannot wake up
tomorrow morning
with more kids missing.
What else
do you want to do?
We can't wake up the entire town
and scare them half to death.
The owner of the vehicle
was found dead.
What kind of car?
It's a late-model
ford van.
It's white.
What do
you want to do?
Find it.
(Engine starts)
Rachael: I can't believe
you two. What are you, nine?
Okay, babe,
we didn't set anything up.
It's fine.
You've had your fun.
Start the car.
Let's just go home.
Joe, do we have to leave?
We're having some fun.
It's romantic.
God, Corey!
- Okay, guys, let's just-
- Okay okay, fine.
We'll go home.
(Engine sputtering)
Oh no.
- It won't start?
- No, I'm doing this for my health.
- Corey, stop playing around.
- I'm not playing around.
- Come on.
- Rachael: For real?
- Corey: You piece of shit.
- (Engine starts)
That was close.
This is great, romantic.
Let's come back tomorrow.
Rachael: You know, that
really was an original story.
Wait, didn't you forget the
twisted metal hook in the mirror?
Ho ho, har har.
The story's true.
You actually believe
all those stories?
Rachael: Okay, the story is that
this place is creepy as shit.
End of story.
Wait, where are
you going?
Well, the fastest way
back to the cafe
is the way
we came, so-
You scared
to go back, Joe?
Joe doesn't get scared
unless you threaten her
with fun. (Chuckles)
What the hell is
that supposed to mean?
Just, you know, we were
trying to have some fun
and you're kind of
acting like a bitch.
You're calling me
a bitch?
- No.
- You're calling me a bitch?
No, that's not
what I said.
- I didn't say that at all.
- You're such an asshole.
- Corey: I didn't say that!
- Guys, guys. Jesus.
I said you're acting
like a bitch.
- I didn't call you a bitch.
- You know, what a waste.
I'm sorry I haven't played
your cute little damsel
- all night long.
- What's the supposed to mean?
Okay, guys, enough.
We're going home.
Corey, just say
you're sorry.
- For what?
- Joe: No, it's fine.
He doesn't have
to say anything.
I wasn't trying
to call you a bitch.
I'm sorry.
I didn't, um-
(Engine stalls)
Corey, what the hell?
- Uh...
- What's going on?
The gas pedal
isn't working.
Corey, come on!
Enough pranks, seriously.
I'm not pranking right now.
I think the car just died.
Well, then turn
the car back on!
Everything is on, Rachael!
My foot is on the gas pedal.
(Engine sputtering)
- (Tires screech)
- Rachael: Jesus.
Corey: Shit!
This is just great.
Right back
where we started.
(Engine clicks)
We might have
a slight problem.
Take all night-
Both sides of the river.
Maybe we should split up.
- (Static)
- Swanson: Chief?
What do you think?
Where are you?
I'm looking at you.
What's up?
Mrs. Hartley's been trying
to reach the office.
What, did her pilot light
blow out again?
She said she saw somebody at the
empty house across her street,
- Went through the side door.
- Across the street?
112 north.
- I don't know shit about cars.
- (Lighter flicks)
It helps if you can see.
- Rach, try it again, real quick.
- (Engine clicks)
It's not even trying
to turn over.
He's gonna kill me.
Do we have enough money
for a tow?
I think
it's the ignition coil.
Probably cracked it going
over the tracks or something.
- So the car's not gonna start?
- Joe: Nope.
Rach, call your dad.
We're gonna need a ride.
- (Beeps)
- Corey: Can we even get a tow right now?
I don't know.
Uh, guys,
I can't get a signal.
Shit, neither can I.
(Phone beeps)
Neither can I.
Hendricks: What's
special about 112 north?
It's where he used to live.
Isn't it a block down?
Yeah, let's... walk.
- I don't want to show the car.
- (Engine stops)
- So?
- So?
What took you so long?
For what?
To catch him.
I wasn't the Chief then.
