Murdered at 17 (2018) Movie Script

Ben, were there
any packages for me?
No. Sir... the woman
over there claims she's your...
Mom, what the hell
are you doing here?
I need to talk to you. You're
not taking any of my calls.
I didn't get any.
Why don't you come up?
I told you to never come here!
Don't be mad. I had to!
Your father is very sick.
He's been in pain for weeks,
and unless we can come up with
the money for his treatment...
"Pain"? Good.
I guess my prayers
have finally been answered.
I hope it's unbearable.
Please! You don't mean that.
I know that in the past,
you and your father haven't
been able to see eye-to-eye...
You're really something,
aren't you?
You're right. We didn't see
eye-to-eye. How could we when I
was getting the shit kicked out
of me at 5 years old?!
He admits that he's
made mistakes.
Making a 10-year-old
sit in scalding hot water
That is evil.
And you sat right there
and you watched him do it.
You do not sit on my furniture.
You sit on the floor.
Sit on the floor!
What's he have?
He's got cancer.
Oh, I can see him
rolling around in agony.
I... I promise you
that if you could
just loan us the money,
then... then...
then we'll pay it back!
Oh, so it would be a loan?
Yeah, we'll pay...
we'll pay it back.
You know, you didn't try
very hard to give me a loan
when I wanted to go to college.
Come on! That was different!
You didn't try at all.
It was different! You didn't
need college. Look at you.
Look at this place!
You designed an app and you
sold it and you're this...
this millionaire at 18.
You're right. I made
$1 million off of that app,
and I've made
about 6 million since.
And I would rather
throw $100000
into that fireplace
and watch it burn
before I gave you
and Dad a penny of it.
I hope that Dad
dies a long... slow...
painful death.
Now, get the hell out
of my apartment.
And if you ever,
ever show up here
out of the blue like that again,
I cannot tell you
how much you're
gonna regret that decision.
I'm sick
Of playing games
It's time to get down to what's real
Nothing's gonna
Change the way that I feel
Okay, okay. It's my turn.
Come on, Brooke. Sing with me.
I got
Nothing to hide
You wanna be in control
I'm a star in ascension
Give me your attention
Wanna be a friend to me?
Bring on out the melody
Thank you so much.
That was so fun, right?
How many guys do you
think live in Philadelphia?
I don't know.
Like, a million. Why?
A million guys to choose
from and you feel the need
to screw my ex?
What are you talking about?
Go to hell.
Seriously, I don't even know
why he's texting me!
What's going on?
Maddie, I'm talking to you!
Don't touch me!
I don't wanna hear anything
you have to say.
Stop accusing me of something
that I didn't even do!
Don't walk away from me,
you stupid bitch!
I'm talking to you!
You're a psycho! You're the psycho!
You're the one that's jumping to
idiotic conclusions that aren't
even true, and why are you
looking at my phone anyway?
Take a pill, Brooke. I've had
enough of this. I'm leaving.
What going on over there?
I got it. It's okay. I got it.
Hey, are you okay?
Just take a deep breath.
You're fine.
How about I get you a drink?
I'm not 21 yet.
Well, neither am I.
All right. So, Brooke,
tell me about yourself.
Um... Not much to tell.
Come on.
Um... I'm a senior
at Bellamy High.
I'm a cheerleader.
I live with my mom.
She has a boyfriend named Alex.
Hmm. Okay.
This is Jake.
I literally just met him.
This is Keisha,
my friend from school.
Pleasure. Jake.
Um... Everybody's
calling it a night.
Are you gonna stay?
Yeah, I think I'm gonna
hang around for a bit longer.
Are you sure?
Yes. I'll see you at school.
Text me.
I think she's worried about you.
Should she be?
I don't think so.
I'm a pretty decent guy.
I consider myself a gentleman.
You know, most guys
from Kansas probably do.
Kansas? That is so random.
What brought you
out to Pennsylvania?
Ah, it's a long story.
I've got time.
Okay. Well...
I bailed out of my parents'
house when I was 17
and moved up here, I don't know,
a couple of years ago.
And then I created an app.
Sold it.
Made enough money to live on
the rest of my life.
Why did you leave
your parents' house?
Got a bottle
of our best champagne
and two glasses.
My man. Do you know what?
Just throw it on my tab.
You know what? Cheers.
He turns away
He turns around
Baby, can you read my mind?
Okay, so you gotta tell me
what happened between you and
your friend, because honestly,
I thought you were about to
break out the boxing gloves.
I mean, what could she have
done, sleep with your boyfriend?
Wrecked your car?
