My Ex and Whys (2017) Movie Script

Hi! Have you been here for long?
Stupid! He'll also cheat on you!
Why do people still long for love
even if they know they'll get hurt?
Hey! Have you read the article I sent you?
I'm so sorry your drink took so long.
There's this travel blogger.
She's 28 years old,
and she has traveled the world already.
There's also this fashion blogger
who is only 21 and earns a lot
just by posing in her OOTDs!
My 23-year-old boyfriend
already owns a vape shop.
But look at us?
24 years old, and I'm a waitress
and you're a call center agent!
Don't we work just as hard?
At least
you're the most charming waitress ever.
Oh, I know that. Thank you so much.
And you're the best call center agent!
Let me guess.
He's with a different guy again.
How I wish it was a guy.
So it's a girl this time?
He's really something!
Cali! He said he's going to kill himself!
Why? Will his boyfriend stop cheating
if he kills himself?
He seems serious!
A person who will seriously kill himself
won't announce it!
-Where do I sign?
-Here, ma'am.
Hi, Auntie!
Libby! Come on!
Let's burn all the calories!
-Let's burn it all!
-Hi, Mom!
-Cali, your breakfast is ready.
I thought you were in Bangkok?
I found cheaper goods in Taiwan!
Check this out.
-It's pretty.
-Hey, sis!
-What's that?
-It's nothing, really.
-How's your homework?
-Except algebra.
-Give it to me.
-Sis, I don't eat that.
-Oh, my baby bro doesn't eat that.
OK. Do we still have vitamins?
Mom, did you forget to buy vitamins?
Sorry! I forgot
because I met with a client.
-I'll just buy them tomorrow.
-I'll take care of it.
-What client?
It's true!
He's even buying a college plan.
Where's your proof?
He will buy it next week.
Excuses! Just admit it,
you met with Calisto again!
So what if I did meet up with him,
if he's changed his ways?
Let him go, Mom! Please!
What if he has changed?
So, are you admitting
that you actually met him?
No! I said if.
-Not really!
Cali, why don't you post this
on your blog:
Why are there people like your mother
who still hope that cheaters can change?
I'll be a good boy!
Cali, when are we going to find
Mr. Stick-To-One
if we aren't putting ourselves out there?
When it rains?
Oh, it's raining! Cali, let's go!
Oh, it's Gio's turn!
-Oh, my Gio!
Here, buddy...
Come here!
You're a Korean legend, Lee.
-It's Gio's turn!
-Who's going to be your partner?
Calista Ferrer?
-Oh, my! It's her! That's you!
That's you! Go ahead!
Go Cali!
He might be your Mr. Stick-To-One.
Come on!
what do you want to do?
How do you want to get this started,
baby girl?
-Gio! Why so quiet? Hey!
-That's strange!
Master Gio is denied access
for the first time!
Let's give him a chance.
Maybe he's still trying to
ease his way in.
-All right!
-He's The Master!
Right! I'm sure he can handle Cali.
Remember the legendary
three chicks in one day?
And last but not the least...
Certified Gio!
-Hey! Bastards!
Cali, come on! Let's go home!
-Mr. Stick-To-One is not here!
-Baby, baby...
They'll just fool around.
They're all bad boys!
Not all guys are bad boys.
Not all guys will hurt you.
People can change, right?
Ouch! That hurts!
No biting!
The gift that I have...
-Gio's enjoying!
-I'm Gio.
-Have some snacks.
-Thank you, Auntie.
Hey! Lee! Move over! That's my girlfriend!
-But she's my best friend!
-I'm your best friend!
She is too.
I heard
that boy comes from a family of playboys!
Well then, let's not encourage him.
-Libby, stop!
Your mom is so proud.
Calixto? Is there a problem?
What's this? You're leaving us?
Calixto, please! Don't leave us!
So this is what I get after forgiving you
for cheating on me several times!
Am I not enough? I can change for you.
Just please don't leave me! Calixto!
-Calixto! I'm begging you!
-Go inside!
-Don't be a fool!
Calixto! I beg you!
-You don't need him!
-Let him go.
Endure it.
How dare you! Get the hell out of here
-And don't ever come back!
-Let him be!
-I'm begging you, Calixto!
-Don't do this to yourself.
I will never hurt you.
I promise.
-Hi, my sexy aunt!
-Hello, beautiful aunt!
Wow! I'll give your allowances later.
-Hi, sis!
-Hello, my babies!
Why are you up so early?
I think it's time to ask your office
to transfer you to a regular shift.
The night differential pay
is much higher, Mom.
If your health suffers, you'll just end up
spending that on your hospital bills.
Candelaria! Who are you texting again?
-The Taiwanese!
-A foreigner? Then what?
You'll be left crying again
when he cheats on you?
Ouch! Of course!
It's normal to cry when you're hurt.
What's not normal is Calista.
Look at those puffy eyes!
I'm just sleepless.
You've been sleepless for two years?
Just like Libby.
She's been sleepless for 20 years now.
Hey! I already stopped crying last month!
And I swore that I will never cry
over any guy ever again!
Hello, Cali? SOS!
One of the bloggers backed out
at the last minute from our blogcon.
Do you want to replace her?
-Blogcon? Now?
-I can't. I have work today.
