Munich (2005) Movie Script

Best place we went to
since we've been here.
Definitely, man.
Way to go, buddy.
You guys coming back to my
place? All right. Let's go.
Aw shame, shame.
Closing down the beer garden.
Hundred-meter dash powered
by knackwurst and lager.
Where are you guys from?
What's your event?
They don't speak English,
Let's help them over.
Come on. Up?
Here you go.
Let's go.
I got you. Come on.
Up. Yeah. All right?
You guys take care.
See you.
Take it easy.
See you.
You're taking
the grade tomorrow.
Watch yourself, man.
I'm Jim McKay
speaking to you live...
at this moment,
from ABC headquarters...
just outside the Olympic
village in Munich, West Germany.
The peace of what have been
called the "serene Olympics"...
was shattered just before dawn
this morning, about 5.:00.
There is great uncertainty
about how many Israelis...
are being held hostage
in the apartment.
It now appears that Black September
has tossed a piece of paper...
out the window.
A list of demands.
They want what they call
"the Israeli war machine"...
to release 200 Arabs, which it
insists are political prisoners...
or the hostages
will be killed.
The terrorist communiqu ends
with an appeal...
for revolutionaries
of the world to unite.
McKAY: This is building
number 31. At this moment...
eight or nine terrified
living human beings...
are being held prisoner.
The demands have been many-
There's someone right now.
This certainly has to be
one of the guerrillas.
A man with a stocking mask
on his face. Weird.
What's going on inside
that head and that mind?
Just a short
while ago, there was...
another in this long series
of negotiations.
The spokesman for the group
came out, spoke, went back.
It seems to be a process
of speak and consultation.
McKAY: Does it mean it's all right?
Or does it mean it's all over?
Come and get us.
As Peter Jennings indicated,
the German army...
because of very
complicated laws...
would not be allowed
to participate.
And there you see an athlete
holding a canvas bag...
in which is obviously
a machine gun.
Peter Jennings, once again,
is stationed...
inside the Olympic village.
With the naked eye, Peter...
what do you see now?
Jim, there are
now a great many...
maybe a dozen already,
of those security men...
in athletic uniforms.
It now appears that the siege
of the apartment building...
where the hostages are being
held has been called off...
and the German police
are retreating from the area.
Officials seem to have decided
to abandon their plans...
when the leader of the fedayeen
came out of the building...
and demanded
they call off the siege...
pointing out
that the entire operation...
was being watched
on a television set...
within the apartment.
Apparently, new demands have
been made to move the fedayeen...
and their hostages,
though it isn't yet known...
when or where
this might occur.
This is Peter.
Do you have something...
to report to us
from where you are?
This is Cosell.
I certainly do, Peter.
We have an immense flurry
of action here.
Suddenly, in the whole area between
building 20 and building 12...
they have been clearing
out cars.
Obviously wary of an assault
from the German police...
five minutes.
What I'm hearing
from here is that...
they're heading to an airport
called Frstenfeldbruck.
...says the chopper
just landed...
at the back
of the Olympic village here.
Can you see gate number seven?
This is Vance Kolvig.
What I have seen are...
four hostages
in one helicopter...
and it looks like five hostages
in the first helicopter.
Yes, I just got back
a little while ago...
and it was obvious
that something...
quite serious
was going on out there.
Here we are, outside the
gates. There are armored cars...
police cars...
Police are pouring in through
the gates with lights flashing...
and here come some more. Five,
six, here comes another one.
Seven armored cars have gone
in through the gates now.
They're mounting
a major invasion.
The latest word we get
from the airport is that...
quote, "all hell has broken
loose out there. "
It's just arrived, Peter.
The bus has arrived...
to the helicopters.
We have reports now...
that all the hostages,
all nine hostages are safe.
We repeat, we have confirmed,
it's just past 1.:00 a. m.
The fighting ceased
at midnight.
Well, that's at least 24
we've seen go in...
and now we can see
the lights flashing...
There was a terrible battle at
the airport, but the hostages...
somehow the hostages are safe.
And, according to these
reports, all Arab terrorists...
have died by German gunfire.
Originally it was said
that the hostages were safe...
but now that has been changed.
An Olympic spokesman
said that...
CIOFFl: Of the areas in the
world, this is one of the areas...
They've spent their youth,
their young people...
they've spent all their money
on wars.
Now they have a chance to build
their nations. These nations...
And, of course, they're compatible.
The Arabs and the Israelis...
are perfectly compatible
as far as I can tell.
And now, as you say, Peter,
you're quite right.
They've been jolted apart
again, as they were...
seeming to come just a little
closer. Little hope.
We've just gotten the final
word. When I was a kid...
my father used to say our greatest
hopes and our worst fears...
are seldom realized. Our worst
fears have been realized tonight.
They've now said that
there were 11 hostages.
Two were killed
in their rooms...
yesterday morning.
Nine were killed
at the airport tonight.
They're all gone.
...before a quiet
crowd of 80,000.
After the ceremony,
the surviving team...
saw the coffins
of their fallen comrades...
loaded onto an airplane
to bring them home together.
Enormous crowds also gathered
on Dizengoff Street...
and in Jerusalem on the plaza
in front of the Knesset.
People are weeping,
tearing their clothes.
The funerals, which will be
held tomorrow in Jerusalem...
are expected to draw
tens of thousands of mourners.
These are the names of the
members of the Israeli team...
at the Munich Olympics,
who were held hostage...
beaten, and finally murdered
by Arab terrorists.
Yosef Gottfreund.
Eliezaar Halfen.
Yakov Springer.
Dr. Wadi Haddad.
Abu Daoud.
Mahmoud Hamshari.
Andre Spitzer.
Zeev Friedman.
Kehat Schur.
Wael Zwaiter.
Dr. Basil al-Kubaisi.
Kamal Nasser.
Mark Slavin.
Amitzur Shapira.
David Berger.
Kemal Adwan.
Abu Youssef.
Mohammed Boudia.
Yosef Romano.
Moshe Weinberg.
Hussein al-Chir.
Ali Hassan Salameh.
As all of Israel mourns, of
course everyone says prayers...
for the people...
I tried not to think
about you, but I couldn't.
...a very private, terrible grief
in the days and years to come.
I have the world's most boring
job. What's going to happen to me?
Well, they were just athletes.
They went to the Olympics.
Look what happened
to them.
What now?
Now we're going
to have a baby.
Eleven names.
Give us the order,
and we'll begin.
It's the same as Eichmann.
We say to these butchers:
"You didn't want
to share this world with us...
"then we don't have
to share this world with you. "
There's legitimacy for this.
Am I correct?
and slaughtered again...
while the rest of the world is
playing games, Olympic torches...
and brass bands
and dead Jews in Germany.
And the world
couldn't care less.
We've responded.
We sent 70 fighter jets.
A response no one heard.
Air strikes on guerrilla training
centers. That's a response.
No one notices what happens
in the border camps.
Sixty Arabs dead, at least.
Who knows how many wounded.
