Murder in the Dark (2013) Movie Script

[music playing]
[shutter clicking]
No, no, no!
[blood gushing]
[music playing]
[shutter clicking]
Why would anybody walk up here?
Let me just see if that
guy speaks English.
Wait, no, no.
Can we-- no, please, Steve.
I'm just gonna ask him if
he knows where we're going.
- No, no, no.
- Please.
Over here.
Matthew, what
are we doing here?
I'm just getting directions.
[speaking turkish]
Uh, do you speak English?
Do you speak English?
Yes, yes.
Yes, hi.
Hi, hi.
I'm Matthew.
Listen, we're trying
to find a ruin,
but we've been
looking for hours.
I don't even know
what it's called.
I just know that it's
a big ruin with a tower
and a whole lot of cave things.
Yeah, yeah, that's Celsus.
Yeah, that's where I'm going.
Look, as far as I know, it's
maybe an hour's drive this way.
There's one turn up past a farm.
Give him a ride.
Well, OK.
Wanna jump up?
Yeah, absolutely.
Thank you.
Is that OK with you?
Yeah, it's fine.
Everybody fine?
We don't usually pick
up hitchhikers in Turkey,
but you speak English.
Hey, Kevin, what's up?
This is Luca.
This is my sister, Lily.
Hi, Kevin.
I'm Lily.
I'm Taylor.
Taylor, hi.
Well, we've been looking
for this place for hours,
so if you can help us find
it, that would be helpful.
Might be an hour's
drive in this direction.
There's a farm with a
wagon without the front,
and a sign that starts with--
--5 weeks innoculating
polio vaccinations
and the like in Turkey.
So yeah, it's pretty good.
Yeah, it looks like you
keep going on the road.
OK, cool.
Oh my god.
Look at that, guys.
Hey, Matthew, nice job.
- Matthew!
- Matthew!
Hey, look what I see.
We found it.
It's beautiful.
You guys up for camping here?
Tayor, do you want
to borrow this?
Someone at the front.
Oh, I don't-- it's so fancy.
I don't know.
Just take it, point and shoot.
[shutter click]
Now that was worth
a six-hour drive.
It's gorgeous.
You said that you
hadn't seen it, right?
Look at this place.
I know, it's amazing.
Come on, guys.
You got the keys?
Yeah, I tried to ask that.
'Cause there's no one here,
but I don't know why.
And then they split, exactly.
Did you hear anything about
where these people all went?
[shutter click]
Look how quick nature takes
over and starts reclaiming.
This is the perfect place.
We should camp here.
I know.
I'm going to put this down.
This is amazing.
It feels like it's been
abandoned for 1,000 years.
This place is so old.
7th century.
How come you never
say you love me?
You scared?
You know how I feel.
Come on.
What's that crazy
Aussie yelling about?
This is awesome.
Not everyone can hide their
emotions like you, Rambo.
Oh, Rambo?
Yeah, he's the military
guy in the moves.
Yeah, I know who Rambo is.
Hey, check this out.
What is that?
Oh, don't pick that up.
That's nasty.
You know, maybe it still works.
It won't turn on.
It's like,
completely destroyed.
How do you open it?
It's not going to work.
This is an adventure.
Play along.
Come on.
We still need to find
a place to sleep.
[shutter clicking]
That's a good look.
You're beautiful.
No, I'm not.
Why so many?
It's a fashion shoot, come on.
Come on.
A fashion shoot?
Give me sultry eyes.
[shutter clicking]
You're not really as
bashful as you pretend.
Come on, come on.
Look into the camera.
Look into the camera.
That's it.
You're a tiger.
Ah, lovely, lovely.
That's it.
Show me, rockstar.
That's it.
Swing your hair.
I don't know about that.
OK, that's good.
Swing around.
I need to get in this too.
[shutter click] Beautiful.
Hey, Matthew.
Look at these photos.
That's great.
All right.
- Should we get going?
- Let's head back.
Sweetie, why don't you
go ahead for a minute?
We're going to be
right behind you.
It's fine.
I'm right behind you.
Any plans after Turkey?
Going back to France.
I'm going to check out,
and I'll check to find--
You OK?
Yeah, totally fine.
[speaking french]
You're wearing your bracelet.
Of course.
[speaking french]
I love when you
speak French to me.
I'm still deciding.
What do you think?
It all depends.
Do you want to
help people, or do
you want to change the world?
Can I do both?
It's hard to save the world
treating one person at a time.
That's why I chose research.
I'm too impatient for research.
So many restrictions.
A free spirit, huh?
I like that.
It gets me into
trouble sometimes.
OK, then you should
definitely get into research.
We could use a
few troublemakers.
Hold on.
A souvenir from Turkey.
Thank you.
I would prefer if you could
just maybe give her some space.
She's kind of naive, and
you're very charming.
Hey, hey, Matt-- Matthew,
we were taking some photos,
all right?
Yeah, yeah.
No, I know that.
I was young once myself,
wish I still was.
