Murder at Yellowstone City (2022) Movie Script

[ Wind whistling ]

[ Birds cawing ]

[ Screams ]
[ Rumbling ]
[ Groans ]

[ Laughs ]
[ Laughter ]

[ Bell chimes ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]
Morning, Sheriff.
- Morning.
- Sheriff. Hey, Sheriff.
- Morning, folks.

You know, the great thing about
a hand of cards, it's like love.
Hope springs eternal.
Town's a lot safer
when you people are
in church Sunday morning.
Buenos dias, sheriff.
Time for church, son.
Hey, Pa, I got
a really good hand. I just...
I said it's time
for church, son.
Pa, I was to just finish
this hand off
because I'm a little behind
right now.
I'm about to pull ahead.
Right? Don't you get up
because I'm about to...
- Jimmy.
- I'm about to take him out.
Orar, Jimmy.
He's right. It's Sunday.
Andale, bye. Orar.
Andale, mijo.
[ Coins jingle ]
He's missing his...
missing his mama
something really bad got.
Kind of lost.
He needs to grieve
in his own way.
Yeah. Yeah.
Emma, where are you?!
Emma, come look what I got!
There you are.
There you are.
You see that?
I told you.
I told you I'd find it,
didn't I?
And I found it.
These big ones here,
they need purifying.
This, though, is pure gold.
Straight from ground.
We're rich, baby.
Rich beyond our beliefs.
Richer than anyone.
After all this time, we're rich.
Can you believe it?
We're rich!
Come on, Rooster!
Where are you going?
To town. I just struck gold.
Come on! Yee-ha!
[ Hooves clopping ]
When the storms of life
are raging
Stand behind me
When the storms of life
are raging
Stand by me
When the world is tossing me
Like a ship upon the sea
I will rule this wind
and water, stand by me
Very good. Very good. Sit.
[ Horse approaching ]
- Ma'am.
- Morning.
What are those?
Shadows, prayers.
Memories some of them.
Others, hopes.
What's his name?
How long are you
going to board him?
Will I find friends here?
Or will I need him saddled
and ready to fly?
My friends own the saloon.
If there are friends to be
found, you'll find them there.
MAN: What does he think
he's doing?
[ Indistinct chatter ]
[ Piano playing ]
[ Piano, chatter stops ]
[ Piano resumes ]
I'd give all my fame
for a pint of ale and safety.
Cowards die many times
before their death.
The valiant never
taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders
I yet have heard,
it seems most strange
that men should fear,
that seeing death.
A necessary end
will come when...
When it will come.
[ Chuckles ]
Where are you from?
You gonna a while,
or you just passing through?
CICERO: What man can
know the morrow?
'Tis but chance,
determined less by will
than circumstance.
What's that mean?
That is poetry, Ginny.
And best be careful with
that around here.
Folks like knowing
what you're talking about.
GINNY: I think it's pretty.
I want to talk to you
this morning
about two kinds of riches.
Gold, which you all came
here to find, and grace.
So what is this grace?
What do we mean
when we speak of it?
It is said that
grace is none other
than the source
and inspiration of the divine
working within us to inspire
our most virtuous impulses.
So while you're hammering away
at that unforgiving mountain,
you remember earthly gold
without divine grace
is a fool's gold and brings
you nothing
but destruction and disaster.
[ Gunshot ]
- Whoo-hoo!
- [ Gunshots ]
Yeah! Everybody!
Listen up!
I just found gold!
Everybody! I saved the town!
It's a miracle!
THADDEUS: It's all right,
Whoo! Yee-haw!
Everyone get on out here!
You in church on Sunday or what?
Where are you, baby?
Hey, Dunnigan,
you're disturbing the peace.
Oh, I aim to disturb more than
the peace, Sheriff.
I just struck gold!
- [ Gunshot ]
- Yee-haw!
Come on, get on out here!
What are you doing?
Come on, get on out here.
Get in here, everyone!
[ Gunshot ]
Come for a drink?
- [ Gunshot ]
- No, Sheriff.
I don't think so.
[ Yelping ]
How rich are you?
- We're rich.
- [ Laughs ]
WOMAN: Think there'll be
a little for me?
ISABEL: Careful.
He knows what he came here for.
Alright, everyone,
you get in here.
Come on, grab a drink.
Drinks are for me!
[ Cheering ]
EDGAR: What lies have
you told them?
ROBERT: Hey, Edgar,
what do you think?
You think that covers a round
for the whole town?
[ Cheering ]
What do you think?
You think I'm going to fall
for that kind of such...
holy shit.
God damn it. Mickey. Mickey.
I'm pourin' drinks!
[ Cheering ]
Did you blow the hillside?
Is that what I heard
this morning?
Ah, yeah, I had a feeling.
Just a feeling.
That stubborn wife of mine
kept telling me
"There's no way
it's going to pay off."
Quit, she says,
let's move to Oregon.
If you move to Oregon,
I kill you.
Well, I ain't moving to Oregon!
I told her, "Emma, shut your
mouth because I know,
I just know."
