Muzzle (2023) Movie Script


[ Indistinct conversations ]

-Fuck you!

[ Indistinct shouting ]
-Whew. It's hot out there today.
It's no Iraq.
I know I've said it before,
but it's so hot there,
you can literally
fry an egg on a rock.
That's a funny word, huh?
It means the opposite
of figurative,
but now it's a synonym.
I mean, it's not the worst
thing, but you got to admit
that when a word that means
something so concrete
can actually now mean
the exact opposite, that's --
that's nuts, right?
Like, something weird
is going on.
Something weird, man.
You know what I heard
the other day?
Huh? You'll think this is
hilarious. It's so messed up.
Apparently, they sell chairs now
designed to feel like
they're hugging you.
You see what I'm saying? And
I don't mean that figuratively.
I mean that literally.
They literally feel
like they're hugging you.
They got these --
I don't know, like,
long, fuzzy, dangly arms.
They wrap around you,
make you feel good.
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Scoffs ] What is that?
I'll tell you what it is.
It's loneliness, man.
People don't know
how to be lonely.
-Hey, Officer!
-Hey. Looking good.
[ Police radio chatter ]
Failure to yield.
[ Police radio chatter ]
-Failure to --
There you go. Failure to yield.
Smart man, 1-Adam-12.
-Driver's roughly 6 foot.
-Skip that paperwork.
-Requesting K-9.
-Ohh, now you got
paperwork, bro.
-10-57 Foxtrot. 612 Crocker.
Repeat, 612 Crocker.
Requesting K-9.
-This is King 1.
Show me en route.
10-9 that location.
-Okay, 612 Crocker.
King 1 en route.
[ Siren wails ]
What do you say, bud?

[ Siren chirps ]

There you go.
-Five-oh rolling up.
What's up, boys?
-What are y'all doing here?!
-Fuck off, Blue!
Nobody wants you here!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
-Dude rolled a stop.
Tried pullin' him over.
He started driving
like a bat out of hell.
Jumped the curb here
and took off running that way.
-The fuck took you so long, man?
You walk your fucking dog
over here?
-I'll get him out.
You can ask him yourself.
[ Dog barks ]
-Hasn't been reported stolen.
Something tells me
we're now looking for a...
some Chinese X-I-A...
-Hernandez, you got this, buddy.
Now, what's the rule?
"I" before "E"
except after "C," seor.
-You got a description?
-Average height.
Hispanic. Skinny.
Definitely not Chinese.
Probably undocumented.
Got spooked and ran.
My man Dante over here
got a look.
-Seems credible.
-Dante's alright.
Knows everything
on these streets.
-Alright. Give me a sec.
-Get the fuckin' dog
away from here!
It's time to go to work.
[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Dog panting ]
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
[ Dog sniffing ]
[ Dog whimpering ]
-Good. Got drugs.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
-1-Adam-12 requesting backup.
-Copy that, 1-Adam-12. Sending
backup to your location.
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
-[ Whistles ]
-Search. Search. Search.
Come on.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
-Back there, it's just
a bunch of animals in there.
No place for animals.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

-Ah, shit!
How are we supposed to clean
their shit off the street
if we can't even get
their shit off the street?!
-Yeah, whatever!

-Greene! Make sure no one
wanders the fuck over here!
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
[ Dog sniffing ]
[ Dog whimpering ]
-Hey. LAPD, man.
Hey. We just want to talk.
[ Dog barking ]
Don't run, okay?
I've got a dog.
-We just wanna resolve this
without anybody getting hurt!
[ Dog barks ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Dog barking ]
-Shots fired!
I repeat, shots fired!
Where's my backup?!
-Are you hit?
-No. I'm okay.
-No! Don't touch that!
-[ Beeping ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Dog sniffs and whimpers ]
-Just pull back.
Wait for backup!
-Son of a bitch.
He put glass on the ground!
Come here. Let me look at you.
Come here.
You're okay, huh?
Yeah? Alright.
Let's go.

Come on.

[ Dog whimpering ]

You good? Huh? Okay.
[ Dog panting ]
[ Dog growls, man screams ]
Show me your hands!
Give me your hands.
[ Man screaming ]
Who gave you this jacket?
Where'd they go?
[ Dog whimpers ]
Hey! Hey!
Get on the ground!
Drop the gun!
[ Woman screaming ]
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
[ Dog whimpering ]
Ace! Ace?
-[ Dog whimpers ]
[ Sirens wailing ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]

Officer down!
Officer down!
-That's good, right?
This officer needs attention!
-We heard you, man!
We'll get to your dog.
He's a police officer.
He needs help. Now!
-People first. Okay?
-Let dispatch know they're gonna
start transporting...
-Roger that.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-Hey. Get your fucking hands --
-Jake! Jake!
Come on! Jake! Come on!
Jake! Calm down!
[ Police radio chatter ]
-LAPD to King 1.
LAPD to King 1.
LAPD to King 1?
K-9 Ace is 10-7.
Gone but never forgotten.
Rest in peace, dear friend,
and protect us from above.

