My Christmas Hero (2023) Movie Script

Hey Mom. I think I got the lights right!
Are you ready?
Oh! That's perfect, honey.
Just perfect.
Thank you.
I'm so glad you came over
to help us decorate.
Oh, of course.
I wouldn't miss it.
You know the trick, as dad taught me,
is to start from the bottom at the trunk...
And to make sure
they're plugged in and lit
before you begin.
So, you can see what the lit
tree is going to look like
as you string.
Yes. You two and your tinkering.
Well, it's all in the details Mom.
Right, Dad?
That's right Doctor.
I like calling you Doctor.
I'm proud of you.
I finished Med School a long time ago.
Mmhmm, I'm still proud of you.
You know he's never
going to change, Nicole.
This man is stubborn.
Says the woman who we barely see any more
because of all of her volunteer work
despite me asking her to slow down.
Well, I happen to enjoy staying busy.
Oh, and that reminds me,
I will be at the hospital
tomorrow for my shift.
Oh, I know Mom.
You're already our most
faithful candy striper.
Oh, but you might want to get that flour
out of your hair before you go.
Well, a little flour never hurt anyone.
Oh, Fran, does that mean you made...
Yes, dear.
I made the peppermint biscotti.
They are my favorite.
We know!
Okay, so I'm a creature of habit.
I like order.
And, now that the lights are done...
it is time for the first ornament.
I know it's hard.
First Christmas without grandma.
This was her favorite time
of year even with...
Would you please hang that
on the tree for me?
Of course.
I just wish she had more
Christmases with him.
He was a hero.
That he was.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
You're out of uniform,
Oh, I couldn't find mine this morning
when I was rushing out the door.
Fortunately for you, I always
keep extras handy.
What would I do without you,
You'd be seeing your first patient
without looking as adorable
as you do in that hat.
And Nicole, he's really cute.
You have to stop trying to set me up.
Besides, it would be unethical
for me to date a patient.
I think there's a cuteness
exception to that rule.
Anyway, I doubt he's going to be
a patient for very long.
Just a minor knee injury.
He's in room 4.
Good morning Major Ross,
I'm Doctor...
I... I... I'm Doctor...
Ramsey. I think?
That's what's on your coat
there, I'm not sure.
Yeah, sorry I... I was just
immersed in your chart.
Oh yeah.
Is it great?
It's probably great,
I haven't seen it yet.
Yeah. Yeah. It... is...
I mean no.
No, it's not.
Anyway, you're here because
you injured your right knee?
Yeah. Uh, playing basketball
in the base rec league.
Um, but it's fine.
It's fine,
the fellas all made me come here.
Um, how long have you been working here?
Because I don't think I've...
A little while,
I'm in the reserves.
Oh. The reserves, right.
A great way to pay off those
Med School loans, huh?
Well, it's a little more
than that, but uh...
So, how did you injure it?
I didn't. It's fine.
Like I said, the fellas made me come here.
Well if you had injured it,
how might have it occurred?
Right. Uh, okay.
It might have occurred when I
pivoted a little too quickly,
took a pass and then went to shoot, but...
I... I didn't. It's fine.
It doesn't even hurt.
Why don't I determine that.
I mean since you're here and all.
Okay, yeah.
I mean of course.
I, um, I love your Santa hat by the way.
Thank you.
Are you married?
No. I mean no.
You... you can't ask me that.
Why not?
Yeah, I just did.
It might be a little too forward,
and maybe slightly aggressive,
but I don't think it's illegal, is it?
I hope not.
How has it felt since you injured it?
You know, a little lonely.
But, it's Christmas time,
I'm trying to keep my spirits up. It's...
Oh, my knee?
Sorry, it's...
I do have a little bit of pain
on the inside of my leg,
but uh...
No, I haven't injured it before,
if that's what you were going to ask.
Well, there is some laxity
and I do feel some swelling.
I-I don't think you've fully
torn your ACL, but,
I'd still like to do an MRI,
just to make sure.
- I can schedule that for you.
- Oh, okay.
You know what, sure, on one condition.
What do you mean "condition"?
I agree to do an MRI on my knee,
even though my knee is probably fine,
if you agree to have coffee
with me this afternoon.
Oh, I am not accustomed
to medical treatment blackmail,
Major Ross.
Oh, call me Daniel.
And come on... please.
Yeah. Okay, why not.
But only as your doctor
and potential friend.
Because anything else would be unethical.
Yeah. Of course,
I mean I wouldn't want you
brought up on charges
for having coffee.
My conscious couldn't handle it.
And, plus once I've flirted
my way past friendship,
I'll no longer be your patient anymore
because my MRI is going to
show that my knee is fine,
thank you very much, so...
Yeah, we'll see about that.
You can get dressed now,
Oh, hey!
What about hot cocoa?
I mean...
It's more Christmassy, right?
Do you like hot cocoa?
Yeah. Hot cocoa it is...
I don't know?
He's kind of arrogant?
Um, maybe not arrogant...
Maybe he's a little...
Pesky, or... cocky.
Maybe, he's just sure of himself.
I mean he's definitely not sure
of me, I can tell you that.
But I'm just going to meet him here later
for some Christmas cocoa.
Why are you smiling at me like that?
What? Can't I smile at my daughter?
Or maybe I'm just, you know,
filled with Christmas spirit.
No, that's not a Christmas smile.
Well, it kind of is,
But no, that's an 'I'm going
to meddle in Nicole's life'
kind of smile.
How am I meddling?
Because I know that smile.
You're thinking 'Ooh,
she's intrigued by this guy;
'otherwise, why would she
be talking about him so much
'after only having just met him'.
That's what I'm thinking?
Yeah. That's exactly what you're thinking.
Alright, so let's just say
that you were intrigued,
I believe you said,
what would his name be?
It doesn't matter.
Major Ross.
Major Daniel Ross?
Blond hair? Bright blue eyes?
No, I... I didn't notice his eyes.
Okay, yes, he had very blue eyes.
How did you know that?
Because I know him.
Well, you know that charity
that I volunteer for...
No, which charity, Mom?
You're like Town of Lacey's
champion volunteer.
I like to stay busy.
There's nothing wrong with that.
No, of course there's nothing
wrong with that.
Mom, which charity?
A Hand for Warriors.
Oh... the one that works
with injured veterans?
Exactly. Helping them rebuild their lives.
I met Daniel there.
You know, he established
our local chapter.
That's nice.
Yeah. Oh, I really like him.
And he's single.
And he'd be such a catch-
for someone.
Mom, I'm not looking for
a relationship right now,
- I'm very...
- Busy?
Busy. Yes, yes, so you've said.
Well, like mother like daughter.
Oh. Touch.
Speaking of which,
ooh, I have to get back.
I have a lot more patients to see.
It's okay honey.
I'll get the check.
Oh. Thanks Mom.
Oh, and, do say hi to Daniel for me.
Are you sure you should
be up there, Major?
I'm fine.
Actually, now that you're here
I want you to finish up
for me though, okay?
How was your appointment?
I told you, you weren't quick
enough to keep up with me
on the court old man.
I'm still plenty
quick, thank you very much.
It went great. I'm actually
meeting my soon-to-be ex-doctor
for a cup of hot cocoa later today.
