My Dear Donga (2024) Movie Script

Don't I know?
No, Im asking this that..
Don't I know what love is?
I know.
Ofcourse, I know.
Now I don't know a lot of things.
Politics, Economics,
Global Affairs, Rocket Science.
I don't know all this.
But love and relationships.
I know all this.
Without knowing all this, I work as a
copywriter in a dating app.
I write 25 Instagram captions a day.
On love, relationships, dating, all these topics.
In a love triangle, by the interval,
I can tell which hero the heroine will end up with.
Such things,
today for me,
of all the people, for me.
He'll come.
A random character.
I don't know where he'll come from.
I haven't seen him in so many movies.
If he comes here and says, Madam,
at this time, in the bar, if you're alone,
you'll have a problem.
Tell me your entire story, please.
He'll ask.
Then I have to tell my entire story.
Madam, at this time, you're alone in the bar
It's time to close the bar.
We'll close it when you leave.
Hey, Jaleel! Get the bill.
Wait, excuse me.
Won't you listen to my story?
You should listen to my story, right?
Eww, I'm not interested, madam.
It's okay.
Not interested?
It's an interesting story.
It happened in one night.
Low commitment.
I'll take some time tomorrow.
No, madam.
You could have listened to it.
No, I want to tell my story.
What's so interesting about your stories, madam?
I've heard so many.
Tell me what it is.
You'll fall in love with someone.
You'll make him fall in love with you.
And at last, it seems you dumped him.
Love stories that I haven't heard of?
-This is not a love story.
This is a different genre.
Is it a crime?
Crime thriller?
Is it murderous?
It's a love story that started with a crime.
Love story again? I don't want it.
There's a thief in this love story.
Love with a thief?
I mean, a thief in a love story.
It's the same, right? I don't understand.
I'll try to make you understand.
Why don't you listen to me?
Two weeks back,
Bujji came to pick me up after work.
Bujji is as usual in her world.
You're at home, right?
Bujji, do you remember this song?
They say there's love in small things.
What are you doing?
What are you wearing?
How was your day? Did you eat?
Like this.
He doesn't have anything else.
Did you eat?
Did you eat?
Didn't Vishal come to dance class again?
He came.
Anyway, Vishal doesn't have to come
to dance class every day.
He's a busy doctor.
He's at home, right?
And trust me, Vishal is a good guy.
If you look inside, there are mistakes inside.
That's why you should look outside.
You idiot.
If you look outside,
He's cute.
Where are you going? I told you to go home.
Why do you keep saying home?
Do thieves steal at home?
Are you sleeping?
No sir
If you keep sleeping like this, there's a
theft in the flat next to ours.
It happened in 207.
Be careful.
Didn't you come to pick up Dasara amount?
You are...
How are you?
I'm fine.
How's the new born baby?
Is Mrs. Health okay?
You are coming for the baby's birthday, right?
Yes. I'm coming.
Sujatha, I've taken 5 days off to celebrate your birthday.
You should plan the party well, okay?
Sujatha, why did you stop answering my calls?
Your office hours ended 10 minutes ago, and you still haven't arrived.
That's why I messaged you.
I didn't send many messages and also didn't make calls.
Hi, Bujji.
There you are.
Thank you...
I got some fresh flowers for you.
My darling bujji...
You are the best.
Thank you
Come, sit.
Now, very good."
Did you have lunch?
Did you take the multivitamin and B complex?
Yeah, I did.
Hey varun.
Yes mom, tell me.
Where are you?
In the supermarket.
You asked me to get some stuff, right?
I forgot to tell you something. Note down.
Ginger garlic paste, tea powder, egg soup.
Don't have any of that here.
At least get oil for the lamp.
Do you want Maggi?
Hey, are you suggesting we offer Maggi
to the deity instead of lighting a lamp?
This supermarket doesn't look like a supermarket.
It looks like a bachelor's house.
I'll get something. Hang up the phone.
Is Vishal there?
Hand over the phone to him.
No, he's in the ICU.
Talk to me.
I don't want to talk to you.
You always ask me the same question.
At least, ask me if I ate anything.
Why did you go to the restaurant? To pray?
You'll eat if you're hungry.
Excuse me, sorry to disturb you.
You're the one in the prank video, right?
It's you, madam.
Just one selfie, madam.
Your boyfriend pranked you.
What have you not been doing recently?
Madam, please.
He's talking about my ex, Sachin.
He's a f.
I made strong coffee for you.
Wait a minute.
I think the milk has expired.
What is this?
I'm just getting subscribers. Don't worry.
I'll keep it in the channel.
Do you think this is a prank. Watch carefully.
What happened?
This is all for fun.
Actually, he's not too bad.
Madam, one more. My friends.
One more selfie with my friends, madam.
Smile, okay?
You're not smiling, madam.
The smile must come from within, madam.
Are you ready?
Ready one more.
Madam, you're not smiling.
Why are you looking at me?
Okay, okay, calm... calm down.
Keep asking for smile, smile.
Ok relax.
Isn't my smile good?
Have a drink.
Don't mess with her.
Come on. This is also looks like prank video.
Smile... Smile
Its ok, ok.
Isn't my smile good?
It's good.
Very good
Isn't my smile good?
Yeah, naturally.
Suji, how is Vishal?
He's good.
It's good between you two, right?
Why are you asking like that?
In general, how are you?
In general? In specific? What all these..?
Ok... Ok...
I have an important work. I'll be back soon.
Ok? Bye.
Bye, bye.
Am I overreacting?
"Why would he ask like that?
Sujatha, he didn't come to Vishal's dance class right.
That's not the only thing.
You're hiding many things about Vishal from me.
He doesn't even care about you.
How can you deal with such a selfish person?
And what about in the future?
What selfish?
What selfish?
If he's selfish,
will he take good care of the patients?
If he's selfish, will he be in the ICU for so long?
If he's selfish, will he make tiger biscuits
for all the dogs in his colony?
When did you offer tiger biscuits for dogs?
When did you offer dog biscuits for a beggars?
No. I never did.
She is talking about selfish.
I won't.
There are no dogs in our colony.
There are no beggars either.
What do you want me to do?
I won't.
What are you saying? Do you have any sense?
When he takes such good care of the dogs,
he'll take good care of me too.
It's only logical.
Suji, stop comparing yourself to a dog.
Bujji, then you stop being a bitch.
Ah, Excuse me.
You will marry me?
What's that?
What's this Varun?
You should at least kneel down in a proposal.
I said I'll already kneel down baby.
Oh my god.
I'm sorry.
I'll marry you.
I know you'll say yes.
How long have you been planning this?
I can't believe this.
Are you happy?
Bro, give me space. They are my best friends.
It's our culture to propose in front of so many people.
Have some originality man.
Thank god Vishal is not like this.
Vishal will never do this for me.
Hey hi Swathi.
Hello madam, tell me.
Is Vishal there?
He's not answering his phone. Is he in the ICU?
No madam.
Where's the ICU in our hospital?
There's no ICU?
No madam. Didn't sir tell you?
Don't you know that there's no ICU in the hospital?
Does Vishal work in a local clinic?
Why should I know?
What's the need to know?
His professional space is his.
