My Brilliant Life (2014) Movie Script

executive producers
a ZIP CINEMA production
I am 16 years old.
And I've never been to school.
Produced by LEE EUGENE
I spend most of my time reading books,
directed by E J-YONG
or writing on my computer.
I began writing about my parents some time ago.
"They looked into each other,"
"and kissed without hesitation."
Mom and dad had me when they were only 17.
Whoa, bravo.
It's nothing to be ashamed of, nor proud of.
Despite being only 17?
Not 27, they were kids.
Romeo and Juliet also fell in love at that age.
Youths in love, I'm so jealous.
Love in the spring, like a start
of their lives.
I pity the youths today.
Then again, they all do it too.
I bet your dad freaked out when he found out.
You won't...really have the baby?
I don't know.
You don't? Are you nuts?
- Mira!
- What?
I'm only 17!
We're the same age.
I really am stupid!
My family is poor, and no future either.
Uh yeah!
I don't even have a mom to help raise the kid.
If the word gets out,
we'll be high school dropouts!
How can we raise a child?!
My mom's a dropout too,
but did fine.
You call this fine?!
If you have the baby...
people will know we did it.
You okay with that?
- Dae-su.
- Yeah?
There's a bug that disguises itself
as bird shit
to survive.
So what?
You look pathetic like that bug.
Choi Mira, my mom.
Youngest of 6 siblings, with 5 brothers.
And my dad impregnated her.
- Stop right there!
- Why's he so fast?!
I'll fucking whip your ass!
Screw you! I'm not that stupid!
You're so fucking dead!
Get over here!
We sent you to school to study!
You're pregnant?! Let go of me!
Come here!
Get over here!
- Please stop!
- Out of my way!
Her nickname as a kid was 'Shit Princess'.
It's all thanks to my uncles' early education.
You had big bro when you were 17 too!
But that was...
Who's the father?! Tell me!
Say what?!
First warning!
He was out of bounds,
why am I getting a warning?!
You took bribes again?!
Shut the hell up!
Blue, out!
What?! Look at this blind fuck!
Dae-su, stop!
Let go!
My dad, Han Dae-su.
Former taekwondo athlete and...
he became infamous in his town
for swing kicking his principal.
Son of bitch!
I didn't teach you,
swing kick for that purpose!
You idiot!
What? "Pregnant"?
I quit!
School, and you too! I don't need anything!
Say what?
Get back here!
I'll never ever come back!
Dad left home that day,
and never went back.
Mom, knock!
Yes, come in.
Don't wear hat inside.
Forget it.
- Took blood pressure pills?
- Yes.
- Rheumatic pills?
- I took them.
Stomach pills?
Mom, I'm used to it. I can take care of myself.
Any insulin shots left?
Enough for 2.
I'll have to get some more.
Come, dad bought ice slurry.
Ice slurry? Nice!
You love it that much?
- Come on.
- Okay.
Tae-yeon's even hotter now.
Suh-hyun's all grown up...
Don't eat it if your teeth ache.
Just rice cake chunks.
I'm fine.
- Ahreum?
- Yes?
What kind of music do you like?
Just wondering what my son likes.
Any music sang by hot girls.
Even our music taste is the same.
But as I grow older, I prefer sad music.
The saddest song in the world
is the one that goes with a drink.
So when you grow older...
Age wise...
Listen to sad songs while drinking, okay?
She's practically naked...
Honey, it's time.
Switch the channel!
It hurts!
Look, it's on!
Is it okay for 17-year olds
to become parents?
Is it okay
to live only 17 years?
This is the story of two 17-year olds
who became parents,
and their son who must depart this world
when he's 17.
I've never been to a school.
So I'm curious as to what it feels like.
When I'm better, I'd like to go.
When the illness became apparent,
Ahreum moved to Bucheon,
and receives weekly outpatient treatment.
A day feels like a year to Ahreum.
He suffers from geriatric illnesses,
including heart disease.
Although he's losing sight due
to blood vessel clots,
they cannot afford hospital admission.
He's only 16,
but physically, he's over 80.
Progeria patients age 10 times faster
than normal people.
Not only their skin, but bones and organs too.
The cause is unknown...
He looks better in person.
It's an extremely rare disease
that affects 1 in 30 million.
Aging can be delayed slightly,
but even with modern science,
there's no way to cure aging.
Dad, dad!
Ahreum's on TV.
Who's that?
You know, that next door granny-child prick.
Your son will be on TV soon.
Dad, look at me.
What did you have for lunch?
Flour dumplings.
Good! Dad, who am I?
Idiot! You're Jang!
My mind may be cloudy,
but I won't forget my own son.
Then who are you?
Who am I?
His father drives a cab,
and mother works at a laundromat.
They work hard but it's not enough
to cover his medical expenses.
I didn't know it was this bad.
when Ahreum was in ICU...