But you know, we
got a Dane here.
We got a Chilean here.
We got an Indian.
You got a smorgasbord
of gals here,
so I guess what I would hope is
that you can just sort of focus
on the gals that
are a little older
and just kind of
leave her to me.
Sure, Matthew.
Yeah, look--
- OK, cool.
I don't-- yeah.
I appreciate you guys
giving me the lift up here.
Yeah, and I don't
want it to be awkward.
Yeah, great.
- OK, good deal.
- OK.
And I don't think we need to
say anything to her about this,
just, you know--
just leave it be.
No, no, not at all.
- Cool.
- Cool.
- All right.
- Let's leave.
All right.
Don't you think your dad will
want you to stay with him?
Ew, no.
He's so embarrassing.
Oh, he's just being dad.
Welcome to the palace.
Are you sure it's safe?
We have snacks, yeah?
You got the Pringles, right?
Did you guys hear that?
Can you eat those?
KEVIN: Taylor.
I thought I heard something
sort of Australian.
What are you doing?
Lady Taylor, as the fairest
maiden in all of Celsus,
I would be honored if
you would accompany
me to check out possibly
the coolest view
in the entire world.
What about my dad?
Look, your dad, he's
telling some amazing stories,
reminding everyone what
a great doctor he is.
We have half an
hour at the least.
Come on, seriously.
You don't want to miss this.
I'll be right there.
I shall eagerly
await your return.
You're full of it.
Where are you taking me?
So your dad seems
pretty intense.
Yeah, he can be.
Just a little higher.
This is it.
What a view, huh?
Wanna see the roof?
I don't wanna go back.
You don't have to.
I don't know.
Sorry, my hands are cold.
Yeah, mine too.
Yeah, they're right there.
You guys should see
the view from up here.
It's great.
You guys coming down?
But do you have
enough self-control
to layoff my daughter?
I just-- I'm not used
to having somebody
just tell me something
straight to my face.
We all know that
she's a grownup.
She's an adult.
Hey, Taylor, let's go.
Taylor, now!
I don't wanna talk, Ajay.
Let's just enjoy it.
We're here, let's
just have a good time.
I want you to--
No, no.
Lily, this is
totally different.
I know, I know, those
times, I flaked out.
But I'm working on
some stuff right now.
I want you to work with me.
This would be great for you.
It'd be great.
It's what I've
always wanted to do.
But, Ajay--
[speaking foreign language]
Kill you.
- OK.
- I will kill you.
And you're on your
own with the girl.
I'm not helping with that.
I can't do a thing.
[crickets chirping]
How do you say "that
was fantastic" in French?
C'etait fantastique.
What about in Spanish?
In Danish?
Det er fantastisk.
Det er fantastisco.
I could it-- I could do it--
What is it?
That is fantastic.
No, that's not it!
That's not it!
Oh my god.
That's so offensive.
That's so racist.
You're such a racist.
I'm not, I'm not.
Well, we can play a game.
What do you want to play?
That's a good idea.
It's called Murder in the Dark.
That's so fun.
So for those who
haven't played before.
one person is going
to be the killer,
and we all walk around in
the dark shaking hands.
And then the killer marks his
victims by pressing a finger
into the palm of the hand.
And the point of the game is
to figure out who the killer
is before he can kill you.
And if I'm the killer, you
should know that I'm very good,
and you're all going to die.
No, that's not it.
OK, sorry.
Let's do this.
3, 4.
And if you have the black
cross, then you're the killer.
OK, we can go everywhere.
You ready?
All right, go.
Turn on the lights.
Turn on the lights.
There has been a murder.
Which one of you
bastards killed me, huh?
It was you.
It must've been
somebody over there.
Maybe we should do a
second run right away.
'Cause we just were--
OK, let's do it again.
So let's just go back again.
Another round.
Lights off, lights off.
Turn off the lights.
Hey, lights off.
Have we learned nothing?
Who killed Lily?
All right.
My condolences.
It has to be Matthew.
Look at his position.
Wait, you were there too.
No, hold on, hold on.
You were right there.
No, she died right here.
First guy to talk.
Yeah, first guy
to talk, so sure.
OK, everyone who thinks Solo is
the murderer, raise your hands.
Uh-- I'm sorry.
I am not the killer.
Told you.
Oh, well.
OK, next round begins now.
Lights off.
Hey, everybody, pay
closer attention.
We don't wanna lynch
another innocent person.
Hey, let's get outta here.
Lights off, lights off.
Sorry, Solo.
[rocks clattering]
Oof, sorry.
Somebody's dying.
Lights on, lights on.
Well, that only
leaves five of us.
Where were you guys?
We were playing.
Kevin, where were you?
I haven't seen you.
How obvious to judge
the hitchhiker, really?
It's so easy.
Why is it not the hitchhiker?
I think it's the person
next to the hitchhiker.
She's being very quiet.
Oh, I can tell.
That is pure guilt.
I don't know.
Look at your face.
You look so guilty.
You look so guilty.
