Murder on Maple Drive (2021) Movie Script

No, please!
Help me!
What's going on?
Please talk to me.
Okay, we're here.
Relax, it's not every day
my big sister
passes the bar exam
on her first try!
So we are going to celebrate
Willow, seriously,
what's going on?
Can I take my blindfold off?
No, you cannot take
the blindfold off!
The blindfold stays on.
Okay? Now shush.
I'm going to get out
and open your door.
Are you taking me to
a strip club?
Oh, I don't dance for free.
Oh my God! I thought you
were in New York!
It's the best surprise.
Mm, I'm not the surprise, baby.
That is your surprise.
Did you know about this?
I am a realtor, you know.
Have fun. Love you guys.
Thanks for your help, Willow.
Okay, so it needs a personal
but we can take a look at that.
How can we afford this?
It's a killer deal, Tess.
There's no way.
Hey, do you trust me?
Mark, this is like a million
dollar home.
Yes, yeah, it is.
I haven't even
secured a job yet.
Okay, so it might be a million
dollar home,
but we did not pay a million
dollars for it.
Oh my God.
This kitchen is amazing.
How can we afford this again?
Yeah, uh, so don't freak out.
I'm not freaking out.
No, no, but you might if you
don't listen to my whole story.
Okay, so we got this amazing
house for an amazing deal,
because there was a significant
reduction in price.
I'm listening.
And that reduction in price
is because someone...
- died in the garage.
- Died?
Yeah, a husband and wife?
- Of, like, old age?
- Not exactly.
Uh, murder-suicide.
Okay, that's not funny.
Are you joking?
Just listen--
you said you'd listen.
It happened in the garage,
it's completely cleaned out
and refurbished,
you'd never even know.
Okay, so we live here
for a little while,
and then we sell it for a huge,
huge profit,
and we move
into an even nicer house.
It's an amazing opportunity,
it's a once in a lifetime
So just think about it?
And you're sure that Willow said
that we could flip it
- for a profit?
- Yes.
I ran the numbers with her.
We'll be out of debt
in two years.
She even agreed to be
our realtor when we sell it.
And she won't charge
a commission.
- Okay.
- Really?
- Really.
- Come here.
Tess: Do you really have to go
in the morning?
I wish I didn't.
Where are you off to this time?
Hmm, lost track.
Boston, maybe.
Ah, I think we forgot
the bottle openers.
Well, there goes our
Oh, I don't know about that.
- Tess: Ooh.
- Yeah.
Tess: Ooh!
Get ready.
Here we go.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Haven't seen that before.
What are you looking at?
Um, nothing.
Sorry, can I help you?
Oh, I'm Shelby, honey.
Your neighbor.
I just live a few houses down
in the house that looks like
a foreign embassy.
My hubby has too much money
and no taste.
I felt like pie,
so I brought this pie
as a welcome-to-the-
with a caveat that I shall eat
this pie with you, of course.
I'm Tess.
Thank you, that looks great.
I'm not sure if I've unpacked
my plates or silverware though.
Oh, well then just put it
in the fridge.
We've got some walking to do.
Uh, can we rain check?
I'm really beat--
No, no, no.
You cannot take a rain check.
Go on, put this in the fridge.
I'll wait.
Go on, now!
So y'all were okay living in
a house that had the...
the, you-know-what to
the you-know-who?
The deaths?
It's less than ideal.
I wasn't sure at first,
but my husband convinced me.
Did you know them, the Clarks?
No, they kept to themselves,
so not really.
- Oh.
- Mm-hm.
That house there.
The kids are monsters.
Never seen the parents.
I'm convinced they're tied up
in the basement.
Oh, oh, oh! Now this house here.
This is a hot little dish
called David.
- Hands off, he's mine!
- Understood.
And this house here
is Don Seever.
- Haven't met him yet.
- Good for you.
Always looks like
he just ate a lemon,
all mean and wrinkly.
