My Daddy's in Heaven (2017) Movie Script

[Acie] I was told
that somewhere was a place
where people go when they die.
A place that had the answer
to all of my questions.
A place where everyone is at peace.
That this place existed deeper
than in the lining of a cloud.
And it was further than space,
and beyond all time.
And that they called this place Heaven.
There always comes a time
There's that big mountain to climb
It takes everything you've got
But when you reach that dream
It sure will mean a lot
So cowboy up
[sings along]
Cowboy up
I'm a singin'
Cowboy up
[volume turns up]
And cowboy up
Life's too short
To give your second best
You gotta give it all
If you wanna pass that test
Nothin' like a will
To get a job done
Nothin' like commitment
If you wanna be number one
I'm a singin'
Cowboy up
Cowboy up
[keys jangle]
Cowboy up
[Becca] Done!
[Becca] Hot cookies!
-[Acie] Yummy cookies!
-Ooh! No touchy.
Hey, baby?
[Becca] Go get your helmet.
[Acie squeals]
[Acie] Where is it?
What's the problem now, Becca?
Oh, don't act like you don't know.
[Adam] Well, why don't you show me?
[Becca] There.
-That's better.
[Becca chuckles]
She's gonna love this.
[Adam mumbling]
[Becca imitates mumbling]
You need help with that?
I said...
[Becca giggles]
you think she's the only one
that got a little something?
Well, I was gonna wait
till after the fireworks,
but since you're beggin'...
I know.
It's beautiful. It's...
[tranquil music]
I think I'm gonna have to marry this one.
Yeah, well, it's too late for that.
You made that mistake seven years ago.
[Adam] What do you think?
[Becca] I think it's beautiful.
[Becca chuckling]
Whoa, I love it!
[Becca chuckles]
So cool!
To be continued.
I love it!
[Acie] My bike, my bike,
I have a new bike!
I love it, I love it so much!
Do you like it, pumpkin?
[Acie] Uh-huh.
This is the most amazing 4th of July ever!
[Becca] All right.
Now don't you take my daughter
down the hill.
You want to go down that hill, don't you?
Well, shh.
Don't tell your mom.
We're gonna go fast.
[Acie giggling]
-[Acie] Check it out, Mommy!
[Acie] Whoa!
[Becca] Aww.
[Adam] Go, go, go! Go!
You got it, keep pedaling!
-[Acie] Mommy, look!
-[Adam] All right!
-Come on!
-[Becca] Acie!
All right, pedal harder,
you gotta go faster.
[Becca chuckling]
-[Adam] All right, it's your turn.
-[Acie] Mommy, look!
[Adam] Good job, baby.
[Becca] Yes, Pete.
Yes, yes, yes.
I know, it's a long weekend.
Oh, yes, I love the 4th of July, too.
Oh, we'll sure be indeed dancin'.
Oh, Pete, but all of this,
it still doesn't stop me
from remindin' you
that you're late on your payment.
I know, again.
I know, I know, here,
I got your invoice right here.
Um, shows that we got
34 bales of hay, 67 bags of feed.
That's 2,400 dollars you owe us.
I know, I'm a pain in your butt,
that's my job.
Good, I'll get the check at the barbecue.
All right, see you later.
[phone beeps]
[indistinct chatter]
[country music playing]
[Rick] All right, everybody,
if I could just, uh,
have your attention just for a minute,
I'll, uh, I'll make this quick.
Uh, I just want to thank y'all for...
comin' around, year after year.
We got a lot to celebrate.
[all chuckling]
We're, uh, we're still here.
Above ground.
And we're together.
God has been good to us.
I know they have Doris.
But she'd just be so proud of all of us,
if she were...
standin' here by my side
like she has for the last 41 years, but...
Well, she's with her maker.
She's at peace.
Yeah, she's probably, uh...
making him some
of that good sweet tea of hers!
[crowd laughing]
[crowd] Amen!
All right, y'all know, y'all know me,
you know my one rule
about the 4th of July,
if you're not plannin' on havin' fun...
[all] Go home!
That's right!
All right, who wants to dance?
[people cheering]
[upbeat country music]
Hey, you.
[snaps finger]
Snap out of it.
I see you lookin' at him
like he's some kind
of apple fritter, honey.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
-I'll see y'all tomorrow.
-[Madge] Well, give it 20 years.
I guarantee you,
you'll know what I'm talkin' about.
And you're givin' him
the three-second rule, and...
The three-second rule?
You never heard of the three-second rule?
Remember when you were a kid
and you would...
drop your candy on the floor
and it would just go rollin'
and collect all kinds of dirt
and slop and bugs
and lookin' all pitiful and unacceptable?
[Becca] Uh-huh?
Well, what'd you do?
Ate it, anyway.
Ate it anyway, that's it.
That's what marriage is all about.
[Francis] Hey, Madge.
Well, hi, Francis.
Can you, uh, grab that for me, honey?
I see you made another one
of your casseroles.
I sure did.
-Come on.
-How wonderful.
-Hi, Grandpa!
Sugar, sugar, sugar.
You havin' fun?
[Acie] Mm-hm.
Guess what else I got you, Acie?
Close your eyes.
All right, open your hands.
You better not peek.
-I'm not.
-[Adam] Nope, no peeking. You promise?
You're peeking, I saw it.
[Acie] Okay.
-Aww, look at that.
-It's so cute!
What am I gonna call him?
Whatever you want, pumpkin.
How about...
[all laughing]
July works for me.
Me, too.
Adam, you're spoilin' my granddaughter
as much as you are my daughter.
Gotta leave me some of the fun.
Not a chance, old man.
[slow music playing]
Care to dance, ma'am?
Hey, baby.
Love to.
[Becca giggling]
Oops. They're gone.
We did good by that one.
Yes, we did.
I've been thinking.
Ooh, I hate it when you do that.
I swear.
Sometimes, you're tougher on me
than my drill sergeant ever was.
Sir, yes, sir.
So remember you asked me
what I should be prayin' for?
Yes, I did.
I was thinking,
and maybe you were thinking...
about doing right by another one of them.
Are you serious?
Havin' a baby brother
for Acie to play with.
You mean more of a baby sister.
See, you boys...
[clicks tongue]
You ain't nothin' but trouble.
Don't I know it?
[Adam clicks tongue]
To be continued.
[Becca chuckling]
All right, listen up!
Fireworks are startin'!
See you people down to the field!
You know the drill!
[people cheering]
4th of July
[Acie and Becca laughing]
[Adam] Hey, hey, hey.
-Hey, babe.
-[Acie] Hey, Daddy!
-[Adam] Hi, honey.
[Acie laughing]
-[Adam] Are you cold, pumpkin?
-Oh, do you want a blanket?
the fireworks not gonna start for a bit,
so I'll run back to the house and snag it.
You sure?
That's my job, ma'am.
Would you mind gettin' me
somethin' warm, too?
Yes, my love.
All right, I'll be back.
-All right.
-Hang on to your mama.
