Murder City (2023) Movie Script

How much longer we're going to sit?
Let him pocket enough cash to be heartbroken
when we bust him.
Thats some twisted shit;
The harder the fall, worse it hurts,
You go right
You only get transferred beside. The
I'm off that.
You told Molly yet.
When the time is right.
Here We go. Shit.
Damn, this fucker is fast.
Stop, Police.
Slow down, God damn it.
This is bullshit, man.
I seen you before.
You go to Keystone High?
What's it to you?
Another year or two
And this doesn't go down as the juvie fuck-up.
Empty pockets
Empty your god damn pockets.
Alright, man! Alright.
That everything
You're tryina to rob me or book me?
Stay off the corner. I catch you out here again.
Im gonna it personally
We aint gonna book him?
Naw, wont, do any good
Come on.
What's the department gonna do with a couple of hundred bucks?
No, I'm good.
You know that aint me.
You know I hate this midday calls.
No, Hi honey. Love of my life.
Happy to hear your voice.
Just cut straight to the chase.
You right, How was your interview?
Im just not who
they're looking for him again.
You can't force these things Moll.
I'm not calling for
a friendly check-in.
Trev got sent home again today.
Put him on.
He's not with me.
Your dad picked them up.
Whered he take him?
Clean up your face.
You know my father. Consider your family.
You and your sons.
I know
anyone else owed me as much money
as you do.
I would have taken an eye.
I'll get it to you tomorrow.
What happen?
Nuthin that can't be fixed.
Trev? You here?
Who allowed you to stay?
Didnt wanna leave your boy alone.
You got something to tell me?
Give him a break.
I don't remember breaks
being a part of your parenting playbook.
How many times I pull you out of the principal's office
for bloodying some poor suckers nose?
Let me see your hands.
Make a fist. No.
Always thumbs
on the outside or they break.
Get your homework done.
How'd you get that shiner?
Buying time on a late payment
to Miss Ash Dunn
If you came her lookin for a loan, I cant stake you.
I don't need a loan. I need you.
I'm not interested in
any scam you got goin
It's not a scam.
Straight trade up.
Things come to you straight up
turn crooked real quick.
Not this time to see me out.
If you're not interested,
I'll get out of sight.
You got until I finish this drink.
Then youre gone
So talk.
I got a score planned for the night.
Your brother was supposed to be my backup,
but he flaked again.
Easy money, 2 hours, tops.
We make a drop.
Pick up a payday
If its so easy, Why don't you do it yourself?
Its a two-man job
I go in here alone.
These guys are going to fleece me.
200 large for 2 hours. work.
We do a 50-50 split.
Its Real money.
Not that junk change you pick up on street corner shakedowns.
And if it goes wrong.
It won't.
Because you. Say so.
Because it's what I do.
It's all I know.
Time's up.
You used to be somebody.
Maybe you too dumb to see it, but I do
Do yourself a favor.
Make a play.
While you still got a shot at something better.
We started thinking when youre going to show up.
Minor delay, but we all good.
What happened to my little buddy
My other boys subbing in. This is Neil.
Got a problem with it.
come on in.
Let's get this going.
So what do we got.
Four keys, like we agreed.
You mind if I have a little sample.
It's good.
We should be doing big business.
I got a lot of money
coming down the pipeline man
You... Introduce me to your supplier.
Can't do that.
I don't control the traffic
in this neck of the woods.
Best not pressing luck.
Deal's a deal, right?
Deal's a deal.
Now take them down.
What the fuck? Hey man, easy.
DEA, motherfuckers.
How'd you get that shiner?
Buying time on a late payment to Miss Ash Dunn.
Make a play while you still got a shot?
Something better.
Hey, Spence.
What's up, little bro?
You look good man.
This You? Yeah.
What are you thinking?
I think either you boosted it or you scam
someone into hiring you as a chauffeur.
Naw, man. Ash owns the ride.
Shes got me runnin collection routes.
Youre doing pickups for Ash Dunn?
Just a part-time gig till I figure something else out man.