You both look guilty.
I didn't do it.
Oh, that's a guilty look.
That, I can vouch for.
- Who's gonna vote for Taylor?
- OK, OK.
My votes up.
So did you do it?
I can bank on it.
Sorry, sweetie.
Was it you?
Oh my god, it was.
Luca, we play again?
Not many left.
I'm gonna pay for that one.
Oh my god.
Very interesting.
This is weird.
Oh my god.
Ajay, we've won, because it
ain't me, and I think it's you.
It's not me.
Why is it not you?
You would know if it was
me because I start laughing,
and I start, like,
not-- I can't say.
Look, it's not me.
That's pretty convincing.
My flashlight's
not working at all.
OK, so how about you?
Is it you?
Look at me right in the face.
Wait a minute, OK, do it too.
Get the light.
Did you kill him?
It's not me.
Was it you?
Was it you?
It's Matthew.
It's not Matthew.
Why would it be Matthew?
I'm not a murderer.
It's not in my blood.
If they gave me the
little piece of paper,
I would've refused it, that's
how much I'm not a murderer.
I would've just-- the
game would've gone to pot.
I'm a family guy.
Family guys don't kill, OK?
Come on.
How about you?
Did you kill your sister?
You think I'd kill my sister?
I don't know.
She died.
If you're the killer,
you killed her.
She did die very early on.
And you killed her quick.
She's the reason I'm here.
OK, I buy that.
Actually, I buy that.
I don't think you'd
kill your sister.
Second, anyway.
So that leaves you.
I wish it was me,
that would be more fun.
But I didn't get it.
Go on.
I didn't get the [non-english].
I can't--
She's playing the
cute card on us.
But she is cute.
I know, but she's
playing the card.
Don't be fooled by it.
No, I told you,
I'm not a killer.
You got the little
piece of paper.
No, if I got the piece of
paper, I'd have thrown it away.
I would have.
You wanna do it?
- You wouldn't.
- I would have.
You wanna do it?
Let's do it.
Ajay, is it you?
- 'Cause if it's not you,
it's her.
- Tres.
It's Matthew!
OK, I'm dead.
So did you do it?
No, who was-- ah!
I told you.
I told you.
It's so unfair.
[guitar playing]
Come here.
I love you.
I do.
You do?
I love you so much.
There's something that
I need to tell you.
I mean, whose do you
think this was, you guys?
I wanna see what's in it, man.
Do you think there's any
way we can get this working?
Wait, is there
something like, in it?
Yeah, check inside.
Like batteries?
Wait, wait, wait.
Like here.
Yeah, look.
Look at you.
Do you have a camera?
Do you have something
to put that in?
Yeah, that's what I'm doing.
Meanwhile, I will
snap that photo of you.
I wanna see.
Aww, she's cute.
That's so weird that
they left it here.
She's really cute.
She's cute.
So pretty.
I wonder how long
ago they were here.
That's beautiful.
I don't know where that is.
Oh my god.
She looks really scared.
It's weird, no?
Yeah, it is a little weird.
Oh my god, do you see that?
Look, that's like-- there's
a person behind her.
Are you serious?
That is scary.
OK, no, seriously,
look at this.
Stop trying to scare me.
I don't want to
look at this anymore.
Let's turn it off,
and we'll go to bed.
SOLO: I never said that!
SIMONE: Say that to my face!
SOLO: Shut up, you stupid bitch!
SIMONE: Stop that!
SOLO: What are you doing?
SIMONE: I don't want it!
I came-- I came all
the way down here.
I came all the way,
and you don't care.
SOLO: For what?
What are you talking
about, I don't care?
SIMONE: Because I wanted
to see you, you asshole!
SOLO: What?
I'm an asshole?
You're the one that's
going to other people.
SIMONE: Get away from me.
SOLO: How is this my fault?
SIMONE: I don't
wanna talk with you.
I don't wanna see you again.
my fault, yes, this is my fault.
Help me, somebody, please!
Help me!
Don't touch her!
Last night, you saw her?
Last night, they were
both really upset.
They were arguing.
Ajay, I'm gonna get the car.
I'll pull it up,
and we need to pack.
Why don't you get
everybody's things together?
I'm gonna go with Matthew.
You guys go too.
I'll see you down there.
Ajay, get everything together.
Matthew, wait.
[thunder rumbling]
Maybe she tripped.
That did not look
like an accident to me.
I didn't see the--
That did not look accidental.
How the hell was
she draped over--
Don't you think it's a little
strange that this happened?
Yes, I think it's
a little strange.
Even if something did happen,
right now, we want everyone
to think that was an accident.
I don't need you
to be patronizing.
OK, well, I'm sorry.
I don't need you
to be patronizing.
We should take her down.
Leave us alone.
Solo, man, we gotta go.
Hey, hey.
Man, we gotta go.
They're bringing up the car.
We'll get you
inside, get you dry.
We'll get some help.
We'll bring someone back here.
We gotta get outta here, OK?
I got her.
