My Big Love (2008) Movie Script

Hi Nia!
Get up Oca! It's getting late!
Get your ass working!
All day, you do nothing but sleep!
Get up! I'm really unlucky with you!
Your children even got your laziness.
Oca, get up! Your son got caught
in a rumble last night.
So that's why he didn't go home.
You should have given him a curfew.
Curfew? I've already given him
all kinds of curfew before.
Problem is,
your brother doesn't mind the time!
And you Lyn,
why haven't you cooked yet?
There's nothing to cook.
Hmmm, excuses!
Mom! I'm still doing my manicure!
What's keeping you busy son?
Is that for her again?
Oh, this is new mom.
I'll let you taste this when you get here.
What's that?
- Are you done?
- Not yet, mom.
That girl seems so special.
I'm sure she'll love you.
She'll love this, mom.
It's very exclusive.
There's this one I went to in Singapore.
Uh-huh. I already did.
And he's really very interested.
Please be mine, please be mine.
I will take care of your heart.
Please be mine.
I'm really going to teach A-Cap a lesson!
This tastes good Aira.
What's up guys?
Let's get to work!
Honey, do you have 500 pesos?
We have to buy our groceries.
I do have money for the groceries,
but not for A-Cap's bail.
So tell A-Cap that next time...
we're just going to bring all his clothes
in jail so he could live there.
Get out of my way!
Sir Macky, going up?
Sir Macky, where's your date?
I'm just going to get some air
at the rooftop.
Macky. That's his name.
Oh! He's already introduced
himself, ma'am?
Haven't I told you?
We have been chatting. And he always
reads my article twice a week.
So, he added me in his messenger.
He also wants to have
his own restaurant someday.
He's a good cook, grew up in the States,
511", very fashionable and handsome!
Ahh! You've seen him via web cam?
That's just what I got
from talking to him.
Ahhh. So he said he's handsome?
No. I just have a feeling.
His name sounds so handsome.
Macky, Macky, Macky.
Why am I imagining a fat guy
with a huge belly?
Maybe you know someone
with the same name with a huge belly.
Anyway. I know now!
I really have an idea who he is.
Oh ma'am, be very careful.
You know that there are
a lot of fools this time.
He maybe casting a spell on you.
That's delicious.
Oh, I meant, it looks delicious.
But I don't like sweets.
That's all yours.
Thank you.
But, I'm keeping this.
Pull over right there, mister.
Thank you!
I hate it when it's coding.
What an unlucky day!
- Good morning everybody!
- Good morning.
Good morning Macky!
Have you had coffee?
Not yet.
Here's the roasted pork we ordered!
You're such a bully!
Good morning.
Good morning.
How's our inventory?
Everything's okay, chef.
She's here!
Come on guys! Let's go!
- Thank you ma'am!
- Thank you.
You have a really good taste, chef!
Go on a diet first, Mack.
Do you know that the treadmill
has already been invented?
Best friend, don't get affected.
If you really want Nia, never give up.
Why? You're deserving!
Make her feel your love.
Can I hug you?
Back to work!
We have lots of things to do.
Okay, okay. Back to work.
Enough. I said enough.
Ordering pan-seared fish
with tomato sauce.
Coming right up.
Do it!
Sorry Macky!
Toss it.
What's up, Tolits? Are you done?
Tolits, look at this.
Work of art!
Maybe you'd like to add some balloons?
Stop bullying him. He's just in love!
Good morning ma'am.
Here's your order.
Pan-seared fish in tomato salsa.
Thank you Honey.
You're welcome. Enjoy your food.
Ma'am, what's step number four again?
Oh sorry, I forgot.
Come on, ma'am! Motivate yourself!
- Five o'clock okay?
- Yes sir.
You know what, I dreamt last night
that I was eating dung.
Those are lucky dreams Aira!
I also want to have those kinds of dreams.
Oh, maybe that means
you're going to Japan!
You're going to be
a dancer in Japan?
Of course not, ma'am.
That doesn't suit me.
It's just a transfer ma'am.
We have a branch there.
I really hope they choose me.
- Ahh.
- Okay ma'am, ten counts!
What am I going to do when you're gone?
I don't have a P.T.
That's not going to happen, ma'am.
I'm not going to leave unless
you take my five steps seriously.
I've memorized them.
Really? Okay, what's step number two?
Start today ma'am!
That's step number two, okay?
- Start today. I know.
- Okay, game.
Two more sets.
That's too much!
Okay, three more.
It's not me.
Dear Nina...
I can't wait to meet you tonight,
Ma'am, are you sure?
Come on Aira, I'm so sure of that.
I've been waiting
for the right guy to come.
And I think,
he's the right one for me.
He's shy but sweet
and he seems educated and smart.
And he's handsome!
What else should I look for, right?
Ma'am, what if...
what if he's not handsome?
What are you taking about?
He's really handsome!
So it's okay with you that...
What's that?
Okay, what do you think ma'am
is his weight?
Oh Aira!
