Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Murder Mystery (2015) Movie Script

And thank you for listening
to "the Dr. Love show:
On this chilly but beautiful
holiday morning.
It is my privilege
to spend this time...
Good morning, Hannah.
Good morning, Mayor Bascomb.
- Well, how are you?
- Fine. Thank you.
Mrs. Norton, nice to see you.
Cold one today, huh?
Oh, it is frigid, mayor,
totally frigid.
Oh, my goodness.
Ahh. Smells terrific in here.
Thank you, mayor.
What can I do for you?
I need a treat for my wife.
She's got a bad case of the flu.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
What about
some frosted ginger cookies?
Oh, sounds good to me.
Oh, uh, hey,
take those deliveries
to the back for me, please.
- Lisa! We have a delivery.
- On it!
How many cookies
were you thinking, mayor?
Two, three?
I was thinking maybe three.
If I remember correctly,
these cookies
are your wife's favorite.
Thank you so much.
Lovely. That'll be $3.00, mayor.
Oh! Ha. Sorry.
And thank you for donating
to the Christmas benefit.
I heard you were
auctioning yourself off
to the highest bidder,
is that true?
Well, not me personally.
Um, but I am auctioning off,
to the highest bidder,
a different dessert
delivered to their door
every month for an entire year.
Would it be unethical
for me to make a bid on that,
even though I'm emceeing
the auction?
I'm sure if your money's good,
they'll take it!
Thanks a lot.
Bye, ladies!
Sophie comes down with the flu.
She wouldn't get the flu shot!
Why is that?
Oh, Sam at the pharmacy
put a sign in the window
that said "flu shots available,
but only for people over 45."
Hi, ladies. Have you heard
what Sophie bascomb did?
She handmade these ornaments,
all to raise money
for the children's hospital.
They're only $10 each,
but all the proceeds
go to the hospital.
Oh, well, that's
a bargain, for sure.
We'll each take two.
Lovely! I'll leave them here
for you to pick out. Thank you!
Now, do not spend my money.
I have plenty of--
You're listening to Eden lake's
very own "the grace notes."
It's December 18th,
which is a reminder
that there's only
seven more shopping days left
until Christmas.
This is Dr. Love reminding you
that life without love
is only half a life.
Okay, and the snow angels.
No. Yeah...
All right. See you later.
Not too much filling, okay?
That was the crazy elf tree lot.
They're running out
of their daily order,
so they need sugar cookies
and snow angels.
Okay, well, we're
running low on both.
I'll be there later.
I'm picking out a tree
with Andrea
for the benefit,
so I'll take them
what we have, okay?
Will you make
another double batch
of the sugar cookies
and the snow angels?
Please? And thank you!
Tom, hey, will you box up
two dozen sugar cookies
and snow angels for me?
We're putting them on hold
for the crazy elf tree lot.
You okay, Luanne?
The crazy elf tree lot
is making me crazy.
Oh, are they your clients?
I've been asked
to review their books,
but these numbers
just don't add up.
How about
some Holly-jolly coffee for you?
You know what'll help you
balance those books?
A cranberry scone on the house.
Lisa, how about
a cranberry scone
for miss Luanne?
Good morning, all!
In desperate need
of a Holly-jolly to go.
Large cup.
I have six more properties
to look at today.
Oh, good morning, mother.
Lisa, can you believe it?
My mother is opening
an antique shop.
Oh! Congratulations,
Mrs. Swensen.
Thank you. Found
a lease in Greenport.
Oh. Mother, that's
a really long commute.
Oh, don't worry.
You'll still see me
all the time.
It's strategically situated
in the mall.
"Location, location, location."
- Oh, hello!
- Hello!
I signed up for a business class
at the community college.
The teacher, miss whiting,
says the key to success
is choosing a retail location
with lots of foot traffic.
As you have here,
by the way, Hannah.
Oh. A business class?
A splendid idea, Delores.
Shows initiative!
And at your age.
Well, yes.
Karen, Norman Rhodes's mother,
signed up, too,
but she's been A.W.O.L.
The last three classes.
Oh, well, you know,
Sophie Bascomb's come down ill.
- Oh!
- Delores.
Oh, hello, Nancy!
How are you?
Wonderful, thank you.
What can I get you?
Um, medium cappuccino, please.
Great, and a pastry?
Try one of those. Delicious.
Okay, I'll try one.
Hannah, you know
my dear friend, Dr. Schmidt?
Well, I know you better
as "Dr. Love."
I'm a big fan
of your radio program.
"A life without love
is only half a life."
Remember that!
That is exactly right.
Maybe you can give
some relationship advice
to Hannah.
- Oh?
- I don't need advice.
My daughter is stringing
along two different beaus.
I'm not stringing anyone along.
A mother can only hope and pray
that you will clearly
see that Norman Rhodes
is the best candidate, Hannah.
He's handsome,
and he's stable,
and he's a dentist.
Mother. How about
a cranberry scone?
See? She needs guidance.
- This is amazing!
- Yeah, it's great.
So cute!
Welcome to the crazy elf
Christmas tree lot.
Christmas is our business.
I'm elf Molly.
How can we help you
make this your best
yuletide Christmas ever?
I need to buy a tree.
A 9 to 11 foot Douglas fur.
Crazy elf is crazy!
And so are my prices!
The crazy elf is crazy
and so are his prices.
Oh! My gosh. You only take cash?
Cash and carry.
It's the elf way.
Do you have cash?
- Let me check.
- Okay.
I love all of your festivities,
but how do your
neighbors feel about
the lights and the music?
And the thing that
jumps out at you.
Oh, Larry Jaeger,
one of the owners,
gave every neighbor
a free Christmas tree,
and everything
shuts off by 9:00,
so no one complains.
Oh, well, that's great.
Hey, is Mr. Jaeger here?
Yes, at elf HQ.
"Elf HQ."
I'm gonna go over there
and find him.
Thank you. I'm actually
gonna have to have it delivered
to the community center
for the Christmas benefit.
Not a problem for the crazy elf!
Follow me.
Wow. $20 for those ornaments?
I carry the same ones
in my shop.
20 bucks?
People are happy to pay it.
It all goes to the charity.
Hi. I'm Courtney Miller.
My fiance, Larry jaeger,
and I own the lot together.
I'm Hannah Swensen.
The cookie lady!
- Yeah.
- One second.
Larry! It's Hannah Swensen.
The cookie lady!
- Hi!
- Your cookies...
Are a scrumptious addition
to our business.
Thank you.
I brought with me
two dozen sugar cookies
and snow angels for you,
but I can always get more.
Double the order.
But, Larry--
And we'll still run out!
Your cookies
fly off our shelves by 3:00.
We have to keep
our customers happy until 9:00.
And you know, I was wondering--
Can you do plum pudding?
Nothing says "Christmas"
like plum pudding.
That is such a good idea.
My mother used to make it.
I know how to get my girl
what she likes.
That's very sweet, Larry.
I guess it's not easy
finding plums in Eden Lake
this time of year.
No, probably, but actually,
traditional plum pudding
doesn't have plums in it.
You know what? I'm gonna see
what I can come up with for you.
That's great!
Um, listen, it was
spectacular to meet you.
I look forward to
business opportunities.
My handshake is my bond.
I'm gonna go get
the cookies from my car, okay?
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
We'll talk inside. Come on.
Hey! Hannah.
- Hi, Mike.
- Hey!
- Oh, um--
- What are you doing here?
I am helping Andrea
pick out a tree.
- Oh.
- For the community center event.
What about you?
What are you doing here?
I can't tell you.
That's classified.
Yeah, it's on
a need-to-know basis.
Police business? I understand.