This is about fixing
the world's attention.
Well, it's not just
a publicity stunt.
Let me remind you.
Ali Hassan Salameh,
he invented Black September.
He is the architect
of the Munich murders.
These people.
They're sworn to destroy us.
Forget peace for now.
We have to show them
we're strong.
We have laws,
we represent civilization.
Some people say we can't
afford to be civilized.
I've always resisted
such people.
But I don't know
who these maniacs are...
and where they come from.
They're not recognizable.
You tell me what law
protects people like these.
Today I'm hearing
with new ears.
Every civilization
finds it necessary...
to negotiate compromises
with its own values.
I've made a decision.
The responsibility
is entirely mine.
We're going to Jerusalem.
Get in.
Come on, sir.
Hello. I'm General Zamir.
You swore us in.
My unit,
when I joined Mossad.
I don't remember you.
Of course, I know your father.
It's been... Two years
since I worked for you.
I remember.
Please, sit down.
General Nadav.
And General Yariv.
How are you?
How is your father?
He's fine. Thank you.
Coffee? It's wonderful
to see you again.
The chief of the Mossad,
two generals...
and the Prime Minister.
Obviously, it's important.
This is something new.
What happened in Munich
changes everything.
We want to ask you. Will
you undertake a mission?
An important mission. You will
have to leave the country...
and your family,
maybe for years.
And it is dangerous. You
can't talk about it to anyone.
Not even your wife.
Now you should
say something.
Do you have any questions?
So, this isn't about guarding
tourists on El Al jets?
No questions?
Did we mention
how dangerous it is?
You know, my sister
died on Tuesday.
No, I didn't know that.
I couldn't go to the
athletes' funerals...
because she died.
That upset people,
but she was my sister.
Family matters.
Your wife is pregnant.
Yes, seven months.
Mazel tov.
You were one
of my favorite bodyguards.
You know,
I like neat, durable men.
You liked having
the son of a hero around.
Truth be told, you don't
look much like your father.
Your mother
is who you resemble.
Tomorrow morning.
If you can't decide
in one day...
you can't decide.
Her sister died.
But I think she didn't go
to the athletes' funerals...
because some people
are angry at her...
for not negotiating
with the terrorists.
She didn't go
to the funerals...
because she didn't
want to be booed.
It's a good sign
you didn't ask questions.
You'll say yes.
I'm your case officer.
My name is Ephraim.
How late in the pregnancy before
you have to stop having sex?
Don't worry about it.
You won't be around.
Will you?
Whatever they want, make
sure they give you a raise.
I need things for the baby.
I can't live
with refusing this.
Your mother,
she knew what she was doing.
She abandoned you on that
kibbutz. She didn't abandon me.
My father was missing.
He was in prison,
she was overwhelmed.
Oh, yes. She did what anybody would do.
Yeah, so she took you to the
kibbutz and abandoned you.
Now you think Israel
is your mother.
So listen.
I'm going to go along
with this, until I don't.
Do you understand me?
I love you.
I'm not the hero's nice wife.
First you resign from Mossad.
Your new contract.
It says we do not employ you,
offer you benefits, or pensions...
or legal aid
or medical assistance.
It's a contract
that there is no contract.
Do I get a copy?
You don't.
Your pension contribution
You're now officially
Unemployed and uninsured.
You'll open two accounts...
at the Union de Banques Suisse
in Geneva...
on Rue du Commerce.
Operational funds in one box,
in the other your salary...
which you don't take
till the mission ends...
when you get what accumulates.
Also, for each of your men, you
open an account for his salary.
How many men do I have for this
- In the operational funds box...
we will deposit
You take it out,
we put more in.
I want receipts.
You are not working
for the Baron Rothschild.
You're working for Israel,
a small country.
I'm an old Galicianer
from a mud hut in the Ukraine.
And I don't trust Yekke putzes
let loose in Europe...
with unlimited operational
I was born in Israel.
I'm not a Yekke.
Where is your grandpa from?
You're a Yekke.
Your wife receives monthly
$1,000 in her bank account.
Also, we leave messages in the
box with the operational funds.
You can leave messages
for us.
But there shouldn't be messages.
I don't care about that.
Bring me receipts,
you got me? I got you.
Whatever you are doing,
somebody else is paying for it.
We have 11 Palestinian
Each had a hand
in planning Munich.
You're going to kill them,
They're all in Europe now.
You'll stay there
as long as it takes.
Europe only, not the Arab
countries. That's for us, not you.
And not Eastern Bloc.
Don't upset the Russians.
Who needs it?
You'll have no contact
with us.
You're not going to give me
any information?
We deposit money from a
fund that doesn't exist...
into a box we don't know about,
in a bank we never set foot in.
We can't help you because
we never heard of you before.
You'll do what
the terrorists do.
You think they report back
to home base? They don't.
We want them dead.
Nothing better than eating
something sweet by the sea.
You can ask questions now.
Am I alone?
Four others.
They know useful things
like cars, documents...
cleanup to make sure
you don't...
drop your fake passport...
next to the dead body.
You're the team leader.
Who kills the targets?
You do. Who else?
Use guns if you have to,
but the bombs are preferable.
One of your guys
knows how to make them.
We want everyone to read in Le Monde
some famous Arab terrorist is dead.
Who knows who blew him up?
Why me?
So what's wrong with you?
I'm not an experienced
field operative.
So I'm not known.
Not even I know you now.
And also, I lived in Frankfurt
when I was a kid...
so I'm a Yekke Jew who
knows his way around Europe.
That's a good reason. Here's
one more. You're ordinary.
You aren't a sabra
Charles Bronson.
I am a sabra.
I know.
I know so much about you.
You're a nice sabra...
with a dog and a baby on the way.
You won't shoot Spanish bellhops.
No bellhops. No civilians.
That kind of trouble
we can't afford.
The hard thing will
not be finding them.
Some of them, anyway,
are not so carefully hidden.
The hard thing will be
not punishing yourselves...
by getting caught
or getting killed.
You want the last piece of baklava? No.
Smart decision.
You should avoid sweets.
After all, you just signed
away your dental insurance.
This is Pierre Bouchet,
your captain, speaking.
Welcome aboard Flight SA 74
direct to Geneva.
We are now at a cruising
altitude of 30,000 feet...
and we wish you
a pleasant flight.
Don't shoot. I don't
understand what you're saying.
Easy, easy, easy.
Press the buzzer
when you're done.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
I'm not good at it.
A team leader who cooks.
What a luxury.
Years in the kibbutz kitchen.
You've done this before?
Done what?
Sit. Come on.
Because I joined Mossad
Look, I want to kill every
one of these pigs, but...
Thank you.
So, some of you have training
in this kind of...
He sells antiques.
Right here in Frankfurt.
It's a front,
but successful.
I'm a documents
and identities specialist...
with a sharp eye
for early Danish Modern.
And you?
Oh, I make toys.
I thought you made bombs.
Toys, in Brussels.
For bombs,
I had to go to night school.
My wife's expecting.
Mazel tov.
