Murder Company (2024) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[gun fires]
[plane rumbles]
[dramatic music continues]
[gun thuds]
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[planes rumbles faintly]
[gun firing]
[leaves rustling]
[Coolidge] I see an
American flag.
But what company
are you from?
[Southern] Able Company.
[Coolidge] I'll be damned,
[Southern] Jesus Christ.
[man] All clear?
You almost got yourself killed.
How in the hell do you always
manage to stay so damn quiet?
Man, running numbers in Harlem,
you can't get caught,
so you best stay quiet.
It gives a whole goddamn country
to invade, figures your ugly
face would be the
first one I see, Coolidge.
Germans are down.
-[Southern] Okay.
-Hey, listen.
This here, is my man.
Jim Southern.
Over here is Private Tony.
Tally, sir. 508th.
Assistant to Colonel Redding.
Good to meet you, sir.
I'm no sir.
-Where's the Colonel?
-No idea.
I thought they made
you a radio man?
Yeah, well, the jump master took
care of that.
Knowing damn well I can't swim,
pushed me out over a pond,
I almost died.
You know,
I managed to pull myself out,
but that radio's on the back
of some catfish.
-So much for that, I guess.
-[Coolidge] Yeah.
All right.
Between the three of us,
we got the 508th, 505th,
-Triple nickel.
-Yeah, you remember.
[both chuckle]
Well, last time I checked,
none of us were supposed to be
in the same place.
So where do you think we are?
Well, they didn't
drop us in the English Channel.
-That's a start.
-Maybe we should hold here.
Don't you understand?
We about two hours out or more.
[Southern] If we sit
here on our asses,
the krauts will have us in
circles as soon as they figure
out what the hell's going on.
We need to get moving, get
our bearings, see what we can
-find out there.
-[Coolidge] Right.
What are we looking for?
War, Private.
Yeah, Private.
Shouldn't be hard to find.
[plane rumbles faintly]
[ambient chattering]
[Haskel] I haven't got
a lot of time,
so I'm going
to ask you just one question.
I'm not going
to ask if you understand me,
because I can already see
that you do.
Two nights ago,
you and your men arrested
several members
of the French Resistance.
Where did you take them?
Where are they?
I follow my orders.
I understand about orders.
-Yes, I do.
-I had no chance.
No choice.
I understand that, too.
Now, sure you'd like to have
that shoulder looked at?
There's nobody here
but the two of us.
And like I said, I'm
out of time.
[soldier writhes in pain]
Thank you.
Take him out of here.
[Coolidge] So, Southern. Let me
ask you a question.
[Southern] Mh-hm.
[Coolidge] If you wasn't in the
army, what do you think
you'd be doing?
[Southern] Well, sure as shit
wouldn't be here.
[both chuckling]
[Coolidge] I tell you what--
[Southern] Hey, wait.
[Coolidge] Damn. Oh, man.
It's the Colonel.
[Southern] Is he dead?
Looks like it.
He must have got it
on the way down.
-What are you doing?
-He's got maps.
Reconnaissance photos.
We can't let
the Germans get them.
[gun firing]
[Tally grunts]
Where do you think
it's coming from?
Over there. Tree line. Cover me.
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[guns firing faintly]
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[Southern] All clear!
[dramatic music]
[Coolidge] I don't believe
he had any family.
[Southern] What's his name?
He seemed like
a really good guy.
[plane rumble]
[explosion in distance]
The hell was that?
I have no idea.
-You ready? Let's move.
[plane rumbles]
[explosion in distance]
[Southern] It's coming
rom over there.
Yeah, well, whatever it is,
it sounds big.
I still have my Mark Fours.
You have yours?
Yeah, I only have one.
[explosion in distance]
Definitely sounds like
they're getting close.
[Southern] Look at that thing.
[Coolidge] It's a Flak Wagon.
Goddamn anti-aircraft
gun on wheels.
[vehicle engine revs]
-[vehicle engine revs]
-[guns firing]
[soldier screaming]
[soldier screaming]
[gun fires]
[Smith] Americans here!
Coming out!
Let's go.
[Smith] Any other
mines we've got to worry about?
We used up all the
ones we had to.
Just you guys?
Lieutenant Dean Smith, 507th.
Sergeant Southern.