Do you always take your doctor
out for cocoa?
When she's as charming and
beautiful as Doctor Ramsey is,
it seemed like the right thing to do.
So... you asked your doctor out on a date?
Here's the thing, once
she tells me my knee is fine,
which she will do after
I get my MRI results,
she won't be my doctor anymore,
And yea, I really like her actually.
Just a cup of Christmas cocoa.
Cocoa already?
I'm all for it. I want you
to meet someone special.
Okay, pump the breaks,
we're not getting married yet,
I just said I liked her that's all.
Actually, you know her mom,
I ran into her at the hospital.
Uh, Fran Ramsey.
Well, if this Doctor Ramsey
is as nice as her mother is,
then maybe she is worthy
of some Christmas cocoa.
Okay. I appreciate your approval, Captain.
I'm going to go get ready.
You're going to get ready?
For cocoa?
I do this time.
Your last patient of the day
before your date.
It's not a date.
It seems like one,
I saw you fixing your makeup
a little while ago.
No, I just smudged it
when I rubbed my eye earlier.
Oh, right.
No, I did.
I'm a notorious smudger,
that's why I barely wear any makeup.
You did a nice job
with that barely any blush.
Or is it natural in anticipation
of your date.
Ugh, stop calling it that.
I'm just going for a cheerful
cup of Christmas cocoa
with Daniel, so he'll get
his MRI, and that's it.
Daniel, huh?
That's his name.
And, uh. Will you give me the
name of my last patient please?
You're going to love him.
He's Mr. Morton, and he's
in room 2 with his wife.
He's one of our last surviving
World War II vets in the area.
He's having some hip problems.
I like forward to meeting him.
Hi Mr. and Mrs. Morton.
I'm Doctor Ramsey.
Oh, hello dear.
Did Marilyn tell you why we were here?
Give her a minute Millie, she
just came in the room .
She's always been an impatient one.
I have reviewed your chart,
and after we chat a bit,
I have some thoughts about how
I can help that hip feel better.
Oh, good.
I want to get this old man's hip fixed
so that we can finally take
that ballroom dancing class
that he's been promising me forever.
What do you mean forever?
Well, we've been married 76 years
and you promised me on our honeymoon.
I think that qualifies as forever,
don't you, Doctor Ramsey?
Now, don't let her cajole
you into taking her side.
We just haven't gotten around to it.
I was quite a good dancer
in my younger days.
I turned quite a few French
ladies' heads back in the war.
Yes, and I put a quick end
to any head turning,
when you got back home.
She's right.
I met her when I got home
from the war and...
I knew right away she'd be
the only dance partner
I would ever want for the rest of my life.
That's really beautiful.
I wish my grandmother would have
had the chance
to enjoy the long wonderful
marriage you two clearly have.
Did your grandfather pass young?
He did.
Like you Mr. Morton,
he served in World War II.
He was killed in Italy,
just before Christmas,
towards the end of the war.
We lost so many good men.
I sometimes wonder why I...
I know why.
You were saved to take me dancing.
I'm sorry about your Grandpa.
They were all heroes.
Including this old poop .
Your family can rest easier knowing that.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Now, Mr. Morton, let's take
a look at your hip.
Hey, there she is!
Hey! I hope I didn't keep you waiting,
your text did say 4:00, right?
No, no you are right on time, yeah.
Okay, I hope you don't mind,
I went ahead and ordered us cocoa.
Not at all.
Oh. I love that mine has a cherry on top.
You usually don't see that with cocoa.
That's because I ordered you the Rudolph,
hence the cherry on top,
and I got myself the Dasher,
which is just dashed with sprinkles.
Very cute.
Well, it looks delicious.
And I could use something warm
because even that short walk
over made me chilly.
I actually hope it snows.
I love it when it snows,
especially at Christmas.
Awe, yeah me too.
Even if it makes you chilly?
Awe, well as long as
I have a way
to warm up again, absolutely.
I mean like...uh... like a hot drink. Um.
Yeah. I can't wait to try this.
Yeah. Let's go.
Oh, that's delicious!
Nothing like hot cocoa at Christmas time.
- What?
- Nothing.
No, I just really appreciate
an enthusiastic cocoa drinker.
- What? Oh! Oh!
- Oh, that is good.
Do I have something?
So do you.
Oh my gosh.
Thank you so much for coming.
Yeah, you know, how did you get my number
because I realized after you
left, I never gave it to you.
Oh, I have my sources.
It's top secret military clearance stuff,
I can't really get into it.
My mother.
Hm. I can neither confirm nor deny.
Mm. You just did.
She told me about
A Hand for Warriors.
I love what you're doing there.
Thanks, well, your mom,
actually, is a huge help.
I mean she has such a passion
for helping veterans.
Oh, well you must too.
Fourth generation military family.
You can say it's in my blood,
I guess .
Hey, listen, uh tomorrow's
we're actually having an open
house down at the HFW Center.
You should come down.
I'd love it if you came.
No blackmail this time,
I promise.
Ohh, well okay then, it's a date.
Yes, it is.
Great, no I mean yes, it's great.
Um, you know, I scheduled
that MRI for you.
He kind of flusters me.
You don't get flustered.
I know.
Besides, I barely know him.
Well then, get to know him.
I will. I might.
Oh. Here you go, Mom.
Put them here.
Thank you, honey.
Oh, Mom,
you're going to send Dad into sugar shock.
No, they're for the holiday open house
at A Hand for Warriors tomorrow.
Daniel invited me to come.
And I'm... looking forward to it.
I always wondered why grandma
kept this box in the kitchen.
Well, she spent a lot of her
time in this kitchen.
She liked to keep her memories
of Dad close to her.
Oh. I met the most amazing couple today.
Joe and Millie Morton.
Oh, I know Joe.
He's come by the center before,
such a nice man.
Mmhmm, and she's a firecracker.
Well, you know your grandmother
could be a firecracker too.
I always loved that about her.
Yeah, I did too.
Just 20-years-old and
a new father when he died.
I used to love looking
through these with grandma.
I did too.
He never met me, nor me him.
Yeah, but you know from
all the letters grandma saved,
how happy he was.
That you were born safely
after he went overseas.
And he couldn't wait to meet me.
Oh, grandma said that this was taken
right before he left.
Yes, yes.
Yeah, he promised her
that when he came home,
he was going to build her
a house for his new family.
Wow, I can just imagine him.
Taking out these photos,
to remind him of home
and how much he was loved and missed.
You know you used to tell me not
to ask grandma about his death,
to avoid upsetting her.
Mom said the War Department
said he was killed in a battle
in Northern Italy.
The entire company was ambushed,
they never stood a chance.
There were very few survivors.
This was the last letter
that she had from him.
She got it a few weeks before...
He was telling her just how
beautiful it was there...
despite it being a war.
About all these little
picturesque Italian villages...
but all he wanted was to just
come back home to see us.
I never knew about this letter.
Well, she kept that one private.
She only let me see it once.
Mom would say is that he died a hero
doing what he was meant to do.
Why do you keep the deed
to the house in this box?
The government gave Mom
$10,000 after Dad was killed
as a death benefit.
She used that to build
this house and raise me.
So, he kept his promise to her.
Yes, he did.
And he'll always be a part of this home.
