Murder Weapon (1989) Movie Script

So, are you curious about
those tests we did yesterday?
Kind of.
Did I do Well?
Oh, it shows that
you're recovering in quite
a short time span.
The Hallstein
psychological test I used
to help us decipher
the pluses and minuses
in your personality and
your mental state of health.
Stop with the lecture.
Did I pass or not.
Listen, Dawn, you're
going about this
with the wrong approach.
It's not a matter
of your passing that
we're concerned with.
But if you're well enough to
function outside this hospital.
This is bullshit.
Next you're gonna have me
running through some stupid
maze like a rat or something.
Just settle down.
You know that type of
behavior will get you nowhere.
- Okay, I wanted to
ask you some specifics
that the staff and I
thought were important.
It's about those
girls, isn't it?
Yes, it is, Dawn.
Now a lot of girls have been
placed in your position.
A tragedy that leaves
a sole survivor
in the middle of
complete destruction.
Now questions come up
about why the killer
spared their life.
Why a tornado wipes out one
side of the neighborhood
and not the other.
Now we've talked
about this before
and I wondering if you
have any ideas on this?
I never gave it much thought.
People die everyday
and I'm a realist.
Haven't you ever wondered
why you were never touched?
Bad things only
happen to good people.
You really believe that?
I always hated the
thought that people thought
if they went to church everyday
and lived a straight life,
they'd be immune to
what's out there.
That's bullshit.
Don't get me wrong, I miss
my friends and everything
but it's not gonna
bring them back.
You ever have any
nightmares about it?
It's all I had when
I first came here
but now only about once a week.
It's not so real.
Glad to hear there's
an improvement.
It's Amy who has a ton of them.
Could you describe
any of your dreams?
Well they're pretty tame.
I'm running from
house and I turn
and I see my dad's
house burning.
It's funny, I
haven't had that many
back at the boarding house.
That's not a good sign, Dawn.
It looks like your
subconscious is not ready
to let the rest of your
mind deal with the accident.
I thought you said
I was getting better?
You still have come down,
you are getting better.
But I'd be lying to
you if I said everyone
would be normal overnight.
Now, let's back to what
you were speaking of,
you still believe
that bad things happen
only to good people?
Look what happened to my family.
You mean the fire?
I mean how many
times do you tell me
it's not my fault that my
family died in that fire?
Easy, take it slow, Dawn.
If there's anything
that I feel bad about,
it's I'll never be able
to see my dad again.
You're father was in a very
dangerous line of business.
Now, you were just a child
amongst a family of gangsters.
You can understand
that, can't you?
But I feel helpless.
It said in the police
reports that your father
was in trouble with
your neighborhood gangs.
There was nothing you could do.
Yeah, well I know that now but
it's not easy to accept it.
That's why we're here.
You know, you'll never
know what it was like
to be a mafia princess.
I was treated with respect.
I mean, I was everybody's
little girl in the group.
My dad was so proud of
me after my mom was gone.
Those days are gone.
I thought you told me
that you hated your father?
I mean you said that
a number of times.
Yeah, like any kid does.
Elaborate for me.
Well, he was really
nice, until my mom died
and then he started
touching me in places
that I wasn't comfortable with.
Well did you ever tell
anyone about this?
Who could I?
The police hated our family
and nobody in the
group would help me.
But you still miss him?
Yeah, he was a nice
guy most of the time.
I think he was
most uncomfortable
when I bring my girlfriends in.
Did he ever touch any of them?
What really freaked him
out was when I'd bring
my boyfriends and I
screw them in my bedroom.
We fought about that a lot.
When did this first start?
I don't know, a long time ago.
I guess I was 12.
Do you ever believe this
early fascination with sex
was a way to get even
and punish your father?
He was away most of the time.
He was either in Vegas
or Jersey or somewhere.
I think he liked the
idea that there was a guy
in the house when he was gone.
You know, since you
told me a number of times
that most of the
work you father did
was for the mob,
do you ever have
feelings of guilt or
embarrassment about what he did
for a living?
So, am I gonna get out
of here soon or what?
There is a possibility.
You know, I have a bet
with Amy that I'll get out
before she does.
It's kind of a funny bet, huh?
Well, I'm glad the two
of you are working so hard.
How do you feel about Amy?
I like her.
She's like a sister I never had.
But I get mad at her sometimes.
Why is that?
Well, she can be tricky,
if you know what I mean.