That has always been your concern.
Sorry ma'am! I'm just thinking
of getting him as my client.
I'm still quite short this month.
Don't worry.
I'm going to recommend you to him.
Of course, those kinds of bodies
should always be maintained!
Mom, her trainer caught me!
She might tell her!
Don't mind her trainer.
She's not important.
What is she likes slimmer men?
Macky, remember,
women don't get attracted with looks.
What matters to us is the heart.
And you have a very big heart, Macky.
There's nothing to worry about, okay?
You're right, mom.
Sir, sir. I forgot to discuss with you.
I have a program.
Here. It's called
"Five Steps on How to Lose Weight".
No, thanks. I'm not interested.
But sir, you have to work out!
But I'm not trying to lose weight.
Oh sir, overweight men
are more prone to diseases.
It doesn't mean that I'm unhealthy
just because I'm fat.
That's because you're still young, sir.
- Miss, miss...
- Just call me, sir.
I'm happy with my life now. Okay?
- Okay?
- No sir.
Sir, sir. Wait sir.
What now?
Is that what you're going to wear
in your date tonight?
Of course not.
You know sir, your eyes look nice.
Try wearing blue or dark brown.
It looks good on you.
Ma'am Nia.
- Hello!
- Good evening. This way please.
Ma'am, your waiter
will be with you shortly.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Uhm, excuse me, sir.
Do you have a reservation?
Yeah, I'm Macky Cordova.
That's my date over there.
Oh. Ma'am Nia.
Okay, this way please.
Uhm, how long has she been waiting?
She just arrived.
Hi Nia!
These are for you.
I'm Macky.
I'll leave you two alone, sir.
Enjoy your date.
Are you okay, ma'am?
Yes, yes.
Uh, uh, thanks for the flowers.
Oh please. Sit down.
I guess you didn't expect me.
Yes. Uh, no.
Never mind. Sit down.
Shall we order?
Yeah, sure.
My god!
Ma'am? Are you alright?
Let us help you.
And here's the very famous video
that is spreading in the Internet...
and in cellphones today.
Oh! Poor man. He's so heavy!
Help me. Help me.
And because you're helpful,
the poor socialite got squished.
Daddy! Help!
Please man, start losing weight. Please!
- My phone's broken, mom.
- Why is your voice like that?
How was your day?
- I have to go. It's breaking again.
- Hello, hello? Macky?
- Macky, are you still there?
- I'm losing signal.
- Hello? Macky?
- I'll just text you okay?
So that's why he's been absent lately.
It's the fault of that chair!
It chooses size.
Chairs should also have sizes.
- Sizes six, seven, eight.
- We shouldn't have tolerated it.
We already know that he's very big.
- Stop talking, bro!
- Don't interrupt me!
Macky's here!
I just came here to say goodbye.
I just filed my leave of absence.
It's just a girl, bro.
You're going to forget about this.
I'm sorry. I wasn't able to text you.
But I'm leaving for Bangkok today.
Sorry ma'am,
I'm also going to say goodbye.
I look so ugly there.
I heard, he lives
in the same building.
It's so awkward
when we see each other again!
Everybody wants to interview me now.
Have you read the blogs lately?
They all hate me.
Maybe daddy's right.
When I leave now,
this thing's going to pass.
I thought you already know he's fat?
You knew?
I just thought you're okay with it.
Why did you even think
I could fall for someone like him?
Sorry ma'am.
I just thought... Uhmm...
I didn't know.
Oh, so when is he going back?
Here he is.
- Sir, wait up!
- What?
Yes, I'm obese!
I'm not healthy!
I'm sure I'll die young!
But I won't avail
of your program, okay?
Hello Macky, how are you?
Mom, I just came from the laundry.
How come you're not answering
my calls?
Macky, just come home
here in Ilocos.
Hello Macky? Are you still there?
Mom, I think it's time
I get some help.
Hey, that's mine.
Excuse me, can I ask something?
Sure, what is it?
Is this De Jesus Street?
Oh, it's still a bit far.
Oh! The road going there
is quite narrow.
You wouldn't be able to drive
your car there.
If you want,
you can ride in my pedicab.
I have a ride!
It's really hard here.
It's going up.
My daughter told me...
it's because we're fighting
against gravity.
Ah. Do you want me to pedal instead?
No. I'm okay.
Hey Oca...
Oca, get up!
Your daughter has a visitor.
Your legs are wide open!
It's so embarrassing.
Ah sir! Please, have a seat.
I just came from the gym.
They told me it's your day off.
I talked to your friend.
Oh, that's Gela.
It's a good thing
you didn't have a hard time going here.
I think your mom's the one
who had a hard time.
Not really sir.
But that's good sir!
You've decided to lose weight!
I'll leave you two.
The tire got soft.
Aira, can I hire you
as my personal trainer?
Of course sir!
I'm just waiting for you!
I promise you,
when you finish my program...
no one's going to
laugh at you anymore.
Sir, sit down.
I'll just get you a drink.
