My Dear Liar (2019) Movie Script

My name is Zhong Zhenjiang.
I've known her for over a month.
I'm Wu Hai,
her husband.
Where were you
after eight o'clock last night?
I was working.
As a part-time chauffeur.
We went to East Maple Park
for a date.
When we were crossing the bridge,
it was really dark
and the roads were slippery.
I accidentally
crashed into the railings.
I knew they were having
an affair.
He came
to our internet cafe
a couple of times.
They couldn't stop
ogling each other.
And then,
my wife started
going out at night.
When it happened,
I was in total shock and
had no time to think about her.
How should I have known that
she couldn't swim?
She drowned, just like that.
Da Hai,
how did I do?
We're here.
Go to the underground garage.
I just got another order.
They keep rushing me.
Do you mind
parking the car yourself?
Damn, how did you drive?
What were you doing?
Were you dreaming?
What are talking about?
You hit me!
You're full of shit!
You want to hit me?
Sir, sir.
Don't get excited.
What are you doing?
You gonna bite me?
You've been drinking,
haven't you?
Yes, I have.
I was driving for him.
Were you driving
when the accident happened?
My dashboard camera
got it all on tape,
All of it.
You don't have to call officer.
- Bro.
- Sir, sir.
10 thousand. What do you think?
10 thousand?
400 thousand.
400 thousand?
This is blackmail!
400 thousand is
a little too much.
What about half of that?
You're just a stupid chauffeur.
Who's talking to you?
Get lost!
Good morning, Mr. Zhong.
Good morning to you too.
Interested in
some insurance information?
Good morning, Accountant Zhong.
Good morning, Accountant Zhong.
- Good morning, Accountant Zhong.
- Number 523.
Hello, Mr. Sun
How's the money coming?
How long do we need to wait?
We've embezzled too much.
We need 7 million to break even.
Use the houses as collateral.
I don't have the deeds
for forward delivery houses.
How can I use them as collateral?
I'll see
what I can do this weekend.
We're running out of time.
I heard they launched
a special investigation.
Cao and Meng have already
been taken away.
It's just a matter of time
before they come for us.
Ms. Tao,
where is the 3,800 air purifier?
You said you'd save it for me.
That one is also imported.
For other people, I charge 6,500.
For you, 5,500
This is for Yoyo.
These are all
second hand appliances.
The prices drop quickly.
And don't forget that
I'm still waiting
for your answer.
Ms. Tao,
haven't started thinking
about getting remarried yet.
Da Hai.
- Coming.
- Hurry.
- Foxy Fairy present you...
- Can you really finish all this?
It's not even gonna be enough.
- Mr. Jin has joined us here.
- Foxy Fairy?
You're asking me
to jump rope again.
- You are so bad.
- Mr. Zhong,
can I have my cut...
How dare you mention money to me?
Half off? You were helping him
with the bargain.
He's a father.
He needs the money.
How much did he pay in the end?
- Not a penny.
- What?
We did all that for nothing?
What about your big debt?
Mr. Cao at my company
was taken by investigators.
I'll be next.
You gotta think of a way
to get the money.
I'll work with you.
They're very fast.
The only way left
is insurance fraud.
Can you help me with it?
We've been friends for
over 20 years. I'm telling you,
small-time extortion is ok,
but insurance fraud? No way.
You shouldn't have embezzled
the money in the first place.
Don't lecture me.
You coward.
You'll never make
anything of yourself.
Good point.
I saw that.
Boss, someone is stealing food.
Da Hai,
Move fast!
Don't run!
Stop him!
I'm sorry.
Damn it.
Slow down.
- Be careful!
- Theif!
- You too!
- We are catching theif!
Who is it?
- What's wrong with you?
- Move away!
- Thief! Thief!
- You're the man, bro.
I need to go back.
You want to order take-away?
I left the medicine back
at the restaurant.
Stealing food
-Stealing food
-Stop it!
I'll return the food.
Just give me back my medicine.
Sure, I can give it back.
As long as you pay the fine,
10 times the bill. 980.
I don't have that much cash.
Transfer the funds.
My medicine.
My medicine.
Yang, did you do this to him?
Not me. It was him.
What kind of medicine is that?
Let me have a look.
He has asthma.
Yang, call an ambulance.
Go get some water.
If he dies at my restaurant,
I'm screwed.
- If we were late...
- Don't panic. I'm not dying.
Good bye.
How dare you run away?
What's up, Da Hai?
Lousy gear, huh?
What happened to your face?
- Nobody wants to buy sausages?
- No.
If not, then save some power.
"First-grade math test paper,
53 marks"
Get up!
You little bastard!
Are you Wu Hai?
Tell me the truth, how many times
have you done this?
- Only once.
- Bullshit.
You can do it this well
the first time?
You manage the internet cafe
during the day,
and work as a chauffeur at night.
I never even see you.
I have to sign it myself.
I never come home?
What's the most important thing
about being a man?
Money and power.
Cars and houses.
And a wife.
The most important thing
about being a man is honesty.
Did you miss me today?
You learn fast.
Finish everything.
All of it.
Somebody hit you again?
I fell.
Eat more meat,
it's good for your body.
Hey everyone,
there's a sick person upstairs.
Would you mind
smoking a little less.
- See? I'm over here.
- Got it.
Catch up.
- I'm coming.
- Right here.
Mr. Zhong, welcome
- Please.
- See,
Some people travel
to enjoy the beautiful nature.
Don't touch it.
I can totally understand
your situation.
But the contract
is signed in black and white.
The payment for the house,
once it's made,
is non-refundable.
I really need the money
right now.
I really do.
I understand,
but there's nothing I can do.
I have an idea for you.
Close out at a low price.
But you should know,
buyers usually
don't like apartments
with altered sales records.
So you can only hope
for the best.
Diamond Bay is located
on Hainan Island.
The annual average PM 2.5 levels
are below 30 ug/m
Endless greenery and sea shore.
Raindrops and beaches.
- And the freshest air to enjoy.
- Da Hai.
- It's...
- How much is
the cheapest apartment?
What are you doing?
Let's go. Hurry up.
So you like the apartments here?
What does it matter?
I don't even have money
to rent an apartment,
let alone buy one.
If you help me with
that thing we talked about,
I'll give you an apartment
as a gift.
Sir, please wait a second.
Here is a souvenir
from our company.
It's empty.
It's fresh air from Diamond Bay.