And I came to town
looking for that dynamite.
You remember that,
don't you, Wilcox?
I certainly do.
You told me I didn't have
no money for no dynamite.
And you was right.
So I traded you my daddy's
old pocket watch.
Got it right here.
ROBERT: And you gave me a little
extra dynamite for good luck.
And I don't forget that.
So, uh, tell you what
I'm going to do.
I'm gonna offer to buy back
that gold watch
for a nice little profit
on your end.
How's that sound?
Well, I'll be god damned.
[ Laughs ]
Because I blew that dynamite.
Oh, Lordy.
What she gave me was
more gold than you ever
seen your life.
It's gonna take a lot of work
getting it out the ground now.
We need to build a new mine,
which means all y'all
wants it is gonna have a job
for years to come I reckon.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
[ Cheering ]
All the folks who left town
are gonna be coming back.
And all the windows
covered in boards
will be full of fancy things
to buy again.
Hey, Edgar, that theater
you never finished building,
you better practice
your life, partner,
because you'll be up on stage
shouting Shakespeare
before you know it.
- [ Cheering ]
- Some people are born great.
Some people achieve greatness.
And some people have greatness
thrust upon them.
ROBERT: I don't you they been
practicing lines! [ Laughs ]
To our town!
- To our town!
- To our town!
And the boom we've
been waiting for.
[ Cheering ]
Horse shit, Dunnigan!
I hear a lot of big talk,
and I don't like it.
See ya pay up bar keep Edgar,
taking care your whore Isabel,
looking out for
the general provisions,
Wilcox on that tethered
watch of yours.
What about you owes to me
on what you lost
- at that table, huh?
- All right, now just...
Edgar, you got
no stake in this!
What about the owes
you lost to me?
Well, way I see it,
those wasn't fair games
to begin with, Harding,
so I reckon I don't owe you.
Don't. We're celebrating.
I won't tolerate it!
Man strikes gold,
suddenly thinks he can do
anything he wants!
You owe me,
and I aims to collect.
What, you want to dance?
[ Gun clicks ]
You put your finger
near that trigger,
and I'll shoot you
between the two eyes.
Dunnigan, you sat down to play
cards, you lost.
You sat down to play again,
you lost again.
Man accuses you of cheating,
you call him out there and then,
not when he expects you
to pay his marker.
Now pay him.
All right.
[ Piano plays ]
[ Clamoring ]
[ Moaning ]
Aye, papi! Aye, aye, aye!
Aye, papi, si.
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Sighs ]

[ Speaking Spanish ]
I don't know.
Spent so long trying
to find that gold.
Never really thought
about what I'd do
when I did find it.
What are you gonna do with it?
- Paris.
- [ Chuckles ]
A school.
Para los ninos.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Well, why don't we do both?
[ Laughs ]
It was a good sermon.
I'm living the parable
of the sower, Alice.
And all my seeds
fall on rocky soil.
Well, in the parable
of the sower, it doesn't matter.
The whole point is
to tell the truth anyway,
and then leave it to God
to soften their hearts
so they'll listen.
And anyway, I'm not rocky soil.
I hear every word you say,
and every word
makes me love you more.
[ Giggles ]
Darling, oh, my darling
Oh, my darling Clementine
You were long gone forever
Dreadful sorrow, Clementine
Just a stich of dynamite
And you lit it up
and blow a hole
My luck sure is changing
I can smell
[ Gunshot ]
[ Horse neighs ]
Who's there?! Who's there?!
Come on out!
Harding, is that you?!
You killed Rooster,
you son of a bitch!
You want my gold, you come
and get it, alright?!
Come find me like a man!
[ Gunshots ]
Where are you?
Where are you?! Ah!
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Knife slices ]
[ Birds chirping ]
"I swept away your fences
like a cloud, your dreams
like morning mist.
Return to me, for I have
redeemed you."
Isaiah 44:22.
Muy bien, Carissa.
Everything's going to change
with the mine running,
people coming back.
Maybe some man will make me
an honest woman again.
Men don't look for wives
in a whorehouse, Ginny.
When they want to get married,
they'll go to a church.
Well, that's why
Miss Alice is here,
to make this feel
more like a church.
Would you like to get
married someday?
He was kind and gentle
and treated me nice.
Well, I'm never going
to marry a man.
I know what they're like.
You just haven't
met the right one.
Isabel would.
She'd marry Robert Dunnigan.
But he is already married.
Well, if it is a sin to love
a married man,
God will forgive me.
Is that true? If he's married.
The only sin is
to turn away from God.
And if we look to him in sinful
things, they seem less tempting.
Well, I do hope
Lord will forgive me,
but I do know
the smart one somewhere
ain't finished her chores yet.
[ Laughs ]
- Josephine.
- Get it done.
[ Groans ]
We got nobody to make a casket.
Can you do it?
Give him a proper funeral.
Who would do a thing like this?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Sobbing ]
Sheriff Ambrose,
whoever did this,
I hope he dies just like this!
Only one man in town don't know
what I'm going to do to him.