Like an elderly raisin.
Well, I guess I can leave you be
and let you rest now.
I'm glad you have some intel
on your neighbors.
- Thank you, that was nice.
- You're welcome.
Now don't y'all go
and eat that pie without me.
- You better invite me over!
- I promise.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Oh, sorry.
Um, just in there is good.
Tess: You can just put it
in the kitchen.
Uh, I'm David, your neighbor.
- Hi, sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
So nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you.
A little housewarming gift.
I'm happy to put it in the
kitchen, though.
That'd be great!
I'm Tess Ellison, by the way.
Come on in.
Sorry about the mess.
Um, you can put it right there.
Oh, wow. I see you guys
repainted the trim.
It looks great.
Katherine, my wife,
would love this color.
You just made my day.
Well, listen,
I know you're crazed
so I'll let you get to it.
If you need anything,
I'm right across the street.
- Morning.
- Good morning!
So how's the move coming along?
Ah, slow. My husband Mark
had to go out of town again.
Yeah, I guess there's no hurry,
Listen, when you guys
are all settled,
we should grab dinner together.
That'd be nice.
Yeah, I'm happy to see good
people moving in.
Thank you.
So sad what happened.
What do you mean?
Oh, with the previous owners.
Yeah, yeah. It was.
Yeah, they were friends.
Uh, I'd better get going.
Have a great day.
You too.
Deep dish, baby.
So, have you met any of your
new neighbors yet?
There's some crazy characters
around here.
The guy next door
is a total jerk.
There's this woman named Shelby
who's super rich and super
And then there's this guy,
who lives across the street.
What? Why are you looking at me
like that?
It's just that...
when you said his name,
you got this look on your face.
No I didn't!
Oh my God! You have a crush
on this guy!
What are you talking about?
I've known you your entire life,
I know when you have a crush.
Don't be stupid.
I can be stupid if I want to.
I'm single.
But you can't be stupid,
- because you just got married.
- I would never.
Is he hot?
It's never gonna happen, okay?
Unlike you, I can have platonic
with attractive men.
Well, what's the use in that?
Okay, he's handsome.
And kind. And happily married,
from all the nice things he says
about his wife.
Is that the time?
Shoot. I gotta go.
You could stay over if you want.
No, no. I have to pack.
I am flying to a seminar
in Florida tomorrow.
Well, you could stay
when you get back.
It's kinda creepy
in this big house alone.
Add an hour to my commute
every day? Sounds appealing.
I'll make you dinner every night
and the cheap wine will flow
like water.
Oh, now we're talking.
I'll think about it, okay?
Thanks for helping.
Love you.
I love you too.
Thank you for cleaning
in advance,
appreciate you.
Oh, you just got back
from a week away
and you're fixing things?
Uh, yeah. Trying to.
Good as... good as new.
Looks great, baby.
I've never seen this side
of you before.
- What side?
- Domesticated.
Hmm, yeah, it's a new me, Tess.
Handyman Mark, at your service.
I've missed you.
I've missed you, too.
It's lonely in this big house.
I know, but unless you want to
rely on my handyman services,
I gotta keep my day job.
Can't you just ask
to not travel as much?
You know it doesn't work
that way.
Besides, once you get hired,
I'll be asking you
when you're coming home.
I guess.
So how are the interviews
I can't even get a call back
from some of these places.
It really is who you know.
Hey, you are tough,
and one of the most
brilliant people
that I have ever met
in my entire life.
And you will get your dream job.
You know, I only married you
because of your intelligence.
I have no physical attraction
to you whatsoever.
I'll remember that tonight.
Please don't.
Keep up the good work,
and go work on the yard.
Ah, okay.
- David: Hi, neighbor.
- Hi.
Need a hand?
Oh, no, it's okay,
I've got it.
- No, I insist.
- Okay.
You really don't have to.
My pleasure. Where to?
Just over there.
Here, I'll get this one.