[Becca and Acie laughing]
Livin' the dream.
[ATV engine starts]
[ATV engine revving]
[upbeat country music]
[cheering, laughing]
[Becca and Acie laughing]
Would you like to dance?
We really gotta get you somethin'.
[ATV engine revving]
[Becca and Acie laughing]
Mommy, look at the lights.
[foreboding music]
Acie, stay right here.
Mommy will be right back.
[Becca] Someone look after Acie.
[Becca gasping]
Oh! Adam?
What happened?
[Becca whimpering]
[Adam wheezing]
Adam, wake up!
Adam, can you hear me?
Baby, baby, baby, can you hear me?
You need to wake up!
[Adam mumbling]
Okay, Adam, stay with me!
Somebody help me!
Somebody call an ambulance, please!
Breathe with me, Adam.
Adam, breathe with me.
[Adam gasping]
Adam, breathe with me, honey.
Honey, stay with me!
Breathe, breathe!
[fireworks crackling]
[fireworks crackling continues]
[gloomy music]
[Becca] Adam?
[EMT] Thirty-year-old Caucasian male.
Massive head trauma.
[Becca] What are you,
what are you doing to him?
I'm starting him on an IV drip,
so I can stabilize him.
[Rick] Becca, you go in there,
and I'll stay here with Acie.
[Becca] Honey?
What are you giving him?
Ma'am, I'm starting him on IV drip,
so he can stabilize.
Can you please stay out of my way?
Yes, I'm fine, okay? I'm sorry.
[EKG flatlining]
[EMT] Oh, god.
-Come on, come on.
-Baby, what's wrong?
-Flatlining, paddles!
-Honey! Honey!
[EMT] Clear!
-Adam, come back, honey!
-[EMT] Clear! Again!
[EMT] Come on, come on!
Baby, come on, come on, come on!
-[Becca] Come on, honey! Hang in there!
[EMT] Come on, clear!
[foreboding music]
[defibrillator charging]
[Becca] Stay with me, please, Adam!
[Dr. Parnelli] Adam?
Adam, can you hear me?
[Becca] Adam?
Come on, baby, let's go.
[Dr. Parnelli] Get him
to the emergency room now.
[Vetti] We have a male,
early 30s, head trauma.
[Dr. Parnelli] Adam, can you hear me?
-[Vetti] Adam?
[Becca] It's okay, baby.
You're gonna be okay.
-[Vetti] Let's move, people, let's move!
-[Dr. Parnelli] Let's go!
-Move, move.
-[Becca] I love you, sweetie.
Hang in there, baby, hang in there.
[Dr. Parnelli] Get him
into the emergency room, now.
[Becca] Hold on, baby, hold on.
Hold on, you're gonna be okay!
Jesus, I just thank you so much
that you're gonna be here with my baby.
Lord, I pray right now
that your mercy's gonna comfort him.
You're gonna comfort him, Lord.
You're gonna bring him through,
Father, I beg this of you.
Please, God, just be able
to be with my baby.
Please, help him, Lord.
Mrs. Smith?
Yes? Yes?
I'm Dr. Parnelli.
Your husband's in recovery.
[Dr. Parnelli]
And the surgery itself went well.
He's gonna be all right, right?
He hasn't regained consciousness,
and it's too early to tell
the condition of the brain.
Wait, I, I, I don't know what you mean.
The swelling is severe,
and only time will tell the effects
of being deprived of oxygen.
[heart monitor beeping]
I, uh...
I've been prayin'
for you all day, sweetie.
God's gonna see you through this.
We're gonna get you well, okay?
You know what today is?
It's Sunday.
Since we can't go to church,
I'm bringin' church to you.
Okay, baby?
[Becca inhales]
Which verse?
I'm in Psalms 41.
That's a good one.
I love it. It says, "The Lord protects
and preserves them."
Did you hear that, Adam?
It's exactly what you need right now.
[calm music]
Stay strong, he needs you.
Thank you.
"The Lord protects and preserves you."
Please, Lord, be merciful.
Be merciful, God.
He's my baby.
I love him.
When's Mommy coming back?
Oh, Mommy's helping Daddy get better.
I miss Daddy.
I know you do.
[Rick] Well, eat your oatmeal.
Can I go see him?
Not today, sweetie.
Mommy's job is to take care of Daddy,
and your job is to stay here
and take care of me.
Okay, but I wanna tell him
that I miss him,
and that I love him,
and that I'm sorry that I was cold.
[somber music]
What do you mean?
Daddy got hurt because I got cold,
and so, he had to go get my blanket.
Oh, Acie, come here.
[Rick] Give me your hand.
this was not your fault.
What happened had nothing to do with you.
It was God's plan.
You understand what that means?
I don't think so.
You know what that is?
Of course, Paw-paw.
I'll tell you what, then.
We are gonna have
a little fun with this...
to help you understand what that means.
But we're gonna do it...
while you're eatin' your oatmeal.
[Acie] It was hard,
but I tried my best to understand
the words in this book
brought my daddy comfort,
that this book had somehow
given him the strength to find a road,
the road to a kingdom filled with light.
But, um, but I saw
his eyelids twitch, Doctor.
Mrs. Smith, an eyelid twitch
is an involuntary movement.
It doesn't mean
he's regaining consciousness.
[horse snorts]
Hey, Charlie, is that, uh, 12 or 13 bales?
Uh, 17, Rick.
Yeah, that's right.
[Rick] All right.
Orders, uh, should be
pretty straightforward.
Let's see. Uh...
[keyboard clacking]
[computer beeping]
Oh, heck.
I hate it.
[phone beeping]
Hey, this is Rick.
Uh, I'd like to place an order.
Uh, yeah, I know. I, I can do it online,
I was just wondering
if I could do it over the phone here.
Yeah, sure, I'll hold.
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[phone thuds]
Please, God. I'm begging you.
Please, have mercy.
Becca, honey, it's been a week.
You can't just stay there day after day
and night after night.
Dad, I, I'm not.
I'm not leaving here without my husband.
Honey, we've heard
what the doctors had to say.
Now you've seen the tests,
you've seen the x-rays.
We just might have
to face the fact that he...
he's not gonna wake up.
It's not an option, Dad.
Jesus healed the sick.
[Becca] He raised the dead.
Surely, he can wake one man up.
Becca, sweetie...
your daughter needs you here.
She doesn't understand
why she can't see her father.
Or you.
I, I can't let Acie see him like this.
I call that jello pot pie.
Well, because it's a pot pie, with jello.
[Madge] Need I say more?
Hashtag, you're welcome.
I hate it.
Well, it hates you right back.
Okay, Carl, yes. I know I missed
kind of the bundle, but...
come on, give an old man a break.
No, sir, I'm just trying
to feed my wallet.
So, uh, are you saying that his brain
isn't functioning anymore?
His organs are shutting down.
You have to start thinking
about his qualities of life.
[Dr. Parnelli] He's surviving completely
on life support now.
