Murder in the Private Car (1934) Movie Script

Our man company how women company hey
just a minute now see mr. Brooke hold on
yes sir quotations just a moment please.
Allen and company quotation just a
moment okay chance is the moment we use
quotation yes sir pardon me Allen and
company quotations yes my mommy what did
you say ma'am I said pardon me that's
all I said
everybody's asking for quotations aren't
they can I speak to you please
it's a fella to fix the washing tell
them about it will you Allen and company
yes just one moment it's right over
yeah what's over there well thank you
that's very thoughtful of you but not
now I um there's something far more
urgent I um oh you're not diploma
oh no I've never plumbed in my life what
are you doing here well I read once
about a man who lost a camel and he said
if I were a camel where would I go and
he went there and there was the horse at
the camel
this must be fielding for their videos
daffodils that reminds me
here's a little one for you little
little dill for you pretty are you well
I I'm practically a stranger I have
taken an office in the building upstairs
and I thought perhaps we might get
acquainted my card my car yes Allen and
company yes just one moment please
hey that's right pass it right along
you'll be seeing a lot of me well of
course you're here and I'm up there yeah
up here and down close proximity yeah
simple yes yes thank you that gives you
a rough idea but the stock market does
to him.
Allanon company no yes John Blake oh I'm
so glad you called my job
oh you ought to see Ruby birdy we should
miss you around here
you bet oh there never was anybody came
from this office if we missed any more
yes and you're gonna miss him a lot more
come on give me that call hello hello.
Alan ton company could you give me a
report on John Blake preferred John
Blake preferred very fine stuff
condition unsettled a contemplated
merger made boost the issues
stockholders meeting schedule Westlake.
Park tonight 8:30
the usual band contagion you bet I'll be
there when you see John Blake were you
giving those how do you know him oh the.
West Coast Winchell lets me but last
week I overheard the boss say in a
whisper that couldn't possibly carry
more than five miles Blake he whispered
since you persist in forcing your
attentions on miss Raymond and what did
John mr. Blake say well he was very
quiet but mr. Allen oh he made a
terrible noise when he kind of fell over
the desk and landed in the wastebasket
no mercy I'll tell that office our Romeo
I'm a one-man Julie honey never sack the
boss till he's bought your lunch
Shakespeare much that's the story and it
looks like the culmination of a 14 years
search hmm you say the man who took the
child was Carson's own brother oh I'm
it's all right come right on in this
this is mr. Murray an attorney from New
York how do you do mr. Murray how do you
Have you ever seen this photograph no
hmm good sit down and you won't mind
answering a few questions will you why
has something happened it looks that way
and something rather nice - how long
have you lived here in Los Angeles well
the first thing I remember is I came out
here from someplace I don't know where
with my uncle yes what about your father
oh he died before I was old enough to
know him but of course my uncle told me
all about him and then one day my uncle
disappeared well I guess that's about
all there is to tell
mm-hmm excuse me I'm only with you oh
don't go for a little while I got it it
looks like a good one - this will be
famous talents what's this all about now
you'll know in a few seconds I don't
want to raise any false hopes but well
the case is closed
yes she's the Carson girl all right who
is the Carson girl you are and instead
of your father being dead he's president
of the Atlantic and Western Railroad.
Company and half a dozen other roads one
of the richest men in the country what
do you mean you probably read about the
Ruth Carson case yourself papers have
kept it alive for 14 years.
Carson's little daughter disappeared at
the same time his brother dropped out of
sight a business quarrel it seems that.
Elwood Carson stole you despite his
brother gosh nothing was ever seen of.
Elwood Carson and the child again
finally was traced to the coast and
there the trail was lost practically the
only proof that Ruth Carson ever lived
was contained in the sticky baby
fingerprints on your mother's photograph
10:00 a.m. I think you miss we hang
people on less evidence than this people
lie but their fingers don't I'll tell
you all about it later in the meantime
I'll engage a suite for you at the hotel
diplomat and wire your father the hotel
diplomat patience just a moment please
no more telephones no more quotations
I'm through you mean you're fine you're
fired nothing oh you won't believe it
but I'm the daughter of one of the
wealthiest men in the one o ye gods
another one I just found out that I'm
the only daughter of a half a dozen
railroad and Lucar oh honey now wait a
minute now wait a minute just keep calm.
Stan you can put it right there let's
mmm mmm well that seems to be all right
let's sing it wrong say are you ribbony.
