My Doctor's Secret Life (2023) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(ice cubes clinking,
liquid cascading)


(engine revving)
(tires squealing)

(male singer)
...Is what you to do me
the way you smile,
the way you smell,
The way you speak
I love it
ooh, it's what you do to me
every time you come around,
I get weak
doctor, doctor
prescribe me something
I don't think I can
break out of this spell
best nfl team ever.
-Best ever?
Well, that's easy.
-1972 miami dolphins.
-(he blows raspberry)
1985 bears had
the best players in the league
At every position
on the field.
-Dolphins went undefeated, 17-0.
Here you go!
Yeah, but the bears
had a quarterback
Who could actually
throw the football.
oh, don't go there.
Dolphins scored more points
than any other team that year.
bears. Look...
You guys got shula,
we got ditka,
But come on.
We had the man with the goggles,
Walter payton with the headband.
Are you kidding me?
What was that?
You're getting a little rusty
there, miss tight end.
Maybe use a little practice?
Oh yeah? You're on.
All right, okay,
all right!
All right!
You got enough of 'em there!
(soft music)



You just ruined
my entire day.
I had so many things to do.
-I like these kinds of days.
-Me too.
-What are you doing later?
-When? Tonight?
for the rest of your life?
You busy?

(he clears his throat)
I know it's soon, but...
It's not that soon.
Hey, six months ago,
I fell in love
with this incredible woman.
She doesn't know anything
about football,
But she's amazing
in the sack.
(she laughs, he groans)
I ask you to marry me
And you whack me
in the ribs!
you didn't ask me
to marry you.
You just wanted to see
if I would say yes.
you're right.
And now I know
why you would say no.
-Why would I say no?
-'cause I'm a bears fan.
-Yep, that's it.
-I knew it!
I knew it, I knew it,
I knew it, I knew it!
(uproarious laughter)

(engine rumbling)

(tense music)

(keys jangling)
(door closes)
(woman's voice on machine)
hi, this is rebecca baxter.
I just wanted to thank you,
dr. West,
-For how much you helped me.
she called four times yesterday.
Couldn't stop telling me
how much you changed her life.
Sorry I'm late.
I had to write a paper
for developmental psych
And I pulled an all-nighter.
-How's school going?
I have so much work to do.
These online class deadlines
don't give you any wiggle room
To be late.
At this pace, I'll have
my phd when I'm fifty.
Oh, hey, did you get
the journals
From the medical library?
I...Sorry, I forgot.
I've just been so busy.
Nancy, I need those
for the book-signing
This weekend.
Okay, I know,
I'll get them today.
Okay. Thanks.


(shuddering sigh)

-I'm feeling a lot better.
What makes you say that?
For one thing,
I went to the mall yesterday.
Walked through
a bunch of stores
And didn't get the urge.
so you did
the breathing exercises?

It worked. Thank you.
-You want some?
-No, thanks.
well, the good thing is,
it's treatable.
A lot of doctors
would prescribe medication,
But I'd rather not.

dr. West, I, uh, really feel
like I've turned the corner.
In fact, uh, I don't think
I need any kind of treatment
-That's terrific.
Um, looks like our time is up.

Well, thank you.
Mm. David?

Kleptomania is very common
And it's nothing
to be ashamed of.
We can beat this.
But we need to be honest.
Honesty, yeah.
That's what it's all about.
You're absolutely right.
-See you next week?
(soft sigh)
(street sounds, chatter)
(indistinct conversations)
-You look beautiful.
-You do too.
-How was traffic?
-Oh, not so bad.
So...This is for you.
(dr. Summers)
hey! Look at this.
read the jacket,
the back part.
(dr. Summers)
"this book is dedicated
to my mentor,
Dr. Elizabeth summers,
Who taught me
everything I practice."
you didn't have to do that.
I wanted to.
And it's true.
I love you.
What's the matter?
You don't think I should
have written that about you?
(dr. Summers)
It's wonderful.
Everything you do
is so wonderful.
Then what is it?
They laid you off?
(dr. Summers)
my boss didn't even have
the guts to tell me in person.
Instead, I get a form letter
from the state capital.
you were their lead psychiatrist
in their psych unit for what?
-Twelve years.
-It's a government job.
-How can they do that?
-Budget cuts.
They can do it.
So what are you gonna do now?
(dr. Summers)
I don't know.
Hey, maybe you can start
your own practice again.
Or--or find another
state hospital
Who needs somebody like you?
I'm not a kid anymore.
Do you really think
that for a woman my age,
Either of those scenarios
are a remote possibility?
I was just trying
to stay positive.
Like you taught me.
Like I taught you.


We should order.
Lunch is on me.

good news.
I talked to the publisher
and got them to fork up
A huge chunk of cash
for promotion.
I got you book signings
and interviews in new york,
Boston, atlanta,
houston, and miami.
-Uh, consecutive?
-Yep. You'll be gone
For six weeks
starting in June.
what about my patients?
-My patients.
I can't just
leave them for six weeks.
They need me.
oh, don't worry.
Your patients will be here
when you get back.
Besides, once your book's
a bestseller,
You'll be helping millions
of people get better.
robbie, the only thing
you care about is money.
is that supposed to be
an insult?
Because it's the sweetest thing
you've ever said to me.
(veronica sighs)
(bright music)

-Good luck.
-Thank you.

Hi! Thanks for coming.

For you?

And your name?
uh, it's brianna.
okay, brianna,
here you go.

I was wondering
if I could, uh,
Schedule an appointment.
(soft music)
Uh, well, you'd have
to have a referral
From your doctor.
I don't have a doctor.

I'm sorry,
but I can't take on patients
Without a referral.
I'm having trouble sleeping.
I just...Need
to talk to someone.