My professional space is mine.
Space is very important in a relationship.
Space, alt, control, what's all this?
This is not love.
Love is not emotion.
Love is information.
Where are you?
When will you come?
With whom are you?
Send me the location.
This is how love should be.
Stop it!
What do you know?
We don't have a toxic relationship.
We have a mature relationship.
I'm not the type to call and disturb you for every hour.
That's what I'm saying.
You need to call him every 15 minutes.
Did I pick the wrong guy to tell my story?
You don't understand when I'm telling you.
If he's in the hospital, I don't call him all day.
Sometimes he forgets that I'm there.
That's space.
We respect each other's boundaries.
Don't deviate from boundaries.
Maybe it's an emergency.
Answer the call.
Do you know what emergencies are?
Yoga class, cooking class, dance class, Varun's birthday,
Bujji's birthday.
Long drives. These are her emergencies.
Watch the match.
Hey, answer the call.
It's a match.
If I lift you up, will she watch the match with us?
No, right?
I have to go myself.
If I go, will she be alone?
There will be two friends like side effects.
I can't handle that energies. So, take it easy.
If you can't answer the call, then leave from here.
He won't even let me watch the match peacefully.
Don't talk.
Tell me, Sujatha.
Are you busy?
Actually, there are a lot of patients in the ICU.
It's a bit serious.
Anything important?
I am giving stitches to the patient now.
So, you're in the ICU.
Am I in the ICU, Sujatha?
ICU, Vishal.
ICU, yes, Sujatha.
I see you.
Yeah, ICU.
I can actually see you.
Actually, see you?
Actually, it's his birthday today.
That's why we took a break from the ICU.
Why are you here?
Happy birthday.
My birthday was tomorrow.
It's your birthday, not hers.
Oh, sorry.
Why should I be sorry if it's your birthday?
Happy birthday.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Say thank you.
Thank you
By the way,
You said something serious. All okay?
I'll drop this plan and come with you.
I mean, big deal.
It's his birthday, not his wedding.
I mean, we can actually go.
Shouldn't we go somewhere?
It's okay.
Carry on.
It's his birthday, right?
Now, this is very important.
So, what if it's someone's birthday tomorrow?
It's important today. So,
we can meet tomorrow or any time.
Enjoy. Happy birthday once again.
Thank you.
This way.
Oh, I forgot.
The people we love the most hurt us the most.
I don't know why.
Do you know?
If you know, call 'Premante Suluvu Kadura'
Brought to you by 'Boarabanda Tiles'.
Who are you?
Who are you, sir?
Talk to me.
I'm not a thief.
My name is Suresh.
Then what are you doing in my house?
I'm a thief.
I didn't take much. Rs. 2000, salt,
toor dal, Maggi, and masala oats.
I didn't take everything; I left some for you.
What's there to take?
Thief? Confirm.
No, I'm not a thief.
No, I'm not a thief.
Hey, stop.
Did you find only my house, you thief?
Hey, stop.
Hey, stop.
Stop. I'm telling you.
Why are you holding it? Drop the pillow down.
Hey, it's knife.
Just missed it, damn, what the heck!
Put the knife down.
Madam, sorry.
Oh god!
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Drink water.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Nothing. You fell down,
you got hurt.
I thought you'd feel better so I brought this.
Why did you mix green tea?
What did you mix in green tea?
If you're so suspicious, don't drink.
You fell down, right?
I thought you'd feel better if you drank,
so I brought this.
And if you give me my phone, I'll leave.
Did you clean the whole hall?
No, madam.
My maid came and cleaned it.
I cleaned it, madam.
Who else will come at this time?
If you give me my phone, I'll leave.
What phone?
You keep saying phone. This is my...
Where's my phone?
Your phone is there.
I'll get it for you.
There's no need for that.
There's no message or call in it.
It's just outgoing. There's no incoming in it.
If there's no incoming, then use my phone.
Mine has it.
How long have I been out?
20 minutes.
Then what are you doing here for 20 minutes?
Why don't you take your phone and leave?
My phone is in your back pocket. So!
I'm a little decent, madam.
I can't take my phone in your back pocket, right?
Do you think I'm sitting idle
to listen to whatever you say?
I'm sitting with no strength left in my body.
But still...
No matter how decent you appear,
at the end of the day, you're still a thief.
Not just at the end of the day,
but from the beginning and throughout the day, you're a thief.
Thief, thief, thief.
You've been saying that since you came.
Aren't thieves humans? Aren't humans thieves?
Don't thieves have hearts?
What's that? Finish it.
To the heart...? To the heart...?
To the heart...? I don't know.
Am I a thief? You're the thief.
you're saying the same thing again.
How many times do you have to say I'm a thief?
That word alone irritates me, don't you understand?
Why are you shouting?
my phone.
Hey, instead of saying a thief is a thief,
should I call you 'Sandeep Reddy Vanga'?
What's the point in talking to you,
I'm calling the cops.
How many times do I have to tell you, madam?
That's my phone.
Okay, call from my phone.
SI Veeraprathap will be there. Call him.
Kandipappu, Kilo, Oats, Deepam, Oil, Maggi.
Hey, do you think this is a supermarket?
Do you think this is a house?
Why are you saying such big words, madam?
There are bachelors next to your house.
Their house is better.
What's in your house?
Nothing but expired Maggi packets.
How can it be like this, madam?
You should at least have basic groceries in your kitchen.
Aunty, our colony supermarket is not a supermarket.
It's a very small one.
They'll close it soon.
I always go there during closing time.
That's why I always bring Maggi packets.
Why should I tell you all this anyway?
Just give me my phone.
Ever since you came, you're saying 'my phone, my phone'.
As if you've earned it with a lot of hard work.
You must have stolen this too, right?
Don't talk so harshly, madam.
Maniratnam stopped me in the middle of my work.
Why did Maniratnam come in the middle?
O Pappa Lalli is my favourite song, madam.
I sat there as soon as you played that song.
Is your favorite movie, Donga Donga?
Are you there?
Talk to me.
It's not Dunga Dunga, madam.
It's Sakhi.
Sakhi is my favorite movie.
Oh, how many times have you seen Sakhi?
I've seen it 30 times.
Someone called Chinni.
Cut it, madam.
Why do people ignore their girlfriend?
They ignore their girlfriend,
they ignore their wife,
they ignore their sister,
they ignore their mother.
She's my sister.
If she's your sister,
she's someone else's girlfriend, right?
I think someone has ignored you a lot.
Who's ignoring me?
Who's ignoring me?
Who would actually ignore me?
You were watching TV and crying
for O Pappa Lalli song.
Sorry, sorry.
Did something fall into your eyes?
I will cry.
When I'm alone at home, I'll cry.
I like that.
Oh, so you cry when you like it.
I cry when I'm in pain, madam.
My girl friend used to trouble me a lot, madam.
I used to cry a lot at that time.
Oh!. So you really have a girlfriend.
I don't have a girlfriend right now.
I gave up on all these relationships, madam.
Recently, I had a breakup.
I went through a lot.
Everything you said now is in English.
Relationship itself comes in English.
Breakup, makeup, patch up.
How do you say all these in Telugu?
Yeah, it's correct.