Hey Mom, would you mind
if I tried to find out more
about how he died?
Oh, sure honey.
Yeah, I've always wondered
about that myself.
I just never wanted to upset
your grandmother.
Yeah, I'd like to know more
about Corporal John T. Medlen.
I think it might be the perfect
Christmas present
for our family.
And I think I might know
the perfect person to help me.
Hello Doctor.
- Oh.
- Hey.
Since we're away from the office,
I think it's fine if you call me Nicole.
Even though I haven't had
my MRI yet, Major?
I think the ethics board
will be fine with it.
I really do appreciate you
meeting me here.
I've just loved it since I was a kid.
Yeah, isn't it great?
Always puts me in a Christmassy mood.
You okay?
You're not too cold, are you?
Not at all. No, I feel...
warm actually.
Good. So uh, how can I help?
It's just advice really.
I admire all the work you're doing
helping veterans and their families.
Oh well, it's not just me.
And, that's the beauty of it.
Anyway, my... my grandfather
he was killed in World War II.
Oh. I didn't know that.
Fran never mentioned it.
Oh, well... when my grandmother was alive
we didn't really talk about it
because it made her sad but now,
now I want to know everything.
I want to know who was
with him when he died,
I want to know where he was.
Sure, I can understand that.
Yeah, and all I know right now is that...
it was just before Christmas
in 1944 in Northern Italy.
Can I get two please?
You know my grandmother
she never remarried.
She always said she was
lucky enough to have married
the love of her life and
that was enough for her.
I asked my mom if
she would be okay with me
trying to find out more about
him and she said she would,
I think it would mean a lot to her.
More than she lets on.
Since my grandma passed last year,
she's just poured herself
into her volunteer work.
Well, I've definitely noticed that.
- No one works harder than Fran.
- Mmhmm.
I think she's hurting.
But I believe this would bring
her some peace.
I know it would me.
Well, that sounds like a very noble cause,
and I'd be happy to help.
You know, I actually played basketball
with a guy in the rec league
that works at the causality
office on the base.
So, we can just start there on Monday.
Oh, that would mean
the world to me, thank you.
My pleasure.
Here we go.
- Chocolate.
- .
I'm looking forward to seeing
A Hand for Warriors Center.
Oh, well, I'd be happy
to come pick you up.
Oh no no, I know you have
a lot going on this afternoon
to prepare for the party, so
I'll just come by with my dad.
Oh, well I'm looking forward
to meeting him.
Oh. Yeah.
You'll be meeting my Dad...
What? I am great with dads.
No, I'm sure you are.
I am.
Oh, Daniel said he'd watch for us.
And I would like to put eyes
on this Daniel.
Dad. I'm not 16.
And uh, I'm not dating Daniel.
Well maybe not yet, but
that twinkle in your eyes
isn't coming from those
Christmas tree lights.
Doctor. Nicole.
Doctor Nicole .
Daniel. This is my Father.
Ted Ramsey.
Dad this is
this is my Major, uh...
Daniel is fine.
It's a pleasure to meet you sir.
You know I haven't known her long,
but you've got quite the daughter here.
Yes. Yes, I do.
Thank you.
And it's a pleasure to meet you, Daniel.
Perhaps we could have a chat a bit later.
I don't think that's...
Yeah, absolutely.
That'd be great.
Um, then you could tell me
more about Nicole here.
Uh, I really don't think
that's a good, uh.
Oh, oh look Dad.
There's Mom.
Why don't you go help her?
Oh. Uh. That's my signal to beat it.
I'll talk to you later.
Looking forward to it, sir.
What, you didn't...
you didn't have to send him off
like that, you know?
I can hold my own with fathers
of women that I'm-
Women you-
Women that I invite to
the center to show around.
Is what I was going to...
Actually, I'd love it
if you show me around.
Great, it'd be my pleasure.
Let's start over here.
The peppermint biscotti's are going fast.
Oh, easy easy.
Yup, it's easy to see why
people love these things.
They're my favorite.
Mm, I know.
And I saw you with Daniel and Nicole.
So, what'd you think of him?
Well, first of all,
I barely met the guy,
and second of all, he seems
very nice, and third of all,
stop trying to fix our daughter
up with someone.
I didn't fix her up with him.
She met him all on her own.
And as she's fond of telling me,
and she's right,
she is a grown woman
and has been a grown woman for some time.
And it's up to her whether
she wants to have someone
in her life, and if she does,
when she does and who it is.
Although, I have to say...
it was really nice to see
that spark in her eye
when he walked up.
That's all I'm saying.
That is not all you are saying,
but I love you for it.
And I love your biscotti,
and this is really the last one.
Is it?
- Yep. I promise.
- Really?
So, you help veterans of
all branches of service here?
Yeah, yeah, any struggling
soldier or veteran
can come to us, we help them reintegrate
into their communities.
Sometimes coordinating vital services,
you know counseling, therapy,
sometimes it's more direct assistance
like financial aid or helping
them with food,
groceries, clothing, that kind of thing.
Whatever they need.
Wow, what an honorable mission.
Well, we're just getting
started really, it's...
Oh boy. This is my best friend here.
Now, judging from the look in your eyes
I'm going to take a wild guess
and say that you must be Nicole.
I am. Hi.
What's wrong with my eyes?
There's nothing wrong with them,
but if we were in the fifth
grade, we'd call them goo-goo.
I'm so sorry Nicole, this child here,
is actually Captain
Mark Jennings,
although you'd never know
from the way he acts.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So, what do you think
of our facility, Nicole?
Oh, it's beyond impressive.
What you're doing is so important.
Well, honestly, nothing would
be possible without Mark here.
No, no, no, he tries
to give me the credit,
but the truth is this place
would not be here without Dan.
And also neither of us
really care about the credit
we just want help our comrades-in-arms.
Okay, well then, all modesty aside
why don't you tell Nicole
how this all came about.
Oh, yeah. Please do.
Ah well, okay.
Uh, when I came back
from an overseas tour, um,
I was... I was in rough shape.
I was in a vehicle crash
due to an IED explosion.
Yeah, I was in a trailing
vehicle. I was lucky actually.
But Mark here, it was touch-
and-go for a minute there,
we almost lost him.
The doctors overseas were amazing,
and I made it back ultimately, but uh...
I had a stroke and my life
was really shattered.
Honestly, I didn't know
if I was going to recover,
but I did, thanks to this guy.
He made sure I had everything
I needed,
and um thankfully now
I'm almost back to normal.
Yeah, almost.
Just his annoying personality
is the only thing
they just can't...
Somethings are incurable.
But, after that
experience I realized
that none of our military
brothers or sisters
should ever go through anything
like that alone, right?
Everybody needs help, and
military looks out for military.
Always have, always will.
Wow. I'm... truly overwhelmed.
What you guys are accomplishing is...
Well, there's a lot left to do, honestly.
Yeah, we've been working hard
to raise money to,
build a residential rehab
facility on the land
next to the center.
It's been going pretty well,
the fundraising but...
Just couldn't make it the rest of the way.
Folks are stretched pretty thin nowadays,
and we're uh trying to close the gap,
but we're running out of time,
aren't we pal?