-We are here today
to remember a true hero...
in every sense of the word.
Ace was not only
a great police K-9,
but was also a loyal partner
of Officer Jake Rosser.
His unwavering bravery
will never be forgotten.
Good and merciful Lord,
we humbly pray
that you will safely keep
all of those
who serve and protect
our communities every day.
In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.
-Port. Arms.
Ready. Aim. Fire.
Aim. Fire.
-I know.
I know you'd forgive me.
You were always the bigger man.
I don't know how you did it.
I know, I know. I should
stop crying and go home.
Have a little sympathy, man.
I gotta live with this.
You're a good boy.

[ Man on television
speaking indistinctly ]
[ Siren wails in distance ]
-People are angry.
They have expressed
that anger...
And you look no further
than the video to see why.
Again, a warning.
What you're about to see
may be considered upsetting.
After the officer...EMS,
he's seen violently attacking
a Hispanic man.
-Oh, hey.
Guys don't find
my night shifts convenient.
Go ahead.
-Lucky dog.
-New bed.
-Uh, right.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Lock clicks ]

-Hey. Uh...
What happened?
Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Jake, for real...
I'm around if you want to talk.
No pressure or anything.
I just wanted you to know that.
-Thanks. I'm good.


[ Lock clicks ]
-You entered the building
without backup,
pursued the suspect
up several flights of stairs,
and were ambushed.
-My partner and I
entered the building,
and we were ambushed.
-But Officer O'Keefe
wasn't with you.
-O'Keefe went back to help
after the vehicle exploded.
-And you chose not to help?
Even though there was
an officer down.
-Well, at that point,
two officers were down.
And the suspect posed
a significant, violent threat
to the community.
I read the manual.
Tennessee vs. Garner.
It's settled law.
-You carried your partner
to first responders,
where you proceeded
to attack one of them.
Is that correct?
-You gonna jump in here
any time?
-Union's hands are tied.
But don't worry.
I'm taking notes.
-Great. Thanks.
-We're not the enemy, Jake.
We're just trying
to paint the picture.
-I just want to know
what happened to my partner
and who the shooter was.
-Just take a breath.
-The suspect commanded my dog.
In German.
Like he was one of us.
-Okay. We get it.
Now let us do our jobs.
Everything involved
in this mess is S.I.U. now,
under our review
of force investigation.
-You mean,
homicide investigation.
-You were in the service?
-Have you ever been diagnosed
with PTSD?
-[ Scoffs ]
You know the answer.
You knew that when you hired me.
It wasn't disqualifying.
-No, it wasn't.
Did you ever get any treatment?
Maybe prescriptions
or recreational drugs?
-Anger issues?
-I just wanna know what happened
to my partner.
-Alright, gentlemen.
Let's call it a day.
-Very helpful, Jake.
Good luck.
-Just hang on, Jake.
[ Door closes ]
Okay, Jake.
This is how this is gonna work.
You're gonna see someone.
A professional.
They're gonna help you
work through your issues,
and then you're gonna
get a new partner
and you're gonna
get back out there.
We'll set up a therapist
for you. You got it?
-I wanna see Ace's autopsy.
-Yeah, well...
I just want you
to shut the fuck up
and do what you're told.
Those are your options.
-Then fire me.
I could care less.
-You sleep on that.
[ Telephone ringing ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
-...fucking circus.
-[ Pounding ]
Easy, Jake. You need
to use the back door.
Come on.
How's the view
from under the bus?
-I think they'd prefer a view
in front of a moving train.
Listen. I need to find out
Ace's cause of death.
-Sorry, Jake.
I figured it was obvious.
He was a good boy.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks.
Just anything peripheral.
I need the closure.
-I'll see what I can do.
[ Dogs barking ]
-Unh! Oop, oop, oop. Come on.
Come -- Oh, you got it.
You got it.
What a good dog.
What a good dog you are.
Come on.
Can you take over here?
Hey. Good dog.
Okay. Let's go.
[ Dogs barking ]

-Getting a new dog? Fuck.
-Unsolicited advice.
Longer you wait,
the harder it gets.


-What's up with him?
Last handler
fucked her up but good.
-How so?
-Can't say.
-But not because you don't know.
-Sealed in some plea deal that
Command wanted to keep quiet.
They didn't give two shits
about Socks, though,
so I took her back.
She's a narcotics animal.
You want to know
what happened to her?
Use your imagination.

