Murder on the Cape (2017) Movie Script

It will find you,
we can both agree
Overwhelm you
like a storm at sea
Breakers rise, helpless cries
At the mercy of
the wind and tides
Eventually you drown
In the sea without a sound
Oh, death
Oh, death
I thought you lost your sting
Then why
Do we
Have a cloud of
tears to breathe
With parted waves
By thy grace
We'll see your face
Some day
Oh, death
Oh, death
I thought you lost your sting
Then why
Do we
Have a cloud of
tears to breathe
Oh, death
Oh, death
You're real as anything
- Start unloading that.
- All me?
- Hello.
- Hi, I'm Mike Luna.
That's Sammy.
Would you guys mind stacking it?
Sammy, stack it right over here.
- That's not our job.
- Just do it.
Oh, and Mike, could you
bring a load into the house?
There's snails on this thing.
Are you afraid?
- I'm afraid.
- Come on.
Thank you.
Oh, um, not there, by the
fireplace would be great.
It's been so cold these last
few nights and I've tried
everything to get the fire
to light, I just can't.
- I'll take a look.
- Thank you.
How did you do that so fast?
Looks like you just
had it packed too tight.
Throw a log on it
before you go to bed,
it should burn all night.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Are you from here?
Third-generation fisherman.
Days are short here in
the winter, so I cut wood
for extra money.
I'm a writer.
Lots of those around here.
Yeah, well, it's a great
place to come for inspiration.
But I'm not that kind of writer,
I'm from New York, I
write about fashion.
You can see I know
a lot about fashion.
I don't know anything
about fishing, so we're even.
But, um, I could be interested.
I don't think
you'd like fishing.
Why not?
It's cold on a boat, it's
beautiful but dangerous.
If you get eight hours
of chop like this,
you have to keep
your wits about you,
things could change in a minute
and you have to be ready.
- Just you and sea.
- Sounds kinda lonely.
No, it's the exact opposite,
but you know what's lonely is
being around town with a bunch
of people that don't get you.
That's lonely.
You feel like people
in town don't get you?
I just wish I was still fishing.
- So why don't you?
- Everything changes, right?
Oh, um, wait wait
wait wait wait.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Hey, you owe me.
For what?
From saving you from yourself.
Get out of here, what
are you talkin' about?
Romeo, while I was stackin'
up, you were shackin' up.
You work pretty fast, bro, huh?
No, seriously, you gotta admit
she's pretty freakin' hot.
- Yeah, she's hot.
- She's wicked hot.
She would definitely like me.
Why don't you go
knock on the door,
see if she'd invite you in?
I will but not today.
What, didn't take
a shower last night?
- But I smell like the ocean.
- You're right.
That's 'cause
I live near the ocean.
Yeah, look at that!
That's great!
Have you ever seen
a tuna that big?
I might even have something
here for you, youngster!
Where you goin'?
Just about to give him
so much money for it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh my gosh, you gotta see this.
Carlos brought in
a 800-pound tuna.
No, a thousand-million pounds!
Thousand-million pounds, huh?
No, it was 857 pounds dressed.
Dressed, either way
they're saying $34 a pound.
Carlos is set for the winter.
Good for Carlos, come on,
everybody, let's get in.
- Let's go home.
- Okay.
- Did you see that tuna?
- Nice work, Carlos.
Nancy, let's go over
to the brig tonight!
Drinks are on me!
Come on!
Look, good job, Carlos, but
I gotta get the family home.
- Good job, though.
- Sore loser.
Dad's caught way
bigger fish than that.
Nice work, Carlos.
He's caught really big whales
before, like orca whales.
- Hi.
- Kids.
I think my dad caught the
biggest fish ever caught.
- Mike.
- Jimmy, how you doin'?
- I want you to work for me.
- I got other plans, Jimmy.
Such as?
The cod will be
runnin' again soon.
I'll be out there again.
Not likely, the Department
of Fisheries is gonna
limit the catch
again this season.
Did you see what
Carlos just caught?
You know what's
worse than bad luck?
- What?
- A fluke.
A big catch when no one
else is taking in anything.
It makes you burn your
fuel, roll the dice.
That day's never
gonna come again.
You know what?
I'm gonna be willin' to
roll those dice again.
- Nancy.
- Bye, Jimmy.
Did you set that
meeting up with Jimmy?
Nancy, I'm not
working for the town.
Mike, it's been over a year.
If we still had that boat.
Mike, the boat was sitting
down at the pier rotting.
Your sister sold
that boat for $5,000.
What should we have
done, waited until it sank?
You should have
consulted with me first.
Would you like to
hear about my day?
Yeah, let's hear it.
I was at the checkout and
I didn't have enough money
to pay for my groceries.
I'm sorry.
I hate this.
I hate it.
My father was a fisherman,
his father was a fisherman.
They pulled whatever they
could out of that sea.
And I'm the only one
that can't make it.
There's nothin' I
can do about it.
I hate this, too.
But you gotta take the job.
Where are you going?
I'm just gonna go
play with the kids.
Come on, I'm gonna get ya.
Get over here.
Oh, for cryin' out loud.
Good god, what is
this freakin' crap?
Hey, Carlos, you need any help?
What do you want?
- I got a hangover.
