My Father Die (2016) Movie Script

The world was not
round, not from where I
stood, watching the sun wither
into the shadows.
It left me knee deep
in the winter water.
I used to be
comfortable in the dark,
listening to the
wind scream and howl,
snapping branches off family
trees, casting them down stream
into the mouth of
the Mississippi,
into the heart of
what I call home.
What if she doesn't like me?
It don't matter if
she's likes you, man.
She loves me.
She would do it if I ask her to.
Besides, you're
my little brother.
Wherever I go, you go.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Don't call me sir, faggot.
Fuck you.
What if I don't like her?
I thought you
said you liked her.
What if she doesn't like me,
or what if I change my mind?
No, man.
It's easy.
Once you're inside, all you
got to do is pump like this.
Check it.
Don't laugh at me.
No, man.
It's like this, ok.
You start with the titties.
Start with the titties first.
And you work your way down.
How you doing?
Over there.
Then you go, unh.
Then you turn and you go, boom.
I'm going to butter
your biscuits...
Oh, yeah.
Hey, Nana!
Hey, Nana!
Hey, Nana!
What the fuck are
you yelling for?
You're trying to
wake up my mother?
Well, shit, we
ain't got all day.
Hey, Asher.
The world is warped.
My brother, Chester,
he taught me that.
Chester said love
is for the weak.
I disagree.
I think he's dead wrong.
Don't you think it's a
little weird with your brother
Look, buddy, I'm
going in with her.
You just look through the
window and you take notes.
Goddamn it.
It's fucking cold.
You're my foot soldier.
Keep an eye out for
any trouble, man.
Cause I
seen it with my own eyes.
Just as clears as I see a
slug slither from one wall
to another, it's
like being sucked
into the bottom of a bottomless
pit only to be spat out again.
She saw my silhouette, my
shadow behind the glass.
Nothing more than a smudge
of a boy in the dark.
I smell blood and rain and
mud, but I hear nothing.
My father's fingers ripped
me out of the ground
like something rotten.
My ears rang out like the whole
world was screaming at once.
God, wait.
why you fucking
cheating on me, girl?
With my son!
I'll fucking kill you!
This is my father's
way of silencing the world.
A vain
attempt to prove himself a god.
If only the emotions
I felt were natural,
natural in the same way
venom is to the snake.
The ground tried
to swallow me up.
Mother earth knows
like moves in cycles.
Better to stop
what was already in motion.
I spent years together
killing Viet Cong.
My hands knotted
into little fists,
and I screamed with
my first death word.
But Chester was gone.
By the power of the almighty,
let these men break
free in Jesus' name.
All men are free!
Amazing, ain't it, Asher?
It's amazing what
the lord can do.
I said it's amazing what the
lord can do, ain't it, Asher?
Preacher Michael: Deliver his message.
Told me to start the
temple of bodily saints.
Oh, yeah.
And skin that gator
before he starts to rot.
It's been a day already.
Oh, and Asher.
Hey, Asher, take out the trash.
Lazy since the day he was born.
Preacher Michael: Jesus is good to me.
Buck, would you lead us in?
I know this is
unexpected, and I'm sorry.
Don't make me no happier.
Hello, Asher.
You know hunting
season's done, right?
Have a seat, son.
This is hard.
Asher, um, the
reason I'm here, I
got to notify all the
necessary people that ah,
your father got out earlier
this evening due to overcrowding
and um, good behavior.
When you say necessary people,
you mean that little
whore, don't you?
Yes, ma'am.
All necessary people.
Now look, I know he had
four more years, but...
Judge put a
restraint on your home.
Where is he now?
No, I ain't
seen them in a while.
Man, I'll tell ya, a
lot has changed around
here since you've been away.
So you look like you
haven't aged a day.
You look great, man.
You need another one?
Why not?
It's a lot quieter around here.
And I seen all the boys
from the club house.
Why don't you put that
one of my tab, Russ?
Hey, Lawny.
I'll take one too.