Rise and shine.
- Check those drawers.
- Got it.
We got gold.
Where'd you get this?
Lock him up.
Hey! Ah!
[ Gasps ]
- You just made a mistake, boy!
- Come on!
Get down.
- Yeah. You did it, boy.
- I did not do it.
You did it, caught red handed.
Get in there.
You think you can
bloody my face? Hm?
You want to fight, go on,
strike me again.
Get up.
Come on, get up.
[ Grunts ]
Oh, come on.
[ Grunting ]
He attacked officers of the law.
I saw the god damn law.
Let me tell you
something about this town.
You know, folks came here
because they wanted something
better, a better life.
And for a while,
when the mine was running,
they had it.
Then the mine collapsed,
took all the gold
and half the men with it.
And, uh, that's
the kind of thing
that makes a town lose hope.
And yesterday, Robert Dunnigan
strikes gold.
But it's more than one strike.
It gives people
who have nothing
something to live for.
So you didn't just kill
a man yesterday.
Do you understand me?
You killed hope.
And it's my job to get it back
because this,
this is my town.
And these people, good or bad,
wise, greedy, whatever they are,
doesn't matter.
They're my people.
So, I want you to confess
to the whole town.
And if you do, I'll ask the
magistrate to save your life.
But if you don't,
I will prove in court
that you are a killer.
And when they hang you,
I'll be the man
who strings you up.
You understand me?
[ Pick axe thudding ]
[ Footsteps approach ]
When will you have the funeral?
So what?
Until then, he just stays here?
THADDEUS: I'll take him outside
if it starts to stink.
He's a man, not an "it."
Robert Dunnigan is gone.
Now, what's right there
is just a heap of flesh.
What's the matter?
He just seems so much smaller
than when he was alive.
It's like he's shrunken.
[ Indistinct singing ]
[ All singing drunkenly ]
[ Indistinct chatter ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Door opens ]
Horses all right?
They're quiet.
It's just that...
that man...
...his horse.
He left me his horse.
And his saddle.
So how could it be the one
that killed Robert Dunnigan?
How'd he get there
with no horse?
You ask a fine question, Violet.
But maybe a better question is,
how'd he get a hold
of a dead man's gold?
I just have a feeling.
I can't say...
O'SULLIVAN: What does your
feeling say about my face?
Jimmy's arm?
My arm is fine.
There'll be a trial,
or he'll confess.
Thank you for coming by, Violet.
[ Door opens ]
[ Horse neighs ]
I'm going to go
visit the prisoner.
I'll go.
You don't feel for it
the same way I do.
Preaching is one thing,
but ministering,
that's something else.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gunshot ]
That's Josephine.
You know, she could use
a little ministering, too.
[ Chuckles ]
What she could use is a father.
Or someone like that
to look up to.
Yeah. Yes, dear.
[ Sighs ]
THADDEUS: You shouldn't be
shooting at graves.
Ain't like I'm hitting it.
THADDEUS: That's because
you're trying too hard.
Getting ready for
the gun to fire.
Thinking about the violence.
It is violent. It's a rifle.
On this end.
Not on this one.
What do you know about guns?
You get to quiet those hands,
come on.
Tuck it in there.
And don't hold your breath
when you're getting
ready to shoot.
All right?
Don't let the violence
unsettle you.
Just pulled you forward
and ruins your aim, okay?
[ Gunshot ]
Ain't there's somewhere better
around here we can shoot?
That man killed my father.
Go ahead, then.
Now do like I told you.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Horse neighs ]
Let's set 'em up.
Sheriff says for you
to come with us.
Bring a horse for her
to ride back on and a mule.
- Doesn't belong to you.
- Oh. Sorry.
Ah. Mrs. Murphy.
Good afternoon, Sheriff.
I came to pray
with the prisoner.
Ah, well, never heard of a man
confessing on a full stomach,
Mrs. Murphy.
My mother used to say,
we pray better before a meal,
but we hear God better after.
Well, don't want to stand in
the way of a good prayer.
- I'll be right outside.
- Mm-hmm.
It's rabbit.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
What's your name?
And your family name?
I have no family.
Well, somebody
must have raised you.
I was raised by myself.
Know the wind.
I go by the name I chose.
After the philosopher?
It's from a play.
Cicero spoke for Brutus
when Mark Antony
gave his famous speech.
"Friends, Romans, countrymen,
lend me your ears."
He spoke for the Republic.
I've thought I would like to be
the one to make that speech.
VIOLET: These tracks,
they're fresh.
Somebody's been here.
You stay back.
Ain't no telling
what we're going to find.
[ Rifle cocks ]
You stay here, Jimmy.
I ain't staying here.
I don't need your pa
thinking I got you killed.
I could be the one
that saves your life.
Oh, shit.
[ Gunshot ]
Get down!
[ Gunshot ]
How are we going to
get down there?
I don't know.
Mrs. Dunnigan!
Mrs. Dunnigan!
Is that you shoot at us?
EMMA: What are you doing here?
Come to take you to town.
