Muru (2022) Movie Script

Got our boy back.
Mean. Eh, hon?
We never let go, son.
That CYFS lawyer and her
She was deadly.
Deadly on the court fees too.
- Assault. Youth Corrections.
Seventeen this Friday.
He's a minor?
- Ah, shit!
That's the best line yet...
- Nice and easy, Fox.
Ah, that's better
than his line!
'It was the lawyer's fault.'
- Ya' sure about that, boss?
All I know - Rua Knana
was 99 years ago.
The police were here
99 years ago.
But when your pig
cop mate dragged me to court,
I never seen you!
I sure as hell never seen you!
And it was only the judge
- Six fucking months, Ma,
dodging prison guards!
- Hey there, boy.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
- Fox! Get out of there!
- Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa.
- Son. Put it down boy.
Where were you?
- Put your guns down or I'll
shoot him! Put your guns down!
Ah, shit.
- Time!
Phil, Ren,
you win the people's
choice award.
As for you losers,
what, did you get a phone call
from your wife, G?
- Gallagher here, sir,
on the line with me.
- Yeah, of course.
- OK. Receiving.
Tame's now recruiting minors.
- I see.
- Front row have reviewed
everything, including the lady.
H pushed you forward.
- Thanks.
- Ah look sir, in regards
to your decision,
if you're saying that
I'm the new cap...
- Captaincy's
outcome dependent.
Right now, we're in
'safe hands' mode.
- Understood, sir,
but in tactics,
whoever leads the charge
usually checks the pitch first.
If we're going into a red zone
with unstable minors,
as you say-
- H gave me your name,
not Kimiora, not Gibson.
- I'd be in and out, sir.
Get the lay of the land.
- Brief's at 1000 hours.
Let's go. Let's go. Come on!
Yeah! Get up! Get up!
- Here.
- Tame.
- Tame!
- Ah, Rusty.
I love this guy.
- Did you put H up to this?
- Shut up, G.
It's always you.
- Okay.
- Wilson's been tracking you
all year.
- Ah. What else are you
not telling me?
- There's a big dot
on a big fish.
- Who?
- The one with
the crooked teeth.
- The Prime Minister?
Come on. Tame's not pulling
that trigger, surely.
East Timor last year -
me, Phil and Ren.
Was a bloody mess.
Who'd pull a trigger
when you can blood a kid.
And he can pull it for you?
Tell your wife about your
- I haven't sealed
the deal yet.
- That's what she told me
after your honeymoon. Bro.
K, don't ask any dumb questions
at the briefing, eh?
Then he'll know
you're not there.
- Taff.
- Rusty?
- Rusty!
Whoa, Rusty!
- Sucker!
- Whoo-hoo!
- Kia ora, Koro.
- Thanks, Koro.
Oh, my!
- Waikura?
- Blake.
Try again now.
- Nah.
- Technical term is
'cry for help'.
Give him some space.
What's the story guys?
- We're headed to the lake.
- Waikaremoana.
Murphy's law.
- What's with the tinted
windows? Not looking for a tan?
It's a rental.
- Yeah, it came like this.
- Camper van's unmarked.
Which one?
- Sorry?
- Which rental company?
- Let me check.
- And driver's licence too,
- What about now?
- Both of you.
Driver's licence.
- Blake.
- Go.
- Ptaka, get on the door!
Let's go.
Whoa. Whoa.
- Blake. Blake.
- Blake.
- Taff.
- K eh? So you found
the blow dryer?
Eggs benne and a mochaccino,
thanks waiter.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
This is A - semi-automatic
rifle in the Southland bush,
Aramoana massacre - David Gray
had one semi-automatic
assault rifle and six
hunting rifles. Thirteen dead.
B - 2004 temperature check.
C - Urewera Forest, over the
past six months, to last night.
New Zealand is not Ground Zero.
Last I checked, we've got
a roller coaster up in Auckland
with a single loop.
But if you've been campaigning
for justice your whole life,
inherited a campaign
over injustice
from the generation before,
what happens if you don't reach
your promised land?
What does that level of
frustration really look like?
Six months of covert
military training,
covering first contact
and hostage taking.
Surveillance team has
currently logged
over 26 different firearms.
Big picture - our eco-system
is so vulnerable,
we don't even have scanners
at the airport.
We put our faith
in the assumption
that no one wants to target
our little roller coaster.