I don't normally do this,
but, um,
If you wanna talk
to my assistant, nancy,
She can give you
all the details,
And if it works for you,
We can set up a time.
thank you so much.
I truly believe that your work
has an impact on people's lives.
(tense music)
-I'm just trying to help.
-Dr. West!
I, uh, got here
as fast as I could.
I want you to sign my book.
come on, david. You didn't
have to come down here.
I-I would have just signed it
-At my office.
-I know.
But this makes it official.
and there's all these
other people ahead of you.
if you're not doing
anything after this,
I could stick around
and we could get a coffee
Or a drink or dinner.
hi, brianna. I'm nancy.
Let's talk over here.
you remember our talk
about boundaries?

I'll stay for the q&a, okay?

-Thank you so much for coming.

"and while
you are not responsible
For the abuse you incurred,
You are responsible
for your own recovery.
If you want to get better,
you need to tell the truth,
To your loved ones,
To the community,
And especially to yourself."
(she exhales deeply)
next question.
"you've done a lot of work
with hypnosis.
Is this something
that we can do at home,
And if so, would it be all right
if I hypnotize my husband?"
actually, hypnotherapy
has come a long way,
And it's not what most people
would think it is.
Still, though,
you should explore the technique
In a professional setting
with someone who is trained.
all right, last question.
"have you ever caused the death
of one of your patients?"
(grim music)

I'm sorry.
Whoever wrote this,
This was completely
out of line!
-I can't believe somebody--
-it's fine.
Uh, no.
Nobody has ever died
because of my advice.
(uneasy laughter)
-Well, thank god for that!
all right, everybody.
Let's give it up
for dr. Veronica west.
(pensive music)

Thank you.
(ominous drum roll)
(suspenseful music)

You've really come
a long way, matthew.
-I'll see you next week?
I won't be needing
therapy anymore.
that's great!
I'm so happy for you.
Thank you.

(matthew, voice echoing)
dr. West?
matthew! Oh my god, hi!
I haven't seen you for...
What's it been, a year?
At least that.
-How are you?
I'm really good.
Well, hey,
you got some time?
You wanna go grab a coffee?
I...I really shouldn't.
I'm not your patient anymore.
It's okay, right?

Seriously. I'm fine.
Okay, great.

We need to call it quits.
Please don't do this.
I have to.
I...I just can't see you
Why not?
Because I used to be
your patient?
That has nothing
to do with this.
You don't have
to worry about me.
I'm not worried about you.
In fact, that's the last thing
on my mind.
You're doing great.
I just realize that...
I don't--
I don't see a future for us.
I'm--I'm sorry.

okay, thanks
for letting us know.
what's going on?
matthew thomas,
you remember him?
Well, apparently,
he got really drunk
And crashed his car.
He's dead.
(ominous music)

(engine puttering)

(music crescendoes)
(suspenseful music)
(paper crackling)

(paper crackling)

(faint street sounds)
-Good morning.
What happened to you?
oh, I-I slipped
on the back porch.
So stupid.
-I hope you're okay.
Brianna should be here
in 15 minutes.
(tense music)

(snapping noise)
(street sounds)
come on in.
Please have a seat.
(soft music)

Is this where
all your patients sit?

I record all of my sessions
with my patients
On this computer.
Let me know
if that's a problem.
uh...I'm not sure.
it's completely confidential.
I'm the only one
who hears them.
I suppose I don't mind.
(typing, beep)
-Let me tell you how I work.
-What happened to your forehead?
It's nothing.
These days,
most psychiatrists--
you don't like
to prescribe pills.
You prefer more
natural methods.
that's right.
-And I also--
-and sometimes,
You use hypnosis.
Sometimes, yes.
Not always.
Wow. You really
did your research.
I read your book.
(exhales deeply)
Let's talk about you.
You said you have a tough time
getting a good night's sleep?
I have this dream,
This nightmare.
My heart races
and I sweat buckets.
It's the same every night.
I don't wanna be this way.
This is a safe space.
You can cry, scream, punch.
Just not me.
The air or a pillow,
Just don't be afraid
to let those emotions out.
Your book really spoke to me,
I just knew you'd be able
to understand this...
Whatever this is.
you know, when we're kids,
We dream about
make-believe stuff.
Monsters under the bed,
But as adults,
We dream about real life.
And sometimes, that can be
even more terrifying, right?
I don't do this often,
But in your case,
I'd like to try hypnotherapy.
With recurring dreams,
I've found
that it works quite well.
I don't want
to be hypnotized.
brianna, it's not
what you think it is.
You're completely in control.
It just helps you
to focus your mind--
Where are you going?
(door slams)
(tense music)

Brianna, please wait.
my apologies, dr. West,
But I just can't let you
hypnotize me.
I understand, but I really
wish you would let me try.
-You can't help me.
-Everybody can be helped.
I know it's not gonna be easy,
But I'll be with you
Every step of the way.

(veronica exhales deeply)
Let's to talk to nancy
And we'll get you
on the schedule for next week.
Come on.

(soft, tense music)

Let's talk about you.
You said it's tough for you
to get a good night's sleep?
I have this dream,
This nightmare.
My heart races
and I sweat buckets.

It's the same every night.
I don't wanna be this way.

this is a safe space.
(tense music crescendoes)
-Don't do that!
(she sighs)
Ooh! What did you do
to your forehead?
I...I slipped in the shower.
Oh, babe, ouch!
You hungry?
I'm gonna cook some supper.
(text notification)
(suspenseful music)

who is that from?
(jackson, exclaiming)
I have no idea.
I swear.
I have no idea who sent this.
It's probably a prank
from one of my students.
You know college kids,
They're always doing
stuff like this.