It's the same air
that you just inhaled.
Chauffeur. Chauffeur service.
Experienced chauffeur.
12 years driving experience.
Zero accidents.
Sir, Chauffeur service.
"Guangyu Internet Cafe"
Don't be afraid, Yoyo!
Uncle Zhong is here.
Hello, Zhong.
Relax. We're almost there.
Come here. Come and sit down.
Thank you, doctor.
You should be thanking
your friend outside.
If he hadn't brought him
to the hospital in time,
your son could have died.
How can he have such
severe asthma
at such a young age?
We live at an Internet Cafe
You need to move somewhere
with better air quality.
If things stay the same,
his condition will
just keep getting worse.
Da Hai,
What are you...
What are you doing?
Get up!
- Bro.
- What?
I just really want to thank you.
If it weren't for you,
Yoyo would be dead right now.
Yoyo is like my own son.
How could I just let him die?
You already lost your wife
to lung disease.
So you need
to listen to the doctor,
and move somewhere
with better air quality.
There's nothing you can do
about your own life,
but Yoyo's life hasn't
even begun yet.
that thing we talked about,
are you still gonna do it?
About that...
I've already come up
with the perfect plan.
I'll do anything you need.
What do you think?
The railing wasn't strong enough.
The two of us,
along with the motorcycle,
fell into the lake all at once.
I know how to swim,
so I was able
to swim to the bank.
She kept screaming for help
but I was completely in shock.
The only thing I could think
about was saving myself.
How should I know
she couldn't swim?
She drowned, just like that.
Da Hai,
how did I do?
A bit too dramatic.
You try it.
Last night,
where were you
after eight o'clock?
I was working.
As a part-time chauffeur.
I accidentally
crashed into a food stall.
why do I have
to have an accident?
Are you stupid?
The insurance pay-out will be
more than ten million.
There's going
to be a thorough investigation.
You'll be the number one suspect.
As long as
you don't have a motive
and have an alibi on your side,
and it's recognized as
a traffic accident on my side,
then within 3 weeks,
the money will be processed.
finding a wife
isn't going to be easy.
Who do you think
you're talking to?
- Who's that?
- Check out my new ears!
Foxy Fairy.
- They call them cat ears.
- Let me see!
Do they look like my horns?
Zhong, what is she doing?
- Playing games with the fans.
- Don't screen capture me.
And reaping the benefits.
-Hello, boys
-Pretty hot.
- Sent me more presents.
- You are responsible for?
Getting married.
Getting the signature.
And me?
- Having an affair.
- You guys are so good.
Creating an accident.
- Perfect.
- Sent me more!
She's a slut
who scams men out of money
for a living.
She deserves it.
The most important thing is
I already asked her.
She can't swim.
Press here,
- Keep going.
- and spray it into his throat.
This way...
Two or three sprays each time.
Don't waste it.
Let me think about it,
Don't mess around.
Come, let uncle teach you
about Chinese culture.
I will win this game.
Yoyo, do you have a girlfriend?
-Don't blab
Do what your uncle says,
daddy will come pick you up
in a few days.
Da Hai,
where are you going?
Mind your own business.
We'll move to Hainan before long.
- Hi.
- Thanks.
My makeup looks good every day.
Yes, I'm going
to have lunch in a bit.
But I'm starving right now.
What about you guys?
I'm eating
in a western restaurant today.
Foxy Fairy?
Big Ben.
Thank you.
Guangyu Internet and Technology.
Vice president, Wu Hai.
You promised to help me
defeat Yumi last time.
You're using some other account
to watch me, aren't you?
I'm 23 black-eye peas short.
Buy them for me.
Then I'll be upgraded to be the
Seville Princess of the season.
Slow down.
I don't understand.
You watch me every day,
but you don't understand?
Playing dumb.
- Thank you.
- Can I have hot water instead?
I have my period today.
Don't get any ideas.
I'm not.
Let's order.
- Spicy?
- Are you stupid?
I told you
I can't eat anything spicy.
I forgot.
The lobsters today
are very fresh.
- You're Cantonese, right?
- Yes.
Boston Baked Lobsters
Scottish Brandy Steamed Oysters.
Purple artichoke with foie gras
and parmesan.
That's so funny.
I spent some time
in Guangdong before.
"Gok go gwok gaa jau
gok go gwok gaa ge gok go"
- Do you know what I said?
- I don't know.
Every nation has
it's own national anthem.
You say it.
Every nation...
You're cute.
- What's your sign?
- Cancer.
- Blood type?
- B
- Animal sign?
- Rooster.
My Sun and Moon is in conjunction
with your
Venus, Mercury and Mars.
My Sun is also
in conjunction with
the Ruling Planet of your House 7
It says here that there's
a chance we could get married.
I'm not too familiar with this.
Foxy Fairy,
Why did you become a cam girl?
My mom died when I was little.
My dad can be
a bit crazy sometimes.
A few years ago, he broke
his legs repairing the roof.
To make things worse,
I lost my job at the same time,
and my brother
needed money for tuition.
One of my girlfriends
told me that
I could do live streaming.
It's a way to make fast money.
And my dad,
because of his injury,
has amyotrophy.
So I've always wanted to
save up and get him
a decent massage chair.
To be honest
I don't think God has
ever treated me very well.
If he wants to make it up to me,
he should just send me
an eligible bachelor.
A rich, successful man
and a glamorous life.
I know it's not gonna happen.
So in my opinion,
if there's a guy,
who only has
100 dollars in his pocket,
but is willing
to spend 99 of it on me,
then he's good enough for me.
That's love.
You're right.
I didn't make that up,
I read it in the book.
I like to read from time
to time to improve myself.
What books?
If A Woman Isn't Fierce,
Her Position Won't Be Secure.
Elegance and Tolerance
Beauty: Treasure of a Lifetime
Check, please.
Ok, one moment, please.
Hello, Blue Jasmine Restaurant.
You want to make a reservation?
For how many people?
What time?
You scumbag! Stop!
You bastard!
Stop right there!
Still running?
- Move.
- Move, move!
You bastard!
Stop running.
Move, move!
Guangyu Internet Cafe,
No.6, Yunshui Road.
My shift is over.
Get another cab..
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Go away!
You call yourself a man?
Get away from me!
Get lost!
Are you ok?
Who's paying for the car door?
I don't have that much money.
It's not about money.
It's a matter of vision.
The person you've become today
is the result of
your poor vision.
Let's get another girl.
