My Babysitter the Superhero (2022) Movie Script

Wiping out people
And making them pay
Kicking bad guy butt
Yeah, that's
the name of the game
- Hey!
- Just four feet tall
She's action extreme!
Look out!
She's dismantling foes
and their nasty schemes
Dirty creeps
and all your evil peeps
You're better off
if you run away
- Hey!
- Look out
Here she comes, never fear
My babysitter is
a superhero
Faster than a car,
boat, plane, or train
She's putting evil
in its place again
- Hey!
- Look out
Here she comes, never fear
My babysitter is a superhero
My babysitter is
a superhero
My babysitter is
a superhero
Look out
Here she comes, never fear
My babysitter is
a superhero
Faster than a car,
boat, plane, or train
She's putting evil
in its place again
- Hey!
- Look out
Here she comes, never fear
my babysitter is a superhero
She strikes a pose, yeah
- She's taking action
- Superhero
My babysitter is
a superhero
My babysitter is
a superhero
The world destroyer will arrive
in Earth's atmosphere
T-minus 26 hours.
The dismal planet Earth.
Such a beautiful...
yet pointless
little, blue marble.
Rattle! Shriek!
Yes, your Hideousness?
Prepare my shuttle
for departure.
- Do it!
- Right away, Commander Kruel!
Ow! Watch it!
- He told me to.
- Uh, no, he didn't.
It's my turn!
It's time to pay those
weak-minded cretins a visit
and introduce them
to their new leader:
My Encapsulator will
then transform the Earthlings
into a ferocious drone army
once again controlled by me.
The troops will then
do my bidding
and claim the planet
in the name of Kruel.
Anybody home?
Anybody here order
a serious butt-whooping?
Huh? Rattle!
Shriek! Attack!
Get the Encapsulator!
- Right away.
- Oy-oy.
Agent Action.
So we meet again.
You remember me, eh, Kruel?
- Give it to me!
- I'm in charge!
Guess you're not as dumb
as you are ugly.
- Prepare to die!
- Not today, Lizard-Lips.
Oh, we'd better hide it
from Agent Action.
I will end you!
Hey, Kruel! How about
a little game of ball?
Action blast!
You need to learn some manners.
Blasters, power up.
Take that!
Time to blow
this Popsicle stand.
Sector D
self-destruct activated.
See you later, alligator!
Out to save the world,
home in time for dinner.
Rotten, noisy kids.
When you think the world
is crashing down
take over your town
I need to run and hide
Somewhere by your side
You just got to stand up
and fight
When everything you know
is in question
You can teach those fools
a lesson
A lesson
And you gotta
show your peers
That you can
fix your fears
It's now or never
the time is here
I'll be there
wherever you go
Got to believe
in your inner hero
I'll be there
wherever you go
Got to believe in
your inner hero
Rattle! Shriek!
All the damage
has been sealed off.
Where's my Encapsulator?
The Encapsulator?
Well, we hid it in a place
no one would find it.
What are you fools saying?
We shoved it out of
the trash compactor
and it's probably down to Earth.
Prepare my East Wing shuttle.
Right away, Commander Kruel.
That Encapsulator
mustn't fall into the hands
of one of those
idiotic Earthlings.
Got to believe in
your inner hero
I'll be there
wherever you go
Got to believe in
your inner hero
I'll be there
wherever you go
Got to believe in
your inner hero
I'll be there
wherever you go
Got to believe in
your inner hero
- Whoo-hoo!
- Yeah!
Awesome, dude.
That was awesome.
Hey, I gotta go. My mom's here.
- Come back on Thursday.
- Copy that, sewer rat!
Good job.
You think so?
You'll get it eventually.
Thanks, Sis.
Sure thing, meathead.
You guys are totally gonna
dominate the talent show.
I'd like to thank everyone
who voted for us.
Told myself I wasn't gonna cry.
Oh, hi, Tracy.
Hey, guys.
What's up?
Did you hear us rehearsing?
Yeah, actually,
that's why I'm here.
Oh, great, so...
what did you think?
I thought you guys were amazing.
Are you... you serious?
Yes, I did.
But my dad...
Not so much.
He called the police?
Your ride's here, Brewster.
There they are, Officer.
Those hoodlums right there.
Playing music so loud,
I can't hear myself think.
And because of the music,
poor Edgar here
has a very serious case
of nervous gas.
See what I mean?
Okay, Officer, Mr. Binkle,
I'm sorry.
We were just finishing up.
Oh, you're finished, all right.
Officer, I would like
to press charges
against these
juvenile delinquents
for disturbing the peace
and write up a citation
for this fire hazard
of a front yard.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, Mom. No.
- Oh.
- Mr. Binkle?
Brewster, what is going on?
Oh, I'll tell you
what's going on.
I am at my rope's end
with your rotten kids.
Always playing that noisy racket
and then misfiring paint balls
into my backyard.
Noisily splashing around
in that murky pool.
- Are you crying, Mr...
- I'm not crying. I'm upset.
Look, I'm...
They're just being teenagers.
You know?
They're being a public nuisance.
Take control of your brats.
- And mow your lawn!
- Wow.
And keep your balls
out of my yard.
Pick up your balls.
What is this?
Here you go, ma'am,
have a nice day.
It was a beautiful
day today in Sanders City.
A warm and sunny 80 degrees
just above the average
for this time of year.