I got a call from my mother,
that father was in grave condition.
instead of rushing to see him,
I thought, 'he lived a long life,
can he die instead of Ahreum?'
I'm a terrible human being.
I knew it then,
I realized how scary being a parent is...
Ahreum loves to ride his father's cab
from time to time.
Rather than a dream,
"What's your dream?"
I wanna be a son
who can make my parents laugh.
Just growing up healthy
brings joy to the parents.
But I can do none of that for mine.
If dad had a healthy son instead of me,
he could've gone camping, or play catch...
So I thought,
'I should at least make them laugh!'
"will air next week"
Hey bro.
Did you see?
Who is it?
It's me!
- Good evening.
- Mr. Jang!
Yo, Ahreum.
That producer is a prick!
How could he accept my drinks
and cut all my interviews?
That's what I'm saying.
How could I, the father,
get less air time than the doctor?
He had that cunning look to him.
The doctor?
No, the shithead producer!
This is the 'shithead producer',
mom's old classmate, Seung-chan.
it'll raise the highest donation
in our history.
I told you so.
Thank you,
so many people worked so hard for us.
We should be thanking you.
The rating was incredible.
It was the highest in that time slot,
and one of our top 3.
Thanking you is all I can do.
You contributed so much for us.
Not at all, Ahreum made this happen.
We were just closers.
Ahreum, I'm off to work!
No, your mom'll kill me if I take you.
Damn, I'm late!
Let's just go.
- That little mutt.
- It's Wet Rice!
General Hospital please.
I'm riding with my son today,
is that alright?
Weren't you on TV last week?
Holy shit...
So disgusting!
I don't believe this, what the fuck!
"A Boy with Progeria Talk of Town"
- It's him, right?
- Look.
Could we take a photo together?
1, 2, 3!
Thank you!
Get well soon!
Bye, study hard!
- Good luck!
- Thank you!
- Shall we?
- Okay.
So you attended P.E. school
to become a taekwondo player?
Then what did you want to be?
I didn't know the answer to that.
The only thing I liked about taekwondo
was the uniform.
Can you be good at it and hate it
at the same time?
Sure, so many people are like that.
A friend of mine was a top ranked math student,
but he said never once enjoyed it.
You had a friend like that? That's a stretch.
Don't patronize me just because you look older.
Us former athletes are sensitive to that.
Okay, okay.
- Good night.
- Take care.
Hey honey! Get in the back.
- For our family!
- Cheers!
Your mom's in drinking mood.
This feels so nice.
Why do I love the windy day so much?
Me too.
Wind moves electrons in the air to other atoms,
which is what makes you feel good.
So smart!
Who does he take after?
Isn't that obvious? Me of course.
What, it's true!
He likes ice slurry, hates bean rice,
long toes,
good sense of humor and so considerate too.
Calling all the good traits?
He's got the beautiful eyes and brain from me.
He has my eyes.
Shut it, get some more beer!
- Come with?
- Okay.
Dad, washroom.
- Sure, I'll be here.
- Okay.
Are you really a kid?
So friggin' weird.
Maybe he's an alien.
They said on TV...
His disease makes him old super fast.
Let me go.
Give it back!
- Holy shit!
- What the fuck!
Damn...Is it contagious?
You okay? Your hat?
That's his dad?
What a great son, taking his elderly father
for a walk.
How can a human give birth to a gollum?
What did you say?
Hold this and stay behind me.
Trust me.
Stay back.
Hot dang!
Barn! Barn! Barn!
Hot dang!
Grab him!
Enough! Please stop!
Hot dang!
Dad, no...
Oh no...
Are you okay? I'm so sorry...
What the hell?!
My son's ill, and they were teasing him,
- so my husband...
- They are rascals!
You attacked us first!
Come here!
Hit me!
Come at me!
Nice going, just how old are you?
You got an anger issue!
You promised never to fight!
Then should I let them tease him
and do nothing?
They called him 'gollum', would you hold back?!
What kind of father would I be?!
Now I'm pissed.
I'll shred those sons of bitches...
We have to stop her!
Mira! Mira!
I'm sorry, I'll never fight again.
Let go of me!
Where are you going? They're gone.
I'll whip you too!
Don't touch me.
Mira! Please!
Tonight, I finally saw...
'Shit Princess' and 'Incompetent Swing Kick'.
This is where the artery ruptured slightly.
We were lucky, it could've led to a stroke.
How could we not have known about it?
The migraine must've been painful.
He never said anything?
I told you to say something if you felt pain.
When am I ever not in pain?
How could you let this happen?
He may not live past this year...
- Ahreum.
- Yes?
Could you go outside for a bit?
I want to hear it.
Honey, please go outside.
Brain's one thing,
but the arteries could rupture soon.
Think of it as...
a ticking time bomb in his heart.
Admit him right away, we can't help otherwise.
Weather's so nice!
Let's walk a little bit.
Sweetie, don't stare.
Let's go home.
I didn't know he lived here.
Walk faster, people are staring.