Now, I believe it's only
a matter of time
before our vulnerability
is targeted,
before the tyranny of distance
becomes no tyranny at all,
or worse, part of the appeal.
A, B, C equals
Domestic Terrorist.
- Tame tried to fight
in the Vietnam war
on the side of the Viet Cong.
- Kimiora?
- He came back to New Zealand,
helped establish
the anarchists Ng Tamatoa.
- Ng Tamatoa handed out
lunches to hungry school kids
in Porirua.
- Ren!
Let's take a walk.
- Last time, Tame was on
Parliament grounds.
- Before he had 26 weapons
and his recruits talked about
beheading the Prime Minister.
Jenny's going
to take you through
the Anti Terror Act's
no-go zones,
there's a few trip wires.
- Detective.
- Nice to meet you.
- Captain Gallagher.
- Detective Maria Joseph.
- Hey, mate. Jarrod.
- Jarrod.
- We're exploring collusion.
- Okay.
- Community sergeant. Recently
returned from Wellington.
Separated from his wife.
His father's ex-Ng Tamatoa.
Real big chest-beater.
Led a big Vietnam charge
against the Beehive.
Explosives technician
back in his day.
- Tame is a regular visitor to
the community sergeant's home.
- So the sergeant's
not with us?
- Upstairs red flagged him
because of the Geronimo Dad.
- Did they? It'd be good to see
some footage of the sergeant
attending the military camps.
- We don't have that.
- Sergeant didn't
enter the camps, or
you don't have the footage?
- I'm sorry, what is this?
- I thought you said
- No, I said
'exploring collusion'.
Surveillance doesn't usually
answer to roadblocks.
Wilson clear this?
- Look, with respect,
I'm not Armed Offenders Squad.
I'm STG.
So I'm not about to put
some of my guys
in front of hostiles
with semi-automatics
if we're still in guessing
mode, yeah? Fair enough?
- The local community sergeant
is connected to 'Rama'.
Excuse me.
OK, so what does, um...
'Rama' actually mean?
- It's a hunting technique -
'Small creatures in the dark,
come blindly to the light.'
- Are those Tame's words?
- No, the sergeant's
father words.
Sgt Twharau Williams,
badge number 3264421.
I'm calling to report
an internal incident.
I don't have a badge number, I
do have a licence plate number.
L - Lima, N - November,
F - Foxtrot 264.
Yes, I'll hold.
One of your people
assaulted my officer,
Blake Te Whenuaroa,
at 0845 minutes this morning,
14th of October.
Now, I want their name,
an apology,
and I wanna know how it is
you're here
in my community
without me being informed.
Call me.
- I can explain that.
- Start a trace.
Prodigal son.
- 021. Start a tra-
- Got it.
- Dr Foon.
- Hey, Rusty!
That you?
- What have you been up to?
- We were catching the horses
last night.
- True?
- Yeah.
- Twharau.
- It's called a cuppa tea, bro.
- Whoa!
- Hey, Rusty!
- Shit. Sorry, Taff.
- Still clumsy!
- Taff?
- Ren's wife's Thoe.
You should've
gagged Ren going in.
- I benched him.
- Oh, well, that's not gonna
work either.
I mean, Phil's got his knee.
Zeus hasn't been cleared yet.
- I'll un-bench him.
- Ren's solid in the heat.
Hey, um, K, can you just
hold on a second?
- You're the cap.
Make the call.
Sorry about that, eh.
- Jarrod's locked on.
- Good. Hey, any chance you've
drafted a wildfire scenario?
- Not in my brief.
- Then we'll start with
Tame's takedown.
Play it out in real time.
- Then me and your guy can work
the containment plan.
- Wilson's looking for you.
- Are you suggesting
an uprising?
- Only takes one spark.
Sir, wildfire protocols?
- Here.
You take
the nappies out!
- Twharau.
Can I have a Happy Meal
- Waikura.
You wanna roll?
Take off your badge.
They don't want me!
Mooks is doing
the best he can for you, boy.
- What, running off?!
Chopping wood?!
- Rusty!
- Get off me!
They don't want me!
Fuckin' lock me up!
Go on!
Lock me up.
New vehicle
approaching camp.
- Copy that, Fox.
- Coming up on campsite five.
Prodigal Son.
- Pull right back, Fox.
Safe distance.
- I am ready!
- I am ready!