-But today's your day off!
-Mom! OK, I'll call you later.
Just go there so they can finally meet
the real Delilah, "The Bakit List Girl!"
The thing is, I am an expert
at asking questions, not answering them.
You can do it!
It's good exposure for your blog.
Sis, go to the event.
Yes, sis! Go to the event.
What are you waiting for? Go!
-Go now! Faster!
-All right, I'm on my way!
You let her off easily
just because she's a girl!
-She already said sorry.
-Do we really need to fight over this?
Hello? I'm here now.
Just looking for a parking spot.
Where are you?
I'm here somewhere in the crowd!
It's so crowded!
Hey! Sorry, the color that you like
is out of stock.
This is the only available color...
Just text me if you have new stock!
Just message me on our FB page, GMart!
Yes! Sure!
I'm just curious.
Why the pen name Delilah?
Because Delilah was the fall of Samson.
So, that's why you're so cruel to men
in your blog!
Aren't you the ones who are cruel
every time you cheat on women?
Dear, if you want to get more followers,
you should stop
being judgmental towards men.
How much do you want?
That alibi makes me so sad.
Because for me,
you should be faithful.
Because if you love her,
why would you hurt her?
Wow! Sis! This was a big event!
You're getting popular now!
-What's that you're looking at?
The photos of the blogcon
she attended earlier.
-Oh! Nice!
-We told you! Success!
Oh! There's a tweet!
From Dahil List Boy: "I saw you
at the blogcon today. I'm a fan."
Wow! Amazing!
Wait! There's another tweet!
"About your question earlier,
if you love her, why would you hurt her?
Can't it be that I didn't mean
to hurt her?"
Answer that tweet! Answer it! Type this!
-So? Did she reply?
-Not yet.
Mustang! You're looking good.
I sent all my girls a message,
I might get a date.
Did you also message your wife?
Correction. Ex-wife.
There! She replied.
She said, "What do you mean?
You just tripped and accidentally fell
on top of a girl?"
You're dead! She's pissed!
She's pissed.
Send her a sweet message. Hit it, Mustang!
But when I stood up,
you were the first person I looked for.
-That's good!
But there's a part of you
that stood up first!
I know that! Your hair?
-Oh, my.
-Yeah, right!
"That's what you men are good at.
Turning everything into a joke.
You never take things seriously."
-My turn!
"But I am serious about you."
"There! Another thing you're good at!
Flowery yet empty words!
All men just fool around!"
Stop generalizing us.
He's right.
Oh, no, he's not!
"Every guy I know is a cheater."
Your ex has gone overboard!
She's getting annoying.
Why, Paps? Do you know a guy
who doesn't cheat?
Hey! None.
She's right!
"But people can change right?"
-No! Never!
I think I know who that is.
That why I said sorry, right?
"One sorry is never enough."
What? Only one apology?
It wasn't just one apology.
I apologized to you many times,
but you didn't give me a chance.
Then you left your house
and I couldn't find you anymore.
Oh! I forgot. I shouldn't like him.
Block him! Quick!
Why isn't she replying anymore?
-She blocked you, bro.
-Check her account.
Yup. Her profile's private already.
That's it.
It's done.
You can use my account.
Your ex went beast mode!
That's because you didn't obey
Master's 11th commandment.
Never admit the truth!
But, Dad, Cali's different. He loves her.
So, he admitted to cheating on her.
Hey! I loved your mother too.
But I never admitted anything.
Because I didn't want her to get hurt.
Because the truth hurts.
Why did she leave then?
Because Master didn't obey
the 12th commandment.
-What's that?
-Change your password daily!
That's new!
Girl, congrats!
You're about to become
a social media influencer!
Next thing you know,
you'll become a Brand ambassador!
Check out this tweet!
They're together again, by the way!
"Bakit List Girl and Dahil List Boy
could give Justin and Selena
a run for their money!"
-Hi Cali!
-They're still together too, by the way!
You guys even attracted the mature market.
According to ChicksRule02,
"Believe in love @TheBakitList!"
"Give Dahil List Boy a chance."
But, friend, you now have bashers too!
Oh, right! Listen to this @kookoolab,
"Besides the fact that he's cute,
his answers are on point!"
"She's too bitter."
Don't mind those bashers!
You'll just end up looking like a villain
while that Dahil List Boy
will seem like he's the hero.
What matters now is you'll finally make
a living out of your true passion!
-Hi, sis!
But for sure,
I will not talk to that Gio ever again!
I'm blocking him forever!
Honey, I don't think your Gio-gging
did you any good.
-OMG-io! This is such a hard pose!
-I quit!
Sis, I need help with my assignment
in Gio-graphy.
Oh, I thought it was Gio-logy.
You too, Aunt Libby?
Gio-ke only!
Hello? Who's this?
You have a punchline too?
Travel Buddies is getting me
as their brand ambassador!
Sit down.
You just became instantly famous!
We're new to the business
in getting more exposure for our brand.
we'll help you by making you
and your blog more popular
through magazine spreads
and newspaper articles.
we'll give you a down payment
of PHP 20,000.
We'll also give you PHP 5,000
That will eventually increase
in the long run.
Because of your online banter,
your blog became famous.
that you can help us make it big.