There are many more.
Toxic relationship, gaslighting, red flag.
You can't say all these in Telugu, right?
You can't say he's a red flag,
you're a red flag, right?
I have another line.
I've heard it in a lot of movies.
It's not me, it's you.
That was not 'It's not me, it's you'.
It's not you, it's me.
Yes, madam. Something like that.
I changed a lot for her, madam.
I cried a lot too.
Why are you crying for someone else?
Cry for yourself.
Hello, are you there?
What happened again?
I'm here, madam.
I'm trying to cry for myself,
but I don't have the strength.
It's too late.
You seem to be tired too.
Have you eaten?
What did you say?
I'm asking if you've eaten.
Ask me again.
Have you eaten or not?
Suresh and Sujatha.
Good names.
If there are flames, it's marriage.
What else?
Along with the names, there are a lot of important things.
Our backstories are also there.
What? You mentioned a story. Is there a backstory as well?
Yes, there is. I'll tell you about it.
Sometimes, to move forward,
we have to go back a little.
Will go.
Will go.
Let's go...
Let's go...
Tea is ready.
You can sit.
It's good.
Thank you, ma'am.
You make good tea.
You talk well.
Your intelligence is also good.
Why do you have to steal?
What can I say, ma'am?
I don't have skills or talent.
I studied for my degree for 6 years, with a lot of hard work.
I didn't do well.
After that, I worked as a mechanic for 6 months.
I couldn't do it. I left it.
After that, I worked as an office boy in Ravi sir's company.
He is your neighbor, Ravi sir.
I worked as an office boy in his office for 6 months.
Work pressure.
I couldn't do it. I left it.
After that I got a job,
But I lost it in the second wave.
Then I decided,
I won't do a job, until I get a good job.
Since then, self-employment.
Anyway, you say anything.
It's wrong to call me a thief.
No, it's wrong.
I am not defending.
But, I have a strong reason for turning into a thief.
your mother has cancer,
Your father is blind. You should marry your sister.
That's it right?
No, my father has cancer, my sister is blind,
and I need to take care of my mother's marriage.
You're joking better than me, I don't like it.
This is not a joke, ma'am.
My sister can't see.
and I have to arrange my mother's marriage with Uncle Ramesh.
Because I am listening to you, don't talk nonsense.
Don't talk nonsense.
It's not nonsense, ma'am.
Actually, my father used to torture me and my mother a lot.
He used to stay at home for 6 months,
and suddenly he disappeared.
My mother raised me since childhood.
She struggled a lot,
At that time, Ramesh uncle helped her a lot.
He loves his mother.
My mother also like him a lot.
I'm planning their marriage without
worrying about what others think.
If our father is doing well, how should we be?
Hi uncle, one almond milk.
Do you drink almond milk everyday?
Almond milk is good for memory.
What happened uncle? It's not cold at all.
We bought a second hand fridge the other day.
That's why it's not getting cold.
Did you keep it upstairs or downstairs?
It's upstairs. How do you know?
It's not getting cold if it's upstairs,
and it is getting cold if it's downstairs?
Yes, baby.
How do you know?
Baby, give me money.
What are you doing, dear?
Did he sell everything this time, mom?
My dear child,
You have done a great job in your biology record.
I saw the old stuff in the shop.
My darling.
Whose daughter are you?
How did you marry such a person?
You go inside and study.
What should I study?
Nothing is there.
He sold everythingmy records, notes, books, everything.
Did you wear two braids today, Bujji?
If we stay here, he might even sell me tomorrow.
Shut up.
Srinivas uncle is such a good person.
Can't he be like him?
He buys new things for Latha everyday.
He is selling everything he has.
Listen to me. Marry him. Leave him.
[Humming old Telugu song]
Dear, Sujatha.
Dear, are you there?
I am coming, aunty.
Hello, dear.
I am coming, aunty.
How are you, Sujatha?
I am fine, how about you?
I am fine, dear.
It is a little hot outside.
Shall I keep two bottles in your fridge?
I will come and take it in an hour.
Okay, dear.
Okay, aunty.
I'll take leave dear.
That's how my mother, tolerated the torture of my dad.
No matter how much we try to ignore it,
our past won't leave us, madam.
That's why,
we decided to leave him and marry Ramesh uncle.
We are so angry that we want to hit him.
That's wrong.
We shouldn't hit our elders.
Anyway, your dad has cancer.
Leave him.
I said that because I got a dialogue in the flow.
Why does my father have cancer?
Good people get cancer.
People like my dad don't get cancer.
By that logic, my dad doesn't have cancer.
He doesn't even have fever.
Did your dad also torture you?
Did your father also take loans and sell everything in your house?
So, if your father bought a lottery ticket and
it didnt win, would he beat you on your back?
Did your father also not show up for
5 years because of office work?
What is your father's name?
Purushottam Rao.
Thank God.
My father didn't study much.
He doesn't know much.
What does your father do?
My father studied well.
He was once a writer and a journalist.
I don't know what he does now.
It's been 5 years since I spoke to him.
My mom talks to him from time to time.
So, did your mom and dad break up?
It would have been better if they had completely separated.
Do you know their love marriage?
After getting married, my mother realized
that hers was a one-sided love.
So, is there no one like Ramesh uncle in your mom's life?
Whether he beat her or scold her,
whether he left me...
My mom loves my dad.
She won't leave him alone.
Madam, who is this at this time? thief?
I mean...
You brought everything correctly, right Varun?
Sure, ah?
Hold this.
Who are all these people, madam?
Don't call me madam. Call me Sujatha.
Who are all these people, Suji?
Don't call me that.
Sujatha, who are all these people?
My friends,
Why did you come now?
I will forget my birthday in 10 minutes.
Your birthday?
Happy birthday to you.
It's okay.
You brought it, right?
Happy birthday to you.
Focus, focus
Okay, okay.
I'll go.
Why are you going?
You stay, you have to stay.
Now they remembered my birthday.
What will I do if I stay? I'll go.
No, no, no.
I'll go.
You are staying and you have to stay.
It's not that easy as I think.
Happy birthday to you.
Thank you.
Hey, did you come?
I thought you won't come.
If you want to come, I won't come.
I will come if I want to come.
Hey, Vishal.
I heard that you shifted to the ICU.
Your name... Your name is not Suresh.
Your name is Karthik.
What happened to Suresh?
It's a little basic.
Your name is Karthik.
You are my childhood friend.
You are a mechanical engineer, okay?
We studied together in Kakinada till 5th grade.
After that...
School name is St. Joseph, Block B, Section C
Outside is Bujji, my best friend.
Beside her is Varun, her boyfriend.
Beside him is my boyfriend, Vishal.
Remember all this, please. Okay?
I don't understand anything.
I'll go, please.
How will you go?
Will you jump from the balcony?
Will you go from the main door?
Or will you hide under the bed? How will you go?
I'm leaving somehow, please.
Okay, go.
Do I have to be happy just because it's 'Happy Birthday'?
Jump from the balcony.
Okay, okay, I'll stay.
I'll stay.
Okay, but if I stay, what will I get?
I'll give you Rs.5000.
I don't want money, Sujatha.
Then what do you want?
