Musa (2001) Movie Script

Free from his pain
Cut his hair
We will go back to KORYO
I will return it to his hometown
AD 1375
457 years into the establishment of KORYO
The 31 st King,
GONGMIN has been assassinated
by HONG Yoon and CHOI Man-saeng
and replaced by King WOO
In China, it was a time of chaos when
CHU Yu an-chang had founded
the MING Empire in Nanjing
forcing the WON Empire
from its century-old
rulership in the great plains of China
to the north of the Great Wall
Ahn Sung Ki
Jung Woo Sung
Joo Jin Mo
Ziyi Zhang
Rong Guang Yu
Lee Doo II / Park Yong Woo
Park Jung Hark / Yu Hae Jin
Jung Suk Yong / Han Young Mok
Special Performance Song Jae Ho
They say, the castle is too disordered...
they will lead us to
the temporary reception hall
Here is too large
This place does not look like
a reception hall Let me find out
General, behave honorably
I am General CHOI Jung of Yongho troop,
the protectors of the Koryo's envoys
Where is the MING's officials to greet us?
Remove your weapons and official attires!
KORYO murdered our diplomatic envoy
then keep dispatching spies
Now, you send us a military
in the name of the envoys
You will pay for it!
Tie them up!
Don't panic, and stop moving
Stay back
Throw your weapons away
Anyone to disobey I will slash him!
General CHOI!
General, Don't
My duty is protecting the envoys
General CHOI Jung!
Everyone, follow what they said
We are almost in the exile
Sorry for my impertinent
It's my fault... -
No, it is our destiny for imprisonment
Exile is better than in prison
suffocating prison... - This is better... -
but here is
too hot. Ugh!
We are from KORYO
We were in the middle of exile, by MING
Are you a general from YUAN
the MONGOL imperial?
The great Cokotemure's cavalry!
General, no... - do not step forward this time
Don't be offensive
We don't have any grudge against the KORYO
but we cannot keep alive these MING's dogs!
Leave the KORYO's fate in their own hands.
Let's go!
General, including the ambassador and a general
Seh, we have 12 casualties and 23 survivors
among survivors, five are severely injured
Have everyone gather here!
How about preparing to camp out here?
Since the ambassador died
we cannot carry the duty of the envoys anymore
Now, such responsibility
If we stay here
the MING troops will come
- We then explain whole story to them... -
- You want to keep the exile journey again?
We should not go off our exile path
Let's follow what MING ordered.
Anyway, we are the envoys of the country
We don't bring any official letter and flag.
How can we prove our credibility?
Besides, MING troops might blame us
as murderer, instead of Mongols
General, we caught the strangers
Here is two
The duty of the Protector troops end now
Get ready to leave, immediately!
- Get ready to leave, immediately!
- Yes sir!
Here is an endless desert
Where are we going?
General, three are missing
the others are all injured
Find water and food at first
Hey, Interpreter!
We must hurry and leave
We all die if we stay here!
- Wake up! Hold your mind!
- Let me out, let me out!!
We are leaving
General, we should look for the missing first
This trip is too hard for me
I always wanted to be buried at my home
Are you in much pain?
Would you rest here for a while?
Even if we make it to Shandong
we still need a boat
It is not about time you worried
Get up
What are you doing?
General, please forgive my man
He is a foolish one... -
He just wants to care for me
He is a slave of the vice-ambassador
This is the Great Wall connecting to the east
It is where the MING and the YUAN are at battle
Below are villages
where the MING troops are based
Avoid the village and the MING troops
Let's eliminate any chance to meet anyone
General, if we head towards the north
we must confront YUAN's troops
What about here in the middle?
It's impossible It's a desert of death
In the daytime, everything is burned
Also, it takes at least twenty days to cross
Besides, our remaining food and water
will last only 6 days
To that place
we will cross within ten days
If necessary we will eat once a day
and walk during the mid-night
in that case, southern desert is better
we can gain three or four days
Whose territory is that?