That was a long time ago.
So what if you work with him?
You don't have to force it.
Other opportunities are sure to come.
But it's not every day
that opportunities like this come.
Love or ambition?
Remember, you owe your increase
in followers to Gio.
You wouldn't have this offer
if it weren't for him.
Wait! I'm not asking you
to leave the house.
We know, Aunt, and I thank you for that.
But the twins are right.
Let's be practical!
Also, more followers means that I could
reach out to more heartbroken people.
This is why I started this blog
in the first place.
So you're a hero now?
-Long live our Cal-Cal!
-Long life!
But what about your heart?
Can you handle it?
This heart doesn't need to be involved.
I'm not the one who's at fault here.
Who's this?
He never said anything
about a new road manager.
Maybe he just forgot to tell you.
You know Gio.
May I talk to him?
Oh, no! They're already on stage.
Sorry, we forgot to call you!
We had to do photo ops with the fans.
And we had some drinks too, you know.
He can't even walk by himself now!
Don't worry.
I'm sure he's gonna call you tomorrow.
-OK! Bye!
-There. Master.
Go! You can leave. I'll take care of him
-Let's go.
-Nice, Master! Bye!
-You jerk! You're an animal!
-Ouch, no. Baby girl!
-How dare you!
-Baby girl, I miss you.
-How dare you! You miss me?
-I missed you!
Or you just miss making a fool out of me?
Hey! He's here.
Just give us a signal if you need backup.
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
You too.
You look American.
How are you?
Let's not beat around the bush here.
And you know that, right?
I'm here for business.
Travel Buddies wants me to be
their online ambassador.
The pay is good. I'll have good exposure.
And who am I to turn it down?
I need it. My family needs it.
And maybe you might need it too.
Are you still mad?
Of course.
So many lice in your hair.
Coffee. My slippers.
Please fix my hair.
Thank you.
I don't want coffee!
I saw you at the mall with another girl!
-Yes, you!
How's that possible?
I've been sitting on this chair
since yesterday.
-Did you get to talk to me?
-What was I wearing?
-A blue striped shirt!
Blue striped shirt?
Do I have blue striped shirt here?
Is this it?
-Is it?
How could I have worn that?
It's just about to be pressed.
-It just got washed!
-What's happening to you?
Don't touch me! I'm mad!
I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-OK, fine! Let's go.
-Wait! My bag.
-Come on.
You know what,
I'll just take you out tomorrow.
-So you won't be paranoid.
-Let's meet after lunch?
Promise. Give me a kiss.
Go home now. Take care.
-Where are you?
I'm so sorry. I had an emergency.
-I had to go home.
-What happened?
I'm constipated.
I need to eat some noodles.
-Ah, all right.
-Call me tomorrow, OK?
You're amazing, Dad. You're a legend!
We're lucky to have your blood
flowing through our veins.
It's a shame we got our looks from Mom.
My sons. I'm sorry.
You don't get everything you want.
Where are you two going?
I'll be going to work tonight.
But this guy's got a date tomorrow!
It's a photoshoot.
Do your best to shoot that, OK?
Why don't we all just support your brother
in his journey to the light?
But you go ahead, son.
We'll stroll in the darkness first.
-I don't mind navigating in the dark.
-But wait.
Seriously though,
If you still love Cali,
don't give up on her.
Until she sees the Gio
who still loves her so dearly
and not the Gio who hurt her.
There you go!
Sure! Anything for my friend.
Besides, she needs allies here.
Fine. Support!
Miss Delilah, you're so beautiful!
She's not just beautiful!
She's the most beautiful!
Beautiful yet replaceable. Right, sis?
-Let me see your outfit!
Excuse me. Can I borrow this? Thank you.
-I got it first.
-This is more comfortable.
I don't want to be comfortable anyway.
Is it OK, sis? Perfect.
That's it!
-Wait! Wipe the sweat!
-Where's the tissue? OK.
-One whole box.
Bro! Hold on. Wait.
Ops. Wait!
Hey, wait!
-What's that?
-All right.
-All right, please give the bags.
-Here it is, ma'am.
Sorry. The summit ended late
and the traffic jam was bad.
I follow you online.
-You're handsome in person.
-Thank you.
-Come on. Let's go. Let's start.
-You men are all the same!
I didn't look.
Look all you want.
But there's only one girl
I want to get my eyes on.
I thought there was a fly. Sorry.
-This is for you.
-Is this mine?
-Wait, there's more! Ma!
-What's that?
Mom, keep it. That's for you.
Wow! Your team-up is trending!
-If they only knew.
-Oh, my gosh.
-You are gorgeous!
You're the only contact in here.
Cali, here's your shirt.
-What's that?
-What's written on it?
Cali, forget all your whys.
"Because I'm all GIO-urs."
-That's so sweet!
Show off!
He's doing this because there are people
around. For publicity.
His intentions are questionable.
-Perfect, right? Right?
"Why" Number 135:
Why should I trust again?
Let's see if she's gonna answer.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna get in trouble.
You left it on.
Let's go, quick!
-Let's take a picture!
-Where's Gio?
-At his house.
Do you want to have a picture with her?
No. I don't like her.
She is so heartless.
Why don't you forgive him?
He still loves you.
Because she's mean.