I'm undercover. I bought
someone a Christmas tree,
and it's a surprise.
Well, that is very sweet.
I hope she likes it.
She's very sweet,
but a little bit particular.
Likes things to be just perfect.
Is it for me?
Yes! It is.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm so excited.
I've always wanted
to have a Christmas tree,
but I didn't know
how Moishe will handle it.
Oh, you're not giving
Moishe enough credit.
He is a very rational cat.
He's gonna love it.
Yeah, I think he might.
- Hi!
- What a surprise.
What are you doing here?
- Well, I'm, uh-- detective.
- Hey, Norman.
Uh, your mother said that
you would probably be here.
Of course she did.
Well, surprise,
I bought you a Christmas tree.
You did?
That is so...
- Redundant?
- Sweet.
You must feel like
a fairy-tale Princess.
A handsome prince
fighting to save you
from an arranged marriage.
You know, I'm gonna
make up my own mind
about who I want to date, right?
I'm not doing what
our mother wants,
or what you want.
Okay. Seriously, though, this is
your future we're
talking about, Hannah.
Thank you.
I'm so happy to hear
you acknowledge that.
You like making lists, right?
Why don't you make
a list of all the things
you love about Mike
and then make a list
of his flaws.
You know I'm not buying
a used car, right?
Then make a list of
the things you
appreciate about Norman
and compare that
to all of his flaws.
You know, I'm just so glad
you can filter out
your own biases.
I'm just saying
the best man won.
Mike bought his tree
six minutes earlier.
Watch your head.
Oh, hi.
So, I think the solution here is
I donate the tree
I bought for you
to the children's hospital.
- Oh, what a great idea!
- Yay!
Just so you know,
I really appreciate the gesture.
Ah, it's nothing.
Um, how about dinner
tomorrow night?
You free?
Mother will be so pleased.
Hey, can you just excuse us?
Look, there's your tree.
Sure. Bye, Mike. Bye, Norman.
I would love to.
Okay, great. See you tomorrow.
All right.
- Hey, Norman?
- Yeah?
You wanna help me
finish this up?
I think it's fine
if I push it toward the tree.
Okay, Hannah, I think
we are all set to go.
- You're all good now.
- Yeah, great.
Oh, yeah, wait, watch the tree!
Okay. Sorry.
I got this.
You do? Great. Thank you!
Let me get the door.
I love the decorations
and the lights!
Oh, thanks!
You really put
a lot of effort into it.
Now, coming through the door--
- gonna be a little tricky.
- Okay, wait, let me help.
- Yeah, you take that end--
- I got the heavy side!
I see how this is--
You buy me a tree
and I do all the work!
I was just...
Thinking that maybe it'd be nice
if there was a world
that didn't need guns.
Yeah. Come here for a sec?
- Oh.
- With no guns--
I'd be out of a job,
and that would be
disastrous for you.
How do you figure?
- Well--
- Why?
Well, because
I would probably open a bakery
and then put you
out of business.
- Oh, really?
- You know those rolls--
...of frozen cookie dough
that you cut and bake?
Yeah, well, I'm kinda an expert.
Oh, great.
Well, this tree is perfect.
I love it.
Thank you, Mike.
There's the man.
We need to have just
a little man-to-man.
Now, you want a Christmas tree
in your house, right?
Well, you tell him
that my grandma
has beautiful ornaments
I want to hang on the tree.
The deal is, you get a treat,
but you got to stay
away from the ornaments.
And my sweater.
Excuse me. I've got
to take this. Sorry.
Detective Kingston.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Um... I'm really sorry,
I got to go.
Duty calls.
Okay. Is everything okay?
There's been a number
of home invasion robberies
in the neighborhood.
Lock the door after I go
and be careful.
Hey, Mike.
You be careful.
I will!
You're worried about me.
I like that.
Plum pudding
was traditionally served
at Christmas in Britain.
It dates back
to the 14th century.
To make plum pudding,
you don't even need plums.
But even a good recipe
can be altered.
It's up to the Baker
to add a twist
that makes it her own.
Mm. This is delicious!
Oh, I'm so glad you like it.
I couldn't sleep last night,
so I came up with this idea
of making individual-
sized plum puddings,
so your customers could
carry them around--
- Amazing!
- ...And still shop.
I'm putting in an order
for a large one
for my Christmas dinner.
I'm inviting my whole
family to meet Larry.
Oh! How'd you two meet?
At my lawyer's office.
My husband had just died,
and I was dealing with
his estate.
Larry happened to
be there that day, too.
We were engaged
within six weeks.
Maybe too fast.
Maybe. But, you know...
Hey, Hannah!
I got your invoice.
Haven't had a second
to write a check.
Is it okay if
you swing by this evening?
- Sure!
- Great.
We're open till 9:00,
but Larry's on 24/7.
Okay. Yeah, great.
Excuse me.
Okay, I have two more boxes
to bring in, just so you know.
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry.
Are you serious?
Oh, god.
Here. Take my pen.
Wow, this is lovely.
Yeah, I love this place.
They have great food
and the wine list is fantastic.
I spent a year in France,
so I got a taste for wine.
You lived in France?
The specials are listed
at the front of the menu.
Bon apptit.
- Oh, thank you.
- Merci.
Yeah, I, uh...
After dental school,
I traveled around Europe,
and went to France for a week
and ended up staying for a year.
So you speak French?
I do. Je parle Francais
un petit peu.
Yeah, the best way
to learn a language
is to live it.
I've always wanted to travel,
but I guess
there's just never time.
Aw, you should do it,
you should make time.
Traveling's so great.
It gives you
a different perspective
on the rest of the world,
you know?
The French bakeries are amazing.
You would love it.
You would fit
right in over there.
Thank you. One day.
You know, I'm surprised
you didn't have dessert.
Or is it like, um,
asking an artist
to finish
another painter's canvas?
Um, not at all!
In fact, I love
chocolate souffle.
Well, I hear they finish it here
with grand Marnier.
That we do!
Oh, it's very tempting,
but no, thank you.
Oh, thank you.
Actually, if you don't mind,
I'd like to stop by
the crazy elf tree lot
to pick up my check,
before it's too late.
If you want,
afterwards we could stop by
and have some ice cream.
Sounds wonderful.
I bet you're a "rocky road"
kind of girl.
I am!
We have so much in common.
I'm sorry...
I think that was my mother.
Are you sure?
I'm pretty sure it was.
I-I'm pretty sure
that was my mother.
Hey, hey. Hand me your phone.
- Why?
- Oh, great.
Oh, don't--
Oh, no, 'cause then we'll see.
See? It's ringing. It's her.
Okay. Stop it. Stop it.
Sorry, but I...
Guess now you know--
She's dating.
Well, good.
Right? Good for her.
I mean...
I hope she finds someone
she can be happy with.
I really do.
All the lights
and the music are still on?
I thought all this stuff
was supposed to
be shut down by 9:00.
Well, it's only 9:30.
Really? Oh.
Crazy elf is crazy!
That thing scares me every time.
And so are my prices!
Well, maybe he's in here.
- Let's check, okay?
- Sure.
Mr. Jaeger?
Mr. Jaeger, it's Hannah Swensen,
I just came by to pick up my--
What is it?
I think he's passed out drunk.
Look, there's a bottle.
Mr. Jaeger?
Oh, you're right,
he looks passed out cold.
Oh, Norman, I don't know
if you should--
He's dead. He's dead.
It's okay, okay?
I'm gonna call the police.
Okay. Okay.
We shouldn't
touch anything. Um...
Yeah, hi, uh,
I need an ambulance
and-and the police, please.
There's a... There's a dead man.
He's-- he's dead.
Well, I'm not sure.