That is an abandon land
No one could conquer the area
However, my concern is the vice-ambassador
- He is already exhausted
- No one here free from suffer!
From now on, you guide us
Don't block our march
Whoever bothers our way will die by my sword!
Son of bitch!
He makes us human fry. He will kill us
Did you called me?
As a vice-ambassador, I'm ashamed
I am in such a wretched state
Take care of the group
I hope you all safely return to home...
I see
One thing that I must say
This man here
He is not a slave anymore
As I set him free, he is a freeman
Treat him accordingly
Please get some sleep
Hey you, stop there!
He stole the food while standing guard
Sorry, sir
Please forgive me
No mercy to a thief in the battle
The same goes for one who is taken
Beat them twenty floggings each
Our Joojin troops only eat one piece a day
We are equal to your Yongho troops
I will receive the floggings instead of him!
Do what he wants
All right. You, receive all floggings for both
Watch carefully!
You'd served in many battles with my father
Am I quite different to him?
The times were not as difficult as now
But I am sure you will do well, sir
Will we make it safely reach at Shandong?
Even if we return to KORYO, people scoff at... -
I failed to protect the envoys
I even failed to enter the castle of Nanjing
Here you go
Use when you need it
Take it
In this situation, dying is better
The vice-ambassador disappeared!
Stop him and search what he brings
The vice-ambassador has passed away!
Bury the body
The horse will belong to Yongho troops
You may bury him yourself
but we will take the horse
Keep follow the line
Stop all!
Good afternoon?
Please give us water and food
I cannot distinguish who you are
What should I do?
Should I tell them that we are the KORYO's envoys
Don't do that
They don't believe us anyway
If you want to eat
you should pay for it!
- What are they saying, bastard?
- Do something. We're starving
- Tell something... -
- Calm down!
I cannot bear!
If you move one more step
then I'll kill you right now
Would you be from KORYO?
Monk, are you also from KORYO?
Sir, serve food to these people
I will pay for it
I am quite obliged
I am a general, CHOI Jung
My Buddhist name is Jisan
I am glad to have company on the way home
You, thief. How dare you touch my property?
Uh? You're a Mongolian soldier!
How come you bring a Mongolian sword?
A few days ago, we passed the battlefields
There were only the dead there
...Are you a Buddhist monk?
Do you know how to hold ceremony for the dead?
Yes, I learned the Buddhist incantations as well
Would you write down the name of the dead?
All my men were brave warriors
Just write The sons of the blue wolf
Treat the injured first
The General is coming
Have some, Princess
Would you keep refusing food?
Did you hear that he called her princess?
"Escape me"
my friend, what do you wish for?
Shit! Who bring this filthy thing in here?
You bring this thing here, didn't you?
Get rid of it, right now
Don't kill him
He's a real fighter with spears!
Where are you from?
Don't move. We might lose everything
he YUAN troops and the Central Asians
are the confederates. They might kill us all
He has the eyes of a lion
I want to make him as my man
General he already killed five of our men
I will give you ten horses in return
You've buried this strange place. You met
with a wrong place and time. God bless you!
If you insist on the difficult path
I will joint you
No need for that
I am familiar with these locations
and might be help to you
Now we finished to bury Shall we leave now?
We should wait here
The YUAN troops will pass through this place
we will save the princess!
Don't you say that we are
heading towards KORYO sir?
That was my intention until yesterday
However, we are the diplomatic envoys
If we help the MING dynasty we could
enter the castle of Nanjing with grand welcome
It won't be late for us to return home after that
a reckless plan!
YUAN troops are the strongest one in the world
Please reconsider General
I made my decision during whole night
Let's try
We have to save Yeosol man as well
We will attack them on both sides. The
Yongho troops and I will attack from the bottom
You with others ambush them from another side
- Now go
- Shit, no! They are coming right there
We will attack them all together!
General, we don't have any chance to win
We can do it
All hide yourselves
Now is our chance
Attack the horses first
Save the Princess
Interpreter, Interpreter, sir...