Swear to me
you arent skimming from her.
I look stupid.
Yeah. You look strung out.
What? See.... Straight as an arrow.
What? Get the fuck out of here.
Simply and snag.
What the fuck is that even mean, man.
It's an arm test.
Visited Pops the other day.
Hes not holdin up too well.
Cancers spread to his brain. Doc
says hes got a few months left.
Make matters worse, he's
talking about cooperating with the feds.
He says he doesn't want to spend
his last days in a cellblock,
He's going to try to cut a deal,
give up some names.
Who else knows about this?
In town? Just me.
Has he reached out to the Feds yet?
I don't know.
He got heated when I told him to keep his mouth shut.
You got to talk to him.
He'll listen to you.
He owes you
This is the right way?
Ash is lookin to get with you.
About what?
I don't know.
Tell me
to bring you in straight from county
How was your vacation?
In Fayette
Two years too long.
I did the same stretch. Remember?
at Mercer
Took a fall for my father.
Best two years I ever spent.
Not just for the connections
you make on the inside,
but the appreciation you gain for freedom
and how quickly it can be taken
Please sit.
I honestly thought you'd be happier
to see me.
Friendly face.
Someone who's had your back
since we were kids.
Just got a lot on mind.
That's all.
You ever wonder how you got through
two years in that fucking dungeon
without a scratch?
Like maybe you had a guardian angel
that made you untouchable
and know,
maybe it's that same guardian angel
that put shoes on your son's feet
and extra money on your wife's pocket
She didn't tell you?
Yeah. She's been tending bar three nights a week
coming up in a year. Now,
by the way, I spoke to your PO
last week,
and guess what?
She's going to let me handle you
if you're a good boy and do what I say.
If you offer me a job, the answer's no.
There any other prospects?
I'm unaware of
There hot market for ex-cop drug dealers.
Because from my point of view,
you're toxic to anyone but me.
Ive gott a 100,000 in dead
money on my books from your old man.
And since his indisposed
indefinitely, well,
his dad passes on to the next of kin.
The both of you.
Whatever he or she is between you and him.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
I respect him serving his time in silence.
Smart move for your family.
But that doesn't mean
I can wipe the slate clean.
You could rob a bank
and get squared with me in one score.
Or you can start on my clock.
A lot to digest.
Take the night.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
God. I can't tell you how good it is
to see your face
without a piece of Plexiglas
between the two of us.
Neil. I thought we agreed you'd stay at Spencers until we figure things out.
I couldn't wait. Im Sorry.
Can I come in
Just for a minute?
Theres my big man.
Oh, damn, boy.
You filled out good kid. Look at you.
Keeping up the grades?
He made honor roll last semestre.
Brains of the family just like Mom, right?
Oh, shucks. Look at you, man.
Started balling, No, not really.
Aunt Ash gave me these for my birthday.
Aunt Ash.
been helping out, filling in a few gaps.
while you've been gone.
I heard you were working nights for her too.
Just a couple of shifts a week.
Well, you can drop that.
Now that I'm back. We need the money.
Take it from me.
But you don't have any.
I should get back to studying.
Do you see a future for us?
If I'd wanted to divorce I wouldve served you papers
while you were locked up.
So what I have to do.
For now, stay out of trouble
Show me.
You can do that.
The place is a mess.
Couches comfier than the bed.
But you know you can have either
Couch is fine.
Now you want anything? Can I.
Want a beer.
I'm just going to
crash, if that's cool.
Yeah man, of course.
Rest off you don't get,
you will suffer tomorrow.
Back on your feet.
Hey, Spence.
Thanks for taking me in man.
Of course, man.
Its what brothers are for?
We have company
Is this why we pay Ash Dunn for protection. Lets get out of here.
I'm gonna need you
to step out of the truck.
I wasn't asking,.
I don't know.
Should we open it.
open it up.
We got him.
I told you.
All right, handsome.
Let's see what you got in there.
Any problems?
Naw, We killed it.
I might need you again on Sunday.
And him?
Of course.
Look at you.