Probably admiring my beauty.
Aren't you embarrassed?
Of what? Why should I be?
What's with you?
You're sick. Don't mind anything else.
Don't mind the stares or the bills,
just act your age.
Complain and cry like a kid if it hurts!
But I don't look like a kid.
They stare because you wear this
like a celebrity.
Han Ahreum, look at me.
Who am I?
I was a teenage mom.
How many years have we walked this road?
13 years.
Your uncle cried like a baby
after his circumcision,
when he was your age.
But you went through treatments
that are far worse.
Not everyone can do that.
You're doing something incredible.
So, walk proud and let them stare, got it?
Let's go.
- But mom...
- Yeah?
I heard circumcision is really painful...
How'd you know?
I read it online.
But not as painful as giving birth.
Mom wrote down dad's best
and worst qualities.
According to her, his best qualities
were 'tall and kind'.
His worst were...
'too tall, and too kind'.
- I felt it!
- Wow!
So cool!
But her dad thought otherwise.
"The only thing he's good
at is getting my daughter pregnant!"
Then grandma said
"at least he's good at something".
"1 New E-mail"
Hi. My name is Lee Suh-ha.
I'm 16, same age as you.
I managed to get your e-mail
from the TV station.
They probably took pity on me
because I'm sick too.
After seeing your episode,
I thought we could be friends.
A minute of my life
feels like an eternity too.
Good luck, wish you well.
Lee Suh-ha?
Hi. My name is Lee Suh-ha. Same age as you.
Hi. My name is Lee Suh-ha. Same age as you.
Hi. My name is Lee Suh-ha.
Same age as you.
It's all my fault.
What is?
I think it was all my fault.
Mira, it's no one's fault, it just happened.
Doctors said so, it's not genetic.
If only I didn't do that then...
Ahreum wouldn't be like that.
How many times have I told you?
It was a random mutation.
Jogging while pregnant didn't cause it.
My mom didn't know she was pregnant
and did all kinds of exercises.
I ran 10, 20 laps all night until
my heart was ready to explode!
I prayed, 'please don't let it be born'.
Could our baby...ever come home again?
Don't say that.
I ran 10, 20 laps all night until
my heart was ready to explode.
"That Brilliant Summer"
I prayed, 'please don't let it be born'.
"Would you like to permanently erase
'Please don't let it be born'.
Mr. Jang, I'll be admitted tomorrow.
That's good.
When do you discharge?
Well...When I get better.
You'll be out in no time.
Does that taste good?
It's foul, of course.
Then why do you drink it?
Do you stop living because life's foul? Nope.
Same can be said about soju.
Damn, that'll kill me!
Strange, eh?
You're too young to know.
- Mr. Jang?
- Yes?
Is it normal for a girl to see me
and want to be my friend?
How could that be normal?
She's probably sick too.
How did you know? That she's sick?
Can't I even joke?
Why? Does she like you?
It's not that...l got an e-mail.
Did you reply?
It's a bit annoying.
Yeah, girls are annoying.
But curious too...
Yeah, girls are curious beings.
- Hey!
- Yeah?
Why are you so complicated, you idiot.
Just do what you feel.
Yeah, as I feel.
Look, it's your father.
I'm off.
Dad! Dad!
This isn't our home.
Good afternoon.
Who is this gentleman?
It's Ahreum next door!
Pleased to meet you, sir.
Come on, dad.
- Ahreum, see you!
- Bye!
Are you going to the pediatrics
or the geriatrics?
Can't you even catch?
Here it comes!
Catch it properly!
It's your fault!
Screw you!
Stop it!
You can't say that to me!
- He's a grandpa!
- No, he's not!
Look at his wrinkly face!
This patient has progeria.
It's called progeria. They age much faster.
I see.
Oh Lord...
Please begin.
- Reach out...
- Reach out...
- your sick hands...
- your sick hands...
- towards Jesus.
- towards Jesus.
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Are you his family?
Yeah, I'm his dad.
- They look alike, right?
- Indeed.
- Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
This child is a message.
He's a message sent by God to us sinners!
My child is not a message,
his name is Han Ahreum! Leave us!
- Save your soul...
- Get out of here! Go!
But sir!
- Let's pray together!
- No need.
In the name of Holy Father,
Progeria Satan, go away!
- This is for Ahreum.
- Thank you.
These are gifts from the viewers.
Even the books that you like.
You must be thrilled!
Ahreum, open this too.
What's this?
It's a game console!
Thank you for your e-mail.
Thank you for wishing me luck
rather than good health.
You be well too, sincerely Han Ahreum.
"Mail sent"
"Lee Suh-ha
- I read your e-mail"
I read your e-mail a hundred times.
I laughed at first, but I realized it later,
that you're afraid.
But I'm glad that you liked the word 'luck'.
Could I write you again?
What's wrong with my e-mail?
Thank you for your letter.
I was hesitant when I first read your e-mail.
