Murder 2 (2011) Movie Script

"I hope this night comes to a halt."
"I hope the conversation stops."
"In your arms."
"Desires have aroused
on the thirsty lips."
"I want to burn
myself in your desires."
"Come and embrace me today."
"Who knows what will
happen tomorrow?"
"Come a little closer."
"We have fortunately
got these moments."
"Come a little closer."
"We have fortunately
got these moments."
"Let's live them."
"Forgetting this world..."
"...let's be with
each other all night."
"We are companions for
a few moments."
"Both of us are here now..."
"...but we don't know where
we might be in the morning."
"Come and engross yourself in me."
"Who knows what will
happen tomorrow?"
"Come a little closer."
"We have fortunately
got these moments."
"Come a little closer."
"We have fortunately
got these moments."
"We have fortunately
got these moments."
"Let's live them."
"I hope this night comes to a halt."
"In your arms."
Merry Christmas.
It's good that you put
marble on your family's grave.
Yes. But it's futile.
People would walk over it.
People have no
respect for living or dead.
No respect.
Yes, Daniel. Tell me.
- Boss.
Did you get the parcel?
- The foreigner is being fussy.
He is not paying. There
seems to be a problem.
All right. I am coming.
What are you doing?
Tell him what I am saying.
No, Arjun. Arjun, do you
want to kill him?
Tell this idiot...
- Arjun, let go of him.
That he is a scoundrel.
He shouldn't mess with me. He
shouldn't try to usurp my goods.
Or else people will say that
there used to be a scoundrel.
Because I will kill him.
I will kick him out of
this country in such a way...
...that he won't even think
about coming back to this country.
Tell him!
Thank you.
Super. Super. Amazing. Amazing.
Very good. Very good.
Wow! What a scene.
Why don't you try
acting in Hindi films?
Because I charge a lot.
It's not easy to afford me.
Who knows that better than me?
Then talk to the point and leave.
Hey, hero. Don't try
to act smart with me.
Or else I pop your eyes out
and stitch them to your shirt.
I know that your father had
a shop in a red light area.
He would stitch blouses
for girls for Rs. 20 each.
Are you trying to be funny?
Can we come to the point?
- This one.
This one.
See this.
It's been 20 days.
And see this one. This
girl's name is Jyoti.
She had gone to a man yesterday,
but hasn't come back yet.
There's no news of anyone.
And seeing these people, even
the other girls are refusing to go.
Someone has cast an evil eye.
Someone has cast an
evil eye on my business.
That too during these days.
During holidays.
Christmas and New Year.
When girls are highly demanded,
they are not ready to go.
So, your girls are
disappearing one by one. - Yes.
And you want me to find them.
- Yes.
And also the man who is
kidnapping them. - Absolutely.
I had called for eight girls
from Mumbai a few days back.
Four of them have gone missing.
But your hired
henchmen can also do this.
Then why me?
- You are a working policeman.
You work even during holidays.
You make money.
It's my necessity to work
during the last days of the year.
You won't understand.
And I am not a policeman. I was.
How does that matter?
You have just lost yourjob.
But the policeman
within you still exists.
There are many people within me.
I do all the bad things in the
world besides dealing in women.
Anyway, did you lodge a
complaint with the police?
Do you want to get me in trouble?
If I had to take their help,
then why would I call you here?
What if they frame me?
All right. Pay me Rs.
200000 in advance.
Rs. 300000 after the work is done.
Give me some discount, brother.
It's Christmas time. I
am in a lot of demand.
And anyway, if there's
anything more important than God...
...then that's wealth and money...
...and not a certificate of honesty.
Tell me if you agree, or else...
Or else you go your way
and I go mine.
I know. I know.
Yes, boss?
- Give it to him.
He is a useful man.
Ask and you shall receive.
If you ask for it, you will get it.
If you look for it,
you will find it.
If you knock on the door,
it will open for you.
No, Mother. If God is
not with the orphan kids...
...then it's better that
He's not with me either.
For the kids.
Arjun, God takes, but He also gives.
He has given you this life.
He helped you so that
you can help someone.
Don't you know how He
uses you to help others?
Make peace with Him, my child.
It's been 20 years
since that happened.
No, Mother. I can
never forget this day.
The relationship
between God and me is over.
And there's no question of peace.
Because I am not going
to forgive Him.
You are impossible.
Whenever you talk,
you talk negatively.
Not interested.
Now something can happen only
when God comes to me Himself...
...and repairs my life.
Until then, He goes
His way and I go mine.
Yes, Daniel. Did you
get the other parcel?
No, boss. Not yet.
- Okay. I am coming.
That's it?
You got what you wanted?
You did what you wanted to and left.
Of course. Do you eat food at a
hotel and then keep sitting there?
No, right?
This is how it should be.
Take this. Buy a new
AC and TV for yourself.
I don't want your money.
I can take care of myself.
Take it.
Or else I won't show you my face.
You will yearn for me and I won't
even turn around and look at you.
Emotional blackmail?
Call it whatever you
want to. I don't care.
You go your way and I go mine.
My way is your way.
Tell me something.
It's been three years.
I don't understand whether I
am your love or your need.
My habit.
Nothing else.
I can't take care of myself.
Why should I take up
your responsibility?
Because I am like you too.
When two destroyed people meet...
...they take care of each other.
Or fall in a pit together.
Your work is going on so well.
You get half-naked
pictures clicked and make money.
Earn money and have fun.
Or marry a rich man.
If you depend on me, you will repent.
Perhaps, I might usurp your money.
Usurp it. I don't care.
But for that, you
will have to be with me.
This life is better.
Friendship from a distance.