Don't you commit mistakes, Miss Delilah?
Don't answer back.
You already have a lot of bashers.
You know, Miss Delilah.
One day you will commit a mistake
and you won't be forgiven.
Excuse us! We're in a hurry! Excuse us!
-You're still young.
Gio is unbelievable! Unbelievable!
So I'm the villain now?
Then let's make him the villain.
Let's show the people
that he's not worthy of forgiveness
because he still hasn't changed.
-You're mean.
-I'm just helping out a friend.
I know. But remember, Cali,
your tandem made you and your blog famous.
If Gio gets ruined, you get ruined too.
If we convince the netizens
about Gio's true colors,
Cali will be vindicated!
She'll be more famous! By herself!
-So it's time for Operation: Destroy Gio!
-Destroy Gio!
That! Not that one. The other one.
Guys can't say no that.
Of course, you know!
You changed your preference now, right?
Then why are you still together?
Because my darling here is forgiving.
No! It's because he is stupid!
As stupid as your boyfriend
who's willing to be your slave.
You're both stupid!
Gio, someone sent you a friend request.
She has big...
I'm walking into the light now, remember?
It's more fun in the dark.
We'll meet her there.
He blocked you.
-In fairness, Gio cleared level one!
-Then let's proceed to level two!
Hi! Are you busy?
Can't we meet at the lobby?
I really can't move.
Which room?
Let's see what'll happen next!
The payment.
Actually, it's on the bed.
Come here. Get it.
I'll stay here, Miss. I'll wait here.
I really can't move.
I'm not feeling well.
Can you please just get it here?
Cali, he didn't fall for it.
-He just walked away.
You know what,
-consider it as a Christmas gift.
Will you give up now?
I told you, people change.
Not true!
He only passed level two,
and now you think
he's a changed man?
You're just like Cali's bashers.
You're supporting Gio.
Daryl, you might be forgetting
that our friend here
is the one who was cheated on!
Gio is using social media
to make it look like he's the victim.
If he's doing a public apology,
then we must retaliate
with public humiliation.
Let's make the fans realize
that they're siding with the wrong guy.
What we need is a perfect opportunity.
You're so brilliant, honey!
-My gosh! Long time no see!
-Sit down. Please.
When did we last see each other?
You were still with Gio.
That was a long time ago.
How are you? I missed you.
What's new with you?
I'm getting married.
Poor girl.
Sometimes you're really hurtful, you know?
You're just gonna add her
on your list of exes
who've call me
wailing about your cheating.
You know, Cali, I'm a changed man.
Like Gio. He's different now.
Yes, promise. You should forgive him.
Lee. Sorry. Traffic's bad.
Gio! My bag's here. Take that seat.
Sit there. Go.
Oh, my gosh!
Because my two best friends will be there.
I know you won't miss this.
And I already bought you tickets.
You know, you still look cute together.
I'm game. I'll be there. You, Cali? Korea?
Thank you, Lee,
but I have to think about this first
because I can't just leave my work.
But, Cali, this is my wedding!
How about Patrick and Nel?
Patrick has a concert.
Our other friend has a business trip.
They're not available.
I'm actually disappointed.
Why don't we just have a stag party?
So that we can see each other
before you get married.
Gio! I'm different now. I'm clean.
My fiance may get mad.
Let's not invite girls to the stag party.
No girls at a stag party? Impossible.
Why not? That's possible.
All we need is a perfect opportunity.
But I don't have money anymore.
I bought your tickets.
I'll pay for the venue.
And the dcor too.
I'll handle the drinks and food.
Wow! I'm so touched I want to cry.
There are no tears but I'm really touched.
Thank you! Thanks!
This is great!
Cali outdid herself.
I know.
This is it!
I can't see.
-There's another camera.
-Oh, right.
-Bro, where are the ladies?
-No ladies tonight, bro.
Let's just play touch the color then.
Here's the black one.
Come say hi to my girlfriend! Quick!
There it is! Porn!
They're going to watch porn.
These guys are like animals
when they're together.
Don't worry, there are no girls here.
We're all boys.
See! Pigs! They all look excited!
Even that!
That's what I've been waiting for!
Just a minute!
-I'll open it.
-Who's that?
Did you invite anyone?
-Where's the groom?
-There he is!
No! Miss, wait! Miss?
Stop! My girlfriend might see you!
Don't! I have a girlfriend!
Look at Gio!
Wait a minute.
-Make them leave!
-Get out! Party's over!
What's happening?
They're making the girls leave.
You're not even that handsome.
Is Lee crying?
The wedding is off. She saw the girls.
-Hey! Open the door!
-Where's the payment?
-Open the door!
-Wait! Hurry! Come in!
-What the hell? So annoying!
-Here, sorry!
-I'll hire you again next time!
-We did what you told us to!
Here's yours!
Go! Leave! We might get caught! Sorry.
Hey! Girl! Give me the camera!
So annoying.
I already told you this wouldn't work.
-Turn it off. They might catch us.
-All right.
What's going on here?
What's this? What are those?
You did this?
Why, Cali? What did I ever do to you?
-This was not for you.
-For who then?
For Gio?
What the heck, Cali!
If you guys have a problem,
leave me out of it!
Because of you, the wedding's off!