He's bleeding
and he's on the ground.
I can-- yes.
Yes, I can stay on the line.
I just--
Well, you have to understand
that we--
I'm sorry. I have no idea.
I'm not a police officer.
You just--
You need to send an ambulance
and the police now.
I'm not sure.
He's on...
On main street
at the crazy elf tree lot.
Yes. I have no idea.
He's-- he's dead.
Yes, I'm sure he's dead.
You need to send someone now.
All right,
so there he is, huh?
Let's get that processed.
Okay, so what were you, uh,
what were you even doing here,
to begin with?
I just came to pick up my check,
it's what was in his hand.
When you got to the tree lot,
just describe
everything that you saw.
Okay, um...
The music was on, right?
And the lights.
And an elf told me
that that stuff's
all supposed to be
shut down by 9:00.
The elf? Yeah, right.
So what time was that at?
Uh, about 9:30.
We got here at 9:30.
You two
were having dinner together?
Yeah. That's right.
So where'd you go?
To Pallioti's.
- I don't see what that--
- So, um...
When you got to the lot,
did you see or, um,
hear anyone?
No. No, I mean,
someone could have been
hiding in the back,
but we didn't see anyone.
Poor Courtney.
At that point,
you made your way
over to Larry's office.
What did you see there?
The door was unlocked
and I called out to him,
but, uh,
that's when I saw him
lying on the floor,
he had an empty bottle of
alcohol right next to him.
And Norman rolled him over,
and that's when I saw the blood.
He was dead.
Okay, that's what you remember?
Well, I remember
he had a black eye,
but there was a bruise, right,
so it couldn't have been
from today, maybe he got
in a fight yesterday?
- Hannah--
- Someone came back and...
You okay?
- I've called your sister. Okay?
- Yes, thanks.
So what do we got?
Nine mill.
Courtney says Mr. Jaeger
does own a hand gun,
doesn't know what kind.
Haven't found it yet.
There is a possible
footprint out back,
but there's been
a lot of foot traffic.
- Yeah. Merry Christmas.
- Right.
We should get forensics
to take some photos of that,
and then we should
also probably get
shoe-print castings asap.
Right now, we have
one gunshot wound on the victim,
two bullet holes in the TV.
Three casings recovered.
Looks calculated.
There's no sign of struggle.
Okay, good work.
Let me know if you
hear anything else.
I'm just gonna talk to Hannah.
All right.
You keep me in the loop.
Hey, officer. Careful with that.
That's evidence.
We've told you
everything we know here,
and we're both cold
and it's getting late.
I'd like to get Hannah home.
Is there anything else?
Yeah, no, it's probably
most helpful
if you go, get safe,
and stay warm.
You're listening
to Dr. Love's
morning radio show,
and when we return,
we'll speak about forgiveness
being the final form of love.
I have never felt unsafe--
Where are you?
What's going on?
I don't know.
As soon as poor Ron was killed,
I just started to shake.
To shake!
And now two!
Inside of two years.
Hannah! I'm so glad you're here.
Gosh, everybody's been lined up
since before I even opened!
The murder made
the morning papers.
Are you okay?
I was so worried about you.
I'm fine.
They want to know
everything that you saw.
Good morning, pat.
Why are people so curious
about something so horrible?
I don't know.
Guess it's just human nature.
...I think of poor Ron
every single day.
- Hannah! What did you see?
- Hi...
Was he dead when you got there?
I live across
from the crazy elf tree lot,
and Mr. Jaeger gave me
a free Christmas tree.
That poor man!
I feel like we're all in danger!
Oh, no, no, I don't think
we're in danger, ladies--
I think we're safe.
Oh, Hannah!
Hannah. Oh, god.
Tell me everything.
Ladies, how about
some white chocolate
pumpkin dream cookies?
- Oh!
- Thank you.
Are you okay?
Did you even sleep?
Yes! I'm fine.
Good morning, girls!
So many customers, Hannah.
My business teacher,
miss whiting,
says that people like to shop
in a busy store,
because it makes them feel like
they're part of a trend.
I come bearing gifts!
Hannah, first, for you--
Thank you.
Dr. Love's book.
Now, I have highlighted
all the parts
that pertain to you,
and I've underlined
some of the things
you're doing wrong.
Mom! Thank you. So much.
And, Andrea,
you're not forgotten, honey.
Aww. Look what I bought you.
What to expect
when you're expecting.
Just in case you ever decide
to make me a grandmother.
Stop pressuring her!
You don't know, do you?
You're pregnant?
Tell her.
No, mother,
it's about Larry jaeger.
The owner of the crazy elf
tree lot...
He was found
murdered last night.
That's horrible.
I'll finish this for you, okay?
Hannah found him.
Not again, Hannah.
I just happened to be there.
Oh! Does Nancy know?
Dr. Love.
She's probably still
at the stables.
We must get to her before
someone else tells her first!
And, uh, oh, we should
bring her cookies,
just in case
she goes into shock.
Why would she go into shock?
Larry jaeger was her husband.
- Here?
- Right here.
Mother, wait for me.
Oh, there she is.
Nancy Schmidt!
May I speak with you, please?
That's a big horse.
Delores? Hannah?
What a surprise.
What are you guys doing here?
I'm so sorry to stop by
just out of the blue, Nancy,
but I have some bad news.
Maybe you should get down.
Bad news?
Hannah's better at this.
Go on, honey.
Dr. Love,
I'm sorry to be
the one to tell you,
but your ex-husband,
Larry jaeger,
he was found
murdered last night.
She's in shock.
Quick, Hannah,
the chocolate-chip
pretzel cookies,
before she faints.
This just saves me
a whole lot of trouble.
He needs to cool down.
I'm sorry?
Larry wasn't my ex-husband.
I'm so embarrassed.
Did I get this wrong?
I thought
you were married to him.
You told me that, right?
I was married to him,
but he wasn't my ex-husband,
he's my current husband.
We were never divorced.
Oh! You loved him too much
to let him go.
That's so moving.
Uh, no. I couldn't find him.
I'd have divorced him years ago,
after he cleaned out
our bank accounts
and walked out on me.
He was a total charmer,
but a complete bum.
It's true, what they say--
You never really
know anyone, do you?
So you hadn't seen
Larry jaeger in 10 years?
We moved from here
to California,
and he disappeared.
I wasn't even able
to serve him with the papers.
Hmm. But you knew he'd come back
in Eden lake, right?
I mean, his tree lot
was very close
to your radio station.
You must've driven
past it every day.
I did, but I had
just found out recently.
I contacted the lawyer
and we were going
to serve the papers.
Um, I'm sorry,
can I just ask one more thing?
The police are gonna be looking
for someone with a motive.
Where were you last night?
It's okay.
I, uh, did the evening segment
of my radio show, as usual.
I signed off at 9:00
and then I went home.
I was home alone reading,
went to sleep around 10:00.
Hmm. See?
No. Mother.
He abandoned her.
I mean, this man conned you
and took your money,
and you found out
that he was a mile
away from you,
and you didn't go confront him?
I wanted my divorce.
I wanted that chapter closed.
He was my past, not my present.
Good girl.
he was my past,
let detective Kingston know
that Hannah Swensen
called again?
Thank you.
I think we did the right thing.
We should've talked to Mike
before we spoke to her.
The true friend walks in
when the rest of the world
walks out, Hannah.
Mike's gonna be angry
that we approached a suspect.
Nancy's not a suspect.
She hasn't seen him in years.
We still should've talked
to the police first.
She is my dear friend.
Can you drop me off
at the college, please?
My business class
starts in 15 minutes
and I don't want to be late.
I can't wait for you
to meet miss whiting.
