My Best Summer (2019) Movie Script

My name is Geng Geng.
Geng is within "Geng Geng Yu
Huai", meaning "take to heart".
When I recalled my high school
life after many years,
I barely remembered much of it.
It was like a running list
with all trivial little things,
which was hard to be salvaged.
I can't remember
what we said and what we did.
I remembered you.
I remembered in
those three years,
no matter
which direction I looked at,
there was always you in my eyes.
You always said that
youth wouldn't last forever.
Nevertheless what we used to be
were the best versions
of ourselves.
2008, was an extraordinary year,
as what happened in that year
were all extraordinary.
The 2008 Olympic Games
was successfully held in Beijing,
the Shenzhou VII spaceship was
blasted off into space,
and the band, Mayday,
after two years of waiting,
finally released their 7th album.
There's one more thing, I took
the high school entrance exam.
I was an ordinary student from
an ordinary junior high school.
I applied to Zhen Hua high school
on an impulse,
the best one in the city.
My dad comforted me,
"our goal is to
get into the branch campus first
and try to get
to the main campus."
However beyond
his wildest dreams,
I was admitted into the main
campus of Zhen Hua High School.
Geng Geng
I was telling you
"Impossible is nothing,"
"just do it."
What does it mean?
Nothing is impossible.
Just do it.
Help me take a photo.
Come on.
"Zhen Hua High School"
Her name is Jian Dan,
which means "simple".
She's been very simple-minded
since childhood.
We're classmates
in primary school.
When we were in fourth grade,
she transferred to Shiyan Primary
School in Hankou City.
Who could have imagined that,
after so many years,
here we are together once again.
Sorry pal, sorry.
What... are you laughing at?
Take a look.
The name next to me is
"Geng Geng",
together with my name is
"Geng Geng Yu Huai",
meaning "take to heart".
"Geng Geng Yu Huai"
You? Are you Yu Huai?
Why are you staring at me?
I'm Geng Geng.
We are classmates from now on.
Geng Geng!
Where have you been? I've been
looking for your all over.
Come, let me
introduce you to a new classmate.
Let me introduce my friend,
Geng Geng.
We grew up together.
I'm Jiang Niannian,
they all call me Betta.
Nice to meet you.
You know why
we are meant to be sisters?
Because we three have
the worst grades in the class.
Starting from today,
in this class,
we three are the
"Bottom Sisters".
What "Bottom Sisters"!
We are "Striking Sisters".
Everyone please be quiet.
"Welcoming new students"
Welcome to
the Zhen Hua High School.
My name is Zhang Ping.
I'm the teacher in charge
of our Class Five
If anyone has any question
about this school,
please try not to ask me.
Because I'm new here too.
All right.
Let's assign seats first.
If you have a friend here,
and you want to sit together,
Jian Dan.
I have no problem with it.
always prefer democracy.
Let's do it.
Geng Geng,
I'm going to sit with
the cute guy over there.
Does anyone have any more
special requirement?
- No.
- Wait, Mr. Zhang.
I haven't said anything yet.
Say it then.
I want to...
sit with Geng Geng.
Geng Geng?
Who is Geng Geng?
He is so tall that he has
to sit in the last row.
Do you want to sit
with him in the back?
Yes, I do.
Stop it.
You kids don't
get the wrong idea.
Don't get it wrong.
My name is Geng Geng,
we are deskmates from now.
Hum who cares!
Thank you everyone.
Please welcome our excellent
student representative...
Sheng Huainan to get
on the stage and give a speech.
Dear leaders, teachers
- and classmates...
- See.
The "Legend" '
Sheng Huainan in junior year,
the pride of
the Zhen Hua high school.
He's won the National Physics
Olympic Competition twice.
- First place.
- Entering senior high
means that we have
successfully taken
-But I heard the first place
-a step forward in our lives.
- of the Competition this year...
- Time goes by so fast.
- is in our class.
- The three years ended so quickly
- Who?
- From being a youngster
- Your deskmate.
- who doesn't know much,
- Who?
- we've become
youthful senior high students.
- Him?
- Zhen Hua High School
- Shit, he's sick.
- has a long history.
How could he be the
"Legend" in Physics?
- Xu Yanliang.
- Yu Huai is sleeping.
Geng Geng,
does your deskmate sleep well?
Are you supposed
to take care of him?
Senior High School
Physics Competition Guide.
Stand up!
Is this the place for sleeping?
I can't help it.
What do you mean?
Did you understand what I taught?
I would listen
if I didn't understand.
I would sleep if I understood
or I wasn't interested.
It's a biological reaction
that I couldn't control.
Very well.
Explain this sentence to me then:
With a few cups of thin wine,
how can I resist such
gusty wind of late autumn.
It says after three bottles of
thin beer go down to the stomach,
and then...
the old-aged gout aches
in a sudden.
Stop it!
Be Quiet!
Can I sit down?
You get out.
Stand outside the classroom.
Do not bring anything.
Get out.
Alright. Let's resume the class.
I haven't seen any
standing punishment
since I entered high school,
not to mention here
in Zhen Hua High School.
Yu Huai broke
the record this time...
with the first standing
in Zhen Hua High School.
When the poet raises her cup,
She can't help to drink down
her wine with her nostalgia.