- I'm just lookin' for a job.
- Anything legal will do.
- Go down to Adam's Pharmacy.
Second shelf to the left,
extra-strength Tylenol.
- Carlos, you...
- And a cup of coffee, too.
Hurry up!
Ah, just forget it.
Don't ever tell me what
to do with my boat, Luna.
Hey, buddy, is
this your truck?
You're gonna have to move it.
Says who?
This parking's for fishermen
only, look at the sign.
- I'm a fisherman.
- Where's your boat?
I don't have a
boat at the moment,
but I'm gonna park here.
Okay, unless you have a boat,
unless you're actively
fishing, you can't park here.
Look, I'm not moving my
truck for you or anybody.
You're gonna have to tow me.
Tow's gonna cost you 250
bucks plus $100 citation.
- Go ahead, tow me.
- Please just move your truck.
I'm not moving my truck
for anybody, alright?
Meredith, what's goin' on?
Chief, I'm
asking him to move the truck,
or I'm gonna tow him.
This is Mike Luna, he can
park here, he's a fisherman.
Alright, I don't know why
you bother putting signs up
and why you pay me
to enforce them.
Uh, it's a transitional time.
Alright, whatever.
How'd you get her, Jimmy?
Full time help,
you get what you can.
You want that job?
Towin' cars for people
who've lost their boats?
I don't think so, Jimmy.
I'm buying another boat.
What are you gonna do,
go out and fish for seals?
Come here.
I wanna show you somethin'.
You know what these are?
Yeah, they're baby clams.
Good, you passed
your first test.
I want you to take these, take
them out to Hatch's Harbor,
I want you to spread them out.
I got them in the mail, they're
almost on their way out.
I think Bill Powers ordered
them before he took ill.
Am I being considered
for this job?
Uh, considered?
You have his job.
Jimmy, come on,
me, law enforcement?
Think of it as
community service.
What's this?
You're the new shellfish warden.
Oh, look at this.
It's ridiculous, Jimmy.
Your mother would be proud.
Christ, Jimmy.
Come on!
Get outta here!
Hey, everybody.
Shh, Mom said
not to disturb her.
Your dinner's in the oven.
Alright, I'm gonna
go take a shower.
Diggin' for clams, sir?
Yes, sir, yes, sir, I am.
You got me, I'm Peter Benedict,
I live on Commercial Street.
No license?
I usually get one but
I couldn't find you.
You see, usually the shellfish
warden comes to my door
and we buy our license then.
Well since you seem
to know all the laws,
you'll know today is not an
official clam digging day.
You got me again.
What, shall I dump them out?
Yeah, dump them out and, uh,
let me see some
identification, please.
Yes, of course.
My hands are freezing, can you
grab my wallet for me please?
It's in the right-hand pocket.
Excuse me.
I'm really cold.
Could we walk back to
the parking lot, please?
- I'm so cold.
- Peter Benedict, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, he's my neighbor.
It's Elizabeth Baldwin.
I don't know if I can make it.
Oh, come on.
Mike, I think he
has hypothermia.
Oh, Christ, he
can't be that cold.
His lips are blue and...
Just put one foot in front
of the other, come on, buddy.
I think I'm going to pass out.
No no no, if we can
just make it to my place,
I'm right there, we'll
get hot tea and a fire.
We're not far, we're not far.
One foot in front
of the other, come on.
One foot in front of the
other, let's go, come on.
I'm freezing.
We'll get you warmed up.
Do you want some more brandy
in that tea to warm you up?
Long we are tossed
on the rolling main.
Now we're safe ashore, Jack.
Did you two go to boarding
school or somethin' together?
I'm sorry for my
infraction, Mr. Luna.
When a man is denied the
right to live the life he
believes in, he has no other
choice but to become an outlaw.
Whoever said that
was a fisherman.
Or a clam digger.
I don't think that Nelson
Mandela was a fisherman.
I couldn't remember
who said that.
I did.
This all seems rather ironic.
I went out in this
blustery weather to rake
some cherrystone clams,
for you.
Yeah, to bring over
as a welcoming gift.
And now here I am sipping brandy
discussing Nelson Mandela.
Stranger the night.
Oh, come on, we've been
neighbors for 15 years.
I just didn't
wanna be presumptuous
with somebody as famous as you.
I'm not famous.
To us wannabes, yeah, you are.
I really gotta get goin',
I am outta my element here.
I'll walk you out.
Uh, you want the
money for the license?
No, forget it.
Forget it this time.
Don't forget
your old ship mate
Excuse me.
Faldee raldee raldee
raldee rye-eye-dock
- Sorry about all this.
- I gotta go.
- I wanna see you again.
- Alright.
Imagine him wanting to give
me a fine for digging clams.
As if we don't already
pay enough on this beach.
I mean, if you hadn't come
along, he'd have me in handcuffs.
What you got?
Here's the new licenses,
the checks and the cash.
Only three licenses?
You gotta be kidding me.
Jimmy, nobody's
digging for shellfish.
Mike, you gotta pay 'em pay,
their fees pay your salary.
I can't make 'em
buy licenses, Jimmy.
You gotta go door to door.
Christ, door to door like
a vacuum cleaner salesman?