Her ex texted me
and now, she thinks
that I'm trying to get with him,
but I would never do that.
Oh, okay. So, you just
really don't like
being accused of things
that you didn't do?
I have this...
that I have to take pills for,
and the doctors haven't quite
got the dosage right yet.
Well, does this...
condition have a name?
It's called...
intermittent explosive
disorder, IED.
I go into these...
rages, and it can
get pretty crazy.
Is this your car?
All right. Hop in.
Let's go.
And on the way,
you can tell me the rest
of that story.
Wow. That's crazy. So it
happened during cheerleading?
Yeah. I hit my head
pretty hard.
Brooke? Call 911!
They said that when I hit
my head, it started slowing down
the production
of serotonin. It's a...
I know what it does.
It regulates
your impulse control.
How did you know that?
I'm smarter than I look.
So, do you take
any medication for it?
Yup... which I am not
supposed to be drinking on.
Which neither one of us
should be drinking,
since, you know, we're not 21.
Look, I'm pretty much
the same way. I fly off
the handle sometimes,
and I say some
pretty nasty things.
You do realize we sound
like a couple
of jerks right now?
Yeah, to the people
that don't know us, but...
I get the sense you can
be really sweet too.
I think this is the part
where I'm supposed
to ask you on a real date.
Really?! After what I
just told you?
Come on, that doesn't scare me.
Okay. Give me your phone.
But wait! Wait.
A gentleman!
So... I'll call you tomorrow.
Brooke Emerson.
Who was that guy?
Were you spying on me?
No, I heard his car.
And besides, it's half an hour
past your curfew.
Why didn't Maddie
bring you home?
Maddie decided to leave early.
Did you meet that guy tonight?
He's Keisha's friend.
What's the big deal?
Well, how old is he?
I don't know! Like 18.
18?! What kind of 18-year-old
drives around
in a $100000 sports car?
Rich ones! Oh, my God! Enough!
Like, stop!
Look, I'm telling you, man,
it's like this girl,
she is something special.
Yeah. She is so...
just... different
from anybody that I've ever met.
Oh, yeah?
How so?
It's just...
It's like, I get her.
She gets me. It's like
I've filled in that piece
that's... that's
always been missing.
It's like...
I feel like I belong,
and it's just,
I've got the right person
at the right time. It's just...
"Sufferers experience hostility,
aggressive outbursts
and sudden episodes of anger."
They don't understand you,
No one does.
But I do.
I know exactly how you feel.
Hey, girl.
You know that black dress you
wore to the club that one night?
Could I borrow it?
Where is he taking you?
Wally's on Main.
Holy crap!
I know, right?!
Okay, yes. I will bring you
that dress tomorrow night.
Thank you.
What's up, Alex?
What are you guys doing?
Oh, desperately trying
to make sense
of these instructions.
It's a new chair
for your room.
Oh! Well, that's nice.
Good luck with your project.
What time will you
be back tonight?
We'll probably hang out after,
so... like midnight?
Not a minute after.
We'll light it up
Like there's no tomorrow
Hands up if you wanna be free
We'll live it up
Like there's no tomorrow
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Na, Na, Na, Na, Na
Na, Na, Na, Na, Na
Na, Na, Na, Na
Na, Na, Na, Na, Na
Okay, what do you think
of this one?
I think we should fly to Paris
this weekend and buy it.
You look... incredible.
You were right. It's bigger
than the one she broke.
I don't think it's helping.
It takes time to figure out.
Didn't her therapist
say different things
work for different people?
Yeah, but it's not fair.
Why'd this have
to happen to her?
There are days that she
doesn't even seem like
the same daughter
that I used to have.
Hey... it's not just the IED.
She's a teenager.
If you could've seen
how difficult
Joey was at times...
She's a good kid,
and you're a great mom.
She'll get past this.
Thank you.
What type of girls
do you usually see?
The kind that I only date once.
It's been really tough to find
people that I connect with.
Hmm. I can feel that.
I think I get you, though.
Oh, you definitely do.
I knew that the second
I started talking to you.
Well, on that note, I'm gonna
excuse myself to the bathroom.
Yeah, but... you and Brooke
have been best friends
since like, junior high.
So what?
I'm sick of her craziness.
It's not like Brooke
asked for that head injury.
He's always liked her, you know?
Who? Tryg?
I used to catch him
checking her out all the time.
We fought about it a few times.
Look, that sounds
like it's on Tryg,
not Brooke. She'd never stab you
in the back like that.
Maybe she wouldn't,
maybe she would.
Maddie, come on!
Thanks for helping me
with this homework, by the way.
No problem.
Hey, Brooke.