And anyway, I don't have
fun for free.
It's still where we began from.
It never began that it
would reach to a conclusion.
That's why enjoy if you want to.
If you want a family, then get
it published in the newspaper.
All right. I'll think about it.
But come in the evening if you can.
It's Christmas Eve.
And this year, I want to
celebrate it only with you.
Yes. Tell me.
- Boss, Jyoti's taxi has been found.
Where are you?
- Near Mozim Cross.
Sir, Jyoti got down over here.
Then a car came from here.
...and stopped right here
where your car has pulled up.
The driver honked and she
sat in the car and left.
She said she would be
back in an hour.
Yes sir. She forgot
her mobile in haste.
Do you remember the driver's
face or the number of the car?
No sir. I didn't see properly.
Look, the police is investigating...
...Ana Safin disappearance.
'State's best
officers are carrying out... '
'... this joint operation
with the Russian Embassy.'
'We will solve this case very soon.'
'There is nothing to worry.'
'And let me assure that
every foreign tourist... '
'... visiting Goa is being
given tight security.'
'Absolutely, the best
arrangements have been made.'
'So there is nothing to worry.'
'I am telling you that we
will have a very great season.'
'Wish you a merry Christmas
and an ever happier new year.'
'Thank you so much.'
- Yes. Scapegoat.
Just as a goat is used as
a bait to attract a lion...
...we will have to use your call
girls to catch this man of yours.
And I feel this is not the
case ofjust your girls.
This is a case of human trafficking.
But why should I take
such a big risk?
I might lose a few
more girls in the bargain.
And why should my girls
get involved in this mess?
They follow the same
principle that I follow.
Pay extra money and get
the job done.
And you don't need to say much.
Just ask them to text
you the number...
...and address of the
house or hotel they go to.
I will handle the rest.
You have a twisted mind.
But you can think well.
That is a great idea.
Hey! Get the punching bag.
Hurry up.
Here you go.
Come on. Come on.
And this as well.
What is this for?
- From my side. As a reward.
Because you have
given a very good idea.
Keep it with you.
But tell me something.
- Yes.
What is the guarantee that
this man will call up again?
Only you have the stock of the
most beautiful girls in Goa.
He will call for certain.
Somebody please help me.
Somebody please help me.
Help me!
Help! Help!
Brother. Brother.
- Yes. Go on.
The customer is calling.
Whom do I send?
Send the new girl Reshma
who was brought in yesterday.
- Hello sister.
Mother still doesn't know
how t to call from a PCO.
Give it to me. Give it to me. Move.
- I also want to sister.
- Reshma.
Aaliya and Shaheen. At this time?
Didn't the two of them go to school?
The flowers got withered this month.
So I couldn't sell them.
So couldn't play their fees.
But listen, I had sent your money.
Now forget all this.
Reshma, tell me.
Are you are absolutely fine?
Nothing is going to
happen to me, mother.
I am absolutely fine.
I had a weird dream today.
You were calling out to me.
Mother, where are you?
Mother, where are you?
I was standing right
in front of you.
But you were not looking at me.
They you just disappeared.
And I kept looking
for you here and there.
I couldn't find you anywhere.
Then I woke up.
Are you okay?
I am absolutely fine, mother.
And I have found a very good job.
I have to work forjust 4-5 hours.
And the salary is great.
I have sent you there to study.
You are not taking up
any job or anything.
The job is nice, mother.
And the salary too is very good.
And your worry will
also be done away with.
Don't worry, mother.
Everything will be alright now.
I will earn lots of money.
For you. For my sisters.
And you bet. We will send both
of them to a really nice school.
We will get them good education.
Right mother?
And we will repay all our debt?
I will send you money
tomorrow itself.
Shall I hang up, mother?
- Okay.
Go. I will also hang up.
And take care, dear.
I will hang up.
Hello children.
My presents for your
family this Christmas.
Come on. Come on.
You need money to get rich.
- Santa. Santa.
But your family to be happy.
Spend money on your family.
Buy gifts for them now.
Merry Christmas to all of you.
"I wish..."
"I wish it would so happen."
"You would be with me every evening."
"My heart would cry silently."
"You would be with me every evening."
"I feel I can't live
without you anymore."
"I feel like watching you every day."
I am a woman after all.
I can't help but ask you.
Love or necessity?
Nothing else.
You could've lied on
this day at least.
Priya, getting used to a
person is also a fact.
Yes. If that person is a good habit.
"I would pour my heart to you."
"If I could tell you
how much I love you."
"I would've snatched
away the moments..."
"...I spend with you from time."
"And I would
recollect those and smile."
Why did you look away with
this photographer touched me?
Were you jealous?
- Maybe.
Can't help it. I am a man after all.
"You are my shinning star."
"I am just a wanderer without you."
"Whenever Ioneliness has haunted me."
"I have called out to you."
"My love is without shelter."
"My sweetheart, I
have in it my heart."
"I would pour my heart to you."
"If I could tell you
how much I love you."
"I would've snatched
away the moments..."
"...I spend with you from time."
"And I would
recollect those and smile."
Why did you stop?
Come on.
Neither does he call me nor do I.
"How long do I use
dreams as a support?"
"Come to me at least
now for God's sake."
"These two crazy eyes of mine
wish for your sight all the time."
"How do I explain to them?"
"I can't control them."
"I would pour my heart to you."
"If I could tell you
how much I love you."
"I would've snatched
away the moments..."
"...I spend with you from time."
"And I would
recollect those and smile."
Hey! I love you.
Stay with me tonight.
Yes sir. She forgot
this mobile in haste.
Arjun. Arjun, where
are you going? Arjun.
