My Daughter the Teenage Nudist (2012) Movie Script

This programme contains strong language and full
frontal nudity from the start and throughout.
'Everybody looks beautiful together
because everybody's different.
'Such an amazing feeling,
you feel so liberated,'
you're just like free, open,
naked in the middle of London.
Up and down Britain,
more young people are embracing
public nudity than ever before...
.. much to their mums'
and dads' dismay.
Love you, Mum!
It must have been gutting to hear
"I've seen your daughter naked.
"I saw your daughter with her tits
out on Facebook," was the comment.
We follow this Facebook generation
over a summer...
Naked art project.
Awesome, please have a look.
.. getting online
and getting involved
in mass naked public events.
It's decency, not nudity, isn't it?
It's decency, not nudity, isn't it?
It is decency, you're right.
These young nudists would never
dream of joining a naturist club.
I kind of got this idea of naturists
kind of playing volleyball
and, like, doing all sorts of weird
sports that I'm not really into.
We're desperate
for younger people to come on
and replace us older people.
But the older British naturists
have plans, and they're relying
on one man to recruit
the under 30s to their movement.
We'll make naturism a normal thing
to do in this country.
What would your mum say now, Clare?
Who gives a shit?!
I don't know why I Googled it,
but I Googled naked bike ride
for some reason.
I was like, "We have to go to this.
"It looks like the most
amazing thing in the world. "
The fact that you're naked
and it's a protest
and you're all as one.
It's just a great feeling,
I can't explain how good it is.
Having just finished her A levels,
18-year-old Mollie is savouring
her last summer at home
before heading off to university.
I could not stand living
in Hinckley forever.
What's the point of holding
yourself back? You only live once!
Mollie has just uploaded photos
of her and her friend Luke
at the London naked bike ride,
and is treating mum Vanessa
to an eyeful.
I mean, do I really need to see
that part of Luke in my life?
I really have empathy for your dad
that because that is a...
Yeah. That is a very,
er... private man as well,
strong man, i'nt he, and er...
I bet it must have been
gutting for his mates to say.
"I've seen your daughter naked. "
gutting for his mates to say. "I've seen your
daughter naked. " Was it even said like that?
Yeah, I think it was like, "I saw
your daughter with her tits out
"on Facebook,"
I think was the comment.
I do agree with that in a way,
but when it's said like that,
"I've seen your daughter naked,"
without going for the issue of what we did it for
or about the fact that it's a protest and stuff,
it does come across the wrong way.
There's lots of people
taking pictures.
It does go through your mind.
Yeah. It does go through your mind. But
you always think of the worst things.
They probably said, "Look what
I've seen today, how hilarious?"
There's bound to be men
that went, "Cor, look at her. "
Yeah, but what's the problem?
The dirty old man in a room looking
at picture of my daughter naked
and not doing nice things about it.
That's my worry.
After the naked bike ride and the
feeling and buzz I got from that,
it's like, "Maybe I should
be naked more!"
I don't know I like the feeling
of being free when you're naked.
But I don't want to be like
a full-on naturist.
I can quite happy just doing it
by myself or with my fiends, really.
Mollie's best friend,
18-year-old Clare,
was hoping to join her on the naked
bike ride, but she wasn't allowed.
Going round London on a bike naked,
I thought that was really funny,
but I couldn't go cos my mum,
but hey.
She said, "I'm going to London
to get... I need to book tickets. "
"Oh, yeah, what's that for?"
You know, museums, you know, naive.
No - naked bike ride.
"No, you're not going, no way,
no, you can't go, you know!"
I was like, "No. " I was furious, no.
And what was the bike ride
meant to be for?
What does it aim to do?
Against CO2 emissions.
A protest sort of thing.
Cos it's shocking to see
a naked person on a bike.
Yes, it is shocking, yeah.
Anyone seeing you naked basically,
I didn't want you to do it!
I thought, "What the hell
is she doing now?"
I love my mum so I don't want to...
I don't want to upset her,
so that's why I didn't do it,
or my dad, I don't wanna upset them.
And I think they were like,
I don't know...
I knew they were worried about me,
so I didn't want them
to worry even more.
So that's why I didn't go.
It's early summer in England.
Word has spread online
that the next naked bike ride
is happening in Brighton.
Nudity is about us being vulnerable
on the roads as cyclists.
Daryl, the youth leader from the
national British Naturism Organisation,
is here to try and persuade some
of these under 30s to sign up.
I love the naked bike ride!
No, I wouldn't like
all my spare parts showing!