The gentlemen who owns the land
has been very patient,
giving us every opportunity
to purchase it,
but... that generosity only goes so far
because he's got other interested buyers.
Yeah, but from what I've seen of you two,
you're not giving up the fight yet.
Oh, absolutely not.
Are you kidding me?
But hey, Nicole, can I uh,
can I get you something
to drink or anything?
I've dominated all your time
since you've been here.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Thank you.
No, I'm happy to be, uh,
you know, to give up my...
Okay, I'm just going to let
you two figure this out.
Nicole, very nice to meet you.
You too.
- Buddy...
- Okay, yeah.
See you later.
He's a good guy, actually. know I know
this is last-minute notice,
but kind of seems to be our m.o.
Yeah, doesn't it?
But my parents are hosting
a small Christmas gathering
at their house tomorrow.
And uh well, there will only be
a few us there
and I'd really love it if you'd come.
Oh, well I was supposed to
hang out with Mark tomorrow,
but let's see, you Mark,
really not much of a choice.
Yeah, I would love to come.
Oh, great!
Well, I have a better idea.
Why don't you see if Mark
wants to come too?
He would love that,
I'm sure.
Well, there's just one small catch.
I do hope you boys are comfortable
with the wardrobe for our
Christmas festivities today.
Of course, we are.
And Daniel here, would wear
a sweater like this every day
during Christmas if he didn't
have to wear his Army uniform.
Isn't that right?
- It's true, I actually love...
- Attention.
Ah, there he is.
I was going to say Christmas
actually, thank you.
You guys are good sports.
And I promise, we're going
to have a lot of fun today.
It's a Ramsey Family tradition.
Yes. And Marilyn, so nice
to have you with us today.
I'm honored... really.
Well, you look so pretty.
Doesn't she Mark?
Uh, yes.
Mom. Why don't you share with everyone
how our tradition came about?
That's a great idea!
I'm sorry, did I... did I...
miss something there? I...
No, no, no.
No, no.
Okay, okay, you two.
My mom always loved
to celebrate Christmas,
but she didn't just celebrate the holidays
she would celebrate my Father.
My grandfather died in World War II.
Just before Christmas,
and grandma and he had been
married just over a year
and my mom had just been born.
Awe, that's so sad.
Yeah. It was hard on my mom at times,
but she was a strong woman of faith.
She would always focus
on Jesus at Christmas,
knowing that he was born to
reconcile all mankind to God.
What an amazing gift he gave us.
And she would always insist
that Christmas was a time
to celebrate with thankfulness,
with joy and with fun.
And that's why she started up
these Spirit Sweater
Holiday Parties.
- Spirit Sweaters?
- Mmhmm.
My mother-in-law,
Dorothy, felt
that there was literally nothing
u-word about Christmas.
And she thought instead,
that if everyone came together
for the party and wore a festive sweater
then they could express their
own unique Christmas spirit.
No! Don't say it!
There's one rule
and you can't refer to any
spirit sweater as u-word.
I got it now. I apologize.
I'm sorry about him.
And sometimes it would be
the four of us and then others
it would be like this year,
where we would meet people along the way,
and we would invite them
to celebrate with us.
And who were
Christmas spirited.
Well, I mean, that's us.
So, we'll go around the room
and each of us will say
why their sweater represents
the best of the Christmas spirit to them.
Awe, I love that.
It's so sweet.
I love it too.
Awe...yeah, and of course we'll have
lots of treats to go with it.
In fact, why don't you and
Marilyn head into the kitchen
because I have a nice jug of eggnog.
You can bring that in and the
lovely tray of cookies, please?
Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
- Cookies. Eggnog.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Is it, is it me or does it seem
like she's trying uh...
Set us up?
Yes. As soon as she saw us today.
Nicole says its kind of a hobby of Fran's.
Drive's Nicole crazy,
but she knows her heart
is in the right place.
That's funny.
Why is it funny?
Well, I mean...
Well, we're the best friends, right?
We're the sidekicks.
I know it's early days,
but I'm really rooting
for Nicole and Daniel to get together.
Mmhmm, there's definitely
something brewing between them.
You see it too?
- Of course!
- Yeah.
And you're right, it'd be
right out of a Romcom
for the sidekicks to end up together too.
That would be funny.
I don't mean hilarious in a bad way.
I was just agreeing with you.
I was saying it'd be funny if you and I
were to develop feelings
for each other too.
...Or maybe it wouldn't be?
Oh, um sorry Fran, we were
just coming with the eggnog.
And the cookies are right here.
Thank you.
Continue doing what you're doing.
It's all good.
We're not doing anything...
We're not doing anything.
No, we're just talking.
Well then just continue not
doing kind of doing whatever,
I'm fine.
Okay, everyone!
Let's take our seats please.
We're going to start telling our stories.
Daniel, why don't you and Nicole sit down
over on that one.
- Perfect, yes.
- Sure!
Marilyn, you can sit there.
And, I'll take those.
Thank you Mark.
You can sit beside her.
Fran, they can choose their own seats.
What? I'm just trying to be
a very good hostess.
You're being a great hostess,
if I may say.
Thank you, Daniel.
And I for one love my seat.
And I love my seat too.
Okay, see... perfect.
Alright, so.
Who would like to start?
Tell us about your sweater
and what the Christmas spirit
means to you.
- Okay. I will break the ice.
- Good., my, uh, turkey's name is Ted.
Ted, you named your turkey after yourself?
Well, there is a little resemblance.
But, uh, Daniel and Mark
as you both well know,
an army marches on its stomach.
Yes sir.
And so too does Christmas,
because sharing traditional food
and drinks with family and friends
is the epitome of the
Christmas spirit to me,
and I look forward to it every year.
Well said, Dad.
And he says that every year.
Because I like to eat every year.
Marilyn, would you mind going next?
Not, at all.
For me, Christmas is
for everyone of course,
but it's especially about children.
Their innocence, their pure joy.
I see it in my nieces' and nephews' faces.
And it makes me so happy.
So that's Christmas spirit to me.
Very nice, very nice.
That is lovely.
Mark, I think you should follow that now.
Oh boy.
Sure. Alright.
Uh, well... um as some of you
in this room may know,
I am a bit of a, how do
I say it, a goofy guy.
What? No one noticed that.
You hide it so well.
Thank you, former best friend.
But this reindeer reminds me
of how I felt about Christmas
ever since I was a kid.
It's about imagination and fun.
And believing that reindeer
really do now how to fly.
Feeling this way has gotten me
through some hard times
and it's made the good times even better.
So... that's the Christmas spirit to me.
That was beautiful Mark.
Yeah. Didn't know you had it in you, pal.
Alright, I did.
Okay, we're best friends again.
Alright, hostess with
the moistest. Your turn.
Alright, that's very easy, um...
I chose the Christmas wreath.
Because to me, Christmas
is all about family and unity
and it's also a complete unbroken circle.
So, it includes those
who are no longer with us.
And that is the perfect
Christmas spirit.
That was great, Fran.
Um, should I go?
Okay, um...
Well, it's probably no surprise
that my feelings on Christmas
were formed growing up
in a military family.
And then of course,
joining the army myself.
But, Christmas to me is about giving.
And about sacrificing for others.
I mean, in the end, isn't that
what Jesus did for all of us,
so, it sounds simple but, uh,
I think it's pretty profound.