Let's go to a hotel
to ask an escort out.
In order
to get the first one out,
I had to buy her more than
100 virtual yachts
and dozens of Porsches online.
Now you want a different girl?
Have you thought
about how I feel?
The key thing is she can't swim.
Let's give it another try.
I'm telling you guys,
Marshmallow was my favourite
when I was a little girl
They have so many colours now.
You want to die?
Shut up.
Get out of here.
Thank you so much.
What a coincidence!
Damn it. You again.
You shouldn't play on your phone
while crossing the street.
It's dangerous.
Where are you going?
Let me drive you.
I'm sorry about last time.
Lunch and psychological damages.
5,000 dollars.
I'll transfer it to you now.
I live on Qi Fuli District.
Do you know where that is?
I know the streets very well.
Get in.
I'm a tenement of building No.9
on Qi Fuli District.
It's way overcrowded at Unit 202.
It's really dangerous.
Are you gonna
do something about it?
We're here.
We're here.
Those two over there,
Come on.
- How could this happen?
- Who the hell reported me?
Why don't you show your face?
Line up.
Sign in here.
- Where's your ID?
- I have it.
- How could I foresee this?
- I'll get it for you.
Stop right there!
- What are you doing here?
- You owe me 3 months of rent.
- Let go of her.
- She owes me rent.
You run illegal tenements.
That's all illegal income.
- Shoot him.
- It's not illegal.
- What?
- Shoot him.
You can't just go
around shooting people.
Get out of the way.
Thank God you're still here.
What happened?
Can you help me find a hotel
with good internet access?
I need to do a webcast tonight.
That goddamn landlord
smashed my laptop.
I should have shot him.
The books say that
what doesn't kill you,
just makes you stronger.
You make enough money
doing live streaming.
Why do you have to live here?
I send all my money home.
The other day
I just did a little jump rope
during a webcast.
Someone reported me.
I got fined 30 thousand,
What the hell?
Who isn't looking for loopholes?
I get so angry talking about it.
Which hotel are you taking me to?
You're so pretty.
I'd be worried
about you in a hotel.
How about this,
if you don't mind,
you can come to my place.
What do you think?
"Guangyu Internet Cafe"
We're here.
I asked you
to take me to a hotel.
Why am I at an internet cafe?
The hotels around here are
all fully booked.
I own this place.
Relax, you'll be safe here.
I asked if you wanted to
come here, but you fell asleep.
I have a problem.
I fall asleep every time
I get in a car.
I sleep even better than
in my bed.
Bro, you look so handsome today.
Is this your girlfriend?
Cut it out.
Don't make a scene.
- Alright.
- Go upstairs.
Business looks pretty good.
Is this where you live?
Yes, I often stay here
to watch the business.
What's the Wi-Fi password?
Fruit plate.
Whose birthday is that?
the date I opened
the internet cafe?
- No.13 calling for tech services.
- Hold on a sec.
Be safe.
Good luck.
Da Hai.
Is that enough?
Do you have slippers?
Wear mine.
Where is the bathroom,
I didn't see it.
Over there.
On your period again?
What a coincidence.
"Guangyu Internet Cafe"
No, no.
Don't open that.
It's an empty bottle.
I'll throw it away,
if you don't want it.
I want it.
I thought
you were on your period.
You shouldn't eat ice cream.
Why do you care so much?
Do you like me?
I'm going to stay here
until I find a new place.
Do you have a problem with that?
But don't get any ideas.
I really like...
the internet speed here.
It's so fast.
I have no problem
streaming in high def.
You can't even imagine
who I used to live with.
They used
to always steal my Wi-Fi.
I got disconnected all the time.
I was so pissed.
It's much better here.
Make it even.
This is for you.
It matches your outfit.
Is it OK? How about now?
Is it fine?
Yue Miaomiao, your delivery.
Miaomiao, delivery.
Yue Miaomiao, your delivery.
Yue Miaomiao.
Hello, Wu Hai.
Delivery for Yue Miaomiao.
Delivery for Yue Miaomiao.
I'll do it. Let me do it.
No need.
"Guangyu Internet Cafe"
She comes back at 6.
Talk fast.
You have it?
How much is it?
Take a guess.
It's a fake?
The watch is fake,
but the receipt is real.
They will work
perfectly together.
Are you sure?
Pick up your pace.
Big Ben,
have you seen my gym card?
She's coming.
What's this?
A vest.
No, Chauffeur service.
I'm warning you.
I really hate people lying to me.
You'd better let me know
what the hell is going on?
I admit that I'm a vain man.
The BMW belongs to my friend.
I have a part-time job
as a designated driver.
I want to be the guy
who only
has 100 dollars in his pocket,
but is willing
to spend 99 of it on you.
Try it on.
I'm really touched by your gift.
But what?
But this is the old version.
I want the upgraded version
with diamonds.
Let's go get the other one.
The other one...
are too gaudy.
Maybe not a good idea.
Don't be silly.
It's just another 20 thousand.
- Let's go get the other one.
- 20 thousand!
Yes, 20 thousand.
You don't love me at all.
I do.
I do.
You do, but you still make
such a fuss about 20 thousand.
I don't believe you.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go change it now
There's still time.
Come on.
I almost forgot the receipt.
For heaven's sake.
Is everything alright?
I'll go now.
Please hold on.
I'm telling you,
this watch is brand new.
I haven't worn it once.
The plastic film on the back
hasn't been removed yet.
- Manager...
- He took too long.
Just a moment please.
This receipt,
is real indeed.
- But the watch...
- How long do we need to wait?
Do you have coffee here?
Maggie, coffee.
Can I have a cappuccino
- and a latte?
- Sure.
Are you gonna change it
for us or not?
- Yes.
- Ok.
This way, please.
Thank you.
wire me 60 thousand right now.
Why, did she figure it out?
It's hard to explain.
Wire me the money now.
Da Hai, be careful,
she might be a fraud.
we're the frauds.
This one looks better, right?
So sparkly.
You're right.
We should never meet
at the internet cafe again.
And we can't talk
on cell phones either.
Dinner, 3,792.
Clothes hangers, 170.
Rent, 5,200.
Prize Claw, 160.
I can't reimburse this one.
Massage chair, 9,800.
What the hell?
It's for her dad.
To make her happy.
You weren't this nice
to your own father.
When did you dye your hair
like that?
I brought the wine you like.
Our master lords over tigers.