EMMA: Why you got your guns out?
Somebody killed your husband.
Violet, where you gone?
EMMA: I told him we should
leave, but he wouldn't listen.
All he cared about...
Now what am I supposed to do?
Pa said he was supposed to
take you back to town.
Got the man
who did it in jail there.
I don't... I don't want
to go to town.
Everybody looking at me,
wondering about me.
Him dead. All that gold. I...
I want to get as far away
from this place as I can.
It seems like you can do
anything you want now,
Ms. Dunnigan.
It is an evil place.
When does the stage leave?
I want to be on it and...
never come back.
Mail comes in a couple of days.
Let's pack the mule.
[ Indistinct chatter ]
WOMAN: So sad.
[ Footsteps approach ]
His name is Cicero.
He named himself after
a character in "Julius Caesar."
He said he wanted
to give a speech,
but his speech happens
off stage.
- Off stage?
- Mm-hmm.
He took a beating.
He was thirsty and hungry.
Man's in jail for murder.
I know, but they way he speaks,
it's more like a teacher
than a man that you would expect
to see behind bars.
I just can't believe
that he is the one
who killed Robert Dunnigan.
I looked right into his eyes.
Now, now.
Just because a man
looks innocent...
does not make it so.
Well, believing God is real
doesn't make it so either.
But it is so.
I talked to him. That killer.
I need to think
he's going to hang.
He deserves much worse
than hanging.
You wouldn't think that
if it were any man
other than Dunnigan.
But it was. Dunnigan.
I know he was never going to
leave his wife and marry me.
But he would have given me
some of that gold.
I could have sent Josephine
to a good school,
where she'd grow up proper.
I would have kept
any gold he gave me.
She's not blood to you.
ISABEL: She's as good as blood.
I made her father promise.
And I always keep my promises.
One day, the children
I take care of will be grown.
They'll have lives and families.
And I will have done something
with my life I can be proud of.
Edgar says what happened
in the Dakotas changed her,
that she's not entirely
of this world no more.
Violet has been through a lot.
She deserves our respect.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Hooves clopping ]
[ Horse neighs ]
[ Singing in Spanish ]
[ Sighs ]
What's he going to do?
Best get ready to
pay up, Harding.
Feeling handy, are ya?
I'll parlay.
Oh, hell.
Let's go upstairs.
[ Singing in Spanish ]
[ Song ends ]
Evening, Ms. Dunnigan.
Everybody's looking at me.
You... you just hold
your head high.
They'll be looking at you
wherever you go.
Josephine, can you get us
some silver, please?
- Thank you.
- Evening, Ms. Dunnigan.
So, uh, are you, uh...
Are you comfortable
in your room?
It's fine.
Anything that you... that you
need, anything that you want,
just you can tell Jimmy, my son,
here, and, uh...
[ Singing in Spanish ]
JIM: I'm truly sorry about
what happened to...
to your husband, Mrs. Dunnigan.
He... he was a wild man,
but a good one in
the ways that matter.
And you can be sure
that whoever did this
will pay a very dear price.
Which one of them
was his favorite?
He always came back from town
smelling like perfume.
Always the same scent.
Everyone has his faults,
Mrs. Dunnigan.
But some of them have qualities
that redeem them, too.
I think that when a man
passes on,
it's best to remember
his better nature.
Don't you think?
the first thing he did when
he found that gold
was run off to town, and I...
I keep thinking if... it he'd
stayed there with me,
he might still be alive.
[ Singing in Spanish ]
VIOLET: I'm sorry.
That man, the one they
have in jail,
he's not this man's killer.
I found this.
ALICE: What is it?
Man who loves her wrote this.
He'll send an innocent man
to the gallows.
Mrs. Dunnigan has a lover.
[ Sighs ]
Little late for a visit,
ain't it?
[ Chuckles ]
Marie Laveau.
She's a voodoo queen. Hm?
Black magic.
Sign of the devil.
You know its name,
but not what it beckons.
It never conjured Satan for me.
Then why'd they beat you up?
O'SULLIVAN: Think it
ain't Christian
to punish someone like that?
Killed a man.
He's a murderer, preacher.
When I'm sheriff, a man like him
be hanging from a rope already.
Did you kill him?
Robert Dunnigan.
Did you?
I say I am innocent.
I saw that man celebrating when
he found his gold.
The saloon keeper was generous
with his whiskey.
Maybe because I had money.
Maybe because we both know
the plays of Shakespeare.
And I could not keep
my eyes open.
I was lucky to make it
back to my bed.
You talk like an educated man.
Ah, good evening, preacher.
I just came to offer
my condolences.
It's a tragic thing,
Ms. Dunnigan,
what happened to your husband.
This was his.
I thought to return it to you.
Thank you.
I-I see the grave's dug.
Are you going to bury him soon?
Oh, uh, whenever you wish,
I want to leave when
the mail stage comes.
We can bury him tomorrow.
Are you, uh... are you leaving
for good then, Mrs. Dunnigan?
This was my husband's place,
not mine.