[engine turning over]
Let's see.
Maybe it's this thing.
Just give me a minute here.
You're joking.
No, no, no.
Just stop it.
What I need you to do
is open the glove box
and see if there's
an owner's manual.
Do you need a hand?
Need a hand?
I got it.
Watch her.
I'll be right back.
I'll get my stuff.
OK, press on it.
[engine turning over]
Come here.
Listen to me.
I need you to go
up there, tell them
I can't get the car started.
I don't know
whether it's broken.
I don't know what's
wrong with it.
Listen to me, maybe by the
time you get back here,
it's working.
Let me just work on it,
but we cannot waste time.
They're expecting us back there.
Do you know anything
about cars, Matthew?
I know enough.
[shutter click]
Why are you still here?
I thought you wanted me to
wait here till you got back.
I'll go to the van, OK?
You OK to wait here
while we pull the van up?
I'll be fine.
It's-- it's not
even turning over.
It's not even making
the click sound.
We may have to just
walk out of here,
but that's a long ass walk.
I can't get the
car started, Ajay.
Where's Lily?
I sent her up to--
I just sent her up.
She's up.
Did you-- she told
you to come here?
No, I didn't see her.
I don't think I even saw one
car the whole way up here.
Why aren't you guys at the van?
Why aren't you at the van?
Where's Lilly?
Where's Lily?
Lily went with you.
Matthew, you said
Lily went up here.
I sent Lily up to get you.
Let's get in the van, let's
get the hell outta here, OK?
The van doesn't run.
We gotta all get--
What do you mean
the van doesn't run?
The van won't start.
Do you know anything about cars?
Not very much.
What's wrong with it?
It won't start.
We need to all get together
and decide what to do.
In the hall, for a moment--
I can hike it,
I'll get some help.
It'll take me about a day.
I can find a farm.
I'll find someone and come back.
But I don't think
you should go.
We don't have a car.
We need a car.
I should be back
here by tonight.
I think that's a great idea.
All right, all right.
All right.
Taylor, let's go.
Matthew, can I just have
a second with Taylor?
I just want to say goodbye, OK?
Say goodbye.
Can I have a
second, please, Dad?
You got 30 seconds.
I'm right around the corner.
Do you really have to go?
I want you to come with me.
We have to get outta here, OK?
Go get some help for the others,
but we have to get outta here.
Please don't go.
Taylor, I don't trust
these people, OK?
But my dad's here.
Come with me now.
I can't go with you.
Please don't go.
Look, if you're going to
stay here, you be safe, OK?
Don't trust anyone,
not even your dad, OK?
I want you to hold
onto my camera for now.
Hey, I promise I'll be back.
Please come back.
Please don't leave me.
MATTHEW: Taylor.
I didn't see her until
I was already up there.
She did not fall--
I didn't hear--
You weren't listening
to music or anything.
I didn't hear anything.
I didn't hear anything.
OK, let's keep moving.
Let's take a look
from up there.
She should have been right here.
So maybe she fell
down, you know?
Maybe she fell down.
You guys!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Hey, hey, hey.
What's going on?
What's going on?
I just saw-- I saw
a man in a mask!
What's going on?
Talk to me.
He was looking at me!
I thought everybody was gone.
Don't look at it.
Just keep going.
Oh. [muttering]
What is that?
It's probably just from an
animal or something, OK?
We're just gonna find
everybody, and we're gonna go.
Don't look at that.
Oh, god.
Is she dead?
Oh, man.
Help me get her down.
Help-- help me get her down.
This was no accident.
We should take her
to where Simone is.
Lay her down gently.
Lily was--
She didn't want to tell you.
There's a--
Wait, Kevin took a--
There's a gash on her side.
He took a picture of Simone?
Go check her body.
I was in there for two hours.
I did not see a single thing.
Oh, Lord.
How could we not have seen this?
'Cause we weren't looking.
But why would they--
who would do this?
Organ harvesting.
It's for the black market.
What the hell.
Come here.
Matthew, he's--
Matthew's what?
I don't trust him.
I didn't know that he
was taking a picture.
Ajay, that is a sophisticated
surgical procedure in there.
That is no hack job.
Somebody knows
what they're doing.
It's a little strange
that all of us are doctors,
or-- or you are a surgeon,
and now, all of a sudden, this
is happening?
There's obviously someone
else here because none of us
did that.
Well, whoever strung Lily
up is absolutely nuts.
Maybe it was Kevin.
That's probably it.
He was so anxious
to go and get help.
It's not him.
He was going to get help.
Oh, I don't know about that.
He came--
After I left him,
I saw this thing.
It was right after.
What did you see?
It was a person with
a mask on their face.
This place is so big, there
could be anyone anywhere.
She's got a really
vivid imagination.
It's Kevin.
It's not him.
I think it's one of us.
No, she's just afraid.
Taylor, don't talk like that.
Why do you think that?
Kevin's gone to get help.
He's gonna be back.
If he gets a ride, it could
be in the morning, who knows.