Okra, potato, magic oats...
Deepam oil.
I'll give you whatever is in the list.
What else?
What will you do with friendship?
Watch out, I'll do anything.
What else?
I don't want you to call me a thief.
That's it, right?
Will you give me the Rs.5500 that I asked for?
You want that too?
Deal, okay?
Ready? Okay.
Deal, deal.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Happy birthday.
[Humming Telugu song]
Can't you wait?
I'm still singing.
Suji, what's this?
How can you come from the party without telling me?
Do you know how much I searched for you?
Anyway, take the cake.
Who's this?
Yeah, who's this?
Suresh or Karthik?
Suresh Karthik.
Suresh Karthik?
Nice name, bro.
Why did you keep both the names, bro?
Why not?
Dinesh Karthik or Suresh Karthik?
He's Suresh Karthik.
Oh, yeah.
Dinesh Karthik?
Who is he?
Don't you know who Dinesh Karthik is?
That's why I asked you to follow badminton.
Yeah, it's our national sport, right?
You have a lot of knowledge in sports.
Of course.
Karthik is actually my childhood friend.
We studied together in Kakinada till 5th grade.
After 17 years,
just to wish me on my birthday, he came all the way from...
Where in Kakinada?
Near the beach.
Which school?
St. Gobain.
St. Gobain?
I think I've heard of it somewhere.
I just told you.
Which section?
A section.
What's the name of your house?
Anand Exotica.
Anand Exotica?
Relax, wait.
Why are you asking so many questions?
Silly girl.
Bujji, relax.
I told you she's my childhood friend.
Why are you grilling her?
What relax?
I know all of her friends.
Do you know Shravya?
Do you know Nikita?
Sandeep, Vidya, Suhas... Do you know all of them?
I know.
You know all of them.
You don't know Karthik.
That's it.
Why are you guys standing and talking?
You just got here, right?
Sit down.
Think of it as your home.
There's no need for formality.
I need to give you a gift, come here.
What gift?
What gift?
Vishal didn't tell me anything.
He said gift, right?
Distracted, one second.
Where is it?
Where's the gift?
This is the gift.
What are you talking?
This is a gift for you.
Not for me.
Last time you said it was the best birthday gift ever.
Bujji, shall we go?
You did something.
But you didn't do it properly, right?
Okay, okay.
Let's cut the cake. Come, baby.
It's a small surprise.
You're calling the cake a surprise too?
You'll see, crazy.
By the way, those number shaped balloons, right?
You hold it like this and post it on Instagram.
Don't you have those?
They closed the shop.
Shop was closed, it was late, right?
Actually, it was late. So...
What about those?
Like this, like this.
Those, those.
Party poppers.
Party poppers.
You can find those too in the same shop, right?
Actually, we went on a long drive looking for another shop.
Long drive?
For my birthday?
Yeah, that.
What is it, Sujatha?
You call balloons, party poppers, magic candles silly, right?
What about magic candles?
What are those magic candles?
Are you a kid?
Why do you think so materialistically?
Please, Vishal.
I have Benz, let's not.
I feel like I'm in the Himalayas,
leaving everything behind.
Guys, guys.
12 o'clock.
Your birthday.
Happy birthday, Sujatha.
Happy birthday, Sujatha.
Happy birthday.
There's a box, where's the cake?
You didn't even remove the cover, Varun.
I mean, the cake has to be new.
Hey, careful.
Cut it slowly. Everyone has to eat anyway, right?
Do you want me to cut it?
I mean.
What do you want me to cut?
Do you want it?
It's okay.
Hi, Sujatha. Happy birthday.
I came because you didn't tell me your plan.
Looks like your friends are here too.
Did you invite my dad?
By the way, it looks like a party.
I've been waiting for the party since morning.
Varun told me.
Are the drinks ready?
Where are they? Wait, Sujatha.
Where are they?
Hey, guys.
Hi, Varun.
Hey bro.
Hey, hey...
How are you Varun.
I heard you proposed.
Your proposal is the talk of the town.
We should party for your proposal instead of Sujatha's birthday.
Hey, bro.
Who is he?
Why is he wearing a helmet?
Ravi, stop.
Is he a dunzo?
No, no.
He is my friend.
He is a helmet party team.
Didn't I tell you?
Why didn't they wear it then?
I didn't tell them either.
Hi, Karthik.
Mechanical engineer.
B.Com. Mathematics.
Nice name.
Come, bro.
Why didn't you invite me?
I was thinking about something.
I'll be right back.
I think I heard a voice.
I think I saw you somewhere.
I think I heard that voice somewhere.
I dub for movies.
Really? Which movies?
One more shot, bro.
I'm coming, bro.
Same behavior in the office and at home.
Cheers, bro.
Is it Sujatha? I'll give it to her.
Yes bro
I'll give it to her.
It's winter, bro.
He is definitely from Sujatha's school?
Did you open your mouth?
The Maggi I had was also good.
It's okay.
At first, he was fake about ICU.
Now, he was fake about maggi packets and maggi.
Anyway, when he play the guitar like this,
How can you hug like that?
How can you...
If you ask like this means, it's like that only.
Listen, I'll tell you something.
No matter what kind of person you are,
no matter how many problems you have, even
if you're a psycho,
just hold a guitar and sing a good song,
you won't see any of those problems.
You'll just hear that song.
By the way,
how do I play the ukulele?
Then calm down.
Please, don't distract me with your details.
Let's focus on my story.
Tell me.
You tell me, madam.
Let's go back.
Hi, bro.
Hi, bro.
New monk.
It'll be new.
Very good.
Drink a little.
Open you mouth bro.
Bro, bro.
I don't drink.
I want to dance.
Let's dance.
Please, bro.
Don't think about anything.
At least, eyes.
Show me something, bro. Please.
Do I look like Aishwarya Rai?
Is it enough if I show my eyes?
Yeah, it's enough.
He didn't even look at my face when I was in the office.
Now, he'll look at my face.
By the way, what do you do?
Didn't Sujatha tell you?
You tell me.
Mechanical engineer.
Mechanical engineer?
Which college?
Where is that?
It's behind CBIT.
Reserve Bank Institute of Technology.
Wow, bro.
Reserve Bank Institute of Technology.
You studied at top college.
Why don't you say anything, bro?
That's it, bro.
We'll be reserved.
What, Karthik, bro?
You said you'll be reserved after coming to the party.
Stand here.
We have to dance now, come on.
Lover also.
Fighter also.
Lover also. Sujatha, look.
Birthday is yours or mine? Energy?
Where is energy?
You two do whatever you like.
Just relax your body, bro. Don't make it so stiff.
Simple, bro.
One, two, three, four.
Do it, bro.
Yeah, okay.
Lover also.
Fighter also... Lover also.
I'll be right back.
You just have to relax.
And you, one,
two, three.
And you? Do whatever you like.
Why is he saying relax and leaving?
Lover also... Fighter also...
You have to relax, dear.
You have to relax.
Did it jam again?
She doesn't seem to know how to dance.
Not at all.
You don't seem to know either.
Not at all.
Lover also... Fighter also...
Like this.
Like this?
Like this
Oh, okay.
I think I heard something.
Oh, no... Come.