- I owe you one.
- Nah.
Anytime. Cheers.
- Uh, David?
- Yeah?
If you don't have any plans
for dinner tonight,
I'd love for you to come and
meet my husband,
we're just going to get takeout.
Nothing fancy.
Sounds great. What time?
Um, six okay?
Oh, and bring your wife,
of course.
Right, well,
see you guys at six.
- Hi!
- Hi.
You're a bachelor tonight?
Uh, yes, just me.
I brought you guys this.
Oh, thank you!
So I'm sitting in the middle
seat, right?
I'm sitting in the middle seat,
on the plane, in coach,
and this guy comes in
and sits right next to me.
The guy takes his--
his shoes and socks off,
and then he takes his shirt off!
And he's not in good shape,
mind you,
so it's not a pretty sight.
And the guy just...
He falls asleep, starts
drooling, starts snoring...
Like, just--
who does that, right?
So you know what,
I don't envy your constant
traveling at all.
You win, you win. Okay.
Speaking of which, David,
what do you do?
Uh... nothing. I'm retired.
You're too young to be retired.
Yeah, well, I was very fortunate
with some-- some investments.
- Okay, awesome!
- Yeah.
- Living the dream.
- Not really.
What about you, Tess?
Do you work?
I just passed the bar exam.
I'm in the interviewing process.
Oh, what type of law?
- Corporate tax.
- She has her CPA as well.
Wow, very impressive.
Um, are you familiar with
Brayson Partners?
Yeah, they're the gold
standard here.
Well, I know someone there.
Maybe I can set up
an interview for you.
- Would you like that?
- Tess: That would be...
That would be great!
Yeah? Done.
Thank you so much.
It's nothing.
Okay, wow. To David.
- The best neighbor ever.
- Best neighbor ever.
No problem, next dinner's on me.
And Mrs. David, too.
Yeah... about that.
This is difficult for me,
but Katherine passed away
a couple of years ago.
I made the wrong assumption.
I'm-- I'm so sorry.
Sorry, David.
No, it's okay, really.
Yeah, well.
Katherine put up a fight,
and gave me some of the best
years of my life.
I would do anything to be able
to do it all over again.
I like you.
Then don't leave.
There's not much more of it.
I get that promotion and I stay
at the corporate office,
and I get to send
some other poor guy
flying around the country.
So sad about David's wife.
Yeah, I feel terrible
for prying.
I don't ever want to lose you.
I'm not going anywhere.
Except tomorrow when I get on
a plane and leave.
I seem to recall you saying
about not finding me attractive.
Oh yeah.
You're, uh, repulsive.
I can barely stand looking
at you.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm just going to
close the blinds.
Man, that dog is loud.
Maybe we should call someone.
You talk too much.
Okay, this looks incredibly
Let's find out.
Mm. Incredibly delicious.
So, I saw you didn't keep
your promise.
You had my boyfriend over.
Mm, you don't miss anything,
do you?
Not if I can help it.
Uh, hello, ladies.
Speak of the devil.
I, uh-- I hope I'm not
- Shelby: not at all, David.
- Join us.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I wish I had more time, but I do
have a favor to ask, though.
What is it?
I have to leave on a short trip,
like, right now,
and I completely forgot,
but I have a plumbing guy coming
over tomorrow.
My dishwasher is leaking.
Would you mind letting him in?
Great, I'll make it up to you.
Here, this is my garage code,
you can go in through there.
Uh, he'll be there at 9 am,
- I hope that works.
- Yeah, no problem.
Great, thank you so much, Tess.
I, uh, really have to go,
unfortunately, so...
- Shelby.
- Bye, David.
What are you up to?
Are you trying to give me
a heart attack?
Sweetie! Are you okay?
- He caught me spying on him.
- Who?!
- Seever.
- Oh.
People catch my spying on them
all the time.
You get used to it.
No, he was--
he was at David's house!
What do you mean?