Moving up in the world.
This one's for you.
Whether or not you buy the batch.
Whered you got this?
It fell into my lap.
If I'm moving this on the street,
I should know who's looking for it.
All you need to decide
is whether the product is profitable.
If it is, you push it.
If it isn't you pass.
Give that bag.
You know,
your father
wouldve never done a deal like this.
Like what?
Pawning second hand heroin.
and where is he now?
Not here. Right
The way he did things.
Bought him a bullet.
Leon. I'm expanding on what my father built,
and I do this because I'm better at it
than you or my father
or anyone else out there.
So next time
you're thinking about questioning me,
don't put your foot in your mouth
because I'm gonna ram it down
your fucking throat.
I need a word with you. There a problem?
My truck went missing yesterday.
Missing? Stolen.
We saw police seeizing the shipment.
Well, I can try to make some calls.
Track it down.
But odds are it's in evidence,
which means you're better off
moving on to the next level.
Any reason your man driving
the truck might have played you?
No, Not a chance.
Then we'll chalk it up to bad luck.
The good news is that I have eyes
in every corner in this city.
Something in a holy went down.
It'll trickle to me.
And you guys will be the first to know.
Maybe next time, be more careful.
Whatll you have, hunny. I want to order from her.
Drinks, the same
no matter who's handling the bottle
Send her over.
What are you doing here?
What would it take
for you to leave right now?
This job, This city.
And go where?
Anywhere but here.
With you?
The only reason I'm here right now
is because of you.
Wasn't sure I get to see you again.
You get out early.
Good behavior
Your sentence was pennies compared to mine.
How is Molly and Trev holding up?
Getting on without me
You gonna talk to me, or you just come sit to stare?
Spence told me you`re looking to cut a deal with the Feds.
Keep your voice down.
I havent talk to them yet.
But, I did reach out. To the same DEA fucker that busted us.
You do that and you putting all our.
Lives at risk.
Molly Trev,
Nobody's going to do shit to them.
The minute you roll wordll leak to Ash
that you're giving up names
shes gonna grab onto whatever leverage she can find.
Despite that bitch hasn't done shit for me in here,
That's why you rolling on her.
Because she hasnt done shit for you?
Im breathing on borrowed time. Two months, tops.
I am not going to spend my last days
in this fuckin tomb.
So that's your plan?
You dish some dirt
and then youre home free.
Let me give you some advice
because I've actually built. A case
You step in back in your damn shoes.
I've been through this with guys like you
Guys going to make a quick confession and get out before they get stung.
It doesn't happen.
You tell your story and then you stay put.
til the case is airthight. Then maybe, just maybe.
you get a glimpse of daylight.
But when youre behind bars, youre a target.
and whatever.
Protection they are promising you, It wont
be enough.
Someone will get to you.
I ain't going down like that.
I ain't going down without a fight.
How's the food?
Delicious as always. We are staying safe out there.
You know I am trying to. You feel safe?
Until when you're around.
Come on. Thats what I like to hear.
Come back soon.
You know I will
Want me to beg for your job back?
They got you on rotation.
Strategic reassignment
is what they call it.
So my skills were better
suited as a bricklayer.
I should've made detective by now.
Just tough to rise up the ranks
when your partner gets busted as dirty.
Doesn't exactly make me the
top candidate for promotion.
Look we were partners for eight years.
And I did a lot of things to
compromise both of us.
And that wasn't fair to you
Laz and to be honest,
You're my best friend.
I'll do anything to make it right.
That's one of your better apologies.
You should try that on your wife.
That wouldn't be that easy with her.
You don't owe me anything.
But I got to ask you a favor.
The DEA agent that clipped me,
I need you to reach out, set up a meet
What type of meet?
I'm not looking
to settle any scores.
he's got my dad on the hook
for a parole deal.
Grahams gonna snitch?
on who?
Ash Dunn
i heard youre sitting down my father?
He tells me he's got something
he wants to get off his chest.
I'll give you something better.
I've got it in with Ash Dunn.
What do you doing mopping floors?