303 pounds. We can do this sir.
You know sir,
in my three years of personal training...
I've already devised my own program.
Five Steps of Losing Weight.
First step, goal-setting.
To lose weight?
Very good!
Sir, it's important for you to know
why you want to lose weight.
Are you doing this so you can spite Nia
and show her what she's missing?
So when you see each other again,
she'll say, "Oh is that Macky?"
"He's so handsome! He's so gorgeous!".
Are you doing this so she'll regret
what she did?
So you'll make her think
until she finally realizes...
that it's you who she really loves?
And she'll say, "I'm so stupid!
Why did I let Macky go?".
And then she's the one who's going to beg.
She's the one who's going to cry.
Until she begs you to get back to her
because she cannot live without you.
Sir, if that's your reason
then I'm not going to accept this job.
I'm just going to resign.
- Huh? But.
- Sir!
I can accept it if you tell me that...
you're so tired of wearing
extra large t-shirts...
and that the cabs
don't want to pick you up anymore.
And that you want to reach your toes.
That's valid.
Anything, as long as it's for yourself.
You're right.
I don't want to wake up
having a hard time breathing.
I don't want people thinking
that all I do is eat.
I'm not a slob.
You know, I work as hard
as anybody else.
- That's what I'm saying.
- Maybe even harder.
Correct! And for that,
you have 30 minutes here...
and 180 pounds...
see you soon.
Go, go, go!
My whole body aches.
Am I already late?
We're not going to go
to the gym today.
Part of exercise is diet.
Chicken, lean meat
and salmon are okay.
You should also eat a lot of fruits
and vegetables.
Actually, you can really eat up to
five or six times a day.
Eat everything you want during breakfast
but during dinnertime...
you can only have one meal.
Cereal or oats only.
And one cup only. Okay?
You should also avoid foods
with high sugar and cholesterol.
You should also start today.
Not later, not tomorrow,
but today! Okay?
That's the second step.
There's no easy way to lose weight.
No shortcuts.
That's step number three.
I can't avoid this happiness...
when I get near to you.
I can't fight this feeling...
when I'm near you.
I'm getting crazy
out of too much happiness.
I'm getting shy
whenever you're around.
I'm feeling better...
with you, my love.
I can't avoid this happiness...
when I get near to you.
I'm getting crazy
out of too much happiness.
I'm getting shy
whenever you're around.
I'm feeling better...
with you, my love.
Just one smile, just one glance,
just one cuddle...
just one embrace, just one kiss,
I'm falling for you.
Just one smile, just one glance,
just one cuddle...
just one embrace, just one kiss,
I'm falling for you.
Just one smile, just one glance,
just one cuddle...
just one embrace, just one kiss,
I'm falling for you.
Higher, Macky! That's good.
Okay, other one. Let's try, okay?
I'm getting crazy
out of too much happiness.
I'm getting shy
whenever you're around.
I'm feeling better...
with you, my love.
I'm getting crazy
out of too much happiness.
I'm getting shy
whenever you're around.
I'm feeling better...
with you, my love.
- What?
For what?
Because you don't just try
to make me look...
It's hard!
But you made me feel better.
You made everything easy for me.
Can I just ask?
Did your mom bring company?
No. It's just her. Why?
Oh, maybe she is...
That's her!
How are you?
How are you too?
I'm good.
Come in, come in, come in.
I should've been here hours ago!
But then...
Ah, mom. This is Aira.
Aira, this is my mom.
Oh, hi. So you're Aira?
Mom, take a seat.
No, don't worry about me.
What did you cook?
Well! I prepared Italian.
We have the enselada orientale.
- We have the sopa crema de champiniogne.
- Let me help you.
And for the main course,
we have herb-roasted chicken.
And for dessert,
I made your favorite.
Crme de tropicale.
Wow, I'm so hungry!
Come on, let's eat.
Ah, Macky, I have to go now.
I'm already needed at the gym.
Don't leave yet. You have to eat.
I'm sure Macky cooked
for three, right?
Well, I actually cooked for two.
And a half. I'm the half.
I want to cut down
on my food intake starting today.
But if Aira won't eat,
I'll have to start tomorrow.
Is that the case?
Well then, I'm going to eat.
What about you Aira, do you cook?
No, no. So how was your flight?
It's so hot. My flight is delayed.
I should have been here earlier.
Thank you.
Here Macky.
- Here.
- It's still hot.
- Good evening ma'am.
- Good evening.
Your towel, ma'am.
- I'll come back.
- Okay.
Aha! What are you eating?
Have you forgotten what I told you?
Step number four, motivate yourself!
Get inspired so you can...
- go back to your goal.
- Move away.
She's back.
The problem with you
is you let yourself get affected.
That's easy for you to say.
You don't look like me.
You weren't the one
who got embarrassed.
That's another thing.
You're so insecure.
Give that to me.
You know what?
Don't I have the right
to be insecure?
Anyway, you won't understand.
You're not overweight!
I mean, you can go on a blind date
and not get laughed at on You Tube!
