Murder in Three Acts (1986) Movie Script

Poirot. Poirot.
Oh. Poirot.
Welcome to Acapulco.
What's wrong with you
went native, Hastings?
Now walk in guayabera.
You know, when you're in Rome...
Not to sound tourist.
What's that you're writing your memoirs?
It's true, I'm afraid.
Made me an offer I could not refuse.
But I tell you, my friend, my
Hercule Poirot...
...I dread to think of revealing...
...all or most of your
public that adores him.
Is this your car?
Yes, it's very original, right?
You sure that is your car?
Looks like a kitchen sink.
A kind of washer.
Did you think of the title?
I have not even begun to write.
Sure you have great ideas.
The publisher has suggested
'My Life in Crime'.
Memories of Hercule Poirot.
'My Life in Crime'.
Is pretty good, very sharp.
Might even be 'all my life of crime.'
I hope you do not write
about that absurd incident...
The French of obese.
Oh, obese woman,
course I remember.
No, not as much fun.
Think my family.
They read your book.
Yes, but think of my reputation.
You may not alter the truth in memories.
But even with regard to the old days.
Unless what?
Unless you avoid being
me in this stupid party...
...Better take me to a hotel, or whatever.
You know how I hate these things.
Yes, but this time I'll thank, Poirot.
Always, I say that.
Remember the last time.
Fireworks, trombonist died?
Yes, but this place is absolutely gorgeous.
And there are a group of Americans.
Most live here year round.
Always the same enthusiasm.
And the result is always the opposite.
This is the first time that Americans have.
Yes, but one is a writer. And I thought..
You two could talk...
Another writer?
And who is he?
Martin Blador, playwright.
That's actually a woman.
She's Janet Crisp.
Is made that unnameable operation?
- Oh, no, no, no. Nothing like that.
Just use a man's name... what they call a 'Nom de plume'.
And this Charles Cartwright.
Charles Cartwright.,
American actor.
I do not know.
Inspector was 'Death separates us.'
Do you remember?
Do not?
And the commander of 'North Atlantic.'
Well, sometimes limping.
Yes, it is a nice touch.
Says much of the man who has it.
And also Egg and mother.
Your breast will Gallina..
Good God.
Where you going?
Hastings., You all right?
Yes, very good.
Oh, sorry., I present Mr. Hercule Poirot.
This is Jennifer Eastman.
How are you?
Egg can call me, everyone does.
What a coincidence.
Excuse me?
Oh, You mean the accident?
So sorry., But had a tremendous hurry.
Will the Crow's Nest?
Yes, we're coming.
So, I'll see you tonight.
Mr. Poirot, was a pleasure to have
almost a run with you...
I look better with or without a hat?
- No.
Well, see you later..
And hard boiled egg.
Egg is a 'Crow's Nest',
No, not the
crow's nest is where we will stay.
Is the home of Charles Cartwright.
Charles retired and moved here a year ago.
Says that this is his cabin.
Obviously lameness has helped him a lot.
Good afternoon, Miss Milray.
I present Hercule Poirot.
Poirot, Miss Milray is secretary Charles.
His assistant.
Yes, sorry.
Encantado, madame.
Miguel, show them their rooms.
Is very susceptible,
but ignore him.
Do you speak English?
- After you.
Who are the people?
The Walt is Dr. Strange,
American neurologist.
Is very famous, has a clinic near here.
The woman with him, well..
Is Angela Stafford.
A who recognize, of course.
Let Poirot, even I know that Angela
Sttaford American actress has been...
...20 years a large figure
of Broadway theater.
I have not been idle in the time, you know?
I do not need to have Broadway dramas.
Who is the woman in pants?
She's Janet Crisp, writer.
The one...
- No, no, no.
No, you have not understood,
is a 'nom de plume'.
I know, it was just a joke, my friend.
Do not take it seriously.
- Miguel.
Where is Mr. Cartwright?
Of course if there is.
- Yes.
Ahoy. Captain Cartwright.
Look at them up there, this is great.
Having fun too, Charles.
It seems like you have 20 years.
I am 20 years.
Maybe it's the vitamins Milray
Miss is giving me.
Or maybe the company.
Sure it's for your company.
Is a great mystery to me.
As Charles adapt their retirement life.
I thought it would cost a lot.
Well, this is not exactly
Devil's Island. Do not you think?
It is surrounded by all the amenities.
Yes, but...
Put ??your career in film and theater,
sell those houses precious...
...In California and Paris.
And New York.
And New York.
That was quite a home,
do you ever visited?
If I met her?
I helped decorate.
Charles and I worked in 'Private Lives'
on Broadway at the time.
I forgot you two...
No matter, Wally.
Easily forgotten.
For some people maybe.
Boatswain Who does?
Eastman's daughter Daisy.
The Egg call.
Coming tonight.
There's your answer, doctor.
The Mystery of Charles Cartwright
and his successful retirement.
You mean the girl?
- No, I think not.
Is only a child.
Just as Charles.
You should know better than anyone.
- How are you?
What's up, Doc?
This should be Hercule Poirot.
How are you?
Madame, I have admired your
art for over 20 years.
This is Janet Crisp.
Like this.
- Hello.
He is Dr. Strange.
A pleasure.
A wonderful job.
Ah. if and out there is of course our host.
Charles Cartwright.
Look., Is greeting us.
The Wally is up there, beside is Angela.
Angela Stafford?
Yes, it's very nice, I love it..
This is Hastings.
And that the great Poirot.
Why is so great that Poirot?
Is the best and most famous
detective in the world...
I guess we will not have
crimes during this exciting weekend.
No backstabbing.
Does Monsieur murder weapon. Poirot.?
Oh, no, not at this time I was thinking..
Must have killed several men in battle.
And now spends his retirement
on the wall of a room...
...a glamorous mansion.
Looks can be deceiving Mr. Poirot.
Theater's props.
Oh. Do you mean?
- Yeah, yeah.