Ruthie Raymond Ruth Carson
don't you ever read the papers or just
think of a Georgia I'm leaving here
don't you get me why are you going first
to the hotel diplomat and then to meet
my father and then maybe Paris and in
gee all my life I've wondered who my dad
was and now I'm not only going to have
him but all the things I've wanted all
my life oh gee honey but I'm glad for
well you drop us a card once in a while
won't you Allanon company quotation
you get me the hotel diplomat and the
flower Street please
hello Hotel diplomat I'd like to speak
to miss Ruth Carson Ruth Carson yes she
what she's not talking to anyone
she's angry is she well you tell her to
call me up as quickly as possible
she needs me well you just tell her that
I'm I'm the man who didn't go to the
yeah yeah why yes it is an idea yeah
excuse me
on time nothing you're an hour late the
hotel operator gave me a message not to
be him till 9:30 hotel operator why I
didn't send you any message it's funny
yes very funny oh well let's not blame
the operator you see the third richest
girl in the world get so many calls come
on Jack
drama I can only stay a few minutes you
see I've got yes I know you're Ruth
Carson I used to know a Ruth Raymond
that's how I'd miss her now you're being
keep the home fires burning Abner
they're pardon me fight me yeah how sick
is your gas tank I don't know I didn't
build a car I just drive it
oh no hard feelings now thank you I
think a number seven will do what I say
no hard feelings no who's your friend.
Oh Papa or drdane huh it seems rich
girls must have protection
there's no hard feelings
listen I'm willing to let the matter
drop if you are but certainly I shall
treat the incident as if it had never
occurred your families all well will you
please go away
where to now yeah what day is today why
it's Thursday my I thought it was 9
o'clock now other days do fly.
I think being rich is more fun John just
think how wonderful everything is going
to be for now we can get there now wait
a minute rules you're worth millions
great but if you think I'm going to
become mr. Ruth Carson you're all wrong
until I'm in a position to make you mrs.
John Blake we'll just stay friends
well of all the ridiculous things do you
think it's going to make any difference
just because I came into a few million
dollars of course not what are you going
away well I won't know until mr. Murray
gets back to the hotel at 10:00 oh I
must go now you won't mind will you no
I'll call you at 10:30 goodbye
are you trying to reach me well now
you're acting human for a moment I
thought my will could go into your head
ha ha sweet
do me a favor root coax that guy under
one of your Papa's locomotives.
Oh silly good night good night
it's getting chilly out close this
window for you don't forget 10:30
all right this
keep that car in sight will you Humphrey.
I guess how do you figure that there's
no time for a bigger ring let's scram
where's the driver this car guess you
must be where the movies all right
fellas give me a hand clear this out
with it come on
but nobody's
hey there's a demon here all right hey
listen mister I'm tired will you please
pay me off and let me go no no no I like
you this something refreshing about you
a little gasoline even refreshing
oh good evening officer reprove me if I
approach just to prove me get out of the
way that's right reprove me I can take
it pardoning the vernacular well well
well if it isn't Ruth Carson Carson well
fancy meeting you here like this hmm
small world isn't it get out of the way
no no I I wouldn't take her in there
it's a terrible picture driver put up
your horse we're in for the evening like
that'd be almost kidnap fine thing when
you can't even trust a hired bodyguard
oh I wish somebody like that was
guarding my body but wasn't it lucky
that gasoline tank sprung a leak
hmm I wonder if it was luck oh say maybe
that switchboard wasn't such a bad spot
after all listen miss Carson I've got to
get you to your father right away my
nerves won't stand this much longer
it's all ok mr. Murray we gotta wait for
oh he comes now
going to happen Johnny our pinch you
know that there s come on
it's the same old story honey he hasn't
been home since in the landlady can't
locate him who's that
John mate News boyfriend
so I gotta see Miss Carson yeah I'm
gonna see the chick dump but she's gotta
be warned there's a game we know all
that but somebody's got to tell her
they've got it all planned you seem in
all on abacus
what are you so anxious to get to a
well that wasn't so good yeah that
counted all the Gibson's took probation
away from us
yeah oh I forgot wake me up at 8:00
and um necessary you're gonna meet an
elderly man with oodles of money for
your uncanny Georgia I'm terribly
worried about something worried the.
Finnish sacred abode well I don't know
whether they're coming father
for dinner or what do people who have
fathers call them well I've saved it at
all even pretty good good evening miss
poison - dr. Hanks expecting a sign -
this car and pulled by the fastest and
finest locomotive it's cute anything I
can do for you this evening miss no
thank you
we're going to retire now good night
good night.