505th of Able Company, sir.
You see how these Gerry's
burst into flames?
Like God gave up
on their asses.
Well, I don't know how
I ended up here with y'all
but, Coolidge, Triple Nickel,
Ghost Company, sir.
Another couple of strays, huh?
-What are you doing, Miller?
-He's still alive.
That's Private Miller, medic.
Comes to us from Item Company.
And with me from 507th,
Private Stu Boards.
Stubbs all you need, boys.
[gun fires]
What the fuck was that for?
He didn't suffer, did he?
Any idea where we are?
Shit, no. Right now,
your guess is as good as mine.
I don't want to be
standing out here with our dicks
in our hands when his buddies
come back looking for him.
So let's move out.
Stubbs, take point.
-On me. Let's go.
-Come on, Miller.
Which side you on, Medic?
[gun fires]
[dramatic music]
[birds cawing]
Hey, Miller.
See, what you can do here.
You two, go get
something to eat.
I'm going to find the CO.
Yeah, Daddy.
Chow time.
All right, General Haskel, sir.
Lieutenant Dean Smith,
507th Second Battalion, sir.
Sergeant Southern, 505th
Able Company.
At ease, gentlemen.
What do you got?
I have this for you, sir.
His chute got hung up on a tree.
Krauts got to him before we did.
Made them pay, though, sir.
He was a hell of a Colonel.
An even better man.
I'll send a personal note
of condolence to his wife.
How many are you?
[Smith] Five of us in all, sir.
It's a mixed unit.
All boys from the 82nd.
One radio man, one medic.
You still got his radio?
Afraid not, sir.
Don't get my hopes up.
Apologies, sir.
Second Battalion?
Your drop was
almost north of Amfreville.
-That's right, sir.
Sweet Mother Machree.
Sir, maybe you
could bring us up to speed here.
We walked all day
without finding anyone else
from our sticks.
We're not exactly sure
what happened.
What happened?
The 82nd Division plan fell
completely to pieces.
The krauts dam the rivers
blocking our routes inward.
Flooded half the country,
which we anticipated.
But, the aerial reconnaissance
let on exactly how bad it was.
Hardly any of our pathfinders
could find their spot.
Even if you were able
to put up the beacons.
So our pilots were left
without knowing
where their drop zones were.
They would just toss the boys
out wherever they could
so we're here.
The wrong side of the Merderet.
cut off from the invasion.
I'm afraid you boys
won't be getting back
to your units any time soon.
The only upside is the
Germans are even more confused
than we are.
They can't make head
or tail of our plan.
That's because we have no plan.
At least not yet.
But we're committed now.
Those landings have begun.
If we don't secure the causeways
and hold the bridges inland,
Setting the course of
not getting off the beach.
Which means they're
going to die there.
Whatever else we do,
we can't let that happen.
Whatever you need from us, sir.
There's five of you?
[Smith] Yes, sir.
That's correct, sir.
[lighter flicks]
I might have something for you.
[dramatic music]
This tastes just like the food
my mom used to make.
Your mom was a horrible cook.
[Coolidge laughs]
You all right, Miller?
So, Lieutenant Smith.
You known him a while?
Oh yeah.
He's all right.
Not a lot of chicken shit
to deal with in his company.
You know what I mean?
Chicken shit? What do you mean?
I mean the shit that comes
out of chickens, Miller.
So, what about this guy,
-He's a good man.
-[Coolidge] Mh-hm.
He knows how to handle himself?
Before I was radio man,
I was a cook at Camp Toccoa.
It was this redneck Lieutenant.
Just had it out for me.
Well, it turns out
he was allergic to paprika.
So one morning at breakfast,
he had a little
too much paprika.
He almost choked to death.
-No shit.
-[Coolidge] Yeah.
They threw me in the brig,
almost court martialed me.
But Southern?
Told the commanding officers
that he did it.
They were just playing joke.
That man
would catch a bullet for us.
The only bullet you need to
worry about is your own.
-Right, Miller?
Wait, what?
[all laughing]
This fucking guy.
Got to love him.
So what do you think?
I do my best
not to think at all, sir.
Don't try selling me that
Planting those mines for the
Flak Wagon?
That was some clever shit.
Took guts, too.