What did you get?
I swear, I don't know
who sent this.

feel free to lay back
and get comfortable.
Know that you're in a safe place
where no one can hurt you.
Close your eyes.
Just listen to my voice.
Focus on your breathing.
Feel each breath in...
(inhales deeply)
...And each breath out.
(exhales deeply)
Breathe in...
Breathe out.
Tell me about the dream.
(soft, tense music)
You can do it.
Tell me.
it's at night.
I'm running.
Um, well...
I'm looking for something.
I need to get somewhere.
I don't know
where I'm going
Or why.
And then, I see it.
(music builds)
I can't!
I'm sorry, I can't.
It's okay.
This is a completely
natural reaction.
You did great.
I did?
(soft music)

(door opens)
Thank you so much, dr. West.
-Same time next week?
got you down for 10:00 a.M.
-Elizabeth, hi!
-Hi! Did you get my message?
-Uh, no, what is it?
-I'm going out of town
On Sunday.
I'll be gone for a week.
-I'm going to go.
-Okay, see you next week.
Do you have time to talk?
of course.
(dr. Summers)
the reason I'm going
out of town is
I have job interviews
in three different cities.
-That's great!
-Well, they're long shots.
And if one of these
does pan out,
-I would--
-you'd have to move.
(dr. Summers)
I would really miss you.
you too.
(dr. Summers)
if I get one of these jobs,
The earliest it would start
would be five months.
And who knows,
it could be the fall
Before I'm back full-time.
I never ask for help.
But do you think that
you could loan me some money,
Just until
I'm back on my feet?
Of course.
How much do you need?
Ten thousand?
-Ten thousand?
-I know it's a lot, but I--
hey, you're putting
two kids through college.
I understand.
Thank you.
But I don't think
I can do 10,000.
I'm not making
that kind of money right now.
I thought you said
that you had
Plenty of clients these days.
Well, I do, yeah,
but half of them are pro bono.
And you know
how long billing takes.
And I have not seen anything
from the book deal yet.
maybe we can handle this
another way.
You-you could move in with me
for the time being.
-Rent out your house...
-I can't rent.
-Forget it.
-No, I wanna help.
Forget I mentioned it.
I should go.
wait. Let's talk about this.
(dr. Summers)
your entire practice
is based on my work.
My methodology.
You do realize that?
Every day.
And I'm grateful.
(soft, tense music)

(indistinct chatter)
Hi. Thanks for coming.
Okay. Enjoy.
Hi there.
I got your text.
um...What text?
inviting me here today,
I got it.
um...I didn't send you
a text message.
(tense music)
I get it.

So, uh, where do you wanna go?
When you're done,
There's a really nice cafe
a few blocks from here.
David, this is
very inappropriate.
I've told you that before.
I like this.
-This is good.
-(veronica clears her throat)
I'm gonna be at eric's cafe.
As you go out,
you go left--
sir, you need to leave.
(david exclaims)
what is this?
you know what?
I'm her friend,
So I can talk to her
if I want to.
you need to go.
Get him out of here.
get your hands off me!
Dr. West, what is this?
What is going on here?
Hey, wait!
Why are you doing this to me?
I did not invite him.

So sorry about this.
Thank you so much.

(tense music)

(clattering crash)

(shattering crash)

(engine softly rumbling)
(door softly squeaks)
(door closes)
(soft, tense music)

(shards clattering)

(music builds)
oh my god!
What happened?
Are you all right?
(distant siren,
police radio chatter)
the first thing I noticed
when I walked in here
Was that they stole my computer.
(detective cortez)
did you back up your hard drive?
uh, two days ago, yeah, um...
On this.
We got the security camera
So we know
when the break-in happened
But that's it.
As you can see,
He's keeping his face hidden.
Does this person
look familiar to you?
no, he doesn't,
that--that could be anybody.
(detective cortez)
he knew exactly where
the cameras were,
Which means he's been
inside this building before.
Is there anybody in your life
that would want to hurt you?
Do you have any enemies?
(cameras clicking)
-Who was the last person here?
-I was.
And where do you keep
your pharmaceuticals?
I don't have any.
I make it a point
not to prescribe medications
To my patients.
That's very unusual.
Most psychiatrists
give away lots of pills.
Look, detective, I really need
to get my computer back.
I record all my sessions
on my hard drive.
(detective cortez)
have any of your patients given
you trouble as of late?
if you're asking me
if any of my patients
Would do anything this violent,
the answer is no.
How'd you get that bruise?
uh, I fell.
It's nothing.
(tense music)
Is there any way
that you can give me
A list of your patients' names?
that's private information.
-You know I can't do that.
-I won't contact them.
I just want to run
some background checks.
I just can't. I'm sworn
to protect their privacy.
(detective cortez)
look, your computer was stolen,
And I'm just trying
to help you get it back.
-I understand.
-It would be
In your best interest
To do all you can to help me.
Dr. West?
(detective cortez)
please don't touch
anything, ma'am.
hi, brianna.
You should wait outside.
I'll be with you
in just a minute.
Someone ripped off your laptop?
but it's got my recording on it.
My session is
on your laptop, right?
Then whoever stole your computer
can hear everything I told you.
That was supposed to be
totally private.
Detective cortez is gonna do
everything he can
To catch who did this.
-They'll find my computer.
-You promised
Nobody would hear that
except you!
Nobody was supposed
to hear that!
I trusted you!
And I let myself get
totally vulnerable,
And I told you
everything about me.
How could you let this happen?
(somber music)
Call her in a couple hours.
See if you can reschedule
with her.
-And call david.
I want to meet
with him tomorrow.