Mazel tov.
Beautiful. When?
Couple of months.
Think we'll be done
by then?
Is it Ali Hassan Salameh
we're after?
I mean, that's the job,
We're here to kill the guy
who planned Munich. Am I right?
It's strange, isn't it, to
think of oneself as an assassin?
Think of yourself
as something else then.
A soldier in a war. I mean,
you know how to shoot...
to assassinate people, right?
Mazels on the baby,
and all that. That's great.
That's just fantastic.
But, I mean...
You make dolls
in a toy shop...
and you shop for sofas...
and you,
I don't know what you do.
Me? I worry.
So, why'd they make you
team leader?
Because he really knows
how to cook a brisket.
Surprised? Surprised? You punched me.
You broke my jaw, man.
That was 10 years ago.
And you were sleeping
with my girlfriend.
Listen, I'm in town.
Are you around?
Yeah, actually, I'm
here with my girlfriend.
Do you want to come over?
She's incredible,
isn't she?
I have no idea
what she's talking about.
I miss you, man. We really
used to love each other.
That was a long time ago.
We were in high school.
I have some names.
Some people I need to find
for my rich American friends.
Give me my money,
One hundred fifty.
One hundred.
These people I'm looking for,
you don't know them.
We might.
You don't.
But maybe you know someone
who does.
And it's Americans
you work for?
Yes. See?
James Madison.
We'll ask some friends.
The Arabs are not hiding.
Munich was a big success for them. Oh?
The implications of Munich
for the struggle-
They got everyone's attention.
They're recruiting, making plans.
Give me a few names.
I can't help if I don't know
who you're trying to find.
We'll have to trust.
You have to cross the line.
I trust you. You carry cash
and you don't make speeches.
Nowadays, everyone makes
speeches, like your friend Andreas.
Talk, talk, talk.
Name me an Arab.
Abu Daoud.
Abu Youssef.
Wael Zwaiter.
Kamal Nasser.
Forget Salameh. Too hard.
Wait. Who are these guys? Why
are you trying to find Arabs?
Sixty thousand per name.
If it's good information. If
it isn't good, it doesn't cost.
Wael Zwaiter's here,
in Rome.
He just translated the
Arabian Nights into Italian.
Tomorrow there's a reading.
He's broke.
He has a niece he calls
every day in Damascus.
Are you trying
to join the PLO?
We need to talk. Alone.
And also maybe you need people
to help with your work.
Cars. Vans.
If you tell anybody
about this, I don't know.
Just don't.
Just don't.
Anything you need,
we'll provide.
I need receipts.
Keep talking. Keep talking.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
Are you Wael Zwaiter?
Yes, and who are you?
Do you know
why we're here?
Are you Wael Zwaiter?
He said yes already.
He already said yes.
What are we doing?
What do I do?
Do you know why we're here?
What happened?
Why didn't you shoot him?
We shot him.
But I didn't hear a shot.
We shot him eight times,
maybe 10 times.
Did you kill him?
He's dead.
He shit his pants.
He's dead.
Drink some wine.
We're celebrating.
That old Pesach story.
The angels are rejoicing...
because the Egyptians have
just drowned in the Red Sea.
I didn't say we're rejoicing.
I said, "We're celebrating. "
And God said to the angels,
"Why are you celebrating?
"I've just killed
a multitude of my children. "
Mr. Zwaiter.
He cost us, by my
calculations, roughly $352,000.
You didn't finish the story.
The angels respond to God.
They say,
"God, we're celebrating...
"because when the people hear
what happened to the Egyptians...
"they'll understand
your point. "
Which was?
Don't fuck with the Jews.
I don't know about the rest of
you, but I'm not celebrating.
I'm goddamn rejoicing.
Here. Put that down.
Put it down. Get up.
No, please.
Come on, dance with me.
Dance with me. Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Hey.
This is...
What shall I call you today?
Franz Storsch.
You can call me Louis.
Our service has been
satisfactory? Pricey.
A Jew and a Frenchman. We
could haggle forever, huh?
I'm not a Jew. What do
you suppose a ramson is?
It's a kind of a wild leek. Not
in season, but garlic will do.
My papa sometimes loses
track of the seasons.
I know nothing about food.
Why does he make me shop?
You're wondering
if I'm French Intelligence.
Or CIA or KGB.
Or an agent with a profitable
sideline in information.
I could be anybody.
You could be anybody, too.
That's the boring part now.
Here's what isn't boring.
As long as you don't work
for any government-
I'm in private business.
Rich Americans, I heard.
I'm in private business, too.
My family.
We can locate almost anyone
for anyone anywhere...
and we are ideologically
We love everybody,
hate everybody.
I get my feelings confused.
If you're not working
for any government...
we know, or we find...
we don't find, you don't pay.
Initially it was the
intention of the hijackers...
to bring the Lufthansa to
Munich International Airport...
and then take onboard
the three prisoners...
at the end of the runway, where
Captain Klausen took his plane...
while an Arab held
a hand grenade at his head.
Hey, Avner.
A Lufthansa jet was hijacked
coming from Damascus.
The hijackers demanded the
release of three killers...
who survived Munich...
and the Germans said yes,
The Arabs would be flown by
private charter plane to Zagreb.
They're free now.
They're in Libya.
No qualms about rejoicing
on their side, eh?
The Israeli kills the Arabs...
in Egypt, in Jordan,
in Lebanon, in Syria-
Look at them.
They're movie stars.
But did you shoot any
of the Israeli hostages?
It's not important to say
if I killed Israelis or not.
We should go to Tripoli.
Kill them.
We don't go
to Arab countries.
We stick to the names
we've been given.
Mahmoud Hamshari.
Do you think,
looking back on it now...
that you achieved anything
in the Munich operation?
We have made our voice heard
by the world.
Are those your words?
The same thing again.
They have made their voice heard
by the universe or the world...
who has not been hearing
Well, I believe what
he meant by this is...
that now the world
will begin hearing us.
We are, for 24 years, the world's
largest refugee population.
Our homes taken from us.
Living in camps,
no future, no food.
Nothing decent
for our children.
And, so was the attack
in Munich justified?
The PLO condemns
attacks on civilians.
Though for 24 years...
Tell your newspaper that.
...our civilians have been attacked
by the Israelis day after day-
Tell them about all the years
and years of Palestinian blood...
spilled by Israel.
And who mourns for us?
You know,
Israel just bombed...
two refugee camps
in Syria and Lebanon.
Tell them that-
Right after Munich they did
this. It did not begin in Munich.
And where does it end?
How will it ever end?
I'm sorry, I need to use your
phone. I need to call my editor.
Yes, yes. Sorry.
You see it. It's by
the window. Thank you.
This way, please.
This man, we don't know
what he did specifically?
Hamshari arranged the attempted
assassination of Ben-Gurion...
in Copenhagen
a few years ago.
Now he organizes
for Fatah in France.
He organizes?
In Tel Aviv they showed you
evidence for this?
Not evidence.
It was more...
this is the story
and I believe them.