He's weak.
[Becca sobbing]
He's the strongest man that I know!
He's not weak!
[Becca] Please, take that back!
Take it back, take it back!
Take it back!
He's not weak!
[somber music]
[priest] We have been gathered here today
for a number of reasons.
For one, to pay tribute and our respect
and our love to a man of God.
In Jesus' name...
[priest] And to remember
he was a father, a son,
-a friend, and a husband.
-[Madge] heal my daddy...
And to learn that not only
has he earned the love and respect
of the people of this congregation,
but of our entire community.
We are also here today
to seek and receive comfort
to heal our hearts.
We wanna know that God
would administer to our hearts
and give us the strength
as we continue in our walk with Him.
[somber music]
We are gonna move beyond the tears,
beyond our questioning of His plan,
beyond our doubt.
Because the Holy Spirit is here today
to comfort and strengthen
each and every heart.
And He will continue to be with us
as we continue to live for God.
[foreboding music]
[kettle whistling]
[Acie] Mommy?
[EMT] I'm losing him!
[Dr. Parnelli] Adam?
[EMT] Clear!
[Vetti] Adam!
-[Acie] Mommy?
-[Becca] I love you, sweetie.
-[Dr. Parnelli] Adam, can you hear me?
-[EMT] Stay with me!
-I'm losing him!
-[Acie] Mommy, mommy!
I want cereal.
It's over there, baby.
I can't reach it.
Reach what?
I can't reach the box.
Just give Mommy a moment, okay?
Just give me a minute.
But it's right there!
Just give me a minute.
I'm so hungry.
I miss Daddy.
Why won't you listen?
Just give me a minute!
[kettle whistling]
[sniffles, exhales]
[whistling stops]
[door creaks]
Um, I'm sorry, ma'am.
My name is Jimmy. Jimmy Urban.
Uh, I don't mean to intrude.
[Becca] Who are you?
I was a friend of your husband, Adam.
I've never seen you before.
Ma'am, he helped me.
Changed my life, actually.
He helped you?
Would you mind if I, if I came in?
I, I won't take up much of your time.
It's important.
Thank you.
[deep sigh]
Well, why don't I know you?
About three years ago...
Adam came to The Valley Center
where I used to work.
And, uh, they told me
to help him move some inventory.
And we got to talkin'.
Yeah, mostly about work,
a little bit about sports.
He talked an awful lot about you.
[Jimmy] And about your little girl.
I wasn't doing too well back then.
I, uh...
Makin' a lot of bad choices.
Because of drinkin'.
One of those bad choice nights, I, uh...
I drove down to the Hudson Spring game
with my son, Cameron.
That was the playoffs after all,
and he wanted to go.
And I wanted to drink.
And, um...
He was 10.
He was a good boy.
The world got so blurry.
[Becca sighing]
[blows air]
Cameron's with God now.
And I know that.
And when I told Adam my story,
he could have just...
drove off, you know, but he didn't.
He, uh...
he told me that he had the answer
to all of my problems.
He walked over to his old pickup truck...
and he pulled this out.
[Becca sniffling]
You're sayin' that my husband...
the man who I put in the ground yesterday,
gave you his mother's family Bible?
Yes, ma'am.
I spent two weeks...
destroying this house, lookin' for that.
Maybe he just...
thought it would be better this way?
I think it's time for you to go.
Ma'am, as soon as I found out
what happened...
I wanted to bring it back to you
and your family.
[Jimmy] I know you need it now.
Oh, you do?
I don't want it.
It saved my life.
are just words.
You saved your life.
I should go.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
[door closes]
Oh, my god! Oh!
What are you doin' here?
I haven't seen you since what,
cheerleading squad?
Maybe that's for the best,
'cause truth be told,
best friends or not,
we all wanted to kill you and Mr. Perfect.
How is he, anyway?
He died.
Oh, my god.
He died two days ago.
I'm so sorry.
[Becca] No, I'm sorry.
I'm here just pickin' up
some last-minute paperwork.
Oh, so, what brings you here?
Well, I don't know if you remember,
I used to like those magazines.
It got me into advertising.
-The hospital's one of my clients, but...
it's not about me.
Listen, Becca...
I haven't forgotten that you wanted
to move away with me, and...
And Adam didn't and, oh...
I always felt so terrible about that.
And I'm sorry, but you know
I had to get away from my old man.
And you know that, right?
But, plus, I didn't
wanna give up that job, and...
Hey, hey, honey.
[Becca] Honey, it's okay.
We both had lives to live.
Yeah, but...
But I want you to know,
I'm still here for you.
[June] Anything you need, honey.
Anything at all, just let me know.
I think I just want to,
I just want to go home.
I think I just want,
I just want to be by myself.
I'm sorry, sweetie. Is it okay?
Of course, it's okay. Yeah.
Of course, it's okay.
Oh, you know what?
Here. Uh...
Here's my business card.
It's not fancy.
You come see me, okay?
Come see me, Becca.
Be careful, Becca.
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[somber music]
[radio static]
[radio static]
Charlie, I need you
to come into my office.
[Charlie] Oh, I'll be right there,
Miss Becca.
[radio clanks]
Yes, finally.
Okay, I can't make heads or tails
out of any of this.
Oh, I think those are some orders,
uh, Rick called in.
Oh, yeah?
But why do they look like this?
Well, 'cause he's not too good
with a computer.
[Charlie chuckles]
Yeah, Charlie.
Isn't that why I hired you?
Uh, I'm, I'm, sorry, Miss Becca.
I told you, stop calling me Miss Becca!
It's Miss Smith.
Uh, okay, okay.
Um, Miss Smith, I, I...
You know what? I just...
I, I'm tired of this, Charlie.
I need you to be workin' harder.
Not stupider.
I can't be doing all of this
on myself anymore.
And you know what,
you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna go ahead,
I'm gonna call the supplier,
and I'm gonna figure out,
I'm gonna sort all of this out.
[kids shouting and laughing]
You're dismissed.
Okay, okay.
[Becca] And, Charlie?
Can you go please tell those kids
to be quieter?
[Charlie] Sure thing, Miss Becca.
Miss... Miss Smith.
Miss Smith.
And, Charlie?
Shut my door.
You don't, you don't have a door.
-Oh, yeah, that's right.
-[Charlie] Yeah.
Because you forgot to do that, too.
-[Charlie] Um...
Thank you.
[kids shouting and laughing]
[shouting and laughing continues]
Acie, come in here!
I wasn't doing anything wrong.
I know you weren't, baby.
Mama's just havin' a rough day, all right?
I, right now is not the time for you
to be playin' outside.
-[Becca] Okay?
-[Acie] I'll be good.
You're always good.
[Becca] You know that?
[imitates smooch]
Now go be quiet.
[Acie] Okay.
Worst mother of the year.
[man on TV] God will direct the winds
of the storm to blow...
-[Becca] Hey.
-Oh, hey, pretty woman.
[man on TV] We see storms...
Can you just turn that down?