What if it is one of us?
Oh, gosh.
Look, we should all
like, take out our pockets
and show what we
have in our pockets.
That's what I think.
Because I actually think,
most likely, it is one of us.
Luca, we don't wanna start
turning this on ourselves, OK?
No, but--
- There's somebody out here.
- We need to find them.
But you know what?
I'd like to be able
to sleep tonight.
And I'd like to feel safe.
So I'm gonna make
sure it's none of us.
I don't have to do this.
We're all going to do it, OK?
Why am I going first?
Because you are a surgeon.
All of us have medical
training, Jessica.
It doesn't make us
killers, of course not.
And you're the last
person we saw with Lily.
Oh, Ajay, listen.
Down at the car.
I was, and I sent her up here.
Ajay, I make 600 grand
a year at home, OK?
I got a wife.
I got a son.
I have a beautiful daughter.
I didn't come to
Turkey to kill people.
Come on.
Someone's got to start,
so you're going to start.
And you do it, eh?
Oh, look, I found
the murder weapon.
It's a half inch long.
Don't joke about that.
That's it.
Listen, it's not me, OK?
How can you think that?
We've been together for weeks.
Do you think I just
cracked a fuse?
Come on.
Take off your shirt.
Take my shirt off?
What in the--
Yeah, take your shirt off.
The person who
did that, you know
what, there's most likely some
blood somewhere on his clothes.
No blood.
Take it off.
I cannot believe this.
Take your shirt off.
Ajay, you're--
I just want to see.
Oh my god, look at his back.
Look at his back.
What are talking about?
What are you talking about?
Get off.
What are you talking about?
What are these scratches?
What scratches?
I don't even know what
you're talking about.
- What is that?
- Stop it!
You guys get off of me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Get that knife off my neck.
You have scratches on your arm.
You have scratches on your back.
On my back?
Where are the
scratches coming from?
You have marks on your back.
I told you, I told you.
Lily was at the car with me.
I sent her up.
Please, get that
knife off of me.
No, listen.
And then what happened?
And then I never saw her again.
What are those blood marks
on your back, Matthew?
I have no idea.
You have marks on your back.
Listen to me,
listen to me, Ajay.
I have no-- I have no idea.
I don't know what
those marks are.
Get off of me.
Please, I'm begging you.
I made those.
What'd you say?
What did the girl say?
Taylor, did he do
something to you?
He's not my father?
What do you mean?
He's not my father, but
I was with him last night.
Taylor, what are you saying?
Haven't you ever
heard of an affair?
What's going on?
She's only a girl.
Big girl.
What's going on?
What happened?
I'll tell you what's going on.
I didn't kill anybody.
Who cares about this?
This is none of your business.
Why have you been lying
this whole entire time?
Because she gets
a kick out of it.
It would be--
You've been lying to us.
Right, and who
do you sleep with?
It's none of my business.
Hey, can we rule me out now?
Now that you turned
my life inside out?
Listen, you want to be done?
We're done, OK?
I'm gonna get you outta
here safe and sound.
We're gonna get away from here.
And when we go home, we're
gonna pretend it never happened.
But there is no reason to
drag anybody else into this.
Oh, there's not?
No, why would you ruin the
life of my wife and kids
just so you can
unburdened yourself?
Why would you ruin the lives
of your wife and your children
by having an affair?
You're trying to
make this my fault?
Listen to me.
I was building my career
when you were in diapers,
and you are not gonna
wreck it for me.
You bring this out,
I lose everything.
And I am not gonna
lose everything.
So you're gonna get
your crap together
and keep your mouth shut.
You are a sicko and an idiot!
You're trying to hide
behind all your goodness
and all your dignity.
Well, you know what?
I don't give a crap.
You make me sick.
SOLO: It was a problem
between me and my girl.
AJAY: And did you meet
Simone afterwards last night?
Just tell us, did you meet
with her after we went
to bed, after we went to sleep?
Did you?
SOLO: Yes.
Lily said that she saw you
and Simone arguing last night.
SOLO: So what?
Late last night, were
you guys fighting?
Well, we had a fight.
Who cares?
You didn't walk her back too?
We got in a fight.
I did not know this
was going to happen.
Ah, so it's Solo's turn
in the hot seat, huh?
You gonna get a
knife on him too?
Where did she go when you
finished talking to her then?
What happened?
OK, where did you go?
Where did you go?
Where did you meet her?
You're putting this on me?
That I killed Simone?
Why-- why would I do this?
We fight like every
relationship does.
Who cares?
Like you said, it's none
of our business, right?
No, it's our business when
people show up dead, Solo.
That's why it's our business.
Why would I do that?
It's not them.
I don't believe it's Ajay.
What were you fighting about?
Look, she has
somebody on the side.
That's what happened.
Yeah, and then she's
dead the next morning.
Oh my god.
Do not blame this--
do not put this on me.
Oh, really?
I feel so bad for you since
I was just on the ground.
Shut up.
I'm telling you.
OK, I will shut up.