Charles the use in 'The Dragon
real' memory.
The dragon..
Well, well..
Here are the two writers together.
Did you know that now
Mr. Poirot is a writer?
You mean your memories, if you had heard.
But one is not to be written writer.
Absolutely true.
Wally, looks after the two writers
while preparing drinks.
Do you write for the movies too?
No, just for the theater.
Guess I'm some snob.
Write satires, comedies
small, those things.
But I confess that I have
always been attracted...
...particularly murder.
Here you are.
Egg That girl.
Called while you were dressed, wondering
If he could bring a guest.
Did he say who?
No, he said nothing.
In some cases the facts are
to people, not vice versa.
A man may travel to the ends of the earth
and nothing happens.
Instead other can not
go through your town...
...not an accident or the like.
And you think that I belong
to the second category...
..., of course.
Mr. Poirot, I have understood
that it has to look exactly...
I would say no, Poirot,
tell them the trombonist...
O what the French fat maybe.
Ah. Here are the Eastman.
Good Afternoon.
How are you?
Mother and daughter
live here in Acapulco?
If, throughout the year.
If you are wealthy people.
Hello, Ricardo. How is your father?
He's in Washington.
Ah, give my greetings, pass.
Let me.
The train is coming.
How about martinis?
I know love.
I want you to meet someone.
This is Hercule Poirot.
The famous detective you spoke.
This is my mother, Daisy Eastman.
Impossible, What mother
so young, madame... a pleasure.
Pleased to meet after
his brush with death today.
Egg and his car.
Uh. The car, all my life
paraded before my eyes.
Hastings was at fault.
Ah. Yes, let's blame Hastings.
You were like 40.
Not true.
Who is this young man?
Ricardo Montoya, Mr. Poirot.
Nice to meet you.
Be careful,
Ricardo is communist.
Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Dayton.
Reverend and Mrs. Babbington.
Spend am preparing drinks.
Very good idea..
Be nice.
Hello Egg., You know Angela.
I think not.
You actress, right?
Yes, I'm an actress. How are you?
And my orchids Charles,
not you imagine how...
Is a miracle.
I'm so glad to know.
What are these miracles?
I thought that was my lot.
Talked about orchids, wanted.
Again fertilizers gives lessons?
Always giving me lessons, Reverend.
Would you like a martini?
Hello Egg.. Pretty as ever.
Hello. How are you?
I'm so glad to see them.
Does fashion skirts up or down this year?
Charles, will have to wait
autumn collection.
You can take just a cocktail, Mom.
Thanks, dear.
Not for me.
For you Charles, for your little hut
and all your guests.
What kind.
For you, Charles.
Well, now we go with the menu.
Let's see, if I remember correctly.
We grilled sole.
Pheasant caramel,
and chocolate souffle for dessert.
Do you think.
Looks gorgeous.
What happens?
Give him air.
I'm afraid he's dead.
I will be with you,
first thing in the morning.
How sorry.
Join her.
Do you think, Poirot.
I could introduce you.
Yeah, it was really sudden.
Mr. Poirot.
Could we have a moment, please?
Yeah, yeah.
You also Hastings.
If, of course, if..
In here, please.
Come in, please.
Thank you, gentlemen.
A Charles does not like, the death
of the Reverend Babbington...
Of course, it was very stressful.
And painful, judging
expression on his face.
ever seen someone die like that.
No, never. Specializing in
nerves do not see many people die.
Dr. Vega, will be seen more deaths I.
- The doctor who was here tonight.
Ah, yes.
Yes, Wally. Vega did not see him die, only
imagined that this was an attack.
What do you suggest, Charles?
It's a possibility.
A new and subtle poison into his cocktail
Wally, that's not funny.
I myself prepared cocktails.
What do you think of that possibility,
Mr. Poirot?
My logic tells me that
is not a possibility.
Kill an old man with a
cocktail, served among many,
would be extremely difficult.
How would you ensure that the murderer
would take a determined Reverend...
In many cups equal
randomly served in a tray.
No, no.
And the reason?
And what could be the reason for
kill an elderly cleric?
Will hid riches?
I think it was the opposite.
I imagine.
Sorry, but wealth is not
necessarily a reason...
Oh, yes.
We will have to analyze the cups.
It's too late, Charles. The
Miss Milray and washed the cups.
Yes, I wash them all. Except for this.
But Poirot.
Did not you think it was murder?
Sorry murder?
I said my logic dictated
that it was a murder.
But my instincts tell me never ceases.
Charles knows what I mean.
If, in any case, an analysis
cup would not hurt.
But I ask only one thing,
keep the secret for a while.
No reason alerting the murderer, if any.
'D Hate to spoil a wonderful
party like this with the fact..
That one of your guests
is guilty of murder.
Is very good.
Is delicious.
- Is exquisite.
Mr. Poirot?
I fear that all figured out. Ms.
Milray said missing a drink.
What were the results?
Yes, what are the results, monsieur?
Is there a murderer among us?
No, nothing unusual, madame.
The analysis confirmed that there was only.
Geneva and Vermouth in
the glass of the Reverend.
Of course I had not, it's
horrible to think those things...
We can leave, Freddie.
Miguel, take our bags.
The analysis was my idea.
I think it was a great idea.
But I did not.
Which of us suspected, Mr. Poirot?
I never thought I was a murderer.
What exactly did the doctor discovered?
...indicated that the death
was not from natural causes.
Do you make autopsy?
Oh. Let's Egg.
Who have imagination.
Can not take those things in your head?
Was a possibility.
What one of us kill the old man?
No, I disagree.
Me neither.
Well, thanks for your hospitality, Charles.
It was nothing monotonous.
Ricardo, Are you ready?
Charles, thanks for
everything. Come and see us.
I will.
Goodbye, Daisy. Egg..
Goodbye, Egg.
I must admit I was afraid.
Me too.
Poirot, wait a minute. The neck..
Do not worry about me.