Fearing that it was a prank.
"He wants to be your friend,
you two look identical."
"if I were you, I'd KILL MYSELF haha"
"You're repenting for your past life."
Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I don't know how sick you are,
but get well soon.
If it's okay, write me back. So long.
'If it's okay, write me back'
I laughed quite a bit reading that.
You express your feelings rather humorously.
I wanted to comfort you with this song.
I hope that this song
and I could be your true friends.
Good night.
Follow-up episode?
No, he's too frail.
Mira, listen.
I understand, I do. But it's from the top.
Please think of my position too.
It went so well last time.
I know, but we...
Anyway, we just can't do it.
Look, Mira...
- You're up?
- Yeah.
I want to do the show.
You don't have to. We got enough donation...
I'll do it, I don't mind.
I know you did the show
so I don't have to work.
You're so smart...
You could've gone to Harvard.
But if dad finds out you're doing this for him,
he won't be happy.
It's okay. Dad'll never find out.
Where did he go on his day off?
"Morning Sickness Pill"
Why aren't you eating?
Mom, are you sick?
It's nothing, just vitamins.
Where the heck is he?
Go away! Go away!
He's our grim reaper!
Go away! Go away!
Bro, let's go!
This is pretty tough line of work.
Good work, boss.
Let's go to a spa.
Don't call me that.
Thank you.
Hey, allow me to treat you.
Black for me.
I sent all my boys
on a rock concert security detail,
so I had to SOS you.
I'm always thankful.
Oh yeah, how's your next weekend?
What's up?
With all these concerts and festivals,
we're short staffed.
I'm always good to go!
Heard of 'Star Date'?
They're filming a live interview
with Girl's Generation,
and we need extra manpower.
Girl's Generation?
Girl's Generation...
- Seriously!
- I'm sorry, you okay?
Judging by your son's state,
you must pray especially hard.
Our Lord listens to everyone, amen.
May you attain Buddhahood.
You'll go to hell.
Then I'll see you there.
Son of a bitch!
Oh Lord...
I'm here, dad's here! With fried chicken!
Dad brought your favorite!
Forgetting that you need
to fast for tomorrow's test.
Nice going, bravo.
I forgot about the test...
How come you're always the one who forgets?
It was written here since the morning!
Hot dang, I ran so you could eat it
while it's hot.
Hot dang...
I'll have it after the test.
Right? Problem solved.
Drumstick's awesome when it's hot.
By the way, you never play with that gift.
- Which one?
- You know...
This one.
You didn't even open it?
No, not yet.
Ahreum, why don't you try it,
and if you don't like it...
could I have it?
Try it now.
Right now?
Good job.
Before the broadcast,
I thought, 'Why'd anyone help us fight this?'
It's an anonymous donation.
This is $10,000!
- Who would do this?
- Who knows?
Shouldn't we go thank this person?
Any contact info?
Seung-chan said it wouldn't be appropriate.
Don't work too hard.
Play with your son on your day off.
I gotta work hard, and buy him nice stuff.
And when he discharges,
we need a house without stairs.
That'd be nice.
- Dae-su?
- Yeah?
What do you want our child to be?
Why do you speak with that dialect? It's weird.
I want to teach our child Seoul dialect.
I'm practicing it now.
It's so weird!
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
It does feel a little awkward.
Anyway, what do you want him to be?
Athletic type like me?
Or musically talented like you?
Someone who is loved by everyone.
That means he has to be smart AND handsome.
Yeah? I guess so.
That's the douchebag type.
Like that new transfer Seung-chan.
Mira, now that I think about it...
I don't care about anything else,
as long as he's healthy.
Yeah, that sounds perfect!
Hey, old man!
Yo, Jang!
Still a brat I see.
We're both old men.
I guess so.
You looked like a movie star.
One moment, sir.
Mr. Seung-chan!
I wanted to thank you.
Me? For what?
For giving Suh-ha my e-mail address.
It wasn't me.
I think one of my staff gave it to her.
I'm sorry, I'll go scold them later.
No, thanks to that I got a good friend.
Oh yeah? Who is she?
I only know her name and that she's my age.
She's sick and in a hospital too.
She's sick too?
I see.
Okay, I'll see you next week.
About Suh-ha, please keep it to yourself.
Okay, I got it.
Shooting again?
Yeah, the last one was well-received.
That prick sure shot a lot,
but I barely got 20 seconds.
So when will they shoot again?
Every Wednesday, once a week.
- Wednesday?
- Yeah.
Is that so?
Dear Suh-ha.
I don't know much about you.
Could you tell me something about you?
It wasn't intentional,
but I'm sorry it felt that way.
My mom died of bone marrow infection.
I have the same disease.
And dad sacrificed so much for me.
My folks gave up everything for me,
their dreams and education.
I want to be a writer.
Dad wants me to be a doctor,
so I say that to him,
but my real dream is to become a writer.
I think writers are all fabulous.
