My Brother the Devil (2012) Movie Script

What is it? Ah...
- All fucked up, man.
- Oh yeah?
- If...
- I did not know, how was that?
'll Show you now.
Hey, stop!
Is that all?
- What is it?
- All good
Only "good"?
"C" in all, "B +" in Geography and English...
Of that I'm talking about!
Okay, Einstein!
- I have something for you.
- What?
- You'll see...
- No. .. What is it?
You'll see!
Okay... forward.
- This is great!
- Where did you get this?
I told him that if he continued studying
I would buy something good.
- Where did you get the money for this?
- Is an older model.
- I'm paying it little by little.
- Is stolen.
No. Of course I come from a store!
And how you pay to that store?
Did you go to find work?
No, not yet.
- Then go to the employment office
- What do I do in the employment office?
By God... Get a job!,
Children of my friends go every week.
I'm tired of you walking
with those black boys.
You know what? Forget brother. Let
Everything will be fine brother.
You see that? Tell me if there is an 8!
- Yes, 8 100.
're Crazy...
Shit brother,
you know what I forgot.
If... I swear I'm now right? See
- What about friends?
- It's new.
Do you have something for me?
That there brother!
Look at this damn ship that came...
No brother, no brother...
Are things big boys.
Big boys stuff...
Salt truck! Let's jump.
I told you to get out of the damn car!
Not disobey me - Quiet friend nothing serious.
can do something for me, okay?
Take this for purchase.
- Keep it in your pocket, would you, yes?
- If.
Ok small food shop,
not talk to anybody,
and direct come back, okay?
- Yeah, great
Hey, Mo,
careful friend.
You should take care .
- Beware Hey, brother!
- Just drive, man.
See Mo
Sow do that, if you scratch
'll have to pay.
AJ handles only.
I can not go anywhere
if you start acting like an idiot.
- Okay, okay...
- Listen, listen, let me out.
- Listen, I'm going but I hope that no one stops
So it better be okay?
I will not do questions
- Let
- So you're predicting the future.
The 419 is in order!
Brother's all in order...
Stop, stop...
This idiot thinks it's a damn
Tonny Montana.
That's what I say friend,
have different things.
Deberamos protest we.
Devon is ?
What do you want?
I'm the brother of Rashid.
- Ah you should say.
- Spend.
Why do not you look where you're going?
- Let Friend...
- Come on.
I came to see my brother's friend,
Who is your brother?
! Rapid
- DMG Rashid Wait, what?
- No. ..
- Do you know where is he?
- Let's cut it!
- No!
I have nothing!
Look what we have here!
Take them off!
Come on! Take them off!
Take them off!
Hey kid!
Where's friend?!
- Where is that damn fagot?
- It's your fault you know!
No. .. this is a joke.
A joke.
- How did you do that?
- No. .. let me start again
- Give me around, give me there...
- No, let me start again...
But pass me the snuff.
Why the hell do not you play?!
What happened brother?
Hey... Shit!
It's nothing brother.
Who burglary?
They took the shoes.
And your "food".
- I told you to come back again.
- Saw police and had to take a shortcut.
- Are you a fucking idiot?!
- One never goes on the market, you know that Mo.
- Was "The Devil"?
- One of his boys.
See? The Devil is moving with younger
If brother but what we can do?
Go out and chase?
- I can not trust you with a job?
- Relax, relhate friend.
Yeah?... Still a boy.
And you were the one who sent him, you know.
Exactly, say you have to learn
Is why I do not want
on the street.
You need to stop being a damn girl.
I can not believe we're doing this shit
Hey, you gotta get out of this friend.
For I know the administrator,
if you want I can talk to him.
I do not want anybody mess.
- You know what? you are not evil.
- I just need a peaceful life.
And you also lately, do you escuhaste?
I can not be like you all my life.
Would you be like me.
Oh shit!
Look at that!
What will on the track?!
This is crazy!
How much was the damage, friend?
- Much How are you?
- All good, nice place.
- Hey this is crazy!
- Have you mine?
If if...
- You like, no?
- This bestial friend, you mind if...
If if forward but...
... Beware.
- Hey, Sayd.
- Rashid.
- Where are you?
- From here, friend.
- No, originally.
- Hey friend ire advancing
- Take Mr. Easy
Great friend, this is better.
No thanks to you...
Coming friend .
Good luck!