Our pagoda seals river monsters.
Ok, let's drink later.
Does it feel good?
why are you going through my bag?
I'm not.
I saw it.
I bought you the sneakers
you wanted, didn't I?
Why are you still looking
for more money?
They're too small.
Who bought dad the massage chair?
You did.
Bullshit. Who bought it?
You did.
Come up here.
Why don't you eat
spicy food anymore?
I eat all kinds of weird things
when I do webcasts.
I damaged my stomach
a long time ago.
But my dad loves chilies.
What you said about your family,
is it all true?
As true as it gets.
we're a lot alike.
My mom
and dad
both died more than a decade ago.
They got sick?
A flood
destroyed our house
and swept them away.
The only family
I have left is...
not just you.
You, your dad
and your bother.
From now on
we're a family.
I like what we are now.
We don't have to become a family.
Why are you rejecting me?
I'm a sick woman.
I don't want to ruin your life.
Is it contagious?
No, it's not contagious.
I was born with
a fallopian tube malformation.
I can't have children.
I thought it was
something serious.
- Don't laugh.
- I'm ok with not having kids.
I don't care.
I just want you.
You say that now.
I've never told you this before.
But I almost got married, twice.
The two guys
they both said they didn't care
at the beginning.
But in the end, one guy
blew off the engagement
all of a sudden.
The other one,
he was a piece of work.
He had a kid with someone else.
they are counting down the days
until we break up.
I'm not like those two guys.
I'm not.
I'm not good enough for you.
Do you fully understand that
we're about to perform
the vasectomy surgery on you?
Yes, I do.
Are you fully aware of the risks
and consequences of the surgery?
Lie back.
Yes, I am.
Do you have any mental illnesses?
Open your legs.
Did anybody force you
to do the surgery?
Ok, sign here.
- Zhong, I can't do it.
- Listen to me.
It's just a minimally
invasive surgery.
You'll definitely win her
over after.
It feels so cold down there.
Hold on.
"Vasectomy surgery"
"Smaill incision"
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Calm down.
Minimally invasive surgery.
You wanna come over and watch?
I'm almost done.
Can you wash my pants too.
My wallet is still in the pocket.
Why didn't you say anything?
Are you ok?
Check the pocket.
I didn't see the wallet.
What's this?
"Consent letter of vasectomy"
I'm so stupid.
I was going to tell you
when I proposed.
I just want to tell you that
I really don't care about
having kids.
Have you lost your mind?
How can you just mutilate
yourself like that?
You don't ever want
to be a father?
It's not mutilation.
It's a vasectomy.
It's completely different.
You're crazy.
I changed the motherboard,
but can't find
the same matching case.
Who asked you to do
that stupid surgery?
What's wrong with you?
You really don't care
about not having kids?
There's no turning back now.
I only care about you.
Look at me and say it again.
And I'll believe you.
I'm not lying.
I love you.
I just had the surgery.
The stitches opened.
We're closed today.
Get out of here.
Tell her that you're taking her
to Europe for your honeymoon.
Get her to sign
the insurance slip.
And leave the rest up to me.
Go, go, drink!
Everybody, listen to me.
Your dad is my dad.
Your brother is my brother.
We're a family!
I have a surprise for you.
European vacation?
For our honeymoon.
I can do webcasts from Europe.
I'll have fancy dinners.
And I'm going to see the ocean.
Isn't it enough
just looking at me?
People have been calling me
Da Hai for over 30 years.
But I've never even seen
the real ocean with my own eyes.
We should go.
Do you have a passport?
I went to Korea once.
Not for a plastic surgery.
European vacation.
Application forms.
- Is it cold in European cities?
- Photocopies.
- What clothes should I bring?
- ID pictures.
Oh right.
Travel accident insurance.
Honey, sign here.
Policy holder...
The beneficiary is you.
So if I die,
you'll be super rich.
Just sign here.
The pen doesn't work.
Who's that?
What kind of father
makes his kid come looking
for him at an internet Cafe?
Da Hai.
What's happening?
Even if you remarry,
you have to think about your kid.
You're right.
Have some wedding candy.
Don't try that with me.
It's a good thing that
he knows to come to us,
whenever there is trouble.
It's not that safe out there.
A lot of kidnappings
are happening.
You broke it.
What kind of father are you?
Keep playing.
- I'm going now.
- Take care.
Your car?
You can't park it here.
Drive it to the back.
I patrol here every day.
If I see your car here again,
I'll definitely give
you a ticket.
Take care.
Sweetheart. No!
- I'm sorry.
- Don't bother.
I'm really sorry.
European vacation?
Screw the honeymoon.
Get away from me!
Get lost!
Stop coughing.
You're making too much noise.
How am I going to fall asleep?
He has asthma.
Give me my inhaler.
It's in the night stand.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
follow me.
Not you.
- Name?
- Yoyo.
I'm not asking you.
Little kid,
every question I ask you,
you need to answer honestly,
Because liars
will get their family killed.
- Name?
- Wu You.
- How old are you?
- Six and a half.
- Who is this man?
- My dad.
What about your mom?
She died.
It's true.
Your mom must have been
really pretty.
She was alright.
What does your dad do?
He manages the Internet Cafe.
I own it.
Does he own this cafe?
He likes to brag.
If he did own it,
he wouldn't need
to be a chauffeur.
You're an honest boy.
My dad told me
that I should always be honest.
Even your son is better than you!
What else are you keeping
from me?
Tell me everything today.
I can handle it.
The kid is mine.
The car is my friend's.
The cafe belongs to my boss.
Where is the boss?
Busy with other business.
I only run it for him.
Being a chauffeur is
my part-time job
So I can make money
to buy medicine for Yoyo.
Ever since I met you,
Yoyo has been
at his uncle's place.
I wanted to wait until
our relationship was more stable,
for you to slowly accept him.
I truly love you
- with all my heart.
- You swear?
I swear.
I really love you.
I'm not lying.
Before heaven and earth.
I want you to swear
in front of your son
that you'll never lie
to me again.
Owner of the BMW,
Plate Number 33691,
please move your car.
I'll go move the car.
Da Hai,
this is Director Jiang.
Director Jiang.
This is
my husband Wu Hai.
I'm in the cyber security
supervision division.
My name is Jiang Zhenzhong.
Sit down, please.
What a beautiful couple.
Without a legitimate work permit,
your last violation
and the fact that you got fined,
this is not something
I can easily dismiss.