Come to think of it
you probably don't even need
to go on a blind date.
- What?
- Maybe a lot of people like you.
But me, I have to follow your five steps
just so other people can notice me.
Hey! For your information,
nobody's courting me.
So don't think that all the misfortunes
in the world are with you...
just because you're fat!
There! You said it!
That I'm unlucky because I'm fat.
- That's not what I meant.
- You just said it!
You're just like Nia!
Hey! I'm not like Nia!
And wait a minute, this isn't about me!
This is about you.
You're right!
It's about me being a loser, right?
You know what,
you're not funny anymore.
All the misfortunes in the world
are with you because you're fat.
But you know what,
everyone has his own misfortune.
Like me.
I'm unfortunate to be born poor.
But what am I going to do?
I'm going to work, right?
I'm going to fix things
instead of complaining.
But you. Look at what
you're doing to yourself.
When you're done with your tantrums,
go back to step one.
If you can't do it...
then just don't go back to the gym.
Your sister's pregnant.
Here's your ticket, Aira.
Your flight's next week.
Hey! Just look for a slim guy
with no frills.
I just want to see
the progress of the guy.
Oh come on, chubby chaser!
I don't believe you.
Do you want to see him
when he's slim...
getting chased by the woman
who turned him down before?
That's painful. Fly now! Fly!
- Tomorrow, let's train your lower back.
- Okay!
- Let's resume tomorrow.
- Aira...
someone's looking for you.
Wait, Aira!
- I want to finish your five steps.
- You haven't even finished step one.
Aira, I got your point.
I can't base my happiness on whether
or not the person likes me or not.
I should like myself first.
I tried to continue without you
but I got stuck on step four.
I couldn't find my inspiration
to continue.
And that's why I'm here.
You're the one who inspires me.
For you.
Enough with the drama! Let's go.
Let's check your weight so we'll know
how big the damage is while I was gone.
Let's go!
- Two hundred ninety seven!
- Yehey!
You're so good! Five pounds!
Thank you! Thank you!
Here it is. Time to eat!
Just tell me when it's all gone.
Macky, open your eyes.
This is the fifth step.
Be happy.
You're going to eat.
I thought you're testing me.
Of course I know
you're getting tired of your diet!
it's bad to deprive yourself with food.
You're just going to eat more.
So now, you're going to eat.
You know,
you're prettier when you're happy.
Stop pulling my leg!
No really!
You're already smart and funny.
Plus you're a good daughter
and sister.
So when you smile like that, whooo!
You're fooling me again.
But then, you're unlucky.
You're with a fat guy.
Look, look!
Look at that girl in the other table.
She's cute, right?
- Is she your crush?
- Of course not!
She's your crush!
- She's your crush!
- Stop it.
Look, come on! She's cute, right?
She's going to fall in love with you.
Okay. Let me ask you.
Will you fall in love
with someone like me?
Who knows?
Oh. Someone's going to perform
a magic trick.
Can you do that?
You can't do it!
Wait. I can do it.
You can't do that.
- Give me that. Let me do it.
- I can do it.
You're not a magician. You're a cook.
You won't be able to do it.
I can't do it myself!
You know, I want to be a magician.
Me, I want to have my own gym.
And I want to have my own bakeshop.
I thought you want to be a magician.
Magician with a bakeshop.
You're going to treat me here!
All you can eat.
- Promise?
- You'll be my most special guest.
Sure, but frowning
is forbidden there.
So you should always smile.
I'm going to miss you.
I'm leaving. I'm going to Japan.
Will you stay there for long?
A bit.
I need to.
We have another addition to the family.
Hmmm. You'll miss me, right?
Let's go. Let's get inside.
I just wanted to bring you home.
One for you and one for me.
Will I still see you?
Of course! We have a workout tomorrow!
Last workout?
Go! Just think that
you want to lose weight.
That you want to breathe easily.
You want to reach your toes!
You can do it! Go!
- You can do it!
- You're so unfair!
It's always me.
Okay, let's switch.
What you're doing is wrong.
Come here.
You're doing it wrong
that's why you're having a hard time.
The pressure should be here.
You know, there's no fun in Japan.
It's cold there.
I'm going to bring a jacket.
Your nose will bleed...
I can take the weather there.
...out of speaking English!
Hey! I know how to speak English!
The food there is raw.
You're going to miss my cake. And...
You don't want me to leave, right?
Enough with your rest!
Is it me who wants to lose weight?
Come here. Quick.
Do what I just did.
Game, game, game.
Can I stop you?
Stop it!
You have to go, right?
I'll just go to Ilocos.
Let's just leave together.
I think it's going to be good for me
if I leave for a while.
There's no more reason
for me to stay.
Is it because of...?
Well, it's because
you're not here anymore.
Why are you bringing a fork?
Don't they use chopsticks there?
Mom, just keep it there.
Be careful with Japanese men!
Don't let them fool you.
Yolanda got pregnant there.
Mom! I'm going to work in a gym,
not in a club.