...are so bad, I can't believe
this is happening.
Yeah, sure.
[man on TV] But God uses...
[TV turns off]
[Rick sighing]
You and I, we, we do need to talk.
Oh, good.
About all this?
This mess you've made?
No, about why you're being so short
with Charlie.
Oh, great, so he came runnin' to you?
[Rick] That's not the point.
Then what's the point, Dad?
Point is, he represents one small minute
of a much bigger clock.
The point is...
everything about you is changing.
You, you seemed to have lost your way.
[Rick] Becca, I don't know
who you are anymore.
What do you want from me?
Well, first of all,
I'd like to get you back in church.
I'd like you to stop losing your temper
over everything.
I'd like you to take
a minute out of the day
and listen to Acie more.
Heck, I'd like you to listen to you more.
And you know what I would like you to do?
Is to give me some more space.
We've given you nothin' but space!
You can't turn your back on Him anymore.
God is what gives us greatness.
Oh, no, don't even tell me about that.
Greatness, like you gave Mom greatness?
Excuse me?
I gave your mother my blood, my soul,
and my faith, every day of her life.
You know, Lord knows,
Lord knows I was not perfect,
but I did surrender to her,
and I did surrender to God.
And that same God that you surrendered to,
he took Adam from me.
He took my mom from me.
No one merciful does that.
[Becca] So don't you tell me
what direction my back should turn.
He has a plan.
He has no plan!
-[Rick] Becca.
-Come to think of it...
you know what, there is a plan.
How about I leave this place?
Oh, come on.
No, I'm serious.
Something I should have done
a long time ago.
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[hair dryer whirring]
[phone ringing]
Hold on.
Hold on.
I'm comin'.
I'm a comin'.
[phone ringing continues]
I'm comin'.
Looking good, June.
I'm alive!
[Becca] Hello, June?
Yeah, hey.
I had a feeling
that you might still be up.
Oh. Sexiness never sleeps, my dear.
I was hopin' to hear from you, someday.
What's on your mind?
I need to get out of here.
I think I'm goin' crazy, and I...
I remember you said
that I could come see you.
I see.
Is it...
Is it, is it okay?
Heck, yes! Of course it is, honey!
I was just playin' hard to get.
[June] Oh, I got
a sweet little guest room.
You can stay as long as you want.
Are you gonna bring
the little rascal with you, too?
No, no, not just yet.
[Becca] I gotta take
this first step alone.
I need to.
Yeah, I feel you.
It's time to make that big change.
Thanks, June.
Well, you take your little tush
to that bus station,
and I will have a ticket waitin' for you.
-[June] I can't wait.
All right.
Tonight is the night
Get ready, I am comin' for you, Tom.
It's only gonna be
for a little while, Acie.
[Becca] Okay?
Mommy needs to take care
of herself right now.
And then I'm gonna come back for you.
Are we moving?
It's time to, baby, okay?
But still, there's a lot of things that...
I need to take care of first.
But why?
Paw-paw and I, we talked about this.
And, um, he, he's gonna look after you.
You're gonna be good for him, right?
[Rick sighs]
I love you, baby.
[Becca sighing]
Oh, come here.
It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay.
Are you okay?
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[June] I'm comin'!
I'm comin'! I'm comin'!
[Becca laughing]
Oh, it's so good to see you!
[June] Oh!
-I was so glad you came!
-Honey, hi.
[June laughing]
Oh, wow.
Sweetie, you look really great.
Oh, thank you!
And you look...
Never mind.
[June chuckles]
Why don't you come in, get you settled in,
and I'll make us some margaritas!
Margaritas? Honey, it's 11:00 am.
Well, who's lookin' at a clock?
I, uh...
You catch on quick, girl.
Come on, let's go, get your stuff!
[Becca] Okay.
Oh, I cannot wait.
[June] Come on in.
I hope you like nachos.
Oh, look at you, gettin' all settled in,
Miss Jean Tuxedo.
[June chuckling]
Well, I got lots of days coming up,
so we'll have plenty of time
to take over the town.
Oh, honey, I...
Listen, I... I don't really know
what that means.
Well, you're gonna find out.
So strap yourself in, Becca.
-[June] Woo!
[both chuckling]
I'm gonna go get me some ice crushed up,
put some lime in there,
add a little salt, add a little tequila,
mwah, mwah, mwah!
Do you have any orange juice?
Oh, you want a mimosa?
June, I'm not ready for that.
[June] For a mimosa?
[Becca] No, just the orange juice.
With, with champagne in it, though?
[June] You just want champagne?
Honey, honey, um, do you have water?
-How about water with lemon?
-[June] Oh...
Water with lemon and vodka and ice?
How about hot water?
How water with bourbon?
[calm music]
[calm music continues]
[June] Girl, come drink this margarita
before it drinks itself!
Here we go.
[June and Becca laughing]
So, he hands me the ring,
looks me straight in the eyes...
and says...
"Oh, my grandmamma gave me
this diamond on her deathbed.
She said to only give it
to my one true love."
[June and Becca laughing]
-[Becca] What did you say?
-I told him,
"Now, she should have taken it
with her to the grave."
I know a cubic zirconium
like I know Spam, honey.
I threw him further
than I threw that ring.
Oh, yeah.
Not gonna happen.
[Becca gasping]
[Rick] What part is not clear?
I mean, I'm, I'm taking care
of everything I can...
Look, I've spoken to Charlie
about the accounts.
I'll handle it, all right?
[Becca] Dad, we're late on these accounts.
I don't care how you get it done,
you just need to get it done.
Just... you gotta deal with Charlie.
Your mother wants to talk to you.
Hi, Mommy, I had the best day today!
Oh, you did, sweetie? And why is that?
Paw-paw let me ride the tractor
like Daddy does.
[Becca] Did he?
-Really, sweetie?
-[Acie] Uh-huh.
He tried to explain where Daddy is now.
That's great, baby.
He said I'm old enough now
to learn the truth,
but I don't get it.
I'm proud of you, Acie.
I want you to remember
to brush your teeth...
And wash my face
before I go to bed. I know.
And say your prayers.
And say my prayers.
I love you, sweetie.
I love you.
Good night.
[Rick] You had to tell her
about the tractor?
Time to go, girl!
[playful music]
[playful music continues]
Come on, isn't this just a bit much?
For farm cattle? Yeah.
Oh, oh, you meant for a man?
Heck, no.
You look like a sunrise.
June, I'm not ready for all that.
Baby steps, girl.
Baby steps.
[country music playing on radio]
[country music continues]
[music stops]
[June sighs]
You gotta live.
If you die on the inside,
then what's the point?
Let's go have some fun, yeah?
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[record scratching]
[indistinct chatter]
[upbeat music]
[June] Look at you, girl.
Tonight is all about following my lead.
All right, when is it not?
Excuse me.
"Sugarloaf," I like that.
So how can I help
the two prettiest ladies in the bar?
Ooh, you are new.
Started yesterday.
