My Bakery in Brooklyn (2016) Movie Script

we're standing
on a real opportunity here.
- Since when do you speak Spanish?
- Yes.
Yes what?
Since you started looking at me
with those green eyes.
But love is not something you see,
it's something
you feel.
Show me that face again, princess.
Sometimes love can be seen
in a single expression.
Let us raise the past between us.
Take it easy, darling.
What will our guests think?
"If nothing can save us from death,
at least may love
save us from life."
"It was I killed
the old pawnbroker woman
and her sister Lizaveta
with an axe and robbed them.
Ilya Petrovitch opened his mouth.
People ran up on all sides.
Raskolnikov repeated
his statement..."
The end.
What an ending.
The only problem is it's been
so long since I started it.
I don't remember
who Raskolnikov is anymore.
Sounds like a rifle, huh?
Chapter 1.
On an exceptionally hot evening
early in July...