My Brother Loves Me Too Much (2017) Movie Script

Good morning orange
Good morning Suzuki-kun
Can you take up a bit of your time?
That one
You may feel that there is still something to use now
If you can
And me
What happened?
Hi brother, what are you doing?
So handsome
Is Seto flower brother?
Wait a minute
You actually kick the bus is not a bad mind
Just help you catch the bugs
In... in
Brother you wait
You have not yet broken off the relationship with other girls
To pursue the Seto spent it
That... that...
Close to Seto flower with this kind of unreliable mood
Do you have that kind of right?
Absolutely not allow someone to my sister shot
No closer to her
I am sorry
My brother loves me too much for me
This is exactly what happened
Orange Seto flower 17 years old
Looking for the prince
Female students in obsession with love / font
Orange Seto
There is no history of boyfriend
17 years
[thrown off]
12 people
Favorite things
Although a little sorry
I was born peach physique walking
But no boyfriend ever
Although soon there are people who like it
Ozawa please contact me
Seto Hanami (3rd grader) / font
Osawa (5th grader) / font
Sorry, I have a girlfriend
Seto Flower
Dean Yamada I like you
{\ bord1 \ 3c & H464D63 & \ pos (327.121,304.868)
I can not deal with Seto Flower
Constant confession continued to be rejected
Seto Flower
I like you
Akira (Basketball) / font
Constant confession continued to be rejected
Seto Flower
I like you
Takizawa Sect (Chess Department) / font
Seto Flower
Was continuously rejected 12 times
I am sorry
{\ bord1 \ 3c & H464D63 & \ pos (327.121,304.868)
Seto Flower
Aki Arai (Table Tennis Division) / font
Seto Flower (High School 1st Grade December) / font
In this way, spent a tragic 17 years
Eagle King (Coffee Shop Clerk) / font
Seto Flower (High School 2nd Grade April) / font
President Hayakawa (Tennis Department) / font
Seto Hanami (High School 2nd Grade May) / font
{\ bord1 \ 3c & H464D63 & \ pos (327.121,304.868)
Seto Flower
{\ bord1 \ 3c & H464D63 & \ pos (327.121,304.868)
I like you
Seto Flower
Suzuki Jun
But lately
I met someone who had never seen before
The most return ceremony
I will realize your wish
Miu Miuchi / font
sweet Nothing
Dog home
[Former girlfriend]
Cowboy Sweet Boy / font
Today can be your boyfriend very happy
Love first love also returned
Training medicine
KC Chuan / font
This is my fiancee
They gave me a wonderful experience
Seto flower
If such a dream can happen
Do not say finally
Suddenly came the peach?
Although I really want to make a mistake
Love is a game for me
Unbreakable game
Conquered girls game
To make that girl give up the courtesy kiss
The real kiss is not like that
Will be very cautious
Sure enough, two people did not look at me
Never fall in love again
Although I think so
Seto flower
Although not quite understand this is like it
Seto flower
My first love is you
Ah sorry
And strong role handsome guy?
The teacher also appeared
handsome guy style ugly / font
Sagittarius / font
Big face
teacher in training
Are you in love with me?
Handsome guy
Seto flower
Seto flower
Now I'm sure the biggest chance in my life is coming
God of love
Please give me directions
I love my sister too much trouble now
Remote / font
Fight / cooking
Doted love sister
Favorite things
Must be longevity ah!
Oh look scary
Do not wear to walk in this way ah
I and Seto flowers are famous nearby
Relationship super good brother and sister
Seto flowers this baked Oh
good to eat
That's good
But my sister look at men's poor vision
Always like some dregs
If they are shot on my sister
In order to prevent my sister injured one by one to be ruled out
The only thing that makes this guy cry is
despite this
Immediately after they appeared, they liked them too
I will not forgive this guy who set off Seto Flower
Sister, you wake up quickly
/ font Love
/ font What / font What to do / font
How do you think it is funny to play it
Miho Hideo / font
Chiaki's sister
Chiaki and Gao Ling brother may like me
This is usually the case
My brother seems to be serious
My brother is too
Guoguang when are you coming?
Kaolin's younger brother
Just from the other side
Did not see at all
I put the gas field closed up
Gas field topic or forget it
it is good
What's wrong with Ko Ling?
My brother may be serious too
How can it be
Because I saw my brother for the first time
Me too, me too
like me?