My name's Lawny.
I haven't seen you
around here before.
Thank you, Russ.
To ah, shit, friends,
family and fornication, huh?
Thank you, Russ.
You know, my ah, old man
used to work in a distillery.
And he always told me
whiskey is good at year 12,
but it's better at 17.
He would always say, boy, you'll
go blind you drink that shit.
But, but he also told me I'd go
blind if I fiddle with my flesh
fluid too much too.
Look at me now.
I got 20/20 vision.
I'm a goddamn miracle over here.
There were whispers about how
my father came to be.
Some say he was born
and left for dead
under a rotten sycamore
by a whore, 17,
only to be found and raised by
a descendant of the slave who
beat generations
upon generations
of his relatives' resentments
into the bones of the boy.
But I do know that my father
was a ferocious fighter,
had great potential.
Mama said he could have
gone all the way to the top.
Said the safest place
for him was in the ring.
She blamed America for
sending him into the jungle.
I blame Vietnam for not
bringing him home in a box.
Hey, man, hold up.
Some cigarettes.
Where are you headed off to
in such a hurry there, man?
You need a ride somewhere?
I'll give a ride.
Look, I don't mean to speak
out of line or anything,
but didn't your
daddy ever teach you
it's rude to walk
out on a man just
after he bought you a drink?
Oh, you're in trouble, and
you need some saving, huh?
Well, maybe you don't need it,
but I could tell from the way
you looked at me in there
that you definitely want it.
I think you're just shy timing.
Fuck fuck.
You fucking idiot.
Don't fucking move.
You just assaulted a goddamn
police officer, horse.
Now, why don't you drop that
fucking bag, put your hands
in the air, and why don't
you wee wee your faggot
ass over to that car.
That's right, fucking
move to the fucking car.
Spread your fucking legs.
Now, you're going to spread
your fucking legs for me, right?
Oh, yeah.
Looks like I'm missing
out on that, huh?
You got a key?
You're in fucking deep now, man.
You're fucking deep.
Oh, you're gonna
fucking rot for that.
You fucking faggot.
A little out of
your jurisdiction,
ain't you, Johnson?
I got the call.
I figured I'd come out
and give your hand.
Besides, I might
have a related case.
That going to be
a problem, Wayne?
I guess we can work
on this one together.
Tell me something,
Russ, the fellow
that Lawny was
chatting up, I wonder
if you'd describe him to me.
Strong, silent type.
Great head of hair.
Blue eyes.
About six feet tall.
He wore a really bad
cheap mix-match suit.
Oh, and he were a polka dot tie.
Like this?
Tell you what, Russ, if
he should come back, if you
should think anything, call me.
Don't fucking move.
We're closed.
Goddamn it.
I said we're fucking
closed, asshole.
What the fuck are
you doing, man?
Jesus Christ.
What are you, the big, bad wolf?
I'm little red riding hood?
Is this a sex fetish thing?
You want some boy pussy?
So what.
Who the fuck is Ivan Rawlings?
Will Tucker put you up to this?
You know you look
like a goddamn idiot.
Ah, mother fucker.
Why you cock sucker fuck head.
Fuck you!
The fuck is wrong with you?
Jesus Christ!
You little fucking cock sucker.
You little fuck.
You're going to have to do
better than this, young man.
I ain't no faggot little pussy.
Because he is my father
and a pile of shit.
Shit, I know you!
Goddamn it, you're Asher.
You're the little
fucking retard!
I think your hold man
put down the wrong dog.
You're still a fucking retard.
Look at me!
Look at me!
Read my lips.
Go fuck yourself.
I'll tell you.
He just got out.
He's in Mexico.
He's in Mexico.
You little mother fucker!
He got in some scrap with
some cop the other night,
and he wanted to lay low before
he came back to the clubhouse.
We're going to
throw him a party.
He didn't show.
He didn't show!
I don't know.
I know.
I know.
I know.
He's staying in the gator
stray motel or some shit.
All right!