Go away get away from me I say
what an idiot
I am General CHOI Jung
to protect the KORYO's envoys
Get up
The emperor calls me princess Buyong
You do not look like the envoys
I also thought a princess lived in the palace
your highness
Take me to the castle of Nanjing
as soon as possible
If you safely escort me at there
the emperor will award you greatly
We did save you, now
we are responsible for you to protect as well
Your highness
board the carriage without any worries
It is our total victory, sir
Are you ok?
Hey you!
You said you are an interpreter, aren't you?
I am PARK Jumyung
I haven't entered official post yet
- but sooner or later I will enter... -
- Deliver my words
to that man in black
Hey! The princess wants you
to guard her carriage
Sir, the princess wants
that man to guard the carriage
I will give you a mission
Guard the princess carriage
I will go to see the place
where master is buried
You can talk... -
you can talk... -
I am ordering you again
guard the carriage
I am a free man now
I will do as I please
General, don't be upset
I don't need a slave who forgot his place
But the vice-ambassador has set him free, sir
He was out of mind on the brink of death
Once is a slave will be forever a slave
That is the law of KORYO!
Stop it
We will leave this bastard here
Everyone, mount your own horses
General, there is one girl who has survived
She is a Chinese slut. Leave her behind
General, mercy is the virtue of the great man
This is not any of your concern
All decisions will be mine
Take all with us
The general is coming
Honorable Cookoo
I lost the princess of MING
KORYO took her...
Lay him down at my tent
It may be below you, but please eat this
I didn't have time to say this... -
Thank you
Please get some rest, your highness
I'm Yooran
Meaning of a dancing orchid?
That is the most beautiful name
I've ever heard
I am PARK Jumyung
You have cute eyes
You wicked one! As a person of the envoys
you don't have any regret in this predicament
play with a woman instead
What responsibilities do I carry?
I am just an interpreter
How come you regret at all
These miscellaneous readings are in vain
You are the one who ruined the country
and accumulated wealth in Buddhist temple... -
How dare you mention the Confucius
as miscellaneous readings?
What an egotistic views the Confucius is best
Hope for wonderful world is in every teaching
The Confucius's words were spread
all over the world
Open your eyes
you should know the principles of the world?
The first time I made a love
was under the full moon
She was sixteen, I was eighteen
Every evening we met on the hills
Then one day, she became pregnant
and we got married
Five days later, I was gone on an expedition
Was it a son or a daughter?
When I left, she was eight months pregnancy
she might give a birth now
I miss my wife so much
Is he ok?
Get some sleep. I will take care of him
Tomorrow, he can recover, your highness
Where are you heading?
To KORYO, your highness
The general team and yours seem not
get along well
In this kind of long journey
many things might happen
Take good care of him
Thank you, your highness
Do not worry about the vice ambassador
He was buried the place open to sunshine
Do you have any family at home?
I am alone
From now on, you are not alone
We will go together
until KORYO
MING'll seek every corner for princess
we must head north
Get out, everyone
I have something to talk with Rambulhwa
Do me a favor
Please name it
MING kidnapped my sister
I want to take revenge on MING's princess
Bring her in front of me
Why did you help me?
You might have resent the MING Empire for exile
Personal concerns and the public affair
That's two different issues
If you help us see the emperor
I can resolve the misunderstanding
about our envoys
What is the name of that man walking behind?
He is a just slave, your highness
I asked his name
They're coming
They're after us
Where are they now?
They're moving really fast, sir
How many are they?
Over a hundred, sir
We don't have much time
We have to leave at once
We cannot avoid them
What can we do, General?
We'll lure them to the carriage
That's good idea, sir
Who will carry this carriage
I'll do
Give me two soldiers of Yongho troop
No, in this time,
drive it by the person who didn't fight
no, no I'm just an interpreter
And I never drove a carriage before
He is too young, sir
It has been decided
How come it's always us, the Joojin soldiers?
Why do you keep quiet, captain?