Hey... Tryg.
I hit you up the other night.
Did you get my text?
Yeah, I did.
Did you need something?
I just wanted to see
what you were up to
and I thought maybe we could,
I don't know, hang out?
Is everything all right here?
Yeah. It's cool, man.
We go to school together.
Hmm. Well...
we're on this thing
called a date, so maybe save
the chitchat
for between classes.
Seriously, dude.
We're trying to have dinner.
Yeah. My bad.
I'll just talk
to you tomorrow, Brooke.
Who was that guy?
That was Tryg, Maddie's ex.
I didn't know he worked here.
The girl that you fought with?
Yeah, it was over him!
He texted me saying,
"Hey, gorgeous." And she saw it.
I don't even know
why he did that.
We don't even talk.
Let's forget about him,
and let's get some dessert.
All right?
Thanks for accepting
my invitation tonight.
This is probably the best date
I've ever been on.
Jake... Jake... Jake.
Will access the vehicle's computer
"and bypass the door locks.
Will cost 58.99."
One, two, three!
Let's go Sharks!
Nice job today, guys.
Same time tomorrow.
What the hell?!
Please, don't tell me
to go away.
I'm sorry for blowing up at you
at karaoke, but there's nothing
going on with me and Tryg.
I promise, I would never
do that to you.
I guess you didn't hear.
Tryg was assaulted
and robbed last night
as he was leaving his job.
That's horrible. If there's
anything I can do...
Maybe you need
to up your medication.
What are you doing here?
You didn't respond
to any of my calls.
Yeah, I've been
at practice since 7:30.
How did you get on campus?
I must look like a student
'cause I just walked right in.
Look, I'm not trying to bug you
or anything, I just...
when I didn't hear back
from you, I wanted
to make sure everything was okay.
Yeah, everything's fine.
I just can't answer you back
when I'm at school.
Yeah, but I mean, come on.
A quick text?
How long does that take?
I would've answered
you eventually.
When I have time.
So this is a game
to you? You wanna
keep me by the phone waiting,
wondering if you're pissed off or not,
trying to be the one in control?
No! Not at all. This is
me having a life.
I should've seen this coming.
You are like every other girl!
You want me there to pay
for a nice night out,
but then you wanna just respond
when you have time?
What are you talking about?!
You're the one who called me
four times in an hour!
That's obsessive.
That's a relationship, Brooke!
And if you don't know
how those work, then stay out
of them until you grow up!
Is everything okay here?
It's whatever you want.
"I'm sorry for upsetting you.
"I really did come by
because I was worried about you.
Please call me. Love, Jake."
You got my card?
Yup. I did.
I'm really sorry.
I was just worried is all.
Jake, you said some really
mean things to me today:
That I was playing games
with you, and that I'm only
with you for your money.
I know.
I know, and I'm...
I'm really sorry
about that too. I really didn't
mean any of it. I was just...
I was just upset is all.
Look, if that's
what you think of me...
I don't. Brooke, please.
I say things that I don't mean
when I'm angry.
I mean, you of all people
should understand.
Just please give me
a second chance. I really don't
think that anything's happened
that we can't work through.
I need to think about it.
I'll call you later.
Can I help you?
You're Brooke's mom?
I am, and you are...
I'm Jake.
Oh. Jake. Hi.
Nice to meet you. Come on in.
Thank you.
You're Keisha's friend, right?
What are you doing here?
I just wanted
to bring these by for you.
Well, I think
my dinner's going to burn, so I
better get back to the kitchen.
Of course.
Whatever you're having
smells really good.
Oh, it's just pasta.
It was nice
to meet you, Ms. Emerson.
You too.
Are you pissed that I
brought you flowers?
No, I'm pissed
that you showed up here
without calling me first.
I just can't seem
to do anything right today.
I figured it would
be a really nice surprise
since I screwed up
so royally this morning.
Should I just take the flowers,
and let's pretend
this never happened?
No, I like the flowers.
I'm gonna keep them.
All right. Well...
I'll go so you guys can eat.
Have you eaten yet?
It's been so long since I've
had a home-cooked meal.
Did your mother work a lot?
She did when I was growing up,
but when I sold the app,
I gave most of my money
to my parents,
so they could retire early.
Well, that's sweet.
Well, they worked hard
to raise me, so it was
the least that I could do.
Well, I think your mom
really likes me.
Why'd you say that stuff about
your parents? It's not true.
Well, I figured it'd
be a lot better than stories
about how they locked me
in the closet, don't you think?
It'd kind of
put a damper on dinner.
The reason why I
brought you the flowers
is I just,
I wanted to see you. I wanted
to talk you out of dumping me.