Why? Don't you?
It's a crisis, a war.
You don't have to always...
What? Be thinking?
Scrutinize. Yeah, think.
You want to wire Ephraim and
ask for evidence, you do it.
You're on your own.
Okay, I'm done.
Don't think about it.
So, now, I turn it on.
He picks up the phone,
turns on the red light...
then I take out the key,
insert it...
and turn.
So now we wait
for the red light.
Is the truck blocking the signal? No.
Will the remote still work?
Yeah, it's a powerful transmitter.
Go back to your position.
You can't start improvising
now. Go back to your corner.
Don't worry. It's okay.
It's going to work.
Are we on or off?
Mahmoud Hamshari?
He's at the hospital Cochin.
I don't know how badly we
hurt him. They aren't saying.
Why did you put a firecracker
in that phone?
Because I didn't want
to blow up the building.
What do you want from me?
An Arab corpse.
Another $200,000, more or less,
to eliminate target number two.
Yeah, if he's been eliminated.
We should stick with guns.
No one notices a shooting.
Bombs achieve
a double objective.
They eliminate targets
and they terrify terrorists.
That only works
when the bombs work.
The Israeli embassy in London
was rocked by a letter bomb...
shortly after 9.:30
this morning.
Dr. Ami Shachori was opening
his morning mail...
when the envelope exploded,
killing him instantly.
They discovered seven in a mailroom
near the embassy in Earls Court.
I guess they missed one.
Right after Hanukkah.
I guess there was a big pileup
of mail and they got careless.
They found other letters
in Israel, of course.
Canada, Argentina, Vienna,
Kinshasa, Paris, Brussels.
Dozens of them, mainly posted
in the Netherlands.
It's all Black September.
It's a response, then.
To Hamshari.
And to Zwaiter.
They're talking to us.
We're in dialogue now.
Where are you?
I'm in New York,
following a lead.
I'll call again.
Are you going
to visit your father?
Why is this taking
so long?
It isn't fast.
We have the best hospitals
in the world.
When you were born, your father
was elsewhere. I was alone.
He was in prison.
Should you be here?
Aren't you on duty?
What are you going to do?
Turn me in?
How is he?
I don't visit
your father so much.
Wilma lets him yell at her
all the time.
She depresses me.
How are you?
I'm managing.
Don't worry about me.
I'm proud
of what you are doing.
You don't know
what I'm doing.
I look at you and I know
everything I need to know.
She is frighteningly
She takes after you.
I want you to move,
for a time.
I've arranged a place for us
in Brooklyn.
I can't come back to Israel.
I don't know how long for-
New York?
I can see more of you
this way. New York City?
But I have my family here,
and your parents.
You want my parents
to help raise her?
Look what they did to me.
Don't you want your daughter
to be an Israeli, Avner?
She'll always be an Israeli.
Not in Brooklyn. She'll
just be another homeless Jew.
I can't do what I'm doing
if I can't see you.
What are you doing?
Don't do it then, Avner.
This is our home.
You're the only home
I ever had.
This is so corny.
It wasn't easy for
me to say that. I bet.
Don't laugh at me then.
Why did I have to marry
a sentimentalist?
You're ruining my life.
Your mother's teasing me.
Look at the waistline bulge
on that guy.
Look at that.
Think he might be armed, eh?
As are the Russians.
It's definitely him.
Hussein Abad al-Chir.
His room is next to
Israeli newlyweds.
They married in Cyprus
because she's not Jewish.
A mixed marriage.
A shande for the goyim.
Yeah, okay. But let's
try not to blow them up.
The KGB brings him home
every night after dark.
He turns on the light,
gets undressed...
turns off the light, gets
into bed, we blow up the bed.
I knew a field agent who got
too scared to sleep in his bed.
So every night he slept
on the floor of his closet.
He still does, every night.
Sleeps in closets.
Now if al-Chir sleeps in
his closet, we're in trouble.
But if he gets in the bed,
his weight arms the device...
it closes the circuit.
Then we hit the remote.
Okay, we're good.
We're good, let's go.
I've checked into the room
next door.
There are balconies.
When he gets into bed...
I give the signal
by switching off the light.
And if the bomb's too powerful
and you're in the next room?
Well, that won't happen.
It won't. No.
Boy or girl?
A girl.
Mazel tov.
News from Paris.
Dr. Hamshari succumbed
to his wounds.
So, again, mazel tov, Avner.
Steve, shut up.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Beautiful night.
Beautiful night, yeah.
Where are you from? I can't place
- Dsseldorf.
I wouldn't have guessed it.
I thought perhaps a Swede.
I taught in Sweden,
Near Eastern languages.
Teaching Lebanese immigrant
women how to clean houses.
In Swedish.
Were you here last night?
No. Just checked in.
Just arrived.
Don't plan to sleep.
They keep at it all night.
There, for hours.
Take a sleeping pill.
That's okay.
I can sleep through anything.
Are you sure?
You don't want to borrow
one of mine?
Thank you very much. It's okay. Really?
So, good night.
Pleasant dreams.
Wait for the signal.
Wait for Avner's light
to go out.
Go! Go! Go!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my eyes.
My eyes, I can't see.
Can someone help me?
I can't see.
Please! Oh, my God!
I can't see.
Can you see?
The stairs are that way.
Go that way.
Come on. Let's go!
It was much too powerful.
Stop it.
You could've blown up innocent
- Target number three.
Target number three
was not in doubt.
The ceiling in the lobby
cracked. You nearly demolished...
Avner might have been killed.
The plastique was not
what I asked for.
It couldn't have been
the grade I specified.
Someone changed the marking
on the explosive.
What if someone changed
the marking?
What do you mean?
Louis provided the plastique.
Avner, Louis provided
the explosives?
Yes. Why?
Why are we trusting him?
We have no idea who he is.
He's finding our targets.
Yes, but-
But without him,
we'd be nowhere on this!
The plastique was much more
powerful than what I asked for.
Someone changed the label.
I could have killed you.
For all we know,
Louis works for the PLO.
They're using us to do
internal housecleaning.
That's bullshit.
whose fishing boat is this?
Louis arranged it.
There was nothing wrong
with the explosive.
Bomb makers are nervous,
which is understandable.
Fear makes them sloppy-
There's nothing wrong
with my bomb maker.
It's your explosives.
We found three more
names for you.
Yes, three.
Thought you'd be pleased.
I am.
Kemal Adwan, Kamal Nasser,
and Abu Youssef.
Adwan and Abu Youssef.
They're in Beirut.
Adwan, Nasser, Youssef.
Serious characters, huh?
Extremely serious.
Smile, Mr. Storsch.
It's a second Christmas.
I'd like to pay you
a little extra for this.
These three names.
Monsieur Storsch, my group...
we don't care much
for governments...
any governments.
We don't work with
or for them.
That's an absolute condition
of my theory.
You understand?
If I learn that your sudden
generosity was an attempt...
to buy our acquiescence in
your sharing my information...
with, let us say,
CIA or Ml6 or Mossad-
I don't work for Ml6 or CIA
- You have no idea who you work for.