He even didn't know his baby
Someone has to drive the carriage
Put that boy on the carriage
Daejung Captain
We'll make them think
the princess is in the carriage
Wear it
Please help me
- You can help me, can't you?
- I am sorry
Let me go with you
Make a detour on the mountain,
after that' you can see the Hwangho River
We will wait for you there
Please take these, return to the master's family
We will meet
Take care of Dansaeng
You go for the princess
Never forget your duty is to protect
the princess. It's me
Be sure, you return to me
We will walk from here
Put together your horses for
them not to discover us
What if Dansaeng doesn't come back?
The Mongolians are not stupid.
They'll come after us sooner or later
I'll be right behind you
The princess isn't in the carriage
There can't be only one soldier guarding her
They are heading for the Hwangho river
to cross the mountain
If so, it's impossible for us to find them
They eventually will cross the Hwangho river
Burn all village and the
ferry beyond the mountain
so make nobody cross the river
What about him?
Follow and kill him
Hurry, lets go
Hurry, lets go
It's the Mongolian soldiers
Throw that robe away and run. Now
Go, now! Hurry, run
Go! And run
I am so sorry
Get up
I served two years against the north
and two years to fighting the Japanese
Altogether it was four years in the military
When I got back
only rat shit was in the kitchen
Shit! So I went to the head officer
and hit him with my head, bang
So did they force you to choose
between imprisonment or military service?
How did you know that?
It is so obvious
Don't go back at all
I heard that there is a KORYO village in Beijing
I will go back no matter what
My wife is waiting for me
Guess your wife is awfully pretty?
She is like a fat bear
Yet, for me, she is the
prettiest one in the world
What about you? Don't you miss your wife?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I'm not married, yet
I see
What happen?
As we expected
Sir, come
Be patient, even if it may be freezing. That
is if you don't want to call the Mongolian troops
It was not my intention to wake you up.
I apologize, your highness
I had a dream
I was already in the Royal Palace
Once we cross the Hwangho river,
we will escort you to the castle of Nanjing
Daejung tells me
that this group is heading towards Shandong
Believe me. I will keep my word,
your highness
Does the carriage return to us?
I am sure it will do, your highness
They aren't here, sir
Divide the soldiers into smaller groups
and search them each area
What about the people here?
We should kill them as they have seen us
Not a single soul is at the ferry
check again for sure
Why aren't we going down?
First we will move under the valley
Go round to check and return
What is it?
The enemy are hiding near the ferry
Kill everyone who tries to cross the river
It seems that we have to give up
Dungju as well as Nanjing
Who are they, huh?
I didn't have any intention
to bring them here
They just followed me from the ferry
Now, the YUAN troops will find us any moment
We should have kicked them out then
Stop it
Don't you hear the word, 'stop'?
I never thought I would see
you here, your highness
I have something
to discuss with both of you
Let's cross the river when a night falls
Yes... - it is too far to Dungju
It would be better to go to Balhae Bay
and find a ferry boat there
Are you saying that we
should cross the sea by a ferry boat?
If you can pass through the YUAN cavalry,
then go by yourself
after crossing the Hwangho river
What if does the general insist on escort
the princess to the castle of Nanjing then?
Are you crazy? We have to return to KORYO
In fact, the princess brings us all problems
Besides, now it seems we have to take
all those people along as well
We have a good news
Five days later, we'll meet the fortress
on the coast where the MING troops are based
The princess says
if we escort her and her people there
she will arrange for us a boat,
which will take us to KORYO
Let us accept her offer
Do we wait for the carriage, don't you?
Do you think they will come back alive?
Nobody go back to KORYO without a boat
With the MING troops, we are safe enough
Also, MING's emperor would know
what we help her
The YUAN troops never give the princess up
but it is true that we need a boat
I will follow your opinion, general
Get up
we do have to wait
for the people who was in carriage
We all agreed, your highness
If your decision is out of pity,
then return everything back to where it was
It is not the time for pity
Prepare to leave
Stay Joojin troops here
You will leave when Yeosol and Dansaeng return
You've been in the military long enough to know
what the result of disobey
to a general's orders...
to a general's orders...
we should wait
until this evening passes
Dansaeng is coming
You came back alive
You're alright?