Don't shot me in the nuts.
God, don't shoot me in the nuts.
Don't shot me in the nuts.
You gotta untie me!
I'm gonna die here!
My brother taught
me all there is to know,
not just in his actions,
but also in his failures.
Showed me that the earth,
the moon, and the stars
holds everything we need
to sustain ourselves.
Taught me that nature can
be just as violent as man,
if not more.
He was destined to be more.
I want to go home.
I need you.
I can do this without you.
You don't want to be a
boy forever, now do you?
Welcome to the
gator stray motel.
How can I help you?
Mr. Rawlings.
Nobody here by that name.
Mr. Clark, nice
to see you again.
And you.
I left my key in the room.
Ah, just a moment.
Not a problem.
Thank you.
You dropped this.
Now, you two have a good night.
Oh, yeah.
Sir, is there another name you
would like me to check, sir?
The world is crooked.
Fathers have always taught
their sons to replace them.
Taught them how to use
their hands and their feet.
Taught them how to use
their knives and their guns.
Oh, yes.
And soon
the sons slayed great beasts,
giant lions lay dead.
Oh, yeah.
Then the aggressive alligators.
Then the massive
and mindless bulls.
Finally, when there is nothing
left larger than the father,
the fathers became the prey.
And the fathers were proud.
Oh, my god!
Jesus, please.
Oh, Jesus, please don't hurt me.
What are you going
to do with me?
You're going to kill
me too, aren't you?
I won't say anything.
You're not?
Of course, you're not
because you're a good man.
You're a decent man.
I knew it the moment i...
Oh, I swear to god I
won't tell a damn soul.
You can trust me.
You can trust me.
Yes, I understand.
Asher, you can do this.
You can do this.
Dear Nana, last time you write
to me you said you missed me.
What if she doesn't like me?
It don't matter
if she likes you, man.
She loves me.
I just want
to let you know I miss you too.
A lot has changed since Chester
died and father got locked up.
My mama hasn't left her
bed in almost a school
year, so I'm taking
it upon myself
to be the man of the house.
Come on, bad boy, show
me what you've got.
Good boy.
I cleaned your clothes for you.
I hope you don't mind.
I put some food on the table.
Want some coffee?
Do you have your work?
You're still living
at your mother's?
Why did you come here, Asher?
You killed who?
They let him out?
You ok?
Did you get stabbed?
Actually, you know what?
I don't even want to know.
Are you in trouble with the law?
What you did was stupid.
You could have got yourself
killed, you know that?
Just trying to make ends meet.
Hence, the free show you got.
Safer than other things,
if you know what I mean.
I got a little boy.
He's 5 now.
Got pregnant not long
after we stopped talking.
Your clothes are probably dry.
They're hanging outside.
I gotta go to my
mother's and pick
him up and run a few errands.
Nothing has moved since the
last time you were here.
You start hurting, there's
some Vicodin in the bathroom.
Oh, and Asher, please
do not take them all.
Dear Nana, maybe
signing was just meant to be
for us, our own secret language.
I tried to speak the other day.
But when Wayne and
his friends heard
the noises that came
out of my mouth,
they just made fun of me.
I have decided that from here
on out I will never speak again.
Yours forever, Asher Rawlings.
She's not seeing him anymore.
I know.
I know.
And that's why I wanted to
make this special for you.
I want you to feel safe.
You feel safe, don't you?
I love you.
Oh, Jessy, it hurts.
Oh, baby, it's all right.
Jessy, it hurts.
It hurts.
I'm sorry.
Oh, bitch.
Shit, that's fucking good.
Jessy, it hurts.
Oh, fuck.
I'm gonna come.
Oh, baby.
I sure had a good
time with that one.
Lisa, Lisa?
Wait a minute.
Slow down.
Slow down before
somebody gets hurt.
Chess, would you like
a little some dessert.
Oh, yeah.
Then we have ice cream
or cookies and milk.
Which one?
Of course.
Stupid question.