She'll give you great marketing
tips for Hannah's cookie jar.
I don't know if I need--
She's a business genius, honey.
Yes. Sounds great, mother.
I do hope Carrie's here today.
She's missed so much already.
Oh, I forgot to tell you--
I found out that
Norman's mother,
she's-- she's dating.
- Carrie?
- Yeah.
- She's dating?
- Yeah.
Well, who?
Mom, I don't know.
Norman and I saw them together
at Pallioti's--
Wait, you and Norman,
together, at Pallioti's?
- It was just a dinner--
- Oh, honey!
Hannah, that's so wonderful!
I can't wait to tell Carrie.
I can't believe
she didn't tell me
she was seeing someone.
- I tell her everything.
- I know.
So how did they seem?
I don't know. They skirted out.
I think they saw us
and they didn't want
us to see them.
I bet she met him on
meet my match.
Norman's mother
is on a dating website?
We both are.
You think you know someone!
Oh, I'm an open book
to you, Hannah.
It does come as a surprise
to discover one's mother
is on a dating website.
I'm a single woman!
We must be resourceful.
I made you a profile, too.
Oh, miss whiting!
Hey. What? What? Why?
Just in case you
and Norman don't work out.
Or... What's his name?
You've got to
have a backup plan.
- No! I don't!
- Miss whiting.
I don't need a backup plan.
I'd like to
introduce you to my daughter.
This is miss Hannah Swensen.
The owner
of Hannah's cookie jar.
A thriving business.
Congratulations on your move
to main street.
Thank you so much.
I've had guest speakers
from town come to my class--
An accountant, locals...
It's nice for
my students to hear
from a successful
local business owner
from their own community.
Would you be willing to come?
I would be happy to.
Thank you.
I was just reading about you
this morning in the newspaper.
What a horrible thing
you've just gone through.
- Yes--
- It's happened to Hannah before.
I don't know why.
My son-in-law
is a deputy sheriff,
and he'll have whoever did this
behind bars in no time.
Well, I hope you're right.
Well, we'd better get to class.
Lovely to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm so looking forward-- you speaking to our class.
I'll arrange it
for after Christmas.
Okay! That sounds great.
Goodbye, mother.
Did you get
that assignment done?
Yes, of course I did.
Oh, look at you, star student.
What are the motives?
Could've borrowed money
from someone...
Maybe someone stood to inherit
if he died.
Maybe someone robbed him.
I mean, it could've been
that home invasion ring
that Mike is investigating.
What about Dr. Love?
Dr. Love
was married to the guy...
She hated him.
Then there's Courtney.
Courtney's engaged to him...
Oh, hey, Mike.
Hi. I got your messages.
It's just been, uh--
It's been a little busy
at the station.
What is this,
a cookie emergency?
I'll take a cup of coffee.
I shut down my machine,
but I do have
some of the holiday blend
I've been working on,
and it's gotten
some rave reviews.
That sounds great.
So how'd you do it?
How'd you beat me to Dr. Love?
Because I had officers
dispatched at her home,
at her office,
at the radio station.
My mother knows her,
knows her routine,
and once my mother gets
her mind set on something...
I know. Just like her daughter.
You realize that if Dr. Love
is the person
that committed this murder,
that you put your mother
and yourself in serious danger?
Not to mention interfering,
possibly compromising
a homicide investigation--
People go to jail
for less than that.
I'm sorry.
That's why I was calling.
To apologize
and to tell you what happened.
So how did Dr. Love react
to the news that jaeger is dead?
Really odd.
I mean, she didn't try to hide
how relieved she was, you know?
I get it--
He took all her money,
and left her hanging
in California,
but that was a long time ago.
Guess she's entitled
to be bitter
and maybe want closure.
Or revenge.
Right. Can I just
ask you something?
I'm not investigating anything,
I'm just naturally curious.
I was wondering
if you have any other suspects?
It is an open investigation,
Hannah. Thank you.
I understand that Larry
had a lot of other women
he was dating at one point.
That's just me
sharing information,
you know, with the police.
Your customers are right.
This is really good coffee.
Smooth. No bitterness.
Thank you.
Don't you think it's weird
that Courtney's husband died,
leaves her all that money,
and she just happens to meet
Larry jaeger
in her lawyer's office,
right after the reading
of her husband's will?
And six weeks later,
they're engaged,
and then she's investing
in his tree lot?
I mean,
love is a powerful emotion,
but I think
that whole situation stinks.
You are investigating
this murder, Hannah.
No! Courtney just
told me all of that
the first time I met her.
Isn't it true that most murder
victims know their killer?
- Hannah. Courtney had motive--
- Hannah...
- She definitely had opportunity.
And I know it's weird to think
a woman would do
something like that, but
I'm a woman, you never know--
- ...what I'm capable of.
- Stop!
I'm not discussing this case,
and if you continue to interfere
and obstruct justice,
then I will arrest you.
Oh, yeah, you're really
gonna do that?
I'm a detective.
You never know
what I'm capable of.
Thank you.
Would you like
a cookie on the house?
Fresh out of the oven.
Thank you, Hannah.
That's so sweet.
I just died and went to heaven.
Christmas lace cookies
are my favorite.
I remember.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Will you double-check
that's on its way in?
Thank you.
I remember seeing you
talking to Courtney Miller
at the tree lot.
It's so horrible,
what happened to Larry jaeger.
I know.
You were doing
their books, right?
Larry does all
the books for the tree lot,
but Courtney asked me
to take a look at the books,
as a second set of eyes.
Why's that?
Is it because
she was asking you
to check for discrepancies?
Were there any?
The numbers didn't add up.
It's an all-cash business,
so there are a lot of ways
to hide profits.
Like how?
You charge one price,
you record another.
It looks like
you're breaking even,
but you're really
making a profit.
Did you get the feeling
that Courtney
went behind Larry's back
because she didn't trust him?
Courtney told me there was
a third investor in the lot,
a silent partner, a "Mr. Haded,"
who I think was Larry's uncle.
He was collecting
a third of the profits,
but I couldn't find
any documents to prove
he ever made an investment
in the business.
A silent partner?
Yes. I even asked a colleague,
a professor,
to double-check my work.
Do you still have the paperwork
that Courtney gave you?
I do.
I-- I shouldn't.
Luanne, a man has been murdered.
I'll email you a copy.
But only for your eyes.
Of course. Of course.
Norman, hi.
How you doing?
Uh, I was just
heading to the market.
Oh, I'll walk you over.
Oh, thanks.
I was just out doing
some Christmas shopping.
I always leave it
till the last minute,
then I'm rushing
all over the place,
trying to get it done. You know?
Yeah, well, I'm lucky,
I usually bake my presents.
Right. Of course.
Okay, well, I gotta run,
gotta head back
to work, but, uh...
- Nice seeing you.
- Yeah. You too.
- I'll see you soon?
- Yeah. You will.
She wasn't sure
she should go into the office,
but she had a feeling
something was terribly wrong,
so she felt
it was her duty to investigate.
She found
a nearly-empty bottle
of Brandy on the floor.
And, for a brief moment,
she thought maybe Larry
was passed out drunk,
but he wasn't drunk...
Was he?
Excuse me.
Tom, take the till.
Thank goodness you are here.
What in the world
is going on out there?
Lisa was just telling everyone
the entire story all over again.
Oh, please. Not again.
But everyone just wants to know
what happened
to poor Mr. Jaeger.
I'm sorry you have to
deal with that.
I just tell everybody
what I read in the papers,
and that seems
to satisfy everyone,
then they just buy
their cookies and leave.
We're all just
so vulnerable right now,
what, with a killer
on the loose?
He could be anywhere.