The Dyers, the Rogers, the
Winthropes, the Baldwins.
They all got cottages
on the beach,
they all dig for shellfish,
you gotta walk up to
their front doors,
you gotta make them pay.
25 bucks won't break them.
Jimmy, I just can't do
this job, it's not me.
Look, hold on, just hold on.
This is for your first week.
Tonight, half this town's
gonna be eating clam chowder
with clams they didn't pay for.
You gotta make 'em pay,
a couple months of this,
and your house is saved.
You bastard.
Don't forget this.
You could even take
your wife on vacation!
How about a frickin' thank you?
Seagulls, stop eatin'
my clams, get outta here!
I just put those out here.
I don't think
they know where to buy a permit.
Right here.
- I am the new shellfish warden.
- Those criminals.
You think this is easy?
Why don't you help
me chase 'em away?
- I will.
- Get outta here.
Get outta here!
Go to Nantucket
where somebody will love ya!
Get outta here!
Don't blame me for
a shortage of clam chowder.
What's the
matter with you, Mike,
you don't like seagulls?
No, I don't, I've
never liked them.
And now I really don't like 'em,
they're eatin'
all my baby clams.
Oh, that's uh, that's
oddly fraternal of you.
Well, I am the new
shellfish warden.
Yeah, I know, there's
predators everywhere.
Oh, no.
I think we're stuck out here.
Yeah, the tide's
coming in pretty quick.
- Look, I'll carry you.
- Okay.
Gotta rinse off real quick.
Um, can you run inside
and grab me a towel?
- Yeah, okay.
- Thanks.
Oh, I was gonna see if
maybe you wanted to come in
for a cup of coffee
or somethin'.
- What are you thinking?
- The sound of the water.
- It makes me think of my boat.
- You miss it?
Absolutely, we used to
take three, four-day trips,
sometimes longer for sword.
Pull into the safe
harbor, sleep on the boat.
There's nothin' like
bein' on a boat, it's...
It's freedom.
You don't feel free?
Not like you, I bet
you've been everywhere.
What's your favorite
place to dock your boat?
That's easy,
Gloucester, up the coast.
Why Gloucester?
'Cause fishermen are still
treated like kings up there.
There's good food, good
hard-workin' people.
It's a paradise for
anyone with a boat.
So why don't you
just get another boat?
That's the plan, eventually.
And you?
- What do you want?
- Family.
I was an only child, so I didn't
have brothers and sisters,
and my cousins always had a
lot of brothers and sisters,
and I kinda always wanted to
know what that would feel like,
- you know?
- Try havin' four brothers.
Sharing everything from
soap, clothes, deodorant,
girlfriends, sometimes I
wished I was an only child.
I was close to my mom,
we were like best friends.
And then she passed away three
years ago and it's just been,
- What about your father?
- Father?
We don't talk about
anything but money.
It's the only conversation
I think we've ever had.
You should have a family,
it's my family that saved me.
Whatever I've done,
whatever I was gonna do,
my kids, they washed
all that clean.
Made everything else
seem insignificant.
You should have a family.
It's just not meant to be.
The doctor said I couldn't
have any children.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You made it.
- You made it.
Hang on a second.
I gotta take this.
- Hello?
- Hey.
Who is this?
Already forgot about me?
What are you doin'
callin' me here like this?
Can you come over?
- Right now?
- How about later?
Look, I'll see what
I can do, alright?
I'll stop by later, okay?
Hey, something's
goin' down at the pier.
Jimmy needs me to come
give him a hand, alright?
Dad's always working these days.
You know, Jimmy
doesn't own you 24/7.
Look, I know it's a new job,
I'm just tryin' to do a
good job for him, alright?
You can't shut
your phone off for 20 minutes
so we can get through
a family dinner?
You told me to take the job.
I'm doin' the job, okay?
Good, pick me up a bottle
of wine on your way back.
I won't be home too
late, I promise, alright?
Okay, Dad.
Hey, baby.
Are you sleepin'?
I'm sorry I'm late, okay?
What do you say we take a
trip down Cape this weekend?
I got the next
couple of days off.
- Okay.
- Sound good?
Are you comin' up?
Alright, goodnight.
I'll get the light.
You lookin' for Mike?
Remember me?
Um, right yeah, you're um...
Sammy, right.
You lookin' for Mike?
Uh, no no, I was uh, just
lookin' for a clam license.
Clam license?
Sorry, I'm a little high.
It's alright, I, uh...
I don't smoke, I
mean I have, I just,
I just haven't a
while, you know?
But don't worry, I'm not
judging you or anything.
Do you want some?
Not here.
I'll give you two for later.
- What was your name?
- Elizabeth.
Nice to see you
again, Elizabeth.
Nice to see you.
So how much do I owe you?
- Talk about it another time?
- Alright.
Mike's down Cape with his wife.
Wanna start fishing again, Mike?
Well, Jimmy told
me it's for sale.
$900 a month and we can own
it outright in five years.
You're serious?
It's time.
Thank you.
How many
times do I have to call you
before you answer the phone?
You alright?
Yeah, I'm just tired from
the trip, let's go home.
Yeah, me too.
Let's go.
Sammy, what's goin' on?
Whoa, what's up,
Jimmy, what'd I do?
I'll think of somethin'.