Hear, hear Daniel.
Thank you Fran.
Uh, I believe you're up Doctor.
Oh, okay, my turn.
Well, when I was a little girl
my grandma always let me put
the star on top of the tree.
And, back then I always wondered
why do we put a star on the tree?
Why do we place it so high?
And I know now that the star
lit the path, it guided the way,
it allowed those to follow
where God was leading them.
That star, so high in the sky,
was a beacon of hope...
that inspires us, and we just
need to follow it.
- Good morning!
- Hi there!
Early start today?
Yeah, I took the early shift
because Daniel and I
are running an errand together
this afternoon.
Oh, it was so nice to see him last night.
To see everyone, your family is amazing.
Thank you for including me.
Aw. Thank you for coming.
I hope my Mom's matchmaking tendrils
didn't grab onto you too hard.
She was totally fine.
And, Mark is... nice actually.
But now, we have a young man
waiting for us
in exam room 8...
shoulder issues.
Come in.
Good morning
Private Southworth.
I'm Doctor Ramsey, you've
already met Nurse Marilyn.
I understand you're dealing
with some lingering issues
on your left shoulder
from an injury you sustained
while deployed overseas?
Uh, yeah, that's um...
that's right.
Vitals are all good.
Just BP is a smidge high.
Can you tell me a bit more
about how you got the injury,
Um... I uh...
I was thrown from a vehicle
and landed on my shoulder.
Was the vehicle going very fast?
Yeah, yeah it was.
We were um, in a pursuit
when we got cut off.
I, uh, landed...
I landed hard on my shoulder...
Landon, Landon, I need you
to slow your breath down.
Breathe through your nose.
Have some water.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
You have nothing to apologize for.
I uh, I lost a close friend that day.
And um, I've been dealing
with some PTSD stuff
since I got back.
That's totally understandable.
How long have you been back?
Just uh... just a couple of weeks.
I was stationed here at JBLM
when I was deployed.
My wife and I liked the area,
we have a daughter and she's so
excited about Christmas, but...
I just keep asking myself
why I'm still here...
Why I'm here and he's-
Okay, okay.
Have you received any therapy
or counseling
since you've been back?
No, not... not yet.
I keep thinking I can tough
it out, you know?
I'm trying to be strong for my family.
I want to make sure
they have a good Christmas.
Money is so tight.
I'm just so tired.
You don't have to do this alone, Landon.
Okay, I'm going to check out
your shoulder.
We're going to get that fixed up, okay?
And then, I'm going
to reach out to a friend
who has an organization
right here near the base,
that I believe can help you.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
I don't know what else
I should say.
Well, I know one thing...
You can be proud of your heroic service.
The... the real hero was my friend.
This day flew by.
I barely got to talk to you.
It really did.
And now, I'm off to see Daniel.
I think it's amazing
that you guys are going
to try and find out what
happened to your grandfather.
Yeah, I hope we can.
Oh, and we're meeting Landon
at the HFW center tonight.
I'm so glad he decided to check it out.
I looked at him in that room,
so young and in such pain,
my heart just broke.
Yeah, mine too.
But I am confident that Daniel
and his team will help him.
Oh, hey!
You know that charity
I just started doing
some volunteer work for.
The one, Belinda at my gym,
turned me onto.
- Santa's Helper, right?
- Right.
Belinda's the director over there,
they provide toys and books
and things for military families
who are going through financial hardships.
You heard Landon say how
he was struggling with money
and he wanted to try to give
his family a nice Christmas.
Yeah. I think that's a great idea!
We just need someone like
Daniel or Mark to refer him
and then they'll set up an
appointment for him and his wife
to go by the workshop and pick
out what they'd like.
There's nothing else to it really.
I'll talk to Daniel tonight.
Maybe Mark, instead.
I could help him coordinate
things for Landon.
Mark it is, then.
Thank you, Marilyn.
Sergeant Bates,
I can't tell you how much
I appreciate your help with this.
Well, I was glad to look into it for you.
Even if this guy has torched me
on the basketball court
one too many times.
I didn't know you were good.
Nah, not really.
Oh, he's good alright.
Let's just say zealous on that court.
Oh, I've already seen
the results of that zealousness.
How's your knee.
It's fine, yeah,
I'm fine.
Uh, it might be fine.
We hope it's fine, but he does
have his MRI appointment
tomorrow morning, doesn't he?
Ah, yes, he does,
and he will be there bright
and early Doctor.
Ray, what'd you find out for us.
It's a challenge
because a lot of the army
personnel records
from World War II were lost
in a fire in 1973.
I was able to track down
your grandfather's infantry
company major, but unfortunately
there aren't many
present-day survivors.
They'd be the best sources
to tell us what happened.
It's not unusual, sadly.
World War II was a long time ago.
Many of your grandfather's fellow soldiers
were killed in the battle
that took his life.
And the few who did survive,
have since passed.
So, that's it then?
A dead end?
Not at all. We're going to keep searching.
I have a few ideas for how I
might be able to find out more.
I have some pretty good connections
at National Archives.
and I'm going to try to reconstruct
what was lost in the records
as best I can.
I just need a little more time.
Thank you, Ray, that means a lot.
I'll reach out as soon as
I find anything.
Amazing, Ray.
Thank you so much.
And I promise to go easy
on you next game, okay?
And I can promise as his doctor,
he won't be playing that next
game until he's fully healed.
Yes ma'am.
You know best.
Yes, I do, and don't you forget it.
I couldn't forget anything
about you. Ever.
You are so smooth, Major.
Um, maybe you two could
continue this on your own.
I have an important mystery to solve.
Ray, I really am grateful,
for anything you can find out
about my grandfather.
For me and for my family.
Of course.
Nicole's here.
She's at the front entrance.
Did you find out more about
her grandfather?
Not yet, but we will.
Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you.
What's that supposed to mean?
Traditional holiday greeting,
No, no I understand that
but you're smirking.
- Am I?
- Yes.
That's weird.
Hey, listen, when Nicole asked
if we could help get
Private Southworth to Santa's Helper,
of course I said yes, but I was thinking
maybe you could escort him
and his wife when they go?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay, great.
I gotta make sure you're hooked up
with a certain volunteer
over there when you do.
Okay, what's his name?
Oh, it's not a him it's a her,
and I think you know her?
Her name's Marilyn.
Hi again, Landon.
I'm so glad you came.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Welcome, you must be
Private Southworth.
Yes sir. Major.
You're not reporting for duty.
You're alright.
When you're at the center
you can call him Daniel,
you can call me Mark.
We want you to feel at ease.
Yes sir.
These two are going to take
very good care of you.
We're going to get you
all the help you need.
All the help you deserve.
Thank you for your service,
Um sure.
Hey, can I ask, um how does this all work.
I've been in the exact spot
that you are in right now.
I am going to show you around
and tell you all about
the resources we offer.
You're going to do just fine.
And, Landon, we understand
the holidays can be challenging
for military families.
There's an organization here
in Lacey called Santa's Helper.
They're great.
We actually work really closely
with them here too, so...
We'll make sure you don't have
to worry about getting gifts
for your daughter.
That's just one of the things
we'll take off your shoulders.
I mean, I don't know what to say.