You know, with half the airborne
scattered tail and gun
going to be a lot of NCO's
running around
without anyone to command them.
I was thinking of putting you in
line for a field commission.
I appreciate that, sir.
But I'll pass.
Sergeant, we're going to need
men who can lead out here.
-You understand?
-That's not me, sir.
All right, go give the men the
good news.
-We move out at sun up.
Sir, aren't you going to eat?
My wife and kids
haven't heard anything from me
for weeks.
I'm going to see if I can get a
message out to them.
-Let them know I'm okay.
Get some chow, Sergeant.
Understood, sir.
Damn, Stubb. Spit it out.
Cat got your tongue?
I got two girls back home.
Oh, okay.
One, I married.
And the second one
was born after I was deployed.
And when I get home,
I'm going to meet her for
the first time.
Congratulations, man.
What about you, Miller? Huh?
You got a girl back home?
-No? Come on.
Not even one you like?
I got someone, but,
I don't even think she knows
that exists.
-[Coolidge chuckles]
if it don't work out for you,
I know three fine sisters.
They'll put it on you.
Shit. They'll have you
calling for a medic.
[Stubbs and Miller laughing]
[Coolidge] Woo hoo!
-Hey, Southern.
What you got from the General?
The General's put the four of us
under Smith's command.
We're not going back
to our own units,
they got a new mission for us.
[dramatic music]
There's some Frenchmen
that allied intelligence
has been keeping tabs on.
Part of the Maquis.
-The what?
-The French Resistance, Miller.
Try to keep up.
Last word they got, the krauts
were holding a prisoner near
in some little village
called La Fiere.
The fuck's
that got to do with us?
According to the general,
this guy has got intel
on some bigwig Nazi officer
the command wants taken out.
Knows where to find him,
how to get us there.
Our job,
snatch the Frenchman back.
[Coolidge] You've got to be
shitting me.
I didn't sign up
to play babysitter
to some goddamn Frenchman.
That's the mission.
Okay, so where do we
find this asshole?
[face thuds]
So, tell us
about your American friends.
We know
you are in touch with them.
We heard reports
of the Americans landing
far west of here.
Is this the invasion?
How are more
raids to distract us?
What is the real objective?
[suspenseful music]
Surrender to me.
And I'll give you a quick death.
[Nazi Sergeant laughing]
He said
we should surrender
so we can have a quick death.
[Nazi Sergeant laughing]
Just like I gave this man.
Stubbs, Miller.
Give me a wide swing and check
the side of the house now. Move.
Boys, we're flanking
them wide. Wide. Move.
Let's go.
[dramatic music]
-[gun firing]
-[body thuds]
[guns firing]
[Smith] Shit.
Coolidge! Flank right!
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
You two, go.
Take care of him.
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
-[body thuds]
-[soldier grunts]
[gun firing]
[body thuds]
Miller, take this floor.
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
Jean Daquin?
[Stubbs] Imagine having to bury
our friends like that.
If we never finish
this damn war.
[vehicle engine revs]
Carry on.
At ease, Lieutenant.
Good work today.
Thank you, sir.
Major General Erik Ramsey.
Who's he, sir?
Ramsey is transportation
chief for the Nazis
western front.
Overseeing the entire civilian
network of France.
In a nutshell,
nothing gets here from Germany
without his say so.
Sir, I don't think this is--
I understand
your position, Lieutenant.
Believe me, I would not
put you there lightly.
I have men over there
who can help you
protect this town.
Hold that bridge.
Respectfully, sir,
I think there's a better way
these men can serve the war--
We all take orders from someone.
Mine come from pretty high up.
Roosevelt has determined
that is of the utmost importance
to liquidate
any German officers
conducting the war effort.
Liquidate, sir?
Assassinate, Lieutenant.
This Ramsey.
He is the highest ranking
SS officer,
currently in the field.
We know about him
because of Monsieur Daquin
over there
and his friends in the Maquis.
If we take him out,
we buy ourselves enough time
to get our men off the beach.
Look, I know it stinks,
but if we want to help
win the war, this is how
we're going to do it.
Understood, sir.
I'll get him to
where he needs to be.
Must have been a good friend.
It's the right thing to do.
You know this man we're after?
[speaks French]
He's an evil man.