Come on, I was on
my way somewhere.
- I don't know, somewhere.
- Yeah, just what I thought.
Look, Sammy.
Tell me, you still getting
your stuff from the same place?
What are you talkin' about?
Alfredo, he still
your connection?
Who's Alfredo?
I don't know an Alfredo.
Look, Sammy, don't play with me.
Take two steps back here.
Your drugs, are you gettin'
them from the same source?
Don't lie to me, I'll
take you in right now.
Same guy, nothing's changed.
Alright, you let me know
if and when anything changes.
You know, Jimmy,
I want a real job.
You got Mike a sweet gig workin'
for a town, what about me?
- Can't you help me out?
- He's got no criminal record.
What, protective
custody, a disorderly?
That's nothin'.
You think Mike's an
angel workin' on the job?
- Somethin' goin' on?
- I don't know, maybe.
Hey there, Officer.
- Yes, sir.
- I saw a guy fishin' here.
And uh, yesterday, and
I don't know what he was
tryin' to catch, but he was
usin' some sort of bait and I
was wonderin' if you knew what
kind of bait he was usin'.
I'm sorry, I can't tell
you but if you ask for Jerry
down at the tackle
shop, he'll help ya.
- Oh, Jerry?
- Jerry.
- Jerry at the tackle shop?
- Yeah.
You know, that's
the way to do it.
So, Jerry's the guy to talk to?
- Yeah, talk to Jerry.
- Where have you been?
Excuse me?
Too busy to return my calls?
Uh, I'll see ya around, okay?
Yeah, you're great.
Sorry, I'm workin'.
What did you see?
I don't know, I was
down by Dyer's Cove.
- You saw Mike when?
- It was about a week ago.
What is he doin'?
He's driving, he's
walking, what did you see?
He parked his car and he
walked to the end of the path.
About an hour later, he left.
- You were there for an hour?
- Yeah.
What then?
Then, a woman came
down the same path,
got in her car and left.
The Baldwin woman.
And, don't you find
that a little weird
that Mike's hangin' down
there at this time of year,
with the lady?
I tell you this much, they
ain't goin' fishin' together.
No, not at all.
Look, you just saw Mike
walkin' down a path.
Don't make conclusions,
you're too stupid.
Hey, if you don't wanna
trust my good information,
that's on you, brother.
Go back to doin' nothin'
like you always like to do.
Get outta here.
Good to see ya, Jim.
I mean, what kind of woman
calls your husband's phone
and yells at him,
other than his wife?
- Am I being irrational?
- Did you ask him about it?
I don't wanna ask
him about it, I mean,
what if it's work related
and I'm just being paranoid?
I never thought I'd end up here.
You know, for a second
there it sounded like
you were getting sick of me.
No, I'm not.
I gotta get goin'.
Well, you're in a
hurry, how was your trip?
- What?
- Down Cape.
With your wife.
What, did you go
looking for a boat?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- So why bring her?
- I don't understand.
Well, why wouldn't you bring me?
She's my wife,
I've got obligations.
Obligations, okay.
So that's what they're calling
marriage these days, right?
So what's that make me?
Am I the mistress?
You're crazy, come on.
I'm crazy?
Right, yeah, I'm crazy
because I ask questions,
so I'm crazy.
Your wife must be so clueless.
Look, leave my wife out of this.
Yeah, why don't we
leave your wife out of it?
This is my house,
my room, my bed.
Why ruin anything by
bringing up your wife?
Hey, hey, there she
rises early in the mornin'
Knock, knock!
Tell him to go away.
Hello, hello, it's Peter!
I've got some new tea!
You're gonna love.
Do not leave me up here.
Hi, Peter, I'll be right down.
- Is this a bad time?
- No!
Tea for my honey,
honey for my tea.
Honey tea, honey
tea, tea, tea, honey.
You don't have
to stay up here.
You can come down
any time you want.
So the article just needs
a bit of trimming, otherwise,
it's really great.
Thank you.
You do know that it
is more of a feature
than an article, though, right?
Some tea?
You know what, I
would love a cup of tea.
Thank you.
Honey with your tea?
Life is the flower for which
love is the honey.
Victor Hugo.
If you want honey, don't
kick over the beehive.
It's Dale Carnegie.
Oh, here it is.
Do you really wanna say
emerald instead of green?
I was thinking maybe viridian.
I mean, it works.
Viridian trim.
- Yeah.
- I thought so, too.
What are they talkin' about now?
It's rolling around in
my head, viridian trim.
It just doesn't sound, I
don't know, it sounds a bit,
public parks and Subarus?
Is the feeling that
I evokes for me,
which is why I went with
emerald which is more of like,
something that inspires
the imagination...
Emerald is, I mean, Vincent
Van Gogh, Emerald Lilies.
It's genius, I love
emerald, emerald is perfect.
That hit the spot.
Another cup?
You know, um, no.
Actually, I have a lot of
organizing to do upstairs.
It's a total mess.
So, thank you for the notes.
Oh, um, we could
finish over dinner?
Uh, tonight?
- Yes.
- My place or yours?
- Mine.
- White wine or red?
- Red.
- Pinot, Merlot, Cabernet?
Peter, surprise me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Uh, well thank you, see ya!