Yes. Tell me.
- Sada, where are you?
- I have taken up a job.
Of finding missing call girls.
I have to trace the
address of a number.
And I need a few constables as well.
Have you gone crazy?
An American girl has gone missing.
A Russian girl is dead.
And New year is around the corner.
And you are
concerned about call girls.
I have taken advance
from brother Sameer.
Someone is kidnapping
his girls and selling them.
Look, the minister is
under immense pressure.
Here the media and police...
- Sir. Sir, please come.
Excuse me. Please.
- No comments. No comments.
Back off!
Back off! Over there. Come on.
- Sada. Sada...
Do you study in college?
In which college do you study?
National college.
- Oh.
B. COM. First year.
It is written Donna Mathews outside.
Does this house
belong to someone else?
Donna is a very good friend of mine.
So she asked me to stay here and
take care of the house as well.
Donna lives in America.
Whom were you talking to?
Boyfriend. Boyfriend?
My ankle. I have a
sprained ankle. So...
You have a sprained ankle.
Show me. Show me.
I see. I see.
No problem. No problem.
I will cure this. Don't worry.
What's the hurry?
Shall we go inside?
Did anyone call up?
Not one, but three
customers called up.
I even sent three girls.
One is in Hotel Gazebo.
The other is in Radisson.
And the third one? - The third
one has sent me six messages.
One from Panjim. From Mapusa.
Siolim. Morjim.
Ashwin. And from Arambol.
- Hang on. Hang on.
Morjim. Morjim.
The cab driver had dropped
Jyoti at Morjim, right? - Yes.
Give me the number.
- Number.
Of Morjim client.
Number. - Give me.
You are whiling away time.
Check there.
Where did it go?
I had noted it here.
Very good. Found that scoundrel.
Which scoundrel?
The one who is making
your girls disappear.
See this.
- What?
In the past 20 days you
got the call four times.
See this.
You had sent Jyoti there.
And you have sent the
third girl also there.
What's the name of the third girl?
The number you are trying
to reach is not responding.
She is not answering the phone.
- She ran away.
She didn't run away.
She is in trouble.
- Yes.
What happened? Come.
I left my cell phone on the table.
Don't worry.
I will get it.
Come. Why did you stop?
Why is it so dark and quiet here?
"I hate loud noises."
"Light makes me nervous."
- Yes, boss.
Did you find the address of
that number? - No, boss. Not yet.
Today is Christmas. That's why
we won't find anyone today, boss.
You have contacts in the telephone
company, don't you? - Yes. I have.
Still, I will try, boss.
Okay. Fine. I am going to the
same place where the cab was found.
I think that man
lives in its vicinity.
If Reshma calls up,
call me immediately.
Okay, boss.
I made all this.
I am an artist.
That's why.
I will freshen up and come.
"Spend a night with me."
"Till dawn I will..."
"It will be fun."
"I will hack you into four pieces."
What happened, Reshma?
You are scared?
You got scared to see
that hacked ear?
It is Jyoti's ear.
You know Jyoti, don't you?
You don't know her?
Jyoti was a very good dancer.
It was her destiny that she met me.
She got into trouble.
The way you have got into trouble.
What to do?
What to do?
Sir, please let me go.
I want to go home, sir. Please.
So that you can deck up.
You will go out.
And entice men.
No. No.
No. - You became a
prostitute at such a young age.
My mother is alone.
- Now, you will be hacked.
You will be hacked.
- I have two sisters.
Nuisance has to be uprooted.
They don't have anyone besides me.
We are very poor, sir.
That's why I did all this.
It has to be uprooted.
They won't be able to
live without me, sir.
Now, you will be hacked.
You will be hacked.
- My mother, sir.
Why are you harping on mother?
Nobody is concerned about you.
Scream. Scream.
- Sir.
- Leave me.
With this face...
...with this body, you entice men.
Take this.
After tonight, you
won't be able to do this.
Sorry. Sorry.
Don't move. Don't move.
Answer the phone.
Answer the phone.
What is it?
"Your wet lips."
"My yearning heart."
- Oh, no.
- Yes, sir.
How much?
- Rs.45.
Band aid.
Band aid.
Dettol. I want Dettol.
One moment. First
let me give him change.
Give it.
How much?
- Rs.12.
Did you fight with someone?
I fell down from the bike.
Sir, I don't have change. Keep this.
Yes. Fine. Keep it.
Thank you.
Oh, God.
"Your wet lips."
"My yearning heart."
- Turn around.
Turn around.
Very good.
Thank you, buddy.
Where are the girls?
- Don't beat me.
Where are the girls?
- Don't beat me.
What did you do with them?
Did you sell them?
Did you sell them?
- I have brain tumor.
Wrong answer.
Don't beat me.
Where do you live?
- Don't beat me.
Don't beat me. I have brain tumor.
Where do you live?
I have brain tumor.
- Where is your address?
Where is your address?
- Is somebody there?
Is somebody there? Help.
Help. Leave me.
You live in Parole?
You live in Parole?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Why are you fighting?
- What are you doing here?
What did you do with the girls?
- He has gone crazy.
What did you do with the girls?
- Sit in the car.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Sit here.
You fight on the road.
Sir is coming.
Yes, sir.
What, hero?
Your face shows...
...that a woman has
slapped you very hard.
Yes. Your wife slapped me.
I didn't sleep with her last night.
She was infuriated.
Don't take my wife's name.
No wife.
What charge did you
press against him?
He thrashed a man on the road.
- John, don't act too smugly.
He is kidnapping Sameer's call girls.
Four girls have disappeared.
Ask him where he
lives and what did he do.
Not he.
But you did it.