Obviously I am an ordinary female high school student who has no merit
Always feel very hot now
Feel myself a girl comic heroine ah
So far lost her love 12 times
Difficult Chengdu is for today?
Completely into the role of ah
Let her go
Not without this possibility
No no
I have never been popular welcome suddenly
This good thing
Always think it is a lie
Seto flower
Are you OK
My brain is broken?
My bike yet
Why is there?
Chiaki like me?
Kaolin like me?
Heart is so busy
Suddenly like a lottery
in the same lottery
Guoguang you even said such a wonderful metaphor
I really want to be welcome
Can not stand thousands of snow to become a distant girlfriend
What is your right?
Wicked right Oh
Yagao teacher
Go to school hospital
Do not talk to me
it is good
A good character debut
Seto flowers really peach ah
Ah saut sauce
what is that
Princess hug?
Hair do not feel weird
So handsome
Legs short
I also want to be princess hug
Yam sauce is fantastic
So handsome
No way
Seto flowers snow goodbye
Remember to lock it
Oh my brother
So cute and cute
Seto flower
Hello there
Hello there
Chocolate wants to see you while walking
Not at all
Chocolate is so cute today
You too
Today is so cute
Chiaki will tell shy sweet talk
This is pure or very happy
Do not use a dog with my sister sets almost
Play the woman's guy
Enough brother
I just have something to say to you
Will Seton flower wholeheartedly
All the objects we played before broke up
Not right
Obviously there are so many
About 10 people
Have fun playing games with you
But my spring has finally come
Thank you all the time
Goodbye next life
Completely broken
For the first time my brother looked up
Because if you do not do that
It was troublesome to be disturbed by Seto Flower Brother
Could not live away
But my brother is serious
Dignified let Seto Flower go with me
With the woman cut off from what is remarkable
Although seto flowers have not tempted me
But everything is just beginning
Still can not give me the answer
Is selected Dr. Gao Ling
still me
That one
But it does not matter
You can
Like my
Really do not do that
Stupid man
You will love me
Do not eat it
What are you thinking?
That fooling woman, pet dog?
still is
English education intern?
Why is it going to high teacher ah ah
I heard you have been hugged by the princess?
Just take me to the clinic
Do not grab my watermelon
Do not grab the real thing
got it
got it
and many more
I saw it
I seem to disturb you
Absolutely not
You have also done it together
Convenient to sit inside
Say it again
Will be on duty soon
Do you start working now?
Doctor really hard ah
Want to see face before work
look at your face
Ko Ling is the first love
There is no doubt that the flowers of kaolinite
Forever longing
Always let my heart thump thump thump
Can I really like you?
The purpose is achieved
Can you send me?
This is bigger than me
Childhood posed as irritating
Could not you know?
Seto Flower is actually not your sister
Very easy to understand people ah
Seto flower was adopted from the age of one year at home
You do not remember it
After all, you were two years old
She has no blood relationship with us
That is to say you know
I knew it when she came to this house
I still remember the first time your father took her to my house
You are bigger than us
Never changed from small to large ah
Who is bullied?
Qin Chuan Kaolin it
He said no
Qin Chuan kaolinite
Only I can make my sister cry
You like your sister
Not a sister
I like Seto flowers
I will not give her to anyone
including you
There are beauty Qiuqiu
The same is true of other men
Finally, I heard your true feelings
Did you tell Seto it?
Can not say now
My mother and I have already decided
So can you keep her high until she graduates from high school?
Or I think it will blow her very hard
Do not tell her how nice it is
Directly tell her the truth not on the line
This is fine
Now I have nothing to worry about
Then I will take her away now Oh
I will not let you take away her
Can you do it?
Neither confession nor guardianship
You really think you can beat me?
I'm not a brother and sister Seto Flower
I did not want to let him know this secret most
He was known
Seto rice is done
Is this guy still asleep?
Setouchi supper well done
So hot
Kaolin brother
You do not always fascinated by other men ah
Like me fast
I had a dream
It seems like a person is going to kiss me in my dream
Although I do not know who that person is
It is a dream that you want to keep going
My brother came in yet
What am I doing here?
Repeat after me
You go to university, do not you?
You go to university, do not you?
I'll go to university, too
I'll go to university, too
What do you do not you?
What are you going to do?
What's up?
What can I do?
You got it?