Are you ok?
I've been waiting for you so much
Welcome to return
It stained with the YUAN troops
I am glad you returned alive
I did not wish to award a slave
such an honorable death
The noble tend to have useless thoughts
Shouldn't we arrange a horse
for the princess?
She is not the princess of KORYO
The princess wants to ride in a palanquin
It is out of the question
Get thick wood, now
It is foolish
Let's carry it
Hey, captain
Why should we carry that thing
Someone has to carry it
My soles are as parched as
the back of a turtle
We don't have much time
I'll carry it
# the morning mountain at home,
white bird sing a song ~
# I want to hear the song,
wish to go back home~
idiot! Remember the YUAN troops
right behind us
I am sorry
Your voice is louder than hers, monk
She's just trying to comfort the children
why are you so picky?
Aren't you worried about the children?
If you are that thoughtful, you wouldn't
be playing around with the prostitute
if the YUAN troops catch us
those children are the first victims
and you are also the first one who runs off
What do you know about me?
Silly one
Look at yourself
We've walked all day,
but only come 12 kilometers
With this speed
it'll take more than twenty days
Brother, I don't understand at all
How can be you still alone with this age?
No one waiting for you at home?
I really don't have anyone. Really
Do you have any girl of your heart?
HA II, you also miss your wife, don't you?
He's still a bachelor
How many times I told you?
You haven't sex with a girl, don't you?
Why don't you get married until now?
I took the wrong pills when he was young
Yeah, he has still a child's
Would you like to try this?
Hey, hey... -
hey granny~
comes back
She is an distracted old lady
Since her son was killed at the ferry
No one can take care of her
How can we care about an old one like her?
Bring her here. She is also one of my people
Who are you? Let me go
I'll carry her on my back
Tens of soldiers are coming to this way, sir
Did they find us?
I am afraid so
Then let's just take the princess
If we take the others along, we'll all die
He's right
We'll just take the princess and Yooran
We must keep the promise to the princess
We bring all of them along
The YUAN cavalry are faster than the wind
Even a hunter takes care of an animal
who lost their way. That's a basic moral... -
I will stay with them if you want to leave
without them
Don't you miss your mother?
My ma will be proud of me
Let's go together, as far as we can
What don't you hurry?
The YUAN troops are coming!
The princess will start first
with the Joojin troops
Joojin Troops
Order them to carry the palanquin. Now
This palanquin is holding us back
Are you waiting for the YUAN troops to get us?
They ask you for give up the palanquin
Who said so?
Get out
Order them to carry my palanquin at once
The princess will be target by the enemy
because of this palanquin
The Yongho troops and I will go at them
Wait here
You don't have to go to meet them
who are chasing after us
I am the one who makes a decision
You just follow my orders
Let's go
In the forest, the cavalry have less advantage
Let's follow me with same intervals of one meters
If you lost the distances, you will be
faced alone on the group of the enemy
Are you afraid?
Then, stay here until you hear something.
You can rush out then
I will go down instead of you, general
Watch the hill
If they pass through here,
the princess will be in great danger
On my signal, everyone rush at them
Do as I said. You hear?
is that you?
We'll take care of here
Go and protect the princess
Look, the Byuljang is coming
It is very important. You should deliver it
Please trust my husband
Now, go
They are coming
Go, hurry
Be careful
Move, princess
There is the princess
Stand back
Stop it! Don't move
Take away your filthy hands, you slave
You could have killed me! I'm a princess
Stop screaming
Don't think you can do anything
because you are a princess
Leave me alone
Take this
Byuljang... - Byuljang
How's your feeling?
What about the Yongho troops?
Help me up
What happened to the enemy?
Daejung wiped out them with
the Joojin troops, sir
What about the princess?