Why do you blame a
decent man needlessly?
You think he is decent?
You think he is decent?
What else? Are you decent?
Tell me. Are you decent?
You left police's job and
you became a drug peddler.
You work with goons.
You work for pimps.
I hate men like you. I hate them.
I am also not craving for
your love. Did you understand?
Ask him what he is
doing to the girls.
I will ask him whatever
I have to ask. In my way.
You just shut up.
Hey, hero.
Write down.
Write down what he did with you.
I will put him behind bars.
- What?
Your address. Your phone number.
Write down everything.
Sir, I don't remember my address.
I have brain tumor. So...
My memory is weak.
What special ailment do you have?
That you don't remember
your address.
Hit him a few times. He
will remember everything.
- I will hit you as well.
After some time.
- What happened?
These are his car's papers.
I found it next to the chemist.
Whose car is it?
No, sir.
It's my uncle's car.
What's your uncle's name?
He had a nice name.
But I don't remember it right now.
But I have a diary.
I have written his name in it.
But that diary is in my house.
Your uncle's name is in the diary.
The diary is at home.
And you don't know your address.
Tell me.
Whose car is it?
Sir, I told you just now.
It's my uncle's car.
Mr. Amit Yadav.
Butjust now you said you
don't remember his name.
No, sir.
I said it's my uncle's car.
Is that so?
I don't know what has
happened to me.
What did you do with Sameer's girls?
Who is Sameer, sir?
Where did you sell them?
Where did you sell them?
Sir, I don't know Sameer. So...
What did I sell, sir?
Did you sell or not?
No, sir. I didn't sell.
I didn't sell, sir.
I hacked and threw them away.
What? He cut it?
- Yes, sir.
He must be drunk. Ask him again.
No, sir. He confessed it
himself in front of Mr. John.
Is it?
- Yes, sir.
Back off. Kadam,
tell them to back off.
Sir, tell us. Please tell us.
- Back off.
We want clarity.
What happened, sir?
It was Shinde's call.
Arjun is in the lockup.
Tilak, do you remember?
We found the dead bodies
of four girls a year ago.
Someone's hand,
someone's leg or some other part.
You will have to tell us.
You will have to tell us.
Which one, sir?
Is this the Vasco case?
But sir, that case was shut.
It was shut. But it wasn't solved.
- Right, sir.
I want the file of the Vasco case.
- Okay, sir.
Come on.
What are you doing?
What do you think?
This girl is that boy's partner.
Don't you understand partner?
If he sees it, then
you'll be in trouble.
John, don't waste time.
Come on. Open the lock.
Why? Will your earnings stop
if you stay here for a night?
Are you jealous of my earnings?
You too are no less than a dealer.
Did you understand?
You take bribes under-the-table.
You take bribes from
the dealers of girls.
What's the difference
between you and them?
What did you call me?
You called me a pimp?
Did it make you furious?
- You scoundrel!
I will teach you a lesson!
- Sir. Sir.
You abused me! I won't spare you!
You called me a pimp!
I won't spare you!
John, what is going on?
What is going on?
Arjun, let go of him. Let go of him.
What the hell is happening here?
Is this a police station or
a boxing ring? - Sorry, sir.
Come on. Come out.
So, you are here too.
Officer Arjun Bhaagwat.
Come. You also come.
You quit the police job,
but you didn't spare us.
Who is Dheeraj Pandey?
What do you think?
Nothing yet, sir.
But he has confessed.
Use his confession.
Gather evidence against him.
- Yes, sir.
But remember something.
Keep this news away from
the media and the public.
Do you understand?
But sir, this man is confessing
it himself. This is big news.
I know, Sada. But what can I do?
I have got the
orders from my seniors... conceal this news
of the missing girls.
Moreover, this serial killer.
If this news is leaked, then
both of us will lose ourjobs.
We have no choice, Sada.
We will work on this case,
but on the sly.
That too after Christmas
and New Year's. All right?
Yes, dear. Yes. I have left.
Yes, the party is at 11 o'clock.
- Right, sir.
The party is at 11 o'clock.
I will be there.
On the way. Okay.
I am telling you. He
threw the phone on the road...
...and ran away on seeing me.
Who won't run away on seeing you?
You are a hooligan.
A man like you should be
beaten up with shoes on the road.
Beat me. Beat me.
- Arjun.
Beat me.
- Arjun, come on. - Beat me.
- You lock him up.
- He is talking nonsense.
Listen to me.
- You don't know him. - Listen!
Do you want to go to prison? Should
I pour cold water on your head?
He is acting and fooling
everyone for the last three hours.
Please. Listen to me. Please.
Go and find Pandey. Look
for him wherever you want to.
I give you the permission.
Wear the uniform for a night.
Become the same officer.
Arjun Bhaagwat.
Because these people
who are sitting inside...
...only want to save
their reputation.
No one will do anything
until Christmas and New Year.
Only you can do something. Only you.
Just don't make noise.
Did you understand?
- "My heart is thirsty."
Did you understand?
"Your body seems like a cloud to me."
"Pour yourself on me."
"You are my..."
- Hey, Dheeraj Pandey.
I've heard that you
murdered seven women.
Yes, sir.
- Why?
Why did you murderjust women?
I feel like killing them.
So, I kill them.
Do you kill only call
girls or the others too?
I kill any woman.
Clean or tainted. Big or small.
A prostitute or a decent woman.
Anyone, sir. Anyone.
Why weren't you caught till today?
What do I tell you, sir?
The police didn't find
any evidence till today.
- How?
Sir, the fun of killing someone
and getting away is different.
No one can arrest me.
What do you do with the
corpses of the people that you kill?