Her dream is to become a writer?
Writers are fabulous?
Dear Suh-ha.
My dream is also a writer.
I've been writing about my parents recently.
When they were both 17,
they first met deep in the woods.
My dad was suspended from school,
and he spent his summer swimming in the valley.
When mom showed up,
he thought she was a fairy.
Mom wanted to move to Seoul to become a singer.
And dad wanted to be a national athlete.
All over the nose, isn't it, Suh-hyun?
Could you adjust Suh-hyun's hair?
Her make-up looks natural today.
I'm always like that.
I want my skin to glitter more.
Did you try the earrings?
Yeah, the pearls.
The two of us will escort them to the studio.
Wait, is he new?
He's really hot.
He's my senior,
we used to work together.
You look so much younger.
How old are you?
He looks young,
but he has a 16-year old son.
So when did you have your son?
When I...was 17...
What? Are you serious?
Wow! 17!
- Standby!
- Okay!
We're en route.
This is Star Date
with Girl's Generation.
Let's welcome 3 members from the group!
Hello! Let's start our date!
It's been a long time,
so many of your fans are waiting
for you outside.
- Thank you!
- Hi!
Isn't that dad?
What the!
What the hell is he doing there?
I don't believe this...
...wanted to coordinate.
So beautiful! Very bling bling!
Bling bling!
What was that?
Huh? Nothing.
Mr. Seung-chan.
A present.
Thank you.
Could I talk to you for a minute?
Are you still in contact with Suh-ha?
Do you have her contact info?
Only her e-mail address.
Is that so?
Can I get that from you?
We had a meeting at the station,
and we thought of introducing the friendship
between you and Suh-ha
in the follow-up episode.
What? I told you to keep it to yourself!
I'm so sorry. It slipped out by accident.
But...can't you help me out?
She probably will say no.
If she says no, of course I won't do it.
But going on TV could help her as well.
And this could be your chance
to meet her in person.
Have you ever liked someone?
My mom, dad,
grandma, grandpa,
and Girl's Generation's Tae-yeon.
Oh! And Mr. Jang next door.
Cut! Cut!
You okay? Honey?
I guess it'll be hard to continue?
How can you even ask me that?
Yeah, I thought so...
ls Ahreum okay?
Yeah, he's resting now.
Aren't you Ahreum's neighbor?
How about an interview?
- Me?
- Yes.
Should I sit there?
- Please.
- Okay.
Sir, are you ready? Let's begin.
What kind of boy is Ahreum?
Lee Ahreum is...
- Han Ahreum.
- Right, Han Ahreum.
Han Yureum is...
Okay, cut.
Imagine the camera's not here,
just talk to Ms. Kim.
Let's go again.
That bastard Ahreum is...
No swearing sir...
Once more, one more time.
- Fix his hat.
- Okay.
Allow me.
- What's wrong with me?
- It's alright, sir.
I practiced a lot.
What kind of boy is Ahreum?
Ahreum is...
a friend.
My friend.
Taping is no joke.
Isn't it?
Thank you.
- Feeling better?
- Yeah.
- Hold this for a sec.
- Okay.
Mr. Jang, are you sick?
It'd be weird if we weren't.
You got that right.
But you look young for your age.
I know it!
I'm sorry!
Kids! Settle down!
- You heard him.
- Which room was it?
They don't know how marvelous youth is.
They're too healthy
to know that they're healthy.
There's another thing they don't know.
What is that?
They too will age in time.
Right on!
What are you reading?
It's a novel.
An Indian boy's ship sunk
on his way to America,
so he's on a rescue boat
with a tiger...
Enough for now.
Give it back, I won't read it.
If he squints, don't let him read.
Computer, TV, books, anything.
You know how bad his eyes are.
Come on...
Then what am I supposed to do here?
Get better, of course.
Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, all prohibited.
Don't smoke or drink...
Of course not yet...
Despite his looks, he's still a teenager,
and teens get curious...
Do it when you reach college,
you can do plenty then.
Go back to sleep, rest up.
Close your eyes and meditate.
He's one of a kind...
I hate to do this,
but can I ask you a favor.
Suh-ha, I'm slowly losing my sight.
Could you send me a picture of you?
I didn't want to regret later,
so I worked up the courage.
E-mail sent
Sorry for the late reply.
I thought over your favor a lot.
It's unfair that only I know
what you look like.
I even know what your parents look like.
I don't know if you'll like it,
but I'm sending you one.
When do you feel alive?
When do you feel like you want to keep living?
When do I want to live?
When I see fleecy clouds in the blue sky...
When I hear kids' laughters, I want to live.
On a clear day, when I smell
sun-dried laundry with my mom...
When I see the gruff shopkeeper
cry like a girl
while watching soap opera...
When I hear a granny
calling out to her grand kids for dinner...
When mom splashes cold water
on dad's back in the summer...
When I see Venus moments
after sunset with my dad...