Then next...
Seto flower
Orange answers my question in English
You like me, do not you?
I'll give you my love too (I'll love you too)
What does he mean?
It seems that confession
Your answer?
Good! (Very good !!)
Do you really agree with Seto Flower?
How to answer Yes
Am I wrong?
I did not understand one sentence
No way
Oh My God
You better be ready (I will not let you go)
Because I'm never gonna let you go
Be a good girl (before we get out of the relationship between teacher and student)
until we are no longer teacher and student
So handsome
Shake S male is the most handsome wall boom
Although the old fashioned but it is handsome
How big face
Big guy
Saga sauce so handsome
Handsome blow up
Fried shrimp
fried chicken
fried chicken?
It is fried chicken
That's the one
Do not learn English well?
How to suddenly learn English ah
Just feel too stupid
Do you find out now?
Brother, you are so clever
Why am I so stupid?
We are clearly siblings
Yes, I have taken out my bathrobe
There is a summer festival at Oji Shrine on Saturday
Remember, thank you brother
you are welcome
{\ pos (287.956,146.545) \ bord0 \ frz355.3
Seto Flower! Satoji Shrine Saturday's festival
Let's go together. / Font
{\ bord0 \ frz355.3 \ pos (273.714,240.828)
Do you want to go together with the summer festival of Ochiai Shrine? / font
Do you want to go with the summer festival of Ochiai Shrine?
Seto flower
Satoji Shrine Saturday's festival
let's go together
What should I do
You can be really sought-after ah
Do not peep it
How are you going to get back?
how could I know
Here it
I will come here
10... 9...
8... 7...
Do not yell
Wait a second
How long do you want me to wait?
I am sorry
You wear a bathrobe pretty cute thing
I can not tell ah
Brother, you wear a bathrobe so cool
I do not say that
You see, I wear hairpins Oh
Just for this hairpin waiting for 10 minutes ah
What do you mean by that action?
Nothing is a small spell
Really brother you go slowly
Handsome guy is really handsome ah
Kaolin Chiaki
Yukata handsome
Sorry, I am late
It's all right for you to dress me so well
Really lovely
The prince's role is now out of date
Really rely on clothes horse saddle ah
means even people who are apparently average
After careful dressing
Will also become very good analogy. / font
New Dictionary of Chinese Dictionaries 9 (Shogakukan) / font
Shake S attribute should be abused too fast it
wait for me
Brother is not told you to wait for me to come together?
I think I forgot something
The original is you ah
What are you doing here?
I heard you are away from you, I also want to mix one foot
Your goal is Seto flower brother ah
Is simply a remote Columbia fans
This kid is not to pursue the Seto Flower
Ignore it
That kid has a problem with his brain
I think so
Let's go
it is good
Too lazy handsome high density
Which one is better?
I like to wear the navy bathrobe
Which of the white and black clothes is better?
Too difficult to pick up all see full
All in all, do not want to take away the Seto Flower from my hand
You do not want so many people together all the time
Shopping with men and my aesthetics
Anyway, I come to date
Every summer festival we are siblings stroll together
Brother and sister ah...
have opinions?
So scary
Or do not set a good time to order it
In order?
Use guessing to decide
Guoguang you to do the referee
I do not understand later
In place
What is the situation now?
go! go! go!
Scissors, paper, rock
Chiaki first victory
Then I choose the first one
Scissors, paper, rock
Big Brother wins
Then I chose the last
That left Yaoge middle
Limitation of time
15 marks
A person can only 15 minutes
{\ fad (800,0) \ 3c & HC4BEE3 & \ c & H72689E & \ pos (320,255.948) \ bord2] Seto Flower Battle
To those who talk loudly
Seto flowers certainly do not like it
Dating / font
Miho Chiaki
Orange Seto Flower / font
Let's go find something to eat
I want to eat you
That... that...
Just kidding
So handsome
My little heart is jumping fast
A good four
Net pocket broken
5 only
I can continue
This is a bit difficult to catch a little difficult
This cute goldfish is so cute
Did not think there will be such a naive side
You see it
Okay, I can continue fishing
I know why I will be attracted to you
Because no matter what kind of face I will, as always, will not change
Anyone who listens to me saying "love is the game" girl
I see the dark side will retreat
Love is a game for me
Conquered girls game
And you will accept my side of it right
Is that right
So I can keep myself
I want to be with you forever
Can hear the future generations to say these words to me
so happy
appointment? / font
Orange Seto Flower / font
I was lost in the past
There is primary school one year old
Seto flower
Seto flower
I think my brother was the one you found when I was scared
Seto flower
Seto flower
At that time, my brother was so handsome
No matter after the first than the first parameter
Your rankings have not been updated since then
It looks like this
You can not see me in so many good places
Vision is not good
Bilateral visual acuity 1.5 have any comments?