Ah no way, you know!
Thanks friend! Peace!
Mo. Hey - What's up?
Wanna go for a ride?
I can not, friend,
had a problem.
- Problem?
- Something happened at the station.
What's Friend
Make sure to to cook on the inside too.
- Hey!
- Seems these sleepy.
If you guys... What's new?
- The sausages look burned
- What happened last night?
Did not you hear?
School destroyed and these guys came here...
Like I could resolverles
their damn problems.
- You should call Trisha.
- Stupid! And if the call last night.
- What the fuck.
- The same old shit.
What's boy?
Is everything okay?
What do you want?
I can see what you do? Do not?
You come to see what I do?
- Me I have your old brother?
- No
Yeah? Do not come here walk to the house.
- Let there I'm bored.
- Anda move.
Let him stay,
is very cute.
Okay, fuck,
No street is so cute, calm down.
You stole my damn food.
Do not say we should put more friend instead.
Are you good right?
Say no more friend.
What good biceps friend.
Have you been working out?
How funny you are a friend,
snuff taking off well.
- Sip...
- No reason to do that.
The give me for that.
- Hey where are you?
- Who?
- Sayd
- I do not know one friend of yours.
Moroccan, Algerian, something...
French sounds. Hey cousin.
- What's cousin
- I need something.
- Yes? What is it?
- Some shoes size 7.
If, say no more I will get them
Sorry I can help you?
Yeah, sure you do.
- I always forget what you are, what's your name?
- Rashid!
- You name is Rashid?
- Let me in!
- Oh Vanessa!
- Shut up.
- Let me in!
- No. .. ok, go.
Do not talk.
I need to get up.
I need to make a lot of money.
Climb the family with intensity.
Make sure she goes to college.
Knowing that we're even.
Hey Mo.
Hey Mo, brother.
Are you awake?
And what about me?
If... clear you come too.
We will go on a date together.
They say there are great beaches in Miami
You can swim with dolphins and other.
You and Leila can go shopping.
Gucci, Louis, Prada...
Anything you want.
I found another drunk sleeping in my workplace
- Honey you're going to the library today?
- Mom looking for what you want to know in wikipedia
Wiki that? Rashid.
- Call
Rashid - Already did.
In Mensuration into heat when we slept on the roof.
If you're in England but here nobody
dad sleeps on the roof.
By building roofs is thus a tip
Why would sleep on the roof?
Is the best way to sleep.
- Where is that?
- In Mensuration.
- Oh, Rashid!
- Boys.
- Have a nice day?
- Ok
I guess that's what we have to do
Who is she?
I should go in my interview just friend.
I need this job.
I sink friend.
If... if I understand but Friend...
If you want to be like my dad would
but you can not win more than you make in the street.
How much can you do on the street?
325 a week, you can
do 325 a day if you want.
Why are you yelling?
You a headache.
Much longer!
- That fake!
- Not true.
- Bollywood
- Mom sound effects are very bad.
I like.
Mom how much electricity it gets?
20 love 20
- Do not have a card?
- Insurance
- Identification? - If.
- I come here all the time.
- I can not sell this without identification.
- Oh how it is.
- electricity 20 please.
- Insurance
- 20 pounds please.
- Thanks
- Hello
- Hello
- Hi... Are you new?
- Yes, I just moved
'm Asha
- Mo
- Well.
What happens?
- What is it?
- Mo! Mo!
Hey Rashid is
The Devil and his team, are in the store.
- What happens?
- Nothing.
Who are they?
The Dog is The Devil.
The Demon's who?
What the hell do here?
Think you can come here and do whatever you want?
Fucking fagot.
Are you smoking rocks?
What the fuck you man?
Let the police.
- Run! Call an ambulance!
- Dead!
- Call a fucking ambulance!...
- Go!
Ala Wine and will return to him.
Do not worry.
Was a good friend.
I used to want to be like him but...
Do not know.
If I die its safe level.
Wanted to talk before.
Was worried about you.
Not have to worry about me.
'm Fine.
People know who I am.
Do not pass anything bad right?
The Devil did this, now what?
What come and kill us on the road?
They are a bunch of imbeciles.
Damn clown.
We have to plan it first.
We can not get there from nothing, we have to plan.
Come on, buddy.
Hey! Cops.
- Come back another time
- Oh no, it's okay.
Depues I can finish this is just for a stupid magazine.