Yeah, just a reminder.
This is the first time
you're going to be away.
Hey A-Cap, don't be silly here!
I'm just going to call
from time to time.
Sis, I'm really going to miss you.
Size 10, okay?
I knew it! Come here, come here.
You always have something
to ask for!
But hey, A-Cap, listen.
Once I learn your misadventures.
I'm going to fly back
to pinch your thing!
Oh, mom is getting emotional again
and longs to be cuddled.
Come here, mom. Come, come. Quick!
- Hey!
- Ayyy!
Don't surprise me!
You look like weird there!
Wait, I have something to give you.
Here, you'll be able to use this.
I gathered this for you.
It will help you.
I'm sure, when you come back...
you're going to ignore me
because you have lots of yen already!
It's you who's going to ignore me
because you're already slim by then.
That won't happen.
Here you go again.
You should believe
that you're going to be slim!
I mean, it won't happen
that I'll ever ignore you.
You take care.
I'm going to miss you.
I just want to tell you
how much I like you.
Very much.
You don't have to say anything.
Me too.
I like you too.
Well, I'll send you e-mail everyday.
Send me your number
when you get there, okay?
And you text me.
I'm going to reply
but not through text, okay?
That's expensive.
I don't care if I get lost there
as long as I find an Internet shop.
Well, I guess this is it.
I have to come in.
It's my first time so I might get lost.
Sure, bye.
What's wrong?
Do we have a problem?
What happened? What?
Nothing. I'm just happy for you.
You're so handsome!
I hate you!
Come here, come.
Stop it. Your girlfriend
might get jealous of me.
I'm just panicking.
No, don't!
If I were you,
I'd panic even more. Joke!
You can do it.
I'm sure she'll love this. Promise.
Sir Macky, ma'am is here.
She's here.
Okay. Go!
I know that things
are a bit crazy lately.
You know,
at the restaurant and all...
We're both stressed...
Most of the time...
always mad.
That's why I want this night
just for the two of us.
I want us to have a great time.
Happy first anniversary.
Happy first anniversary.
Your first magazine cover
and article.
I gave dad a copy right away.
Though it's not yet too perfect.
Because you can still improve
your pose. And the style.
But it doesn't matter.
It's still you.
Did you know that
even the press thinks...
that you are the one
who's following dad's footsteps?
And I'm sure he'll be so happy to know
that his training on you is paying off.
He made the right choice.
Well, I made the right choice.
The next, biggest restaurateur.
Nice, right?
Nins, don't you think
it's kinda early to say?
I still have a lot of things
to prove to your dad.
Mack, we've been
managing Herbert's pretty well.
As long as we keep dad happy,
there's no problem.
And I'm sure you won't let
anything go wrong, right?
Oh. And by the way, dad wants us to meet
some investors from Cebu tomorrow.
He thinks that we can entertain the idea
of setting up a branch there.
- Right after that, we can go to -
- There they are. There.
Ma'am, sir, there's a problem.
You should've understood.
You love meddling with my business!
If there's something I hate,
it's traitors like you!
Stop it.
Don't think you don't know
what you're doing?
You're destroying my image to our staff!
You don't have to backstab me.
You are so ambitious!
You want to steal my position!
Hey! I said...
This is what's right for you!
Why did you let Uncle Anton leave?
You know he's been dad's friend
since college, right?
What are we going to do when dad finds out?
What is he going to tell us?
He's unfit to manage the kitchen.
You saw how arrogant he was.
I'm sure Uncle Bert will understand.
But he still delivers. Now, tell me.
How are you going to tell dad about this?
How are you going to manage his temper?
Nins, are we fighting again?
It's our anniversary.
Can we just for once
forget about your dad...
and trust my decision?
- Yes dad.
- Why did you Anton go?
I tried to tell him dad.
Where's Macky?
He's here.
- Macky.
- Uncle Bert.
You know that Anton is a good friend.
But sir...
Make sure you can run the place
without him.
Yes sir.
- Don't disappoint me Macky.
- Yes.
- It's all in your hands now.
- I'm going to answer for Sen.
- I'm counting on you.
- I will.
It's up to you now.
That's your call.
I'll make it up to you next time, mom.
I promise.
You always say that.
What if you already have a family?
We won't really be able to see you.
Mom, I'm going to come home
next Christmas.
Christmas just passed Macky.
Oh right.
Well, I'll come home
some other time, okay?
You're stressing yourself too much.
You don't have a sense of time.
Mom, I missed my turn.
I'll call you later.
You even don't have a sense
of direction. Take a rest now.
Good night Macky!
Good night, mom.
I'm sorry Nins.
I'll call you when I get home okay?
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Run guys! Quick!
Don't leave me!
I know you.
You have no shame!
The neighbors might be
gossiping about us!
They might think that I have a son
who's a criminal.
Don't worry, mom,
I'm sure they knew it even before.
Your sister's here.
You're dead!
- You're dead, A-Cap.
- What's this again?