-Hey, girl.

[ Brakes squeal,
gear shifter clicks ]

[ Music thumping ]

-Hey, man.
Any of you guys know Dante?

Nice tricks, honey.
-Might as well nail a badge
to your forehead.
-Like a sore thumb, huh?
-Baby, you ain't
even close to passing.
-That makes two of us.

Know anyone down here
named Dante?
Missing a couple legs?
-A thousand dudes down here
named Dante.
All missing somethin'.
It's like looking
for a needle in a...
[ Chuckles ]
We got a lot of those, too.
Even if I did know, what good
would it be if I tell you?

Face that pretty
in a place like this.
Thanks for the smoke, honey.

Looking to score, white boy?
-[ Siren wails ]
-Up against the wall.
-I got him on this side.
-Suspicious white male.
-Satanistas was ready
to smoke you, fool.
-Yeah, yet you chose
to arrest me.
-They control these streets.
-The streets of
downtown Los Angeles?
-Now you're really fucked.
-Whoa, whoa. Hold up.
Aren't you the dude on the news
who fucked up that EMT?
-Oh, shit.
The one with the dead dog.
Damn, bro.
What are you doing down here?
-Errands. You know an informant
down here named Dante?
-Aren't you suspended?
-You shouldn't
fuck with this clique.
Best to get lost.
-Easy enough.

[ Engine shuts off ]
-Hey! You got a dollar?!
Hey. I just want
some alcohol, man.
Well, I'll use that,
but, uh, hey.
Thank ya! Thank ya.
[ Chuckles ]
-Hey, you know a guy
named Dante?
-Uh, who?
No, but you got a dollar?
You still got a dollar
you can give me?
-Get out of here.
-[ Cellphone buzzes ]
-Yeah. I-I just need a dollar
for some alcohol, man.
You got a dollar? Heh!
Come on.
I just need a dollar, man.
Please, man. Just a dollar.
-[ Engine starts ]
Fuck you, man.

-...story of an LAPD officer's
shooting caught on camera.
Well, as you can see here
in this cellphone video,
after shooting
and killing a suspect,
Officer Jake Rosser
violently and without warning
assaults paramedic
Gonzalo Robles,
who was treating officers
on the scene.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
...reporting live
outside City Hall,
where earlier today
LA Council members
were up in arms
about what they'd seen,
including council member
Priscilla Cross,
who held a press conference.
-Police brutality cannot,
will not...
-Introducing the middleweight
champ of the world.
-Ah. Did you place a bet?
-That's a low blow.
Watching too much TV lately.
-...allocate the city's
law-enforcement budget
to underserved neighborhoods
and low-income housing
for our un-homed Angelinos.
-When did the City of Angels
turn to Hell?
-You forget
Lucifer was an angel.
-We get what we deserve,
I guess.
-Yeah. Let's see it.
-It's best to keep this shit
You shouldn't have this.
Have you seen
anything like that before?
-You know I like poker.
-Yeah, I know it.
It's killed more people in the
past year than the Vietnam War.
-I saw that symbol on the street
before Ace got shot.
I need to know more about
the crew producing it.
-What? Go ahead. Say it.
-Thank you.
You're playing a game
when you don't have a team.
-Yeah, but they're using some BS
from my past as ransom.
-So let 'em!
If it gets you back in the mix.
See the shrink.
The longer you stick with this
"angry lone wolf" thing,
the longer
you're gonna get iced out.
Do yourself a favor.
Do what lonely people do.
Get a dog.

-I'm here.
-I wanna pick a new dog.

-Socks? Socks is a puzzle.
You need a turnkey,
not a fixer-upper.
Hey. Take it easy.
She's been known to snap.
-I know the feeling.
Hey, girl.
Yeah. Hey. Come here.
Let's get this off you.
Yeah. Come on, girl.
Come here.
[ Dog snarls ]
-Hey, now. Hey, you.
Huh? Let me see that.
Lost some teeth
doing whatever that...
son-of-a-bitch handler
had her doing.
He used her
like a blunt instrument.
Not like you would, Jake.
-Yeah, she's the one.

-Come on.

Come here.
Let's get that off of you.


You hungry?
And I'm not on the menu.
You and me, girl.
We're gonna help each other out.
Nobody will take you on, and
everybody's got me frozen out.

Looks like
you've seen some stuff.

And I've seen some stuff.
There you go, bud.

Let's go. Come on.

[ Dog whimpers ]

[ Beeping ]

-[ Sighs ]
Boy, am I hungry.

-Thoughts of suicide?

More officers died from suicide
than any other line-of-duty
death this year.
-Line-of-duty deaths were down,
not suicides.
-That's true.