I didn't do anything,
Director Wang.
I did a little jump rope
because I was encouraging my fans
to get more exercise.
How is that a violation?
the light on the kettle isn't on.
Can you come check it out?
Deal with it yourself.
We've inspected your webcast.
Frankly speaking,
whether to recognize it
as a violation or not,
or if you should
or shouldn't be fined,
it's entirely my call.
Have some water.
About that...
What the hell?
- I'm sorry.
- It's ok.
- Grab a towel.
- Let me do it.
What are you doing?
Let's go to a teahouse.
- It's fine.
- Allow me, please.
the remote doesn't have
any batteries.
Daddy will help you look for it.
Director Jiang,
my husband is just really stupid,
There's nothing we can do
about it, please forgive him,
Director Jiang.
Here you are.
What's this?
Your fine,
I can return it.
Just don't tell anyone.
Or else we can't do
our job right.
Director Jiang,
why are you being so nice to me?
I believe that
are a good girl
that will behave by the rules.
Call me
if you ever need anything.
Director Jiang,
you're such a nice person.
Handsome too.
- I'm sorry.
- It's not your fault.
What are you doing?
I was about
to ask you the same thing.
What were you doing?
Yoyo came back.
I was afraid
that he would recognize you.
I haven't got the signature yet.
Why didn't you say anything?
You said not to use cell phones.
Da Hai,
You only got her
to write half her name.
Keep it down.
What do we do now?
I'm all yours.
I'll do whatever
- you say.
- Don't.
I'll eat anything
to be more beautiful.
Thank you Mr. Jin
for the big yacht.
What boyfriend?
Foxy Fairy is still single.
That's my best friend.
We'll go shopping together
after this. Right?
- Yes.
- Well, she can't wait any longer.
I'll catch up
with you guys later.
So much smoke
in here all the time.
Attention, everyone.
There will be absolutely
no smoking
inside the internet cafe
from now on.
Everybody carry on.
Ignore her.
You think I haven't tried?
Nobody will listen.
What are you doing?
Excuse me.
Listen carefully,
if anyone smokes in here,
I'll cut off
the internet and power.
Effective immediately
You're still smoking, huh?
Knock it off.
It's ok, it's ok.
How are we gonna do business
like that?
What will I tell the boss?
Is Yoyo your son or not?
If he keeps living like this,
how is he going to get better?
You're just afraid that
your fans will hear him coughing.
What are you doing?
My kid has asthma.
You guys can go smoke
outside the back door.
Stop it. It's really fast.
Hey, smoke is
coming out of this thing.
What the hell?
Oh, god!
- What just happened?
- What?
Bro, do you want me to
take you to the hospital?
- Dad, does it hurt?
- No.
- It hurts pretty bad, right?
- What do you think?
Five stitches.
One centimetre over,
and I'd be blind.
Don't be mad at me
I said I'm sorry.
"Guangyu Internet Cafe"
It's so beautiful.
This used to be a dance club.
It was renovated
into an internet cafe.
- Shut it down.
- Don't.
It's perfect
for some music and dancing.
Come on.
Come on, Yoyo. Come on.
My hands are dirty.
Yoyo, let's go.
Let's dance.
Dancing will make you
feel better.
Turn it off when you're done.
- Dad, are you done?
- Bring it to second floor.
- Thank you for your effort.
- Almost done.
Hold on.
What is it?
I bought it.
You bought such
an expensive air purifier.
- Are you out of your mind?
- You're out of your mind.
- Return it.
- No.
I bought it with the money
Director Jiang returned to me.
It's Yoyo's birthday present.
It's also my apology gift to you.
How did you know
it's his birthday today?
Wi-Fi password.
Here you are.
- Put it over there.
- Alright.
- Let me make some room.
- Yes, please.
What are you doing?
Bring it over.
"First-grade math test paper,
43 marks"
Reaching new lows, huh?
How dare you ask her
to sign it for you?
- Let's go.
- Get him out!
- Get out of here.
- Who are you looking for?
Foxy Fairy.
I'm her biggest fan.
Mr. Jin? I'm her husband.
I'm not Mr. Jin.
He is Mr. Jin.
Are you kidding me?
He's a high school student.
Now you know he's a student.
Your wife
scammed him out of 80 thousand.
I didn't scam him.
Mr. Jin bought me
those gifts himself.
He's 14 years old.
I don't have the money now.
I'll pay you back once I get it.
Dad, please cut her some slack.
Screw that.
Get the money now. Get it.
Such a big internet cafe.
There must be money here.
- Let's take everything.
- Come on.
- No, no...
- You can't take this!
- I am serious!
- You can't take this from us!
- Don't take anything!
- Those belong to the boss!
- You can't do that.
- No.
You can't take that.
You definitely can't take that.
I beg you!
We're not here to steal,
or rob you of anything.
She owes us.
The air purifier is for my kid.
He's sick.
- Please try to understand.
- Then who understands me?
Let's all calm down.
- Don't get all worked up.
- Who's worked up?
Calm down.
Don't touch my wife!
Is your head ok?
Just leave it.
Diamond watch.
59,800 dollars.
It's yours.
How would I know
how much it's really worth?
How can we believe you?
The certificate
and receipt are all here.
You can go verify it
at the store.
Put it all back.
Look what happened
to my internet cafe,
my home
and my head.
Ok, I know.
Yoyo isn't coughing anymore.
Don't shoot my head.
Today it's Mr. Jin.
Tomorrow will be Mr. Yin.
- Is there a Mr. Tong too?
- Today is Yoyo's birthday.
- Is there a Mr. Tie?
- I don't want to fight with you.
- Who else is coming?
- No one.
Have some cake.
- "Happy birthday to you."
- "Happy birthday to you."
- "Happy birthday to you."
- "Happy birthday to you."
Seven years old.
- Come on, Yoyo, cut the cake.
- Yoyo, you grow so quick.
Dad, you do it.
"First-grade math test paper,
43 marks"
"Yue Miao Miao"
What's this?
The last time someone wrote
my name like this
was in middle school.
He was the most popular guy
at school.
Who's more handsome? Him or me?
Have you noticed that
the more times you write
the same character,
the less it looks like itself?
I wrote Hai 99 times.
You only wrote Miao 40 times.
It means that I love you
more than you love me.
Much, much more.
You like the apartments
in Diamond Bay, right?
There's no point anyway.
I can't afford one.
Eventually you can,
10 or 20 years from now.