He was looking through
the windows.
Well, maybe he was just
returning something.
No, why would he be looking
through the windows?
This is different.
Oh, honey, you're shaking
like a leaf.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah, um, sorry.
I just-- alone in this house,
I get, um-- my mind races,
I guess.
Sweetie, why don't you come
stay with me tonight?
We have, like,
eight guest bedrooms.
- It'll be fun!
- No, that's okay. I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Okay, well, I brought you
this blouse.
I thought it would look great
on you.
Never wore it, it's brand new.
Looks expensive, are you sure?
I bought it for when I get
young again,
but I'm coming to terms
with the fact that I'm going
in the opposite direction,
so yes, please take it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Call me if you need anything.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Stop looking out the window.
- Okay.
I just changed out
the old hose for you.
- You should be all set.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Oh, I'm sorry, I--
I shouldn't have walked in.
I forgot to give you the bill.
You can just, uh...
put it on the counter.
Can I help you?
Mr. Seever?
I'm looking for my dog.
I didn't think you were home.
Well, he's not here
and I haven't seen him.
911, what's your emergency?
There's a man in my house!
Are you bleeding?
Are you his wife?
His neighbor.
This is my house.
He lives across the street.
Is he okay?
I'm okay, Tess.
You have a mild concussion, sir.
Do you have someone
who can watch you tonight?
- I can.
- No, no. You don't have to.
Yes, I do, David.
Okay, thanks.
Wake him every couple hours
and monitor his symptoms.
I can do that.
Hey, Mark.
Mark: Hey, hon, how are you?
How do you think I'm doing?
Mark: Yeah, I know.
I know. I'm sorry.
I wish I could
be there with you.
Me, too.
Mark: Look, I booked
the first flight out.
I'm coming home as
soon as I can, okay?
Okay. Good, good. Good.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey, hey.
It's Tess Ellison.
Your neighbor.
You remind me so much of her.
I'm sorry.
Ah, it's okay.
How are you feeling?
Feeling a little sore, but fine.
You don't have to
stay any longer.
Thank you for
what you did for me.
Look, I didn't do much
except let him beat me up.
You saved me.
I don't know what
I would have done.
How'd you know I needed help?
I, um...
I just came home from my trip
and I saw a flashlight
in your house,
and I thought it was odd.
So, I went to check on you,
saw the door was wide open.
Glad someone checked on me.
Lord knows Seever
wouldn't have helped if I was
screaming bloody murder.
Listen, I wasn't
going to say anything,
but stay away from him, okay?
He's bad news.
So, is, um...
is Mark on his way back, or...
Uh, yeah.
He's a very lucky guy.
I hope he realizes it.
I'm sorry.
It's not my place to--
It's Mark.
He's almost home.
Oh. Okay.
Well, I'm fine. Really.
I'll check on you in a bit.
Seever: You should be
ashamed of yourself.
Excuse me?
Married woman coming
out of that man's house.
Not that it's
any of your business,
but it's not what it looks like.
The last wife who lived in your
house made the same mistake.
Look where she ended up.
How's David doing?
He's okay,
but he was hit pretty bad.
I'll never be able to repay him.
I don't want to
stay here anymore.
Yeah, I know,
and I don't blame you,
but we just moved in
and we won't be able
to get our money out.
You're never here.
I know.
I don't care about the money.
I just don't think
I can do it anymore.
The break-in.
The crazy neighbor
and the history of the house.
We'll figure it out.
This was a mistake.
Okay, I've already
talked to Willow.
She's going to
come stay with you.
I have to finish
my work in Boston,
but then I'm putting
my travel on hold.
I talked to my boss.
It'll be just
me and you together.
Okay, so,
Willow will be here tonight.
Yes, so, don't worry.
Are you sure you're alright?
Get going.
You're going to be late.
I'll quit my job right
now if you ask me to.
I don't want you to.
You're all that
matters to me, okay?
You say the word...