I'm not dumping you.
Phew! Good,
because I was working on an app
to keep you from doing that.
Go home.
Could I see you on Saturday?
I'm going to a party that night.
I like parties.
Is it with people
from your school?
No. It'll be like,
a bunch of different people.
It's at that guy Riley's house,
the one who intervened at school.
Well, I kind of owe him
an apology anyways.
So if I promise
to behave, can I come?
Yeah, I guess.
All right.
Goodnight, gorgeous.
I promise
I'm not gonna let you down.
He's nice. I like him.
You do?
Yeah, he's...
Well, he's smart. He's polite,
successful, cute.
Gosh, what is there not to like?
Unless there's something more
about him I should know...
I think he's a good guy.
All right, it's ready.
Are we ready to eat?
You hungry?
We're starving!
Good morning.
Oh. Thank you, Brooke.
Can I spend the night
at Keisha's tonight?
You're not really spending
the night with Jake, are you?
No! I swear on my life!
I think he's more into me
than I'm into him.
Really? He seems so nice.
Did something happen
between the two of you?
No, nothing specific.
So? About that sleepover?
Okay. Fine.
Hey man, look.
Honestly, I just, I know it must
have looked weird the other day
when I showed up at the school,
so I just wanted to apologize.
You don't have
to apologize to me, man.
As long as Brooke's okay, so am I.
She is.
Maddie's here with Tryg.
She seems okay, but I can't
believe she went back to him.
Do you think it's a pity thing?
No. Good for them.
Okay... does anyone
want any more drinks?
Um, no. I think
I've had enough.
I think maybe you should
slow down too. I thought...
I thought you weren't
even supposed
to drink while you're
on those pills.
No! I am so fine.
I just want water,
and I didn't take the pills.
Let me just go get it for you.
No! You stay. Stay. I'm going.
Goodbye. I'm out.
Hey. That's really messed up,
what happened to you.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine
in a month or two.
Can I talk to you about Maddie?
Honestly, whatever's going on between
the two of you, just keep it your business.
Like, she's not even
talking to me right now.
All I'm saying is if...
you told me today that you
wanted to give it a shot
with me, I would dump her
in a second.
That is so weird and shitty!
Why are you even with her?
Because you're with that douche.
I'd never do that!
I knew it! You're such a liar.
I can't believe I was gonna
give you another chance. And
you! All that crap about how you
wanted me back and how sorry
you were? What was that about?
You should be mad at him!
It takes two, Brooke!
Can you not do this? Remember
what happened last time?
You know what? If you
want him, you can have him.
He's a loser anyways!
Stop accusing me of shit!
You've always wanted to sleep with him!
Fine! You two deserve each other!
You know what? Screw you! No!
I hate her! I hate this bitch!
I need another drink.
Brooke. Brooke, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come here. Look.
Let's ditch all of these losers
and let's get out of here.
They're not losers.
They're my friends.
Yeah, great friends.
All she's done is fight
with you, and everyone is just
crowding around her like she's
some little damsel in distress.
Let's just go back to my place.
No. You go. I'm staying.
Brooke. Listen to me.
You are wasted right now.
You have no clue
what you're saying.
I know how to take care
of my drunk girlfriend.
Jake, I am not your girlfriend.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not! Stop trying to run my life!
Brooke, I am trying to do
what's best for you right now.
Oh! You, my mom, everyone
knows what's best for me.
Well, you know what? I know
what's best for me! I know!
And I don't need you.
Okay? I'm done!
Brooke, please just stop being
an idiot for two seconds.
Just listen to me!
Now you're calling me names? No!
Seriously Jake, get the hell out
of here! Okay? I don't need you!
Just leave me alone!
Everything okay?
Yeah. I think she just
needs to sleep it off.
That's fine.
She can stay here.
Okay. Cool.
Okay. I've gotta keep her.
I've gotta keep her.
Who's it gonna be, love?
Who's it gonna be, love?
Who's gonna be
The last one standing?
Who's it gonna be, love?
Who's it gonna be, love?
Who's gonna be the
last one standing?
Some best friend you are.
He was my boyfriend.
Not yours.
Why can't he
just like me better?
I just love him so much.
No, I'm not!
We were perfect for each other.
Why can't you see that?
I'm sorry, Brooke.
Oh, my God! Maddie!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
I've gotta call 911!
No! I couldn't have done this!
Mom... What are you doing up?
I thought I heard something.
What are you doing home already?
I think I'm getting sick.
I think I have the flu
or something.
Well, you don't have a fever.
Whose hoodie is that?