All because you couldn't
keep the volume down
on your guitar?
Don't forget the other ticket.
Another $50.
Because Brewster
never mows the lawn.
Thanks. Mom...
The talent show is coming up.
We were just rehearsing.
You know you're not supposed
to play music on the lawn.
Bob Binkle has it out for us,
and yet you continually
antagonize him.
That man's on a power trip.
You gave his dog indigestion.
You can't pin that one on me.
That dog's been
a fart machine since way back.
I know that.
And I don't care.
When I'm at work, I need
to be able to count on you.
And that means
staying out of Bub's way,
mowing the lawn,
and taking care of your sister.
I can't do this on my own,
I need you to be a hero.
You know, what if
I just want to be a kid?
Okay. Well.
Encounters, proving that...
Then plan on being
treated accordingly.
- What are you doing?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mom.
- Hm. Mm-hmm.
Mom, seriously.
Action. A mysterious...
Thank you.
Okay, well...
As of now, Miss Robinson
is your new babysitter.
A babysitter?
- Mm-hmm.
- You heard her.
But... but I'm 15.
Oh, well, you should have
thought about that
before you got two tickets
in one day.
I don't need a babysitter.
You don't understand.
She makes us eat
pimento loaf sandwiches.
Oh, boo-hoo.
It's already done.
Starting this weekend,
when I'm away at the convention,
you have a babysitter.
Paul Mergers here
with Action Live News.
Once again,
the mysterious superhero
known as Agent Action
sprung into action
this afternoon
as he was caught on video
doing yet another good deed.
Look, it's Agent Action.
Is this gonna be on
the six o'clock
or the ten o'clock news?
This is gonna be on the six
and the ten.
Oh, both. Oh, God.
Great, great.
Do you know the weather guy?
So could you tell us
a little bit about
what happened with you
and Agent Action today?
Oh. Yes. Um, So I was
walking down Third Avenue.
Um, it was early this morning,
and I'd just gone to
the farmer's market
because me and my friend Marcy,
we're gonna be doing a cleanse.
So I went out to get a ton of
stuff like kale, celery.
I mean, I'm not really into
this cleanse thing,
but she says it looks great
and she lost ten pounds
in, like, two weeks.
I'm distracted.
This horrible man,
I mean, horrible,
just swooped in
and grabbed my purse.
I mean, I should have
heard him coming,
because he was wearing
corduroys, you know?
And when he ran away,
it was like...
But I wasn't paying attention.
So he grabs my purse,
he starts to get away.
I'm panicking.
And out of nowhere,
Agent Action just swooped in
and, like, just grabbed the guy
and, like, saved the day.
Isn't it wonderful
that we can have
someone like Agent Action
out there helping us
in a time of need?
You know what?
You said it perfectly.
It is just so nice to know
that there is still
people in this world
that you can rely on.
People in this world
that you can rely on.
People in this world
that you can rely on.
People in this world
that you can rely on.
Need some company?
she gave you the treatment?
We have a babysitter.
- A babysitter?
- Yep.
We're staying at Miss
Robinson's for the weekend,
while my mom works a convention.
Talk about cruel
and unusual punishment.
I don't get it.
How am I supposed to be a hero
when all she does
is just treat me like
a little kid?
Show her you can be responsible.
- She'll drop it.
- Wait.
You can be responsible,
can't you?
Of course I can.
You guys excited for the show?
Yeah, I guess.
Snap out of it, dude.
I personally can't wait
to dominate that stage.
We should get your mom to
chauffeur us like rock stars.
Can I ride with you guys?
Yeah, of course you can.
Yeah, we couldn't do a show
without you.
- Really?
- Yeah, you're our roadie.
I mean, who else
is gonna bring us water
and keep those
screaming girls away from us?
- Who else?
- Brewster.
Mom says you gotta wrap it up
and get your tushy in here.
You've got to pack for
the babysitter's house.
This cannot be my life.
It just can't. It can't.
Get a move on, meathead.
Encapsulator signal located.
Commander Kruel!
We've located the vicinity
of the Encapsulator.
Where is it?
It's somewhere
in a small town on Earth.
We're closing in
on its location.
- Just find it.
- Aye-aye, your hideousness.
Uh, one more thing.
It appears someone is trying
to activate the device.

We leave for Earth immediately!
- Aye-aye, sir!
- Aye-aye, sir!
Please don't make us go.
Brewster, we have already
been through this.
It's not a big deal.
It's only gonna be
a couple of days. Okay?
There she is.
Yep. There she is.
Well, howdy-doodle!
Looks like we're gonna have
a couple special visitors
this weekend.
Are you kids ready
to have some fun?
Hey, Miss Robinson.
Oh, call me Aunt Patty.
We're practically family.
I used to change
this one's diapers.
You go, Aunt Patty.
Oh, I'll go, all right?
Can I get a woot-woot?
You got a woot-woot from me.
Stir it up and stir it up.
Stir it up.
Thank you so much
for watching them.
Oh, it's no problem.
You know, I love kids.
And kids love me.
Now, come on,
and give me some sugar.
Come on! Come in.
Come on.
Okay. Oh.
Looks like someone's got
a case of the grouchies.
Yeah, uh, we're going through
some growing pains.
Oh, sure.
Yeah, well, I know how
that goes, you know?
I was once
a complicated teenager, too.