Yeah, I can sell the claim.
I know that, and...
go some place, see if I can
ever feel human again.
I want to go. I'm sorry.
Jimmy. Jimmy, you stand
outside the boarding house,
make sure nobody gets in.
Just so that you have
a safe sleep, Mrs. Dunnigan.
Thank you, Sheriff.
Preacher. Good night.
Soon as fortune smiles upon him,
tragedy strikes.
[ Violin plays ]
You, uh, care to have
a drink with me?
Where'd you get this?
She found it at
Dunnigan's shack.
You're trying to take my job
from me, are you, Preacher?
You don't see me
jumping into the pulpit.
Well, my job would be
to seek the truth, Sheriff.
Whether or not that leads you
to what you think you'll find.
Well, my truth is that the men
that I have in that jail
over there is the man who
killed Robert Dunnigan.
But he doesn't seem like
a murderer, does he?
Well, why don't you
have a real drink, preacher?
No, no.
Don't drink.
I'll take some sugar, though.
Thank you, Josephine.
You know, a few years back,
there was a land dispute,
left one man dead,
and the accused
was a man called William McCoy.
Well, anyway,
I had to bring them in.
He was nice, man.
And, um, I didn't know much
about being a law man
at that time.
I was just out of the army.
But I got to like it.
Again, thinking to myself,
maybe... maybe it wasn't murder.
Maybe it was an accident.
Maybe he's not guilty.
Anyway, one night,
my wife was bringing over
some supper at the jail,
and I'd let him out of his cell.
We were playing cards.
And he took advantage of
the situation to go for my gun.
And it went off.
And I grabbed him, and I...
I, uh, took out
my other pistol and...
I shot him.
What I didn't realize when
all the mayhem had calmed down
was that my wife was lying
on the floor
with a bullet in her chest.
I went over to her,
and I took her in my arms.
I tried to talk to her
and bring her back, but...
But she was gone.
So what I'm saying is that
I know that that man over there
is the man who killed
Robert Dunnigan,
and I will not let him go
just because he doesn't
seem like a killer, preacher.
Everything quiet?
Yeah. No one going in,
no one coming out.
Violet Running Horse went out
to the Dunnigan place.
Why did she do that?
She, uh... she found a letter,
kind of love letter.
Guess someone's trying to get
close to Mrs. Dunnigan.
I want you to keep
your eyes peeled
just in case she shows up here.
I will.
[ Humming softly ]
I have a warm heart,
comfortable bed.
Both in need of company.
If you want me in a bed,
you know where to find me.
And how much it'll cost you.
Good night, Harding.
Go to hell, Wilcox.
[ Horse neighs ]
[ Horse neighing ]
[ Horse neighs ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Grunting ]
Ah! Ah!
[ Groans ]
[ Horse neighing ]
- [ Gasping ]
- [ Horse neighing ]
[ Horse neighing ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Groans ]
Oh, I love you, Rebecca.
Oh, yeah.
[ Moaning ]
More of that, yeah.
Whoo, whoo.
Mm, shit. Oh, shit.
[ Moaning ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Horse neighs ]
[ Hooves clopping ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
O'SULLIVAN: Come on, Jimmy.
Let's saddle up.
JIM: Preacher.
Didn't seem like
he was a killer?
Why don't you go in the livery
and see what he did?
And while you're at it,
dig another grave.
Come on, let's go.
Hyah, hyah.
You know me and Edgar first
found Violet in the Dakotas.
We was moving west ourselves.
Her band had been killed by our
soldiers, slaughtered.
All of them, just plumb through
the last frail elder.
So we dug them graves.
To lay them to rest
with dignity.
I lifted her to put her
in the ground, and they, Lord,
I felt her heart was far away.
Like she was already gone.
It's coming from
the other side of death.
Do you think death does that
when people get too close?
Leave a fine layer
of dust on 'em?
MICKEY: But I thought of her
as my daughter.
You know, we never had
a child of our own,
and it just made me so happy
to see her with them horses.
Gonna come go bury in
the cemetery, won't you?
Like a Christian.
I didn't know she was one.
Then again...
I don't know no one who is.
Not really.
We'll bury her.
I just want to see
your grave, preacher.
Plenty of flowers alongside
of their graves.
Okay, sweetie.
He's gonna get you right now.
Hey, Josephine. There you are.
I've been looking
high and low for you.
It's Violet.
That killer's free.
So none of us is safe.
Do you understand me?
Si, tia.
Let's go.
[ Gunshots ]
Hyah, hyah!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Groans ]
[ Groans ]
What happened?
He escaped.
Thank you.
But she was the one
that thought he was innocent.
She was the one
that found the letter.
THADDEUS: Yeah. I don't know.
Maybe he tried
to get his horse back.
She tried to stop him.
Why would she do that?
I don't know.
I don't know that he killed her,
and I don't know that he didn't.
Well, what are you
going to do?
- What am I going to do?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm going to build a coffin.
I'm going to dig another grave.
And I'm gonna put her in it.
And I am going to pray
for her soul to Heaven.