- To stand up for my beliefs!
- To stand up for
my beliefs!
Sir, you've
just received an image.
The local community sergeant
is the bus driver.
He has joined Camp Rama.
Repeat, the local
community sergeant
is in collusion
with our primary target.
Stay on the line and listen in.
Sir? Sir, are you there?
- Hey, what's going on?
- Shit. There's too many lines.
Come on. Fix it, eh?
Uh, sat phone.
Ooh, yeah! Ooh, yeah!
Ooh, yeah-eh-ah
Shooby-dooby-doo, bop,
wah-oh, wah-oh.
- We back up?
- Yep.
- Sir, sorry. The surveillance
team captured images-
- Rua Knana.
- Aue!
- Thoe Prophet
from the Urewera.
Oh, Rua!
- Rua!
- Rua Knana.
Target one
and prodigal son together
this morning, sir. Now, he's
with target one at 'Rama', sir.
- Hey, Gallagher?
- Live.
He told his people
not to go to war.
Let the white man fight
the white man's war.
Oh, Rua.
Rua Knana.
- Yes, sir. But...
it'll be a much stronger case.
He's on my tail.
I can't shake him.
Maria, what do you
want me to do?
...what they
called you. O Thoe.
- Thoe!
- Thoe everlasting.
- Gallagher.
- I will, sir.
- Maria!
- I'll do that tonight.
- Ptaka?
Sgt Twharau.
- Sergeant, Gallagher,
Chief of Ops, Special Tactics.
How are you doing tonight?
- Jarrod, cue up the
3rd of March for me.
Look familiar?
Cue up the 2nd of April.
- 2nd of April?
Hey, don't look at him.
Sergeant, he's an officer.
He can't help you.
How long have you known about
these local military operations
for, hmm?
- You don't know what
you're doing, man.
- You do understand
you being here is an issue.
But you not telling us
and knowing about it,
it's a problem, Sergeant.
- Hey, hey, hey.
I came here tonight with a boy
who just needs some help.
- He's an armed minor.
- What?
- Is that true?
- No. No.
No, it's not true.
- Look, Sergeant,
we tracked our key target to
your front porch this morning.
You care to tell us
what you two were discussing?
- Do you even know what
happened 2nd of April 1916?
- You tell me.
Police invaded
and arrested Rua Knana,
and they killed his son
and his cousin.
- OK, I see.
- That's what happened.
- I see. Unfortunate, OK?
But, with respect, unrelated.
Look, I'm gonna be
straight up with you now.
I'm here to enact
the Terrorism Suppression Act
against Tame Iti
and several other community
members, so right now,
Sergeant, I need to know
if you're a police officer
I can trust.
- Tame's not a terrorist.
That's your problem.
- Once again, Sergeant,
how long have you known
about 'Rama'?
- Actually,
more to the point...
- Does he even know
what 'Rama' is?
- long has your father
known about 'Rama'?
- What has my father
got to do with this?
- You need to wire him.
- Put that on.
What's that, eh?
- Wear it.
- OK, listen. At the end of
the day, I believe, you and I,
we want the same thing here.
But a group in your community
has threatened to kill
the Prime Minister.
Yeah, six of those people,
we know,
are training under Tame Iti,
who happens to be
one of your acquaintances.
See my problem?
Something funny, Sergeant?
- It's bush talk.
- Bush talk?
- Yeah!
- I don't think you get it,
I'm here to prevent
a politically motivated attack.
- No. You're here
because someone here
heard someone else telling
jokes in the middle of
the forest.
- We've got footage.
We've got recordings.
And no one's laughing.
OK? Hey?
You speak Thoe?
- Hey, like I said,
you being here is a problem.
OK? So now you and I,
we need to discuss
the safest pathway
through all this.
- Are you hearing anything
that I'm saying?
- Yeah, I'm listening.
But right now,
I've got 50 police officers,
an Armed Offenders Squad,
an STG unit waiting
on the end of this line.
So are you with Tame,
or are you with us?
This is happening
with or without you, Sergeant!
- Rusty.
- I came to you in March.
Remember? I laid it all out.
Go on. Let's talk
numbers, eh? How many targets?
All nine of these fellas?
What about Rusty? He in there?
His mum? His old man, Mooks?
Rusty's aunty?
- This is going down
with or without you.
- My community,
my way.
- He's offering co-partnership.
- When?
- Soon.