-Suicide is a...
It's a universal idea.
"Suicide." That's a funny word.
German, too. Selbstmord.
To murder oneself.

-Have you been
in therapy before?
Would you say
you struggle with anger?
You killed a man.
You assaulted a paramedic.
You're a combat veteran.

-You asked
if I struggle with it.

I don't.
I let anger win a long time ago.

-Are you alone?

[ Knock on door ]

-You want a cup of coffee?

[ Liquid pouring ]
[ Man on television
speaking indistinctly ]
-No TV?
-I just use the neighbor's
as a radio.
[ Man on television
speaking indistinctly ]
-Can I ask what happened?
-You haven't heard?
-You must be the only one.
The whole town hates me.
-Fuck the whole town.
It's very nice.
-You're not a very good liar.
-[ Chuckles ] No.
I'm not a good liar.
-That's a good thing.
do you ever do anything for fun?
Besides read?
-Sometimes I watch movies.
-[ Chuckles ]
-You have a nice smile.
Something tells me
sightings of it are rare.
You keep it all in.
It's okay.
[ Dog whimpers ]
She begs when I don't give her
what she wants.
-She knows you'll give in.

-So, we did break
some records yesterday.
You know, LAX, Long Beach
Anaheim all broke records.
We saw temperatures
topping out into the 90s
for a lot of these places.
Things are finally
gonna start to cool down
because we still have these
lingering offshore winds,
but those winds
are slowly weakening.
-[ Exhales heavily ]
Alright. Let's go.
[ Dog whimpers ]
-Every morning.
Every fucking morning!
Pay me my fucking toll!
Pay me my fucking toll!
Hey! Hey!
Hey. Your dog looks burnt-out!

-For some of you,
it's your first day.
For others, it's a refresher.
Keep in mind, there's always
something new to learn.

Handling is intuitive, right?
It's about instinct.
The dog's instincts,
but your instincts, as well.
Now, these dogs, your dog,
they can run faster than you,
hear better,
smell better,
react quicker than you can.
And they will read
every little suggestion
that you make to them.
-Hopp, hopp, hopp.
-Your dog will become
completely addicted to you.
Don't abuse that power.
There's one thing
your dog can't do.
Your dog can't think ahead.
Look. Bottom line is...
if you keep your dog safe,
your dog will keep you safe.
let's get back to basics, uh...
a few confidence builders, yeah?
Socks. Hier.
Socks. Platz.
-[ Laughter ]
-She ain't listening to him.
Socks, platz.
Come on, girl.
Come on, girl.
Socks, hier.
[ Laughter ]
She doesn't listen
to a word I say.
-Hmm. Well...
Maybe it's got nothing to do
with what you're saying.
-Here he goes again.
-Socks, hier.
Socks, platz.
Socks, platz.
[ Laughter ]
Hey. Socks.
Come here. Platz.
Sit. Sitz.
Hey. Socks.
You're killing me, Socks.
Look. What am I telling you
that I'm not saying?
Huh? Yeah.
Look, I know
I seem bitter and angry,
but I'm not mad at you.
No, it's just --
since I've been back --
It's a long story.
I'll tell you some other time.
You know I can't magically
drop all this shit
and be as easygoing as you,
just like that.
[ Fingers snap ]
-Hey! Whoa!
Hey, hey, hey!
-There you go. Congratulations.
You flunked first grade,
but you passed second and third.
[ Laughter ]
-Good girl. Good girl.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

-[ Laughs ]

-My dad drank coffee
at night, too.
He drank coffee to go to bed,
He drank a cup of coffee
before bed every night to relax.

Do you drink
anything besides coffee?
-I try not to.

-You're seeing someone.
-Hey, beautiful.
I am.
-Human connection is crucial.

-Any anger issues lately?
-None whatsoever.

-And your former partner?
How are you managing
those feelings?

-Well, I'm -- I'm...
learning to let go.
[ Buzzer ]
[ Radio chatter ]
-I need keys to my vehicle.
-You're not on the roster.
-I -- I left his collar
in the car.
-Oh, fuck, man.
-I'm sorry.
-Thank you.
[ Buzzer ]

[ Keys jingle ]

-Requesting a BOLO
on a male victim.
50s. Black. No legs.
First name, Dante.
Last seen on 6th and San Julian.
Possible kidnapping.
-Possible 207. 50s. Black.
No legs. First name, Dante.
BOLO alert.
responding to a 207.
Dante. En route.
10-4. Show en route.
[ Siren wails ]
[ Engine starts ]
-Dante, why am I hearing
that you're getting kidnapped?
Hmm? Who's fucking with you?
Is that true?
Have you been getting kidnapped?
Dante, I need a name.
-211 in progress.
800 block of Maple.
Repeat. 800 block of Maple.
Units in the area,
please respond.
-Yo, we gotta roll.
-Be safe.
-What's up, dawg?
[ Engine starts ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]

-What's up, dawg?
-What's it doing, man?
-[ Dog barks ]
-Oh, shit.
-Hey, man. Chill out.
I'm not here to hassle you.