There is a sentence called as far as not far
That's presbyopia
You are already an old woman
To old and older brother you first grow old
Big Brother
what happened
You are serious about Setouchi
Do you think I will talk to you for trouble?
Do not deny that is what I say right
Who knows?
This is not very good thing
Where is it?
This is what looks like you are ordinary
I feel like you are more human
I am human
I am sorry
So happy
Brother, thank you
Seto flower
Let's run away like this
What are you talking about?
time up
Let's go
Back to see the distance
Dating / font
{\ fad (1000,800) \ 3c & H6B99BB & \ pos (153.546,304.869)
Orange Seto Flower / font
What did you play before?
Play fishing goldfish shooting...
Also eat chocolate banana
I also want to play these ah
We all go play it again
I only want you for the first time
Kaolin brought me the heart is special
Is it because he is my first love that I can not reach?
I hope I can make a gentle and handsome boyfriend
I hope my brother can not be disturbed and keep going
To be tall but gentle
But also special care about my boyfriend
If delivered to a particularly good boyfriend
Hope to date with him to eat delicious meat
Now I seem to finally understand
That special heart is because
This special "like"
thank you very much
I am also very happy
Brother blood
Are you okay?
do not move
I'm sorry to blame I did not see the road
How can I make you hurt?
Seto flower brother
Chiaki predecessors
I heard Seto Flower brother was injured
I'm going with you to worry about you
Let you deliberately ran a trip sorry
I have no reason to worry about you
Really there is a spirit ah
That generations of predecessors
I am very happy today
me too
Chiaki predecessors you
Can be so to me
I am very excited
but I
Seto flower
Seto flowers do not choose me
Listen to gentle melodies before closing your eyes
So close with the two hearts and the calm sea like
I am sorry
is it
Was dumped this is the first time yet
Fiery summer day
But always feel relieved
I fell in love with that song
I may really like Setouchi to spend you
The one you like
The song of humming often meets you
Time together
Chiaki predecessors really sorry
And then whenever you think of your smile
Do not apologize
Showing the melody
Listen to gentle melodies before closing your eyes
My favorite place
And calm sea like
my love
i'm singing my love
Why do you have such a look?
I hurt generations of seniors
Why dumped that guy?
I know my heart
Gao Ling?
Seto flower
I went to take a shower
Gao Ling brother does not mean to endure today?
Can not wash you forbear one day
Hello brother
I come slightly
I still wash it myself
How to do if the wound gets wet
Then you can not move Oh
it is good
Hey, why are you blindfolded?
All right
Shampoo into eyes bad words
I am an amateur
I want to get wet
How's the water?
Wash to the face
Do not move honestly
I want to shampoo slightly
Is there any place for itch?
I washed slightly, do not move oh
Is there any place that did not go away?
It is itchy it
Quickly wash it
Squeak creak
You guy
I'll wash it for you
Hey, all right
How can it be fine?
Ah really wet
towel towel
Thank you
All wet
do not go
do not go
Do not go to Kaolin
Do not want to give you to anyone
I am back
you are back
Heartbeat so fast
You are alright, I heard you were hurt
It is not a serious injury
Which hand
Left hand
That's great does not affect cooking
So you are worried about this
My brother changed bandages
Do not change
Not wet
Pain hurts you lightly
All blame you move good thing
Seto Flower You seem Nightingale ah
Where is it
do not move
What should I do?
Finally realized her own mind to Kaolinite
that time
Do not want to give you to anyone
Although I do not understand why my brother would say that kind of thing
that time
Even hope we are not brothers and sisters
Because we are brothers and sisters
So I want to seal this feeling
Seto flower sauce
What's the matter?
A lot happened
Seto flower
I'll take you away
Go fast
Let's go
I still have class
I think you are very cute to cry
So I always want to mess with you
I think this is my first love
and so
I will not always like you
Will always save my heart
A long time ago like other men have been rejected confession
Seems to have become a watery poplar woman
Although I think so
You really still you
I like this you
Is this really good?