- Yeah, yeah.
Thanks for the, uh, the notes.
- Bye!
- Mm-hm.
What the hell was that?
White, red, leaving me
upstairs to rot, are you insane?
You could have come
down any time you wanted.
Look, Elizabeth,
I'm married, remember?
Oh, Peter already knows.
What? Did you tell him?
I don't have anything to hide.
Look, I gotta get back to
work, I could lose my job.
Hey, Jimmy, what's up?
You tell me.
I was just down the beach
chasin' some illegal diggers.
And you can't answer your phone?
You know how it is out here,
the cell phone's
always crappin' out.
People are talkin'.
About what?
About you and Elizabeth Baldwin.
Look, Mike, it's me.
That Elizabeth Baldwin.
Now, the Baldwins don't
mix too well in this town.
Jimmy, I don't know
how this happened.
It was just a hookup,
it got out of hand.
Look, I'll end it, alright?
Don't make me look bad
for gettin' you this job.
Anyone home?
Well, this is a rare occasion.
Nancy, I've never
seen you without Mike!
- This calls for a freedom shot.
- Oh, no, what's next?
What do ya drink?
- No, thank you, Carlos.
- Oh, yes, you will!
Can you shoot tequila?
I could think of a lot of things
I'd like to shoot right now.
Two shots of tequila, Roxy,
and don't forget the salt, and
we'll have some lemon, too.
I don't think Nancy wants to see
what you do with
your tongue, Carlos.
Yeah, that's it, don't
get so jealous, Roxy.
Here comes trouble.
Mikey, come join the party.
Hey, Nancy, sorry I'm
late, where are the kids?
At my mother's house.
Look, I'm sorry, I
just got hung up at work.
Yeah, I bet you did,
Mike, but you know what?
I'm relaxing now,
so why don't you go
home, and let me relax?
Come on, what do you
say we go get some dinner?
What do you say you leave
me alone so I can relax?
Look it's this new job, I'm
just tryin' to get used to it.
I'm sorry, I won't
be late anymore.
You know what,
Mike, just shut up.
Hey, Nancy, come over here
and join us for some pool.
Okay, Carlos.
I'll play some pool.
Don't touch me.
I'm all yours, Carlos.
Like this?
- Here you go, babe.
- Jerk.
Okay, Carlos, watch
me break these balls.
Hey, Roxy, how about a beer?
Are you sure you
wanna do that, Mike?
Is there a problem, Roxy?
I don't know, is there?
I'm just saying, one of you
has to drive home tonight.
I'll be fine,
just a beer, please.
No beer!
We're cool, right, Mike?
Me and you, we're cool, right?
I know I kind of
ratted you out, but,
you know, better me
than a stranger, right?
Plus, things were startin'
to get out of control,
so I stopped it before they
were gettin' out of control,
so I actually helped
you out, right?
Yeah, right,
thanks for the help.
And now that that
Baldwin woman is free,
maybe I could get in
on the action, huh!
Shut up, alright?
- I'm just playin' with ya.
- Christ.
- Hey.
- Damn it.
Hey, come on, I was
just jokin' with ya.
I had ya for a second!
Yeah, good joke,
thank you for the joke.
Yeah, well,
I got a business
proposition for you.
Now, we all know fishing
sucks now, so I got this side
business and I was thinking
maybe you could help me out.
What the hell are
you talking about?
I got good speed.
I got the snortin'
stuff, too, you know?
I was thinkin' you hang out
with those hot rich women
down on the east end, maybe we
can make some money together.
You can be my east end broker,
huh, what do ya say, huh?
Now listen to me, Sammy,
get this through your head.
If I ever catch you dealin',
I'm not gonna turn
you into Jimmy,
I'm gonna turn you
into the state police.
Do you understand me?
Mike, what you gotta
be so uncool for?
I'm tryin' to return the
favor, but you know, forget it.
Here, take your $60 back.
Just keep it, Sammy, alright?
Nah, I'm my own man now,
I don't need money from you.
Knock it off, Carlos!
- Ah, come on.
- Seriously, stop it.
Get, Carlos, get off of me!
What's your problem?
What are you doing?
What the fuck is your problem?
What are you gonna do about it?
What are you doin', Mike?
You better be serious.
I'll gut you like a fish.
Hey, Carlos, put
that away, are you crazy?
Let's get outta here.
This is your fault.
Just him outta here, Sammy.
I think I drank too much.
Do you love me, Mike?
Do you love me?
Yes, of course.
Are you cheating on me, Mike?
Just go to sleep.
Stop asking me these
ridiculous questions right now.
If I found out that
you were cheating on me,
I would kill you.
No, I wouldn't kill you, Mike.
I would just leave you,
for a fisherman with
a boat, a real man.
'Cause you're not a
real man anymore, Mike.
Mm-hm, thank you.
You know what you are?
You're a clam cop.
Look out, everybody, here
comes Mike the clam cop.
And I have a local Savio
Grand, especially for you.
Thank you.
Some little nacks
over here that have been
lightly seasoned with a little
bit of garlic and butter,
and I've got some fresh-baked
cod that's been stuffed
and is on a bed of kale.
Oh, and this.
You know, Peter, I don't
think I'm that hungry.