How are you?
- Cafe?
- If.
- Sugar?
- Yes, 5.
- 5?!
- Good 4 and a half.
Were a gangster!
My brothers, at home.
In Paris.
The old road.
I liked life friend.
Probably you have been well.
're In prison.
That's why you left and came here?
- If, among other reasons.
Not your fault.
If it was.
Ando out there thinking that I'm untouchable.
But those fools who did go to pay.
The fort is one that can be controlled
when upset.
My father used to say.
Yeah? But the Qur'an says
that everything must be stated.
So if it was written before
the difference?
If you have to spend...
Equal to happen, right?
Is depending on where you put the frame...
That's sick friend.
Knew you were going to pay.
I withpre in 1976.
Was the first money he earned.
Made in Russia.
Yeah right,
but that is no longer used.
Yes .. and more useful
- What is that?
- What do think?
Yes, what is it?
- The Prophet
- Is the Prophet Muhammad?
If I think.
Why are you reading a book?
Rashid... us that we
on the Demon.
What do you mean we?
We will not do anything.
You can be out of this.
What's up?
Can not pass.
Means you out.
Are you crazy?
Hey you let me do that?
Only are photos friend.
I have to get one ASAP.
You know you're going to do.
No, I think I'll do something.
That friend? Impossible friend.
- What? What do you idiot?
- No, I want a large neck.
When you turn 18.
Did you?
What do you mean you do not prime?
Do not you?
I knew it! Give it to me.
Shit! @
Ok will be for the next time, bro.
There will be a next time.
That was it.
He finished the damn game.
Once you're dead you can not go.
But if we do nothing then
we lose and they win.
Probably lose the same.
Not fill the references section.
Not have to be a former employer
can be a teacher
Or any other professional
I can say something good about you.
Lenny... I want out.
Get away?
How do you get out?
Can go friend.
're Hurt now.
I understand.
Low profile can be a while.
No. ..
Primo want out.
I can not do this anymore.
You have to understand, all the chiefs
has helpers.
Motherfucker you heard?
Not be ready ok?
We can not.
Do not do stupid things
're just a horrible cunt.
You future.
I'm thinking ahead, cousin.
Have much money to win
I'm saying that you should know what to do with this.
- No, that's bacon right?
- Is not bacon flavor bacon, is different.
- Is still bacon.
- There are not just chemicals.
Equal not need that shit.
- Do they have spirit within?
- Let's not be stupid.
I'm serious!
Has ethanol or something.
Well if you want to keep talking this bad
maybe I'll keep eating them.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
- Are we friends with you?
- Nothing's wrong.
- Rashid is acting like an idiot.
- Is because it is busy.
No, it's something else, is something
I had not seen before.
From the funeral.
You know, I know all of Rashid
friends but do not know it.
- Maybe it's a cop.
- No friend handles everything.
- Maybe it's a drug dealer.
- No, I think not.
- Have things classy.
Now I've been reading books about him prophet
I want to do something different.
I have lived all my life here
and had never been here.
's Crazy.
I want to get a job.
You work for me.
If... if that is good.
- What do I know about photography?
- No, seriously... I have some work in door.
I would give more time for the exhibition.
If you want.
Fuck me, brother.
Are you training for the Olympics?
Just kidding.
Why are you so happy?
Do not stop!
- Rashid, I have not finished!
- Okay, okay.
Let stronger!
Let stronger!
As if you really wanted to.
Shit... Dad will kill us.
They say it's bad luck.
If... good.
Just do not have much luck here.
It's all my fault?
No brother.
It's my fault.
Sometimes I forget what it was.
For five minutes I do not remember
and I feel bad.
Do not want to forget.
No one will forget, ok?
- Rashid Wanna hear my rap?
- No brother.
I have to do something to pay the bills.
Only half brother.
Not slept 18 full days.
The revolution brought the real Egyptians.
The Egyptians had from Nazareth.
Like my mom's food.
I saw on youtube, they want a new government
to have a new order.
To be able to control everything,
because Obama is the boss.
- No Dad, for you.
- Eat!
The revolution made want to return?
Yes, I wanted to go back but not easy.
I have jobs, bills, school.
What can an old man like me?
We have to get more involved in the democratic process.
- Because most end up here?
- Not done here, I was born here.
Do not talk about things you do not understand right?