When I see blinking lights
of airplanes on their night flight,
I want to live.
Suh-ha, what about you?
It's been 10 days since her last e-mail.
Could something have happened?
Suh-ha, I haven't heard from you.
I'm worried about you.
When you see this, please reply.
Did you change the meds again?
He needs something with much higher dosage.
You changed it not long ago.
The thing is...
So when do I die?
- What?
- Ahreum!
I should know too, rough idea of it.
The treatment will make you better!
Do you know how hard it is to wait
for my day to come?
Just tell me.
Do you really want to know?
A month,
or 2 months at best.
- So funny!
- Hey.
Let's go to a hot spring in spring.
Sure, I've never been.
- Promise.
- Promise!
- Sure?
- Yup.
- Got it?
- Yup.
It's already time to feed my father.
- I have to go.
- Okay.
- Mr. Jang?
- Yeah?
- I have a favor.
- What is it?
- Promise me not to get mad?
- Spit it out.
Could you bring me some alcohol?
What? Soju?
I want to taste it before it's too late.
You idiot! 'Before too late'?
You got a long future ahead of you!
But sir...
Let go!
What do you take me for!
Mira, can we talk for a moment?
Who the hell is he?!
He says he's a film director.
Probably a wannabe.
He says he's writing a screenplay
for his debut film.
That's why he started this.
I can't believe it myself.
What is it about?
A love story between a boy with progeria
and a girl with an incurable disease.
- So?
- What?
So what did you do?!
Did you report him to the cops?!
The thing is,
even if we do,
there's no law that'll punish him.
He wasn't defrauding you anyway.
I know how you feel.
But that's the law.
He can't be arrested over some lies.
Think of it as a bad luck and let it go.
So easy for you to say!
I'll talk to Ahreum about it.
I'll say she went to USA for treatment.
Mira, don't worry.
Just keep it between us.
Play after lunch.
I'll eat later.
It's past your pill time.
I'll be done soon.
It's already been 2 hours. Stop playing!
Just let me be!
Leave me alone!
What do you think you're doing!
I told you I'll eat later!
Put that away!
Do you not hear me?
Let me be!
What's the point of eating?
I'm gonna die anyway!
Have I ever disobeyed you?
I just want to do things my way before dying,
this is what I want to do right now.
Why can't I just play this?
I won't live very long...
Off to work.
Can I ride with you today?
I want to see the stars from the Sky Park.
I wrote her a final e-mail.
"Dear Suh-ha..."
"Good bye."
Ahreum! Ahreum, don't run!
What's with you today?
Why are you crying?
Did something happen? Look at me.
I'm just so happy, that's all.
What do you mean?
I'm so happy about everything.
- Son.
- Yeah, dad?
How much longer?
Be patient.
There! Look!
I missed it!
There'll be another.
This is only the beginning.
Look! There it is!
- Did you see?
- Yeah!
Wow, I haven't seen one in so long.
A dying star's final shine...
Did you make a wish?
No, I forgot.
It'll fall again, make a wish then.
Okay. Did you make a wish?
I already did.
For what?
It's a secret.
I feel so happy being here with you,
watching the stars.
I'm especially happy that you're my father.
Me too. I'm so happy you're my son.
Good kids like you should never be sick.
Look! Another one! Let me make a wish.
Should we go?
I'm starving now.
What's wrong, not feeling well?
I can't see.
What do you mean?
You can't see anything?
Bright stars in the night sky,
the shooting stars...
and my dad's face were the last things
I ever saw.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry, you idiot!
I should be giving you piggyback rides
at my age.
Stop it, we're almost there!
One moment!
Is he okay? Why isn't he waking up?
Don't worry too much.
His body was weak,
so we gave him some sedatives.
How could he not see so suddenly?
These geriatric illnesses come
without a warning.
Retinal artery got blocked.
High level of stress could've affected
the intraocular pressure.
Mrs. Han, has Ahreum experienced
any psychological traumas recently?
- I couldn't do anything...
- Shut the hell up!
Where does he live?
"A Boy with Progeria Talk of Town"
"Boy in Old Man's Skin"
"Traces of Time (Working Title)"
"Characters: Ahreum (m, 16),"
"Suh-ha (f, 16)"
What the hell? Who are you?!
Why did you do it? Why did you pick my son?!
To a dying kid!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Get up!
- You son of a bitch...
- I'm so sorry...
Why! Why! Why!
I really thought I had talent,
I couldn't give that up...
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
I wouldn't be like this,
if I wasn't a cripple.
You got a really great son.
I'm not saying this because he's my son,
but Ahreum is incredibly smart.
People say, you'll feel full
when seeing your child eat.
I finally realized what it meant
when I saw Ahreum grow up.
Seeing him read a book made me feel smarter.
He writes so damn well too.
This is a poem he wrote.
Titled 'Father', it's about me.
Movie director? Fuck that. Read it.
He writes so much better than you, dipshit.
Titled, 'Father'.