[man grunting faintly]
If your man can get me
close to him,
I will kill him.
It's Ramsey and men
just like him,
who have made me
dig so many graves.
Gentlemen, break time's over.
What's the plan?
I'll tell you on the road.
go get us another radio.
Now Private, you got a choice.
You can either stay here, or get
a rifle and come with us.
I'm with you guys, sir.
Stubbs, take him to get a rifle
and gather up as much ammo
as you can get your hands on.
I think we're
going to need it.
On it.
Can't tell the forest from the
war effort.
-Let's move out.
-Yes sir.
[Smith] Telling your boys
my hometown team, Chicago Cubs,
probably going to win
another World Series, hell.
[Coolidge] Not beating Detroit.
Not with my guy
Hank Greenberg,
The Hebrew Hammer.
[Smith whinnies]
[Miller] I heard he makes
$50,000 a year.
Imagine that.
I mean, I'm grateful for $100 a
month, but still.
[Smith] What about you, Sergeant
who's your home team?
[Southern] I don't really have
one, sir. But,
my wife's in the all-American
Girls Professional Baseball
League and last year
she won the championship
with the Racine Belles.
[Stubbs] This is all fascinating
boys, but,
sir, you want to tell us
what the deal is
with this bullshit mission?
[Smith] I believe you've been
briefed, Private Stubbs.
Yeah, I'm just thinking
I must have missed something.
[Miller] Wouldn't surprise me.
Shut up, Miller.
I was just wondering, sir,
killing a soldier on
the battlefield is one thing,
but sending us out here
like this to kill one man.
Isn't that--
Isn't that what, Private?
Isn't that, like--
You forget where you guys
are at.
Seven men I've killed so far.
Least that I know about.
What do you think, Frenchy?
You think they got a case?
Hey, parlez-vous,
I'm talking to you.
You're in the man's country,
Least you can do
is learn his name.
I'm here
saving the man's country.
My name is Jean Daquin.
[Stubbs] Daq. Yeah.
Least I can fucking say it.
I'm sticking with Frenchy.
[guns firing]
[Smith] Go, go, get down!
Looks like these boys walked
straight into an ambush.
[gun fires]
I see two gunners there on the
left, behind those rocks.
Another two a little higher up.
Cover over there on
the left break.
Close enough for us to put some
frags into that gun position.
But no way for us to get to it,
[gun fires]
Right now,
I don't believe they know
we're here.
Focus on the other soldiers.
We have the advantage.
[Daquin] Lieutenant.
I can make it to that rock, sir.
-[Daq] Lieutenant Smith.
-Fuck is it?
Let me go.
I don't need to get close
to kill the Germans.
No fucking way you're going
out there,
you're just along for the ride.
You don't need to put your men
in danger, Lieutenant.
Hey, shut up and stay quiet,
[guns firing]
Sergeant, you sure about this?
I can make it, sir.
All right. Okay, listen up.
Coolidge, I want you to swing
out wide right
Lay down some cover and fire.
Go, now.
Sir, I need to check on that
[gun firing]
Okay, Stubbs. Take him with you.
Go, now. Move.
-You good?
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[dramatic music]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
Listen. I'm going to go
up this tree line,
and lay you guys some cover.
Don't go until I've said,
I'll signal you.
All right?
Watch your ass.
[guns firing]
[dramatic music continues]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
-[gun firing]
-Stubbs, move! Move!
Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick!
Come on now.
Come back, come back.
[guns firing]
[dramatic music continues]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[blood squelching]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
[soldier grunts]
[guns firing]
What the hell?
Son of a bitch.
-[Southern] All clear?
-[Coolidge] Yeah.
Just take him back to camp.
Bullet went straight through,
they'll stitch him up.
Hey! What the hell was that?
Your men would have been killed.
My men can take care
of themselves.
I don't give a fuck
if you don't wear the uniform.
But you march with us,
you follow orders.
Is that clear?
Is that clear?
It is, sir.
Goddamn it.
[crickets chirping]
Jesus Christ.
Too bad you can't serve us up
some of your mama's apple pie.
How do you know his mama?
He used to serve the recipe
up in the mess hall.
The secret was in the crust
and had a little bit of caramel.
Made it every Sunday.
Then you go to church and
you get some.