- Were you?
- Yeah, funny story.
One time,
when I was 13 years old,
I got my head stuck in
a large pickle jar.
- Your head?
- It hurt. Yeah.
I just dove right in for
a pickle, before I knew it...
I'd love to hear more
about your pickle...
Oh, there's way more
to the story.
No, I have got to go,
because the convention...
I'm gonna late, so...
- Bye.
- Bye, mother.
- Be good.
- I'll think about it.
- Hey!
- You got it, sister.
Bye, Brewster.
- Bye.
- Uh, look,
I don't want to hear
about any shenanigans, okay?
I'll keep him in check.
- You go, sister.
- Hasta la bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye!
Who's ready for
a pimento loaf sandwich?
- Me! Me!
- Yes!
Lunchtime, Brewster.
Another toy...
in my yard.
What is this thing?
Lunch is served.
- One for you.
- Thank you.
And there you go.
Oh, this is my cousin, Big Earl.
He's staying with me
for a couple of weeks
- till his gout clears up.
- What's gout?
Ugh, you don't wanna know
while you're eating.
Suit yourself.
Bon appetit.
That's French for chow down.
All right, now I
gotta go back inside.
Mr. Fuzzy Pants needs me.
Today's the day he gets
his nails clipped.
Wait, I thought you just said
his name was Big Earl.
No, Mr. Fuzzy Pants
is my cat, silly.
Oh, I should've known that one.
Okay, listen,
I don't mean to be rude,
but we don't need you,
like, at all.
I'm 15,
and the only reason
why we're here
is 'cause my mom blew a gasket.
A gasket, huh?
You know, we kind of
do our own thing,
so all I need from you
is your wireless password.
Oh, I don't have Internet.
Got all the facts I need
right up here.
I call it my worldwide head.
You don't have Internet?
No, no Internet.
All we have here is cable news
and crafting books.
Oh, excuse me,
Aunt Patty, but, uh,
guess who coughed up a hairball
on the credenza again?
Oh, the life of a cat mommy.
24/7, am I right?
I am living...
in a nightmare.
Bon appetit.
What is this thing?
"Encapsulator Transmorpher."
Warrior type.
Yeah, must be some sort of
video game.
Let's see.
Oh, "Drone Warrior."
Let's see, "Hover Beast."
"Battle Beast"?
Well, I don't know how
this thing got in my yard,
but it's mine now.
"Launch sequence."
More like game over.
Go for Eddie.
- What are you doing?
- Waking up, thanks to you.
How's the babysitter?
Well, so far I've eaten
a mystery meat sandwich
sat in doll furniture
and learn that gout
is something really bad.
Hmm. Sounds like a party.
It's so boring here.
Oh, she doesn't even
have Internet.
Hey, I have an idea.
Why don't you go by my house,
grab our guitars,
and bring Kelly.
We can just rehearse
out on the front porch.
You sure that's a good idea?
She's too busy
giving her cat a mani-pedi.
She won't even notice.
I don't know, B.
Aren't you in enough trouble?
Well, I got to do something
to kill the time.
There is zero action here.
All right.
But me and Kelly
have karate at three.
Just get over here.
At least two days...
All righty, nails are clipped,
kitty box is clean.
Who's ready for some banjo?
Aunt Patty.
You heard it correctly.
Like something
out of a comic book.
There is a small,
unidentified craft
hovering over the downtown area.
Eyewitnesses say the UFO
just appeared out of nowhere.
The government has yet
to make a statement,
but we are getting
preliminary reports
that this craft
could possibly be
not of this world.
I want to point out that so far,
this craft is showing
no sign of hostility.
There is no need to panic.
I repeat,
there is no need to panic.
Shall I obliterate the city?
Why would I destroy something
that will ultimately be mine?
Activate the cloaking shield
and relocate.
And just like that,
the small craft seems to have
Should I be having
a complete meltdown over this?
No, no, no.
It's probably just a...
some sort of
transport shuttle...
a weather balloon.
It's always a weather balloon.
No big deal.
We're waiting for...
This is a huge deal.
Never seen anything...
Are they hostile?
People are
running through the streets!
See what I mean?
Hey, uh, I've got an idea.
How about if I, um...
go to the store
and buy us some...
ice cream?
You like ice cream, right?
I'm a kid, aren't I?
Yes, you certainly are a kid.
So I'm just gonna go
and get my poncho...
- Mm-hmm.
- In the kitchen.
I'm gonna go in there
and go out the back door
and head out to the store
to get some ice cream.
And, Aunt Patty,
please be very careful
when you're getting
the ice cream.
Give me a break.
Uh, the kitchen's unlocked,
All set to go.
Action-vator activated.
Main floor.
Second Floor,
pantry, canned peaches,
jellies and green bean storage.
Third Floor, quilting,
Strategy Room,
nuclear defense research.
Fourth Floor,
super suit generator.
Time to find evil.
- Ready, Double A?
- Ready for action.
Super suit
generator powering up.
Powering up.
Transformation power charging.
System ready.
Agent Action, activate.
Suit generator
sequence will now commence.
Super power activated.
Select destination.
Setting quadrants...
for downtown.
Let's do this.
Prepping for lift-off.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, Brewster. It's Mom.
Um, I'm just, uh, calling
to check in.
You just left.
Yes, I know, but,
sweetie, I just...