She is coming this way, sir
We will resume the journey
We are leaving
It is quite late
and you must take rest a bit more, sir
it's better leaving early in the morning, sir
I said get up
If you wish to leave, go yourself, sir
We will get some rest and then leave
I know that you are the agitator
until now, I let you have your own way
but now I will not tolerate you
- Leave him alone
- Dochoong, Seat down...
General, please remove your sword
How dare you
Byuljang, arrest these men at once
Look here
How about having captain Daejung
as our leader from now on?
That's only way to reach the castle
won't we?
Pass your authority to Daejung
Do you think you came here by yourself?
Under this hard situation
Someone had to make tough decisions
Do you know that?
I made these decisions on
behalf of the group
From now on, whoever bothers my way
I will cut your throat under the name of the king
General, you are still in recovering... -
Don't You are the one who I want to kill most
It's you
Why don't you anyone detain the general?
General, come back
You may lead these poor people,
but that doesn't change our situation
Do you think these all happening
caused because of him?
I am not bright enough to know the future
You should have hold onto the general
The only thing I desire most
is for us all to go home
We must leave this place
Your highness, did you have a nightmare?
The clay fortress is not too far away
We should prepare to leave
But your highness, everyone is asleep
Don't worry too much
He couldn't have gone too far
Even if he desired to come back
he is a person who would never do so
This is Princess Bu Yong
chased by YUAN,
I am heading to the clay fortress
Send the soldiers there immediately
We will go around the forest
We cannot sir
If we don't chase them now
we will lose them in the woods
Their destination is
where the forest ends
I vowed never to return
without capturing the princess
we've all prepared to death
when we've started the battle
The Mongolian are not afraid of the death
Not afraid of the death
Be careful, you carry with a baby
Thank you
Your welcome
How are the wounds?
The poison in his body is almost neutralized
- Why aren't you helping the general up?
- It is not necessary! I can get up by myself
General, get up
Do not call me a general anymore
Whatever you may say,
you are still a general
You led the group very well.
Please go with us
Go with me
A well!
Where are all the boats?
What about the MING troops?
Where is the princess? We came all the way
because of that bitch's words. Now what?
It's not the princess fault
Then whose fault is it?
Was it you?
Stop it
Who could know this kind happening?
The YUAN troops will come soon
Decide whether we will leave or stay
Let's leave this place
Close the gates
Go get a bar
Call a man who can speak KORYO
Listen! For years, KORYO has been
the vassal of the Great WON Empire
If you hand over the princess,
we will let you all live
Daejung, we are out matched
The princess is
none of our business any more
What they want is me
You have escorted me here,
so you kept your promise
You don't need to sacrifice
people anymore for me
If you refuse to hand her over,
we will destroy you all
Daejung, you must decide
Help us
Uh? The gates are opening
the great fighter is still alive
He ruins everything
Those who wish to leave may do so
Those who wish to stay, may stay
Honey, honey
Pitch the tents. We will prepare the battle
What the hell are you doing?
Daejung, Daejung I found the bamboos
Hey, Go away Go away
You look still pale
I'm alright I wanna help you
Water! Water comes!
Here is water Come here
water comes
so happy
Their attacking skills are speedy and quick
First, they will attack the gate
Then will be surround it and climb up
It is a very difficult situation
General, please lead us
I don't want to become a fool again
Everybody knows, the KORYO troops are
outstanding the protecting skills for the castle
But it is because they had excellent leaders
I will fight by myself
I was the one who made us head to KORYO
and save the princess
I started everything
Whether we go home or
fight for a name
this is the time for all of us to unite
It is none of your business
This is my war
Distribute liquor to the soldiers and
let them sleep until the sun is fully up
We have to capture the princess
and return to the base as soon as possible
For the past three months,
we haven't been rest for a single day
We need to attack them as quickly as we can!
What if the MING troops come...
Here is only two They and us
How many one can be alive among us?