No, no, go on.
Well, she ask me
to ask the other guys
for towels and stuff like that.
Have you ever told her that
she's being manipulative?
No, that would be really stupid.
She's my best friend.
Dawn, the only way you're
gonna get out of here
if you prove to us
that you're well enough
to be on your own.
I am on my own.
You were the one that
told us to make friends.
Well yes, I did say
that but Amy's been known
to take advantage
of your good will
and I just don't want to
see you get in trouble-.
I think that Amy is
the least of my problems.
She's what's kept me
alive in this pit.
Amy and I have a deal that
whoever gets out first
is gonna have one hell
of a party for when
the other one gets out.
Well I personally would
love to see that happen to you
but to be perfectly honest,
both you and Amy's test
score have been borderline.
I thought you said
I was improving?
I don't get this.
You have to understand
that there's a certain
stages that all patients
have to go through
and pass before we believe
that they're capable
of reentering the real world.
Dawn, that kind of behavior
will not be tolerated.
I do not think
that your behavior
during our hypnosis
sessions is gonna look
very good to your colleagues.
What do you mean?
We got you on tape.
You little bitch.
Don't get mad at me.
I'm not the one who get's
off screwing the patients.
Okay, I want that tape.
This kind of behavior
will not be tolerated.
Okay, I see that I
underestimated you.
What do you want?
I want you to sign my release.
That's impossible, you
need two signatures for that.
How the hell did you get
Dr. Randolph to sign this?
It was easy.
Don't look surprised,
he's a man just like you.
Okay, okay, I'll sign.
One condition.
What's that?
Get one last taste of those
delicious lips of yours.
Am I dreaming?
So glad you could be here.
Me too.
How did you know I was here?
The stars told me.
What happened,
choked on your gum?
No, this stupid dream.
You remind me of Sonny.
Your beagle?
I can always tell
when he's dreaming.
His one will perk up
or he'll start kicking.
It is hysterical.
Just tell me when he
starts talking, okay.
I can get used to this set up.
What do you mean?
You have.
We've been friends for 20 years.
Yeah but you've only been
rich for the last four.
Where are your mom and dad?
I thought they just
got back from Mexico?
Daddy's finding out the
business messes up without him being
there every day.
So why didn't you tag along?
Are you serious?
Put me back in Montecity State.
Gee, I thought
you liked it there.
I did when you came to visit.
You don't need them anymore.
So, did you ever do
it with Dr. Randolph?
I thought you two
were cute together.
I thought he was a prick.
He was just like every
other man I've met.
Are you still taking your pills?
I Started gaining weight.
You look great.
I'm working on it.
Oh, you know who I
ran into the other day?
' Who?
What did he have to say?
Well he was asking about you.
You didn't tell him I don't
have a boyfriend, did you?
No I wouldn't do that to you.
Well, I'm waiting.
What dirt did you dig?
Well, he's still
playing for the Chainsaws.
He got a lot of good
gigs around town
and he's got a new
demo coming out.
Back from Hell.
How was his hair?
It's the same.
He got this great tattoo
of a two headed dragon.
It is so neat.
Does he have a
steady girlfriend?
Well he was in hurry.
I really didn't get
a chance to ask him.
Do you still like him?
Yeah, I guess so.
You know he's really
sweet when he isn't drunk.
I asked him to the party today.
You didn't.
But I thought that was our plan.
Oh it's just Eric
is so dangerous.
We have to get him,
he's the biggest.
You could be right.
What about your dad's staff?
They leave early on the weekend.
It's just us and the boys.
You get everybody on your list?
Only talked with Cary
and he's bringing Bart
and I left a message for Kevin.
What about you?
Jeff, he should be
here in about an hour.
Good work.
What are you reading?
Why Woman Fail.
Is it good?
Absolute trash but I love it.
There are so many of
those books, I get confused.
Men who hate women,
women who hate men.
Romance in the
80s, I feel great.
I just can't believe them.
My mother gave me this one.
Did she read it?
There's a whole
library of these things.
You poor thing.
She means well.
Yeah, like forgetting to
tell us all the good stuff
about sex.
Oh my mother was the worst.
You know who was even worse?
' Who?
Dr. Randolph.
If I would have followed
his explanation,
I would of become a
Seventh Day Adventist.
Doctors are such hypocrites.
They must get off on
pictures of their mothers.
Ew, probably.
Hey I'm gonna go into the house.
You want anything?