However she can't resist neither
the coldness
of the fitful autumn wind,
nor the sorrow
and loneliness in her mind.
You'd better be reasonable.
How could you sleep in
the class and act so arrogant?
I thought
I was pretty reasonable.
"Senior High School Physics
Competition Guide."
I really regret it now.
Regret what?
Being your deskmate.
How could I deal with it
if you became
unreasonable to me some day?
Let me give you a tip.
What is it?
Listen up.
It works all the time.
You call me "my lord" then.
I will let you go.
Go away.
See, my score is 98 every time,
only 2 points to 100.
Let me see.
In Zhen Hua High School,
scores mean everything.
As a stupid student like me,
I forget the formulas right
after I memorize them.
So I prefer to take photos
of those beautiful moments
that I don't want to forget.
As long as I press the shutter,
those images will never
be washed away by time.
The youthful days that they've
thrown away at random,
were all captured with my camera.
But I left my own youth
behind these photos.
September is
the golden month of autumn.
The sky is clear
and the air is cool.
In such a pleasant season,
the new semester begins.
Over there.
Geng Geng,
I heard your deskmate
became famous.
I still can't believe it.
That punk ranked the first of the
whole grade in our mock exam.
He is insane.
Don't mention him again.
I'm pissed at him.
What's wrong?
About the exam this morning.
He was the first one
handed in the exam.
You both saw it, right?
So his ass.
My exam paper was totally blank.
He must have seen it.
He definitely did it on purpose.
It turned out I ranked No.46.
And he ranked No.1.
I don't get
why he still mocked me.
I'm dead this time.
Don't worry.
It takes time.
After you take a couple
more exams,
you'll get used to it.
Leave me alone.
I realized you were not a top
student a long time ago.
Because you put on book covers.
I must change my seat.
Don't mind what he said.
That's right,
what goes around comes around.
Yep, let's see how long
he could keep showing off.
Come on.
Hurry up.
What? Haven't you seen anyone
play basketball before?
Do you still want
to change your seat?
She wants to change
her seat, let's go.
Let's find Zhang Ping now.
- I will help you. Let's go.
- Aw, I didn't mean it.
- Let's go, go...
- No no no.
I haven't made up my mind yet.
Damn it. Don't play dumb with me.
You don't want to leave him.
Leave who?
- Him.
- Well...
This dumbass is... phony,
mean, harsh.
he is really...
really handsome.
Who did it?
Xinyue, wait for me
"Wuhan, 2018"
Jian Dan,
can you take the ferry
with me sometime?
It's too slow
and takes too much time.
It costs half an hour more
to cross the river.
I like it slow.
The slower, the better.
What made you come back...
and enjoy your life here?
Our studio in Wuhan
has taken a project,
the client appointed me
to be in charge.
If you're not in a rush,
you might catch the 7-year
reunion party of our high school.
Oh gosh.
We've graduated
for seven years already.
Geng Geng,
I heard...
Yu Huai came back from the U.S.
Our daughter is back.
Oh coming.
You're always like this.
Why didn't you tell me earlier
that you're coming back?
You dad and I didn't even
have time to get groceries.
Geng Geng,
your room is cleaned up.
I'll go help your mom first.
Why is the lens so dusty?
Stop pretending.
You flashed me
with this camera, right?
You made me miss the shoot,
so you owe me an apology.
Why should I apologize to you?
I was just taking photos there.
It's you who bumped
into my frame.
You ruined my composition
that I tried so hard to get.
It's you who owed me an apology.
Alright, you win.
Come over.
You got to let me take a look
at the photos of me at least.
I look terrible in your photos.
It's because you are ugly.
Let me see it again.
This one is too dark,
I barely see anything.
What's the point of taking
the photo of a wire pole?
Give it back.
What the hell is this? A weasel?
It's a squirrel.
Give it to me!
Give it back to me!
Let me see the rare photo
of us together.
It looks awful, I deleted it.
Though you're both in
the Physics Competition Class,
Sheng Huainan is so much more
of a gentleman.
Do you like him?
Who doesn't like a gentleman?
I have to remind you
that this guy
has a girlfriend.
I'm just saying.
Aw he is my buddy.
I can help you get him,
if you don't mind being
a mistress.
Yu Huai, you're a jerk!
Geng Geng.
Geng Geng.
Let me see it.
It's bleeding.
Why are you so silly?
It's none of your business.
You think I want to help you?
I'm the one gonna suffer
if anything happens to you, OK
Give me your "paw".
If you're not here,
who would save me
a seat when I'm late?
Who would watch for me
when I sleep?
It sounds like
I've been working for you,
then you have to protect me.
Starting from today,
I will protect you.
Starting from today,
let me protect you.
Who needs you to protect, idiot.
Alright, let's get this straight.
Your hand got hurt, right?
He put on the band-aid for you.
Then he also said...
if anything happens to you,
he'll be the one to suffer.
And then he said
he would protect you.
Not like that,
he didn't mean anything.
He must like you.
You all like me.
Don't act like
you don't understand what I said.
It's not the same kind of "like".
It is not the kind of "like"
between friends.
It is the complicated kind
of "like".
That's impossible.
Then why are you blushing.
I'm not.
What if he does like me,
what should I do?
Try it out.
Step A, well, "rescuing
the damsel in distress".
All men love to show off.