The corpses...
I cut them into small pieces
with the knife and throw them.
What else can I do? Tell me.
I throw them in a gutter
or bury them in the ground.
Someone's hand in some
place and leg in the other.
The head somewhere else.
The skin of the head
in some other place.
But I must say, sir.
You need a lot of
strength to cut the body.
But it feels good.
Once you practice well, sir...
Yes, boss.
This is Jyoti and this is Sheena.
But who of these is Reshma?
We don't have her photo, boss.
- Why?
Because she joined just yesterday.
She is a college student.
She stays at a hostel.
And she has gone for the
first time today, boss.
She is not regular.
This is her room.
This is Reshma.
Any problem?
What's her age?
She must be 16 or 17 years old.
The girls of your hostel do
this work and you permit them?
No. All this doesn't
happen in my hostel.
But Reshma's case is different.
There are a lot of
problems in her family.
That's why I gave her
the permission at my risk.
You risked her life at your risk.
Why? Did something happen?
Don't worry. Easy money, baby.
You risked the life of
a college girl?
Couldn't you have sent someone else?
You should have at least
thought about her age!
The girl told me that
she needs money.
So, if the customer calls,
I should send her.
This is a case of human trafficking.
Do you understand?
We don't know how many
people are involved in this.
You trapped a kid?
Oh, God! I didn't trap her. You
trapped her. Did you understand?
You had said that if I
give the girl some money...
...she will keep her
mouth shut, right?
You had said that if I
want to hunt a lion...
...I must use a goat
as its prey, right?
But you didn't tell me what the
age and size of the goat should be.
You are saying that I trapped her?
What did you do to Reshma?
What did you do? - Don't kill me.
What did you do?
What did you do to Reshma?
- Don't kill me. - Where is she?
Arjun, let go of him.
Arjun, let go of him.
- What did you do?
Arjun. - What did you do
to Reshma? - Let go of him.
What's wrong with you, Sada?
- What did you do to Reshma?
I want to talk to you.
- She is a kid.
Listen! This man is not normal.
He killed notjust Reshma,
but also 11 other women.
He confessed it himself.
And the way he
ruthlessly killed those women...
...I don't think
anyone must have survived.
- Keep quiet.
Stop wandering on the streets.
Go home and sleep.
Sada, don't listen to him.
Just come with me.
Let's search at the place where we
found that taxi. I am telling you.
We will find Reshma and the rest
of the girls over there, Sada.
Just come with me.
- Let go of my hand!
Why don't you understand?
We are suppressing and
hiding every such case.
And you are thinking
only about your benefit.
Yes. I am thinking
only about my benefit.
I am concerned about
the lives of those girls.
I gave up the job of a policeman
to earn illegal money, Sada.
But the matter is different today.
Today something happened
that shouldn't have happened.
Today, because of one mistake of
mine, all my principles broke.
And now I won't let that girl's
life be sacrificed for this city.
I won't let this case be suppressed.
To hell with your orders. To
hell with the business of this city.
And to hell with all of you.
- Go! Do what you want to.
Reshma is dead. She is dead.
And the rest of them are dead too.
No, Sada. She is not dead.
She is alive.
She is in this city and is
calling out to me for help.
And I want to help her.
Till today, I only heard
the voice of my brain...
...and never the voice of my heart.
And the heart never lies.
Arjun. Open the door.
You made a mistake by thrashing him.
The entire locality and
the police are the witness.
On top of that you
are such a policeman...
...who has a very bad track record.
Whether he gets into trouble or not.
But the case can
surely go against you.
But anybody can be arrested
on the basis of suspicion.
Can't we put him behind
bars for a few more days?
Yes. Yes.
But why?
You are saying that
Dhiraj is responsible...
...for Reshma and the
other girls' disappearance.
He will deny it.
The court will ask for evidence.
Or else it will ignore it thinking
that it's a crazy man's nonsense.
And release him by
tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, no.
There should be a way.
I don't want him to
be released so easily.
Yes. There is only one way.
You will have to gather
evidences against him.
To make your case strong.
How will you do all this overnight?
Only you know that.
- Yes, boss.
Did you get the
address of that number?
No, boss. I am trying.
Okay. I am going to Pororim,
to that girl's house.
Okay, boss.
- Be ready.
I might need you.
Okay, boss.
The number you have
dialed is currently busy.
Please try again later.
The number you have
dialed is currently...
Nirmala Pandit has sent me.
Take this. Talk to her.
Friend. Friend. Friend.
How are you?
I have heard they are
taking good care of you.
How do I know?
A few of my men keep me up-to-date.
As it is, I keep all the
information of my community.
I am coming to your city. Yes.
I will reach there in six hours.
Don't worry.
I will take you away
from there very easily.
Friend, be patient.
The fruit of
patience is Nirmala Pandit.
Nirmala Pandit.
You made such a grave mistake.
And you are telling me now.
Sir, at that time
the case wasn't so big.
Some people complained
against Vasco in Pandey's case.
The other officers and I
didn't take him seriously.
And sir, there was no solid
proof against him. That's why...
That's why you released him.
- Sorry, sir.
Jai Hind, sir!
- Tell me.
Sir, he is waiting since
a long time to meet you.
Mr. Khan.
Yes. Tell me.
I saw you on TV.
You were searching for a
missing foreigner girl...
...since many months.
Yes. She is the
daughter of a French diplomat.
I have been coming to
the police station...
...for the past three months.
My 16-year-old
granddaughter is missing.
Leave him. Leave him.
Her father was in army.
He would protect all
of us at the border.
His wife went crazy in grief.
And all of you only
care about your politics.
I have still not received any help.