It took them three days
to find that first boy.
They found him
in the river.
We didn't know
what to think.
Gunther drown him?
No, that was it-
The murder weapon.
- What?
- Well, we couldn't figure out what it was.
At first we thought
it was some sort of animal.
There were teeth marks
all up and down that little boy.
He- he bit him?
Shh shh! This is it.
Put the light out.
Look at this place. This
garage is bigger than my house.
It's a carriage house,
been rehabbing it
for years.
It's been jimmied.
Put it out.
Right, listen, I want you
to wait out here.
Check the back
and the front
in case anybody
comes out.
Think that's
a good idea?
What, are you scared?
Yeah, for you.
Turn off your radio.
Keep sharp.
Now what do we do?
Any ideas?
Well, I think we should
just stick it out in the car
and wait for someone else
to come down the road.
Okay, but it's been
over an hour
and there hasn't been
a single other car.
Okay, I think it's too dangerous
to hike in the woods so-
Yeah but, dude,
six hours till daylight.
What would be
the best way back to town?
probably down the tracks.
No no, absolutely not.
I'm not walking
or going anywhere.
Babe, the car is sitting
in the middle of the road,
so what do you
want us to do?
- You could take your shirt off.
- Oh, you are such an ass!
- You know, this is your fault.
- My fault?
- Yeah. - Last time I checked,
your boyfriend was in on this too.
You're not gonna blame
all this shit on me.
- (Scraping) - Nobody's blaming anybody,
dude, so just chill.
- I'm blaming both of you.
- What good is that gonna do?
- We're still stuck.
- Guys guys.
Did you hear that?
What? Mouth one and mouth two?
Everybody shut up.
Corey: What?
I think I heard someone
on the pavement behind us.
Well, get the light.
(Whispering) Listen.
- What is that?
- (Scraping continues)
Someone's out there.
- (Breathing heavily)
- Rachael, stop it.
Shh. Everyone shut up.
What do you see?
- Corey: What do you see?
- I don't see-
- (Bangs)
- (All gasp)
This is not happening.
Shut up.
Look, not that it matters
at the moment,
but I think he knows
that we're here.
Well, I think we should
get the hell out of here.
Yeah, what are
we gonna do, run?
- (Wood clatters)
- (Running footsteps)
Chief. Chief!
Shit. Shit.
(Breathing heavily)
Son of a-
What the- jeez.
What the hell
is that?
Must be haunted.
- Ahh!
- (Thuds)
(Gun fires)
- (Footsteps running)
- Kirkhoven: Hendricks!
(Door slams)
- Kirkhoven: Freeze!
- (Crashing)
(Gun fires twice)
- (Door slams)
- Kirkhoven: Hendricks!
(Footsteps running)
(Whispering) Okay, guys,
I think he might be gone.
- I'm gonna look.
- No! He's gonna see you.
If this is another part
of your prank-
If I get out of this car
and the Steiner brothers
or anybody else pops up-
Just tell me this is
another part of your joke.
- Joe, where are you going?
- I got a text message earlier
From my mom while you were
spreading powder on the bumper.
- No no, you can't go out there.
- Joe, that was two miles back.
- Are you kidding?
- It's better than waiting till morning
or for the next invisible hand
to beat on the car.
All right? Either way
we need to get home.
Joe, Joe, Joe.
Joe. Joe.
Joe, Joe.
We were
- we were just trying to have a little fun.
And the back window?
I swear it was
just the bumper.
Look, Corey, I'm tired.
I don't feel good, okay?
I just want to go home.
- Okay okay.
- All right? I want to get home.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault
that we're out here.
I'll go.
And you can stay here
with these guys.
You'll come right back?
I'll time you.
(Footsteps approach)
Can I see this?
Let me see.
Ooh, that's a nice
little knot he gave you.
What about him?
Oh man, I shot the poor
bastard in both legs.