This is terrible.
Who do you think did this?
not sure.
Police didn't find
any fingerprints.
What about that guy
at the book signing?
Maybe. He showed up
to the last book signing too.
Whoa, wait,
you didn't tell me that.
Yeah, security tossed him out.
are you serious?
Why don't I know this?
Well, you're busy
with your end of the semester,
Grading papers and everything,
I didn't want to bother you.
I'm not that busy.
Please tell me you're dropping
this guy as a patient.
I--I want to talk to him first.
I'm meeting with him tomorrow.
Then I'm going to be there.
I'll be fine!
Nancy will be with me.
oh, right, nancy.
All 95 pounds of her.
That makes me feel
so much better.
-I mean, what if he attacks you?
-I can handle it, okay?
(tense music)
When are you gonna let me
take care of you?
You mean, when am I gonna act
like a defenseless female?
I didn't say that.
Look, what is all this for
If I can't be there for you?
If you can't trust me?
You should feel like
you can tell me anything.
I do.
I tell you everything.

(water running)

(phone vibrating)
-Hi, brianna.
I just wanted to confirm
that I'll see you at noon today?
-Yes, you will.
-Also, I wanted to apologize
For yesterday.
Why are you apologizing?
You didn't break
into your own office, did you?
no, I didn't,
but I didn't do a very good job
Safeguarding my patients' files.
That part is my fault.
The police are doing their best
to recover my computer.
That's good.
You know, I thought a lot
about yesterday, and...
I realize I have nothing
to be ashamed of.
You're right, you don't.
I mean, so what if people know
That I've been having
these nightmares?
I'm not afraid of the truth.
If we want to get better,
we need to tell the truth.
That's what you wrote
in your book.
-You're right.
-Well, I'll see you at noon.
oh, um, brianna, one more thing.
-I need to ask a favor.
-What is it?
Please don't tell anybody
about the break-in at my office.
It's just not...
Public information.
You understand.
Yes, no problem.
thank you. See you soon.
You too. Bye.
(phone beeps)
(gentle music)

(ominous music)

(music intensifying)
oh, david.
You shouldn't sneak up
on people like that.
And you shouldn't have thrown me
out of that bookstore.
That was humiliating.
Let's talk about this
in my office, okay?
no, let's talk now.
Why did you want to see me?
(tense music)
two nights ago,
Somebody broke into my office,
Tore it apart.
They stole my computer.
Do you know anything about this?
Do I?
You think I would do
something like that?
You were very upset
at the bookstore.
You do. You're accusing me.
Last week someone attacked me
in my driveway.
I didn't tell anybody about it.
You just--you don't...Get it.
Do you?
I love you.
I know I'm not supposed
to say that,
And I know you have
a boyfriend,
But I'm saying it anyways.
I would never do anything
to hurt you.
I'm gonna refer you
to another therapist.
You shouldn't see me anymore.
This is how you respond
When a man pours
his heart out to you
In front of the entire world?
(somber music)
And then all you can do
is tell him goodbye?

I know you have feelings for me.
(dark music)
For two years,
you've told me to face my fears.

What are you afraid of?

(keyboard clacking)
(footsteps approaching)
-I haven't heard from david yet.
He's usually early.
he canceled.
(detective cortez)
is dr. West here?
just a moment, please.
(footsteps approaching)
-What's going on?
-Apparently there's video
From another security camera
That didn't get downloaded
the other day.
Veronica, I'm sorry.
-I tried to--
-you're sorry for what?
(detective cortez)
we enhanced the image and...
We found this.
(police radio chatter)
(solemn music)
(police radio chatter)
That's you on the video.
You broke into your own office,
didn't you?
-Insurance fraud
Is a very serious offense,
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
(detective cortez)
dr. Summers told us
you planned to do this,
Told us all about
your money problems.
I said you worked for free
most of the time,
Out of the goodness
of your heart.
jackson, what are
you doing here?
don't say anything until
the lawyer gets here.
-The lawyer?
-Who is this?
dr. West's boyfriend.
-He knew she was gonna do it.
-Nancy, be quiet.
Dr. West said if I kept
my mouth shut,
She'd give me 30 percent.
-I said no such thing.
-Okay, 20.
She doesn't medicate
her patients,
But she sure does take
a lot of pills herself.
(detective cortez)
okay, dr. West,
you're under arrest.
You have the right
to remain silent.
get your hands off me!
-Hey, hey, hey, no, look...
don't run,
you'll just make it worse.
-I'll grab her legs.
-Let me go! No!
calm down.
let go of me!
calm down, calm down.
stop! Stop!
(veronica screams)
(jackson groans)
Wait! Stop!
(dr. Summers)
veronica, it's gonna be okay.
just take a deep breath.
Stop! No!
you're okay.
(intense music)
David, help me!
david, over here, left eyeball.
bears game's about to start.
Let's get this over with.
(dr. Summer)
if you want to get better,
you have to tell the truth.
I love you.
(breathing heavily)
is dr. West here?
just a moment, please.
(door opens)
Brianna bentley,
your 10:00 a.M.?
Send her in.
I'm ready.
Okay, come on in.
Breathe in.
(brianna inhales)
Breathe out.
(brianna exhales)
And out.
now tell me about the dream.
It's at night.
I'm running.
I'm lost.
I'm looking for something,
Trying to get somewhere.
I don't know where I'm going.
(tense music)
Or why.
I get to the end of the street.
(smoke hissing)

Dad! Dad!
Dad, dad...
and when you get
to the end of the street,
What do you see?
Just an empty street.
good work.
And you're back with me now.
(dark music)
If there's nothing
at the end of that street,
Then maybe your problems
are over.

Perhaps they soon will be.

(crickets chirring)
(door opening)
(solemn music)

I thought she loved me.
-I really did.
-Dad, she's your psychiatrist.
no, she's not.
I'm not seeing her anymore.
regardless, she has no business
Getting romantically involved
with you.
Well, she broke it off.
It's over.
Are you going to be all right?
Yeah, I'll be fine.