Was anyone standing guard?
Yeah. O'Sullivan.
Wasn't doing his job.
Well, is he still alive?
Why would he leave alive a man
who would chase him down
and then kill a woman
who tried to set him free?
That would be the sheriff's job.
My job is to look after
the souls of this town.
Thaddeus Murphy.
God put us here for a reason.
And now a prayer for
Robert Dunnigan.
[ Bell chimes ]
[ Cicero gasps ]
[ Groans ]
Sheriff, he ain't got no horse,
and I hit him.
I know I hit him, Sheriff.
Sheriff, are we going to head
back out at dawn?
Sheriff, Sheriff,
is this necessary?
- You let him escape.
- Please.
Now you're going to
take his place.
[ Sighs ] Come on.
Look, Jim.
[ Piano playing ]
We brought that tune with us
from inglorious South.
And singing together for her.
We made friends
out of former enemies.
That was the miracle of
the Montana territory.
He used to sing it to her.
I used to watch him.
She loved it.
That was a real love.
Josephine, when you going to
start working like you're prone?
I ain't.
Bet you'd be just
as good as her.
I ain't, Harding.
Oh, you hear that, Isabel?
Your little stray cat thinks
she's better than you are.
She'll see there ain't
no better life than this.
Besides, who's going to marry,
coming from a place like this?
Watch your filthy mouth.
Is that right?
You heard me.
You gonna get me straight,
preacher man?
Believe if I wanted to be told
what to do by you,
I'd find myself in church.
Besides, we're all just having
a big time.
Who else is going to teach young
Josephine how to whore, huh?
You leave Josephine out of this.
She's just a kid.
What happened to her daddy
is not her fault.
Now, why don't you just do
what the preacher says
and shut your goddamn mouth?
You join me in a drink?
You know, Sheriff, maybe I will.
That man was no prisoner
that got way.
Edgar, I'm so sorry about
what happened to Violet.
We're all sorry.
To grace.
- To grace.
- To grace.
Sometimes it seems like
a very long way away.
You smell like whiskey.
[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Moans ]
[ Door hinges creak ]
[ Gasps ] What was that?
Stay here.
Anybody comes in here
that's not me, you shoot 'em.
I can't shoot a man.
It's just like shooting
a rabbit, only easier to hit.
Give me a rag.
[ Groans ]
[ Groans ]
Where did you learn
how to do that?
[ Groans ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Gun clicks ]
[ Grunts ]
What are you doing?
[ Grunts ]
Thaddeus! Answer me.
[ Grunts ]
Those guns of his are
Why are you digging?
The bullet that killed
Robert Dunnigan
is still his body.
And if enough from a Peacemaker,
I can clear his name.
And we won't be harboring
a fugitive.
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Footsteps approaching ]
[ Gun cocks ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
What are you doing here?
Por favor. Andale.
It's late, Jimmy.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
But be quick.
And quiet.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Jimmy, Jimmy!
[ Gags ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gurgling ]
Isabel, is that you?
I'll go.
EDGAR: Isabel, it's little late
to be knocking boots.
[ Groans ] Stubborn old
son of a bitch.
[ Grunts ]
No, no, no, no!
Dear sweet Edgar!
- Jimmy?
- Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
What happened?
JIMMY: I did it. I did it.
Just like he told me to do it.
I did it, and it's done.
It's done.
Edgar was there.
- Did he see you?
- No.
But she did... she was...
[ speaking indistinctly ]
She was looking right
into my eyes.
Geez, I've known her since
I was a kid,
and she's the only other person
I've ever been with
before I met you.
When you met me,
in every way.
Come here.
You are...
You are a man of action.
Yeah. You know.
What happens now?
What about Josephine?
What is she going to do
without her mom?
It's done now.
Yeah. Yeah, it's done.
As long as they don't catch me
and hang me from a tree.
Hey, shh.
Your daddy is never...
He's never gonna think his own
boy would do these things, huh?
Now, tomorrow noon, I'm going to
be on that coach.
And what are you going
to tell your daddy, hm?
I'm gonna tell him
that I'm gonna go out
and make a life for myself.
- Yeah.
- Out on my own.
And then what
are you going to do?
- I'm going to come find you.
- Uh-huh.
- You.
- Yeah.
And we're going to be
together, huh?
Yeah. Yeah.
You should...
You should have left already.
I told you should have
left already. I told you.
I got to leave on that stage,
or people are going to wonder.
Now you listen to me.
Jimmy, you're going to come
later, and you're not going to
tell anybody what we done.
You hear me?
Look at me.
Come here, Jimmy.
We're gonna be happy.
We're going to have more gold
than you could spend
in 10 lifetimes.
And we'll go someplace where
nobody knows who we are.
Then you can have me
any time you want.
Any way you want me.
I know.
I know you.
Yeah. Uh-huh.
Have some water.
Have some water, partner.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
He hit you right in the head.
I ain't staying here.
This ain't right, Edgar.
I know what you're thinking.
I do.
You think that we have to
say what we saw.
I know it hurts you.