So good I even went to church
on Wednesday.
Well shit, we make it
out of here alive
we all got to
get some of that apple pie.
[Coolidge] So what do
you guys think?
About what?
He's got balls.
Got to give him that.
Yeah, that's
what's got me worried.
Our job is to get that man
as far as Bastogne.
We're not going to make it
any easier for us
if he keeps trying to get
himself fucking killed.
Seems like
he can handle himself.
You sure saved our ass today.
Like I said.
Or he doesn't give a shit
what happens to him.
Either way,
it's fucking dangerous.
Maybe he just hasn't
taken orders before, sir.
Been out here fighting his own
war for so long.
Who knows what
he's been through?
[somber music]
Lieutenant Smith's group
has made contact, sir.
Mission is on schedule.
That may be our only hope.
21st Panzer
Division is massing for attack.
Ridgeway's pulling back.
We're it.
Yes, sir.
We don't have the men
to hold this town.
If the krauts can get their
reinforcements before we can,
they're going to roll right
through us.
And they'll head
right down to the beach
and kick us all back to England.
Right now
this war is just a race.
[Miller] I'm just saying,
if this mission is bullshit,
then what makes it any different
than chicken shit?
[Coolidge] Because Miller,
chicken shit
is all the petty, pointless pain
they put us through at boot
camp to make us so mad
that we begged them
to ship us off to war.
-Also, we get shot at.
Unlike this
brilliantly fucked
up, crazy ass mission
which is certified
grade-A bullshit.
You're both wrong.
Six men
behind enemy lines fighting
an entire German division.
We have a name for that,
"merde d'lphant".
What's that mean?
Elephant shit.
-[Miller] Elephant shit?
-[all chuckling]
[Stubbs] Brilliant.
So, any thoughts on
how to handle this?
-We get as far as Bastogne.
I was thinking.
Still trying to groom me
for command.
No, I think you're right.
You're not cut out for it.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
the men will follow you,
any man they see run out
in front of a machine gun,
you got to figure,
he's either fucking crazy
or he's got something
they don't.
But you got to be willing to ask
another man to do the same.
It just never felt right.
Asking another guy to do a job
I can do myself.
Stick his neck out
because I told him too.
That's what it is, Sergeant.
Being in charge.
If you care about these men,
you will stow your own horseshit
and do the job God put
you here to do.
Kill me, Smith.
You really think
God wants any part of this?
There are
Americans up on the road ahead.
They have German prisoners.
[Southern] It looks like
airborne, all right.
Maybe a part of the
stick from the 101st.
This far inland, though?
They must have
made our drop, sir.
Wouldn't surprise me.
They got half a dozen
POWs with them.
That doesn't make sense.
Why would they be
marching them out in the open
for everyone to see?
Maybe the Germans are
surrendering all over.
[Coolidge] Come in, Commando.
Hey, guys,
I got no signal.
Hey, but wouldn't that be
something if the war was over?
There's no way we're that
fucking lucky.
Hey, Lieutenant,
I bet you I can get a signal if
I go up on that hill.
Okay. Take Miller with you.
Go, now.
I can make my
way up along this embankment.
I'll go with.
[Daquin] Lieutenant.
I can get to those boulders
Up on the hill,
get a bright eyes view
from up there.
That's a lot of open land.
All right, go.
Command, this is Ghost Company,
do you read me?
This should be working.
This is Ghost Company,
do you read me?
Command? Do you read me?
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
Stubbs! Cover me!
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
Go, go Miller, go!
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[gun firing]
[soldier grunts]
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
Here they come!
Cover me.
Go! Go! Go!
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
-[body thuds]
-[guns firing]
[Smith grunts]
[body thuds]
[gun fires]
-[soldier screams]
-[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[blood squelching]
-[blood squelching]
[guns firing]
[Stubbs] Miller!
-Miller, Medic! Medic!
-[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[Miller] Get out the way!
Get out the way!
[Smith mumbles]
[Miller] Oh shit.
[Coolidge] Do something, Miller.
Give me the bad news first.
Only kind I got, sir.
We still haven't been able
to reach
Lieutenant Smith and his team,
but latest reports do confirm
the Germans are moving elements
from the 12th Division up
out of Toulouse.
Most likely assembling
for a counter-offensive, sir.