Oh mr. Knight would you mind calling my
attention the Kansas City is replaced
through good night good night good night
hey you know that bed looks pretty good
after all if I don't wake up for two or
three days I'm not dead I'm just resting
I think I'll go back and buy chocolate
and I was expecting that well you better
do it it'll make you sleep better
well telegrams don't reaching maybe the
post office been fine
you know this love thing cars are so
much trouble you know what makes it so
she is nothing you better get some rest
vibration the car probably Porter see
that bones okay
eight hours to live what do you mean by
that we'd better go through the train
and check on those terribly so as a
matter of fact I lost my knife nine
number four thread fuller oh well how do
you do miss Carson you remember me and
mr. Latham you must remember me
yes I knew you would I have that kind of
a face how do you do may I see that
letter clear you still have my hey you
oh pardon me I thought it was mine just
no admittance private meet nothing to
you hmm pardon me just a minute for your
gardening I would suggest that you
permit me to place my services at your
disposal mr. Murray you're familiar with
our names what's yours my name is Scott
I believe you know my father not Rufus.
Scott son the same unless the old
gentleman has been fooling me oh I
remember he told me once that you were
either a genius in your own special line
or an idiot
yeah well I may be the former and being
a former I may be the latter
well what is your special line a
deflector what does the deflector
deflect crime oh you mean a detective
oh no no Miss Lake of nothing so
plebeian you see a detective appears
after the crime is committed a deflector
appears before the crime is perpetrated
and deflects it
and the deflection is in direct ratio
with the Animus of the exciting body
simple I think I've answered that before
mm-hmm when you're wasting your time
young man because there's nothing on
this train to deflect apart me mr.
Murray you're wrong miss Ruth Carson is
in grave danger I realize that from the
first moment I read she was a rich girl
so if you'll permit me I'll go to work I
have here I have here a piece of
strength miss Layton would you mind
holding out your hand
taking please and then miss Carson usual
icon and cover that over there there now
miss Carson you were follow-through miss
Layton that's it mr. Murray would you
like to play me
now if you've got a match
as a crime deflector I must naturally
give this object considerable thought
hey good deflection comes a clear
reflection my both your eyes are very
pretty the man who the man who lost this
cap is missing missing missing his cap I
lean to occasional witticisms he's a
train conductor in here no but his cap
just dropped in I dare say he'll blow in
shortly all right we've had enough of
this nonsense
now this is a private car and I'd like
to keep it that way if you don't mind
now clear up please very good nevermind
come on get out hurry I really the wind
is a component part of a ship good night
ladies good night good night girls are
you going in there yes well meet the
conductor you probably become better
acquainted as he throws you out sorry
you can't go in there
he's expecting me all right I'll check
on that that is for you get out stay out
and don't come back
is that plain weird yes that's plain
without very polite but you know the old
saying what's sauce for the gander is
booze for the goose come on
what are you doing here I couldn't let
you take this weird tip without warning
what do you mean where'd you found out a
lot of things about Murray and I don't
want you to trust him
oh why don't you tell him I will where
is it Oh mr. Allen well what are you
doing here
Murray do you know my feelings for truth
yes I think you made that clear to me
well I want to make this bit I don't
believe you're taking your dilute cuts
what you heard me say are you here to
make trouble I'm here to make it or save
it take your choice the roof means
enough to me and I'm going to protect
her and I'm going to have you thrown out
of this car oh no you're not you say
you're taking roots a little Carson but
I wired Carson and he isn't even in New
York of course he isn't
I look here Alan if you're as smart as
you're credited to be you'll continue to
look after your own affairs it so
happens that I've been engaged by mr.
Carson to look after his daughter I tell
you this whole thing was a frame-up he
has no proof that you're a Carson's
daughter and I don't believe you are
patient just a moment we use quotations
and it does Olivia anymore I don't know
what to believe now
whoa oh I beg your pardon as the Arabs
were want to say if one swallow doesn't
make a summer nor a drink either
miss Carson say didn't I tell you to
stay out of here yes now come to think
of it you did but you know the old
saying it's the early worm that gets the
bird you know what I mean miss Carson
would you like to have someone protect
you someone you can trust oh you would
all right hold that don't let go
she alright she's alright are you
Oh Oh mr. Mayor do you mind if I resign
oh shut up
I'll just quit how about you two going
inside I'm getting cold.