You just say your bike is broken.
If he likes you,
he will definitely offer
you a ride back home.
When you sit
in the back of his bike,
with two hands
holding his waist...
Betta, you sound like a creep.
But the problem
is my bike is just fine.
How can I fake it?
Ugh you're so stupid sometimes.
Then say you lost the key.
But I didn't.
Oh my god.
Now it's lost.
What did you do?
Yu Huai, see you around.
Geng Geng,
what are you doing here?
You look sneaky.
I lost my key.
You lost your bike key?
Where did you lose it?
let me help you.
It's okay.
You can't find it.
I've looked everywhere.
I looked into every corner
but still can't find it.
Where did you lose it?
That's so stupid.
let me help you get home.
What did I say?
So romantic.
Don't lose your key again.
Are you home?
I'm on the bus.
What happened?
What's wrong with him?
Maybe it's just my own illusions.
Stop it.
- What's wrong with you?
- Stop.
Please... Please stop.
What's wrong with you?
Are you out of your mind?
Are you a moron?
I didn't realize
until you got on the bus.
I should have taken you home
on my bike.
Let's go.
Who came up these sick questions?
Give up so soon.
It's none of your business.
Your score is so bad.
Nobody else will help you
if I don't.
Why are you pretending
to be good to me?
I said I would protect you.
Would you?
I'm hungry.
Step B,
Getting drunk loosens the tongue.
No, what do you mean?
He will tell you everything
if he is drunk.
No way.
It sounds terrible.
Aw you have to give
a little to get a little.
- Enjoy!
- Thank you.
How can we drink beers here?
You said you would protect me.
How can you protect me
if you can't even drink.
I can carry you home on my back
if you get drunk.
Bottoms up.
You're heavy like a pig.
You are a pig.
You wanted the Beef Wrap.
Did I force you to eat it?
I'm not your breeder
You haven't come
to school for two days.
Are you sick?
This is Geng Geng.
He is taking a sick day off.
Thank you for asking.
This is Yu Huai's mom.
I'm dead.
Did I freak you out, moron?
You're freaking dead.
I'm in the Physics Competition.
I won't be able to come back
this morning.
Can I ask you for a favour?
It's urgent.
The Physics exercise notebook
in my drawer...
belongs to your gentleman
Sheng Huainan.
I promised to return it
to him this morning.
Can you help me do it?
Ye Zhanyan
Oh my god. Wait a minute.
This is Sheng Huainan's notebook.
Let me see.
Hey who the heck is Ye Zhanyan?
You never heard of her?
She's the prettiest girl
of our school.
Boys chase after her one
after another.
Hundreds of them show up
on time every day...
in order to leave footprints on
her social network page
and game page.
I heard there's a guy...
has bought her breakfast
for a year.
There's more,
this guy didn't mention
who he was.
He just put it
in her drawer secretly,
and then hide away...
peeking at her
when she ate the breakfast.
He was found out later.
Everyone avoided him.
They even called him "the freak".
That is freaky.
I'm telling you if it were me,
I would cut him open.
Take it easy, no one dares
to buy you breakfast.
- Oh except Xu Yanliang.
- Get out. Get out now.
Give it to me.
Let's go.
So the square root of seven is...
less than or equals to e,
also less than or equal
to the square root of ten.
Does everyone understand it?
Raise your hand if you don't.
OK that's it, then...
Moving on.
Yu Huai.
I don't understand
this question, Sir.
Can you prove it again?
Alright, please look
at the blackboard.
He doesn't understand it?
He doesn't even need to think
this kind of question, does he?
Find Question 15 on your exam.
Anyone not understanding
this one?
I don't, Sir.
Well, I'll deduce it again.
Eyes on the blackboard.
The right crossing point
of the oval,
F's coordinate is 20.
Assume M's coordinates
are X1, Y1.
N's coordinates are X2, Y2.
From condition one
we can conclude condition two.
Did you get it, Yu Huai?
Everyone turns to Question 21.
It's so simple that I don't have
to deduce it, isn't it?
No, it isn't. Sir.
Yu Huai!
Are you playing with me?
Such a simple question.
You don't get it?
That's ridiculous.
I don't understand it either,
Me neither.
Me neither.
I don't know it, Sir
Me neither, Me neither.
I don't know it, Sir.
Alright, put your hands down.
I will do it for the last time.
You've all better listen
very carefully.
I won't do it again.
Class is over.
I will ask the teacher myself
if I have any questions.
And if I still don't
understand it, I'll ask you.
You explain it to me then, OK?
Don't make the teacher
think you're playing tricks.
As for the Physics
exercise notebook,
I am sorry.
You can talk to me directly.
Why did you write to me,
so silly.
Okay, that's all
the lessons for today.
It will be parent-teacher
conference later.
You all can leave now.
Stand up.
For students like us,
parent-teacher meeting
is the jaws of death.
It depends on luck
if we can escape it or not.
Geng Geng.
Did you perm your hair?
Do I look good?
Is this your deskmate?
How do you do, auntie,
my name is Yu Huai.
How do you do.
I thought boys in your school
are all four-eyed nerds.
This boy looks pretty smart.
Hello auntie.
I am the deskmate to Yu Huai,
my name is Geng Geng.
Hello, sister.
I'm Geng Geng's mom.