-I'm outta here.
-Where are you going?
-Out of my way.
-You're drunk.
-Dad, where are you going?
-Out of my way!
(brianna screams)

(engine revving)
(car speeding away)
(voice echoing)
(tense music)


(female patient)
I felt lost.
I was alone.

(male patient)
I am so angry.
(female patient 2)
I miss him so much.
I wish I didn't feel this way,
But I can't help it.
(female patient 3)
I can't stop myself.
I can't stop myself.
I can't stop myself.
I can't stop myself.
I can't stop myself.

(birds chirping)
(engine starting)
(soft, tense music)


(gate creaking)

(door handle rattling)

Thanks for staying online,
dr. Summers.

(keyboard clacking)
how the hell did my session
Get uploaded to the internet?
Uh, wait, what happened?
somebody sent me a link
To the recorded session
that I had with you.
Next thing I know,
it's all over social media.
It was my voice talking to you
right here in this office.
-Phoebe, let me explain.
-What kind of a doctor are you?
-My office was burglarized.
-That is not my concern.
You were supposed to keep
our conversations private.
I told you things
I've never told anyone before!
My grandchildren are gonna hear
what I said to you!
I am so sorry.
you're not sorry.
When my lawyer
gets through with you,
Then you will be sorry.
I'll--I'll take a message.
I understand you're upset, so...
I'll let her know.
That was mr. Underwood.
He said his session
was found on the internet.
Did anybody else call?
two patients canceled
their appointments, and...
they both said they're
not gonna see you anymore.
(soft, tense music)

Veronica, do you realize
how bad this looks?
what could I do, robbie?
They tore apart my office
and stole my computer.
I just got my ass chewed
by the publishing company.
I'm sorry. How many more times
do you want me to say it?
They spent a fortune
promoting you,
And now with this
hitting the news,
All that money is wasted.
No one's gonna buy your book.
And you know what else?
My boss is gonna fire me.
You know why?
Because the publisher
is going to sue my agency.
Well, I have four patients
trying to sue me right now,
So join the club.
Don't worry.
Publisher wants to sue you too.

Who would do this?
I don't know.

I'm gonna find out.

(crickets chirring)
this Sunday, I'm going to watch
the bears game at stockton's.
You should come with me
like you always do.
Then afterward, maybe we can
take a drive up the coast,
Help you get your mind
off of this.
You're really talking about
football at a time like this?
okay, forget I mentioned it.
eight patients
Have completely dropped me.
When the rest find out,
they'll all go.
You don't know that.
this is day one.
Those internet postings
won't just go away.
you're gonna lose
a few people temporarily,
But once they realize it wasn't
your fault, they'll come back.
no, they won't.
And whoever's doing this
is not gonna stop.
Doing this?
What are you talking about?
Someone's trying to ruin me.
Last week, I was walking
up to the house.
Someone hit me from behind.
I blacked out.
When I woke up...
(paper rustling)
...I found this
shoved in my mouth.
(dark music)

why didn't you tell me this?
I don't know, I just...
With the book coming out,
I didn't want any...
Bad publicity.
hey, hey,
I'm not your publicist.
You can tell me anything.
You know that.
Did you go to the emergency room
and get an mri?
No, no, I'm fine.
It just rang my bell for a bit.
You sound like a quarterback.

God, I can't believe this.
What if you wrote a letter
to all your patients
Telling them what happened
And what you're gonna do
in the future
To prevent it
from happening again?
-I can't do that.
-Why not?
Because that's admitting
I was at fault.
Legally, that's a bad move.
Since when is telling
the truth a bad move?
I don't need you
to argue with me right now.
okay, sorry.
(veronica sighs)
Let me help you set up
your new computer.
thank you.


(upbeat electronic music)
game time, baby, game time.
Game time.
(indistinct lyrics)
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Two draft beers please.
come on, you're blind, ref!
Did you see that?
Watch this, watch this.
Play it back.

(liquid pouring)

Offsides, my ass.

I don't know about this.
you agreed.
How do you know
this is going to work?
it'll work.
I said I'd triple
your normal rate.
If you walk out now,
you get nothing.

Do you want another?
Waiter brought us one too many.
oh, no, no, that's all right.
please, it's yours.
uh, well, thanks, um...
Anna lisa.
anna lisa, jackson.
-Can I sit here?
-Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.
Go ahead, go ahead.
Oh, oh, go, go, go!
There it is!
There it is! There it is!
Yes, that's what
I'm talkin' about!
That's what I'm talkin' about!
All right, okay!
-You might be a good luck charm.

That's what I'm talkin' about!
Here we go.
crazy game.
-Mmm, mmm!

(clears throat, chuckles)

(ringing sound)

hey, buddy,
let me get you an uber.
don't worry,
I'll make sure he gets home.
Let's go.
You've had too many. Come on.
Let's go.
(tense music)

(taylor castro)
have I gone psycho, my lord,
or have you turned cold?

the king is slain, you said,
but there's no place like home

and you've got
a way with words
yeah, you've got
a way with your tongue

so, say it ain't so,
my lordship
after all we've done
there's rosemary
for remembrance
there's pansies
for your thoughts
you must wear your rue
with a difference, dear
'cause there's no room
for daisies here

I wanna drown out
the sorrow, oh
I wanna drown
that look in your eyes
(camera clicking)
I wanna drown out
corruption, oh
I wanna drown
these memories alive
I wanna drown
these feelings alive
as of right now, three patients
have threatened to sue.
Well, I've heard
you're the best,
So I'd like to put you
on retainer as soon as possible.
Thursday, at your office?
Okay, thank you.
Hey, do you have a minute?
I don't know how to do this,
So I guess I'll just say it.
You have no idea
how much I admire you.
You're like the whole reason
I wanted to get my psych degree
in the first place.
Thank you.
I can't work here anymore.
Look, I know things
have been hectic lately,
But it'll--it'll go back
to normal soon.
(gentle music)
It's not about the workload.
This whole thing
with patient recordings
Being posted online
and the lawsuits,
I can't afford to be associated
with all that.
If you quit now,
it'll look really bad for me.
And if I stay,
it looks bad on my record.
Someday, I want to have
my own practice,
Just like yours.
Please, just don't go.