- Thank you for giving a job Rashid
- Oh not good.
I have a lot of work and has
been great to have him with me.
So what?
Are you the new gangster or something?
Shut? I said before?!
- I just think that this policy is bullshit.
If it's so good because
left the war?
All politicians are liars!
Sorry - No, I'm sorry.
- You all right there?
- Service Is there anything there?
You know that we can earn a lot with coca.
- Is gaining like easy.
- Look who came.
- Where have you been?
- For there, in class.
- If fine.
- How is Rashid?
That crazy bastard has been very strange.
- With a new job.
- Work?
Working for such Sayd.
So now you have a job right?
Let anyway...
You say you'll do.
- What do you mean?
- How much is in your pocket now?
- 2.50 in simple
- What is that? Money for chicken.
As I see you're not happy.
- Right?
- If
- Do you have to eat right?
Then we have a couple of deliveries
do and pay between 50 and 250 pounds.
Not even have to tell Rashid.
You can do it,
know, man to man.
- Yeah, man to man
- Is that a good idea?
- Who pays here bitch?
What the hell are you laughing?
Fuck, drug addict.
- Shut your mouth.
- To hell with Rashid, just not my dad.
- You can do what you want.
- I heard that cousin.
- Hey bobo pass me a line.
- Here you cousin.
- This is for you. Every day you come,
pick the food, waiting calls,
pass by the shops and you get 50 pounds
Listen you have to have your business well.
Can not go out so no more.
You have to keep a low profile, you know?
If... clear.
Is for you today.
- Yes?
- If great.
- Welcome to DMG.
- Health.
Is a brother shot.
Where did you get that friend?
What, you think I can not do it?
I can do everything.
The real gangsters are gangsters say no.
I let pass that.
Good friend, whatever.
- Here.
- No thanks.
That's disgusting.
Do not drink?
- Do not smoke?
- No. ..
Not even a little in your life?
Write a review! It's nothing bad.
Nothing bad... I just...
The majority I've seen...
Well, I'm not like them.
You hear that?
What are you listening to?
- What?
- What do you hear?
- Let me hear.
- Okay.
Sonrie friend, we smile.
Just destroyed the lens.
Let me see @
Oh good composition.
Good eye, you see that you
to align the subject here.
- Well that's good right?
- If
Very Good.
If... thanks friend
Thank you, I have a good eye.
- Do you want another beer?
- If.
I'll tell you something if?
Look from afar.
I have two eyes that is what I have.
- No no...
- Let just one.
No! No! Come on! None of that
Hey now, do not! No! No!
Do not touch my camera.
- If, as a super famous.
- I'll be when you stop to take photos.
Give it to me, give it to me!
- What was that?
- Sorry dude, I thought you were...
Fuck you, I'm not!
- Are you?
- Let Rashid.
- Are you?
- It just was not me.
Not just me.
Are you little idiot?
- Where have you been?
- Like you care.
Hey, let me do it.
I was worried brother.
And we need to talk.
Because I've seen do.
But you can not be out drinking and stuff.
Come let.
As you know shit is not intended to sell friend.
Do not hate her, I have to hear me say
You know what I'm talking about.
Seems Huddinni returned.
Where you been man?
I've been single low profile.
I told Lenny,
had things to think about.
Then you just go and do not tell us anything.
They said you had a better job.
No friend, I do not think
is better than anyone here.
Heard you were taking pictures
for weddings or something, that shit cousin.
What are you saying?
I say disappear, where
Lenny verti like most important
And you say you want to get away before coming
where we.
- And we never say anything
- That disrespect.
I do not want this shit part in The Devil.
're Part of it!
Drugs, Money, Guns, cousin.
What the hell else is what to add?
I'm in that's all.
Suavisaste you cousin.
This is wrong.
I just do not want to be
our boy.
You know what?
Fuck you!
We should shoot the fagot in the face.
Do not follow me.
Do not want to talk.
- Hey, I thought you knew.
- I give a fuck what you have done.
Listen, I have a girlfriend.
- Just wanna make sure you're okay.
- I never want to see you anymore.
Get out .
- Hey Rashid.
- Do not touch me fucking fagot.
Hey, what's up?
Was thinking that we should meet.
If... now.
- Rashid...
- What?
Come on! Rashid.
Hey sweetie.
- Hey, are you Rashid?
- Not out.
- Do not know where?
- Never tells me anything.