In this mid-term exam,
My Geng Geng improved...
her ranking a lot...
Thanks to Yu Huai
for tutoring her.
Thank you very much.
Is this guy you found
reliable or not?
I'm telling you. Cut the crap.
I will ask you for
a full refund if it goofs up.
That's it.
How's it?
When can
I get the remaining payment?
- What did the teacher say?
- I'm in a hurry back.
Jiang Niannian's dad.
Let's exchange
contact information.
Uh... Mr.Zhang, you got mine.
Mr. Zhang.
Well Mr. Zhang,
we won't brother you.
Let's go! You can talk
to my dad next time.
Mr. Zhang.
I'm Yu Huai's mother.
Hello, hello.
I'm here for you...
Mr. Zhang,
I'm asking you a favour...
to change Yu Huai's seat.
His deskmate
has a negative impact on him.
I don't like what you said.
My daughter
is not worse than your son.
Geng Geng's mother.
Calm down first.
Let me can handle.
Mr. Zhang,
you probably don't know
our family condition.
My husband died long time ago.
Studying is Yu Huai's
only way out.
He can't afford to waste it.
Mr. Zhang
please change his seat.
Yu Huai's mother,
I understand your concern.
It's him.
He lied to me.
- He told me...
- Mom.
-I haven't finished yet
-Let's go.
He told me that his deskmate
is a good student.
Until today I found out
her score is so bad.
Stop it,
what're you talking about?
You know I don't want you to sit
next to a bad student.
- What's your point?
- He had similar experience before
- You should stop now.
- when he was
in junior high school,
the girl sat next to him was bad.
What's the point to let
Mr. Zhang know all these?
I didn't expect
the current one is even worse,
Mom, let's go.
- No wonder you had to lie to me.
- Go.
Geng Geng.
Geng Geng.
Geng Geng.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Why did you lie?
Why did you say your deskmate
was a good student?
Did I embarrass you?
A dumbass like me
can only be bad influence,
making you, the first place
become as bad as me.
Just tell me how far
I should be away from you.
Yu Huai,
Don't you have something to say?
Don't leave.
You're right. I did lie.
I had a deskmate
in Junior High School.
She's a transfer student.
Because her score was bad,
teachers always picked on her.
Your mind has been blank,
distracted all the time.
Look at you.
You even dyed your hair.
Classmates didn't like her.
But I didn't think
it's fair to her.
I screwed up
the competition once.
My mom thought it
was because of her.
Then she came to school...
forced the teacher
to change her seat.
My mom did this all
because of me.
She never listened to me.
So I lied to her.
Because I want to...
be your deskmate.
Stop acting, Jiang Niannian.
Why didn't you put some wasabi
on the back of your hands?
Do you look down on me?
What's funny?
You dared to hire a dad
in the talent market.
I was wrong, Mr. Zhang.
I was truly wrong.
Please forgive me this time.
I know you're a transfer student,
you will go to Beijing
for the exam someday.
But you haven't gone there yet,
So we have to go through
the process together,
I'm not gonna expose
you this time.
you will tell no one.
No matter how you do
in future exams,
you will never lie again.
You ask your parents
come to the meeting,
I will talk to them in private...
to make sure
they won't punish you too hard.
You may leave.
For this National Day
Singing Competition,
I want to give us a goal
to work for.
Let's fight for the top three
but at least top ten.
We just can't be the last.
Can we do this?
Our Class Five,
doesn't have the best scores,
but we are good at
a lot of other things.
For example, Wen Xiaoxiao,
Piano professional level 10.
How many people in our school
can achieve that?
Am I right?
sons and daughters
of the Chinese nation!
Who would be willing to
be slaughtered like beasts?
We must hold
our determinations to win,
To defend the Yellow River,
To defend the North China,
To defend the whole China.
"The wind is roaring."
"Horses are neighing."
"The Yellow River is roaring."
"Hills on the west bank
are over kilometres high."
"Sorghum is ripe
in the northeast of the river."
"The anti-Japanese heroes
are a lot across hills."
"In the tents made
of the sorghum field..."
Stop, stop.
Stop, stop.
Who was off-key just now?
Why are you yelling? Be polite.
Take it easy,
it's better than the last time.
But pauses are still not neat
and clear.
We can do better next time.
We are doomed
if we sing like this.
Yu Huai, how about you
do something then?
Ye Zhanyan,
- Who is that?
- The freak.
He is the senior student
"the freak".
"The very first love song, Is
where worries and fears belong."
"The melody is sentimental,
but I am the ordinary one."
"How many songs I should have
in order to touch you?"
"I can't love you anymore."
Ye Zhanyan,
this song is for you.
I'm willing to be you
life-time meal box.
I like you.
Headmaster, it's inappropriate
for you to go there.
We've never admitted such a scum
in Zhen Hua for 50 years.
You're right.
What are you staring at?
Go get him.
Mr. Zhang, it's raining so hard.
Why don't you go by yourself?
- Security!
- Don't come over.
My... My guitar.
Give it back.
He has no shame, no shame.
You're right, Headmaster.
Don't get too upset.
Leave me alone.
Don't make a scene.
Go away!
Ye Zhanyan.
Yu Huai.
- Stop beating him.
- Don't come over.
ask them not to come closer.
What's your problem,
singing here?