Stay with me
Wow! Thank you brother
it is relatively safe at the coast and sides
of the castle Let's protect the front
Monk, take care of the princess
and the elderly people
The Interpreter and I will
take care the central gate
you and Dochoong in the east
- Yeosol and HA-IL will protect in the west...
- Dochoong and I will cover the east
what about me, sir?
Dansaeng has something to do
Never come out, never! You hear?
Stay there
You'll be in big trouble
if you make one move
if you come out... -
Wow, you've made the spares a lot
Huh? They start to move...
Dochoong, don't shoot your arrows
without my signal
Wait until they come closer
The YUAN troops are coming
Sit down
Cut the ropes
Don't retreat! Keep your place
Bring all the shields
Break the fortress gate Go!
Daejung, Hurry up
General, the messenger has arrived
Stop the attacking
We received orders to withdraw. Shit
We almost win What the hell... -
Kill them all
Saori... Saori
Look over there
A white flag at the YUAN's side
It is to mourn the death of someone
in high position
If they attack once again
It will be difficult for us to beat them
Why did you order us to withdraw?
Dig deep wells in the middle of the hill
We almost win...
Cookoo has passed away
at right after we left headquarters
Held memorial ceremony, first
Then, we will resume our attack
Why did you leave your place!
Because of you,
So many people died
Stop chanting that
It is making people angrier
Stop crying
Anyway, we've beaten the enemy
Your family is like the loyalist
to the MING Empire
The Emperor will award you greatly
Award? Hey, who made us
come all the way over here?
First killed my husband
and now it is my daughter... -
How dare you speak like
so to the princess
You go! Then, we're all safe
Because of you, we all die like dogs
What the hell are they doing?
The water channel is blocked
Everything will be over by tomorrow
Cookoo started a losing war
The dreams of the great Ghengis Khan
may fade away forever
Don't say. Your words have
great influences on the fighting spirits
Let's return to the prairies
You mean we should just leave like this?
We are taking the princess with us
The children are waiting for you
Why did they find me?
I have no business with them, right?
It is not your fault to avoid a battle
You told me
that I was irresponsible, didn't you?
You were right
I am... - mean and coward
In this situation, it is more difficult
for one not to fight than to fight
If you disagree a useless cruelty,
keep the conviction
I think that is courage too?
At one time
I was a student of Confucianism,
dreaming of the righteous world
But for a countryman like me
I was not even given the chance to
apply for a position of government official
That is why I joint this journey
which no one else want to go
I wanted to create an opportunity...
I always end up with bad luck... why?
Pray for a hundred days to Buddha
He will help you
Does it really work?
Aren't you going to the children?
She is giving birth!
We need hot water... -
What shall we do?
We don't even have drinking water
What the hell you guys all doing here
Get out, get out
Isn't that Dansaeng?
Where is he going?
That son of bitch
He is out of mind
Call the people
I'll go and get him
What can we do?
Shit, be careful
Here is thieves
two men stole water from our well
What about Dansaeng?
Where is he?
Uh? He were right behind
Where is he? Uh, over there
Dansaeng stand up
Give me that
throw the fire
- Dansaeng
- Hurry
- Hurry
- Run! Run!
- Almost...
- Climb up
Get the rope
Climb up! Climb up
Hurry up
what the hell he's doing?
Dansaeng, come back
Come on. Hurry up
Get this one first
Hurry up
pretty clever
Do you want to try?
Dansaeng. That's alright
Give me your hand
Shit Stop crying
Let him cry
How dare you come here, huh?
You want to kill all, huh?
Then, give me back my eye!
Give me
You told us you would give us a boat,
didn't you?
What is the princess of the MING Empire?
You even can give us a small boat?
Because of your words
we come all the way over here
where's the boat? The boat!
What did you hit me? Why? Why me?
How come you hit me?
Then, hit me. Hit me more!
Don't blame the princess
Everything was my decision
The general will take responsibility?
How do you take responsibility for
the situation like this?
We just have to send the princess out
alone Why can't we do so?
Why don't you sent her out?
That's enough...