Ah, you don't have to say anything.
Just know that we are your
brothers and sisters in arms
and we're going to take care of you.
- Thank you.
- Alright.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
I'll show you around.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
This way.
Alright, we'll see you in a bit okay.
- Yes sir.
- We're glad you're here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ah, you don't have to say that.
It's what we do.
You are something.
What? Do you mean like something good or...?
Mmm... well, that's still
under consideration.
But it's looking promising.
Good morning.
Well, hello Doctor.
That smock really does suit you.
Okay, okay. Do you remember
your name this time?
Yes, I believe I do.
So, we won't have your full
MRI results back
for a couple of days, but...
I was able to pull some strings,
and I spoke to the radiologist
about your scan.
We had looked to see if you
had torn your ACL,
we also took a look at your MCL, it was...
as I expected.
What does that mean?
It means you're fine.
I knew it,
I knew it actually.
I knew it.
Okay, okay.
Slow down there.
I'm not giving you a
get-out-of-jail-free card.
I need you to take it easy
for a while, okay?
Not put any stress on that knee
to allow it to fully recover.
And, I would like you to
schedule a follow-up appointment
with my colleague
Doctor Reynolds,
in a couple of weeks please.
Okay. Wait, your colleague?
Why with your colleague?
Oh. I'm not going to continue
being your doctor anymore,
I might have a conflict of interest.
- Ohh, you might, you might, huh?
- Yeah.
Oh hey, a voicemail from Ray.
Oh, well I hope he has some
good news for us.
Uh, you can uh get dressed
and I'll meet you out
at the nurses' station.
- Wait, no examination?
- Nah-uh.
I didn't have to put the smock on, did I?
It looks so cute on you.
Oh, don't even tell me what
you two are giggling about.
I don't want to know.
Sorry Major, it's girl code anyway.
So, what did Ray say on his message
Okay, so apparently, your
grandfather's infantry company
joined forces with an army
mountain company briefly,
a short time before his death.
That sounds like an encouraging clue!
So, how does that help you guys?
There's two surviving members
left from this mountain company.
One of them, is apparently quite ill.
He doesn't have much memory left
from his time in the war.
The other survivor, a gentleman
named Christian Murray,
he lives in Portland
and he's agreed to meet with us
this afternoon.
Now, if it's not this afternoon
you'll have to wait to the new year.
Oh, no. I definitely want to go today.
I can't stand the idea of waiting.
I thought you might say that.
So, what I can do is I can clear
my schedule for this afternoon
I start Christmas vacation
tomorrow anyway.
And, you know we can take a day trip?
Yes, You have to go.
I'll take to Doctor Reynolds
about covering for you.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm nervous.
But I'm excited.
I mean it could be nothing,
but... it could be something.
Let's go to Portland.
What's going on over there?
Oh, these are delicious. Here have some.
No, I'm good now thanks.
You're good?
How can you be good?
A road trip isn't a road trip
without car snacks.
Is that why you cleaned out that
convenience store back there?
Do you know nothing about
the concept of guilty pleasures?
This is good.
The mysteries of Nicole Ramsey
are coming to light.
No mysteries, really.
Then, have you been in a serious
relationship recently?
Not recently.
You have to give me a bit more
than that, Doctor.
Have you?
Not recently. Why not?
I suppose because I haven't
been looking for one.
Despite your mother's constant
efforts to the contrary.
As my mother well knows,
once I decided to change course
and become a doctor, my time
is pretty limited.
I totally get that.
It's a long road.
Why not you?
Why not me?
You want to be in a serious
relationship with me?
- What? No, I...
- Are you asking me right...
We'll see.
No, just answer the question, Major!
Well, honestly, I think Major
is the answer to it, Major.
I'm a military man through and through,
I've been stationed all over
the place over the years.
Did a few tours overseas...
So, it's a long road for you too.
Long and winding and unpredictable road.
I just think it's hard to put
someone else through that.
What if they're the one?
You know, my grandmother
always talked about
my grandfather being the love of her life.
I don't know.
I guess, I just haven't met
the right person before now.
Before now?
Before... before, before.
- Mmm.
- Is what I meant.
Yeah, thanks for clarifying that.
So, wait okay, you do all this hard work,
you become a doctor, a very
good doctor I might add,
um... what's next?
Well, I always thought
I'd finish up my commitment
- in the reserves-
- Okay.
and there's an orthopedic
practice in Olympia
that's been interested in me.
So, you'd move?
Well, that's what
I was thinking.
I mean that's what I was
thinking before now.
Before now?
No, before, before.
- Before before.
- Mmhmm.
We're here.
Let's go.
I've prepared some tea, if you'd like.
Yeah sure, that'd be great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here he is.
I saw them drive up.
Well, you introduce yourselves,
I'll get the tea.
It's an honor to meet you sir,
I'm Major Daniel Ross,
this is Major Nicole Ramsey.
It's nice to meet both of you.
Sergeant Bates told me a little
about why you're here.
Wow, you have such a beautiful home, sir.
And we very much appreciate your
meeting us during the holidays
on such short notice.
Well, I'm happy to.
But no more sir from either
of you, alright?
Chris will do.
You got it sir...
Er... Chris.
I am not a knight.
But I wanted to be one when I was a kid.
Instead, I started a commercial
shipping company.
And fortunately, it was a success.
My son, Joseph who you met,
he runs it now.
Along with one of my granddaughters .
I'm retired now.
Well, you've earned that.
Tell me a little bit about
your grandfather, will you?
Of course, his name was
John Medlen.
And he was killed in Northern
Italy, in December of 1944.
That was a tough time.
The Italians had surrendered
by then, but the Germans,
they increased their presence there.
Sorry to interrupt.
Here you go.
Oh wow.
Thank you. Wow, those cookies
look amazing.
They were my mom's recipe.
She baked them every Christmas.
She passed three years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
My condolences.
To both of you.
She was definitely the rock of the family.
My grandmother was that way too.
We lost her this past year.
My condolences.
And she never knew what
happened to your grandfather?
Just where and when he died.
That was December 1944.
Ah, I know that story well.
It can be hard for Dad to tell it.
Oh, we were told that
my grandfather's company
had met up with your company
that month, Chris.
They were on the move, both of them,
in the mountains and they
crossed paths... briefly.
They were hit by a group
of German snippers
and both companies had to move on quickly
to their intended destination.
Dad was shot, by the snippers.
Gravely injured.
There was a lot of smoke around snippers
that had been setting fired
for diversions.
And in the confusion and haste
of battle and moving on,
my father was left behind.
But, a solider from your
grandfather's company
spotted him as they were moving
out and refused to leave him.
He told his squad that he'd...
catch up with them.
He convinced some local
villagers to help assist
in getting Dad to a farmhouse.
The Italians were on the allied
side at that point in the war,
and it was there that they
summoned a doctor.
He stayed with me in that farmhouse,
until I was stable and could be
transported home
when other American forces arrived.
That solider then risked
his life traveling alone
to get back to his company.
Dad later learned that that
company was virtually wiped out
in a battle short time after.
That must have been where
your grandfather perished.
I am so sorry.
I was badly hurt, the medications...
I never even got the Corporal's name.
- He was a Corporal?
- Mmhmm.
is this the solider?