We had no idea what he said to...
the crazy freak.
The freak calms down eventually.
Get up.
Yu Huai.
Yu Huai.
Yu Huai.
Welcome Class Five of Senior High
Second Grade to bring us...
The Yellow River Cantata series,
Defending the Yellow River.
"Finally I make up my mind,"
"you are the one I want to find."
"How I wish you could stand by
my side."
Isn't it "the freak"?
"I promise I'll follow you
wherever you go,"
"I know it ain't easy."
Yu Huai,
how about you do something then?
I dare you to
do something different?
"I'm only afraid
you will give up."
"Love needs the courage"
"to conquer the rumours."
You dumbass!
If you want to sing,
go sing on stage.
"As long as
I have your approval,"
"my love is meaningful."
"We all need the courage"
"to believe we will be together."
"I can feel you
when you are around."
"You love is in my palm."
"If me being stubborn
and capricious,"
"hurts you by any chance."
"Could you remind me tenderly."
"Although I really want to
be with you,"
"I am more afraid to lose you."
"Love needs the courage"
"to conquer the gossip."
"As long as
I have your approval,"
"my love will be meaningful."
"We all need the courage"
"to believe we will be together."
"I can feel you
when you are around."
"You love is in my palm,"
"inside my heart."
It's like only two of us
left in this world.
It's like this song
is for me.
That feeling
I will tell no one.
It's a secret
that belongs only to me.
We didn't get any prize
in this singing competition.
Because the song we sung
wasn't filed in advance,
which is against
the competition rules.
But Zhang Ping said
you guys did well.
You did what you wanted to do.
You expressed yourself.
I, Zhang Ping feels
honoured to lead your class.
To be honest,
I kind of envy Betta.
She fell for Teacher Zhang
just like that.
It's also a secret
that we couldn't tell
anyone else.
she keeps it all bright and open.
I just got the Third Place in
the National Physics Competition.
Are you free this Saturday?
What for?
Let me buy you dinner.
Are you asking me out?
Just ask me then.
Dear classmate Geng Geng,
would you please give me
this chance to take you out?
It sounds too fake.
Do it again.
Dear classmate Geng Geng, would
you like to give me this honour?
What's wrong?
You don't like it?
You look different today.
Aw, not bad.
Xu Yanliang
Is everyone here?
Yes, all is here.
Why you all...
Yu Huai just won
the National Physics Competition,
Third Place.
Shall we celebrate it...
with joy and pride?
Yes, yes we shall!
Xu Yanliang, you four-eyed idiot.
You ruined my plan.
Four-eyed idiot, just you wait!
Beat you to death!
What have you had for lunch?
Bye Bye!
You look better
with your hair tied up.
I'm not pretty,
and I'm not good at studying,
I also can't play
the piano either.
My parents don't have
any expectations of me.
I'm just going with the flow.
Nothing really matters.
You're right indeed.
Aren't you supposed
to comfort me?
You can at least pretend to...
Geng Geng,
the first time I met you in front
of the school billboard,
I thought you were really cute.
Now you're making a scene.
You know that feeling right?
It's like...
I don't know how to say it,
but just like...
Actually I've been wanting
to tell you...
I want to say...
Hey, how's my acting?
Aren't you moved?
I'm leaving now.
Why didn't you remind me?
I said I'd buy you dinner.
What are you doing? So heavy.
I'm strangling you.
So heavy.
You are freaking heavy.
Hello everyone.
This is your favourite programs,
Hello Sisters.
The steamed clayfish
tastes great,
but it's so much trouble
to peel it.
You're just lazy.
The December 21st of 2012
is going to be the doomsday.
So our remaining days are
three years and three months.
Is it for me?
Don't you like it?
Forget it. I like it.
So do you know why the doomsday
will be on December 21st?
The December 21st of 2012
Excuse me, check please.
Why did you mention
the doomsday anyway?
What's wrong?
My stomach aches.
Are you alright?
I don't feel anything.
Are you ok?
Let's go.
Hey, we haven't paid yet.
I will pay later.
If there were a doomsday,
it would never be in the summer.
Because summer
is the best season.
Summer is when you skip classes
with someone,
when you get wet
in the rain together
and listen to the rustling sound
of leaves in the breeze.
As if we keep running
on the road like this,
we don't have anything
to worry about.
We will neither grow up
nor grow old.
All the beautiful things
will never die.
The hands we're holding
will never be apart.
Hello Geng Geng,
Are you home?
Miss me already?
What day is
our high school reunion?
Are you dumb, my sister?
Who still invests
in real estate in Mainland?
Both house and land
are permanent property.
The careless girl Betta
used to be,
does research and investment
in real estate every day.
Xiao Xiao, how dare you to drink
as you're pregnant?
It's alright,
I'm a surrogate mother.
The simple girl, Jian Dan
is still terribly simple.
Is surrogacy reliable?
As she used to be.
I'm telling you that I hired
a top student
from Harvard University.
Buying our product is like doing
finance management.
Take a look, Geng Geng.
The Monitor becomes
the kind of old friend
nobody wants to
stay in touch with.
He even sells his insurance
at our reunion!
You're all my family.
I will give you a huge discount
if you buy it from me.
How about you?
Are you still the same
as you used to be?
Let us...
Compliment me.