She wasn't a rich man or
a foreigner's daughter.
That's why all of
you couldn't find her.
Jai Hind.
All of you leave right now.
To arrest someone, sir?
No, you fool.
To gather dismembered hands and feet.
To gather evidence.
I am from the police.
I want to talk about Dhiraj Pandey.
Is he dead?
No. He is alive.
I want to know everything about him.
I don't have any son.
My husband, my
daughter and I live here.
You can leave.
Don't use the formula of
saving your son on me.
Otherwise I will put
you behind bars.
Look. Look, actually...
- Mother. Father.
Demon... Demon...
- Dear.
Pooja. Pooja, what happened?
Pooja. Pooja, what happened?
No, dear. No. Don't do that.
What happened?
No, dear. No.
I saw.
That demon is in this room.
That demon.
No. No. Nobody is here.
We thrashed him very badly.
We thrashed him very badly.
We thrashed and drove him away.
There is nobody here.
Nobody, dear.
He locked me in the room.
He thrashed me very badly.
He thrashed me very badly, mother.
She is our daughter-in-law.
We got her married two years ago.
To Dhiraj.
What did we know that we are
putting her in an animal's cage?
He would keep her
locked for many days.
We didn't even know.
When we found out...
...we threw him out of the house.
And we made our
daughter-in-law our daughter.
Now, whether he lives or dies...
...we don't care.
The number you have
dialed is currently busy.
Please try again...
"Forgetting you."
"And not crying."
"I have learnt it now."
"Forgetting you."
"And not crying."
"And smiling."
"I have learnt it now."
"I have learnt it now."
A scoundrel has come to
meet another scoundrel.
If it's for my benefit, we will talk.
If it's for your benefit, go to hell.
I suffered losses because
you conducted so many raids.
You drove away my customers.
You took all my men in remand.
One by one all the call girls
have disappeared from the city.
I don't know whether
they are alive or dead.
If this goes on, your
business will close down.
Will you talk now?
Or shall I pump all
three bullets in you?
Let's talk. Let's talk.
"Listen, betrayer,"
"I have decided."
"I will live without you."
"Now, I don't feel any pain."
"Night has befallen."
"It's the chasm between you and me."
"Getting rid of your memories."
"And not hurting my heart."
"I have learnt it now."
This is the same number,
right? Yes. This is the one.
Sonia had gone with this person.
Sonia? - One moment. I
will show you her photo.
She is a private dancer.
She has not come here
since the past month.
And you must have not
even inquired, right?
You know in whose party she
danced the last time, don't you?
I go to sleep after
taking my share of money.
I don't keep an eye on the girls.
She must have gone to another client.
Where will I find her?
"You have left from
the abode of my heart."
"You don't dwell in it any longer."
"Now, you are no longer
in my prayer."
"You are a stranger."
"You have lost the right
to be in it."
"Forgetting you."
"And not crying."
"And smiling."
"I have learnt it now."
"I have learnt it now."
"I have learnt it now."
What do you mean?
I mean, he was a man
only in name, sir.
But not otherwise.
I went with him.
To a hotel.
We tried for a whole hour.
He couldn't do anything.
He said...
"Remove your clothes and dance."
When I started dancing, he beat me.
With his slippers.
He jabbed the
cigarette butt on my chest.
He ruined my face.
I ran away somehow.
What else?
I didn't go for work
for many months.
Out of fear.
You didn't lodge a police complaint?
Let it be, sir.
If a call girl is raped or if
she is murdered in the open...
...the police don't do anything.
Even pimps don't lock
horns with customers.
They are considered God.
If you see that man again,
will you be able to recognize him?
Yes, sir.
There is only one face of the devil.
I can recognize him in a throng.
But why are you asking this?
Did he do something?
Has another girl got into trouble?
She won't survive.
Poor girl must have died by now.
She must have died, sir.
She must have died.
Priya, I told you...
- Arjun, wait.
I want to talk to you.
Don't say anything.
Just listen to me.
Priya, we can...
- Just let me finish.
Look, Arjun.
My mother loved my
foreigner father a lot.
But father didn't love her at all.
He only married her.
- Priya, please.
Arjun, let me finish.
One day... foreigner father
left my mother alone.
And he fled to London.
My mother went insane in this grief.
As long as she was alive...
...she would remember only father.
My story is also the same.
Same to same.
It's not that I
don't find another man.
Or there is some flaw in me.
I am my crazy mother's
crazy daughter.
I fell in love with a man.
And I weaved dreams of him.
And you.
I don't know what your feelings are.
You spend nights with me.
But you don't love me.
You suffer.
But you don't love me.
You say, "Go and find somebody else."
And you don't even leave me.
So now, Arjun.
Just tell me.
What should I do?
Where do I go?
Priya, I am wandering in darkness.
How will I show you the way?
You are talking about your mother.
My mother used to sell
candles outside the church.
So that there is light
in other people's houses.
What happened to her?
My mother and my sister
consumed poison and died.
So that I could live and survive.
My father committed suicide.
To escape from the shock.
Everybody left me alone.
And you...
Do you know? Today, because of me...
...because of me a
girl has disappeared.
I am searching for her.
Her story is also
similar to mine, Priya.
Her family will starve to
death if anything happened to her.
Her mother will ask for an answer.
And I don't have it.
Nobody has any answer.
Priya, I have neither any
cure for your Ioneliness...
...nor do I intent to
return your love.
Priya, please. Please leave.
Yes, boss. I have got
the address of that number.
The SIM card is
registered in this address.
The number was
purchased around a year ago.
But some Mohan Borkar stays here.
Who is it?
Who is it?
I want to talk about Dhiraj Pandey?