It's... it's Riley's.
I was cold,
so I... I put it on.
I'm just gonna go
take a shower and get some rest.
Sweetheart, are you okay?
I'm fine! I have cheer camp
in the morning,
and I'm exhausted, and I wish
you wouldn't interrogate me
when I walk through the door!
Mom! Just leave me alone!
Damn it.
Yeah. No, I'm coming.
I'm on my way.
Mr. Pratt?
Who are you?
Oh, shoot.
Sorry. I must've passed out
here last night.
I had way too much to drink.
Call the police.
What's going on in here?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm all right.
I just need a minute.
Where's Maddie today?
I don't know.
See you out there.
I'm telling you
I didn't kill her!
Look, after the big fight
with Brooke, I did a few shots.
I went looking for Maddie
and I found her in a bathroom.
What was the fight
with Brooke about?
Maddie thought
I was trying to get with Brooke
behind Maddie's back.
Were you?
No! Look, of...
of course not!
I... I loved Maddie.
All right? She and Brooke
just had this weird
jealousy thing between them.
Have they fought before?
A lot. Brooke told me
they got into a fight recently
at a karaoke bar. I wasn't
there, but I heard it got bad.
What happened after Maddie
told you to leave her alone?
I went outside.
I had a beer with Riley.
I don't know where Maddie went.
I was too drunk to drive home,
so I went upstairs.
I found an empty bed,
and I went to sleep.
You never saw her
at all after that?
You know this doesn't
look good for you, right?
Your ex-girlfriend gets murdered
after you and she have
a big public fight.
Unless there's someone else
we need to look at,
I'm looking directly at you.
Who do you think
murdered Maddie?
I don't know.
The only person
I can think of...
but they were best friends.
Brooke Emerson.
You're mine forever, Brooke.
Wow. You look like death.
What does that mean?
Brooke, you were
so wasted last night, you could
barely walk by yourself.
What time did you leave?
I don't know.
After 2. I don't remember.
Do you remember
fighting with Maddie?
A little. Why?
What did we fight about?
And then you
passed out upstairs.
All right, guys. Let's show 'em
in the high V again, huh?
Nice and high. Awesome.
Detective Myers.
We found one of your
students dead this morning:
Maddie Finley.
I have a few questions
to ask you.
We're investigating
a situation that happened
earlier this morning.
What kind of situation?
How do you know Maddie Finley?
We're friends.
I understand you were at a
party where she was last night,
at the home of...
Riley Pratt.
Did you get into a fight
with Maddie there?
I don't remember.
You don't? Why not?
I take this medication and...
sometimes I don't
remember things.
Does that happen to you a lot?
No, not really.
Did Maddie ever talk to you
about Tryg Bailey, her ex?
Yeah, of course.
Were they on good terms?
Yeah, for the most part,
Maddie always thought that I was
going after Tryg or something,
but I would never
do that to her.
What time did you
leave the party to go home?
I woke up
in a guest bedroom and um...
I left right after that.
Did you see Maddie
as you were leaving?
Yeah. I saw her
in the kitchen.
I didn't talk to her, though.
So you remember
that part of the evening?
Well, yeah.
It was before that.
That's when it gets a bit fuzzy.
Maddie was found dead this
morning at the Pratt residence.
I can't give details
at the moment...
...but it appears
to have been a homicide.
This is crazy...
She was fine...
Oh, my God!
Hey. How was cheer camp?
What's wrong?
Did something happen?
Maddie was...
murdered last night.
The police, they ca...
they came to my camp, and they
were asking all these...
questions, and...
it happened at this party
we were all at yesterday,
and I was there,
and we were all there.
Oh, my God.
I guess their housekeeper
found her this morning.
And all this
happened at a...
at a party last night?
I'm sorry I lied to you.
What went on there?
I don't remember.
I got so drunk,
and we got into this huge fight.
About what?
Tryg, I guess.
I went upstairs,
and I passed out.
Mom... I think the police
might suspect me
because me and Maddie got into
that fight. They were asking me
all these questions.
Did you tell them the truth?
Well then, there's...
there's nothing to worry about.
I... I bet the police
were asking everybody
at the party a lot of questions.
This is so horrible!
Who are you calling?
I'm calling Maddie's mom!
We need to give her
our condolences.
I... No. You know what?
We just, um...
We need to go
over there in person.
What do you
think of the girl, Brooke?
They had a fight. It doesn't
mean she killed her.
True, but...
when I interviewed her,
it seemed like
she was holding back.
You got that same feeling
about Tryg.
the kid who lives in the house?