If you were me,
would you stay?

I guess not.
(somber music)

(dog barking)
(ominous music)

(doorbell ringing)

Oh, I feel awful.
Someone must've slipped
Into my beer last night
because after the game,
I completely blacked out.
Yeah, I woke up in my bed,
I had zero recollection
how I got home,
I've been sick
to my stomach all day.
Do you have any ginger ale?
What's this?
(dour music)
What the hell is this?
Who is she?
I have no idea.
Where'd you get this?
in the mailbox this morning.
-She one of your students?
Is she the one who texted you
the other night?
I have no idea who this is
or how these were taken.
You expect me to believe that?
Yes, I expect you
to believe that.

I don't think this is funny.
No, no, I...
I know who did this.
It was kenny,
he was at the bar last night,
And this is totally
something he would do.
Oh, that son of a bitch.
He must've put something
in my beer.
I'm gonna get him.
Well, the question is,
who's the girl?
You know, he's got a daughter
around this age.
This is probably one
of her friends.

Oh, come on,
don't look at me that way.
I'm asleep in the picture.
Look, I know this looks bad,
but I'm telling you,
This is just another one
of kenny's practical jokes.
Are you having an affair
with one of your students?
No, I am not having an affair.
Is that what you said to ellen?
okay, hold on.
What happened
between me and my ex-wife
Has nothing to do with this.
You cheated on her,
and that's why she left you.
And I've been apologizing
for that mistake
For the past 15 years.
I've been completely honest
with you about that.
Get out.
-get out!

I am gonna let you cool off,
And then I'm going
to call you, okay?

am I the only one
on the schedule?
looks that way.
Come on in.
(dark music)

usually you're so busy.
Is everything all right?

I'm fine.
So how have you been sleeping
these days?
Oh, come on, dr. West,
I asked you first.

Is business slow
because the, you know,
Recordings on the internet
and all?

And I can't thank you enough
For staying on with me
when that happened.
Not everything is your fault.
How many of your patients
have left you?
I'd rather not discuss this
right now.
I disagree.
I think you should talk
about it.
If you want to get better,
you need to tell the truth.
That's your line, not mine.
Never should've written that
in my book.
why? Isn't it a good idea
to tell the truth?

I was joking.
Obviously it's a good idea.
So how are things at home?
Oh, now that's my line,
not yours.
I don't really know
very much about you.
I'm just curious.
Are you married?
No, I'm not married.
anyone...Special in your life?
Not at the moment.
Didn't I see you with someone
at the book signing?
we, uh...
We broke up recently.
that's too bad.
-You know,
I really don't feel comfortable
Discussing these types of things
with patients.
Well, since I'm
your only patient,
Maybe I got confused
and thought I was your friend.
I appreciate that.
I didn't mean to be rude.
It's all right.
I just can't imagine
what it's like
Being in your position.
You listen to people
like me all day long,
But you never get to talk
about yourself.
I bet you have so many things
you'd like to share.
Personal stories, secrets,
things you've never told anyone.
These meetings
are for you, not me.
Of course.
(music intensifying)
What are you doing?

Paying you.
For these sessions?
Thank you.
Uh, so, let's talk about you.
How have you been sleeping?
(dark music)
Like a baby.
You know, dr. West,
this was really great.
-I'm glad.
-I'll see you next week?
-Can I talk to you?
I have some information
about your computer.
sure. Thanks for coming in.
okay, uh...
(he chuckles)
(detective cortez)
we managed to trace the upload
Back to an ip address.
-That's great.
-Somebody took
The audio recordings
of your patients
And put them on the internet
from a particular computer.
Well, we found out
which computer they came from.
okay, so you know who did it.
(detective cortez)
we know who owns
the computer that did it.
(detective cortez)
your friend dr. Summers.
(detective cortez)
It came from
her desktop computer
In her house.
did you talk to her?
(detective cortez)
she claims she wasn't home
at the time of the upload.
We can't arrest her
because have no solid proof
That she broke into your office.
this is just so unreal.
Are you sure it was her?
(detective cortez)
computers don't lie.
(tense music)
(indistinct chatter)

(birds chirping)
You ruined my practice.
(dr. Summers)
are you crazy?
I would never
do something like this.
then how did those files
Get uploaded
from your computer?
(dr. Summers)
I don't know.
I was on my way to lax
at the time.
-I wasn't even home.
-Then what?
Somebody broke into your house
and uploaded them?
(dr. Summers)
who knows? Maybe.
this is so ridiculous
it's not even worth discussing.
-Who would do that?
-Who would trash your office
And steal your computer?
Do you really think
that I did?
I think you were very angry
with me.
(dr. Summers)
I am still angry with you,
And I'm getting even more pissed
right now.
you know,
when I started my practice,
I borrowed your methodology
and you think that's unfair.
(dr. Summers)
you're right.
You based your career
on my life's work
And you got famous for it.
If you were me,
you would feel the same way.
But ronnie...
Come on.
I'm not a burglar
And I don't go around
sabotaging careers.
How could you think that?
what am I supposed to think?
They traced it back to you.
I didn't do it.
This conversation is over.
-Don't text me or call me.
We're done.
(dr. Summers)
(birds chirping)
(soft, ominous music)

(door opens)
I made dinner.
I'm not hungry.
And I said don't want to see you
right now.
teriyaki tofu,
it's your favorite.
I'm still not hungry.
(soft music)

I swear to you, I did not sleep
with that woman.
Somebody's setting me up.
You've got to believe me.