Just a little more tea.
Well how are you feeling?
Just wonderful.
You'd feel a lot
better if you'd lower
that wall around yourself.
Doesn't this hospital have
any women psychologists?
Would you like that?
Well, we don't have any staff.
But if you'd like,
we could arrange
to have someone
else take your case.
No no, you're the least
annoying in this place.
You feel as though you
have to give or change
in the presence of
men, wouldn't you say?
Well, it's as plain as the
desk your sitting behind.
Well we've
discussed this before.
I think we're making
remarkable progress.
That's your opinion.
What do you think?
Goes back to two things,
being big and the rule,
whoever can be the last one
standing makes the rules.
I saw it everyday.
"I'll break your fucking
head", my last boyfriend
used to tell me.
They hurt you?
Why do you think you're
attracted to that type?
You know you're gonna
fail against these men.
I like the competition.
Sure, this shithead
could cave in my skull
but on the other
hand, I could get him
to do most anything with a
few kisses between his legs.
That's the equalizer.
But you're changing
an emotional expression
into a tool for manipulation.
Now how can we expect to find
love with that kind of hatred?
You should get out of
this office more often.
Are you afraid that
you'll lose control
by giving yourself to someone
who really wanted you?
Love comes from here,
not the other end.
This hospitals a good example.
You try to make us
feel like you help us.
Do we see any role models?
Only men.
How do you think
that makes us feel?
Well that's up
to the individual.
We can't cure you,
that's up to you.
Then why do we do this?
For help, for guidance.
Amy, there are many others who
don't possess your direction.
Those are the ones
who really need us
but we can also help you.
See this hospital gardens
are to give everyone time
to put their past
and their future
into a proper state of mind.
But you can leave
at the end of the day.
You make the rules and
I'll get you guys for that
when I get out of here.
Alright, let's talk
about something a little
more productive.
It's your hour.
Supposing all of the
doors were removed.
Where would you go?
To the beach.
Yes, go on.
The beach is filled with
miles of warm clean sand
that makes my skin
breathe and tingle.
The sky is blue.
The waves crash like cymbals.
The tide is so strong
that it makes my body feel
like it's in space.
Time, weightlessness.
Like a mothers womb?
Let's recreate that feeling.
Close your eyes, let the
thoughts of the beach
just flow through your brain.
Alright see the waves rise.
The foam swirl into free
flowing design of coconuts.
Try to feel the rays of
the sun touch the tips
of your eyelashes.
Makes you feel warm, safe.
Feel the warmth.
Boy were you dowsing.
I was thinking about
sessions at the hospital.
Did you ever do the
dream deal with you?
What was yours?
Skiing and making
love on Badger Pass.
That makes my tits shrink
just thinking about it.
I came out to get you.
Some of the guys are here.
How do I look?
I'm only kidding.
You look great.
Come on, let's give em the tour.
What did you say to them?
I didn't open the door.
I wanted them to
stew for a while.
You're such a tease.
Ah shit.
What the fuck.
I thought you said this
was gonna be a party?
Well you know how girls
are, they're always late.
We're bailing if I don't
have a Moosehead in my hands.
Just shut up and
get out of the car.
Did you bother knocking?
We did that, no ones answering.
Maybe Amy gave us
the wrong address.
Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me.
They're probably
in the backyard.
Can't anything from the street.
You've been here before.
Yeah, I used to date Amy.
He did too.
Shut up, will ya?
Well let's try knocking
harder this time.
So uh, how long did
you hang out with Amy?
Oh about two years
before she flipped out.
She tried lighting
my car on fire.
That was pretty hairy.
He almost killed her for that.
Nobody but nobody
touches my car.
Expect his mom.
Shut up, Billy.
You enjoyed yourself?
Yeah, she's a lot of fun.
So what you come?
It's her booze.
Her house gets
trashed, not mine.
You guys haven't been
waiting too long, have you?
' No.
Uh, no.
Where's Amy?
Amy's in the shower.
Come on, I'll show you around.
I haven't even dried off yet.
I look a mess.
You look great.
Be gentle.
Don't worry, I'm a pro.
This is some spread.
It's all mob money.
Amy's father works
out of Las Vegas.
What's he like?
He's a mean mother fucker.
He shoots people for a living.
Did she tell you that?
No I met her dad.
He's crazier than she is.
He's got this photo album
up at the house, you know,
you think it's gonna
be baby pictures
or vacation postcards
but this guys got.