The word is "get going."
See you. Bye.
Hi, um...
I was hoping to
speak to a reporter there.
Harmony Hines?
Oh, I see. Do you know
where I can find her?
Don't you ever tell me
Don't you let me in
I rise up and then I
Then I fall down again
Wake up in the morning
Excuse me?
Are you Harmony?
Harmony Hines?
I was wondering if I could
ask you some questions.
I don't like questions.
It's about the Clark
murder suicides.
I don't want any trouble.
I'm-- I'm not, um...
I bought their house.
Just wanted to ask you some
questions about what happened.
Can I, uh, buy you a drink?
Well, it's a free country.
So, was it an open
and shut case?
Well, about seemed to be.
Laid out as a perfect
murder suicide,
but I thought it as
a little too perfect.
How so?
Well, where do I start?
So, Mr. Clark, he used a shotgun
as his weapon of choice.
But I spoke to the family.
The guy never picked up a gun
in his life. Hated them.
He was actually scared of them.
You know, he wasn't registered
as the owner of the weapon.
Come to find out it was stolen
from someplace in the city.
So, a guy who's never
even had a speeding ticket
breaks into a random
apartment to steal a weapon
he doesn't even know how to use?
It just--
Just doesn't make any sense.
So, what do you think happened?
Well, I did a bit more research,
and, um...
I find out there's several
disturbing the peace calls
on a neighbor of the Clarks.
Yeah, that's the guy.
Donald Seever.
So, I dig a little deeper.
This guy,
he looks like a bad guy,
acts like a bad guy,
but he's not a bad guy.
That can't be.
I met him. He's terrible.
No, he's a war hero.
He gives half
his money to charity.
I mean, he might be annoying,
but he comes out clean.
It's a total dead end.
No, he has to
be involved somehow.
Yeah, well, I'm just
telling you what I found.
That's it?
That's just the beginning.
I do some more digging
and I find out that
Mrs. Clark is having an affair.
She's sleeping with
another neighbor.
David Gleason.
How much do you think
we could sell the house for
if we sold it right now?
It's a tough time.
The market shifted--
Just tell me how much, please.
Let me get my laptop.
I'm gonna check the current
value of homes in the neighbor.
Hey, um, check David's
house across the street.
What is it?
It's weird.
Didn't you say this
David guy moved in recently?
Yeah, about two years ago.
Says here it hasn't changed
ownership in 20 years.
Still owned by Helen Clayton.
So, David doesn't own his house.
No, and looking at
the other house's
estimated current resale value.
It's not so good.
You guys would lose money.
Too much money.
You and Mark said
that we couldn't lose,
you said that it was easy money.
I know, I know,
and the market will eventually--
I never should have
listened to you.
I'm sorry I put you
in this position.
I'm sorry, too.
No problem.
I'm... struggling... this neighborhood.
The guy next door's a creep.
I just found out David was
having an affair with the woman
who used to live in this house.
Tess, stay out of
all the local drama.
Why do you care who's
doing what with whom?
Ignore them.
Yeah, I...
I know that you're right.
It's just hard.
Let's get a good night's sleep
and focus tomorrow
on keeping busy.
You would have suggestions.
Of course I do.
You love gardening.
Let's do that.
You want to garden with me?
Why not? In fact,
today I was thinking about
taking up gardening.
Sure you were. What were
you thinking of growing?
Well, I've been thinking
of sowing my wild oats.
Love you, sis.
I love you, too.
Shelby, this is
my little sister, Willow,
and Willow, this is
my good friend, Shelby.
I've heard a lot about you.
Ah, don't tell me
if it's good or bad.
Any press is good press, right?
So nice to meet you finally.
You, too!
So, we're going to arrange these
and then put them outside.
Ah, manual labor,
it's a distant memory.
So, I'm excited.
You are way too nicely
dressed for this by the way.
These old things?
These are rags, honey.
I was about to throw them out.