- Well, I don't--
- And, you, Hannah--
...are the most
vulnerable of anyone.
You are single, you live alone,
you have absolutely
nobody to protect you.
I do not know
how you sleep at night.
I don't know that I will now.
Thank you.
Would you mind boxing me up
some chocolate-raspberry
truffles, please?
Of course.
Hi, Lydia.
Hannah! What a surprise.
I brought you a treat.
Chocolate-raspberry truffles.
It is so sweet of you
to remember
that those are my favorite
and that my birthday's tomorrow.
Happy early birthday.
This is divine.
Always prepared!
Something I can help you
with today?
Yes. Yes. Actually,
I brought in my check
from the crazy elf tree lot...
I was concerned
that you might close the account
after what happened.
Just horrible news.
Well, the account isn't closed,
but you have reason
to be concerned--
The balance is quite low.
Do you want cash or should
I deposit it into your account?
Oh, no, if you could
just deposit it
into the cookie jar account,
that would be great.
And, um...
One more thing?
I wanted to ask you about
some other checks
that I got from Larry jaeger.
They don't look the same,
though, they look different.
- They look different?
- Yeah, uh, a different color,
and I just wonder
if maybe he had
another account or something.
He has a second account.
I wonder why he would have
two accounts.
I'm sorry, Hannah.
That's confidential
bank information.
Oh. Of course.
I just wondered if
maybe the cookie jar
should have two accounts.
Do you mind, though,
telling me
if I should rush right in
to cash those checks?
I wouldn't want them to bounce.
Well, I can't give you
any information
about a client's account,
but I can tell you
that any checks you may have
from this client...
Will be more than covered.
And that's the account with
Benjamin Haded's name on it?
There's only one name
on this account.
Larry jaeger.
Hannah? What are you doing here?
Banking. That's what
a person does at the bank.
Hey, what are you doing
tomorrow at 2:00 P.M.?
Not banking?
Okay. Pick you up
then-- 2:00 P.M.
Wear comfortable clothes.
What are you doing here?
I just came by to say hi.
Can't a sister just stop by?
At midnight?
Bill's working late
and I got scared,
with this whole jaeger thing
and all the robber
stuff going on.
Mm-hmm. Andrea...
Do you want to sleep over?
What am I, a baby?
How do you deal with bill
being in danger all the time?
If you get involved
with a guy who's
running towards danger
when everyone else
is running the other way,
you just learn
to hold your breath
and pray a lot.
You don't really have a choice.
Fall in love with a hero,
that's the price you pay.
So, how is Dr. Love's book?
It's interesting.
She basically says
you should choose a partner
based on a person
who understands you
and accepts you
for who you really are.
Who knows you better?
Norman or Mike?
I don't know.
I don't know.
But Mike's a better
kisser, right?
Spoiler alert?
I haven't kissed
either one of them yet.
What? Why?
I don't know!
Norman is really polite,
and mother is always around.
And I thought Mike was going to,
and then... He didn't.
Where's your pros-and-cons list?
That was obnoxious.
I can't believe
you even suggested it.
I would never do that.
Yeah, you did.
It's upstairs.
So Norman's pros
are that he's cute--
- Yeah.
- Definitely, right?
He's settled and stable.
He has a secure career,
so we would have
a very comfortable life,
and he likes to travel,
so we could see
the world, right?
Good times.
His cons are that
he is predictable,
and I think he might
be seeing someone else.
'Kay, wait, he's seeing
more than one person
at the same time?
That's unbelievable.
Do you want to do this or not?
Yes. Mike, please.
Okay, so, Mike is handsome,
he is very exciting
and unpredictable, right?
And then the cons
are that he does have
a very dangerous lifestyle--
And he's too handsome.
Mike wins. I'm tired.
Do you feel safe, sleeping here?
I don't know why
I got so scared.
It's not like
whoever's killing people
is going to come after me.
Oh, exactly.
If anything...
If the killer knew how hard
I'm working to identify them,
they'd be coming after me.
Why are we here?
Well, because,
no matter how often I tell you
not to get involved
in police business,
you just can't seem
to stay out of my way.
Go ahead, take your shoes off.
Well, I don't need--
You continue to get yourself
into dangerous situations,
all the time,
and I won't be able to be there.
Okay, well, first of all,
I can assure you,
I don't get in
dangerous situations
on purpose,
and I don't need saving,
thank you very much.
Well, let's say you are facing
someone who is holding you...
At gunpoint.
Oh, like that's gonna happen.
Like when Mrs. Woodley
was holding you at gunpoint,
and I just happened
to show up just in time
to save your life--
Thank you very much.
Okay, well, that was
a one-time thing,
it's not gonna happen again.
You're not scared, are you?
No! I'm not scared.
Hold on.
That is my purse.
What are you doing?
This'll do.
Here. Take this gun.
My hairbrush?
Assume that it is a real gun.
First lesson--
You never hold a gun
unless you have
the intention to use it.
If you're holding a gun
just to scare somebody,
you are better off without it.
If you bring a gun
into a situation
without the intention to use it,
somebody can take it from you
and use it against you.
Point it at me.
Now tell me to go away
or you're gonna shoot me.
Go away
or I'm gonna shoot you.
You gotta mean it!
Go away,
or I will brush your hair!
I just, um...
Distract you, right?
Grab your wrist, twist,
put you in a position
where I can take away the gun.
Or hairbrush.
Easily away from you.
Point taken.
Now I have the gun.
What's your first move?
Sorry, uh... Just a second.
That's Earl Flensburg.
And he's a black belt?
Earl Flensburg?
He's a florist,
he has a flower shop down
the street from the cookie jar,
and the last time I saw Earl
was the day before
Larry jaeger was shot.
He was at the tree lot,
and he came out
of Jaeger's office,
and he seemed really angry.
And I remember
that he was holding his hand,
like it hurt him.
I think maybe Earl is the one
who gave Larry jaeger
that black eye.
I'll look into it.
As in "I will
look into it alone,
and you will not go
and question that man."
Of course not.
Fast learner.
Distract, grab the wrist,
and twist--
Got it.
Hmm. I think you do.
You sure you're not some sort
of, like, undercover
baker/ninja/spy or something?
And when you rise
in the morning,
think of what
a precious privilege it is
to be alive.
So said the second century
emperor and philosopher
Marcus Aurelius.
It was true then and it is now.
Welcome, my friends,
to "the Dr. Love show."
"Benjamin haded."
Very clever, Mr. Jaeger.
"You been had."
You must be so heartbroken.
I think I'm still in shock.
I was going to close the lot,
but I have so much money into it
and there are still
so many trees to sell.
Well, have the police
given you any indication
of who might have done it?
None. I think
it was just random.
Maybe that home invasion ring
I read about in the paper?
They tried to Rob Larry
and things got out of hand?
- Can I get some help?
- Excuse me.
Can I get some help
with this tree?
Can I help you?
Hannah Swensen!
What a pleasant surprise!
Hi, detective Kingston.
I'm just here
delivering cookies.
And chatting with
Courtney Miller,
who happens to be
a suspect in the murder
of Larry jaeger.
All right,
but we were just chatting.
Ooh! Those look good.
Can I have one of those?
Yes, you may.
They are our number-one
Christmas cookie.
So good!
- Thank you.
- Mm!
You can't get those
in the frozen section.
You know, I have to tell you
that Courtney's answers
were very odd.
I think her reaction
to Larry's death is peculiar.
Thank you very much,
detective Swensen,
but we have her on
surveillance cameras--
Kelly's diner and Costmart,
between 8:00 and 10:00.
- Thank you.
- And the coroner said--
...that the time of death
was a little after 9:00,
just before you got
here, so she's clear.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I figured out who
Larry's silent partner is.