Well, I'll let you
process him
when he's out of surgery.
I never used my gun.
I'm glad your aim
is a little better.
Well, next time.
Who is he?
Oh, he's just some guy
out of Dekalb.
Yeah, a simple thief.
Oh god,
of all the nights.
Yeah, tell me about it.
(Crickets chirping)
Rachael: Does the radio work, at least?
These friggin' crickets
are creeping me out.
Crickets are important,
Did you guys know that you can tell
the temperature outside from them?
Yeah. We were in
the same third-grade class.
How does it work?
Yeah, Rach,
how's it work?
Who gives a shit?
You're just mad
'cause you have no idea.
- (Laughs)
- Come on, let's hear it.
It'll be at least
slightly amusing.
You can tell what temperature
it is outside
by adding the number 40
to the amount of chirps you hear
in 14 seconds.
- Rachael: That's brilliant.
- Mm-hmm.
So what's next?
I wonder if you can tell
what time it is.
Mm? What?
There's no way
that's the time.
What time is it?
- (Phone beeps)
- Shit.
It says 11:14.
How could the clocks
just stop?
So I just talked
to Chief Harvey.
He's on his way.
He's been looking
for your copper thief.
Now what?
There's been
no sign of that van.
What reason would
he have to come back?
Well, it's his town.
It's home.
Where else
is he gonna go?
Well, there's a hundred places
he could be hiding,
and there's gonna be 6,000
tourists here in a few hours.
- We just can't sit on our hands.
- (Cellphone rings)
No, but we don't want to
run around in circles either.
Hey, Ronnie.
Where was the last place
he was headed?
Okay, all right,
now I'll start there.
I wouldn't worry.
I'm sure he's close by.
Just- I'll check it out
and then call you back.
All right?
Don't worry.
That was Ronnie Claussen.
Scott didn't
come home tonight.
Chief, what's going on?
Are your radios off?
- Ooh shit!
- (Radio static)
Samantha's been trying to
reach you. Joe's missing.
- Joe's missing?
- Yeah.
So is Scott Claussen.
His dad said
he was at the Cafe.
Well, there probably just
out parked somewhere,
doing whatever it is
kids do.
Yeah, well,
I hope you're right.
Do you have to do that?
I'm not going outside.
Where the hell is Corey?
He's taking way too long.
I don't know. Maybe he
had to go a little farther.
It's been like two hours.
- (Phone beeps)
- Or it's still 11:14.
God, I should have
gone with him.
You know, I think
it's just our luck
that we take the one car
that doesn't have a C.D. Player.
You guys want to watch?
Here we go.
... "middle of nowhere. "
I think
we'll stay in here,
- hold down the fort.
- Yeah.
You know, I don't know what's scarier
- My boyfriend
- Pouring baby powder all over his bumper...
- Bonus footage.
...or the fact
that he's filming it.
What time is it?
- It is 11:14.
- (Beeps)
And I have a message
from my mother-
- Must be 11:14 for a while
now. - (Fast-forwarding)
- Scott: It won't start?
- Corey: No, I'm doing this for my health.
- Corey, stop playing around.
- I'm not playing around!
(Keys jangling)
Come on.
Holy shit.
(Cellphone ringing)
- It's my phone.
- The phones are working?
- (Beeps)
- Corey sent a message.
What's the message?
- What is it?
- It's- It's a picture.
A picture of what?
Of us.
What the hell?
Rachael: Does this mean
the phones are working?
- Corey!
- Joe!
He must have been right here.
He just sent this.
I know. I think we should
get back in the car though.
- Stupid phone!
- My phone isn't working either,
- but get back in the car.
- Look, he was right here, look.
Joe, I don't think
it's safe that we're out here.
- Corey!
- Joe!
What is your problem?
- The camera-
- Screw the camera.
No, listen to me.
I think someone else
is out here.
What are you talking about?
Guys? Guys?
- What?
- Guys.