- There. Perfect. Thank you.
Oh. Poirot, Hastings,
are seen very elegant.
And you like. Thank you.
Do not you coming with us?
I'm afraid not.
I make a polite retreat, as they say.
What do you mean?
I leave. Abandonment.
What is this?
Who leaves?
abandon ship as you had said.
Tomorrow, I will put the house for sale.
Yes, I will sell my house.
If someone wants to buy the
house must go to my dear.
Miss Milray.
Do not you rush a bit, Charles?
Just because someone drops
dead in the living room?
It has nothing to do with it.
Or maybe, yeah. I do not know.
But I want to go.
Cut the ropes.
I have always been very impulsive.
Charles, flee Where do you think this time?
Wally, I will not flee
nowhere, just calm down.
Do you understand?
Good night.
Good night.
What's this about Charles?
Mademoiselle, my heart.
Is it true that Charles is going?
Do not you know, he's gone.
Oh, where?
Not know. It was all very sudden
. Very dramatic.
Surely is that Angela Stafford.
No, never.
I liked him.
I know.
Yes, I'm sure you liked.
I think even I still like it.
So why is left without telling me?
Maybe he thought it was best.
Is the assassination of Babbington.
So went. He is very upset.
Babbington's death, perhaps.
But I remember Miss,
there was no murder.
Sure it was.
I thought he was on our side.
Poirot, not only part of a thing.
On behalf of the truth.
Ah. Hastings, my faithful native guide.
Poirot do not have much time. Hello, Egg.
Good morning.
And returns to Los Angeles?
If I expect my editor.
Ah, of course.. His memoirs.
- If.
Charles, has a home in Los Angeles
, in Bel Air, I think.
If I see him, I'll give
her warmest regards.
Just tell me
has left a terrible disappointment.
Or better, tell him I'm very desolate.
Desolate. Are you sure?
- Yes.
Okay, be desolate. Let's go.
A pleasure.
Back, you'll see.
Y prove that you are wrong. It was murder.
Los Angeles, California. Two weeks after.
Hello, Monsieur Poirot. I'm Egg,
Hastings is with me, greet him.
Hello, friend.. How's that book?
Tell Hastings words that flow from my pen.
Says that words flow from his pen.
Glad to hear it.
Charles has seen already.
No, I'm afraid I've been busy.
Well, when you see him, tell him
something strange is happening here.
So we called.
Hastings and I met and discovered...
...who invited us, this
night, to the same party.
At Dr. Strange.
The others, apparently.
Who are the others?
All who were at the party of Charles.
The Dayton,
Angela Stafford, Janet Crisp.
All except you and Charles,
and perhaps, Ricardo.
Weirdest thing..
Is that Dr. Strange did not say to.
Not for dinner?
Yes, but when I called was evasive.
Said there would be a
surprise, a revelation.
Maybe someone will come out of a cake.
Bites you not you curious?
No, no. Sorry, but no.
For me, yes.
Maybe it's time to reveal
the motive for the murder.
Not find any reason simply
because there was no murder.
Now, please, if you'll
excuse me I have to write... book.
Is a grueling job, I have
no time even to sleep...
Yes, my greetings to
Hastings, the tourist beach.
Goodbye, goodbye.
Oh, Jesus.
The place was ominous. Do not believe?
Please do not start poking
around in the background...
Hunger Nothing takes more than a polite
murder charge.
I could not taste or a bite.
Oh, come, come.
Egg, How are you?
Daisy, you're here, late as usual.
How are you?
Is a pity that Mr. Poirot
not come. How is your book?
Great, says the words..
As said? Flow.
Flow from his pen, Yeah?
What can you say about a man 25 years
detective work?
No, I want more.
My daughter is very dynamic.
I love.
Well, see who it is.
I'm Ricardo Montoya.
Mr. Ricardo Montoya.
Well, that happens.
Why are you here, Richard?
Do not know.
I invited you, Egg?
Of course not.
Who invited you?
We'll see what he wants.
Hello, everyone.
Ricardo. Nice to see you.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
in this way,
but I suffered an accident on the way here.
Well, there's always room for one more.
Rosa, bring another chair. Please.
For Mr. Montoya.
Sorry to bother, thanks.
An accident?
Yes. What happened?
A little bump
but I could not get it started again...
...and had to come walking, is not it?
Yes, walking around.
Excuse me sir, call by phone sanatorium.
About a Mrs. Rusbridger.
Rasbridger Ma'am?
Name Go. You're a great guy, a great butler
, Carlos.
Do not, Rose?
Excuse me, please.
Is dead.
How can I bother?
Hey, hey.
You all right?
- Yes.
Why not answer the phone?
Disconnect it, I'm working.
I thought I would be dead.
Thank you, officer.
I feel. Thank you.
Why would I be dead?
It happened again.
This time it was Wally.
Wally, is dead.
Do not know. I do not know.
You have to find out.
Please Poirot. We need it.
Please come with me.
Ah. Knights... Colonel Matthew.
Is an honor to greet the two.
I have seen many of his films,
Mr. Cartwright.
And of course the famous Hercule Poirot.
I think we already know.
The issue of Managua?
What a memory..
So I was only a corporal.
Yes, but as a Napoleon out very talented.
I say something now.
My wife and I found
magnificent in 'North Atlantic'.
Very well, very well.
Thank you.
They do not make movies like that.
- No, of course not.
Did you see her?
Wonderful. Wonderful..
When will your next film?
I'm afraid there will be no more movies.
Go. Sorry know.
And we know especially
in such circumstances.
If it really is a terrible thing.
Was friend of Dr. Strange?
Yes, it was my friend.
What happened.
Was poisoned.
On... How to call?, Butler.
Is impossible, sir.
Roberto had many years with him.
Oh. No, no. Roberto is vacation.
Was a new man.
Sorry to say
disappeared last night after questioning.
Although three men had outside.
Did you suspicious of him?
Not suspect him, until after interrogation.