He said that Tryg
had just got back together
with the dead girl, but was
carrying a torch for Brooke.
According to Tryg, he was
head-over-heels for Maddie.
Interesting little
love triangle.
With all that going on,
it's kind of hard to believe
it was someone
completely unrelated.
Yeah, look. I hear you,
but there were 50 people
there last night, going in
and out of that house.
The doors were unlocked.
I mean, people who didn't even
attend knew about the party.
Look, let's just
keep an open mind.
Okay? And who else was there
that we need to talk to?
We haven't reached out to any
of the neighbours. Let's do it.
I couldn't have done this.
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to talk to you.
I'm really sorry
about your friend.
How do you even know?!
It's on the news.
They gave out her address?
No, I just...
I followed you and your mom
from your house.
What?! I have to go.
Jake, I appreciate your
but I just really need
to be left alone right now.
This is a really hard time
for me and my mom
and... I can't deal with this!
What do you mean,
"you can't deal with this"?
I just wanted to support you.
I get it, but your presence
makes things complicated.
I don't want to be
in a relationship with you.
Don't go, Brooke. I love you!
But you don't even know me!
Yes, I do! We get each other
on a whole other level!
Jake, leave me alone.
I don't like you that way.
Hello, Jake.
Brooke, honey, why did you
leave like that?
I needed to talk to him.
He heard what happened
on the news.
Yeah, I think that we're
all... still in shock.
I am. It's...
It's unbelievable.
Yeah. I really hope
that they catch that monster
and put him behind bars
for a very,
very long time.
Yeah, so do I.
Mom? Are you ready to go?
Sure, but don't you wanna
go inside and say goodbye
to Maddie's mom?
No! I hate her!
I hate this bitch!
You've reached the office
of Dr. Fenson.
Please leave a message,
and someone will return
your call during office hours.
Hi, Dr. Fenson.
It's Brooke Emerson calling.
I really need to speak to you.
I was hoping if you could
find time tomorrow for me,
that'd be great.
Let me know.
Thanks. Bye.
Just answer me, Brooke.
Just answer me, Brooke!
It's a simple question!
Why are you doing this to me?
Just stop ignoring me!
Tell me what's
going on with you.
Did you hear about
that Maddie Finley girl...
in the news? The one that got
murdered at that party?
Well, that was
my friend, Maddie,
and I was there
when it happened.
Oh, Brooke. That's terrible.
We got
into this... huge fight,
and I can't remember
anything that I said.
Were you drinking?
But I didn't take a pill
that day intentionally,
and I don't know why I can't
remember anything!
Well, skipping one pill isn't
gonna make a difference.
It can take up to a week
for medication
to leave your body.
What do you really
wanna tell me, Brooke?
I wanna help the police.
I do, but I can't
remember anything.
And I'm trying
so hard, but I can't.
I need to know what happened.
I need to know who did this!
Let's, uh...
talk about what you
remember when you woke up.
I can't.
I can't. I have to go. I can't.
Are you okay?
How did you get in here?
I'm everywhere.
Why are you making this so hard?
What do you want from me?
I just wanna see you.
I wanna spend time with you.
I wanna love you,
just like we were before.
Are you not listening to me?!
You're acting completely crazy!
I am not crazy.
Don't you ever
say that to me again.
Breaking into someone's house
is not normal.
All I want is to have
somebody that I connect with.
Someone that I can do anything
for and that will do anything
for me, and that person
is you, Brooke!
You don't know
what true love is,
and that's why you don't
understand any of this.
I don't love you, Jake.
I can make things
very complicated for you...
or I can make them easy.
What does that mean?
We both know that you
killed Maddie, don't we?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
That's why you hid the knife
and your shirt in the pillowcase
and put it in the dumpster.
Guess what?
They're not
in the dumpster anymore!
Where are they?
They're safe.
And as long as you're with me,
they'll stay safe.
So you're blackmailing me
to be with you?
No! No, I just want you
to realize that I'm
important in your life.
You and I are connected
for the rest of our lives.
And I will keep
your secret forever.
I did not kill her.
Brooke. Come on.
You wouldn't have
ditched the murder weapon
if you were innocent. You even
sent me pictures of her body.
No, I didn't!
I would never do that!
It's okay. I have
an app that encrypts
all the texts that are
sent and received, so...
you're fine.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
That was the homeowner
that lives down the street
from the Pratt house.
He said when he pulled
into his driveway at 3 AM,
there was a high-end sports car
parked across from his house. He
said he'd never seen it before.
Make? Model? Colour?
He's not sure
about the colour. It was dark,
but he thinks it might have been
a Mercedes or a BMW. Expensive.