Dear classmates,
our friend Geng Geng
has disappeared for years.
She's joining our reunion
for the first time.
Shall we interrogate her?
Yes, we shall.
But I have to say it first,
if there is a question
you don't want to answer,
you'd have to drink instead.
We haven't asked
any questions yet!
How could you forget me?
- Yu Huai.
- Oh my god!
Gosh, we're all waiting for you.
Here's your seat.
Sorry everyone,
I will drink this
for being so late.
How have you been?
That's all for today.
Everyone has to fill this form.
Think about it seriously
when you go home,
and talk to
your parents carefully.
Fill it and hand it in tomorrow.
"Subject group application form"
"for Zhen Hua sophomores of 2008"
Girls are better off
picking Humanities.
She can apply for Journalism
major in the future,
-or a language major,
Worst scenario, she can still be
a teacher. It's stable,
plus they have winter
and summer breaks.
Science is too hard for a girl,
also it won't be easy
to find a job.
I was top three
of the grade in our school.
We've been thinking
for your own good.
Why make a girl study
Learning Science
will burn you out.
My parents want me
to study Humanities,
but Yu Huai picked Science.
What should I do?
Yu Huai picking
Science is self-explanatory.
He will end up attending Tsinghua
or Peking University.
But if you study Science,
that'll be suicide.
Is it worth it just to be
with him?
That's why people say monkeys
like picking peaches,
instead of picking up peaches.
Because men are like monkeys.
You have to make yourself better
so that
they will reach up to you.
Don't make him bend down
to pick you up.
If I was a peach,
Yu Huai wouldn't need to jump,
he probably would have
to bend down to pick me up.
I don't want him to
bend down for me.
I want to be the peach
on the top of the tree.
I want to see
the view from the top.
I want to feel the wind
on the high ground.
Then I will wait,
I will wait for the monkey,
who jumps up to get me.
Dear classmates,
starting from today
our Class Five will be
the Science class.
From now on
we'll keep the current
seating arrangements.
Does anyone have any questions?
Yu Huai.
Let's be deskmates forever,
shall we?
You have to protect me.
I will blame you
if I don't get into universities.
Right, blame him.
I know...
my wilful decision may not help
my future or
my chance to be with him.
But when I see
his innocent smile,
it's all worth it.
I'm sorry, OK?
I will work hard and get into a
university in Beijing by myself.
It's all because of you.
Your complained too much, see,
our daughter is going crazy.
Do you still remember
that lucky charm?
I told you to tape it so that
it would be waterproof.
But it's not a real solution.
The colour will fade someday.
It'll be washed off.
You're still such a lightweight.
I'm not drunk.
Believe it or not,
I can still strangle you.
Come, time is set.
Come on, come on!
Trees in "Late Autumn" hill
are dense.
I heard many people
came here to plant trees,
then they would make a wish.
If the tree grew out,
the wish would come true.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I would have brought
some saplings.
Don't be so superstitious.
Look at all these trees here.
If all these wishes came true,
how could there still be so many
unhappy people in the world.
I'm wondering...
Can Oreos
really make my poop black?
You go try it at home.
If you eat five donuts,
you can probably poop out
an Olympic flag.
Let's have a drink.
What kind of tree is this?
I don't know.
You watered it too much.
It'll be dead.
Let's go.
Don't you want to make a wish?
I did it already.
That's it?
What else do you want?
Or, let me dig another hole,
and bury you here too.
This is the tree you planted,
you should make a mark
on it at least.
It's hard to say
if it will survive.
Let's just leave it here.
You can come back in a few years,
just pick the tallest
and fullest one
and pretend
it's the one we planted together.
How wonderful!
In your logic, if you had kids,
you'd just thrown them
on the street
and after 18 years,
pick the best-looking one
from students who did best
in their college entrance exam,
you'd point to that random kid,
and say that would be your kid.
Then make him take care
of you when you're old.
That's a good idea actually!
Hey, let's go.
Yu Huai,
Let us be deskmates forever.
don't be annoyed with me.
But I have to stress it again.
Fill out the card as soon as you
finish your
multiple-choice questions,
and do not mess up with lines.
After you make sure
you fill out the right ones,
you can move on
to other questions.
Every year there're always
some idiots forget
to fill their cards.
You should be
very, very careful about this.
Do you hear me?
Do you have any more questions?
Why are you crying?
I haven't cried yet.
As you know,
it's also my first time
teaching a class.
You pissed me off
so much sometimes
that I wish I could just
burn down the classroom.
On the other hand,
you are so adorable
when you behave yourselves.
I thank you all.
Farewell, my high school times.
I really love summer.
I love it too.
If there were a doomsday,
That day...
would never be in the summer.
You're home.
One last thing,
I have a lucky charm for you.
The College Entrance Exam
is still four days away.
What should I do with it
in shower?
Tape it.
Tape is waterproof.
Good luck!
I want to go to college
in the same city with you.
I know.
Geng Geng,
Actually I want to...
tell you...
Good luck with the exam.
We'll talk about the rest after.
We'll have all
the time in the world.
I'll be waiting for you.
We promised each other
that we would meet
in front of the school on the day
when exam results came out.
I waited for you until dark
but you never showed up.
I went to your house
and found out that you moved.
You just disappeared.
And your phone number
was suspended.