Lee, what?
Kim Yu-ri saw everything.
She thought I was playing her.
There's no longer a wedding
and you're no longer my friend!
You're not the Cali I used to know!
I didn't know.
What were you thinking?
Why did you do this?
Cali, you can't do anything
to make him understand.
I don't even understand you.
How could the guy whose life you ruined?
Am I wrong?
You ruined their lives for what?
For me? What for?
To destroy my reputation?
That's it?
Now I get it. Wait!
Is that why I have a friend request
from a hot chick?
And the girl who ordered delivery?
The sick one. Right?
What? You want to destroy me
because you know people are siding with me
because they see how hard your heart is!
That was such a long time ago!
But the pain is still here!
Just one!
One, two, three, they're all the same!
-You still cheated on me!
-I was drunk!
Bullshit! Even if you're drunk,
you still know what you're doing!
That's why I said
I'm sorry immediately. Right?
No matter what I would've said,
I was wrong.
I've hurt you.
You men, you think when you cheat,
you "just hurt."
You play around and you expect us
to just cry in the corner?
We'll just sleep off the pain
and then we're OK the next day?
That's what we want.
I wish it was that easy. But it's not.
Our brains never stop thinking
of answers to our many questions.
"Why did he do that?"
"Is there something lacking?"
"Is there something wrong with me?"
"Am I ugly?"
"Is my body ugly?"
"Am I dispensable?"
Why did you cheat on me?
You know how hard it is for me
to trust, Gio.
You promised that you would never hurt me.
You promised.
You killed me inside, Gio.
I couldn't eat. I couldn't move.
I wouldn't talk.
Until one day,
I woke up with my scholarship gone.
Mom had to earn double
because she didn't want us
to drop out of school.
But it was hard for her.
So we moved. Tita Libby to the rescue.
I was just beginning to live again.
But then you came.
Now my world's upside down again.
I want to forget everything.
I want to forgive you
to remove this heavy burden.
I mean, who doesn't want to forgive?
But I don't know how.
Because every time I see you,
all the pain comes back.
Can I do anything
to help you remove the pain?
I don't know.
She said that?
So, that's how cheating affects women.
That was how mom felt.
That's why she never came back.
That's why your wife never came back.
So stop hoping
that Cali will go back to you.
But dad said he should never give up.
I think Gio has done everything
he has to do.
Maybe this is the end.
-I'm serious!
Kia's right.
Don't force your company on Cali.
It hurts, but you have to give her space.
That's the only thing you can do
to help her move on.
Lee. Don't worry, man.
Maybe Kim Yu-ri's just a bit upset.
I'm sure when she sees you,
she'll forgive you.
Says the man
who failed to get his ex back.
Yeah, right. How funny!
Please give me a chance
to correct my mistakes.
How dare you ask for something
you've refused to give?
There's no acceptable reason, Lee.
Because the truth is...
I was selfish.
An entitled brat who thinks getting hurt
gives her the right
to hurt other people back.
But your best friend, Cali, is still here.
And I will do whatever it takes
to earn your forgiveness.
To make sure that the wedding is on.
I promise I'll tell her myself
that it wasn't your fault.
You're so melodramatic.
That's enough.
You look like a witch. There.
Looks like my best friend is really back!
So, we're OK now, OK? How about you two?
We already talked about it.
When you walked out on us.
Then shake each other's hands!
There you go! Ceasefire!
Fighting is not allowed in Korea, OK?
No more fighting!
The plane might go without us.
You guys are like little kids.
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
Come on, let's go!
Sorry. I suddenly remembered.
Come quick.
We can't find Kim Yu-ri anywhere.
Kim Yu-ri is missing!
Cali, stay out of it.
Lee didn't do anything wrong.
It was all my fault.
That's why I came here
to help Lee make amends with Kim.
Cali, we must make sure to find Kim Yu-ri
and bring her back
in time for our wedding, OK?
Here? Really?
It's like finding a lice
in a hectare worth of hair!
My Kim Yu-ri is not a lice!
-But why here?
-Because she loves to shop.
So I thought it'd be best to look
here in Dongdaemun and Myeong-dong.
How will we know it's her?
What does she look like?
-She has fair complexion!
-There! That one's fair!
-She has slanted eyes too!
-Slanted eyes!
No! That's Sandara Park!
My gosh! It's really Sandara Park!
Picture, please!
Thank you!
We have a picture with her!
Wait! Back to work.
What does she look like? Let me see.
I'll send you Kim Yu-ri's picture
and our picture with Sandara.
Post that as a notice on social media.
It might help!
No! I don't want to embarrass
our families.
OK? I have an idea!
Let's just split up.
Sorry! How insensitive of me!
You split up a long time ago.
I'll go ahead. Sorry.
-I'll go this way.
-I'll go here.
-All right.
Turns out the other way leads here too.
Anyway, I'll check there.
Can we not split up anymore?
-So we won't get lost...
Sure. Let's go!
-Are you still in Myeong-dong?
-I'll go there.
-OK. Take care.
Any updates?
None. Except, Kim unfriended Lee.
He's coming here to pick us up.
No! We can't leave just yet!
There are a lot of places
we haven't checked yet.
and a whole lot more!
OK. But let's eat first.