This is insane.
I wish I could just wake up and
have this all be a nightmare.
Brooke... this is real.
I'm the only one
that knows what you did,
and as long as we're together,
no one's ever gonna know.
I got you something.
You don't have
to say yes right now,
I couldn't help it
when I saw it.
I had to get it. And I didn't
have the ring sizes either,
so I just had to guess, but we
can... we can get it resized.
No, Jake! Please, stop!
Do you not see
that I will do anything
to make you happy?
Brooke. What are you
doing here?
Instead of going to school,
I went to go see Dr. Fenson.
Oh, honey.
I know this is a difficult time
for you.
What'd she say?
I wanted to tell her, I just...
couldn't bring myself to do it.
Tell her what?
Oh, God.
Where do I even start?
Hey, Brooke.
Am I interrupting?
Could you just give us
a couple minutes?
No, it's okay.
Alex can stay.
I don't even know
how to say this.
Oh, honey, just...
just tell us.
Whatever it is,
we're here for you.
I think I killed Maddie.
Why would you
think such a thing?
I drank a lot that night.
I got so drunk.
Maddie and I got
into this fight and...
according to Riley,
I... I passed out
in the guest room, and...
then the next thing
I remember was waking up...
I woke up to her dead body
laying there beside me.
There was all this blood, and...
there was the knife, and...
there's even pictures
of her body on my phone.
Oh, my God.
I freaked out.
I took all the evidence,
and I put in a trash bag,
and then I went to the dumpster,
and I dumped it out.
It's not there anymore.
You looked?
Jake followed me
there after, and...
he took it. He said...
if I don't stay with him,
he's gonna
bring it to the police.
Hold on.
What does Jake have
to do with any of this?
He came to the party with me,
but Riley said he saw him
leave after I passed out.
He's been stalking me ever since
our first date.
What... what do you mean?
He shows up at school
randomly, and he came
to Maddie's house
that one time we were there.
He gave me this,
and... and said I had
to stay with him,
so that he would...
he would keep the secret
about what I did.
You've got to be kidding me!
I don't know
what to do, but I can't
live like this! I...
I can't sleep. All I keep
thinking about is
what I did to Maddie.
Brooke. You didn't do
anything to Maddie.
You are not a killer.
How do you know that?
How do you know? I could've
gotten so mad that I could've
done it! I just wish I could
remember what happened.
It sounds to me
like maybe Jake is involved.
He was in the house.
No. Riley saw him leave.
He could've come back.
But... if...
he's so in love with me,
then why would he do that?
To have something
to lord over you.
Mom, I don't know what to do.
We need to go to the police,
and we're going
to tell them all of this.
No. I can't. They're gonna
think I did it.
I... I lied to them about
where I was. I lied to them
about what time I left. I lied
to them about seeing Maddie.
It doesn't matter. Okay?
We have to get a lawyer.
They want to solve this case,
and if somehow he is the killer,
they'll wanna know this.
He's right.
So he has evidence,
including the murder weapon,
in his possession right now?
I guess he still has it, or...
he got rid of it somehow.
I don't know.
Why did you lie to us when we
questioned you the first time?
She's 17, Detective,
and very traumatized.
Now, what's important
is that she's coming
to you now with the truth.
And we do appreciate that.
That doesn't mean
we've cleared her as a suspect.
Are you going to question Jake?
Tell us everything
you know about him.
How'd it go?
Good. They seemed
open to the possibility
that Jake was involved.
I saw the new alarm system.
Yeah. Your new key is on the
kitchen counter. Code is set.
He's driven by twice.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
I thought I heard something.
Well, the alarm system's on.
Everything is secure.
Don't worry.
He's not gonna get in.
Are you sure?
Come on.
Try and get some sleep.
Why can't you love me?
Hey, girl.
Come in.
It's like Fort Knox here now.
Yeah, we just got
that installed yesterday.
Are you worried
that whoever killed Maddie's
gonna come after you?
You can never
be too careful, right?
Shouldn't you be in chem?
I was worried when I didn't
see you at school today.
Yeah. I'm fine. I just,
I'm not ready to go back yet.
Maybe next week.
I think you should come back
sooner than later.
People are talking.
Tryg said that he saw you at the
police station with your lawyer,
and that you're about to get
arrested for Maddie's murder.
Is that true?
I mean...
Yeah, I was at
the police station, but I was
just giving information.
About what?
I can't say...
but I can tell you that they're
looking at new suspects.
Well, you need
to defend yourself.
People are doing crazy stuff.
Like what?
Someone wrote
"murderer" on your locker.
Mr. Campali?