And now we discover that was...
...careful Butler,
not removed his gloves.
No footprints.
What type of poison used?
Is very common and very deadly.
Is used to spray orchids and other flowers.
Where have I heard that before?
With your permission
could we see your room?
Oh. Follow me.
Stafford believes he could
run for a secret passage.
He said mentioned.
Dr. Strange had one in
the house somewhere.
I was never told.
Did you find him?
- No, not yet.
How administered the poison?
Do not know.
Drank wine but
analyze your drink and there was nothing.
Is the same, just like Babbington.
- Yeah, I heard.
I told that girl that called Egg.
But it must be a coincidence,
convinced himself that it was a murder.
Not appeared.
As you can see, the
butler did not leave any trace.
Oh, I'm so glad you came.
It's so horrible.
- Yes.
Now M. Poirot,
What do you think now?
I estimate refers to the
death of Babbington.
I mean his murder.
Do not believe all that nonsense
Butler, right?
- Not nonsense lady.
Nor coincidence.
I'll tell you what I think.
I think Dr. Strange
invited the same people for dinner.
Because he suspected
that they had murdered.
But before he could do anything the poor
also killed.
Is the diary of Dr. Strange.
Only wrote a few lines yesterday.
'Party Tonight'
'I hope everything goes well'
'However, I am concerned M'
'I do not like how things are going'.
I can see it?
I worry M.
Who could it be?
Ricardo Montoya appeared here
last night. Was it not so?
Yes, I did.
And Carlos Morales.
Carlos Morales. The butler.
That's Really all I can say.
Happened so suddenly.
What about Wally?
Seemed nervous, worried?
Something, did not you notice anything?
Not in the slightest.
In fact, this in a good mood.
He laughed and joked with that.
Charles the butler.
Laughed and joked with the butler?
That's hard to believe.
When was that?
Carlos After you speak a phone call.
The sanatorium.
On a Mrs. Rasbridger.
I remember because Wally joked...
...the fact have mispronounced.
And called him a good steward and all.
No, no, that's not the character of Wally.
What did you say your name was?
Rasbridger Lady, I think.
Can we go see her?
You and me together?
We're a good team, right?
I think so.
But you saw nothing, heard nothing.
Yes, I've told you everything.
Sorry but the gentleman says that
here was where the accident occurred.
Just below the castle.
This is the Castle. Is not that right?
Yes, but it happened a little later.
Listen, only
man pushed his car down here...
...and he said he had crashed.
I looked and I see that it
has broken a headlight...
Then I asked if I could leave here
. I said yes, that's all.
But tell me... Let.
I have heard that there is a private
entrance to go from here to the Castle.
Do not know about that, sir.
In all the time I've been here.
Do not see anyone enter or leave the land
No, sir.
I have helped you a lot.
Thank you, thank you very much.
One last question.
What time picked young car?
Do not know.
Do not know.
I was not, this morning when I arrived.
And last night, when he left, was here.
If you prefer, I drive.
No, no, I'm fine.
talked about this other possibility.
Is a little crazy.
But and if that call the
Rasbridger was some sort of code.
And if someone commissioned Wally
Babbington's death investigation.
A private detective or something.
While others spent their weekend Castle.
Reviewing all home.
Or at least the main suspect.
Something discovers and communicates
with a default password...
Mrs. Rasbridger has arrived.
Butler gives the message and Wally laughs.
Solved murder.
And in a good mood.
'Re A good steward says or something.
What do you think?
What the butler's disappearance?
If the butler's disappearance?
Well, maybe have criminal background.
Not know. It was just an idea.
Is there anyone here?
As I said, sir.
All are eating.
Sure this I authorize Colonel Matthew?
Of course,
thank you very much for your help.
Poirot, you still do not
understand because we...
No guests go in there that night.
With the possible exception of the butler.
Disappeared in some way
and it was no magician.
Yes, but, in the library?
A minute.
The Secret Passage.
Ever heard of a secret passage
not in a library?
Now that you mention it...
- No, of course not.
Start here.
Safes are behind pictures.
And always secret passages
behind the books.
Hastings What did you touch?
Good heavens.
After you.
Every time there is danger
your manners are impeccable.
So sorry.
Having problems?
How dark.
I wonder, why is this?
Most Great silly.
Is closed.
Not work.
Come on, now follow.
God. My God.
There is a step.
Be careful.
Do not worry, I will not end my life
in such a place.
Will electric wires around?
We can give cramps.
Not work.
We must return.
Okay, you go first.
- I know.
always the same story.
Is there no rats around here?
Not one word. Hastings.
I hear? Not one word..
Not my fault.
Do not? Who said this time
would be different?
Who said I would be delighted
among this group of Americans?
Was you.
This is the last time that you leave
I promise..
What now?
Let's go back.
Do not move.
You were going to see
tonight Carlos Morales?
No. I was going to see my boyfriend.
My boyfriend.
Does your boyfriend?
If I was down there at a cafe.
Oh. is perhaps a waiter.
No. He works at the bar.
Do not cry, dry your tears.
The night of the murder,
went to see him?
I tried, but I heard someone
came, so I went back to my room.
What time was it?
Was almost ten.
What you did not see who it was?
- No, already.
Steps But I knew it was a woman.
Whoever wore heels.
Because sounded like... that.
Poirot. Hastings.
I thought you were gone.
I was going to call the police.
No were here a minute when I looked.
You are right, you are very observant,
sir, thank you very much.
Egg told me to be here.
I would like to talk to you.
Yes, now that we have found.
Sit a moment, please.
I beg your pardon.
I have only one more question, Miss.
Was there anything
strange about the butler?
Did you have a chance to talk to him?
No, sir. It was very quiet.
Only saw in the before serving dinner.
Well, thank you very much, you helped a lot
Oh, your flashlight, you may need it.
It's dark in there.
Thank you.
You say.
M. Poirot, I guess I am alter.
Is this the Egg and murder.
- If.