No. I'm not yet hungry.
Here. You're a bad liar.
Let's go.
See? The truth came out.
You're really tired and hungry.
I didn't know apologizing
could get this exhausting.
-It really is hard.
-I know.
I've missed this.
How we used to be.
And you being you, without all the anger.
And I missed that smile too.
I hope I get to hear you laugh next time.
I'm really sorry, Cali.
I had no idea how badly I affected you.
I think Paps is right.
I should stop bothering you.
I should stop forcing my company on you.
I should be OK with this.
-Gio! Cali!
Kim's best friend.
She will help us find Kim.
Gio, remember?
She's the girl I tried to set you up with.
But you'd always decline.
So, what is your real problem?
You can't find Kim Yu-ri,
or that Gio has a new girl?
What a shame, right?
It really bothers you when you know
you're going to lose the one you love.
Of course,
Gio would not apologize to you forever.
He probably got tired.
But, apparently, you still like him.
What does that make you?
-Very good! Perfect!
Girl, why don't you just tell him?
-That she's stupid?
-No! That she still likes him.
Is that necessary?
You don't have to!
Well, two things:
If you get in between them,
you're the villain.
If you let him go, you're stupid.
So, you choose!
Be stupid or be the villain.
No! Because she's not there
for Gio, right?
So, put those feelings aside
while you're still looking for Kim Yu-ri,
Can I really do this?
We have lots of memories here.
I understand if you can't do it, Lee.
I'll do it for you. I'll look for her.
You two stay here.
I'll be back soon.
Cali! Ha-na called!
-Please say hi for me!
-No. That's not it.
She said Kim posted something
but she doesn't know what it means.
She really likes coffee.
We have a favorite coffee shop near here.
-Let's go!
-She might be there.
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
Wait, this is it! But it's closed.
Then we'll wait.
OK. Good idea.
Why are you taking photos of Cali?
For the sponsors.
For the blog, remember?
We haven't been posting lately.
Our sponsors might get mad.
Come on! The "my-neck-hurts" pose.
Great. Perfect.
"Look-a-Plane!" pose. Show me.
The "roach-on-the-floor-
but-I-need-to-look-good" pose.
The "I-stepped-on-doo-do" pose!
The "chill" pose.
The "I-can't-see-you" pose.
The "remembering-your-roots" pose!
The "I'm-drunk-but-fine" pose.
How about the
"pretend-you're-still-in-love" pose?
For the blog.
Just play along. Go!
You're madly in love! Come on!
It's just pretend anyway!
Don't be killjoys! Just go with the flow!
There! For the fans!
OK. There, smile!
It's open! They're open!
I really feel that Kim Yu-ri
will come here.
I'm so excited!
As soon as I see her,
I'll kiss her on the lips.
Cali! The owner must be a blogger too.
Why don't you open your own coffee shop?
You and Nina.
If that happens, be sure to visit, OK?
If I'm still in the Philippines then,
why not?
Ha-na just offered me a job here.
There's an opening
in her dad's company here.
It's a perfect opportunity!
I'll finally practice my degree in IT.
Someone saw Kim Yu-ri in Nong nae nay?
-Let's go!
Kim Yu-ri!
Kim Yu-ri!
Oh, wrong girl.
My Kim Yu-ri
really doesn't want to see me.
-This'll do!
-Wait, what about Cali?
You be the third wheel!
-No, you need to be there.
-OK, let's go.
-Kim Yu-ri!
-Kim Yu-ri!
Ha-na has good news!
My friend says Kim is in Nami Island.
Gio! That's where you wanted
to propose to her, remember?
You didn't know? Well, now you know.
Come on. Let's go.
Yes, Cali. Let's move on, OK? Move on.
Kim Yu-ri!
-Wait! Hold on!
Let's spread out!
-I'll go there.
-OK. I'll go there.
Kim Yu-ri!
Cali! This is the exact spot
where he was supposed to propose.
Kim Yu-ri!
-The leaves have already fallen.
-I know.
I missed my chance
There's not a single leaf left.
It can still happen. Here.
if I'd been able to propose to you here?
Kim Yu-ri!
Even if it's your fault, eh?
-I'm kidding. Sorry.
Why did Cali drink so much?
Maybe she's jealous of Ha-na.
Oh, this girl.
Go back to my room immediately, OK?
Don't do anything foolish!
And I don't want you to be late
on my wedding tomorrow!
Do you want me to remove your jacket?
Yes, I do
I do want to slap that slant-eyed girl!
Trying to act cute
when she's not even cute!
Shouting things like...
"Gun-Bae! Gun-Bae!"
That's nothing to our toast!
Because after our toast...
Sometimes I miss it.
And then...
And then there were the gingko leaves.
They were so beautiful.
There. That was my reaction...
when you asked me earlier...
if I would've said "yes"
if you'd proposed.
I wish you close a deal every day, Ma!
Wait! Are you sure
this is from your commission?
-There's something fishy about that smile.
-Of course! I closed three deals!
-OK. Very good.
-Your sister is here!
Gio's here too.
All right.
The... about the other night.
Oh. I already forgot about that.
Good thing, this one remembers.
So sweet!
Try this, dear. It's so sweet!
It's as sweet as Korea. It's sweet, right?