What's wrong, Elizabeth?
- I don't feel so good.
- Elizabeth, wait.
"The kind of town where
men time out of mind,
"have risked their lives
inhesitantly to save others.
"Where few grow to manhood
without courageously
"having faced danger.
"While on Town Warph, you
may hear a gusty joke shouted
"from one vessel to another.
"The town is alive,
moving into a deep stream,
"which time overflows.
"A mixture of a summer people
in town gets too strong
"and goes off in a roar.
"People get a disease
called Augustitis,
"when the mixture gets too rich.
"There comes a time when
the combination of sea
"and sweeping
color of the dunes,
"the exciting and the excited
people who get together
"on the beach in the heady
salt air of Province Town"
"all combine to give one
special sort of intoxication."
What's goin' on here?
What's it look like?
Haven't seen or heard
from you in over a week.
I get it, I get the picture.
Let me guess.
It's not me, it's you.
I just think our
situation is impossible.
- Why?
- What are you gonna do?
Are you gonna take
me to New York City?
Parade me around to
all your friends?
Your fisherman
woodcutter trophy?
Look, they'd just laugh at me.
This has been great,
really, I just,
I can't do this anymore.
You know why this is impossible?
Because you never were
gonna leave your wife.
You have to understand
something, I live here.
I always have and I always will.
So, what?
This was just easy
sex for you, right?
I get it.
It was fun.
And that was fine.
But things change.
Yeah look, I know, things
have changed for me, too.
I just can't.
I'm pregnant.
You're pregnant?
Is it mine?
Are you kidding?
There's always that guy Peter
that's hanging around here.
No, Mike.
I haven't had sex
with anyone but you
in the last six months.
What are you gonna do?
- I'm keeping it.
- Of course you are.
Mike, of course
I'm gonna keep it.
Of course you're gonna
keep it, of course.
Look, I told you, I want
a family more than anything.
And I thought it
was impossible, but,
I'm pregnant.
And look, I'm sorry that
it's with you, trust me,
I'd rather it be with
anybody else, but,
without you, this
wouldn't be possible.
So, thank you.
I gotta think.
Don't worry, you
don't have to think.
You don't have to do
anything, you know why?
Because this isn't
about you, alright?
This is about...
This is about me
and my baby and,
I don't wanna raise my child
around somebody like you.
Someone like me?
What's wrong with
someone like me?
There's nothing for you here.
You can go.
Definitely make a pie.
How about some chips?
How about milk and eggs?
Milk and eggs it is.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
Do you remember me?
I'm just in town
for a visit, I, um,
I have something
I wanna show you.
Listen, my wife's here.
She can't see us.
I'll stop by later.
Okay, yeah.
- Milk and eggs.
- Thanks, honey.
I, um, I just wanted
to thank you, Mr. Luna.
I'm going to look into that.
Yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
Who is that?
Christ, I don't know.
I should have taken off my
jacket before I came in here.
People think I work 24/7.
This isn't who I am.
Mike, relax.
It's a jacket.
Change it before
you leave the house.
Is Elizabeth home?
She's resting.
It's not a good time.
I'll come back later.
Do you wanna leave a message?
I thought I heard you.
Is he the new daddy?
- Peter?
- Yeah.
No, he's just a friend.
- Does he know that?
- He knows you're the father.
Elizabeth, we're goin'
on a walk, are you coming?
Go ahead and take
Henry down the beach.
I'll meet you in a minute.
It's a great name.
It's after his grandfather.
- He's a handsome boy.
- Yeah, like his daddy.
You haven't changed.
You look great.
I've missed you.
This isn't why I came here.
So I take you still
have, uh, obligations?
How long are you in town for?
- Depends.
- Depends on what?
I don't wanna play games.
I'm not playing games.
My father died and
left me the house.
- So you're staying?
- That's the plan.
Right now.
Ever since I've had
Henry, I haven't been able
to work as much as I used to
and the house is paid off,
so it just makes sense.
Look, uh, you're busy.
I'll come back another time.
I don't know, but
please, whatever you do,
just don't come down
to my work, okay?
Who's that?
- There's Mommy.
- Hey.
What did he want?
He wanted to see Henry and me.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm great.
Elizabeth, I don't
think you know him.
You know, could watch
Henry for a little while?
- I have to go out.
- Of course, but Elizabeth.
You have a child now, think
about what's right for Henry.
I am thinking about
what's right for Henry.
Get over here.
Did you plan a dinner for us?
Something light and easy.
I would have prepared something
more extravagant, but uh,
Henry had me read him
six books tonight.
The little rascal didn't
wanna go to sleep.
I think he was
missing his momma.
Look, Peter, I really do
appreciate all of this, but I...
Can I get a rain check?
How about a glass of wine?
I'm just so tired.
Is he coming over?
Well, if he is, I'm not
gonna be much company,
because I'm goin' to bed.
No, just leave it, just
leave it, just leave it.
I'll deal with it tomorrow.
I'll put a log on the
fire before I leave.
Hi, can I help you?
Uh, yes.
A friend of mine has a
child with a state employee,
so she just wanted me to come
in here and pick up the forms
for medical insurance
for the dependent.
Who's the employee?
Aren't all the forms the same?
No, they're not.