(doorbell rings)
Can I help you?
david, you shouldn't be here.
I don't believe this.
I knew it.
You're messing with my head.
-You need to leave right now.
Why are you doing this to me?
doing what?
Was I talking to you?
Veronica, you know
how I feel about you.
You keep sending me
these signals,
But every time I try to see you,
you push me away.
Why? Why?
you know what--
get your hands off of me.
get the hell out of here.

You son of a bitch.
I will kill you!
I love her.
I love her.
You don't love her.
(ominous music)

I'm calling detective cortez.

(sink running)
He came to my house.
I'm starting to get
really worried about him.
(detective cortez)
well, I could go talk to david
and tell him to cool off,
But, oh, that's right,
You can't give me
any contact information
On your patients.
I'll give you his information.
(detective cortez)
great idea.
Why didn't I think of that?
(indistinct chatter)
(soft music)
I can stay over
if you want me to.
you've got an early class
to teach.
It's a long drive.
I'll be all right.
all right.

Thanks for coming back.
I never left.

-See ya.

(eerie music)
(typing on cell phone)
(sinister music)

(squelching thud, shouting)
(jackson's body thuds)
(dramatic music)

(engine starts)
(engine humming)


Oh my god.
Oh my god, jackson.
(cell phone beeping)

I need an ambulance.
(insects chirring)
(soft, eerie music)

(gate creaks)

(plastic rustling)
(knife clatters)
(plastic rustling)

(gate creaks)

(equipment beeping)
(soft, somber music)

(soft, sinister music)

(detective cortez)
david washington.

(indistinct radio chatter)
Yo, what's goin' on?
(detective cortez)
I have a warrant
to search your premises.
(david scoffs)
what? What for?
(curtain sliding)
(equipment beeping)
What do you think
you're doing, hm?
Trying to get away from me?
Well, I've got news for you.
I'm not gonna let you die.
And you know why?
Because the bears are gonna be
in san francisco this weekend.
And we're going.
You got that?
So you need to get
your butt in gear
And get out of this bed
right now.
(knocking on door)
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
(detective cortez sighs)
(detective cortez)
how's he doin'?
They don't know.
He's still not responding.
We arrested david washington.
We found a blood-stained knife
at his house.
The blood matches
your boyfriend's dna exactly.
Here's a copy
of the forensics report
If you're interested.
Just came down here
to let you know.
I don't think david did it.
You were the one who told me
he threatened your boyfriend.
You said he'd been stalking you
for some time.
I know.
Call it a hunch
or intuition,
But I was his doctor
for two years.
I just--I don't think
this is something he would do.
Well, the evidence says
he's our guy
And that's what matters
in court.
Do you want to read this
or not?
it means nothing to me.
Just throw it away.
(paper rustling)
(detective cortez)
(indistinct pa announcement)
(equipment beeping)
(soft, pensive music)

(veronica's voice)
david, you shouldn't be here.
-You need to leave right now.
Why are you doing this to me?
(distorted whooshing sound)

(engine humming)
(soft, tense music)

(paper rustling)

(door opens)


(dramatic music)

(soft, tense music)

(traffic humming)
(detective cortez)
all right, all right, veronica.
Slow down.
Okay, so you matched
her handwriting.
This proves nothing.
It proves everything.
She set the whole thing up.
She sent david to my house.
She wanted him to get
into a fight with jackson.
That's speculation.
You can't prove that.
She's out to get me,
I know it.
Why are you so certain
This woman would want
to hurt you?
That part I don't understand.
You know, dr. West,
I get hunches too,
And my gut says you're not
being straight with me.
Are you sure
you're telling me everything?
Yes, I'm telling you everything.
(equipment beeping rapidly)
Nurse! Nurse!
Dr. West.
(equipment beeping rapidly)
(overlapping chatter)

(dramatic music)

(cell phone ringing)
Hello, dr. West.
hi, brianna.
I'm sorry, but I'm calling
to cancel our meeting tomorrow.
Is everything all right?
No, um...
My boyfriend died yesterday.
Oh my god.
(soft, sinister music)
What happened?

I'd rather not talk about it.
I understand.

Was it a medical thing or...
He was stabbed
the other night.

The police think it was some
sort of gang initiation thing.

That's terrible.
the doctors thought
he would pull through,
But they were wrong.

Veronica, I am so sorry.

Where are you?
I'm at home.
by yourself?
Is anyone with you?
I'm alone.

Uh, what are you doing today?
Are you busy?
No, I'm not.
Would you like some company?
if you have time,
It would be really great
if you could just...

Come and sit with me
for a while.