I thought it might be him,
because he's the other guy
and he has a motive,
but I was wrong.
Why are you so sure?
"Benjamin haded,"
and Larry said
it was his "uncle."
That's what Courtney
said in her statement,
but he's a tough guy
to track down.
Well, don't waste your time.
"Uncle Ben Haded"?
"U. Been. Had."?
I don't think there
was a silent partner.
Larry was a con man to the core,
and he just had
the whole thing set up
so it was split into thirds,
but without there actually being
a dear "uncle Ben,"
he got two-thirds
of the profits, right,
so Courtney puts up
all the collateral,
and he was taking
all of the money.
Larry? He was despicable.
No, you! That was brilliant.
Thank you.
But we figured it out already.
So, please go home
and stay out
of my investigation.
Of course, detective.
No problem.
Oh! Molly.
Hi, miss Swensen.
Are you okay?
You just don't expect someone
to get hurt where you work.
Of course you don't.
I'm sorry that you're upset.
I mean, you're making
everyone else really happy!
Well, I do love my job.
It's definitely one of the best
parts of the holidays--
Picking out a Christmas tree.
She was a very nice lady,
but she took forever
to pick out her tree.
This lady?
She'd come here
night after night.
She would just
stand on the corner,
and stare at the lot,
then she finally
comes in Tuesday night,
and picks out a tree.
Tuesday night?
Yeah. Well...
I'd better get back to work.
It was nice to see you, though.
- Yeah. See you.
- Bye.
Make sure you choose
the right person to love.
You make the wrong choice,
you could spend
the rest of your life
suffering the consequence.
Heartache, revenge...
These are emotions that
you want to avoid at all costs.
This is Dr. Love...
Reminding you
that life without love
is only half a life.
You've been listening
to "the Dr. Love radio hour."
If you missed
any part of this broadcast,
all of Dr. Love's broadcasts
are available as podcasts.
Mother-- I just found out
something about Dr. Love,
and I need you
to call me back, okay? Thanks.
Nice to see you.
Hannah! What can I do for you?
Well, I was looking
to buy a poinsettia
for my shop.
- I've got some nice ones.
- Good!
Oh, you're all packed up,
aren't you?
Yes, I'm thinking about
going to Mexico for a while.
Really? Well...
What's gonna happen
to your store?
My son'll manage it.
Huh! Why Mexico?
Oh, no reason.
The sun?
That hand looks nasty.
Nothing. Can't even feel it.
Wow. How did it happen?
Trying to get in shape.
Working out.
You know.
No. I don't know.
I was just buying
a poinsettia. You know--
For the store. 'Tis the season.
Mr. Flensburg, this is
detective Mike Kingston.
Nice to meet you.
He's going to Mexico.
- Mexico!
- Yeah, he's all packed up.
That's a very nice location.
May I use your restroom?
In the back. Down the hallway.
On your left.
Thank you.
Mr. Flensburg, I would like
to ask you some questions
about Larry jaeger.
- You were in business with him?
- No.
Knew him was all.
Did you know him pretty well?
No. Just around town. Casual.
'Cause you were seen
with Larry jaeger
at the crazy elf tree lot.
It wasn't business, really.
Well, if it wasn't business,
what was it?
Larry asked me
to introduce him
to the owners of a tree farm.
I'd just found out
he only paid them
half what he owed them.
I was there
to make it clear to him
that he had to pay them.
And that's what you did?
Yes. I told him. It got heated.
How heated?
What he did wasn't right.
These were people
I introduced to him--
How'd you get
that scrape on your hand?
He was trying
to cheat my friends!
Where were you
last Tuesday night?
I hit him.
But that's all.
Where were you
last Tuesday night?
Mike, actually, we can leave.
I need you to answer
this question right now--
I know where he was
on Tuesday night.
You do?
Yeah, and we don't have
to bother Earl anymore, okay?
Um... Earl, I'm gonna need you
to come down to the station
with me right now. Let's go.
Mike, he was at Pallioti's,
having dinner.
No, that's not true.
He was with Carrie Rhodes.
I left at 9:15.
You're mistaken. Hannah, please!
You saw him there?
Well, I mean, I saw someone
who looks exactly like him
and he was wearing
this coat and this hat.
I'm 100% certain,
Mike, I mean...
Look at this hat.
Please, don't tell Norman.
Carrie doesn't want him to know
until she's had a chance
to talk to him herself.
She's not sure how
he'll feel about her dating.
She loves me and I love her,
and we want to be married.
Isn't Earl so cute about Carrie?
I'm still gonna
check out his story
about the tree farm.
Wait, what about
the home invasion ring?
They got arrested
last night in Lancaster.
So, clearly, you don't
think it was them?
They have an airtight alibi.
They were holding up
a gas station,
and there's a time-stamped
video to prove it.
- Hey, I got to get going. Bye.
- Okay.
- Um, hey, uh--
- Kingston here.
I have to talk to you
about the tree lot.
Yeah, okay, I'm on it.
Just send me all the details.
I'm on my way.
Okay. I'll be right there.
Mother, what is going on?
- I called your mother.
- Ask Nancy!
I'm sorry, Hannah.
I didn't know who else to call.
Nancy is not a killer.
She's one of
the nicest people I know
and I trust her.
Okay, well, I wanna know
why you're here.
I was on my way
to the radio station
and I just see
all the police cars.
I mean, they think
that I killed Larry!
I didn't do it!
I mean, I'm innocent!
Of course, you are, honey!
Hannah's gonna fix everything.
Aren't you, Hannah?
I wanna know why you lied to me
about Larry jaeger.
You told me that you hadn't
seen him in years,
and I found out that's not true.
Someone told me
that you were at that tree lot.
You bought
your Christmas tree there.
I had spent so many years
just hating him,
just giving him my power,
and I just...
I needed to see him,
and I needed
to take my power back.
And I did, I went there,
and I confronted him,
and I told him
how much he hurt me,
but I didn't go back
and kill him.
I hated him.
I did.
But I could never do
something like that.
You understand that you have to
turn yourself in, right?
You do!
And I'm going to call Mike--
Detective Kingston is
the investigator on this case.
He needs to know where you are.
They'll arrest me.
He will.
Be strong, Nancy.
It's not me.
Okay, let's go.
I do hope we did the right thing
by calling Mike.
We didn't have a choice, mother.
But Mike
is an excellent detective,
he's gonna get to the truth.
I hope he does it soon.
I invited her
for Christmas dinner.
She's innocent!
I know. I know, mother,
and I'm going to help her.
I hope so.
Hannah? Delores?
What happened?
Wasn't that Dr. Love
in the sheriff's car?
Yes, it was.
Was she arrested for the murder?
Oh, no, she's just
being questioned.
She is innocent as a lamb.
What a terrible situation.
It's ghastly.
May I help you, miss whiting?
Yes. We're having
a little faculty
Christmas party at the school.
I'd like something sweet.
Well, you came
to the right place!
We have, um, a plum pudding
that everyone seems to like.
Wonderful. I'll take it.
Since you're here, Delores--
- Mm-hmm?
- Um...
I corrected your homework.
Hannah, I got an "a"!
You'll make an excellent
Thank you.
What do you think?
Lovely. Lovely.
Here you go.
I am so sorry
about your friend, Delores.
Thank you.
I'm sure,
once they talk to her,
they'll let her go.
They will.
They must.
Here you are.
And your plum pudding. Enjoy.
Thank you. Thanks. Bye-bye.
Well, I'd better be
on my way, too.
What a day!
Mother, have you spoken to
Carrie yet about everything?
No! She's been
avoiding my calls.