It's just naked, it's not right,
when teenage girls and boys
seeing that, like, especially
perverts looking at it as well.
I don't agree with it myself.
My fantasy, my dream of how things
should be is that people
don't see naked people as a problem,
don't see it
as something that's abnormal.
You know, nakedness and nakidity -
a word that I'm gonna start
putting in the dictionary soon -
should be accepted everywhere.
You got any friends
that might be interested in this?
Er, a couple, not sure.
Not as up for it as I am.
Yeah, I find that a lot - a lot
of people don't wanna get involved.
I don't know,
I'm not a prude or anything,
but I think that sort of thing
needs to be kept indoors.
Daryl only managed to sign up
one new young member
at the naked bike ride, but his
enthusiasm is by no means quashed.
It's another miserable rainy day
in England,
but we don't care -
we're in a nice warm dry boat.
I can't open the back door,
er, not while I'm naked,
cos obviously everyone can look in
and poor old Bob, my neighbour,
he'll get an eyeful.
I won't force it upon anyone.
When it comes to considering others,
naturists abide by one golden rule.
It's more a common courtesy to put
a towel down wherever you go,
just like you take your shoes off
when you walk into someone's house.
Erm, it's just part of what you do.
It's hygienic, it's comfortable.
I think naturism is suffering
from a major image problem.
A lot of people have
dim views upon it
and think it's an old-fashioned
weird thing to do and it's just not.
With the majority
of traditional naturists
well beyond the first flush
of youth, the national organisation
has brought in Daryl to try and
bring the younger set into the fold.
Even here in the naturist clubs
we find a lack of young people
wanting to play,
it's not the in thing, is it?
It is an elderly population
and it's getting older.
We're desperate
for the younger people.
We need younger people to come on
and replace us older people.
This is Ian - Ian's our regional
rep for the Midlands.
In the past decade,
membership of British naturism
has dropped from 18,000 to 11,000.
What does it just say, three-year
plan? Does it say we're doing?
To reverse this decline,
the elected council are in the midst
of a drastic image overhaul.
This organisation has been built
on the foundation of people
who say, "I am a naturist,
I'm gonna join British naturism. "
That's great.
Not everybody feels like that now.
People are doing nude things
and not necessarily thinking of it
as naturism - skinny dipping,
people going
on world naked bike rides.
These people need a nudge
in our direction.
I do think, though, we ought to move
a little bit quicker on this.
It's a three-year plan -
we've got 18 months left.
Unfortunately, the council won't be
moving as quickly as they hoped,
as their youth officer Daryl
is nowhere to be seen.
as their youth officer Daryl is nowhere
to be seen. Anybody know where Daryl is?
That's really strange,
isn't it, yeah?
They should have been here
at ten o'clock anyway.
They should have been here at ten o'clock
anyway. I got here a little bit late.
Why were you late?
Why were you late? It was a
bit of late night last night.
'These older ones couldn't tend
to keep up with us in the pub.
'They're all like three times
my age. '
I've only just come into this role
and I am going to complete change
the ways things have been done
for the last ten years.
'There's ten million people in this
country within our age range. '
If we could even hit 1% of them
that would...
put me over the moon.
Keen to try out more naked events,
Mollie has brought her mates
to a clothes optional day
she found online at Abbey House
gardens in Wiltshire.
Best friend Clare
has also come along,
despite her mum's reservations.
Zoe! Zoe!
We don't have that many young
people, but we had a nice lot today.
I dunno, I'll take off my shirts
and you take off your bra.
Only a few of Mollie's friends have
ever been publicly naked before.
Come on, guys, take your tops off.
My mum knows.
She's a bit apprehensive, but...
I'd be scared of what people
thought of my body.
You can hide under your clothes.
You can hide under your clothes. Yeah, you
wouldn't be able to see their rolls of fat
or anything, and when you're naked
people are like, "Urgh!"
I've never done this before and then I've just
seen loads of naked people I was like, "Oh. "
I think it's kind of nice really
how people come to these places
and do what they want.
They can be themselves here.
Is it OK to look at that here,
do you know what I mean?
Could you sit there
and just be staring at it?
I don't know!
I don't know!
You can hear giggles and stuff.
I see people who are new
to naturism and I think
they've never been naked before,
but they're seeing other people
round them who are naked, and
I think they're tempted to try it.
It's obvious by their body language.
They feel a bit nervous about
taking their clothes off,
but I'm sure they would enjoy it
if they did try it.
One thing they're game for
is a skinny dip.
And Clare is one of the first in.