Okay. Grab some gloves.
Okay, boss.
Sha-la-la-la-la la-la-la
Sha-la-la-la-la la-la-la
Looking good.
I'm going to go
get lunch started.
Ooh, now you're talking.
This counts as
my workout, right?
Hey, Tess. I demand
payment for my services.
On it!
What do you know about that guy?
David? Not much.
But I do like his bod.
Question for you,
I've got banana cream pie
and a brownie chocolate cake.
Which one do you guys want?
No way I could decide.
I'll take both of them.
We just found out last night
that David rents his house.
I always assumed he owned it.
No. We're starting
to think that's just
one of David's secrets.
It's owned by a Helen Clayton.
Yeah, I remember her.
I just figured
she sold it to him.
What's she like?
Rich? That's all anyone
really knew about her.
Do you have her phone number?
I don't, but Ethan Walker does.
Who's that?
Oh, he's head of
the Homeowner's Association.
Skinny as a toothpick with
a head the size of a Volkswagen.
Figure he falls over a lot.
There, just sent you his number.
About that dessert?
Give me five minutes.
Make it three.
Shelby: It's been so nice
getting to know you.
It's really nice to meet you.
That looks great! I do!
It's pretty. I love purple.
Ethan here.
Hi, Ethan.
My name's Tess Ellison.
My husband and I bought
a house in the Hamilton Yards
about a month ago.
I heard that you're the head
of the Homeowner's Association.
Correct. How can I help?
I was wondering if you could put
me in touch with Helen Clayton.
She's the owner of
417 Cardinal Drive.
Ethan: Helen? She moved to
Europe maybe two years ago?
Can you give me
her contact information?
Sure, if it's not confidential,
I'll text it to you.
That'd be great.
Ethan: I should have it
for you in a few days.
That's fine.
Thank you so much, Ethan. Bye.
Hey, morning.
Um, I've been
meaning to check on you.
How's your head?
Oh, it's fine.
Now I got a cool story to tell.
Oh, how are you?
I see that you have
someone staying with you.
Yeah, it's my sister
while Mark's travelling.
Ah, right.
That's smart. That's good.
Hey, so, um, this is
a bit of a non-sequitur,
but, um, did you get a good deal
when you bought your house?
That's quite the non-sequitur.
I know, I know.
I don't mean to pry, it's just,
Mark and I were feeling
bad if we brought down
the value of your house when
we got such a deal on ours.
I wouldn't worry about that.
It's just that, you know,
if I owned your house,
I wouldn't be
too happy with that.
I don't own the house.
I-I just assumed.
No, I'm just leasing it.
I wasn't sure if I was
going to stay or not, so.
I, uh, see you
got your flowers in.
Yeah, the girls
helped me with it.
Katherine would love those.
You two have similar tastes.
You must really miss her.
I know you two would
have gotten along.
You remind me so much of her.
Um, I have to go.
I've got a phone
interview thing.
See ya.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry, since we talked,
there's just things
you need to know.
I'll make some coffee.
So, what do you think happened?
It was not a murder-suicide.
They were both murdered.
By who?
Since most victims
are connected to
their murderers,
I first started checking
out the neighbors.
Like Seever.
Yeah, well,
he was at the top of the list,
but, like I told you,
he checked out okay,
but, because David was having
an affair with Mrs. Clark,
I looked into his background.
And what did you find?
Well, he was, um,
partner in a fancy stock
or, um, like, financial firm,
until he got fired.
No, he-he retired.
No. Mm-mm.
That was a smoke screen
that the firm put out
to hide the real reason.
Not good for the image, right?
Wait, what's the real reason?
Well, I found out
that David had a major
nervous breakdown
after his wife died.
Yeah. That I can understand.
But there were
three female coworkers
who were preparing to file
inappropriate you-know-whats
against him,
and they said that they wouldn't
if he was removed.
Yeah, and that's when he
moved to this neighborhood.