My father asked me,
'what do you want to be if you're born again?'
I answered loudly,
'father, I want to be a father.'
My father asked me,
'there are better things to be,
why do you want to be me?'
I answered quietly...
Who is it?
You've gotten old, father.
You're a man now.
Are you in good health?
Nothing's broken yet.
"Rare Disease Boy"
"With a Body of an 80-Year Old"
It's an anonymous donation.
"Today Bank, Han Ahreum, acc #312-0049..."
This is $10,000!
Who would do this?
Who knows?
I heard progeria patients only live 10 years.
But he took after your good health
and lived this long.
I'm sorry, father.
I'm sorry.
Would you like a smoke?
Yes, please.
I had you when I was your age.
It's a good age.
So much to live for.
Watching the program,
I worried about my own son first.
Yes, father.
You did your best...
It'll be hard for Ahreum,
but I will come back with Mira soon.
Sure, drive carefully.
It looked like my grandson likes hats.
Go inside.
You're back?
Why aren't you eating?
- Mira.
- Eat first.
Ma'am, a bottle of soju please!
Mira, you shouldn't drink.
I know, I'll just take a sip.
Have a great meal.
- Dae-su?
- Yeah?
Please stop going to work.
I have to keep earning.
Stay by Ahreum's side, even a little bit more.
doesn't have much time now.
Don't say that!
I feel it.
A mother knows.
According to Greek myth,
Hera's breast milk became Milky Way.
It is commonly known as the pathway
to the next life.
so the dead gather and live there?
The Milky Way is known to connect heaven
and earth at night.
And at its end lies a place for the dead.
I hope to see you and dad there.
But that won't happen.
Of course it will!
I believe we'll meet once again.
We are totally match made in heaven.
You think so?
Of course.
Just because you can't see it,
doesn't mean it's gone, right?
Stars aren't visible in the day,
but it's not gone.
Wait, I heard that somewhere.
I know I heard it, but where?
Mr. Jang!
I'm sorry, I should be the one pushing
you around.
It's alright, this is a good exercise.
Chilly hands?
It's okay.
- Mr. Jang.
- Yeah?
- Did something happen?
- No, why?
You're unusually kind today.
I got good manners.
Only for girls and kids.
Stay still.
Touch this.
Wait...this is...
Drink it.
Slowly, very slowly.
How is it?
It's strong.
No more regrets now.
Drink just a bit. I'll drink the rest.
Dad said drinking
and sad songs go hand-in-hand.
Could you sing me a song?
Makes me shuttle booze,
AND demands entertainment?
Why the hell not?
As a life runs through a vast field,
what are you looking for?
- It's still a life...
- So nice.
No matter what.
Money, respect, love, I don't want anything...
Look, it's snowing!
First snow!
Aren't you cold? Shall we go in?
I'm checking into a senior home
with dad tomorrow.
I'm growing more forgetful
and I can't see what's up ahead.
Take care of yourself, my friend.
We'll meet again some day.
He's waking up.
You're up?
Honey, it's Christmas.
Merry Christmas...
Here's my Christmas gift, look at it.
Right, I'll read it to you then.
Today Bank, account holder Han Ahreum.
$70 deposited on Dec. 7, 2010...
And 2011, then 2012,
3-year grand total of $2,597.64.
This is all under your name,
I'll buy you anything you want.
Why $70 at a time?
Lucky 7!
Do you know how hard it was for me to do this?
It's a huge deal for a Korean man
to cut his allowance by $70.
Yeah, I'm impressed myself.
I didn't know either. He's the best.
Anything you want?
I'll use this to make your wishes come true.
Just say the word.
Instead of a gift,
there's a place I want to go.
Where is that?
I want to hear the New Year's Day bell.
The uptown bell?
It'll be too crowded.
Honey, that's a bit much...
Let's go next time, when you regain.
Always 'next time'...
I want to hear it myself this year.
Can't you make a dying boy's wish come true?
- And dad?
- Yes?
On your next visitation,
could you print a file and bring it?
The file's called 'Cosmos'.
I got it.
Don't read it no matter what.
Okay, I got it.
If you read it,
I'll haunt you forever.
Come on, you little punk.
Nasty bugger.
Excuse me.
Could you print this file called 'Cosmos'?
"Lee Suh-ha.hwp"
Lee Suh-ha?
When he talked about his days as an athlete,
he looked the happiest.
He gave it up for me.
He never would've imagined,
that the child he gave
that up for would grow older than him.
Ahreum, I got the print out you asked for,
it's in the bag.
I didn't read it, okay?
Let me know when you need it.
Okay, thank you, dad.
Oh yeah, you got an e-mail from Suh-ha.
- Suh-ha?
- Yeah.
Is that so?
Should I read it for you?
Ahreum, is Korea really cold now?
L.A. is really cold too, it's covered in snow.
I hope we both regain our health
and see each other in the spring.
How happy
would our parents be?