Despite an inquisitive audience,
Mollie's friends
are gaining in confidence.
What would your mum say now, Clare?
Who gives a shit?!
25-year-old maths student Alex
recently took part in the
Manchester naked bike ride.
Even if someone wasn't taking
part in an event
like the naked bike ride,
if they were on the street
and 200 naked people fly by of
really all different shapes and
sizes, I think that could be
quite inspiring and something that
really has a positive effect on
the way they see nudity and see
being comfortable within your body.
Alex is one of a growing
number of young people
getting naked to challenge
the domination of
perfect body images in the media.
I think it's really positive to be
comfortable with your own body,
really positive to be
comfortable naked,
and I think it's really positive
to see other people's bodies
and in a totally non-sexual context.
I think it really helps you
with self-confidence.
Every week, Alex and her friends
get together and cook naked.
Today, her mate Luke,
an engineering student,
is the last one to arrive
and slip into his birthday suit.
Shall we start
weighing out the wet ingredients?
I'm probably naked
kind of like every day
almost, like, you know,
I probably sleep naked,
get up naked, answer the door.
I've had a couple of
amused-looking takeaway people.
Along with housemate Jess,
Luke has set up a naked food blog.
They cook in the buff,
post the recipes and photos online,
and aim to celebrate normal bodies.
Got thrown out the Arndale the other
day, for not having any shoes on.
Got thrown out the Arndale the other
day, for not having any shoes on. LAUGHTER
The blog has created a stir
online, with 60,000 hits
so far and rising.
That's me and Luke.
See, these are all
the people that have
mentioned us on Twitter,
so we've got this person here saying
they think they've got a new
favourite food blog.
It's growing, isn't it, as well?
It's growing, isn't it, as well?
Since we started
we haven't had a day
where we haven't had
100 people looking at it.
I've told my dad.
For a fundamentalist
Christian, my dad is
relatively all right
with the project, actually.
My mum is a bit more of a worrier,
she's like, "Are you sure
that if you're
"naked on the internet,
will you get a job?"
and this sort of stuff.
You do loads of naked stuff.
Surely your parents know...
about your propensity...
Surely your parents know...
about your propensity... No.
Surely your parents know... about your
propensity... No... your keenness.
Would your parents
be shocked if they knew?
I don't think they'd approve that...
They already think I'm pretty weird.
I guess as a teenager having
almost cripplingly low self-esteem
for many, many years,
and really hating my body.
Maybe two years ago I started to
really feel like I was finding
my place in the world and
discovering my friends and
part of marking that passage
was kind of like,
not just liking myself,
but liking my body as well
and wanting to kind of be naked
in a totally de-sexualised context,
so it definitely felt like
I am liberated and celebrating
my body. I like myself.
"It's unacceptable because
they are all unattractive. "
The blog is generating a stream of
mixed responses.
"Tell her we need more pics of
"fresh ripe melons and
less pictures of cucumbers. "
"I don't know what
made me puke more,
"the food or the naked fat people. "
"They aren't very attractive
"because chicks with
armpit hair make most guys
"throw up. "
Oh, God.
I know, right?
It's a bit infectious,
it's like you're really happy
about being naked,
has kind of made me want to do it,
and it's made me confront
a lot of my body issues. Erm...
With cupcakes.
We should probably take them out now.
I've previously had quite
a lot of issues with my weight
and with my weight being quite low.
I've always thought that
I looked massively fat,
so I used to not eat much at all.
And now... I've had,
I had some realisations
last year that I, actually,
I was way too thin.
It's still an ongoing process.
I'm not finished by all means.
Ready, and...
say "vegan cream cheese".
Vegan cream cheese.
There are different naked fashions,
and Daryl's preference
is for the look created
by the sack, crack and back wax.
A look more appealing
to the young people
he hopes to recruit.
I think they call it "metrosexual".
You know, we do our hair,
we make sure our nails are clean.
I very much doubt,
especially there being no male
older naturists getting this done.
If times don't change and,
and ethoses don't
move on with the times, then,
you know, we don't go anywhere.
Shall I put my legs like that?
You've got it.
I haven't found many aspects
that I'm uncomfortable with,
being naked or in naturism.
I think that's hence why, you know
people like myself are involved
in Young British Naturists.
It restricts you
doing things in life
if you get embarrassed
about your body.
Cos we are all just human beings,
at the end of the day,
and all human beings
in the same boat,
on the same world,
on the same planet,
and naturism, you know, helps
you understand that a lot more.