Oh, I swear,
if you weren't
in elementary school, I'd...
-Never mind.
-Uh, two shots.
-Comin' right up.
Um, honey, I'm not much
of a shots type of person.
[June] Honey, you're from Texas.
-What other kind is there?
Oh, hi, do you have sweet tea?
Uh, oh, that is a good idea.
-It's Randy.
Oh, Randy.
-Can we have the sweet tea version?
-[Randy] Yes, ma'am.
-What kind is the sweet tea version?
-It means it's a triple.
Whose lead are we following?
-[June] Mm.
All about you.
-[Becca] Yes.
-That's my girl.
Yes, yes.
I remember when my daddy said
I wouldn't amount to anything.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry
when I heard about that.
And I hate to say it, but...
your daddy, he was a cruel man.
Yes, he was.
Biggest reason I left.
I promised no one would ever
make me cry like that again.
-Not ever.
-[Becca] Oh, honey.
[Randy] Enjoy.
And look at me now.
Moved to the big city,
own my own advertising agency,
and most importantly,
reunited with my bestest,
dearest friend ever.
[June] I say God is good.
Let's just keep Him out of this.
Oh, you're right.
Even sometimes I forget.
Wait, let's... I wanted to say this
to your new life.
To your soon to be new life.
[glasses clink]
Randy, that is good.
[June mumbling]
[June] There you go.
Oh, please.
-It's so bad!
-[June] Try.
Try to drink it like a lady.
All right? Oh!
[both laughing]
Tonight's gonna be a wild night.
Oh, girl!
Oh, girl, oh my.
[Becca sniffling]
I brought some powder.
I brought some makeup
to deal with this problem.
[rock music playing]
Girl, you're acting like a child!
[both screaming]
-[Becca] Mine.
-[June] No, oh!
Bring more!
[Becca grumbles]
Oh, my god!
I got it in my teeth.
[Becca] Woo!
[June laughing]
[glasses clink]
[Becca coughing]
Oh, girl!
Bring a bottle.
[Becca humming]
-[Becca] Shut up.
-You shut up.
-[Becca] You shut up.
-You shut up.
You are really affectionate
when you're drunk.
[Becca and June laughing]
[June] Right then, the other eyelash!
We hid it in a champagne glass.
No, we did not!
[Becca and June laughing]
[June] Yeah!
[June snorts]
[Becca] You know, I loves you.
You're my bestest stays place ever.
Oh, honey, I think you need another drink.
-No, I...
-Cheer you up.
I'm happy, I'm so happy.
[both laughing]
You know why I'm so happy, my sweetie?
I'm gonna take my wedding ring off
I'm gonna take this one
-[June] What are you doing?
-Look it.
[wedding ring clattering]
Pew, pew!
[Becca] Bye-bye!
All right, it's time for us to go.
-Let's go.
-[Becca] No!
-[June] Yes. Get your bag.
Honey, here's your purse.
Let's go, then.
[Becca laughing]
[Becca] Giddyap! Come on, girl!
[June screaming]
[playful music]
Well, thank you, Madge.
This looks, uh, looks tasty.
I call it ready spaghetti.
Oh, that's, that's nice.
You know, I make everything
with my secret ingredient.
[Acie sighs]
You sure?
You do like jello, don't you?
[Madge] Well, what's there not to like?
Well, go ahead,
don't wait for me, just dig in.
[Rick exhales]
[playful music]
Paw-paw, how about we say our prayers now?
That's, that's a good thing.
We should do that right now.
-It's a good time.
-[Acie] Yes.
[Madge] Isn't that so sweet?
-Good idea.
Let's go ahead and bless this meal.
-How about it?
-All right.
Heavenly Father, we just thank you
for this delicious food
that we're about to eat.
We just feel so grateful.
And bless every corner
of these wonderful people's lives.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Now, don't you worry.
There's plenty more where that came from.
[Becca] Hey.
Can I ask you something?
That's what I'm here for.
You know...
Sometimes, I...
[Becca] Sometimes, I think
that if I didn't ask Adam to go away...
he'd still be alive.
[June] Uh-huh.
Well, don't take it out
on the poor cucumber.
Listen, honey.
My mama slipped in her bathtub
and was gone,
[snaps finger]
just like that.
What was she supposed to do? Not bathe?
Stink up the rest of her life?
[Becca] You definitely have a way
with words, June.
Quite blunt.
Oh, honey, I am the mayor of Blunt City.
Yeah, you are.
It's just the guilt...
Well, you're not guilty, honey.
Own it.
Ain't nothin' gonna change it,
except you're dealin' with it,
till you scare it off for good.
So you deserve to find peace.
But am I doin' the right thing?
Honey, I mean, being here.
All of this.
You see, there's something
you don't understand.
See, you're on this journey,
and you gotta see it through.
[June] You're gonna hurt a lot,
you're gonna learn a lot,
but at the end of it,
you're gonna feel like a...
a bottle of rain on a summer mornin',
I can tell you that.
So don't you dare get in its way.
[Becca sighs]
Or, if that doesn't work...
you can have some wine.
It always works for me.
-Thank you.
-You know...
It's okay for you to be vulnerable, too.
Oh, I'm fine as is, darlin'.
[Rick] Now watch this, ready?
-[Rick] Here it goes.
That's it, he likes that good stuff.
Don't you, buddy?
But how can Daddy be in the ground,
and in the sky?
It just doesn't make sense.
Oh, well...
I'll tell you, shorty.
Sometimes, the road to enlightenment
takes some time.
But you and me,
we're gonna get there together, aren't we?
[Acie giggling]
All right,
what are we gonna feed 'em next?
Oh, you aren't quite
a farmer's daughter yet, are you?
Charlie, you wanna explain this
to me again,
in a way that sounds like English?
These invoices are all wrong.
Uh, what...
And I, I corrected the ones
that I could find,
but you stopped using the computer.
Yeah, I hate that devil.
I know.
But you, uh, you did all
of the spreadsheets by hand
and then left them in a shoebox, so, uh...
[Rick sighing]
So, you know, I wasn't able to, um...
to calculate the rest of it.
Go ahead, just spit out in a cup.
We're owed a bunch of money.
How much?
A lot.
I mean, usually,
what I miss, Miss Becca...
Miss Smith will pick up the slack,
but, without her, if this keeps happenin',
I don't, I don't think
that you're gonna be able to afford
the bank's bills.
Are you tellin' me, in two weeks,
I fell this deep into the well?
The nature of things.
[Charlie] We deal with,
with hundreds of invoices.
You have, you have got to be a part
of this information highway...
Well, you know exactly
what you could do with your highway!
I'm sorry.
When she moves away...
I don't think that you're gonna be able
to afford to hire someone more...
qualified, and I know that,
that I can't do it all.
Yeah, don't you worry about that.
I ran a business
long before you came along, kid.
Yeah, well... Well, before that,
you had Adam runnin' things
the proper way, so...
The proper way?