- Gotta be Saturday.
- Why Saturday?
- To keep our children safe.
- Don't agree, Fox.
Hold for confirmation.
He's assessing your pitch.
- Nah, scratch that. Let's just
get the bus, round them all up.
Cup of tea,
soup, toast, whatever.
Your guy can ask them
all the questions he wants.
No one gets hurt.
- Bring it back to Tame.
- You know who's running
with Tame?
- And now Tame...
has pulled in Rusty.
- Tame is not the problem, boy.
You haven't seen
the footage.
You ain't heard what he said.
- What happens
if things go wrong?
He's thinking.
- Push play.
Listen to what he said.
- Fox, this is an open line.
Address the sergeant in
Sorry, sir.
- You can confirm Saturday
with him.
- You got your Saturday.
- Right. P.
- Pp.
- Ptaka!
I know you're listening...
in your distant office...
where you feel safe.
If anything happens
to any one of my people,
I will find out your name,
where you live,
and I'll make sure no one
in Thoe ever forgets it.
- Gallagher, you're green.
- Copy. We're green.
- Give us that.
- Press X.
What have you got?
Yeah, G.
What's the update?
- Kimiora, ETA?
'This letter is
to inform you have been deemed
to be an eligible
live kidney donor.'
- Wai.
- Sis!
Hey, Pito!
Hey, Pito!
- Sis!
Where'd you get
that from, eh?
- Police! Get on the floor!
Get on the floor!
- Get down now! Get...
Get on the floor! Stay down!
Get on the floor!
- You! Down!
- Give me your hands!
- Get down!
Get on the ground!
Get up. Get up.
Get down!
Police! Get down!
Get on the floor!
- Get down on the ground!
- Down here! Move!
- Get on the ground!
- Uncle.
- A ninja.
- What?
- C team have bagged one more.
- The count's at four.
- OK. And Tame?
- I'm Sgt Twharau.
- Eyes on target one.
Tell me what the hell
is going on here.
- Of course. Prodigal Son
drives the school bus.
Probably coaches
the rugby team too.
- OK, get Ren off. Put him up
the track somewhere.
I want Alpha K and Alpha P
on that bus.
- If you can just swing our bus
around here,
then by that flax,
we'll just sit in the pocket
and get you through
the gate in a tick, eh?
- Let's get Prodigal rattled,
then hopefully by the time
I get there, he'll be
a little more cooperative.
- M to R.
- Ren receiving.
Keep the runway clear.
P's picking up your position.
- Uncle.
- Nah, nah, nah, nah. Retract.
Order from the cap.
- Can you tell Gallagher
I need to speak with him?
- Ren on the move. Copy.
Another bro's coming in.
Sergeant, it's all good.
- No, tell Gallagher
I need to talk to him now.
- Sir, hands on the wheel.
- Hey, look, I'm a community-
- Hands on the wheel!
- I'm a cop.
I'm a community sergeant.
We're on the barrier.
Come on! Come inside.
what's this on RB3?
- Whoa.
- Get off me!
- M to P. I have a horse and
rider colliding with C team.
We've got a possible
assault weapon.
Rider is on the move. M to P.
Do you have a visual?
- P to M. I have visual
on the horse rider.
He is armed.
It looks like a bat.
- Look, it's not.
It's a broom. He's-
- Hands on the wheel.
Close the door, now!
- All right. M to Cap, we're
gonna need more backup at RB 2.
Blake. Blake.
Blake, call me back.
- Off the phone!
- I'm off. I'm off.
- Now.
going to be all right.
This is all for your own
- Sgt Twharau, I need you
to keep control of these kids
until our operation
is complete.
- Understood.
- Do I have your cooperation?
- Understood.
Whoa! Rusty!
- Uh, K-M, I have a visual
on the rider.
- Hey, hey, hey. The boy
on the horse, he's just a kid.
- Hey, he hit a cop with a bat.
- It was a broom.
He's just a boy.
You tell Gallagher.
- Ren to Cap.
- Cap receiving.
Ren in pursuit
of horse rider.
Copy that.
- Ptaka!
- Taff, Taff.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Sending you
my GPS location now.
Copy that.
- Sergeant.
- We had a deal.
It was supposed to be Saturday.
What's going on?
- Look, I need to wrap this up
quickly, OK?
All we need is to get Tame out.
So what's his 20, Sarge?