For it is like a game.
Getaway with Charles.
Honestly, I'm worried.
or escape with Charles for the murder?
For the murder. Of course.
Egg is extremely impulsive.
And when you get something in the
head, no way to stop it.
Is a failure in his personality.
He comes from the family
of his father, this clear.
Although I have also to blame.
I try to be firm with her.
But today, the first thing I did was go to
a sanatorium...
...looking for that patient, you know...
Mrs...? Mrs. Rasbridger?
Yes, the same.
And is now with the poor Mrs. Babbington...
...awaiting autopsy results..
The exhumation, yeah, yeah.
Do you know what he said to
leave this morning?
And also quite serious.
Said he planned to return here and wait.
Because the murderer always
returns to the scene of the crime.
Can you imagine?
I going to bring cheese and wine?
I'm sorry, I should not say,
is a joke.
Mr. Poirot, the phone call.
Ah, thanks.
I see, yes?
I see.
Tomorrow morning?
Yes, we'll be there, goodbye.
Was Charles.
Our suspicions are confirmed.
Reverend Babbington was also
poisoned with Benzotina.
Are these the same
cups that were used that day at the party?
Yes, the same.
And You Miss Milray...
...was the last person who
drinks then manipulated...
Still would have been impossible to You...
...or anyone else to intercept the
cup Stephen Babbington.
Except, perhaps, Mrs. Babbington.
Mrs. Babbington?
What awful idea.
No seriously think that she is the killer?
No, just thinking out loud.
Only if
Doctor Strange had been the first victim.
Then we would know something.
Why do you say that?
Because at least we would have a reason.
Who in their right mind
would kill a knight as.
Stephen Babbington?
But a doctor is different.
The doctor has secrets.
Also has the power to detain people.
...them away if they pose
a danger to themselves.
Or people around you.
There could be many reasons...
...for murdering a famous neurologist.
could not be the first victim in this case.
I would really like to know why.
I did not drink cocktails.
Not stand them.
Do not bore the cocktails?
Oh. What case.
What are you writing?
Nothing to write.
It's all so stupid.
deaths are two sides of the same crime.
To understand a part.
You must understand the other.
Do not know, do not know.
What do we do now?
Admit suggestions, mademoiselle.
Why not split into groups
and we ask questions..
Others in a friendly, of course.
Maybe we missed something.
Excuse me, do That should not the police?
Oh. Come on, Mom.
How many times have...
...the chance to meet a real crime?
Remember that you're also suspicious.
All are.
This could cost the job you know.
Why? He has done nothing.
Exactly why I fired.
Listen, Poirot.
If you are so sure that a guest... the murderer must reunite
and question one by one.
'M Only sure thing, my friend.
The murder of Reverend Babbington
was unintended.
Since the interrogate everyone,
by this death.
Good afternoon, Miss.
This is Colonel Matthew and I'm
Hercule Poirot.
Spoke on the phone in the morning.
- Yes.
Over here.
Mrs. Rasbridger.
- Thanks.
Lucid you sometime?
Very rarely, was diagnosed catatonia.
Is a type of schizophrenia.
I see. It was you who called
Dr. Strange that night? - If.
The next question may seem peculiar.
But they talked about
something fun or funny?
Not at all.
Oh, one last question.
Has anyone else asked the lady Rasbridger
besides his family?
No, sir. Nobody.
Thank you.
Well, it seems that Charles and Miss Egg
have lost interest in his theory.
Sure, go around playing cops
with the other suspects.
Yes, Colonel. We're just stirring the pot,
we'll see what comes out of this.
There is, go for it.
Do not know how I got into this.
Mom, just tell him
want to update my wardrobe,
then you ask about Babbington.
What about you.. That
Freddie Dayton is a bad guy.
Oh, let mama.
We will be in your club.
- Come.
Secretly loves You know.
Well, are you sure you want
to continue with this?
If so fond Freddie Dayton...
...drinks and women,
as you say, there will be no problems.
But let your
careful with that mess by Angela Stafford.
A girl wants to see you, sir.
A girl?
Then can not be my lovely wife.
Hello. What a nice surprise.
I hope not to bother.
Not at all.
What I can do for you?
advised me to talk to you,
is mom.
Well, not really.
It's more about me.
Mom is now in your store...
...determined to buy a new wardrobe.
But does not realize.
Well, how bad things are going
I have even thought about get to work.
I was always interested in fashion.
Of course.
This about to order some drinks.
This is a simple cut
but elegant. Do not you think?
Yeah, it's very nice.
A Egg could use a bit of simplicity.
Guess you know the latest on
the poor Reverend Babbington...
I mean the autopsy.
Yeah, I heard.
You knew him from before,
Since you had known before.
I think he mentioned that night.
No, I had never seen in my life.
'Re Talking about someone else.
Although I am grateful
to to as Dr. Strange.
Ah. Really?
Well, until the matter is resolved There...
...the slight possibility
that I have killed.
Now, all sorts of hateful women...
...presented here to buy
something just for the thrill.
What nonsense.
- Yes.
A reverend is nothing.
Nobody murderous reverend.
But doctors is a different story.
I imagine.
They have too much power, I think.
Can imprison a man.
In hell and they call that a cure.
I do not want the damn cure,
whatever it says my wife.
I imagine it must be very insistent.
I would like to know what
happens in that beautiful...
That's just what they wanted them.
Dr. Strange and your wife?
And others.
There are others that I also observed, as..
That rabbit-faced woman.
Writer Want to tell me that she
in my room that night?
The night of the murder?
Sniffed in my room.
As a weasel.
Did you tell the police?
The police?
Just that I need.
Did you tell anyone?
What? Something wrong?
Someone sent you to ask, right?
Was my lovely wife?
No, I just wanted to talk to myself.
About how poor you are.
Well, you're good.
Very good.
You studied with a teacher.
Charles Cartwright.
The man of a thousand faces.
This means that you get to write
a list with our names.