Don't worry about her.
She's not coming out.
You know about everything
that's going around
on these streets, don't ya?
You see everything, don't ya?
-[ Dog barking ]
-Hey, man, listen to me.
Listen to me.
I need you to talk to me, okay?

-I know her.
-No, you don't.
-I know her.
-No, man. That's a new dog.
But you know a lot, don't ya?
What else can you tell me?
I'm trying to find out
who killed the last one.
Ask you a few questions?
-I'm good.
-I'll be right back, alright?

[ Dog whimpering ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Speaking indistinctly ]
[ Dog growls softly ]

[ Laughter ]

-Mmm! Mmm!
-I just need you to answer a few
simple questions, alright?

Come on, man.
I'm not squeezing you.
I just need a name.
-I don't know nothin'
about nothin'.

-Who's calling shots
for the Satanistas?


Dirty secrets.
Hidden in plain sight.

Nobody gives a fuck
'cause it feels so good.
They don't make it
to this side of town.
-Huh? What side of town?
-Town. One side of the world.

-[ Dog barks ]
-I thought she was a ghost.
But you ain't him.
-What are you talking about?
You know my dog?
-I remember.
-No, Dante.
I just told you.
That's my new dog.
You don't remember?
You don't remember enough.
-I remember too much.
-Alright, Dante.
Stay out of the sun, okay?
-Leave him alone!
[ Sizzling ]
[ Man speaking Spanish ]
-Preach to the choir.
-[ Mutters ]
[ Man speaking Spanish ]
-What's up, dawg?
[ Dog growls softly ]

[ Dog barks ]
I see you made a new friend.
Good advice is good advice.
Regardless of who gives it.
Why do they call it "China"?
-'Cause that's where it's from.
Along with everything else, now
you have synthetic opioids, too.
-Jake. What do you want?
-Vehicle registration.
The car that blew up.
[ Dog whimpers ]

-I haven't forgotten
what you did for me.

And you've kept it on the DL
like you promised.
-Ramos, drop it.
-Don't make me feel guilty.
-You're doing that
all by yourself.
-Yeah, knowing that I'm the root
of my own problems doesn't help.
-You gambled a little.
It's no big deal.
It was only a three-hour drive
to pick you up.
-Yeah, while my daughter
was at home alone.
-Okay. You win. You owe me.

-How do you feel?
-You're not just saying that,
are you?
-No, why would I do that?
-[ Chuckles ]
-[ Chuckles ] No.
-So I would sign off here
and say you're good to go.
Healthy as a horse.

I'd like to believe that...
...that you've actually
thought about the things
that you've been through, Jake.

-You like art?
-Sure. Do you?
-I do. I do.
I think it's...
...what we do
to remind ourselves
that we can, you know,
escape the swamp
of being an animal.
-[ Chuckles ]
There's a lot of truth in that.
-I've seen how creative
people can be in the art of...
combat, killing...

...and things
outright ingenious...
and the destruction
of innocence.

Used to signal to people
with any shred of virtue...

...that you won't win
by being the bigger person.

-That causes you
to reject people.
Because you know...
more than most...
we can never escape
being animals.

-More or less.

-Xiang Xi. Xiang Xi.
2806 Pinecrest.
Just another stolen car, Jake.
That's it. We're square.

[ Man on television
speaking indistinctly ]

-You ready to get
back out there?
Hey. Don't let me
blow it today, okay?

-Well, let's see how long
it takes before she quits.
-You show 'em, girl.

[ Laughter ]
[ Dog growling ]
-Oh. Hey!
-Whoa, ho, ho! Hey!
-That dog moved
the whole damn tire!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Come here. Thatagirl.
Thatagirl! Come on.
[ Gunshots ]
-[ Grunts ]
[ Dog growling ]
[ Grunting ]
-Socks. Ablegen.
Come here. Socks...
-[ Grunts ]
-Good girl.
Oh, yeah! Good girl!
Good girl! Thatagirl.
-I'd say!
[ Siren wails in distance ]
-[ Sniffing ] Whew!
I knew I smelled something.
They got you walking
a new dog, Rosser?
-Hernandez, how the hell
were you ever a sniper
if you can't shut the fuck up?
-Hey, I'm just
making conversation.
Which reminds me.
You didn't happen to, uh,
roll up on my man Dante,
did you?
I know it was you.
You shake down
an informant of mine again
without talking to me first,
I swear to God,
I will fuck you up.
[ Dog barks and growls ]
Get that bitch under control.
-Socks, platz.
[ Fingers snap ]
-[ Chuckles ]
You know something, Rosser?
I'm starting to like her.
She got bigger balls than you.
[ Locker clangs ]
-Welcome back, Jake.
-Thanks, Parnell.
Hey, Sarge?
How about you put me on 8?
-The Spa? You, Rosser?
-Yeah, I think it would be good
for us to work our way
back in, you know?
Like a warm-up.
Not a lot of guys would show
that type of humility.
-It wasn't a compliment.