I expected you to pop up I can't say I
held the same hope regarding you Alan
you're the one who's been causing booth
all this trouble
you had me slugged and take it away and
now you're trying to do the same thing
to hurt no rough stuff I've got you
covered now don't start any shooting
around here yo mr. Alan won't shoot
wanna know you haven't the shooters eye.
The glint is lacking Porter yet the
conductor have these men thrown out of
here oh yes when the conductor comes I'm
gonna take you off the train you're not
going to take her anywhere
yes costume is in my charge and she's
going to stay right here by her father's
orders nonsense she's not Lou Carson's
you mean that Oh none of us know who we
no as the Peruvians used to say know
thyself or never look a gift horse in
the face yeah
the Peruvians always said finally Thank.
You mr. Marie do you want me yes I want
these men put out of here all along
can you stop this train I can but I
I represent mr. Carson I want these men
thrown out you heard the orders
gentlemen I must ask you to leave if I
prove Carson I'll give a few orders
around here
how to stuff money teller I want mr.
Brett doggy for the compartment next to
mine I don't know what's going to happen
here but I know I can trust him all
right cutting steak hey mr. Lathem I can
be trusted up to a certain point
that's what happens old lady come on
thank you thank you your confidence
makes us feel much better let's go don't
or is it circus wrecker head that
clearing up the tracks oh come on hey
bear would you like to go to the circus
why go to the circus when you're here
the gorillas Adam we don't want any
today yeah oh just a minute
John did you think that terribly Oh
no the karela it was here and they call
this a private car my head my head
where's my head oh ow.
Oh what happened to structure I don't
know I think it was a baby monkey with
enlarged thyroid glands I
he was very unreasonable about
everything you drove him off all along
huh yes yes I did it all alone but did
it with that yes he he put up a good
fight no sometimes he was on top and
sometimes I was on the bottom I told you
you had something yes yes I'm sure we
have something Oh Oh
I'll certainly be glad to get off of
this car well we'll be in holding soon
so you girls better get dressed
oh come on Georgia Oh Oh my hair oh my
all of my foot the back the back the
back what what girl.
Blair Bridge Scotty shrimp
is this number six yes mr. Carson right
there who that is no Luke Carson yeah
yes yes I know but the situation is this
you see I've met a young lady whom I
have grown very fun mmm yes yes exactly
and I in fact I might say I'm in love
with her and I want to buy her a present
hmm and I don't know whether to buy her
a bone arrow or a potty hmm and so
that's why I'm getting these suggestions
from you mmm bicarbonate of soda is very
good for that ah here's a hit pretty
little thing hmm
yes yes I think so too the handle may be
a little round or too much don't you
think so ooh and glad we're out of there
yeah even a wheel bad looks good to me.
Oh fire me bite me here
fuck me again are you uh are you any
relation to mr. Luke Carson boy I am.
Luke Carson well then that accounts for
the remarkable resemblance Hey
you're looking for your daughter yes I
had a radio phone from the conductor of
this car well I'm a member of her party
is that so yes
where's mr. Murray well I don't know now
I'm afraid he's picked his last Daisy
dead very dead
there there's Ruthie oh how much do I
owe you here jeez hurry
did y'all will get this oh yeah thank
you my darling my daughter hey who are
you I'm your father
ever got one in this town - no pardon
pardon the suggestion mr. Carson but
that other young lady is your daughter
see are you mr. Carson
yes rude yeah wait no what happened you
father's here
move Oh God rude
just like your mother is exactly modest
man father this is mr. Plate how do you
do how do you do sir he's he's the
boyfriend in case you're interested mr.
good well I'll come now let's get about
the car oh no not that car why what's
the matter with it oh it's full of all
sorts of dreadful things strange sounds
and voices and poor mr. Murray died yeah
and the gorillas don't forget the
gorillas Oh nonsense now let's get
aboard the car and no superstition oh
god can't you deflect this thing you
know I did pretty good with one of these
and back on the drain back back when I
shot Buffalo what huh tricky Javanese
private cars Gruber on the floor can't
seem to find any reason for seems to
work okay though you're lucky to find a
door here yes here oh thank you sir
now let us forget about monkeys and
former a and that wandering lunatic.
Scott present you again now listen to me.