Charles, you're getting carried away again.
This is important to me.
Wally was my friend.
Really there is nothing you can tell me
not notice anything?
Nothing that has not told the police.
And that other character, Carlos.
I barely noticed him.
Seemed to melt into the walls.
If you know what I mean.
But that other guy, Montoya.
It was an unexpected appearance.
It could be a new way to sneak.
Excuse me ma'am, have another visit.
Oh, Miss Crisp.
Good afternoon, dear.
- Lovely.
Janet and I have ridden one of his works.
'Return', you remember.
Yeah, right.
All bigwigs attending the consulate,
be fun.
You sure you did not interrupt anything?
Do not be silly.
- Please.
Charles is here in the role of detective.
This kills two birds with one stone.
Should better measure my
words, do not you think?
Do you want a cup of coffee?
Charles, serve a cup.
We talked about the terrible
night of the Castle.
Perhaps you noticed something.
About what.
The murder.
I'm afraid not.
Do not be so reserved, Janet.
Probably write a book about the case...
...where we will bring to everyone.
What sensational
revelations will read there?
- The Caf is alive, Hey.
Do not be funny, Charles.
This whole thing has us nervous.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, yeah, thanks.
I think it's time for
put the cards on the table.
We must all meet again.
Including that Hercule Poirot.
Apparently he also has
that idea, just talk.
He said he saw the
announcement of the show...
...and decided to make us a party
for us at your hotel this evening.
Says we're all invited.
I toast Madame Stafford and Miss Crisp.
Producing a wonderful work,
I'm sure you will have a huge success,
And they'll all definitely.
For Work. For Work.
Why not drink?,
We drank and we're not dead.
Does it?
- I would not say.
Nothing here except
grape juice and some bubbles.
Nothing more.
I guarantee.
The floor of Hercule Poirot.
That's enough for me.
Ah. Charles.
- I know I can trust you.
For you, Egg.
Thank you.
For work..
See how the tension dissolves
You can not blame us, Monsieur Poirot,
Not after the last two festivals.
Yes, and now that we're all here.
What is the real reason for this?
Come, Monsieur Poirot.
Charles. Charles.
My God, Charles.
No, Fool, let it happen.
You killed Charles.
True, it was I who
murderer Charles Cartwright.
But there is a trick I
learned in the Far East.
I can kill people and also bring life.
Charles, was a magnificent performance.
It's time to stand and receive applause.
You are very crafty.
Tonto, you are a monster.
Is unforgivable.
Not think it's bad.
No, no, it was not his fault, if not mine.
Had to do this to prove a point
my theory, which I did.
Demonstrates that the human
eye and, in this case...
..., 20 human eyes...
...can not see two different
sites simultaneously...
What does that mean?
had really poison in the glass of Charles.
Had he found traces of
the poison in the cup...
...police in their investigation?
No, I would have.
Because that was not the
cup in the hand of Charles.
Is this.
While everyone watched what
happened to Charles...
...I had time to change
cups without anyone noticing.
And that's what I did exactly the murderer
The first time in the Crow's Nest and
the second time in the Castle.
So, you know who is the murderer?
No, really, but..
That the murderer could
strike again at any time...
So please, if you know something
of the two deaths in question,
Not have told me, please
let me know promptly...
I beg you.
And ask.. with deadly seriousness.
Do not?
What is it?
- A telegram for you, old friend.
Excuse me.
I see it as soon as possible.
I have valuable information
about the death of Dr. Strange.
Signed by Margaret Rasbridger.
M. Margaret...
I worry M.
That said Wally's journal.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Charles, I think it's good to go to her.
Colonel Matthew informs on this meeting.
Then Charles accompanies the sanatorium.
Thank you.
And what will you do?
I'm not going anywhere.
This case is so complex,
it my duty to stay here.
To think.
We have to tell Monsieur Poirot.
Ricardo has a confession to make.
A confession?
Come in, please.
Now Of what nature is this confession?
It's not what you think, Monsieur Poirot.
I am not the murderer.
But Egg
has convinced me to read other things.
Miss Egg quite right.
But why would I think that was
You murderer.
By the way appeared in the Castle.
But the truth is that the
Dr. Strange and asked him.
Yes, I wrote that he should
fake an accident and then climb.
...said he could not write his reasons,
But then I'd explain.
And of course explained it later?
I had no chance.
- If.
Do you have a copy of the letter?
He said he destroyed it.
Does that called?
And there's something else, tell Ricardo.
Well, after I asked Colonel Matthew.
Was 10.
I went to get my coat.
Miss Crisp was there, said he
was looking for her shawl...
...or something.
Anyway, when I went to put my jacket
something fell from it.
What did you fall?
Not really saw him fall.
Do you understand?
So what was it?
That she picked it up and handed it to me.
It was a newspaper clipping
about the Benzotina...
...and its deadly effects.
She had put it in his jacket to Ricardo.
Remember what Freddie said Dayton?
Like sniffing saw his room that night.
Bet she's the killer.
What motive would have to..
Kill the Reverend Babbington?
A man who had not seen before.
Least of Dr. Strange.
- Maybe it's a psychopath.
Hates men.
Smart people tend to madness.
Not so fast, Egg.
This is Hastings.
Oh. Not so fast,
Oh, no, no.
Yeah, I know.
Yes, yes, I see.
Yes, I understand.
Thank Hastings.
Mrs. Rasbridger has been murdered.
- Yes.
This morning
received by mail a box of chocolates...
Liqueur fillings.. with Benzotina.
Could you say something?
No, I think it probably was murdered..
For not saying anything.
What do you mean?
I do not understand.
Not me. And the telegram?
Hastings received the
telegram, he delivered a boy...
I got from an old gardener sanatorium.
I had seen him fall a window.
Involved in a 500 peso bill.
According to the boy, the gardener had
said to stay with the change.
Delivered by him, the telegram.
I still do not understand.
What's wrong with that?
Play often the family happy, while...