I missed you, mom!
-Where's Tita Candy?
-Flirting around too.
You know what, I have presents from Korea!
-Want to see them?
-We prefer juicy details from Korea!
You know what, it's hot!
I'm just going to change.
-I'll just change. Promise!
-You're trying to get away!
Where do you think you're going?
You're going to cry again?
Lock yourself inside that room
and starve yourself again?
Then you'll get sick. Look at that!
Stop with your wailing!
What's happening?
We were right!
Your mom's client is really Calixto.
Because she's a flirt,
she invited someone to a motel.
What she didn't know was
a certain someone was also in that motel!
Your father!
With a younger and sexy girl!
A fresh catch!
Your father cheated on your mother
with another woman, again!
How stupid!
Still believing
that your father will change.
She thinks that cake meant something more!
That's what I'm saying!
Men put their best foot forward
when apologizing!
It's as if they're saints!
What you don't know
is that when you fall for their bait,
they just go back to
their regular cheating selves!
So you two better think twice as well!
Especially you!
-Is there a text already?
Bro, Cali...
still hasn't messaged you.
Oh, no! Maybe she hit her head!
And then she got amnesia!
And then she forgot about you.
Or maybe she hit her head
and has forgotten her memories of Korea.
Or maybe this is her revenge.
She's just gonna leave you hanging.
Or maybe her fangs are coming out.
And she's on beast mode again!
Thanks for your support!
Maybe, she's just at work.
Sure! She's just at work!
People are very curious about you.
Why you started the blog?
Who inspired you?
And your answers
to people's whys, compiled.
It's a yes.
Where the hell is Nina?
She took leave without informing me! Gosh!
-Do we have a problem?
-Did I do something wrong?
So why are you like this?
You called me but when I called back,
you didn't pick up.
I didn't want to disturb you and Ha-na.
-So you're jealous of Ha-na?
Why would I be? I'm not your girlfriend.
-In Korea? Remember?
-I was drunk that night.
Even if you're drunk,
you know what you're doing.
You said that!
Oh, really?
Everything? It all meant nothing?
Why do we have to talk about this?
What's your point?
-The truth!
-What truth?
That this is not just nothing!
That you love me!
What do you mean, "it doesn't matter"?
Whether I love you or not,
it doesn't matter in the end.
You're being like this
because you're apologizing.
After this, you're just going to leave me.
Are you a psychic?
Can you tell the future?
Yes! That's why let's end this now!
How sure are you?
Because I haven't met a guy
who has never cheated!
-What about those who change?
-I never met such guy!
What about me?
How much more proof do you need
for you to trust me again?
What else do I have to prove?
I've proven that I could change.
-I don't know!
You can't just give me that answer!
Why, Cali?
-What if you hurt me again?
-What if I don't?
What if we're going to be happy after all?
What if I will love you
for the rest of my life?
But we won't know the answers for sure
unless you trust me again.
I'm sorry I'm not as brave as you.
I'm sorry if this is hard for you.
I'm sorry if I'm so confusing.
Because even I don't know why.
Just know...
Just know, Cali...
Just know that I love you.
And that I will never give up on you.
But I can't be in this alone.
Why won't you bet on me, too?
Are you human?
While your friend is grieving,
you're just sitting there eating!
Hey, I've also been hurt!
I just made a choice.
I can't trust men anymore.
So, I simply walked away
before even getting hurt.
So you're becoming a nun after all!
How lonely.
-How about her?
-That one's lonely!
You know what? I don't understand you!
You want to love and yet you can't trust?
Are you nuts?
My love! Fred uploaded
the stag party video online!
Everyone's bashing Gio!
Nina! Look what your ex has done!
This all your fault for using my laptop.
Enough of that.
What are you going to do now, Cali?
She doesn't have to do anything!
That really happened anyway!
But Gio didn't do anything wrong, Nina!
Not yet, perhaps.
But he'll surely do something next time.
He'll eventually make mistakes,
so why save his reputation over Cali's?
But this is so wrong!
So what do you want to do?
Call for a press conference?
So Cali can announce to everybody
that she set this all up!
So she can waste
everything she worked hard for!
Forget all of her dreams!
Prioritize Gio over her family!
Is that what you want?
"We sided with the wrong man."
What a jerk! She doesn't know anything!
"You're just pretentious, Gio."
-This is unbelievable!
-Have you seen this? Have you?
-Yes, here.
Move aside.
Look at this.
"Gio is a fame whore."
"Idiot! I will kill you
and your entire clan!"
Mustang! That's enough. Stop reading.
Son, are you OK?
Of course, Paps.
All right!
Seriously. Are you OK?
We all know the truth.
They have lots of bashers already.
Everyone is mad at him.
Hey! Enough of that social media!
I'm banning that in this household!
Let's go!
And you, Cali, I want you
to close down that Bakit List!
Look what happened!
Heart versus dreams, eh?
What happened to that? Huh?
You damaged both in the end!
When I get home, make sure that
you've closed down your blog!
And Cali,
just work at the call center again
or just be a cashier at my flower shop!
So you won't end up crying again
like your mom!
Sorry. I woke up late.
It's OK. What do you want?
You want me to cook other food?
This is fine.
Eat with me.
How are you, Mom?