It actually depends on
the level of the employee,
are they a level one employee
or a level two employee?
I don't know.
And there's also different
plans to choose from,
different deductibles
and other variables.
What is the relationship
to the employee?
- Does that matter?
- Mm-hm.
Okay, wait just one moment.
Go ahead and fill these
out and bring them back.
These are only for
the employee to see.
Remind the employee not to
forget to fill out the backs.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Well, hi to you, too.
Here, fill those out and
then hand them back to me
- when you're done.
- What the hell are these?
Insurance forms?
Henry needs insurance.
Christ, can't you get
this some place else?
The whole town's gonna
know my business.
No, I can't, I
lost my job, okay?
And I'm not poor enough to
afford the state insurance,
and I'm too rich
to get a good plan.
How much do you want?
Are you trying to pay
me off so I'll go away?
You knew I was married
when this affair started.
You told me you
couldn't get pregnant.
Look, life changes, I know,
it's changed for me, too.
Is this all you
want, the insurance?
It really is over.
You don't feel anything
for me anymore, do you?
I love my wife, and my family.
Henry is your family.
Tell Nancy, she's gonna
hear about it eventually.
It's better she hear it
from you than someone else.
Jimmy, I just can't do it.
It'll break her heart,
it'll be the end of us.
You want that strange woman
making your life's
decisions for you?
Go home, tell your
wife what you did.
Um, well, we talked
about peace, reconciliation.
It's important to
think about that.
Tag, you're it.
- Here I come!
- Come get me!
Somethin' I've been wantin'
to tell you for a while now.
- Hey, Bryce?
- Yeah, what?
- Be careful.
- You're it.
You're it.
Look, when I took the new job...
Can you believe how
tall Christina's getting?
Look at her.
She's just so tall.
She's beautiful.
- Just like her mother.
- What did you wanna tell me?
Look, Nancy, it's bad.
Did you lose your job?
No, no.
I didn't lose the job.
Don't tell me you're in
trouble with the police.
No, it's worse, Nancy.
I had an affair.
It was three years ago, I
never meant for this to happen.
It's over.
You what?
You had an affair?
There's more, she got pregnant.
There's a little boy.
You're kidding me, right?
His name's Henry.
Do other people know?
Yeah, look, Nancy, I'm sorry.
How could you do this to me?
How could you do this to us?
I don't know what
I was thinking.
You know, you told
me you were working.
You weren't working.
You were playing.
You were having your
way with some woman.
Mom, are you alright?
We're leaving.
Bryce, come on, we're leaving.
You too, Mike.
Get in the car.
Can the kids stay
with you tonight?
What did he do now?
I'll call you later.
- I'll speak to you.
- Bye bye.
Come on, give grandma
a kiss, come on.
Give me a hug.
Look at me, be good for Grandma.
- No fighting.
- Okay.
Thanks, Mom.
God damn you, Mike Luna!
You can find somewhere
else to sleep.
I hate you!
You're a cheater!
How could you do this to me?
Get outta here!
You liar!
Don't you ever come back!
Are you Elizabeth?
Do you know who I am?
I do.
Well, then I'll just
make this really easy.
Did you have an affair
with my husband?
Can I see him, the child?
I don't think we're gonna
be staying for that long.
Well, Elizabeth,
I don't really think
that's how that works.
How what works?
Parental rights.
You know, Mike might not
be the perfect husband,
but he's a wonderful father,
and so I forgive him.
But not you.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Wasn't that just charming.
Not now, Peter.
It's what you wanted, isn't it?
Were you spying on me?
Why don't you let
me in like that?
I could love Henry
just as much as he
and I would let
you live your life.
Live my life.
With you?
Is that what you want?
I don't want a life with you.
You're still in love with
him and you can't stand
the fact that he loves his wife.
You want the things
that you can't have.
I wish it were me.
What am I supposed to do,
am I supposed to cry
for you now, really?
No, I am as big
a man as Mike Luna.
Strength is in what you
don't do, not what you do.
Have you lost your mind?
Get off me!
I'm sorry.
I would never hurt you or Henry.
You see this bag?
This bag, your life is
in this fuckin' bag.
- I got it, I got it.
- You are a nut.
Now I won't expect
anything other than you
to be responsible for
this bag, you get it?
Don't worry about it.
Fuck you, you bastard.
Hey, Elizabeth.
- It's uh...
- Sammy, Sammy.
Sammy, hi.
- Is that Mike's kid?
- Yup.
- He's a cute kid.
- Thank you.
I got a boy of my own, cool boy.
Kinda like father like
son, you know?
He lives down in Hartford,
Connecticut with his mother,
but I'm thinkin' now that
I'm doin' better, you know,
maybe he could come start
live with me, you know?
- Are you lookin' for Mike?
- No, no, I'm just sittin'.
'Cause I'm pretty sure
he's down by the bar.
If you give me a ride, I
could probably find him,
if you're lookin' for him.
Oh, I'll give you
a ride, yeah, sure.
Yeah, hop in.
He ain't in there.
It's okay.
I'm gonna get the kid home.
Alright, thanks for the ride.
Yeah, sure.
See ya.
What the hell is this?
What are you doin',
are you digging clams?
What the hell are those,
have you got a license?
- No.