Polaroids of all
the guys he shot.
It's a trip.
Why don't the police get
him with that evidence?
This guys an animal.
I mean, he'd get his buddy to
kill off the police chief's
whole family and the
generation following that.
I'd hate to be there if
you broke Amy's curfew.
Nah, that chick
could make her old man
do back flips through a
flaming ring if she wanted to.
So how'd you get invited?
I used to date Dawn.
But I broke up with her
when we went to college.
What school?
Now I'm a manager for
Sears in Lancaster.
So much for higher education.
It's not as bad as
you guys think it be.
I mean, they have a great
scale of pay and benefits.
Well what do you do?
Billy and I are still in school.
This is our fifth year.
Shut up, Billy.
Yeah, I changed my
majors a few times.
Uh, we're thinking on opening
up a mobile tanning salon.
I came up with the idea.
She's not wearing...
Shut up, Billy.
Guys, this is my friend Bart.
Jeff, Kevin, Billy.
How you guys doing?
We were wondering
when someone was gonna
bring that blast box out.
Do you guys want some more beer?
Is this fantasy island or what?
Well yeah, I like
what I've seen so far.
She's pretty tasty.
I don't like the ratio.
That is an awfully big word
you are using around here.
That's a good one, Jeff.
Fuck, I'm gonna take a swim.
Where'd you pick up Einstein?
At a Grateful Dead concert.
You're a little
out of shape honey.
Shit, I think I
fucked him to death-.
Must of passed out.
Try yoga, it's marvelous.
Yeah, I'm the head
of home appliances.
Gee, that's great.
So what are you
doing these days?
Oh most modeling bikinis for LC.
Dawn, have you seen Eric yet?
No, he's not here.
Oh this must be Amy.
Oh Amy, this is Jeff.
He and I were engaged once.
Oh, are you having fun?
Yeah, I'm cruising just fine.
The boys are going
through the beers.
Looks like we're gonna have
to make a run to the store.
I'll go.
No, no you're our guest.
No, Dawn and I can
talk about old times
on the way there.
It will be cool, relax.
Alright, I'll go get some money.
That Amy is so sweet.
Yeah, so are you seeing anyone?
A couple of guys.
What about you?
Well I really
don't see much action
after I get off work.
Oh poor boy.
Why did Amy invite
all her old boyfriends?
Well she missed them
and I promised her
I'd throw her a party after
she got out of the hospital.
Is this all that are coming?
I don't know, I sent
out 20 invitations.
Who's Eric?
You sure ask a lot of questions.
Oh just naturally curious.
Eric is a heavy metal singer.
Amy still has a thing
for him, god knows why.
A real loser huh?
Just a little demented.
What should we get?
Anything cheap and by the keg.
Don't worry.
Okay, bye.
See ya.
I can't go to the
store in this shirt.
Oh here, take mine.
I can't wear both those shirts.
That's not what I had in mind.
Oh baby, I can't make
love to you in your car.
I respect you too much.
Just give me a blowjob instead.
Let's just go get
the fucking beer.
Hey just what we
need, another guy.
Hey think fast.
So this is it,
this is the big bash?
Yeah, it's more
like a Sunday school.
Where is everyone?
Two of them just
went to get some beers.
The others all over
this place, exploring.
This is Bart, I'm Kevin.
You want to play?
No, I think I'll walk
around some, thanks.
Hi stranger.
What's happening?
It's been a long time.
How you been?
You look good.
I'm happy-
- That's good.
You still taking medication?
No, the doctor says I
don't need them anymore.
Too bad.
I'm really glad you could come.
We have drinks and
Dawn and are cooking
up some Texas style chili.
Your favorite.
Yeah, where is your better half?
Why do you have to be so mean?
It comes easy to me.
You're not still jealous?
No, six months of country
jail cured me of that.
Is your brother alright?
Yeah, yeah he recovered
from the stab wound.
I missed you.
Yeah, yeah that's you got
all those studs outside.
That was Dawn's idea.
I just wanted to see you again.
I don't see any gratitude.
Oh yeah?
We're back.
Come and get it.
Where's Billy?
He's probably
just looking around.
Well I'm not his mom,
it's just his bad luck.
Well, you guys made it back.
Eric, this Bart, Kevin,
Jeff, and you know Dawn.
How you doing?
Where's Cary and Billy?
They disappeared.
There's a guy
snorting in his car.
Ah, we can leave them alone.