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, maybe you didn't...
you didn't realize it, or maybe they...
didn't tell you...
I've done this my whole life, child.
I don't need you to come waltzin' in here,
tellin' me how things are gonna be.
I know what's what!
Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm sorry, Rick.
And I apologize.
Uh, Madge made some pie.
At least that's what she calls it, anyway.
I'm gonna go pretend to enjoy some.
Yeah. Could you save me a piece?
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
Do your work.
Please, do your work.
I never win the blink game with July.
You want to try?
Paw-paw, does July get to go
to this heaven place, too?
Come on, you shouldn't.
Here, that shouldn't be on the table.
Wait, where...
Where am I?
What day is it?
[Becca groaning]
Ten o'clock.
I need a hand.
Sundays used to mean somethin' to me.
I heard that.
Honey, how did I get on the couch?
Oh, you fell asleep.
Right in the middle of eatin' a cracker.
[imitates munching]
[Becca laughing]
Oh, I shouldn't have even...
[June snoring]
That was you.
Right in the middle
of that yummy Woven Wheat.
[both chuckling]
Oh, girl.
You know what we need?
[Becca] No.
Maybe we need the great outdoors.
-No, honey.
-[Becca] Yes.
This is... This is a Sunday, in the city.
We're talkin' champagne,
brunches, and lattes.
-Oh, yeah.
Come on.
-Come on.
-You were livin' on the farm too long.
-No, come on.
-I just, I started drinkin' that.
[June panting]
I have to breathe!
[Becca laughing]
I thought all that clubbing
was supposed to keep you in shape.
[Becca laughing]
I thought you were the one that...
-you know, spent all day behind the desk.
Try six years chasing my daughter
around the farm.
-Come on.
-Home field advantage, you cheater!
[Becca laughing]
You know, I learned something
really important this last year.
What's that?
That it turns out power walks
don't make you look cute?
[June exhales]
It's that God turned His back on me.
Oh, yeah.
It's a little early for that, ain't it?
No, I'm serious.
I know.
I know.
I, I stopped goin' for all that stuff
when I left the farm
and what that angry old man preached.
Yeah, but all I did was give.
And all He did was take.
I figure, we're here for a good time.
And when you go, you're gone.
All right.
Then it's time for me
to make a big change.
Good. Oh!
'Cause I'm about to change
the dead right now.
Is there a white flag
around here somewhere?
I surrender.
Please, don't make me.
[June] I wanna go home!
Now, he looks ripe.
[Becca] Who?
Go pick it.
Oh, I don't...
You said you were the one
that wanted to make a big change.
-Emphasis on big.
-But, June...
You look so pretty.
-God, you look so pretty, look at you.
You smell good, too.
[Becca sniffs]
Oh, my.
That's not... That is not ladylike.
What'd you go... What you doin'?
You're a disaster.
You are amazed.
What kind of lady...
He is with his sister.
Of course.
It is a family bar.
Are you okay, Paw-paw?
Yeah, I'm fine, sweetie.
Where was I?
I said I wanna go see if it's real.
You will.
When you're invited.
Why can't Daddy invite me?
He will.
Okay, one more, and then we're outta here.
All right, girl, sounds like a plan.
-Can I get you somethin' to drink?
No, I'm good.
You can get mine.
Oh, never mind her, she's well, uh...
They don't make adjectives for her.
[Bucky] Oh, well, I see.
I'm, uh, I'm Bucky, what's your name?
Oh, Bucky and Becca,
I like the way that sounds.
[Becca chuckling]
[Becca laughing]
I'm just here in town on business.
-Oh, yeah?
You like pigs?
[Becca] Sure.
'Cause I have a stupendous pig farm.
-Just made a major sale.
Are you from around here?
-No, I'm not, I'm transitioning.
Well, you have no idea what pigs can do.
[Bucky] You know, I keep a little
potbellied pig just as a pet,
but a potbellied pig is actually smarter
than a Labrador Retriever.
-[Becca] Really? I did not know that.
-[Bucky] Well, it's a true fact.
-That's amazing. That's amazing.
You know what? I gotta call my daughter.
Oh, you do.
You need to call her.
-Oh, I, I can come with you...
-Oh, no.
-[Becca] That, that is, uh, it's okay.
You say one more thing about a pig...
and I'm turning you into bacon.
[Becca] Baby, what, what do you mean?
Paw-paw was crying?
Uh-huh, I heard him in the other room.
I never seen him cry before.
He seems really sad.
You know, Paw-paw's gonna be okay.
He always is, okay, honey?
I'm so sorry that I woke you up, sweetie.
You go back to sleep.
Mommy's gonna come home
and get you real soon.
Okay. I miss you.
I love you, sweetie.
I, I'll see you soon, good night.
[Jasper] You know, you act tough.
But I can see a little girl lost in you.
Is that right, Jasper?
[Jasper] Yeah.
You know, when you get to be my age,
you start to see things
as they really are.
-[Jasper] Not what they pretend to be.
I'm a bit of a psychic that way.
Oh? Is that how you know
when to put on your diaper?
[Jasper] I know when my tongue's been bit.
You know, but one of these days...
when you least expect it,
the real you's gonna come out.
And you're gonna cry like a baby.
Oh, I think I'm about to start right now.
[June clears throat]
[Becca] You okay?
Oh, mm, I was born okay, darlin'.
[Becca] Yeah?
I know what you need.
-Another drink.
-Why, you think you know what I need?
Does everybody suddenly know
what's best for me?
June, all right, honey.
All right, hey.
How about the next drink's on me?
[Becca] Brandy?
-I like this new you.
-[Becca] Ah.
[both laughing]
[June] I oughta tell you
I have some stories
-about pool tables.
-[Becca] Yeah.
[June chuckles]
You don't wanna know. Hello.
[Becca] I'm sure you do.
[June sighs]
Oh, you know, Adam used to play some pool.
-Do you?
-[Becca] No.
Come on, give it a try.
No, I...
-It's fun.
-I don't wanna play.
-It's gonna be fun.
-Oh, let's play. Come on, let's play.
[phone ringing]
Oh, hold on, hold on.
-Hold on.
-[June] Hurry up.
[phone ringing]
Oh. Well, you're gonna have
to deal with it sooner or later.
So, get it.
[phone beeps]
Hello, Madge.
Becca, are you ever gonna take my calls?
I'm gonna go mingle, while you do that.
I mean, really, how long have I been
a friend to this family?
[Madge] I deserve better than this.
It's late.
Well, the Children's Bible Study
Committee Meeting keeps calling.
What? All right, that's the last thing
that's been on my mind.
It sure used to be.
[indistinct chatter]
And what the heck
is that racket goin' on, anyway?
I'm in a bar, Madge.
I'm dancing, I'm letting my hair down,
I'm havin' fun for the first time,
like, in forever.
[Becca] Have you ever heard of that?
You know what?
You just need to get off my back.
You're not my mother.
Well, I was your mother's best friend
for 41 years, Miss Becca.