Daryl, do you want me to do
the whole buttock area?
Yeah if you see hair,
take it off, please.
Yeah if you see hair, take
it off, please. Yeah, OK.
Go, fuzzy cuzzy!
Daryl's determination
to convert anyone
under the age of 30 to
British Naturism knows no bounds.
Today, he has plans for his
19-year-old cousin Luke,
who's never taken his clothes off
in public before.
It'll be fine, I'm sure.
it's going to be fine.
I think it's actually weirder being
naked in front of people I know
than in front of total strangers.
I don't know why.
A lot of people find it easier
to go naked in front of people
that they've never seen before,
they're never gonna see again.
Hence why a lot of people
try naturism out on holidays.
So do you think you're going to
plunge in the deep end
and get naked at the spa today?
Erm, I'll see how I go.
No expectations.
No expectations.
I'm sure it will be fine.
I'm sure it will be fine. Expectation
is the route to disappointment.
Daryl's taking Luke
to a naturist spa,
nestled deep in the heart
of suburban Birmingham.
Right. Are we sitting
at the bar, perhaps?
Daryl's agreed to feature in
the stills for British Naturism's
new publicity campaign,
which aims to appeal
to a younger market.
But for cousin Luke who's getting
naked for the first time,
this is way more
than he bargained for.
So, today, we're going to...
Erm, it's kind of a little bundle
of everything at the minute,
this is like my first
big event or anything.
I don't know if
it'll ever completely go.
It's something that might stay in
my head as a little niggly thought -
are you actually
pretty enough to be here?
Yes, it's OK, you're fine,
you just have to keep,
I just have to keep telling that,
yep, you're absolutely fine,
nothing wrong with me.
Right, OK, cool.
I never knew you felt
like that, Luke.
I never knew you felt like
that, Luke. Yeah. It's OK.
Awww, cousin Lukey.
Yep, you know what?
It is fine to be naked,
everyone is different shapes
and sizes
and everyone's things
are different shapes and sizes,
and that was one of the things
I was quite worried about.
Erm, you know, am I, am I big enough?
But you know, they're all different,
I'll just,
you just don't look after a while,
so you can't compare
yourself to them,
so I think, yep, my penis is out,
and do not judge me.
The perfect body is to be
happy with it, you know?
In my eyes, it's...
if everyone was exactly the same,
it would be a hell of
a boring world.
But it'd be nice to have my version
of the perfect body, you know.
6ft 2, six pack, nine inches.
Big pecs, broad chin,
broad shoulders.
"Evening. Hello. I am Luke, the man. "
But I'll take what I've got
and, you know,
try and keep it
as pretty as possible.
This sounds so, so, so horrible.
But when I was in there,
I thought, OK.
There are people here who are
less attractive than me.
I don't even see them,
other people, as being like really
unattractive, I would just say that
I was more attractive than they are
in the least arrogant way possible.
But you know, just think,
"OK, I'm moderately attractive,
"I'm slightly better
looking than you are. "
And that made me feel a bit better.
I think that's so, so horrible.
I would imagine at least
95% of people in this country
or this world would probably feel
a similar way, my fuzzy cuzzy.
Tomorrow, Mollie and her friends
are heading off for two weeks
to the Greek island of Kos.
There's nineteen of us.
My closest friends are going,
so it's always a great laugh,
and you always look back and
you remember how funny it was.
I wanna definitely do that in Kos,
hire out a private boat,
maybe do some skinny dipping
and stuff like that.
I'm sure more of them will do it
than they originally planned to.
I think when I met Mollie at work,
I think that's, that's when, er,
I became more adventurous, really.
Somebody got waxed?
I would say Clare is sometimes
a little bit easily influenced,
so I always worry that
she's been doing something
she didn't really want to do,
but she's going along with it,
but she's got to
experience the growing.
You got to let them roam about,
you got to let them go, you know,
so that's it, they're adults.
This holiday is their final fling
before finding out
their A-level results, flying
the nest, and heading off to uni.
It's like the last time
we'll all be together.
Before we go our own separate ways.
It's kind of loads of fun, fun, fun,
and then serious.
Are we allowed?
Mollie, shall I do it naked?
Don't be a wimp!
(ALL) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
When I met Mollie,
she asked one question.
It was like, "when can
you ever say you have lived?"
Come on, who wants to jump in naked?
Dad, I'm sorry, I love you.
.. 2, 3.
Love you, Mum!
Whilst everyone else seems
to have left their inhibitions
at home, Clare appears
to have re-gained hers.