Give me your coat.
Yeah, yeah, give me the jacket.
Here, take it.
Nude up.
How do you like that, huh?
You see anything?
Search it.
Empty out your pockets.
Why are you doing this?
Just empty your pockets.
Here, you want
your camera back?
- Yeah, I do.
- Here you go.
Well, this is ridiculous.
It is ridiculous.
I don't know why we're
doing this for anybody.
What you got?
Hold on, look, I do not know
how that got in my pocket,
I swear.
- It's Lily's.
- What is that?
- It's Lily's.
- Look, I do not know.
It's Lily's.
I just reached in my
pocket right now, I swear.
I didn't know this--
How did it get in your pocket?
I don't know.
Why would I kill Lily?
Because she saw something
you didn't want her to see.
No, no, no.
And then you killed her.
Why would I tie
her up like this?
Why would I do all of this?
Because you're
harvesting organs
to sell on the black market.
What the hell are
you talking about?
That doesn't make any sense.
What I'm saying is that--
I did not do this though.
I swear, I swear,
I did not do this.
She was pregnant.
Lily was pregnant.
Jess, I'm sorry.
I didn't--
Did you know that, Ajay?
I didn't know that
she was pregnant.
I didn't-- I swear,
I didn't touch her.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Look, I didn't do anything.
Why do you have this?
It was just in my
pocket, I swear.
Why do you have this?
Jess, please.
Hey, Ajay.
She was your sister.
I get why you did it.
She never told me
she was pregnant.
I'm sorry for that.
We have no way of knowing that
it's him, it was him for sure--
Of course, we do.
We found the bracelet
in his pocket.
Watch his head.
Why'd I get stuck with
the midsection anyway?
That's it.
I mean, anybody could've put
the bracelet in his pocket.
Life's not that complicated.
He had to have someone
helping him, taking
organs from the site, you know?
It's not safe here.
I don't think we
should wait any longer.
We need to go.
We can come back
for Lily's body.
We need to go.
Keep up.
Everyone stay together.
Oh my god!
Oh my god.
Luca, are you OK?
I'm gonna go check.
Do you see anything?
- I'm gonna go check.
- Are you sure?
Oh my god, please, be careful.
Please, be careful.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Oh my god.
Luca, I'm coming.
Jess, here you go.
Let me go.
Here, I got it.
Luca, I'm coming down.
Luca, can you hear me?
Can you see anything?
Not yet.
Can you get back up?
Yeah, yeah.
Jessica, what's the matter?
I think my ankle is broken.
There is someone else here.
It could not have been Solo,
unless he came here before.
There were at least 10 corpses.
They had cuts that
were similar to--
It was Solo who killed Lily.
I don't know about the others.
I think my leg is not that bad.
I think we can-- I
think I can walk--
It's so dangerous.
If you fell already,
now it's darker.
I don't want to fall into
another room full of bodies.
Look, it's pitch black.
I mean, even with flashlights,
we might get lost.
That'd be worse.
At least here, we're
in a space, contained.
We're together.
Nothing's gonna happen
if we stay together.
How you feeling, Taylor?
You OK?
I'm just scared.
Hey, Taylor.
I'm sorry.
And-- I agree with you when
you say you want to be honest.
I took advantage of you
because I was lonely.
And I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Everything is gonna be OK.
You cry way too much.
I can't stop.
No, it's OK.
Hey, hey, hey.
Now, when you stop
crying, that's
when you know there's something
wrong with you, you know?
Nothing wrong with you.
Tell me about her.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
You should go to sleep.
Just till morning,
then we'll leave.
[crickets chirping]
It wasn't Solo.
We're sitting ducks here.
They're coming back for us next.
We gotta find something,
a knife, get anything.
Look in your bags.
I'm getting the body,
getting it outta here
before they come back for that.
Do something, you guys.
Jess, find something!
I don't feel well.
Oh, shit.
This is that game.
The game we played
the first night.
Murder in the Dark.
Simone was the first to die.
And then Lily.
And then we-- we chose
Solo as the killer.
And we killed him.
And then Luca.
And I was next.
And then Kevin.
It's just a game.
You won.
You were the
killer, and you won.
Taylor, please.
You know I couldn't do this.
There's definitely
somebody here.
Somebody has been watching
us this whole time.
We have to go, OK?
Let's go find Ajay.
We're gonna get out
of here together.
OK, get your shoes.
We'll just go.
We have to go.
We can't stay here.
We can get to the road
and hike out of here.
I'm sorry, I'm so tired.
We'll just make sure
nobody's there, OK?
Stay with me.
We're gonna get out of here, OK?
Don't worry about it.
I'll get you some water.
We'll turn around.
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Where did you--
I don't know.
Matthew has some
medical background.
He can help us.
Where were you?
Jessica, what happened?
Taylor, get outta the way.
Where did you find him?
I don't know.
He's dying.
Please, you have
to do something.
What can you do?
He may already be missing
organs at this point.
Who did this to you?
You have to do something.