Asher, would you
like some dessert?
Ok, baby, would you
please clear your plate
and fetch yourself dessert and
get Asher some dessert too.
Thank you.
He likes you.
Do you need any money?
I care about you, Asher,
but I can't have you here.
Thank you.
You're just giving it up.
Did you see what he just said?
What's it mean?
Asher said he's really happy
he was able to meet you, baby.
Tell him thank you.
Thank you.
So I'm just going through
this wine like an animal.
Next thing I know there's this
little itty-bitty lady, right.
She said, would you
like an Ambien, sir?
I'm like, fuck, yeah,
I'd like an Ambien.
What's it do?
Anyway, so I walk back,
take my shirt off, right?
Holy shit.
Well, I'll be damned.
Shit, man.
What the fuck.
I can't believe
you're here right now.
Give me a second.
So what the fuck, man?
First thing you do when you
get out is you kill a cop?
You crazy fucker.
Looks he tried to
kill you, brother.
What happened to you?
What happened to your legs?
Oh, I got them jammed under the
hydraulic system on the lift.
You know my dumb ass.
I drink too much,
smoke too much.
What's going on, buddy.
What you looking for?
Really, what happened to you?
I need the keys to the safe.
Oh, it's a combination now.
Had it made custom.
What you needing?
What's going on, Ivan?
What happened to my room?
I just moved my stuff
in after the first year.
Shit, I didn't know.
You weren't supposed
to be coming back.
I can move all my shit out.
I can do that right now, Ivan.
Ain't no big deal.
Shit man, I'll do
that right now.
Get that shit out there.
Come here.
How long we've been friends now?
I don't know.
30 years maybe.
I'm sorry about your
old lady, by the way.
Thank you.
You get the flowers?
I did.
Thank you.
You know, tank, I know the
fucker who fucked up your feet
is the same fucker
who tangled with me.
No, I'm not mad at you.
But I need the name.
I want to go kill
this mother fucker.
You know better than that.
I didn't say anything.
I'd never say nothing
about shit to nobody.
I swear.
You know me better than that.
We got code.
I didn't say shit.
I swear to god.
I swear.
I swear.
I know you told him where
I was, and that's ok.
Am I right?
I'm sorry, brother.
I'm sorry.
I'm fucking sorry.
He shot my fucking toes off.
He was going to shoot
me in the balls.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's not your fault, my brother.
The motherfucker made you
a cripple, but like I said,
I need a name.
And no one came into that
room or left that room
except this young couple.
Am I right?
There was this guy
who was in and out.
Forgot something also.
What did he look like?
He had a fuzzy-looking
animal hat and glasses.
Did he say anything?
The plate is getting
back on the truck.
It's officer Lawny.
We need to run an
APB on that truck.
Actually, sir, we found it.
You said he forgot something.
What did he forget?
Forgot this.
Now it's time for
you to go to bed.
Why can't Asher hear?
Cause he was in an
accident when we were kids.
How do you know
the secret language?
Because my daddy
was death too, baby.
I think it would be better for
him if he stayed here with us.
Do you?
And why is that?
Because I think he needs
people who care about him.
How did you get so smart?
I love you.
I love you too.
You go to bed.
Don't get up.
We're going to church tomorrow.
Would you like to join us?
We go every Sunday.
You don't have to come.
I just thought you might
want to hang out with us.
Well, you can't come
looking like that.
I think I might still have
some of his father's clothes.
They should fit.
Tell me about Rawlings.
He killed his son
in a drunken rage.
Made the other one death
beating him in the head.
This is a pre-historic
mother fucker.
And the lord has a plan for you
too, but you gotta ask.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Now who here today needs
to be touched by the spirit?
Needs to be touched by
the hand of?
Needs to be saved?
What did you do?
You fucking.
What happened to
my beauty queen?
Just let yourself
go, huh, boo-boo?
The law of our heavenly father.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Preacher Michael come on up.
Come up, sir and be saved.
Preacher Michael be saved.