There. That's yours.
Mom, what's this?
You have to go to that address.
A-Cap and his gang stole some car parts.
They were able to return some
but the tire has already been sold.
I'm sorry, that wasn't my intention.
My friend's father is sick...
and he needs money to buy medicine.
If not, the father might die.
But the guy is handsome,
you can date him and be your boyfriend.
And I hope the guy with the car
becomes Aira's boyfriend.
What boyfriend are you talking about?
At last Aira,
you're going to have a boyfriend!
Hey sexy!
I knew it! You missed me.
Gela, how much did we earn today?
Just this?
Hey! Wait a minute, you have a date?
How did you know?
Your mother called.
It's not a date.
We're going to compute
the damage I have to pay.
I wonder how much it would cost.
Oh yeah, Rosie passed by.
She's asking us to pay the rent.
But wait, I heard he's handsome
and his car is really expensive.
- I'm so giddy!
- You're always like that!
Women are all the same.
You only look at the face and the wallet.
So what do you want us to look at?
I can't believe it.
I thought you won't recognize me.
So what's new? Aside from your hair?
What's new? I was able to save.
I got a loan to operate a gym.
Actually, we've been open
for four months. We're turning five.
But you, how are you?
Are you a model?
No, no, no. I'm managing a restaurant,
with my girlfriend.
So you already have a love life?
Who? Oh of course, I don't know her.
Actually, you know her.
You're so good!
So how's your family?
They're okay.
They already miss you.
Yes. They will all be surprised
when they see you.
I'm going to visit them.
That's so nice.
Look, there's a fountain!
Let's go there.
- Nins, look who's here.
- Aira!
How are you?
You've been away for so long.
I feel so good to see you.
Can you believe it?
We're together now.
Nia was the one who courted me.
And talking about karma...
falling in love with someone
who used to love you.
It's a good thing
that he wasn't completely over me.
Oh, has he told you how we met?
Not yet, ma'am.
She was having a shoot in Ilocos.
Sir, Sir Bert is calling you.
Oh, please tell him
I'll be there in a while.
Mack, don't keep dad waiting.
Go. I'll take care of Aira.
Excuse me.
So there.
Anyway, he's quite chubby then
and he's so snobbish...
even if we always eat
in his aunt's restaurant.
But it didn't take me long
to realize who he was.
By the way, I heard about Anton.
It's your call as a manager.
But I'll be expecting more from you
and your friend, the new chef.
And just to remind you...
my parent's 50th wedding anniversary
is very near.
You know that.
I invited all my friends in politics
and all our relatives.
That'll be a big opportunity for us.
I'm hoping everything's going to be okay.
Even without Anton.
Can I count on you, Macky?
Where's Aira?
She just left.
I didn't know she already has a gym.
Oh, wait. She left this.
You didn't tell me
that you got robbed yesterday.
Next time, you tell me, okay?
Good morning, Aira.
Good morning, Ma. Did you see Gela?
I haven't seen her.
I just got in because
the door was open.
Is that okay?
When did this start?
Just last night Ai.
I'm sorry, I didn't know that
I can fall for this hideous guy.
But I really love him.
You know you're the only one I love.
- Promise?
- Promise.
Hey, are you okay?
Tell me the truth.
I just thought it's still possible.
I thought I can make it up to him.
It's too late.
You know how it feels?
When I saw him,
I wanted to embrace him.
I wanted to tell him,
"Hey, I didn't forget you".
I just wasn't able
to answer your e-mails.
So why didn't you answer his e-mails?
It only takes a few hits
in the computer.
Or you can text him, right?
I really wanted to.
But how is it possible?
He's very happy with his stories.
And he's very excited
with what's happening with his life.
Especially when he was losing weight.
While you were having
a lot of problems in Japan.
It wouldn't be right to answer
his happy e-mails with my problems.
So it's better not to reply, right?
And I don't want him
to be sad for me.
I'm okay with the fact
that one of us is happy.
Oh, it's all cheeks. Wait.
Aira! I didn't notice
that this is Macky!
He's so handsome! So gorgeous!
Hey! That's too much.
I'm just having fun.
I just want to return this.
No, no. That's yours, right?
No. Take it.
You think I brought you
to the restaurant to make you pay?
Didn't you?
No. I really wanted to see you.
Take it, Ai. Come on. Take it.
A lot of things have changed here.
Yeah, you smell so good.
Oh yeah!
A lot of things have changed here.
And it's all because of Aira.
Have you seen her new gym?
Oh, you haven't?
Come on. Quick. I'll tour you!
Hey, hey, hey.
She will tour you. Aira.
Aira is on her way there,
right Aira?
Yes Mom.
Wow! So this is it.
You already have a gym.
Dream come true.
That's Gela.
Hey, sorry I wasn't able
to ask your permission.
I put your picture because those
are our past and present clients.
Is it okay?
I'm so fat here.
What are you talking about?
You're so cute!
I look so different now.
Of course, you're big time now.
You're a manager. You have Ni
- And besides--
- You're more handsome now!