- I don't know where he is.
- You warn him?
- I don't know where he is.
- Obstruction, collusion -
- very serious offences,
- M to Cap. M to Cap.
- Yeah, Cap.
- I have horse rider's
- Wait! Wait!
Yep, copy that. Ren is-
- Call your man off.
- He's in pursuit.
Fox is with him.
Backing him up.
- His name's Rusty.
- Roger.
He's just a boy.
- Fuck!
- Rusty!
- Oi!
- Twharau!
Twharau! Stop!
Hey! Come here!
Stand back!
- Stand down, now!
what's your location?
- He's dead.
He's not breathing.
- Repeat!
I can't- Guys,
it's one of your fellas, eh.
He's not breathing.
- Visual on shooter!
- I got something. River.
Heading to river!
- Rusty!
- Fox, your location?!
Fox, your location?
Got eyes on target?
- Coming into view.
- Riverside.
I'm on the bridge.
I have visual.
- Rusty.
Is the shooter armed?!
Terrorist is armed.
Hold, K!
Await confirmation!
Don't shoot.
Fox under threat.
- Stop! Stop!
He's only a boy!
- Rusty!
Blake. Blake.
- Up on here, Rusty!
- Who is this?!
- Officer Blake,
come back to the bridge,
and we'll help him out.
Lock arms.
You have no right to be here!
Cap to M.
Bodies retrieved.
Send through Ren's
last known location.
M to Cap. I'm sending
through his location now.
Yep, got it, Maria.
Sending you through
Ren's last known location.
- This is the Cap. I need...
- backup.
A new base on my location now.
Cap to M,
nobody in, nobody out.
Reinforce every bloody
road block by three.
We've got Prodigal Son's phone.
Let's drag it.
Cap to Wilson.
- Sir, we have a situation.
I have two officers down.
One is local.
One is STG.
Three terrorists...
three terrorists...
on the run.
One is named Rusty.
He's wounded and armed.
One is named Blake,
possibly a local law officer.
Target one...
is still at large.
Sir, I believe we have
uncovered a domestic cell.
- Priority one, Tame Iti.
Priority two, Officer Blake.
We have to assume that
both terrorists are working
OK? These people are armed,
they are dangerous,
so let's stay vigilant.
Jarrod, you got every
exit point covered?
- Uh, I don't know about that,
Cap. I mean, this is Thoe -
2000km2 of native bush.
My best bet would be local
girl, local roads. I mean-
- OK. K, come on. Talk to me.
Help me out here, bro.
- Intel circled a soft spot.
We get him, we'll get Tame.
- OK, good. Copy.
That's your target.
I'm up plus one. We're out.
- Uh, what about release
the school bus?
- Hold it.
- Why?
- Detective, everyone is
a potential hostile right now,
all right?
- So, what? School kids?
That's your-
- Ren's dead!
- Hey, as is Ptaka.
Yeah, OK.
Yep, we'll hold the bus.
OK, all right. Go.
- ATC, holding pen.
You two are naked
until we get back.
Get him inside.
Get him inside.
- Shit. Tam- Tame's
on the phone.
Hey, uh, Tame's on the phone.
- I'm right here.
- Uh, M to Cap. Tame's on
the line. Calling Prodigal.
- Got his 20?
Lock on to his signal!
- Uh, give me 30 seconds,
and I'll have him, OK?
Just keep him on the line.
10-4, repeat!
What was that?
- Hey, uh, nothing. Sorry.
- Read those out.
That's the coordinates.
- Uh, we've got 38 south,
177 north.
It's the southern ridge line.
- Repeat - 38 south,
177 north!
- OK, boy. I'm just gonna
take your arm out, all right?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Son, I'm just gonna flip you.
Go around again!
Come on, boy.
- K-target is secure.
Soft spot's travelling.
12-minute ETA.
- Tame called again?
Sure you hit
the shooter?
Yeah, left shoulder!
- Well, cos there's no hits
at the hospital or the doctors.
- RB 2's spiking.
It's the school bus.
We need to let the kids go.
- Tame first!
- The kids aren't
a bargaining chip.
- The spike's gonna rise, Cap,
and we've got K off-base.
We're gonna be short
if we're in wildfire.
- 10 minutes ETA.
Gallagher out.
- Smoked eel in the fridge.
- Don't you touch their fridge.
Hostile kids?
I didn't sign up for this.