Why aren't you going topless?
Today on the boat, well there was
a little kid on the boat,
and I don't think
he really wants to see it.
He saw you and looked
a bit shocked, so I thought...
You know, he's probably fine with it.
I don't want to be naked in front
of kids, I think it's wrong.
I don't want to be naked in front
of kids, I think it's wrong. OK.
I've made friends with him.
I just think it's weird.
I would feel uncomfortable,
unlike you.
(LAUGHS) Clare!
I don't see what the problem is
if children see adults naked.
It should be just normal.
If young children aren't ever exposed
to, like, the natural human body,
you're not going to be confident
with yourself when you're older.
That's it, take a... yes.
I feel so sorry for people who aren't
happy with the way they are
and, like, have eating disorders,
etcetera, or you know,
problems or issues with confidence.
3, 2, 1...!
Would you ever
become a full-time naturist?
Erm, I'd never say never,
but right now, no.
I do think it's still weird.
I don't want to see...
genitalia 24/7.
Sometimes it's nice
just to hide it.
Yeah, I agree with you. That's why
I go to different events.
Do you think in the future
you will go
to events by yourself?
Possibly, yeah,
if it looked interesting,
something I wanted to do.
Of course I'd go along.
Yeah, this will piss
Sarah off so much.
In Manchester, Alex, Luke and Jess
are planning their own event -
a mass naked tea party.
They're stepping up their campaign
to promote what
normal bodies look like,
to a generation accustomed
to Photoshopped ideals.
If we, like,
create some art, just get
people thinking about body image.
Who maybe haven't
thought about it before.
The first job is to make
a flyer to promote the event.
Yeah, very good idea.
I look very happy,
so that'll promote it.
Shouldn't it be naked art show,
new naturist art show?
Not naturist.
Not naturist.
That's going to put people off.
That's going to put people off.
That's going to put people
off. Right. Nude, maybe.
I think naked.
We've got body-positive
naked art show,
two pictures, star and cake.
I can see this turning into
some kind of club night, you know?
I can see this turning into some kind of
club night, you know? Yeah, definitely.
A naked club night!
A "clothing optional" club night.
With the blog now getting more than
80,000 hits, it hasn't taken long
for Daryl to get wind of
the naked vegans' success,
and offer to help Alex
promote their event.
Daryl's the YBN guy.
He's the guy we knew, so...
And for Daryl, it's an ideal chance
to attract some more young people
to British naturism.
Would you like to come to
a naked tea party?
Naked tea party tonight.
Do you want to see this guy naked?
Can we interest anyone?
Naked art project.
You look like a man of the world.
Do you erm, do you... (LAUGHS)
Naked art project, naked tea party.
It's like, it's like
a non-sexual thing.
Yeah, we're into like body
positivity and feminism.
There are already
about 100 club nights
with naked women
on posters and things.
We're trying to do
something a bit different
and challenge all the body issues
caused by that kind of thing.
It's free though,
it's free tea and cake.
Nakedness, enjoy your body,
feel good about it, you know.
Free tea and cake, yeah?
It's not illegal to be naked
on the streets of Britain,
and Alex is keen to see what happens
if she and Daryl
take their tops off.
Do you think they'd first ask me,
just tell me put my top back on?
Er, yeah. Before arresting me.
You know what I mean?Yeah.
There shouldn't be any difference
between you having
your shirt off and us.
But if I got mine off, I wonder how long
it'd take them to arrest me.
Shall I go for it?
Free tea and cakes.
Naked tea party, big art project,
art project tonight naked.
Food, tea, coffee, cake.
It's free tea and cake.
Naked tea party.
Is anyone interested?
I don't think it's right
that you've put him,
that man there and that woman,
cos they're how
media portrays... not young people...
Beautiful people, innit?
You talk about people
feeling better naked,
but you've put two more or less
beautiful people out there naked.
Like, me personally, I would
think you should have done it.
Why's that?
Naked tea party, guys.
It seems a little unfair,
don't you think?
It seems a little unfair, don't you think?
Excuse me, I just want to take a picture,
is that OK?
No, it's not OK.
Really? Why not?
I'm just curious to know
why it's OK for my friend,
but it's not OK for me.
I think we're quite
familiar with the law,
and it's decency,
not nudity, isn't it?
and it's decency, not nudity, isn't
it? Yeah, it is decency, you're right.
So is that open to interpretation,
is that your take on decency?
Should I...?Well you could,
you know, exercise your privilege
and freedom as a man.
you know, exercise your privilege
and freedom as a man. My rights.