All thanks to you.
You know what?
- This calls for a celebration.
- What?
Let's go out?
Us? Ma'am Nina might look for you.
Ai, I insist.
This is my treat.
For old time's sake.
- Hi Macky, I'm so happy to see you.
- Cheska.
- Hello.
- Good to see you too!
Hey dude, what's up man?
It's hot.
It's hot in here.
Let's go, let's dance!
Come on! Come on!
Since when did you
become so shy in dancing?
- Come on.
- No no.
Show them your moves. Like this.
It's so embarrassing!
Since when did you say no to me
in dancing?
Come on! Show them your moves.
Why? Have you really changed?
Is it because you're handsome now?
You've changed. You're a snob now.
Me? A snob? You're the snob.
Since when?
When you stopped answering
my e-mails and texts.
Hey, I sent you e-mails.
You didn't reply.
I sent you e-mail last year.
You didn't reply.
When I came home, I went to Flavors
but you're not there anymore.
I was with Nia already.
I called you.
Hmmm, when?
Before Nia and I got together.
I thought you're going to come home.
Ahhh... My contract got extended.
Yeah, I almost followed you there.
To Japan?
Good for you. It's good that
you bumped your head, right?
It's good that
you bumped your head, right?
It's okay, right?
Everything that happened.
You got the gym you wanted.
I became a manager.
I'm now with Nia.
Things are better now, right?
Yeah. Everything's okay.
I just really missed you.
Please never leave again, okay?
I don't like this wine.
Where's Macky?
Dad, he just fixed something.
- If you want dad, I can do it for him.
- He's the one I want.
He's supposed to be the one
on top of this.
Dad, he suddenly felt sick so...
Nia, you know how important
this party is for us.
You have to remind your boyfriend
to start working.
I don't want to get the impression
that he's losing interest.
Yes dad.
Your order sir.
Here it is!
Mack, what's this?
It's comfort food.
I just want us to eat.
Wait, since when
did you break your diet?
It's okay.
We have been
depriving ourselves so much.
So I thought, we should eat today.
Let's eat.
Mack, we can eat at Herbert's.
We need something else to eat.
Come on!
You know, we can accomplish
more things if we're at Herbert's.
Nins, take it easy, okay?
All I want for us
is to have a good time.
You always think
of having a good time!
You didn't even think of us
when we faced dad.
Aren't you also going to think
of your body now?
Now what Mack?
Do you want to get fat again?
I'm sorry.
For not being there.
And hoping you'd appreciate this.
All I wanted for us is to enjoy.
I just don't know
what to do anymore!
Did I do the right thing, Ai?
Is it too much?
When you were arguing with her,
you didn't feel guilty.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
I'm getting tired.
I need a release.
You know what, I have been nothing
but an obedient boyfriend.
Everything she wants,
her father wants, I follow.
Go back to Step one.
Why are you doing what they want?
Is it because you also want it?
Well then, go to Step four,
motivate yourself!
You have to think of ways
to remind yourself...
why you're doing what you're doing.
You know what. I just need a break.
You know?
There! That's what I need.
Out-of-town workout. I need Step five.
I shouldn't deprive myself.
I should be happy.
Right, Ai?
Come on, Macky! Let's swim!
- Come on!
- No, no.
Why? Are you afraid of the water?
- Come on.
- No.
Promise you won't laugh at me.
Yes. Promise.
I don't know how to swim.
You don't find it funny?
You know what...
when I told Nia about it,
she just laughed.
That's okay.
Let's go!
Come on. Quick! Let's go!
Go! Go! Go! Here.
Oh no, on the other side. Let's go!
We're going to jump here.
Hold my hand.
Come on. Ready, one, two...
Go Macky, go!
You still have it.
That gift.
It just happens.
You just make it so easy
for other people.
That's my job.
You're doing what you do best.
Because I love my job.
Good for you.
Why? Aren't you happy?
I don't know anymore.
But for sure,
I'm happiest when I'm with you.
Dad, why are you still up?
He brings you home more often now.
Is he courting you?
Of course not!
Be careful Aira. He's already taken.
Gela, I've been calling her.
Could you just tell Aira
that I called?
Mack, that's not what we need.
That's for bakeshops.
Well, I just thought,
what if we put up a bakeshop, right?
I could be the pastry chef.
Look, it doesn't have to be big.
- I mean, we could start by --
- What are you talking about?
Dad wants you to be the next him.
Who knows, one day,
you'll have your own hotel.
That's why he's training you.
Mack, we're getting there.
This is our dream, right?
I'm sorry Nins.
I'm just...
I'm asking a lot
of questions right now.
Watch your diet.
This looks nice. What's this?
Nothing ma'am.
Can I have this? Is it okay?
By the way, my grandma's
wedding anniversary's this weekend.
Dad's hoping that Macky and I
will announce our engagement there.
You should come.
I'm sorry Aira.
You have a text from Macky.
I already read it.
Aira. Aira, stop! Look.