Yes, really, thanks.
- Want to buy something?
- I did not know you sold.
- If... - Rashid knows? - Sure.
Are you coming here?
- All is well between you, right?
- Sure.
Otherwise not go well with Rashid.
Can you keep a secret?
Not here to see me much.
Has not this response my messages.
I think he has another woman.
No, you do not have to worry about that.
All he cares about is his work
and his new best friend Sayd.
Yes, but if there was another woman I
would you say it?
Yeah right, you know.
Where were you tonight?
With Vanessa.
- Where are you going?
- Over there.
- With Vanessa?
- What?
Do you see it with Vanessa?
No, I have to work.
Here's all official! Who
thinks I am? Did Paul Escobar?
As if moving kilos of cocaine
You should have seen his face.
Oh no!
- Come on dude this is great
- Turn it off
I can not believe that you can hear that shit
These are your origins.
My origins?
They are horrible origins.
Please turn it off.
Enough with that.
Turn it off! Turn it off!
Yes, there is.
I'm here with low profile
like you said.
Yes, it is...
I have been busy with family and stuff.
Cousin Wait are you crazy?
I did not do that.
Ok you know what?
I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
'm Upset.
- Is only one kind of the band.
- You owe money.
I wish it were that simple.
- Hey, you got something with you?
- Not now friend.
We do not have anything?
- I have no friend
- We're not going to leave me so.
- I told you I have no friend!
- Okay
- How was your day?
- Well, well.
So there?
- Nothing, forget it.
- Come on, it brought us here for nothing.
- What happens?
Is Rashid.
Is he okay?
What about him?
Is everything okay?
Do not know.
Let'm sure can not be that bad.
In God do we want
kill curiosity?
No, no...
- They...
- Do they?
Terrorist shit.
Are you serious?
Maybe you should talk to someone at the mosque.
No. ..
You have to tell your parents.
I can not...
Write a review! Do you mean with all this
situation, these bothering me Lenny.
Lenny, are you serious?
Just talk to him, okay?
- Talk to him.
- This guy is giving us many problems.
Hey cousin
Not even was something strange friend,
'm a little frustrated here.
Even you're setting out to work.
Just tell them that is not going to solve anything
How to resolve that.
Hey everybody, this is
Kayla and she is Rochelle.
Tell them dear.
I used to date
The Demon before being Jay's wife.
- Tell the rest
- I hate the Devil.
Hate everything
me fact, since we broke up.
Been calling, sending messages
, talking to me on facebook.
About how you want him back and he believes
I'm not with anyone because I will not tell.
About me and Jay and everyone knows that is a crazy
so I thought...
Wait you better keep your mouth shut
I do not want problems.
Come, come, sit Friend, move.
Talk that communication is the key and
not answer the damn phone, cousin Lenny.
I do not see friend, this guy is Huddinni
can not see no more cousin Rashid.
'll Have to go see for ourselves.
If low profile but will
trust me.
So when you were with
The Devil You used to go home?
Did you tell him you want to see?
- You know where it is?
- If.
Say no more.
- Who are these two?
- You have to hear this man.
Do not take this tastes like shit.
That sucks cuz Taliban.
That's gangster, do you think we
give up a couple of grenades?
- Do not be stupid.
- What? Might Not with that?
Start shooting and shit.
Yeah right, walk.
You take long
- Sorry
Oh shit.
Oh my God!
The really good meeting you.
- Give me your hand.
- What is it?
It's nothing bad I promise, give me your hand
- Close your eyes
- Why?
Just close them.
I can not accept it.
But I buy the best.
I know what you do.
I'm sorry.
I do not like when you're with those guys.
- This is my family here.
- Your family, okay?
I think
Rashid is your family and your mom and dad.
What the hell is this? This!
- I do not know...
- Do not know, do you?
What's this?
You put in the portfolio of mom.
What? No of course not.
- Yes of course I do.
Now sell this shit?
I'm not stupid so do not lie to me.
Stay away.
Maybe I should call them and see how it goes.
Knew it was not good idea.
Well I have nothing to do, remember?
If the signal is going.
Wait let me talk to him first.
- Rashid brother.
- We're supposed to take care of right?
A brother fuck that.
we cheated and we did the same.
Do not want the police dramas already over me.
Shut up fool!
- You know I do not want him involved, you know.
- He came to me, brother.