Uh, Corey sent you
a message.
- Scott: What?
- Joe: What'd he say?
"Run. "
That's Scott Claussen's car.
(Door opens)
Hello. Anybody home?
- Oh hi, Chief.
- Hey, Nance.
I see your dad's got you
working graveyard, huh?
Yeah. It's not too bad. It's quiet.
Hey, Ross.
You guys want
some coffee?
No. No, thank you.
Scott Claussen-
He isn't here, is he?
No, they all
left a while ago.
Who "they"?
Scott and Rachael. They
were here with Joe and Corey.
Corey Lafayve?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
So when did they go?
- A few hours ago.
- Mm-hmm.
I still have their receipt.
Did- Did they say
where they were going?
Did they say
anything at all?
No. I don't think so.
So that was Scott's car
out on the street.
Yeah, they all left together.
Is something wrong?
No no no,
it's just curfew.
Okay, we'll see you, Nance.
Take care.
They had a video camera
with them.
Video camera?
Well, thanks, Nance.
- Say hi to your dad.
- Will do.
Video camera?
What does that mean?
- Corey Lafayve-
- What?
His grandfather was the one
that arrested Gunther.
So we got a guy
on the loose again,
kids missing, someone
broke into his house.
- Swanson: Chief?
- All on the same night.
Yeah, Ray?
You'd better
come over here.
There's a van
in the way- A van.
So what do you got?
Well, we finally got
the carnival set up.
We- We've got to get
the trucks across the river
and there's a van
in the way.
What van?
Oh god.
Guys, wait here.
(Breathes deeply)
Run the registration
on this.
Is there blood
or anything?
I don't know.
The engine's cold.
Why would he park it here?
Well, there must be
a reason.
How are
we getting messages?
There's something weird
going on here.
No shit.
Maybe we should
get out of here.
What about Corey?
Where is he? He's been
gone for, like, three hours.
I don't know.
I've got a really bad feeling.
I mean,
he might be an asshole,
but he wouldn't do
something like this.
- So what do you want to do?
- I don't know.
I don't know what good it is
just sitting around here.
You want to what-
Go walk in the woods?
Corey went that way.
Train tracks lead right to town.
You're insane. We're gonna stay
in this car with the door locked.
Okay, Corey says run.
That's good enough for me.
- You two do whatever you want.
- Joe, you can't be serious.
Screw the phones.
That's probably what Corey did.
He probably
just headed towards town.
You know what?
I'll go.
- No, you won't.
- Babe, out of anyone-
No no, Scott, we are not
going anywhere.
What time is it?
Shitty phone.
Rach, I'll go, all right?
I'll be back
before the sun comes up,
tow truck and all.
I'm sure you'll be fine
if you just follow the tracks.
All right, what do I tell
the tow-truck company?
What road are we on?
Ran the plates.
Van's registered
to an Elisa Seguin.
Nobody's picking up
the phone, though.
Well, the van's pretty clean.
There's no sign of a struggle,
nothing out
of the ordinary.
What are you thinking?
This just
doesn't feel right.
Well, Rachael Donahue's mom has
been calling every 15 minutes.
You know,
it's 3:00 in the morning.
Something is wrong.
All of this is
adding up to something-
The van parked
in the middle of the city
and the kids missing.
He's hiding somewhere-
Somewhere close.
he could be anywhere.
That's it.
Let's go.
(Tires squeal)
Hendricks: You think he
checked into the hotel?
There's no way he's here.
You've been up
way past your bedtime.
Oh great,
another scary basement.
Ha! You think
this is scary?
- Yeah.
- What?
It's a network of tunnels
under the city.
- Tunnels from what?
- Well, bootlegging
and then before that,
the underground railroad.
I can't even
see her anymore.
Shit, I'm out
of smokes.
I probably should have
told her to pick some up.
Should have went with her.
Gunther knew
about this place.
It goes right under
the church.