How stale are those reports?
Came in at 1100, sir,
6 hours ago.
So we sent Smith and his men
-right into the teeth of it.
I think we have to assume
the Lieutenant's team is lost.
[dramatic music]
I'm not giving up on them yet.
They haven't given up on us.
Assemble the men.
We're going to have to hold
the line on this bridge.
Yes, sir.
This place ain't right, Daq.
How much further we have to go?
If we make good time,
we can be there
by tomorrow afternoon.
Tell us about this guy,
Ramsey, Daq.
Better be worth it.
Losing the Lieutenant.
Are you kidding, Stubbs?
The Lieutenant died for nothing.
Don't say that.
[Coolidge] Don't say that?
Do you think
killing one man in the middle,
all this bullshit
is going to make a difference?
How about killing Hitler,
You don't think
that'll make any difference?
is just another racist in power.
And the only reason
why he's in power is because
a lot of stupid
people follow him.
Stop, man.
No, no, Miller.
No, you don't tell me to stop.
I'm not even supposed to be
I'm with Triple Nickel.
It's an all black unit.
It's my brother's.
Now, when Private Tally and
Smith died, guess what?
It hurt all the same.
So you tell me, Frenchy,
going after this, Sergeant
Ramsey, or whatever his name is.
What's it get us?
What's the--
He's a killer!
So are you.
So are we. So what.
[Daquin] I see.
You never met the devil.
When a German invaded,
he came to my town
saying all he wanted was peace.
Giving us amnesty
in exchange for the resisters.
We wanted to trust in him.
They died first.
The rest of us?
We died more slowly.
One morning, Ramsey and his men
fired upon my home.
Killing my wife and daughter
in front of my eyes.
There's nothing
I could have done.
But die.
This is for you.
What we're doing.
I think our governments
have a mutual interest.
But for you it's different.
You want him dead.
And for you, Southern.
This war
is not personal?
Wonder if Smith is having apple
pie with your mama
right now.
I suppose they are.
Who's got the first watch?
We'll take it.
[Southern] All right.
[crickets chirping]
[suspenseful music]
Miller? Miller?
No, no!
Wake up! Miller!
Miller? Miller!
[soldier grunts]
[soldiers grunting]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[Coolidge screams]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
The German 91st
is in the next town.
They want our bridge.
And we're
not giving it back to him.
I want you to reserve ammo
and grenades,
make every shot count.
only one way into this village.
This village
is our path
to the rest of France.
This is why we came, gentlemen.
Let's get this done.
[dramatic music]
[truck engine revs]
[Ramsey] It amazes me.
These things you people
are capable of.
The courage, the fearlessness
to believe in something
against all odds.
[tools thud]
To cling to it
without any regard for reason,
without any regard for your own
The blind faith
it must take to come here
and to think you could
actually win. [chuckles]
To think to yourself, "Not me.
I'm special.
Surely I will survive".
In Germany,
our attitudes are different.
I think you know.
You may think we are
for our sense of discipline.
But I never imagined
if you gave a man
the freedom
to believe in what he chooses,
how easily
he would convince himself
of what he wants to be true.
"I will not die in this place.
Away from all those people
who love me".
Without any reason
or purpose.
It amazes me because in the end,
all the courage,
all that belief
proves only to be a lie.
[soldier grunts]
In the end,
all there ever was,
all you ever really had
[soldier grunts]
was your fear.
[soldier grunts]
-[knife slices]
-[blood squelches]
Southern, we really
going through with this?
It's the mission, Willy.
This ain't the mission.
It's not.
Man, look at us.
Man, I fought my whole life.
The police,
the Klan,
bigoted officers
in the United States Army, man.
I don't want to fight anymore.
You want to turn around
and go back?
You're not thinking, Southern.
If this Ramsey guy
was that important
you think they would have sent
a unit here to take him out?
You think we could just
walk up to the door
and say, "Hey, here we are".
You won't have to.
That's what Daq's for.
What's going on, boys?
Listen, listen.
You said it yourself.
This is personal for him.
Hey, this is personal with me.
We lost Miller, Smith.
That's not for nothing.
Stubbs, aren't you trying
to get back to your daughter,?
What did you just
fucking say to me?
Don't mention my daughter again.