What happened, Vishal?
The door got stuck.
What are you guys doing outside?
You asked me to learn the steps of
lover also and fighter also.
We are learning.
You said it like that, bro.
Do you just forget everything and start dancing?
Just wait for 10 minutes, Vishal.
I'll call the watchman.
Just wait for 10 minutes.
10 minutes?
Yeah, just 10 minutes.
Hurry up, Sujatha.
Yeah, yeah.
There are lizards here.
Try a little harder and push, push, push
Because no one else is going to do it for you.
If I ask you to open the door, why do you hit me?
Vishal, relax.
You know I'm claustrophobic, damn it.
I know, I know, Vishal. But,
Don't tell me to relax.
Hey, hello.
What happened?
The door got stuck.
And he's not pushing himself.
He was too scared, inside.
Bro, you're inside, don't hesitate to pee.
Okay, wait, wait. Move.
A little harder.
You're opening it with hair pin.
Crazy, bro.
Why is the bathroom so dirty?
Why is the lizard so big?
It's disgusting.
Why are you so irresponsible?
Do you unlock any lock?
It depends on the brand.
Oh, so which brand is the hardest?
Thank you, bro.
I'm claustrophobic.
If you hadn't come in time,
it would've been tough.
It's such a big lizard.
How did you open that lock?
It's okay, bro. It's a habit.
I mean...
He's saying it's a habit to save people from danger.
I've done it many times.
Okay, Sujatha.
I'm leaving.
Your birthday is over, right. See you.
Why are you leaving so soon?
You said you'd be here, right?
Yeah, you're right. But,
I didn't bring a gift.
I didn't bring a cake either.
I don't know why I feel so gullible.
It's okay.
You have the intention of giving a gift, right?
That's enough.
What, bro?
Are you still giving gifts for your birthday?
Since you're childhood friends,
will you give me a greeting card?
You'll get music, right?
Give me a teddy bear, bro.
A phone case, a keychain, something.
Greeting cards?
Birthday gifts!
I mean...
I don't mean to be rude, but...
Even I find it difficult to accept gifts.
I don't like it.
I don't know how difficult it is for you, Sujatha.
There's a lot of emotion in giving a gift.
And there's a lot of happiness in giving it to someone we love.
I thought you only knew to accept gifts,
but you know how to give gifts, too?
You think I'll only accept gifts because I'm a thief?
Can't I give gifts?
Believe it or not, I find happiness in
giving gifts more than accepting gifts.
Some people find happiness in accepting gifts.
Some people find happiness in giving gifts.
Just a minute.
Enough of staring, come inside.
What is it?
I have something very important to tell you.
I'm so sorry, Suji.
I didn't do it on purpose.
I haven't been able to give you time
because of Varun's goal.
It's okay.
I never thought he'd plan
a proposal like this before your birthday.
You just caught me by surprise.
I'm so sorry, I'm such a bad friend.
Bujji... Forget him.
Why are you apologizing to me?
I wanted to tell me something, right?
Karthik is here, right?
He's here.
Nice guy.
I like him.
You should've introduced him earlier.
He's not Karthik.
He's Suresh Karthik, right?
Like Dinesh Karthik.
I mean...
No Dinesh Karthik, No Suresh Karthik.
Just Suresh.
No Karthik.
No Karthik.
No problem.
I mean, there's another one.
Suresh is not a mechanical engineer.
Civil engineer?
Aeronautical engineer.
He's not even a software engineer.
Suresh is a...
A thief.
A thief who stole your heart.
I know.
I'm watching you.
How are you watching him?
Come on.
I don't know if he stole my heart or not.
But he stole salt and rice.
I don't understand what you're saying.
You've been my friend since childhood.
It's all a lie.
Suresh is a thief.
A thief?
A thief?
As in, a criminal thief?
No, no.
Like Venky in Raja's film.
He's a very good guy.
He's crazy about Suresh and Maniratnam like, two of us.
Don't tell this to anyone.
Don't tell Varun at all.
Don't tell Vishal at all.
Obviously you wont say to Vishal.
Did you understand?
I didn't.
But okay.
If there's even a little doubt, he'll get angry.
Anyway, it's a small matter.
What did I do wrong?
Tell me.
Karthik is a Suresh.
No, no.
Suresh is a thief.
A thief, a thief, a thief.
Wont thieves cant be humans?
Wont humans cant be thieves?
Don't thieves have a heart?
A heart...
Finish it.
A heart...
I don't know.
How would I know?
Am I a thief?
He is.
What happened?
It's getting late.
I'll go.
You can stay back, right, bro
No, bro.
It's getting late.
I'll meet you.
Bye, Take care.
Bye, bro.
Where is Sujatha?
I'll go.
Why do you keep saying you'll go?
Why don't you stay?
Why don't you tell Karthik to stay?
Should I tell him?
To Karthik.
To stay.
Tell him.
Tell him.
I'll tell him.
I'll tell him.
It's okay, bro.
I'll take it easy.
Why do you saying you'll go?
The night is still young.
What happened?
He drank what we drank.
Let's do something crazy.
Why are you shouting?
Let's go for a long drive.
Long drive.
Long drive?
Are you crazy?
I have to go to the temple with Varun tomorrow morning.
We drank a lot.
What if the police catch us?
The police won't be there
at Outer Ring Road area, bro.
We're going.
We're going.
You can get good tea near the viewpoint.
Can you stop?
Sujatha, tea?
Yeah, sure.
Do you drink tea?
I got used to it recently.
New habits.
Take care.
It's hard to get used to some habits.
Relax, Vishal.
It's just tea.
Not drugs.
Yeah, here.
Come on.
Bro, five tea.
Okay, bro.
You'll sleep well if you drink tea at night
Thank you, bro.
Yeah, of course.
for you.
It's tea, right?
I'll give it to you.
I'll take it.
Waste fellow.
The weather is nice, right?
It's nice, right?
Very pleasant.
Very pleasant.
It's a little less cold than yesterday.
But it's a little more than yesterday.
It's actually very cold.
Is it?
Do you want a jacket?
Its okay..
Tut! Useless talk!
What is this?
It's too cold.
The sun is down.
I hate small talk.
You don't want small talk?
Okay, let's do big talk then.
Tell me.
What are the Russia-Ukraine war updates?
When is the World Economic Forum annual meeting?
Tell me.
Come on, speak out
The tea is nice, Drink it.
The tea is nice.
The sugar is high.
The biscuit is soaked.
I don't want small talk like this.
I hate small talk.
You hate small talk?
Baby, are you okay?
Its good actually
Is everything set ?
Is there any delay?
Not good for health.
Eat biscuits instead.
Why are you eating?
Come here once.
Come here once.
Both of you.
What is it?
Happy birthday, Sujatha.
What a beautiful surprise. Yeah, really.
Birthday celebrations should be like this, baby.
Oh my God.
The whole city is celebrating my birthday.
Is it you, Suresh?
It's not me.
It's not like that.
India won the match.
Dont give that credit also to Karthik..
India won the match?
Come here.
Happy birthday.
Did you buy it?
Hold it.
Party poppers.
Happy birthday to you.
How do you know my favourite cake is red velvet?