If he's down here, he picked
a damn good place to hide.
I'd let him stay.
- (Bangs)
- Ow.
- Shit.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- (Water gushing)
- You hear that?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's the river.
That's the dam there.
This runs right under the river.
The church is this way.
Hendricks: You said
he was eating the kids?
Kirkhoven: What?
You said there were
bite marks or something.
Oh, that's what
we thought at first.
Well, what was it then?
Well, Gunther was
a sharecropper.
You know, he gave
some of his farmland
to Jimmy Pratt
and a few other farmers.
Pratt like the Pratt woods
forest preserve,
the one off Munger Road?
Yeah. Yeah,
that was Gunther's property.
There's an elevator right by
the train tracks over there.
And, you know, it wasn't
teeth marks from a person
or an animal.
It was a corn sheller.
Like a husker?
Yeah, I got a picture
of it in the office.
Maybe we should go back up
and take a look at it.
You know? Know what
I'm dealing with here.
What are you, scared?
If I ever marry Nancy, I'll
have the reception down here.
And this goes up
to the church.
Oh wow, look at this.
This is great.
They don't make stuff
like this anymore.
Well, let's head back.
- (Bangs)
- (Thuds)
- Chief?
- Hmm?
I don't think
this is where the tunnel ends.
And there's...
No blankets.
And there goes
the battery.
I don't even hear
the crickets.
It must be as cold
as it feels.
It's okay. Your body makes
the best warmth anyway.
No, your hands
are freezing.
- (Whispering) Rachael?
- What?
What the hell?
Fuck. We need
to get out of here.
Listen to me.
On the count of three,
unlock your door
and we're gonna run.
- (Mutters)
- Okay?
(Rachael screaming)
(Scott breathing heavily)
(Crickets chirping)
- (Leaves rustling)
- Scott: Oh shit.
Where's that light?
Damn it,
Rachael, where-
What the-
Babe, where-
No, babe.
(Pants) No!
- (Thudding)
- Ah ah!
No no no.
- No no.
- (Squelches)
(Scott screams
in distance)
Where are you?
- (Beeps)
- Corey?
What the hell?
What the hell?
(Scott screaming)
Oh my god, oh my god,
oh my god, oh my god.
Corey. Corey.
Oh my god.
It's real.
Kirkhoven: I never thought
it would have gone this long.
Where are we?
I think we're headed
Canada is northeast.
Ha! Wouldn't that
be something?
So how did Lafayve
catch Gunther?
Well, after the five boys
were found dead,
the little girl
went missing
and we looked for days.
What happened?
You know, that farm
out by Munger Road-
The farmhouse that Jimmy Pratt
used to use for farming?
They had a house there
with a basement
and that's where Gunther
used to take them.
That's where they caught him.
Never found
the little girl.
I know this story-
The little girl,
the one that haunts
Munger Road.
Yeah. Do you believe
in ghosts?
Kids take their cameras
and whatnot up there,
scare the girls.
That's why they brought
a video camera.
Holy shit.
The farm.
The tunnel leads there.
Must be.
All right, listen,
go back to the car,
get out there
as quickly as you can.
- What are you going to do?
- I'm gonna take the tunnel.
Ray? Ray, come in.
- (Walkie-talkie clicks)
- Uh, may-
Maybe I should take the tunnel.
It'll be faster.
No offense.
You know it's true, Chief.
All right, go on.
Hendricks: All right, I'll
see you on the other side.
See you there.
(Door creaks)
Yeah, Swanson!
It's Munger Road.
Gunther has the kids
in a farm off of Munger.
I'm on my way there now.
(Engine starts)
(Tires screeching)
(Siren wailing)
Oh god.
Shit. Shit.
(Phone buzzing)
(Buzzing continues)
- (Buzzing continues)
- Corey?
Oh my god!
Help! Help!
Somebody help!
Help! Somebody help me!