Is it your legs, son?
It is, preacher.
Do you have faith in the
temple and in the all mighty?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
I do.
Yes, sir.
Brother Steve, would
you give us a hand?
And by the power
invested in me, I
command the sickness out and
put in the hands of our lord.
Amen amen.
Oh, hallelujah.
Oh, hallelujah.
Let the sick and
suffering perish the way
the world does today.
It's sick and backwards.
We cannot let the
wicked run free.
Because it was our father
who said all men.
Well, ain't that some shit.
Plucked the worlds clean.
And only those who
repent are free.
Lord, drive the devils out.
My little brother,
wherever I go, you go.
only those who repent are free.
And that's
when I heard my god speak
to me, and he said,
you've got to help
your daddy shine before
you can shine for yourself.
God's got a plan.
I'm just saying with
everything that's happened,
I don't think it's a good idea
for you to be seen with him.
He is a Rawlings after all.
So what should I have done,
left him on my porch to die?
It doesn't seem very Christian.
Oh, no.
Heavens no.
And don't be putting
words in my mouth,
and don't be thinking
I'm not proud of you
for helping him out now.
But you've done your part.
It's up to him now.
He's got no reason to
be sticking around.
I told him that.
I just feel guilty.
You're an independent
woman, Nana, raised
a smart, healthy, young boy.
You don't need to be
raising a man child.
Like proverb says, not my
circus, not my monkeys.
I guess you're right.
He's leaving tomorrow anyway.
I told him my mother
was coming to stay.
White lie never hurt anybody.
Just let me know if you
need anything, all right?
I will, preacher.
All right.
Bye, Lori.
Bye, chess.
Say good-bye, chess.
Bye, chess.
Come here.
Time for bed, Chessy.
Come by here, my
lord, come by here.
Come by here, my
lord, come by here.
Somebody is praying, my lord.
Come by here.
Oh, lord, come by here.
Come by here, my
lord, come by here.
All right, everybody, sit
down, relax, and be quiet.
It is time for my sermon,
"a walk through the fire."
I walk through the flames.
I'm sorry, sir,
but services don't
start until tomorrow morning.
Where's the deaf
guy and the nigger?
Excuse me?
Now, you take me
to the preacher.
You like that?
I know how you like it.
I know how you like
it, mother fucker.
Let me see you.
Goddamn it, Lori,
get the fuck out!
You stupid fuck.
I'm sorry, preacher Michael.
I'm sorry.
I knew you doing
your sermon again.
I'm sorry.
You're really good, Asher.
Watch the bad guy.
Could we get an ice cream?
My favorite is vanilla.
I also like strawberry.
What's yours?
What's your second?
Mine too.
Keep your arm up.
Keep your arm up.
Thank you.
He was a monster.
The lord is my
life and salvation.
I need to know...
which I fear.
Arm up.
About the monster.
Who lit the fire, Lori?
One-eyed gator?
Are we talking about a
one-eyed alligator here?
A one-eyed alligator
lit the fire.
Is that what you're saying?
Did the one-eyed gator want
to hurt pastor Michael?
He wanted his son.
The one-eyed gator wanted
pastor Michael's son.
Hand up.
He want to kill his own son.
The man with the pretty
girl and the little boy.
His son.
The lowly, the path
with the light.
Through the dark.
You gotta want it.
You gotta see it.
Where is he?
He left.
He went north, said he was
going to a friend's house.
I swear to god he
left a day ago.
I'm sure if you
could just go out...
Oh, you, you mother fucker.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you're sorry for
fucking me or fucking my son?
Asher and mommy sitting
in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
First comes love,
then comes marriage.
Then comes the baby
in the baby carriage.
That's not all.
That's not all.
Baby's drinking alcohol.
Get in the back!
Get in the back.
Chess, I want you to lay
down and stay there, baby.
You understand me?
I thought you said
you killed him.
You fucking lied.
You said he was dead.
You lied.
It's ok.
It's ok baby.