- Dump 'em out!
Christ, you can't dig
clams without a license.
Jesus, I didn't
think anyone cared.
Anyone cared?
That's stealing, alright?
This is my job, alright,
that's stealing.
Dump 'em out, some time today!
Don't ever let me catch
you digging clams here
without a license, alright?
You got it.
Get outta here.
God damn it.
I'm sorry.
'Cause I'm in love
with you, and,
and I know you don't
want me to stay here,
and I know you don't
want me at all.
So I'm gonna go.
It's alright.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
What's up?
Not really a big deal, but uh,
we're gonna get it back...
We're gonna get what back?
I just, I kinda
left the bag in...
You what?
I know where it is,
I know where it is!
Where did you leave the bag?
I think, I'm 99% sure
I left it in Elizabeth...
99, you'll be 100% sure.
Come on, where is
it, in her house?
- I think it's in...
- Let's go, come on.
Look, 99% sure that
my orange backpack
has the stash in it
in her car, alright?
You better pray my
stash is in her car.
You stupid knucklehead.
I said I'm sorry, alright?
I'm sure it's in there.
I should have never trusted you.
I'm sorry but she'll be
home soon, she's with her kid.
Where are you goin'?
I'm just checkin' things out!
She's got my stash, doesn't she?
- Dude.
- What happened, what?
- We gotta get outta here.
- Why, why, what?
Get in the car.
There's a baby in the car.
Forget about the baby!
- It'll freeze to death.
- Come on.
Hurry up.
It's alright, it's okay.
It's gonna be okay, I promise.
Don't worry, don't worry.
Why did you do this
to me, where'd you go?
Henry, hey, hey, I'm here.
Come here, boy.
Oh my god, no.
What do you mean?
Yeah, I'll be right there.
I was here with
her, we had a fight,
and she asked me to leave but
I knew she didn't mean it.
If only I would have
been with her last night,
she'd still be alive.
She needed me.
I know it.
She was frightened of
Mike Luna, that bastard,
I could have stopped him.
If only I would have stayed,
she'd still be alive.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I wasn't the man I needed to be.
He did it.
He did it, murderer!
It wasn't me, I didn't kill her!
You killed my Elizabeth!
No, no!
Don't jump to conclusions!
Oh, look who's coming.
There we go.
Oh yes, it's fine.
He's your responsibility
now, Nancy.
You, sit down.
Sit down.
It's gonna be okay.
- It's gonna be okay.
- No, please.
Please, no.
He did it!
- What are you doing?
- Sit down.
- That's the murderer!
- Sit down.
Sit down.
It's gonna be okay.
Are you a good boy?
Yeah, you're a good boy.
I gotta get the car seat.
Be careful,
don't let him touch anything.
I'm just getting the car seat.
I swear I didn't mean
this to happen, man.
Mike, I'm sorry to
come in like this, man.
This is bad, Mike,
this is bad, bro.
She's dead.
I swear I didn't do it,
man, you gotta believe me!
Who did this, Sammy?
Who did this?
I can't tell you,
man, I'm screwed!
You're screwed
anyway, alright?
I saw your backpack in her car.
I didn't mean for none
of this to happen, I swear,
I was just tryin' to
get my stuff back!
The baby's so cute.
So cute, I grabbed the baby,
brought it back in the house.
I went back in the house,
somebody stabbed her,
she was stabbed, she
was on the floor!
If you didn't have anything
to do with this, we'll talk
to Jimmy and we'll get it all
straightened out, alright?
If I tell Jimmy, I'm
goin' to jail, man.
I left a bag of blow, I left
a whole ounce in her car!
- Sit down.
- The cops?
- Oh, shit!
- Sit down, it's Jimmy.
Gonna go to jail!
Sit, just calm down.
I'm gonna go talk to Jimmy.
Where is he?
He's right there!
He's heading west on Commercial.
I'm losing
him, where's my backup?
- We lost him.
- No, he'll show up in town.
He's got nowhere to go.
He's just a mixed up kid, Jimmy.
There's no way he did this.
Just look after your own kid.
You want Henry
growin' up wondering
if the person who killed his
mother is still out there?
I'm gonna keep lookin'
for whoever did this,
even if you're not.
Don't end up a suspect,
let it rest, alright?
Go home, this chapter
of your life is over.
You guys see that
big church right over there?
- Yeah.
- You mean the library?
Nah, that used to be a church.
A lot of people
used to pray there.
Why, Dad?
Sometimes, uh, people
prayed 'cause they have
problems they couldn't
solve by themselves,
- they needed a little help.
- Like what?
Sometimes, uh, men
would go out to sea,
to fish, and they
wouldn't come back.
I don't know, maybe they
got lost in a big storm
or something, you know?
Maybe they went to heaven.
Yeah, maybe they did.
Yeah, they probably
went to heaven.
All at once you see
Your life flashing
before your eyes
And glows in the
tears that sting
And your nose, it burns
As the years turn
Into songs that fade away
Before you can
learn all the words
And dance to the
rhythms you've heard
All along you have played
These songs
unafraid of the end
And now it begins
Before you can
learn all the words
And dance to the
rhythms you've heard
All along you have played
These songs
unafraid of the end
And now it begins
Now it begins
Now it begins