Yeah, go topless, why not?
It's disgraceful, really.
Make the most of it.
I would if I was you.
Make the most of it. I
would if I was you. Yeah.
Yeah, it's frustrating.
I mean, it's you know,
it's a freedom you're
denied as a woman and
just the difference of
treatment is frustrating,
to be seen as offensive
just for your body,
is, you know,
it's not a great feeling.
5am in Hinckley, and Mollie has just
returned from Greece
to discover whether or not she's got
into the university of her choice.
Oh, my God!
I'm going to Westminster!
Clever you.
Keen to celebrate with her
friends Luke and Clare,
Mollie has returned to
Abbey House Gardens
in Wiltshire for the final clothes
optional event of the season.
The British naturists are out
in force, and it's not long
before they are targeting the young
ones in their recruitment drive.
You're not naturists, then?
Tried it?
So you don't belong to YBN, then?
Half-price membership today.
Alex is also here. She has been
invited by Daryl to come along
and see if she'd like to join
British Naturism.
'I'm definitely only a part-time
nudist, maybe an aspiring nudist.
'I like the idea of, weather
permitting, a bit of naturism. '
Is it OK to walk around barefoot?
Yes, yeah.
If I was you... You will find it...
You will need to... Obviously
when you go down on the gravel path.
Oh, yeah, right.
It is a bit hard on the feet.
If there was a place like this,
and if the weather
was like this in Manchester,
I'd be there at every opportunity.
I'd be getting my friends to go,
I'd be getting my boyfriend to go.
I mean, it is just amazing having
a place like this.
Have you seen the massive cock?
Have you seen the massive cock?
I've seen him!
It's like an elephant's trunk.
It's like an elephant's trunk.
I've not...
Have you seen that?
I've not had a good look.
Oh, it's ridiculous.
You can't even look at his face.
It's like, down to his knees.
You look at it straight away
and it's just like flopping.
Do you know what I mean?
There he is pruning his bushes,
do you know what I mean?
This dong just flapping around.
Do you know what I mean?
And he's got a massive bolt through
the end of it as well.
Send my love to the others.
It's so sunny, George,
I can't tell you how sunny it is.
My dream coming true.
My dream of the all-over tan.
Daryl seizes his last opportunity
to recruit the young ones
before they disappear
at the end of the summer.
What does YBN stand for?
Young British Naturists. Oh, yeah.
If you're under 30,
we just all get together
and say, "Right, we'll go and visit
all these different clubs. "
We put organised events on
all year, and they...
They organise stuff like parties
in the evening, so cheap as well.
30 quid for your whole weekend,
that's all your accommodation,
all your food, everything paid for,
swimming, the Jacuzzi, the sauna.
It's... When's the next one?
Are people just
walking around naked 24/7 or...?
Well, no, it's 50/50, you know.
If it's cold, you put clothes on.
That's what naturism's about,
doing what makes you feel
doing what makes you feel
comfortable. Yeah, I agree.
Not feeling you have to wear
clothes to do things.
That's what
I like about you saying that,
because that's not what the
woman said in there.
Really? There's two breeds of
what we call naturists...
Daryl isn't the only one giving
the sales pitch.
Andrew Welch, from British Naturism,
spots Alex and cuts to the chase.
One of our problems is this
perception that to be
a naturist requires
changing your lifestyle,
changing your political party,
changing your religion,
but actually it's
about taking your pants off.
Yeah, you caught me out
earlier because I was
saying, "I'm not a naturist, but... "
But you are.
That's exactly what people say all
the time about feminism, isn't it?
"I'm not a feminist, but... "
There's something about the label
which is off-putting.
Daryl Jones.
Daryl, like that?
Daryl, yeah, Jones.
That was the naked
bike ride in London.
That's hilarious,
look at that photo.
You've actually changed my mind.
Yeah, you've really changed...
You really have, yeah.
Oh, good, I'm glad about that.
I would definitely want to
go try it.
He's invited us
to a boat party, as well.
A boat party?
On his barge.
Oh, I dunno.
You've not...
You don't want to do it now, do you?
I've become more attached to my
clothes, I've missed my clothes.
It is nice being here but I could do
this in my own garden.
I just, I feel more comfortable
with my clothes on.
Yeah, fair enough.
Yeah, so having said that I wasn't
really interested in clubs
or wasn't particularly
bothered about the British naturist,
I was persuaded to join up
and I just thought, "Yeah, why not?"
In Alex's absence,
Luke and Jess are making tea
and serving ginger nuts in the buff.