Yes. Yes!
I remember that face.
I could never forget it,
even with that fog.
How can you forget the face of someone
who risked everything to save your life?
That man was my grandfather.
Corporal John T. Medlen.
That man...
he was a true American hero.
Okay, I've got a teddy bear for you.
Merry Christmas!
They do a really good job in here.
It's very very Christmassy.
It looks great.
Marilyn. Hi.
Landon, it's so good to see you again.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Uh, this is my wife, Luisa.
Hi, it's nice to meet you.
Thank you for helping us.
All of you.
Anything for family, right?
And, it's nice that you came along, Mark.
Yeah, I was in the neighborhood...
Didn't he say that he was really excited
to see Marilyn again? That...
- Did I?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
I said that.
Luisa, how old is your daughter,
She's three.
Does she like reindeer?
She loves them, yeah.
So do I.
Alright, well, let's go get
some reindeer for Layla.
And maybe one for Mark.
And yes, definitely for me.
This way.
Please tell your father how
much we appreciate his time,
And yours.
Of course. Thank you, both,
so much for coming.
It meant so much to him.
To find out the name of
the man who saved him.
It meant so much to all of us.
Would it be okay if we came
back to visit again sometime?
- And Major Ross?
- Yeah.
When Sergeant Bates gave us the names of
who'd be visiting today, I did
some online research about you,
and just out of curiosity.
But this work you're doing
at A Hand for Warriors,
is very important and I admire you.
Well, thank you very much.
I appreciate that,
but we've got a long way to go.
They're trying to raise funds
to build a residential rehab center.
Helping brain injured veterans
relearn social interaction skills
with individualized treatment plans.
Noble work.
Much needed.
Please, come and see us again.
Thank you.
We will
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
You said we will in there.
Did I?
Oh, I think that's because
you asked if it would be okay
if we came back, so...
I like the sound of that.
Good. Me too.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What a nice treat to have
our favorite daughter stop by
on her way to work.
You're only daughter.
Still my favorite.
Where's Dad?
At his morning constitutional
as he likes to call his walks.
Oh. Well good, I wanted
to talk to you first anyway.
You're getting married.
I am?
- Yeah.
- To whom?
Daniel, of course.
Oh. Well, that's news to Daniel and me,
since we're just getting
to know each other.
Well, a girl can always hope.
Well, you can hope, Mom
because I like him... a lot.
And he likes you a lot.
I can tell.
But, if that's not the news then what is?
You know I told you I was going
to look into what happened
to Grandpa in the war.
Yeah, you borrowed the photo.
Yes, and I'm returning the photo.
By the grace of God and with
the help of some amazing people,
I have a story to tell you.
I'm serious, if you could've
seen the look on Nicole's face
when she showed that photo
of her grandfather to Christian
and he recognized it, it was like...
Well, it's a beautiful thing.
And your face right now
would best be described as...
Don't say goo-goo.
Don't say it.
- I didn't say it.
- Don't say it.
You said it.
But you're right.
Oh hey, how'd it go with Landon
and those guys at Santa's Helper?
It was great. It was uh, really great.
Yeah, and...?
And, we found this really cool
reindeer toy for his daughter.
C'mon, and...?
Clearly, I'm not the only
fifth grader in the room.
Alright, I like Marilyn.
We're gonna, you know,
hang out and see what happens.
- Yeah, Merry Christmas buddy!
- Merry Christmas!
Hey. Listen, listen.
Do me a favor, don't screw
it up with Nicole, all right?
She's really good for you
and even though it pains me to say it...
You're good for her.
Wait, stop.
Was that a compliment, because
it sounded like a compliment.
Yeah, I complimented you.
Must be running a fever or something.
You should get that checked out.
Yeah, yeah. I will.
Well, that's just incredible.
Thank you for finding all of
this out about your grandfather.
I'm just so overwhelmed, I...
I can't even find the words yet.
I know it's a lot to take in.
Daniel and I would love to bring
you to meet Christian one day
if you're up for it.
Yes. That would be so special.
It would.
Oh, thank you, honey.
Of course, Mom
I want some of this.
I love this tradition.
With the base next to us,
I'm so proud that the town honors
the military at Christmas every year.
Well, the service members
in the area appreciate it
I can tell you that
There certainly are a lot
of them here tonight.
It's wonderful.
Daniel, um...
Hi Landon!
- Hi guys..
- Hi.
- Hey guys, hey.
- Hi.
Yeah, I'm so glad they came.
I know that Mark was encouraging
them to come so...
Where is Mark anyway?
Ah Mark, he's like a golden
retriever puppy,
he probably got distracted
by the flashing lights
and lost his way.
I heard that.
He's not wrong.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'll get you a treat if you're good.
I would like two treats, please.
- This guy.
- Hi.
- What's up buddy?
- I think they're about to start.
Oof. Am I ready for this?
You're ready, Mom.
Good evening everyone!
And Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
For those of you who don't
know me, I'm Joe Morton,
and I'm a proud United States
Army Veteran of World War II.
Each year the town of Lacey likes to honor
our service members with this
special lights display.
Tonight, I would like
to dedicate this unveiling
to a fallen World War II hero.
Corporal John T. Medlen.
Now, if you guys could help me
here with the countdown.
I will flip this switch.
Are you ready?
Thank you, service members and veterans!
Merry Christmas and God bless you all!
Thank you
Okay, this is mine.
That's yours.
- Thank you.
- Merry Christmas friends.
Here's to our first double date together.
Yes, and your first date ever.
Yeah, I'm excited.
What is that?
Mm, this is a Blitzen Special.
It's blitzed with a little bit
of everything.
Of course, you ordered that.
I did promise him a treat last night.
You promised me two treats
and I have witnesses, so...
Ah, I'm so sorry guys,
I have to take this.
No, yeah.
So, what are you guys doing
tomorrow for Christmas Eve?
Well, since neither of us
have family in the area...
And, neither of us could
get away for Christmas...
We thought we'd just...
Hang out together.
- Awe, that sounds so nice.
- Yeah.
Daniel's coming over to
my parents' house tomorrow.
Right, with his parents stationed overseas
he doesn't get to see them
at Christmas often.
- So, that's really nice.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- He looks a little stressed.
Nah, he doesn't get stressed.
Sorry about that gang.
It's okay.
Is everything okay?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Everything's fine.
Should we order some food or...?
Yes, yes, I am starving.
You're always starving.
What else is new?
I wonder why Ray wanted
to see us in person?
Ah, he just said it was
important when he called.
But that wasn't the call
you got at the diner?
No, no, that was...
Hey Ray!
Hey you two.
Thanks for coming.
No, it's you I should be
thanking for all of your help.
Can I hug you?
Of course, you can.
That would make my day.
Now, I have something to tell
you, and something to ask you.
Here, have a seat.
I'm still reeling from
what Ray just told us.
I know right pfft...
And, I would've thought it had
to do with the call you got
at the diner, but it wasn't, was it?
No, it wasn't.
And, from the look on your face,
things clearly aren't all good,
so what's going on?
That call was from my commander.
I'm getting transferred in March.
Oh. I... I see.
Yeah, I didn't know.
I had no idea, Nicole.
It's military life, right?
Yeah. Yeah, then you have to go.
What about...