Trust me. You don't.
Lie to me and you will find me
abruptly unreachable...
and unhappy.
Let me buy you a drink.
No. You save your money.
At these prices,
you're going to need it.
It's obviously
significant information.
Abu Youssef is like number three
in the whole Palestinian network.
It's like Arafat, Habash,
and then him.
Of course he's significant.
Thanks for the instruction...
and enthusiasm. He's the
brains of the fedayeen.
I know who he is.
Next to Salameh...
Abu Youssef is the worst guy
we're after, right?
And Adwan, he plans all the
actions in the West Bank, right?
We get the significance.
These are serious targets.
We want to go to Beirut.
You keep away
from the Arab countries.
Mossad and the army
will take care of it.
What is this contraption?
You can't send the army.
We won't allow it.
You won't allow it?
Our source doesn't know
we're Mossad.
You aren't Mossad.
If commandos go to Beirut,
our source will cut us off.
Why don't you and I go for a
walk and talk about this, alone?
The food will get cold.
We have to go to Beirut.
We're good at this.
This is our information,
this is our job.
That's touching
in a juvenile sort of way.
You're doing reasonably well.
Reasonably? You're
spending a lot of money.
Well, we expected that.
Lots of people in Mossad
don't know about you.
No one knows.
So everyone's asking,
"Who's killing the fedayeen?
"Is it our guys?
Why weren't we told?"
Big egos. Lots of screaming.
I can maybe include
one or two of you...
but excluding Mossad
or the army is impossible.
Accept it.
We will,
but our source won't.
Who is your source?
It's time you told me.
That, by the way, is not
a request. It's an order.
You can't order him.
He doesn't work for you.
Shut up. I pay you.
You work for me.
I work for a metal box in a
bank in Geneva. The box pays me.
You want to find it empty? I
want you to let us do our work!
What's the matter with you?
With all of you?
Grow up and do it quick.
This is not a game,
a fucking game.
Who has the source? Where are
you getting your information?
Give me his goddamn number!
I hope the old lady next door
enjoyed that.
She's a little deaf but I doubt
she had any trouble hearing you.
Give me the source
and we'll let you take part.
Let us go to Beirut.
After Beirut, we'll use our source
to find the remaining targets.
Let us do our job.
A lot of manpower
to shoot three guys.
Ehud Barak.
Where the fuck is he?
Let's go!
Go! Go!
It's him!
Don't shoot! No!
My papa would like to meet you. Papa?
My papa.
He runs our little group.
I thought you ran the group.
Everybody works for someone.
I wasn't in Beirut.
Well, someone was there.
The Israeli army, according
to every newspaper on Earth.
But you stayed away...
after you paid so extravagantly
for the information.
I don't like to keep
my papa waiting.
I need to tell my people
where I'm going.
You don't know
where you're going.
And you'll need
to wear this.
Forget it, Louis.
That's just crazy.
We're done here.
We're here.
He's over there.
Louis says you're a cook.
I know how to cook, yeah.
You help me?
Bring these there.
No, no. Don't wash. No, no. They
will taste like boiled sponge.
But then why put them
in the sink?
If the juices spurt out,
it's a big mess.
The whole kitchen
will smell like piss.
Peel off the fat.
Let me see your hands.
Too big for a good cook.
That was my problem, too.
I had been a master...
but I have thick, stupid,
butcher's hands just like yours.
Well, we are tragic men.
Butcher's hands, gentle souls.
These are going to be
too sour to eat.
Skin them and prick them,
boil them in sugar.
A little torture, and
you'll see how nice they are.
You call me "Papa. "
I can't do that.
I have a papa already.
You are devoted to him?
Am I here because of
what happened in Beirut?
Your papa must be
proud of his son.
We'll pick a few.
Let the rest ripen.
There are so many people
to feed, but-
But they are your family.
So you have to feed them.
Yes. We don't work
with governments.
Louis said. But...
But you did what you did because
you have to feed your family.
I blew up trains,
and trucks full of Germans
during the war.
My brothers were killed, my papa
and my sister were both hanged.
She was a young girl.
Papa, the guest doesn't
want to hear your war stories.
We paid this price, so Vichy
scum could be replaced...
by Gaullist scum...
and the Nazis could be
replaced by Stalin and America.
We stay away
from governments.
We say grace?
Maybe our guest
could lead us.
No, no, no.
It's not required.
Our Father, who gives us
obedient and respectful clients...
who obey the rules according
to which our business thrives-
...whose prevarications
and deceptions-
In my despair
I fathered madmen...
who dress like factory workers,
but never do manual labor...
and who read nonsense
and spout pompous bullshit...
about Algerians
and who love nothing...
not Algerians or French...
or flesh and blood,
or anything living.
So I have sympathy for a man
who can say, "I have a papa"...
and who does what he must
for his family.
I will say grace.
There's some opinion
you should be punished...
for what happened
in Beirut.
We didn't know
so many would die.
I'm in business with death.
Do you think I'm squeamish?
The world has been rough
with you, with your tribe.
It's right to respond roughly
to such treatment.
You pay well and you pay promptly,
so we'll continue together.
But no more infractions.
Thank you. You have my word.
A few andouillettes
and boudins noirs...
black blood sausage and a
Loire cheese, Selles-sur-Cher.
We cover it in ash to
preserve it. Thank you.
You could have been my son.
But you're not.
Remember that.
We'll do business,
but you aren't family.
I have a new name for you.
I want Ali Hassan Salameh.
You know where he is. You
know where all the names are.
Zaid Muchassi.
Zaid Muchassi is in Athens
in two weeks.
Not one of our names.
He is Black September's
KGB contact.
Hussein al-Chir
was the KGB contact.
Yes. But you put a bomb under
Monsieur al-Chir's bed in Cyprus...
and now he's defunct.
Muchassi is his replacement.
I hear he's much tougher
than his predecessor.
We offer Muchassi's
whereabouts at the new rate.
What new rate?
Three names for $600,000...
is $200,000 for one name.
I need you to find me
a place to work in Athens.
Of course. Safe house.
Is this Louis's idea
of a joke?
I've had nightmares
that looked like this.
So when they explode, they toss
little white balls of phosphorus...
here all around his room. Each
ball, it's like a little sun.
It burns at around
So the air catches fire.
Everything in the vicinity
Now, the bad news is
they are grenades...
so I modified them to use
with a remote detonator.
I also should mention
that they're quite old...
like World War II.
Only four were viable.
We should dump the rest.
There's a porter at the hotel
where Muchassi's staying.
He's gonna let us in the room
when Muchassi goes out.
Hey. Who provided these
prehistoric explosives?
Yeah. I'll thank him for that.
Stop! Stop!
Put the gun down
or we'll shoot.
Basque! Basque!
Put the gun down!
Put it down!
Put it down.
Which French? Louis?
Who are you? English?
Basque. ETA.
Red Army Faction.
He's ANC.
African. African.