So much for
the sharing of confidences.
One friend in jail,
another other one avoiding me.
By the way, check your email.
Now, my advocacy for Norman
has not wavered,
however, as a backup,
I'm always a pragmatist.
I sent you your dating profile,
just in case
you ever want to activate it.
First dinner and now lunch
at same restaurant
in the same week?
Well, I'm just glad
that you were available
on such short notice.
Well, you're the one
who's been so busy lately.
Not really.
Oh, Mr. Rhodes,
your table's ready.
- Hi! Oh, great.
- Can I grab your coats?
Oh, yes, of course. Thank you.
Here you are.
Thank you. Kaitlyn?
Dr. Love was arrested,
and I know there's
tons of evidence,
but I don't think she did it.
I'm just so glad
to not have to talk about that
or think about it.
The chef's daily special
is on the front page,
and I'll be back in a moment
to take your orders.
- Great.
- Yeah.
I can't help it.
I think about it all the time.
I like to solve puzzles.
I do the New York times
crossword puzzle every Sunday.
Well, that's impressive.
And safe.
You should stick to that.
I mean, all these
other situations
you get yourself involved in,
they're not games, Hannah.
You know it's-- it's dangerous.
You know?
Look, I just--
Thank you.
I care about you..
A lot... and I...
I guess you already know that.
I got you something.
Oh, my goodness.
I'm not ready to answer
that question. We-- we...
Haven't known
each other that long--
Oh, my gosh. No, no, no.
I'm sorry, it's not a ring.
I'm not proposing.
I'm sorry.
I must have--
You almost gave me
a heart attack!
Wow. Yeah.
I mean, not that I wouldn't--
Please stop. No, it's okay.
I understand.
Well, go on, open it up.
Early Christmas present.
They're garnet stones,
it's your birthstone.
They're beautiful.
Just like you.
Thank you.
I haven't gotten you
your Christmas present yet.
I'm still working on it.
Don't be silly.
Honestly, you haven't charged me
for anything sweet
since the day I met you.
That is hardly the same thing.
Norman, I love them.
Well, good, I'm glad.
You know, you almost ruined
the surprise with those.
My cousin
works at crown jewelry--
Have you had a chance
to check the menu yet?
Uh, no, not yet.
No, no. Not ready.
- Okay. Sure.
- Thanks.
What did you say
about your cousin?
She works at crown jewelry
on main street
and I was just leaving her shop
when I ran into you, so...
Close one.
Your cousin?
I remember.
I know.
I know. You're right.
Here we are. Watch your step.
Thank you so much for today,
and for the earrings.
Oh, gosh. It's my pleasure.
I'm so happy
that I came back to Eden lake,
and I'm so happy
I got to meet you.
Me too.
How was it?
You scared me.
How was the kiss?
Moishe and I
were watching from the window.
It was very nice.
What did you get?
Norman gave me earrings
for Christmas.
Okay, these are beautiful!
I know, right?
Norman definitely
gets points for this.
But I bet Mike'll get you
something better for Christmas.
I'm not even seeing
Mike on Christmas.
He didn't ask.
And besides, I'm busy
getting everything
ready for our dinner.
He didn't ask
to spend time with you
because he is coming
here for dinner.
Uh, actually, mother
invited Carrie and Norman,
so there is no way
she would invite Mike.
Mother didn't invite him.
Of course she didn't.
I did.
What? You-- you invited--
Bianco Media Center?
What is that?
Invited mi... It's mother's
business class homework,
it's not real.
No, Bianco Media Center
is an actual business.
- You invited Mike.
- Great deals.
It's up in green bay.
Are you putting mom's
homework on the fridge?
Yeah, well, why not? You know?
I mean, she got an "a".
I think that's really sweet.
You're going to be
a very good mother.
Sarah! Oh, I'm so sorry.
Your triple-threat
chocolate cheesecake pies
aren't going to be ready
for 20 more minutes.
- Thank you, sir. Here.
- Okay.
Oh. Uh... there's not
enough time to do everything.
I just got in from
Chicago last night,
and I have to do all
my Christmas shopping.
I'm gonna come back in an hour.
Sounds good.
Oh, Sarah! Huh.
We're closing early tonight.
For the charity auction.
Oh, I'm going, too.
They're auctioning off
a trip to Disneyland.
I'm bidding on it!
I want
the home security package--
With everything that's been
happening in our neighborhood.
I want to replace
my old surveillance cameras.
Yeah, nothing fancy.
It gets the job done.
I have cameras
on the outside of the house
so I can see who's at the door.
- Do you still live on Victoria
near main?
Across the street
from the tree lot.
What kind of camera is it?
Is it, like, um,
like, it records,
or does it just play live?
Uh, both.
I was just thinking, you know,
that we could get something
for here.
Um, what time do you think
you'll be home?
Uh, about an hour.
What if I delivered
your pies to you?
I'd be happy to do it.
I'm gonna be in the area anyway.
You are?
I don't want to put you out.
'Tis the season. Happy to do it.
So I'll see you at your house
in an hour?
Yeah, that's wonderful!
Thank you.
Great! No problem.
That's it.
Thank you.
- Hannah!
- Hi.
What are you doing here?
Merry Christmas!
I'm handing out
some Christmas treats.
We had to close down
the shop early
for the charity auction tonight.
- Really?
- Merry Christmas.
Yes, Mike.
I am sure you'd love
to hand some out back here.
- Thank you so much.
- You're very welcome.
So it's nothing to do
with the fact that you'd like
to find out what's going on
with Dr. Love?
I resent that.
But I do think she's innocent.
I know you think
she's innocent, but--
Oh! Ha. You heard me coming.
Merry Christmas!
You did the right thing,
turning her in.
Look, you know how
you got to give me
the Christmas tree,
because you bought it
six minutes before Norman did,
and it was time-stamped
on the receipt?
Well, what about
the receipt that Dr. Love had?
I mean-- oh,
excuse me, detective.
Merry Christmas!
Uh, what did the
time-stamp say on her receipt?
It said 8:30, which gives her
plenty of time to make it home,
drop off the Christmas tree,
come back, shoot Larry,
before you get there at 9:30.
But, come on, Mike,
I really don't think that
that is what happened.
Okay, Hannah, stop.
What are you up to?
Okay, so, I don't
want you to be mad,
but, um, Sarah Shanfield,
she lives across the street
from the crazy elf tree lot,
and she has security cameras
that are pointing
at the parking lot,
and she showed me
the surveillance footage,
and I looked at it.
Yo, Mike!
- You--
- Call on line six.
- Hannah, you can't keep--
- I wanted to--
Look. You need to go now, okay?
I'll see you later.
But what about the--
I will watch this.
I will watch it right now.
- Line six?
- Yeah.
Oh! Tell me that's fudge?
Fudge mallows.
Yeah, he was not a very
good guy, Mr. Jaeger.
That is just a partial list
of the people he swindled.
- That's really sad.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. This case is wrapping up.
That's good.
Hey, bill. Why would someone
shoot out a TV like that?
A crime of passion?
People do crazy things.
No, maybe she just didn't like
what he was watching.
Come on.
Oh! I have to run.
Andrea's expecting me
to pick her up
in 20 minutes for the auction.
- Yeah.
- By the way--
- I'll see you there.
- ...These are good.
"Salvador bianco"?
Aw, poor Nancy...
Christmas Eve in jail.
That's an injustice!
Look, I think it's gonna snow.
Aww! White Christmas.
Mother, what kind of
car does Dr. Love drive?
Uh... a red station wagon.
The license plate
says "Dr. Love."
Clever, huh?
Hark the herald angels sing
Glory to the new born king
Wow, that was beautiful.
Thank you, folks.