Seto flowers to go Oh
what's up
my little sister
Do not let her cry
Got it
Thank you
Let's go
I wish you happiness
Do not be too excited
Do you want to hold hands?
People who have been looking forward to become my first boyfriend
I am so happy
That one
Can I ask you a question
You're not being rejected by Kaolin brother once
I like you
That one
You just said to me first love
I feel a little puzzled
After I know you like other guys
That kind of person does not exist
You did not realize it yourself
not at all
My first love is you
May not realize now
It's nothing
The past things do not mention it
Let's start over now
Never give you anybody again
May I
What to eat at noon?
Eat meat is better
Seto Flower You really love to eat meat ah
Although it has been rejected by many people
But from now on and kaolin brother have a good relationship just fine
Na na brother
After growing up Seto flower and brother to marry
Well said
Na na brother
Why Seto Flower can not marry my brother ah
Because siblings can not get married
Seto flower as long as brother
Do not cry Seto Flower
what is this
Which did mom do?
I will always protect the Seto Flower
Good agreement
Good agreement
I am back
I am back
Welcome back
Brother, I tell you
I'm going out for a trip
just now?
Where to go
I am leaving
Not a sister
I like Seto flowers
Do not cry cry my sister
Do not want to give you to anyone
Good morning
Good Morning Seto flower
my brother it
He left first
So ah
Yao Seniors
Go to the amusement park take sightseeing car
Then at the top
Pretty good?
Go with me
Not long ago and went to Marlene donut together
wait a moment
Why do not you invite me?
Seto flowers early ah
Good morning
What happened before
Going to date with Gao Ling Ge again
Where have you been?
Go for a ride and watch movies
Have a meal
so good
I also want that date
And my brother?
Why is it away?
Is not it snow you like my brother?
And like a little different
Looking forward?
It's better to date this kind of thing than to be able to chat normally without tension
Sure enough, Yao Jun is not better
So ah
Just jealous of the snow
Yao Seniors
I've always taken it for granted with my brother
I thought it would always go on like this
The left is the sum of the triangles
The right is plot
For the first time, there is always a separate day between brother and sister
Heart mess
Keep you waiting
Thank you
Let Seto flower also taste the meat here
Because of super delicious
Eat it
Too high can not eat
Want to eat fried chicken ah
Get one
Steal food
Anyway, what is the relationship?
Delicious hot
very delicious
Let's go
it is good
Thank you for coming
That kaolin brother
I'm not psychologically prepared yet
I am sorry
Wait for me for a while
If that is the case, it does not matter
Seto flower
I can not be separated from the distant place
Na Seto flower
Give me all of you
Seto flower all the hearts
Already all
You are not the only one in my heart right now
Is it right now?
No such thing is impossible
Because my brother and brother are ah
It's strange to have that kind of feeling
is it
Then if you are not brothers and sisters?
Never thought of such a thing
If there is
Now think
Can not imagine such an impossible thing
If possible
What to do with siblings who are far away from each other
So that kind of thing
It is possible ah
That one
This is how the same thing
Kaolin brother
You are not brothers and sisters
what are you saying
Not a lie
it is true
Seto flower and away
No blood relationship
Welcome back
is that true
What to say suddenly?
We are not brothers and sisters
I am a son of this family
Who said such words
Kaolin brother
In this home
Only I have no blood relationship
Is it outsider?
Answer my brother
I also recently learned
Seto flower is a year old when the family adopted son
Parents in order to take care of your mood
Decided to wait until after graduation from high school to tell you all this
But nothing to do with blood
Have you always understood this matter?