We are from Amman.
I'm Ali.
Said. George. Abed.
We paid for two nights.
He said it was safe.
He told us the same.
Yes. Safe house.
So we're safe?
Everyone is safe.
Eventually the Arab states
will rise against Israel.
They don't like Palestinians,
but they hate the Jews more.
It won't be like 1967.
The rest of the world will see by
then what the Israelis do to us.
They won't help when Egypt
and Syria attack. Even Jordan.
Israel will cease
to exist.
This is a dream. You can't take
back a country you never had.
You sound like a Jew.
Fuck you.
I'm the voice inside your head
telling you what you already know.
You people have nothing
to bargain with.
You'll never get
the land back.
You'll all die old men in refugee
camps waiting for Palestine.
We have a lot of children.
They'll have children.
So we can wait forever.
And if we need to, we can make
the whole planet unsafe for Jews.
You kill Jews and the world
feels bad for them...
and thinks you are animals.
But then the world will see how
they've made us into animals.
They'll start to ask questions
about the conditions in our cages.
You are Arabs. There are lots
of places for Arabs.
You're a Jew sympathizer.
All you Germans,
you're too soft on Israel.
Well, you give us money, but
you feel guilty about Hitler.
And the Jews exploit
that guilt.
My father didn't gas
any Jews.
Tell me something, Ali.
Do you really miss
your father's olive trees?
Do you honestly think you have to
get back all that... that nothing?
That chalky soil
and stone huts.
Is that what you really
want for your children?
It absolutely is.
It will take a hundred years,
but we'll win.
How long did it take the Jews
to get their own country?
How long did it take
the Germans to make Germany?
And look how well
that worked out.
You don't know what it is
not to have a home.
That's why you European Reds
don't get it.
You say, "It's nothing," but
you have a home to come back to.
we all pretend we care about
your international revolution...
but we don't care.
We want to be nations.
Home is everything.
No, no, no.
No, I watch.
You only take money
enclosed in papers, yes?
Of course.
Look there.
Here they come
in their pumpkin coach.
The Russians and...
Do we detonate if the other
Arabs go into the room with him?
Why are the Russians waiting?
Why don't they leave?
They are waiting.
We are waiting. Stay calm.
Hey, I'm calm.
He's in his room. Do it.
Is he alone?
How do we know if he's alone?
Just flip the switch. Do it.
I don't understand it.
What's wrong?
It's a piece of shit.
What? Fuck! Not again.
Wait, wait.
Where's the explosion?
It should've exploded by now.
What's gone wrong?
It's another malfunction.
You know what?
Or maybe it's delayed-
He has fucked up again!
Or maybe it could still blow
up. This is a waste of time!
Careful with that stuff,
Hans, what are you doing?
Hans, get back here!
Hey, hey!
What is he doing?
Hans. No, no.
So how long
is he going to be?
Maybe one hour.
I know you.
Get in! Head down!
Ali? Ali? Ali?
Are you incapable of making
something that works?
Shut up! You shut up!
Does anybody speak Greek?
Shut him up!
Did we kill a Russian?
That's not good! Where
did you get your training?
Every single bomb, every
fucking one, is fucked up.
I was not trained to do this!
I was trained to dismantle
bombs, not to build them!
Holy shit.
Shin Bet wanted bomb dismantlers.
They picked me from the army.
A toy maker.
Give me some money.
They figured I was good
with small machines.
But then after Munich, they asked
if I could build bombs instead.
So I said yes.
Come on. Here.
The three went to the
side of the customs hall...
took out pieces of their rifles,
and quickly assembled them.
Then they threw hand grenades into
the long queues of passengers...
waiting to clear passport
control and began automatic fire.
It was all over
in a matter of minutes.
And the firing
was indiscriminate.
Salameh is in London.
He goes there periodically
to meet with his CIA contact.
His what?
Salameh works for the CIA.
Salameh guarantees
that Black September...
won't touch
American diplomats.
In exchange, the CIA
gives him lots of money.
And they don't ask
what he uses it for.
Did he tell them
about Munich in advance?
Did the CIA
know about Munich?
The CIA didn't even know
Black September existed...
before Munich.
One of the guerrillas was shot
through the head...
by a ricochet bullet.
A second was blown up
by his own hand grenade.
Since then,
he's been busy.
Hasn't he?
All manner
of costly exercises.
Shooting tourists
in the Athens airport...
blowing up pharmacies
in Amsterdam...
and that Mossad agent
in Barcelona before that.
Europe hasn't been this interesting
since Napoleon marched to Moscow.
Do you have to
do that here?
Salameh is in London.
For the usual price.
We followed him from
his doctor to his hotel.
He's here for eye treatment.
Salameh. You saw him?
You followed him?
Wearing sunglasses in the
rain. Why didn't you shoot him?
There were bodyguards.
Were they armed?
Well then, they're not
civilians. I'd have done it...
if you'd give me half a chance
to actually shoot someone.
I'm the only one who actually
wants to shoot these guys.
Maybe that's why
we never let you do it.
We only go after our targets.
Since when?
I mean, why are we worried
about that now?
Do you have any idea
how many laws we've broken?
It's time to stop your
agonizing. It's counterproductive.
Including, incidentally, the
laws of the state of Israel...
which has no death penalty.
You know what your problem is,
You're disorientated.
Because the guys we're killing
are dressed in expensive suits...
and this is London and
not some ugly Arab village.
I'm not disoriented.
I'm keeping my sanity by
occasionally reminding myself...
that in spite of-
But it's the same old war
we're fighting...
I'm still, at least in
principle, a human being.
...over the same old
scrap of desert!
It's just we've brought our war
to Copenhagen and Kensington...
and it's not like these European
anti-Semites don't deserve that.
Unless we learn to act like
them, we will never defeat them.
We act like them
all the time.
What, you think the
Palestinians invented bloodshed?
How do you think we got control
of the land? By being nice?
Somebody pull down this man's
pants. See if he's circumcised.
I think we have a double agent
in our midst.
Don't you dare accuse
me of that! Stop it!
My son died in '67, you
foul-mouthed son of a bitch.
Everything you can ask,
I've done for Israel.
Ask for a reassignment
if this is so distasteful.
Why, it's not distasteful to you? No.
'Cause the only blood that
matters to me is Jewish blood.
Nice job, eh.
Nice job leading.
If the bodyguards are armed,
we kill them.
They're armed.
Well, then we kill them!
Roger Burke, you ugly fuck!
What are you doing in London?
Get your hands off me.
Put them up. Put them
up, you fat, wet puss!
Let's show these limey fucks
what we're made of.
Hey, wait a minute! Who the fuck...
Who do you think this is then?
Roger Burke.
Who do you think this is?
No, you idiot. That is not-
Lay off him, asshole.
That's not him. Come on.
It's Roger Burke.
I'm sorry about my friend,
you know?
He's a fucked-up, belligerent guy
with a serious drinking problem.
Hey, come here.
Lose it.
Come on. Calm down!
Hey, calm down.