-Come on. Let's go.
You gotta sit up here with me.

-Hey, Fetch!
See you later, puto bitch!

-That's ridiculous. Did you
tell Larry to lock the door?
-See that, Socks?
They talk to themselves
over here, too.

I knew a...

-ABD Security.
-Hey. How you doing?
Uh, this is Officer Rosser,
-How can I help you?
-Was driving by and saw
a possible sign of forced entry
at one of your locations.
-Which location?
-2806 Pinecrest.
-Do you have
an emergency to report?
-Is your system active?
-System looks good.
-Yeah, yeah.
You should test it.
-No problem.

-Possible burglary.
2806 Pinecrest.
-This is King 8.
I'm in the vicinity.
Show me en route.

[ Beeping ]
[ Click ]

[ Dog growls ]
[ Clang ]
-King 8.
Sounds inside the residence.
Going to investigate.
-10-4. Requesting backup?


[ Clang ]
Socks, here! Socks!


[ Creak ]
[ Casing rattles ]
Boy, where'd you come from?
[ Dog growling ]
[ Dog growling ]
[ Grunting ]

[ Dog whimpering ]

[ Knife plunges ]
[ Body thuds ]
[ Dog snarling ]
How did you manage this?
You don't have a scratch on you.
-Breaking news.
-Ugh! Thanks!
-Another deadly incident
involving an LAPD officer
in Bel-Air
has local residents reeling
and LAPD bracing for social
pushback, turmoil, unrest,
pressure from the commu--
[ Man on television
speaking indistinctly ]
[ Dog whimpering ]
-Hey. Cut it out.
[ Dog whimpering ]
What? You have to pee again?
[ Dog whimpers ]
What? Food?
[ Dog whimpers ]
-[ Chuckles ]
[ Dog snarls ]
This? Is this
what you're looking at?
Hey, girl. Oh, oh. Come here.
[ Dog whimpering ]
There's something
you're not telling me.
[ Woman on television
speaking indistinctly ]
[ Siren wails in distance ]
Made in China.

-Do you think you have a thing
for heat?
Or are you just
really fuckin' lucky?
-Sir, I was in Bel-Air.
The Spa. How could I have known?
-You know,
that's a really good question.
Ramos, how could Rosser here
have known?
-I'm sorry?
-Are you?
[ Dog growls softly ]
I've only got
one other report here
with that address in Bel-Air.
And you know
whose name is on it.
We cased the house a few years
ago, but nothing materialized.
-Sure as fuck has
materialized now, hasn't it?
Do you have any idea
how much fucking grief
I'm getting
because we busted a meth lab
in the middle of
Bel fucking Air?
You know who lives
in that neighborhood?!
-Not meth, sir. Fentanyl.
They sweat it down
for street product and --
-Oh, shut the fuck up, Ramos.
I called you in here
so that you could thank Rosser
for finishing the job
that you couldn't do.
So, go ahead.
Tell him how you sent
in the human torpedo here,
the guy with all the issues,
to do the job you couldn't!
-Jake, look, I --
-I don't know if you assholes
have heard this,
but the mob has its boot
on the throat of City Hall.
We are getting gutted,
and I'm looking at two
prime reasons why right here!
Now get the fuck out!
You do the job
I tell you to do, Ramos.
You don't get to just make up
the rules as you go along.
-Come on.
-And, you...
You get to go back to therapy.
What, you shot one guy
and you stabbed another.
What the hell are you
gonna think of next?
-Oh, I'm sure
I'll think of something.

-Jake. Listen.
-Ramos, take it easy.
What? You got a nice seizure,
and I got one of the guys
that killed my dog.
[ Dog whimpering ]
He spoke German.
Like the other guy.
I need to know
what that's about.
-I don't know.
-Find out who handled Socks
before me. It's at S.I.U.
Could be a grand-jury
indictment, sealed.
-It's not gonna happen.
-Come on, Ramos.
you're a good detective.
I know you can figure it out.
Hey, Jake. Where you going?
-Going for a walk.
-Do you wanna watch a movie
when you get back?
-I can't tonight, babe.
I'm gotta go take care
of something.
-Alright. Be safe.
-Come on.