Because if you're killing for.
I can't make a deal.
I mean, I could, but I won't. I'm not FBI.
I don't give a flying fuck about the body
she's dropped.
I only care about what she's selling.
Well, that's what I'll give you.
I'll give you a locations, identities
of every legal asset she's ever owned.
I serve a career case on a silver platter.
And all you got to do
is stay with my father.
You know, I had a C.I. embedded with her.
This guy was careful.
My guy never took any chances.
Three weeks in, he vanishes.
She sniffed him out.
I don't know how,
but she did it to do the same to you.
I don't care how safe you play.
I'm not playing it safe.
A playing to win.
I'll give you two days
to give me something legitimate on Ash.
And then I'm bleeding your pop
for all you got.
These were my father's.
When I was a little girl, he told me that
everything I needed to know about life.
I could learn from this plant.
So he gave me one.
Told me to try to kill it.
I neglected it,
bleached it, kept it in the dark.
And he refused to die
I realize he was right, but the elements
of his survival were internalized,
immune to outside influences
for the one thing it needed was inside it.
See you.
You've created an existence
dependent of the fate of others
your father, brother, son, wife.
These connections compromise you.
They make you vulnerable,
which is why you need people like me
to protect your interests.
Im gonna work for you.
Clean my father's debt
Once thats done,
You let Molly walk away.
That's what she wants.
That's what I want.
You do that
and I'm yours.
Do you?
The fuck's going on?
Fat ass waddles into my joint telling me
I got to shut it down for the day,
costing me a ton of fucking cash.
And when I don't earn, you don't earn.
So if we're going to be partners,
I can't have Shrek micromanaging me
all the fucking time.
Anything else
you want to get off your chest?
Yeah. What's the problem?
Don't tell me you're trying to renegotiate
the split.
I bust my ass every fucking day
so you can send your goons in once a week
to pick up a fucking envelope.
Now it's going to come to an end. Good.
I'm glad
Have you been fucking me?
Yes or no?
I hear you
be fucking me in broad daylight.
Scam inside
bets to screw me out of a fair share
No, I haven't fucked you.
The longer you deny, the worse it gets.
It's just twice a couple of guys from out of town
I swear to God. I'll pay you back.
I won't have it but
I got money in my car.
Finish him.
I got money in the fucking car.
Come on, Neil,
Finish him.
Neil, don't.
Don't fucking talk.
This is the only way You'll get my trust.
Do it for your wife and son.
The shoulder.
I'm not killing an unarmed man.
Maybe you're not,
but you're still going to bury him.
The fuck are you doing Spence.
Neil, Neil.
You dont understand
I just wanted to clear my mind.
Keep doing that shit youre gonna just like dad, be another deadbeat on the cellblock. Is that what you want?
No, no.
Say you are off it.
I was clean.
Three months
just slipped up
in the sit.
Fuck. I'm leaving man.
For what?
I gotta run pickups for Ash.
Give me the keys. Im coming with you.
Give me the goddamn keys.
Tax man back again.
I know this motherfucker
Dudes a cop. Ripped me on a corner a few years back.
Look, he's not even police anymore.
He got fired.
He did his last two years
in Lafayette for a drug charge.
That right?
I Paroled last week.
Then what, you flipped sides?
Had no choice.
I hear different, Im coming after both of you.
You understand?
Get the fuck out of my shop.
Wheres the drop?
Straight to Ash
You know where she stores it?
Like shed told me
Stash house?
Why? You gonna rob her?
Where to next? Oh,
Didnt I pay you a few weeks ago?
That was last Deuce
Tell your boss.
I'll pay her at the docks Sunday.
If thats a problem she can come down here and see me herself.
Go ahead.
Take one in the back.
I'll give you first time discount.
Maybe another time
We can go to Ash short on the account.
He said he'd pay Sunday.
It's not going to fly with her.
But that mean, she's moving weight this weekend.
You know, you shouldn't be asking that.
Ash wants you to know, youll know.
Spencer youre still high on that shit.
You overreacting.