Who is it?
Open the door.
I am here to talk about Dhiraj.
Just a second.
Trying to run away.
Trying to run away from us.
Where are the girls?
- I don't know.
You have ruined business.
I don't know anything.
Don't lie or else I will beat you.
Tell me.
- No.
Where is Reshma?
Where is Reshma?
- Reshma who?
I don't know any Reshma.
I am a sculpture.
Then why did you try
to run after seeing me?
I didn't run after seeing you, sir.
I ran seeing that Dhiraj.
He is insane. I am scared of him.
He is not human. He is a devil.
He doesn't have a soul.
How do you know, Dhiraj?
We met two years ago, sir.
We both used to work
in a sculpting shop.
He was fine at first, sir.
But wonder what happened to him.
The boss would ask him to
make the Goddess's idol.
And he would make the witch's idol.
He would make idols of demons.
One day the boss stopped him.
And he hit an iron rod
on the boss's head, sir.
The boss died on the spot.
I didn't do anything.
I... I stole some idols, sir.
I thought I will sell
them and earn some money.
But I couldn't sell them, sir.
No one bought them.
- So you killed those girls?
Hey. I am talking to you.
Has the cat got your tongue?
Pandey, tell sir
everything you told me.
What did I say?
I didn't say anything, sir, I...
I am seeing him for the first time.
Do I look like a fool to you?
Now tell me clearly
where you buried them?
Otherwise I will make
your plight really bad.
I didn't murder anyone, sir.
I have a tumour in my brain, sir.
A big one, sir.
And... why will I murder anyone, sir?
There is just one cure
to his tumour.
Call Dr. Sajia and make him confess.
Look, the police are investigating.
Sir, I called them.
They won't make it here.
Announce on television.
A serial-killer has been caught.
So, Dhiraj Pandey.
Where are you from?
- Kanpur.
How did you come here?
- My father brought me here.
He... got a job here
so... he brought me along.
Are you married?
Are you married?
I was.
I left my wife.
I see. Then why did you marry her?
My parents forced me to.
That's why I did.
Are you ashamed of woman?
Or are you impotent?
- Both.
I made myself... impotent.
One night the Goddess
visited me in my dreams.'
She told me to do so.
So I went to a eunuch called Nirva...
...and said to her
"Make me one of you".
So she did.
And the reason behind this deed?
The addiction of women. The habit.
I used to go to women day and night.
Day and night. Day and night.
Then on the night the
Goddess visited me in my dreams...
...I got rid of the
root of this problem.
Women are devils, doctor.
They make men stray.
That's why I hate them.
I hit them with my shoe.
I show them their right place.
- No, no.
You do much more than that.
You kill them.
You severe their hands
and legs and discard them.
You bury them in a way
that no one can know.
You are a woman after all.
That's why you are
taking sides of prostitutes
I am not taking sides just
showing you your real image.
I want you to see
the fiend inside you.
To see your filth.
To recognise your ugly face.
- Stop it now.
- I feel sleepy.
You can't tolerate it?
I am amazed.
There is no shame or
regret in your eyes.
Even after doing all this
you can look me in the eye.
Stop your nonsense now.
You got rid of the root of problem.
But the hunger is still there.
You still need a woman.
- I said stop it.
You cannot do anything
now... that's why you kill them.
You severe their hands and legs.
- Be quiet.
And then have fun.
They kept screaming
and you closed your ears.
Stop it now.
Men like you should be left
on the streets. - Be quiet.
So the people can
tear you limb from limb.
I cannot repeat the same
thing again.
You should be burnt.
Hanged by the noose.
Rascal, I said stop.
Trying to mock me.
You think you are very brave.
I will kill you.
I will kill you.
Who do you think you are?
I told you to keep quiet.
Leave me. Leave me.
But you don't seem to listen.
Are you okay.
- I am fine.
Take him to the police station...
...and I will get the other witnesses.
I am going to Dhiraj's
home to get his father.
And inform Sameer.
- Okay.
You are making a big
mistake by saving him.
You are making a mistake by
entrapping the devotee of Goddess.
I will levy a curse on you
that will make you suffer badly.
Go. Tell your
sycophants to let him go.
I am here to take him back.
And close these cases.
Remember, there's a red
beacon on my car as well.
What can you do?
How can you harm me? Tell me.
You want to see.
I will show you.
The phone will ring right now.
And your plight after that.
You will dance at
marriages at nights...
...and beg at traffic
signals during the day.
Hello. - Khan, I told
you to leave this case.
Now protect yourjob.
Khan, let Khan go.
Yes, Sada.
- Pandey was released.
- Five minutes.
Follow them both.
See where they are going.
- Come on, get the car.
Yes, sir.
Where are they two?
- I don't know.
But I have sent Shinde
and John after them.
- Oh my, God.
Priest, police.
Call the police. Police.
Get up, girl.
We will first go to the
temple in front of your house.
What are you staring at?
Don't you want to visit
the Bahucharaji temple?
The same temple that I constructed...
...from the money I
earned from my dancing.
And you constructed the idol in it.
The same temple.
First visit the
Bahucharaji and after that... can go anywhere
you want. Okay.
- John, where are you?
Bahucharaji temple
I am coming there.
- Yes.
Sir, sir, sir, please, please. Sir.
Sada sir has asked to follow
him and report to him, sir.
If Nirmala Pandit spots us
we will lose ourjobs, sir.
Priest. Priest.
Nirmala Devi, you.
Welcome. Welcome.
We are so fortunate that you...
What happened to your face?
- Its nothing.
He fell down while playing.
I thought that man...
- What?
I don't know.
He is a terrible man.