What's going on, Socks?
[ Dog whimpering ]
I told you not to come.

[ Dog barks ]
Hey, hey. No.
Shh. Hey. You no get us killed.
You're a complicated dog.
You know that?
You think too much
for your own good.
Come on. Let's go.

Let's go.

[ Machinery whirring ]
[ Dog sniffing ]

[ Machinery whirring ]
[ Dryer blowing ]
-Turn around. Slowly.
Hey! Turn around!
-[ Gasps ]
-Stay where you are.
Who do you work for?
-Take off your mask.
[ Dog barking ]
-I thought Socks was dead.
-What'd you say?
-Where's Santiago?
-Who's Santiago?
Who -- Who are you?
-Who's Santiago?!
-Alright. Come on. Careful.
One drop of this,
and you're a goner.
-Who's Santiago?!
[ Grunts ]
[ Dog barking ]
Socks, ablegen.
[ Groaning ]
[ Dog whimpering ]
-Socks, faas!
[ Man screaming ]
[ Man screaming in distance ]
-You brought her back to me.
Socks, hier.
-It's time to choose.
There is our side...
or suicide.
You'll bring me more dogs.
-I'm not dirty.
-I know you.
I know you're an animal.
[ Dog whimpering ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
-You using again?
The stress of this job
can be a lot.
-What is this? the third incident
in a month.
-They took my dog.
-The Satanistas.
They got a paint factory
in Vernon,
where they cut fentanyl,
like the place in Bel-Air.
They killed Ace and took Socks.
Xiang Xi.
EXIS Therapeutics. Look it up.
-Yeah, we'll get
right on that, Jake.
But what we need to decide
right now
is whether your
substance-abuse problem
is something we need to
be concerned about.
I don't know. Maybe it's been
brought on by your PTSD?
-I was drugged.
-Well, it wouldn't be
the first time,
according to your file.
-Jake, what
he's trying to say...
-What I'm trying to say is,
we think it's time for you
to take a break.
A long one.
[ Locker clangs ]
[ Man on P.A.
speaking indistinctly ]
-Hey, Rosser! Hop in, man.
-I'm good.
-No. Seriously, Jake.
Get in.
They're sweeping the underpass
for Socks' body.
-[ Scoffs ]
A waste of time.
-I know.
I don't believe
that S.I.U. bullshit.
I know they got your partner.
-Who told you that?
Why the fuck do you care?
-If they fuck with your partner
and they fuck with you...
they fuck with me.
Find Socks, brother.
And when you do,
we're gonna hit 'em so hard
they'll be shitting
blood and fucking teeth.

-What are you doing?
-I'm going away for a while.
-What are you talking about?
-You know, you do this stoic,
"I can handle my shit" thing,
but open your eyes.
You keep so much bottled up,
you're blowing up
everything around you.
-You're probably right. Yeah.
-Yeah. That's exactly
what I'm talking about.
-I'm agreeing with you.
-So you don't
have to argue with me.
That is not the same thing.
-Mia, this is the last thing
that I need right now.
-But it was the first thing
when you wanted
to get back on the job?
Your friends from
the Special Investigations Unit,
Officer Reed and Hasting,
came by the hospital.
They mentioned you needed
to look normal, stable...
so your shrink would sign
your permission slip.
-That has nothing
to do with this.
-The fucked-up thing...
I actually would have been
okay with that...
if it wasn't for
everything else.
I don't know
what happened to Socks, but...
I hope she's okay.
-Thoughts of suicide, Jake?

-Hey. I told you to
stay off my fucking bridge.
This is my bridge! It's mine!
Get off my fucking bridge!
You pay me my fucking toll.
Pay me my fucking toll!

-Shit. Shit.
Nice! Nice!
Hey! Where's your dog?

Hey, where's your fucking dog?!

-Just ran out of road.
-Listen, Jake.
I know a guy
if you're looking for work.
Luis' Lumber in Tehachapi.
Look him up.
Luis in Tehachapi.
If you're looking. For work.
There's always more road.

[ Engine starts ] together
on the fives
as we head
into the holiday weekend.
It's gonna be a spicy
Fourth of July.
High temperatures into
the upper 90s in the Valley,
80s at the beaches.
Let's go live to Bella Ericson
in our traffic...