But whiletheymight feel free to
let it all hang out,
their friends are a little
more reticent.
I used to come here,
so I'd knock on the door early
and the only person up would be Luke
and he'd answer the door naked,
and be like, "Hi".
And then it would get to the point
where I'd feel a little
uncomfortable when he'd hug me.
But, like, for the first month or so
I'd be like, "Keep your penis
away from me. " But, then,
I'd just embrace him and
it'd be lovely, be a nice morning.
When I saw yours, I was like, "Oh,
Jess's is much less intimidating,
"it's much less intimidating. "
That's not a size thing or anything!
Now I like them both equally.
And I'm not scared of either of
them, so... yeah.
I think this is what we want
our life to be like all the time,
just like naked people drinking tea.
Right now, like this,
I feel like this is how I feel
comfortable being which is why I'm
not any more naked than this.
But people just in their underwear
can be, like, more sexy
cos it's like there's
an element of mystery to it.
I think of tights as being
extremely sexual, yeah.
I'm sorry, Annette!
I feel like I can take them off now!
Probably for me,
more sexual than just full nudity.
I think, as a female, it's a bit
more, like, challenging to
actually just like strip off in
front of people, because there's
always like that fear of, erm, them
seeing you in a sexualised way.
Yeah, definitely.
Women's magazines - they get
celebrities where they're
just kind of like on
the beach or whatever,
and then big arrows and
magnifying their cellulite.
It's just, like,
what a fucked-up view of bodies.
It's so terrible, and obviously...
I don't think I've ever
met anybody who
said, "I think my body's perfect,
basically perfect.
"I wouldn't change a single thing. "
So many people have said, like,
"Oh, it's great that you're
"confident about your body. "
And actually, I'm really not.
I find it really weird that
people are kind of looking up to us
as being people who don't
have body issues.
At the University
of Western England,
it's the freshers' fair
and it's Daryl's last chance to
recruit younger members to British
Naturism before the summer ends.
He's been asked by naturist student
Jessie to help her
recruit for the university's first
ever naturist society.
I feel like my task is to let
people know you're joining
one of the best social
communities in the world.
I want you in that.
You want me wearing that?
Oh, my word.
Am I not allowed to be naked, then?
No, I wasn't even going to
bother trying, to be honest.
Daryl's delighted.
By joining the university group,
students will automatically become
British Naturism members too.
He needs to seize this final
to push up his youth numbers.
It doesn't quite fit.
A man's gotta do
what a man's gotta do.
Guys, join a naked society.
Have you ever thought about that?
A naked society?
Guys, get naked with
a group of people.
It's awesome,
it's not about seeing you naked,
it's not about looking at your body.
I might get arrested, and especially
if there's any fit boys there.
No, I couldn't control myself,
I'd be like, "Oh, boy, naked!"
Naturism? No, you don't go to a
naked beach when on holiday?
Publicly naked? No.
It's illegal, isn't it?
Is it allowed?
It's allowed.
Is it?
It sounds amazing. I'm well on
it, actually.
I'd have to wean myself into it.
I'd have to wean myself into it. Yeah,
couldn't just dive straight into that.
Maybe the first couple of times
I'd go out in the dark
before I could go out in daytime.
You don't have pockets. Yeah.
That's the only problem,
but we could wear a bum bag or
something, do you know what I mean?
Without beating around the bush,
you do randomly get an erection.
What would happen if that happened?
Do you know what I mean?
You'd feel very
embarrassed about that.
Does that happen?Yeah, it does.
Does that happen?Yeah, it does.
Apparently he says not.
He's a liar.
Right now, you're having
a conversation with me.
The last thing you're thinking of
is, "I'm getting a boner. "
I hope so anyway,
unless you find me attractive
but we won't
talk about that now.
When your mind's conscious
and you're thinking of other things,
you generally don't... Your body
doesn't react like that, you know.
Guys, there's three minutes left of
this university freshers' fair,
come and join in with our
naked society.
Naturism truly is one of the best
things you'll ever try.
Doctors will recommend being
naked from time to time.
I recommend it,
psychologists recommend it.
How you doing?
Oh, wow! How well have you done?
How well havewedone?
22? Oh, my God, that's brilliant.
All we needed was 15. Yeah!
It's Daryl's biggest success,
22 new young people are now
signed up for a bit
of social nudity.
We've done an amazing thing here.
I am tired, I'm aching,
it's been a hell of a day,
and I think it's
the start of an amazing thing.