We've got enough
here for a party.
You look like you
belong in a band.
I'm in the Chainsaws,
ever heard of us?
Yeah, you buys play at the Lock.
Yeah, what kind of
music do you play?
Chamber music.
Jesus, can't you see
he's a metal head?
So, you bit the heads
off any bats lately?
Not my style.
He's really good.
Loud, you can't hear for days.
That's the way it
should be played.
So you into this
life fast and die.
Yeah, yeah.
What do you think I
got into this gig for?
You got any good
stories on the road?
I got one that
will blow your mind.
Tell him, tell him.
It was the 86 Van Halen
tour, we were opening
for Eddie and the guys.
He's married to
Valeria Bertinelli.
Yeah but on the
road, anything goes.
We finished our set
and we go backstage
and we start munching
out on the buffet.
The roadies are pulling chicks
and assigning them numbers.
I mean in our dressing
room, we can get two chicks
come in at 20 minute
shifts and then a fresh set
would come in.
No way, really?
I thought my dick
would fall off.
You always were shy.
No, no, I just, I'm more
of the strong, silent type.
Like Clint Eastwood.
Make my day.
You guys have no imagination.
What's your thrill?
You guys ever played golf?
What's that?
Oh we played it in college.
If your at the bar,
you got nine holes
and every hole there's
par made out of a drink.
Lets say 77 is par three
while zombies par 10.
All you have to do is
to finish your drink
to make par.
Let's do it.
No contest.
You're looking at the
Jack Nichols of drinking.
I'll be the score keeper.
Dawn, jeez.
Oh Dawn.
You Okay?
God should of made
you out of steel.
Amy, why do you feel
you don't need men?
But I do.
I can't remember the last time
I didn't have a boyfriend.
But that's always in a
confrontational atmosphere.
So what you're
getting at is that
because my father was
so bad, I go for someone
just like him?
I don't know.
Maybe I'm right.
I dig danger.
My dad once took
me to a dog fight.
Ever been to one of those?
It's a real turn on if you
know what I'm looking for.
Anyways, they take
these two pit bulls
and put them on opposite
ends of the ring
and then release em.
Bam, I'll never
forget how they had
to pry the one dogs mouth
off the others throat
and that was 20 minutes
after the fight was over.
Can you imagine the
strength from the size
of a piano bench?
What an animal.
Is that how you see yourself?
But not a dog.
I'm much prettier.
You once described a man
as an animal, Cary I believe?
Oh no, he was a
great pharmacist.
You're talking about Eric.
Eric, right.
He beat you, didn't he?
He did a lot of things.
You said he was
extremely dangerous.
He was.
That's what attracted me to him.
So, he was the closest
thing to your father?
Yes and no.
Eric was new, he was a
lot freer about things.
More sensitive about life.
Not to say that he didn't
take shit from anybody.
More likely, he'd
stuff em in a john
if he didn't like the
way they were behaving.
Is that what
attracted you to him?
His explosive behavior?
We used to go up to
the mountains and hunt.
He gave me this hunting knife.
It was beautiful, long, sharp.
Did you ever kill anything?
I mostly helped.
Eric would shoot
it, I'd clean it.
I'd like to do that with him.
He was the funniest.
You think Eric would
in and talk with us?
He doesn't like offices.
Did you ever believe that
dreams are maybe parts
of your past?
What do you mean?
Well, sometimes the
subconscious is like a library,
it collects everything,
even the smallest detail
and then at night, sometimes
these details come out.
So is that why you do
the beach dreams with us?
You see, we're trying to
replace these violent dreams
with the more positive dreams.
I guess it works.
I can tell you
that it does work.
That's why I'm recommending
that we release
you from this hospital.
It's time for you to
return to the real world.
I'm ready.
Are you ready?
Oh, go.
Don't be a puss, chug it.
Cary, are you alright?
He's fine, he just
needs to sleep it off.
Are you sure?
Yeah, he's fine.
I've seen midgets
drink more than that.
Aren't you going
to finish yours?
He said the last one
standing was the winner.
That's me.
Where do I collect my prize?
My bed is softer.
Lead the way.
Hey where
you guys going?
Games over.
I thought you left.
No, I was just in the bathroom.
Getting the cockroaches
eye view of the toilet bowl?
Hey, there's some
stuff still on the table.
Have you guy's seen Billy?
No, I haven't seen him.
I guess I better
go look for him.