- I do not care who was where.
- Rashid do not control me.
- Shut your mouth, Mo.
Go home.
Mo. ..
And your debt is cleared.
We will see more here.
I can not do it unless you know that Mo
will not return.
I am ready to go by the devil.
I am ready to go by the devil.
In exchange Mo goes.
And nobody messes with my family.
This is how I want to leave.
You can have this
- So, what about Lenny?
- Does not matter.
I'll do that Lenny directs.
How do we know you to get out again?
I said I was ready.
Then I'll go.
Rashid is with you?
Sure, I want to give again.
I can not believe it.
- I can not believe
- What?
Rashid... put in all that
Shit, I thought
was with another woman.
I'm so silly.
Not a fool
But I see it now...
Is one minute and gone the next.
Yes but do not care about you, not me, not anyone.
Trust me.
Do not know...
Is in their stuff.
You have to be with him.
He needs us.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing happens?
- No, I am the wife of Rashid you're just a kid.
- Not a woman of Rashid.
- No shit terrorism.
- Is gay.
- He and Sayd
-'re lying.
I saw Vanessa.
- Is dude!
- Do not tell anyone.
What do we do?
You know what follows.
Back later.
- What do you want?
- You can not go Mo.
AJ, go take it.
Want your line.
- Why?
- Wants the line.
You have to give it.
- Tell him to go away.
- Go boy.
What do you expect?
Move fool.
Yeah, this guy is the dude in the world.
Hey, what do you tell people about me?
What is a terrorist shit?
Why are you saying that I'm a fucking terrorist
- Tell me, come on.
- I want you to be.
Why? Look pussy.
'd Rather have a brother who bombed ..
That a...
What a fag.
Me sick Rashid.
I wish you were not my brother
- Good, because I'm leaving tonight.
- Very good!
Fucking asshole! @
Ok, Ok, please, Quiet.
I'll kill, I'll kill you.
- Calm down, calm down!
- Everything is your fault.
's All your damn fault.
- Okay.
- Rashid will leave.
- Hope you're happy because you will.
- Tonight?
I hate, I hate you,
all you do is wrong.
Okay, look... look...
Will you buy something?
Just come both.
And I'm clean now.
And now I have this department'm
fixing everything for when my baby arrives.
Come here Mo,
I love this guy.
Always take care of the little ones as Mo
Yes, yes.
's Why we came to you, we have to find
Do you know where is the work of the Devil?
The Demon is an easy target.
But Mo can not carry there.
Is Michelle right?
All is ready.
Remember that Rashid is queer.
It's your turn now friends.
- Ready to finish it?
- If
- Are you sure you want to?
- If
- What are you doing?
- I took.
- Stupid bitch.
- What?!
Low someone comes.
Hey, get lost!
Kayla run! Run!
Where is Rashid?
What's cousin?
- What else?
- Where is Rashid?
- This hurt.
- What do you mean?
Be fine, brother,
calm down.
Sayd is to have to find it.
- Do not know where he lives?
- If
- Come on.
- Sure it's okay?
If... okay...
- How did you hurt?
- There were problems.
How happened, brother?
Rashid was behind
The Devil and there was gunfire everywhere.
The Devil came when he wanted to shoot.
If... you know how it is The Devil.
- Were in the house of the devil.
- If
What is?
- I do not remember.
-You said you were gone before.
Yes, but I've only gone once.
Listen, go slowly and you tell me if you see something
See that's your bike.
Stay in the car.
Hey Mo, we. Want to find Rashid
or not.
There is, right?
No, no, is this.
- Yes?
- Come on.
That shit is primo!
Where the hell is Rashid?
Are you playing with us, cousin?
Where is Rashid?
- Quiet.
- If an ambulance please.
Come on!
OK, now.
's In intensive care.
Come home now.
have to put an end to all this.
I can not.
Hey, I have money.
'll Be in touch.
Regret how I've been acting.
Just had to spend something like
to notice.
I never thought
what you said anyway.
Ahi is Rashid.
Should I go?
- I'll find you, okay?
- Okay.
Good to see you, brother
If you also.
Dad is looking for a job
in Manchester.
He says the situation
is more stable there.
The misses you.
Boy, that arm looks fucked
's Fucked...
Why'd you come back, bro?
I swear,
all is well.
I'm fine, brother.
Thank you brother.
All good brother.
Come here boy.