It hurts me, too.
[ Groans ]
Okay, lie down, Edgar,
and be quiet for just a second.
- You know...
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Now, you listen to me.
They know about us.
They do.
They don't,
but they always do.
And if don't say what we know
you saw...
-No, no, no,
-It's not right, Edgar.
We can't take on a fight
we can't win.
And you know
when all this is over,
we're going to have to be here
when the town really needs us.
Okay, old man.
I'll do what I have to
do for us.
You're the best.
I got you, buddy.
What rare you gonna do, Sheriff?
Sheriff? Sheriff?
Tia! Isabel!
- No.
- Isabel!
No, child.
Sheriff, come on!
Ain't I been here long?!
Shut up, O'Sullivan.
Are you going
to let me out here?
Isabel Santos is dead,
and it's on your head.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand?
O'SULLIVAN: Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Sheriff.
JIM: Let him out, Jimmy.
I'm going to put this killer
in the ground.
And any man who rides with
me gets $20.
Any man who puts a bullet in
him, gets that.
And I'm going to judge
every one of you
by whether you stand
with me or not.
That includes you, Mickey.
Sheriff, look at all
the men you have.
You know why
you have a place here?
- Yeah, I...
- When town calls, you answer.
Get a goddamn gun.
What's in it for me, Sheriff?
Listen, Sheriff.
[ Gasps ] The smell.
I think... I think I feel it.
I'm going to need you to come
here and hold this open.
Oh, no, no, no, I cannot.
[ Groans ]
Good girl.
Pull that apart.
Go ahead. Just hold it open.
You're going to have to dig
your fingers in there.
Need you to pull it apart.
[ Squelching ]
- [ Gasps, groans ]
- Good, good.
I think I...
I think feel it. [ Groans ]
- [ Grunts ]
- Get it.
[ Gasps ]
What is it? What do you see?
That's not from a Peacemaker.
Well, how do you even know
the difference?
I mean... I mean... I mean,
it's inside of a man's body.
Thaddeus, what is going on?
Thaddeus, what are you
hiding from me?
There was a time
not too long ago
that I wore one of these.
And every sin I preach against
I'm guilty of.
I come to God
because I was running.
I was running from the devil.
Now, I left that life.
The day I met you,
I left it for good.
I thought I could hide.
But now the devil saw me.
...he's a coming.
This was the bullet that shot
Robert Dunnigan.
And I know it wasn't you
who shot him.
I've known men
like your sheriff,
good in their minds,
honorable, wrong,
and do righteous to be right.
You're safe here.
It's a church.
Am I?
[ Gasps ]
ALICE: Here.
JIM: Preacher?
So much for your divine grace.
Why her?
Well, I'll be sure
to ask him when I catch him.
Search every house, every camp.
He's here somewhere.
Move. Go.
[ Gun cocks ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Door hinges creak ]
Hello, Mrs. Murphy.
You doing, uh... doing
a spot of cleaning?
ALICE: I am.
My instinct tells me
that there's got to be
a rational explanation for this.
I, uh...
- Sheriff.
- I...
Mind telling me why there's
a dead body on your floor?
Come, sit.
I asked you a question.
I expect you to answer
like anybody else.
I took this bullet
out of that body.
I wanted to be sure
you had the right man.
The prisoner
shoots a Peacemaker.
That bullet came
from a Colt Navy.
It takes a lot of shooting
to know one bullet from another.
Your men are chasing
an innocent man.
Let me tell you about justice
the way I see it.
This isn't about
Robert Dunnigan.
Not even about the man
who killed him.
It's about everyone else.
You kill a man in this town,
everybody knows
there's a price to be paid.
Dunnigan, what does he care?
He's dead.
What matters is this town.
Law and order.
And what about the truth?
I'll do everything I need to do
to ensure that justice
is seen to be done.
What happens when, not if,
but when another man is killed?
I'd get that body
back in the grave.
It's beginning to stink.
Jimmy! O'Sullivan!
Search every building.
[ Shouting indistinctly ]
God compels our
fates to be intertwined.
God does compel our fate.
It was him who brought you here.
THADDEUS: That's all we got?
You any good with these?
I've searched for a place
I can be at peace since the war.
Since I was set free.
I'm as good as I've
needed to be.
And you?
Better than I ought
to have been.
It's just like shooting
a rabbit, right?
Pick that up.
You drop that,
pick it up.
Load up! Load up!
[ Rifle cocks ]
It looks like
they're going to war.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Forgive me.
I'm here from the prisoner.
What makes you so sure
he's here?
Be careful.
Do not lie to me.
Ain't befitting a man of God.
Ain't befitting
a man of law either.
He's an innocent man.
His gun did not kill Dunnigan.
You chase him down,
you're all murderers.
Search the place.
Oh, ho!
This is a house of God.
You won't be bringing
you violence in here.
Arrest him.
O'Sullivan, take him to jail.
All right.
Hey, hey!
Get him!
- [ Gunshots ]
- Go! Go!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
Let's go. Let's go, come on.