Give me the money.
What are you going to do?
Just give me the money.
Im gonna get us out of this fucking mess.
This one I tell.
Hey, I need to borrow your car.
I don't understand.
Would you go home right now?
All right.
Don't answer the phone or the door.
You talk to anybody but me.
What you talking about?
I need you to stay clean, all right?
The fucking youre talking about.
I need you sharpe for the next 48 hours.
What's happened in the next 48 hours
Hey Listen
Listen Spence
I'm going to come for you
when the time is right.
I promise.
Be ready to leave.
Noo, what the fuck.
You hear me come on lets go.
Trust me.
Let's go.
Hey, I thought you swing by.
What are you doing there?
Oh, I brought lunch.
Give Molly a break.
Check-in on your boy.
Are you hungry?
Okay, This stranger joins us.
I didn't know you were stopping by.
I supposed to be surprised,
but I guess I got beat to the punch.
I was just telling Molly
how much you've changed since you got out.
I barely recognize you anymore.
Oh, no, I'm
working on being a better me every day.
Well. That's good.
Any job leads.
He's been helping me out with a few odds
and ends all above board.
Something to get by
until he finds a more permanent position.
We can't
thank you enough for all of your help.
I don't know how we would have survived
without you.
And the lunch was going to be PB&J
today until you bought this food.
Can't have my favorite
growing boy eating scraps.
I put meat on those bones so he can go
big and strong like his daddy.
I've been meaning to ask you.
Either of you talked to Graham recently?
It's been like two years for me.
What about you, Neil?
He's not much in the talking these days.
It's not what I hear.
I hear his mouth.
It's been working over time.
News to me.
Sorry, This is work.
Hey, How did it go with our friend?
You were right.
The old man's in here with the DEA.
Well, that's disappointing.
I was hoping things would turn out
Little mixed up I need to handle Im out to leave you guys to enjoy your meal.
I hope you like it.
Can I get a minute with you outside.
Just a minute.
Wanted to give you a heads up.
We about a Russian
He wouldn't give up your cut.
Did he say why?
He said he settled with you Sunday.
Something about the docks.
If you want me to come back up.
Just say when and where.
So eager to help all of a sudden.
It's for them.
It's all for them.
Well, go enjoy your family.
When he leaves, Tail him.
You give this guy a long leash.
Let me kill him.
I want to know who he's talking to.
What about the brother?
Have our friends in the FBI pay a visit
Trev, buddy, I need you to go to your room.
I need you to pack a sleepover bag.
Neil, You have no right to come in here.
Trev, Just do this one thing for me. Please
I am talking to you.
You cannot do this.
You cannot come and turn his life upside...
I'm cooperating with the DEA.
We're building the case against Ash.
They're going to relocate us.
New names, new house,
And why they arent here right now?
They want me to give them something on her
before they bring us in.
You don't have a deal with them?
Well, no, no, no, not yet.
But I will.
This is your master plan.
To win us back, gamble with our lives
and force us out of our home.
You can't keep going like this.
I have been doing fine without you.
You've been scraping by,
getting handouts from a homicidal maniac.
Ash would never. Do anything to hurt us.
I saw her beat a guy
with an inch of his life.
She slit his throat
with a smile on her face.
You've only seen the half of it. The side.
She wants you to see
the other side
Its a Monster.
If she finds out what I'm doing,
she's coming after all of us.
Listen, this is enough for you just to get you started.
Just take it.
I don't want your money.
It was never about the money.
I just wanted.
I just wanted. You
Poor, broke.
It didn't matter.
We just needed you.
I still do.
I'm sorry.
There was a time
when I thought we'd both end up here.
It seemed inevitable.
I heard you still trying to shakedown
my father.
I always like to hedge my bets.
Like I said before,
you got to bring me something legit.
I got a hot tip on Ash Dunn.
Oh, look, man,
I really need you to give me my family
witness protection.
I let sentiment compromise my judgment.
Growing up, we were like family,
But it was my mistake
letting you live,
delaying what I shouldve done
years ago.