You told me when we were kids.
You have a boyfriend!
Happy birthday to you..
Oh, wow.
Photo please..?
You hold this, Ill tell you.
I'll click.
Click a Photo
Your fee 2000.
Suji, smile.
How will I manage in2000 bro.
We are friend bro, you will manege.
Bye, bye, bye.
Happy Birthday..
1500 loss!
Sujji , Why didn't you introduce him early.?
Tell Sujatha, Why didn't you introduce him early.?
Don't you think you are feeling too much?
But we like our feelings.
Why are you getting involved?
If you like your feelings, keep it to you only.
Dont get to Sujatha.
I know what is best for her.
Varun, Take that red flag.
Suresh, Where did you get the money for all this.
I had savings of 2000.
You didn't have to do all this.
No, I only did all this.
What are you guys discussing?
Karthik didn't have to do all this.
I'm just asking why he did it.
Why did you do it?
Yeah, why?
What did you do it for?
What did you do it for?
It's her birthday.
So what?
So what if it's her birthday?
We came to the party.
We threw three pegs.
We took a few steps.
We left.
That's it, What's all this?
Bro, birthday is special.
That's why I did it.
Is birthday that special?
Do you have to celebrate it this much?
Do you celebrate everyone's birthday the same way?
Even my birthday?
I'll do it, Vishal.
I'll make your birthday even better.
Why only Sujatha's?
Why only yours?
I'll do Varun's birthday too.
I'll do Bujji's birthday too.
I'll celebrate everyone's birthday.
Birthday day...
Will you do my birthday too?
Birthday comes only once a year.
It would be nice to have small surprises like this during that time.
Suresh bro...
My birthday is on 5th Jan.
If you still have time...
Mine is on 29th March.
You shake hands, just for ask you to eat.
If he wash the plates... You go around in circles.
Ih he at all he clean the house...
No guy in my life hasn't kept the plates in the sink?
Hasn't washed them.
That's a very small thing.
But I liked it a lot.
I wash 300 plates a day in this bar.
Now I have to leave after washing that plate too.
Do I have to wash my girl's plate at home also.?
Or am I a fool?
Am I not a man?
What kind of opinions are these?
It's not the plates here.
It's a thief in the house.
He can take whatever he wants and leave.
He was so eager to make me happy.
That's the point.
Love is not about big words.
It's about small help in work.
What are these small things?
Getting these cakes.
Getting balloons.
Getting magic candles, That's it.
That's what you feel for, right?
I didn't feel for magic candles.
I feel that I shouldn't miss magic in relationships.
Tell me.
So, Karthik...
Yes, bro.
You are a mechanical engineer, right?
Yes, bro.
That's what Sujatha said, right?
That's it.
Mechanical engineer.
Which company?
It's Microsoft, right?
Company Wipro.
Computer Microsoft.
I thought it was Microsoft near Wipro Circle.
No, no.
It's Wipro near Wipro Circle.
Wipro and Microsoft are software companies.
Why would there be a mechanical engineer in them?
Vishal, you are a doctor.
You know what's in Yashoda and Apollo.
You don't know what's in Wipro and Microsoft.
Hey, hello.
I know, I have that much knowledge.
They are software companies.
Why would there be a mechanical engineer in them?
So, Karthik...
You are a mechanical engineer in Wipro, right?
Is everything comfortable there?
Nothing is good, bro.
I am thinking of quitting.
Life has become very mechanical.
How much would you have earned per month?
Why do you ask such questions now?
I am drunk, Sujatha.
I can ask anything.
You tell me, Karthik.
Actually, I...
Don't want to tell.
Decent salary, bro.
How decent?
Is there a decent car?
Yes, there is.
Which model?
Recent model, bro.
It has good features.
AC, FM radio.
FM radio.
FM radio.
Actually, I like Audi very much.
When we were in 5th class, do you remember what I told you?
Audi is a very good car.
One Audi is equal to ten Benz.
That's it.
That's it.
What do you know about Benz?
You don't even have right to hold this car steering.
Is this a Benz?
Do you know how much horsepower this car has?
Do you know how much pickup this car has?
Do you want me to show you how mush fast it goes.?
Wait, I'll show you.
Vishal, what are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Please, Vishal.
Varun has proposed to me today only.
I don't want to die.
Please drive slow, Vishal.
Did you ever drove this fast in your life.?
-vishal, please tell suresh.
Please, tell him Karthik.
No, bro.
Benz is the best.
I can't hear you.
Say it again.
Benz is the best car.
Vishal, slow down.
No, no, no.
Your Karthik likes speed.
I'll show him speed, wait.
You're Karthik?
You're Karthik?
Why is he my Karthik?
Yes, he's your Karthik. He's your childhood friend.
He's your childhood friend. Did you forget?
Why would I forget?
Do you kill my childhood friends in a car crash!
because your childhood friend died of cancer?
Hey, don't.
Suji, wait.
Vishal, What ever, please look at the road and drive.
-Why are you getting so much angry! Oh my god.
-Okay, okay.
Bujji at least you can say?
-You can drove whatever the speed , please look at the road and drive
You're being very irresponsible, Vishal.
Am I irresponsible?
Am I?
You're irresponsible.
That's what Bujji just said.
I was just joking.
Vishal, police.
Go fast.
Damn, cops.
They are coming in our back only Vishal.
Go fast.
Go fast.
Why are you calling the police a damn?
Why are you so scared?
Vishal, you're slowing.
You've been driving fast till now know.
No, Sujatha.
We have to go very slowly.
Give me the breathalyzer.
Hey, you blow it.
Blow it.
Sir, I didn't blow it.
You didn't?
-Sir, I have some important information for you.
Why are telling unnecessary stories.
When we are asking you to blow.
Show your license.
Sir, it's nothing like that.
-nothing is there?
I have some important information for you, sir.
What is it?
Suresh, don't worry.
I'm here for you.
I'm not worried.
Sir, there's a thief in the car.
He's a hardcore criminal, sir.
A thief in a long drive?
- Is she?
Sir, it's not her.
I'm telling you he's a hardcore criminal.
Sir, I slowed you down and grabbed your attention.
Sir, just a minute.
It's all my sketch, sir.
I'll be right back sir.
-What are you doing, Vishal?
Move first, you've done enough.
Hey, you're sitting like you're sitting in your brother in-laws car.
Get out of my car, you thief.
What thief?
What are you talking about?
How do you know? Vishal.
Don't act Sujatha.
What are we doing here sir?
Will through them in the cell.
Get out.
Sir, he's not Karthik.
He's Karthik, sir.
Pratap sir. How are you..?
-where were you Suresh?
How are you, sir?
What are you doing?
Maintaining distance.
Nothing like that, sir.
Sir, I'm not doing much today, sir.
Whatever I do, 50% goes to you, right?
Hey, that's all in the past.
Actually, Suresh is our man.
Full close.
Do you know how much police information he gave?
He's a bloody informer.
Sir, it's just a small...
A small theft, sir.
That's where I met madam, sir.
A very polite girl.
Hi, sir.
He's her boyfriend, sir.
Say hi to sir.
What are discuss with him, sir?
He's drunk., drunkerd fellow.