I looked for you
for the whole summer.
Then I heard
you didn't do well in the exam.
You went to the No.11
High School to study again.
I wrote you letters.
Did you get them?
Yes, I did.
Then why didn't you call me back?
I understand.
If I were you, I wouldn't want
to see other people either.
It's not a big deal
if you wanted to disappear.
I never blamed you for that.
But why did you hide
from me the whole time?
Geng Geng.
Yu Huai.
Don't you like me?
What is this tattoo about?
It's late. I have to go.
I'm going back to
the U.S in two days.
Yu Huai,
answer me one last question.
Seven years ago,
the very last day we met,
you wanted to say
something before you left.
What was it?
I don't remember.
In this world,
the total sum of love
is constant.
Some gain it when
others lose it.
It's fair.
Dear Jiang Niannian,
I didn't expect you to
become so sentimental!
Can't you tell
I'm comforting this idiot?
Geng Geng,
what're you doing?
Let me show you
something interesting.
Come and sit right here.
What is this?
Come over.
Get closer.
Move a bit.
I'm recording now.
Why didn't you say it earlier.
I thought you're taking a photo.
Jian Dan,
you say something first.
congratulate you on getting out
of this hell early.
What heck?
I'm telling you...
It's all because of you,
I've been coming
to school every day.
Why was I so stupid back then?
When did you make this?
Late Autumn hill.
Don't you remember?
The Bottom Sisters.
Mr. Zhang Ping,
thank you!
Thank you.
Future Geng Geng!
Future Geng Geng,
Have you become
an excellent photographer?
Will it be difficult
to get your autograph?
Don't be full of yourself!
have you made a great fortune?
If you haven't,
don't find me anymore.
Don't let Betta sneak away.
If you haven't told her
you like her,
you can go kill yourself.
Future Betta,
you can end up with anyone,
but Xu Yanliang.
Remember this!
Why were you so coldblooded?
Four Eyes.
I was...
just kidding.
You can play
any trick at your wish.
You can have any fun
at your wish.
How are you still living today?
Future Jian Dan,
I have no idea
what you'd become in the future.
when all your friends end up
at different places,
please never lose touch
with them.
No matter what happens,
stay friends forever.
Don't worry,
Young Jian Dan,
I will...
stay with them forever.
Are you all morons?
How can we be together forever?
Stay together and forever,
forever, forever!
Do you remember
the younger you back then?
Stay together
and forever, forever, forever!
That person back then
was the best version of you.
The person I am now
is the best version of me.
the best versions of ourselves
are all the years of our youth.
That we'll never be able
to catch it again.
Yu Huai.
That's enough.
Seven years,
he disappeared for seven years.
If he cared about
you just a little bit,
he wouldn't be so cruel.
He is just an asshole.
He is not an asshole,
but a good actor.
What do you mean?
You meant something else.
Sit down.
Have you been hiding
something from us?
Talk to us.
Yu Huai never went to the U.S.
What do you mean?
He was indeed admitted
by a college in the U.S,
but he couldn't afford
the tuition.
His mother...
got uraemia.
When did this happen?
Right before
the College Entrance Exam.
How did you know?
One day,
his mother was in the hospital,
I ran into him.
"The Central Hospital of Wuhan"
It was around the mock exam.
I am sorry.
This illness I have,
all they could do
is giving me drugs
and injections.
When is this all going to end?
Take me out of the hospital,
They sold the house because
of his mother's treatment.
Yu Huai applied
to a professional college.
He took a job even
before he graduated.
He's been taking care
of his mom while working.
He couldn't go anywhere.
He didn't want to affect you
on your College Entrance Exam,
so he's been acting...
like everything was fine.
If all these wishes came true,
how could there still be so many
unhappy people in the world?
After you left the city,
He's been trying
to find everything
about how you're doing.
Excuse me,
where is the patient on Bed 41?
He drank with me
when he was upset.
Then he started
to cry when he was drunk.
He heard
you were doing well.
He was too shamed to see you.
It's hot, mom. Take it slow.
Get some rest.
Didn't you go back to the U.S.
two days ago?
I'm in the hospital right now.
They said you checked out
two days ago.
You never went to the U.S.
What on earth
did you hide from me?
So much happened.
Why didn't you tell me anything?
Geng Geng.
We are not deskmates anymore.
The lives we used to have
are over.
It's not over.
How could it be over?
The girl I used to be
was so ordinary,
but you never gave up on me.
I've become
who I am because of you.
Geng Geng,
you've become much better now.
But I...
I'm no longer your deskmate,
I'm not the Yu Huai I used to be.
Everything is over now.
Please do not call me anymore.
Yu Huai.
Yu Huai.
Yu Huai.
Do you still remember
when you were a kid,
I brought you to the aquarium.
When you saw
the fish in the tank,
they swam back and forth,
you had such a big smile
on your face.
Now I want nothing...
but your smiles.
This is your favourite program,
Hello Sisters.
This is Xiao Hou.
This is Qin Hao.
Today we have a VIP guest,
the famous singer "the Freak".
Hello everyone,
this is the Freak.
Hi guys.
We're honoured to
have the Freak
in the house today.
The most popular and top-ranking
song during this summer...
Sir, can you turn it up a bit?
A lot of audience
have the same question as I do.