Hey, come here!
Calm down!
Back off. Get back!
Back off! Back off!
Fuck off!
It's me. All right!
All right. Come on.
Fuck off!
It's me, Roger, Orrin!
Come on.
It's me. Remember me? Sorry.
It's all right.
You should have ducked,
Fucking Americans!
What the fuck is that?
Was it Salameh?
Yes, of course
it was fucking Salameh!
I take it she'd
eat you up a bit, huh?
You old dog.
He's got some ideas.
Oh, the American bloke?
Aren't we all?
So you've heard these rumors?
These are wild stories.
Wild stories.
Can I?
I have to go to bed soon.
I work in the morning.
What kind of work do you do?
The kind that drives you
to drink.
We must have the same job,
I love your accent.
I love your perfume.
Cuts right through
the smoke.
Does it?
It's very nice.
Look, I don't want
to be forward...
but it's late...
and I do have to get up early.
So, you're very nice, and...
Are you really going
to make me ask?
I just can't.
You're very attractive.
I know.
If you come to your senses...
once you get up
to your lonely room...
well, maybe I'll be here.
Or maybe I'll be in my room,
alone in bed.
Good night.
The drunk Americans.
You think they were CIA?
They could've been.
For all we know, Louis is CIA.
They work both sides.
Everyone does.
Or Louis is Mossad.
Now, maybe he isn't...
but they're using him
to feed us information.
There's no direct link.
Or Mossad's giving it to CIA,
which is giving it to Louis...
and Ephraim's demanding
we give him Louis...
because he knows
we expect him to do-
Stop chasing the mice
inside your skull.
You know,
I never thought you'd last.
I thought the same about you.
From the beginning
you seemed so reluctant.
I was born reluctant.
Ask my mother.
If I can't kvetch,
I can't do my job.
You ever feel reluctant?
I'm not comfortable
with confusion.
I knew guys like you
in the army.
You'll do any terrifying thing
you're asked to do...
but you have to do it running.
You think you can outrun
your fears, your doubts.
The only thing that really
scares you guys is stillness.
But everyone's overtaken,
Now, the mice need a brandy.
Will you join me?
No, I'm going to go upstairs,
straight to bed.
You okay drinking
by yourself?
It's just a shot to numb
the brain. Good night.
Beware of the local honey trap. Indeed?
You can't miss her.
You don't want to.
This is a trunk call
from Mr. Storsch.
Do you accept the charges?
Shit, Avner, you woke up the
baby, but that's okay... I mean...
How are you?
I miss you.
You're in England
or Australia...
or the North Pole-
Yeah, that's right.
So listen, I was thinking...
when I'm finished doing
what I'm doing here...
I want to come to Brooklyn
to see you.
Brooklyn is depressing. It's
got more churches than Jerusalem.
Listen to her talk.
Can you hear me? Can
she hear me? Yeah, yeah.
Hey. Talk to me.
Daphna, make her talk.
Hey. Hey, sweetheart. It's your papa.
This is my voice, darling.
This is what I sound like.
Don't forget, okay?
Listen, I have to get
her to bed. She's tired.
She'll dream about you.
We're standing at a distance,
as instructed by the terrorists.
Are we going?
Is it to the airport?
Can we talk to someone,
just to say-
Shut up, okay?
Just get on the bus, okay?
Just to tell our families.
Just to say we are all right!
Everybody, just relax, okay?
Relax! Calm down.
We will ride this bus and fly away.
After, you go back to your home...
or to your Olympic Games.
Carl. You asshole.
I saw her first.
She's Dutch, not political,
entirely business-minded.
She lives in Hoorn.
She's there now.
This is dependable
For which you pay nothing.
We're giving you this.
You understand why?
Because you want me to believe
that you had nothing to do...
with the murder of my partner.
We inhabit a world
of intersecting secrecies.
We live and die at the places
where those secrecies meet.
That's what we accept.
We buy information for you
from your enemies.
This alerts them.
You're not the only people
looking for names.
You're telling me
I'm being hunted now?
He's telling you
it's time for you to quit.
The race is not to the swift,
nor the battle to the strong...
but time and chance
happens to them all.
Evil falls suddenly.
Who can say when it falls?
So you're really gonna
kill her?
All this blood comes back to
us. Eventually it will work.
Even if it takes years,
we'll beat them.
We're Jews, Avner.
Jews don't do wrong
because our enemies do wrong.
We can't afford to be
that decent anymore.
I don't know that
we ever were that decent.
Suffering thousands of years of
hatred doesn't make you decent.
But we're supposed to be
righteous. That's a beautiful thing.
That's Jewish.
That's what I knew,
that's what I was taught.
And now I'm losing it,
and I lose that, that's-
That's everything.
That's my soul.
You need to go rest somewhere.
You don't have to do this one.
When I need you again,
I'll find you.
Excuse me. Who are you?
Do you know why we're here?
I want to get dressed, okay?
Maybe you want to hire me.
You know how good I am.
No. Don't.
It's such a fucking waste
of talent.
Where're you going?
Stay here.
Shell. Shell.
Leave it.
In seven months we've
killed six of the 11 names.
We've killed one replacement.
One of our targets
is in prison and four...
including Ali Hassan Salameh,
are at large.
One of our own has fallen.
Since we began, the other side has
sent letter bombs to 11 embassies...
hijacked three planes...
killed 130 passengers in Athens
and wounded scores more...
and killed our military
attach in Washington.
Some of it was done by a Venezuelan
called Carlos the Jackal...
who replaced Zaid Muchassi...
who replaced Hussein al-Chir.
Black September's original
leadership has been decimated.
But new leaders
are emerging...
for whom Black September
wasn't violent enough.
And to dispatch
our six dispatched targets...
we must have spent something
close to $2 million, right?
You've been cooking.
Are you expecting company?
Mrs. Meir
says to the Knesset...
the world must see
that killing Jews...
will be from now on
an expensive proposition.
But killing Palestinians
isn't exactly cheap.
If all 11 were dead, you'd stop? Yes.
You're lying.
What about their replacements?
With each time we kill,
we create six more.
Maybe they'll have to keep
killing them, then.
Five targets are still alive.
That's five men
that need to be killed.
Eventually you forget that in
the beginning you hated doing it.
For me personally,
I feel less every day.
One day I'm going to wake up,
I'm going to kill...
I'm going to go back to bed, I'm
not going to feel anything at all.
Hey, Hans? You know there's a rule
in the book against blind drunks.
Why don't you stop drinking
and eat something?
I mean, there's enough food
here to feed Bangladesh.
I keep seeing that Dutch woman,
you know, sprawled out like that.
It's not that I wish
we hadn't killed her.
I wish I had let you
close up her housecoat.
but you weren't yourself.
I went to Hans' flat
above the antique shop...
just to check up on him
because he was so...
Anyway, he's gone somewhere,
and I waited all night...
and he's not come back.
They didn't take anything.
It will be beautiful.
Ali Hassan Salameh is in
Tarifa on the Spanish coast.