How you doing, champ?
I didn't Win?
You were the first to puke.
You went down an hour ago.
You guys seen Billy?
Are you still looking for him?
That jerk probably bailed-.
I still got the car.
Are you sure he
knows his way home?
Yeah, we left breadcrumbs.
So why do you think he left?
No chicks probably.
What do you mean?
We have Amy and Dawn.
Yeah but I don't see
them tickling my lizard.
Man, Dawn will
go down on anybody.
That's the reason I
broke up with her.
Sure as shit, but
who wants a girl
with 31 flavors
between her legs?
Yeah, you say that
now but what about
next Saturday night?
Yeah you got a point there.
Damn right I do.
Alright, so what are we playing?
Regular poker, five cards.
I didn't know you could
play poker regularly
Hey, we were just
getting a rhythm.
They're playing
my favorite song.
I don't know it.
I can't remember the title.
But I used to hear it
everyday at the hospital.
They let you have a radio?
No, but they played music
in the day room for us.
So what was it like in there?
We had three meals a
deal, group sessions,
private sessions with the doctor
and the rest of the time
we spent watching TV.
Sounds like my last job.
So how's the band coming along?
I got rid of Dwayne,
he was dragging us down.
We're still looking
for another drummer.
Are you still writing?
Off and on.
Whatever happened
to silk and handcuffs.
Oh that was your favorite.
I still have my pair.
You want to play?
Yeah, I want to play.
So uh, what do the doctors
think about all this?
They were amused.
Pretty brave to let me do this.
Not many men would.
Yeah, cause you know
if you do anything funny,
I'd kick your ass, that's why.
Ah, jeez.
What's wrong?
You left the patio
door wide open.
I don't want those
jerks around the pool
to see what's going up here.
Such modesty for such a stud.
Just close the thing.
You are the biggest chicken.
I am not.
We're doing fine without you.
Wash up, you dirty girl.
Man, I must of
seen this 16 times.
It's been on cable
for at least a month.
Who writes this junk?
It's pathetic.
They must be doing a marathon
fucking match up there.
You should know, you dated her.
No I was talking about Dawn.
So what's she like?
She's okay.
A little rough sometimes.
Sounds like my kind of girl.
She's probably waiting for you.
Do it, pal.
What about Bart?
He's probably sucking sheets.
Go on.
Bone her.
Nah, that's not cool.
Go on.
10 to one says she hits him.
Even money on it.
Oh, whoops.
Sorry, my mistake.
Want anything?
My stomachs still
doing cartwheels.
I'm starving.
My first name is baloney.
My second name is Mayer...
You want anything?
Tony the mouse Rossetti,
Micheal big hands Cretezzi
members of the west coast
syndicate mysteriously
What the fuck?
I'll kill you if this is a joke.
This is weird.
Hey, what's wrong?
Come here.
Someone killed Cary.
Just a minute.
I think I'm gonna puke.
You wouldn't believe
what I found in the cellar.
Look, we got to get out of here.
Are you listening?
Don't panic.
Here, take one.
You think he's killed the girls?
Maybe, we need a plan.
I'm all for one.
What the fuck is it?
We stay together and we
go through all the rooms.
What if he's in one, what then?
We kill him.
I'm calling the cops.
He's probably cut the lines.
Then we're trapped.
There's nothing around
this house but bush.
Man, he could pick us off
like lint on a black jacket.
Just stay cool, we
get out of this alive.
Oh shit.
I was thinking, this
could be a mob hit.
What are you talking about?
Amy and Dawn's dad were
both hitmen for the mob.
There could be six or
seven guys outside.
We're dead.
How do you know that?
I was reading some
newspapers down in the cellar.
I'm telling you, tomorrow
we're gonna be on ice.
Alright, we'll be careful
going out to the driveway.
Maybe we can get out
of here with the cars.
Are you ready man?
Shit yes.
Which one is yours?
Hey I thought we were
gonna go for the others?
Fuck them.
It's just us two.
What's wrong, are
you with me or not?
Yeah I'm with ya, it's
that one over there.
What are you trying
to do, kill us?
Hey, I'm nervous okay?
Just open the fucking car.
Hold it.
What if they attached a bomb?
Christ, I never thought of that.
Look, let's not
take any chances.
We'll try another car.
You know how to hot wire
one of these things?
I used to freelance for
a repo when I was in college.
Thank you god.
See if it has bullets.
I feel better already.