Where did you get
your inspiration for this song?
I liked a girl in my class back
in high school,
for three years.
I made a decision
on my graduation day.
I remember it was raining
so hard that day,
and I stood in the school field
singing to our classroom.
It was a song I wrote for her.
Did your school expel you?
Fortunately there was this guy,
he pulled me over in the rain.
That was during our school's
the National Day Singing
Competition by chance.
He asked me to get on the stage
and sing the song
with him if I have balls.
I asked him then,
why would I do that?
He said...
He told me "I like a girl too"
but I'm afraid to sing a song
for her in front of the crowd.
So could you do me a favour...
sing with me?
On the stage, sing to her?
Geng Geng,
Actually I want to...
tell you...
On the very last day we met,
you wanted to
say something before you left.
What was it?
I don't remember.
You know me.
I always say stuff I don't mean.
Did the girl know about it later?
Or probably not.
But I think
sometimes being in love
with someone is like that.
You liked her very much,
but you kept everything
in secret,
deep in your own heart.
So this song by the Freak
is a song for everyone in love,
who are still waiting
for their loved ones.
That's right.
As long as you stay true to her,
do not give up your hope
till the end.
You asked me
what was it that I wanted to say.
Wait, Mr. Zhang.
I want...
I want to sit with Geng Geng.
I want to tell you.
Starting from today,
Let me protect you.
I like you.
I like you very much.
Give it back to me!
Let me see the rare photo
of us together.
But I couldn't make myself
tell you.
I don't understand it, Sir.
Such a simple question.
You don't get it?
Are you playing with me?
I just realized
I haven't held your hand yet.
Let's go.
Even if it's a lie,
I still want to hold your hand
just for once.
You said if there was a doomsday,
it wouldn't be in the summer.
But summer
will end someday.
Let's deskmates forever,
shall we?
I really wanted to be with you,
but I might not be able to
make it to the end with you.
I like a girl too.
But I'm afraid to sing a song for
her in front of the crowd.
Can you do me a favour?
I lied to you, a big, big lie.
You will hate me, won't you?
But hating someone is
at least,
easier than missing someone.
Geng Geng,
You will become
the best version of you,
and then
you will meet the right one.
That is the happiness
you deserve.
Even if I disappeared
in your life,
you have to stay strong
and carry on.
I really want to accompany you
- to the end.
- Forever...
Stay together and forever,
forever, forever!
"It's another midsummer."
"Once in a while,
will you miss me?"
"Will you miss it?"
"Why don't you say a word?"
"I hate growing up."
how to hide my thoughts."
"Silently stood by the phone,"
"and tears in my heart
have been falling down."
"It just won't let go."
"Scar unscabbed."
"Will you miss it?"
"Dare you answer it."
"It's another midsummer."
"Once a while, will you miss me?"
"Will you miss it?"
"Why don't you say a word?"
"I hate growing up."
"How could I convince you
of my lies?"
You idiot!
I was an idiot.
I studied in Science
because I was an idiot.
I applied for college in Beijing
because I was an idiot.
I've been waiting for you
for seven years
because I was an idiot.
I'm in love with you
because I was an idiot.
Even if we can't get back
together like before,
so what?
I liked you,
and I still like you.
I just want to know.
Do you still...
like me?
Take a look.
The name next to me is
"Geng Geng",
together with my name...
is 'Geng Geng Yu Huai',
meaning "take to heart".
It was where our stories began.
And it will be
where our stories begin,
for the sake of years of me,
taking it to my heart.
"That person back then"
"was the best version of you."
"The person I am now"
"is the best version of me."
"Between the best of us"
"are all the years of our youth."
"I'll never be able
to catch it again."
"I'll surely be able"
"to catch it again."
"For us who once lost"
"in the time of youth"
"Wuhan Public University"
"100 Ways
to Express My Love For You"
Help her save a seat
at the library,
even if I really don't like
going to the library.
Protect her like a knight
in shining armor.
The girl I like wants to attend
the University of Hong Kong,
but my score isn't high enough.
I'll work hard.
For example, stare at her more
while exercising.
I like discussing
philosophical questions with her.
I like to give her toys.
I joined his Ultraman team.
He's Zero, I'm Ultraman's mom.
One day,
he suddenly kept staring at me.
I realized that I like him.
If I like her, I'll be very shy.
Everything she does
will affect my mood.
Even if I was just waiting
downstairs at her dorm,
I'd feel very happy.
In choosing a lipstick color,
I've learned to avoid hot pink.
Kiss him.
I'll sit beside the one I like.
"Yellow Crane Tower Garden"
I'll ask her to go to "Escape the
Room" with me if I like someone.
Because without you,
she won't be able to get out.
I want to eat and sleep with her.
Write him notes.
If I like someone,
I'll write him a letter.
Write a love letter
using Oraclebone script
or small seal calligraphy.
I'll hold her hands without
realizing it while walking.
I like to do this.
We've been married for 30 years.
42 years.
Almost 60 years.
He'll feed me fruits.
I wish that I can be braver.
I'll tell him in a loud voice
that I love him.
- Yang Qiwei.
- Cai Ruoxi.
- Hearing "I love you".
- I love you very much.
- I love you.
- I like you.
I love you.
"Actually, watching
"My Best Summer" with you means"
"I like you."