If we keep doing this and
replicating this around the country,
the whole country will be converted
in a couple of years.
The time has come
for Mollie to fly the nest.
In two days' time, she's heading off
to start university in London.
I'm going on Saturday.
That'll be my first night.
I'll move all this stuff here
and then go to the first freshers'
Students' Union party thing,
get drinking, get knowing people,
have lots of fun hopefully,
not be too nervous.
I'm not gonna walk up to them, "Hi, I'm Mollie,
I also like to be naked occasionally," no!
I should be nervous,
but I'm just full of excitement.
I just can't wait
to get out of Hinckley.
Some kind of, er...
Buddha tea-light holder.
My mum brought me this,
it's quite cute, I like it.
'I'm so pleased and I'm so proud
'she's aimed to get what she wanted
and she's got it.
'But I will miss her. '
Have I told you about
I met Daryl at, erm...?
Oh, at Abbey House, yeah.
Yeah. And his, er... naked boat party
and stuff like that.
Naked what?
Naked what?
Boat party!
You never mentioned anything
about a naked boat party!
I don't even know if he's definitely
having this naked boat party,
but I mean, I'm just saying,
saying ideas.
Perhaps you shouldn't have mentioned
the word naked party on a boat.
Yeah, that's concerning, like.
Why is it concerning?
Why is it concerning?
Well, it is!
Party indicates alcohol,
nakedness indicates big mass orgies.
Party indicates alcohol, nakedness
indicates big mass orgies. That's anywhere!
Just because I've got clothes on,
meet several people,
and then take my clothes off
and have an orgy.
Yeah, well,
I don't like to think about that.
Yeah, well, I don't like to think
about that. I don't want an orgy!
# That's your willy, willy... #
In Manchester,
Alex, Jess and Luke's mass naked art
exhibition and tea party has opened,
and it's in full swing.
'It is quite sort of popular
to have art with naked people,
'like classic portraits and stuff,
'but usually you're not allowed
to get naked yourself
'whilst looking at the art. '
We were fund-raising on the street,
and some guy gave me a flyer
with his top off!
And he was like,
"Yeah, you need to come!"
It just feels quite... liberating.
But why don't you try
just sort of taking a sock off?
You know, as a warm-up.
You know, as a warm-up.
I'd rather just take my top off.
I'm Jenny.
Hi. I'm Jenny. Jenny?
How are you?
How are you? My name's Deacon.
You've got your clothes on.
I have.
I have.
It's great that I can say that here!
The night is turning out
to be everything they'd hoped for.
I'm thrilled more of the people
we spoke to on the street have come.
There are more girls -
almost all the people...
maybe all the people
who have come off the street,
that we flyered are actually women,
so that's really positive,
and... yeah, I'm really, really
pleased to see that tonight.
Yeah, it's cool, innit?
I'd like more armpit hair, I think.
Yeah, it's cool, innit? I'd like
more armpit hair, I think. Yeah.
'Doing normal things naked
and not being judged about that
'has been really kind of freeing. '
'Hanging around with Luke
'and seeing how Luke's really
quite comfortable with his body,
'and that kind of rubs off on you. '
I mean, since starting this project,
I haven't, erm...
experienced any of the sort of,
bigger sort of... eating problems
that I've had in the past.
I feel a lot more confident,
which is nice.
Hello... No, OK.
Being in front of people
and talking to people en masse naked
was something that
I would never have dreamed of doing.
Hello, everyone!
Hello, everyone!
As the night comes to an end, their
infectious message shows no signs of waning.
Dominic Berry!
Even the star attraction has decided
to strip for the first time.
Hello! Erm, yeah, it begins here.
You should be naked, tugged,
stripped to your radiance, your raw,
stark, pure, electrifying skin.
Rip out of your clothes and shine!
Your natural beauty's eclipsed
by eternal night of denim,
and body hair prickles upright
in the dark fibre space
in between us.
Thank you!
'It is the best thing
I've ever done, I think.
'It's opened my life up,
it's opened my eyes
'to see people for what they are,
the human body for what it is
'and to see how a clothed society
restricts so much in everyday life. '
My biggest challenge
is going to be...
converting the rest of the country
to just accept, you know, nakedity
and naturism.
Daryl has signed up a grand total of
24 young naturists over the summer.
He calculates that leaves
just 99,976 under-30s to go.
'Trying nudity
is something a bit different,
'which is probably why
I tried it out in the first place.
'It's a whole like experience
of making the most of life, really.
'It's definitely something that
will be in my life forever, I think,
'because it's just the person I am. '