A long time ago,
I prayed in the temple
I prayed that one day
I'll have a home and a child.
I have them all now.
You have to go
with me to thank the Buddha.
It's not
that I don't like it here.
I just think that
we need to move to a nicer place
for Yoyo,
Director Jiang,
today is Yoyo's birthday.
Let's take a rain check.
Director Jiang,
nobody is watching the cafe.
I have to be here.
I can't go.
Here's the signature.
It used to be really easy
to ask her out.
She's turned into a loving mother
and good wife now?
Da Hai,
you need to speed things up.
Everyone take a guess now.
Is this my little niece
or nephew?
1, 2
3, 4
You're not upset, are you?
The cyber security division
wants to talk to me.
Someone reported us for
disseminating obscene videos.
There'll be a fine.
If we can't work things out,
there might even be jail time.
It must be Mr. Jin who did this.
But we reached an agreement.
Why would he do that?
I'll go talk to him.
Don't go.
I don't want you to get hurt.
It's all my fault.
If I had some
high ranking connections,
I wouldn't need to worry
about anything.
But I don't.
I'll go back to being
a chauffeur again at night
to pay the fine.
If the cafe gets shut down,
I wouldn't even have money
to buy Yoyo medicine next month,
what's all this?
I'm having fun.
- It's not funny at all.
- Don't scold at him!
I dressed him up.
You can yell at me if you want.
If you don't like me doing
live streaming, just say so.
I won't do it then.
If you don't do it,
what else can you do?
The water isn't cold.
- Does it hurt?
- Yes.
You'll be fine. It's ok.
It's gonna be alright.
Director Jiang,
where are you?
Is that Xiao Yue?
Yes, I'm here.
It's so hard to get you out.
I have to wait
until you run into trouble
before you come see me.
Director Jiang,
the thing that we talked
about yesterday on the phone...
Don't worry about that yet.
Those gifts you brought,
I can't accept them, either.
Do you know how to swim?
How about you exercise with me?
No, I don't know how to swim.
Well, you can learn.
I didn't bring a bathing suit.
I did.
- Director Jiang.
- Come on.
Let's swim first.
I really can't.
Why don't you go back now and
we'll talk some other time.
Director Jiang,
why do we have to talk
in the swimming pool?
I have a very bad fear of water.
What's so scary about water?
You need to overcome your fear.
I can't.
Miao Miao.
You have six "water" radicals
in your name.
It means that there is
a special connection
- between you and water.
- Not really.
Too much steam.
Come on, Give me your hand.
- I'm scared.
- You have to trust me.
I'm here.
What's there to be scared of?
- Just relax.
- I can't do this!
Come down here.
You try it.
Float. Let me lift you a bit.
Come on.
You're such a pervert.
Don't act all innocent,
when you're already a slut.
I thought it was just swimming.
Why did you touch her?
I didn't do it on purpose.
Now she doesn't like you.
She definitely
won't see you again.
What do we do now?
This road leads up
to Baoding Mountain.
Tell her that you're taking her
to the temple to pay respects.
The barrier at the corner was
crashed by some big truck.
Your foxy fairy
likes to fall asleep in the car,
So while she's sleeping,
right here,
you get out of the car
to take a leak.
Put the car in neutral.
And the car rolls away itself.
Problem solved.
So you're saying...
you want me to do it myself?
Think about Yoyo's asthma.
When a man
is soft down there,
his heart becomes hard.
But when he's hard down there,
his heart becomes soft.
My heart won't get soft.
How can I prove that
the car rolled away
and I didn't drive it.
Good question.
When the car is stopped,
you need to walk
in front of the car first
then to the side of the road
to pee,
so that the recorder can get you
on camera.
And when the car is rolling away,
you need to act all panicked.
Running and chasing it.
Your reaction needs to be real.
- Ok.
- You're peeing.
The car starts to roll.
Not like that.
It needs to be real.
Too dramatic.
The car starts rolling.
Chasing and running.
Chasing and running.
You did everything you could.
It's a little bit surprising
Today Foxy Fairy
has an announcement to make.
She's a workaholic.
Today is the last time
I do this with you guys.
I feel like
the Foxy Fairy that you know
has always been wearing a mask.
So today
I've decided to just be myself.
Let you guys have a look at me
without make-up.
Well, I'm from Hunan.
And I moved to Guangdong
with my mom when I was little.
I lived there for 10 years.
When I first got there
I couldn't speak Cantonese.
They all laughed at me.
And then I started listening
to Cantonese songs.
That's how I learned Cantonese.
Later when I was a bit older
I wanted to leave home.
I thought that
I should go to Beijing.
I went through a lot back then.
Got my heart broken quite
a few times.
So I thought
I was going to end up alone.
I got quite used
to being on my own.
Sometimes I quite liked it.
Scary, right?
I never thought that
a girl like me
would eventually find the man
who would take off her mask
and let her be who she really is.
I will
start the next chapter
of my life with him.
And I want
to tell you guys a secret.
I keep saying
that I'm 24 years old.
That's not true.
I'm 38 years old.
behind this backdrop is my home.
Let me show you guys.
I think it's quite nice.
I've liked it
ever since the first time
I came here.
So I'll just suddenly
end this webcast like that.
Love you guys.
I'm not Big Ben.
I have a friend.
He's Big Ben.
He owes people a lot of money.
He asked me to marry you
for insurance fraud.
If I don't do it,
he's going to die.
Yoyo's asthma keeps
getting worse.
There's nothing else I can do.
But I
just want to be with you.
Why are you sitting on the floor?
I'm dead.
Lie on your stomach
and move over slowly.
Building No.2 of the West Block.
I see it now.
Who hit you?
I'll avenge you.
"Guangyu Internet Cafe"
Hurry up.
I'm going
to see the Bodhisattva today.
I have to look good.
Don't rush me.
I'll wait for you in the car.
You go first.
I'll be right there.
He's quick.
I'll be quick, too.
Don't smile.
- Just be cool and drive.
- Ok.
The rear-view mirror.
Are you tired now?
You don't want to sleep a little?
I hate this safety belt.
It ties up my soul.
Let's latch onto this tour.
Humans, Asura,
Demons, Limbo and Six Realms.
All things reincarnate
through the Six Realms
based on the deeds they've done.
It's the saying we all know.
Do not fail to do good even
if it's small.
Do not engage in evil even
if it's small.
What we see here is
the deformed map of the Limbo.