And now man
the fuck up, soldier.
There's something
he's not telling us.
Frenchy, what do you, what do
you know about these guys?
It's the 12th Division.
Led by veterans
from the Eastern Front.
They're very feared.
They're also known
as the Murder Division.
[Coolidge] The Murder Division.
That's great.
-Guys, please--
-We've come this far.
We're not going back now.
Southern, please listen.
We can leave right now.
Make it to the front.
We go to the back
and we can just warn
Haskel what's coming.
They'd beat us there
by two days, man.
Come on.
[Daquin] That's what
we're here for.
-Let's go.
-[Coolidge] No, Frenchy.
That's why you're here.
[gentle music]
This is your mission.
This is our mission.
And I'm going.
Southern, listen to me.
Every man has to make
his own decision.
We've made ours.
[gentle music continues]
[truck engine revs]
We arrive at the park in
twenty minutes.
Very good. As it happens
our guests were
quite informative.
The American position at
La Fiere is quite weak.
They may hold it for now, but
as soon as we arrive,
the bridge will fall.
Yes, General.
And what about our guests?
We have no more use for them.
[speaks in German]
They're loading up three trucks
with ammunition and explosives.
Ten, maybe even twenty Germans.
Just the three of us.
[Coolidge] Four.
[uplifting music]
All right, boys.
Here's the plan. Stubbs,
you work to get in position
to go to the far
end of the yard.
Willy, you're with me.
Daq, can you
get a good position?
I can get a clear view
in the front door.
Murder Division my ass.
When we deal with these
that's when they'll be gone.
Murder Company.
82nd Airborne, maybe.
Plus a Frenchman.
All right, boys,
let's move.
Daq, we'll be in your hands
out there.
You see that son of a bitch?
And you take a shot
before we get clear,
None of us make it.
[truck engine revs]
Sir, the Germans
are almost on us.
We're not losing this bridge.
We lose this bridge,
we lose the war.
We will hold this line.
-Yes, sir. Sir?
Your group planted
those anti-tank mines.
Yes, sir.
Have some of your men
fall back to the bridge.
Funnel their advance
into that mine field.
Yes, sir.
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[body thuds]
[knife slices]
[knife slices]
[knife slices]
Did you work with the explosives
back in Toccoa?
I was a better cook, but yeah.
What do you think?
We blow some shit up?
Let's do it. You cover my ass
out there, Southern.
All right.
[dramatic music]
You need to run this wire
with these charges
at the bottom of these trucks
and fast.
I'll blow the detonator.
I'll cover you from this side,
Stubbs on the other, Daq
has our back side.
Whatever happens,
when the shooting starts,
we got to blow this fucker.
We will.
Southern. We will.
[knife slices]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
What the hell is happening?
We are not sure, General.
Not sure who is out there.
General please,
if you stay inside--
I'm not staying inside.
Get those trucks out of
here and do it now.
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[truck engine revs]
-[gun fires]
-[explosion blasts]
Coolidge? Coolidge?
[Coolidge grunts]
Stubbs! Stubbs, get over here.
[Southern] You're alive.
Get Coolidge,
I'm heading inside.
You hit?
You hear me?
Yeah. [laughs]
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're alive.
[blood squelches]
[guns firing]
[guns firing]
[soldiers muffled grunting]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[soldier grunting]
I can fight.
Don't worry about it, bud.
You help these guys.
[gun fires]
[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[gun fires]
I surrender. I surrender.
I surrender.
[Ramsey] I surrender.
I can give you 91st Division.
I can give you twenty-four
The transfer plans
and all of it.
I know all of it.
What I have to offer you
is more valuable than whatever
this piss-head resistance
has to give.
What I have to offer
you is more valuable
than whatever this pathetic
resistance has to offer.
[gun fires]
They're retreating, sir.
Getting word the German
counterattack has failed.
The 91st reinforcements
never made it to the line.
[uplifting music]
This bridge is ours.
Our exit off
the beach is secure.
Sergeant Verrill.
Yes, sir?
Glad you're still alive.
Thank you, sir.
Don't mention it.
Where's Daq?
-He make it?
They already came for him.
It's what he deserved.
[gun thuds]
Where are you going?
War is just getting started,
[uplifting music]
[dramatic music]