You're a surgeon.
I'm not this kind of
surgeon, I told you that.
Where's Ajay?
Ajay can help.
I don't know.
Did you see anything?
Who did this to you?
A man in a mask.
I don't want him to kill me.
Come with me, please.
Ajay can help him.
I'm not going.
Don't move anywhere.
Stay here.
There's still smoke.
There was something there.
I don't know.
This is the piece of the car.
Fix the car and go, OK?
I'm not going.
Go, go.
Listen, he was in a mask.
You need to go.
You need to go.
I love you.
I'm not gonna leave you.
I'm not going to.
I don't remember.
This is the only way--
it has to be the way.
Come here.
I came back.
I came back.
I love you.
What's wrong?
I'm OK.
I'm OK.
What's wrong?
Ajay, what are you doing here?
Listen, we need your help.
That's Lily.
It's OK that you were
wrong, but now you can
save the rest of us, please.
Kevin needs your help, and
the rest of us need your help.
It's the only chance
we have, and Lily
would not want you to give up.
Where's Kevin?
He's there.
And Taylor?
Let's go.
They're in the place
where we were sleeping.
Right here.
Oh my god.
Get away.
Taylor, why?
She was fine.
What happened?
You said they were alive.
What is this?
This is what I was telling you.
He got away.
He was cut like this,
and we brought him here,
and she was fine.
She was fine.
Come on, let's
get into the light.
You don't need to do this.
It's the only way to know
for sure what's going on here.
This is strange.
What is it?
I don't think
anything's missing.
I don't understand.
Nothing is missing.
Everything is there.
Oh my god.
There's no marks on her, Ajay.
I don't understand.
She must've been injected.
Get his medical kit.
Here, I found these two.
This doesn't make any sense.
You see anything?
She's been poisoned.
How can you tell?
There's edema on the
throat's lining and mucosal
swelling there and there.
Why would he poison her?
Oh, god.
What am I gonna tell her family?
It fell out of his
back this morning.
I don't know what
it is, but I saw it.
Matthew, what is this?
I don't know what
that is, Ajay.
What is this, Matthew?
It was in your bag.
Get her water bottle.
We are wasting time.
There is a killer out here.
Can't see anything, but he
still could've poisoned her.
How dare you.
You accuse me of this?
After what you did?
If you didn't do
it, then drink it.
This is crazy.
Drink it, Matthew.
Drink it.
Drink it!
Drink it if you didn't do it!
If you didn't do it,
then you drink it!
Drink it!
Drink it!
Drink it.
Drink it.
Drink it.
Drink it.
Stop, Jessica, stop.
Just wait.
It was obviously him.
The three of us slept here.
He wasn't there.
In the morning,
someone was killed.
And he was the last
one to see Lily.
And it was his idea
to bring us all here.
You killed my sister.
Go to hell!
Did you kill Taylor?
Ajay, listen to me?
Did you kill Taylor?
You killed Solo.
You poisoned Taylor.
But I didn't kill the others.
I'm not a killer.
You killed her.
You just said that
you killed her.
You just said you killed her.
Why should we believe that you
didn't kill the other people?
You avenged your
sister's death,
and I killed to
save my wife, OK?
She was gonna ruin me.
Did you murder Lily?
Lily was sacrificed
like the others.
And if you wanna know who
did it, we gotta find them.
There's somebody here she saw.
She saw!
Jessica's the only
one that knows.
We can work this out.
You murdered Solo!
I found this with Taylor.
He must've had it
the whole time.
He was trying to keep us here.
You're awake.
What are you doing?
It's a very exciting day.
I don't understand.
Look, transplant research.
Pretty simple, really.
It's all about the donors.
And a healthy recipient.
But he got away.
Yes, he did.
Of course, all the organs failed
by that point, unfortunately.
He was an ideal subject.
But Lily-- how could
you do this to Lily?
That wasn't the plan.
But-- science.
You can't do this!
Calm down.
You can't do this!
I needed her help.
She-- she didn't understand.
I had no choice.
You can't imagine how hard it
was to keep everyone guessing.
You're sick.
But the organs must
be fresh, so I could
only take one at the time.
This isn't science.
It's a game.
Yes, you remember the game.
When I was forced to kill
Lily, I noticed the pattern.
Why did you do it like that?
What better way to do it?
Please, it doesn't work.
You're just killing people.
- Shh.
This should help with the pain.
Try to focus on the
thousands of people
who will benefit
from the breakthrough
in organ regeneration.
[monitor beeping]
You understand, serving
the greater good, right?
[saw whirring]
Ajay, please.
You don't have to do this.
[monitor flatlines]
Jessica, it works.
You're alive.
[music playing]
From the very beginning, this
was designed as an experiment.
We wanted, as filmmakers, to
create a situation where actors
could be in character,
experiencing events,
and conflict, and story
as it happened live.
And in that way, it's kind
of like the game Murder
in the Dark, where
they would have
to figure out who the murderer
was before they were killed.