No, no, no, no, no.
Sir, he just drove a little fast.
That's all.
He didn't even drink that much today.
Hey, it's her birthday today, sir.
It's her birthday today.
That's it sir.
That's all.
Not drunk much.
- who the hell are you to save me , a thief.
When did you get caught?
Why did you get caught?
Pickpocket, bro.
That's all?
Our case was drunken drive.
Bujji, why did we come to the police station.
Tell me please.
He hit him.
Is that so?
Mr. Writer, file an FIR, sir.
Hey, what's your name?
Vishal, right? Vishal...
File it, sir.
You hit a police officer on duty.
Sir, that's not...
Section 353, non-bailable offense.
Sir, file an FIR against me, sir.
Bujji... What are they talking about?
Sir, I'm a doctor, sir.
I save lives for a living, sir.
So what?
Are you Arjun Reddy?
He's a surgeon.
You're not the first doctor to go to jail.
There's only one doctor and thief here.
Mr. Writer, you write it, sir.
Why are you arresting me instead of the thief, sir?
He's not a thief now.
He's an informer.
I've never filed an FIR against a doctor
who serves for free, sir.
Leave him, sir?
Vishal is such a nice guy that he
even gives dog biscuits to the tigers in his colony.
Please leave him sir.
Leave him sir.
Sir, sir...
He's a nice guy, sir.
He hit him by mistake, that's all.
Why file an FIR against him, sir?
Please leave me alone, sir.
Why would anyone leave after seeing your face?
Your cunning expression frustrates me more.
Who are you to show mercy on me?
Who are you to tell me not to file an FIR against me?
Sir, please file an FIR against me.
Please, sir.
Sujatha... Tell me, Sujatha.
It's time for me to talk.
Vishal, tell me...
Hey, don't talk.
If there are thieves in the house, they call the police.
That's it.
But they don't pretend to be your childhood friend.
Why do you talk so harshly, Vishal?
Suresh isn't the type of thief you think he is.
He's a good guy.
A good guy?
That means...
There's a compounder in my hospital.
He's a good guy too.
The watchman in my house is a good
guy too.
My car driver is a good guy too.
Will you be friends with all of them?
Maybe I will.
We don't know when, how, and on whom
it's born, right, Vishal?
You have a questionable choice in friends from the first.
What does she do in life?
She hangs out with Varun.
What does Varun do?
He hangs out with Bujji.
There are no goals or ambitions in life.
-Why he scolding us.
These guys.
-it's okay.
Now, Karthik.
Sorry, Suresh.
A thief.
Karthik, bro, are you a thief?
What do you know about him?
You are a mechanical engineer know, bro.
How should I have to introduce
your friends to my friends in the parties.?
This is Bujji, my best friend, housewife.
This is Varun, my friend, useless.
This is Karthik.
Sorry, Suresh.
My friend, a thief.
Will you introduce him as a good thief?
Please write, sir.
Please write an FIR
and put me behind bars sir.
It's better to be inside
than being with them sir.
A bunch of low lives.
Shut up!
I've been watching you
from a while ago.
Like, let it be!
Let it be!
You're scolding them unnecessarly
What's your problem with my friends?
She's Bujji, my best friend.
My support system.
Right now, she's not doing anything in life.
But one day, you'll have to wait for hours
to get a table in her restaurant.
And Varun, another best friend.
He'll never do anything right.
Because he doesn't know anything.
He'll never do anything.
So what?
It's okay.
-And Suresh.
A thief.
It's been only a few hours since I met him.
I don't know anything about him.
You're right.
I know a few things.
That's enough for me
to know what kind of a person he is.
And yeah..
Wont thieves arent humans?
Wont humans arent thieves?
Thieves don't have a heart?
A heart...
Wont there any thieves with good heart exists?
You rocked it, madam.
Very impressive.
Bless you.
In two years of our relationship.
This is the first time I've yelled
How can he disrespect my friends?
How can he?
He should know all of this.
You are rocking man..
I mean, a woman, madam.
Where Did Suresh went?
Did Suresh give you his phone number?
Didn't you guys met again?
I don't know where he is.
He didn't take my number.
I don't know what he's doing.
I don't know where he's stealing now
Did he stop stealing because I told him to.?
If he stopped stealing,
where will he buy his stuff from?
He must be working in a hotel.
He cleans plates very well know?
You haven't met Suresh yet.
Did you at least had a break up with Vishal?
If I were you, I would break up with him first.
And I would go to Suresh.
We would steal together.
Or we would wash plates together.
Didn't you tell him to break up with Vishal.?
I went and met his parents.
I'll tell you what happened.
Do you work in memes?
Not memes, flames.
A dating app.
I told you not to call me aunty.
Call me mom.
If I call her mom,
should I call my mom aunty?
Aunty, are you okay?
What did my son gave as surprise gift
to birthday baby?
He gave me surprise gift, aunty.
He sang my favourite song while playing the guitar.
My son always does that.
What else did he give you?
He gave me a surprise birthday party
with all my friends.
He took me on a long drive.
He filled the sky with beautiful lanterns .
He came to the dance class in the morning.
He spent his friend's birthday with me.
And not just on his birthday.
Vishal is always like that.
Whether it's dance class, cooking class or badminton.
Whatever it is.
He shares all my wishes.
He gives me his time.
Wherever he his.
Whether in the ICU or with patient.
I'm so lucky.
You're fine, right?
Are you liking this?
Yeah. I am.
I am.
Are you sure?
-I am really happy.
I think it's a call from the hospital.
It's okay.
Ignore that
Anyway, it's our time.
What are you talking?
The song is good.
He is trying his best.
What else?
Everything is set between you guys, right
It's very difficult for me.
When he's struggling so much.
All of a sudden, all of his attention.
It's suffocating.
I don't know.
What do you think is wrong with him?
Why is he changing so suddenly?
I'll tell you something with this one hour.
You're crazy.
Why are you so weird?
As I am about to feel, you're sensible.
But you're crazy.
Have you always been like this?
I've always been like this.
I grew up watching my parents.
I knew my mom and dad weren't right.
But I'm not like my mom.
My mom says you're like your dad.
My dad and I are different.
But your dad is a bit of a psycho, right?
What did you say?
What did I say?
- you are scolding my father?
No no...
You said my dad is a psycho.
-I didn't say anything.
How can you say my dad?
- I am scolding you.
I'm telling you the whole story.
-Im scolding you as psycho
You're scolding my dad.
-just chill.
I can scold anything to my dad.
How can you scold.?
Have a sprite.
It's good.
Didn't you say?
-just chill.
Leave a little bit for me too
Tell me.
It's okay.
What do I have to do with someone
who's never been in my life?
It's been five years since I met him.
I don't know what he's doing now.
He's sitting in a bar like this
and lecturing to someone.
Nice place.
You're here, dear.
Hey, Mastan.
My daughter is here
What would you like to drink?
I don't want anything.
Your mom said you'd drink.
Your mom has a habit too.
There are moments where we both
used to booze together.
Good old days.
I heard you're doing something as a copywriter.
When your mom said you were a writer,
I thought you'd really become one.
Copywriting is also writing.
That's not serious writing, Sujatha.
What do you mean by serious writing?