Well, I am moving on.
You know me. I cry and I cry
and then I get back up.
You're so brave, Mom.
I think it's more like, patient.
Patiently waiting for my best love ever.
And it's OK to get hurt over
and over again in your search for him?
Of course not. But it's all good.
All of us have unlimited failures.
Unlimited mistakes. Unlimited heartbreaks.
But we also have unlimited chances
and unlimited choices to be happy.
If I were to answer
one of your questions...
Why do I love over and over again?
I only have one answer.
Because I simply want to love.
And that makes me happy.
Finally, all her famous questions
are now in one book
coming out very soon for all of you!
And we'll have a chance to ask questions!
-Put that here.
-Let's go!
I'm proud of you.
You may not be able to get Cali back,
but you have proven that even
if you're surrounded with darkness
you can still go to the light.
Thank you, Paps.
-What are you guys waiting for?
Miss Cali, I am one of those
who saw the video
and we want you to know
that it is you whom we truly believe!
You don't need a cheater in your life,
Cali. Never! Right?
Right! Gio is a user!
-He's a pervert!
-They really think you're the bad guy now!
Those bashers are really annoying!
I want to cut all their fingers!
-Answer them!
-Hey what are you doing?
-Hey, bro!
-Give me your phone!
-Post a tweet!
-No need.
You don't want to?
You do it. Post something.
Type this:
And then put it on flight mode
so they won't be able to reply.
Now that we have proven
that guys who cheat will never change,
would you still love again?
If yes, why?
-No to love!
No way!
I can't stand in front of you
to clear Gio's name.
It's true.
I'm responsible for Gio's viral video.
So I set up the party to ruin him.
Are you having second thoughts?
That's right
because you only have one head.
I want to ask each and every one of you...
to forgive me and trust me,
because I will not do this again.
Follow your heart, girl!
Support your friend!
-Nina, hurry!
-Hey! Wait!
Girl, where are you going?
-To Gio!
-Right now?
With everything that I've done to him,
every second counts.
I like that! Let's do a live video!
The traffic is heavy.
Friend! Cannot be reached!
Gio, where are you?
I don't have his brothers' numbers.
Maybe we should go to his house.
Yes, right! Let's go there! Go!
He's not there anymore.
Very good.
-Airport! He's at the airport!
Or maybe in Clark?
-How can we find a solution to this?
-Ma'am, you're disturbing the traffic.
Look, it's Dahil List Boy!
-Send a comment to Cali!
-Move along.
Somebody saw Gio! He's stuck in Sta. Rosa.
Drive faster! Go, go, go!
You still have a chance!
Take the shortcut to your left!
It's Gio!
Bashers! Cover his ears!
-Idiot, she's looking for you.
-Cali's looking for you!
Friend, he's still stuck in traffic.
In fairness, fate is on your side.
So step on it! Go!
Go, faster!
He's so slow! Honk your horn!
Overtake him!
-You're running late, bro.
-I know.
You think there's a reason
why this is happening?
You might have forgotten something.
Let's do a rundown.
-Your passport?
-Inside my passport.
-Pocket money?
-In my pocket.
And your heart?
-Is it back there? Check the back seat.
-Maybe it's here.
-Is the heart there?
-Not here.
Friend! There's the traffic jam!
This is it!
What are you waiting for, girl? Go!
Cali, game on! Go!
-Come. Hurry.
-Let's go. Hurry!
Cali, faster!
Baby girl, I'm here!
What now?
Are you stopping me?
So you're still allowing me to leave?
We're going to be in an LDR?
But there are lots of pretty Korean girls.
I know.
Korea's far. You won't be able to
keep an eye on him.
Even if he's far away...
Even if I don't see him...
I know that I am the only one he loves.
And he's the only one I love too.
-Are you sure?
-Nothing's for sure, right?
is the only reason I need.
-Say it again. I love you.
-I love you too.
I thought social media was banned?
I'm allowing it now. Cal-Cal is happy
for the first time in a long time.
Oh, really?
-Look at this.
-Let me see.
-I thought I saw a fly.
Does it really reach there?
My dad said,
It's "honesty". No "L".
My dad said,
What's that again?
Direk, what's that again?
Yes, I remember!
There's a train station...
Traition... Tration... tration... right?
Tration cafe!
Traition caf! There's a traition caf!
This is all your fault?
Why, Cali? What did I do to you?
For what? For me? Or...
I don't know what to do.
Sorry, I can't help but laugh!
It's really not clear.
Someone's sending you a friend request.
It moved to me.
-Nice. She has big cheeks!
-Accept it!
Nice. You can see her pendant.
What gives you the right to ask
for one thing you-- Sorry
You failed to give.
one thing you failed to give--
-You failed to give.
It burns me.
That's the only way you can help her,
so it won't be hard...
-Are you OK?
-I said I'm OK.
Cali, stop that Bakit List. What happened?
Stop that Bakit List. Look what happened?
Stop that Bakit List. Look what happened?
It's really something.
There's a heart sign...
You're really the villain here.
It's really annoying, those judgmental--
I was wrong. Sorry.
Direk, post a tweet. Direk. Post a tweet.
It fell. I have no idea what I'm doing.
Do you really want me
to take off your jacket?
You're not answering.
-One more.