Let's have a big hand
for Eden's own "grace notes"!
You know,
I'd just like to announce
that we have raised, tonight,
for the children's hospital.
You know what, we're going
to make some more money.
It's now time
for our live auction.
So, first up on the dock,
we have six months
free dry cleaning,
generously donated
by Hampton's cleaners.
Let's have a big hand
for Hampton's cleaners.
Mom, you need that.
$20? I got $20.
$20. Do I hear 30?
$30! Do I hear 40?
$40! Do I hear 50?
$50 for Mrs. Houser.
I've got $50. Do I hear 60?
$60 for deputy Todd.
We got 60. Do I hear 70?
70? Do I hear 70?
We have 60.
Sold to deputy bill Todd!
Well done.
All right,
next up on the dock is...
A year's supply
of delicious desserts
offered by Hannah Swensen
of Hannah's cookie jar.
Stand up, Hannah! Take a bow!
Stand up, honey. Stand up.
You may not know this,
but I do like the odd dessert
every once in a while,
so I'm gonna open the bids
with $75.
Do I hear 80?
Mother, sit down.
You get it for free.
What are you doing?
This is how you drive up
the price, Hannah, you watch.
90! I got $80. Do I hear 90?
$100! That's wonderful!
We have $100, going once...
We have $100 going twice...
Yes! Thank you, Mike.
Well, somebody's got
a sweet tooth.
We got a war, folks.
That's $200! Do I hear 250?
Yep. 250.
- Mike is so romantic!
- 250. Do we got $300?
We got 250. 300?
250! Do I hear 300?
$300! Holey moley!
This is incredible! Wow!
Norman's fighting for you.
Mayor? Wait, mayor?
Okay, hold on, folks.
This... this is incredible.
Um, I was just thinking
that if both gentlemen
would be willing
to donate $250
to the children's hospital,
I'd be willing
to give both of them
free desserts
for the whole year.
What a wonderful idea, Hannah.
Thank you very much.
Well done, darling.
Mike is amazing.
All right! That's $250 each
for a great cause--
...By a couple of great guys!
All right!
I'm sorry. Can you repeat that
for me, please?
Now it's time
for the grace notes
to sing another song!
Yes. I will hold.
And we have more items
up for auction coming up soon,
so we'll be back later on,
all right?
Hey, I need you at the station.
we wish you
a merry Christmas...
I've got them on the phone
right now.
- Minneapolis P.D.
- Go ahead. I'll catch up.
Okay. Hannah. Come here. Quick.
Hannah! Hannah!
Good tiding we bring
to you and your kin
I would've give you
that dessert for free.
I would've paid double.
So, good call
on the surveillance cameras.
Oh, it's a blue Toyota corolla?
No doubt about it.
You see it pull up
to the tree lot
right before jaeger was shot.
Unfortunately, the camera's view
of where the car's parked
is partially blocked,
so you can't see
who actually gets out.
You can zoom in, right?
You can zoom in on the--?
No, the video deteriorates
in the magnification.
Right now, I'm on hold
with the Minneapolis P.D.
They have the equipment
to be able to do that.
Can we-- can we
talk about all this,
about what's happening?
- I want to--
- Okay.
I want... yes!
No, no! I'm-- I'm...
I'm still here.
Yeah, okay, yes, I will
be at the station.
Can you-- can you just hold on
for one second, please?
Just give me one second, please.
They think they have something.
- This could make it
or break it,
so I do have to go.
I really want to talk to you.
I need to talk to you. Okay?
I promise.
Okay. Yes. Okay.
Yeah, no, I'm listening.
I'm listening.
I'm walking out right now.
I don't have my glasses.
What's next?
I got "White Christmas,"
but it's in Italian.
"Bianco Natale."
Or that.
"O, Christmas tree," in German.
Oh, "O, Tannenbaum."
I feel so international!
Mother, "bianco"
is "white" in Italian?
Yes, it's "white" in Italian.
We need Italian lessons.
Miss Whiting--
You know, your teacher, right?
Did she change her name?
Maybe she Americanized it?
Oh, who knows. Shh.
You said she moved here.
Where did she move from?
I don't remember.
Uh, Green Bay? I don't know.
Honey, they're starting.
"Bianco Media Center."
No reception...
I have to go.
- What?
- I'll be right back.
Honey, you might miss something.
I already have.
Your coat.
...Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
All is calm...
All is bright
sleep in heavenly peace
It's Larry jaeger.
With Salvador bianco.
He had a daughter...
He had a daughter.
No, Hannah. You can't do that.
- I have to. I'm sorry, but I--
- Put the phone down.
- On the hood.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Back away.
This won't do.
This won't do at all, Hannah!
The police?
Murders have to be solved...
That is your name, isn't it?
"Kimberly bianco."
It's who I once was.
Bianco media center,
green bay, Wisconsin.
Salvador bianco was your father.
And I know that Larry jaeger
intentionally bankrupted
your family's company.
Larry's a con man.
That's what he does.
You killed him.
He killed my father!
Salvador bianco
had a heart attack
just before the bankruptcy,
didn't he?
My father died
from a broken heart!
Bankrupting his company
destroyed his life!
Larry left him
with nothing to live for!
I'm sorry, I just don't see
that there's another solution.
Crazy elf is crazy!
Okay, what do you got?
Wisconsin plates, yeah.
"2G1-RDS". Great.
Got it.
All right. Run this.
Get the pink slip.
- Copy that. Yeah.
- Okay, you got that?
You loved him, Larry jaeger,
didn't you?
He broke your heart.
Yes. I was a lovesick fool.
He used me.
Bill, we got to go,
I know where they are!
Let's get some backup!
Let's get some backup
to the tree lot!
All available units
to the tree lot! Now!
He urged me
to persuade my father
to take him into the business,
to make Larry a partner,
and I did it!
I will live with my shame
until the day I die.
But you executed your revenge.
You did it.
Down to the last detail.
Why did you wait so long?
I searched for him
for 14 months!
It wasn't luck
that gave me my revenge,
but fate!
His fiancee got suspicious.
Hired a local accountant--
Luanne Granger!
She came to you for help.
Yes, of course.
Luanne was very
concerned and upset.
I knew I could stop him
before he caused anymore pain.
You have every right to be hurt
and angry.
But doing this,
it will just
make things worse for you.
I really am sorry, Hannah.
Just one bullet
through your heart...
You won't suffer.
- Are you okay?
- Did you get it? Did you hear?
I heard her. I heard everything.
I heard her! I heard everything.
It's okay. It's okay.
Oh, I thought
she was gonna shoot me!
I thought she was--
You scared me half to death.
Stop. I won't always
be there for you. Please!
Here we go!
All right, everybody!
The Turkey is perfect
and it has arrived!
- Whoa!
- Wow!
Merry Christmas!
Today, I am so very grateful
to have friends and family
around this table.
We have so much
to be thankful for.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
...but tonight, my friends,
we celebrate
our great good fortune together.
We raise our glasses...
To our dear Carrie
and her prince, Mr. Earl...
...and wish you well
on your journey together.
It's very exciting.
Excuse me. I have something
to be grateful for, too.
Bill and I have
some very good news.
We're expecting a baby.
- What?
- Oh, Andrea!
Oh! My gosh!
Thank you, lord!
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
Congratulations, bill.
There is such joy
in celebrating a new life...
...and in knowing you have
a second chance at happiness.
Sometimes you don't know
what a recipe is missing
until you try it...
...or what's missing
from your life
until it flashes
in front of you...
...and then you see
what's been right
before your eyes all along...
Please, everyone, sit down.
Merry Christmas, Hannah!
Merry Christmas! Whoo!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, mother.