There's a Detective Lynn Grinly
here to see you.
Sure. Send her up.
And when you left the party,
was Brooke still there?
That's right.
Where did you go after you left?
And when was the next time
you spoke to Brooke?
Uh... The next day.
I just texted her
to make sure she was all right.
Did Brooke say anything to you
about what happened after she
woke up the next morning?
Did she ever talk to you
about bloody clothing
or... give you a trash bag
and ask you to hide it for her?
No. Never.
So you know nothing about
what happened to the clothes
she was wearing at the party?
No. I don't.
Brooke. Hey.
I can't do this anymore.
Do what?
Calm down. Talk to me.
What I did to Maddie.
It's all I think about.
I can't sleep,
and when I do sleep,
it's all I dream about.
Don't do that to yourself.
It was your IED
that caused it. Not you.
No! I'm responsible for her death.
I'm the reason she's gone.
Even people at school
think I did it too.
Who cares what those idiots
think? Look, I know that you're
a good person, Brooke,
and that's what matters.
No, I'm not.
I'm horrible.
And the police think
I did it too.
Well, the police don't have
any evidence to convict you,
so don't let them
put the pressure on you.
I'm done.
What does that mean?
I just wanted to say goodbye.
There's a note in my room
explaining everything.
No! No! No, no, no, no!
Brooke, listen to me.
Where are you? There's things
that you don't know.
I'm responsible for her death!
Let's please meet!
Just let's talk in person.
Goodbye, Jake.
I hope you can forgive me.
And I hope you find the love
you're looking for.
You didn't kill Maddie!
You didn't kill her. Where are
you? I will tell you everything.
There's nothing left
to talk about.
Yes, there is! There really
is, Brooke. Where are you?
I'm at a truck stop...
on Lawson and 145th Street.
Okay. Stay there. I'll be there
in 10 minutes. Don't move.
Brooke... are you okay?
Brooke, you scared
the shit out of me!
You're lying to me.
You're trying to tell me
I didn't kill Maddie
so I won't kill myself.
No. No, no, no. You...
You are completely innocent, okay?
I killed Maddie.
What? Why?
Just listen, okay?
Maddie was not your friend.
All she did was keep
accusing you and causing you
all of this emotional turmoil
that you're feeling.
So you killed her
because of that?
No! But I...
That night at the party,
I saw you
talking to that moron, Tryg,
and I got so jealous,
'cause before we even
got to the party,
I could feel you
pulling away from me.
And the first few times, God,
it was... it was so perfect.
Then it started to change.
I don't even get
what you're saying right now.
I needed to find a way
to prove to you that you could
trust me, Brooke.
We are perfect for each other.
So you were trying
to blackmail me?
No! I needed you
to know that you can trust me!
And that I can keep your secret.
So, what?
You left and came back, or...
No. I sat
in my car, and I was thinking.
And then when I came
back inside to check on you,
to make sure
that you were all right...
...I saw Maddie passed out
next to you, and then...
I realized what I needed to do.
So you knew you were gonna
kill her that night.
You took the knife, and you knew
you were gonna do it.
No! I got the knife
from the kitchen.
It wasn't pre-planned at all.
I can't believe
you killed my best friend!
Brooke, I am
your best friend!
I am!
What do you not get about that?
You tried to frame me
for murder!
No! I would have never
let you go to prison for that!
Yeah, as long as I stayed with you!
Yes! Exactly!
I knew I was gonna have
to tell you about this night
at some point, and I had
to tell you tonight
so that you won't hurt yourself.
You have to tell the police.
You have to tell them the truth.
They're going to arrest me!
They're not! No.
They don't have
any evidence to convict you.
You're fine.
I'm fine.
Maddie's murder is
gonna go unsolved,
and then you...
you and I
are gonna live
happily ever after,
anywhere that you want.
Look at me.
Jake Campali! Come out
of the car with your hands
over your head!
You set me up?
Put the weapon down!
Get out of that car!
Exit the vehicle
with your hands up!
You really didn't think we'd
give a killer a loaded gun,
did you?
Drop the gun, Jake.
It's over.
Drop the gun and get out
of the car slowly!
Come on, Jake.
Just give it up.
You okay?
You remember
that I did this for you.
Yeah, and I did this for Maddie!
Oh, honey... you did it.
I was so scared.
I miss you.
We can get a lot for this.
Serves the ungrateful punk right
for not helping me
when I had cancer.
What kind did you say I had?
I think. Maybe colon.
I can't remember.
Sorry, I can't
take your call at the moment.
Please leave me a message.
Mom, please.
I really...
I really need you.
I'm scared.