[Madge] And I helped raise you
as if you were my own,
before you could even breathe air!
So don't be tellin' me what I'm not!
And how long is this supposed
to be going on, anyway?
Until I say so.
All right?
[phone beeps]
[blows raspberry]
[Becca] Wanna play?
You know how?
Show me.
All right.
Here, grab this stick right here.
[Becca chuckling]
You need to lean down, just like this.
All right, you see
the cue ball right there?
I want you to stick that ball
in that hole.
-All right.
-[Jeff] Relax.
Let's get some of this hair
out of your face.
It's nice, though.
[Becca chuckles]
Okay, now you're going to, uh...
Go ahead.
[balls clanking]
Hey, I hit it!
That's pretty good.
-That was really good.
[clearing throat]
[Becca chuckles]
-Oh, you want some more?
You have to ask?
-Oh, I got me a firecracker.
Hotter than a pistol, take a shot
Cut off jeans, tight tank top
Dancin' on the front porch
Kickin' it up
Gonna steal me a kiss
With a little bit of luck
Somethin' about the way she moves
Makes my heart go
Chickity boom, chickity boom
Makes my heart go chickity boom
She got a big mind, gotta be soon
Chick, chick, chick, chickity boom
Oh, yeah
She's that kind of girl
[Jeff] You sure you can walk over?
[Becca laughing]
[Becca] I can fly.
-I gotta go to the little girl's room.
-All right.
Which, which, which...
-I think it's over...
-This way?
I think it's over there.
-This way?
-Over there.
-That way?
-That way.
[Jeff] You sure you don't want me
to come with you?
-Nope, stay.
-[Jeff] Okay.
[door creaking]
Oh, hi. What are you doin' here?
I'm waitin' on you, darlin'.
Oh, yeah?
Came to collect my payment.
You see, those pool lessons ain't free.
Well, then, how about I go get us a drink?
Kisses will do just fine.
Oh, no, but, cowboy, hold on.
Hold on, we're not there yet.
Why not? I don't bite.
I, I said no.
-Don't act like you don't want to.
-Come on, please, come on.
Let's go back inside
and let's talk about it.
I don't see no ring.
You said you wanted a friend.
Let me be your friend.
Stop it!
The firecracker's got a fuse.
[Becca gasps, screams]
[Becca breathing heavily]
You get one of those,
and there won't be another.
Please, please stop it.
-[Jeff] Shut up!
-[Becca] Please stop it!
-Please, just stop!
-[Jeff] Shut up!
-[Ronnie] Hey.
-[Becca] Stop, please, please...
[Becca whimpering]
What's goin' on back here?
[Jeff chuckling]
Uh, nothin', Ronnie.
Just spendin' a little time with my...
[Jeff groans]
[Jeff groaning]
[Ronnie] Ma'am.
Ma'am, are you okay?
[Becca screaming]
Don't touch me!
Okay, okay.
-Just calm down, all right?
-Don't touch me!
[Ronnie] Okay, okay, no problem.
Don't touch me.
Now, maybe you should go home.
It's time to go home.
Listen, I'm gonna talk
to this piece of trash right here, okay?
[Ronnie] Just go home.
[Becca whimpering]
[Jeff groaning]
[Jeff coughs]
Hey, you look at me.
Now, you and I...
are gonna do a lot more than just talk.
Believe me.
[Becca] Ow!
Ma'am, can you see it in your heart
to help me?
Show God's mercy?
I lost everything I had. Please.
Show God's mercy?
What about my mercy, hmm?
[sirens wailing]
Uh, I don't, uh...
Can I ask you a question?
Why are you spreadin' lies?
Who are you to spread lies?
They're not lies. I've seen it.
If you ask for His blessings,
He'll give 'em to you.
[Becca gasps]
You're a liar.
Look at you.
[Becca] Did God give you any blessings?
Give me this stupid thing.
[Earl] Lady, please,
that's all I have left, I need that!
[Becca] Then you tell me about blessings?
I spit on your blessings!
All of your blessings!
[Earl] Stop it please!
Why are you doin' this?
What's your name?
-[Becca] What's your name?
Do you know why you're on the street?
It's because God has no mercy.
Not to you.
Not to anyone.
He is as empty as your sign!
It's not true, it's not!
-You deal with it!
-Not true!
-[Philips] Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am!
Listen, give this man his sign back
and move along.
You're disturbing the peace.
If he can be here, sir, then so can I.
Okay, that's enough, ma'am.
I'll appreciate it if you listen to me,
leave the man alone.
-Officer, please!
-[Becca] Shut up, Earl!
[Philips] Calm down.
Have you been drinking?
-I'm not!
-Ma'am, I asked you a question.
Have you been drinking?
[officer groans]
[Philips] You know what?
[handcuffs clank]
We're gonna try this a different way.
[Becca gasps]
You know, I was at your wedding.
You're Rick Adams' daughter.
Yeah, I thought you looked familiar.
Rick invited my wife and I
to your big affair wedding.
[Lt. O'Connor]
What was that, six, seven years ago?
Your father and I met back then
doing volunteer work
for a housing project.
He was one the best God-fearing men
I have ever met.
This was a mistake, officer.
Lieutenant O'Connor.
"Disorderly conduct, public intoxication."
Is this who you are?
Is this what you've become?
I swear, I will never be here again.
I know you won't.
Now go on, get out of here.
What's your hurry?
I'm going home. Okay, honey?
[Becca] I have to go back
to my dad, to Acie.
I gotta deal with all of it.
Well, out here is where you should be,
and you know that.
Do I?
at least let me come with you.
[June] You shouldn't be alone right now.
Honey, just, just let me be, okay?
Well, well, let me clean you up, at least.
Oh, look.
Freshly-chewed gum. Mm.
Do we need to get you a pastor checkup?
I told you,
that's not what I need right now.
I'm tired of telling you that.
[Vernon] We've all lost someone.
When was the last time
you lost your best friend
and your girlfriend all in the same car?
Even the dog, tell me that?
You were just starting to recover,
don't fall back on it now.
-If your mother were here...
-Yeah, but she's not here, is she?
'Cause she left too, and they're all gone.
I can't go through that again.
It's not about you!
I didn't mean it that way.
Then how exactly did you mean it?
[Vernon sighs]
We need to get you on new medication.
You know, I have nothing now, Vernon.
Don't you understand?
Don't you listen to anything?
Don't you hear anything?
[Vernon] I'm sorry about what happened.
But you're still here,
you still have a light.
I don't need your light.
James, where you going?
Poor kid.
Why are you staring?
I don't know.
I thought about what you said.
Yeah, what's that?
[clicks tongue]
About how I shouldn't be afraid to cry.
[Becca] Oh, I don't remember
quite saying it like that.
-Well, it was something like that.
-[Becca] Okay.
I just want you to know it's not true.
I don't need to be weak.
It got me nowhere.
I'm just saying that you need
to let down your guard,
then you might feel something inside.
I have no clue what that means.