I heard something
on the radio about
the possibility of UFOs, so...
Three... Two... One...
No UFOs here.
Just crazy cat ladies.
Aunt Patty is not
a crazy cat lady.
I mean, she's... she's not crazy.
She's a cat lady,
but she's doing...
Okay, you know what?
Never mind. Just...
call me if anything comes up.
Hey. You sure that it's okay
we go to Miss Robinson's?
Yeah, it's okay.
Besides, it'll be good to play
for a new set of ears.
Stop wasting time
with that stupid band.
About the new set of ears...
Hey, sorry, the Banners
aren't home right now.
I said, no more rock 'n' roll!
Hey, what are you doing?
Yeah, who do you think you are?
I am...
The Bubinator!
Mr. Binkle?
Look out!
Did he say "The Bubinator"?
What are you doing?
- Getting out of here.
- With a hammer?
- You got a better plan?
- Got'cha.
On three.
One, two, three.
I love.
My monster makeover.
The Bubinator is triggered.
Oh, look at that!
You can't stop The Bubinator!
projectile entering quadrant.
Commander Kruel,
we're picking up a projectile
that's heading right for us.
It's Agent Action.
Warp, relocate
then cloak the ship.
I'll deal with that clanking
cretin soon enough.
- Yes, your horribleness.
- Right away.
Target lost.
What the heck?
All right, come on.
Where are you at?
I'm having trouble
tracking you, Double A.
What's your location?
I'm on target.
No sign of Kruel's shuttle.
The tracking signal
just vanished.
Uh, he may have
changed positions.
Uh, I'm gonna rescan
the entire city.
No problemo, big guy.
Scanning for enemy craft.
Multiple signals located.
Okay, we're getting
multiple signals
in different locations now. I...
I don't like this, no,
you should get back
so we can regroup
because either Kruel
is scrambling our signals, or,
I hate to say this,
There's more
than one villain in town.
Look out!
I'll teach you
to respect your elders!
There's no stopping...
This will teach you.
The Bubinator!
Hey, Bubinator!
Reach for the sky.
Or get ready
to taste the rainbow.
Say hello to my little friend.
Revenge will be mine!
Hi, Brewster.
Tracy! Uh...
What are you doing at
Miss Robinson's house?
Uh... I was helping her
with the lawn.
That's nice of you.
She's always helping
everyone else out.
It's good to pay it forward.
Uh, yeah, I mean, that's...
I pay it forward all the time.
That's just my way.
For all she's done for you,
I can see why.
Done for me?
Didn't she tell you?
She's on the neighborhood
watch with my dad.
She's talked him out
of calling the police
on your band a bunch of times.
She did that?
Too bad
she wasn't there yesterday.
Speaking of, sorry.
My dad can get kind of uptight.
I hadn't noticed.
I mean, what else are dads for
if they're not laying down
the law for
virtually everyone
in the neighborhood?
Yeah, try being raised by him.
I wonder where he is.
He was supposed to pick me up
from the mall,
but he never showed up.
I'm sure he's hovering
around here somewhere.
Dirty yard!
Well, Commander Kruel,
we have excellent news.
You found the Encapsulator.
Our radar is going bananas.
We're picking up signals
only the resonator's
powers can emit.
Someone has your technology
Looking in on signal one.
What is that?
I don't know.
But he seems to have
his panties in a wad.
Show me the second signal
Right away, sir.
There's a strong signal
coming from this garage.
Uh, not the garage,
turn over to the humans.
Maybe they activated the device.
There's nothing there, either.
The stronger signal
is coming from a place
the humans call Lakeview Avenue.
Agent Action...
There's a tremendous
amount of energy
emanating from the structure.
He must have the Encapsulator.
You found his headquarters.
Well done,
my bucket head minions.
Well, I do what I can.
It was really nothing.
Ah! Head to those coordinates
and prepare for battle!
Right away, Commander Kruel.
Aye, aye.
Aunt Patty?
Big Earl?
Mr. Fuzzy Pants?
Where's Aunt Patty?
She's out saving the planet.
Come on, where is she?
I told you, she's a superhero.
A superhero?
Okay, what's her superhero name?
No, wait,
let me guess. Is it...
Bad Sandwich Lady?
Or maybe it's The Claw Clipper.
No. How about...
Agent Action.
Action-vator activated.
Okay. You got me. What is this?
Is this where she meditates
with Mr. Fuzzy Pants?
No, it's the elevator
to her secret lair.
Going down.
A button. Wait, wait! Kimmy!
Get me out of here!
I believe you!
Agent Action stats stable.
Big Earl?
Uh, Brewster.
What is this place?
Oh, this.
Uh, this is
Aunt Patty's home gym.
You know what
a workout freak she is.
- Very healthy.
- She is?
I don't see
any workout equipment.
Uh, because...
Very good question.
And it's a simple answer.
Because it is being
delivered on Monday.
Yes. We're just gonna
wait for the paint to dry...
I need to run
a diagnostic on my helmet.
Aunt Patty.
Who wants some ice cream?
Where's your brother?
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
Uh, you'd be very surprised.
Kimmy, something crazy
is going on.
Where's Brewster?
Down in the secret lair.
For over a hundred
years, the Robinson family,
also known to
the world's secret agencies
as the Action Pack,
has been in serious action.
Since the first time
that great, great, great,
great-grandpa Robinson donned
- the very first super suit...