Come on baby, start.
ls this some kind of game?
Shut up.
What's with the piece?
Where's Amy?
Will you tell me
what's going on?
Where is she, are you
two in on this together?
Are you on drugs?
Be cool.
Let me see your hands.
What are you looking for?
I got ten of them.
House has been
targeted by the mob.
I haven't seen Cary,
Cary's disappeared.
I haven't seen Dawn in an hour.
Where's Jeff?
Just saw him in the garage.
I saw the whole thing.
Aright, hold it together.
Why are they killing everybody?
Thought it was a mob hit
but after what happened
to Jeff, I think it's one of us.
You think it's one of the girls?
At this point, I don't
know, I don't care.
I just want to live.
Where'd you get the gun?
Dawn's car.
Not much.
I always kept my eyes on Amy.
All I know is that Amy's
old man hung around.
Dawn's old man.
That's what it says
down in the cellar
on the newspapers.
Can we drive out of here?
No, the cars been ripped about.
What about my cycle?
The same.
We can't walk out of here,
there's nothing but bush.
You can only see a couple
of yards in front of ya.
The phones?
Jeff thought
they'd be cut by now.
Don't assume anything,
dumbshit, come on.
Well, it's disconnected.
What happened over there?
That's where Cary bought it.
So where's the body?
We never found one.
He mentioned that Amy's old man
kept some big guns
down in the basement,
did you see any?
God I don't know.
I wasn't really
looking for any guns.
But we need something
bigger than that pea shooter.
I don't think it's
too good an idea
to go down there.
What if Jeff was right?
I mean what if it is a hit team?
We need to be equipped.
Why don't they just come in here
and shoot us all at
once with an Uzi?
This isn't the time to
be asking about motives.
Hey guys.
What's all the yelling about?
Oh no, someone spilled
the tomato juice.
Get over here.
Where were you when
you left our bedroom?
I was taking a shower.
Hey what kind of drugs
are you guys using?
Let go.
You take a lot of
showers in the day.
I like taking showers.
Ask him.
Have you seen Dawn?
Somebody's trying to kill us.
You're kidding.
Does this look
like I'm laughing?
She doesn't know anything.
I say we put a bullet
in that pretty little
temple of hers, I
don't trust her.
Use your head.
She knows more about
this place than anybody.
That's more of a reason
that she's in with the killer.
You're out of your mind.
You're both crazy.
We're on your side.
Come on, we're going
down to the cellar.
It's locked.
No, you're wrong.
No, my dad's the
only with a key.
You sure, Kevin?
It's open.
Look out!
Eric, you alright man?
I'm hit.
Shoot the bastard.
Time to die.
Don't leave me!
There's nobody out there.
We got to get to Eric.
You alright man?
I think he bought it.
Don't say that.
I'm low on bullets.
Let's just stick to the plan.
Okay, okay.
We'll go to the cellar.
Take this, shoot anybody
that comes through that door.
I'll go get Eric.
You're not gonna leave me?
This is the safest place to be.
All you got to do
is watch one door.
Shoot anybody that
doesn't give a password.
Uh condom.
Good enough.
Good luck.
Dawn, you out there?
some party.
You still alive?
Bleeding bad.
Man I thought you
bought it back there.
Amy's alive?
Yeah, she's in the cellar.
That's great.
You gonna make it?
I've been through worse.
Sure buddy.
Man I went all
through this house.
I can't find that motherfucker.
He was uh, he
was in the hallway.
He's either uh, he's
out in the front yard
or out by the pool.
I say we finish this house.
I'm with you.
Are you gonna make,
or want to stay here?
I'll stick with the gun.
Let's go.
I thought you said
she was in here?
She was.
I gave her a gun.
We would of heard shots.
Why don't you
broadcast it on cable?
He's still out there, Christ.
Man, we knows we got
fire power, he's gone.
This is just strange?
You scared?
Not anymore.
Is this hers?
Maybe she's in with Dawn.
I doubt it.
We gotta get out...
Oh shit!
She's out there.
She did all this?
One strong little bitch.
You Okay?
Yeah, shoulder hurts like hell.
Why would she do this?
Man, why did that guy kill
all those kids in Stockton?
You can't justify
it, it just happens.
What a mess.
Felt good, didn't it?
Hey, we survived,
that's all that matters.
Want to know something?
I didn't think we had a chance.
Neither did I.
What should we do?
Let's go get Amy.
Are you okay?