Ruth has been telling me what a
nightmare this trip has been ever since
it started and in my opinion you're at
the bottom of most of the trouble you
win the gorillas you scared poor Marty
to death
pardon me mr. Coston mr. Murray did not
die of natural causes mr. Murray was
murdered oh please father don't let's
talk anymore about it oh why not let's
listen to him there's just a chance that
he might say something sensible yeah
thank you miss Layton I'll take that up
with you later what proof of you that
Murray was murdered nobody saw wound I
did I examined the body and I found a
stab wound in the right eye the right
eye had been pierced with a dagger and
then the eyelid pulled down over the
wound well if you knew the Scot why
didn't you say something before well
because if I had we would have all been
detained in Houlton and there isn't a
decent jail in the town by the way mr.
Carson I was just thinking if you
intended coming whisper Ruth why did you
buy her hair to start east why did I
wire by the only wire I sent was telling
Ruth to wait for me in Los Angeles and
then I got Marie's telephone message
last night what what message I was
talking over the radio telephone on the.
West Mountain limited and suddenly a
voice cut in telling me that my daughter
is on this train and that we would meet
at Oulton I tried to answer but the
connection was broke just as I thought
ah ah oh now that explains everything
isn't remarkable how my system works
you're the cause of everyone in this car
being upset you started it to the absurd
charge that Marie was murdered now girls
go to your room and forget all about
gorillas and Marie and most of all this
idiot yeah do you mean that mr. Possum I
certainly do well then I'm not unmindful
of the old adage a soft answer turneth
away wrath therefore who
I can state him
do you believe in me yes I do thank you
that's all I want to know
oh yes he's got meat is I'm afraid.
George Oh everything will be all right
honey you know I feel sorry for mr.
Scott I sorta like him but then I always
did like the funniest thing huh judge
sit tight wait
who did that arson what are all these
contractions doing in your private part
my friend huh this isn't my plan.
Carmine's in the east
say your prayers I've heard that more
somewhere watch the lights one one by
one those lights will be turned off at
the top of the divide the last will go
out and this car will start back down
the grade coming up the grade behind you
is the eastbound limited you'll crash
headlong into it no power on earth can
save you watch the lights - never right
your brother the brother you defrauded
16 years ago look in the corridor in the
rear of the car.
Celinda is a nitroglycerin when this car
hits anything because in capsule set off
that charge and blow car and everything
in it to bits I wanted everything in
perfect order for your trip because I
shall not be here as the last light goes
out I'll cut this car loose and step
into the car ahead watch the lights free
I could have only found this secret
panel before he uncovered the car
conductor Higgs my brother
humming put on the pranks not a chance
the brakes have been disconnected this
guy can overlook a thing
this is the American Broadcasting.
Company presenting a coast-to-coast
program of melodies of the moment the
next group comprises hello anything good
on the air no I'm trying to get
something on the shortwave
disposal such as heaven ticket reduce
having his car please leave these who
are you sure I'll keep your car
see those shutters up
all right that settles that yeah you
come back to take care of the girls okay
give George your little kiss for me
Cars calling all cars
that's your grave I know it is morning
he's found Overland limited warning
eastbound Overland limited that I don't
know when I saw the program that's
awarding to this train I get the
conductor warning eastbound overnight
limited warning eastbound what will I
limited react our train number six out
of control
now headed down loaded swing transfer
keep lowering the warning East on mobile
and he's about over line limited 30
counties to Bolden
clear the tracks clear the tracks
runaway car loaded with explosives
headed west take first siding
yeah I won't have to tell you you'll do
Attention to the vision target our
there were six knocking a machine move
who did exactly the runaway car let her
oh not send an engine is that car of it
it's anything it's good
the other end
Trying to get close enough to kick us
off I will explode sure
I've never betrayed in my life
may your long legs come in come on
well the train will never replace the
horse oh the room was a little graphic
speeding I'll take over yes that's
alright she's entitled to a little faint.
Oh God do you think anything else oh
yeah what else could happen
beautiful beautiful
you know Merkel and Charlie Ruggles who
played the leads in our movie were two
of the really great workhorses in the
movie world for years but they made only
one other film together net second
teaming happened 27 years after our
movie when they both appeared in.
Disney's 1961 hit The Parent Trap Yoona
played Hayley Mills housekeeper in that
movie Charlie Ruggles played Hayley.
Mills grandfather and if you're ever
anywhere near Covington Kentucky just
across the Ohio River from Cincinnati I
understand there's a lovely little park
there that bears her name the Universal.
Park Inn was born in Covington in 1903
she was 31 when she played Georgia.
Latham in our movie she died in 1986
having worked in movies with everybody
from Clark Gable and Bob Hope to Marlene
Dietrich and in her last film Elvis.