- Aw, look at him.
And started
defending the world from evil,
the Robinson family has
continued the heroic tradition
of keeping us safe
throughout time.
As each decade passes
and a family member retires,
a new member
of the Robinson clan
is chosen to carry on the
tradition of fighting evil.
A person that's brave, pure,
strong, level headed,
transformed into a true
warrior of justice.
Endowed with super strength,
the ability to fly
to amazing heights
all made possible by an
identity-concealing exo-suit,
inspired by top secret
alien technology
unearthed years ago
by Phineas Robinson himself.
Agent Action,
always ready for action.
Helping the world stay safe
by taking out evil.
- One bad guy at a time.
- One bad guy at a time.
You're Agent Action?
Yes, I am.
And now that you know,
I'm gonna have to kill you.
Just kidding.
I'm just pulling your leg.
But, yeah, it's true.
I'm him or... her.
Agent Action.
What about this cool suit?
It's unbelievably coo...
Wait, you're Agent Action!
What are you doing?
Turning on the secret elevator.
To the underground lair.
Are you paying attention?
Kimmy, where's Brewster?
It's not working now.
Hey, Shnookie!
Where are we?
Uh-oh, we've got visitors!
- Who might they be?
- Pathetic Earthlings.
Where is he?
What an adorable little sapling.
Tell me, my sweet child,
where is the Earthling known
as Agent Action?
- I don't know.
- Are you sure?
The only thing I'm sure of...
Is that your breath
really, really,
really, really stinks.
Like, you really need a mint.
Seize them!
I'll locate Agent Action!
He needs a little snack!
Commander, there's nobody here!
Hey, ugly.
- Weren't you watching them?
- I turned around
- and the elevator opened.
- Okay.
You're a superhero, right?
You're kind of short.
No, no, no, no.
It's not about the size
of your biceps.
It's what's in your heart
that makes a superhero.
You seriously didn't
just say that, did you?
I could barely get it out.
No, but I get what you mean.
That suit.
It's pretty dope.
Thanks, uh...
I guess it is very... dope.
But really,
you know, you can't tell
anyone about this.
Well, even if I did,
who would believe me?
No, no, Brewster, listen to her.
There are nefarious
alien forces on Earth
that are up
to no good right now.
Nothing can slow the progress
of Agent Action
from stopping them.
And, action!
Is this... It's on?
We're going?
Okay, thank you.
This transmission
is being broadcast
to the pathetic bucket of
bolts known as Agent Action.
You may have slipped away
from me this time,
but I suggest you rethink
your strategy and surrender.
Or this delightful little girl
will spend the rest of her life
scrubbing the floors of
my intergalactic battle ship.
Wow. That hurt. That was rude.
Better catch my breath.
That is never gonna happen.
I command you to bring me
my Encapsulator
and join my army of drones
as I invade planet Earth.
You have one hour
to execute this task.
your little friend here
will enjoy a lifetime
of scrubba-dub-dub
at the other end of the galaxy.
Ow! What is wrong with you?
Oh... Oh...
He has Kimmy!
Okay, okay, look,
what does he mean?
Bring him the Encapsulator?
Our technology is only
inspired by their device.
She cannot spend
the rest of her life
as some sort of
outer space housekeeper.
She has soccer on Monday.
I don't know. Unless...
somehow, he lost one of
his own Encapsulators.
I was supposed
to be keeping an eye on her.
She has dreams of becoming
a miniature horse trainer.
And my mom's gonna kill me.
"Oh, hey, son.
Where's your sister?"
Oh, only 300 light years away
on the other end of the galaxy.
- Brewster!
- Cork it!
Look, we only have an hour.
And we have lift-off.
Preparing to leave
Earth's atmosphere.
Would you like some pretzels
and a nice cold cola?
Just kidding.
Generating wormhole
to Outer Centaurus
Here we go.
Ah, my battleship.
Welcome to your
new place of employment.
Get over here.
Oh, my God.
Tell me,
do you have many
janitorial skills?
Do you need to floss?
Why are you always
so mean to me?
She scares me.
I'll go rescue Kimmy.
You, try to track
his Encapsulator.
Roger that.
And you, keep a low profile.
Go upstairs, take that meatloaf
out of the freezer.
And Double A...
be careful.
Stand by for pressurization.
Okay, enough pressure,
enough pressure!
Copy that, Double A.
I saw a UFO.
I saw the UFO.
Don't tell me
I didn't see the UFO.
I saw the UFO.
When I say there's a UFO,
there's a UFO.
I get my eyes checked
every year.
My hips aren't too good,
and I've had
three knee replacements.
But I can... I can see.
I saw the U...
Hello, honey!
Oh, aren't you adorable!
Hi, little... doggy?
I've never seen
a breed quite like you.
You're so...
And you're standing on two legs.
Would you like some water?
I have wa...
How about...
oops, a cracker.
I only took one bite out of it.
Oh, you have a belly ache?
Oh. What can we do to...
To relieve that tummy ache?
Expired tag.
Dirty car.
Hello, world!
My name's The Bubinator.
What's yours?
A dog not on a leash?
Where are your dog tags?
Oh! It's on, mutt!
When I'm done with you
you'll have a poodle!
Where'd you go?
Is that you?
Oh, my little angel!
It is you! Oh. Oh!
What's happened to you?