He's at a compound guarded by
all the predictable trouble.
Bomb makers often die
accidental deaths.
In Athens
you shot a KGB agent.
Many people must want
to kill you, Monsieur Storsch.
But why would I do that?
You pay better than anyone.
It's dangerous
going after Salameh.
But he planned
the Munich massacre.
Eliminate him, and they'll let
you go home. Don't you think?
Yes, Louis. I do.
You could have a kitchen
like that someday.
It costs dearly,
but home always does.
It's like a funhouse in there.
Can you tell how many?
That's him.
Are you sure it's him, Avner?
You have to be sure.
I'm Avner Kaufman.
We know.
You want to ride with us?
Hop in.
I'm Amos.
This is Avi. Shin Bet.
We're not supposed to know
who you are...
because we're not officers.
We're just shit
and no one tells us shit.
We've heard about
what you've done.
We want to say it's
an honor to meet you.
It's an honor for me,
I have no problems
with anything you guys did...
except the woman on
the houseboat in Hoorn.
Steve's told us about her.
We took a leave
of absence...
and killed her
off the company clock.
Don't be an idiot.
Otherwise, as I said, we have
no problems with the job you did.
Except three
of my men died.
to your colleague...
I should say, emphatically,
according to your colleague...
not in any way your fault.
He sings your praises.
Best guy he ever worked for,
and so on.
He says this French group...
Louis was his name?
They sold the terrorists information
regarding your whereabouts.
They helped kill your men.
I know Steve believes that,
but it's not true.
Tell us who they are.
They won't work with you.
It's about loyalty.
You're an Israeli officer.
That's your only loyalty!
That's it!
This is General Hofi
of the Northern Command.
You look good.
Listen, the Prime Minister
is proud of you and your men.
She wishes she could tell you
herself, but she can't.
She never heard of you,
Good. She says you've done
a great thing for your people.
For Israel.
That's it.
There is no medal or anything.
June 16, 1973.
Avner Kaufman interview.
Go ahead.
Tell me what you learned.
What I learned?
What did you learn?
For God's sake!
Tell me the names and numbers
of your sources.
Avner, tell me.
Tell me the names and numbers
of your sources.
I can have you
court-martialed, and I might.
You can't.
I don't work for you.
I don't exist.
You look terrible.
I'm not good right now.
You don't need to tell me
anything. It's taken a lot from you.
I'm alive, right? And
the rest sorts itself out.
I'm not a fool, Avner. I
never said you were a fool.
Everyone in Europe died.
Most of my family.
A huge family.
I never talked
to you about it.
I knew. You knew? So
what was there to say?
I didn't die,
because I came here.
When I arrived, I walked up to
the top of a hill in Jerusalem...
and prayed for a child.
I never prayed before,
but I was praying then.
And I could feel every
one of them praying with me.
You are what we prayed for.
What you did,
you did for us.
You did for your daughter,
but also for us.
Every one of the ones
who died, died wanting this.
We had to take it, because no
one will ever give it to us.
A place to be a Jew among
Jews, subject to no one.
I thank God for hearing
my prayer.
Do you want to know, Mama?
Do you want me to tell you
what I did?
Whatever it took,
whatever it takes.
A place on Earth.
We have a place on Earth.
At last.
What's this?
From Rehovot? The only edible
baklava is from the Arabs in Jaffa.
Eat it on the plane.
You're too thin.
I hope it gives you
a bellyache.
Listen, forget it.
You go see your wife, your
child, rest for a few more months.
Then we're gonna put you
back in the field.
Not Europe.
Probably Latin America.
You think it over. Rest,
Avner. Then you come back.
That's all right.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's okay. It's okay.
Look at that beautiful hair.
Come back to bed.
I have no idea
where I should be.
The place is nice.
You've made it really nice.
The kitchen's too big.
Sylvie, I need to speak
to your father.
Is Louis there?
I need to speak to your
father. Have him call me.
I'll wait. He must call me.
I'll wait.
Am I being hunted?
Is my family being hunted?
How is your father? He's
well? Your family is well?
I don't know. How is my
family? Are they well?
Are they going to be okay?
I'm sending you a parcel
of sausage and cheese.
Real cheese. The kind
you can't find in America.
It isn't pasteurized,
so it won't taste like shit.
It's a real pleasure
to hear your voice again.
I think about you
with concern.
Do you believe me?
You believe me, Avner?
You know my name?
Of course I do.
Now, listen to me.
It's important.
No harm will come to you
from me.
You can't go in there, sir.
It's a restricted area. Sir?
I tried to stop him.
I don't know who this guy is.
If you're Mossad,
you know who I am.
If you don't, tell Ephraim
Avner came to see him.
Being in this room
is by appointment only.
Shut up and listen to me.
I won't hesitate to kill
other people's children...
if you hurt my child.
Understand? Do I know you, sir?
Or wives if you hurt my wife,
or fathers if you hurt my father.
I don't care.
I'll go to the newspapers.
I'll give every name of
everybody who was in the meetings.
I'll tell them everything if you
don't leave my family alone! Okay?
I love you.
Phone for you.
He's Israeli.
You think we'd hurt
your family?
I think anyone is capable
of anything.
I think you're losing
your mind.
Did I commit murder?
I want you to give me proof
that everyone we killed...
had a hand in Munich.
I don't discuss such things
with people who don't exist.
You want to discuss,
come back to existence.
You want your daughter
to grow up in exile?
I want evidence.
Professor Hamshari with the
beautiful wife and child?
He was implicated in a failed
assassination attempt on Ben-Gurion.
He was recruiting
for Fatah France.
You stopped him.
We should have tried
to bring him to Israel.
And Zwaiter, your harmless
little writer in Rome?
He was behind the bomb
on El Al flight 76 in 1968.
He was working on
another bomb last August.
I could go on
and on with this.
According to evidence
nobody has seen.
If these people committed crimes,
we should have arrested them.
Like Eichmann.
If these guys live,
Israelis die.
Whatever doubts you have,
Avner, you know this is true.
You did well,
but you're unhappy.
I killed seven men.
Not Salameh.
We'll get him, of course.
You think you were
the only team?
It's a big operation.
You were only a part.
Does that assuage your guilt?
Did we accomplish
anything at all?
Every man we killed
has been replaced by worse.
Why cut my fingernails?
They'll grow back.
Did we kill to replace
the terrorist leadership...
or the Palestinian leadership?
You tell me what we've done.
You killed them
for the sake of a country...
you now choose to abandon.
The country your mother and father
built, that you were born into.
You killed them for Munich,
for the future, for peace.
There's no peace at the end of
this, no matter what you believe.
You know this is true.
Here's what I know.
Your father is sick,
your mother will be alone.
You're a sabra. Your wife
and daughter are sabras.
What I came to say
is this...
come home.
Come to my house
for dinner tonight.
Come on. You're a
Jew, you're a stranger.
It's written someplace
or other that I'm meant to...
ask you to come
and break bread with me.
So break bread with me,
Subtitled By DeliXiosO