So our experiment is going to
be involving getting information
to actors in such a way that
the dialogue can be unscripted,
the scenes can be unscripted.
The characters can
have a lot of movement
to do what those
characters would do.
But we're still getting
information to the actors.
Each individual will
know exactly what they
need to do at any given moment.
But they are not gonna know
what everyone else knows.
And we're not in
control of everything.
But even in our first
rehearsal with the actors,
it's pretty cool
how you give them
a little bit of information, but
steer them in the direction--
and we have great actors--
and how well they are already
finding paths that kind
of go in the direction
that we want them to
without us saying anything.
Calm down!
I was told, when I
got cast for this,
they were just like, so
you're doing a film in Italy,
and it's improv'd.
It's like, how do you know these
people just won't take you,
and you'll never come back?
I'm really excited
about the fact
that there's gonna be a plot.
I don't know
what's gonna happen.
I think something
bad's gonna happen,
or we wouldn't be
making a movie.
If this had not said it
was shooting in Italy,
I would have been like, hell no.
An experimental
ensemble thriller.
I don't know if anyone
actually knows what's going on.
Who knows what's
gonna happen with it?
Because what's the
worst that could happen?
Give me that!
We're in these insane ruins.
I have no idea where we are.
It's the coolest
set there ever was.
I've seen some
really amazing places,
but I have never seen
anything like this.
There's limitations
on the location
that we wouldn't expect based,
first, on just what our hopes
would be for location,
and secondly,
on what we've been promised.
Let's just make sure
that nobody, nobody,
not even for one single
shot, goes off the path
that we have agreed upon.
It's like a mystery.
It's like theater.
It's like doing a play, because
we're going continuously,
but we don't know the plot.
Why can't we get out of here?
Everything horrible about
me came out yesterday.
But for us, it was
complete chaos.
And for the first time today,
I'm thinking, I'm screwed.
My heart was pounding,
and tears were coming, even
after they blew the whistle.
Because I realized, oh,
shit, this is actually
what I got myself into.
Your mama won't care?
Crazy guys headed back
toward the upper plaza.
And this dude walks
by with a pickaxe.
And I wasn't sure.
I thought maybe he was part
of the movie, 'cause who
walks around with a pickaxe?
He's here to protect us
in case these guys-- like,
they brought the pickaxe
to try to intimidate us.
Apparently, there are
two factions of locals.
There's the ones
that are supportive
of us, and then
the ones that are
trying to extort money from us.
They feel like
we are using them.
They freak out any
time they see a camera.
It's hard for me.
So there's a cultural gap
between me and people here.
You have saw through
some kind of negotiation.
What else can I do?
I've had less exciting days.
I actually was
scared out of my life.
We got to experience the
unfolding of the story
the same way the audience
does, where we didn't know
what was going to happen next.
Except the thing was
we were living it.
There's a method
to this madness.
Hey, we're gonna play
some games tonight.
It's called Murder in the Dark.
We can play a game
called Murder in the Dark.
And I'm pretty sure that Lily's
dead right now 'cause she's
missing, and so is Johanna.
And any time that an
actor is missing--
While we were
shooting this film,
we, as characters
and actors, were also
trying to work out who the
killer was, who we should
trust, what we should do next.
[speaking italian]
Man, I'm kinda out there.
There'll be a few more people
killed by the time I get back.
Honestly, I don't know if I'm
going down today, but why would
they let me live?
I'm such a dickwad.
Maybe I will live.
You guys are all dead.
I'm dead.
You're dead.
I just died.
Jason's the killer.
I'm hoping.
I'm telling you that.
- Jason?
Oh, yeah.
From the crew?
Told me that he could do a
really good Russian accent,
so I'm thinking he's
gonna be some kind
of Russian mobster killer.
You're the killer.
Yeah, we're having camera
problems because I need to get
an actor in place,
and therefore,
I'm pretending to
have camera problems
so the actors don't suspect
that we're just sitting here,
waiting for--
So when you're stalling,
there's a lot of tricks.
If these filmmakers
would get outta my way,
I think I could get outta here.
Like, I love these people,
you know what I mean?
It could've been one of the
toughest experiences I've
had to face on a film shoot.
But it was just really,
really difficult.
It was hard, you know what?
It was hard.
I'm not glad it's
over, but it was hard.
It was hard to be
hated for that long.
I don't like being
a complete dickwad.
And I was trying to
work out my stuff
the whole time in that
film, but it was just
hard to stay outta trouble.
Really, it is the
best thing that
has ever happened to me,
definitely as an actor
and maybe as a person.
I feel really fortunate
to have been part of it.
It was not easy.
That was just--
that was intense.
That was really intense.
But it was totally worth it.
I mean, and it felt
great doing it.
It, honestly, has been the
greatest experience of my life
so far, because I
felt like I really
came into myself as an actor.
And everybody around was
so incredible to work with.
All awesome human beings.
Everybody knew exactly what
they were doing and did it well.
Everybody was capable of doing
so many different things.
It really changed
me as a person.