You got near that contraption,
didn't you?
Oh, you bad boy!
Oh, look what you've become.
Oh, look what I've become.
Well, that machine has turned
us into these horrible beasts!
We have to get home
and reverse it.
I'm not a bad guy.
I'm a good guy.
I want to become my kind,
gentle, level-headed self.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Turn off that leaf blower!
Come on!
Cloaking radar activated.
Heading out to space.
The old final frontier.
Have safe flight, Double A.
Initiating warp speed.
Wormhole generating. Stand by.
Here we go!
Entering spin cycle.
Hold tight, old friend.
You're almost there.
Man, I'm not gonna lie,
I just got
an atomic wedgie from that.
Wedgie alert.
Wedgie alert.
Wedgie alert. Wedgie alert.
But, other than the wedgie,
status is good.
Okay, I've gotta lock
that pantry.
Big Earl...
It's my mom.
Should I pick it up?
Hey, Mom.
Hi. Just checking in.
Well, it's good
to hear your voice.
Uh, yeah,
everything here is fine.
Yeah. How's Kimmy?
Your sister.
She's just...
out of this world, Mom.
I mean, just terrific.
Just terrific. Yeah.
I gotta go.
Put her on.
Put her on?
- She wants me to put her on.
- Well, you can't do that!
She's not here!
I can't put her on.
Why not?
Why not?
Because she... She's, uh...
Because she went with
Aunt Patty to get ice cream.
Uh, because she went to get
ice cream with Aunt Patty.
Aunt Patty?
Wow, you've come
a long way since
nine o'clock this morning.
You have no idea
how far I've come.
Okay, well...
Thanks for trying.
I guess I'll see you later.
- Oh.
- Much, much, much later.
Okay, all right. Well...
all right. Bye.
Yeah. All right.
Well, I love you, son.
Bye, Brew... Brewster.
Bye, Mom.
Love you too.
So does anyone
want to fill us in?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm jamming his
cargo door security signal.
You should be able to get in.
I'm all in.
Where is he?
Let me at him.
Okay. Stop. Look to your right.
You got a security camera...
Not anymore.
Not bad for
a small town babysitter.
Great job, Double A.
The self-destruct blast screwed
up most of their sensors,
so they shouldn't
be able to detect you.
But look, I need you
to keep moving.
There are life forms
straight ahead.
Roger that.
Enabling defense systems.
Defense system enabled.
The babysitter is locked, loaded
and ready to rumble!
Kruel is expecting you.
So your best strategy
is the element of surprise.
Oh, he's gonna be
surprised, all right.
Agent A's about to crack open
a serious can
of alien butt-whoop.
Nothing like a good,
old-fashioned surprise attack.
I'm like a ninja,
dropping in out of nowhere.
The Commander
will be most displeased!
Come, quickly, Edgar.
We've got to reverse
our monster situation.
Then turn that device over
to the authorities.
Where's the reverse switch?
Come on!
System error.
- System error.
- Ugh, system error.
Mega... Mega...
- Mega mode?
- Mega... Mega.
- Rebooting
- Come on!
System error. Rebooting.
System error. Rebooting.
Mega, mega, mega, mega mode.
Mega, mega, mega, mega mode.
Mega, mega, mega, mega mode.
Put it in reverse,
you piece of junk!
System error.
Are you crazy?
Mega Monster Mode
launching sequence.
Oh, uh, never mind!
I'm just fine the way I am.
Purple is actually a good color
on me...
No! No!
Are you doing okay, Double A?
Have you located Kimmy?
Nobody's here,
but us legendary action heroes.
Once you find the girl,
create a diversion.
Then head
to the East Shuttle bay
and enter his transport pod
as fast as you can.
Once you're inside,
you can launch
with the hack code
I've uploaded.
10-4, good buddy.
- I've found Kimmy.
- Good.
Try to get her out of there
without being spotted.
Get to that escape pod.
Will do. I'll be in and out
before you know it.
Psst, Kimmy.
Psst, Kimmy!
Hey, Kimmy!
Run, it's a trap!
- You're in big trouble.
- Bring it on!
Let's teach this
babysitter a lesson.
Here, put this on.
Follow that map
to the escape hatch.
Lock yourself inside.
If I'm not there
in five minutes,
call Big Earl
tell him to get you back home.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Leaving so soon, my child?
I wouldn't hear of it.
You haven't even finished
with your chores yet.
Where's your toothbrush?
I have a nasty mold problem
in my shower.
- How's my breath now?
- Kruel.
Get ready to retire!
Picking on little kids?
Eh, big boy?
[electricity crackling
Action blast!
Action Cam connection lost.
Re-establishing link.
Finally figured out,
who's the boss, eh, Kruel?
Come on, Kimmy!
We gotta get out of here
before this lousy lizard
comes too.
Let's go!
Not so fast, Agent Action.
You two aren't
going anywhere just yet.
But don't worry.
In the next few hours,
you'll be back on planet Earth.
But as part
of my army of slaves.
It's so much better than being
just another
worthless baby sitter.
There's nothing wrong with being
a babysitter, lizard face.
You, stand guard and you,
get me another one of
my Encapsulators.
Yes, your royal horribleness.
It's time for you two
to make some big changes.
Connection lost.
Mission failed.
This is very, very bad.
Very, very bad?
Blue suit activated.
Regenerating exo-suit.