What did you achieve by writing seriously?
Brother, look at that.
That dating app is okay for now.
What are your plans for the future?
I haven't decided yet.
But I'm interested in screenwriting.
But since we don't get along with movies,
I want to study IAS and prepare for civil's.
I want to become a lawyer or a traffic police.
What do you think?
Very good plan.
Whatever you want to do, don't think it's easy.
It's very difficult.
I'm still here because it's me.
Whatever you want to do, remember that along
with your dad's writing talent,
your mom's numb brain is also here.
Hey, stop it.
I've been watching you.
You haven't changed a bit.
It's always your opinions.
It's me, me and me.
you were never with me when I was a kid.
Now you're asking about my future.
Why are you still calling mom?
What do you want?
I don't want all this stress.
Apologize to me once and I'll leave.
I don't want anything else.
I won't.
I won't apologize.
You can't even apologize once?
One sorry?
I don't want to apologize,
talk to you emotionally,
and become a good person.
Your mom married me even after knowing
how stupid I was.
She didn't have any expectations from me
in the beginning.
I said I didn't want kids.
Your mom said she wanted kids.
You were born.
After you born,
your mom's expectations increased.
I said I can't do it, so leave me alone.
Your mom didn't listen.
That's why you left us.
that's it?
I gave up on myself a long time ago.
You leave me too.
If I were a good person,
would you be in a position to expect sorry from me?
My daughter shouldn't be in a position to
ask anyone for anything.
Even if it's your dad.
Does Suji even have a clue about what we planned at all?
Oh she is here.
Come, come... Let's go.
Let's go.
What are you doing here?
How did you get ready so cutely?
I'm wearing a normal top.
It looks good.
Is it?
Yeah, It's nice.
[Humming old Telugu song]
[Humming old Telugu song]
[Humming old Telugu song]
Vishal... publicly,
in front of everyone, kneeling down for me...
Oh shit, cake.
Cake, cake, cake.
Yeah, cake, cake!
Bro, come fast.
I almost forgot.
What is the cake for?
There's a ring inside.
What else?
Oh, placards!
Come fast guys.
Come, come, come.
Again, You will marry me?
You will marry me.
Hey, you will...
that was intentional.
She will.
You will dear.
I'll tell him bro.
Vishal, get up please.
Your pant is getting dirty.
This is sweet, but...
I knew it.
Wow... Wow...
Wow, wow, wow.
You will, right?
I mean,
I'm a little dizzy and my head hurts too.
So, yes, no, I mean...
Yes or no?
What did she say?
Two minutes, Vishal.
She is saying no!
Let's go talk outside.
Two minutes ah?
Just Two minutes.
What's the problem?
Tell me.
Are you scared?
Do you need time?
I'm thinking of quitting dance class.
Is that so?
Why, am I not doing well?
No, I'm not doing well either.
I'm just bored.
Thank God.
I'm worried about how long I have to keep doing this.
That's a good decision.
But I'm thinking of joining yoga class.
Is that so?
Yeah, sure.
So, will you come tomorrow morning?
Wake up at 5 and come to my house by 6.
We'll go by 7.
Is that so?
No problem.
No problem?
Two weeks is okay.
Two months?
Two years?
Will you come to yoga class for life long?
Dance class or badminton.
Whatever I ask for?
Even if you don't like it.
I can't ask for what I need, Vishal.
Without me asking, you wouldn't know what I need.
What are you talking about?
Without any feelings, have I been coming to
dance class for the last few weeks?
Without any feelings,
am I asking you if you ate three meals a day?
I even stopped lying that i'm were in the ICU at the hospital.
What else should I do?
Why do I need this torture?
That's what I'm saying.
Why do you need this torture because of me?
These two weeks are enough for me to see you, Vishal.
Is it enough?
What do you mean?
I'm changing for you.
This is what love is, right?
I don't know.
I really don't know what love is.
Love means compromises.
Love means adjustments.
I'm changing for you. You're changing for me.
What kind of pressure is this?
There's no need for life to be so stressful.
I'm scared of marriage, Vishal.
So, you're scared of marriage.
Don't get married now.
Let's get married next year.
Why are you so stressed about that?
It's not marriage.
You're actually saying no.
Listen, we'll talk about this.
You're saying no to me?
Is it that simple?
It's done?
Do you think all this is simple?
Don't call it simple, Vishal.
I've always rejected simple things.
It's not simple.
And you know that.
I need to sit down.
There's nothing to sit here for.
We'll talk about this.
Why now?
Closing time.
Did you come running here?
This shop is closing now.
They'll close soon.
I know that.
I know you'll come at the closing time.
I know that you know.
I told you.
Yeah... same.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
Deepam oil.
Okay, snacks?
Are you health conscious?
Why are you came here?
Cann't you find any house to steal?
Recently, I stopped stealing.
I don't want to get caught.
What are you doing?
Any job or?
I told you right, no more part time jobs.
Full time chill.
What are you doing?
Are you listening to the song 'O Papa Laali' in your free time
and crying?
That was an old story.
I'm a strong woman now.
Thank you.
I should thank you.
No, no.
I should thank you.
You stopped stealing after listening to me.
then I should thank you first.
Because until you tell me,
I didn't know that stealing was wrong.
How's Vishal?
He's great.
We're finally happy.
Why are you so happy?
We broke up, no?
Did you break up?
Break up?
Oh, you broke up because we had a
fight at the police station?
No, no.
Not because of you.
It should've happened long back.
I'm getting clarity now.
Oh, you're getting clarity. Nice!
Such clarities naturally come because of me.
I'm used to giving such clarity.
It's okay.
So what if you're getting clarity?
I'm a thief in your eyes, right?
Look, whether you're an office boy, a thief
or a mechanical engineer...
For me, you're a very...
Good person.
Good person?
You're a nice guy, Suresh.
Nice guy?
I'm a nice guy?
Why dismiss it when called a nice guy?
Being nice and kind is everything, Suresh.
I understood it better after meeting you.
So if anyone calls you a nice guy,
don't dismiss it; take it as a compliment.
I'm a nice...
I'm a nice guy!
One minute.
I have to give you something.
What's this?
My dear thief?
What do you mean by thief?
Even if a thief stops stealing, do you still call him a thief?
No matter how nice or kind you are,
for me, you're always a thief.
What's this? A letter?
Read the letter when you get home.
See what else I gave..
Did you give me money?
Thank god.
I thought you gave me a letter.
You gave me money, thank you.
It's enough for this month.
There's everything inside, right?
Deepam oil, oats, maggie...?
Everything was there.
I gave you everything you asked for.
Hello sir!
What's this?
You have shampoo bottles, right?
When did I steal?
What did I do? What are you talking?
He say's that he didn't commit theft
How could I steal?
Wait for a minute.
Sir... Madam...
Thief... Thief...
Stop them, thief... Madam, stop.
Do like this and turn around.
Where's Varun?
He got a job, so he's busy now.
Yes Are you going to Bangalore now?
Bangalore is full of traffic
So what?
It rains a lot there
Why do you need all that?
There's a cafe for every donation What are
you going to do?
I'm not going, only Varun is going
Don't die.
Ok You're not going?