I need some air.
You've got
eight minutes.
- What the f...
- Taffy, you've got
to let me out of here!
- Taffy, you're making
this worse!
- Stay strong, son.
- Son.
Let's get out.
Let's get out.
Yes, Rust.
- Lived on Maunaphatu.
- ...phatu.
- Children of the mist.
- Foonie.
- No, Rust. 'Children of the
mist,' boy. Stay awake.
- Foonie.
- Visual on target one.
He's on me!
He's on me!
Walk this way now!
Get back!
Target secure.
Bringing him in.
Told his people
not to go to war.
Let the white man
fight the white man's war.
Rua Knana.
Is he awake, hon?
Keep him awake!
- Hold on.
- Stop that bleeding, hon!
Ooh, yeah! Ooh, yeah!
Ooh, yeah!
ba, ba, oh, ba, oh!
Rua left his mark
on this world.
Taffy, you've got
to let me go!
- OK! OK. OK.
I'll drop you off soon. I just-
I just have to go
and grab my father.
- He's not there.
- I said I'll drop you
off soon!
You've got to
give us the shooter.
- Give us the shooter.
- Where'd they take him?
I need to know right now.
- Look. Look at them!
- His name is Ptaka.
- I know his name.
This is on you.
- Give me my father,
and I'll give you the shooter.
OK. Through here,
sir. Watch your step.
- We've located Tame.
We'll have an ETA on
the others soon, sir.
- Ah, Cap. Cap, she's on.
- All right.
- Sergeant!
Looks like you've gone from
aiding and abetting terrorists
to becoming one.
- Where's my father?
You need to listen to me.
- No, Sergeant,
- you start listening to me.
- No!
- P!
- Hey.
P! P.
Take your hands off
my father! Do you hear me?
Take your hands off my father!
- You need to calm down.
- Do you fucking hear me?!
- You have my word.
Your father is safe.
- Take your hands
off my father!
- Do you hear me?
- Listen to me!
Your father will be safe!
Give us the shooter!
- Get your hands off my father!
- Take him out. Leave him.
Let him go. Let him go.
- Take control of
your soldiers!
Take control of your men!
- Sergeant.
He's an 80-year-old man
on dialysis.
- Give us the shooter.
- You want- You want a shooter?
Here's your shooter.
Take another look.
Take a look at that.
Can you see that?
That's a dog bite on
your officer's right forearm.
That's his weapon hand.
He drew his Glock at the same
time as Rusty's dog bit down.
He fell backwards
down the stairs,
discharged his firearm
Can you see that? That's a-
That's a self-inflicted
That's what happened.
Now, are you telling me
a 16-year-old boy took charge
of your man, shot him in his
own head with his own gun?
I don't think so.
Now listen. I've got
a question for you.
Did you shoot
the 16-year-old boy?
If so,
where was he shot?
Cos Rusty didn't shoot anyone.
I'm looking at
Ptaka right now.
That's a high-calibre bullet,
and that bullet was travelling.
Here's your shooter right here.
Yeah. Take another look.
Uh, Cap,
it's Wilson on the phone.
You better give me
my father.
- Your father's safe, Twharau.
What's going on?
What's he doing?
Who's he talking to?
- Gallagher, calm d- calm down.
Stop walking and stand still.
Answer me the question.
Is the bullet
still in the body?
- I don't know.
- The local sergeant -
was he there at the time
of the shooting?
- If they find that bullet,
they're gonna frame you
or Officer Blake.
- No. He's not built that way.
Your guy's by the book.
Gallagher, there's
only one way out of this.
- Sir, I don't know
what you're asking me.
Confession. Evidence.
The bullet.
- They will never admit
that they made a mistake.
- Hey, Tame.
- Sir, I think we made a-
- WILSON: Tame made a mistake.
He tried to kill
the Prime Minister.
But you took him down...
...saved her life.
we owe you.
Your country owes you.
Finish the job.
Shut it down.
G! Grab the 308.
- I am so sorry.
Tame? Tame?
- Move.
Put your belt on.
What's the location?
- I don't know for sure.
- Sergeant, I hit him
above his heart, OK?
We've got time. We can
save him. You waste any more
and the kid will bleed out,
so help me out.
- Karaka Point.
It's an old mill.
- New heading - Karaka Point.
Hey, Mooks.
Come here, boy. Come on.
Come on, son.