-What did you just call me?
-You heard me.
-You got the wrong guy.
-It's about Socks.
-I don't wear any.
So get off my fucking property.
If you're still here
by the time I get back,
I'm gonna cut you
in fuckin' half.
-You're not gonna do that.
You won't because you don't
want them finding you.
-The people who took our dog.
Let's get a cup of coffee.
-I don't drink any.
I gotta work.
You wanna talk to me?
Tag along.
[ Chain saw revs ]
My indictment
is still under seal.
-How did you find me?
-You know I can't say.
You can take your hand
off your gun now.
[ Chain saw shuts off ]
I got a contract
with Forest Services.
To clear out this shit.
When you see it...
it looks healthy.
But inside...
it's diseased, broken.
I give it a new life like a --
a nice piece of glulam.
Did you know that that shit
is stronger than steel?
I don't have a lot of time.
I gotta know what you and Socks
were mixed up in,
where I can find her.
-She's a great fuckin' dog.
The best.
I had a family once.
She was part of it.
Look what I did.
You tell yourself
that they're family, but...
they're just tools.
Gotta realize that.
-What are you talking about?
-She got sick.
My daughter.
I couldn't keep up.
The co-pays and all that shit.
They were charging me
thousands of dollars
for the same painkillers
I was confiscating
from those dudes downtown,
you know, the ones
that shit their pants.
I had to learn
how to make lemonade.
Make ends meet.
-You got them their dogs.
Taught them how to --
how to use them.
They'd fuck them up.
They had them chasing highs
instead of tennis balls.
But when I saw
what they did to Socks...
she was half-dead.
So I told 'em that she had
worms, that worms spread,
that they will crawl
into your skin
and make their way
up to your eyes
and get into your brain,
which is true,
but when they heard that shit...
[ Scoffs ]
...they wanted nothing
to do with her.
So I got her back.
I got her clean.
-Where are they?
Xiang Xi house?
-[ Scoffs ] Xiang.
Xiang Xi.
There's a new opium war.
The Chinese smuggle that shit
to Mexico,
and the cartels flood
that shit up though the border.
They drop it right...
in the actual dog shit,
right in the city.
Nobody's gonna look at that.
Nobody's gonna --
Who gives a shit about that?
-And the Satanistas sweat it
into street product.
-Anything anybody shoots,
smokes, snorts...
The Chinese scratches.
The most addictive thing
I've ever seen in my life.
I've never seen
anything like that.
And we're to blame for that --
'cause if there's one thing
that we're more addicted
than anything else...
is addiction itself.
Where's Socks?
-Shit rolls downhill, Jake.
Follow it.
-What about your daughter?

-When I realized I didn't have
the balls to shoot myself...

...I gave Socks a button.
The one thing
you never teach a K-9.
[ Gun cocks ]

[ Brakes squeal ]

[ Engine starts ]

[ Fireworks popping ]

-I found her.
I'll text you the address.

[ Indistinct shouting ]
-[ Whistles ]

[ Men speaking Spanish ]
[ Dog sniffing ]
[ Gunshots ]
-[ Shouts in Spanish ]
[ Dog snarling ]
-Watch your back, Rosser.


[ Dog panting ]

-Hey, man.
I just want my dog.
-She isn't yours anymore.
[ Fireworks popping ]
[ Dog snarling ]
Call her.
Go ahead. Call her.
-Socks, here.
Socks! Come!
Socks. Here.
Come here, girl! Come on!
Socks. Come on.
[ Dog whimpers ]
-She belongs with me.
[ Dog whimpers ]
[ Dog snarling ]
-You're right.
-I know.
-She's yours.
Fuck this.
Kill me.
Put me out on my misery.
Sic your dogs on me.
What was it you said the other
day? "Our side or suicide"?
I guess it's suicide then, huh?
[ Scoffs ]
That's a funny word, huh?
-What is "suicide" in German?
You speak German, don't you?
What is it?
-[ Fingers snap ]
[ Dogs snarling ]
[ Dog whimpers ]

-No answers yet about the
human remains of five victims
discovered among
100 million tons of garbage
in an area landfill.
Investigators say the bodies
are so badly decomposed,
it could take months
to uncover the identity
of these victims, if ever.
In our continuing coverage
of this story,
we will, of course,
keep you updated.

-This is nothing.
Did I ever tell you
how hot Iraq gets?
130. And I'm not talking
like two days a year.
I'm talking about every
single day. 130 degrees.
You can literally
fry an egg on a rock.
You could have eggs all --
as many as you want.
If you carried eggs around Iraq,
you know,
you had a dozen eggs
for the day, you know,
and, uh, you were just
walking around Iraq,
you could literally fry up
an egg every single hour
and have an egg, fried egg,
every single hour.
You'd just throw it
on the ground --
boom, you got a fried egg.
If you carried some, you know,
rice and some beans,
you'd have a little taco.
I mean, not that you would
actually wanna eat it.
Well, you actually might.
You seem to want
to eat everything.
Mama's waiting for us.