...solves his cases, Monsieur Poirot?
Oh this is a memory from my childhood.
When I was very young...
Used them to learn to concentrate.
Never quit.
What will that mean Mr. Mug?
Mr. mug, the milkman,
ding, ding. I remember, yes.
Is Charles. Edward W.
Muggins was his real name
before becoming an actor.
The real name of Charles is Muggins?
Probably looked well.
Did he give you any ideas?
No, to my knowledge.
Where all this leads, Poirot?
If you do not mind, I'm
sorry to be so unsociable...
...but I need to concentrate
as he had never done before.
Do you think that will be sure
to attend the function...
...tomorrow night?
He's Work.
We have invited all the rehearsal.
What did you say?
How blind I was.
Miss Milray. Good afternoon.
Sorry, no Charles...
Mr. Cartwright not here.
I know, but he and the
others will come soon...
The others?
- Yes, all.
Including the police.
Mrs. Rasbridger found dead this afternoon.
Charles and Hastings just called.
How was she killed?
She was poisoned, mademoiselle.
With Benzotina.
I wonder if
can prepare large amounts of tea?
Research can long endure.
Can not do that, mademoiselle.
What is trying to destroy the evidence.
Reconstruct a crime
and make it make sense,
both the common man, as the lawyer.
And sometimes even to criminal himself.
It is the solemn duty of the detective.
Should prepare your case as if
a house of cards they were.
Willing to resist all
efforts to bring him down.
Start So, my friends,
at the beginning, with the
murder of Reverend Babbington...
You were right, mademoiselle Egg.
And I was wrong.
You and Charles Cartwright believed.
Reverend Babbington had been killed.
I thought it was not possible
to impose a victim...
...a drink,
a drink in particular that
has a cart full of identical cups.
All this is not obvious, Monsieur Poirot.
Maybe for you, sir...
Mrs., but not for me.
The second crime was announced I... Mr. Charles
Cartwright in Los Angeles.
E immediately realized...
...both formed two parts of the same crime.
But who could have been there?
To murder the Reverend Babbington.
One is Miss Milray.
And the other Charles Cartwright.
But neither
was present in the second murder.
The main suspect in the second
crime was Carlos Morales.
Butler seems to have
vanished into thin air.
Although there was a guest who
attracted attention for a moment,
Not so, Mr. Montoya.
When we were introduced by Miss Egg.
They referred to you as a Communist.
She said, laughing,
And I smiled at that, until
I noticed a look of...
...hostility between you
and the Reverend Babbington.
We had our differences, Mr. Poirot.
Especially because of Central America.
Nothing serious, just discussions.
In any case, I'm not a communist.
My respect for personal freedoms is such.
I do not mind their beliefs.
Long as not culminate in a murder.
However, their performance
in the second party...
...was unusual.
Appeared looking disheveled...
...pretending to have had an
accident in the vicinity.
Later I explained that this...
...scene itself was the
brainchild of Dr. Strange...
...asked to represent
comedy that in a letter that you destroyed.
Convinces nor with that
newspaper clipping...
..., falling from..
Pocket of his jacket, he spoke of
Benzotina course.
Someone must have put it there
. Since we told.
Perhaps, mademoiselle
Egg. But who was?
Miss Crisp Maybe we can.
Shed light on the obvious.
In fact, I agree with you mademoiselle Egg,
that everything that Mr. Montoya said...
...was too convenient to convince.
The more rare was its history...
...more I began to believe it.
See, a criminal, really clever,
would realize that only those present at...
...both murders would be
considered suspicious.
Who was not present
at the second murder?
Well, of course?
Milray Ms., Mrs. Babbington not,
Neither Charles,
and the last on the list, I.
And of them all, would someone
give the impression of not being there..
Be so in reality?
This is where
mysterious butler, Mr. Morales appears.
It behaves strangely.
Which appears only minutes
before serving dinner.
The dining room was slightly
illuminated by candles.
And the butler walked bent...
...probably due to an ailment arthritis.
If Rosa, the maid, I was
intrigued with the butler.
I was more when I answer the phone and
brought a message for Dr. Strange.
A post anything funny.
The nurse attending the Lady
Rasbridger in the sanatorium.
When I received the Dr. Strange.
And joked with the butler,
as if they were old friends.
You a good steward and first, he said.
Almost as if they shared a private joke.
In fact there was a
private joke between them.
What was the nature of this joke?
When it came time butler to disappear,
could do so without difficulty,
for a reason.
The non-existent.
And the big surprise was that the.
Dr. Strange had promised
Mademoiselle Egg.
At one point the butler
deprive of disguise.
And there in all its
splendor and glory arise...
Charles Cartwright?
The man of a thousand faces.
Thank you,
But he is wrong.
I do not do that more work, I'm retired.
I could not fool anyone.
Do you think that deceives me today.
I do not know and do not care, Poirot.
How can...
...pretend to know what happened,
if it was not even there?
You know that some critics
leave after the first act.
And that does not stop them write a review.
But there was little difference,
I returned for the third act.
To see the rest of her performance.
Told some bugs?
What would have happened if the costume.
Carlos Morales had been
discovered before?
You would have had their usual applause.
Accustomed to them. General laughter,
and called upon them to dinner
at the party as a guest.
Charles, his pride is
so great professional.
That prevents think his costume
will be recognized.
Knew Dr. Strange.
Y beforehand smiled, imagining
general surprise.
Unfortunately, he was surprised the first,
to eat that small doses of Benzotina.
From there, everything was easier.
Like the murder of Reverend Babbington.
...cups as I showed in my
meeting this afternoon.
Then went to the interrogation
of Colonel Matthew.
Packed his things,
and disappeared forever by the
secret passage in the library.
What about the letter from
Dr. Strange to Ricardo?
What we say to that, Poirot?
Did Carlos Morales also wrote.
I'm very clever you know.
But I'm not clairvoyant.
I have no idea as I sign it.