- What are we gonna do?
- Enter Encapsulator chamber.
- It's what I'm gonna do.
- Blue suit nearly complete.
Wait, no, what are you doing?
- Going up there.
- No, you can't!
What if something
happens to you too?
We don't know how
to run this thing and...
Blue suit ready for mounting.
- You have gout.
- Enter Encapsulator chamber.
Look, we have no other choice.
Prepare for blue suit
generation sequence.
She's my sister.
And I'm going to save her.
Wait, no, Brewster! No.
Subject locked.
Blue suit ready for mounting.
Prepare for blue suit
generation sequence.
Suit generation complete.
Ready for action.
All systems online.
Launch sequence initiated.
Okay. And for the record,
this is crazy.
You don't know
what you're doing.
Stand by for lift-off.
Oh, gosh.
Double A's gonna kill me.
Power up!
Powering up.
Suit finalized.
Jet pack fueled.
Blaster charged.
Martial arts defense mode on.
Shall I initiate turbo-power?
Initiate turbo-power!
Turbo-power initiated.
Brewster vitals stable.
Action blaster online.
Prepare for lift-off.
Here we go.
This is amazing.
Setting quadrants
for Outer Centauri.
Destination Outer Centauri.
Here we go.
- Let's do this.
- Three, two, one.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
All systems are go.
Oh, boy.
Okay, this is really happening.
- Pee-pee alert.
- Oh, I probably should've peed
before I left.
- Whoa!
- Altitude rising.
Helmet pressurizing.
Oh, pressure is.
Thank goodness.
Wormhole generating. Stand by.
Wow. I never would have thought
he'd be the one to save us.
Commander Kruel's
ship dead ahead.
Okay, who's ringing?
Oh, it's Brewster's.
Oh, it's his mom.
No, no, I'm not
gonna talk to her.
No, no, no.
I'm gonna say something stupid.
No, no, no. You have to.
I'll screw up the whole...
No, no.
Uh, hello?
- Who's this?
- Oh.
Hi, Mrs. Banner. It's Kelly.
Oh, hi, Kelly.
Where's Brewster?
You just missed him.
He... took off.
Oh, good. Well, you
know, I've been telling him
he should get some more air.
Oh, he's getting a lot of air.
A lot.
Um, well, listen,
I have some good news for him.
He doesn't have to
spend the night.
I'm coming home early.
- You're coming home early?
- Yeah.
Apparently my boss has
an allergy to shellfish.
Threw up in his boss's lap,
so, convention over.
Oh, I'm sure he's gonna be
very surprised.
What time can I tell him
to expect you?
Oh, I should be back
before dark.
Before dark.
Okay, well,
I'll be sure to let him know
when I see him again.
If you see him.
Thanks, darling. You know,
I know that Brewster wasn't
very excited about this whole
babysitter idea,
but he really does need
to learn to step up,
especially on behalf
of his little sister.
Kimmy, I'm here!
Oh, he's making effort.
Good. I'm happy to hear that.
Well, we'll see you later...
Oh, you've already...
You've already hung up on me.
Okay, bye-bye.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Prepare to generate a black hole
big enough to transport
the entire ship back to Earth.
Now that the artist
formerly known
as Agent Action is my prisoner,
I will begin
my invasion immediately,
with the two of them as
the first of my drone warriors.
What happens next
will change everything.
Yes, your royal vileness.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the...
Wait, what was I doing?
Oh, bother. I forgot what
I wasn't supposed to forget.
Let's see,
was it call my mother?
No, no. I don't have one.
Was it plug my head
into the charger port?
Oh, I know.
It was something very important.
Something right under my nose.
Come on, Rattle.
You can remember!
You don't want Commander Kruel
yelling at you again.
Wait a minute,
I know what it was.
Hey, you!
What are you looking at?
Keep it moving.
Oh, all... all right.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners
Be careful!
Must guard the prisoners.
Got it!
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Must guard the prisoners.
Hey, babysitter!
What do you think you're doing?
They're busting out
of this rusty bucket.
Hey, who said that?
Who said that?
Who are you?
Oh. I'm the big brother.
And if you don't get
your rusty butt
away from my little sister.
Me and my babysitter...
are gonna shatter your
Let's do this!
Shut the front door.
- Come on.
- Get him, meathead!
Uh, I'm a...
Way to go, Brewster!
I'm here to rescue you guys.
It's gonna be okay,
but we've gotta move fast.
Huh, bingo!
Brewster, over here!
Come on, come on, come on!
Okay, how do we get
this cage open?
- You don't.
- Kruel!
I guess you missed the knock
before entering sign.
Brewster Banner, is it?
So you've come all this way
to save your sister
and your babysitter.
How valiant.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Let's go, Kruel.
But sadly, you'll be joining
them both as one of my slaves.
- Not even close.
- Oh, and why's that?
'Cause anybody that knows me
knows I have a serious issue
with being bossed around,
especially by you.
That and the fact
I'm about
to kick your butt, dragon lips.
- Brewster, look out!
- Whoa!
Leave my brother alone,
you bad breath bully!
Now, where were we?
Oh, yeah.
Action blast.
Nighty night, Commander Crud.
- Yeah!
- Yes!
All right,
let's get this party started.
I'm gonna shut Kruel down.
You two, run straight
to the escape shuttle.
System override.
Go, go, go go!