He lives around.
He tried to kill a girl.
She was saying that he
has killed many girls.
What has this age come to?
Where is that girl?
- She is right here.
I have hid her in the store-room.
You two wait here
until the police arrive.
I will get the veneration items.
Boy, have I
unknowingly committed a sin?
Hey boy, I am asking you.
Can't you hear?
Look. Look, I am
asking for the last time.
Answer me.
"The eyes convey."
"What the lips don't."
"Try to hear it."
"You won't sleep tonight."
Get up. Come on.
"I won't sleep tonight."
"I will see you tonight."
"I will lose myself to you tonight."
You are simply great.
How did you escape from there?
How did you escape?
I must admit. I must admit.
"It will be such fun...
...when I severe you."
Move aside.
Sada, tell them.
- Let him come.
Don't go there now.
Don't go there.
Arjun, don't go there. Arjun.
"I chose not to walk Your path."
"And went... astray."
"What is this uneasiness
in my heart?"
"Mistakes seem a part of my nature."
"I was the one that
didn't trust your grace."
"Lord, I stumbled. I stumbled."
"As I drifted apart from You."
"I was ruined. I was ruined."
"I made so many mistakes."
"Like money was my only God."
"Every moment was like a breeze."
"You walked under
the influence of evil."
Son, you dropped your packet.
"You did as you wished."
God bless you.
"You were your own culprit."
"Lord, I stumbled. I stumbled."
"As I drifted apart from You."
"I was ruined. I was ruined."
Let me know if there is any
assignment or photo shoot.
But you had refused.
I didn't refuse, I had faith.
Fine, I will tell if
there's something.
"Why are you so
attached to this world?"
"One day it will pass away."
"No matter how much
you try to gather."
"It will slip through your fists."
"Every person's made of elements."
"And later reduces into it."
"This is the truth."
"Why do you try to defy it?"
"No matter how many
wishes you fulfil."
"This nature will never cease."
- Reshma.
"You will be reduced to dust."
"You will never be
able to fill this void."
"Lord, I stumbled. I stumbled."
- Reshma.
"As I drifted apart from You."
"I was ruined. I was ruined."
He would beat them brutally.
I managed to escape somehow.
He is a dangerous man.
Tell me your name.
- Mohan Borkar.
I used to work with Dhiraj
Pandey in making sculptures.
My mother.
Please, please.
I beg you, sir. Let me go.
Don't beat me.
Mother! Mother!
- Hello.
Hey, there's a new photo shoot.
- Photo shoot?
It's very interesting, what
do you say? - At this hour?
Yes. It's a new client.
What do you say?
We have to do it tonight.
Are you ready?
Give me the address.
'We met two years ago, sir.'
'We both used to work
in a sculpting shop.'
'The boss would ask him to
make the Goddess's idol.
'And he would make the witch's idol.'
'He would make idols of demons.'
He is not human. He is a devil.
He doesn't have a soul.
'I will love you... until dawn.'
Excuse me.
Where is this address?
"My Ionely heart."
So you are here as well.
Come in.
Come here.
You took too long.
Getting ready.
Who are you waiting for?
Another girl.
Another prey.
That's what you do, isn't it?
Sometimes you pose as a woman.
Sometimes a customer.
You set out like a wolf on a hunt.
Where did you kill her?
Priya, let's go. Let's go.
Get out of here, please.
No! No!
Come on. Come on.
You shouldn't step out of
the house at this late hour.
You must be thinking
what is she doing here?
I called her here.
I called her.
So that you can see. You
would ask what I do with girls.
Take a look.
First I bring them here.
- Leave me.
- Then I tie them up. - Leave me.
Not because I am scared.
They scream a lot.
Leave me.
- Louder.
I like it. I like it a lot.
After that I tie their legs.
They writhe a lot.
This is how I killed Reshma as well.
- Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
- Quiet.
She screamed just like this.
But no one heard her.
No one heard her.
And she kept screaming.
And you just keep watching her.
She will scream too. Your girl.
You wanted to know how I kill them.
I will show you.
I will show you.
"When I sever you."
"It will be such fun..."
Get up.
Scream. Scream.
Scream. Scream.
- Scream. Scream.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Arjun, stop.
- Arjun, no.
Stop, Arjun.
- No.
Don't kill him otherwise I will
be helpless to shoot you, Arjun.
Let him go, Arjun. Let him go.
Let him go.
No, no, you won't kill him.
The other police
officers are coming.
Keep it down.
No, no, sir.
You haven't even grown up properly...
...and want to be a prostitute.
Sir, sir, sir,
my mother's alone, sir.
I want to go home, sir, please.
I have two sisters.
We have to get rid of
the problem from the root.
They cannot live without me, sir.
It needs to be uprooted.
- No, sir.
You are dead for sure.
- Leave me.
You will die for sure.
- My mother, sir...
What mother?
No one is concerned about you.
- No.
Scream. Scream.
- Scream.
Mother! Mother! Mother!
They cannot live without me.
Let me go, please.
Let me go.
I am their only support.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Sir, please. Please.
I beg you, sir, please let me go.
Close the door.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Higher. Higher. Higher.
Enough, enough stop.
Come here, take it away.
"If you think you have stumbled."
"Hold on to My hands and get up."
"I stand at the
threshold of your heart."
"Accept me with open arms."
"You say you are
surrounded by shadows."
"I am the light that guides you."
"I have taken your crimes."
"Now you are innocent in your view."
"Show me a sight."
"Show me a person."
"Show me a heart that
doesn't have a single sorrow."
"Lord, I stumbled. I stumbled."
"As I drifted apart from You."
"I was ruined. I was ruined."