Not when planted in...
...jacket Mr. Montoya,
the newspaper clipping.
That course was discovered by Miss Crisp.
A woman of insatiable curiosity.
And a particular attraction for the murder.
Rosa Sanchez, the maid,
left wing of the servants,
when he heard a noise
coming from someone...
..., before hiding.
That noise was Ms. Crisp
snooping in the library.
Both Mr. Dayton and Mr. Montoya...
...saw behaving suspiciously.
Obedient to instinct of Mongoose.
Snooping and find out.
But let's not be too harsh on Ms. Crisp.
She was the only one of all of us
alarmed you, Charles.
Because was the only one who noticed that
There was in him something
strangely familiar.
Voice?, She did not know exactly what was
But tied ropes later...
...when you visited the
apartment of Angela Stafford.
No was there to help solve the murders.
It would be too much to ask.
Was just out...
...if there was any suspicion about you.
There something happened that was..
Insignificant but became crucial.
You offered to Ms. Crisp a cup of coffee.
At that moment she saw
the scar on your wrist.
Was the same I had seen..
On the wrist of Carlos Morales.
I see Charles, no costumes.
Totally impenetrable.
She told me after his
magnificent performance...
...coctail in my party, he was terrified
be the next victim.
I ask my turn in court.
How to counsel?
Never did counsel.
I can?
Must wait a moment,
to complete the charge.
Vera Charles, were three crimes,
Not two.
Not everyone can be mine.
The Lady Rasbridger.
Charles, played another
wonderful characters in his repertoire.
An old gardener at the sanatorium,
tip giving a boy, to carry a message to
telegraph office.
With that instinct that
made him a great actor,
Felt network is closed around him.
And then sent the poor lady Rasbridger,
some chocolates, liquor filled.
The liquor in question,
of course, was Benzotina.
The idea was to make it
appear that he had been..
Murdered because he knew too much.
When in reality, poor not know anything.
Was unable to find anything.
If you finished?
I'm done.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.
Your Honor.
I call Mr.
Hercule Poirot to the stand.
Is that your famous limp?
What do you know about my limp?
Everyone knows, is famous worldwide.
Monsieur Poirot.
What is the reason for
the murders in question?
Oh, yeah.
You had to kill Dr. Strange,
because I attended a long time ago,
The official reason for his premature
retirement from the entertainment world...
...was some nervous fragility...
...due to overwork.
But that was not the truth.
The truth was that..
Were symptoms and paranoid
and psychotic elements,
that could lead, in time,
irrational behavior,
or even violent.
Dr. Strange knew and also knew...
...secret the scar on his wrist.
A failed suicide attempt.
I worry M, wrote,
I do not like how things are going.
Margaret M...?
I remind you that my name
is Charles Cartwright.
A tax name in film studies.
He thought Edward W. Muggings...
...was inconsistent with
a romantic leading man.
Y should be consistent. Right?
I'm famous for being consistent.
What was the reason for
Babbington's death?
Let's be consistent and logical.
A good question.
No... consistent in the
usual sense of the word.
But in the theatrical sense could
said it was a dress rehearsal.
The fact is that it was Babbington...
...who died, but it could be any other.
There was no understandable reason,
Besides purely technical one.
You wanted to know if the
poison was effective...
...and you could change the cups.
Was possible.
So it was a good rehearsal,
for the big premiere.
Death of Dr. Strange needed.
I said I needed, Charles, because he was...
...the only person who could internarle.
Is a monstrosity.
We'll see how monstrous it.
I'll Ask Ms. Milray.
Vera Charles, Miss Milray found..
Spray of orchids in the shed Gardener...
...and feared that you were the murderer.
When you gave that
magnificent representation... my party.
I wanted to see the expression
of a face as you looked...
The of Miss Milray.
Was the portrait of the
liveliest surprise...
...then changed to the
largest of desolation.
Torn between love for you...
...and horror at what you had done.
I followed her to the shed where...
...she tried to destroy the evidence.
I fear charles,
that failed.
Now the evidence is in
the hands of the police.
Just as your passport with date...
...when you came back here.
To kill Dr. Strange.
Then returned to Los Angeles
on the first plane.
To let me know the news.
With his voice full of anguish.
Who are these people?
What are you in my house?
Why has allowed to enter?
Why look at me all?
Charles mistaken his performance.
Is a time for dignity.
To show us that wood is made.
As Sydney Carton in 'The only way'.
Smiling, on his way to the gallows.
If you wish so.
Although there are no gallows,
peace only for his spirit, Charles.
Charles, there are countless papers
Is a pity that I do not
look like the gardener.
The only audience I had was the guy.
Used my lameness.
I know that wherever I go out
lead after one year.
I will make interpretation of
my life at the sanatorium.
balanced and above all, consistent.
You thought I was going to fight?
They are wrong.
Hold your straitjackets.
And your injections.
There are going to need.
There is something I want to make clear.
I can be charming.
Overwhelming even
and sometimes even dangerous.
But I'm not, I repeat, I am, crazy.
I've been a fool right?
No, ma'am.
You just young.
And they may dazzle young age.
As you age youth dazzles.
Do not you agree, Comrade Montoya?
Monsieur Poirot, please,
I'm not even socialist...
So who cares what it is you?
Sorry about all this, Richard.
Me too.
I must congratulate you, Monsieur Poirot.
Theirs has been a brilliant
all great oratory.
I would say it is a great
ending to his book.
Ah, My Book.
I had completely forgotten my book.
Why not our book?
You were saying?
Well, you know the business
crime is so demanding,
corpses falling from a cupboard,
that rise from the lake.
You know, I have no time.
But if I had a partner with that instinct
What do you think?
I.. it's a great idea.
Are you serious?
Absolutely seriously.
Heavens, Poirot.
What is it now?
It just occurred to me.
- What..
When served the poisoned cocktail.
- Yes?
I could touch me.
Yes, but could have been much worse.
How so?
Could have been me.