I guess Mrs. Clark didn't
find him inappropriate.
It's very disturbing,
but it still doesn't
prove that he murdered them.
It doesn't prove that he didn't.
Why did you stop
your investigation?
'Cause I was fired.
Because of the stories
I was doing on the case.
I don't understand.
David has powerful friends.
I know.
Why would he murder them?
I don't know.
But I'm just sure that he did.
He's lost his grip on reality.
What do you mean?
He won't let go of his wife.
When he talks about her,
he refers to her like
she's still living.
Shoot, it's my sister.
We can talk more later.
Was someone here?
Uh, yeah.
Just, um, someone I met.
Sorry, um, can we, um...
Can we talk in the morning?
I'm just really tired.
Tess, you know
I'm always here for you.
I know.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Get some sleep.
Another one, thank you.
Sorry, hon, you're going
to have to pay upfront.
Come on, I'm good for it.
Your tab's over $100.
I'm good for it.
Can't do it.
It rains so much
in this town
Oh, I feel like it
was meant just for me
You're up early.
Yeah, I'm meeting
Shelby for breakfast.
Good for you.
Gotta run. See you.
Excuse me!
You, uh, must be Tess' sister.
Uh. Yeah, how did you know?
Well, she said you
were staying with her,
and I see you driving
in and out every day, so--
Duh. Yeah, sorry.
And you have her eyes.
Oh. I guess.
Anyway, I just wanted to
talk to you really quick.
My sister's having a tough time.
Yeah, it's terrible
what happened
Yeah, exactly, but she...
I just think it
would be better if you
stayed away from
her for a while,
until she gets better.
You do?
Say no more.
Yeah, I will, whatever you
feel is best for her.
Really? Great. Okay.
Thank you so much.
Uh, can I give you
her dishes, then?
She brought over some food
and maybe it's better if
you take them so she
doesn't have to come over.
Yeah. Sure. No problem.
Yeah. I mean,
they're in the kitchen.
Come on in. I'll get a box.
I have a friend,
and there she is!
Sorry I'm late.
It's okay. I'm not above
having breakfast and brunch.
What is going on with you?
I never see you anymore.
I miss you.
And you just seem a little off.
If I told you,
you'd think I was nuts.
No judgement!
I don't know, maybe I just
have too much time on my hands.
you've been through a lot.
If my house was broken into,
I'd be a hot mess.
So, now I'm a hot mess?
I meant I'd be a hot mess.
A better dressed hot mess,
but a hot mess nonetheless.
You always know how to
make me feel so good.
you need to heal from that.
Okay? I care about.
And I want my old Tess back.
You're right. Fresh start.
Fresh start. I'm here for you.
I know you are.
Mm. Mm-mm-mm.
I have to get going, hon. Mm.
I'm going to
pick up the check, okay?
Thanks, Shelby.
And take care.
Don't you spare me,
don't you dare...
What can I get you?
Oh, I'm, uh...
I'm just looking for someone.
Harmony Hines.
Yeah, she's usually here by now.
So, you haven't
seen her today?
Funny, I can usually
set my watch by
when she walks in
through that door.
I think I upset her the last
time she was here, though.
If I was you I would
check the hospitals.
You know what?
I will have that drink.
No luck with the hospitals.
Did you check county general?
They usually
filter people through
who don't have
insurance that way.
Operator: County General.
Yes, hi.
I'm just looking for someone
to see if they may be there.
Uh, I'm just checking.
Her name is Harmony Hines.
Operator: Hold on.
Yes, she's here.
She is? Is she hurt?
Are you family?
We can only talk to family.
Well, she was attacked
and is now in stable condition.
Do they know who did it?
Don't know. You'll have
to speak with the police.
I have to meet someone.
But why would he murder them?
Harmony: I don't know,
but I'm just sure that he did.
David: Hello?
Hi, David.
Sorry to bother you.
David: No, never.