I'm feeling much better.
Careful of the cold, and stay healthy.
Please don't ever give up hope.
Good bye for now.
It snowed even in L.A...
Yeah, snowed so much.
Once more, could you read it again?
Um, sure...
Ahreum, is it really cold there?
In America...In L.A...
I got a phone call. I'll be right back.
Alright, I'm back now.
I'll read it again.
Dad, I want to write her back.
Uh yeah?
Let me know if I speak too fast.
Okay, one sec.
And ask me if you don't know the spelling.
You're patronizing me again.
Let's get started.
Dear Suh-ha.
Thank you for your e-mail.
I want to tell you about my childhood.
According to dad,
I loved peekaboo as a toddler.
When he appeared behind a door and peekabooed,
I'd laugh, he'd hide again,
only to reappear,
and I'd laugh even harder.
Can fools like that grow up
to become scholars and engineers?
At times,
I thought I grew up on my own.
But now I know.
So many people have raised me,
and loved me...
Thinking of all the things my parents
have done for me,
I am shocked and grateful.
I won't be able to write e-mails for a while.
Even if you don't see me,
even if I say 'peekaboo' and disappear,
please don't forget me.
One more thing.
Never be sad for me.
As always, good luck.
All done.
Oh, okay.
Although I could not see him,
I knew he was crying.
He's a kind soul.
Mr. Han, I can't allow this!
I'm begging you, please discharge him.
I can't do that, he...
You know how dangerous this is.
We're only buying time here!
In his final moment,
I want the 3 of us to be together.
I'll do anything for Ahreum without hesitation.
That's me.
As someone my son admires,
we'll make sure no harm comes to you.
I'll sign a waiver if I have to.
Please, doctor.
Ahreum, have a safe trip and see you next year.
So much traffic.
Rest your head on my lap.
You'll grow a year older very soon.
My heyday's over...
You smell so nice.
- Mom?
- Yeah?
Tell my little brother something for me.
That his brother put a hand on his head.
You knew?
The night dad and I watched the shooting stars,
I made a wish.
I wished for my brother's health.
I'm sorry, Ahreum.
I didn't mean to hide it from you.
I know...
My bag...
What do you need?
I have a gift for you...
I wanted to...
"That Brilliant Summer"
give it to you on my 17th birthday...
But make it my New Year's Day gift.
Read it now.
So I can listen too.
That Brilliant Summer.
By Han Ahreum.
The wind is blowing.
Trees feel the wind the best.
They greet with their branches
and welcome a new season.
The wind is blowing.
Dad knows that windy day is the best day
to find one's mate.
Just send me one girlfriend!
You up there!
Wishes come true, my ass.
HOT dang!
The wind is blowing.
On this windy day, mom knows she has to leave.
Bus stop is supposed to be this way.
Maybe not?
Only a moment ago, he was wishing for a girl,
and now he couldn't believe his eyes.
'She's pretty,' he thought.
'Who the hell?' mom thought,
and kept her distance.
Who are you?
Mom, do you like it?
Dad, which part made you laugh?
That summer, they talked so much.
It was the natural order of things,
and they didn't have much else to do.
Do you know that there're stars
even during the day?
- Yeah?
- Yup.
Stars are there day
or night,
but due to sunlight, they're not visible now.
You must be really good in science.
So the shooting stars fall even during the day?
Those...only fall at night...
- Mira.
- Yeah?
Choi Mira.
Sing me a song.
No way!
You said your dream is to be a singer.
Just once.
It's embarrassing.
When I look into your eyes,
I can feel your warmth.
I was speechless, by the sight of you.
The wind blew.
Ripples formed on water surface.
Like countless wrinkles
from laughing wholeheartedly.
She pulled back from their kiss,
and looked into the distance.
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
As if the wind knew it was not 'nothing',
it caressed Mira and Dae-su's heads.
We wanted that,
we really needed it then.
We loved it so much.
I'll miss you...
It was the start of high summer...
It's amazing.
Did you really write this?
Ahreum, wake up!
Honey, wake up!
Open your eyes, honey!
Wake up, sweetheart!
Dae-su, what do I do?
Ahreum! Ahreum!
Dae-su, do something!
Ahreum, please open your eyes!
5! 4! 3!
2! 1!
You wanted to hear the bell!
Please no!
Please don't go!
Okay, here it is.
Titled, 'Father'.
My father asked me,
'what do you want to be if you're born again?'
I answered quietly,
'father, I want to be a father.'
My father asked me,
'there are better things to be,
Why'd you want to be me?'
I answered quietly,
'father, if I become a father,
have a kid like me
then I'll understand
what it feels like to be you.'
Father cries.
Ms. Kim, that's the end of it!
That was so good, my son!
- Good job.
- Come here!
Is that it? Can we leave?
Of course!
- Great job.
- Let's go.
- Take care.
- Bye for now.
- Bye!
- Good job!
Mom, I'm starving.
What should we eat?