(Trunk clicks)
(Rifle cocks)
(Muffled scream)
- (Lighter flicks)
- Corey: It's me.
Oh god.
What is going on?
Are you okay?
I'm just-
Where did you come from?
I ran
into a slight problem.
Where the hell are we?
I don't know, but someone
outside is really pissed.
But I-
But I heard you-
Your scream.
Where have you been?
(Sighs, mutters)
I don't hear anything.
I don't want to move.
- (Switch clacks)
- (Metal clanging)
- We gotta go.
- Wait.
- We have to go.
- No, wait.
- We leave on the count of three.
- No.
- Count of three.
- Please don't go. Just stay with me.
- (Whispering)
- One,
- Two, three.
- No no.
- No no!
- (Thuds)
- Corey: No!
- Corey!
- (Thudding)
- (Corey grunts)
- (Crying) No!
- Corey: No no!
(Joe crying)
- (Body thuds)
- Joe: No. Oh my-
(Footsteps approaching)
Oh my- Please, god.
(Crying continues)
Help me!
(Clothing ripping)
Oh man.
Oh yeah.
Oh. Oh god.
Oh god.
Holy shit.
Help! Help me!
(Crickets chirping)
(Leaves rustle)
No! No!
No! No, please.
No. No, please.
(Footsteps recede)
(Crickets chirping)
(Joe crying)
Joe? Jesus.
- (Crying)
- It's okay. It's okay, honey.
You're all right.
You're all right.
You're gonna be fine.
It's all right.
(Radio static)
(Loud banging)
(Banging continues)
- Ross.
- Ooh!
Holy shit.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- What's going on?
- Joe: Is he gone?
Is he gone?
Yeah, honey, he's gone.
We need help.
All right.
(Police radio chatter)
We're gonna have to scour
the whole woods.
Listen, we're looking
for three kids-
Two boys and a girl.
All right?
Let's get that organized.
Can you find-
You found Joe?
She's alive?
She's the only one.
We searched the place.
What the hell
happened to her?
She was in the basement
and he was here.
She must be hysterical.
Yeah. Well,
we found Corey's car
about a half a mile
down the road there.
What were they doing here?
I have no idea.
We're gonna have to
get the whole story.
Well, I don't know what happened
to Scott and Rachael,
But she says that Corey
was killed in this barn.
Now we haven't been able
to find anything,
but that's
what she says.
- Did you call the parents?
- Yeah, they're on the way.
All right, well, we've
got a big fucking problem.
We've got at least 6,000
people coming this weekend.
Shut the-
Ray, listen to me.
The tunnel that is
underground at St. Charles-
It runs all the way
to the basement of this house.
All those years?
Ross found something-
Somebody actually.
Might have been
the little girl.
(Police radio chatter)
We'll find
your friends, Joe.
What are we gonna do? This
maniac is still on the loose.
Start with the woods.
We found him before.
Chief, we found this.
- Does it play?
- It's the video camera.
- Check it out.
- (Cell phone ringing)
Yeah, hi, John.
You have absolute
identification on that?
When did-
And he-
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
What is it, Chief?
That was
the state police department.
They said
that Shay Gunther-
His body was found
on I-90
earlier this morning.
He was hit by a tractor trailer.
Well, I guess
that's a relief.
I don't think so.
He's been dead
since yesterday.
The trucker called it in
at 11:15.
What exactly
did you see?
(Dramatic music playing)
Bring me
to the window
So I can see
where your days go
Go go go
Tears from his eyes
down his face roam
Gripping his chest,
saying a mouthful
Bring me back
into the darkness...
The rancid stench
of a piss-drenched mattress
Hung in the air
- Ringing a bell blast
- Bell blast
Closing his eyes
The only way
out of here
Not that I care
But I could have been here
a long time ago
Not that I care
Now that I'm rotting away
in the end zone
Not that I care
But I could have
sat down and taken control
Not that I care
But I should have slowed down
and walked my own road