You know, it means
is that it is okay to cry.
Oh, why do I keep hearing that?
Oh, right?
You know it's not my style.
[James groaning]
It has been a long day, June, okay?
I don't wanna fight with you.
I'm just saying that you might discover
something about yourself
if you take all your armor off.
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Bus driver, stop the bus!
-[Becca] Stop the bus!
-[Vernon] James!
[Becca] Sir, sir, can you hear me?
[Vernon] James!
Sir? Somebody call the ambulance.
He needs air.
Anybody with a phone?
[Vernon] We need to get him out of here,
he needs room.
-[Becca] Sir, I'm sorry, I don't think...
-He needs air!
-No, we shouldn't move him!
-She's right, we shouldn't move him, okay?
-I said to get him off the bus!
-Okay, sir, let me help. Let me help.
-[Vernon] Grab his legs.
-[Jason] Let's get him over here.
Nice and easy.
-[Becca] I'll call an ambulance.
[Jason] Okay, James?
-James? Hey, buddy.
-[Vernon] Stay with me, son.
-[man #1] Everyone else, please be seated.
-[Jason] Stay with us, James.
Stay with us, James.
[Becca] James, stay with us,
can you hear us, James?
-[Vernon] Stay with me, son.
-Stay with us, James.
-Is he breathing?
-[Jason] Barely.
Did you take something, buddy?
You don't have to say anything, just nod.
-[Jason] How about that? Breathe, okay?
It's fentanyl.
[June] He's injected himself
with the drug.
-Try CPR.
-[Jason] Stay with me.
-One, two, three, four, five, six...
-[Becca] Hang on, James.
James, stay with us.
Can you hear us, James?
[Jason] Can you hear us?
Hey, wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up.
Stay with me, stay with me.
[Vernon] James!
[Jason] Nothing's happening,
is it working?
Oh, my god, his pulse is weakening.
-[Vernon] Don't say that.
-Is, is he still breathing?
He's fading, no, he's fading.
-[Jason] He's fading. James!
-[Becca] Come on, James!
-[Jason] James, listen.
-Come on, baby, stay with us!
[Jason] James, you with me?
Hey, I don't know how much time we have,
but stay with me, okay?
James, I don't know
what's about to happen, but...
Hey, I don't know what else to do,
but to tell you about Jesus.
Jesus loves you, man.
Jesus loves you.
Hey, no matter what happens,
if you love Him,
if you know Him, if you accept Him...
you will be with Him, man.
I swear, all I know,
it's a beautiful place.
If you accept Jesus as your light,
if you accept Him
as the Lord of your life,
just say yes, James.
[Jason] Thank you.
Thank you, man.
Best decision you ever made.
James, we're gonna pray
for you buddy, okay?
Look, I don't care who's around,
we're gonna pray.
If y'all wanna pray, come around with me.
Anybody, let's pray.
Holy God, help us.
-Our Father...
-[crowd] Our Father...
-Who art in heaven...
-[crowd] Who art in heaven...
-Hallowed be thy name.
-[crowd] Hallowed by thy name.
-Thy kingdom come...
-[crowd] Thy kingdom come...
-Thy will be done...
-[crowd] Thy will be done...
-[Jason] On earth...
-[crowd] On earth...
-[Jason] As it is in heaven.
-[crowd] As it is in heaven.
-[Jason] Jesus, give us this day...
-[crowd] Give us this day...
-[Jason] Our daily bread...
-[crowd] Our daily bread...
[Jason] Forgive us our trespasses...
[crowd] Forgive us our trespasses...
[Jason] As we forgive
those who trespass against us.
[crowd] As we forgive
those who trespass against us.
-[Jason] And lead us not into temptation
-[crowd] And lead us not into temptation
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
Did, uh, did you need something more
for our statement?
Oh, no, I, I got everything I need.
I was just...
Are you two gonna be okay?
It's gonna be dark soon, and...
do you got somebody coming to get you?
No, I haven't even...
I haven't even thought of that yet.
Your Rick's daughter, aren't you?
[Becca] Yeah.
I thought that was you.
Well, I'm gonna be headed that way.
I'd be happy to give y'all
a lift home, if that's all right?
That's really kind of you.
Thank you.
[Becca] Hey, June?
Huh? Yeah?
Honey, let's go home.
[car revving]
Um, please, don't tell anyone
I let you ride in the front seat.
I'm not supposed
to have any passengers up here.
I could get into a lot of trouble
if you...
Uh, I won't.
Wow, that was truly amazing,
what y'all did back there.
[Nick] I mean, honest to god, amazing.
Y'all helped that boy
cross over to the other side.
Yeah, I'm, I'm sure his grandfather
is gonna appreciate it, too.
You know, in time.
Oh, I can only imagine
what you all are feeling right now.
[Jimmy] He told me that he had the answer
to all of my problems.
If you accept Him,
you'll be with Him, man.
You can't turn your back on Him anymore.
[Jimmy] It saved my life.
[calm music]
[Acie gasping]
[Acie laughing]
You're here!
-I can't believe you're home already!
-Acie! Hey, baby!
-Oh, honey!
-Oh, there's my baby girl.
-Hey! Mm.
[Acie] Mommy, I missed you so much!
[Becca] Yeah, I won't leave you, baby.
Hi, Dad.
Welcome home.
[Rick] We got so much to show you.
-You do?
[Acie] I learned how
to make cookies and make...
Thank you.
-My pleasure, Rick.
-[Becca] You learned how to make cookies?
Yeah, and to mix it all together.
[calm music]
Go on.
It's all right.
You get some rest now.
[door closes]
[tranquil music]
[tranquil music continues]
[uplifting music]
[uplifting music continues]
[Becca] Is it okay if I sit down?
Oh, come on!
Hey, hey, help me!
-Help me, she's crazy!
-[Becca] Earl.
Clearly, she can hurt me!
-Do not let her small size fool you!
-[Becca] Earl.
It's okay.
What do you want?
[Becca] I wanted to say I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, you can go
and be sorry somewhere else.
[Becca] I packed us a lunch
and I was wondering
if I could have lunch here?
It's a free country.
[Becca] May I?
I have, uh, a half sandwich.
It's barbecue.
Would you like it?
I do not like barbecue.
You sure?
Seeing as I'm hungry...
[Becca chuckles]
God does have mercy.
[calm music]
I know He does.
Have you ever worked on a farm before?
[calm guitar music]
[calm guitar music continues]
May I have this dance?
[necklace clinks]
Do you mind if I...
I said no right now?
Of course.
Hey, Nick?
But ask me again sometime?
To be continued.
[people clapping, cheering]
[Rick] Now, since you all know me,
you know my one rule on the 4th of July.
If you don't plan on having fun...
[all] Go home!
That's right, let's go, let's dance!
[people cheering]
[Acie] It may take a lifetime
for me to get there,
but I finally understand
that my daddy is in heaven.
And that I'm truly blessed
to know what that means.
[tranquil music]
[tranquil music continues]