Come on, boy.
- There's no heat signal!
The safe house is empty!
- You said they'd be here,
- You said Saturday!
- The boy's been shot.
He needs a doctor. Come on.
- Hey, let's see if Tame
can fly!
- What are you doing!?
- I don't know!
- Hey!
- I don't know!
I don't know!
Hey?! Hey?!
Uh, Dr Foon! It's a mobile
clinic! Maunaphatu!
- I don't know it!
- 10 klicks south of Ruathuna.
- New heading - 10 klicks
south of Ruathuna. Got it?!
- Kimiora.
Kimiora's your guy.
Buffalo in the alley!
Hold on, my boy.
- Pass me a 308.
- K, warning shot only,
if it's needed.
- Landing zone 11 o'clock.
- Steady!
Rust and dust.
We're nearly there.
- Steady!
- Kimiora, what are you
doing, man?! Huh?
- Cleaning up your mess!
Go around!
Go around! Go around!
Hey, hold fire!
Don't move, Tame.
Stay still. It's OK.
Stay still.
All right. Come with me, Tame.
Stay low. Stay low!
That way, OK? Go that way!
Are you OK?! You OK?
- Get away! Get away!
- It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.
I'm here to help.
- Don't you touch him!
- It's OK!
- Don't touch him!
- Here.
Hold- Hold that, OK?
Come on. One, two, three, lift!
- Come!
- I've got him!
- Go, go! There's no time.
- Get clear!
Bird up!
- Be strong, boy.
Don't do this, bro.
Hey! Don't do this, mate.
It ain't you.
you saw him.
He tried to take me out.
- K, K, just take it easy,
Take it easy-
Hey, it's my mistake,
all right? Ptaka's on me.
Ren is on me.
- Ren would've had my back!
- Stop it, man!
Hey! Hey! Come on, man.
No terrorists here, bro.
Just you and me. You and me.
- Twharau.
You're one of them!
Too late to
turn now!
Come here!
- Come on, Gallagher! Come on!
- Kimi, stand down!
- You ain't the cap.
You ain't nothing.
Stand up, boy.
We have ballistics!
All we need is a confession.
- Kimi, don't do this.
- Tame!
- Hey.
- Hey. Hey.
- Confess!
- I'm gonna kill the
Prime Minister.
I'm a terrorist!
- Radio!
Get Wilson on the line.
- I'm getting it.
It's OK. You're OK.
- Aunty Blake.
Aunty Blake.
- He w ka mokemoke.
Tahuri r ki te rapa.
Me ko w noa te utu.
Takahia t ara.
He kupu t kitea mai.
Kia mrama ai.
Te ata kei t mamae.
Kia manawatahi ai.
Kua motu te here?
Te whakawhere?
Te matihere?
Kia pau r ng kupu,
te h te tuku,
te mateone.
I know sometimes,
we might feel lost,
but have you searched
the lost and found?
If time was what it cost,
are we over spending ours?
Couldn't find the words
to say.
Does it hurt
when you explain?
Is there a shadow
in your pain?
Maybe it hurts us
all the same.
Did we lose our connection,
touch and affection
without intention?
Would you say every sentence,
use every last breath,
find what we came for?
Someday we'll find
Tku whenua
- Heard they're
looking for me.
I'm ridin' round the street
with it on me.
Heard they're looking for me.
Well, if so,
better bring the army.
This for my ancestors
before me.
No one had the land here
before we.
The ones for the cause
ain't performing.
We down for the cause
on the front line.
I'll send you the location
for anybody say
they're looking for me.
Guarantee you I'm not hiding.
I pick up the phone
when you call it.
Whole family to roadblocks
and we don't stop.
Life's been a rollercoaster.
Still, we showed up.
Treat us like we on
a poster - most wanted.
When they hit you and your
close ones, you get haunted.
But we on our get back.
If you steppin' to us,
better get back.
This is for the land
we ain't get back
and the lost ones
we can't get back.
Yeah, we on our get back.
If you steppin' to us,
better get back.
This is for the land
we ain't get back
and for the lost ones
we won't get back.
Get back.
Oh, we on our get back.
If you steppin' to us,
better get back.
This is for the land
we ain't get back
and the lost ones
we can't get back.
Yeah, we on our get back.
If you steppin' to us,
better get back.
This is for the land
we ain't get back
and for the lost ones
we won't get back.
Get back.