All the deeds
can be reflected in the mirror.
And be weighed on the scale.
Limbo of blade mountain.
Limbo of boiling pot.
Limbo of the frozen.
Limbo of bloodshed.
Limbo of no tongue.
Limbo of no tongue.
If you ever lie to me,
I'll rip off your tongue.
This thousand-hand Bodhisattva
The most valuable item here.
It's the only stone-carved
thousand-hand Bodhisattva
in the world.
Her infinite power will
redeem all living.
these two people aren't part
of our group.
Which two?
Everyone else paid.
- Behave yourself.
- Pettiness
Bodhisattva is watching you.
- You didn't pay at all.
- What?
Can't I pay my respects?
Seriously? How could she
take it for granted?
So shameless.
She used
to fall asleep all the time.
But yesterday she didn't,
She was too excited.
You're saying...
It's a sign.
God doesn't want us
to do this anymore.
How about we forget about it?
Acting all spooky.
I've never believed
in any of that.
someone jumped off the building.
That's Mr. Sun.
6, 5
4, 3
Time's up.
Didn't you say you can't eat
anything spicy?
I need to go out
after the rain stops.
What do you want to eat?
I'll bring something home.
You go.
I'm busy.
How many did you say?
Not enough.
Do that again.
Feel the time and nature.
Touched by the beautiful
and the simple.
A brand new world is
within Diamond Bay.
Diamond Bay is located
on Hainan Island.
The annual average PM 2.5 levels
are below 30 ug/m
Every breath you take...
How much is the cheapest
The list price is 2.95 million.
How much if I rent?
you can look it up yourself.
How much is it?
- How much if I rent?
- Miss.
I didn't see you here.
Which type of house do you like?
All of them.
But I think the price is
a little expensive.
I happen to have
a few apartments
that are currently discounted.
What discount?
The owner is a Mr. Zhong.
He works in finance.
Very generous man.
Why don't you write
down his number?
- Ok.
- 156
open the door.
The insurance thing...
I've made up my mind.
I won't do it.
Come in.
What's that smell.
- Relax!
- Leave me alone.
don't act stupid!
Just leave me alone!
Bro, look at me.
Are you awake?
Mr. Sun is dead.
There's no escape for me.
All the cooked books
- will be held over my head.
- No.
-Da Hai
Why is she calling you?
Hello, is this Mr. Zhong?
What have you done? Traitor.
He hung up!
- Did you tell her?
- No!
Why did she call me Mr. Zhong?
I'm Director Jiang.
What the hell?
Mr. Zhong?
Don't hang up.
I got your number
from Diamond Bay.
I have your number in my contacts
under the name of Director Jiang.
I am Director Jiang.
I left a fake name
with the realtors.
Oh it's all making sense
to me now.
Here's the thing.
I am Xiao Yue.
I'm also looking
at apartments in Diamond Bay.
They say that you have
apartments looking to sell.
Is that right?
Oh, Diamond Bay.
What is it?
Are the apartments for sale?
How much are they?
Can we talk
about it later in person?
- When?
- 08:30
See you at the north gate
of the East Maple Park.
Don't hang up yet.
-Director Jiang.
About last time,
I shouldn't have done that.
It was all my fault.
I already forget about that.
I'm still in a meeting.
Ok, I won't keep you.
See you later.
You said god didn't want us
to do this anymore.
I don't think so.
God helped us like no one else.
Don't ask too many questions.
Go get an alibi.
This is our last chance.
I have 17 apartments.
Pick one.
Let me wipe it off.
You don't
like jokes all of the sudden?
For heaven's sake.
You're just faking it.
I know it's already healed.
Let me see.
I forgot to wash my hands
after eating all those peppers.
I'm sorry.
What's the matter with you?
What's the deal
with all the peppers?
Now you got peppers in my eyes.
What if it makes Yoyo sick?
I didn't mean it.
I always mean well.
That should be me!
Why I always mean well
and do so many wrongs things!
I'm sorry.
I know it's all my fault.
Just rinse it off
with some water.
It's better now, right?
I don't understand
why you are so mad.
Are you done yet?
Get lost.
Get lost!
Get lost!
Da Hai.
Ride the new bike today.
It's electric.
You won't be so tired.
Who asked you
to spend money on this?
- I didn't.
- Alright.
I gotta go.
Tonight I need to...
It's really fast.
Be careful.
Director Jiang.
Sorry, Director Jiang.
I'm late.
- You rode your scooter here?
- Yes.
Where are we going?
The contract is at my place.
It's not far from here.
We need to go to your place?
Don't take it the wrong way.
You don't need to go upstairs.
I'll go up and get it.
Get on.
What's that?
It's a motorcycle.
Come on.
Don't worry about my scooter.
It's very fast.
That's too much trouble.
We don't need two bikes.
If I go on your bike,
I'll have to walk back to
fetch mine later.
It'll only take five minutes.
So close.
Ok then. Let's go.
I'll follow you.
Xiao Yue,
why are you so stubborn?
For heaven's sake.
Director Jiang,
your apartments,
is it possible to just rent one?
No problem.
Is it broken?
No, it's not.
I left in a hurry.
It's not fully charged.
you can't push it.
How about this?
I'll leave the bike here for now.
I'll ride yours
so we don't waste any more time.
What's the matter with you?
What the hell?
- I just hung up the lanterns.
- I am not the driver.
It was the chauffeur.
It died.
Sorry, Director Jiang.
I've put on some weight recently.
It can't make it up the slope.
Don't say that.
Let me push it a little.
Let me.
Here it comes.
Xiao Yue, Almost.
Give it a go.
Director Jiang, Don't move.
I've got you.
Slowly move back.
Don't be nervous.
-Xiao Yue,
Don't be afraid.
Come on, fill it in.
Check the full
responsibility box.
Why do you look so familiar?
Haven't we met somewhere before?
I don't think so.
Never mind.
I can't remember where.
Fill out the form.
Welcome to the George Barton
Pepper Eating Competition.
This time
we've gathered 100 pepper
eating experts here.
Who's able to eat
the most peppers in one minute.
Let's see the top three compete.
- Foxy Fairy!
- Come on!
"'George Patton Cup' contestants
in chili eating competition"
- Foxy Fairy!
- Come on!
Now we have our champion.
Congratulations, miss.
You won second place in
the pepper eating competition.
The prize is 3,998 dollars
electric bike.
Let's get an interview.