[ Gunshots ]
Come with me. Hurry.
You're safe here.
Don't leave.
[ Gunshots ]
MAN: Hold your fire.
No more killing.
- [ Gunshots ]
- Take cover!
- Get him!
- Down there, come on!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
Let's go.
He ain't guilty.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Rifle cocks ]
[ Gunshot ]
- [ Grunts ]
- Jim!
[ Gasps ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Chamber clicks ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gunshots ]
The killer's getting away!
Well, somebody do something!
Put it down!
Drop it.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Whistles ]
[ Horse neighs ]
Josephine, where are you going?
- Shit!
- Stables, come on.
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Horses neighing ]
[ Grunts ]
Come on.
[ Horse neighs ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunts ]
I think I hit him.
I think I hit him.
We can't outrun them.
I know a place.
Get him!
Wait up.
Come on!
We're close.
[ Panting ]
Sit down.
I have this.
- They ain't here.
- They're here.
If you're there, come out!
Before we shoot you out!
[ Gunshots ]
Shit! Get down!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
No! Aah!
They dead?
I'm gonna put a bullet
in his head, make sure.
CICERO: This is my last bullet.
[ Grunts ]
- [ Screams ]
- [ Grunts ]
[ Horse neighs ]
Ah! Dammit!
[ Groans ]
Oh, God.
- Ah!
- [ Thuds ]
- Mickey?
- Shh, shh, shh.
Mickey, are you okay?
I'll be better.
Dear sweet Edgar.
[ Horses neighing ]
[ Horses neighing ]
What happened?
There's a fugitive.
And he killed my husband,
and he's killed other people.
Where is he now?
He got away.
Please, is there room for me?
We've got plenty of room.
These horses, they need water
if the danger's over.
I'll take your bag.
Thank you.
Have it all to yourself.
Sheriff's inside.
He's armed.
[ Groans ]
Water, bandages quickly.
Can you get a knife?
- Ginny, get a knife.
- [ Groans ]
You got some water?
Pa! Pa! He kill O'Sullivan,
he killed all those men.
You got to do something, Pa.
Please. He tried.
He's trying to pin it on me.
Colt Navy.
There's more than one
of those guns in this town.
Why the hell is my son tied up?
Come on, Sheriff,
you know the truth.
JIMMY: Come on, Pa
Pa, he's in league
with that murderer.
You got to believe me.
Come on, you can't...
You can't believe him.
Did you do it, son?
JIM: Don't lie to me.
Just tell me the truth.
It... it's done.
Yes or no, Jimmy?
Yes or no, God damn it!
You killed Dunnigan?
And Violet?
Edgar seen him but wasn't sure.
I know it was him.
Why the hell didn't
you say something?
Just like you said,
I'm lucky to have place here.
The town called me,
god damn it, I answered.
Where's Mrs. Dunnigan?
I seen her out by the coach.
Get her in here right now.
MICKEY: Mrs. Dunnigan!
THADDEUS: Hey, have a seat.
MICKEY: Mrs. Dunnigan!
Mrs. Dunnigan!
Sheriff wants to see you.
You fixin' on leaving so soon?
Well, it's unsafe.
And I was always planning
on taking that stage.
Did you have a love affair
with my son?
Me? Why would I do that?
He gave it to me, and I...
I didn't know what to do,
him being your son.
And you were so kind.
But I would return
your affections?
I have a... had a husband.
You didn't love him.
He got the wrong idea.
I got the wrong idea?
You kissed me.
What I brought your husband
back, you kissed me.
That's a lie, Jim.
You told me that you loved me.
You told me we were gonna
run away together.
- You told me.
- Oh, Jim.
We have to confess.
We have to just confess.
You don't believe him, do you?
Oh. Hey.
Let me go.
You can keep the claim.
Let me go, or I...
I will kill him.
- Put it down.
- I ain't gonna.
I just want to get out of here.
I just want to get out
of this place.
- [ Gunshot ]
- Ah!
- [ Gunshot ]
- Ah!
Oh, no!
[ Gunshots ]
I always thought I was
going to be somebody.
You never did.
You were right.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sobs ] I'm sorry.
- Shh.
- I'm sorry.
I think this is yours.
Thank you.
Well, bury our friends,
pray for their souls.
All of them.
[ Sighs ]
And we're going
to rebuild this town.
Make it better than it was.
And perhaps there
will be a time
we no longer need to fight.

Hey, you feelin' better?
Well, it's over.

Fallen feathers on my Bible
red leather
It's easier this way
My palms to frozen earth
And a prayer
It's easier to stay
Bend my teeth to the wind
River water on my skin
Have I lost my innocence?
To love again is innocent
Smoke in my lungs from
your burning ashes
Sing to me a melody
Melancholy soul for
bones and blisters
Speak to me
Bend my teeth to the wind
River water on my skin
Have I lost my innocence?
To love again is innocent
The whiskey makes me numb
It's never enough
A feeling for your love
I'll write it in blood

Bend my teeth to the wind
River water on my skin
Have I lost my innocence?
To love again is innocent