No, Daniel you have to go.
Yeah. Are you okay with that?
Okay, um...
I don't have to come to your
parents tomorrow if it's...
Of course, you do.
It's Christmas.
I think the taste of homemade
cranberry sauce
is so much better, don't you?
Mm, I don't know, I used
to love the canned stuff.
grandma used to let me
use the cookie cutters
and make Christmas shapes.
- She did do that, didn't she?
- Mmhmm.
Okay, what's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
Nicole, I've known you your whole life
and something is wrong,
and I have been waiting
ever since you came in earlier
today with Daniel,
both wearing that hang dog expression,
for you to tell me what it is.
I don't want it to ruin the surprise.
Yes, I know.
You and Daniel have a surprise for me,
and as I told you, I don't need anything.
No, it's not really a thing.
And you're not really answering
my question.
Honey, c'mon, talk to me.
It's Daniel, isn't it?
He's leaving, Mom.
They're transferring him in March.
He just found out yesterday.
Oh no. Oh honey.
I am so sorry.
But, sweetie, that doesn't mean
that that's the end of the story.
Yes, it does.
It's military life.
He said so himself and he's right.
He's been moving around his
whole life serving other people.
Maybe people like him,
people like me, we don't...
We don't get to have anyone else.
I don't believe that.
Maybe the duty and the
transience makes it impossible.
I don't believe that at all.
I do not want this to ruin Christmas.
Okay, because we really do have
a wonderful surprise for you.
And I'm sure Daniel and I
will stay good friends.
Well then, we will just talk
about this at another time.
I'm out of butter.
And I remembered last night
and yet I didn't get out
to go and get some more,
and I'm just in the middle of all of this.
Honey please, would you mind
going to get me some?
Oh, yeah.
I came with Daniel, I'm sure...
No, no, no, no.
You just take my car.
You know where the keys are.
I mean Daniel and your dad are out there,
they're talking about sports,
I say we just let them...
Mom, what are you...
I really want the butter.
Thanks honey!
Thanks for helping, Daniel.
My pleasure,
I do have to warn you I'm not
much of a cook, so...
Well, you just keep chopping.
You're doing such a good job.
Thank you Chef.
Hey, uh, did Nicole ever tell
you how this house got built?
Uh, no, but I know she
grew up here, right?
Yeah. But originally it was my mothers.
My father had promised her
when they got married
that he would build her a house.
And while it didn't turn out
the way he intended,
he was still true to his word.
Well, it is very nice.
It's beautiful.
It is, isn't it?
Tell you what I really miss
about my mother...
are her eyes.
The way that they would just sparkle
when she would talk about my father.
Love at first sight, she would always say.
Not everyone gets to experience
that kind of love.
But everyone deserves it.
Love is powerful, in all of its forms.
I mean the love that I share with Ted,
just continues to grow, even at this age.
That's a beautiful thing.
Yes, it is, isn't it?
Um, I'm guessing Nicole told you.
Yes, she did.
Okay, um...
I know I have this reputation
of being a matchmaker,
but I promise you, I'm not
going to interfere.
I appreciate that.
But I am going to tell you,
that my daughter has waited
her whole life for you.
And I think the same is true
for you with her.
Some people who share this kind of love,
like my mother and father,
only have a short time together.
Sometimes love requires sacrifices,
but those sacrifices are always worth it.
And as sad as it is that
my mom lost my dad,
she wouldn't trade
the time she had with him
for anything in the world.
Thank you for that, Fran.
That's... It's easy to see why your daughter
is such a remarkable woman.
- Chop.
- Chop. Okay.
Yes, Chef.
Well, after my false butter run,
Dad is now helping Mom
finish up in the kitchen.
Oh, well, I'm sure that makes
sense somewhere.
Ah, you've been around us
long enough to know.
That's true.
Daniel, I want you to know
that I really do understand.
I don't want you to be worried
that your transfer is upsetting me.
I'm going to be...
No, don't say it...
And I'm not worried.
Well, you could be a little worried.
- Nope, I'm not.
- Okay.
No, Nicole. I'm not worried,
because I'm not going.
I'm not taking the transfer.
No, you have to go.
Yeah, so you told me yesterday,
but I've been thinking about that
pretty much non-stop since
and I realized something...
You're wrong, Doctor.
I'm wrong?
Yeah, it might be a first,
I'm not sure.
But you are absolutely wrong about this.
I'm not going.
But how?
Oh, did my mother talk you into this?
No. The only thing your mother did
was made me realize something
that I already knew.
Nicole, I've been searching
for you my entire life.
I knew it the moment you walked
into that exam room
and forgot your name.
- I didn't forget my name.
- Well...
Okay, I kind of did.
Well, it was the smock you were wearing.
- No, it wasn't.
- No, it wasn't.
So, what are we going to do?
How do we solve this military life?
Well, I've actually been
thinking for a while now
about switching from active duty
to the army reserves anyway, so.
Oh, Daniel, no, I don't want
you making any big decisions
like that because of me.
It will give me more flexibility,
free me up to stay here,
continue the work I'm doing
with A Hand for Warriors,
work that's been taking up a lot
more of my time, as it should.
I already called my commanding
officer and told him.
He was totally supportive.
- You did?
- I did.
And there's no question
that a big reason why I did,
was because of you.
We deserve a chance.
Yeah, we do.
And you know, the JBLM reserves,
they're actually looking for
a brilliant but stubborn
orthopedic surgeon,
I don't know if you know anyone?
Are you romancing me,
or recruiting me, Major?
I think there's only one way
to answer that.
That dinner was delicious,
- Another triumph.
- Hm.
I won't be able to eat again
for at least another hour.
I am so happy about Nicole and Daniel.
I mean, I know it's the
beginning of their journey,
but I just have a very good
feeling about this.
Well, this one time,
Madam Matchmaker,
I have to agree with you.
Mom, Dad.
Would you come in here?
I'd like you to meet Christian
Murray and his son, Joseph.
It's a pleasure to meet you,
And Chris, is just fine.
Oh my.
So, this is the surprise.
Well, that's not all of it.
We're hoping you'll take
a ride with all of us.
We...have something to show you.
Well, you've come all this way
and on Christmas Eve.
Of course. Ted?
I'll get our coats.
I can't imagine what it could be.
Oh, wow!
Ma'am I know by now you've heard the story
of how your father saved my life.
Corporal John T. Medlen.
He was a hero then...
and he's a hero now.
And he will be a hero forever.
Thank you. Thank you.
All of these folks are
generations of our family.
We're here to honor your father
and your family
because without him,
none of us would be here.
So, we want to say, thank you.
And, Merry Christmas.
- Yeah, Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
I don't even know what to say,
I'm just completely overwhelmed.
So, Fran, you should know
that when Chris and Joseph here,
heard that we needed additional
funding to buy this land
and build our new residential facility,
they very graciously and generously,
contributed what we needed.
To honor your father and your mother.
Fran? Would you care to do the honors?
- Yes. Ted?
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
So, Mom, what do you think?
I just...I think it would have been so nice
if Mom could've been here
to see all of this.
Awe, but I think she is.
And grandpa too.
And I think they're up there,
celebrating together all of the
Christmases that they missed.
Because for them, it's...
It's Christmas forever.