Go, go, go, go!
He's got a wormhole
opening up in six minutes.
I need you to fire one of
your USB pods
toward the navigation deck.
- It's a dead end!
- It's okay.
- We will find another way out.
- Nice duds.
Thanks. I
one heck of a tailor.
You got that right.
Pick it up.
Let's show these losers how
we do things back on Earth.
Easy peasy.
Let's cannonball this.
I see you found my
intergalactic recording studio,
which also doubles
as my octagon of terror.
It's over, Kruel!
Get ready for the old
rock 'em, sock 'em.
Double A, let's get out of here.
Action blast!
You're going down!
Now, that's what
I call girl power!
- No!
- Bye, bye Kruel!
It's a cruel, cruel world.
Just putting the last
finishing touches in.
Let's get out of here.
Double A?
Brewster, is she all right?
Get up, Double A,
let's get out of here!
We've lost contact.
What about Brewster?
Uh, we have lost connection
to his frequency.
Did you see that?
You were right,
these suits are tight!
Hey, come on.
Shake it off, Champ!
Double A?
Come on, we gotta go.
This is all my fault.
Thanks for saving me.
If I told you once,
I told you a bazillion times.
Call me Aunt Patty.
Aunt Patty?
Aunt Patty. Aunt Patty!
Yeah, that's my name.
Don't wear it out.
Hey, either of your kids
got an Aspirin?
My head feels like a piata.
Come on, let's get out of here.
My cat doesn't like it
when I'm gone for too long.
Oh, speaking of
Mr. Fuzzy Pants,
Ever tell you the time that
he managed
to order pizza to the house?
Extra anchovies.
Get ready for the old
rock 'em, sock 'em!
Come on, let's go!
Brewster, get everyone
in the shuttle, now!
You'd better move.
That ship is about to squished
like a tin can.
I've got control
of the navigation deck.
Everyone, buckle up!
Oh! And then we have take off.
Sit tight, while I send
Kruel's ship to a place
where he will never
bother anyone ever again.
Thanks, Big Earl.
This babysitter is heading home.
Speaking of, your
famous meatloaf
is in the oven as we speak.
I'll send it to you.
Have a safe flight!
You're all heroes.
Wh... wh... where am I going?
Wait, no!
Oh, my God, my beautiful ship!
Not my beautiful ship!
- Hi.
- How were they?
They didn't need me at all.
Well, what did you do
while I was gone?
We saved the world.
Come on. Get in.
Bye, you guys.
- Bye.
- Till next time.
- Mum's the word.
- Okay.
Thank you so much.
Oh... Okay,
that I do not recognize.
Down boy! Nice Doggy!
And with that,
all of these
so-called UFO sightings
simply came to an abrupt halt.
It's now speculated that the
entire incident
was quite possibly a hoax,
followed by mass hysteria.
So far, we've heard no comment
from Agent Action
who, once again, has gone back
into mysterious seclusion.
One has to wonder
if we will ever learn
the true identity
of what is undeniably
the world's greatest superhero.
Thank you, Agent Action
for all you do.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
Aunt Patty, it's me, Brewster
The heck are you dressed
like that for?
I thought you were one of
Kruel's bozos.
Oh, no, this is my costume
for the talent show.
Talent show?
Uh, I bet you killed it.
I bet you won.
- Not exactly.
- Oh...
We got beat by a dancing poodle.
Oh, well, poodles
are pretty competitive.
I just wanted to stop by
and, uh, say thank you.
Oh, flowers!
Uh, catnip
for Mr. Fluffy Pants.
- Oh.
- For your cat, not Big Earl.
Oh, yeah. Great.
Well, thanks.
No big whoop.
All in a day's work.
you're the one that saved us.
I guess I'm not
the only hero in town.
Yeah. I think I'm just
gonna stick to being
a big brother for right now.
Unless you need
a super sidekick.
I mean, that suit is so epic,
and we could
seriously kick some...
Yeah, that... that...
That's not happening.
Yeah. Yeah, I didn't think so.
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry for being so rude.
I guess it's true what they say.
You can't really judge
a book by its cover.
You did not just say that.
I could barely get it out.
What the heck, whoa!
Brewster, stay back!
Now what?
Hokey smokes,
we got big trouble!
What the heck is that?
Shut the front door.
Look out!
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
Agent Action, activate!
When day turns
into endless night
We might just give in
without a fight
Searching for our hero
will we find
All this time
have we been blind
But time is on our side
We keep our eyes open wide
When you need
somebody there
To come and save the day
She's bold
like thunder in the sky
She's swift
like a shadow in the night
Shines like a star
Call upon her
she's never far
He tries to tear us apart
He's a man without a heart
But with a hero
we shall rise
And win the day
She's tough
and in time she will strike
She's strong as a hero
and the likes
Shines like a star
Call upon her
she's on our side
When you think the world
is crashing down
take over your town
I need to run and hide
Somewhere by your side
You just got to stand up
and fight
When everything you know
is in question
You can teach
those fools a lesson
A lesson
Now you gotta
show your peers
That you can
face your fears
It's now or never
the time is here
I'll be there
wherever you go
Got to believe
in your inner hero
I'll be there
wherever you go
Got to believe
in your inner hero
Bad things are always bound
to go down
Go down!
What you gonna do
when no one's around
Who will rescue you
It's either them or you
Show everyone...