I just want to talk.
No Macky, go home.
Just talk to me first.
Why are you pushing me away?
No Macky, stop it. Go home now.
Nia is looking for you.
How can I be with Nia
when all I think about is you?
It's true, Ai.
It's crazy.
I was okay until you came back.
Now, all I think about is
what might have been.
What could have been if it was us?
I wanted to be with you.
I still do.
Aira, no!
Just go back to Nia!
Let's talk first.
Nia made me want to be better.
I wanted to change because
I wasn't good enough for her.
But you.
You've changed something in me.
You make me feel good inside.
You make me happy inside.
Please tell me
you want to be with me too.
I can't love you anymore.
I could have loved you before.
But now, I can't.
Is this about Aira?
But it's also about us.
Nins, even without Aira...
I don't think I can be the man...
you want to spend
the rest of your life with.
- Mack, maybe we can fix this?
- That's our problem Nins.
I always fix myself for you.
Do you know how it feels
to not be loved by the one you love?
That's how I felt for you.
So I changed my life for you.
I wanted so badly
to be right for you.
I wanted you to love me.
Because you are my dream.
I thought when you'll love me,
I'm going to be happy.
I was wrong.
Because I don't know
if you would still love me...
if I'm not perfect anymore.
But I love the Macky I'm seeing now.
Mack, I love you.
Nins, will you still love me
if I get fat?
I'm sorry Nia.
Mack, please don't do this.
Everyone's going to be there tomorrow.
I don't want them
to feel sorry for me.
Mack, please don't do this to me.
Please, not now?
We'll talk about this again, okay?
Hurry up.
I'm almost done, dad.
Hey A-Cap, hurry up!
I'm fixing the table now.
- Oh Aira, you're there.
- Hi Aira!
Let's eat.
Good morning!
What's happening?
Sorry Ai. I'm just really
concerned about you so I told them.
Are you okay now?
Hey, what Aira did was right.
She doesn't need a man
to make her happy.
Come on, what do you think
will make your daughter happy?
We're here!
Come on Dad!
All we give Aira are headaches.
Let her go!
You already made her an ATM.
She will become an old maid.
Nia loves Macky. Macky loves Nia.
They love each other.
- So you guys don't care if they're together.
- But he also said he loves me.
You witch, you just told me
that you let him go...
because he will propose to Nia.
Did you tell him you love him?
No! I let him go, remember?
- You're stupid! Why didn't you tell him?
- You turned your back on the blessing!
Should have I told him?
You have no more chance.
Just keep that feeling of yours.
This will just be among us.
Because if you don't admit
your real feelings -
I'm going to regret it
for the rest of my life?
Am I stupid?
You're more stupid
if you don't do anything.
So what are you still doing here?
Go now!
Mom! Get the pedicab ready, quick!
Go Aira go!
Hurry up! A-Cap, go!
Go Aira!
This is it, sister! You should go
before it's too late!
Hurry up.
Is she on drugs?
Oops, we're ready now!
Guard, is Macky there?
I haven't seen him.
Is he in his unit?
I'm just going to go there,
I have to tell him something.
Yes ma'am.
Why are you here?
Ahhh... because...
I just need to say something.
Aira, what is it?
We still have to go
to my grandparents' anniversary party.
Ah, uhm,
I just have to say something.
I just want to say that...
Macky loves you so much...
because I witnessed it.
He wants you to be happy
all the time.
I hope you can make him happy too.
I wish that you're going to be
happy together.
That's it.
That's it.
It takes so much courage
for her to say that.
But we both know
that she's not telling the truth, right?
Thanks so much.
Aira! Whatever you do,
I'd be able to catch up.
You trained me, remember?
Step one, goal-setting.
Why did you go to the condo?
Didn't I tell you?
Step two, start today.
Start being honest today.
It's your call.
It might be too late.
Go away!
Step number three. No shortcuts.
You can't get rid of me that easily.
You first accept the reason
why you were there.
Did you go there to tell me that,
"Macky, I missed you"?
"I now realized that
it's you who I really love".
And I can't live without you".
Or did you go there to tell me
that I'm your crush?
Yihee, I'm your crush?
Stop it! Please!
So what if you're my crush?
You think you're handsome, huh?
You think you're cute?
When you lost your fats,
you also lost who you are!
You've changed!
If I changed,
it's all because of you.
I'm a better man because of you.
You're my step four.
You're my inspiration.
You're the one who taught me that
I can be accepted and I can be loved...
however I may look like.
You're the one who's insecure!
How can I believe you?
Your dream girl looks like a goddess
who went down from heaven!
- I'm no match!
- There you go again!
You're so insecure.
You're worse than me when I was fat.
At least I was fat.
You, you have no reason to be insecure
so stop putting yourself down.
Aira, you're the most beautiful thing
that's ever happened to my life.
You are my happiness Aira.
Please, let me make you happy?
Are you ready for step five?
Be happy.
Be happy.
I love you.
I love you too.
Come on, show them your dance!