Um, I was just wondering
if you were home.
I wanted to drop
off some desserts that
Mark and I really enjoyed.
David: Um, I'm actually
running errands right now,
but I'll be home
in about 20 minutes.
Can I text you when I get home?
Yeah. Perfect. See you.
David: Bye-bye.
Willow, it's me. It's Tess.
Can you hear me?
We got to go. We got to go.
I don't--
I don't feel good.
- I know, I know. We got to go.
- Okay.
Come on. We got to go now.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Oh, come on.
Okay. Almost there.
Hold on. Okay. Okay.
Okay. You're okay. You're okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
Okay. You're fine.
You're okay.
Operator: 911.
What's your emergency?
I won't let anyone hurt us,
Come on.
David: Just come on out.
Let's talk about this.
I'm calling the police!
Oh, really?
Well, that's odd,
'cause you left your phone
out here.
Look. Don't lie to me.
All great marriages
start with honesty.
You're sick, David.
You need help.
I can help you.
Just leave right now
and we'll work it out.
Hey, babe.
What's going on?
There you are.
I'm not your wife.
Katherine? Katherine?
Mark, Mark!
It's okay. It's okay.
Okay, listen. Shh, shh, shh.
Why are you doing this?
Why? I can clean this up.
Make them all go away.
Would you like that, Katherine?
Okay. So now, I'm going to
take my hand off your mouth,
so you have to be good
or I will become very angry.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Good. That's good.
I don't want to fight.
My name is Tess Ellison.
Your wife Katherine is dead.
You are confused.
See, that's exactly
what Sylvia said.
This is all a test, isn't it?
You're just another fake
trying to trick me, aren't you?
You need help.
Shh, shh, shh.
Close your eyes
and everything will be better.
Okay. Close your eyes, okay?
Shh. No talking!
Shh. Don't--
No talking, okay?
This will all be over soon.
Okay? Okay?
It'll all be over soon.
- Are you okay?
- Fine.
The police are on the way.
Mark? Mark?
Hey, hey, hey. Hey.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay?
Tess: Let's get you and Willow
out of here.
It's all over.
Your sister is going to be
just fine.
This is going to be so good.
Too many men have made me
the same promise.
Oh, Tess? Don is here.
Hi, Don.
Hey. Glad you could make it.
Your wife is quite insistent.
Oh, yeah. Tess can be that way.
Uh, you want to give me a hand?
I've been barbecuing
for the last 32 years.
Oh. Okay. Well, maybe
you want to take command
over this operation, and--
- I think it's best.
- Okay. Yeah, yeah.
What was that about?
I think Don just demoted me,
and he is now taking over
Mission BBQ.
By the way, did you see this?
Yeah. She told me she had
a new assignment.
I just didn't know
it was coming out today.
And did you know about this?
"For over a year,
"the tragic deaths
of Sylvia and Andrew Clark
"were thought to be
a murder/suicide,
but the unexpected discovery by
local resident Tess Ellison..."
" local resident
Tess Ellison
"of incriminating evidence in
the possession of David Gleeson
"prompted authorities
to reopen the cold case.
Mr. Gleeson
is presently serving 25..."
Shelby: We don't need to hear
any more about that monster.
We know exactly
where he's spending his time.
Yeah. Agreed.
Hey, sis,
you cracked the Clark case.
No. I just helped Harmony
prove something
she already suspected.
You are too modest.
Do you think now would be
a good time for you-know-what?
- Thank you, Don.
- Ooh.
Looks like you burnt that one.
That one's yours.
Now, something
for our real hero.
Take a look, Don.
He's beautiful.
He's yours if you want him, Don.
- Hey, little guy.
- I think that's a yes.
Yes, it is.
Thank you.
What's his name?
He's a rescue pup,
so you can name him
whatever you want.
I think I'll call you Cub.
Wow, Don.
I think I'm starting to
like you.
And I think we're starting
to like this neighborhood.