I know about your deal with the feds,
and I'm going to bury your entire
fucking family,
your boys, your grandson, his mother.
There'll be no trace of your bloodline
Holy shit.
Fucking Cunt
Do it now
Spence Cmon. Help, help.
We are at the Hotel
I lost him!
You lost whom?
Tell me where you are
and we'll come get you right now.
She have them killed enough.
I fucking let it happen.
Okay, well, what about the DEA?
What about your deal with the DEA?
The deal is dead.
She got them, too.
There must be someone who can help.
Okay just listen. I want you to take the money.
And just drive.
You know, when you were.
When you were gone
for those two years,
there were times I thought of
picking up and leaving, of taking Trev
and starting over somewhere new.
I even thought about it this morning,
but I didn't.
I couldn't.
And you know why?
Because you belong with us.
We're in this together and...
I don't care what it takes.
And I don't care what mistakes you made.
But don't forget about us.
Wheres the blood from?
Look, I don't know what you got yourself into,
but I know you can't get out on your own.
We got good people in the major case
Honest cops.
Let me reach out.
No, Someone dirtyll
catch a whiff that the state
secrets are those walls, you know that.
What I know is you don't stand a chance
at walking away from this without the law in your side.
There are no sides
Can you see
she's got everybody on her pocket.
What if you just go?
Hit the road. You, Molly. Trev.
Im not sleepin with one eye open for the rest of my life.
Where are they now? Up north.
Twin Lakes Valley inn.
Can you go up there? Keep an eye out.
I have to go finish what she started.
Cheers, I have something for you.
There's an informant in your group.
Mooch saw him with five-oh
followed the cruiser to a motel
where they're hiding his family.
Now, I know you take it from the Russians.
Thats should be clear
And for this info
I want their next shipment like before.
Free of charge.
We found.
Which hotel.
Are we going to get something to eat?
I think saw a vending machine
on the other side.
Can I come with you?
I won't let him out of my sight.
I promise.
Do you want some chips?
And can I have coke?
A Coke, Absolutely.
Here we go
a little shake up
Where is he?
No, no.
Where the fuck is he?
Where the fuck is he right now?
Go to hell
I probably will.
Molly, we got company.
Kill them.
Coming in
Dont move.
Drop your weapon.
Drop it.
I'm FBI.
You can't kill me.
Fuck you.
She's conscious and stable for right now.
I'm sorry.
I stepped out for a minute.
When I came back.
There are no sides.
Look man
Whatever you need,
I got you.
I'll come with you. Back you up.
No, just keep my boy safe.
If you've come here to shylock money
for your boss.
You're going to pay the price
one way or another.
or blood.
Is that a threat? It's a reality.
And I don't run errands
for Asht Dunn anymore.
So you came here to beg for a job?
I came here to negotiate a sale.
You can buy me.
And what would my investment in you yield?
Money or blood. Both
Whose blood?
You know who
the same person is going
to try and steal a shipment again tonight.
Hes desperate
Desperate men are dangerous.
And useful...
Thank you for coming
and helping ensure the safety of my.
Load em up.
Everything's in order
and our payment.
I could give. You the money.
but I have something else
that might interest you more...
One of your men came to me today.
He offered me to kill you in exchange.
for money
and Im offering him to you.
in return.
Ill owe you nothing from now on.
Do we have a deal?
Where is he?
Waiting for you?
At your warehouse, shall we?
We shall
This Bitch is trying to back out.
She killed the deal?
No. Were still on.
We are going.
Let's roll.
He's here.
Tied up in the truck.
The fuck?
Didn't you say so?
Back at the docks.
Too much noise. It's no good for business
Here You can do whatever you want with him.
He is yours. Take him.
I got this.
Deals on
Lets go, lets go, lets go.
You want to play?
Let's do it.
Are you hit?
Just a scratchj
Its a lot of blood for just a scratch
Go wait by the car
I dont know what to say man.
Whats this?
The Address Willow Creek.
Go get your career back.
Youll understand when you see it.
Where should we go?