This thing is no lie ah
it does not matter
Nothing will change
Miracles met under the sky
It's okay with blood
I will see the rainbow to see you over there
Whether this is my father or mother
Before this song is delivered
I will continue to sing
Are Seto flower only home
No matter when I miss you
Whether it is before or after now
We used to see the scenery
I feel different from usual
Even the roadside lights
Feel gentle
Tomorrow's us
Also must laugh at each other
Miracles met under the sky
I will see the rainbow to see you over there
Before this song is delivered
I will continue to sing
No matter when I miss you
Nothing will change
My brother said that sentence made me happy
Happy to sadness
I can not feel anything now
Look up at the sky to reveal your smile
I believe clumsy me
Only do this
Just like this sky
Want to feel you near me
Before you hear the song
I will always sing
Open the heart of two people go hand in hand
Today, we have completed the educational internship with Yagao
Do not cry
Then please talk to the teacher
So far thank you all
Have a good time
OK, do not cry
English learning to cheer ah
Thank you
From tomorrow, we are no longer teacher-student relationship
Everyone wants happiness
Handsome guy
Want to marry him ah
I love you
Our love will no longer be forbidden
So do not hide your feelings anymore
Even if someone is injured
We can still start over
Do you understand it
That one
What do you mean by saying this
I am not good in English
Can you tell me the meaning of that passage?
We are no longer banned
So please do not suppress your ideas candidly say it
Even if so hurt
Just two people to restart just fine
A bit shy in Japanese
Yagao teacher
what happened
thank you very much
A path to the sea
Try to see the number of
Seto Flower What happened?
I'll go
Like your reason
Guoguang borrowed my bike
Hurry up and give me the key
That's all this too
Thank you for leaving
Can not stop
Be careful on the road
Maybe I am your only one
Short life love me!
Where did she go?
do not know
But she looks very happy about it
I love you
This is love so admitted
Do not know why you want to cry
Then I wanted to see you
Fly in this sky
Seto flowers cheer Oh
Seto flowers cheer Oh
Naturally daily
You dyed beautiful colors
Please do not laugh and listen carefully
I like your favorite you
Clear sky is too dazzling
Can not help but shut his eyes
More want to see the favorite
The daily life is also very bright
Love is incredible
Please listen carefully
I like you always like you
Why did you say Seto Flower?
I wanted to give Seto Tori to you
If Seto flower is happy
I'll be fine when her brother
I really still like Seto flowers
and so
I want to regain Seto flower from you
I just mean this
is it
He said so
Did you hear Seto Flower?
You both want to see me
So I specified the same place
real or fake
Kaolin brother
That one
Heart is not 100% belongs to my woman
Unworthy to be my girlfriend
So Seto flower
I have not wanted you
Ko Ling brother I...
I have not been thrown
I dumped you
Seto flower
You dumped this thing
Regret it
it is good
Do not let Seto Flower cry
you guys
Will become unfortunate
do not Cry
I am there
Seto flower
Until you like me before
I will wait forever
Hurry up like me
what are you talking about
I already like you
I like my brother
That is as a brother
It should generally be noted when I hear my conversation with Kaolin
Not only is it
Even know we are not brothers and sisters
There is no way to convert mood so fast
I might even feel nauseous
in fact
Heart mess
But because it is brother and sister so I can not always think of what to do
Kaolin noticed my mood
So just want me to relax
Seto flower also to me...
Seto flower
Hello brother
Stupid Seto flower
Hello brother
Seto flower
I am very happy
Seto flower
Like you most
Look at this is a small bamboo cakes
Small bamboo fish cake
This is a tongue
Cut very thick
Very thick, this is delicious
Then this bran
You can use this for cooking
This together with konjac silk...
Eat immediately
We have dealings
Do not scare us
very sorry
Not bad
Seto flower and distant words
Absolutely smooth
Because I brought two big people
That is to say
Seto flowers will not marry it
What's that mom?
Too urgent
Yeah Daddy too
I have no reason to be your father
But it's my dad
Right Seto flower
Your first love of the object is not high kaolin it
The miracle of meeting under this sky
it's me
Want to marry my brother
Looking across the rainbow want to see you
So say it
That is not love ah
Until you hear I will always sing
No way
No matter when
All think of you
My brother is so cute
Used to seeing the scenery
Also think peace is different
Street lights
I do not know why I feel very warm
Tomorrow's us
Be sure to smile at each other
The miracle of meeting under this sky
Looking across the rainbow want to see you
Until you hear I will always sing
No matter when
All think of you
For me now
Feel nothing can do
Look up at the sky
Come out your smile
Clumsy I can only believe
Can only do this
Always thinking of you like this sky
Feel you closer to you near you
Until you hear I will always sing
Let each other open their hearts together
The day you met has been
In the heart of my story
Just like the rainbow after the rain
Set up a bridge to you
The miracle of meeting under this sky
Looking across the rainbow want to see you
Until you hear I will always sing
No matter when
All love you
No matter when
All love you