What's your name?
My name is Yue Miaomiao.
Ms. Yue.
It's not easy
to make it to the finals.
Why don't you try to compete
in the championship?
I don't care
about being the champion.
I just want to be the runner up.
The prize
for the champion is a laptop.
- You don't want it?
- No.
We have
over 50 computers at home.
Why would I want another one?
Guangyu Internet Cafe.
Welcome everyone!
It's a non-smoking internet cafe.
-Wu Hai
-is my husband.
He's a chauffeur.
It's exhausting for him riding
his crappy bike all the time.
So I want him
to have this electric bike
to make it easier for him.
He must be a very good man.
He's stingy about money.
He only gets rid of something
if he knows he can't fix it.
Even on his own son's birthday,
he had to go to the bakery
after five o'clock.
He said we'd get a 30 percent
discount later in the day.
But he's really sweet to me.
Even before we got married,
he was always been
very generous to me.
That's my wife.
He bought me
a very expensive watch.
- She is my wife.
- If he has 100 in his pocket.
He'll give 99 of it to me.
And unwilling to spent last dime.
I think he takes good care of me.
Am I talking too much?
I'm just the runner up.
Go interview the winner.
He's really something.
Very impressive.
Are you finished?
I'm talking to you. Did you
finish filling out the form?
The officer is talking to you.
What's the matter with you?
I'm telling you,
don't touch my car.
- What is he gonna do now?
- I'm counting to three.
Do you know who I am?
What do you mean?
1 2
Hey! Drop it.
It's a hit and run. Drop it.
Male, medium height,
in a chauffeur uniform.
Trying to escape
on an electric bike.
You don't know
what an electric bike is?
Don't move! Stop running!
Back it up.
I'm sorry.
Where is he?
Got him.
Hi, Officer.
I remember who you are now.
You're mistaken.
I didn't give you
wedding candies.
Such a lousy bike rider.
- You hit me.
- Are you crazy?
I need to go rescue someone.
I'm the policeman.
I'll help you.
I'll do it myself.
Don't run.
I really need to rescue someone.
I'll help you.
Why are there so many steps?
Xiao Yue, slow down.
I can't keep up with you.
Where are you?
I can't keep up with you.
I'm coming.
Honey, I'm here.
Give me your hand.
I'm cramping.
- Give me your hand.
- Come on.
Honey, come here.
- Xiao Yue.
- Come on!
- I'm coming!
- I'm cramping.
Don't go back.
I can't do it anymore.
Xiao Yue.
Don't be so tense. Relax.
I can't.
Honey, I'm here
Da Hai.
You don't need to help me.
I'm alright.
Don't fight.
Let him go.
You're a liar.
You know how to swim!
My glasses.
My imported glasses.
I'm here.
Xiao Yue.
What are you doing?
They're imported!
- All for nothing.
- You are crazy!
- You are quiter!
- Such a coward.
- You value sex over friendship.
- Who thinks too small?
Stop fighting!
Da Hai.
Don't get this wrong.
There's nothing going on
between Director Jiang and me.
Don't be jealous.
Why did you bend my finger?
It's crooked now.
You even know how to dive.
Don't pull my hair.
Don't pull my hair.
I'll help you.
Stop it.
Stop fighting!
Stop for a second.
I'm cramping again.
Let me do it.
Ignore him. He's a fraud.
I'm really cramping.
Why were you to fighting?
There was no reason.
Where did you learn to swim
so well?
There was a giant reservoir
near my village.
My dad always took me there
to catch fish when I was little.
I've always been a good swimmer.
But you said you can't swim
in your webcast.
You don't understand.
These are little tricks.
If the fans knew I could swim,
they'd ask me to swim
during the webcast.
It would ruin my makeup.
I'd look too ugly.
- Let me see.
- No.
I'm serious.
Don't look at me.
How did you know I was here?
Come on, Look closely,
is it him?
- Don't touch him.
- It's him.
He and the other guy scammed me
for 400 thousand.
It's you, right?
We've been following your
license plate for a long time.
- Take him away.
- You're suspected of fraud.
You need to cooperate
with the investigation.
It's really really hot.
My husband has nothing to do
with it.
I didn't take a penny.
-calm down.
Calm down.
Believe in the law
and the police force
- Don't move.
- Get in the car.
What's going on?
"First-grade math test paper,
62 marks"
Good job, kid.
Oh right, Director Jiang,
no, Accountant Zhong,
he was in a coma for
over 10 days.
The other day he woke up.
And then?
They told him that he embezzled
more than 10 million
and that he was sentenced
more than 10 years in prison.
He got so scared
that he passed out again.
Isn't that funny?
He can't ask you to swim
with him again.
That's true.
But I don't understand
why he pretends to be
Director Jiang when he sees me.
Isn't it weird?
go play outside for a bit.
There's something
I need to tell you.
Go get a soda.
What do you want to say?
So mysterious.
If I
tell you,
you probably
won't ever forgive me.
Zhong Zhenjiang and I
we've known each other
a very long time.
I'm not Big Ben.
He is.
High definition,
cloud storage and wide angle.
Really good quality.
What do you think?
The cashier is over here.
You hit me.
Hey, where are you going?
Mind your own business.
We'll move to Hainan before long.
Let me drive you.
It was all my fault.
Can you help me find a hotel
with good internet access?
I need to do a webcast tonight.
I have a problem.
I fall asleep every time
I get in a car.
And I sleep even better than
in my bed.
Come up here. That way.
What is it?
Be careful, It's very expensive.
Let's go.
Your reaction needs to be real.
Vehicle owner Zhong Zhenjiang,
- Embezzlement of public funds.
- Diamond Bay.
Foreclosure procedure.
The ocean.
Look, this is the ocean.
Repeat after mommy, the ocean.
- The ocean.
- Right.
Daddy is over there.
Let's wave to him, ok?
Come on up!
It's so beautiful here.
My wife and son.
How old is your son?
Two years old.
That's when they're the cutest.
He'll start
to become quite a handful soon.
Mr. Lee,
the best thing about Diamond Bay
is the fresh air here.
The annual average PM 2.5 levels
are the lowest in the country.
I suggest you buy an apartment
here for the sake of your child.
It's really good for his health.
My kid had asthma
when he was little.
He's been much better
since we moved here.
I can't make the decision.
The decision maker is down there.
I'll go get them.
Ok, I'll wait for you guys here.
Let's go. Let's go find daddy.