Let me go, you son-of-a-bitch
Someone has to tell the
princess about this
Just shut up
Daejung! Don't stop them
It's better them to say what's on their minds
General, what are they talking about?
You are all cowards
Then, let's just cut the princess head off
You keep out of this
If we hang her head outside the fortress
wall, they might turn back
If you all wish, I'll do that
interpreter, what's Yeosol saying?
Tell me! I order
That you should be sent to the enemy
Shuts your mouth
Then, do you want me to tell her
that he offered to cut her head off?
Do you know that your words
make her hurt a lot?
I came all the way here for only her
Never wish for something
you can never get
Don't forget you are a slave
Have you ever heard of the slave,
He said, People are all the equal
Is there any special blood for
king or others?
After saying those words, he were hanged
Whoever aims at my neck
will be cut off his arm first
My sword carries no mercy
Do you want to match?
Too many have died so far, too many... -
Now you want us to kill each other?
Whatever happens do me
Don't help me
It's a boy!
The princess
Bless the child
for luck and health
What are you doing here?
Are you planning to freeze him?
She's always take care of herself,
she doesn't deserve to do that
Hurry and take the child inside
Before he catches cold
Your highness
Your highness
forgive me
Bring me a horse
I am leaving this fortress
Stop this, your highness
You are the reason we fight for up to now
As you all watch, everybody hope me
to leave this place as soon as possible
As a princess of the Great MING Empire
I will end this war with my own hands
Your highness,
please don't go Please
Do you want me to take
my own life right here?
No one may step forward
I will go by myself
Get out of my way
The KORYOs wont give up you,
your highness
Please trust me!
How dare you block me?
Wait for her
they are coming towards us
You can't go
Will you watch guard
outside the fortress?
Kill him!
Let him pick up the sword
What happened others?
What about Yeosol?
Just stay where you are
Daejung, Daejung
You can't move sir, not now
can't move
The royal castle was too
suffocating for me
I thought that if I left there
I would be free
This is all my fault
I'm so scared
I don't think I can bear it any longer
So do I I am also a coward
I was always afraid
that people would notice that
I do not deserve being called general
Everyone come here
He may die
He moves...
His life is long enough...
what is the meaning of this?
When they open the gate doors
to rescue him, we'll easily enter the fortress
If they decide not to come out for him
then I will be able to acquire a great warrior
Is there anyone who save him?
- I'll go down to get him
- General
if we open the door now
we'll all die
It's the enemy's trap
Then you're saying
we just stand back and watch?
That's better idea!
Let's just kill him with our own hands
Should I throw the torch?
The moonlight is bright...
Daejung... Daejung
Don't shoot
You like him too don't you?
Do you still consider me general?
I want to lead the battle at tomorrow
Until now
we have gone through so much
It is a miracle
that we've made it so far
according to the Chinese proverb
if we attempt to live, we die,
and if we attempt to die, we live
Let us trust each other, and unite
Even if we all die... -
Tomorrow they will break
the gate and enter
If they come in
we will use these bomb!!
Be careful
Come here...
All stand up
we will protect you, your highness
Do you wish to become
a general of the Great YUAN Empire?
I am a free man Kill me
They never took your
existence seriously
In order to rebuild the Great YUAN Empire
we need courageous warriors like you
# the morning mountain at home,
white bird sing a song ~
# I want to hear the song,
wish to go back home~
# I want to hear the song,
wish to go back home~
Sir, you resemble my father
who had passed away
The KORYOs and the HAN's look
very much alike We're like brothers
We're like brothers
We have dragged on this too long
everyone will die
Before sunset comes
we return to the prairie
No, no, wait a minute
Fire, fire, fire! They use fire first
Don't move
Everyone run for cover
we've failed
I always want to have an
honorable death
That's my dream
Jaosinwe! Jaosinwe!
We must go out and fight together!
Protect the princess
Go out this fortress with her
So many warriors have died
because of you!
My son
It's too dangerous
You cannot cross the sea with that boat
I must go
Only those who have a long journey
will see the long roads to go home