I'd be happy to.
(dramatic music)
(doorbell rings)
(birds chirping)
Please come in.
How are you?
um, a lot better.
Can I get you something
to drink?
water's fine.
I was thinking about ordering
some food to be delivered.
Are you hungry?
I'm starving.
I'm okay.
(refrigerator opens)
You must be just devastated.
I was for the first few hours,
But now...Not so bad.
Obviously I know
I'll have to take some time
To get through this,
But I think
I'm gonna be okay.
I think
you're overly optimistic.
Why don't you sit down,
try to rest.
You know, after we talked,
I started thinking,
"brianna's gonna come over here
And now it's my turn
to talk about my problems."
You know what?
I'm not gonna do that.
-You're not?
-What is my life?
I help people get through
their problems.
-You do, but--
-now what kind of psychiatrist
Would I be
if I couldn't help myself
Get past my own problems?
Don't you agree?
uh, yes.
So I'm going through
a hard time.
So what?
Compared to people
who are dealing
With unspeakable tragedies,
I'm lucky.
Yes, but if anyone has a reason
to be depressed right now,
You do.
I mean,
your business is destroyed.
What are you going to do
for a living?
I'll bounce back.
My mom raised four kids
on minimum wage.
I know how to work.
Your boyfriend just died.
He was cheating on me.
He was?
with one of his students.
She sent me a picture
of the two of them in bed.
(laughs dryly)
Can you believe that?
Sure, I'll miss him,
but, seriously,
Was I gonna spend the rest
of my life with him?
So like I said,
When you add it all up,
I'm just so very lucky.

Well, forgive me,
But I don't think
you're being truthful.
I'm actually being
entirely truthful.
do you mind
if I ask you a question?

Have you ever caused the death
of one of your patients?

-Who are you?
-Have you ever caused the death
-Of one of your patients?
-Who the hell are you?
Answer the question!
For once in your life,
tell the truth.
Tell everyone
who read your book
That you wrote 200 pages
of lies.
Tell them that you caused
a man to kill himself.
But you didn't tell anyone
Because you didn't want it
to ruin your business.
he didn't kill himself.
It was a car accident.
And besides, he wasn't
my patient at the time.
You can hide
behind those excuses,
But I'm not buying it.
He told me he had recovered.
You were his doctor.
You of all people
knew he was unstable.
But you had sex with him
And you let him believe
you loved him.
And when you were
through with him,
You broke his heart.
And that's why
he went driving drunk.
how do you know all this?

Matthew thomas was my father.

So, you sent those messages
to david and jackson.
You broke into my office.
That's right.
you uploaded those videos.
You stabbed jackson.
And I enjoyed every minute
of it.
(detective cortez)
okay, I've heard enough.

Brianna bentley,
or whatever your name is,
You're under arrest
for attempted murder.
-Jackson's not dead.
He's gonna be just fine.

(detective cortez)
oh, that's great.
yeah, for a minute there
I thought I'd lost him,
But he's a fighter
that's for sure.
(dramatic musical flourish)
(squelching slice)
(dramatic music)


(soft, tense music)

(moaning softly)
Help me!
you know no one can hear you.
These walls are super thick,
We're at the top of a hill.
You bought a real nice place.
What do you want from me?
Pass code to your cell phone.
Go to hell.

Tell me.
Eight, seven, eight, seven.


You are going to tell the truth
about what you did to my father,
I'm going to record you
saying it,
And then I'm going to make sure
the whole world sees.

I'm not doing that.
do it or I'll kill everyone
in your family.
Your mom, sister,
brother, uncle.
I know where they all live.
(veronica whimpering)

Oh, come on, doctor.
Practice what you preach.
If you want to get better,
you need to tell the truth.
To your loved ones,
to the community,
And especially to yourself.

Your words, remember?
Oh, and don't even think
about mentioning me,
Because if you do,
I'll just delete the video
And we'll have to start again.
Start talking.
(cell phone chimes)

My name is dr. Veronica west.
(soft, somber music)
I'm a clinical psychiatrist.

A year ago, I had an affair
with one of my patients,
Matthew thomas.

He fell in love with me.

But I didn't feel the same way.
I don't see a future for us.

So I broke things off.
And when I did,
matthew hit rock bottom.
He begged me
to take him back,
But I just couldn't.

So one night,
he got really drunk...
(ice rattles)
(alcohol pouring)
He went driving.

He crashed his car.

And he died instantly.

And his death is my fault.

I've been hiding it
from everybody.

It's my fault.

I don't know what else to say.
I'm sorry.
Matthew, I'm so sorry.

(cell phone chimes)

(paper rustling)

You're going to swallow
all of these sleeping pills.
I can see the headline now.
"overcome with guilt,
Dr. Veronica west
takes her own life."
(veronica weeping)


(gasps, coughs)

One down, one more to go.


(pills rattling)

(dramatic music)


(thudding slam)


(handle rattles)






(brianna shrieks)

(soft, dark music)


and he--he fell to the ground
and I ran.
(handcuffs click)
And that's
when she attacked me and...

I don't--that's all
I really remember.
(indistinct radio chatter)

I'll be right back.
(indistinct radio chatter)
(veronica's voice on recording)
my name is dr. Veronica west.
I'm a clinical psychiatrist.
A year ago, I had an affair
with one of my patients,
Matthew thomas.
(soft, somber music)
He fell in love with me.

I suppose
you're going to delete it.

(cell phone chimes)
I'm sending it to everybody.

(indistinct radio chatter)

(police car door opens)

(police car door closes)

(soft, bright music)

dr. West and dr. Summers
are both busy that day.
I got them
on the morning talk shows
And they have radio
in the afternoon.
What about the next day?
Robbie, keep it down.
we want you to know
That all the profits
from the sale of this book
Will go the family
of detective cortez.
He gave his life
trying to save mine.
And for the rest of my life,
I'm gonna feel responsible
for all of this.
I crossed the line
with a patient.
I broke my oath.
So the only thing
that we can do now
Is learn from our mistakes.
And hopefully by telling you,
You can learn something too.
(soft music)
all right,
are there any more questions?

Yes, you in the back.

I have a question for dr. West.

Dolphins are playing the bears
this Sunday.
You wanna come?
Why not?

Can I ask you a question?

you wanna get married?

(veronica giggling)

(jackson groans happily)
(veronica sighs)
(applause continues)

(soft, bright music)

(soft music)

(soft, eerie music)