Cover your ears.
Nah, I ain't touching no gun.
Ah, shit.
Give me that fucking gun.
I'm out of bullets.
I'm out of bullets.
This mother fucker,
I'm a get his ass.
Stay down, chess!
Stay down!
I can't hit him!
He's bleeding.
He's been shot.
Asher, he's been shot!
I have dreamed so many times
I have burnt his
name from my skin
leaving me with open
wounds and deeper scars.
Here, I have no eyes, but
I have a tongue and ears.
I hear my father's
foot steps stomping
through the corridors of my
brain, eating at my walls.
He does not know that
I stand behind him.
I pulled back his head
and expose his throat.
I cut it.
I weep as I drop his
body to the floor.
I cut off my father's hands.
They seem bigger
than I remember.
I start a fire and
cook them until they're
black and charred.
I kneel in the mud like I
did once when I was a boy.
I lift my father's
hands towards my mouth
licking his rough palms
until my tongue bleeds.
Then I awake.
I'm exhausted by this long
lapse of time eager to go home.
They should have
put that man down...
Like a dog when
they had the chance.
I'm sorry.
But Asher...
Asher was trying to help.
Ivan was released, and
he came to our house.
I don't want to hear any more.
I don't want to hear any more.
That boy brought this trouble
to your porch, and now look.
You don't think I know that?
But we both know it would have
only been a matter of time
before Ivan came
sniffing around here.
He's going to be ok.
It's my fault.
Don't blame yourself, child.
There's no time for that.
Get you some rest, baby.
You can sleep in my room.
I'll stay with him.
I can't leave him.
I'll be here.
You don't want him to wake
up and find you like this.
It ain't fair.
Let me know when he wakes up.
Jesus, Asher.
You scared me.
You hungry?
Why did you stop writing me?
Was it something I did?
Well, you certainly
made up for lost time.
You can sleep out here tonight.
It's more comfortable
than the one at my place.
Sit down.
That's what I said.
That's not the real reason
you stopped writing me, is it?
His one eye is big as that?
Are you sure?
I told you I seen him, didn't I?
Well, how come you didn't kill
him when you had the chance?
The timing wasn't right.
Kill a beast like that, you
gotta wait until he's asleep.
Hey, where you going?
I'm coming with you.
Yes, I am.
Give him some.
Don't be a fucking asshole.
Look, I want to do this as
much as you do, if not more.
And I'm happy you
didn't kill him
the first time because this
time I want to watch him die.
What's in it?
I told you I'm coming
in there with you.
Mother fucker.
My dear
Nana, there are no words that
can ever repair the
damage I have brought
upon you and your family.
There is not much
more I can do to right
these wrongs, besides
what I intend to do today.
I want you to know
that I have loved you
since the first day I saw you.
The only thing I can give
you besides this truth
is what's in this bag.
Now, listen carefully.
I do not see the
sunset this fun day.
Promise me that you will send
my body home to the mouth
of the Mississippi.
Fuck you.
I know you.
You should have killed me
when you had the chance.
Take this fucking retard!
Now you should be king.
From where I stand,
you should be held.
Yeah, from where we stand
they should thank you.
I love you.
You fucking retard.
Mother fucker.
Hey, Asher, come on.
Get up!
Get up!
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on!
Make me proud!
Come on, mother fucker.
The world is not round.
Not where I stand.
It is warped,
contorted, crooked.
Now, I know revenge is
not a noble sentiment.
But god knows it is a human one.
So take me home, my brother.
Take me home.
Take me home.
Wild horses, wild sons,
like slaves on the run.
Bullets to guns.
Drop one by one.
Feathers to bone,
you're not alone.
You're not alone.
You're not alone.
This life is unrehearsed
said the preacher in verse.
From the cradle to dirt.
Silently hurts.
Like feather to bone,
you're not alone.
You're not alone.
You're not alone.
You're not alone.
You're not alone.
Like feather to bone,
you're not alone.
You're not alone.
You're not alone.